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Roster Updates Guide by Rashidi

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/29/2004

MVP Baseball 2004
Roster Updates Guide
Version 1.2
A FAQ/Guide by Rashidi
E-Mail: rashidi@aol.com or johnmarkisch@hotmail.com


Table of Contents
I.    Version history
II.   Roster changes


I. Version history

Version 1.2 (8/29/04)
Updated the rosters.

Version 1.1 (7/24/04)
Updated the rosters.

Version 1.0 (4/9/04)
I will be continuously updating this guide to try and make it 100% 
complete and accurate throughout the season.  Because there are so many 
players in Major League Baseball, getting it up to date will be a 
lengthy process, especially with all the moves made throughout Spring 
Training.  You'll also find 99% of my changes to be listed by dates.  
This is necessary because since so many transactions are made in 
baseball, it is necessary to know how long ago the transaction applies 
to.  You'd be surprised how quickly scrubs can change teams without you 
even knowing about it.  Heck, even the guys at EA doing the rosters 
missed a couple.  Any change listed before 1/16/04 means that EA missed 
it.  There are even a few from last season that they did not bother 


II. Roster changes

This section will include the changes you need to make from the default 
rosters.  I will list the team, and then the players that are now on 
that team.  Changes I list are from the GAME ROSTERS, NOT FROM MLB 
TRANSACTIONS.  For instance, Mike Lamb starts on the Rangers.  Lamb was 
sent to the Yankees.  The Yankees then sent him to the Astros.  I have 
put down that the Astros should acquire Lamb FROM THE RANGERS, because 
that is what team he is on with the default rosters.  If I put down 
that he were from the Yankees, people would look for him there, get 
confused, and curse me.  It's easier this way, trust me.

Brendan Donnelly (RP) from Angels (NOT IN GAME)
Jason Middlebrook (SP) from Mets (2/20/04)
Zach Sorenson (LF) from Indians (5/23/04)
Curtis Pride (RF) from Yankees (5/30/04)
Kevin Ohme (SP) from Cardinals
Andres Galarraga (1B) from Free Agents (8/4/04)

Mike Lamb (1B) from Rangers (3/25/04)
Carlos Beltran (CF) from Royals (6/24/04)
Orlando Palmeiro (LF) from Cardinals (1/16/04)
Jeremy Griffiths (SP) from Mets (6/17/04)
Dave Weathers (RP) from Mets (6/17/04)

Damian Millar (C) from Cubs (NOT IN GAME)
Eric Karros (1B) from Free Agents (2/2/04)
Mark McLemore (2B) from Orioles (4/4/04)
Steve Woodard (SP) from Red Sox (2/9/04)
Octavio Dotel (RP) from Astros (6/24/04)

Blue Jays
Michael Nakamura (SP) from Twins (4/9/04)
Gregg Zaun (C) from Expos

Juan Cruz (SP) from Cubs (3/25/04)
Chris Reitsma (RP) from Reds (3/26/04)
Adam LaRoche (1B) from Braves (NOT IN GAME)
Charlie Thomas (LF) from Braves (NOT IN GAME)
Brent Butler (2B) from Cardinals (?/??/04)

Russell Branyan (3B) from Free Agents (7/26/04)

Chad Paronto (RP) from Indians (11/21/03)
Kevin Witt (LF) from Tigers (11/21/03)
John Mabry (RF) from Free Agents (2/14/04)
Tony Womack (2B) from Free Agents (3/21/04)
Brian L. Hunter (LF) from Padres (3/29/04)
Larry Walker (RF) from Rockies (8/6/04)

Glendon Rusch (SP) from Free Agents (1/20/04)
Ryan Dempster (SP) from Free Agents (1/21/04)
Greg Maddux (SP) from Free Agents (2/18/04)
Damian Jackson (2B) from Rockies (4/1/04)
Bengi Gil (1B) from Rockies (4/3/04)
Gabe Molina (RP) from Cardinals
Ricky Gutierrez (SS) from Indians (6/14/04)
Nomar Garciaparra (SS) from Red Sox (7/31/04)
Neifi Perez (SS) from Giants (8/19/04)
Jimmy Anderson (SP) from Reds

