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Tabasa by Basel

Updated: 02/08/04

Tabasa (also known as Tessa)

A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
  What you will read down is my strategy, which means.. it might not be
workable with you as it is with me and may be yes. I really do not need any
E-Mail(s) asking: "What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about
everything about her (including combination attacks). Hope it will somehow be
useful to you and lead your play or skills to a higher level.

P.S. For ROM players... do not waste your time read anything in here as the
strategies and combos were tested at the Arcades and Neo Geo so you get the
drill. Do not E-Mail me about anything please because I never bothered to try
anything or even play the ROM it self (remember only consoles and Arcade).


In Games:
1)Red Earth
2)Pocket Fighter
3)SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos

In Openings:
1)Red Earth
2)Pocket Fighter


  As you know, Tabasa is a devoted student of magic. Her story is like the one
she used to have.

  Looking for a new magic to master and when she meets an opponent, she can
easily tell everything about him or her. Whether the opponent is evil, good,
hero, villain or a poor ugly fella.

  Tabasa uses a lot of good magic in her battles, but most of the people think
that the sweet two kittens are from her magic too. No, the two kittens, Al and
Evan are her best kittens. They are always with her. The white (with a blue fur
only in SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos) is called Al, while the black and mean one is
called Evan.

  You can notice that SNK Playmore changed the cool way that Capcom had put in
Tabasa. In let us say, Pockter Fighter, when Tabasa is standing in the left of
your screen and you use any of the kitten's Special Attacks or Moves, Al will
always come out to help... but when Tabasa is standing in the right of your
screen and you use any of the kitten's Special Attacks or Moves, Evan will
always come out to help. It was really cool. SNK Playmore changed the whole
idea... now if you want Al to show up in the whole match without Evan, you have
to choose Tabasa with the A button and if you want Evan to show up in the whole
match without Al, then you have to select Tabasa with the D button.

  With that being said, everything is not complicated anymore for anyone. But
less funny than before. So, when you throw the opponent with the Kitten Scratch
while you are in the original outfit color, she will call out Al's name and
then Al will come out to scratch the opponent. But when you do the normal
throw, Kitten Scratch, with the other outfit color... she will call out Evan's
name and then Evan will come out to scratch the opponent and then hide again.

  Our sweet Tabasa is still the same as before, she is looking for a new magic
to master and indeed she finds one at the end, but unlike before... she
succeeds in mastering the new magic which will be known in the next game,


A Must Read:

  Most of you out there loved Tabasa since back then in Red Earth or as most of
you, in Pocket Fighter. She was a great fighter indeed. Ms. Tabasa is here with
us to say something to you all. Hope you will have fun. Over to you, Ms.
Tabasa... and hi there Al and Evan ^_^

  Ms. Tabasa remarks,
  Hehe, o Basel, thank you! :)

  Hey there boys and girls. Are you still doing bad with your studies? I hope
not, because I am about to teach you everything your teachers did not teach you.

  I am back again with new stuff and good magic to try on my opponents. I hope
you will use them perfectly. Do not make me move around a lot because I am kind
of lazy to move around. Just make me do the little work and win easily, got it?

  If you want Al, then choose me with the A button... but if you want Evan then
choose me with the D button. Looking forward to meeting you, ladies and
gentlemen. Right Al and Evan?

Al: Meeeeeow! :)
Evan: Meoooooow! >:)


Why Tabasa
  If she's your favorite character since Red Earth that was released only in
the Arcades then say hello to her again.

  She has been my favorite character since Red Earth... I was happy that she
made the cut in Pocket Fighter and then in SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos. Tabasa is
noticeably stylish and so fun to use. Once you see her you will say; "what the
hell she is doing?" Yes, she is the type of characters who uses a lot of
strange stuff in the matches,

  However, she does not use her hands or legs at all (except for standing A and
B). She is a witch, so you get the picture. She has a nice voice actress
(Sakura K.), cool stance, sweet kittens called Al and Evan, nice outfit colors
(especially the D button), great moves and cool Exceed... oh, and cute winning
poses. ^_^

  If you want a character that plays the keep-away gameplay (like the
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet Amakusa Shiro) then she is your best choice out of all.


Why not Tabasa?
  When you perfect the glitch and its great uses, you will be nearly unbeatable
and will not have fun anymore. You will just lose most of the time by Geese
players because he is the hardest to fight against even with the glitch. A
mistake from him will cost him 50% of his life bar, but a mistake from you will
cost you 100% of your life bar.

  She is not the type of character who goes for offensive more than defensive!
She has some start-up moves... she is pretty much complicated once you use her,
but when you know how to play her well, you will be really surprised with your


Maximum Mode:
  It seems that people ask a lot about the Maximum Mode because it does not
seem to be completely understandable. I will explain it in depth and hope it
will be clear to everyone. All the examples that will be given are for Tabasa
mainly since this is a Tabasa F.A.Q.! And to be creative with your combos and
skills, you have to know what this system is all about!

  Maximum Mode makes you do combination attacks that cannot be done without it,
which means you can cancel any Normal Attack (like A, B, C or D), Special Moves
into other Special Moves or Special Attacks (like forward + D, down-forward + D
and so on).

  Here is a simple example for Tabasa when she has a Maximum Mode:

  Reverie Sword can be cancelled to anything with the Maximum Mode. This
Special Move has around six hits, so in order to cancel it to anything you will
only be able to cancel in the first hit Special Move. So, you cannot cancel
from the second to six naturally (though you can). Or you do not have to since
it will knock the opponent down and mess up your combo.

  More in depth, now how to cancel! You only have to fast input the command for
the thing you want to do so that you could cancel the first Normal Attack,
Special Move or Special Attack you have done. Now you have to also know can she
cancel the other Special Moves as well or not (Tabasa or anyone)? Like Restive
Kitten can be cancelled in the first hit and so on. Now when you know this hard
step, the easy one comes next which is combining the Special Moves into each
others and make a good combo for you, like:

Winder Fist by doing the next attack right after it hits, which is ===>),
Restive Kitten
Or Winder Fist (cancel the hit), Reverie Sword (cancel first hit), Restive

  By this, you can create your very own neat combo. You can cancel also the
Normal Attack that cannot be cancelled without the Maximum Mode like distance
A, B, C or D! So you could make another ways for your combos to work, like:

Cross-up D, standing A, standing C, crouching D
Or jump B, standing A, standing A, distance D, Winder Fist, She's On Enemy

  Whenever you cancel anything, it will take some of your Maximum Meter
depending on what you are performing. If you cancel anything to Restive Kitten,
it will take at least 10% of your Maximum Meter, if the Tricicle Edge then it
will take at least 45% of your Maximum Meter and so on. You have to know what
you are doing and when to cancel to make your combo better and longer.

  Maximum Mode can be used to change your pattern as well. Some turtles wait
for your Reverie Sword and defend the first hit and then punish you by doing
the Guard Cancel Dash and good-bye by a painful combo... but you can let them
not do so by canceling the first hit of your Reverie Sword to the Tricicle Edge.

  Moreover, the Maximum Mode can make you perform your Super Moves several
times. When you know the basics of the Maximum Mode you will naturally be
better. Here is a combo when you have a Maximum Mode with Tabasa for example:

Standing C, Winder Fist, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad
Fowl (Maximum Mode and corner)

  If you do not cancel anything from the very start of the Maximum Mode and
fast do Tricicle Edge... you could do it three times. It takes 45% at least...
when you do it twice then that is 90% so there is 10% left. The thing is, as
long as you have Maximum Meter left, then you still can cancel anything or do
your Super Move with the 10% left. Even if you cancel many Special Attacks and
Super Moves and left with a 1%, you will still be able to perform your Super
Move. Remember that the Maximum Gauge does not wait for you to finish your
Super Move and say; "Mister, are you finished yet? Because I have to go down
slowly!" The Maximum Gauge is a sort of timer that slowly drains and it will
not wait for you to finish performing your Super Move or anything... it will go
down whether you are doing anything or not. Keep that in mind.

  Overall, The Maximum Mode does have damage scaling, but it is still will not
help... the Maximum Mode is still powerful. Everything becomes easy once you
know your stuff...


Guard Cancel Dash:
  This system is so great to some characters and so lame to others as well. It
could be a fatal system to some and a broken system to others... like Chun-Li!

  As for Tabasa, it is as great as the way you try to use it perfectly. What to
do against those who rely on it? If you read well in the M.A. section you will
understand how you can make everything almost, unpunishable. And when the
opponent does the G.C.D. then you will have most of the time four choices.
1)Tricicle Edge (can guard), 2)Meteor Fall or As Sent Proof (punishing),
3)Normal Throw (when there is nothing left to do), 4)Escape throw when the
opponent tries to throw you.

  Now, when you play against let us say, Guile who does not have many options
after the G.C.D., he will most of the time go for a throw after he G.C.Ds (if
not charging). Here, you could punish him easily. So, all you have to do is be
very focus when the opponent tries to G.C.D., your frames will stop for a
moment so you could react fast here.

  As for how to make the G.C.D. so painful and near perfection? Use it when the
opponent does a heavy attack and will not be able to recover when you do
G.C.D.! Or, do crouching A or B for the purpose to make the opponent G.C.D. and
then punish him with any of the attacks mentioned above. Do not G.C.D then
Meteor Fall with the pokes because they have fast recovery, normally. Just with
the close attacks and heavy ones. You could force the opponent to hit you to
G.C.D. by dashing and attacking him or her endlessly. The most important thing
that you should keep always in mind is that the power behind her glitch and As
Sent Proof depend on the G.C.D. So, you have to ABUSE it whenever possiple.
Tabasa is beyond great with the G.C.D.

  Crouching B or A is very safe. You can do either even if you know that the
opponent will do G.C.D. (Guard Cancel Dash)! You will be able to recover and
still either jump backward or punish the opponent with either the normal grabs
or As Sent Proof or Meteor Fall. Even if you do crouching A then As Sent Proof,
you will still be safe because Tabasa recovers so fast (really fast) after
performing the As Sent Proof. You will be safe in either way! If the opponent
is planning on G.C.D. after you make a heavy mistake then that would be
standing C (not far), D or crouching C! Needless to say, that would be
pointless since those will only be used for the combinations. So, the opponent
will have a hard time to get Tabasa with the G.C.D.! As long as you use your
Normal Attacks perfectly in time... you will have no worries playing against a
player that depends on the G.C.D. a lot (like Tabasa and Mars People players
the most)!

  The system is powerful and way better than the roll in some ways, but it is
still beatable if you play a complete mind game to punish those who depend on
it a lot (normally because they cannot do a thing with you)! Also, when you do
G.C.D. with the crossups, you will go the wrong way, so be careful not to fall
for this pitiful mistake. Other than this, you are on your own.


CD Counter:
  This is pretty useless to Tabasa, because she needs the Power Meter to use
other IMPORTANT things. You do not have to waste your great meter on it. Do not
use it... use the G.C.D. instead.

  How to punish those who use it? When you jump deep and attack, the opponent
will most of the time try to use it, defend fast and it will not hit you and
the opponent will have to recover from it. The good thing is, when you defend,
fast G.C.D. and then punish the opponent. This will make him say OUCH loudly!
This goes to your pokes as well.

  When you feel that you need a space to do zoning or Tricicle Edge, you cloud
do it but after a Special Move, Super Move or Exceed... not any fast recovery
Normal Attack. Only use it when you do not think fast, that is! When you use
him fast you will not even think about it. Do not worry.


Normal Throws:
  When people try to G.C.D. into a throw, then push AB and CD randomly. Most of
the people will use the CD throw... I do not know but I have noticed that a lot
of people do so. So, push first CD then AB. ^_^

  Guys like Sim, Guile, Ryu, Ken, Earthequke and many more will G.C.D. and then
throw most of the time, so if you did not punish them after the G.C.D., simply
throw escape. Does not get as simple as that, really!

  Keep in mind that the characters have to use their throws to keep a distance
between you and him or her. Or to have some air to do anything. So, always keep
your eyes open and punish as long as you can.



Against Imposter Tabasa:
Tabasa: S-so this is a... doppelganger? This will make an interesting subject.
Come on!
Imposter Tabasa: ...

Against Akuma:
Tabasa: The Murder Wave, is it? ...I sold it too short. It's beyond rumor.
Akuma: ...Die!

Tabasa: I can't oblige you. You'll help me explain your murderous wave!

Against Balrog:
Tabasa: You can't control your own violence, I see... I don't know how useful
it'll be, but I'll record the data anyway.
Balrog: What the...? Who are you?

Tabasa: I ask for your cooperation...
Balrog: If you want favors, show me your money. And lots of it, too!

Tabasa: So you lack the nobility to contribute to my research? Volunteering is
important too, you know.
Balrog: I don't need your big talk, little girl. (Bong.)

Tabasa: (...Hee, hee. Looks like I'll get data after all.) And away I go!

Against Choi Bounge:
Tabasa: ...(How miniscule is everyone like him?)
Choi: Huh? You think me "miniscule" do you? How rude!

Tabasa: What? You have the power to read my mind?
Choi: Eeee-ya! I knew it!

Tabasa: You're so intriguing. Let me study you to establish sorcerology!
Choi: Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Mince! Chop!

Against Chun-Li:
Chun-Li: What's this? What a cute outfit? Where's the festival?
Tabasa: These are street clothes.

