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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RainingMetal

    Version: 1.06 | Updated: 12/15/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TTTTTT                                     TTTTTT TTTTTT
    TTTTTT II                                  TTTTTT TTTTTT
      TT  IIII                         LL  II    TT     TT
      TT   II                          LL IIII   TT     TT
      TT                               LL  II    TT     TT
      TT   II MMMMMMMMMM E  E S    P P LL  II    TT     TT  E  E RR  R  S
      TT   II MM  MM  MM E       S P   LL  II    TT     TT  E    RR        S
      TT   II MM  MM  MM EEEE SSSS P   LL  II    TT     TT  EEEE RR     SSSS
    		 FF		   TT
    		 FF		   TT
    		 FFFFFF	 UU  UU    TT  UU  UU  RRRR    EE
    		 FFFFFF	 UU  UU    TT  UU  UU  RR  R  E  E
    		 FF	 UU  UU    TT  UU  UU  RR     EEEE
    		 FF	 UUUUUU    TT  UUUUUU  RR     E
    		 FF	 UUUUUU    TT  UUUUUU  RR     EEEE
    		PPPPPP		      FFFF		   TTTTTT
    		PP  PP		     FFFFF		   TTTTTT
    		PP  PP		     FF			     TT
    		PPPPPP		     FF			     TT
    		PPPPPP	 EE   RRRR   FFFFF    EE     CCCC    TT
    		PP	E  E  RR  R  FFFFF   E  E   C	     TT
    		PP	EEEE  RR     FF      EEEE   C	     TT
    		PP	E     RR     FF      E	    C	     TT
    		PP	EEEE  RR     FF      EEEE    CCCC    TT
    Timesplitters: Future Perfect FAQ/Walkthrough
    For any system
    By Raining Metal
    Version 1.06
    >Table of Contents<
    1.0 Introduction
    1.1 Version History
    2.0 Basics
    2.1 Controls
    2.2 Basic Tactics
    2.3 Weapons (All around statistics)
    3.00 Story Walkthrough
    3.01 Time To Split (2401)
    3.02 Scotland The Brave (1924)
    3.03 The Russian Connection (1969)
    3.04 The Khallos Express (1969)
    3.05 Mansion Of Madness (1994)
    3.06 What Lies Below (1994)
    3.07 Breaking And Entering (2052)
    3.08 You Genius, U-Genix (2052)
    3.09 Machine Wars (2243)
    3.10 Something To Crow About (2243)
    3.11 You Take The High Road (1924)
    3.12 The Hooded Man (2401)
    3.13 Future Perfect (1924)
    4.00 Arcade League
    4.10 Amateur League
    4.11 One Gun Fun
    4.12 NightStick
    4.13 On The Take
    4.20 Honorary League
    4.21 Dead Weight
    4.22 Fever Pitch
    4.23 Mode Madness
    4.30 Elite League
    4.31 Smash 'N Grab
    4.32 Group Therapy
    4.33 Retro Chique
    5.0 Challenges
    5.1 Behead The Undead
    5.2 Cut-Out Shoot-Out
    5.3 Cat Driving
    5.4 Super Smashing Great
    5.5 Timesplitters "Story" Classic
    5.6 Monkeying Around
    5.7 Miscellaneous Challenges
    6.0 Arcade
    6.1 Arcade Modes
    6.2 Arcade Maps
    6.3 Arcade Options
    7.0 Mapmaker
    7.1 TS2 vs. TS:FP
    7.2 Mapmaker Basics
    8.0 And The Rest!
    8.1 F.A.Q
    8.2 Email Guide
    8.3 Website List
    8.4 Credits
    8.5 Legal Disclaimer
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    subject (Such as 3.3) and press Ctrl + C, then F, and then V. This will
    activate a finding system to look for the text put in (in this case, a number
    with a decimal) and simply click “Next”.
    1.0 >Introduction<
    Hello Everybody! Raining Metal makes another guide! This guide will show lots
    of neccessary information about Timesplitters: Future Perfect, and I will show
    some unique hints on some of those frustrating parts!
    1.1 >Version History<
    Version 1.06
    Added new ASCII art to the title. 
    Version 1.05
    Changed the weapon names to make them more generic and less confusing.
    Verison 1.01
    Made a few adjustments to the Controls section.
    Version 1.00
    Complete Guide.
    2.0 >Basics<
    These are the main basics for playing this game.
    2.1 >Controls<
    The Controls for the three systems are very different, so I should keep this
    These are the Gamecube Controls:
    On foot:
    A Button: Action.
    B Button: Crouch.
    Y Button: Reload.
    L Button: Manual Aim/Use Scope.
    R Button: Fire.
    Z Button: Secondary Fire.
    C Stick: Look, Turn.
    Control Stick: Move, Strafe.
    Control Pad Up/Down: Zoom Scope.
    Control Pad Sideways: Change Weapon.
    Start: Pause.
    When mounted on a gun:
    A Button: Fire.
    B Button: None.
    Y Button: Dismount.
    L Button: Fire.
    R Button: Fire.
    Z Button: None.
    C Stick: Turn.
    Control Stick: Turn.
    Control Pad Up/Down (In Scope Mode): Zoom Scope.
    Control Pad Sideways: None.
    Start: Pause.
    Driving Cars:
    A Button: Accelerate.
    B Button: Brake/Reverse.
    Y Button: Dismount.
    L Button: Brake/Reverse.
    R Button: Accelerate.
    Z Button: None.
    C Stick: None.
    Control Stick: Steer.
    Control Pad Up/Down: None.
    Control Pad Sideways: None.
    Start: Pause.
    It should be noted that the controls can be customized via the options menu.
    Feel free to contribute the controls for the other systems.
    2.2 Basic Tactics<
    Out there in the field, there aren't many allies (or there may be, but there
    will certainly be lots of enemies). Here are a few tips on survival and
    -Strafe like crazy when in combat. This will decrease enemy accuracy.
    -Find Cover. Cover can be used for extra protection.
    -Glass can be penetrated by bullets, so go ahead and shoot that person through
    the window in the head!
    -Use Stealth. Headshots and suppressed weapons are essential to stay under the
    -Zombies can be easily killed by a headshot.
    -Use and preserve Armour, as well as Health.
    -Weapons are automatically cooled down when switched.
    2.3 >Weapons<
    In FPSes, the weapon is the best friend, it is the ONLY friend! And to be more
    precise, the weapon must be mastered!
    *Temporal Uplink*
    In-game Name: Temporal Uplink.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: None.
    Power: N/A.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: N/A.
    Range: Long.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: Radar.
    The Uplink is available in the Story Mode, except for the first mission, where
    it is given by Anya at the end. The Uplink is capable of lifting items, which
    can prove useful in many situations. The Map mode is similar to the one in TS2.
    *Home Run Bat*
    In-game Name: Baseball Bat.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: None.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: Swing.
    Range: Melee.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Home Run Bat is a melee weapon. Its power is more than standard melee
    *Concrete Brick*
    In-game Name: Brick.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 40.
    Power: Low.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    Thanks to the decent aiming system, the Brick is no longer useless. Try to aim
    for the head with this weapon, even though it is difficult. The Brick is
    unlocked once the "Don't Lose Your Bottle" challenge is completed.
    *P220 9mm*
    In-game Name: Pistol 9mm.
    Clip Size: 8.
    Carrying Capacity: 52.
    Power: Low.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: Long.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: Yes.
    Alternate Mode: Silenced & Scoped.
    The P220 is back, and when silenced, it now comes with a scope. Although the
    scope is VERY short, it can steady the accuracy of the weapon, making it ideal
    for stealth situations.
    *Luger 9mm*
    In-game Name: Kruger 9mm.
    Clip Size: 8.
    Carrying Capacity: 52.
    Power: Low.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Fast.
    Dual-wieldable: Yes.
    Alternate Mode: Silenced.
    The Luger 9mm is a past version of the P220, and it has a faster reload time
    but lacks the scope.
    *Lex-18 9mm*
    In-game Name: LX-18.
    Clip Size: 18.
    Carrying Capacity: 42.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: High.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: Yes.
    Alternate Mode: Silenced & Scoped.
    The advanced pistol in the 2050s carries a big clip for a pistol, and has the
    same capabilities as the P220s.
    *Garret Revolver .357*
    In-game Name: Revolver.
    Clip Size: 6.
    Carrying Capacity: 74.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Single.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Revolver has more power than the other pistols, however, it is unable to
    dual-wield (for some reason), and it takes a long time to reload. Also, its
    rate of fire can get in the way, making it a rarely used weapon.
    *Science Fiction Handgun*
    In-game Name: Sci-Fi Handgun.
    Clip Size: 16.
    Carrying Capacity: 184.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: Yes.
    Alternate Mode: Reflective Shots.
    The Sci-Fi can be a formidable pistol, especially when paired up. The upgrade
    to the Sci-Fi Handgun removes the burst fire, but allows it to either bounce
    off materials or not to, and even then, the shots rarely go back to the
    shooter. Micro technology has allowed a high carrying capacity, despite the
    Sci-Fi's large clip.
    *Dart Injector*
    In-game Name: Injector.
    Clip Size: 8.
    Carrying Capacity: 48.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Injector is a dangerous weapon, and is one of the reasons why this game is
    rated M. In Story Mode, the Injector is the only way to dispatch Mutants. In
    Arcade, too many shots to a target will make the victim explode in an
    inappropriate amount of gore.
    *MP5 SMG*
    In-game Name: Machine Gun.
    Clip Size: 32.
    Carrying Capacity: 224.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Fast.
    Dual-wieldable: Yes.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The MP5 is a fast-firing weapon, which can clear out areas in a short time.
    When dual wielded, this SMG can be dangerous.
    *Kronen SMG*
    In-game Name: K-SMG.
    Clip Size: 32.
    Carrying Capacity: 168.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: Yes.
    Alternate Mode: Rocket.
    The Kronen SMG is a past version of the MP5, but it has a slower firing rate
    and less-compact clips, but it can launch rockets.
    *FN FAL Rifle*
    In-game Name: Soviet Rifle.
    Clip Size: 30.
    Carrying Capacity: 170.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Long.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The FN FAL is a well-balanced assault rifle, and is the superior of the MP5.
    Although it cannot be dual-wielded, it is far more accurate and powerful than
    the MP5 alone.
    *SBP500 Machine Gun*
    In-game Name: SBP500.
    Clip Size: 64.
    Carrying Capacity: 196.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Very Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The SBP500 Heavy Machine Gun is a very powerful weapon, but its large clip
    causes a long reload time, which can be a bad thing.
    *Plasma Rifle*
    In-game Name: Plasma Autorifle.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 400.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Overheat Automatic.
    Range: High.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Plasma Rifle is a powerful weapon, and can really put danger into the
    strongest of threats.
    In-game Name: Minigun.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 400.
    Power: Very High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Overheat Automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: Default Charge Up.
    The Chaingun is a leathal foe-stopper! The machine gun can clear out enemies in
    a pinch, but when it overheats, its rate of fire will decrease.
    *Monkey Gun*
    In-game Name: Monkey Gun.
    Clip Size: 64.
    Carrying Capacity: 194.
    Power: Very High.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Burst Fire.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Monkey Gun has a similar design to the MAG-Charger (see below), but it
    fires a salvo of bullets, which are, individually, powerful. A single push on
    the trigger will release ALL of the bullets! It has a long reload time though.
    *Sawed-Off Shotgun*
    In-game Name: Shotgun.
    Clip Size: 2.
    Carrying Capacity: 38.
    Power: Very High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a great weapon at close range, but due to its archaic
    clips, it takes a while to put shells in.
    *SPAS-12 Gauge*
    In-game Name: Tactical-12 Gauge.
    Clip Size: 8.
    Carrying Capacity: 32.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Pump.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: Varies.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The SPAS-12 Shotgun can also be a good weapon at close combat, but its shells
    are less dense than the Sawed-Off. It can hold 8 shells though.
    *Sonic Dispersion Shotgun*
    In-game Name: Dispersion Gun.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 40.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Pump.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The scenario "Astro Jocks" really gives this weapon an infamous reputation. It
    is very poor at killing numerous opponents, but it is a quick killer on single
    threats. It takes a second or two to charge it fully to its most powerful
    *Lee Enfield Rifle*
    In-game Name: Vintage Rifle.
    Clip Size: 8.
    Carrying Capacity: 32.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Very High.
    Rate of Fire: Bolt.
    Range: Very Long.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Lee Enfield Rifle is the oldest sniper rifle. Although it has the shortest
    scope magnification, it has a large clip, and it has some good power.
    *AWM Rifle*
    In-game Name: Sniper Rifle.
    Clip Size: 5.
    Carrying Capacity: 35.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Very High.
    Rate of Fire: Bolt.
    Range: Very Long.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The AWM is similar to the Enfield, but it is the conventional version, it is
    scilenced, has a stronger scope, but has a shorter clip.
    In-game Name: MAG-Charger.
    Clip Size: 12.
    Carrying Capacity: 28.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Beam.
    Range: Long.
    Reload Time: Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: Electrical/Thermal X-Ray.
    The MAG-Charger can be a threat in various ways. In Single-Player, the MAG-
    Charger is one of the only weapons that can destroy electronic security
    measures, and its X-ray can detect those security objects. In Multiplayer, the
    MAG-Charger is capable of shooting through walls, and can detect opponents. Its
    scope can improve accuracy.
    *Gauss Laser Rifle*
    In-game Name: Sci-Fi Rifle.
    Clip Size: 8.
    Carrying Capacity: 32.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Very High.
    Rate of Fire: Bolt.
    Range: Very Long.
    Reload Time: Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: Defensive Shield.
    The Gauss is the future Sniper Rifle. This is the only rifle that is not
    scilenced, but it has a defensive shield, which can assist hard-core snipers.
    *Harpoon Launcher*
    In-game Name: Harpoon Gun.
    Clip Size: 12.
    Carrying Capacity: 36.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Harpoon Launcher is a very scary weapon, and it can be very fun to use. The
    harpoons themselves are renewable, meaning that they can be used again after
    being used.
    *M2-2 Flamethrower*
    In-game Name: Flamethrower.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 1500.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Flamethrower is now a better weapon than it used to be in TS2. It is a good
    weapon on normal targets, but don't bother trying to use this on mechanical
    *Shock Electrotool*
    In-game Name: Electrotool.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 1500.
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: Single.
    The Electrotool can be used to destroy plasma gates and shields, but it can
    also harm organic enemies (except for zombies). The single mode is very
    *Ghost Imploder*
    In-game Name: Ghost Gun.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 960 (Multiplayer).
    Power: Medium.
    Accuracy: High.
    Rate of Fire: Automatic.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Ghost Imploder in Story Mode is the only way to defeat ghosts. In
    Multiplayer, the Ghost Imploder can harm any opponent, and can steal health
    from them.
    *Flare Gun*
    In-game Name: Flare Gun.
    Clip Size: 1.
    Carrying Capacity: 10.
    Power: High
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Single.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: Long.
    Dual-wieldable: Yes.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Flare Gun fires a flare which, in direct contact, will set the target on
    fire! The Flare Gun has a long reload time though, which can be abused by a
    *Rocket Launcher*
    In-game Name: Rocket Launcher.
    Clip Size: 6.
    Carrying Capacity: 6.
    Power: Very High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Single.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Very Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: Burst Fire.
    The Rocket Launcher can do some damage. Although it doesn't have instant salvo
    firing rates like its more superior versions, it still can unleash all of its
    rockets, just not all at once.
    *Heatseaking Bazooka*
    In-game Name: Heatseeker.
    Clip Size: 1.
    Carrying Capacity: 10.
    Power: Very High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Single.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: Long.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    The Heatseeker is a very effective weapon on armoured mobile targets, as well
    as singular targets in Multiplayer Mode.
    *Proximity Mines*
    In-game Name: Proximity Mines.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 20.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    For all Mines, including the Proximity version, they are thrown and will
    explode in different styles. The mines should be thrown onto another player for
    best effect.
    The Proximity Mines are Mines that explode on impact. They explode when a
    player comes close. Distinguished by the triangular shape.
    *Timed Mines*
    In-game Name: Timed Mines.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 20.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    The Timed Mines explode in a few seconds after they have been thrown.
    Distinguished by the square shape.
    *Remote Mines*
    In-game Name: Remote Mines.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 20.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    The most fun of all the mines, the remote mines explode via detonator.
    Distinguished by the miniature antenna.
    In-game Name: TNT.
    Clip Size: N/A.
    Carrying Capacity: 1.
    Power: VERY High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Fire: None.
    Similar to the timed mines, only that it trades it capacity for its higher
    damage. For story mode only.
    *Fragmentation Grenades*
    In-game Name: Grenades.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 5.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Low.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Medium.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    All grenade types can be thrown without having to change weapons. Grenades can
    be thrown further if the grenade button is held longer. This specific version
    will bounce and in a second or two, it will explode.
    *Plasma Sticky Grenades*
    In-game Name: Plasma Grenades.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 5.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    Futuristic Plasma Grenades automatically stick to any surface and detonate.
    *Time Halt Grenades*
    In-game Name: Time Distortion Grenades.
    Clip Size: None.
    Carrying Capacity: 5.
    Power: High.
    Accuracy: Medium.
    Rate of Fire: Throw.
    Range: Short.
    Reload Time: None.
    Dual-wieldable: No.
    Alternate Mode: None.
    In story mode in the near future, the Time Halt Grenades explode whenever they
    touch any surface. In addition, the surrounding area affected will slow down
    movement, bullets, etc, EXCEPT for the user, which can be minipulated.
