Review by triggerhappyme

Reviewed: 06/28/06

BloodRayne makes love to Red Dead Revolver

STORY 7/10

Your Jericho Cross, one badass outlaw planning to steal a train. Turns out the train belongs to a secret group only known as Darkwatch. Just when you light the fuse to blow the vault, you meet Cassidy (a member of darkwatch) who's pointing a gun right at you. Before she can put a bullet in your brain, the safe blows. When you get up you see a vampire come out and he bites you. Guess what- now your a vampire and zombies are everywhere and its your fault. Instead of leaving you to rot in the apocolypse you've created, Cassidy offers to help you and stop Lazarus (vampire who bit you) and join the only place who can save your soul: Darkwatch HQ.


Just like BloodRayne your half vampire and just like Red Dead Revolver your in the wild west. Put those games combined and you get a shooter with vampire powers and horses from hell. But dont get me wrong, its awesome! Almost every weapon is fun to shoot and there also melee combat too. I did say earlier that you have powers and there pretty cool. There are also vehicles like horses, tanks, and turrets which is bliss. You cant go wrong here, its straight up awesome. Sorry for not including multi-player...


Love the way all the enemies move, how the enviroments react, and the guns shoot. I liked every bit in this department except that all the human characters like Jericho look kinda like this game was published in 2003. Other than that I give two thumbs up.

SOUND 7/10

Everything sounds fine but nothing blows me away.


Because there is a feature called Gunslinger, you can play any campaign mission over for points to unlock concept art. Also because you can be bad or good in the the game there is is some semi replay value as well in the regular campaign.


Good game with xbox live and you can buy for only $15. If you liked Bloodrayne2 or Red Dead Revolver or even both then go to an EB games NOW!

Rating: 8

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