Chun-Li: Oh, is that so? (Talk about eccentric!) Well, I'll have to take you in
for questioning. Is that a problem?
Tabasa: I'm kind of busy so I can't comply with your wishes. I beg your pardon.

Chun-Li: Hey, you, freeze! You're going nowhere!

Against Dan Hibiki:
Tabasa: Hmmm. You leave a lot to be desired...
Dan: Say what? Hey! Where exactly? I'm a perfect specimen!

Tabasa: Well, excuse me. I got to run.
Dan: Get back here!

Against Demitri Maximov:
Tabasa: A vampire... I'm impressed. Walking around the human world as if it was
Demitri: Hmph. A sorcerer, huh? Haven't seen one of you here for a while...

Tabasa: I'm a sorcerologist. Not the same as a sorcerer, really.
Demitri: Hmph. Whatever. Let's see your powers and kill some time.

Tabasa: Well, I know a little about exorcising demons. Knuckles up, Nosferatu!

Against Dhalsim:
Tabasa: Your pretty unique to be able to alter your body like that.
Dhalsim: Do you have an interest in the secrest of yoga?

Tabasa: I have oodles! However, I'll need some time to compile my data on the
Dhalsim: Stranger, the miracles of yoga are but a part of deep enlightenment.
If you don't devote all of yourself, you'll get diddley.

Tabasa: Oh, foo, foo. All creation can be explained scientifically.
Dhalsim: Your knowledge hinders your way to true sagacity. You'd do well to go
back to the drawing board. Do you understand me?

Tabasa: Indeed. In addition to theory and sorcerologic data, you say I need
actual empirical proof, do you?
Dhalsim: Are you ready to begin? Yoga!

Against Earthquake:
Tabasa: Ooh, what a stench! Bo, halitosis, unwashed clothing. A potpourri!
Earthquake: Just who stinks? Oink! Snort!

Tabasa: A creature that emits such a foul stench... it's a first!
Earthquake: Want to get another bop in the chops? Snort! Snort!

Tabasa: You mean you can stink even more? How intriguing... but I've had enough
of you and your odor.
Earthquake: Snort! I'll make sure you get more of me!

Against Genjuro:
Tabasa: An actual samurai from the far east. Now this's intriguing...
Genjuro: Who are you?

Tabasa: Oh, my. Is that a samurai sword, then...? I've heard of various
mystical blades... Can I try it out?
Genjuro: Try it... out? Amusing. It looks like I must kill another idiot!

Against Goenitz:
Tabasa: That spirit! ...Orochi!
Goenitz: Oh, can you tell?

Tabasa: The world's will... it's proxy. Orochi. But Orochi's primarily a force
for good...
Goenitz: The Orochi are not evil... it's the humans who are the world's enemy!
I am simply removing the world of all its destructive pests.

Tabasa: If you wipe out all humans, it will ruin all my research. After I
pacify Orochi, I must imprison it.
Goenitz: Self-centered girl...

Against Guile:
Tabasa: Oh, I get it! A sonic-speed punch... and that makes the shockwave.
Guile: Who are you?

Tabasa: Just a sorcerologist! I wish to speak with you more? Can you spare me
the time?
Guile: Sorcerologist...? Never heard of it, but I'll tell you no secrets.

Tabasa: Is that so? Then I'd like to test you out in battle.
Guile: H-hey!

Against Hugo:
Poison: She'll do fine in a leotard.
Tabasa: What's all this talk out of the blue?

Poison: To be brief, I'm a scout. You're too tough to be a round girl, but...
anyway, let's see what you got! Huuugo!
Hugo: We'll initiate you into wrestling soon. Don't worry.
Tabasa: How selfish... you'll be sorry! Are you listening?

Against Iori Yagami:
Iori: What're you looking at?
Tabasa: The mixture of your power is simply... intriguing.

Iori: ...Get lost!
Tabasa: You're just the subject to quench the fires of my intellectual

Iori: Not if you die first...

Against Kasumi Todo:
Kasumi: It's you then! The fortune teller with the bizarre vestments.
Tabasa: Time for introductions. I am no fortune teller. I am a sorcerologist.

Kasumi: Huh? Are you crazy? Whatever it is called, it's all tommy-rot!
Tabasa: I pity you. Calling what you can't grasp, "tommy-rot."

Kasumi: Hmm. Enough! Tell me where my father is. Now!
Tabasa: Very well... But in your quest for someone... ...you need catalysts not
found in this world in the first place...

Kasumi: Enough prattling! Tell me my fortune or... defend yourself!
Tabasa: ...Oh good grief!

Against Ken Masters:
Ken: Trick or treat! Ah, brings me back.
Tabasa: I get it, a joke! Your stupid humor's not lost on me... These clothes
are much more than a passing fashion, you know.

Ken: Huh? Really?... You gothic guys are getting out of hand.
Tabasa: ...A typical reaction. Now you'll learn all about supra-sorcerology.

Against Kim Kaphwan:
Tabasa: Tae Kwon Do? Too many foot moves... Not interested.
Kim: Wait! It is time you learn the wonder of justice's strength!

Tabasa: Justice, you say? Sounds intriguing. This justice... I'd like to study
it scientifically.
Kim: You don't need to. Justice courses through my body.

Tabasa: Ooh, how inviting. That's more reason to look into it.

Against Kyo Kusanagi:
Tabasa: I heard that long ago there was a tribe... who exorcised evil. Are you
their descendant?
Kyo: How would I know? I hate history.

Tabasa: You'll have to let me test your strength.
Kyo: Don't cry to me if you get burned.

Against M. Bison:
Tabasa: This wave of evil...?! This is Psycho Power... I'm intrigued.
M. Bison: Foo ha ha ha. Out of my way, girlie.

Tabasa: I won't move. I'll explain your power sorcerologically.
M. Bison: Very well. I'll make you the prey of my Psycho Power!

Against Mai Shiranui:
Mai: Oh, gracious. You do dress boldly.
Tabasa: All the better for mastering sorcery. You, on the other hand, leave too
little to the imagination.

Mai: H-hey! Shut your mouth! You'll get bonked!
Tabasa: Have I angered you? Fighting's so wasteful, but what the heck?

Against Mars People:
Mars People: Beep boop bap.
Tabasa: Hmm. Hmmm.

Mars People: Beep boop bap bep.
Tabasa: ...Whoa! I can't just sit by and let it get away.

Against Mr. Karate:
Mr. Karate: ...That's quite a get-up. And I sense you are not of this world...
Tabasa: ...Very perceptive. Does that strange mask possess magical powers?

Mr. Karate: No, it's nothing that is so special as that.
Tabasa: You saw my true form? Your perspicalicity... Or is your mask magic? I
will need to make sure by myself...

Against Ryo Sakazaki:
Tabasa: Kyokugen Karate... Your peculiar concept of "spirit" intrigues me.
Ryo: What? Care to become one of my disciples?

Tabasa: Unfortunately, my interest is limited to scientific analyses.
Ryo: The soul of Kyokugen cannot be understood by cool, analytical methods.

Tabasa: Ooh, hoo, hoo. Nothing cannot be explained scientifically.
Ryo: All right! Bring it on!

Against Ryu:
Ryu: What a weird get-up... Reminds me of a fortune teller I met in Genova.
Tabasa: A Genoese fortune teller? That sounds intriguing. If you would be so
kind, tell me more, stranger.

Ryu: I'd be happy to, but first let's do it!
Tabasa: Hoo hoo hoo. You're weird, too.

Against Sagat:
Tabasa: A formidable physique. Hidden power within. A wonderful subject. But
those wounds hold you back... How unfortunate.
Sagat: What would a girl like you know about it?

Tabasa: Sorcerologically speaking, it's just a wound. You're just hindered by
your own mawkish self-pity, big boy.
Sagat: If you want to live, leave it there.

Against Zero:
Tabasa: An irregular hunter in this realm, too? How intriguing!
Zero: So you too know what a reploid is...?

Tabasa: In this land and his... there is nothing that I don't know of.

Against Shiki:
Shiki: ...Yes, Yuga... No... not that!
Tabasa: Yuga? Do you speak of Yuga the Destroyer?

Shiki: ....
Tabasa: What's wrong? Huh...?!

Shiki: Die...
Tabasa: Those eyes... Oh, whatever. I'll oblige you.

Against Terry Bogard:
Terry: How do your clothes float like that? Magic? Tell me how to do it!
Tabasa: It is not magic, just supra-sorcerical science. ............ Hey
there... You listening to me?

Terry: I-I'm sorry... You've already lost me.
Tabasa: Then I shall explain myself in Layman's terms. Care for a demonstration?

Terry: OK! That I can understand.
Tabasa: On with the demonstration!

Against Vega:
Vega: Do not move, lady. My claws... desire your blood.
Tabasa: Is that so? You cannot suppress a desire to slice flesh... A
predictable pattern.

Vega: An inability to grasp the pursuit of beauty... I'll teach it to you with
your fresh blood.
Tabasa: Hoo, hoo, hoo. OK. Let the lesson begin!

Against Riot of the Blood Iori:
Tabasa: What is this! This youth is consumed by his own will...
Orochi Iori: Oh-whoooa!

Tabasa: I can't leave him like this.

Against Violent Ken:
Tabasa: What's wrong? Are you ill...? What's this...!
Violent Ken: Oooh-ohhhhhhh!

Tabasa: His soul's been overtaken. Very well. I will bring him back!

Against Geese:
Tabasa: Geese Howard... Ruler of Southtown, I presume?
Geese: If you want an interview, you'll have to get in touch with my agent.

Tabasa: I don't need comments. I've come for one of your possessions: The
Secret Scrolls of Jin!
Geese: Hmph. Disagreeable child. I'm going to swat you.

Serious Mr. Karate:
Tabasa: What's this sensation?
Serious Mr. Karate: You sensed my spirit?! You're no ordinary girl!

Tabasa: Hoo hoo hoo. I'm Tabasa, noted sorcerologist.
Serious Mr. Karate: Please, indulge me.

Against True Akuma:
Tabasa: A growing evil! Asura controls this soul. The Murder Wave!
True Akuma: Die!

Tabasa: Hoo hoo hoo. No can do. This is my job, too. Defend yourself!

Against Athena:
Tabasa: Where am I...?
Athena: ...In Heaven. Resulting from your fighting down below... ...the
dimensional doors have become opened.

Tabasa: So this is it?! This could be a valuable experience! In the name of
inquiry and research, I'll ask you to permit me to stay.
Athena: I hate to say this, but my mission is to protect this land. I must
drive out all of the undesirables. Now, defend yourself!

Tabasa: In the interest of supra-sorcerology... I cannot back away so easily...

Against Red Arremer:
Tabasa: Where am I...?
Red Arremer: Gya-gyah!

Tabasa: R-Red Arremer! It can't be... Such a legendary creature right before my
eyes. I'm on a lucky streak!



  Tabasa pushes her hat up before a blue sky.

Tabasa: That Netherworld sure was a major disappointment...

  Over the shoulder shot of her holding a couple things in her hand that look
like emerald jelly beans.

Tabasa: But I sure was lucky to get this item. You can only find it there. With
this... hee hee hee.

  We see a far shot of her house in an arctic setting.

Tabasa: This... and this... voilla!!

  She stands with her arms out over a table of books and science stuff.

Tabasa: Hee hee hee. At last! A new kind of magic... completed!


A button = Light Punch
B button = Light Kick
C button = Hard Punch
D button = Hard Kick

G.C.D. = Guard Cancel Dash (also known as Guard Cancel Front Step)


Command List:

Special Moves:
1)Chakra Wave: Quarter circle forward + A or C
2)Chakra Wave: While in air, quarter circle forward + A or C
3)Winder Fist: Quarter circle forward + B or D
4)She's on Enemy (Sea's Anemone): Quarter circle forward + B or D (follow up
after Winder Fist)
5)Reverie Sword: Forward, down, down-forward + A or C
6)Jamming Ghost: Forward, down, down-forward + B or D
7)As Sent Proof: Near the opponent, half circle backward + A or C

Super Moves:
8)Tricicle Edge: Quarter circle forward, quarter circle forward + A or C (can
9)Death Phenomeno: Half circle backward, half circle backward + B or D

10)Meteor Fall: Near the opponent, half circle backward, half circle backward +

Special Attacks:
11)Inroad Fowl: While in air, down + D (can hold)
12)Flask: Down-foward or forward + C (can hold)
13)Haul Flapper: Down-forward + B
14)Restive Kitten: Down-forward + D

15)Squash Hat: Press AB when you are near the opponent
16)Kitten Scratch: Press CD when you are near the opponent


Moves Analysis:
  To make everything understandable, I will do this for all her Normal Attacks,
Special Attacks, Special Moves, Super Moves, Exceed and Throws! I will go
indepth with everything. I will list everything and point out their good and
bad points. After all, I am the one who likes using Tabasa and writing this
very F.A.Q. at the same time... nobody else. The more I go indepth, the more I
will not be bothered with the questions. Natural...

Far A:

  In a word, useless. This Normal Attack can be used to show off her cute
normals... nothing more, nothing less.

  The stick comes out late and attacks late too. It is so noticeable and then
opponenet can react fast. He can also G.C.D. easily and then heavily punish
you, because the Normal Attack has a bad recovery. If you really want to use it
then I suggest you use it when you are having fun or when you are pretty sure
that the opponent has no skills to fight back.