    3.00 >Story Walkthrough<
    Here's the part where the history of the Timesplitters war continues. All
    walkthroughs are specifically for NORMAL difficulty, but nothing much changes,
    only the power and the amount of enemies do. In Co-op, the gameplay will hardly
    3.01 >Time To Split<
    -Report to the General at the Human HQ.
    -Clear the enemy bunker.
    -Fend off the Timesplitters at the outpost.
    -Fend off the Timesplitters at the Human HQ.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Science Fiction Handgun (x2)
    Plasma Rifle
    Gauss Laser Rifle
    Plasma Sticky Grenades
    Unlockable: Characters: The General, Anya.
    Co-op Character: Pvt. Hicks.
    -Time Assassin
    These guys are hooded, and are hostile. They aren't Timesplitters however, but
    they are intent on stopping Cortez.
    -Berserker Splitter
    Apparently, the only Timesplitter species that can invade the Earth. They can
    turn invisible, like the Reaper Splitters, and can shoot lightning shots.
    After destroying the Timesplitter Space Station, Cortez returns to the Earth.
    He must return to the HQ and deliver the time crystals to the Base. However,
    his ship is shot down, and he needs to return to the HQ, on foot. Meanwhile, a
    mysterious figure takes interest in Cortez's journey back and follows him...
    At last, a Timesplitters game has an actual tutorial level. It is brief for
    one, but the basics are all covered.
    Cortez starts out hanging upside-down from a narrow piece of metal from the
    remains of his spacecraft. Two human soldiers come to his rescue. Once Cortez
    drops down, one of the men gives him a Sci-Fi Pistol and tells him that he
    needs to hurry.
    Follow the pair and when the first soldier gives the go, attack the hostiles
    dressed like ninjas that ambush the platoon. Although they aren't aliens, they
    are still dangerous, so attack the men at the other side of the ravine. Cross
    it on the crashed space shuttle. To the right area, there is a pair of Sci-Fis
    that will help Cortez fight off the bad guys that appear to the left of the
    "bridge". When done, approach the trapped soldier. He is in trouble, and his
    partner, Pvt. Jameson, is down. Help the alive man shoot the assassins. Pick up
    the Rifle and the Grenades.
    Below the now broken bridge, there are even more hooded men! Dispatch them and
    notice how the enormous Timesplitter Mothership gets downed by gunfire. Go
    right and meet the soldier. He says that the way is blocked by enemy snipers,
    as displayed by the demise of Pvt. Miller. The soldier then gives Cortez a
    Gauss Rifle. Use it on the barrels just behind the men in the bunker. One of
    the soldiers will accompany Cortez while the rest try to hold the valley
    When turning around, a Timesplitter will come from the top of the valley. Shoot
    it! Another one will come from the corner. When it is killed, advance to the
    position where a squad of soldiers are under attack! When Cortez approaches the
    area, the soldier with the machine gun gets killed in an explosion and another
    one gets brutally attacked by a Timesplitter. Clear the way and rescue the last
    soldier. He says that Cortez cannot advance until the wall is destroyed. In the
    meantime, they need to fend off the Timesplitters that are attacking the place.
    Use the gun emplacement to destroy anything "with teeth bigger than its face".
    If needed, collect the medkits and Plasma Grenades next to the emplacement.
    Once the wall is blown up, some more soldiers will come to the rescue. Now
    Cortez and his buddy can go to the HQ!
    The HQ is in trouble. The soldiers are desperately trying to prevent the
    Splitters from entering the big building. Take cover behind the debris and
    shoot the aliens! Use the supplies next to the wall. After a while, the area
    will become secure enough for Cortez to enter through the big garage wall.
    Cortez meets back with the General, and then the two go into an elevator. The
    General explains that they have built a time machine in order to find out the
    cause of the Timesplitters War. Once they are at the top, the General
    introduces Anya, first in charge of the science department, to Cortez. Anya
    shows where she believes where the Time Crystal source is. She then gives
    Cortez the Temporal Uplink and sends him to that location...
    3.02 >Scotland The Brave<
    -Infiltrate the Castle.
    -Escape the Trap.
    -Locate the Crystal Mining Site.
    -Gain entry to the Briefing Hall.
    -Destroy the Tank.
    -Get to the underground of the island.
    -Captain Ash must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
    -Rescue the Jungle Queen.
    Temporal Uplink
    Luger 9mm (x2)
    Lee Enfield Rifle
    Kronen SMG
    Flare Gun
    Fragmentation Grenades
    Unlockable: Characters: The Jungle Queen, Warrant Officer Cain.
    Co-op Character: Captain Ash.
    -Ivor Baddic, Polov Yuran, and Comrade Papadov
    The soldiers defending the island are dressed in brown uniforms and in a gas
    mask. They might also have helmets, either closed or open. Some of the soldiers
    have a higher rank than others, and take the role of semi-officers.
    -Warrant Officer Cain.
    Male officers have better combat skills than the regular soldiers, and in this
    mission, they are only seen in the briefing hall.
    The Tank is seen in the near end, and it is only vulnerable to Kronen SMG
    explosives and TNTs.
    The year is 1924, six years after the Great War, and the Royal Majesty's
    service is astounded to find some defectors in the island of Urnsey, who have
    decided to join the Triple Alliance. However, the defectors have something else
    in mind other than to join the Germans...
    The British army has sent in an agent, Captain Ash, to rescue a hostage in the
    castle on the island. Cortez arrived and used the flare gun, which,
    unfortunately, signaled the British Navy to bomb the island. It looks like the
    Captain is going to go through a harsher adventure than he planned...
    This is a favourite mission of mine, and it is an easy mission, yet it is one
    of the funnest. Some stealth tactics will be introduced.
    Captain Ash will give Cortez a Luger 9mm. Go to the left, ignoring Ash and get
    the Flare Gun in the boat. Join Ash and sneak up on the soldiers in the bunker.
    Dispatch them and nab the Lee Enfield Rifle. The radio will sound the castle
    alarm! Go up the hill and dispatch the two soldiers camping at the ridge. The
    next threat will be a machine gun nest. In easy and normal, a plane will come
    by and bomb the soldier. On hard, wait for the machine gun to overheat, and
    shoot the gunner. Go up and go into the nearest building, and get the rifle.
    Turn around and shoot the soldier that has two Lugers. Get them and help Ash
    kill the two soldiers. Get inside the garage.
    It's a trap! Both portcullises will close! The controls for them are located on
    the second floor of this dock. Fend off any soldiers that attack and go up the
    stairs (grabbing the K-SMG on the way up). More soldiers have positioned
    themselves at the top. Go left and dispatch the soldiers. Go into the post,
    grab the armour, and shoot the guy on the other side. This switch will open the
    portcullis for the entrance. The switch for the portucllis leading to the next
    area is on the opposite post, so go there. Flip the switch and go back. Soon
    after, a U-Boat will come up of the dock. Cortez can't get back down until the
    gunner is dealt with. Use the crane controls (located on the bridge between the
    opposite sides of the second floor) and use it to lift the gunner and drop him
    into the water.
    Get back with Ash and proceed to the next door. Outside, ignore the crashing
    truck and assault the garage. Pick up any supplies there, and get into the
    truck. If Cortez takes the gunner position, shoot any soldiers, planes, or any
    other threats that come across the truck. If Cortez takes the driver position,
    drive up to the edge, ram the gates, and keep going along the road until the
    truck meets an open bridge. Captain Ash will take the other seat. When at the
    bridge, dispatch the gunner and use the Uplink on the switch (at the stand
    where the gunner was) to bring down the bridge. Take out the sniper on the
    castle bridge and deal with the pair of soldiers. Keep going up the road,
    killing any hostiles that get in the way.
    At the front Castle gate, use the TNT next to the fallen truck to blow up the
    doors (don't worry, it will respawn). Get in the castle, getting the Lee
    Enfield Rifle to the left, and clear the foyer of all of the guards. Once done,
    Captain Ash will need to signal the navy with flares that he just found in a
    room. This is where he steps off (of battle). Proceed across the hallway,
    dealing with the soldier that guards a medkit, and go to the double-doors.
    The doors are locked, but fortunately, a man who is exactly like Cortez gives
    our current hero a key in order to open them. What's going on? Anyhow, Cortez
    unlocks the doors, leading to a wine cellar. A drunk soldier goes rambling on
    about silly subjects (this will be a recurring joke in most of these missions).
    Take the Flare Gun and get into the tiny elevator. Captain Ash gives Cortez the
    lift and dissapears. Silently take out any guards in sight and move up the
    stairs. A conversation is going on between two soldiers. Take them and two
    other men out. Another soldier is to the left room, where some grenades lay. Go
    ahead and look into the scopes in the tiny room. The one on the left shows the
    room just outside this one, the one on the right shows the kitchen, where two
    soldiers are childishly fighting one another, and the one in the centre shows
    the Briefing Hall, where a bald man and three other officers are talking. This
    is the next destination. Go to the door currently on the left and explore the
    area; there's some armour in a secret area.
    Go left twice and listen to the conversations in the next room. Open the secret
    door and attack the three officers. Follow the leader through the fireplace to
    discover an elevator shaft. Go back and go through the door on the left. Cortez
    finds a wormhole and walks through it, repeating the cutscene described at the
    beginning of the previous paragraph. Anya warns Cortez that when the "Time
    Loop" occurs between him and his other self, he is vulnerable to a Time Paradox
    (meaning that if one of the copies die, then disaster will strike). Listen to
    the conversation between the two soldiers in the room to the left, and strike
    them down silently. Go up the stairs and take out the guy that approaches. Go
    right and dispatch the other two guards, taking the K-SMG explosives in the
    room to the left. Keep going and take out the two soldiers in the scope room.
    Go up the stairs in there and snipe the three guards examining the scene in the
    near-beginning of this mission. Explore the three scopes. The one on the left
    shows the wine cellar, the one on the centre shows Captain Ash examining the
    camera and the Jungle Queen in a jail cell, and the one on the right shows a
    clue how to complete the secondary objective.
    Go outside, ignoring the crashing plane, and meet with Captain Ash once again,
    who seemed to infiltrate the castle sucessfuly. He asks Cortez to help him out.
    Go to the next cell and shoot the barrel (it will leak oil). Then take down the
    light, causing an explosion that will let the Queen out. Continue on, taking
    the armour, and go outside into the courtyard. A Tank will come out of a
    garage! Use K-SMG grenades to stun and hurt the Tank, and use TNTs on the Tank
    when it is stunned to defeat it. When it is destroyed, go into the elevator
    where the Tank came from. When Cortez reaches the bottom, explore the
    mysterious area, and get through the door, completing the mission.
    Cortez enters the tiny room, where the Bald Leader is. When the bald man sees
    Cortez, he quickly grabs a device and dissapears. Cortez suspects that the bald
    guy is responsible for the Time Crystals. He then picks up a photo and finds
    out another location where the bald guy went.
    3.03 >The Russian Connection<
    -Find the Time Traveler.
    -Get to the Water Tower.
    -Deactivate Electricity.
    -Access Sector 3.
    -Restore Base Power.
    -Activate Starter Motor.
    -Restore Water Pressure.
    -Locate Khallos' Train.
    -Harry Tipper must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
    -Make it to the Water Tower undetected.
    Temporal Uplink
    P220 9mm
    FN FAL Rifle
    AWM Rifle
    Fragmentation Grenades
    Unlockable: Characters: Swining Tipper, Henchman Cortez.
    Co-op Character: Harry Tipper.
    -Henchmen and Henchwomen
    The Henchmembers of Khallos' organization have different uniforms than the ones
    in his Atomsmasher. Instead of yellow, the body area is blue. More people have
    been assigned in the Hencharmy.
    -Elite Henchmen and Henchwomen (aka, Dark Henchpeople)
    In the train base, Elite Henchsoldiers guard the majority of the Train Station.
    They usually have better weapons and training than the regular kind.
    -Leonid, Vlad, and Oleg
    Engineers in the Base are located in Sector 2, where the electric pumps are
    present. They are armed with P220s in case anything goes awry...
    -Booty Guard
    Some of Khallos' female soldiers can get promoted for even more important uses,
    and they are highly trained.
    In the year 1969, the conflict between the USA and USSR have been rising
    dangerously, and the Americans have sent in Harry Tipper to examine the scene.
    Khallos, the infamous madman, has been suspected of confidential activity in
    the Stalingrad Train Station. Recently, a proffessor has been visitning the
    base, and is suspected to have a connection with Khallos.
    When Cortez arrives at the scene, Tipper tells him what he knows so far: the
    Time Traveler is wanting a small army from Khallos in exchange for "Eternal
    This is the mission where stealth is introduced. Also, there's a few mini-
    activities to play in this mission.
    Use the silenced P220s to take out the Henchman in the guard post. Get behind
    the building and listen to the conversation. Wait for the Henchwoman to go out
    of sight in the boxes and then plug her in the head. Turn around and silently
    dispatch the two Henchmen. Go into the building, go downstairs, and take out
    the two Henchmen, and grab the Armour. Return back to Harry Tipper and go
    through the canals.
    Harry will go into the sewer pipes while Cortez must continue topside.
    Assassinate the nearby Henchman and go across the wall. Shoot the two Henchmen.
    Go left of the door and take out the near Henchman that is next to the red box,
    then kill the far Henchman. Go to the other side of the door and assassinate
    the Henchman next to the car. Ignore it and go into the building, where there
    is an electric generator. The fence next to the Water Tower is electricuted.
    The Henchwoman has a headache. When the Henchman in the building is done
    talking, silently kill him. Then make the Henchwoman's wish "come true". Take
    the Grenades and medkit, and deactivate the electricity. Move on, silently
    killing the Henchpeople in this area, and when ready, advance to the Water
    Harry Tipper will come out of the manhole underneath the Tower. There's no way
    that Harry and Cortez can get into the base, unless they infiltrate it. He
    decides to get some disguises. Cortez will need to cover him with the AWM Rifle
    found at the Water Tower. Ignore the drunk Henchman at the top and help out
    Harry. Do the same when Harry reaches the area on the right. Also, Grenades can
    help clear out the bad guys. When Tipper is safe, go into the building from
    the roof and mow down any Henchpeople with the MP5. Check any rooms for
    supplies, and meet back with Harry at the exit.
    Cortez and Harry get into their disguises. Apparently, Harry is not "fat"
    enough to wear a Henchman's uniform, so he instead wears a HENCHWOMAN'S
    uniform! After laughing, the Base gates will open. Get inside and listen to the
    Henchwomen's conversation if necessary. The organization that this time
    traveler's managing is called the Brotherhood of Ultrascience. Anyways, there
    are a few methods of getting to Sector 3, but I will go over the basic
    walkthrough. Go up the stairs and into the power room, where Leonid is just
    finished dismatling an electric box. He and his card are the only means of
    getting into Sector 2. Follow him (and chuckle at the Elite Henchman talking to
    Harry Tipper) and check out the motor. Then go to a room where there are
    electric turbines. Listen to Vlad's and Eric's conversations, then go down and
    keep walking until Cortez sees a wheel at the end, which will restore the water
    pressure. Oleg will notice. Here are the different methods:
    1. Don't attack anybody! Just keep walking until Cortez turns the water back
    on. Then simply shoot any bad guys in the backtracking (Health preservation:
    2. Don't attack anybody in Sector 1! When Leonid is in sight, shoot him and
    take his swipe card. Go down to Sector 2, and silently try to take out all of
    the engineers. When returned at Sector 1, shoot all of the Henchpeople when the
    announcements come after restoring the power (Health preservation: Medium).
    3. Advance into Sector 1 and silently take out the patrolling Elite Henchman at
    the higher level. When nobody is looking, assassinate the Elite Henchman
    guarding the Sector 3 door. Then snipe the two Elite Henchwomen above. Go to
    the electric generator and talk to Leonid. Go out and wait for him to get to
    Sector 2 and out of sight, then silently take out the Elite Henchman in front
    of Harry. Then shoot the two Henchwomen at the entrance. Go down and restore
    the water pressure, then shoot any engineers that get in the way (Health
    preservation: High).
    Method 3 is the safest, but hardest. Anyways, once Sector 3 has been breached,
    attack the Elites that guard the car (forget about stealth). Drive the car and
    drive it down, and park it wherever accessible. Shoot the incoming Elites and
    go to the room on the left, and collect the supplies (ignore the elevator).
    Harry will need to rescue the hostages. Drive the car through the gate, and
    notice how the large door is blocking the way. To the large room on the right
    is some regular Henchpeople that are producing Khallos' new currency. The room
    on the far and left is some grenades and an explosive shell, which Cortez will
    need to grab with the Uplink to blow up the blast door.
    Continue on foot and shoot any Booty Guards with the Rifles. Go down the stairs
    and dispatch any resistance. Near the end is that Time Traveler, who is brining
    in Elite Henchmen into a time portal. Two of them are left behind, so take them
    down, and go through the door.
    Harry managed to get on the train before Cortez did. Fortunately, Cortez
    manages to catch up and meet with the groovy agent.
    3.04 >The Khallos Express<
    -Encounter Khallos.
    -Find the SAM launcher's control panel.
    -Help Future Cortez fight off the Henchmen.
    -Help Past Cortez take down the Appache.
    -Meet back with Harry Tipper.
    -Escape the Gas Trap.
    -Prevent the Nuclear Missile from launching.
    -Stop the Train.
