Review by RE401

Reviewed: 08/18/05

Great game, but not Amazing

First off I liked to say that this game has a very original concept, and does deliver. Also, the Xbox Live is good, but could have been better. Now, on to the review.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics are great, especially when you look at the guns in Jericho's hands. The enemies are like zombies so there's not to much of an explanation there. The train levels are also great and when I played it , the frame-rate was solid. There could have been better visuals, but it was solid and delivered in this area.

Sound 8/10; The sound is pretty solid, but the cutscenes could have had better voice-acting, but the voice-acting was better than some games out there. The main character, Jericho Cross, does not speak at all so that's a bummer. The guns sound good when you shoot them and the explosions are also well done. The sound might have been the worst part on this game, but others will like it and others won't.

Gameplay 10/10: This is the best part of the game. The horseback riding was amazing and really well done and it was awesome to jump onto trains and do other things. Now there is a good or bad side to the game. Depending on what you do to people that will count for your bad side or good side. You also get different powers depending on what side your on. The first-person shooter aspect of the game is much like Halo. You have a blood shield that recharges when you don't get it for a while, and you have blood vision which will allow you to see things that you can't. All in all, the gameplay is great and isn't gameplay all that really matters?

Multiplayer 9/10 (for XBL): This game doesn't have 2 player multiplayer and only has Xbox Live for multiplayer things. The XBL has a variety of modes and can have many players playing at the same time. It is solid, but considering that the PS2 got 2 player multiplayer. It could have been better, but should have had at least 2 player.

Overall 9/10: It is a great game and delivered with a new concept. The wild west theme should be used in more games. You can have a great time with this game and could also rent it because it is a short game. Maybe 8-12 hours, but after that you could play it again playing has either a good or bad person. The game is good for people who are starting first-person shooters or just want to play a good game. Either way you are going to have fun with Darkwatch.

Rating: 9

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