  You have a lot of other good options than this useless Normal Attack. You do
not have to stick with it. After all, it is just a weak and slow attack.

Far B:
  A fast attack and can be absued during the matches against big characters. It
has a fast recovery and can be easily cancelled. Good to use from a distance,
but it does not have a good reach. It could be used as a trap to force your
opponent to G.C.D. and then punish with the As Sent Proof Special Move or
better yet, the Exceed.

  When you have Maximum Mode, you could cancel it to anything that comes to
your mind. Well, cancel it to any other Normal Attack, not Special Moves so
that you do not have to get punished by a low mistake. Since the Special Moves
have bad startups and recoveries, then you should stick with what it is best
for you and that is the fast pokes.

  Think of the good range that is has... of course it does... Even/Al is
holding her leg... why not! ^_^

Far C:
  Another useless Normal Attack that should not be used during good matches
unless you badly want to show off. It does have a good range but comes out late
and has a bad recovery. It is a big target for the G.C.D. and a major pain for
the jumps, so you should use it rarely. But you can use it against Hugo because
this guy does not have anything to do with most of Tabasa's Normal Attacks.

  Tabasa looks pretty cute when she performs this attack, but aside of her
cuteness... this attack is just bad. Well, this is pretty much the same as the
far D, but the difference is that the far D is safer and way faster... add to
the fact that it is one of the best Normal Attacks she has in this game. So,
forget about using the distance C and stick with what is good and better for

Far D:
  A great Normal Attack for many good strategies. Use it from a good range so
that you can be very sure that only the last tail will hit! You will not worry
of the G.C.D. when you do it as I say, but never abuse it. Just use it when the
opponent is about to jump or about to hit with any Normal Attack. You could
always cancel it whenever you want to, when you have Maximum Mode. You should
really be at ease when you have Maximum Mode. Just when the opponent is about
to G.C.D., cancel the Normal Attack to anything else.

  You know, cancel it to Winder Fist or anything. Use this Normal Attack after
you perform Jamming Ghost as well. Just go behind the Ghost (after you throw a
dove) and then when the opponent is about to do ANYTHING at all, do distance D.
It has a good range and it is way better than the distance C. It comes out fast
and has a good recovery. Be careful not to abuse it with Geese, Tabasa, Chul-Li
and some others... it could be very risky.

Standing A:
  I know that this Normal Attack reminds you of the sweet Yuri Sakazaki. Is
there anything good than to slap your opponent softly? Nothing...

  The slaps are fast and the Normal Attack has a very good recovery time. When
to use them? Most of the time when you do G.C.D. and then As Sent Proof and
miss, Tabasa will recover so fast... so fast when the opponent is near you, do
standing A and if it connects then do As Sent Proof or Death Phenomeno! It will
work just fine. If you are so afraid to use any then stick with the safe
method, which is standing A then crouching B. Very good for you.

  When the opponent G.C.D. your standing A, then fast cancel it to As Sent
Proof and never stand still. You just have to react fast. All you need to do is
expect the opponent to G.C.D. all the time and you must focus whenever you do
anything so that when he does the G.C.D., you can jump backward or punish with
the As Sent Proof or Meteor Fall! Anyway, you will not use this a lot since
your gameplay will be keep-away! Well, you just have to know its good and bad

Standing B:
  This Normal Attack gives the players a hard time and most of them nag and
complain about it because it has some strange uses...

  Actually nobody thinks of using this Normal Attack, however, those who G.C.D.
with the BC instead of the forward forward will use it a lot of times. How?
Easy. Whenever the opponent is about to trick you and you just do BC thinking
that the opponent will hit to G.C.D. and then do As Sent Proof, and the
opponent does not attack... you will get the opponent with the standing B and
then As Sent Proof automatically. ^_^ It is really strange but cool at the same

  You should always go for the BC instead of the forward forward so that when
the opponent does not attack, you could get him or her with the standing B and
then As Sent Proof. The Normal Attack comes out fast and has a good recovery
but not good to use with the close up attacks. Always use it as I said, but
never think of using it as a good Normal Attack... I do not see any good points
in this Normal Attack other than what I mentioned above.

Standing C:
  Don't you love the dragon face?

  This Normal Attack is awesome but it ruins some combos sometimes. Standing D
is more effective, but nevertheless this has its good point. It can be used if
you want to do crouching D after it. You can link up the two attacks easily and
still take a good damage. If you want to go for the Tricicle Edge after a
decent Normal Attack then go for the standing D, not C! It does not have
priority at all, but it is good to use after jumping D. Just be sure to hit
with it, fella.

  Keep in mind that you have to CANCEL it whenever you use it so that you do
not have to put yourself in an ugly position for the G.C.D.! Well, ONYL and I
mean ONLY use it if you want to go for good combination attacks and you must be
very sure (100% sure) that it will hit the opponent. It is not that hard. Jump
D and when the opponent defends then use your pokes and when the opponent does
not defned then go for it. But from now I tell you that the standing D is still
better for combination attacks!

Standing D:
  This is pretty much good and can be used ALWAYS for combos and when the
opponent jumps upward. Since the tail will go upward as well, then it will hit
the opponent. But this cannot be used as an anti-air at all. Only with some
cases... nothing more, nothing less. You have to use it when you are 100% going
for a combo, fella. And do not forget to cancel it. You do not have to use it
when you see the opponent is standing still, just use it when you get a hit in
the air or when the opponent is open for a deadly combo.

  It is really simple. This Normal Attack is one of the good Normal Attacks
that Tabasa has. Meteor Fall, Tricicle Edge, Winder Fist, As Sent Proof,
Reverie Sword, Restive Kitten and Haul Flapper can be used if you hit with the
standing D. This Normal Attack easily makes the combos work. They will work
perfectly, so no worries! Just be careful not to do it when the opponent is
expecting it so that he would not G.C.D. and then heavily punish you. Other
than that... you are on your own, hero!

Crouching A:
  Good for pokes. I do not get it why people forget about using it or at least
ABUSE it! You cry out loud for Normal Attacks that have priority, then why
don't you use this one since it has priority as well? This attack comes out
fast and has a fast recovery. Its recovery time is almost unnoticeable. Use it
to punish those who depend on the G.C.D. all the time. Use it when you want to
give yourself a space. Use it when you DO NOT have other good options to use
other than this. JUST USE IT, WILL YOU? Ahem. ^_^

  When the opponent tries to G.C.D. when you do crouching A, then jump backward
or do As Sent Proof. Your crouching A has a good recovery so you will not be
hit by anything after the opponent does the G.C.D.! When the opponent tries to
attack you endlessly, then use it because it has priority and can beat "most"
of the normals in the game (there is always an exception for Geese's crouching
B though ^_^). Your gameplay is about keep-away and never get near the opponent
unless you are forced to! Like when you play against characters who have fast
fire balls.

  When that time comes, then you have to know what to use with the closeup
matches... and this Normal Attack is one of those that you will always need to

Crouching B:
  Geez, the way Al or Evan holds her leg and attacks you with his/her leg is
just too cool to see. ^_^

  It has a good range and can be used from a distance. It comes out fast and
has a good recovery time. You will not be punished if you do it from a distace
and watch out for the G.C.D.! It does not have that much of a priority, but it
can be used from time to time when you are stuck in the corner and you want a
space. SNK PLaymore screwed up this cute Normal Attack, but at least it is way
faster than it used to be. When you do crouching A and then you want to keep
the opponent further away, then do crouching B, but that is when the opponent
is a little bit far so that you won't get punished.

  It is not that reliable, but can be used in some certain ways. Like the ways
I told you about above and there is another easy way. When you perform the
Jamming Ghost, go behind it and when the opponent is not defending low and the
Jamming Ghost is about to hit the opponent, do crouching B so that you could
get the opponent with it and then he/she will be hit by the Jamming Ghost by
that time. When the Jamming Ghost connects, FAST do Meteor Fall and you will
get the opponent with it because it has a good range and then continue with a
painful combo like, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge or Restive
Kitten, Death Phenomeno. See? All this because of one WEAK Normal Attack. ^_^

  If you get the opponent with this, then I highly doubt if the opponent was
not somking something really really bad to be way off not to block low at the
first place!

Crouching C:

  Yes, always quote me on that. It is so so so useless. Even when Geese
performs Reppu Ken and you do it to eat it, he can still jump and get you with
a painful combination attack. Is it worth all this? No, it is not worth it, for
sure. This Normal Attack has bad recovery and range. It is the most unused
Normal Attack in the game. Even if you try to show off with it, you will look
really bad. Like a scrub (pardon)! If you really want to take my word on it,
then never use it unless you are smoking whatever those guys who made Fight
Fever were smoking when the made that game.

  If you want to show off your good magic attacks and awesome gameplay then
stick with what the masters do. If you are a master yourself, then you would
know by now that this Normal Attack gets the worst votes on the worst Normal
Attacks in the game. Well, Tabasa is meant to be played from a distance and to
make your opponent get mad as soon as possible to screw up and fall for your
dirty traps. So, this Normal Attack will not fit in that tough gameplay, but
will only ruin it and show how limited you are. Hey, I do not hate it... I am
just pointing out its weakness, but in a good way. So, no hard feelings if you
dream of performing it on your relatives. ^_^

Crouching D:
  What's wrong with people not knowing the greatness of this Normal Attack?

  A very good sweep from the tail of the scary dragon! Do it from a good range
to avoid being hit by the G.C.D.! This attack has a very very good point. It
could beat out almost ALL the uppercuts if used right. People nag why Demitri
is great when he does Demon Cradle and nothing can beat it, but in fact... they
did not try out anything to beat it, but only kept nagging all along about it.
Well, when you are in a good range and the player does Demon Cradle repeatedly,
do crouching D and you will be able to hit and not get a trade hit! You will
ALWAYS be able to get him.

  This goes for many uppercuts like Shiki's, Mars People's, Terry's and some
others as well. You just have to try who does and does not beat your crouching
D. And try for several times, not only once. This sweep attack is good to
continue after the standing C. It just looks cool. You jump with the tail of
the dragon (D), then attack with the face of the scary dragon (C) and then
sweep with the tail of the dragod again (D)! It is not complicated, it just
needs mashing or a good timing (mashing for mashers or those who do not like to
learn and timing for those who like to get in depth with everything).

  Other than what I said, this Normal Attack is pure and can be used from time
to time. But not to be used a lot if you face Geese, Tabasa, Zero or one of the
harsh characters.

Jumping A:
  Bah. Another useless attack. I do not know but it seems Tabasa has a thing or
two when she uses her stick. I thought she should be better when she uses it,
not bad! Anyway, it is fast and the jumping B and D are better for combos. This
can be used if you want to jump backward and fight safe. Or sometimes when you
do G.C.D. and then perform As Senf Proof mistakenly, you will see yourself
flying with the jumping A for an unknown reason. I see the guys do this all the
time. ^_^ May be they are doing half circle backward, up-backward + A! It looks
funny when anybody does it by mistake.

  Anyway, the timing will be tighter than the jumping D or B. So, you do not
have to use it since it does not take that much of a damage and it is not the
best air attack that there is. Even jumping C is better than this Norma Attack.
And remember that the character can get you with their crouching attacks if you
do this attack, so you have to think again about it, hero. Jumping D covers
everything and does not have any weak point other than one that will be
mentioned in its section, so you have to use it over this attack. Well, do you
have not to use it at all just because the jumping D is better? Yes, yes and
yes. Does not get simple as that!

Jumping B:
  Again, the way Al or Evan holds her leg and attacks you with his/her leg is
just too cool to see. ^_^

  Great for combos and has a good range. It has a good range and can be used
from a distance. It comes out fast and has a good recovery time. You will not
be punished if you do it from a distace and watch out for the G.C.D.! It does
not have that much of a priority, but it can be used from time to time when you
are stuck in the corner and you want a space. SNK PLaymore screwed up this cute
Normal Attack, but at least it is way faster than it used to be. This Normal
Attack is just like the crouching B but Al/Evan is a little bit going low now.
SNK Playmore really did not bother with it, I can easily notice that!

  Nobody can punish you with the G.C.D. when you use this Normal Attack. So, do
not worry when you want to use it. You can always do As Sent Proof or jump
backward when the opponent does the G.C.D.! You want to use it for cross-ups,
against air attacks, low attacks or anything at all? No, mister... you have to
think over, because the jumping D would be the real answer for all this.
Compared to the jumping D, every air attack that Tabasa has is in one word,
useless. Well, do not say what about the Inroad Fowl, because the Inroad Fowl
is a Special Attack not a Normal Attack... understood?

Jumping C:
  Well, this actually does a good damage, surprisingly! It can be used to stop
yourself from going forward fast when the opponent does anything. Like when any
Geese player does the Raising Storm and you are jumping, do it to avoid going
forward for a moment and not get hit by the Raising Storm. But of course you
will eat the Raising Storm if you are near Geese, what do you think? You will
escape death?! There is another method to avoid being hit by those heavy Super
Moves, but I will talk about it when I come to its right place. This can be
used to beat the uppercuts as well. It beats out many things. Which is good, by
the way.

