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Pitcher Guide by osubuckeyes

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/10/2004

Pitch Rating Guide by osubuckeyes

Game: MVP Baseball 2004

Introduction: This is basically a list of the ratings for each pitch and
stamina for every MLB pitcher in the game. This will tell you the pitches that
each pitcher possesses and their ratings and what that pitcher's stamina is.
I'll do the AAA and AA ratings if I get enough requests in my e-mail. I didn't
do them in the original version because a lot of the minor league pitchers are
CPU generated and, well, suck. In case you didn't know, SP stands for Starting
Pitcher and RP is Relief Pitcher. Now, here are the acronyms you will need to
know to understand this guide:

4FB= 4 Seam Fastball
2FB= 2 Seam Fastball
CHG= Changeup
CRV= Curveball
SLD= Slider
SNK= Sinker
KNU= Knuckleball
KCV= Knucklecurve
SLV= Slurve
PLM= Palmball
SPL= Splitter
FRK= Forkball
CUT= Cutter
SCR= Screwball
CCH= Circle Change
S  = Stamina

Now we can start the ratings. The players will be listed by their team and
position (SP or RP).

**Anaheim Angels SP**

Bartolo Colon
4FB-92, 2FB-79, CHG-77, SLD-71, CRV-69, S-97

Jarrod Washburn
2FB-87, 4FB-82, SLD-82, CHG-79, CRV-77, S-93

Kelvim Escobar
4FB-87, SPL-81, SLD-65, CHG-64, S-74

Ramon Ortiz
4FB-91, SLD-83, CHG-78, 2FB-78, S-89

John Lackey
4FB-84, SLD-84, 2FB-79, CHG-76, S-92

**Anaheim Angels RP**

Aaron Sele
4FB-86, CRV-85, SLD-71, 2FB-71, CHG-68, S-68

Scot Shields
4FB-84, 2FB-80, CHG-78, CRV-76, S-61

Greg Jones
4FB-81, CRV-76, CHG-71, 2FB-68, S-45

Derrick Turnbow
4FB-84, CRV-67, CHG-62, 2FB-62, S-40

Ben Weber
4FB-86, CHG-80, SLD-80, 2FB-70, S-41

Francisco Rodriguez (a.k.a. "K-Rod")
SLD-98, 4FB-96, CUT-80, S-42

Troy Percival
4FB-99, CRV-89, CHG-67, S-38

**Houston Astros SP**

Roger Clemens
SPL-95, 4FB-90, SLD-76, 2FB-72, CHG-66, S-92

Roy Oswalt
4FB-92, CRV-86, SLD-83, CHG-73, S-86

Andy Pettitte
CUT-93, CRV-89, 4FB-86, 2FB-74, CHG-74, S-93

Wade Miller
4FB-92, CRV-86, SLD-67, CHG-65, S-86

Jeriome Robertson
4FB-81, SLV-78, CHG-72, S-81

**Houston Astros RP**

Tim Redding
4FB-86, CRV-78, 2FB-70, CHG-68

Kirk Saarloos
4FB-80, SNK-79, 2FB-68, SLD-64, S-53

Tony Fiore
4FB-87, 2FB-84, PLM-83, SLD-70, CRV-63, S-46

Peter Munro
4FB-82, CHG-76, CRV-76, SLD-69, S-43

Brad Lidge
4FB-76, CRV-76, 2FB-72, CHG-69, S-39

Ricky Stone
4FB-86, 2FB-79, CHG-72, SLV-69, S-41

Octavio Dotel
4FB-95, 2FB-82, SLD-81, CRV-77, CHG-67, S-44

**Oakland Athletics SP**

Tim Hudson
SPL-91, 2FB-91, 4FB-90, SLD-82, CHG-77, S-96

Barry Zito
CRV-96, 4FB-91, CHG-90, S-93

Mark Mulder
SPL-92, SLD-86, 4FB-84, CHG-82, 2FB-79, S-97

Mark Redman
4FB-86, 2FB-73, CHG-70, CRV-68, S-94

Rich Harden
4FB-96, SPL-83, CHG-72, SLD-69, 2FB-67, S-80

**Oakland Athletics RP**

Justin Duchscherer
