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Zero Silent Assasin Walkthrough by darthfrott

Version: 0.9c | Updated: 09/01/05

                                  iKKj. ,;iii;;:.
                              .... .f#Wj       :tGW######KDL,.
                    .:,;itjfjti;,.  iK#G         .iE########KGt:
               .,ijfDEWWWEGi:.      ,D#E          .f#######WLj;.
            ,iGEW#####WDt:          ;E#K          iE###WDLt;
          ;fDK#######E;             f##E       ,fK#WD;:
            .,jLDK###Ki            ,fGfi     .;KWDj;.
                .,ifKWEf,.         ..      .iLKGi.
                     .,jGKKft;:        .tLE##Wf                          t:
                        .;L##WEGf;:   iD#####WL.                       ,jKt
                          .K#####WG, .f########Dft;,.              .,iLE#Wt
    :LWj;.                 D######E; .f############WWWKEDDGGLGGGDEW######i.
    ;E##WELjti,::...:,,;ijL#######E;  f######KGti;;;;tjfDW#############Ef
    ,G#######WKKEEEEKKWW##########E;  f###KLi:          :L##########ELt:
     iE############WKKKWW#########E;  f#Kf,           .;LK######WKfi:
      .LK######Kj:.      .,fE#####E;  fE.         :;jK###WEDji,:
       .,jDW###Wf,          :tGW##E;  ii      .ifLDEDLfti,:.
          .,tLW##ELi          .iG#E;       .:;itti,:.
               .,ijfDGLji,.      LD;
                    .,;ttti,:.   .;:
 .,i,.  :;i:     :;;:     j,:i;:,t:    :i;     ,i:        ,,        :i;    ,;:
  ;#;    GW       DL     ,:  KD  ,.     jE;   ;LE        .LK;        fjG:  .j
  ;#t,,,,DK       DL         KD         t:Ki ,;,K        j fW:       j :GL..j
  ;#;    GK       DL         KD        ,j :Ej; :#      .j,,,tK.      j   :Gff
 .iDi.  :fG,     :Lf,       ,GL:      .tj. .t .;D,.   .jt.  :Lf,    :f,    tt

:i:.:;    i,..,i.   ,fi  i.  .;.f;:;   tt.,t     ij     :i:.:;   ;:;f.;.  ,;.,
E;       ff    tL   :;;f,;      D;     tf;j;    ;iLj    D;         ;D     :ttt
ij,..i   :j,..,j,   ;t  iL     .Di     jf tj   ;i .Gj   ;j,..i     iD.    ;: ,#
  ,#fW      #j#     fDW         DDW    #DW  D  #DL #DW    :#j#     WDD     WDD

Hitman Contracts FAQ - v.0.9c
By Dennis Ferrand
GameFAQs User Name: darthfrott
E-Mail: frott (at) frontiernet (dot) net


  How to use the "E-Z FIND SYSTEM": With the "E-Z FIND SYSTEM", all you have to
do to immediately get to the desired point in this FAQ is:
1. Find the specific walkthrough you want in the Table Of Contents immediately
2. Highlight the word that is in all capital letters that represents your
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3. Choose to find that word within the document.



01. Introduction ( =INTRO= )
02. Gameplay Controls ( =CONTROLS= )
    02.01: Default
    02.02: Left-Handed
    02.03: Simplified
03. Menus ( =MENUS= )
   03.01: Main Menu
   03.02: In-Game Menu
   03.03: Mission Briefing
04. Weapon And Item Selection ( =SELECT= )
05. On-Screen Displays ( =DISPLAYS= )
06. End Of Mission Statistics ( =STATS= )
07. Techniques ( =TECHNIQUES= )
08. Weapons ( =WEAPONS= )
    08.01: Pistols And Handguns
    08.02: Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)
    08.03: Assault Rifles
    08.04: Shotguns
    08.05: Machine Guns
    08.06: Sniper Rifles
09. Equipment ( =EQUIPMENT= )
10. Fast Walkthroughs ( =FAST= )
    10.01: Asylum Aftermath ( =FASTASYLUM= )
    10.02: The Meat King's Party ( =FASTMEAT= )
    10.03: The Bjarkhov Bomb ( =FASTBOMB= )
    10.04: Beldingford Manor ( =FASTMANOR= )
    10.05: Rendezvous In Rotterdam ( =FASTROTTERDAM= )
    10.06: Deadly Cargo ( =FASTCARGO= )
    10.07: Traditions Of The Trade ( =FASTTRADE= )
    10.08: Slaying A Dragon ( =FASTDRAGON= )
    10.09: The Wang Fou Incident ( =FASTWANGFOU= )
    10.10: The Seafood Massacre ( =FASTSEAFOOD= )
    10.11: Lee Hong Assassination ( =FASTLEEHONG= )
    10.12: Hunter And Hunted ( =FASTHUNTED= )
11. Detailed Walkthroughs ( =WALKTHRUS= )
    11.01: Asylum Aftermath ( =ASYLUM= )
           01. Basement
           02. 1st Floor & Escape
    11.02: The Meat King's Party ( =MEAT= )
           01. Find The Girl
           02. Kill The Lawyer
           03. Kill Sturrock The Meat King & Escape
    11.03: The Bjarkhov Bomb ( =BOMB= )
           01. Take Out Fabian Fuchs
           02. Take Out Commander Bjarkhov
           03. Blow Up The Sub
    11.04: Beldingford Manor ( =MANOR= )
           01. Past the Maze And A Disguise
           02. Milk...It Does A Body BAD
           03. He's Just DYING For Whiskey
           04. The Stables
    11.05: Rendezvous In Rotterdam ( =ROTTERDAM= )
           01. Become A Reporter
           02. Kill The Leader
           03. Kill The Hostage & Escape
    11.06: Deadly Cargo ( =CARGO= )
           01. Before The Ship
           02. On The Ship
           03. After The Ship
    11.07: Traditions Of The Trade ( =TRADE= )
           01. 47 Knows Clothes
           02. 47 Conz Franz
           03. 47 Hitz Fritz
           04. 47 Palms Bomb
    11.08: Slaying A Dragon ( =DRAGON= )
           01. The Gardener Gets In
           02. The Negotiator Gets It & 47 Gets Out
    11.09: The Wang Fou Incident ( =WANGFOU= )
           01. The Bomb, The Chauffeur
           02. The Meeting, The Rest
    11.10: The Seafood Massacre ( =SEAFOOD= )
           01. Retrieve Poison, Unlock Basement
           02. Crouching Amulet, Hidden Dragon
           03. Crouching Kitchen, Hidden Chef
    11.11: Lee Hong Assassination ( =LEEHONG= )
           01. The Agent
           02. The Triad Leader
           03. The Figurine
    11.12: Hunter And Hunted ( =HUNTED= )
           01. Building Jumps And A Change Of Clothes
           02. The Fireman's Key
           03. Fiber Wire Inspector Albert Fournier & Escape
12. Reader Submitted Walkthroughs & Tips ( =USERS= )
    12.01: Asylum Aftermath ( =READASYLUM= )
    12.02: The Meat King's Party ( =READMEAT= )
    12.03: The Bjarkhov Bomb ( =READBOMB= )
    12.04: Beldingford Manor ( =READMANOR= )
    12.05: Rendezvous In Rotterdam ( =READROTTERDAM= )
    12.06: Deadly Cargo ( =READCARGO= )
    12.07: Traditions Of The Trade ( =READTRADE= )
    12.08: Slaying A Dragon ( =READDRAGON= )
    12.09: The Wang Fou Incident ( =READWANGFOU= )
    12.10: The Seafood Massacre ( =READSEAFOOD= )
    12.11: Lee Hong Assassination ( =READLEEHONG= )
    12.12: Hunter And Hunted ( =READHUNTED= )
13. Cheats & Codes ( =CHEATS= )
    13.01: In-Game Cheats
    13.02: Cheat Device Codes
14. Review
15. FAQ History ( =HISTORY= )
16. Thank List ( =THANKS= )


= 01. Introduction ( =INTRO= ) =

  Hiya, and welcome to my Hitman Contracts FAQ. I hope you get some
enlightenment and/or enjoyment out of this FAQ. I wrote these walkthroughs with
my personal favorite ways to clear the missions. Keep in mind, there are
several ways to complete the levels in Contracts, so if something strikes your
fancy that isn't included here, then by all means do it. It's supposed to be
fun after all!
  I'll be using directions, (North, South, East and West), as established
according to the Maps. They took out the lovely compass for Contracts, as well
as Building name designations for important landmarks, which was something I
used a lot in my Hitman 2 FAQ to keep readers from confusion, so this is the
only way I can be as specific as possible. Just check your Map a lot, or better
yet, become acquainted with the levels with some good ol' fashioned "runnin'
and gunnin'" before trying to go for all zero Silent Assassin. These
walkthroughs work for all zeros no matter what Difficulty Level you're playing
on, so if you get comfortable getting all zeros on Normal, give Expert or
Professional a try. I thought it would be less convoluted if I just gave one
walkthrough to fit all sizes. I'm by no means encompassing all the different
ways you can complete the levels, in fact, if I wanted to tell you the fast and
easy method for finishing levels, I'd just tell you to start shooting the
Targets because it's quicker and easier. There's no fun for me personally in
that, though.
  This FAQ can only be hosted on GameFAQs. If you're seeing this anywhere else,
please give me an email at: frott (at) frontiernet (dot) net with information.


= 02. Gameplay Controls ( =CONTROLS= ) =

  There are three different Control Schemes in Hitman Contracts: Default,
Left-Handed and Simplified, although I don't see how moving the Turn Left/Right
and Strafe Left/Right functions from one Analog Control Stick to the other
makes it any more "simplified".

02.01: Default

Left Analog Stick: Move Forward/Back, Strafe Left/Right
Right Analog Stick: Look Up/Down, Turn Left/Right
X Button: Action/Use
Circle Button: Drop
Square Button: Holster/Unholster
Triangle Button: Inventory/Exit Sniper Mode
Select Button: Mission Briefing
Start Button: Pause/Options Menu
L1 Button: Map
L2 Button: Crouch/Sneak
L3 Button: Precise Aiming (Hold Down)
R1 Button: Fire
R2 Button: Reload
R3 Button: Toggle 1st/3rd Person Camera Mode
Left Crosspad: Lean Left
Right Crosspad: Lean Right
Up Crosspad: Zoom In/Scroll Up
Down Crosspad: Zoom Out/Scroll Down

02.02: Left-Handed

Left Analog Stick: Look Up/Down, Turn Left/Right
Right Analog Stick: Move Forward/Back, Strafe Left/Right
X Button: Action/Use
Circle Button: Drop
Square Button: Holster/Unholster
Triangle Button: Inventory/Exit Sniper Mode
Select Button: Mission Briefing
Start Button: Pause/Options Menu
L1 Button: Map
L2 Button: Crouch/Sneak
L3 Button: Precise Aiming (Hold Down)
R1 Button: Fire
R2 Button: Reload
R3 Button: Toggle 1st/3rd Person Camera Mode
Left Crosspad: Lean Left
Right Crosspad: Lean Right
Up Crosspad: Zoom In/Scroll Up
Down Crosspad: Zoom Out/Scroll Down

02.03: Simplified 

Left Analog Stick: Move Forward/Back, Turn Left/Right
Right Analog Stick: Look Up/Down, Strafe Left/Right
X Button: Action/Use
Circle Button: Drop
Square Button: Holster/Unholster
Triangle Button: Inventory/Exit Sniper Mode
Select Button: Mission Briefing
Start Button: Pause/Options Menu
L1 Button: Map
L2 Button: Crouch/Sneak
L3 Button: Precise Aiming (Hold Down)
R1 Button: Fire
R2 Button: Reload
R3 Button: Toggle 1st/3rd Person Camera Mode
Left Crosspad: Lean Left
Right Crosspad: Lean Right
Up Crosspad: Zoom In/Scroll Up
Down Crosspad: Zoom Out/Scroll Down


= 03. Menus ( =MENUS= ) =

NOTE: You MUST be using a Memory Card in MEMORY CARD Slot 1 in order to save
      your progress. A Hitman Contracts save game requires 500 Kb of free space
      on the Memory Card. If the Memory Card has less than the required free
      space, erase old data before starting play.