  Does it have a weakness? Yes, it does. You will be completely open when you
finish performing the ice spike. So, bah to it and to anything other than the
jumping D. Anyway, you could use it to have a free space. How? Do backward
backward then press C fast. She will do the air C and land so fast and not be
open. This can be used only to have a distance between you and the opponent,
nothing more... nothing less. Other than this, you do not have to use it that
much. Do not abuse it, because you can easily be punished. Do not do it for fun
because you can easily be noticed. Do not do it to show off her Normal Attacks,
because you can easily be put down.

Jumping D:
  The best air "Normal Attack" out of all the other attacks. Again, Inroad Fowl
is a Special Attack, not a Normal Attack, so do not say what about Inroad Fowl?!

  You can cross-up, do damaging combination attacks, beat most of the air
attacks and it does have a good range. It hits all the positions, low, mid and
high. So, no one can be tricky with you. But there are some normals and moves
that can beat it, so do not show me that shiny smile of yours, yet! Geese's
crouching C can easily beat it, Rye's Shoryuken can pathetically beat it. You
just have to use it in its right time. Also, against characters who jump real
HIGH like Mai, Choi and Chun-Li, they could beat it since they are higher than
you. So, use it in the right way, not just jump without knowing what to do or
even expect to face when you jump!

  Use it after you perform the Jamming Ghost, use it when the opponent is down
so that you could cross-up with it. Use it when the opponent performs a fire
ball. Use it when you want to do a painful combination attack. When the
opponent tries to G.C.D., fast jump either forward or backward to not make him
get you with the G.C.D. and then punish you. Play safe and use it only when you
have to. With your zoning and traps/set-ups, you will be able to use it a lot
of times. Also, when you use the glitch, you will be able to use it MANY times.
Well, just to let you know... this is the best air Normal Attack, so you have
no worries when you use it. Unlike the A, B and C! That's about it.

Chakra Wave (ground):
  A very good Special Move, but it has its good and bad points.

  It has a bad start-up and fearful recovery, so how should you use it if it is
good? Well, you need to use it when the opponent falls or when you do Inroad
Fowl, do this after it. Do it from a distance so that you won't get punished by
the G.C.D.! Use it after the Jamming Ghost gets connected. Do the fast one then
the slow one to do the Jamming Ghost again and keep with the same good method
to win by a good set-up! Just do not abuse it when you do not do any set-up. It
will be fatal and you could die because of that pitiful mistake. If you want to
make it safe then do it as I said. It builds the Power Meter greatly. So, you
should not leave it alone.

  Do upward then Inroad Fowl and when you land fast do Chakra Wave. Do not make
the Inroad Fowl so high and not so low so that you can make the opponent stand
still. With the characters who jump high, you have to only do Inroad Fowl and
the Chakra Wave after the Jamming Ghost. Keep in mind that you will not be able
to perform this Special Move when the Jamming Ghost is out. Unless the Jamming
Ghost gets connected, you will not be able to perform this Special Move. But
you can do this and then the Jamming Ghost. If the Jamming Ghost gets
connected, then you will be able to do it over and over. Just be careful not to
do it when you are near your opponenet.

Chakra Wave (air):

  You have heard it, fella! It is completely useless. First because it is SO
notcieable. It has a start-up, lag, bad recovery and the Chakra Wave goes
stright mid, not low like Akuma or Geese! You do not have to do it at all since
the Inroad Fowl is way better than it. You will be heavily punished if you do
it, because the opponent can easily dash and punish you. Even if your 100% good
at mind games, they can see it coming. It is unlike Demitri's air fire ball.
That vampire performs it real fast and does not have to recover too slow from
it like Tabasa. Eventhough he could be punished too, but more safely than
Tabasa. The percentage difference is 100%!

  Keep in mind that you will not be able to perform this Special Move when the
Jamming Ghost is out. Unless the Jamming Ghost gets connected, you will not be
able to perform this Special Move. But you can do this and then the Jamming
Ghost. If the Jamming Ghost gets connected, then you will be able to do it over
and over. But it is not worth doing at all. When you do the Jamming Ghost, you
will have to be fast enough to make the options to the opponent 0%, and by
doing the air Chakra Wave after the Jamming Ghost gets connected, you are just
saying in other words; "I am a scrub!"

  If you really want to do it then do it when you know that the player is going
to do a Super Move that you will not have the chance to break like the Raising
Storm and Shin Shoryuken! By doing the air Chakra Wave, you will be able to
escape at least. But that is only when you are 100% sure that the opponent is
going to do any Super Move, which means dead sure.

Winder Fist:
  I know that most of the guys who played and mastered Pocket Fighter will be
heavily disappointed now! ^_^

  Yes, it has no priority as it used to have in Pocket Fighter (except Lv. 1).
So, put it this way. This Special Move is Lv. 1 in Pocket Fighter. It is so bad
that even when you perform it and "then" the opponent does "anything", he can
beat it easily. It has a good range and a great damage... also you can follow
up to throw your opponent but it does not eat fire balls and it does not have
any priority or what-so-ever you think it had. I do not think there is any
point in its range since its priority is pathetically weak. Well, your best
shot is when you get the opponent with a combo. This Special Move takes hell of
a damamge (with the throw)... so, you can use it with combination attacks.

  You also are free to perform it even when the Jamming Ghost is out and not
connected! Good. You can perform the Jamming Ghost, then throw the Inroad Fowl,
and when you land you follow the Jamming Ghost and when surprise your opponent
with the Winder Fist and when it connects, do She's On Enemy to throw your
opponent. Even the opponent G.C.D. the Winder Fist, he or she will hit the
Jamming Ghost. Pretty much good for you to do "THREE" things in a moment, eh?
^_^ That is why Tabasa is the best when we talk about keeping the opponent away
with good strategies and methods. Remember that you can cancel it when you have
the Maximum Mode, so be sure to be tricky with it. Well, other than this... you
are on your own, fella.

  Don't you like the dragon's savage face when he attacks you? ^_^

She's On Enemy (Sea's Anemone):
  This Special Move cannot be performed unless you perform Winder Fist first.

  Do you think it does not need a full explaination alone? Then you are dead
wrong. Wether the Winder Fist connects or not, you will be able to follow up
with this Special Move. However, there is a big point that needs to be
explained before you do the yuga. She's On Enemy is a big G.C.D. target, so do
not abuse it if the opponent defends Winder Fist. And that means do not even
think about using it when the opponent does the G.C.D. because he or she will
G.C.D. the Winder Fist not She's On Enemy! So when they G.C.D. Winder Fist and
you do She's On Enemy as a follow up, you will be completely open for a free
hit... and that is where you will wish that you did not perform it in the first

  You can do it when the opponent does not defend the Winder Fist... and you
will be happy for the damage. Add to that that the Special Move is a knockdown
when you follow up. So, you will able freely able to set-up a trap and then
attack again. If you want to be sure that the Winder Fist will connect then do
it after a good combination attack like jumping D, standing D, Winder Fist and
now you can follow up with the She's On Enemy. Or when you do the glitch and
the Jamming Ghost hits the opponent, do standing D, Winder Fist and then She's
On Enemy. See? Now you are very sure that the Winder Fist will connect after
any Normal Attack and the She's On Enemy Special Move will connect after the
Winder Fist!

Reverie Sword:
  Hey there, Tabasa has an uppercut. Isn't that great? ^_^

  I am sure that you have thought of that when you first saw her movelist! Let
me tell you that it does not have any invincbility AT ALL! Even if you do it
very early, with some good air attacks, you will most of the time get a
trade-hit! Rarely you will be able to hit the opponent. But what if you want
all the hits hit the opponent when he or she jumps? I can tell you one thing,
that could happen only in your sweetest dreams or when the opponent wants to
grab you when he jumps and you happen to perform this Special Move and get him
with it. But don't you worry. It has its best uses, too. So do not say I was
harsh and way off about it. Well, let us see how...

  First one of it great uses is that you will have a free hit when you get the
opponent with Reverie Sword, and that with ALL its hits not only three or four
hits and then follow up! You have to get the opponent from the very start of
the Special Move until it ends and you will have a free hit so you can jump D
and do Inroad Fowl. You can get the opponent with after you do the Restive
Kitten or when the opponent is jumping upward. Make it VERY deep and you will
get it done just fine. It also has a great deal of damage and fast to perform
but has a recovery since she will fly up high with the sword. This Special Move
is not useless as some. It has its bad point but also has a lot of good
points... always use it when you have no Lvs. for Super Moves to do anything
after the Restive Kitten! ^_^

  You can cancel this Special Move when you have the Maximum Mode, so you know
what to do when you feel like doing nothing.

Jamming Ghost:
  Awesome Special Move and the ghost just looks so cute. ^_^

  One of the best Special Moves around. It has a start-up, but little recovery.
Other than that, it has some many different good uses. One of them that the
ghost goes to the opponent so coldly and slowly. So, you will be able to follow
him to attack the opponent. With this Special Attack, you can do three things
in a second. You can perform the Jamming Ghost, then throw the Inroad Fowl, and
when you land you follow the Jamming Ghost and when surprise your opponent with
the Winder Fist and when it connects, do She's On Enemy to throw your opponent.
Even the opponent G.C.D. the Winder Fist, he or she will hit the Jamming Ghost.
Pretty much good for you to do "THREE" things in a moment, eh? ^_^ That is why
Tabasa is the best when we talk about keeping the opponent away with good
strategies and methods.

  Also, the ghost is floating. He is not so high nor mid. Only some characters
can actually get past him like Chun-Li, Choi and Mai... and some other can do
so with their Special Moves or Super Moves. Earthquake, that big fella and do
so by hitting the wall and doing an even higher jump that Chun-Li and Mai. What
a surprising thing for a fat and big man. But we are used to that since Samurai
Spirits 2. No wonder, he is a Ninja! ^_^ Anyway, use the Jamming Ghost whenever
you can and that means after EVER knockdown. Do Chakra Wave and then Jamming
Ghost when the opponent falls. You will not be able to do air or ground Chakra
Waves, Tricicle Edge or the Flask attacks when the Jamming Ghost is out, it has
to get connected to perform them. Why? Ask the programmers, smart guy! You just

  When the Jamming Ghost connects, throw Chakra Waves, perform Tricicle Edge or
Flask attacks as long as you like because the four ghosts are ready to attack
and you must do whatever you can to make them do so. Geez, the ghost and Tabasa
look cute... and funny too. That ghost has nothing in the world to do other
than going to you slowly, so watch out, Mr. Opponent! And be sure to go infront
of the ghost when a character has a fast fire ball so that you could cover the
ghost and make him continue going and going. And do not forget that the Jamming
Ghost is one of the effective Special Moves in the game. On top of that,
without it... there is no glitch. ^_^ There are many effective combination
attacks in the Combos Section, check out what you like and go for it, big guy.

  The most important thing to remember is Tabasa can never use the Jamming
Ghost when the Death Phenomeno connects... so, you should have a strategy to
play if you happen to get your opponent with the Death Phenomeno! I will tell
you about everything I know in the Strategy Section.

As Sent Proof:
  Another great Special Move for Tabasa. Well, hello to complaining and
nagging. Another Special Move that most of the guys complain about.

  This Special Move can be really nasty at times. First the recovery time is
almost zero, but THERE is a recovery time to Special Move. It is just so fast
to notice. Also, it comes out so fast and Tabasa grabs her opponent so fast,
not like Shiki's grab Special Move. Sometimes Tabasa grabs her opponent when
they are about to jump or when their feet ARE in the AIR... just near the
ground! Geez, that is just great, isn't it? When to do this Special Move?
WHENEVER YOU CAN. That means after any combo, after the Jamming Ghost, after
all the Normal Attacks except for the ones you cannot, after every trap or
trick you have in mind, after every G.C.D. but not when you do it when the
opponenet uses one of his far attacks like Geese's standing C or D because you
will not have the reach to grab him since the Special Move has ZERO range.

  So, the only bad point (not that bad) about it is range. It has comepletely
zero range so you have to be really close to your opponent. This Special Move,
however, is so effective because it knocks the opponent down and you can do
set-ups and traps after it... and the glitch as well whcih will give you a 89%
sure hit so be ready for a painful combination attack... some characters can
escape but luckily and with mind games. It is all about mind games. It knocks
some opponents far and other close to her so you can give yourself a distance
and start fishing. When you miss with it, fast do standing A and then if the
opponent does not defend, fast do As Sent Proof, or Death Phenomeno, or
crouching B and if the opponent defends, then keep poking with your good Normal
Attacks. This is one good Special Move, so use it or abuse it. Who cares as
long as it is for the best.

Tricicle Edge:
  I heard somebody say that this Super Move is useless if we talk about its
good points! But I actually have a good question, what is so bad about this
Super Move not to use it? I will mention its good and bad uses and let us see
if it is bad or good.

