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Reviewed: 06/12/06

I see dead Master Chiefs...

I've never been the biggest FPS guy. Sure, I love playing mindless action games where you shoot whatever moves as much as the next guy, but I tend to think that they're quite overrated. Like Halo. Yeah. Especially Halo. Anyway, there’s this game called Darkwatch, a FPS that I bought and played and enjoyed the hell out of. But it IS an FPS, so I have to say that it's far from my favorite game...

You're Jericho cross, a human/vampire. You're about to rob a train full of treasures, but you only find out it was transporting an insanely powerful vampire, Lazarus. WHOOPS! You release him -accidentally of course- and he turns you into an undead (that's nice of him not to kill you... or wait... are you dead now?). So basically your goal is to stop the evil that you released. What happens as you progress is pretty cool, and there's a decent plot twist here and there, but it's nothing absolutely extraordinary.
STORY: 7/10

I've been seeing a lot of negative reviews for the graphics in this game, but I thought they were pretty good. Jericho and the other characters look pretty cool, and the environments look varied. I guess there was some blandness and repetition spread around some places, but overall I liked how everything looked.

Very well done. Each of the characters' voices sound very nice, and apparently it's a big deal that that one chick from "Charmed" lends her talents to Tala's voice. I never liked her, but whatever. Everyone still sounded good.

Even the enemies have their own hissy-undead voices. It's just so cute to hear a zombie-cowboy shout "YOU ****ER!!!" when you shoot him! Awww I could just eat you up!

The guns also sounded really cool. You'll be hearing them a LOT but you won't get tired of the sounds. This would be cool to play in surround sound.
SOUNDS: 9/10

Now I have always thought FPSs to be some of the shallowest games on the market, but once I played Darkwatch… my thoughts have only been enhanced.

In Darkwatch, you will shoot whatever you see moving (surprise!). Sometimes the enemy will be far! But sometimes it will be close! Sometimes it will take more than one shot to kill the enemy, but headshots are your friend! YAY! GUNS!

Okay, sarcasm aside, there are many guns to help you, but you also gain vampire powers. I’ve seen that many people found them to be useless or underused or something, but I used them whenever I got the chance! All of them are exponentially beneficial in some way or another (Vindicator kicks quite a bit of ass), so I’m not really getting what the big deal is. The powers you get depend on whether you want to be good or evil towards Lazarus’s victims too, so choose wisely.

Something else that impressed me was the enemies. They were all quite varied, from the idiotic skeletons with scythes to the psychotic sirens to the very intelligent sharpshooters, Capcom did a great job with the foes you will have to face. The enemy AI is very impressive as well, so three cheers for that.

Lastly we have the multiplayer. This is amazing, especially if you have a lot of friends/Xbox Live, because there are tons of levels to choose from and they all vary quite a bit. Even if it’s just one on one, you’ll have a great time with the multiplayer.

Okay, so look at all those nice comments I’ve given to Darkwatch! Of course I’ll admit it, I loved this game, but still…MOST of this game is just SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT, like every other FPS. I might’ve made it sound deeper than it actually is, but it’s still pretty fun.

The story mode is VERY short, and even with both endings will be beaten within a rental. However, there are four modes of difficulty, as well as certain extras that you can unlock by doing certain things in some levels (like getting a certain number of kills).

I'll reiterate what I said above. There is the multiplayer, which is amazing. Whether you’re playing with a friend or with dozens of people you don’t know over Live, THIS is what will make this game worth keeping. I actually find the multiplayer in Darkwatch… dare I say it?... more enjoyable than Halo 2’s. You can still use some vampire powers in all of the bazillion-jillion stages that this game has for its multiplayer, so a good time is guaranteed. I say go ahead and buy it, UNLESS you don’t have Live or anyone to play with.

Sure I had fun with this game, but I was in a mindless trance. That’s a good thing, I guess, but using very little thought makes me feel dumb. "Shoot this enemy. Now shoot THIS enemy. Okay, melee attack on this one." It’s a great game, but being a FPS it’s going to be really one-dimensional for you. Still fun though, and I recommend it!

Thanks for reading. =)

Rating: 8

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