Devil Rays
Todd Ritchie (SP) from Free Agents (1/22/04)
Bubba Trammell (LF) from Dodgers (4/10/04)
Randall Simon (1B) from Free Agents (8/19/04)
Scott Kazmir (SP) from Mets (7/30/04) (NOT IN GAME)

Bobby Estalella (C) from Tigers (2/13/04)
Julio Ramirez (CF) from Angels (1/21/04)
Jim Parque (SP) from Devil Rays (1/22/04)
Randy Choate (RP) from Expos (3/25/04)
Koyie Hill (C) from Dodgers (7/31/04)

Jose Hernandez (3B) from Free Agents (1/27/04)
Antonio Perez (SS) from Devil Rays (4/3/04)
Milton Bradley (CF) from Indians (4/4/04)
Jeremy Giambi (LF) from Red Sox (1/16/04)
Jason Grabowski (LF) from Athletics (3/29/04)
Jayson Werth (RF) from Blue Jays (3/30/04)
Cody Ross (RF) from Tigers (4/1/04)
Jose Lima (SP) from Free Agents (1/27/04)
Tanyon Sturtze (SP) from Blue Jays (12/20/03)
Eric Knott (RP) from Expos
Brad Penny (SP) from Marlins (7/30/04)
Hee Seop Choi (1B) from Marlins (7/30/04)
Steve Finley (CF) from Diamondbacks (7/31/04)
Brent Mayne (C) from Diamondbacks (7/31/04)
Tom Wilson (C) from Padres (8/16/04)
Elmer Dessens (SP) from Diamondbacks (8/19/04)
Giovanni Carrara (RP) from Indians

John Patterson (SP) from Diamondbacks (3/25/04)
Einar Diaz (C) from Rangers (4/3/04)
Pedro Borbon (RP) from Cardinals
Alex Gonzalez (SS) from Cubs (7/31/04)
Jeriome Robertson (SP) from Indians (8/3/04)

Deivi Cruz (SS) from Devil Rays (3/30/04)
Wayne Franklin (SP) from Brewers (3/30/04)
Kevin Walker (RP) from Padres (3/31/04)
Dave Veres (RP) from Cubs (3/29/04)
Ricky Ledee (CF) from Phillies (7/30/04)

Lou Merloni (2B) from Red Sox (NOT IN GAME)
Ernie Young (RF) from Tigers (12/19/03)
Scott Saurbeck (RP) from Red Sox (3/20/04)
Brent Abernathy (2B) from Royals (3/26/04)
Raul Gonzalez (RF) from Mets (5/21/04)
Aaron Boone (3B) from Yankees (6/26/04)
Mike Porzio (SP) from White Sox (?/?/?)

Hiram Bocachica (CF) from Tigers (1/16/04)
Mike Myers (RP) from Free Agents (1/16/04)
Ron Villone (SP) from Free Agents (2/9/04)
Miguel Olivio (C) from White Sox (6/28/04)
Jolbert Cabrera (CF) from Dodgers
Damion Easley (2B) from Devil Rays (1/8/04)
Dean Oliver (SP) from Free Agents (1/28/04)
Wil Cordero (1B) from Free Agents (2/2/04)
Ben Howard (SP) from Padres (4/3/04)
Billy Koch (RP) from White Sox (6/17/04)
Josias Manzanillo (RP) from Reds
Paul LoDuca (C) from Dodgers (7/30/04)
Juan Encarnacion (LF) from Dodgers (7/30/04)
Guillermo Mota (RP) from Dodgers (7/30/04)
Rudy Seanez (RP) from Royals (7/31/04)
Ismael Valdes (SP) from Padres (7/31/04)