  First, the bad points. The start-up of the Super is a little bit bad. It does
not reach the low positions and short characters like Choi and those who
crouch. The damage for one spike to hit is not that good unless they all hit.
Now the good points. The recovery time is okay. The range is GREAT. The damage
is wonderful when they all connect. It can be used as an early anti-air attack.
The "MAIN" reason for most of the P-A-I-N-F-U-L combination attacks. Pray that
the Super Move will hit only twice and then say to your opponent farewell. And
actually it is so good against the big characters. Now, do you still think it
is that bad? How about some combination attacks to show you its great goodness?
I will not mention all the combos, because you can refer to the Combos Section
for it, but I will mention some. Let us see some:

1)Tricicle Edge, Tricicle Edge
2)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno
3)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul
Flapper, jump D or Inroad Fowl
4)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Death
5)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Tricicle Edge

  See those great combos? I bet if you even thought of them. Wow, they rock.
Damn, I'm good. ^_^ Just kidding. Well, it is good and better than Death
Phenomeno in some ways too. So, do not put this aside... at least if you are
afraid to use it when you cornered or so... use it with your combos and you
will be so happy for the DAMAGE! You will really be so... because I did! Just
be careful not to do it when the opponent is near so that he or she won't
G.C.D. and punish you since you are near him or her. Do it for a distance and
you can do it repeatedly if the opponent is cornered, but that is only when he
is big or standing NOT crouching or short. When you play with each character,
you will be able to know whom to do with and whom to not do with unless with
the combos. And remember that the Super Move is a knockdown attack, so that is
good to set up your traps again! Read the Combination Attacks Explaination in
its section to know how to work out your combos and do them.

Death Phenomeno:
  Basically, when the Death Phenomeno connects a face of a pretty kitten (sweet
Evan and Al) shows up smiling and a count down begins. The count is from ten to
zero and then bang. When the opponent blows up, it will take some of his or her
life bar. So it will do some damage. With the combos mentioned at the bottom of
the F.A.Q., you have to do them in the right seconds I mentioned (in Death
Phenomeno Combos) and when you finish them, the evilish kitten will blow up and
it will be comboed. Cool, heh? Even if the opponent is knocked down, he or she
will still take the blow. Mean kittens... Al, Evan, Tabasa... calm down,
please! ^_^

  It cannot be 100% used as an anti-air, because you will get beaten or
trade-hit a lot. And it does not come out that fast. You have other better
options as anti-air attacks than this. This Super Move can be used after a lot
of combination attacks like after the Restive Kitten or Haul Flapper or Meteor
Fall. It does a good damage. Add to the great fact that you can perform it
while the Jamming Ghost is out. Wether it is connected or not, you can freely
do it anytime. Great for some tough strategies. See the Strategy Section or
Combos Section to see some good example and explainations about it. Just check
the Death Phenomeno Combos (during the count down).

Meteor Fall:
  Well, isn't this Exceed the most seen after Geese's Raising Storm and Deadly
Rave? ^_^

  This Exceed DOES NOT and I mean by that, it does not have any bad point
except one. It can be used only once. It is so powerful. The most powerful
Exceed after Geese's Deadly Rave. First of all, you can do some awesome
combination attacks after it. Second of all, its recovery is so great and
almost cannot be noticed. Third of all, it is so painful. And finally, it has a
DOUBLE RANGE! ^_^ Yes, double range, ladies and gentlemen. Even if you are far
from her and you do distance C with Geese, let us say, as long as your hand is
in that range, she will be able to grab you. Just like the power figure, Tizoc.
I know, it is painful, but you have to endure it. It can be used only once!

  After you get the opponent with the Exceed, the opponent will be juggled to
eat all the comets so if you do "Jamming Ghost, standing C, Meteor Fall,
Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge", you will not only eat the comets
damage, but also the four ghosts will attack you while you are suffering from
the comets. Now, how's that for a painful combination? Be sure to connect it
after a combo. Do it when the opponent is about to attack, do it when the
opponent performs a fire ball... instead of hitting him, perform the Exceed.
Perform it when the Jamming Ghost hits the opponent (especially with the
glitch), because you can easily connect it after the Jamming Ghost connects. ^_^

Inroad Fowl:
  Hello to Mr. Invincible Bird. ^_^

  This Special Attack can beat out ALL the air normals easily. It is the best
air attack in the game in my opinion. It is so useful. You can even hold it to
make him attack wherever you want... low, mid or high. Always make him not low
and not high too... just mid. Make it high when you perform Jamming Ghost, make
it low when the opponent is dashing or trying to do an uppercut. I swear that
Tabasa gains invincibility right after she does the Inroad Fowl! The
invincibility is a moment or so. I always do that when the guys perform the
Raising Storm. Some guys in here think it is only a glitch, but I think it was
attentional to be this way! But it sure looks strange... real strange!

  Perform the Inroad Fowl whenever you can, just like the Jamming Ghost.
Perform it after the Jamming Ghost to make the opponent stand still. Perform it
when you want to perform Chakra Wave. Perform it when get pissed of Akuma's air
fire ball. Perform it when you get mad of Ryu's Shoryuken. Perform it when you
get so pissed of Guile's Sonic Boom. Perform it when you get sick of Terry
performing Buster Wolf. In other words, perform it everytime you want to do a
clean jump (not or for combos). In two words, ABUSE IT! Now I think you have
learn your lesson. ^_^ Unnoticeable recovery, very fast and eats even fire
balls. Besides, the sound of the bird flying over the opponent is cool.

  There are two kinds of this Special Attack. Either forward + C and hold or
down-backward + C and hold.

  First we will talk about the forward + C. This comes out real fast and it is
so effective against big opponents. Hugo nearly can do nothing when you do it
repeatedly while he is conered and has no Lvs. You can use it with the other
characters but be careful not to do it everytime. Only from time to time. When
you are dead sure that the opponent will jump or even thinking of, do it. You
can even cancel it with the Maximum Mode. But do not hold it too long because
she has to recover when you make it attack the opponent. So, the opponent can
fast dash and punish. Just use it to trick your opponent to attack and then you
do G.C.D. and then As Sent Proof or the Exceed. Do it, hold it for a moment and
then let it attack and then fast DEFEND, because most of the players will fast
attack you... so act accordingly!

  Now for the down-backward + C. This also comes out fast and you can use it to
eat the ground fire balls or Geese's Reppu Ken. But it has a major weakness...
the recovery time. At least the other one is for air attacks, but when you do
this for no reason, most of the players will fast jump to punish you and they
will, be sure that they will. So, do it only once upon a time and if not at all
then that is for the best. Between this and the other one, it is completely bad
but at least you could eat the other fire balls with it, so there is at least
one good point about it. The thing is, it is way noticeable so most of the time
you will not do anything to write home about other than getting kicked heavily.
That's about it.

Haul Flapper:
  Well, now for the cool Special Attack, Haul Flapper. This atta...

Al: Hey, leave thiz to me!
Basel: Hey there, Al. ^_^ Please, let me do my job... the people have no time
to waste!

Al: Yea right... az if they will vizit the moon. Meow! :) Let me do it,
Bazel... okay?
Basel: Well, I have to. Tabasa would be mad if I don't. Go a head, please!

  Al remarks:
  Gee, thankz, Bazel. Meow! :) Well, fine ladiez and great gentlemen. Lizten to
what I have to zay carefully.

  Thiz Zpecial Attack iz not like Reztive Kitten. There iz a big differenze
between the two of them. Thiz much faster but doez not go high, but it can alzo
juggle the cutey who will get kicked by it. But he muzt jump in order to get
juggled. It cannot juggle if the cutey iz ztanding ztill. Meow! :) Uze it when
you are not ready for thoze who jump in an unezpected timez. You do nize thingz
after it jugglez the cutey like Trizicle Edge or Inroad Fowl (that bird lookz
good for cooking, eh?) or jumping D. It all dependz on what you prefer, mizter.
You could trick your opponent by doing it near him or her. The opponent will
mozt of the time ezpect Reztive Kitten and will either jump and let hold of the
blocking pozition. Understood? Meow! :)

  Do you have any idea that it can do a lot of cool thingz if you have Maximum
Mode? Like "ztanding z, Winder Fizt, Haul Flapper, Reztive Kitten, Death
Phenomeno (corner)" or "Jump D, ztanding D, Haul Flapper, Reztive Kitten, Haul
Flapper, Inroad Fowl (corner)" or "Jump D, ztanding D, Meteor Fall, Haul
Flapper, Reztive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Trizicle Edge or jump D"! Zee thoze cool
combination attackz! Now, I will not tell you more... you either need to check
the Comboz Zection or uze your mind and dizcover more by yourzelf. Itz recovery
iz great and almozt unnotizeable... alzo, it comze out zo fazt. That will help
you a lot, cutey. Meow! :) Well, that iz all what I have to zay. Thankz Bazel
for letting me teach them zomething I already know about. Meeeeeow! :)

Restive Kitten:
  Geez, you are most welcome, Al. ^_^ Nice teaching there. Well, we are up to
the other great Special Attack, Restive Kitten. The best thing about this
Special Attack is tha...

Evan: Hao, hao, haw! Hey ya! Hold yer horses, Basel! Who do ya think ya are ta
let Al 'n leave me behind?
Basel: Hey there, meany. Still kicking?

Evan: Yea right, wha'ever. Naw, I'll do da talkin'. Ya jus' keep yer mouth shut
for a w'ile, will ya? >:)
Basel: Geez, you are still the same, Evan. Yeah, go ahead. You will safe me the
time to do that. Thanks! ^_^

  Evan remarks,
  Lis'en ya good for nuthin', morons!

  Restive Kitten's better dan Haul Flapper 'cause it can juggle da moron who'll
face our beloved Tabie. Ya can get yer stinky butt over da opponent stinky's
body and den do standin' D den Restive Kitten 'n it'll connect 'n den juggle da
opponent like nuthin'. Make good use of it. Ya use it against those good for
nuthin' punks who like ta jump all da time. Like dat Friddy look alike, or dat
sl** Chinese woman, or dat red haired g** guy who has a girly voice. Never
think twice when ya wanna use it if they dare to jump. Well, I should let ya
kno' dat it doesn't come out dat fast (Restive Kitten) so ya better do it
early. Ya, use it as an early anti-air attack. Also, keep in mind dat I or
Al'll fly high w'en ya perform da Special Attack. Dare ta say ya didn'
understand nuthin'? Meow! >:)

  On top of wha' I jus' said, ya could do a lot of useful and painful
combinations ta make it more useful. Right, right RIGHT. I'm in for many
Maximum 'n painful combinations like, "Jump D, standin' C, Tricicle Edge, Haul
Flapper, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno" or "Jump D, standin' C, Tricicle
Edge, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno" or "Jump D, standin' C, Tricicle Edge,
Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, jump D or Inroad Fowl!" I kno' I kno', ya gotta
say nuthin'. I'm good and yer nuthin' without me, Al 'n our beloved Tabie...
well, Basel's jus' like ya, but he'll be special someday. I got nuthin' else to
add, I'm dead tried teachin' (wastin') ya all t'is in 1 day! If ya still kno'
nuthin' 'bout its good 'n bad points den ya better be off killin' yerself or
just go waste yerself. Now, begone! Meow! >:)

Basel: I hope they understood what you said, because it seems that they will
Evan: dammit! Hey, HEY! Two words... jus' two damn words, SCREW THEM! >:)
Al: Calm down, zweety. Bazel iz juzt trying to help out the fine ladiez and
great gentlemen out there. Meow :)

Basel: Well said, Al! Still, Evan rules! Al rules , too. Even Tabasa rules so
much. You guys are amazing! ^_^
Evan: Moooooow! >:)
Al: Meeeeeeow! :)

Squash Hat:
  Alright... now to the easy talk after finishing the hard ones.

???: He ho ha!
Basel: The hell!

???: Step aside. I am the one who squashes every one, therefore, I have the
right to teach, too. He ho ha!
Basel: Right. Go ahead.

  He ho ha! Hey kiddos. Having fun? I don't think so. He ho ha!

  This Normal Throw which is called Squash Hat has one purpose and that is to
squash the opponent like a little bug. He ho ha! Anyways, If you want to use me
then you have to know that you will have to recover because I have to return to
my master's head. He ho ha! So, if you are thinking of doing anything after the
Normal Throw, I am not the right choice. I will make you recover so late to
even realize your recovery time. He ho ha! Of course, it is a knockdown but
still, not good for set-up and traps. I will ruin everything. You have to use
the other Normal Throw if you are thinking of performing the Jamming Ghost,
then Inroad Fowl then Winder Fist to make your gameplay complicated. I already
know your stuff, so do not ask how did I know that! Do you think I follow my
master for no reason? He ho ha!

  When I squash, I take at least to seconds to finish squashing. So, you can do
Death Phenomeno and wait for the countdown to reach two seconds and then grab
your opponent to let me squash him and her and when I finish with a knockdown,
the countdown will be at zero by that time and then will explode and hurt the
fallen opponent. He ho ha! Isn't it a good tip? He ho ha! I am here to make you
get better with my master because as you know when she gets hurt, I get hurt.
Just look at the hat when the opponent punches or kicks my master. It isn't
funny, really! But I am used to pain. He ho ha! Well, that's about it, kiddos.
If you want to scare your opponent or be stuck with nothing, just call me to
squash the opponent for you and leave you with nothing. He ho ha! You have seen
me now for the second time. Someone from G.G. was my master and now I am with
Tabasa as my new beautiful master. You just have to remember who was that
stinky lady.

  By the way, I only know how to "squash", not "scratch"! Farewell. He ho ha!

Al: Who'z that?
Evan: 'N wha's wit' hes stupid laugh?

