• Beat Dear haunter without taking damage

    In the first 1994 level when Dear Haunter bursts out of the wall, run to where he came out of and go in there. Press yourself up against the wall and he can't hurt you.

    Contributed By: Shinno.

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  • Platinum Awards

    Platinum awards are unlockable in arcade by beating the gold requirements and going beyond as much as possible

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Pox of Mox Platinum-Honorary-Dead WeightGet 36 points in 2:30 or less
    Astro Jocks Platinum-Amatuer-Smash 'N GrabKill all in 2 minutes or less
    Bag Slag Platinum-Honorary-Fever PitchHold the bag for 3:15 or more
    Big Game Hunt Platinum-Amatuer- One Gun FunGet at least 45 kills
    Commuting Will Kill You Platinum-Amatuer-NightstickKill all within 2:20
    Dam Cold Out Here Platinum-Amatuer-NightstickGet 41 points in 2 minutes 45 seconds or less
    Divine Immolation's Platinum Medal: Amatuer Aracade - One Gun FunGet 1st Place and at least 22 kills before time runs out
    Freak Unique Platinum- Honorary-Dead WeightGet 30 kills in 2:45 or less
    Front Loaded Platinum-Elite-Group Therapy10 kills in under 1:30
    I Like Dead People Platinum-Honorary-Mode MadnessGet 44 kills or more before the time runs out
    Lip Up Fatty Platinum-Honorary-Mode MadnessComplete all goals in 3:30 or less
    Missile Bunker-Honorary-Fever PitchDon't get touched at all.
    Oh Shoal-O-Mio Platinum- Elite-Smash'N Grab40 kills in under 2 minutes
    Old Blaggers Platinum-Elite-Group TherapyScore 5 times
    Outbreak Hotel Platinum-Honorary-Fever PitchStay Alive for 3 minutes
    Pirates Gold Platinum-Amatuer-On The TakeGet 12 coins in under 2 minutes
    Rockets 101 Platinum-Amatuer- One Gun FunGet at least 23 kill and 1st
    Screw Loose Platinum-Elite-Smash'N GrabGet 25 points in 2:30 or less
    Sock It To 'Em-Elite-Retro ChiqueComplete all goals in under a minute
    Toy Soldiers Platinum-Amatuer-NightstickAt least 34 kills and 1st
    Vamping in Venice Platinum- Amatuer, On The TakeKill all within 2 minutes
    Virtual Brutality PLatinum-Amatuer-On The TakeComplete all tasks in under 2 and a half minutes
    Zany Zepplin Platinum-Honorary-Mode MadnessGet 30 kills before the time runs out

    Contributed By: KronosCoreMagi and statquo93.