03.01: Main Menu

Start - Press the Directional Buttons Up/Down to highlight START in the Main
        Menu, and press the X Button to begin a new game. Before the game
        begins, select the difficulty level for your game.
   Select Difficulty - This menu allows you to select a difficulty level
                       (Normal, Expert or Professional). Press the Directional
                       Buttons Up/Down to highlight a level from the list and
                       press the X Button to start your new game. A number of
                       different factors are influenced by the difficulty level
                       you choose. These factors include:
                       - The amount of damage Hitman can receive before
                       - The amount of accuracy shown on the Map.
                       - The reaction speed and firing accuracy of Guards and
                       Each difficulty level has its own permitted number of
                       progress saves per mission.
                       - Normal: 7 saves allowed per level.
                       - Expert: 2 saves allowed per level.
                       - Professional: 0 saves allowed per level.

Load -  If you previously saved your game to a Memory Card, you can continue it
        from the Load Screen accessed from the Main Menu. Insert a Memory Card
        containing Hitman Contracts save game data into Memory Card Slot 1.
        Then, when you select Load from the Main menu, a list of your save
        games will be displayed. Press the Directional Buttons Up/Down to
        highlight the save game you want and press the X Button to load it. The
        game will be restored at the point where it was saved.

Training - The training area allows you to become familiar with the controls
           and various abilities of Hitman in a non-hostile environment. It is
           highly recommended that you practice the techniques you will need
           before starting your missions. The training area also serves as a
           storage area for the weapons you collect during missions. Each
           silhouette represents a weapon that you can collect or unlock during
           the game.

Options - To open the Options Menu, select Options from the Main menu or press
          the Start Button to pause a game and select Options from the Pause
          Menu. Three sub-menus are available with options for adjusting the
          game's Graphics, Sound and Control Setup.

          Graphics Options
          Use this menu to set your graphics and display choices.
          - Subtitles: Toggle the display of in-game subtitles.
          - Blood And Gore: Toggle the display of blood effects.
          - Adjust Screen: Follow the onscreen instructions to center the
                           screen for better viewing. NOTE: The Adjust Screen
                           option is only available from the Main Menu Options

          Sound Options
          Use this menu to configure sound and audio settings.
          - Music: Move the slider to adjust the game's music volume.
          - Speech: Move the slider to adjust the volume of spoken dialogue.
          - Effects: Move the slider to adjust the volume of in-game sound

         Control Setup Options
         Use this menu to configure various control settings.
         - Invert Up/Down Aim: Changing this option switches the movement
                               control on the Y axis. If you find yourself
                               looking down at the floor when you want to look
                               up, try adjusting this setting.
         - Vibration Function: Toggle the controller's vibration function
                               On/Off. (When On, the controller will vibrate in
                               response to game events.)
         - Horizontal Turn Sensitivity: Move the slider to adjust Hitman's
                                        turning speed. To turn faster, use a
                                        higher setting.
         - Vertical Turn Sensitivity: This slider will adjust the speed with
                                      which Hitman looks up and down. Use a
                                      higher setting to speed up the response.
         - Button Configuration: Choose between three control schemes. ( See
                                 Gameplay Controls ( =CONTROLS= ) section.)

Credits - Select Credits from the Main Menu to see a roster of those
          responsible for Hitman Contracts.

03.02: In-Game Menu

  Press the Start Button during play to pause the game and access the In-Game
Menu, which offers the following options:

Save - While playing Hitman Contracts, you'll want to save your game often to
       preserve your progress.
       To save a game:
       1. Press the Start Button to pause the game.
       2. Select Save from the menu.
       3. Highlight Create New to create a new save game or highlight a save
          game to overwrite, and press the X Button.
       4. If your Memory Card is unformatted, you will now have the option to
          format it or exit the save process.
       5. To resume a saved game, follow the steps in Load below. NOTE: You
          cannot save your game while performing some complicated actions.

Load - You can resume save games by using the Load option from either the Main
       Menu or the In-Game Menu. Make sure you have a Memory Card containing
       Hitman Contracts save game data inserted into Memory Card Slot 1. When
       you select Load, a list of available save games is displayed. Highlight
       a save game and press the X Button to load it. The game will be restored
       at the point where it was saved.

Delete Save Games - You can delete save games by using the Delete Save Games
                    option in the In-Game Menu. Highlight the save game you
                    want to delete and press the X Button.

Options - Highlight this option and press the X Button to access the Options
          Menu. Options available in this menu are the same as those found in
          the Main Menu Options Menu. (See Main Menu - Options.)

Restart Mission - To restart the current mission, highlight this option and
                  press the X Button.

Quit - Highlight this option and press the X Button to quit the current game
       and return to the Main Menu.

Continue Game - Highlight this option and press the X Button to exit the
                In-Game Menu and resume the current game.

03.03: Mission Briefing
       When Hitman receives a mission from Agency, the details are always
       delivered through the Mission Briefing Screens. All information valid to
       the mission is stored in this briefing, which you can display at any
       point during a mission. The following information is usually available
       from the Briefing Screen:
       - Target profiles and descriptions.
       - Any additional mission objectives.
       - Background information on the mission scenario.
       - Escape and exit points.
       Once an objective has been met, it will be marked off as completed.


= 04. Weapon And Item Selection ( =SELECT= ) =

04.01: Weapon Select Screen

  Once you complete a mission successfully, you can replay it with the weapons
you've collected in previous missions. These weapons are selectable from the
Weapon Select Screen.
- Equipment: This shows a list of weapons and equipment you can take along for
             the mission ahead. Highlight the item you want to equip and press
             the X Button to add it to your Inventory. When a weapon is
             equipped, it will be marked with a cross. To deselect a weapon,
             select it again by pressing the X Button.
- Specifications: This displays the weapons specifications. The information
                  detailed here can include ammo type, caliber, clip capacity,
                  length, weight and storage.
- Weapon Display: An image of the currently selected Item appears at the top of
                  the Specifications window. Press the Circle Button to confirm
                  your selection and exit this screen.

04.02: Inventory

  Press the Triangle Button at any time during a mission to display the
Inventory. This menu allows fast access to the Weapons and Items Inventory. To
use an item from the Inventory, highlight the item and press the X Button to
equip it. To discard or drop an item, highlight it and press the Circle Button.
Detailed information on both weapons and items appears at the bottom of the
screen. NOTE: You cannot drop or discard items that are crucial to Hitman's


= 05. On-Screen Displays ( =DISPLAYS= ) =

Health Bar - This bar shows Hitman's current health. Every time Hitman sustains
             damage the bar decreases. If the bar dips to the danger point,
             below 25% capacity, it turns red to alert you to Hitman's
             predicament. NOTE: Damage is location-based. This means a shot to
             the head is almost certain to kill Hitman while a shot to the arm
             will not.

Threat Meter - Displayed next to the Health Bar, the Threat Meter gives an
               indication of the danger Hitman faces. An increase in movement
               signifies an increase in danger. The meter can alert you to
               potential problems such as a failed disguise or Hitman being
               spotted in restricted access zones.

Action List - This Action List displays a list of context-sensitive choices.
              Use this menu to control complex interactions in the game
              environment. With its options you can manipulate Doors, victims,
              vehicles and items. If only one choice appears on the list, press
              the X Button to perform that action. If you have multiple
              choices, hold down the X Button and press the Directional
              Buttons Up/Down to highlight the option you want. Release the X
              Button to perform the selected action.

Weapon Display - Displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen, the
                 Weapons Display shows an Icon of the currently equipped

Ammo Display - This is a graphical and numerical display of the current ammo
               level in both the clip currently in the weapon and the total
               bullet count for all remaining clips.

Crosshairs - The crosshairs represent the exact point at which Hitman is
             aiming. The size of the crosshairs indicates the accuracy of any
             shots fired from the currently equipped weapon. The larger the
             crosshairs the wider the grouping of any shots fired. When the
             crosshairs turn red, Hitman has targeted an enemy and any shots
             fired should always hit their target.

Information Box - Useful information and warnings are displayed here.


= 06. End Of Mission Statistics ( =STATS= ) =

  After a successful hit and the fulfillment of all mission objectives, a
ratings screen is displayed to show performance levels. The statistics are
presented as a mission and overall score and give a breakdown of the stealth
and aggression levels used in the mission. NOTE: You can earn bonuses by
completing missions with a high level of professionalism.


= 07. Techniques ( =TECHNIQUES= ) =

Disguises - You can use disguises and costume changes to throw off pursuers and
            gain access to restricted areas. When you're wearing a disguise, it
            is important that you perform actions natural to the character
            you're impersonating. Alert Guards and Soldiers will notice
            suspicious behavior and inconsistent weapon usage.

Sneaking - The ability to successfully sneak through areas undetected is a very
           important skill to master. When he's moving in Sneak Mode, Hitman's
           movement is completely silent. With patience and skill it is
           possible to sneak through almost any environment and creep up behind
           any enemy. Before entering rooms that potentially contain a threat,
           it is always worth your time to spy through the keyhole or check
           your Map for activity.

Close Combat And Silent Kills - Hitman's most powerful weapons are also the
                                most difficult to master. Close combat weapons
                                allow Hitman to neutralize targets without
                                raising alarms or creating unwanted noise.
                                Close combat weapons are most effective when
                                used from behind on an unsuspecting enemy. In
                                order to get close enough to use the weapons
                                successfully, Hitman must use sneaking
                                techniques. Once he's directly behind an enemy,
                                the fully charged close combat weapons will
                                deliver a fatal blow. Close combat weapons can
                                also be used in melee attacks but their
                                effectiveness is seriously reduced.


= 08. Weapons ( =WEAPONS= ) =

08.01: Pistols And Handguns

  Pistols and handguns offer a wide range of power, capacity and caliber.
Easily concealed and once silenced, the pistol can be one of the most effective
tools in Hitman's arsenal. When used in both hands, pistols pack a high level
of firepower. Clip capacity and accuracy over distance are the main drawbacks
for the handgun class.

01. GK17              05. Gold Desert Eagle      10. Gold Desert Eagle Dual
02. CZ2000            06. Silverballer Silenced  11. Magnum 500 Dual
03. CZ2000 Dual       07. Silverballer Dual      12. Silverballer Dual .S
04. SG220 .S          08. Magnum 500             13. GK17 Dual
                      09. SG220 Dual .S

08.02: Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)

  Typically issued to commando forces in the military, sub-machine guns are
small, lightweight and often use pistol ammunition. Designed for use in close
quarters, SMGs are often inaccurate. This is more than compensated for by their
high rate of fire and maneuverability.

