Review by sinyx

Reviewed: 08/26/05

Could have been better Capcom.

I posted a review for this game in a rush because I was like, "OMG! This game is so cool! I can get in on this great game at the start!" I was wrong, because 2 days after I posted I beat the game on the hardest setting. I ran into some very unpleasant surprises. I'm posting this revision to correctly rate and review this game.


I gave it a 9 at first because they kept changing the scenery, one time I was on a train the next in a snowy hill. However, after that its more of the same and nothing new. Recycled flats and textures, nothing outstanding this day and age.


This is good, Can't complain at all, and this is a saying point of the game. You will hear all the great Zombie noises and vampire howls. The cinemas are clear and distinguishable. I liked this aspect.


I found that while not horrendous, they seemed at times unresponsive. I would keep hitting my right trigger to fire and nothing would happen. I would end up dying due to unresponsive controls. My accuracy would suffer because when I would get it working I would be over run and have to fire wildly in the air.


A new take on FPS, but FPS none the less. Halo was new and it was a break out game. Doom 3 brought scary to the table along with some history. This new comer has nothing but some cheap multiplayer and some gags. The guns and weapons are lackluster at best. Your vampire powers are really not even necessary and the relative shortness of the game is a huge negative. This really hurt the game. Improvements here could have helped.


Really thin, not much substance either. Jericho is a train robber who gets mixed up in a supernatural battle of good and evil. Other than that no knowledge of Jericho is given, they don't develop him. They basically show that he has trouble being part human and part vampire. Thats was done in a ton of movies, only this one is in the wild west. They for some reason felt it necessary to stick a pointless sex scene in this game. It wasn't even a believable one. They could have put something else in its place to continue the story not that. Weak, lame and any other negative word you can fit in here.


Not that you can't tell by my review, but I would rent this game. Its a good weekend killer, or if you're not that good at games and would like a decent challenge. Just not something you will keep once you're done. All in all a promising game that went bad.

Rating: 6

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