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  • Unlock items

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anya & The General CharactersBeat 1st Story Mission on Hard
    Arthur AchingComplete "Mansion of Madness" on Easy difficulty
    Aztec WarriorBeat Super Smashing Great Challenge, "Avec Le Brique"
    Badass CyborgBeat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge "Balls of Steel"
    Berseker SplitterFinish "The Hooded Man" under Easy difficulty or higher
    Big Hands CheatComplete the Challenge "Cortez Can't Jump" with a bronze medal or higher
    Big Heads CheatComplete "Outbreak Hotel" with a bronze medal or higher
    Booty GuardBeat Arcade Level "Zany Zeppeling"
    BracesComplete the Arcade League match "Old Blaggers" with atleast a Bronze Medal.
    BrainsBeat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Brain Drain"
    Brick WeaponBeat Super Smashing Great Challenge, "Queen of Hearts"
    BricksComplete 'Dont Loose Your Bottle' challenge
    Candi SkylerComplete League Challenge "Screw Loose" with a Bronze or higher
    Captain Ed ShiversBeat Arcade Level "Pirate Gold"
    Cardboard CharactersBeat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge, "Hart Attack"
    Carrion CarcassBeat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Rare or Well Done?"
    Cascade CheatComplete "Zone Control" with a bronze medal or higher
    ChangelingComplete Honorary League with Golds
    Chinese ChefComplete "Ninja Garden" with a bronze medal or higher
    Comrade PapadovComplete the Challenge "Lap it Up" with a bronze medal or higher
    Corporal HartComplete all story levels on normal or hard difficulty
    Daisy DismayBeat all story missions in co-op
    DeadwinaBeat Arcade Level "I like the Dead People"
    Deep DiverComplete "Oh Shaol-o-Mio" with a bronze medal or higher
    DozerBeat Arcade Level "Lip Up Fatty"
    Dr. AmyComplete "U Genius, U-Genix" on Easy difficulty
    Dr. CortezComplete "U Genius, U-Genix" on Normal difficulty
    Dr. LancetComplete "What Lies Below" on Easy difficulty
    Dr. PeabodyGet all golds or higher in Amateur League
    Elite HenchmanComplete the Challenge "Melon Heist" with a bronze medal or higher
    Elite HenchwomanComplete "The Khallos Express" on Normal difficulty
    Fat Characters CheatComplete "Commuting Will Kill You" with a bronze medal or higher
    Fergal StackBeat Arcade Level "Virtual Brutality"
    Gaston BoucherComplete story level "Mansion of Madness" on normal or higher
    Ghengis KantComplete Story Level "Machine Wars" on Easy or higher
    Gideon GoutComplete Amateur League with atleast Silvers
    Gilbert GastricComplete challenge "The Cat’s Pajamas" with a Bronze or higher
    GoddardBeat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge, "Come Hell or High Water"
    GOLIATH SD/9Complete story level "Something to Crow About" on Easy or higher
    HansBeat Arcade Level "Freak Unique"
    Henchman CortezBeat level 3 on normal
    Henchman Harry TipperBeat level 3 on easy
    Human Gun Sounds cheatEarn Bronze, Silver or Gold in Cat's Out Of The Bag challenge
    InceptorComplete "Breaking and Entering" on Easy difficulty
    Insetick SK/10Complete Elite League with Golds
    Jack SprocketComplete "Breaking and Entering" on Normal difficulty
    Jacob CrowComplete "Future Perfect" on Easy difficulty
    Jacque de la MorteBeat Arcade Level "Vamping in Venice"
    Jared SlimComplete "The Dead, the Bad and the silly" with a bronze medal or higher
    JedComplete all Challenges with Golds
    Jim SmithBeat all story missions in co-op
    Jo-Barf CreepyComplete the Story level "What Lies Below" on atleast the Normal difficulty.
    Jungle QueenComplete "Scotland the Brave" on Easy difficulty
    Karma CrowBeat last story mission on hard mode.
    Kitten CelesteComplete "The Khallos Express" on Easy difficulty
    Koozer MoxBeat Arcade Level "A Pox Of Mox" with at least a bronze medal.
    Leo KruppsBeat Arcade Level "Rumble in the Jungle"
    LeonidBeat Arcade Level "Commanding Will Kill You"
    Monkey GunComplete 'Electro Chimp Discomatic' challenge
    Mordecai JonesComplete "Mordecai Jones" on Easy difficulty
    Mr. SockyComplete 'Sock It To Them' with a bronze or better
    Mr. UnderwoodComplete the Challenge "Glimpse of Stocking" with a bronze medal or higher
    Mr.FleshcageGet a bronze or better on all challenges.
    Neophyte ConstanceComplete "The Freak Unique" with atleast a Bronze Medal.
    Neophyte ConstanceBeat Arcade Level "Freak Unique"
    Neophyte LucianComplete "Zone Control" with a bronze medal or higher
    Nobby PetersBeat Arcade Level "Toy Soldiers"
    Nurse SputumBeat Arcade Level "Missile Bunker"
    OlegBeat the TSUG: Timesplitters Underground challenge with a bronze or higher.
    Paintball CheatBeat Super Smashing Great Challenge, "Absolutely Potty"
    Prison OfficerComplete "Screw Loose" with atleast a Bronze Medal.
    Private JonesComplete "Something to Crow About" on Normal difficulty
    Prometheus SK/8Beat Arcade Level "Virtual Brutality"
    Pulov YuranBeat the challenge Plainly Off His Rocker with a bronze or higher.
    Robot Louis StevensonComplete "You Take the High Road" on Easy difficulty
    Rotating HeadsBeat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Brain Drain"
    Sapper JohnsonComplete the Challenge "Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby" with a bronze medal or higher
    Sewer ZombieComplete all Challenges with atleast Silvers
    Sister FaithComplete Elite League with atleast Silvers
    Slow Motion DeathsComplete the Arcade level 'Rockets 101'
    Small Heads CheatComplete "A Pox Of Mox" with atleast a Bronze Medal.
    SnowmanBeat Arcade Level "Damn Cold Out Here"
    StumpyComplete "Front Loaded" with a bronze medal or higher
    Swinging TipperComplete story level "The Russian Connection" on easy or higher
    The GeneralComplete Story Level "Time to Split" on easy or higher
    The MasterBeat Arcade Level "Divine Immolation"
    Time AssasinBeat level 12 on normal
    Time Assassin CortezComplete "You Take the High Road" on Normal difficulty
    TimesplitterBeat level 12 on easy
    Tin-Legs TommyBeat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Boxing Clever"
    Tommy JenkinsComplete all Elite League Arcade with Bronze or Higher
    VenusBeat Arcade Level "Bag Slag"
    Victorian CrowComplete all story levels on Normal or Hard difficulty
    ViolaBeat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge, "Hart Attack"
    Vlad the InstallerBeat Arcade Level "Big Game Hunt"
    Warrant Officer CainComplete "Scotland the Brave" on Normal difficulty
    Warrant Officer KeelyComplete Honorary League with atleast Silvers
    Zombie MonkeyEarn Bronze, Silver, or Gold in Brain Drain Challenge

Easter Eggs

  • Anaconda music

    In mission 2, there will be an Organ somewhere in the mansion. Press the Activate button near it to make it play the Anaconda game music from Time Splitters 2.

    Contributed By: GamerAnthony88.

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  • Build your own zombie!

    When you reach the second part of the 1994 level, where you are inside the lab, make sure to turn on the two computers running the classic mac screen saver. Wiggle the control stick to activate, then turn the X boxes white and mess with the bars next to them. The man in the adjacent cell will become whatever you want him to be- a pancake zombie, an electric zombie, a midget flaming zombie, etc! Mix and match and knock yourself out.

    Contributed By: yachyx.

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