Eric Valent (1B) from Reds (12/15/03)
Todd Zeile (3B) from Free Agents (1/28/04)
Kazuo Matsui (SS) from Japan (NOT IN GAME)
Ricky Bottalico (RP) from Diamondbacks (2/11/04)
Randy Keisler (RP) from Padres (2/17/04)
Matt Ginter (RP) from White Sox (3/27/04)
Wilson Delgado (SS) from Cardinals (4/3/04)
Gerald Williams (RF) from Marlins
Richard Hidalgo (RF) from Astros (6/17/04)
Vic Darensbourg (RP) from Expos
Rodney Myers (RP) from Dodgers
Mike DeJean (RP) from Orioles (7/19/04)
David Wright (3B) from Mets (NOT IN GAME)
Jose Parra (RP) from Mets (NOT IN GAME)
Kris Benson (SP) from Pirates (7/30/04)
Victor Zambrano (SP) from Devil Rays (7/30/04)
Brian Buchanan (RF) from Padres (8/25/04)
Alay Soler (SP) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME)

Kerry Ligtenberg (RP) from Orioles (NOT IN GAME)
Mark McLemore (2B) from Free Agents (2/4/04)
Bruce Chen (SP) from Blue Jays (5/3/04)
Jason Grimsley (RP) from Royals (6/22/04)
Armando Rios (RF) from White Sox
Edwards Guzman (1B) from Expos

Gene Kingsale (CF) from Tigers (11/8/03)
Antonio Osuna (RP) from Free Agents (2/6/04)
Kerry Robinson (LF) from Cardinals (3/29/04)
Blaine Neal (RP) from Marlins (4/3/04)
Joey Hamilton (SP) from Reds
Dave Hansen (1B) from Mariners (7/30/04)
Robert Fick (1B) from Devil Rays (8/??/04)

Rheal Cormier (RP) from Free Agents (10/29/03)
Michel Hernandez (C) from Red Sox (3/24/04)
Pablos Osuna (SS) from Tigers (3/28/04)
Clay Condrey (SP) from Padres (3/29/04)
Victor Alvarez (SP) from Dodgers
Felix Rodriguez (RP) from Giants (7/30/04)
Todd Jones (RP) from Devil Rays (7/30/04)
Corey Lidle (SP) from Reds (8/9/04) (NOT IN GAME)

Freddy Sanchez (SS) from Red Sox (7/31/03)
Juan Acevedo (RP) from Blue Jays (12/6/03)
Jose Mesa (RP) from Free Agents (1/29/04)
Mark Guthrie (RP) from Free Agents (2/5/04)
Daryle Ward (LF) from Dodgers
Hector Almonte (RP) from Expos
Ty Wigginton (3B) from Mets (7/30/04)

Alfonso Soriano (2B) from Yankees (2/16/04)
Cory Vance (RP) from Rockies (4/9/04)
Gary Matthews Jr. (CF) from 
Andy Fox (2B) from Expos (7/14/04)
Scott Erickson (SP) from Free Agents (7/31/04)
Bart Miadich (RP) from Angels

Red Sox
Kevin Millar (1B) from Red Sox (NOT IN GAME)
Brian Daubach (1B) from White Sox (NOT IN GAME)
Reynaldo Garcia (SP) from Rangers (1/26/04)
Ellis Burks (LF) from Free Agents (2/5/04)
George Lombard (CF) from Devil Rays (2/29/04)
Carlos Febles (2B) from Royals (3/25/04)
Curtis Leskanic (RP) from Royals
Pedro Astacio (SP) from Free Agents (6/30/04)
Brandon Puffer (RP) Free Agents (7/2/04)
Terry Adams (SP) from Blue Jays (7/25/04)
Doug Mientkiewicz (1B) from Twins (7/31/04)
Orlando Cabrera (SS) from Twins (7/31/04)
Dave Roberts (CF) from Dodgers (7/31/04)
Mike Myers (RP) from Mariners (8/6/04)

