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Reviewed: 08/08/06 | Updated: 07/09/08

An awesome western game with a horror twist!

When this game was announced and the first screen shots were shown, I was dying to play this game. But there was a big problem: I didn't own a X-Box. But when I bought my 360 and saw that this game was backwards compatible, I immediately got the updates and rented this game. I was not disappointed.

Graphics: 10
There is so much detail in the environments and the character models were done pretty well. But what really makes this category a 10 is the atmosphere. It is like a combination of western and horror. It is creepy and just plain awesome!

Sound: 9
Very eerie and cool. The creatures make disgusting and weird sounds. Gunshots sound different from one another and the voice acting is pretty good despite the goofy dialogue. Overall, the game sounds great!

Music: 8
It's basically creepy western music. While it is done very well, the music doesn't show up that much. When it does, it gets you in the mood to shoot some ********!

Story: 8
Jericho Cross, a seasoned outlaw, is looking for one final score. So while trying to steal some stuff off a train, he opens a vault which contains a powerful vampire named Lazarus who bites Jericho and puts a curse on him. So Jericho joins the Darkwatch society and goes after Lazarus to break the curse. While the story is neat and has many plot twists, there are some plot holes and the cut scenes are very brief.

Control: 8
Feels like the typical shooters controls except that you might get confused on the button layout from time to time. Other then that, movement and aiming is very smooth.

Game play: 9
Because you are a vampire, you get really neat powers. You have a blood sight which lets you see main objects and there is vampire jump which lets you jump really high. You also have some other powers depending on your side. If you help people and free souls you get good powers. But if you kill innocents and take souls for yourself, you get evil powers.

The weapons include pistols, shotguns, and rocket launchers. There aren’t a whole lot of weapons, but each one has a secondary attack to add variety. Plus, almost all the weapons have a knife on the handle of the gun that you can use to slice enemies up.

What I like most is that the action is never dull or boring. It also doesn't do any thing revolutionary. It's purpose is to provide an intense and exciting adventure. Nothing more and nothing less. But people may get irritated by the fact that all you do in the game is shoot fools in half. Yes, it can be repetitive. But it is still fun throughout!

Replay: 7
You can play different modes, X-box live, and multiplayer slit screen games. The single player mode is a little bit short, but you will want to play it again and again. However, there aren't too many things to unlock which is kind of a bummer.

This game is M for a reason. There is some blood and you can slice body parts off. It is also very creepy with some language. There is even a sex scene with mild nudity. So parents don't buy this game for your 8 year old! Buy it for your 13 year old and turn that little punk into a MAN!

Buy or Rent: BUY!
The game is extremly cheap now (under 10 bucks) and it is pure solid entertainment. In fact it is probably cheaper to buy then to rent!

Rated M for: Blood & Gore, Intense Violence, Language, and Sexual Themes.

Overall rating: 8.4/10 (rounded to 8.)

Rating: 8

Product Release: Darkwatch (US, 08/16/05)

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