01. MP9 Sub-Macine Gun          05. Micro Uzis
02. AUG Sub-Machine Gun         06. Micro Uzi .S
03. MP5 Sub-Machine Gun .S      07. Micro Uzis .S
04. Micro Uzi                   08. MP5 Sub-Machine Gun

08.03: Assault Rifles

  The military-designed assault rifles were developed for fire support and
combat over distances of up to 300m. The rifle is in its element when used
outdoors and over distance. Single shot and burst fire are a necessity if you
want to maintain accuracy.

01. AK 47                    03. AK 47 .S
02. M4 Carbine               04. M4 Carbine .S

08.04: Shotguns

  Devastatingly powerful at close range, the shotgun's defining characteristics
are having a smooth bore and firing "shot" from an explosive cartridge.
Designed for close combat situations, the shotgun is mainly used by law
enforcement agencies as a hunting weapon.

01. Spas 12 Shotgun           03. Double-Barreled Shotgun
02. Sawn Off Shotgun          04. Sawn Off Shotgun Dual

08.05: Machine Guns

  Fully automatic, low-caliber and capable of rapid fire, the machine gun is
designed to provide suppressing cover fire more than aim and accuracy.

01. M60                        02. Mini Gun

08.06: Sniper Rifles

  In the hands of trained professionals, the sniper rifle is perhaps the most
powerful of all projectile weapons. Offering precision and accuracy over long
distances, this weapon can be used to eliminate targets from a safe position.
The W2000 Sniper Rifle is Hitman's rifle of choice and comes silenced and
concealable in its own briefcase. NOTE: Crouching while aiming improves the
accuracy and reduces the movement of the rifle in Hitman's hands.

01. Enforcer Sniper Rifle     04. R93 Sniper Rifle
02. Dragunov Sniper Rifle     05. PGM Sniper Rifle .S
03. W2000 Sniper Rifle        06. PGM Sniper Rifle


= 09. Equipment ( =EQUIPMENT= ) =

Binoculars - Excellent for surveillance and spying on targets from a distance.

Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) - When worn in a dark environment, night vision
                              goggles amplify the light levels allowing you to
                              navigate through darkened areas. Normally
                              confined to military use, the NVGs will draw
                              suspicion if noticed by Guards or Civilians.

Map - Hitman is equipped with a Map of his surroundings at all times. Using the
      Map to plan your route can prevent unwanted surprises and will often
      reveal hidden access points.

Hints and Tips:
- Proper planning always increases the chance of making a successful hit. Spend
  time on surveillance and try changing your approach if your current plan
  isn't working.
- High-caliber ammunition will penetrate Doors and obstacles.
- Sound is Hitman's friend. Loud music can often mask the sound of gunshots,
  allowing the use of firearms to go unnoticed.
- Keep your eye on the Threat Meter when accessing areas that are out of


= 10. Fast Walkthroughs ( =FAST= ) =

  The following fast walkthroughs are for those of you already familiar with
the levels. If these seem confusing to you, just skip them and read the
Detailed Walkthroughs ( =WALKTHRUS= ) instead. I basically made these for those
of you who have read the detailed version, but now need a skimmed down version
to follow while you're implementing the walkthroughs. Completing each mission
with a  Silent Assassin rating will garner you a new weapon which is only
available through unlocking. I will state each of these reward weapons at the
beginning of each mission.

= 10.01: Asylum Aftermath ( =FASTASYLUM= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual CZ2000 Pistols

* Grab the Key from Prof. Orthmeyer
* Syringe a Basement Patient and Change into their Clothes
* Grab extra Syringes
* Take the Elevator to the First Floor
* Walk past the four stationary SWAT Soldiers near the entrance and take a left
* Wait for the solitary SWAT Soldier to head back up the Winding Staircase
* Follow him upstairs
* Hide behind the Double Doors and wait for the SWAT Soldier to leave on lower
  Difficulties or Sneak in and Syringe him while he's in the other room on
  Professional Difficulty
* Head out onto veranda
* Climb down ladder and escape in Prof. Orthmeyer's Black Sedan



= 10.02: The Meat King's Party ( =FASTMEAT= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual Micro Uzi Sub-Machine Guns

* Change into Butcher's Clothes
* Lock REAL Butcher in back of the Truck
* Drop weapons
* Get frisked, head up to Malcolm Sturrock's Shrine
* Take the Proof
* Head to the Locker Room
* Dress as Opium Waiter
* Go to Kitchen through East Locker Room exit
* Sneak to final Door before Kitchen, then Look through Keyhole and wait for
  Chef to leave with Chicken
* Walk in and grab Kitchen Knife, then conceal
* Head to Party
* Grab an Opium Pipe from Bar
* Visit Lawyer on bed
* Kill him using the Kitchen Knife, then drop the Knife
* Head back to Locker Room through Kitchen
* When REAL Opium Waiter is occupied or gone, Change back into Butcher
* Head back to Kitchen
* Pick up Meat Cleaver near Chickens
* Wait for Chef to return
* Pull out Meat Cleaver and Place it inside Chicken
* Head to Campbell Sturrock's room
* Drop Plate of Chicken before Guard at top of stairs frisks you
* Walk into Sturrock's room and hit the button that closes the shutters
* Wait for girls to leave
* Give Chicken to Sturrock
* Slash him with the Meat Cleaver then drop the Knife
* Make your way back outside where the Trucks are located



= 10.03: The Bjarkhov Bomb ( =FASTBOMB= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced Dual Silverballer Pistols

* Syringe Civilian and Change into his Clothes
* Head over to Mess Hall
* Drop Grocery Crate by Guard near Fireplace
* Head into Kitchen
* Sneak over to Fuchs
* Fiber Wire him and drag him into Restroom
* Change into his Clothes
* Run through Tunnel
* Go to entrance to Ship
* Talk to Commander
* Fiber Wire him after he turns around once while making Vodkas
* Take his Master Key
* Go to Hangar where Radiation Suit is located
* Change clothes and go inside Submarine
* Grab three Bombs
* Put Bombs on weak points of Submarine
* Wait for patrolling Guard to turn around and start walking back off Dock
* Detonate Bombs
* Run back through Tunnel and head into Plane



= 10.04: Beldingford Manor ( =FASTMANOR= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual Magnum 500 Pistols

* Follow Southbound Guard after his conversation
* Go straight to tree, then go left around tree and enter Maze
* Take hatch inside Maze into Basement
* Peek through Keyhole at end of corridor
* Follow Indoor Guard into Wine Cellar
* Syringe him, drag him out of sight and Change into his Clothes
* Head out Door he came in
* Sneak West past Dogs
* Turn left and up small flight of stairs
* Go through Door and turn left
* Climb up ladder
* Take Vial of Poison from desktop
* WALK through shower room and into hidden Mirror Door
* Peek through Keyhole at end of small hallway
* Wait for Lord Winston to get up to use the restroom
* Sneak over to his bed and Poison his Milk
* Sneak through Double Doors where he left
* Turn right and go through hidden passageway in Bookshelf
* Climb up ladder
* Go to spiral stairway
* Exit on Second Floor
* Sneak into Guest's Room and steal Clothes and Shotgun
* Head back to spiral stairway
* Exit on First Floor
* Go to Basement where Whiskey Barrel is located
* Spike Whiskey
* Exit through main South Doors
* Walk to Stables
* Head around back
* Enter Stables and go into room with Weedkiller
* Wait here for Stable Boy to enter
* Follow him into back room
* Wait for Stable Boy to go up stairs to Loft
* Poison Horse's Water Supply
* Disrupt Transmission to Guard's TV
* Wait for them to head out back
* Grab Stable Key from wall of Guard's Room
* Free Giles Northcott
* Walk to Exit Point



= 10.05: Rendezvous In Rotterdam ( =FASTROTTERDAM= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual Sawn-Off Shotguns

* Exit building from doorway on your right
* Head right on the street and down alleyway
* Run to Reporter who's smoking
* Syringe him, take Clothes and Money
* Run to gate
* Get frisked, go talk to Bartender
* Head upstairs w/ Bartender
* Wait for Bike Leader to open safe, then Fiber Wire him
* Grab incriminating Photographs
* Run down steps you came up on to Basement
* Run to room with Hostage
* Pick up Kitchen Knife and slash him, drop Knife
* Head back to First Floor and get frisked again (Professional Difficulty)
* Head back to Exit near Reporter



= 10.06: Deadly Cargo ( =FASTCARGO= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

* Run to East side of Police Station
* Disrupt Television transmission
* Syringe Policeman who investigates
* Change into his Clothes
* Run to small Service Shed with Worker's Clothes
* Change into Worker's Clothes
* Get frisked by Thug
* Enter Second Warehouse
* Head up to Second Floor
* Change into Thug Clothes
* Get on Boat
* Head up to Boris' Room and wait
* Fiber Wire Boris
* Get off Boat
* Walk through frisking area
* Change into Policeman's Clothes in Service Shed
* Walk out of Dock area via hidden passage 
* Head through Strip Club Basement and back to Exit Point



= 10.07: Traditions Of The Trade ( =FASTTRADE= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual SG220 .S Pistols

* Grab Conference ID Card from Man beside you
* Drop Weapons
* Walk to front of Hotel
* Get Checked, head inside
* Go right to Closed Hotel Wing
* Pick Lock
* Pick Lock on Room 108
* Look through Keyhole
* Wait for man to stop looking in mirror and go take a shower
* Sneak in, Change into Policeman's Clothes
* Head back to first Door you lockpicked
* Look through Keyhole to make sure coast is clear
* Head over to left side of main lobby staircase
* Pick the Lock
* Wait for Fuchs to head into Steambath
* Walk in and turn Valve
* Open Door and take X-Ray Room Keycard
* Head up to Room 203
* Pick Lock and head out on Balcony
* Wait for Fuch's Bodyguard to head back inside
* Jump to Balcony
* Sneak in, Syringe Guard
* Take his Clothes
* Pick up items on dresser
* Sneak in and Fiber Wire Fuchs
* Grab Bombcase
* Jump back to Room 203's Balcony
* Head up to Third Floor
* Take Exit to Rooftop
* Climb through Window
* WALK into X-Ray Room
* Retrieve Chemical Bomb
* Climb through window again
* Walk to Exit Point



= 10.08: Slaying A Dragon ( =FASTDRAGON= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced MP5 Sub-Machine Gun

* Get the Rat Poison
* Drop your Guns (Near the exit if you want to keep them)
* Go up to the 5th Floor
* Get Gardener Clothes
* Enter meeting area from the West side of the park
* Put Rat Poison in Red Dragon negotiator's tea or Fiber Wire Negotiator when
  he's in his animation of drinking Tea
* Walk out, pick up your guns and wait by the Exit Point



= 10.09: The Wang Fou Incident ( =FASTWANGFOU= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced AK 74 Assault Rifle