    -Harry Tipper must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Temporal Uplink
    P220 9mm
    MP5 (x2)
    FN FAL Rifle
    SPAS-12 Gauge
    Heatseeking Bazooka
    Unlockable: Characters: Kitten Celeste, Elite Henchwoman.
    Co-op Character: Harry Tipper.
    Henchmen and Henchwomen
    The Henchmen will be the main enemy force, but some Henchwomen will fight too,
    although the regular Henchwomen only use P220s for some reason.
    Elite Henchwomen
    It seems that the Time Traveler has taken all of the Elite Henchmen with him.
    The Henchwomen are the only Elites left behind, and there aren't many.
    On his fancy jet device, Khallos will be encountered in this mission. He uses
    lasers to fight, and his firey jetpack can be dangerous.
    The plan is revealed. Khallos has a Nuclear Missile on his train and is
    planning  to use it to cause turmoil! Harry Tipper and Cortez will need to
    prevent that from happening, and Tipper also needs to rescue his loved one too!
    This is the first mission where the Time Loop concept goes into action. Some
    mekdkits and armour are on the shelves of most cars, so use the Uplink to take
    Harry throws out a Henchman out the window. Advance toward his position; he is
    under attack by a Henchman on the roof of the next car. Take him down and climb
    the ladder, and then kill the incoming Elite Henchwoman. Down below is a group
    of Henchpeople, and they can be taken silently, here's how:
    1. Kill the guards in this order, the nearest Henchman.
    2. The Henchwoman.
    3. The Henchman on the left.
    4. The Henchman on the right.
    When done, go down to the flat car and advance to the next. At once, shoot the
    pile of barrels in order to take out the machine gunner easily (and possibly
    the Elite Henchwoman next to him too). Go through the mess and shoot the two
    Henchpeople that come in from the next car. To the right is a box that contains
    some armour. The next car has a room where a Henchman is radioing the Missile
    Control centre, and another one badmouthing Harry sitting at the table. Kill
    them and take the MP5 and Medkit. Harry will need to radio his HQ and warn his
    folk about the Missile. Meanwhile, Cortez needs to advance. Shoot the
    Henchpeople in the corridor and dodging the gunfire from the Apache. When the
    Henchman appears from the corner, the Elite Henchwoman who was in the bathroom
    will come too. Smash them both and check the rooms for some supplies.
    Advance to the open car full of crates. The same Apache is back! Shoot any
    crates in the way with the MP5 and push the button for the SAM launcher. Go up
    the ladder and dispatch the two Henchman that come from the roof holes. The
    next car is the flat and open kind. Shoot the Henchwoman, the Henchman, and the
    Henchman that is behind the box on the left. Take the FN FALs that the Henchmen
    drop. There's no ladders, the doors are locked, and another Apache has come!
    Fortunately, Future Cortez comes to the rescue! He'll take down the Apache with
    his Bazooka as long as the current Cortez covers him from the incoming Henchmen
    from the two rooftops of the other train. Once Future Cortez is done, the
    Apache will crash in the car in the front and will burn two unlucky Henchmen.
    Go across the demolished cars and secure the armoury from the Henchmen there.
    My method of some fun is to grab the SPAS-12 Gauge on the shelf with the Uplink
    and blasting the Henchmen! Collect the rest of the guns and supplies before
    heading over to the next car. When Cortez is up the ladder, he fights off more
    Henchmen (by hand) and then goes through the wormhole to the second train.
    Dispatch the Henchmen in this car using any means necessary. Next, collect the
    Bazooka Rockets and the Bazooka outside. Use the Bazooka to help Past Cortez
    survive against the Apache. When the "body" of the Apache is hit, it's GAME
    OVER for it! Return back.
    Cortez is back onto the original train. Shoot the Henchman that comes by and
    take his dual MP5s. Use the new toys to clear the corridor clean. Check the
    rooms for supplies and advance. Some more Henchmen will jump from the other
    train. Dispatch them all with the Rifle, including the one on the other train.
    Harry has returned. The two can now go to the next car. Two Elite Henchwomen
    will talk about some, uh, inappropriate things. Ambush the Henchpeople there.
    Notice how the car looks fancy. This is Khallos' car. There's also a drunk
    Henchman on the bar, and will go moaning if he is shot. Go up the stairs and
    encounter Khallos.
    The supervillain will trap the duo in a gas chamber! Use the Uplink on the
    statue switch to escape. Harry will bust a safe that contains a medkit. There's
    another switch-looking switch in this room, which will unlock the door to the
    next car. Kill the incoming Elite Henchwomen using either bullets or the Gas
    Chamber trick and move on. The next car contains the Nuclear Missile. Shoot the
    two Henchmen there. The next room is the control room. Nab the armour and solve
    the "puzzle". It is random, but here's the basics:
    -Press action to rotate the seleced piece.
    -Connect the two electric paths with each other in order to complete the
    puzzle. Different paths are indicated by colour.
    Once done, go up the ladder and onto the rooftops. Soon, Khallos will appear.
    Shoot him with anything and everything to make his jetpack malfunction, sending
    him in the sky. The last thing to do is to get to the front car and activate
    the brakes.
    The Train is halted before it runs over Kitten Celeste, Harry's girlfriend.
    Anya tells Cortez that there's a mansion in Conneticut in the year 1994, where
    the Brotherhood of Ultrascience was founded.
    3.05 >Mansion of Madness<
    -Investigate the mansion.
    -Rescue the trapped scientist.
    -Check the attic.
    -Locate the Lab entrance.
    -Defeat the well creature.
    -Jo-Beth Casey must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Temporal Uplink
    Home-Run Bat
    Garret Revolver .357
    Sawed-Off Shotgun
    M2-2 Flamethrower
    Unlockable: Characters: Arthur Aching, Gaston Boucher.
    Co-op Character: Jo-Beth Casey.
    -Arthur Aching, Gideon Gout, Gilbert Gastric, Gladstone, Blanche Deadwood, Jed,
    and Gaston Boucher
    In the mansion, Zombies infest the area. The fastest and best way to deal with
    them is to shoot them in their heads, which will knock them off. In this game,
    some Zombies can wield weapons, even guns!
    -Daisy Dismay
    There are also fast zombies. The model of Daisy Dismay is always one of them.
    They don't wield weapons, but they are very fast and still dangerous.
    -Carrion Carcass
    Near the end of this mission, there is unruly meat in the kitchen. The rotten
    cows act like zombies, but because of the headlessness, they are much harder to
    -Black Ghost
    These make a short appearance in the beginning of the level. Use the
    Flamethrower to destroy them.
    The only way to destroy these is to light them on fire when they surface.
    -The DeerHaunter
    In the dining room, there is a mounted deer's head, which is not like any
    ordinary trophy. This one comes alive! The head is a deer, the hands are hooks,
    and the rest is best described as unnatural.
    In Ghost form, she can create quite some trouble! Only by passing her
    challenges will make her soul go to rest.
    Oops! Sorry for the spoiler, but I just can't say the word "creature" to cover
    things! Anyways, this is an even bigger monstrosity, which is shaped like,
    well, bad. Her main weakness is her eye (at the bottom of her torso, not her
    head) that is ocassionally exposed. Otherwise, shoot her head.
    In a humble suburban village in Conneticut, people are always concerned about
    the haunted mansion that brings trouble. Jo-Beth Casey is interested in the
    abnormal activity so she can join a gang. Cortez comes and accompanies Jo-Beth.
    Like all other Zombie-type games, aim for the head. There are also other
    elements in this level that kind of breaks that convention though.
    Cortez and Jo-Beth will enter the Mansion door, and when they get in, a huge
    conferous tree will collapse and block the door, preventing the two from
    getting out! They then see a Scientist attempting to explain the situation when
    he gets killed by a flaming chandellier. Pick up the Flamethrower and use it on
    the Ghosts that appear out of the other side of the foyer. When they are all
    deceased (again!), go through the doors on the right.
    Take the Bat and use it on the incoming Zombies! There's a .357 Revolver next
    to the dead Scientist, but don't use it yet. More Zombies will come to attack
    from the hole in the wall. After all the undead are dead again, go to the next
    room. Edwina is blocking the way, and will block it even more with a wall of
    fire. A pair of Zombies also attack, so use the Revolver on them. Go outside to
    the Hedgemaze area. A pair of Scientists are trapped on a tree, one of them
    attempts to run to Cortez, but gets devoured by a subterranian Worm! Use the
    Flamethrower to burninate the Worms that are threatening the Scientist. More
    Flamethrower cells can be located in the field. When all the Worms are dead,
    search the Hedgemaze for additional .357 ammunitions. The Scientist gives
    thanks to Cortez and explains that they have been working on some nasty stuff,
    and then warns Cortez to avoid the attic. A Medkit is in the drawers in the
    previous room.
    Advance through the hallway, collecting the pair of Sawed-Off Shotguns (Jo-Beth
    will have her own now), and go to the dining room. Notice the mounted Deer Head
    on the wall. Both doors will suddenly shut, and some Zombies will fall from the
    balconies above! Shoot any of them in the head, and collect the Medkit in the
    drawers if needed. Some will be armed with Shotguns (and know how to use
    them!), so go for those. When all of the Zombies are deceased, the Deer Head
    will start moving and the Deer Haunter emerges! A neat glitch is to hide in the
    hole in the wall it came from. The Deer Haunter will be unable to harm Cortez!
    Once the Deer Haunter is defeated, advance to the stairs.
    A frantic Scientist is running away from a Fast Zombie. Blow it away and the
    Scientist will cry (about his colleagues, not the Zombie). Go up the stairs
    and go through the doors in the front. The balcony contains three Zombies and a
    wealth of ammo. The other pair of doors will lead to the hallway. The first
    pair of doors leads to a room with two more Zombies! Collect the Shotgun and
    move onto the corridor. More zombies will bust through the door! Shoot the Fast
    one first, then the one with the Shotgun, and then the other two. Advance to
    find another Zombie with a Shotgun. After he's destroyed, the door will show
    another small hallway with a few more Zombies. When they're beheaded, advance.
    The library is not safe. There's a lot of Zombies here, one Fast, two with
    Shotguns! Go up the spiral stairs to find a dead Scientist and a Zombie.
    In the next small room, a dizzy Scientist goes bickering about something that
    Cortez will encounter soon. There's also a Zombie laying on the floor. Cortez
    can light it on fire just to be safe. In the dark corridors, explore the rooms.
    One of them has a Medkit and another contains a Zombie in a wardrobe. Go
    through the corridor and Cortez will see a Scientist attempting to fend off a
    horde of Beetles (mentioned by the dizzy Scientist) with a Flamethrower. He
    gets killed by them, and Jo-Beth runs into the Washroom. Use the Flamethrower
    to fend off the Beetles (just fire the Flamethrower on the floor and walls,
    until Jo-Beth speaks). When they're all fried, Jo-Beth will refuse to advance.
    In the corridor, to the right, the tiny room has some ammunition, and the next
    one contains more with a Zombie on the floor. Light it on fire, and then kill
    it. The room on the left is the way to advance, but there's a group of Zombies.
    Fend them off and climb the stairs to the attic.
    Edwina is back, with more Zombies! Two of them hold Shotguns. Behead them all,
    avoid Edwina's flames, and Edwina's spirit will finally go to rest. A piece of
    a wall in the attic will break and a Zombie will come out. Advance through
    there, blasting any Zombies encountered. Cortez will eventually get to the
    other attic. There's a Scientist with a Medkit here, he'll explain that there's
    a secret labratory adjecent to the kitchen, where the Time Traveler is. He'll
    then pass away, so use his Medkit, and go downstairs. Destroy all the Zombies
    here, and go through the door.
    Cortez will fall down the floor and to a set of stairs (apparently parallel to
    the one where he encountered his first Fast Zombie). Go down it and meet with
    the Scientist gazing out the window. He says that the Time Traveler is down in
    the labratory, and that the Scientists were searching for Eternal Life, but
    fails miserably, and then badmouths him. Go left, collect the supplies in the
    closet, and get prepared for a fight outside!
    Princess, that big gross thing that came out of the huge well, is a big threat.
    Keep shooting it so that it will retreat down. Also, keep strafing around the
    field to avoid her attacks. Later in the battle, her eye (on her torso) will
    be exposed, so shoot that for extra damage.
    When Princess is defeated, Jo-Beth will return! Get to the other door and into
    the kitchen. The Chef in the kitchen is not a normal one, nor is it that
    character from South Park! Behead him and enter. Some undead meals will come!
    Light them all on fire and shoot them, because they have no head! When they are
    killed, advance into the freezing room, and behead the Cook. When Cortez gets
    further, the mission is done!
    Looking down into the darkness of the shaft, Jo-Beth dares Cortez to go down
    first. He agrees. Why? Find out!
    3.06 >What Lies Below<
    -Encounter the Time Traveler.
    -Protect Jo-Beth from the Zombie attack.
    -Cover Future Cortez as he fends off the Ghosts.
    -Cover Past Cortez as he fends off the Zombies.
    -Slay the Princess.
    -Escape the Lab.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Temporal Uplink
    Garret Revolver .357
    Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Harpoon Launcher
    Ghost Imploder
    Unlockable: Characters: Dr. Lancet, Jo-Barf Creepy.
    Co-op Character: Jo-Beth Casey.
    -Arthur Aching, Gideon Gout, and Gilbert Gastric.
    There are still zombies down in the abandoned lab. There are also fast ones
    too. Additionally, there are ones that are electrocuted that can fire electric
    -Jo-Barf Creepy
    There are also zombies that look like Jo-Beth Casey. Don't fall for that.
    -Dr. Pustle
    Zombified scientists have been located in this lab. Try not to fall for the
    healthy and alive ones either.
    In the mines, the Headsprouters come from the ceiling. Shoot them to get rid of
    -Humaniod Ghosts
    Only the Ghost Imploder can remove these spirits. If they touch anybody, they
    get damaged. One of the most scary enemies possible.
    This monster is back, and can only be harmed by shots in the explosive can in
    its mouth.
    Cortez and Jo-Beth Casey have been searching the place and still haven't found
    the Time Traveler! The underground must be where he is...
    This mission is less scary than the last, but it still features horror themes!
    At the start, get across the area with boxes that are flying around. At the
    well, a Scientist tries to escape the grasp of something in the well (likely
    Princess). Jo-Beth will depart by taking a picture of a circle-star, and then
    falls through the floor. Go to the well and find a corridor. Go through and
    Cortez will fall through too. A girl that looks like Jo-Beth is here, but shoot
    her in the head, which will come off. This isn't Jo-Beth at all, and more of
    these abominations will come from the ground! When they are destroyed, go down
    the stairs to find the real Jo-Beth, under attack by phsycotic Zombies. Grab
    the Shotgun from the stairs and the ammo underneath, and fend off the Zombies
    that come in until she frees herself from the rope.
    Advance up the stairs and into the lab area. A Fast Zombie will attack! There's
    more down the ramp. Across the corridors, a Scientist gets killed by a pair of
    Zombies. A Zombified Scientist goes out the door. Shoot him in the head, along
    with the three in the tiny room. Collect the supplies and examine the computer.
    After checking out a few files and easter eggs, unlock the door in the Security
    folder, and advance. There's some Electrified Zombies here, along with some
    wild electric wires. When Cortez and Jo-Beth enter the next room, they're
    trapped! Jo-Beth will need to hack into the CPU to unlock the next door, but
    some more zombies have arrived out of the shafts! Collect the Harpoon Launcher
    and Shotgun, and blow those Undead freaks away! At the next area, there's a
    wasted Scientist sitting in the corner. After going through the doors, there's
    a few Zombies here, one trapped in a chamber. Across it is a tiny room with
    supplies and some electronic equipment. Cortez can use the equipment to fool
    around with the Zombie (Stretching, Lighting on Fire, etc.). There's another
    chamber like this one across, with a Scientist that's refusing to get out. He
    can also be tampered with, although he'll still stay inside.
    The lower floor near the well shows an unaffected Human throwing edible items
    down the well. He seems to be pretty stupid, more can be researched about him
    in the computers in the "Torture" chambers. No wonder he's not a Zombie!
    Advance into a room with a Pentagon. The Time Traveler has caught the duo, and
    opens the pentagon, causing Cortez to fall to the mines! Fortunately, Cortez
    lands on a Mine Cart, but it begins to roll! Headsprouters will constantly be
    coming from the ceiling, so arm the Revolver and keep shooting them!
    Cortez falls off the Cart, and meets his Future Self, who claims to think that
    there's also Ghosts around this area. He's got the dough to fend them off: A
    Ghost Imploder and some special goggles. Stay near him to avoid damage from the
    Ghosts. Kill the Zombies that threaten the two, and at the end, the Cortezes
    will depart. Current Cortez will have to go upward, while Future Cortez
    advances to the next area. Grab the Ghost Imploder and use it on the incoming
    Ghosts. Keep running through the mines until the Wormhole appears. Cortez will
    jump through and he'll need to fend off the Ghosts. Here, Current Cortez has
    the upper hand, as he can fend off Zombies with a melee attack. Don't worry
    about the Zombies targeting Past Cortez, he's just vulnerable to suprises.
