Review by JorgonQ

Reviewed: 02/27/06

Wanted Dead or Alive... Undead works, too.

This game, while being made by Capcom, never got a whole lot of hype, nor did I hear much about it. But all in all, it's a pretty sweet game.

You start out as a highwayman who is about to rob a train. The problem is, the train belongs to a secret organization meant to defend against supernatural evil: DarkWatch. While in the middle of the robbery, you encounter a woman named Cassidy who is protecting the train. She tries to stop you from breaking the seal. Unfortunately, the seal keeping Lazarus Malkoth locked away still breaks. He then bites you. Obviously you don't die... at least not completely. Now you are a vampire. Cassidy thinks you're worth saving so you're mission is to get to DarkWatch HQ.

Not bad... the name Lazarus is a little cliche. But the missions and levels are generally original. 7/10

Game play:
The game play is quite nice. The only problems I had were with the Coyote Steam Engine and sometimes the vampire jump doesn't work the way you want it to, but otherwise the movement was fluid, the blood vision is pretty cool, and so are the vampire powers. Everything seems to have a use, too. 9/10

The graphics were good. A few of the monster attacks looked nice and the effect that happens when you use a vampire power was well done, also. But they were pretty much standard graphics otherwise. 6/10

The cut scenes were a nice touch, not only did they cover the story, they were occasionally just used to show people dying, etc. The sound was well done; nothing was out of place. 8/10

All in all, I thought the game was pretty sweet. And because you can take either evil or good vampire powers, there is some limited re-playability. There is also a multi-player mode, but I never really mess around with multi-player stuff.

At the least I'd say rent it. If you really dig these kinds of games or really enjoy the multi-player, then buy it.

Rating: 9

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