4FB-80, CHG-70, SLD-68, S-67

Chad Harville
4FB-80, SLD-79, CHG-70, S-56

Chris Hammond
4FB-87, CHG-86, SLD-83, CRV-73, S-38

Jim Mecir
SCR-88, CHG-87, 4FB-86, SLD-75, S-38

Chad Bradford
SNK-90, CHG-86, 4FB-84, SLV-76, S-39

Ricardo Rincon
4FB-87, SLD-85, 2FB-71, S-37

Arthur Rhodes
4FB-95, SLD-89, CRV-79, 2FB-70, CCH-61, S-36

**Toronto Blue Jays SP**

Roy Halladay
CRV-94, 4FB-91, PLM-86, CUT-82, SPL-81, S-99

Ted Lilly
4FB-90, CUT-80, CRV-74, 2FB-73, CHG-70, S-86

Miguel Batista
4FB-87, CHG-75, SLD-75, 2FB-75, CUT-75, S-83

Pat Hentgen
4FB-83, SLD-76, CRV-74, CUT-69, CHG-62, S-86

Josh Towers
4FB-82, CRV-80, SLD-73, CHG-70, S-73

**Toronto Blue Jays RP**

Terry Adams
4FB-90, CUT-82, SLD-75, SLV-72, CHG-65, S-58

Bruce Chen
4FB-86, CHG-80, SLD-76, CRV-71, S-59

Jason Hershner
SLD-79, 4FB-74, CRV-70, CHG-67, S-54

Jayson Durscher
4FB-95, SLD-77, SPL-74, S-41

Valerio de los Santos
4FB-87, CHG-84, SLD-76, SPL-73, S-39

Aquilino Lopez
4FB-83, SLD-73, CHG-70, 2FB-61, S-39

Justin Speier
4FB-87, SLD-86, 2FB-83, FRK-73, CHG-65, S-39

**Atlanta Braves SP**

Russ Ortiz
4FB-89, 2FB-74, CRV-73, CHG-59, S-92

Mike Hampton
4FB-83, SLD-79, CHG-78, 2FB-77, CUT-73, S-91

John Thomson
4FB-85, 2FB-81, CRV-78, CHG-72, SNK-69, S-90

Horacio Ramirez
4FB-86, SLD-81, CHG-77, 2FB-67, CUT-67, S-87

Paul Byrd
4FB-85, CHG-82, CRV-75, 2FB-72, SLD-70, S-90

**Atlanta Braves RP**

Jung Bong
4FB-84, CHG-74, CRV-73, S-57

Jaret Wright
4FB-86, CRV-73, 2FB-68, CHG-67, S-54

Will Cunnane
4FB-88, CRV-81, SLD-66, CHG-60, S-57

Armando Almanza
4FB-92, CRV-77, CHG-70, S-39

Kevin Gryboski
4FB-93, SLD-83, 2FB-74, CHG-73, S-35

Trey Hodges
4FB-87, SLV-72, 2FB-71, CHG-69, S-42

Antonio Alfonseca
4FB-94, 2FB-83, SNK-79, SLD-67, S-40

John Smoltz
SLD-95, 4FB-94, SPL-89, 2FB-80, CHG-70, S-43

**Milwaukee Brewers SP**

Ben Sheets
4FB-90, CRV-82, 2FB-75, CHG-61, S-93

Matt Kinney
4FB-88, CRV-83, SLD-75, CHG-70, S-79

Wayne Franklin
4FB-86, SLD-85, CHG-74, CRV-70, S-86

Wes Obermueller
4FB-88, CHG-68, S-83

Doug Davis
4FB-83, CRV-77, CUT-76, CHG-70, S-84

**Milwaukee Brewers RP**

Brian Bowles
4FB-83, SLD-75, CRV-74, SPL-69, S-52

Dave Burba
4FB-86, SPL-79, 2FB-73, CHG-69, CRV-69, S-55

Chris Capuano
4FB-88, CHG-76, S-65

Brooks Kieschnick
4FB-82, CHG-73, SLD-73, CRV-66, 2FB-66, S-42

Victor Santos
4FB-84, SLD-71, SPL-71, CHG-67, S-52

Luis Vizcaino
4FB-89, SLD-81, SPL-72, S-37

Danny Kolb
4FB-86, SLD-82, CUT-78, S-39

**St. Louis Cardinals SP**

Matt Morris
4FB-91, CRV-91, SLD-79, 2FB-77, CHG-60, S-90

Woody Williams
CRV-86, 4FB-85, CUT-85, CHG-76, 2FB-73, S-94

Jason Marquis
4FB-91, SLD-79, 2FB-75, CRV-71, S-62

Jeff Suppan
4FB-85, CRV-72, 4FB-72, SLD-70, CHG-70, S-93

Danny Haren
4FB-85, SPL-75, SLD-71, CHG-71, S-83

**St. Louis Cardinals RP**

Chris Carpenter