Kitten Scratch:
Basel: Alright guys. I know you are there. Go ahead and talk about this Normal
Throw instead of me. Love you, sweet kittens. ^_^

  Al remarks,
  Hey there, fine ladiez and great gentlemen! I'm back again. Let me teach you
the firzt part of the Normal Throw and then Evy will continue the other part.
Thankz, Bazel. Meeeeeeow! :)

  As you've already noticed, ZNK Playmore changed the cool way that Capcom had
put in our beloved Tabie. In let us zay, Pockter Fighter, when our beloved
Tabie'z ztanding in the left of your zcreen and you uze any of the kitten'z
Zpecial Attackz or Movez, I will alwayz come out to help... but when our zweet
Tabie'z ztanding in the right of your zcreen and you uze any of the kitten'z
Zpecial Attackz or Movez, Evy will alwayz come out to help. It waz really cool.
ZNK Playmore changed the whole idea... now if you want me to show up in the
whole match without Evy, you have to chooze our zweet and cute Tabie with the A
button and if you want Evy to zhow up in the whole match without me, then you
have to zelect our cute Tabie with the D button. Hard to fight without my dare
Evy. Meow! :(

  With that Zaid, everything'z not complicated anymore for anyone. But lezz
funny than before. Zo, when you throw the opponent with the Kitten Zcratch
while you are in the original outfit color, my mazter will call out my name and
then I will come out to zcratch the opponent. But when you do the Normal Throw,
Kitten Zcratch, with the other outfit color... our great Mazter will call out
Evy'z name and then Evy will come out to zcratch the opponent and then hide
again. That'z what I have. Now, it'z your turn, Evy. Meeeeeow! :)

  Evan remarks,
  Geez, Al. Do ya think S.P. would bother to go indepth for us? Forget it!
Meow! >:)

  Okay, naw da important part. Lis'en up 'n never ask me ta repeat 'cause I
hate repeatin' maself! Kitten Scratch's greatness's w'en ya got no Lvs. anymore
'n ya wanna start of' a good trap or even set-up one. Naw, all ya gotta do's
grab da moron who'll dare to fight against our Tabie 'n den either call me or
Al out so dat any of us could come and scratch dat moron. I prefer maself for
sure. Don' wanna Al ta get dirty scratchin' some stinky scumbags. W'en I come
out, I'll scratch da moron so fast, and knock him or her down. Den ya'll get da
time to set-up yer smart *** traps 'n get 'em ta work. They better work or else
ya kno' wha' I'll do! Anyway, ya won't think of usin' this Normal Throw 'cause
you got da best grab 'round, which's As Sent Proof (wha' a stupid name)! But
everythin' depends on wha' ya prefer. I don' care, never cared 'n'll never do!
Ta hell! Meooooow! >:)


Strategy Section:

  You might think that Tabasa is a bad character who has many bad Special
Moves, Super Moves, Normal Attack, Special Attacks or Exceed, but that is
really wrong. Tabasa is one of the characters that has got a very good mind
game and deadly combos. She is deadly in the hands of experts, but she lacks
one thing and you will know once you read what I have to say!

  Tabasa has a lot of start-ups in her Special Moves, Normal Attacks and
Special Attacks. She cannot perform her Chakra Wave or Jamming Ghost freely
with the the characters who have fast fire balls like Geese, Guile, Zero and
some others.  You have to think twice before performing anything. The most
great strategy for Tabasa to play good is to grab with her great throw move, As
Sent Proof, and then perform Chakra Wave and follow it with the Jamming Ghost.
Everything is about zoning. As Sent Proof has a zero range but it is the best
throw move in the game because she recovers from it so fast... in addtion to
being great because she can grab even when the opponent is about to jump, this
throw move however has a weak point, and that is range! So, most of the time
use it after the G.C.D.!

  When Tabasa performs either Chakra Wave or Jamming Ghost,the opponent will
answer with a fast fire ball. The Chakra Wave has a bad recovery, so the
opponent could go for a painful combo. For sure, you are not stupid enough to
perform the Chakra Wave while the opponent is not down! Also, you can combo her
anti-air Special Attack, Restive Kitten, into Haul Flapper then Tricicle Edge.
So, now you know what she is. The opponent will not jump that much unless you
are down so that he could crossup and when he crossups and you defend, he would
fast jump backward because most of the time you will go for the G.C.D. and
catch him with your As Sent Proof.

  When you are far from the opponent, the opponent will perform a fire ball to
force you to jump or do anything... you have to react fast according to what
the opponent does. DO NOT perform Chakra Wave in the air. The opponent would
dash and punish you because she will have to recover. do Inroad Fowl or Flask
(except with Geese). Note that the Inroad Fowl can make Tabasa go through the
Raising Storm and some Special Moves and block! I do not know if this is a
glitch but I have been doing it a lot of times and it works greatly! When you
play with her 50% life bar left then the opponent will be extra careful because
her Exceed, Meteor Fall, has a double range! You can do jumping D, standing D,
Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge or Restive Kitten,
Death Phenomeno! That is about 78%, ladies and gentlemen... a real painful
combination! The opponent will try hard to not make you jump, dash, G.C.D. into
her Exceed.

  Try to make the players get mad by abusing her Inroad Fowl a lot so that you
would make them attack then and then you would punish them with the grab move
after the G.C.D. and then make traps with the Chakra Wave and Jamming Ghost.
The fast fire ball characters will not care about it, they will just perform
their fast fire balls and when you do do a mistake... they will punish punish
you with anything that puts them in an invincible window. Tabasa does not have
solid Normal Attacks. Her best ones are the air D (for crossups), standing D,
far D, standing and crouching As! But they should be used perfectly or she will
be heavily punished.

  Most of her game is about the glitch which strengthens your play with her and
makes most of the characters far weaker than you (on how to do the glitch and
some notes about it read down below). Just whenever you grab the opponent with
the special throw, do the glitch and go for further complicated strategies to
go around your opponent. This will give you the upper hand with most of your
battles. But with a good Geese or Zero player... it will not do you a thing for
the fact that they will still own you for free. At least it will make you
compete with Chun-Li... unlick before.


Combos Section:
  I will only write the names of the moves (not the commands), I have always
been so... so if anybody is not good with it, you can see the command list
above and then check here again. I will list every good, bad, short, long, easy
and hard combos. I really will not bother to look for sites to put any of their
combos in here. I like to see my work completely original, but you might know
all the combos... I will put it just for Tabasa's fans' sake.

P.S. These combos work 100% and if you have any doubt then kindly E-Mail me.
Otherwise, there is something with your skills and you better do something
about it other than only nagging without doing anything. This goes for all
consoles and Arcade players... as for the ROM players, no... do not even try
because they might not work and I do not really care if they do. ^_^

Normal Combos:
1)Jump B, standing A, standing A, standing D
2)Jump D, standing D, As Sent Proof or Reverie Sword
3)Jamming Ghost (time your Normal Attacks before the four ghosts converge on
the opponent and hit multiple times), jump D, standing D (they should hit by
now), Wonder Fist, Sea's Anemone
4)Jump B, standing D, Wonder Fist, Sea's Anemone (also known as She's on Enemy)
5)Jump B, standing D, Restive Kitten, Reverie Sword, Inroad Fowl (corner... and
without jump B if wanted to be done anywhere)
6)Jump D, standing D, Reverie Sword, Inroad Fowl or jump D
7)Jamming Ghost, Inroad Fowl (must read the explaination below)
8)Jamming Ghost, Jump B, standing D, Wonder Fist, Sea's Anemone
9)Jamming Ghost, standing C, crouching D
10)Jamming Ghost, standing D, As Sent Proof
11)Jamming Ghost, standing D, Restive Kitten, Reverie Sword
12)Jump D, standing D, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad Fowl
13)Jamming Ghost, crossup (J.G. will hit now), standing A (two hits), Haul
Flapper, Winder Fist (four ghosts will hit by now), Sea's Anemone
14)Standing D, Haul Flapper, Winder Fist

Counter Hit Combos:
15) Inroad Fowl, Jamming Ghost, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper,
Tricicle Edge (must read the explaination below)
16)Inroad Fowl, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno

Super Combos:
17)Jump B, standing D, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno (corner... and without
jump B if wanted to be done anywhere)
18)Jump B, standing D or C, Meteor Fall, Death Phenomeno
19)Jump D, standing D, Tricicle Edge
20)Jump D, standing D, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge
21)Tricicle Edge, Tricicle Edge
22)Jump D, standing D, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Death Phenomeno or Reverie
Sword, Inroad Fowl (corner)
23)Jump D, standing D, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge
24)Jump D, standing D, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Death
Phenomeno (corner)
25)Jamming Ghost, standing D,  Tricicle Edge
26)Jamming Ghost, standing A, Death Phenomeno
27)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, jump D or Inroad Fowl
28)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno
29)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, jump D or
Inroad Fowl
30)Jamming Ghost, standing D, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Death
Phenomeno (corner)
31)Jamming Ghost, standing C, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper,
Tricicle Edge
32)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Tricicle Edge
33)Jamming Ghost, crossup (J.G will hit now), standing D, Haul Flapper,
Tricicle Edge
34)Crossup D, standing D, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge
35)Crossup D, standing D, Haul Flapper, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Death
36)Crossup D, standing D, Haul Flapper, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul
Flapper, Tricicle Edge

Maximum Mode Combos:
37)Jump D, standing D, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad Fowl
38)Jump D, standing D, Meteor Fall, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper,
Tricicle Edge or jump D
39)Jump D, standing D, Meteor Fall, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper,
Death Phenomeno (corner)
40)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Death
41)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul
Flapper, jump D or Inroad Fowl
42)Jump D or B, distance D, Winder Fist
43)Jamming Ghost, Winder Fist, Reverie Sword
44)Jamming Ghost, Winder Fist, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten
45)Standing C, Winder Fist, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno
46)Standing C, Winder Fist, Reverie Sword, Inroad Fowl (corner)
47)Standing C, Winder Fist, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad
Fowl (corner)
48)Jump B, standing A, standing A, distance D, Winder Fist, She's On Enemy

Death Phenomeno Combos (during count down)
49)Jump D, standing D, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge
(six to seven seconds)
50)Jump D, standing D, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad Fowl
(three to four seconds... corner and Maximum Mode)
51)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Tricicle Edge (two to three seconds)
52)Jump D, standing C, Tricicle Edge, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad Fowl
(four to five seconds)
53)Jump D, standing D, Meteor Fall, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper,
Tricicle Edge (Seven to eight seconds... a bit near the corner and Maximum Mode)
54)Standing C, Winder Fist, Haul Flapper, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad
Fowl (two to three seconds... corner and Maximum Mode)
55)Jump B, standing A, standing A, standing D, Winder Fist (Two to three
56)Jump B, standing D, Restive Kitten, Reverie Sword, Inroad Fowl (three to
four seconds)
57)Jump D, standing D, Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper, Inroad Fowl (two to three
58)Kitten Scratch (one to two seconds)

Combination Attacks Explaination:

  Combo No. 18 does A GREAT damage... even if you do Meteor Fall then Death
Phenomeno alone, it will still do a great damage. I had 20 win streak a while
ago because of many things, but this was the major reason why my Tabasa was
greatly solid.

  For the eighteenth combo, you need to do it when the opponent is standing not
crouching or the Tricicle Edge will not connect! However, this does not apply
to the big characters like Earthquake or Hugo, so you can do it either when
they are crouching or standing... it will work either way!

  The nineteenth combination needs a very good timing with the Super Move,
Tricicle Edge! You have to make the first hit of the Tricicle Edge hits the
opponent... otherwise it will not connect.

  The 20 combination is kind of hard but I did it today... I thought it would
work anyways. You have to be really fast... fast enough to perform the Tricicle
Edge fast after the first Tricicle Edge that you have to use. Do not wait until
it makes three hits then do another Tricicle Edge... you have to do it right
after you perform the first one. You will notice that only the forward ice
spike will hit. That means two hits!

  The seventh combo and combo No. 15 have the same trick. Some characters can
jump over the Jamming Ghost like nothing... such as Chun-Li and Choi, so
perform the Special Move and walk (be sure to be behind the Ghost), when the
opponent jumps to avoid being hit by the Special Move, fast jump and do Inroad
Fowl. It will hit the opponent and then falls on the Jamming Ghost! Pretty
simple if you try it out!

  The combo No. 24 is not hard at all. You do not have to move forward or
backward to adjust yourself for the attack after the Meteor Fall! Stand still
and wait until the opponent takes the last hit or when you feel that the
opponent is starting to fall. Now, fast do Restive Kitten then Haul Flapper...
Haul Flapper will make the opponent fall backward, so dash and fast do Death
Phenomeno (if you have to)! This is one easy and pretty much... in a word...

  In combo No. 27, you will be able to hit with the jumping D if the Tricicle
Edge does only two hits! You need to do a super jump, though! It will work
prefectly if the opponent is "a bit" near the corner.

  In combos No. 28, 29, 40 and 41, you will be able to get a free hit if the
Tricicle Edge does only two hits! You need to do a super jump, though! They
will work prefectly if the opponent is "a bit" near the corner.

