Review by Terell Owens81

Reviewed: 04/22/04

The 2nd best boxing game ever

EA Sports new and revamped boxing game is called Fight Night 2004. It was called Knockout Kings before and just like they did with MVP baseball they changed the name of their boxing game. With a new control scheme called the total punch control being quite innovative does this game live up to expectations.

Graphics - 8
The graphics in Fight Night look good but it doesn't give you jaw-dropping graphics like other games do. The character models are detailed and looks good. Overall the graphics are good but nothing impressive.

Sound - 6
The music consists of rap, and although i am a fan of rap a little more variety would be great for the people that do not enjoy that kind of music. The songs in there are good and i enjoyed it but again a little variety would help. What got to me the most was the ring announcer and the commentators. The ring announcer just didn't seem right, maybe i just like Michael Buffer's ''Ready to Rumble'' speech too much. The commentators didn't have very many line and the ones they did have got extremely annoying. Overall the sounds in this game were mediocre, it lacked variety, the ring announcer was bad, and the commentators were horrible.

Gameplay - 9
The total punch out controls take a bit to get used to but once you get used to them this game is very addicting. There are different control layouts that you can choose from so you can find the one that suits you best. With the right analog stick moving it in certain directions gave you different punches like uppercuts and jabs. You have the L button where you can dodge the incoming punches. The black button is your special punch. You also have career mode which is very deep and filled with unlockables.

Replay - 9
The only thing that this game lacks is being able to play online. Other then that there are alot of replay value with the deep career mode, and multi-player. Having your boxer going to the top is very fun and time consuming. As you earn money in your fights you make money and you can buy unlockables. This game is very fun and it should give you a good amount of replay value.

Overall - 8.2
Fight Night 2004 for the Xbox is a very fun game, but it's not without its flaws. With that said Fight Night 2004 is the 2nd best boxing game ever trailing behind Super Punch Out for the Snes. Fight Night 2004 is worthy of a purchase it will keep you occupied for a while and like I mentioned before it's very fun.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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