4FB-82, 2FB-73, CCH-73, CRV-71, S-65

Jason Simontacchi
4FB-87, 2FB-78, CRV-72, SNK-72, CHG-70, S-55

Alan Benes
4FB-86, CRV-73, CUT-73, CHG-71, S-53

Ray King
4FB-90, SLD-82, 2FB-70, S-36

Steve Kline
4FB-87, SNK-85, SLD-80, S-37

Julian Tavarez
4FB-84, SNK-83, SLD-76, CHG-75, 2FB-69, S-41

Jason Isringhausen
4FB-91, SLD-88, 2FB-78, SPL-77, KCV- 72, S-39

**Chicago Cubs SP**

Kerry Wood
4FB-95, CRV-78, SLD-71, CHG-68, S-94

Mark Prior
4FB-93, SLD-83, CRV-81, 2FB-81, CHG-67, S-97

Carlos Zambrano
4FB-93, 2FB-80, SPL-79, SLD-78, CRV-73, S-96

Matt Clement
4FB-90, SLD-88, SLV-88, SNK-81, S-91

Juan Cruz
4FB-94, SLD-75, 2FB-74, CHG-72, S-64

**Chicago Cubs RP**

Gary Glover
4FB-90, CRV-82, SLD-74, CHG-66, S-55

Jamey Wright
4FB-88, CRV-76, 2FB-70, SLD-65, S-70

Kyle Farnsworth
4FB-89, SPL-79, SLD-78, CHG-70, S-38

Kent Mercker
4FB-81, SLV-76, CRV-74, CHG-67, S-37

Mike Remlinger
4FB-83, SLD-82, CRV-75, CHG-66, S-38

LaTroy Hawkins
4FB-94, CRV-77, SPL-68, SLD-67, S-38

Joe Borowski
4FB-90, 2FB-80, CHG-74, SLV-67, S-38

**Tampa Bay Devil Rays SP**

Victor Zambrano
CHG-91, 4FB-88, SLD-85, 2FB-84, S-87

Jorge Sosa
4FB-94, SLD-78, CHG-72, 2FB-66, S-79

Paul Abbott
4FB-84, CRV-79, CHG-77, CUT-72, S-79

Rob Bell
4FB-89, CRV-82, CHG-78, 2FB-72, S-83

John Halama
CHG-85, 4FB-82, CRV-77, 2FB-75, SLD-72, S-61

**Tampa Bay Devil Rays RP**

Jeremi Gonzalez
4FB-86, SLD-76, CRV-66, 2FB-62, S-66

Mark Hendrickson
CRV-87, 4FB-79, SLD-76, CHG-64, S-69

Trever Miller
4FB-84, SLD-79, CHG-69, S-35

Travis Harper
4FB-87, CRV-86, CHG-83, 2FB-79, S-43

Jesus Colome
4FB-92, CHG-77, SLD-64, S-43

Lance Carter
CHG-87, 4FB-85, CRV-80, 2FB-74, S-41

Danys Baez
4FB-93, CRV-69, 2FB-68, CHG-64, S-39

**Arizona Diamondbacks SP**

Randy Johnson
4FB-99, SLD-99, SPL-77, 2FB-74, CHG-61, S-96

Brandon Webb
SNK-95, 4FB-89, CRV-79, 2FB-78, SLD-74, S-90

Elmer Dessens
4FB-86, CRV-79, 2FB-75, CHG-74, SLD-73, S-83

Shane Reynolds
SNK-80, SPL-80, 4FB-77, CCH-76, CUT-68, S-86

Steve Sparks
KNU-88, 4FB-76, SLV-73, S-68

**Arizona Diamondbacks RP**

Casey Fossum
4FB-87, CRV-85, 2FB-81, CHG-71, S-71

John Patterson
4FB-90, CHG-78, CRV-72, S-66

Mike Koplove
4FB-89, SLV-80, CHG-70, 2FB-69, S-40

Jesse Orosco
SLV-82, 4FB-80, CHG-73, S-35

Oscar Villareal
4FB-88, SLD-77, CHG-72, 2FB-66, CRV-64, S-40

Jose Valverde
4FB-86, SLD-80, SPL-78, 2FB-72, S-37

Matt Mantei
4FB-92, SLD-77, 2FB-71, CRV-68, S-39

**Los Angeles Dodgers SP**

Hideo Nomo
FRK-93, 4FB-86, CRV-76, SLD-71, CHG-68, S-93

Kazuhisa Ishii
4FB-90, SLD-83, CRV-79, CHG-63, S-86

Odalis Perez
4FB-89, CHG-88, SLD-83, SNK-76, S-89

Wilson Alvarez
4FB-84, CRV-83, CHG-77, CUT-71, 2FB-66, S-71

Jeff Weaver
2FB-92, CRV-89, 4FB-87, CHG-86, SLD-70, S-83

**Los Angeles Dodgers RP**

Darren Dreifort
4FB-88, SLD-81, 2FB-70, S-68

Edwin Jackson
4FB-91, SLD-75, CRV-69, 2FB-65, S-69