* Run up ladder on East side of Restaurant
* Sneak to first Door and Pick the Lock
* Sneak in, pick up Bomb and Bomb Remote and Red Dragon Clothes
* Sneak out and head back down ladder
* Go into alleyway
* Wait for Chauffeur to come back and urinate
* Syringe him, Change into his Clothes and drop him in nearby Sewer Grate
* Plant Bomb on Blue Lotus Limo
* Go back to alleyway and change back into Red Dragon Clothes
* Head back up ladder
* Enter first Door again, head out into next room
* Take Elevator to First Floor
* Run through restrooms, hug walls and Sneak around Red Dragon Guards
* Lure one Blue Lotus Triad Member out of enclosed room
* Fiber Wire him
* Sneak into enclosed room
* Fiber Wire final Blue Lotus Triad Member
* Sneak past Red Dragon Guards again
* Take Elevator back up to Second Floor
* Exit Restaurant through picklocked door
* Head down ladder and over to Exit Point



= 10.10: The Seafood Massacre ( =FASTSEAFOOD= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual GK17 Pistols

* Get Rat Poison from near Restaurant Basement
* Run to Basement of Restaurant and Pick the Lock
* Go Fiber Wire Red Dragon Negotiator
* Get Amulet, Change Clothes and stash body in Sewer
* Run back to Basement area
* Lure Guards away by Sneaking by them
* Draw them to the other side of the brick wall
* Shut down Generator and grab Chef's Clothes
* Syringe Chef when he enters
* Head into Kitchen
* Poison drinks
* Sneak up to second floor with drinks
* Wait for Blue Lotus and Chief to die
* Drop Amulet on table
* Sneak back through to Kitchen while Waiter is talking



= 10.11: Lee Hong Assassination ( =FASTLEEHONG= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced Dual Micro Uzi Sub-Machine Guns

* Run into Restaurant
* Grab Laxative and Brothel Invite from Bartender
* Head to Elevator
* Go to Basement
* Dress as Chef
* Take hidden passageway to Free Agent and find location of Jade Figurine
* Head back to Elevator
* Go up to First Floor
* Go to Kitchen
* Use Laxative in Soup
* Take Soup to Lee Hong
* Walk into room and stand on South side of Hong's Bodyguard
* Serve Soup
* Walk around table and Sneak up behind Lee Hong
* Fiber Wire him, then drag his Corpse clockwise around the table where his
  bodyguard won't see him when he returns
* Pick up Safe combination before leaving
* Walk out of Dining Room

  If the Jade Figurine is:

  In Guard's Quarters:

* Take Elevator to Basement
* Change into 47's Suit
* Take Elevator to First Floor
* Go out front entrance
* Climb up ladder located East of Restaurant entrance
* Pick the Lock on the first Door
* Retrieve Jade Figurine
* Head back through lockpicked Door
* Run to Exit Point

  In Basement:

* Take Elevator to Basement
* Walk to Safe in small room North of Armory
* Retrieve Jade Figurine
* Head over and Change into 47's Suit
* Take Elevator to First Floor
* Go out front entrance
* Run to Exit Point

  In Brothel:

* Take Elevator to Basement
* Change into 47's Suit
* Take Elevator to First Floor
* Talk to Brothel Guards
* Follow Guard to Brothel
* Go left right before entering Brothel
* Jump to Balcony
* Enter Room
* Open Safe, Retrieve Jade Figurine
* Head back outside and walk back to Exit Point

  In Mansion:

* Take Elevator to Basement
* Go through Hidden Passageway
* Syringe Red Dragon near Agent's prison room
* Take Second Elevator up to Mansion
* Sneak up to Second Floor
* Avoid patrolling Guard
* Open Safe, Retrieve Jade Figurine
* Sneak back to Second Elevator
* Take Hidden Passageway back to Elevator
* Take Elevator to Second Floor
* Change back into 47's Suit
* Head back through lockpicked Door
* Run to Exit Point



= 10.12: Hunter And Hunted ( =FASTHUNTED= ) =

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced PGM Sniper Rifle

* Exit room through Door ahead
* Go right, enter through Door here
* Jump to balcony
* Run across and jump from furthest balcony
* Shut down Third Floor Power
* Sneak past SWAT members
* Take a right at the bottom of the stairs
* Syringe the Guard
* Drag his body into room and Change into his Clothes, then pick up Syringe
  near man on bed
* Go back out in hall, take a left and continue running down steps
* Exit Hotel
* Take a left, then go past Sewer opening
* Walk past Fireman all the way to the far wall, then Sneak up behind him and
  Syringe him
* Take his Ambulance Key
* Run back to Sewer opening you passed earlier, avoiding the two patrolling
* Go down and run across to main Sewer tunnel, then take second bridge on your
* Climb up
* Sneak on outsides of Guards to get them to turn away from Chief of Police
* Kill Chief
* Walk to Exit



= 11. Detailed Walkthroughs ( =WALKTHRUS= ) =

  Completing each mission with a Silent Assassin rating will garner you a new
weapon which is only available through unlocking. I will state each of these
reward weapons at the beginning of each mission.

= 11.01: Asylum Aftermath ( =ASYLUM= ) =


* Escape from the Sanitarium 

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual CZ2000 Pistols

  If this is your first time playing, I recommend running through the game in
the Normal Difficulty. It's especially helpful on this level because they add a
dotted green line and Points Of Interest on your Map to help get you acquainted
with the layout of the level, which also makes it easier to find interesting
things and helps guide you to the Elevator.

01. Basement

  You'll start in a white room with your old friend Prof. Orthmeyer, and you'll
be facing East. Walk up to him and take the Car Keys off of his corpse and
continue through to the next small room and then the adjacent winding hall. The
bodies of your brothers line the floor and walls. Some of them carry CZ2000
Pistols, so make sure to grab one of these while running through the hall to
add to your collection if you haven't done so already. Follow the winding
corridor South, and when you come to a Door, open it, strafe left and take this
next Door. Prepare your Syringe and stick the guy running around on this bridge
area. Change in to his Clothes and continue onward and into the Incubation
Chamber area. Now you can feel the awesome draft just like the rest of the
Sanitarium Patients! Luckily, IO Interactive spared us and covered up the whole
'rear end' sections of 47 and the Patients. That might've killed the game for
me very early on had that little detail been added. ANYWAY, run through this
section and after opening the next Door, take the Door on your immediate left.
  In this small hallway, there are two Doors. On your right, a completely
psychotic patient who is repeatedly stabbing a dead brother who's splayed out
on a gurney. On your left, a room with four Syringes laying on a table. It
would be easier for you later on in the mission if you just to go through the
left Door and grab the Syringes before heading back South in the small hallway.
You can try and Sneak past the final SWAT Soldier later, but I prefer to just
stick him. When you open this next Door, take another left and head East
through the mirrored hallway. When you open the Door at the end of this
hallway, head straight over to the next Door, then go North until you reach a
Door you can Pick the Lock on - Don't Pick the Lock, I'm just mentioning it so
you'll know if your current position is correct or not. Instead, go East and
pass through this next room filled with a few guns and some ammo. About now, a
cutscene will pop in showing the SWAT Police entering the facility. Let it play
if you want and then head over to the Gated Door. Open it and run over to the
Elevator, then step inside and choose the First Floor.

02. 1st Floor & Escape

  Step off of the Elevator take a left and head South towards the front of the
Asylum. Don't worry about the Attendant guys equipped with Stun Guns. They
won't give you too much trouble as long as you keep your distance. They'll have
enough trouble of their own to deal with without worrying about your half-naked
self once the SWAT Soldiers start clearing rooms and taking names. Enter the
room with a fountain located in it and slow down. Make sure to let off the
Control Stick a little bit and WALK whenever you're within the eyesight of the
SWAT Soldiers. Head South into the next room where 4 SWAT Soldiers are facing
you. Calmly walk past them, turn left and enter into the room located on the
East side. You should now be in a room with a winding staircase. A SWAT Soldier
patrols the two rooms located at the top of the stairs, and during every
patrol, he heads down the staircase and goes back up. Wait for him to make his
way down and then back up to the Second Floor, wait a few seconds, then look up
to see when he gets close to the Door of the other Second Floor room. If you're
playing in Normal or Expert, just check your Map. Run up the staircase when the
coast is clear. NOTE: From here on out, there's a different strategy I
personally like to use depending on which Difficulty I'm playing on:

= Normal Difficulty =
= ----------------- ===========================================================
=   Sneak through into the room the SWAT Soldier just entered. Equip your     =
= Syringes and when he walks over to look out the large window/Door, Sneak    =
= over to him and give him a big tasty dose of Syringe. Take his Clothes and  =
= gun then head out onto the small veranda and look down. There's a solitary  =
= Guard and Prof. Orthmeyer's Black Sedan. Here's how the next situation      =
= goes: "Hello, fellow Soldier! Just abandoning my post to take a ride in     =
= this fine specimen of German automobile craftsmanship!"                     =
=   In other words, calmly walk down the ladder and hop into the car. >_>     =

= Expert And Professional Difficulty =
= ---------------------------------- ==========================================
=   If you're playing on Professional, you HAVE to follow the SWAT Soldier    =
= into the room. The Double Doors swing inwards, leaving you nowhere to hide  =
= when he exits, so that strategy is out of the running. NOTE: I've recently  =
= seen footage from Recluse on HitmanForum.com proving that you can indeed    =
= hide in the left corner of the Door, as long as your whole body faces away  =
= and you remain still while he passes. I'll keep the old walkthrough though. =
= It's not really that hard after you get used to it anyway.                  =
= Sneak into the room where the SWAT Soldier will be looking out one of the   =
= windows. Use standard Sneak procedure here to avoid being spotted. Stay     =
= behind him the whole time. When he turns around, try to be on the Southwest =
= side of the room, because he'll turn North to turn around. After he starts  =
= leaving, Sneak out onto the veranda and look down. You could also           =
= alternatively Syringe him while he's in the room, but instead of taking his =
= Clothes, just let him lie there. There should be a solitary Guard watching  =
= over Prof. Orthmeyer's Black Sedan below. Time your descent down the ladder =
= so that the SWAT Soldier below is just walking over on the side of the      =
= Sedan nearest you, That way, he'll just be passing it by the time you get   =
= to it. Remember to Sneak the whole time after you reach the bottom of the   =
= ladder.                                                                     =



= 11.02: The Meat King's Party ( =MEAT= ) =

* Assassinate "Meat King" Campbell Sturrock
* Assassinate Lawyer Andrei Puscus
* Rescue the Client's Daughter
* Escape the Compound

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual Micro Uzi Sub-Machine Guns

01. Find The Girl

  You start in the back of a freezer truck facing North, with a recently
unconscious butcher. Take his Clothes and leave the truck, making sure to lock
him in using the red button on the side of the truck, near the rear. Now we
don't have to worry about him waking up and spoiling our fun. Make sure and
toss whatever guns you brought with you on the ground, including the Meat Hook.
We'll be using a Kitchen Knife later on...or a Meat Cleaver. Whichever one you
personally prefer. OR, don't listen to me and take the Meat Hook. It's all good
in the end. Let's go have some digitized fun with cutlery!
  Run North and take two rights to reach the Party Entrance. Here, a Guard will
frisk you to check for any weapons. Let him do his little thing, then enter the
Building and head North. Turn right with the hallway instead of going through
the first Door marked with an "A". After turning right, go through THIS Door
marked with an "A", and head up the staircase. Take a right at the top of the
stairs and go through the next two Doors. Sturrocks's brother, Malcolm, is up
here with the kidnapped girl. His Shrine is located to your right. Run up and
hug the Northeast corner of this room, then wait for Malcolm to leave his
Shrine. You can Look through the Keyhole fairly safely while you're waiting if
you wish to, but as for myself, I find it a little disturbing to see his little
"humping" animation. When he leaves, the Door should conceal you from sight, so
Sneak into the Shrine and Close the Door. Walk up the girl who's just hangin'
out to trigger a cutscene. After the movie plays, walk up to the girl and pick
up the Proof.