    When the two are at the finish line, Current Cortez can now advance. He'll fall
    through the floor (again), and find the bottom of the well, which isn't really
    a well, as the liquid that Princess is in is actually lava! An explosive barrel
    is in her mouth, but Jo-Beth is in danger! Defeat Princess before Jo-Beth is
    low enough for her to become a meal! Use the Harpoon Launcher to blast the
    barrel. There's more Harpoons in the arena. Once Princess is finally begone,
    head up the elevator and meet up with Jo-Beth. Go back to the Time Traveler's
    office (after the pentagon room), collect the supplies, and explore his
    computer. The Time Traveler's name is Jacob Crow, but once the doors are
    unlocked, the whole labratory will collapse in two minutes! Get out as fast as
    possible! As Cortez and Jo-Beth backtrack, Anya finds out more information
    about his organizations, one named U-Genix. Along the pathways, there's an
    elevator that will allow Cortez and Jo-Beth to escape!
    Jacob Crow mourns about his defeat, but then his Future Self (which he
    mistakens for his elder) gives a familiar Time Device to him and explains how
    to find out the formula for Eternal Life! Cortez and Jo-Beth catches the
    villains, but the two escape (with some misunderstanding problems), and Anya
    sends Cortez to the U-Genix site.
    3.07 >Breaking And Entering<
    -Locate Crow's Office.
    -Penetrate the rooftop security.
    -Protect Amy Chen.
    -Activate Fire extinguishers.
    -Help Amy get to Crow's access floor.
    -Hack Crow's terminal.
    -Return to the elevator.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Temporal Uplink
    Sonic Dispersion Shotgun
    SB P500 Machine Gun
    Time Halt Grenades
    Unlockable: Characters: Interceptor, Jack Sprocket.
    Co-op Character: Amy Chen.
    -Jack Sprocket
    The engineers that take care of the building usually patrol in the upper
    floors. They usually carry a weapon for emergencies.
    -Security SWAT
    The majority of enemies encountered in the building are highly-trained SWAT
    guards, who are very strong. The best way to deal with them is to aim for their
    heads, where their armour lacks.
    -Security Bots
    Some threats in the building are robots, which are armed with machine guns. Try
    to use the strongest weapon against them.
    The Time Traveler, Jacob Crow, has established an office complex in the state
    of Texas, where the rumored "U-Genix" compound is located. The year is 2052,
    where public buildings have a very active security system. There are rumors of
    Jacob Crow of having criminal secrets inside the building. Cortez has landed on
    the helipad on the top of the building, and he also spotted a woman trying to
    infiltrate the same complex as well...
    It is such a relief to face normal opponents again, but they are very tough.
    The heavy artillery will be needed in this era. Early in the mission, there
    will be three different types of security measures. The first type is the
    Camera, which will raise the alarm if they spot Cortez. The second is the
    Tripwire Source. It looks like a box, and is near the Tripwire. Destroy the
    Source, and the Tripwire that it supplies will go out. The third is the Sentry
    Gun. When the alarm is raised, it will become active. Use the MAG-Charger to
    destroy the necessary ones, and use the X-Ray to spot any.
    Cortez does not start with a weapon. Use the Uplink to carry a box on the
    helipad and knock out the Engineer that is at the ramp. Collect his Lex and the
    MAG-Charger and move down. Wait for the Robot to turn around, then sneak left
    and disable the Camera. Go left again and remove the Tripwire. Get into the
    building with the satellite and dispatch the Engineer. Collect the Armour there
    and use the terminal to disable all of the security systems on the roof. Get
    below through the door Cortez just opened.
    Get close to the Tripwire so that its Source is in sight, then shoot it. Go
    through the door and disable the Camera on the right. Advance and assassinate
    the Engineer. From here on, disable any Tripwires or Cameras, and silently kill
    any Engineers. At the end, disable the Camera on the opposite side of the
    locked door. To the left is a SWAT Guard managing the terminal. Put a hole
    through his head, take the supplies in the room (including the SB P500 and the
    Time Halt Grenades), and use the terminal. The Cameras will show Amy Chen
    dispatching the two SWAT Guards in a very fancy matter. She will then be under
    attack by the SWAT team in the next room. Use the Gun Turret that Cortez is now
    controlling to help Amy fend off the bad guys. Once the whole team is down, she
    will activate a terminal and turn off all of the security machines and unlock
    the locked door mentioned in this paragraph.
    Go through it, go down, and try to make that Robot harmless. Go through the
    hallway. All of the doors are locked. Use the terminal in the hallway to
    activate a cleaning robot. It will soon unlock a door to a small briefing room.
    To the left is a closet that contains fuel barrels. Shoot them to activate the
    fire alarm. Return back to the entrance and an Engineer (who does not know
    about the intruding business) will complain to Cortez about the terrible
    condition of building (and the lack of "decent" secretaries). Go through the
    room he just went through. The door behind will lock, and the SWAT Guards will
    attack! Shoot them all with the SB P500 to survive. When they're finished, a
    Robot will unlock the next door; dispatch it and the SWAT Guards, and go
    Check the washrooms (even though checking in the opposite gender's room is
    strictly frowned upon). The Female's contains a medkit and armour. The Male's
    has a drunken Engineer (who really wanted to be a musician). Go through the
    door and meet Amy. She's also hunting Crow. Amy explains that there's an
    executive office that can activate the elevator. Fend off the Guards here and
    advance to the office. Before that, go to the humble room on the left and use
    the Sonic Shotgun to blow up the idle Robot. Protect Amy while she hacks into
    the system. The SWAT guys will come from the entrance and through the windows.
    When she's finished, return to the elevator and decend.
    Take down all of the Guards and the Robot, and advance to Crow's office. When
    the room is secure, Amy will discover (through Crow's PC) that there's a secret
    Lab under the building! Return back to the elevator and take down any foes in
    the way. The two will go down the elevator (though Amy will go after Cortez).
    3.08 >You Genius, U-Genix<
    -Apprehend Jacob Crow.
    -Get an Employee's ID card.
    -Breach the security system.
    -Get through the sterilization sensors.
    -Clear out all the active Mutants in the surgery chamber.
    -Get through the security airlock.
    -Destroy Crow's personal security bots.
    -Amy Chen must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
    -Decode the first terminal.
    -Decode phase two of first security terminal.
    -Destroy the railbots.
    -Decode second security terminal.
    -Destroy the spiderbots.
    Temporal Uplink
    Lex-18 9mm
    Dart Injector
    M2-2 Flamethrower
    Sonic Dispersion Shotgun
    SB P500 Machine Gun
    Time Halt Grenades.
    Unlockable: Characters: Dr. Amy, Dr. Cortez.
    Co-op Character: Amy Chen.
    -Spider Bots
    In the underground, tiny robots that walk with four legs can shoot laser beams.
    Try to eliminate them when they're spotted. Usually when Rail Bots take enough
    damage, they drop down and become these.
    -Rail Bots
    Up on the ceiling, there are bots that move on rails. They are mobile and can
    be just as harmful as the Spider Bots. The Dispersion Shotgun is an effective
    way to take down both types.
    U-Genix has researched in cloning techniques, and use them as additional
    guards. They are fast and agile, but not as armoured as the SWAT soldiers.
    -Security SWAT
    Most of these guys acompany the Interceptresses, and they are still armoured.
    -Hybrid Freak
    Jacob Crow's research has brought disasterous results. The Mutants can shoot
    electric beams, and can only be dispatched by the Injector. When they do, try
    to stay clear of their self-destruct sequence (and be sure not to be sick of
    -Hover Bots
    At the end of the level, Crow will send out his personal guardians. Automatic
    weapons are the most effective way to take these out.
    It looks like Crow has built another research lab underneath the surface. Crow
    is a senior now, but his determination is still youthful. Speaking of youth, he
    is trying to research "Eternal Life", but it seems that all he is making is
    Mutants are present in this lab instead of zombies. Those who have played TS2
    will know what they look like. Instead of beheading though, they can only be
    destroyed by one weapon...
    Start by listening to Crow's public message. Move down the stairs into a
    circular room. Destroy the Spider Bot there. Go through the door with glass
    panes and move onto the next room. Once both Spider Bots in there are gone,
    grab the Lex ammo in the corner. Go through the door without the label and take
    the ID Card in the washroom. Use it to open Room 03. Inside the dorm, Cortez
    will get the Injector and will get into a disguise. Get the armour and return
    to the circular room. Use the card to unlock the door.
    The next room is guarded, so Amy will need to stay behind. Advance through the
    detectors (don't worry, Cortez's disguise works) and talk to the two
    Interceptresses. They won't allow Cortez to get past due to some problems in
    the labs. Go up on the top of the detectors and use the CPU terminal. Check any
    notes for thorough information about U-Genix if curious and control the Rail
    Bot to dispatch the two guards, then disable the detectors to allow Amy to
    rejoin. Advance through the hallways and collect the Time Halt Grenades. Go to
    the room on the left to see some very twisted things. Go through the door abd
    hallways. The next door is guarded by a sterilization sensor, which won't allow
    anybody to get through unless the subject is sterilized. Walk left and talk to
    the male doctor. He says that nobody's going to use the sterilizing machine
    until everything becomes back to "normal". Go downward and talk to Dr. Fergle
    (the female doctor in this room). Return back and find out that the security
    guards have spotted Amy. Dispatch them all and go through the sterilization
    machine. Amy will go next and change into a female's uniform. Then return to
    the sensors and get through the door.
    Here's another lab. Amy will approach the pair of SWATs guarding the door and
    will take care of them. Kill any approaching reinforcements and destroy all of
    the Bots in the storage area. Walk ahead and Cortez will meet a Doctor not
    caring about the intruder business at all. He says that there is something MUCH
    worse than the likes of the two: Mutants. He explains that the only way to kill
    them is to use a certain liquid on them via the Injector weapon, and then he
    hides. His partner, meanwhile, is dizzy. Advance to the next area and clear out
    the room of hostile soldiers. The room forward has Mutants and a SWAT man with
    a Flamethrower. Take out the Mutants first, then the squad. Take back the darts
    and recieve the Flamethrower.
    In the short hallway, ignite the cowardly SWAT soldier. In the engine room,
    dispatch any hostile threats. Once the area is clear, go to the corridors and
    shoot the Mutants going down the stairs. On the window to the right is some
    supplies that can be taken by the Uplink. Go down the stairs and advance to the
    next room. Dispatch all the guards and go down to the supply room. Collect all
    of the supplies and return back, clearing the SWATs, and advance to the next
    area. Kill the Mutants attacking the SWAT in the corridor (the SWAT will die
    from the Mutants' explosions).
    The next room is under attack by more Mutants. Clear them out and the guards.
    If bored, use the crane to be sadistic to the Mutants on the beds. Advance to
    another surgery room, clear out the hostile abominations, and collec the medkit
    and armour. Move on to find a security airlock with two terminals and a
    Cortez ignores the message demanding his name. This locks the room and sends in
    Bots. Fortunately, one of his Future selves his here! Current Cortez must hack
    the terminal. Use the instructions provided in the "Khallos Express"
    walkthrough. The terminals need to be simutaneously hacked, so another Cortez
    jumps through the Wormhole. This one is even bigger. When done, Cortez jumps in
    the Wormhole and restarts the process. Now his job is to destroy the Rail Bots
    and protect the two Cortezes. When on phase three, he needs to hack the second
    terminal. On task four, he needs to destroy the Spider Bots.
    When this complicated run is finished, go through the airlock and meet up with
    Amy, who seemed to get ahead of Cortez somehow. Collect the ammo and encounter
    Crow again, who will send out his Hover Bots. Smash them to complete the
    Cortez catches Crow red-handed, and explains everything. His young self appears
    and gives the old Crow the Time Box. Angered by his mistake, Cortez yells VERY
    loudly (even being able to reach into the past, where Harry Tipper comments
    "Spaceman!"). Anya identifies one of the Fighter Bots and says that they were
    developed in the Machine Wars. Cortez then goes off into the deeper Future.
    3.09 >Machine Wars<
    -Locate Ultra-Net.
    -Capture the Battle Tank.
    -Cover Future Cortez as he shoots down the Aircraft.
    -Obtain a security implant.
    -Cover Past Cortez as he drives to the gates.
    -Access the Processing Facility.
    -R-110 must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
    -Angel Forge and Mordecai Jones must survive.
    Temporal Uplink
    Science Fiction Handgun (x2)
    Plasma Rifle
    Gauss Laser Rifle
    Plasma Sticky Grenades
    Unlockable: Characters: Mordecai Jones, Gengis Kant.
    Co-op Character: R-110.
    These robots are the main types of robots. They can wield typical weapons, and
    can be a formidable foe.
    Bigger and heavier robots like this one are always armed with rocket launchers
    implanted in their arms. Try to dispatch these ones first.
    -Lt. Black
    Ultra-Net officers and resistance traitors have robotic implants. They might
    not be as strong as the robots, but are more armoured than the SWAT soldiers,
    making the advanced technology in the weapons useful.
    -Sentry Turrets
    Some turrets vary in sizes. In any case, they are still threatening.
    -Robot Tank
    On the first Tank drive, other Robot Tanks will try to stop Cortez. Destroy
    them with the main Tank turret.
    -Robot Fighter
    On the second Tank drive, there are fighters that try to shoot the Tank. Use
    the Anti-Aircraft gun to take them down.
    Robotics have really been troubling the humans in this era worldwide. Ultra-Net
    has been sweeping the area for humans and the resistance isn't too happy.
    Cortez has landed in the city of New York where he finds an R-110 Robot. He
    hacks into the Robot and the two are partners in the city!
    Now it's back to the Future, where the weapons from the first mission are back.
    Several other concepts are also taken from the introduction (numerous allies,
    abnormal enemies, etc.).
    There is a pair of Science-Fictions next to the dead soldiers behind Cortez.
    Grab them and catch up to Mordecai and Angel. Move on and see poor Pvt. Skipper
    get overrun by a squad of INSETICK droids. Destroy them and the one that
    enters. Use the Uplink to grab the Plasma Grenades and try to use the barrels
    on the incoming PROMETHEUS robot. More of them and a few Officers are in the
    area, guarding the Robot Tank the two rebels have captured.
    Approach the Tank to use it. Cortez will meet his Future self on the road. The
    Future Cortez takes the Anti-Aircraft Gun. Unlike the other cars controlled so
    far, the controls for driving a Tank is different. The left Stick is to move
    (regardless of strafing and such), and the right Stick is to turn the turret.
    Advance up the road and onto the highway. Blow up the Tank ahead and turn
    right. Blast the barricade blocking the way underneath. Turn left and destroy
    the second Tank. When done, move to the gates.
    Future Cortez has an implant that will allow him to get to Crow's building. He
    also takes R-110 with him, leaving current Cortez behind to grab the implant.
    Cortez goes down a hole to meet back with Angel. Take the Rifle and the Plasma
    Grenades, then follow her. Take the now dead rebel's position and destroy any
    Robots in sight. Meet up with Angel (and listen to the unconscious rebel's
    speech) and jump down. Mordecai will go over their plan: due to an ambush at
    the south and the absence of most of the Robot army in the area, the rebels
    will take this chance to steal some implants from an outpost. When he's done
    saying this, help the rebel squad fend off the hostile army. When the squad is
    at a narrow opening, shoot the INSETICK robot on the balcony. There's also a
    PROMETHUS on the top of the ramp and another one near the balcony. At the
    locked door, Angel will hack into it and access the implant machine. Secure the
    system and go inside to get that implant. This may hurt Cortez, but there's
    some medkits in the corridors. Scout ahead and smash the INSETICK bots on the
    edge. Use the Gauss to destroy the Turrets and the hostile forces below to
    ensure Mordecai's and Angel's safety. When this is done, go down the trench.
    Go to the other side of the gap and destroy all the hostiles there. Advance to
    the exit and depart from the two rebels.
    Cortez will meet up with his past self. This time, the current Cortez needs to
    fend off the Robot Fighters as the Past Cortez drives them to their
    destination. Now that Cortez has the implant, he and R-110 can advance deeper
    into Crow's Ultra-Net compound. It seems that a few rebels have also attempted
    to infiltrate this site. Take his Chaingun and run to the spacious land,
    crushing any bad guys there. From here on, this is very linear and simple. Just
    try to survive!
    When Cortez sees a Buggy, use it to drive across the HEAVILY guarded roads.
    There's a LOT of turrets and robots here, so don't stop! Keep going until the
    two see a GOLIATH robot (it's huge!). R-110 has managed to hack into the
    terminal so that Cortez can control it. When this is controlled, the Left
    button is to fire the Machine Gun, and the Right button is to fire missiles
    (has a semi-automatic firing rate too!). Use the weapons provided to destroy
    the Fighters that try to stop it. When all Fighters are done for, Cortez and
    R-110 will be able to move in the compound.
    3.10 >Something To Crow About<
    -Terminate Crow.
    -Deactivate the central power core.
    -Defeat the battle mech.
    -Destroy the TimeSplitter life support system.
    -Eliminate the creature.
    -R-110 must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Temporal Uplink
    Science Fiction Handgun
    Plasma Rifle
    Shock Electrotool
    Rocket Launcher
    Plasma Sticky Grenades
    Unlockable: Characters: GOLIATH SD/9, Pvt. Jones.
    Co-op Character: R-110.
    There are more of these foes, and they can be quite a threat here.
    These PROMETHUS robots do not use implanted Rocket Launchers, and instead use
    typical weapons that are wieldable. They come with a shield that can only be
    disabled with the Electrotool. When their shield is gone, blast them!
    -Lt. Black
    Officers in the compound can use better weapons than in the last mission.
    -Rolling Robot
    Massive robots like this one are potential threats. When they stop rolling,
    they can fire, but they are vulnerable to damage.