Javier Valentin (C) from Devil Rays (1/11/04)
Mike Matthews (RP) from Free Agents (1/16/04)
Jung Bong (RP) from Braves (3/26/04)
Jason Romano (CF) from Dodgers (4/23/04)
Gabe White (RP) from Yankees (6/18/04)
Josh Hancock (SP) from Phillies (7/30/04)
Anderson Machado (SS) from Phillies (7/30/04)
Darren Bragg (RF) from Braves (7/31/04)
Damian Moss (SP) from Free Agents (8/16/04)

Shawn Estes (SP) from Free Agents (1/23/04)
Jamey Wright (SP) from Cubs (7/22/04)

Jamie Cerda (RP) from Mets (1/26/04)
Adrian Brown (CF) from Red Sox (2/9/04)
Rudy Seanez (RP) from Red Sox (2/17/04)
Jamey Wright (SP) from Cubs (3/27/04)
Mike Wood (SP) from Athletics (6/24/04)
Ruben Mateo (LF) from Reds (7/2/04)
Wilkin Ruan (LF) from Dodgers
Abraham Nunez (CF) from Marlins (7/31/04)
Matt Kinney (SP) from Brewers (8/13/04)

Esteban Yan (RP) from Cardinals (1/20/04)
Ivan Rodriguez (C) from Free Agents (2/2/04)
Ugueth Urbina (RP) from Free Agents (3/26/04)
Steve Coyler (RP) from Dodgers (4/1/04)
Jimmy Haynes (SP) from Reds
Eric Owens (LF) from Mariners
James Baldwin (SP) from Twins

Joe Maurer (C) from Twins (NOT IN GAME)
Kevin Tolar (RP) from Red Sox (1/11/04)
Joe Beimel (RP) from Pirates (4/11/04)
Terry Mulholland (RP) from Free Agents (4/12/04)

White Sox
Jose Santiago (RP) from Indians (1/21/04)
Timo Perez (CF) from Mets (3/27/04)
Ben Davis (C) from Mariners (6/28/04)
Freddy Garcia (SP) from Mariners (6/28/04)
Carl Everett (CF) from Expos (7/18/04)
Reggie Taylor (CF) from Reds
Jose Contreras (SP) from Yankees (7/31/04)
Roberto Alomar (2B) from Diamondbacks (8/5/04)
Alex Escobar (RF) from Indians (8/17/04)

Felix Escalona (SS) from Orioles (2/4/04)
Alex Rodriguez (SS) from Rangers (2/16/04)
Travis Lee (1B) from Free Agents (2/24/04)
Orlando Hernandez (SP) from Free Agents (3/11/04)
Bubba Crosby (CF) from Dodgers
Tanyon Sturtze (SP) from Dodgers
Jason Anderson (SP) from Mets (6/2/04)
C.J. Nitkowski (RP) from Braves (6/28/04)
Esteban Loazia (SP) from White Sox (7/31/04)
John Olerud (1B) from Mariners (8/3/04)
Shane Spencer (RF) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME)
Dave Elder (RP) from Indians