02. Kill The Lawyer

  Get out of there and head back down the staircase you took up as fast as
possible, or Malcolm will chase your ass down with a Meat Cleaver, mumbling
incoherently. No one needs an oversized weirdo chasing them down with a huge
Knife, so let's try to avoid that scene. Besides, it's not good for our quest
for the Dual Micro Uzi Sub-Machine Guns. ANYWAY, once you reach the bottom of
the stairs, go straight to the end of this room and hang a left. Go in the
first Door on your right, (it's marked with an "A"), then go West, to your
right. Open the Door on your left and then take the left Door in this new
hallway. You should now be in a room with Lockers. Run towards the back of the
room and Change into the Opium Waiter Uniform. Head East and go out the Double
Doors in the shower room. Once outside, take a right and enter the next Door on
your right, but remember this area, because this is where you need to go to
finish the level.
  Go through one more Door, then stop and Look through the Keyhole or Check
your Map. We want one of the Chefs in here to leave his post, grab a chicken
and leave so we can steal a Kitchen Knife. If we walk in now, he'll see the
whole thing and blow our cover. Once he leaves, open the Door and walk up to
the table that's against the wall on your right side. There's a Kitchen Knife
located here. Pick it up and immediately conceal it. Go South through the Door
marked with a "C", and then turn left. Go down the small flight of stairs and
go right, into the Party.
  Hang a right and pick up an Opium Pipe from the Bar, then look towards the
other side of the room for an Elite Guard standing outside one of the rooms
with red curtains. He'll be wearing a jester's mask. Walk into that room and
head over to the Lawyer's resting spot. There are a few possibilities here. You
can either Give him the Opium Pipe then stab him after he's knocked out, or you
can just whip out the Kitchen Knife and stab him right away. I prefer the
latter, because the loud music covers up his short-lived yell for help, and the
whole process of him smoking the Pipe and then passing out takes too damn long
for my tastes. Either way, Drop the Knife after the deed has been done and head
back to the Kitchen. We'll be going that route to get back to the Lockers. I
shouldn't have to tell you to make sure you get an Objective message stating
that the Lawyer is dead before moving on, but I'll do it now just in case.
There. I already said it.
  ANYWAY, once you're back at the Lockers, the real Opium Waiter might be
sitting right where you need to Change Clothes. If you alert him, then there's
no Perfect Silent Assassin rating, so just hang back and wait for one of the
leather masked women to enter and start dancing for him. That should keep his
attention for a little bit. Sneak over and Change back into the Butcher's
Clothes, then head BACK to the Kitchen for our last Objective.

03. Kill Sturrock The Meat King & Escape

  Once you're back in the Kitchen and once again in Butcher's Clothes, walk
over and pick up the Meat Cleaver that's sitting on the small table that's
adjacent to the pile of Chickens. The other Chef won't get alarmed because
you're dressed as a Butcher, so it's natural. Picking up this Meat Cleaver now
speeds up an animation sequence that we'll have to sit through a little later.
  Wait for the other Chef to return and put another Chicken on a Plate. He
WOULD have started chopping the Chickens before doing so had we not stole his
Meat Cleaver. This should trigger a cutscene where the Chef instructs you to
take the Chicken to Sturrock.
  Walk up to the Plate of Chicken, pull out your Meat Cleaver and choose to
Place the Meat Cleaver from the Action List that pops up. When you do this,
you'll also pick up the Plate of Chicken, so let's go give it to Sturrock!
  Head South through the Door marked "C" you used earlier as an Opium Waiter,
but take a right instead of a left and head South to this Party Entrance
instead. Go straight and head through the small Doorway, then go right and run
through this next hallway. Take yet another right and run through this area and
up the small flight of stairs. If you Check your Map, you should be very close
to a staircase leading up to the Second Floor. In fact, it might be within
sight. That's our destination.
  Run up the stairs and hit the Circle Button to Drop the Plate of Chicken
before the Guard frisks you, or else he'll find the Meat Cleaver stashed inside
the Chicken. After his job is done, Pick up the Plate of Chicken and go right.
Walk through this next Door and enter the room on your left that you can see
Sturrock in. He's got a couple of leather-clad women with him, but he'll tell
them to leave so he can eat the Chicken. You got to think twice about a guy who
places Chicken over two scantily-clad women dressed in leather. Now you KNOW
this guy's got to be bonkers.
  Walk up to the little red light on the wall near Sturrock's bed to close the
shutters. Now, you'll have some privacy to kill the Meat King, and if anything
else, so you can spare the Guests the disturbed visual of Campbell's eating
habits. The girls will get up and start to walk out. Let them do so completely
before walking up to the bed and choosing to Give Sturrock the Chicken from the
Action List that pops up. If you stand right there after forking the Chicken
over, another Action List will pop up. Choose to Pick up the Meat Cleaver from
this List and slash Sturrock with it, then Drop the Cleaver. DING DONG! THE
  Make your way back to the Kitchen and head back outside towards the Trucks.
Run over to the driver's side of one of the Trucks to complete the mission.



= 11.03: The Bjarkhov Bomb ( =BOMB= ) =

* Assassinate Fabian Fuchs
* Assassinate Commander Bjarkhov
* Destroy Dirty Bomb Production capability
* Escape via Cargo Plane

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced Dual Silverballer Pistols

01. Take Out Fabian Fuchs

  You start this mission behind some crates facing West. A Civilian will be
coming to get some Groceries from that West ramp of the Plane if you don't move
and just wait behind the crates where you start. When he goes into his
animation of picking up the Grocery Crate, Run, Walk and finally Sneak up
behind him and give him your Syringe. Drag his unconscious body back into the
Plane a little, then Change into his Clothes and pick up one of the Grocery
  You're now headed for the Mess Hall where Fabian Fuchs is located. The Mess
Hall is exactly North of the Plane you're on. There will be two Guards standing
outside the front of the building. NOTE: There are two distinctly different
ways of dealing with Fuchs, with two distinctly different outcomes depending on
how much time you wish to spend doing it. If you go the fast route, you can
then run through the Tunnel leading to the Submarine area. On the other hand,
if you go the slow route, you'll have to follow an armed Escort through the
Tunnel on a small Train.

= Fast Route =
= ---------- ==================================================================
=   Walk over by the Guard who's near the Fireplace and drop your Grocery     =
= Crate on the West side of him. This will get his attention anchored West    =
= instead of South. Head over towards the Kitchen and enter through the       =
= Double Doors on the North side. Talk to the Chef if you want to get the     =
= Submarine's weak spots placed on your Map, then head over to Fuchs via the  =
= Southernmost Door on the East of the Kitchen. This will keep the Guard who  =
= is now facing West from diverting his attention back to the South.          =
= Sometimes, there is another Guard who is over by the door, so if he's       =
= facing North, don't worry about him, because a pillar keeps Fuchs out of    =
= his line of sight. HOWEVER, sometimes he's watching Fabian at a good angle. =
= If that's the case, you'll just have to wait for him to leave. If Fabian    =
= gets up and walks over to the Chef before the Guard by the entrance leaves, =
= you're going to have to Spike the Soup and take the Slow Route instead, or  =
= Restart the Mission. Sneak over to Fuchs and Fiber Wire him, then drag him  =
= into the restroom. Keep his corpse away from the outer wall, because for    =
= some reason, the Guard behind the pillar will spot him through the wall.    =
= (Even if he does, don't worry about it. You can still Change into Fuchs'    =
= Clothes and walk out and he won't suspect you, but you WILL have an Alert.) =
=   Now you can make your way through the Tunnel located to the Southwest of  =
= your current vicinity without having to follow an armed Escort who is       =
= excruciatingly s l o w .                                                    =

= Slow Route =
= ---------- ==================================================================
=   Walk into the Kitchen, drop the Grocery Crate and grab the Laxative off   =
= of the counter and pour it into the Borscht that's on the Stove. Talk to    =
= the Chef for the Submarine's weak spots if you want to, then head over to   =
= the Fireplace. Pick up the Fire Poker near the Fireplace and walk into the  =
= Restroom. Hide behind the Northern side of the Restroom Door so Fuchs won't =
= spot you when he enters. You'll have to wait in the Restroom for Fabian to  =
= eat the tainted Borscht and get a stomach ache. Don't worry though, every   =
= Laxative used in Hitman is 'Extra Super Uber Maximum Strength Laxative'.    =
= I'm talking the kind that will eat your stomach lining out, so it won't     =
= take that long for Fuchs to show up once he eats it.                        =
=   Once Fuchs does eventually enter the Restroom and sits on the far toilet, =
= Walk over to him and whack him a good one with the Fire Poker, then Change  =
= into his Clothes and exit the Restroom. At this time, the Guard that was    =
= positioned next to the Fireplace will approach you and tell you that the    =
= Commander is ready to see you. You'll have to follow him out of the Mess    =
= Hall, past the Plane and ride on the small Train with him through the       =
= Tunnel. (Once, I hopped on the Train quickly and ditched the Guard before   =
= he could go through his Train starting animation, then while I rode the     =
= Train, he went gliding off through the air outside of the Map - but don't   =
= rely on that glitch.)                                                       =

02. Take Out Commander Bjarkhov

  Once you reach the end of the Tunnel, take a left and head South to the
entrance of the Commander's Ship. When you reach the walkway onto the Ship,
there should be a short, (and might I add, useless), cutscene informing you
that the Commander is waiting for you in his Quarters. Enter the Ship and take
the second Door on your right. Head up the stairs and follow the next room
around until you come out on the Starboard side of the Ship, (that's the RIGHT
SIDE OF THE SHIP for those of you uninitiated with Naval stuff). NOTE: You
could alternatively grab the three Bombs and the Bomb Remote from the first
Door on your right before heading up the stairs, but make sure to WALK and try
not bumping into the Guards on your way into and out of the back room. This
approach is really not advised on Professional Difficulty, but can easily be
done if you maintain a slow pace in and out of the confined area. It's still
somewhat risky though, and CAN get you an Alert from time to time. It's best to
not take the chance and just get the Bombs from the Submarine, but I'm just
stating the information in case you personally would prefer to do it that way!
  Walk up to the two Guards on the deck and one will frisk you. No need to be
afraid if you didn't drop your weapons earlier - he'll just confiscate your
weapons and let you pass. Head into the Door slightly South of the two Guards
and pay a short visit to Commander Sergei Bjarkhov. You'll sit through a short
animation sequence where they hug and shake hands, then a cutscene where
Commander Bjarkhov will ask you if you'd like some vodka. You can skip the
cutscene part if you wish, then Sneak up behind him while he's approaching the
table with the vodka. Wait for him to turn around, then look back at you and
shrug you off. After he turns around again, Take out your Fiber Wire and
quickly strangle him. Leave through the Door to your left that's on the South
side of the room, and don't forget to grab the Master Key before you go, or you
won't be getting through the Door. Head down the steps and take a right at the
bottom and go through this hallway. Take the Door at the end of this area and
head back outside.