Troy Brohawn
4FB-80, SLD-76, CRV-63, S-55

Steve Colyer
4FB-82, SLD-75, S-44

Paul Shuey
SPL-92, 4FB-91, CRV-76, 2FB-72, S-39

Guillermo Mota
4FB-85, SPL-79, SNK-77, SLD-72, CHG-68, S-41

Eric Gagne
4FB-97, CHG-96, CRV-92, SLD-83, 2FB-81, S-38

**Montreal Expos SP**

Livan Hernandez
4FB-85, SLD-81, CRV-77, CHG-71, SNK-70, S-98

Tony Armas, Jr.
4FB-84, SLD-81, CHG-77, SPL-73, CRV-70, S-87

Claudio Vargas
4FB-83, SLD-73, 2FB-73, CHG-72, CRV-67, S-79

Tomo Ohka
4FB-86, SNK-74, SLV-70, CRV-68, CHG-66, S-89

Zach Day
4FB-91, SPL-78, SLD-73, 2FB-73, CCH-72, S-83

**Montreal Expos RP**

Randy Choate
CRV-81, 4FB-80, SNK-73, SLV-71, S-52

Dan Smith
4FB-91, CHG-78, SLD-74, SNK-72, S-56

Joey Eischen
4FB-81, SLD-77, SLV-77, S-36

Jeremy Fikac
4FB-84, SLD-80, CRV-79, CHG-69, S-40

T. J. Tucker
4FB-86, SLD-73, S-47

Luis Ayala
4FB-85, SNK-85, CHG-73, SLD-73, S-39

Rocky Biddle
4FB-90, CRV-76, 2FB-70, S-39

**San Francisco Giants SP**

Jason Schmidt
4FB-93, 2FB-88, SLD-79, CRV-77, CHG-71, S-95

Kirk Rueter
CRV-88, 4FB-82, SLD-79, CHG-76, S-69

Jerome Williams
4FB-86, SLD-79, CHG-74, CRV-71, S-85

Brett Tomko
4FB-82, CRV-81, SLD-79, 2FB-76, CHG-68, S-93

Jesse Foppert
4FB-91, 2FB-74, CRV-72, CHG-68, S-80

**San Francisco Giants RP**

Jason Christiansen
4FB-85, SLD-78, CHG-66, S-50

Dustin Hermanson
4FB-93, SLD-72, CRV-70, CHG-70, 2FB-70, S-60

Ryan Jensen
4FB-85, CRV-78, SLD-69, CHG-60, S-54

Jim Brower
4FB-88, CRV-77, SLD-69, CHG-60, S-54

Chad Zerbe
4FB-91, CHG-75, CRV-71, CUT-71, S-44

Scott Eyre
4FB-83, SLD-71, CRV-70, CHG-65, S-36

Felix Rodriguez
4FB-91, SLD-70 , S-37

Robb Nen
4FB-96, SLD-90, CUT-84, S-37

**Cleveland Indians SP**

C. C. Sabathia
4FB-89, SLD-77, CHG-76, CRV-72, 2FB-71, S-94

Jason Davis
4FB-93, 2FB-73, SLD-72, CHG-78, S-90

Jeff D'Amico
4FB-87, CRV-77, CHG-63, S-91

Jake Westbrook
4FB-80, CHG-77, SNK-75, 2FB-73, SLD-69, S-69

Cliff Lee
4FB-82, CRV-76, SLD-66, CCH-66, S-66

**Cleveland Indians RP**

Jason Bere
4FB-87, 2FB-79, SPL-75, CRV-73, CHG-71, S-61

Luther Hackman
4FB-88, CUT-77, SLV-74, CHG-64, S-56

Billy Traber
4FB-84, CHG-75, SLV-73, CRV-67, CUT-66, S-64

Jose Jimenez
4FB-89, SPL-79, 2FB-76, SLD-72, S-46

Jason Stanford
4FB-81, CRV-72, CHG-70, 2FB-69, S-54

Scott Stewart
4FB-87, 2FB-86, CUT-74, SLD-67, S-37

David Riske
4FB-91, 2FB-73, CHG-69, SLD-59, S-38

**Seattle Mariners SP**

Jamie Moyer
CCH-95, CRV-85, 4FB-84, SLV-78, 2FB-76, S-93

Freddy Garcia
4FB-89, CCH-84, SLD-79, CRV-78, 2FB-76, S-90

Gil Meche
CRV-86, 4FB-84, 2FB-78, SLD-77, CCH-65, S-87

Joel Piniero
4FB-91, SLD-80, 2FB-77, CR-75, CCH-74, S-94

Ryan Franklin
4FB-87, SPL-84, CRV-77, CCH-76, SLD-64, S-93

**Seattle Mariners RP**

Kevin Jarvis
4FB-85, CRV-71, CHG-69, 2FB-65, S-69

Rafael Soriano
4FB-92, SLD-81, CCH-73, 2FB-69, S-52

Aaron Looper
4FB-85, SLD-76, 2FB-66, S-40

