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Dhalsim by BONZO37

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/20/03

SvC:Chaos - Dhalsim FAQ
by BONZO37
Version 1.0

Table of Contents

1) Legal Stuff
2) Notation
3) Basic Dhalsim Info
4) Movelist
5) Move Ratings
6) My Strategies/Combos
7) Other Players' Strategies
8) Opponent Specific Strategies
9) Contributors/Special Thanks


1) Legal Stuff

You may not use this any part of this faq in your own webpage or faq without my
permission. Do not claim this as your own in an attempt to sell or distribute 
it. Do I honestly think I would find out? No, but that is just morally wrong. 
Don't be stupid. Think of it like this : someone spends 8 hours writing a paper
for school and you come along and just copy it within minutes and claim it is 
yours and get just as high of a grade. Thats just not right.

Dhalsim is a Capcom character, and is therefore a copyright of Capcom.

2) Notation

Here is a list of all the abreviations i will use in this faq:

f - forward
b - back
d - down
u - up
df - down forward
db - down back

A - light punch
B - light kick
C - heavy punch
D - heavy kick

qcf - quarter circle forward (d, df, f)
qcb - quarter circle back (d, db, b)
hcf - half circle forward (b, db, d, df, f)
hcb - half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)

... in air - only useable in the air
...(air) - useable on the ground and the air

3) Dhalsim has always been the "weird guy" in the Street Fighter series. Coming
from India, this yoga-legend (sorry for the horrific pun) has the ability to 
stretch his arms and legs giving him some very long range attacks. He also has 
the ability to shoot fire from out of his mouth. He has always been the type of 
character who is difficult to master, but deadly in the right hands.

4) Movelist

This movelist is taken from Chris MacDonald's great SvC:Chaos faq:

Press AB when near             Yoga Smash
Press CD when near             Yoga Throw

 b + A                          Shutou Chop
 b + B                          Low Kick
 b + C                          Yoga Headbutt
 b + D                          Yoga Knee Kick
 df + P                         Zoom Punch
 df + K                         Sliding
 b + A in air                   Jump Side Punch
 b + C in air                   Jump Punch
 b + K in air                   Jump Mae Geri
 d + C in air                   Drill Zutsuki
 d + D in air                   Drill Kick
 Tap f,f, press D               Move Kick

 qcf + P                      * Yoga Fire
 hcb + P                      * Yoga Flame
 hcb + K                      * Yoga Blast
 b,d,db + AC / BD  (air)      * Yoga Teleport (Kouhou)
 f,d,df + AC / BD  (air)      * Yoga Teleport (Zenpou)

 qcf,qcf + P                 S^ Yoga Inferno
 qcf,qcf + B in air          S^ Miracle Drill Zutsuki
 qcf,qcf + D in air          S^ Miracle Drill Kick
 qcf,qcf + BD                X^ Yoga Legend

*yoga legend is actually B or D, and he will be updating it on his faq soon*

Thanks Chris!

5) Move Ratings

This section contains ratings (out of 4) and explanations of the moves. Keep 
in mind that these are my opinions and if you think one of the ratings is 
off, don't worry about it, because you should only consider what I say and 
decide for yourself. That said, onto the ratings!

*For move names, refer to the above movelist*

Low Kick - **
A decent attack, mainly because it can be canceled into a slide for a nice 2 
hit combo.

Yoga Headbutt - ***
This is a good close range attack. I haven't experimented much with it so im 
not sure if it is cancelable.

Yoga Knee Kick - ***
Basically the same rating as Yoga Headbutt.

Zoom Punch - **
A multi-hit attack. Long range, but fairly predictable.

Drill Zutsuki - ****
A great attack. This move is great for many reasons. 1) you can jump over a 
projectile and usually score a free hit with this if you time it right. 2)if 
someone is trying to make you land on a projectile on your descent since you 
cant air guard you can do that (or d+D depending on where you are in respect 
to the projectile, but then you need to block when you are on the ground) you 
get extra airtime and probably a free hit if you are close enough. 3) i find 
that regardless if it is blocked or connects, people often fall for a slide 
right after. 4)headbutt moves are just way too cool.

Drill Kick - *****
Great attack. Can Combo into Miracle Drill Kick. This is one of Dhalsim's 
most useful moves.

Sliding - *****
Easilly Dhalsim's best attack. make sure you take advantage of the fact that 
you can slide under hadokens/sonic boom/ect. This makes fighting those types 
of characters a lot less troublesome. And for the record i think the df+D 
version is the best.

Yoga Fire - ****
Absolutely vital to most matches. A great long range projectile, the C version 
is insanely fast.

Yoga Flame - ****
Great move. If you knock someone down, try and get a Yoga Flame over them. 
Humans will generally block while getting up which will give you the advantage 
(and its even better if they dont block like these guys I played against). 
CPU will usually get hit by it at lower levels, but block on higher levels. 
And once it connects you can do C and if it is timed just right it will 

Yoga Blast - ***
This move is difficult to use effectively due to the fairly long startup 
time, so it is generally better to use Yoga Inferno instead. One thing I find 
that works is when you do 1 Yoga Fire, your opponent tends to block and expect 
you to follow up with another one and jump at you, so instead of doing a Yoga 
Fire the second time, do Yoga Blast.

Yoga Teleport - ***
It is OK when used on the ground, but in the air it is brilliant. 
It is great against the people that uppercut you whenever you jump, and you 
can teleport out of the way and counter attack.

Yoga Inferno - *****
The best antiair I have seen in this game (with the exception of antiair 
exceeds). I dont think anyone can jump over it on kick/punch him in the air 
to cancel the special, plus it has a slight moment of invincibility at startup 
and if someone doesnt know that they might attack and miss and then get burned 
by Dhalsim's coolness.