03. Blow Up The Sub

  Your next Objective is to 'Destroy Dirty Bomb Production capability'. Long
story short: sink the Submarine. Same thing, but it just sounds cooler to say
it the other way. You can approach the Submarine as Fabian Fuchs, but you'll
take damage once you're actually inside the Submarine because it's extremely
radioactive. It's best to don a Radiation Suit - but where to get one? Glad you
  Head over to the Northwest section of this part of the Map and look for a
large Bunker building. Walk once inside the building - don't spook the Civilian
walking around in here or he'll 'tattle' on you like a spoiled brat - and head
for the lowest Southeastern cubicle, (the first cubicle on your right). There
should be a Radiation Suit ready for the taking just laying there.
  Change Clothes and head for the Submarine. Run if you want. As long as you're
in a Radiation Costume, you arouse no suspicion from the patrolling Guards.
Now, had you kept the Fabian Fuchs Clothes, the Guards would have been
suspicious, but would have let you pass. However, you have no chance to get to
run around though. That would have triggered them for sure. As the 'Radiation
Guy', you get to run as much as you please.
  Run across the makeshift plank and head into the Submarine. Take a right and
head South into the next room where three Bombs and a Bomb Remote is located.
Handy that they kept these here, huh? That's what I thought. Convenient.
  ANYWAY, head back out of the Sub and take a left. Make your way down the
ladder, or just fall down -  I never sustain any damage when I do it that way.
If you managed to talk to the Chef earlier, then use the Map's Points of
Interest to tell you where to place the Bombs. If not, just hug the Submarine
and make your way around to the other side, placing Bombs where your Action
List pops up and says to place them.
  After the Bombs are placed, Make your way back to the East side of the upper
hill around where the Submarine's Rutter that's sticking out of the snow is
located, then Equip your Binoculars. We want the Guard who patrols the front
and side of the Sub to begin walking back away from the Sub after walking onto
the makeshift Dock area and pausing by the two other stationary Guards, that
way you can buy yourself some time to run and reach the Cargo Plane before he
finds the dead bodies and adds to our Alert column after the mission's over.
Wait until he reaches the little makeshift dock area, then turns around and
begins walking North from the Sub, then detonate the Bombs with your handy
dandy Bomb Remote. Head back to the Tunnel you used to get to this part of the
Map, and run through the Tunnel to make your way back into the Cargo Plane.
  Now, I don't know about you, but if you saw a guy in a Radiation Suit running
like the wind, wouldn't you just start running the same direction? I sure as
hell would, because whatever it is he's running from, it can't be good.



= 11.04: Beldingford Manor ( =MANOR= ) =

* Assassinate Lord Winston Beldingford
* Assassinate Alistair Beldingford
* Rescue Giles Northcott
* Escape Beldingford

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual Magnum 500 Pistols

  Boy, this level gave me a little headache the first few times I played
through it. This level is basic trial and error gameplay until you start
learning the patterns of various Guards and Targets, then it gets a little
easier because you'll learn when to be at a certain location, or when NOT to be
at a certain location. Sometimes, everything is not set in stone though. Take
Alistair and his Whiskey addiction for example. You'll find out what I'm
talking about when you start playing it a few times...Then again, there's a lot
of Hitman levels like that when you take the previous installment into
consideration. This one just seems more...I don't know...'unforgiving' if you
mess up the timing.

01. Past the Maze And A Disguise

  Turn around from your starting position and run up the stairs of the Ruins
and through the small doorway. Hit Sneak Mode and strafe down the steps a
little bit. There will be two Outdoor Guards talking about Giles Northcott and
the upcoming hunt. Just for giggles, here's the entire conversation in case you
missed it or couldn't make it out thoroughly:

Guard #1: So, have you seen the poor bastard?

Guard #2: Not yet. They say he's a quick one.

Guard #1: They say right. Blackie says he was a track champion in University.

Guard #2: Should make for a good chase, then. Poor bastard.

Guard #1: Aye, but he can't outrun all the horses, dogs and bullets. Nobody
          ever does.

  Afterwards, one Guard will head South while the other Guard goes East.
Maintain Sneak Mode AT ALL TIMES out here on the grounds, or the chance of the
Guards spotting you will be almost guaranteed.
  Follow behind the Guard who walks South, then when he turns West, keep going
South to the Tree in front of you and take a left. Hug the Tree and the
following bushes that will now be on your left and make your way to the North
doorway of the Maze area. I shouldn't have to tell you how to get through the
Maze because the Map pretty much tells you everything you need to know, but
just for fun, here you go:
  Take a right when you first enter the Maze. It's safe for you to run in here,
so do so freely. Pass the first opening on your left that you'll see and take a
left with the corner. Go South until you can take another left and go East.
Wrap around with the Maze as it goes North, then East again. You should now see
the center area on your right. It's a little square area with an opening on the
North and South sides and a lamp stuck smack dab in the center of it. If you
don't see this lamp, you obviously did something wrong. At this point, if
you're not where you're supposed to be, use the friggin' Map already and get to
the center.
  From the center, go South and through the small opening, then take a right.
Wrap around with the Maze again and go North, then take a left and go West
again before eventually taking another left and heading South. At the very end
of this section is a hatch on the ground. Choose to open it and you'll fall
down into the Basement of Beldingford Manor.
  Head down the corridor, past the open, empty coffin and up to the Door. Look
through the Keyhole and wait for the Indoor Guard to make his way from your
right to the Door in the background. Open the Door in Sneak Mode and follow him
as he makes his way into the next room. He'll stop and look through the bars
into the room with the Whiskey Barrel. That's your chance to Sneak up behind
him and stick him with your Needle. When he falls, drag his body out of sight
of the other side of the Basement, and Change into the Guard's Clothes. They
won't be much good, but it's better to have them on should we slip up a little,
that way we won't immediately get filled up with buckshot. Of course, you could
try going through the next parts of the walkthrough in Hitman's awesome tux,
but I prefer to have a little safety cushion.
  If full-time drunkard Lord Alistair recently ordered Whiskey right before the
Basement Guard went into the Wine Cellar, then the Butler's on his way down to
the Basement to retrieve some from the Barrel, so it's best to simply stay put
and wait for the Indoor Guard to come back towards you, leave the Basement and
repeat the patrol. If you go now, more than likely, the Butler will see you as
you're Sneaking up on the Guard to Syringe him. What I can't understand is why
doesn't that ignorant Butler just fill up a whole frickin' BOTTLE in the
Basement and leave it on the table next to Lord Alistair? That's gotta be
easier on the 'ol feet. Doesn't he have ANYTHING ELSE he could be doing besides
running back and forth for Whiskey? And when does this Lord Alistair guy PEE?
He drinks carafe after carafe of Whiskey and doesn't seem phased in the
  ANYWAY, after changing into the Indoor Guard's Clothes, we want to get at our
first Target: Lord Winston Beldingford...The Third. OK, I made the Third part
up, but you know who I'm talking about.

02. Milk...It Does A Body BAD

  From the Wine Cellar, head North, through the Door, take a left and then go
to the Door where the Indoor Guard entered the Basement. Wait on the sunken
steps and watch for the Outdoor Guard who patrols the Kennels to walk South,
then he'll look at a small flight of stairs, then walk West. That small flight
of stairs is where we're headed, but those damn Dogs are going to give our
position away!

'Not to fear! Sneak Mode is here!'

  Enter Sneak Mode and Sneak right past the Kennel heading West, turn left and
go up the small flight of stairs. Open the Door at the end of this walkway,
turn left and go East. There should be a ladder positioned on the side of the
Manor, with the Second Floor windows above left open. How careless, huh?
Doesn't it seem as if they're practically INVITING hired killers into their
abode? Well, we'll have to take them up on that generous offer!
  Once inside the Second Floor room, Grab the Vial of Poison on the Desktop and
head for the Door. Walk right across the small hallway due East into the Shower
Room where a Maid is partaking in a little bit of 'Me Time'. As long as you
don't freak out in here, neither will she, but you must make it quick. Walk
right across the Shower Room and into the Mirror Door's hidden hallway located
on the East wall. You probably took a tongue wagging in the process, but
really, it WAS your fault after all. You pervert.
  ANYWAY, Head up the steps in the hidden 'S-shaped' hallway and stop at the
Door. Look through the Keyhole and wait for the lights in the next room to come
on, then you'll see Lord Winston appear from the left side of the Keyhole. When
that happens, get in Sneak Mode, Open the Door and Sneak over to his side of
the bed and Poison his Milk. There's a Maid sleeping with Lord Winston, and
she's currently on the bed, so keep yourself quiet. Sneak at all times in this
room. As soon as the animation for Poisoning his Milk passes, Sneak East over
to the Door where Lord Winston exited the room. Open these Double Doors, then
immediately turn right and go through the hidden passageway in the Bookshelf.
Close the Door behind you and head up the ladder to the Third Floor Loft. You
should be able to pull this all off before Lord Winston makes his return. If
not, you went too slowly from the time Lord Winston got up and left, obviously.
Try again and go a little faster!

03. He's Just DYING For Whiskey

  Now it's time for that drunkard of a son Alistair to get his come-uppance.
This next part is fairly quick and easy, so I'd like to call this part the
'breather' part of the level. It's a bit easier than the other parts, and kind
of fun, in my opinion.
  From the Third Floor Loft, take the only Door up here on the North wall and
keep going through Doors until you reach some spiral stairs. Go down them until
you reach the first Door you see, then go through there. In this small empty
room, slow down and start Sneaking before opening the next door, because our
sweet little Hunting Guest is sound asleep in the next room, no doubt dreaming
of sugarplums, dandelions and hunting humans. Sneak in his room and Change into
his Clothes and take his Shotgun. Keep the Shotgun holstered, but take it with
you. The Indoor AND Outdoor Guards don't seem to like you as much without the
Shotgun to complete the Hunting Guest ensemble. I suppose they're complete
'Fashion Police' freaks or something like that.
  ANYWAY, head back to the spiral stairs and take them down to the First Floor.
Maintain a slow and steady walking pace once you're down here, because the
joint is just CRAWLIN' with Indoor Guards. I bet if you turned on a light, they
might scatter. Head a little to the right to the Double Doors in the Southwest
corner of the room. Open them, then turn left and go through the Double Doors
here. Turn left again and open yet another set of Double Doors and go straight
heading East to the single Door on the East side of the room. You should now be
inside some more spiral stairs, but these stairs lead down to the Basement area
where Lord Alistair's beloved Whiskey Barrel resides. You saw it earlier when
you were putting the Syringe to the Indoor Guard.
  Head down to the Basement area and walk up to the Whiskey Barrel in the
center of the Wine Cellar. Drop your Shotgun and choose to Poison the Whiskey
Barrel from the Action List, then pick your Shotgun back up. Well, now that
deed is done, and sooner or later, Alistair will reap the 'benefits' of our
little alcoholic additive. Now, we move on to the Stables, which can tend to
give you a splitting headache if you don't have a strategy to approach it with.

