Review by idiotman7

Reviewed: 12/26/05

The untold great FPS

Darkwatch, is one of the few games to ever put me in a weird place. How could something so great, be so bad at the same time? It was weird, I could be totally impressed with the graphical state of the game, and at the same time, I go, this is all you’re going to give me? I would be so into the story, but then next thing I knew, I was saying, what the hell does that have to do with anything? It’s a game that will leave you wanting more, and fearing to pick up again, all at once.

While playing Darkwatch, if you are an avid shooter fan, the game feels so natural. I had never played it before, and yet it felt as if I was already a pro. Darkwatch is an FPS, with a dark sense of the word. There is a wide variety of different weapons to choose from, everything from rocket launchers to custom dual hand guns. Shooting in Darkwatch kind of comes as second nature really. It’s so simple to master, you will never be confused. But, enemies will prove time after time to be a real pain to you. The way they live, is through some kind of dark magic cocoon that comes out of the ground, and the only way to stop the never ending enemies is to destroy the cocoon, time and time again, over and over. And that would be alright, if the enemy’s weren’t so hard to kill. Each of them take several shots to bring down, and is very annoying. There is also some horse riding features in this game, which added a very cool flow to the mix. While riding, enemies will be riding next to you, and you can swing to the side of you horse to dodge them, and op back up and shoot. I haven’t been so impressed with horse riding in games than in Darkwatch.

But shooting isn’t the only way to finish an enemy, as you progress through the game, you will gain several vampire abilities that you can use to finish your opponents off with. And which ones are up to you. But choosing one or the other can lead to a hard choice later on. Because the game follows a whole, dark path light path to it, very much like Knights of the Old Republic or Sonic the Hedgehog.

The reason for the vampire abilities, isn’t just because you are a vampire, the game really focuses on its story a lot. You are Jericho Cross, a train robber who has just boarded the wrong train. You fight your way through the train, wanting more and more to get your prize. When you finally get to the big “vault” you blast it open, just as a woman tells you not to. <.<

Well it opens, only to reveal a very large, very dead vampire God standing in the smoke, Lazarus. He bites you, and flies off. So now it seems you’re a vampire. Or half vampire half man, you are trying to stop from becoming fully vampireish. You will be faced with many light and dark decisions throughout the game, and many turns and plot twist are added. It has very cool story, but very very short. Plus the game has a very weird sex scene in it. It might be very awkward for young gamers, since it was like, very un-needed and very weird, but other than that it was alright.

Voice acting is great. Darkwatch had some great choices in picking voices for the game, even though Jericho never talks… Guns sound good, if not a little ordinary. They wernt as great as other games really. I was a little disappointed with that. Enemy’s were kind of un realistic sounding to, just didn’t impress me to much. But the horse sequences and the way you could hear the clicking of boots or the scraping against the desert ground were some very detailed things.

Graphics, I think this is where it put me in the biggest loop. Cut scenes looked amazing. I was very impressed with those, and since there were a lot of them, it was great. In game, well environments and the like looked wonderful. All were greatly detailed and done nicely. But enemies looked very fake and weren’t the best things to look at. Plus since most of them will annoy you to fight, it doesn’t help that they like bad. The guns you are going to be holding a lot during the game look amazing though. A lot of detail went into them, and I was very impressed with that.

Darkwatch is defiantly something you might want to play away from children. It is very mature, and has some scenes that will leave you angry, and confused. It deserves a rent at least, because it’s a very cool shooter, but it tries to hard to stick with it’s story, and it just went by to fast and got confusing and left you saying “What the hell?” a lot.

Rating: 7

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