  I know a lot of you are confused what is the "Death Phenomeno Combos (during
count down)"! Well, Basically, when the Death Phenomeno connects a face of a
pretty kitten (sweet Evan and Al) shows up smiling and a count down begins. The
count is from ten to zero and then bang. When the opponent blows up, it will
take some of his or her life bar. So it will do some damage. With the combos
mentioned above, you have to do them in the right seconds I mentioned and when
you finish them, the evilish kitten will blow up and it will be comboed. Cool,
heh? Even if the opponent is knocked down, he or she will still take the blow.
Mean kittens... Al, Evan, Tabasa... calm down, please! ^_^


How To Play Against:
  This section is mainly for those who have trouble beating any character
controlled by an expert (human). I will write down the complete strategy how to
play against the characters that I like, because I used them perfectly and I
know pretty much their good and bad points (Tabasa, Geese, Genjuro, Earthquake,
Shiki and some others). Moreover, I will put another strategies on how to beat
another characters... for those who E-Mailed me and asked me about them.

  Do not E-Mail me back saying; "Mister, they did not work!" I will not bother
to reply, because you have to say why so that I could at least know your
reasons! Also, the strategies to beat each character will change from time to
time when I see anything new that should be put and old things that should be
removed. So, yeah... I will update the F.A.Q whenever I have to. Anyway, on
with it:

Genjuro Kibagami:
  "No matter how many times you try to make him bad, he still owns you for

  Really now. Genjuro does not need to bother with his standing and crouching C
a lot. Also, his crocuhing B can be pretty bad if you are facing one of the
solid characters or a character who depends on the G.C.D. like Tabasa.

  A good player will use his air C because it comes out fast and takes out
almost everything... and a good attack for combos. If you attack from the air,
he would jump backward and C. Like the Smaurai Spirits strategy.

  His three hit slashes (with C) have to be blocked forward when you are near
the opponent. If he uses the Special Move from a distance then it has to be
blocked backward. Also, he can do it right before the you get up and it will be
a deadly cross. The opponent will try to focus on your crouching A, standing B,
A and down-forward C more because he can cancel them and do not have that much
of a bad recovery. He will also delay the Sanren Satsu slashes to confuse
you... he will not always do them fast... he will have to delay when you defend
the first and second hit.

  If he is cornered and being heavily attacked with nothing to do, he will go
for his Sanren Satsu + C to get out of your traps. When he plays against
characters that throw fireballs in the air (like Akuma, Geese and Tabasa), he
will fast do Sanren Satsu so that he could do a nice combo when they get down.
He will most of the time change his pattern as soon as the you start to wait
(most of the time trying to read him). He will use his Ouka Zan from a distance
or when the opponent is about to get up.

  When he wants to use his Super Move, Ura Gokou, he will try to do it eariler
than he used to, because it will work better. He does not have to play fast to
win, because most of the time he will screw up with him and get kicked. He will
only try to use his Normal Attacks, Special Moves, Super Moves and Exceed in
time. Moreover, he will defend when he has to so that he could start his next
attack and think fast of what to do when he defends... like Guard Cancel Dash,
CD Counter or Ura Gokou.

  When he has Maximum Mode, he will try to cancel his Special Moves and Normal
Attacks to confuse you. He could do a painful and hard combo, like:

Jump C, standing B, Triple slash (cancel second hit), Paulownia Shrining Wing
blade (cancel first hit), Triple slash, Paulownia Shrining Wing blade, Triple
Slash, Paulownia Shrining Wing blade, Triple slash, Hyakki Satsu, Paulownia
Shrining Wing blade (corner and with Maximum Mode)

  "Don't you love him when he happily says; YAPIEEEEEE?" ^_^

  There is a startup in his Fat Burst, so you can do the Chakra Wave right
away. You will not lose anything because the Fat Burst has a long way (compared
to other moves) to go, so fast do Chakra Wave and you will be safe.

  If you are down and the opponent performs Fat Burst, do twice backward. The
opponent will most of the time jump or perform Fat Replica Attack, either way
do Restive Kitten then Death Phenomeno or Restive Kitten, Haul Flapper,
Tricicle Edge. Then perform Jamming Ghost right away so that when he gets up he
would do another fatal mistake and you could punish him for that.
  If you do not react fast and he performs Fat Replica Attack, then block it
and then G.C.D. (Guard Cancel Dash) and then do Restive Kitten and continue
with the combo, that is when he goes backward... but when he goes forward then
do Reverie Sword.

  The only thing that you seriously have to focus on is his Super Move, Fat
Guilty. Try to dash and use your light Normal Attacks (A and B) and when he
performs it, defend and then G.C.D. then standing C, Meteor Fall, Restive
Kitten, Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge or Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno.

  Just attack him while he is on the ground. Jump Inroad Fowl, crouching As
(light punches) or dash As and when he attacks, G.C.D. then As Sent Proof. When
you see him showing you his ugly tank (can't use the word ^_^), then he is
going for the Fat Burst... do Chakra Wave. The Flask attack could be useful
against him since he is big and even when he crouches, it will hit him! Well,
that's about it.


How To Beat The Bosses:
  This is mainly for those who have trouble beating up the four bosses of the

Serious Mr. Karate (also known as Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate):
  "An extreme fighter who makes Capcom's idea of Ultimate Rugal nothing but
another poor thing to laugh at."

  Do not waste your time to make him build his Power Meter because he will go
nuts and will start canceling everything like nothing. Do not corner yourself a
lot so that he will not depend on his triple Hoah Sho Koh Kens! Remember that
if you make him do what he likes, he will "charge" and that means he will
CHARGE HIS POWER METER! Yes, just like he was in the Art of Fighting series.
So, never let him do what he likes to do... always attack him and make him move
around. Do not jump forward because he will always answer with his Drogon
Punch. If he ever gets the Maximum Mode, use your Super Moves to make him not
go crazy and attack you until you die. Be careful when he walks to you because
most of the time he is thinking of doing his unbolckable three punches Special
Move! When he walks to you, be very sure to do crouching A or B to make him
change his pattern. If you ever get screwed, try to make a distance between the
two of you and throw some Chakra Waves to build your Power Meter and use your
Restive Kitten when you have to.

  The strategy to play with him is pretty easy, but still... he is way stronger
than Shin Akuma, Athena and Red Arremer. The first method is to jump and when
you are about to land, perform Inroad Fowl. Serious Mr. Karate will perform his
Dragon Punch and get hit by your Inroad Fowl. This works pretty good and can do
it but if you do not do it acorrdingly, he will use either his Hoah Sho Koh Ken
or triple Hoah Sho Koh Ken and you really do not want him to perform any since
the second Special Move does six hits! If you want something better then
perform Jamming Ghost and let him defend it and then do crouching D right away.
Repeat this method until he dies. If you want to punish him with the G.C.D.
then go for the Exceed. Keep in mind that Serious Mr. Karate does not have
Super Moves because all his Super Moves are Special Moves. Also, he does not
have super flashes during any Special Moves that are supposed to be Super Moves!

  The most important thing to know is that always to be careful when he has 50%
of his life. He will most of the time perform his Exceed, Ryuuko Ranbu, and it
is like it was in Art of Fighting... so fast and UNBLOCKABLE! Be really
careful! You could always jump backward and perform Chakra Wave to avoid
getting hit by it!

Shin Akuma (also known as Shin Gouki):
  "You wish you never existed."

  This fella is a joke compared to Serious Mr. Karate. You do not have to worry
about him at all. He does have super flashes during his Special Moves that are
supposed to be Super Moves. They are not that damaging! He performs his
Messatsu Gou Shouryuu when you use any of your crouching Normal Attacks while
you are near him. All of his Special Moves are punishable! His Messatsu Gou
Hadou is pretty fast and can get you if you use your Chakra Wave from a
distance. There seems to be no recovery in his Ashura Senkuu... he does not use
it a lot with Tabasa, too. Your G.C.D. is the best choice with him and you can
even punish him when he performs his double air Hadou Kens! Do not waste your
time with him... just finish him fast with your a painful combo because he can
do nothing about it and will happily get hit by it everytime you do it. You
could turtle and stay at the corner all day and he will get near you and
perform either his Dragon Punch or better yet any of his punishable Special
Moves that are Super Moves to the normal Akuma!

  Your best method is to wait and he will always perform his air double fire
balls, so be ready to G.C.D. and then As Snet Proof! You could do crouching A
from a long range and he will perform Messatsu Gou Shouryuu if he is by any
chance somehow close to you! When you are about to punish him, do not go easy
on him... always do something painful. You could use your glitch when you are
about to lose and have nothing but the G.C.D.! You could jump with him and he
will not do his Dragon Punch always like Serious Mr. Karate! You could cross
him by your D to aviod being hit by his Dragon Punch... if things get tough
then go for the classic trap. perform Chakra Wave from a distance and then get
him with your Super Moves and when he is close to you and does a mistake then
G.C.D. and then perform your Exceed! He seems to have a big trouble to deal
with the G.C.D.... really!

  If you want something better then perform Jamming Ghost and let him defend it
and then do crouching D right away. Repeat this method until he dies.

  "You are still as laughable as you were back then...!"

  This classic girl seems to depend on her summons a lot! ^_^ The funny thing
is that when she summons the bird, lion, fly (something like that) or other
summons, she becomes really invincible! Her summons have a really super duper
invincibility frames that I did not see in any other fighting game! The trick
is, when she summons anything just guard and then punish her because everything
is punishable with her. Her pattern is a joke and she does not attack you if
you press the start button. She does not use her Normal Attacks a lot nor jumps
a lot. May be sometimes stainding A but not all the time. The most summon that
you really need to be careful of is the lion because he performs triple fire
balls and they are really big! Luckily, you have the G.C.D. so G.C.D.
everything she does and wait for the invincibility frames to wear off and then
kick her out! Also, the bird summon is a little bit tricky because it hits you
low and then Athena jumps to the air and then hits with with her sword! Do not
worry, you could jump backward to avoid the low hit and then defend the high
attack from Athena!

  Your cross up with the D button makes a big deal here. You could kill her in
a few seconds because of it. When she performs the bat/bug/fly (whatever that
animal is), jump to avoid it and then fast dash forward and when the
invincibility frames fade away, punish her. Yes, you can do nothing when she
summons that because of the unbelievable invincibility! When you attack, you
will feel like you are being sarcastic because your attacks will not hit
anything at all! Really funny! Keep in mind that you could finish the match
with your glitch so you really do not have to give her the time to perform
anything at all. The Jamming Ghost then crouching D starategy works as well.
Sometimes she summons the lion when you perform your Chakara Wave, Tabasa
recovers so slow from the Special Move so be careful, you will be able to
defend though. Always G.C.D. and punish her for the mistakes and make every
combination attack as painful as you can.

Red Arremer:
  "Old is gold... good memories never fade away."

  Another classic fella. ^_^ Don't you love his appearance and background? He
is just like Athena. He summons a lot and floats sometimes too. He is tougher
than Athena because his summons are more used for traps more than direct hits!
When he summons the zombies, perform Chakara Wave or jump and punish him.
Sometimes he uses his wing to push you. He is pretty basic once you know how to
get around his summons. The invincibility frames during his summons are like in
Athena's but it is not a problem since you can wait for them to wear off and
then punish him. He is smarter than Athena and I like him more. He just makes
me laugh. He looks pretty funny. A real classic (old times). ^_^ Anyways, the
Jamming Ghost then crouching D strategy works on him as well and when he does a
mistake, be sure to punish him and make the combo so painful. If he tries to
use he wings then be ready for the Super Move... do not waste your time on
defending because as I said, his zombies are somehow good. Be ready for the
G.C.D. with everything he does!

  Your air attacks work with him. Especially his jumping B and C. Luckily,
Tabasa builds her Power Meter even when the opponent defends them so you have
nothing to worry about. The glitch will solve all the problems. You could push
the start button to make him get mad and go nuts and sometimes he does nothing.
You could get out of his traps by using your dove, so when you think that there
is nothing much to do then go for it and perform it to get out of his traps.
Also, when there is really nothing much to do then go for the G.C.D. because it
helps a lot to get close to him and punish him whenever he is about to float
around. Perform Chakara Wave and when he uses one of his air attacks. There are
many other methods, but these should do for the meantime. He is nothing special
to write home about so I do not think he needs a tight strategy... after all,
he is another target for the painful combinations, Maximum combinations and

  Athena is pathetically weak compared to the sweet Red Arremer. ^_^

The Full Percentage:
  So, you know what full percentage is? It is basically the winning percentage,
but the percentage changes. It depends if you want to play with the glitch
(Cheap Fight Percentage)... or play and just kill them without using the glitch
(Normal Fight Percentage). It is almost like this (for me).

Beating the Bosses - Percentage:
Name           C.F.P.   N.F.P.
S. Mr. Karate   100%     78%
S. Akuma        100%     85%
Athena          100%     84%
Red Arremer     100%     70%


Questions & Answers:
  This section is for those who E-Mailed me about a thing or two about Tabasa
or some aspects, instead of e-mailing them back, I will answer here so that
nobody would ask the same questions again. Some of the questions were asked in
some threads related to Tabasa and I answered them, so I will put them in too:

Q: When do you think is the best time to use the glitch?
A: Do when when the opponent is down. Just grab him or her with the As Sent
Proof and then do the glitch. By the time gets up, he or she will be forced to
get hit by the Jamming Ghost unless there is something fishy in his or her

A: I must ask you a question whenever you finish a F.A.Q., Bosbos! Now, Al and
Evan remind me of...! :)
Q: Well, I put the question here to clear out everything for those who think
that I was off with Al and Evan.