04. The Stables

  Well, this is the last Objective to complete before we can make our way back
to the Exit Point, so put on your seatbelt and let's...walk. Correction: I mean
let's walk A LOT. If you're playing on Professional, there's no way in hell
you're reaching the Stables alive if you're going to jog there.
  From the Basement, head back up the spiral stairs and back through the First
Floor Door you entered from earlier on your way down. Walk straight through the
next two Double Doors heading West, then take a left and walk through the main
front entrance to the Manor. Once outside, you'll want to walk Southwest
towards the path located over there. Once on the path, head West and keep to
the right-hand side to avoid getting too close to these Outdoor Guards. The
Stables are at the bottom of this hill, with the entrance facing you, but we
don't want that entrance - We want the back entrance instead. Keep walking
straight along the South side of the Stables, then just keep following it until
you reach the back Barn Doors located on the West side. There should be a 
Satellite Dish on the back. We'll get back to that, because first we have to
deal with the Stable Boy. Head East through the Double Doors and enter the
first Doors on your left. Walk up to the can of Weedkiller and pick it up, then
turn around and wait here for the Stable Boy to enter the room you're currently
occupying. This sets up some timing so we can use the Weedkiller to Poison the
horse's water troughs without him flipping his lid.
  After the Stable Boy comes in and then subsequently leaves your room,
(mentioning something about finding a shovel), follow him back to the first
room you were in. He'll walk up the stairs in the Northeast corner of the room,
and you should allow him to do so. When he's finally upstairs, walk over to the
huge water trough and Choose to Poison Water Trough from the Action List. Once
you're done tainting the liquid, drop the can of Weedkiller and head out back
to deal with that Satellite feed. Make sure there are no patrolling Guards out
here to mess with you, then Choose to Disrupt the Satellite Feed from the
Action List that pops up. Head back inside and make way for the three Outdoor
Guards who will all simultaneously come out of the room adjacent to the room
where the Weedkiller was originally located. After they've successfully passed
you, head into the room they came from and grab the Stable Key from the wall.
  Head back out of the room, then turn right and head East. After you pass the
ladder in the center of the room, take another right, Open the Door here and
head over to the Stable that's clear in the back and on the right side of this
room, (the Southwest corner). Choose to Free Giles Northcutt from the Action
List, watch the cutscene if you'd like, then slowly walk your way back to the
Exit Point, making sure to avoid the Guards and walk the whole way.



= 11.05: Rendezvous In Rotterdam ( =ROTTERDAM= ) =

* Assassinate Klaas Teller
* Assassinate Rutgert Van Leuven
* Retrieve the Photographs
* Escape

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual Sawn-Off Shotguns

01. Become A Reporter

  You begin this level facing West, looking out of a window. Go through the
Door on your right, (on the North side of this room), then the next Door
directly ahead after entering the next room. Finally, head down the stairs and
onto the street. Once you reach the street, take another right and run
Northwest over to the small alleyway behind the Biker's Compound. At the other
end of this alleyway is a Reporter who's smoking. Sure, smoking can be bad for
your health, but in his case, it'll be REALLY bad.
  You need to Sneak up on the poor sap and give him your Syringe. After he
passes out, there's no need to move his knocked-out body from his current
position - you SHOULD be back before he wakes up. Take his Clothes, take the
Envelope filled with money, drop your guns, hug the wall and head South. You'll
arrive at a Gate you can enter if you wait in front of it. Don't get frisky,
because the Guard at the Gate will do that for you. After you clear the
frisking, head Northeast towards the entrance to the Biker Club. Go through the
Double Doors, then go through the upper-most Door located on the right-hand
wall, (in the Southeastern corner of the room), as you're facing East. Once
through the Door, take a left and approach the Bartender until an Action List
pops up allowing you to talk with him at the Bar that will come up on your
right side.

02. Kill The Leader

  After talking to the Bartender, he'll lead you to Rutgert's Office, but
you'll have to go through another frisking from a rather large Biker before you
can reach the Second Floor. It's like one of those prison moments you keep
hearing about from various sources, but...not really. I'm telling you, the
characters in this game just like to touch 47 all over. ANYWAY, after your
physical experience with 'Bubba the Door Guard', follow the Bartender up to
Rutgert's Office which will key another cutscene. The Bartender will leave you
to talk with the Bike Leader. Follow Mr. Van Leuven very closely over to his
Safe, and wait for him to open it and retrieve the Photos. You should be within
killing distance as he does his business. As soon as he goes to close his Safe,
Fiber Wire him and grab his gun if you so wish. Pick the Photographs off the
floor where he dropped them and make your way back downstairs using the same
path you took to get here. Once you reach the First Floor, don't go through the
Double Doors just yet - head down the next few flights of stairs instead and
pay a visit to the Basement.

03. Kill The Hostage & Escape

  There will be a patrolling Guard down here, so if you're playing on
Professional, make sure you look down the hallways before proceeding. If you're
running through the level fast enough, everything should be timed just right
and the Guard will be out of your sight. That's about the only worry you have
down here in the Basement, and after a few run throughs, you'll get the swing
of things. Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and go around the corner
with the hallway. Your next target is in the last Door on the left side of this
hallway. Make your way to the room and you'll find the Investigator tied to a
bedspring - Make sure you Close the Doors behind you! Boy, he sure looks like
he's in an incredible amount of pain, doesn't he? Someone should PUT HIM OUT OF
HIS MISERY, shouldn't they? Let's do him a mercy and walk up to one of the
Knifes laying on the table on the left side of him and stick one right smack
dab in his guts. Drop the Knife and make your way back out of the Biker Bar via
the First Floor stairs and back to where the unconscious Reporter resides. Our
mutual friend Bubba the Door Guard will want to get one last hands-on session
with 47's manliness when playing on Professional sometimes, so when you reach
the First Floor of the Biker Bar again, be prepared for that allow him the
honor before heading for the Exit. Once back at the unconscious body of the
Reporter, go a little bit North past the Reporter to reach the end of the



= 11.06: Deadly Cargo ( =CARGO= ) =

* Assassinate Boris Ivanovich Deruzhka
* Escape

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

This level is ALL ABOUT TIMING. I've managed to find a successful strategy that
works every single time, plus the windows of opportunity are fairly large to
boot! With this particular walkthrough, you should end this Mission with a time
around eight and a half minutes or so. Nothing special as far as speed runs go,
but then again, seeing as I almost always take things nice and slow, eight and
a half minutes is a pretty good time. DON'T DAWDLE, OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO DO

01. Before The Ship

  Push forward before the level finishes loading to start running as soon as
the level starts. We're going to head South past the Car and Strip Club. When
you reach the end of this alleyway, take a slight right and head behind the
Cargo Container that's beside the Police Station where the Feed for the
television set in the Policeman's Checkpoint is located. Choose to Disrupt the
Television Signal, then back up about four or five steps, then strafe one or
two steps to the left and wait. If you have any guns on you, now would be a
good time to drop them. We want the Syringe to be equipped when we eventually
hit the Square Button later on.
  A Policeman will come to check the box you just disrupted, but he's very
cautious of you, so don't get into Sneak Mode. Wait until he starts talking and
working on the box, then Sneak behind him and give him the Syringe. About this
time, you should get a Message that the Car is making its way to the Dock.
Strip the Policeman and Change into his Clothes, then run North around the
Cargo Container and enter through the Fence Door located on the South side of
the Checkpoint Gate. Keep running West once you're in the Dock area until you
come to a little Service Shed on the far end of the Dock, North of the Ship.
About right when you reach this Shed, a little cutscene should pop up informing
you that the Car is about to be loaded onto the Ship.
  Head into the Service Shed using the Door located on the North side of the
Shed and Change into the Worker's Clothes found in here. Head back out and go
South towards the two Thugs who are guarding the entrance to the Dock. Slow
down and walk when you get near them, and head over to the Thug on your right.
He'll go through the whole 'Frisking' schmiel, like 47 hasn't had enough of
THAT business. Either right before, during or immediately after your Frisking,
a cutscene should pop up showing Boris arming the Bomb. Hit X to get out of it,
then walk forward after Frisking.
  Now, we're headed to the Second Warehouse for YET ANOTHER disguise. The
entrance is on the South side of Warehouse Two. Walk away from the Dock
entrance Guards until you reach the end of the light on the ground, then run
for the South Door into the Second Warehouse. Open the Door and run inside,
around the Crates and Open this Door. Run for the staircase located in the
Northeast of this room, (don't worry about the Thugs in here spotting you - if
you're on time, they won't be around), and head upstairs. Go forward until you
see a Thug's Uniform, then get behind the Crates and Change into THESE Clothes.
Go West and drop off the edge, only to be caught by some more Crates, and head
for the entrance you used to enter this Warehouse.

02. On The Ship

  Back outside, head West for the Ship's entryway. Make sure to walk when you
reach the Thug guarding the bottom of the entryway. He'll be VERY suspicious of
you, so one slip up and you'll most likely get busted. If you don't, then I
think you got EXTREMELY lucky. Walk up the entryway and once you reach the
Ship, turn right and run North. Go towards the front of the Ship and turn left.
You should see a ladder on the side of the Coaster. Climb up here and look out
for the Guard who's patrolling in a clockwise fashion on the Second Floor. Once
he passes or has passed, go clockwise around the Second Floor of the Coaster to
avoid him all together. Head South through the Door directly in front of you,
pass through this small hallway, turn right and head West across this Balcony,
then turn right again and enter into another small hallway. Once inside this
hallway, step into the Door located on the East side. This is Boris' personal
cabin. He'll be right up, so let's greet him when he arrives, shall we? Oh, but
we must! It's the only decent thing to do. Take a left and hide behind the
Dresser. You'll have to wait here just a little bit, so in the meantime you can
play 'Where's Boris?' with your Map. This works on all Difficulties. He'll
start off on the First Floor of the Coaster, and eventually make his way into
the Second Floor room you're currently located.
  When he finally arrives and starts looking at articles on his Desk, Sneak up
behind him and Strangle him. Leave him right where he falls and exit the room
quickly. Take a right when you're back in the small hallway and exit through
the Door on the North. You'll notice a low wall on your left side after going
through the Door. Fall down here, turn left and go South. Turn left at the
corner, then turn right and head for the Ship entryway. You should be able to
run the whole time. Once on the entryway, slow down when you reach the paranoid
Guard at the bottom.

03. After The Ship

  Walk North until your Suspicion Meter goes away, then run for the two Guards
who are Guarding the Dock entrance. Slow down when you reach them and walk past
both of them. After you've put some distance between you and the Dock Guards,
run back to the Service Shed where you retrieved the Worker's Clothes from
earlier. What we want to do here is Change back into the Policeman's Clothes
and get over to the hidden passageway that leads to the Basement of the Strip
Club before the Policeman we knocked out earlier wakes up. As long as you've
done everything so far in a timely manner, we shouldn't have a problem. The
Policeman who patrols over near the Service Shed should currently be walking
West towards the Shed, but he should be far enough away that we can slip in and
back out undetected.
  Once you've donned the Policeman's Garb, run East over to where two Trucks
are parked near a building directly West of the Checkpoint Gate. As long as the
REAL Policeman hasn't woken up, the other Policemen shouldn't be too overly
suspicious of you when you run. There should be a small set of steps and a Door
on the building behind the two trucks. Don't get too close to the Policeman who
patrols between the two vehicles because we don't want to tempt fate. Enter the
Door and take the hallway East, North and finally East again over to the other
Door. Exit through here, take a left and drop off the ledge. Run North towards
the North side of the Strip Club, then head down the steps that lead to the
Basement. Look through the Keyhole and wait for the Biker who patrols down here
to pass from the left to right. Wait until after he passes again from the right
to the left, then get into Sneak Mode and Open the Door. Follow him as he makes
his way South, but when he enters the room, turn right and go through the other
Door instead. Wind your way around with the staircase, then Open this Door and
take another right. Open the next two Doors one after the other, then go
slightly left and go through the Door on your Right before finally turning
left and exiting the Strip Club with one final Door. Head left and go North
until you reach the Exit Point.
  If you feel you were fast enough getting back into the Policeman's Uniform,
you could try running through the Checkpoint Gate and simply running back to
the Exit Point instead. That should shave around thirty seconds to close to a
minute off of your overall Mission Completion Time.