Shigetoshi Hasegawa
4FB-88, FRK-87, 2FB-86, SLD-82, CCH-77, S-39

Eddie Guardado
4FB-88, SLD-84, SPL-77, CHG-75, S-38

Kazuhiro Sasaki
FRK-95, 4FB-92, SLD-74, CRV-72, S-38

**Florida Marlins SP**

Josh Beckett
4FB-95, 2FB-82, CRV-80, SNK-79, CHG-62, S-88

Brad Penny
4FB-88, CRV-81, CHG-65, 2FB-65, S-89

Dontrelle Willis
4FB-89, SLD-82, CHG-81, S-87

A. J. Burnett
4FB-93, SLD-89, KCV-87, CHG-68, CUT-67, S-91

Carl Pavano
4FB-85, 2FB-74, CRV-70, S-89

**Florida Marlins RP**

Michael Tejera
4FB-87, CRV-72, CHG-53, S-50

Nate Bump
4FB-84, CHG-77, SLD-72, CRV-68, S-57

Toby Borland
4FB-82, SLD-79, SNK-75, 2FB-63, S-42

Mike Neu
4FB-80, CRV-73, CHG-68, S-43

Chad Fox
SLD-92, 4FB-91, CHG-64, S-41

Tim Spooneybarger
4FB-92, CRV-86, CUT-73, S-40

Armando Benitez
4FB-95, SPL-80, SLD-78, 2FB-70, S-39

**New York Mets SP**

Al Leiter
CUT-96, 4FB-89, 2FB-79, SLD-78, CRV-71, S-91

Tom Glavine
4FB-86, CCH-86, CUT-77, CRV-74, SLD-69, S-87

Steve Trachsel
4FB-86, CRV-78, 2FB-73, FRK-73, CUT-72, S-90

Jae Weong Seo
4Fb-82, SLD-73, CHG-68, S-83

Aaron Heilman
4FB-83, SLD-75, 2FB-75, CHG-74, S-82

**Mets RP**

Jaime Cerda
4FB-84, CRV-66, CHG-63, S-59

Jason Middlebrook
4FB-89, SLD-69, CRV-65, CHG-53, S-53

John Franco
SCR-84, CHG-83, 4FB-80, CUT-71, S-37

Scott Strickland
4FB-90, SLD-69, CHG-65, S-39

Mike Stanton
CRV-88, CHG-84, 4FB-80, CUT-61, S-37

David Weathers
4FB-87, SNK-80, SLD-80, CHG-62, S-40

Braden Looper
4FB-88, SLD-73, CRV-69, S-39

**Baltimore Orioles SP**

Sidney Ponson
4FB-94, CHG-81, CRV-76, SLD-75, 2FB-71, S-97

Rodrigo Lopez
4FB-90, SLD-75, CHG-73, S-89

Omar Daal
4FB-86, 2FB-85, CRV-81, SLD-72, CHG-66, S-83

Eric DuBose
CRV-83, 4FB-83, SLD-75, CHG-73, S-71

Matt Riley
4FB-82, CHG-70, CRV-66, S-77

**Baltimore Orioles RP**

Kurt Ainsworth
4FB-91, SLD-71, CRV-67, CCH-66, S-64

Rick Bauer
4FB-83, SLD-79, CHG-73, S-51

B. J. Ryan
4FB-90, SLD-82, S-35

Buddy Groom
4FB-89, CHG-82, SLD-78, S-36

Mike DeJean
4FB-89, 2FB-80, SLD-76, CRV-71, S-40

Jorge Julio
4FB-92, SLD-89, CHG-63, S-38

**San Diego Padres SP**

David Wells
CRV-92, 4FB-88, SLD-77, CHG-60, 2FB-66, S-96

Brian Lawrence
SLD-85, 4FB-81, CHG-75, 2FB-72, S-92

Jake Peavy
4FB-86, CHG-81, 2FB-68, SLD-67, S-90

Adam Eaton
4FB-93, CUT-75, SLD-70, CHG-69, CRV-68, S-89

Ismael Valdes
4FB-83, CHG-82, SLD-80, CRV-77, 2FB-75, S-83

**San Diego Padres RP**

Sterling Hitchcock
SPL-81, 4FB-79, CHG-71, CUT-71, CRV-69, S-69

Dennis Tankersley
4FB-91, 2FB-80, SLD-78, CHG-78, S-51

Kevin Walker
SLD-84, 4FB-83, CHG-65, S-35

Jay Witasick
4FB-86, SLD-74, CHG-69, CRV-67, S-39

Rod Beck
4FB-85, 2FB-75, CHG-71, S-37

Trevor Hoffman
CCH-99, 4FB-89, SLD-81, S-38

**Philadelphia Phillies SP**

Kevin Millwood
4FB-91, CRV-82, SLD-78, 2FB-76, CHG-68, S-91
Randy Wolf
4FB-86, CRV-85, KCV-85, CHG-78, SLD-77, S-89