    -Hover Bots
    Remember the Hover Bots from the level "You Genius, U-Genix"? They have been
    upgraded to have plasma weapons here, and try to destroy these first.
    -Prison Officer
    At the near end of the mission, Crow's personal bodyguards are armed to the
    teeth and will do anything to prevent Crow's assassination.
    There's no way to hack this one. Try to use the biggest weapons available to
    stop this monster in its tracks.
    -Splitter Crow
    Oops! Sorry for another spoiler! This creature is encountered in the end of the
    mission, which turns out to be Crow himself. There are many weapons that this
    thing uses. When all of the support weapons are destroyed (the weapons except
    for the arm guns and the "butt" that released bombs), he will be defeated.
    Cortez and R-110 have managed to infiltrate Crow's Ultra-Net HQ. Inside, Crow
    has been researching unnatural things for the past two centuries...
    This is one of the hardest missions in the game (in story mode that is). It
    features some major plot changes in the story, so pay attention...
    As Cortez and R-110 decend down the elevator, the announcer says that the Rebel
    base has been located and that the Robot forces are moving out. R-110 hacks
    into the door and unlocks it. It does the same with the next one. When the
    second door is unlocked, clear out any threats (there's also some med-bots that
    float around hovering, they can act like explosive barrels when used with the
    Uplink). Grab a Rifle and use it on the incoming waves of INSETICK droids. When
    R-110 hacks the console, the information displayed shows that Crow has kept
    thousands of Timesplitters in stock. Afterwards, R-110 becomes "infected" by a
    virus and recieves an impulsive personality. Advance into the corridor and
    press Action to recieve the Electrotool on the wall (DON'T FORGET IT!! This
    weapon is vital!). Use the new toy to destroy the nearby PROMETHUS' shield and
    then take him down. The next corridor contains some supplies on the left, and
    some hostile forces on the right. Smash the Rolling Robot on the balcony first,
    then deal with the robots with the usual methods. Use the Electrotool to
    overload the force field. After this, dispatch the two INSETICK bots and
    collect the Rifle on the wall as R-110 unlocks the nearby door.
    There are a pair of PROMETHUSes guarding the cave entrance. Dispatch the two
    and implode the field. Wipe out the squad of INSETICK robots. When in the cave,
    be aware of the Rolling Robot, which can be quite a threat! Destroy it ASAP and
    move on. There's another Rolling Robot, and some Officers too. Advance up,
    using R-110 as a distraction for the foes across the bridges, and get into the
    Enter the next area. The glowing sphere is the primary energy source for the
    compound. Use the two terminals to disable its shield. Before that though, take
    out the Hover Robots. When the first terminal is used, destroy the two
    PROMETHUSes that spawn. When the second terminal is hacked, advance forward,
    killing the Officers that come in. Open the field and take out the two INSETICK
    foes. In the next room, use the barrels provided to smash the robots that
    attack to smitherines. Move down the elevator and collect the armour and Plasma
    Grenades. Dispatch any robots in this area. When done, throw a Grenade into a
    hole in the Sphere, destroying it entirely. This will send in a GOLIATH Robot.
    Run into the hangar where it just came from and collect the supplies. Use
    whatever's left to topple the metal beast, and then focus on annihilating the
    Rolling Robots. When done, advance to a vent, where Cortez flies into a room
    with an enormous turret and some suprised scientists.
    Use the turret to smash the Officers in the various rooms and use it to smash a
    pole that will demolish some of the area, allowing Cortez to advance. Take care
    of the PROMETHUS that appears after the door and go into the sewer room. Kill
    the Officers there and any Robots. Use the bridge on the left to get to the
    other side of the "river". Another Rolling Robot is present too. Move down the
    corridors to get to the Timesplitter storage room.
    This place is huge! Destroy any Robot that appears in this area (collect the
    Chainguns and Rocket Launchers). When all of the reinforcements are finished,
    the door will open and Cortez can get to the elevator. The top floor doesn't
    look very safe, but don't worry about THAT. Go left and use the terminal to
    bring up the spare energy node (and clear out the Robots that appear). Use the
    Electrotool to annihilate it. Go to the opposite side of the floor (a Rolling
    Robot is encountered, but is no longer an important adversary since the
    Chaingun is now obtained). Smash the officers there and use the elevator to
    move up ANOTHER floor!
    The palace ahead must be where Crow is, but first, destroy the Hover Bots that
    come by. The bridge leading to the palace is out, but the individual bridge
    units can be charged with the Electrotool. Focus on one at a time and quickly
    advance across! When inside the palace, some Prison Officers will ambush
    Cortez. Take them all down (when Cortez goes up the stairs, another one will
    attack). Grab any supplies needed in the foyer before advancing into the
    Destroy Splitter Crow's weapons on his sides. There's lots of them, and they
    usually have lasers indicating that it's working. Use whatever weapons
    available to smash those weapons, and when those weapons are destroyed, Crow
    will withdrawl.
    Just when Cortez finished Crow, R-110 comes. Unfortunately, Crow has recovered
    and has hit Cortez and R-110! Crow reveals his face and Cortez tries to explain
    everything. When Crow scoffed at the idea, he accidentally unmaskes his plan
    and Cortez and R-110 rush to the island in 1924. Crow goes into a livid
    3.11 >You Take The High Road<
    -Destroy the time crystals.
    -Activate the drilling machine.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Temporal Uplink
    Luger 9mm (x2)
    Lee Enfield Rifle
    Kronen SMG (x2)
    Harpoon Launcher
    Fragmentation Grenades
    Unlockable: Robot Louis Stevenson, Time Assassin Cortez.
    Co-op Character: R-110.
    -Ivor Baddic, Pulov Yuran, and Comrade Papadov
    There's even more soldiers inside Crow's underwater base. They have better
    training and come in even greater numbers than before.
    -Warrant Officer Cain
    Instead of being in private rooms in the castle, Officers are usually present
    in squads of soldiers, first in charge.
    -Deep Diver
    Making a rare cameo in the mission, some scuba divers practice hunting outside
    the base with Harpoon Launchers.
    -Fergal Stack
    Workers in the base know the storage areas more than anyone else. They use
    various weapons, but they always have a strong spirit in fighting.
    -John Smith
    Later in the mission, some engineers usually repair (or disrepair) the engines
    for the elevator.
    -Robot Louis Stevenson
    HAH! There are still robots to encounter, but these ones are old ones. They
    are tough, and have machine guns mounted on their arms.
    Cortez just made a wild goose chase! The Crystals happened to be UNDER the
    island! Cortez and R-110 steal a submarine leading to the base.
    It's been a while since Cortez went to the past! Captain Ash has already left
    the scene, but the partner space isn't empty, thanks to R-110!
    Exit the submarine. If Cortez wants to, he can hide behind the pillars under
    the sub. The best one is the far back one on the left (facing the entrance).
    He can hide from the incoming squad of guards that inspect the submarine.
    There's some pretty funny quotes here. When done, ambush the guards and head
    upstairs. In the corridor, kill the soldiers in the area. Turn the wheel to
    show a Lee Enfield Rifle (the ammo for it is scarce) and some switches. Use
    both of them and advance to a circular room. Turn the wheel to access the next
    R-110 examines the pipe and falls down. After this, three guards will come.
    Shoot the big pipe on the right to deal with them quickly, and pick up their
    K-SMGs. Walk through the hallway, killing the guard next to the next pipe.
    Underneath the large window is some guards talking under the bridge. They talk
    about some "guys in hoods". Move on until Cortez reaches a wheel. Turn it to
    turn the bridge below to the right direction. Return back and attack the
    Divers. Pick up their Harpoon Launchers and decend downstairs. Three more
    Divers emerge from the body of water to the left. To the right is the corridor
    that leads to the bridge. Cross it and dispatch the last Diver.
    At the bridge, there are some streets below. These will be accessed soon. Go to
    the other side and enter the storage room and listen to the two men's
    conversation. Grab the K-SMG explosives and wait for them to seperate.
    Assassinate the soldier overlooking the ramp and then kill the Worker he talked
    with down the ramp. At the other side, there's a shelf that contains a medkit
    and armour. Go down and advance through the corridor of boxes. There's another
    Worker that spots Cortez directly and alerts the whole room! Dispatch him. A
    Robot will come out of the box, so smash it to kingdom come. Two more soldiers
    will come by, and there's another Robot at the end of the crate storage area.
    Another two soldiers guard the exit.
    On the streets, shoot any soldiers that try to stop Cortez. The other side of
    the canal has a medkit and a box of Grenades. Two Officers stand at the bridge
    below. Move forward and dispatch the guards at the other side of the canal.
    Another soldier comes by above the decending stairs, with K-SMG ammo. While
    going downstairs, some guards will come by at the opposite side. At the bottom,
    collect the K-SMG explosives and dispatch the two soldiers on the lower
    On the upper street is some barrels next to the guards. Blast them and the
    soldiers on the lower street. When this is done, an Officer will come out of
    the locked door with two K-SMGs. Kill him and collect the bounty. Focus the
    bullets on the bad guys on the bridge above. Advance to the other street,
    killing any soldiers encountered, and move upstairs. More guards are present at
    the balcony, and another one appears on the bridge. Go down the stairs to the
    engine rooms.
    R-110 finally came down the pipes! The corridor goes three ways. Ahead is the
    elevator controls, but the elevator won't work until all four engines are
    running (one is already on). Collect the armour in this room if needed and go
    to the room on the right (facing the controls). Clear out the room of any foes
    and turn on the other engine. Dispatch the reinforcements and clear out the
    other engine room, turning on both engines. Return back to the elevator
    controls and open the elevator. Go in it and decend down, listening to the
    drunk miner. At the bottom, go through the door.
    Officer Keely rallies an army of hooded soldiers and tells them to kill Cortez
    in the year 2401, to prevent him from delivering the crystals to the human HQ.
    Cortez gets into a disguise (leaving R-110 behind) and goes into the portal.
    3.12 >The Hooded Man<
    -Protect Cortez's past self from the Time Assassins.
    -Destroy the Timesplitter mothership.
    -Cover Past Cortez until he reaches the HQ.
    Secondary Objectives:
    Temporal Uplink
    Science-Fiction Handgun
    Plasma Rifle
    Gauss Laser Rifle
    Plasma Sticky Grenades
    Unlockable: Characters: Berserker Splitter, Time Assassin.
    Co-op Character: Pvt. Hicks.
    -Time Assassin
    Now the identity of the Hooded forces is revealed. They are intent on killing
    Cortez, whether it be the Past or Future versions.
    -Berserker Splitter
    The Timesplitters can be hazardous to Past Cortez's health. Try to kill them
    -Timesplitter Mothership
    The big ship can launch homing missiles, which can be quite a threat. The only
    way to damage its armour is to fire a turret at it. Its missiles can also be
    destroyed by turrets.
    Now that Cortez knows about the Hooded soldiers, he will need to defend his
    past self from certain death, and help him get to the HQ.
    About time the second part of 2401 came! Anyways, the layout of this area is
    very similar to the one in the first mission, except that Past Cortez acts like
    an NPC now, making this mission slightly harder.
    Cortez starts with the Gauss. Observe the soldiers helping out Past Cortez.
    Advance right and kill the Assassin overlooking the scene. Go through the
    valleys and dispatch the Assassin that comes by. At the open area, topple the
    Assassin overlooking the fields. Kill the squad of Assassins that ambush Past
    Cortez and his rescue team. Another few Assassins will attack too. When done,
    an Assassin with two Sci-Fis will attack current Cortez. Cortez must dispatch
    the sniper at the other side of the valley and rescue the stranded soldier
    that's under attack by the familiar team of Assassins. When the way for the
    Past guys is clear, go through the narrow opening and kill the two Assassins.
    Pick up the Rifle and shoot the other Assassins at the end of the valley. Use
    the Gauss to pick off the Assassins under the bridge.
    Go to the left bridge building and listen to the tipsy Assassin's funny talk.
    Another normal Assassin will run across the bridge. Kill him and take the
    turret. Use it to destroy the Mothership and its missiles. When done, go to the
    other side of the bridge, and take the supplies.
    Move across and dispatch all of the Assassins in the hallway. Move to where
    Past Cortez just destroyed the Assassins in the bunker, and help him shoot the
    Timesplitters that he encounters (it seems that Crow can still make the
    Timesplitters). Run through the hallway, avoiding the Splitters, and go up the
    Here's the hard part. Use the Gauss to pick off any Splitters that endanger
    Past Cortez and the soldiers at the HQ field. This can be difficult because the
    Splitters can become cloaked. Use the soldiers to find out where those pesky
    beasts are, and shoot any land that looks suspicious. The mission ends when a
    soldier tells Past Cortez to hurry into the HQ (apparently, the message is
    different than in the first mission).
    3.13 >Future Perfect<
    -Destroy the time crystals.
    -Defeat Splitter Crow.
    Secondary Objectives:
    -Infiltrate the area undetected.
    Temporal Uplink
    Luger 9mm
    Kronen SMG
    Unlockable: Characters: Jacob Crow, Mad Old Crow, Victorian Crow, Corporal
    Hart, Karma Crow, Jim Smith (Co-op), Daisy Dismay (Co-op).
    Co-op Character: R-110.
    -Time Assassin
    Some of the special operatives stayed behind to guard the crystal machine.
    Because they were originally trained to be in the future, they are very tough,
    and the best way to kill them is to plug them in the head.
    -Fergal Stack and John Smith
    There's a few workers in this area, less tough than the Assassins.
    -Splitter Crow
    In this mission, Crow can only be hurt if his arms and legs are disabled. He is
    more mobile though, so be aware. His "butt" is gone too, but his arm guns are
    still present.
    Now that Past Cortez is safe, our current hero can now focus on the time
    crystals. It will only be a matter of time before Splitter Crow returns...
    This is a very short mission, but Crow can be quite the blowhard.
    Open the iris underneath Cortez's posing picture and silently dispatch the
    Assassin. The machine is large and green. On the circle is another patrolling
    Assassin, so dispatch him. If he is successfully assassinated, two workers will
    start talking and one of them will become worried. Kill both of them and wait
    for one of the Assassins to depart from the other (in the centre of the machine
    area) and take them down individually. When all of the guards are killed,
    another Assassin pops up from the trapdoor the two Workers were guarding. Go
    into it and dispatch the two miners by throwing the barrels in the passage at
    them. When they're killed, go to the centre of the meteor and get the crystal.
    Return back to the centre of the Machine. Crow has returned, and he's even more
    mobile than before! Aim for his legs, then his arms, and when all four objects
    are disabled, shoot him anywhere to damage him. When he's damaged enough, he
    will go after R-110 and kill it. Without R-110, Cortez is doomed to fight Crow
    alone. Anya says that Cortez can go back in time and utilize his Past Self's
    (and his Past Self's R-110) assistance to help kill Crow. He does this and
    warns his Past Self about Crow. Crow then appears before the three.
    Do the same process here, and don't worry about Past Cortez's health. For both
    rounds, there are K-SMG ammunition and explosives spread across the "arena" if
    needed. When Crow's health is gone, he will collapse and expire. The two
    Cortezes help each other out to malfunction the machine, and they return back
    to the HQ. At the building, Cortez, R-110, Anya, and The General all hear an
    explosion, causing Cortez's Uplink, the Human Time Machine, and R-110 (to The
    General's chagrin) to dissappear. Also, the land in the distance changes from a
    battle-worn desert into rich green plains.
    4.00 >Arcade League<
    The Arcade League puts certain players into special scenarios, where they all
    fight to the finish! Most prizes in the game are unlocked this way.
    4.10 >Amateur League<
    This is the starting League. These challenges are fairly easy, but some are
    harder than others.
    Unlockable: Characters: Fergal Stack, Gideon Gout, Dr. Peabody.
    4.11 >One Gun Fun<
    The name says it all.
    Rockets 101
    Game Mode: Deathmatch.
    Level: Zepplin.
    Character: Captain Ash.
    -Platinum: 1st with 20 points.
    -Gold: 1st with 18 points.
    -Silver: 1st with 16 points.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockable: Cheat: Slow Motion Deaths.
    Briefing: Learn all about high explosives and what they do to peoples' face as
    Captain Ash takes to the skies with a merry bunch of like minded fools and an
    arsenal of rocket propelled armaments. Let's just hope they had the sense to
    fill the ship with helium and not hydrogen (and people say videogames aren't
    educational. Tsk tsk).
    The first league is suprisingly hard, but the highest scores are still
    possible. The Zepplin level is VERY huge, poor for Rocket Launchers. Use the
    radar to search out any opponents, and keep running!
    Big Game Hunt
    Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
    Level: Siberia.
    Character: Leonid.
    -Platinum: 1st with 48 points.
    -Gold: 1st with 35 points.
    -Silver: 1st with 25 points.
    -Bronze: 1st with 15 points.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockable: Character: Vlad The Installer.
    Briefing: Things haven't been been the same around Oblask since Leonid pulled
    the wrong lever and dropped a Tank of radioactive coolant into the frozen lake.
    The wildlife has mutated and now locals are enjoying the best hunting season
    since aliens landed in Tunguska in 1908.
    This scenario is slightly easier, provided that Leonid has proper Sniping
    skills (the weapon featured is the AWM). Leonid is the only guy on the green
    team, while the rest are DeerHaunters on the blue team, meaning that Leonid is
    a good distance away from the Deers to shoot them. The Deers are located either
    on the dam or at the near bunker to the left. Don't let then advance to
    Leonid's position either. If Leonid needs more ammo, there's plenty in his
    bunker (going outside for ammo is suicide!). He can also drive over the Deers
    with the Car (located outside the Dam).