Miracle Drill Kick - ****
Really good super attack. Can be used right after Drill Kick.

Miracle Drill Zutsuki - ***
It is OK. I have never gotten it to connect really well though because its a 
bit tricky to time.

Yoga Legend - *****
It is an exceed and therefore has good priority and insane damage.

*this isnt a strategic note, but has anyone else noticed that dhalsim is only 
really good in games where he has Yoga Legend (this, SF EX series)? 
coincidence? i think not.*

*in future updates I will rate the other moves that are not currently in 
there, because i do not know them off the top of my head well enough*

6) My Strategies/Combos

*For move names, refer to the above movelist*

Yoga Flame --> C
Yoga Flame knocks the enemy back, and due to Dhalsim's insane reach, his C 
attack adds on for extra damage. I haven't tried, but you might even be able 
to use his Zoom Punch after the Yoga Flame. 

	*From Iserh -
	"I found out that Yoga Flame can only allow combos after it if it is 
	a counter.So if Yoga Flame doesn't do a counter hit, you can't tag a 
	stand C after it."
	I am not 100% sure he is right, but I am not 100% sure he is wrong 
	either. There have been some occasions where I was fairly sure it was 
	not a counter hit and it allowed me to combo anyways, but it is very 
	possible that they were counter hits 	and I just did not notice.

Low Kick --> Sliding (D version)
An easy little combo resulting in a trip. A good idea might be to lay down a 
Yoga Flame to get your opponent to block while getting up.

Drill Kick --> Miracle Drill Kick
after the regular drill kick conects, you can cancel it into the miracle 
drill kick.

Drill Zutsuki --> Miracle Drill Zutsuki
I have tried this and couldn't get it to work, but i am still hopefull about 
it. Maybe try using it in MAX mode.

MAX MODE - Yoga Flame --> Yoga Fire:
I've only gotten this to work in the corner, but then again i have only tried 
it once and in the corner. I haven't checked into it, but you might be able 
to do b+A (if that is his antiair karate chop thing), b+C (headbutt) or maybe 
even keep doing yoga flame --> yoga fire as an infinate in the corner. i 
wouldnt do that though because i despise infinates, especially ones that are 
easy to pull off.

Keep yo Distance:
Dhalsim is at a disadvantage a little when he is up close. Standing C and 
other stretchy moves pass right through your opponent even though they 
shouldn't. Try and stay at a medium to far distance. Use moves like Yoga 
Headbutt and Yoga Knee Kick.


7) Other Players' Strategies

Iserh - 
Anyway, I found out that Yoga Flame can only allow combos after it if it is a 
counter.So if Yoga Flame doesn't do a counter hit, you can't tag a stand C 
after it.

The aerial head drill (d+C) is quite unsafe to use unless you are really far 
from the opponent. If you do it from mid-screen or less, even if it hits, the 
opponent will recover BEFORE you, which really sucks. I don't think it can be 
cancelled. The foot drill is much better.

Yoga Inferno is great, but the invincible frames mean that fireballs can pass 
through you halfway and hit you after the invincibility ends. Probably you'll 
spew enoguh fire for 1-2 hits, but it's a bad trade off. I usually use it as a 
surprise from getting up or use it as anti-air. No air blocking.

The aerial drill super seems to do meager damage (compared to other supers), 
even when I did it as high as possible for full hits. Doing it off the ground 
(qcf,qcf,uf+B/D) is useful sometimes against sweeps, ground projectiles etc.

Canceleable ground attacks (for Yoga Fire) include b+A and db+C, there may be 

db+C, df+D is a nice 2 hit that knocks down, useful when there's not enough 
range for Yoga Fire to combo.

The A version of Yoga Fire is slow and is good for traps.
E.g. Enemy jumps over it, do Stand C and push them back into it
The C version is really fast, sometimes the CPU will just keep blocking it 
as you do it repeatedly. I used this on Shin Akuma to get my win :)

MORE TO COME.............hopefully......

8) Character Specific Strategies

I did this on Shin Akuma, but it would also work on Ryu, Ken, regular Akuma 
and people like that. When Shin Akuma was about to do a hadoken, i did 
Dhalsim's Yoga Teleport and appeared right behind him and before he could 
recover with enough time to block I knocked him silly with Yoga Legend. If 
you aren't below your yellow bar or if you have already used your exceed you 
can do some other combo.

Riot Of Blood Iori - his dash special thing
When he does the special where he dashes at you and it does that big combo 
thing, do Yoga Inferno. If you time it right, the invincibility frames on 
Yoga Inferno make it so he just keeps dashing into you and by the time his 
special is over the inferno is out and he can't block it. Pretty cool but 
also a bit tricky.

Since he does his fireball thing a lot, if you just slide under it every time 
you can beat him easilly. Although you cant always rely on that, since you 
also need to apply some other strategies, but sliding under his fireballs is 

Earthquake can be annoying, but there are a few things you can do to make it 
a lot easier. As soon as you notice him starting his fart move, jump and do a 
Miracle Drill Zutsuki. The recovery on the fart move is not that good so it 
will usually connect.. Also, when you see him disappear, you can do 2 things. 
1) Do Yoga Inferno and if he falls out of the sky he will feel the burn. 2) Do 
Yoga Blast. Mainly use this when you do not have a special or if you think he 
did a fake teleport and do not feel like risking a waste of a special.


9) Contributers/Special Thanks

Chris MacDonald - For allowing me to use the movelist from your FAQ.
Iserh - For sharing your Dhalsim strategies.
Capcom - For creating Dhalsim.
SNK - For making Dhalsim so cool in this game.

If you have any questions or wish to contribute, email me at:

The End..........?

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