Review by Duke_Plisskin

Reviewed: 08/31/05

A classic game

This game has had me on the edge of my seat for the entire time when I was playing. The weapons are great, so are the vehicles, & vampire powers. This game has a lot of familiar stuff from the Halo games, but that shouldn't stray you away from this game. It can hold it's own. The 2 versions that were released (PS2 & Xbox) have their own unique features only availble on that system. The PS2 version has a co-op mode & a extra level. WHile the Xbox has online multiplayer. The single player can take a little over 10 hours to play normally. When you first beat it, you unlock some cool stuff & a mode called Gunslinger.

The gunslinger mode is essentially all the levels from single player, but you unlock stuff when you beat it on a certain difficulty level I'm not sure if the alignment has to be anything in particular to unlock something along with beating the level on a certain difficulty. Well anyway, there are some boss battles that will leave you frustrated sometimes, & sometimes having you brimming with confidince. The weapons are cool as well. The melee attacks are especially interesting considering that each weapon has a blade on the handle of a revolver, & a blade on the butt of the rifle & the rocket launcher is just one big clubbing stick but slow to recover. The shotgun has some pretty effectiveness as well. It's your traditional shotgun with one exception. It has four barrels. The melee attack for that weapon is uppercut of sorts. There is satisfaction when you uppercut a reaper, & they go flying like a rag doll. Speaking of physics, this game has the Havok physics engine in the game so that means rag doll goodness. The blood vision function comes in handy when trying to locate doors & weapon in a fogged room or in the midst of a fire fight. If you are a melee person, then the power titled Blood Frenzy is for you. As it dramatically increases the damage that you do in your melee attacks.

Speaking of powers, there are 8 vampire powers that you can aquire through judgements that you'll make thorughout the game. The meters for how long until the next power you'll unlock is in the bottom left corner of the HUD. You sift through the powers with the black button, & activate a power with the white button. The purplish meter is for the good power, while the red one is for the evil power. All 8 powers have their pros & cons. Although if you unlock the mystic armor power, you'll be finding yourself using it more that you'd like to think. It saves you in the moment of trouble & in some boss battles, you'll need this. Also there's a level or two that require you to go in sunlight. Don't worry Jericho doesn't get burned to death or anything. He just becomes mortal. Yup you read right, mortal. Meaning no vampire powers when in the sun. If you find a big shadow, go there & your powers will come back. So when you're in sunlight, move it or else you're toast from all the braves that are coming after you. Jericho has a double jump dubbed the "Vampire Jump" after the second jump, you can control the jump for a couple seconds before floating back down. If you want to abort the jump, just press A. To jump you gotta press Y.

Overall this is a great game. If you happen to have both consoles, then I'd recommend getting the Xbox version as it's a lot more smoother than the PS2 version. So my score for this is a 9 out of 10.

Rating: 9

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