    Divine Immolation
    Game Mode: Deathmatch.
    Level: Temple.
    Character: The Master.
    -Platinum: 1st with 21 points.
    -Gold: 1st with 18 points.
    -Silver: 1st with 15 points.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: The Master.
    Briefing: Heretics are running amok in the sacred temple. Let your sacred
    clensing fire guide them along the path to enlightenment and gently release
    their souls to achieve spiritual calm. Breath deeply and repeat after me,
    The last game in this series is by far the easiest. There's PLENTY of time to
    accumulate enough points for more than the Platinum requirements. Just simply
    point and shoot The Master's Flare Gun at will.
    4.12 >Nightstick<
    I'm not so sure what these games all have in common...
    Commuting Will Kill You
    Game Mode: Elimination.
    Level: Subway.
    Character: Jack Sprocket.
    -Platinum: 1st in 2:20.
    -Gold: 1st in 2:40.
    -Silver: 1st in 3:40.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: Leonid. Cheat: Fat Characters.
    Briefing: Cancellations and overcrowding on the morning trains have just driven
    the commuters a few stops past the end of the line. Everyone's gone off the
    rails and now it's carnage central on the subway. The stationmaster says
    the last one standing gets a free off-peak travel pass - Go for it!
    The Nightstick series is easier than the other series. Starting with a simple
    Luger 9mm, Jack Sprocket must defeat every single opponent and survive. There
    are SPAS-12 Shotguns spread around the area, they will help. Also, hunt down
    any opponents like crazy.
    Toy Soldiers
    Game Mode: Shrink.
    Level: Vietnam.
    Character: The General.
    -Platinum: 1st with 30 points.
    -Gold: 1st with 28 points.
    -Silver: 1st with 20 points.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockable: Character: Nobby Peters.
    Briefing: Trials of a new combat drug are having some freaky results. An
    unforseen side effect is causing anomalous pituitary gland activity and
    combatants are turning into midgets! Get out into the field and show them that
    the top brass doesn't shrink in the face of battle.
    Shrink can be a pain when in 1st place. Not only that, but the opponents might
    be cammoflauged in the terrain, so watch out! Don't worry though, The General
    can take some punishment, and the opponents aren't that skilled in warfare.
    Dam Cold Out Here!
    Game Mode: Zones.
    Level: Siberia.
    Character: Crispin.
    -Platinum: 37 points in 2:45.
    -Gold: 37 points in 3:00.
    -Silver: 37 points in 3:15.
    -Bronze: 37 points.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: Snowman.
    Briefing: Pesky snowmen, just because they're made of the stuff they think they
    own the frozen wonderland above the dam. Well, it's time to give them some hot
    action. Roast their cute carrot noses and fire up those coal eyes and make
    sure you keep the chilly beggars off the zone bases to secure a win.
    Run around searching for enemy zones (Red). Whenever Crispin meets any Frostys,
    the Flare Gun will burn him instantly! Crispin is teamed up with INSETICK
    Droids for some reason.
    4.13 >On The Take<
    Whether it's taking belongings or Human Cells, those kinds of actions are done
    Vamping In Venice
    Game Mode: Vampire.
    Level: Venice.
    Character: Jacque De La Morte.
    -Platinum: 1st in 2:00.
    -Gold: 1st in 2:30.
    -Silver: 1st in 3:00.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockable: Character: Jacque De La Morte.
    Briefing: The stakes aren't the only thing that's high as the twisted children
    of the night prowl the wiffy water filled streets of Venice. Driven by a
    burning bloodlust they turn upon each other in a frenzied orgy of destruction.
    Make no mistakes, drive your point home, and become the king of darkness!
    Since it's one shot kills, the Harpoon Gun can be quite lethal. Watch out for
    any single opponents, they can take Jacque by suprise! Camping is NOT the best
    way to live through this game.
    Pirate Gold
    Game Mode: Thief.
    Level: Temple.
    Character: Captain Ed Shivers.
    -Platinum: 12 points in 1:40.
    -Gold: 12 points in 2:30.
    -Silver: 12 points in 3:00.
    -Bronze: 12 points.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockable: Character: Captain Ed Shivers.
    Briefing: Oh-arr me hearties, there'll be doubloons as big as yer 'ead and
    pieces of eight a plenty in thar temple ruins. But them juicy cash prizes also
    draw a rare crowd, so everytime you fill some landlubbers skinny behind w'yer
    salty musket load, look and be sure that Captain Shivers grabs their
    spondulics. Oh-arr, indeed, be sure.
    Argh, Matey! It's time to take some coins off some cheap kills! The weapons are
    assorted and are completely random. Nevertheless, use them on any opponent and
    take the coins before anyone else!
    Virtual Brutality
    Game Mode: Assault.
    Level: VR.
    Character: INSETICK SK/12.
    -Platinum: Complete in 2:30.
    -Gold: Complete in 4:00.
    -Silver: Complete in 6:00.
    -Bronze: Complete in 11:00.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockable: PROMETHUS SK/8.
    Briefing: Come robot brethren, take up your sacred plasma weapons and rebel
    against the tyranny and falsehood of the chattering Cyber Chimps. For too long
    we have slaved under their oppression. We must storm the citadel of virtual
    light and destroy the seat of their power! Down with the false idol of the
    Chimpish Head!
    The pressure on this scenario is high. When arriving at the "Beach", advance to
    the Red Block to open both gates. Inside the "Building", there are two more red
    blocks to activate. When this is done, the Robots must advance to another red
    block that will open another gate. During this phase, INSETICK should shoot one
    of the Turrets from below so that the Robots will have an easier time getting
    to the terminal. When done, the next objective is the Generator that must be
    destroyed. After this, advance to the upstairs in order to destroy the central
    core (it's shaped like a Monkey's Head). The only way to annihilate the core is
    to throw a Plasma Grenade in its mouth.
    Cyber Chimps guard the whole way. Beware, as they are short and large in
    4.20 >Honorary League<
    The Honarary League has more challenging scenarios, and some are quite hard.
    Unlockable: Characters: Neophyte Constance, Warrant Officer Keely, Changeling.
    4.21 >Dead Weight<
    Lots of kills are present in these three challenges, so get out the heavy
    A Pox Of Mox
    Game Mode: Zones.
    Level: Spaceport.
    Character: Gretel.
    -Platinum: 36 points in 2:30.
    -Gold: 36 points in 3:00.
    -Silver: 36 points in 3:30.
    -Bronze: 36 points.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: Koozer Mox. Cheat: Small Heads.
    Briefing: The spaceport has been invaded by the dreaded Koozer Mox, but
    fortunately for the authorities, the latest Gretel combat droid just happens to
    be passing through on her way to Eridani 3 for some R'n'R under the triple
    suns. Well now they've spoilt her holiday so it looks like she's gonna be
    whippin' their blue alien hides in return.
    Don't be deceived by the outnumbering Mox. They are weak, and the Spaceport is
    linear enough for Gretel to hold a stiff position. Collect the first four
    Zones, and guard the passage underneath the bridge. Then simply shoot anything
    that moves. Don't go for the final zone, as the room is too wide.
    Rumble In The Jungle
    Game Mode: Elimination.
    Level: Vietnam.
    Character: Leo Krupps.
    -Platinum: 1st in 3:15?
    -Gold: 1st in 3:30.
    -Silver: 1st in 4:00.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockable: Character: Leo Krupps.
    Briefing: It's your chance to be the mane man so don't just leave that gun lion
    there! Take some pride in your work and wipe your paws with the opposition.
    Scoring for the best awards is VERY difficult in this mission, as the level is
    large, and the spawn points are far away. Try to focus on killing the winning
    opponent in order to allow the other players to kill themselves, hurrying the
    winning process altogether. One last thing, watch out for mines!
    Freake Unique
    Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
    Level: Subway.
    Character: Hans.
    -Platinum: 30 points in 2:40.
    -Gold: 30 points in 3:00.
    -Silver: 30 points in 3:45.
    -Bronze: 30 points.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockable: Character: Hans.
    Briefing: At night the subway turf is hotly disputed by local gangs. The weird
    warriors have come out to play, but who will be left standing at the end of the
    fight? The Techno Geeks, the Circus Freaks, or even dear little Hans? Don't
    laugh - you get to be Hans...
    Hans' spawn point is in between the Circus (Red and to the right) and the
    Geeks' (Green and to the left) spawn points, so use that to Hans' advantage.
    Try to focus on either of the teams, but if Hans doesn't kill, he won't win!
    4.22 >Fever Pitch<
    Virus Matches and violence syndromes are featured, so beware!
    Outbreak Hotel
    Game Mode: Virus.
    Level: Hotel.
    Character: Envirosuit.
    -Platinum: Last for 3:00.
    -Gold: Last for 2:30.
    -Silver: Last for 1:30.
    -Bronze: Last for 1:00.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockable: Cheat: Big Heads.
    Briefing: You'd think a hotel full of medical conference attendees would be a
    pretty healthy place to stay. Not so, it's a run down flea pit and coupled with
    low standards of personal hygiene it was only a matter of time before the lurgy
    broke out. Keep on the move and stay away from infected carriers, that
    envirosuit won't help you much here.
    There's a good camping point for the Doctor; it's outside the Hotel and in the
    gardens. Here, it's open enough for him to be aware of any threats. One shot
    kills are activated, so the Ghost Imploder will be useful (Contaminated players
    have "Flaming" textures, so don't get those and the glowing vision confused).
    Despite the simple method of completing this, I just have a fear of Virus
    Matches. They're so scary!
    Missile Bunker
    Game Mode: Virus.
    Level: Bunker.
    Character: Nurse Tourniquet.
    -Platinum: Last for 3:00.
    -Gold: Last for 2:30.
    -Silver: Last for 1:30.
    -Bronze: Last for 1:00.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockable: Character: Nurse Sputum.
    Briefing: Prolonged living in close quarters has led to an outbreak of cabin
    fever in the underground bunker. Luckily there's plenty of stockpiled
    explosives at hand - just the thing for clearing people's heads.
    This is even worse. The camping points: either end of the Bunker with
    trenches) is narrow. I cannot give any more hints than that, unfortunately.
    Bag Slag
    Game Mode: Bag Tag.
    Level: Disco.
    -Platinum: Hold for 3:10.
    -Gold: Hold for 3:00.
    -Silver: Hold for 2:30.
    -Bronze: Hold for 1:30.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: Venus.
    Briefing: Lady's night at the Big Tipper and everything was going swingingly
    until Anya checked out her handbag from the cloakroom. No-one else had ever
    seen one made out of TimeSplitter hide - "Oh my, it's just to die for!". Now
    it's one hell of a catfight as everyone tries to grab a piece of the action.
    After those hard games, here's one that's so easy! When Anya gets hold of the
    Bag, she won't be able to use any weapons or fight, but she can still run! Keep
    running around the Disco until time runs out. All the other opponents will
    chase Anya like an Angry Mob, which is perfect.
    4.23 >Mode Madness<
    Expect the unpredictable in this series, something's bound to happen!
    I Like Dead People
    Game Mode: Shrink.
    Level: Hotel.
    Character: Edwina.
    -Platinum: 1st with 40 points.
    -Gold: 1st with 32 points.
    -Silver: 1st with 12 points.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockable: Character: Deadwina.
    Briefing: Edwina likes to play with dead things. Unfortunately we're not
    talking about spiders and flies here - she prefers animated corpses. That's
    right, the whole range from clammy and supturating to flaccid and putrefying.
    There's not much to say about this, as it is straightforward and familiar.
    Edwina can just hunt down any of her dolls (unless, of course, the doll turns
    into a zombie) and do whatever she wants!
    Zany Zepplin
    Game Mode: Gladiator.
    Level: Zepplin.
    Character: Khallos.
    -Platinum: 1st with 29 points.
    -Gold: 1st with 20 points.
    -Silver: 1st with 12 points.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockable: Character: Booty Guard.
    Briefing: Khallos thought a zeppelin would be the last word in retro-chique for
    the aspiring world dominating maniac. He didn't reckon on a bunch of crazies
    hijacking his launch party. Show them who's the boss.
    With assorted weapons that are awkward, getting a good score can be difficult.
    When Khallos is the Gladiator, he can use the MAG-Charger to shoot through the
    Zepplin to other opponents, and with good enough skills, the Remote Mines can
    prove worthy. Every player starts with dual Lugers, and there's also Shotguns
    spread around, so look for those too.
    Lip Up Fatty
    Game Mode: Assault.
    Level: Mars Prison.
    Character: Mordecai Jones.
    -Platinum: Complete in 4:00.
    -Gold: Complete in 5:30.
    -Silver: Complete in 7:00.
    -Bronze: Complete in 10:00.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: Dozer.
    Briefing: The Machine forces have captured Fatty Dozer and under torture he's
    threatening to spill his guts about covert rebel operations in the Gamma
    Quadrant. Hard times call for desperate measures, so it's down to Mordecai
    Jones to lead a crack team into the prison and assassinate Dozer. It'll be a
    kindness really...
    Unlike the previous Assault, this is dead easy. First, dodge the gunfire of the
    Turrets, grab the Mines, and use it on the barrel to the left. This will open
    the wall. After destroying the two interior Turrets, activate the two
    Terminals. Advance to the Barracks, dodge the Turrets, and hope that Mordecai's
    mates have distracted all the bad guys. In the Barracks, get any supplies
    provided and hack another Terminal. After this, run down the prison area and
    kill Dozer in a random cell. When Mordecai looses the Robots on his hide, the
    mission is a walk in the park!
    4.30 >Elite League<
    The hardest games are located here, and be prepared to yell at full volume when
    stuck at certain leagues.
    Unlockable: Characters: Tommy Jenkins, Sister Faith, INSETICK SK/10.
    4.31 >Smash 'N Grab<
    More violence than ever is here, even OUTSIDE the game (just try Astro Jocks!)!
    Screw Loose
    Game Mode: Team Thief.
    Level: Mars Prison.
    Character: Prison Officer.
    -Platinum: 25 points in 3:00.
    -Gold: 25 points in 3:30
    -Silver: 25 points in 4:00.
    -Bronze: 25 points.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockable: Character: Prison Officer.
    Briefing: Things used to be pretty quiet at the Martian Penal Institute for the
    Correction of Delinquent Undead Space Monkeys, but then there was an initiative
    offering financial incentives for reducing overcrowding in the cell blocks.
    Prison Officer Jonas reckons that means "shoot inmates for cash prizes". Go
    At last, the Prison Officer has a name. Anyways, this can be quite difficult,
    as the Undead Monkeys will try to steal the coins! Focus on one at a time, one
    that is close enough for Jonas to grab.
    Oh Shoal-O-Mio
    Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
    Level: Venice.
    Character: Deep Diver.
    -Platinum: 40 points in 1:45.
    -Gold: 40 points in 2:00.
    -Silver: 40 points in 2:20.
    -Bronze: 40 points.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: Deep Diver.
    Briefing: The canals of Venice have been invaded by a plague of tiny mutant
    whales who are terrorizing the local population and scaring away tourists by
    singing opera arias badly off key. There's nothing for it but to send in a
    heavily armed chap in a diving suit - don't worry though, it's a scientific
    Accumulating kills won't take long! Because the Shoals are SO out of shape,
    the Deep Diver will make quick work of them and make them flee the scene!
    There's enough decent weapons to make them run, and if they drop more, it can't
    be any better!
    Astro Jocks
    Game Mode: Elimination.
    Level: Spaceport.
    Character: Candi Skyler.
    -Platinum: 1st in 2:00.
    -Gold: 1st in 2:15.
    -Silver: 1st in 2:30.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockable: Character: Candi Skyler.
    Briefing: Candi's had just enough of the jibes going round the academy - and if
    one more person makes a comment about the fullness of her double moons then
    there's gonna be ructions. Well, today it's combat training with live plasma
    ammo so this is her chance to wipe those silly locker room grins off of the
    boys' faces.
    Because there's no other way to access the two "Bases", and the lack of
    manpower in the Dispersion Shotgun, getting at least a Silver is a VERY, VERY
    hard task! Here's some rules of thumb to getting the gold:
    1. Go for Cortez first, as he has a LOT of health!
    2. After Cortez is "Fired", attack Security and The General. For these three
    adversaries, use the Plasma Grenades.
    3. Once all three Tough guys are out, hunt the winning opponent out of the
    normal and weaker guys. A fully Charged shot can take one out instantly!
    Balancing out the game stats (hunt the winner, and then hunt the next one) will
    allow Candi to have a better chance of getting a good medal because if there's
    multiple opponents, then they will kill each other, speeding up the process.
    Also, there's some windows that Candi can shoot out, meaning that killing a guy
    on the opposite section isn't COMPLETELY futile. Good Luck!
    4.32 >Group Therapy<
    More stress comes this way! Be prepared...
    Zone Control
    Game Mode: Zones.
    Level: VR.
    Character: GOLIATH SD/9.
    -Platinum: 35 points in 2:45.
    -Gold: 35 points in 3:00.
    -Silver: 35 points in 3:15.
    -Bronze: 35 points.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockable: Character: Neophyte Lucian. Cheat: Cascade.
    Briefing: Combat robots are thoroughly tested in simulations in order to
    minimize the chances of costly product recalls. Todays test is battlefield
    territory awareness. So instead of shooting everyone in the diodes, try to make
    sure that key locations stay under your team's control.