Vicente Padilla
4FB-93, SLD-82, 2FB-79, CRV-68, S-93

Brett Myers
4FB-89, CRV-77, 2FB-76, CHG-61, S-91

Eric Milton
4FB-91, CRV-83, CCH-76, CUT-74, 2FB-71, S-81

**Philadelphia Phillies RP**

Amaury Telemaco
4FB-84, SLD-71, CHG-70, S-65

Brian Powell
4FB-87, SLD-74, CRV-64, SPL-64, S-60

Roberto Hernandez
4FB-88, SPL-88, SLD-82, S-38

Hector Mercado
4FB-92, SLD-76, 2FB-71, CHG-59, S-44

Tim Worrell
4FB-89, SLD-85, CHG-74, CRV-70, S-39

Billy Wagner
4FB-98, SLD-88, S-38

**Pittsburgh Pirates SP**

Kip Wells
4FB-87, SLD-77, CHG-74, CRV-68, S-92

Kris Benson
4FB-88, SLD-81, CRV-71, 2FB-69, S-91

Josh Fogg
4FB-83, CRV-77, SLD-77, 2FB-77, CHG-73, S-85

Oliver Perez
4FB-91, SLV-85, 2FB-71, CHG-67, S-86

Salomon Torres
4FB-83, CHG-80, SLD-80, CRV-73, S-61

**Pittsburgh Pirates RP**

John Grabow
4FB-83, CRV-68, S-51

Ryan Vogelsong
4FB-84, CHG-67, CRV-66, S-63

Jason Boyd
4FB-87, SNK-82, SLD-74, CHG-67, S-40

Mark Corey
4FB-83, CRV-80, CUT-71, CHG-67, S-42

Mike Gonzalez
4FB-82, SLD-76, CHG-69, S-35

Joe Beimel
4FB-81, CHG-80, CRV-73, SLD-72, S-38

Brian Boehringer
4FB-88, 2FB-78, SLD-73, CHG-71, S-39

**Texas Rangers SP**

Chan Ho Park
4FB-90, SLD-85, CRV-80, CHG-79, CUT-74, S-78

Kenny Rogers
4FB-83, CCH-79, CRV-76, 2FB-73, SLD-72, S-90

Colby Lewis
4FB-90, CRV-76, CHG-75, CUT-75, S-83

R. A. Dickey
4FB-83, CRV-79, 2FB-77, SLD-75, CHG-75, S-65

Ryan Drese
4FB-88, SLD-73, CRV-70, CHG-65, S-76

**Texas Rangers RP**

Mickey Callaway
4FB-82, CCH-74, CRV-71, 2FB-69, S-58

Ricardo Rodriguez
4FB-89, 2FB-81, CRV-66, CHG-57, S-66

Mike Bacsik
4FB-77, CRV-77, 2FB-72, CHG-64, S-55

Jay Powell
4FB-88, SLD-84, 2FB-73, S-41

Jeff Zimmerman
SLD-84, 4FB-83, CHG-70, S-39

Jeff Nelson
SLD-99, 4FB-89, 2FB-89, CHG-69, S-36

Francisco Cordero
4FB-93, SLD-89, CHG-71, S-40

**Boston Red Sox SP**

Pedro Martinez
CCH-97, CRV-96, 2FB-94, 4FB-94, SLD-86, S-90

Curt Schilling
4FB-98, SPL-90, SLD-85, 2FB-66, CRV-64, S-95

Derek Lowe
SNK-98, 4FB-88, 2FB-87, CRV-81, CHG-75, S-92

Tim Wakefield
KNU-91, CRV-89, 4FB-78, S-90

Byung-Hyun Kim
4FB-86, 2FB-86, SLD-85, CHG-72, S-63

**Boston Red Sox RP**

Bronson Arroyo
4FB-84, SLD-71, CHG-69, CRV-63, S-54

Ramiro Mendoza
SNK-87, CHG-86, 4FB-85, 2FB-83, S-54

Mark Malaska
4FB-89, CHG-65, S-36

Scott Williamson
SLD-93, 4FB-90, 2FB-76, SPL-74, S-38

Mike Timlin
4FB-95, 2FB-81, SNK-80, SLD-70, S-39

Alan Embree
4FB-90, SLD-83, CHG-70, CUT-67, S-35

Keith Foulke