Free Agents
Chad Meyers (2B) from Mariners
Craig Paquette (3B) from Tigers (5/25/03)
Steve Parris (SP) from Devil Rays (6/18/03)
John Rocker (RP) from Devil Rays (6/27/03)
Ruben Rivera (CF) from Giants (7/3/03)
Kevin Young (1B) from Pirates (7/22/03)
David Cortes (RP) from Indians (11/13/03)
Gene Stechschulte (SP) from Cardinals (12/20/03)
Tyler Houston (3B) from Phillies (2/24/04)
Robert Person (SP) from Red Sox (3/5/04)
Steve Cox (1B) from Cardinals (3/14/04)
Fernando Tatis (3B) from Devil Rays (3/24/04)
Mike Williams (RP) from Devil Rays (3/24/04)
Giovanni Carrara (RP) from Indians (3/27/04)
Mark Guthrie (RP) from Pirates (3/29/04)
Orlando Merced (LF) from Astros (3/29/04)
Mark McLemore (2B) from Orioles (4/3/04)
Chris Widger (C) from Cardinals (4/5/04)
Jesus Sanchez (RP) from Rockies (7/22/04)
Greg Vaughn (LF) from Cardinals
Brian L. Hunter (LF) from Cardinals
Chris Stynes (3B) from Pirates (7/31/04)
Scott Erickson (SP) from Mets ()
Jeff Cirillo (3B) from Padres (8/4/04)
Nick Bierbrodt (SP) from Indians (8/7/04)
Rod Beck (RP) from Padres (8/17/04)
Karim Garcia (RF) from Mets (8/??/04)
Scott Erickson (SP) from Mets (8/27/04)

Jerrod Riggan (RP) from Indians (6/14/03)
Jason Phillips (SP) from Indians (6/28/03)
Greg LaRocca (3B) from Indians (9/13/03)
Ryan Rupe (SP) from Red Sox (12/10/03)
Al Martin (LF) from Free Agents (1/4/04)
Matt Franco (1B) from Braves (1/13/04)
Kazuhiro Sasaki* (RP) from Mariners (1/27/04)
Fernando Seguignol (LF) from Yankees (2/5/04)
Hector Carrasco (RP) from Orioles (2/17/04)
Pete Walker (SP) from Blue Jays (2/27/04)

Jay Bell (3B) from Mets (9/28/03)
Keith Lockhart (2B) from Padres (9/29/03)
Matt Walbeck (C) from Free Agents (10/29/03)
Jesse Orosco (RP) from Diamondbacks (1/21/04)
Mo Vaughn (1B) from Mets (1/25/04)
Kazuhiro Sasaki* (RP) from Mariners (1/27/04)
Dean Palmer (3B) from Tigers (1/28/04)
Drew Henson (3B) from Yankees (2/9/04)
Russ Springer (RP) from Cardinals (2/10/04)
Lance Painter (RP) from Cardinals (2/10/04)
John Burkett (SP) from Free Agents (2/13/04)
Steve Avery (SP) from Tigers (2/24/04)
Bill Haselman (C) from Orioles (3/25/04)
Joe Girardi (C) from Cardinals (3/29/04)
Rick Reed (SP) from Pirates (4/9/04) NOT IN GAME
Ben Petrick (C) from Tigers (5/24/04)
Pat Hentgen (SP) from Blue Jays (7/24/04)
Terry Shumpert (2B) from Free Agents
Adam Piatt (RF) from Devil Rays

Expected To Retire
Edgar Martinez (1B) after 2004 season
Todd Zeile (3B) after 2004 season
Rey Ordonez (SS) due to lack of interest
Mark Wohlers (RP) due to second Tommy John surgery

*Kazuhiro Sasaki, 35, has made it clear that he is not coming back to 

Remaining Free Agents


First Basemen
Fred McGriff, Kevin Young

Second Basemen
Chad Meyers

Third Basemen
Jeff Cirillo, Chris Stynes, Tyler Houston, Fernando Tatis

Rey Ordonez, Ron Coomer

Center Fielders
Chris Singleton, Troy O'Leary

Left Fielders
Bubba Trammell, Orlando Merced, Rickey Henderson, Felix Jose

Right Fielders
Raul Mondesi, Karim Garcia

Starting Pitchers
Robert Person, Andy Ashby, Garrett Stephenson, Scott Erickson, Jesus 
Sanchez, Steve Parris, Nick Bierbrodt

Relief Pitchers
Mike Williams, Rod Beck, Mark Guthrie, Darren Holmes, Gene 
Stechschulte, Dave Cortes, Graeme Lloyd, John Rocker, Kevin Walker


Until next time,


Copyright 2004 John Markisch

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