    Do'h! With stupid players all around, it's up to GOLIATH to save the day! The
    best way to win is to distract the enemy team at their spawn point. Capture it
    and keep killing any bad Robots that try to kill GOLIATH. Meanwhile, his team
    will Capture the other Zones, which will end in the red team's victory. The VR
    map is much more different from the one in Assault mode.
    Front Loaded
    Game Mode: Deathmatch.
    Level: Disco.
    Character: Kitten Celeste.
    -Platinum: 10 points in 1:50.
    -Gold: 10 points in 2:10.
    -Silver: 10 points in 2:50.
    -Bronze: 10 points.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockable: Character: Stumpy.
    Briefing: Harry's old police partner, Christine Malone, has turned up at the
    Big Tipper asking after the man himself. From the looks of that non-regulation
    uniform it seems she may be planning on more than just looking over the details
    of old busts. Kitten says her fella ain't for sharing, she's challenged Malone
    to get out her pistols and let's see what they're made of.
    Camp at the dance square and wait for Malone to come for Kitten. When she does,
    keep shooting her in the face! Repeat this process 9 more times!
    Old Blaggers
    Game Mode: Capture The Bag.
    Level: Bunker.
    Character: Braces.
    -Platinum: 5 points.
    -Gold: 4 points.
    -Silver: 3 points.
    -Bronze: 2 points.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockable: Character: Braces.
    Briefing: Braces reckons all this new fangled law enforcement technology's no
    match for a bit of old fashioned thieving. He's teamed up with a couple of old
    school mates to show these so called SecurityDroids just how to pull of a
    Those dang Robots have again outnumbered the human race! Luckily, Braces has
    two tough teammates that actually have brains! Things can vary here, but the
    FN FAL Rifle is the best weapon to wield. The MAG-Charger can help one of
    Braces' mates when he's got the Blue Bag, and some determination will win over
    attrition. If Braces has the Blue Bag, and one of the Robots has the Red Bag,
    restart, as it will lead to no advancement.
    4.33 >Retro Chique<
    Familiar Maps (and sometimes Characters) are revisited in the Series, although
    the Chinese Resturaunt has an expanded basement.
    The Dead, The Bad, And The Silly
    Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
    Level: Mexican Mission.
    Character: Sheriff Skullface.
    -Platinum: 30 points in 2:10.
    -Gold: 30 points in 2:25.
    -Silver: 30 points in 3:00.
    -Bronze: 30 points.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockable: Character: Jared Slim.
    Briefing: Jared Slim and Venus have been robbing banks, stealing laundry and
    generally terrorising right thinking folk all across the Rio Grande. Now
    they've holed up in the old Mexican Mission with a mechanized cactus man who
    goes by the name of Eli Scrubs. Time to bring 'em in Sheriff. "Dead or Alive",
    that's you by the way, no one's actually sure if you're dead or alive...
    Since the Sheriff is on the Green Team, he will usually start on the second
    floor of the maze. Collect any weapons and head over to the town square, where
    the three bandits wait. They will keep spawning here, so don't worry about
    being lost in the maze. Use any fast-firing weapons to defeat the bad guys,
    but if the Sherrif is killed, he will have a harder time getting a high-quality
    Ninja Garden
    Game Mode: Monkey Assisstant.
    Level: Chinese.
    Character: Chinese Chef.
    -Platinum: 1st with 23 points.
    -Gold: 1st with 20 points.
    -Silver: 1st with 17 points.
    -Bronze: 1st.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockable: Character: Chinese Chef.
    Briefing: It's come to this: Gaston, the Chinese Chef and a couple of their
    favourite ingredients - Duck and Calamari, in bitter contest of the wok. Cook
    or be cooked! But who could have foreseen the wildcard intervention of a crack
    team of Ninja Monkeys weighing in for the underdog? Banzai!
    Uh-Oh! Here come those meddling monkeys! Because of the poor Stamina of the
    animals, it's between the two cooks to see who can kill more. Unfortunately,
    from time to time, Ninja Monkeys will ambush the winner (assuming it's the
    Chinese man), and they are virtually indestructible! Avoid the big blur of red
    on the radar, and keep hunting any legitimate players.
    Sock It To Them
    Game Mode: Assault.
    Level: Training Ground.
    Character: Mr. Socky.
    -Platinum: Complete in 1:00.
    -Gold: Complete in 1:50.
    -Silver: Complete in 2:40.
    -Bronze: Complete in 4:00.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockable: Character: Mr. Socky.
    Briefing: The Handymen have seized the high ground in the Training Ground and
    are firmly dug in. It falls to you, Mr Socky, to lead your brave platoon of
    freshly laundered wool knit comfy comrades in a daring assault on their
    position. They've made a fool of you one time too many and its time they paid
    the price.
    Actually, there's only a pair of Socks to attack the base. Anyways, Mr. Socky
    should just rush through the battle, and relax at the waterfall. Then, go to
    the base and annihilate the barrels (they are in the same locations as in TS2).
    When done, blow up the Computer Terminals in the buiding. There's weaker
    weapons here than in the "Men In Grey" scenario in TS2, so living is a lesser
    5.0 >Challenges<
    Non-Arcade Challenges are located here, where certain tasks must be done.
    Unlockable: Characters: Mr. Fleshcage, Sewer Zombie, Jed.
    5.1 >Behead The Undead<
    In Behead The Undead Challenges, a Character is pitted up against waves and
    waves of undead enemies! In this game, however, there's always a twist to the
    games! Also, the Character must not leave the battlefield, or he will be
    Brain Drain
    Level: Hotel Foyer.
    Character: Dr. Lancet.
    -Platinum: 35000 points.
    -Gold: 25000 points.
    -Silver: 15000 points.
    -Bronze: 5000 points.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockables: Character: Brains. Cheat: Rotating Heads.
    Briefing: For years now, Dr Lancet has been cutting the tops of cute little
    monkey's heads just as if they were hard boiled eggs. When he's finished poking
    at their cerebellums he illegally dumps the remains in and ally behind the
    vivisection lab. You can't expect to get away with that kind of stuff... well,
    at least you should finish them off properly with a shotgun.
    Incoming waves of undead Monkeys! Dr. Lancet must reload his Shotgun frequently
    and watch out for fast Monkeys or ones that have Shotguns themselves! In the
    later rounds, Ghosts will also start to appear. Simply shoot them and they will
    be defeated. Try not to get hit in the back.
    Rare or Well Done?
    Level: Mansion Kitchen.
    Character: Gaston Boucher.
    -Platinum: 50000 points.
    -Gold: 30000 points.
    -Silver: 20000 points.
    -Bronze: 10000 points.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockables: Character: Carrion Carcass.
    Briefing: Sacre bleu! It's Gaston's worst nightmare! Just when he thought it
    was safe to buy English meat, his cold room breaks down and now the kitchen is
    overrun by mad undead cows. There's only one cure - triple inoculation.
    Depeche-toi, Gaston!
    Because the Cows have no heads and therefore, cannot be beheaded, this will be
    the toughest Challenge ever! The only way to dispatch those undead animals is
    to Inject poison in them! The cows will come from both hallways, and there's
    also fast ones too coming out of the corners! Gaston will have to keep running
    around the room, or it's game over for him! Make sure his path is clear or else
    the situation will be doomed to be a reverse dinner!
    Boxing Clever
    Level: U-Genix Butchery Lab.
    Character: Cortez.
    -Platinum: 100000 points.
    -Gold: 50000 points.
    -Silver: 20000 points.
    -Bronze: 5000 points.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Character: Tin-Legs Tommy.
    Briefing: Secret laboratory, blah blah... Twisted research, blah blah... Living
    dead, blah blah... Anyway, lacking an immediate shotgun to hand it looks like
    the only way to get those heads off these guys is to hit them with boxes - so
    you'll be needing the Temporal Uplink's force manipulator for this one.
    What a twist! Cortez cannot punch and he must use the Uplink to throw objects
    at the undead faces! The first objects available will be the boxes. Cortez can
    also lift the heads of defeated zombies against the living dead! Heads will
    score more points than boxes, and there's also combos to be looked out for. The
    arena is very small, so Cortez will need to circle around the platform!
    5.2 >Cut-Out Shoot-Out<
    Like a training sequence, volunteers must shoot Cardboard targets with accuracy
    to score points. Shooting an innocent target has its penalties...
    Hart Attack
    Level: 2401 Plains.
    Character: Corporal Hart.
    -Platinum: 1800 points.
    -Gold: 1750 points.
    -Silver: 1600 points.
    -Bronze: 1100 points.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Character: Viola. Cheat: Cardboard Characters.
    Briefing: In a parallel universe not too far away, Corporal Hart arrives back
    at Spacetime Marine HQ only to find the base under attack by vicious cardboard
    cut-outs. Give 'em hell, mam! Oh, and be sure not to shoot any good guys (you
    know, the slappy bloke with the goggles who left you behind dying on the
    Spacestation in TimeSplitters2).
    This is the few times that the very noticable Spaceways Music is present. The
    path goes along the "Time To Split!" mission, and stops at the part where
    Cortez meets his first TimeSplitter. This is straightforward, but keep looking
    in hard-to-see areas for extra targets, and don't shoot the boards with Cortez
    portraits on them!
    Come Hell Or High Water
    Level: Venice Canals.
    Character: Viola.
    -Platinum: 1800 points.
    -Gold: 1600 points.
    -Silver: 1450 points.
    -Bronze: 1150 points.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockables: Character: Goddard.
    Briefing: Viola likes nothing better than to unwind on a gondola drifting along
    the tranquil canals of Venice. Mind you, this is a working holiday so be sure
    to shoot as many demons as possible and take care to miss the tourists. No,
    really, I know it's tempting but just shoot at the demons...
    The P220 Scope is vital for accuracy, and Viola only has a certain amount of
    time to get a target before her ride zoomes past it! Windows will sometimes
    hold cardboard figures, but the main thing is, shoot whatever is unnatural!
    Balls Of Steel
    Level: Ultra-Net Sewers.
    Character: R-107.
    -Platinum: 1250 points.
    -Gold: 1000 points.
    -Silver: 875 points.
    -Bronze: 700 points.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockables: Character: Badass Cyborg.
    Briefing: R107's a crazy mixed up dude, he thinks he's a robot but instead of
    turning to Droidian psychoanalysis for help he's decided to work his
    frustrations by shooting at pictures of robots. Well, if he wants to be
    a real robot he needs to play by the rules - a robot may not injure human
    beings, yep that's right, not even cardboard ones.
    Another accuracy shootout, but easier, as the floor R-107 is standing on is
    stationary. Hit the Robot targets in the groin (:D) and avoid shooting the
    lovely ladies.
    5.3 >Cat Driving<
    In the "Khallos Express", Khallos held a cat that really wasn't a legitimate
    living organism. In fact, it had wheels and a button under its head! After
    foiling the gas chamber, Cortez could use the Cat (Strudel), and have it stroll
    along the floors! These challenges use Strudel in some wacky time trials!
    The Cat's Out Of The Bag!
    Level: U-Genix Rooftops.
    Character: Strudel.
    -Platinum: Complete in 1:10.
    -Gold: Complete in 1:20.
    -Silver: Complete in 1:30.
    -Bronze: Complete in 1:40.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Cheat: Human Gun Sounds.
    Briefing: When he's not busy planning world domination, Khallos indulges in a
    secret passion. Yes, it's the sport of kings and the lovable rogue's pastime,
    welcome ladies and gentlemen, to a dark and shady world where fortunes are won
    and lost, the world of high performance cat racing!
    For many racing games, the usual hint is to break at turns to prevent slowdown.
    Strudel, on another hand, also needs to avoid tipping over. There are
    checkpoints that must be passed in order to race across the track.
    Lap It Up
    Level: VR Corridors.
    Character: Strudel.
    -Platinum: Complete in 2:00.
    -Gold: Complete in 2:15.
    -Silver: Complete in 2:30.
    -Bronze: Complete in 2:45.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockables: Character: Comrade Papadov.
    Briefing: The clock is ticking, the engine is purring, the litter tray has been
    emptied and Strudel's tanked up with full fat double cream and ready to go! Get
    out on the VR grid and see if you can shave a whisker off your best time.
    Bumpy terrain is introduced here. Try to break at the falling points, and
    hurry, despite the amount of time given. Don't worry about Strudel landing on
    its side; it's a usual thing in this track.
    The Cat's Pajamas
    Level: Sibera Ice.
    Character: Strudel.
    -Platinum: Complete in 2:25.
    -Gold: Complete in 2:35.
    -Silver: Complete in 2:50.
    -Bronze: Complete in 3:10.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockables: Character: Gilbert Gastric.
    Briefing: Only the finest cat drivers have the ability to shine on this
    treacherous frozen circuit. Remember to balance the throttle in the corners,
    just feel the line, dig your claws in and don't let the back end slip out on
    this tricky ice track.
    Since the checkpoints are not blocked by walls, Strudel can ignore the path and
    simply just pass the checkpoints. There is a jump just for fun, and the
    slipperyness of the terrain won't matter as long as Strudel keeps up the speed!
    5.4 >Super Smashing Great<
    Along with smashing glass, other items can be broken. More specifically to this
    series, they MUST be broken! The challenge is complete when all requested items
    are smashed to smitherenes.
    Avec Le Brique
    Level: Chinese Resturaunt.
    Character: Gaston Boucher.
    -Platinum: Complete in 2:40.
    -Gold: Complete in 2:50.
    -Silver: Complete in 3:00.
    -Bronze: Complete in 3:30.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Character: Aztec Warrior.
    Briefing: Recent refurbishment at the "Chine Garden" restaurant has been a big
    success and bookings are flooding in. But Gaston isn't too pleased, he's lost a
    lot of customers from the "Frog and Snail". Enter our old chum Monsieur Le
    Brique, let's see how quickly you can smash up all the plates and glass and put
    them out of business.
    Gaston starts in the kitchen. Gaston has enough Bricks to topple the Statue of
    Liberty alone, so start throwing like a madman! Once every plate in the kitchen
    is worthless, advance to a serving room. Smash every glass pane in sight (even
    the highest ones!), and then move on to the entrance. Smash the glass on the
    walls close to the ceiling (this is the hardest part), and once done, break the
    glass that surrounds the entrance. One more thing; don't let Gaston knock
    himself out by accident with his own tools.
    Absolutely Potty
    Level: Temple Interrior.
    Character: Captain Ash.
    -Platinum: Complete in 1:40.
    -Gold: Complete in 1:50.
    -Silver: Complete in 2:00.
    -Bronze: Complete in 2:30.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Cheat: Paintball.
    Briefing: It's archeology, Captain Ash style - well, if those foreign Johnnies
    won't let him take the ancient artifacts out of the country then he'll destroy
    the lot of them! Smash every priceless Aztec pot in the temple as quickly as
    possible before the authorities arrive and pack him of to Blighty.
    The Radar shows all the Pots on the map. The path of pots is pretty linear
    (except near the end), but there are some pots being carried by monkeys, and if
    any of those Monkeys are hurt, Captain Ash needs to pay the price (more seconds
    added). Try to gather the pots into one bundle and shoot them in one blow.
    Also, Ash does NOT have infinite ammunition, but there are some Shotgun Shell
    boxes around places. Try to destroy all the pots in one area before moving on,
    try to memorize the Temple part of the map, and improvise a plan for a walk.
    Don't Lose Your Bottle
    Level: Disco.
    Character: Harry Tipper.
    -Platinum: Complete in 1:30.
    -Gold: Complete in 1:35.
    -Silver: Complete in 1:45.
    -Bronze: Complete in 2:00.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockables: Weapon: Brick.
    Briefing: Kitten was out of town last night and Harry took the opportunity to
    invite a bunch of sailors over to the Big Tipper. Trouble is they've left
    bottles of their favourite grog all over the place which is pretty
    incriminating If Kitten gets back and finds "Flying Seaman" everywhere then
    Harry's in big trouble - get it cleaned up as quickly as possible.
    This is the hardest in the Series, because the Lex bullets are tiny, as are the
    targets: Beer Bottles. Another dilema is that the remaining party mates, the
    Henchpeople, are quite drunk and hold their Bottles, and of course we all know
    that corpses in rooms don't help cleaning a room at all! Instead of using two,
    use a single Scilenced Glock to improve accuracy. Try to snipe the Bottles on
    the top floor before the bottom, and don't move on to the second section until
    all the Bottles in the first half are gone. The final Bottle should be in the
    hands of a drunk Henchman, who is very fidgety. Simply shoot him, never mind
    the penalty, so that Harry will have an easier time completing this.
    5.5 >Timesplitters "Story" Classic<
    In the TS1 Story Mode, the player had to get an item and then return back to
    the start. This does the same too, but there's a time limit for score.
    Queen Of Harts
    Level: Spaceport.
    Character: Corporal Hart.
    -Platinum: Complete in 2:00.
    -Gold: Complete in 2:30.
    -Silver: Complete in 3:30.
    -Bronze: Complete in 6:00.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockables: Cheat: Cloaked Characters.
    Briefing: Meanwhile, back in a parallel universe, Corporal Hart is still
    battling heroically to somehow make a reasonable showing in this game despite
    having been killed in the prequel. Go for it! Find the time crystal and get to
    the exit portal as quickly as possible.