  As most of my friends know (those who check here) I have two kittens, Jasmine
and Rocky. Surprisingly, Jasmine looks just like Al (in Pocket Fighter. SNK
Playmore changed her looks a bit) and Rocky looks just like Evan. I like cats,
but I liked Tabasa way back in Red Earth, so it was not for the cats that I
liked her in the first place. And you already know that, Roro! ^_^

H. Holmes:
A: First, I must thank you for the hard work... and sorry if I asked you a lot
to finish the F.A.Q. so soon. Now you can update it whenever you like, at least
I have something to read for now. Thanks A lot, Basel.

  My question is, I like using Tabasa and I am good with her and I masterd
almost of the combo you wrote, but there is a problem. Whenever I play with
Geese, Zero, Chun-Li, Orochi Iori and some others... I get beaten so badly.
Your strategy is good, but it is just that those characters are way broken, so
do you think using the glitch to compete with them would be wrong? Thanks!
A: You are most welcome, Mr. Holmes. And you do not have to worry about
anything, I was going to release it sooner or later. ^_^

  As for your question, that is one good question. If you want me to be honest,
even if you are perfect with Tabasa, if Geese is used by an expert who knows
everything about him and how to use him perfectly, your chances in winning will
be zero. Geese is the BEST in the game and there is no question about it. Some
people say Zero, but at our Arcade, Zero is NOTHING compared to Geese. The best
Zero player in there can win by only luck. And imagine Geese with the infinite?
He is nothing but a powerhouse who cannot be beaten by anyone. Everyone bow
before him! ^_^

  What I meant to say, Tabasa is pretty good (without the glitch) and Geese
is... let me find the good word for his powers, yeah... broken! ^_^ Your
mistake will cost you death with him, but his mistake will cost him some of his
life bar. Zero is as good as you when we talk about playing keep-away gameplay
and not to mention he has a high jump that can pass the Jamming Ghost easily...
not to metion the infinite. The match between Geese and Zero is so funny. Zero
escapes all the time so that he won't get hit by one hit and then bye bye while
Geese runs after him to get him with one hit and farewell. See how fearful and
villain he really is! And nothing works on him at all. It is not that I say
this because I like him or anything, but I am saying this because it is a fact
and that what happens here all the time. Believe me, when Zero players come and
play... they can hardly get six win streak while one of the good guys that uses
Geese real well just puts one coin and stays there until another Geese player
comes in and beats him!

  Not to mention when I come. But I do not want to show off. I only use Tabasa
and Genjuro now and Geese if I want to beat the CPU. So, what that has anything
to do with the question? One thing, yes! You can use the glitch as long as you
like. Nobody will say anything because Geese, Zero, Orochi Iori and Chun-Li are
broken. The first three characters have infinites and Chun-Li a glitch
involving the G.C.D.! The player will not think twice to use it when he is
about to lose. He will forget about fun, good fight and honor and just play

  With the glitch, you will be able to beat the crap out of Chun-Li, Orochi
Iori and equal wins with Zero, but Geese is a whole different story because he
can use the infinite and still win. It is easy, a good player did a very job
reaching 34 winning streak with Shiki because the guys around were playing good
too with only the normal characters, the guy was so tough that many could not
do anything to beat him. A scrub walked in and saw the winning streak and
smiled. Put a coin, selected Geese, got beaten pretty bad in the first round...
remembered the proper way to win... chance, infinite... bye bye. Another chance
in the final round after a hard time, infinite, 34 easily gone. Actually with
or without the infinite, he is too good. Use the glitch with them whenever you
have the chance and best of luck.

Q: At last not fast you released it! Good! A question for you, Basol... after
you answered one of the questions, you said; "Geese is the best." then how come
you kick *** with Tabasa and you finished off every Geese player in our Arcade?
And what if you give up the honor and crap and use the glitch? You will be
unstoppable! Gotcha, eh? :)

  By the way, nice idea about Al, Evan and Tabasa talking. That was really fun
to read. And for crying out loud OPEN the Win & Lose Section. The guys got to
learn how to show some respect, really!
A: No, you didn't! ^_^ When I said that, I meant "equal skills"! When I choose
Geese how many winning streaks do I get? ^_^ Who can actually win "by skills"
not luck? The winning percentage for Geese beating Tabasa is 80% with the
infinite and 73% without the infinite and Tabasa can freely use the glitch. And
I talk about equal skills! The guys do a lot of mistakes and I suffer a lot,
but because I know Geese so much and I just feel it when the opponent makes a
wrong move, I do good and act accordingly.

  Tabasa is kind of broken if played with the glitch, but still, Geese is way
powerful. As for your request, I will do so. Do not get mad, please. ^_^

Q: I can't figure out what this "glitch" is that you keep mentioning... if u
caould take a little time out and explain this to me that would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you!
A: As for her glitch, all you have to do is, grab your opponent with her half
circle backward + A or C Special Move, then fast while the opponent is falling,
do the Jamming Ghost (forward, down, down-forward + B or D) then Super Jump
forward to throw a dive (jump then throw the bird attack right above the
Ghost's head).

In very easy and simple steps:
1)Do the throw Special Move.
2)Perform the Jamming Ghost right away.
3)Do a Super Jump and then fast throw a dive.

Two things you should always remember:
1)Everything must be rapidly finished right before the opponent wakes up (about
three seconds or so)
2)Do not make the dive attack anywhere else other than above the Ghost's head.
3)The perfect way to make it fast is to always do a Super Jump to be fast to
jump again to be near the opponent.

1)The Jamming Ghost will be unblockable which will give you a free hit/combo
when it connects.
2)It will make you compete with the other broken characters.


A Short Note About the Glitch:
  I did not put too much effort to find out how to escape from the glitch
because I myself use her, but many Geese users managed to escape from it by
either performing the Raising Storm or the Deadly Rave which makes Geese 100%
free not take any hit. Also, when it comes down to mind games, he will still
have the upper hand. I have tested it on him countless times and some guys did
the same with me and there was only one outcome for it, which is nothing to do
to write home about (for Tabasa).

  If he does not have lvls to do the Super Move or if the player used the
Exceed and has no options left and you just perform the glitch, Geese will be
in a complete danger. So, all the player has to do is not to get caught by the
glitch, which means not make Tabasa G.C.D. to grab in the first place which is
not that hard to do for someone like Geese Howard. Reppu Ken and B crossup will
seriously force the Tabasa player to do a lot of things to keep up with the
Geese Player.

  Moreover, since you will use the glitch against him, I do not think the
player will not play dirty and forget about using the infinite, because using
the glitch is just asking for the infinite. And the infinite only requires one
hit, not a set-up... which is way easier to do.

  On top of that, Akuma can escape from the glitch easily by doing either the
A.S. Kouhou or Zenpou (b,d,db + AC or BD and f,d,df + AC or BD). Good for her
that Akuma does not do good damage with his Special Moves, Normal Attacks and
Super Moves.

  There are many characters that are left with nothing to do but only forced to
welcome the Jamming Ghost with open arms to take the Jamming Ghost hit and then
a painful combo and some characters can do something but still take the hit (at
least take less damage). Like Ryu for a decent example, he can perform
Shoryuken before the Jamming Ghost hits, and then he will get hit in the air.
He will still take any extra combo since the Jamming Ghost will be a Counter
Hit because of the Shoryuken, but at least now you are only left with some
limited combos, not as painful as (after the Jamming Ghost connects) standing
D, Meteor Fall, Restive Kitten, Death Phenomeno or Haul Flapper, Tricicle Edge!
The crossup alone (after performing the glitch) complicates a lot of things to
Tabasa's opponent, though!

  The only noiceable thing that is worth mentioning is Tabasa has managed to do
pretty well against Chun-Li (even better) with the glitch. It was really tough
to compete with her before and now it is a bit hard for Chun-Li to do well
against Tabasa. Talk about turning sides.

  That is what I have noticed through my many days playing this game or
especially Tabasa. You should be fully aware of those who have infinites or
glitches to know what to do with them. Anyway, here is the list and if you have
something in your mind then please share it with us... me, Evan, Al and Tabasa.

For the infinites:
1)Geese: Do standing C, dash, forward + D and then repeat.
2)Zero: When the opponent jumps, do the spinning sword move in the air while
the opponent near you in the air, and then repeat by jumping again forward and
repeating the same move.
3)Orochi Iori: Do crouching A or B and then the grab command and then repeat.

For the glitches:
1)Chun-Li: do Guard Cancel Front Step and then forward, down, down-forward + D
or B (it will be unblockable)
2)Tabasa: Do her grab command and then fast perform the Jamming Ghost and throw
a dove above the Ghost's head (just Super Jump and then throw a dove and the
Jamming Ghost will be unblockable)
3)Mars People: When the opponent is down, just before he or she wakes up, do
half circle backward + B (it will be unblockable)
4)Akuma: When the opponent jumps and you block his or her air attack, fast...
when he or she lands, do Shoryuken (it will be unblockable)
5)Mr. Karate: Do the Exceed when the opponent (like Chun-Li or Zero with high
jumps) jumps and avoids the first hit and attacks you. You will be able to do
the Exceed ONCE AGAIN if you could not throw the other two big fire balls!
6)Zero: Get opponent in the corner with Zero. Unblockable is CD throw, when you
appear in the corner, do blowfish mine (A version.) Then, jump to the other
side as they're getting up, as they wake up the mine explodes and is


Win & Lose Section:
  I thought of opening this section a lot and I was afraid of many things, but
since many guys (friends) asked me to open it... I simply said okay! So, here
goes nothing.

  This is mainly about what the players (good, bad, scrub and expert players)
say when they beat Tabasa or get beaten by her. So, shall we? And I will write
what the watchers say most of the time!

Tabasa Loses:
1)Serves you right, b****!

2)Don't you feel ashamed that you got beaten though your character is broken?

3)HAHAHAHAHA, I won... I won... I WON GUYS! (my friends' favorite of favorites)

4)Good match. Wanna try again?

5)Damn, I hardly won. May we play again?

6)Play with the best, die like the rest.

7)A player just kept looking at me the whole five seconds when he won to see my
reaction when I lost.

8)Sorry, but I had to choose the secret character, because your character is
already broken.

9)Your time is out... it is time for a new legend to rise. (that guy was really
serious when he said it) ^_^

10)A female can never beat a male (and he always loses to her).

11)You lost, I won... natural.

Tabasa Wins:
1)F$@# y*^ b$#@&. Y*& s&*%. Then spits (I call him Orochi)

2)F&%* Capcom, f#$% SNK, f&^* SNK Playmore, f&^% Tabasa and f*&% the one who
created her.

3)"gives the middle finger to Tabasa after losing."

4)And they say she is hard to learn. Complete nonsense... bulls*&t!

5)Wow, your Tabasa is awesome. Keep up the good playing. (and then when he
leaves the SVC machine, you can easily notice that his mouth just does not want
to stop swearing) ^_^

6)I told you guys this game s**ks @%$, didn't I? (then his friends who call
Tabasa, Tazza, shake their heads to agree with what he said)

7)Don't force me to choose Geese. DON'T FORCE ME, OKAY?!!!

8)What in blue hell is going on!!!

9)If you are man enough, you would not run away and perform three toys in a
second. Just be a man and face me!

10)Geez, my hands are tired after mashing. Aren't yours?

11)Pure luck, I swear it was pure luck. (he says that endlessly)

What the People Say During Tabasa Matches:
1)WOW! Nice moves!

2)What the hell is she doing?

3)Tough strategy! That Tabasa player is just awesome!

4)Look how powerful she is, man... a guy talking to his friend. Yes, when you
first use her you will get beaten a lot because she is complicated but once you
perfect her, you will be unstoppable... the friend replies back.

5)DAMN! DIDJA SEE THAT MOVE? (mostly about the Exceed)

6)Hehe, that black kitten makes me laugh when he does the uppercut! Hehe!

7)Who's using Tabasa, guys?

8)Nice game, man. I love your Tabasa!

9)Make her spin, make her dance... let us see the hearts move, dude!

10)That Tabasa player is so chicken. Can't he be man enough to not depend on
running away, but facing his opponent?

11)Cute fighting stance and hair style (after the Squash Hat Normal Throw). Who
created her, SNK or SNK Playmore?

12)Look how the SNK characters are so tough and Capcom characters are so weak.
(many people think that Tabasa is a SNK character, not Capcom) ^_^


Last Word:
  Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful and useful to you. If
anybody wants to use anything, by all means do so, but tell me so first before
you do that. And if anybody have any doubts about any combination attack or
cannot perform any, kindly, E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to
you. Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw The Rules.

  Welcome back, sweet Tabasa. Great to see you back... really great.

Special Thanks:
1)To SNK Playmore for this "sweet" game (O, E. Kawasaki, how long has it been?
It sure is great to see you back with Geese...).
2)To Gamefaqs.
3)To all Tabasa's fans.
4)To all my friends for the encouragement.
5)To Chris MacDonald (Kao Megura) for allowing me to use the movelists for many
characters to explain how to beat them. Full credit and acknowledgement to him,
of course!
6)To Gavin "Gavok" Jasper for allowing me to use Tabasa's ending and quotes!
Thanks a lot for the hard work, too!

SNK Vs. Capcom: Chaos is Copyright SNK Playmore Crop. This document Copyright
2003 Basel <Mr_Basel@yahoo.com>

If you need to contact me to add or ask me about anything, E-Mail me at
Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or Mr_Geese@hotmail.com

Credits for GameFAQs and SNK Playmore Crop.

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