CCH-90, 4FB-85, 2FB-81, S-39

**Cincinnati Reds SP**

Aaron Harang
4FB-88, CRV-84, SLD-78, CHG-71, CUT-69, S-77

Danny Graves
4FB-80, CRV-78, CHG-76, 2FB-76, SLV-70, S-77

Paul Wilson
4FB-87, CHG-86, CRV-82, SLD-69, S-90

Brandon Claussen
4FB-81, SLD-74, 2FB-73, CRV-70, CHG-65, S-90

Jimmy Haynes
CRV-85, 4FB-82, SLD-81, 2FB-73, S-87

**Cincinnati Reds RP**

John Riedling
4FB-90, CRV-84, SLD-82, CHG-68, S-55

Aaron Myette
4FB-84, CRV-65, CHG-64, S-50

Phil Norton
4FB-84, CHG-66, CRV-62, S-36

Brian Reith
4FB-81, 2FB-74, SLD-73, CHG-68, S-44

Ryan Wagner
4FB-87, 2FB-75, SLV-72, S-40

Todd Van Poppel
4FB-88, SLD-79, CHG-65, S-49

Chris Reitsma
CRV-84, 4FB-82, CHG-53, S-43

**Colorado Rockies SP**

Jason Jennings
4FB-89, SLD-84, 2FB-73, CHG-68, S-89

Aaron Cook
4FB-87, CRV-78, SPL-74, SLD-72, CHG-69, S-73

Denny Neagle
4FB-86, CHG-84, CUT-75, CRV-73, 2FB-63, S-83

Joe Kennedy
4FB-86, CRV-86, CHG-84, 2FB-75, SLD-73, S-74

Chin-Hui Tsao
4FB-88, CHG-72, SLD-71, 2FB-61, S-80

**Colorado Rockies RP**

Adam Bernero
4FB-84, CHG-77, 2FB-72, FRK-72, SLD-64, S-53

Denny Stark
4FB-91, SLD-79, CHG-77, 2FB-77, S-63

Jason Young
4FB-83, CHG-73, CRV-68, S-51

Cory Vance
4FB-89, CHG-68, 2FB-66, S-50

Steve Reed
SLV-86, 4FB-82, 2FB-77, CHG-76, S-38

Brian Fuentes
4FB-90, CRV-78, SLV-77, CHG-56, S-38

Shawn Chacon
4FB-90, CRV-79, SLV-75, CHG-68, 2FB-67, S-49

**Kansas City Royals SP**

Darrell May
4FB-85, 2FB-74, CRV-69, SNK-68, CHG-65, S-87

Brian Anderson
CHG-88, 4FB-85, CUT-81, CRV-71, SLD-70, S-89

Kevin Appier
SLD-86, SPL-86, 4FB-82, CRV-79, 2FB-72, S-80

Runelvys Hernandez
4FB-87, SLD-77, CHG-70, S-87

Jimmy Gobble
4FB-83, CHG-69, CRV-65, S-64

**Kansas City Royals RP**

Jeremy Affeldt
4FB-91, SLD-75, CRV-71, CHG-67, S-63

Chris George
4FB-81, SLD-70, CCH-62, CRV-59, S-65

D. J. Carrasco
4FB-85, SLD-75, CHG-68, CRV-66, S-45

Jason Grimsley
4FB-93, SLD-78, CRV-73, 2FB-69, S-39

Curtis Leskanic
4FB-85, SLD-76, CHG-69, 2FB-69, S-38

Scott Sullivan
CHG-84, 4FB-83, 2FB-80, SLD-68, S-38

Mike MacDougal
4FB-87, CHG-74, SLD-69, S-38

**Detroit Tigers SP**

Jason Johnson
4FB-87, CRV-74, CHG-70, S-92

Mike Maroth
4FB-85, 2FB-81, CRV-76, CHG-76, SLD-67, S-84

Jeremy Bonderman
4FB-89, 2FB-80, SLD-78, CHG-67, S-81

Nate Cornejo
4FB-85, SNK-84, CUT-73, 2FB-71, S-91

Matt Roney
4FB-87, SLD-73, CHG-70, 2FB-66, CRV-61, S-66

**Detroit Tigers RP**

Gary Knotts
4FB-84, CRV-75, SNK-73, 2FB-73, S-61