    Hart starts in the "Blue Section" control centre with two Sci-Fi Pistols and a
    few Prison Officers coming to her position. Dispatch them and choose a path to
    get out. The enemies from the opposite path will come too, so dispatch them as
    well to get to the next area. When both groups from both paths are clear, more
    bad guys will come from under the bridge. Advance across and mow down the
    Officers. In the chamber, two PROMETHUS Robots will spawn. Take their Chainguns
    and use it on all the foes guarding the Landing Pad (and the Turrets). When
    every single Robot is smashed, the Red Section will be accessible. From here
    on, run to the Red Engine Room and collect the Time Crystal. Timesplitter
    alert! Hurry back to the Landing Pad, where the portal lies.
    Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby
    Level: Vietnam.
    Character: Renzo.
    -Platinum: Complete in 2:20.
    -Gold: Complete in 2:40.
    -Silver: Complete in 3:20.
    -Bronze: Complete in 6:00.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Character: Sapper Johnson.
    Briefing: The LZ drop didn't go too well and Samuel Renzo's been separated from
    the rest of the platoon, and more worryingly - his lunchbox full of ham
    sandwiches landed in occupied territory. Blast your way through the jungle,
    grab the lost lunch and get to the inexplicable time portal asap. Step to it
    As a start, the main priority in this mission is to preserve Renzo's health, as
    there are no medkits or armour patches in this level. The SPAS-12 is only useful
    in the corridors of the level, and preserve the FN FAL Rifle until the later
    Blast the two men advancing on Renzo, and take both of their weapons. Advance
    through the corridor and kill any hostiles to move on. Once outdoors, switch to
    the MP5 to blast anyone. Another soldier will come from the back door. Up
    ahead, there's a sniper and some more soldiers. Take the sniper's Lee Enfield
    and blast the soldier hiding in the corner. The next area has some soldiers in
    good cover with Grenades! Shoot the one hiding on the right to prevent
    explosions. Under the bridge is some more bad guys. When Renzo passes the
    bridge, a squad of hostiles will ambush him from behind. Another squad flanks
    in the front. Destroy both squads to open the gate.
    Now that all the gates are taken care of, keep advancing through the maze and
    collect the Lunch at the end. After the Timesplitters spawn, return back to the
    first gate and jump through the portal.
    Glimpse Of Stocking
    Level: Hotel.
    Character: Mr. Underwood.
    -Platinum: Complete in 2:40.
    -Gold: Complete in 3:00.
    -Silver: Complete in 4:00.
    -Bronze: Complete in 6:00.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockables: Character: Mr. Underwood.
    Briefing: It's been conniptions and collywobbles all around since Mr.
    Underwood misplaced some important 'artistic' documents. All is not lost
    though, by dual wielding his trusty pistols (that's double guns to us ordinary
    folk) it shouldn't take too long to recover his Victorian Gentleman's magazines
    and make a mad dash for the time portal.
    It's not easy to describe the walkthrough here. Those who have gone through
    "Hit Me Baby one Morgue Time" might have an idea of what to expect here though.
    Unfortunately, Ammo is scarce here, and the Luger Pistols aren't all that
    effective for zombie-killing.
    Unlike the aforementioned challenge, Underwood must kill every single zombie in
    each region in order to advance to the next. Always keep an ear out for zombies
    coming up from behind, notably the ones on fire (they don't ignite others in
    this game, but they can cause quite a bit of damage). Consider bashing a few
    zombies instead of shooting them to conserve ammo.
    The Magazine is located at the outskirts of this crazy hotel. Grab it, and head
    back to the foyer. The portal is on the second floor, on the other end. Lugers
    are no weapons to be used on the Timesplitters, so run away!
    5.6 >Monkeying Around<
    The name says it all. Things tend to get odd around this series, even other
    than the Monkeys!
    Electro Chimp Discomatic
    Level: Disco Dance Floor.
    Character: Harry Tipper.
    -Platinum: Last for 6:00.
    -Gold: Last for 4:30.
    -Silver: Last for 4:00.
    -Bronze: Last for 3:00.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Weapon: Monkey Gun.
    Briefing: Tonight it's the Cyborg Chimp Dance Marathon down at the Big Tipper
    but the cheeky little chaps have forgotten to put in fresh batteries! Keep
    their groove gages topped up with a few thousand volts from your electrotool.
    Be careful not to overcharge them, they are only small and they might
    Monkeys will keep coming into the room and use their "Energy" to dance. Use the
    Electrotool to prevent them from powering down, but don't overcharge them! The
    meter next to the Cyborg Chimps indicates their amount of energy, as well as
    the colour. The radar is shown, and it also shows the Chimp power throughout
    the room. The dance floor isn't the only place for the Chimps to dance, so
    watch the radar for extra Chimps Harry should watch out for.
    Melon Heist
    Level: Train Station Yards.
    Character: Elite Henchman.
    -Platinum: 2400 points.
    -Gold: 2000 points.
    -Silver: 1200 points.
    -Bronze: 750 points.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockables: Character: Elite Henchman.
    Briefing: Trouble's afoot at Khallos' secret Russian base. The secondhand
    circus monkeys he bought online from some dodgy bloke in Poland can't keep
    their thieving little paws off his melon stockpile. Anyway, it's your job to
    keep things under control - just aim for the fruit and don't hit the chimps.
    There's never a dull day as an evil henchman...
    Remember the "Monkey Mayhem" challenge from TS2? This is a similar challenge,
    except that the aiming system is decent enough for this to be a little easier,
    though it is still difficult. The rules are similar: Shoot the melons out of
    the Monkeys' paws and don't hit the Monkeys themselves. Both yards will provide
    an infinite amount of Monkeys holding melons, so keep an eye on the radar. This
    is easier said than done, as the Monkeys can move quite quickly.
    Brass Monkeys
    Level: Siberia Ice.
    Character: Mischief.
    -Platinum: 3000 points.
    -Gold: 2500 points.
    -Silver: 1500 points.
    -Bronze: 500 points.
    Difficulty: Medium.
    Unlockables: Character: Mischief.
    Briefing: When a winter sport gets banned it just gets forced underground, and
    here on a remote Siberian lake is where feverish aficionados gather covertly to
    enjoy the heady thrill of Monkey Curling. Just aim for the target, judge your
    weight for length and send that little chimp sliding down the ice. Now you know
    why some monkeys have blue bums...
    The controls for this challenge is provided in the challenge itself. The rules
    of Curling are the same. Remember: Try not to have too much power, or else
    there's NO chance of getting a hit on the centre! Instead, try to have less
    power, and use the Monkey sweepers to slightly increase the speed if needed.
    5.7 >Miscellaneous Challenges<
    Other Challenges go here, where there's no other place for them to go. These
    are hard challenges that can create quite some stress (except for the last).
    Cortez Can't Jump!
    Level: Ultra-Net Elevator.
    Character: Cortez.
    -Platinum: 350 points.
    -Gold: 250 points.
    -Silver: 150 points.
    -Bronze: 100 points.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Unlockables: Cheat: Big Hands.
    Briefing: Some day this wars gonna end, son... If that's so, then Cortez really
    ought to get looking into some future perfect career alternatives. He says
    there can't be that much difference between shooting guns and shooting hoops.
    Well, let's see if he's right!
    There's 25 balls beside the elevator, and it gradually decends down to the
    bottom. On the way, there are many hoops that the balls should go through to
    score. Use the Uplink and throw it through the hoops. This is very hard,
    because the Uplink really isn't for basketball! Well, at least Cortez has the
    black voice...
    TSUG: TimeSplitters UnderGround
    Level: Subway Rails.
    Character: Cortez.
    -Platinum: 4000 points.
    -Gold: 3500 points.
    -Silver: 2000 points.
    -Bronze: 1000 points.
    Difficulty: Insane!
    Unlockables: Character: Oleg.
    Briefing: Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? Ok then
    clever clogs, let's see you try this. An underground railway station covered by
    two independently controlled remote guns. Shoot the TimeSplitters before they
    get to the guns and explode. For and extra challenge, wear a woolly hat, pull
    it down over your eyes and operate the controller with your feet.
    No words can explain the difficulty of this challenge. Because they are on
    opposite sides of the Subway, the directions of the Turrets is VERY decieving.
    To make this easier, have a partner to control one gun, so that the Turrets are
    actually independent.
    Plainly Off His Rocker
    Level: Castle Hills.
    Character: Captain Ash.
    -Platinum: 300 points.
    -Gold: 200 points.
    -Silver: 150 points.
    -Bronze: 100 points.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Unlockables: Character: Comrade Papadov.
    Briefing: Captain Ash has taken over the machine gun nest and gotten all
    nostalgic about the war. Such happy days! He's also gotten indiscriminate with
    his firing so anything in the air is fair game. Oh well, dash it all, let's
    just see how many plane things he can shoot down.
    This is more like easy! The single gun is the only way to take down the flying
    planes in the distance. Also, there can be a UFO or two that can release even
    more points if destroyed! Keep an eye out for it.
    6.0 >Arcade<
    In the third Timesplitters, there's even more characters available, and there's
    a fresh library of maps all ready to be played!
    6.1 >Arcade Modes<
    Here are all the modes available (all are available at the start).
    -Deathmatch: Classic deathmatch free-for-all.
    -Team Deathmatch: The team with the most kills wins! Up to four teams can be
    -Capture The Bag: Two teams go against each other and try to take each other's
    bags. Teams score if they get the opposing team's bag and return it to their's.
    -Bag Tag: One bag is at a random location. The objective? Try to hold onto the
    bag to score. Other contestants will chase after the bag-carrier.
    -Elimination: A Deathmatch that gives all the players a certain amount of
    lives. The last player standing is the winner!
    -Shrink: Like Deathmatch, but shrinks and grows players according to their
    rank. The smallest is last, while the normally sized player is first.
    -Vampire: Like Elimination, but requires players to kill to extend their
    lifespan. If it runs out, they're dead! Campers beware!
    -Thief: When someone is defeated, they leave a coin along with their corpse.
    The player who collects the most coins wins!
    -Virus: Like friend or foe, but with green flames. Try not to get touched by
    the quickly-growing infection! The player left untouched by fire wins!
    -Zones: There are many zones to control. Overtime, teams score depending on how
    many zones they control during that time. The team with the most zone points
    -Assault: The attacking team must complete objectives in order to win before
    time runs out! The defenders must hold the attackers off until time runs out.
    There are also turrets on the defenders' side.
    -Gladiator: One player starts as the gladiator. Only the gladiator can get
    points by killing the others. When the gladiator is killed, the player that
    killed the gladiator becomes the new king! The player with the most gladiator-
    earned kills wins!
    -Monkey Assistant: Like deathmatch, except that bot slots are used by monekys
    that occasionally appear to help the player in last place.
    6.2 >Arcade Maps<
    All maps are available at the start.
    -Vietnam: This is a wide map that takes place in the afternoon, and features a
    few usable Gun Turrets. Very versitalle for any kind of opinion!
    -Hotel: Horror-style map, with a few stories and an outer area.
    -Venice: Another large map. Note that there is a boat that travels at high
    speeds in the water, and is the only way to access the fourth weapon!
    -Temple: Outer and Inner areas accessible. A secret hallway can be discovered.
    Quite linear.
    -Disco: The smallest map, very fun for anarchy-style fights! Harry's groovy
    hideout contains a music stage, a few balconies, a dance floor, and even a gold
    -Subway: Subway station with a parallel layout and a switch that lets the
    trains loose! Any weapon can be fun to use here.
    -Zepplin: Large air balloon with a mirrored layout, good for Team matches.
    -Mars Prison: A very fun map, with a very simple layout. In CTB or Assault, the
    map is extended. Fun for the whole family!
    -Siberia: The largest map, has a Jeep and is suitable for Snipers. Virus is not
    available. The dam might be from the Siberia mission in TS2...
    -Bunker: A very cramped maze, new players may get lost in here.
    -VR: Another simple map. In Assault, the map is totally changed.
    -Spaceport: An extremely linear base, very hard in CTB!
    -Mexican Mission: Back from TS2.
    -Chinese: Back from TS1 and TS2. The Basement areas are connected now.
    -Training Ground: Back from TS2. The additional guns are gone.
    6.3 >Arcade Options<
    The games can be customized further with these options.
    -Score Limit: The points limit. When the winner reaches this amount of points,
    the game is over.
    -Score Method: Usually, games go by the "Kills-Suicides" method. Here, people
    can also play by loosing points by being defeated, or to just earn points by
    -Time Limit: The time limit. When the time's up, the game's over and the player
    with the most points (or under the winning condition) wins.
    -Bag Carrier Can Shoot: On the Bag series, the player wielding the bag can fend
    off his/her assassins. Even then, the bag carrier cannot dual wield (single
    wield only).
    -Friendly Fire Damage: In the team-based modes, friends can get hurt by thier
    teammates. Adds a little extra difficulty.
    -Bloodlust: In Vampire, the higher the bloodlust, the faster the "life span"
    goes down.
    -Always Start With A Gun: If on, all players start with the first weapon in the
    weapon list. This is the only way to get the first weapon, apparently.
    -Display Radar: The radar can be displayed or hidden.
    -One Shot Kill: If on, one shot will defeat an opponent instantly.
    -Handicaps: After players select their character, they have the option of
    adding a little handicap to their characer. The 7 handicaps are: Normal (0),
    Novice (+1), Novice (+5), Beginner (+10), Veteran (-1), Veteran (-5), and
    Hero (-10). Good for starting and experienced players.
    -Music: Each map has a reccomended set of music. But some people have a
    different taste of music. Select a music track for everyone's pleasing if
    necessary (I do!).
    -Character Abilities: On means that each character has his/her/its own
    advantages and disadvantages. The bots' skill cannot be changed. Off means
    that every character has medium Fire and Shock Proof, stamina, and speed. The
    bots' skill can be changed to fit the player's/players' taste.
    -Powerups: There are four types of powerups in the game. Speed, Cloak, Damage,
    and Shrink powerups. But some people say that powerups mess up the balance in
    games. So therefore, this can be turned off as well as being available.
    -Weapon Set: Selecting this will let players choose a different set of weapons.
    Each map has its own reccomended set of weapons. There are many pre-made sets
    that has a certain category. Five custom sets are also available to the
    -Bot Set: This is what makes the multiplayer so fun! Not only 10 bots can play
    at the same game, but theres over 100 characters to make them play as! Bots can
    play as teams and can have a certain difficulty. One to Five indicates their
    difficulty. The more stars, the more skilled they are. To change their
    difficulty, character abilities must be off. Like the weapon sets, there are
    many pre-made sets with a certain category and five custom sets. The tick/cross
    indicates if the bot is playing or not.
    7.0 >Mapmaker<
    The unique thing about this game is that it has its own mapmaker!
    Unfortunately, this one is only good for making stories, not arcade maps.
    However, it can still be a useful tool to use, nonetheless.
    7.1 >TS2 vs TS:FP<
    -Amount of bad guys limit is increased to 50.
    -Only a total of 8 players can go in arcade.
    -More tiles.
    -Slightly more memory.
    7.2 >Mapmaker Basics<
    To use the mapmaker, there are these tools:
    Tiles are needed to make the complete structure of the map. There are many
    assortments of these, but their ends can only connect to certain ends (red to
    red, and blue to blue).
    These are to make different things such as weapon pickups to starting points,
    to even doors and windows! Keep in mind however, these take up more memory than
    tiles. Even Bags n' teleports are available!
    Story Enemies:
    The Mapmaker in this game has improved by far. Foes can be stationary,
    patrolling, or to be spawned from a certain event! Enemies can only be armed
    with a weapon from the weapon menu.
    These are how events are made. They make switches do things, and can perform
    certain objectives! It's pretty complex here, so I will not go in depth in
    this part.
    8.0 >And the Rest!<
    All of this will cover up the rest of the guide.
    8.1 >F.A.Q<
    Q: I only want to get a certain part of your guide! What can I do?
    A: Select what's necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select
    and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click,
    and paste (or press control V). Print away!
    Q: I want to contribute to your guide by writing some information for it!
    A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at boocatcher5(@)hotmail(.)com (omit the
    Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below.
    8.2 >Email Guide<
    Here are some ground rules for sending me e-mails.
    1. Spell correctly with good grammar.
    2. Don’t ask something that’s already inside this guide.
    3. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy
    from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help.
    4. Don’t forget about the subject (Timesplitters)! Then I will know what the
    topic is about.
    5. Don't ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever.
    6. If there's an error or a vital note for the guide missing, please inform me
    of it immediatley.
    7. If you're going to criticize my guide, please leave some constructive
    8. Don't forget to leave your nickname so that I can put it on the credits!
    Just give me these things if you want to contact me about the guide.
    1. Strategies on incomplete stuff.
    2. Additional FAQs.
    3. Notable glitches.
    4. Other stuff to make this guide interesting.
    Here's a list of things not to send me (I will block whoever sends me the
    -Death Threats
    -Invitations to Facebook, Myspace, any kind of blogging websites (because I
    never use them)
    8.3 >Website List<
    This is a list of the Websites that this guide is available to:
    8.4 >Credits<
    -Me, the Author.
    -Glass Giant for the ASCII art program.
    -Free Radical for the game itself.
    -GameFAQs for uploading this guide.
    8.5 >Legal Disclaimer<
    Copyright 2011 Brett Sim
    This may be not rewritten under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without permission before so. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
    part of any public display is strictly, indisputably prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Failure to comply with the above terms can result in a lawsuit.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    If you wish to get some information from this guide, they must be confirmed and
    chosen by the author, Raining Metal.
    If you do not agree with the terms here, you should not use this guide any
    Thank You.

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