Wilfredo Ledezma
4FB-87, CHG-77, SLV-76, 2FB-66, S-54

Al Levine
SLD-89, 4FB-85, CHG-79, SNK-77, 2FB-74, S-42

Danny Patterson
4FB-82, CHG-77, FRK-76, SLD-69, S-37

Chris Spurling
4FB-83, SLD-76, CHG-75, 2FB-73, S-40

Matt Anderson
4FB-92, SLD-68, S-39

Franklyn German
4FB-89, SPL-76, CHG-61, S-40

**Minnesota Twins SP**

Brad Radke
CCH-90, 4FB-86, SLD-79, CRV-78, 2FB-72, S-92

Johan Santana
4FB-92, CUT-83, SLD-71, CHG-70, S-77

Kyle Lohse
4FB-88, SLD-81, CHG-78, CRV-77, S-89

Joe Mays
4FB-85, SLD-77, CRV-75, CHG-73, 2FB-72, S-72

Rick Helling
4FB-88, CRV-77, 2FB-69, SLD-59, S-73

**Minnesota Twins RP**

Joe Nathan
4FB-80, CRV-73, 2FB-71, CHG-70, S-58

Sean Douglass
4FB-85, CHG-80, CRV-72, 2FB-69, S-63

Carlos Silva
4FB-89, 2FB-73, SLD-69, CHG-66, S-43

Grant Balfour
4FB-84, CRV-72, 2FB-72, S-44

Juan Rincon
4FB-84, SLD-74, CUT-73, CHG-69, S-43

J. C. Romero
4FB-91, SLD-78, CRV-73, 2FB-73, CHG-64, S-38

**Chicago White Sox SP**

Esteban Loaiza
2FB-94, CUT-88, 4FB-87, CHG-73, SLD-69, S-93

Mark Buehrle
CRV-86, 4FB-83, CHG-78, SLD-76, 2FB-75, S-95

Jon Garland
4FB-89, CRV-80, CHG-75, CUT-74, 2FB-66, S-89

Dan Wright
4FB-89, CRV-74, CHG-68, S-74

Neal Cotts
4FB-80, 2FB-70, S-69

**Chicago White Sox RP**

Matt Ginter
4FB-87, SLD-73, CHG-66, S-55

Scott Schoeneweis
4FB-88, CHG-83, SLD-76, 2FB-70, S-54

Jon Adkins
4FB-84, CHG-66, 2FB-66, S-51

Cliff Politte
SLD-88, 4FB-87, CHG-80, 2FB-69, S-38

Kelly Wunsch
4FB-87, 2FB-80, CHG-79, SLV-74, S-37

Billy Koch
4FB-91, SLD-81, CUT-79, CRV-74, S-39

Damaso Marte
4FB-95, SLD-76, CHG-71, S-39

**New York Yankees SP**

Mike Mussina
KCV-92, 4FB-89, CRV-85, 2FB-74, CUT-64, S-94

Kevin Brown
SNK-91, 4FB-88, SLD-84, 2FB-81, CHG-66, S-92

Javier Vazquez
4FB-89, CHG-84, 2FB-86, SLD-76, CRV-71, S-94

Jose Contreras
4FB-92, SLD-89, SPL-77, CUT-73, CHG-68, S-74

Jon Lieber
SLD-89, 4FB-82, 2FB-65, CHG-58, S-80

**New York Yankees RP**

Bret Prinz
4FB-86, SLD-72, CHG-55, S-56

Felix Heredia
4FB-82, SLV-74, CRV-69, S-53

Steve Karsay
4FB-91, CRV-79, 2FB-67, S-39

Paul Quantrill
2FB-86, 4FB-83, SLD-73, CHG-65, S-36

Tom Gordon
4FB-94, SLD-80, CRV-77, S-39

Mariano Rivera
CUT-99, 4FB-97, 2FB-84, S-38

Finally, we're done! Now, as you can see, I don't have updated rosters. I don't
have a SharkPort, Xport, or any of that stuff and I simply don't have the time
to do it myself. So, yeah.

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