= 11.07: Traditions Of The Trade ( =TRADE= ) =

* Assassinate Franz Fuchs
* Assassinate Fritz Fuchs
* Retrieve the Chemical Bomb
* Escape with the Bomb

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual SG220 .S Pistols

01. 47 Knows Clothes

  From the start of the level, you'll be facing East looking towards the Hotel
Gala'r. An Action List should pop up allowing you to pick up a Conference ID
Card from the dead body in front of you. Do so, then drop whatever weapons you
have on your possession. Run for the front entrance to the Hotel and the first
Policeman will ask you for the Conference ID Card you just picked up. It'll
automatically be shown to him, so just stand there and wait to move again. When
you regain control, Run North through the Metal Detector and into the Hotel.
  Your first hit will be Franz Fuchs who is currently enjoying the Pool area
that's closed off to everyone else, and if you were dressed as a Policeman,
it'd be a lot easier to get to him...But where to get a Policeman Disguise?
Should you drug one of the Policemen here? Thankfully, the answer is no in this
case. There's a perfectly unused set of Policeman Clothes in the creepy closed
off wing of the Hotel.
  From the front of the Hotel, turn right and head East for the Double Doors
that the patrolling Policeman is heading towards. Wait for the Policeman to
make his way to the 'Hotel Wing Closed' sign, then he'll turn around and head
back West. Close the Double Doors so no one can see you Pick the Lock, then
take a left and head North once through the Door. Open the Double Doors
directly ahead and turn right with the hallway, then left. You might get to see
the infamous Traditions Of The Trade Ghost if you were fast enough getting
here. Walk over to Room 108 and Pick the Lock. Make sure not to go bursting in
after you've unlocked it, because we still have to make sure the coast is
clear. There's a Policeman taking a shower in the next room, and from time to
time, he'll walk up to the mirror and start talking to himself, or the Ghost he
sees in the mirror. Wait for him to stop picking at his butt and pointing at
the mirror, then he'll go back to taking a shower in his underwear - you know,
like everyone else does. ANYWAY, go into Sneak Mode and head inside once he's
gone. On the bed are his Policeman's Clothes. They are now YOUR Policeman's
Clothes, so change into them and make your way back to the set of Double Doors
that has the 'Hotel Wing Closed' sign on them and Peek through the Keyhole.
Make sure the patrolling Policeman isn't in here, and that the other set of
Double Doors are closed, then head out.

02. 47 Conz Franz

  Now that we have our fine Police threads on, we need to get to Franz in the
Pool and show him some law enforcement - 47 Style. Keep your distance from the
other Policemen down here and make your way over to the West side of the large
staircase in the Main Lobby. There's a set of Locked Double Doors over here
with no stationary Policeman guarding them. Wait for the patrolling Policeman
to start heading East back towards the 'Hotel Wing Closed' Doors, and Pick the
Lock. Once inside, take a left and head through this door into the Changing
Room, then take a right, head North and step into the Shower Room. Walk up to
the exit of this room into the Pool area, but stop and don't go through. Fix
the camera where you can see Franz floating in the Pool, then just wait here
for him to get out and head over to the Steambath located on the East side of
the Pool area. When he's out of sight, walk out and head over to the Steambath.
There's another patrolling Policeman in here, and if you run you'll pique his
  Once in the Steambath area, walk over to the valve on the wall and another
Action List should pop up informing you that you can Turn Handle. Go ahead and
turn it, then you can watch the cutscene that follows if you wish. After the
cutscene, open the Steambath Door and walk over Franz' body to pick up the
X-Ray Room Key. One down, one to go.
  Now, make your way back to the Main Lobby using the same path you took to get
in here, making sure to walk past the Policeman guarding the Pool area, and
then Look through the Keyhole before opening the previously locked Double Doors
of the Pool area to make sure the coast is clear.

03. 47 Hitz Fritz

  Franz is history, so now his brother Fritz needs the same treatment. Fritz is
taking a shower on the Second Floor of the Hotel in Room 202. Let's head up and
get him out of our way. From the Main Lobby, walk up the large staircase and go
right up the East staircase to the Second Floor. Pass through the Metal
Detector and take a left. Run North through this corridor, open the Double
Doors and turn right with the hallway. Make sure you slow down and walk
whenever you're near any Policemen up here, because they'll blow your disguise
rather easily if you don't, especially if you're playing on Professional
Difficulty. Head past the staircase on your right side and through the next set
of Double Doors. Turn right and head South in this hallway, and you'll see a
Bodyuard outside one of the rooms. That's Fritz' room. You can't just walk up
and get in unless you're a Bellboy with towels, but there is another way
inside. Make sure the coast is clear and Pick the Lock on Room 203 just North
of his room, then step inside. Head straight through the room and out onto the
Balcony. Look South and wait for the Bodyguard to come out onto his Balcony,
then head back inside. As soon as he starts heading inside after his Balcony
visit, Choose to Jump to Balcony from the Action List. Once over, get into
Sneak Mode and Sneak inside, then behind the Bodyguard. Tranquilize him with
your Syringe, then take all of the Items from the Desk except the weapons and
Change into the Bodyguard's Clothes. Fritz is enjoying a shower in the
restroom, so Sneak through the restroom door and Fiber Wire him while he's
taking a shower in his underwear. See? I told you everyone else took showers
that way. Head back into the main bedroom and pick up the Bombcase near the
Dresser, then make your way back outside onto the Balconies and jump back over
to Room 203.

04. 47 Palms Bomb

  OK, we've fulfilled our Objectives to Assassinate the Fuchs Brothers, now we
need to get that Chemical Bomb and get out of here. Starting from right outside
Room 203, go North and go through the Double Doors on your left, then up the
staircase on your left in this new hallway. Once you've reached the Third
Floor, hang a left and run down this corridor. Take another left with the
hallway and pass through the set of Double Doors. The first Door on your right
side after passing through the Double Doors should have a Green Light above it.
Head through that Door and out onto the Pool area roof.
  Run past the dome and slow down. Walk up to one of the Windows on the West
side of the roof and choose to Climb Through Window from the Action List that
pops up when you're near it. There are two Bodyguards - one in each of the next
two rooms - and even though you're dressed as a fellow Bodyguard, they will be
highly suspicious of you, so try to keep as much distance between you and them
as possible. Walk through this first room and head through the Double Doors
located in the Northwest corner of the room. Head straight West and enter into
the X-Ray Room, and Close the Door behind you. Walk up to the Chemical Bomb on
the ground and Choose to Pick it up. A short animation sequence will show up
where 47 picks it up and puts it into the Bombcase. Head back through the X-Ray
Room Door and back over to the Double Doors you used just a little while ago
and head back through the Window.
  Once on the Pool area roof, head back through the Door you used to get on the
roof, then take a right and walk through the Metal Detector and down the stairs
to the Second Floor. Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and go through
another Metal Detector and down these stairs to the Main Lobby. Walk out of the
front entrance of Hotel Gala'r and head East for your Exit Point.



= 11.08: Slaying A Dragon ( =DRAGON= ) =

* Assassinate Red Dragon Negotiator
* Blue Lotus Negotiator must survive
* Escape the area

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced MP5 Sub-Machine Gun

01. The Gardener Gets In

  The Blue Lotus seem to LOVE Gardeners, so we'll have to expose that weakness
to get close to our target, the Red Dragon Negotiator. From your starting
point, ditch your guns and head South towards the open Sewer Grate. The spot
should be marked on your Map no matter what difficulty you're playing on. In
the Sewer, you'll find some Rat Poison. That's a hell of a place to worry about
rat infestation - I think that's what I call fighting an uphill battle. ANYWAY,
climb back up after retrieving the Poison and make your way over to the East
side of the Park. Not IN the Park, just the other side of the Park. Your next
destination will be the Five Story Building located there. You'll know you have
the right Building when you can see a Sniper in a Fourth Floor window and you
see two green Paper Lanterns adorning the entranceway. Run in, go straight and
head up to the Fifth Floor. Pick the Lock on the Door slightly to the right on
the West side of the hallway once you reach the top of the stairs. Inside and
to your left are some Gardener's Clothes. Change into the Gardener's Clothes
and head for the WEST entrance to the Park. I have to stress this now, the WEST
entrance. That way, when you enter through the West entrance, it keeps the Blue
Lotus Triad Members on the East side of the Pagoda facing East, instead of
turned around and checking you out to the West after passing them from the East
entrance. Not a good thing, with all the killing and what-not.

02. The Negotiator Gets It & 47 Gets Out

  Upon approaching the West entrance, lo and behold, YET ANOTHER frisking from
one touchy-feely Chinese Mob member. The Bikers from Rotterdam must have
expressed the joys of human contact to the Blue Lotus. As long as you ditched
your weapons earlier, you have nothing to worry about here. Let him do his...
'thing', then enter the Park. Before moving on, sit still and watch the Pagoda.
The situation we're looking for here is for the Blue Lotus Negotiator to leave
the Red Dragon Negotiator alone on the West side of the Pagoda. Then the Red
Dragon Negotiator will walk over and sip some Tea before resuming talks with
the Blue Lotus Negotiator on the other side, thus starting the cycle over
again. There are two things you might want to do here:

= Kill Tactic #1 =
= -------------- ==============================================================
=   Wait for Both Triad Negotiators to walk over to the North side of the     =
= Pagoda, then Sneak over to the Red Dragon Negotiator's Tea Set and pour the =
= Rat Poison in his Tea when the Action List pops up.                         =

= Kill Tactic #2 =
= -------------- ==============================================================
=   Sneak behind the Red Dragon Negotiator and wait for him to go into his    =
= Tea Drinking animation, then Sneak up behind him and Fiber Wire him.        =

  The safer option is to wait for the Negotiators to walk over to the North
side of the Pagoda, but hey, it's entirely up to you. If you enjoy Fiber Wire
so much that you'll lie awake at night thinking about the Red Dragon Negotiator
not getting his quota of neck strangling, then by all means, help yourself.
Then when you're done, seek some professional help. Think of this as a
text-written intervention. Your family loves you, and cares enough to step in.
  ANYWAY, either decision you make, put away any incriminating evidence you
might be carrying and calmly walk out of the Park through the West entrance,
then head for the most convenient Exit Point.



= 11.09: The Wang Fou Incident ( =WANGFOU= ) =

* Assassinate Blue Lotus Negotiator
* Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
* Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
* Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
* Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
* Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
* Assassinate Blue Lotus Triad Member
* Escape from Mission

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced AK 74 Assault Rifle

01. The Bomb, The Chauffeur

  Boy, that sure is a lot of Blue Lotus Triad Members to take care of when you
view your mission Objectives. There's six of them, and a Negotiator to boot.
Thankfully, five of the seven, (including the Negotiator), can be dispatched in
one swift press of a button, leaving two Triad Members back in an enclosed
Dining room area. In order to do that though, you're going to need to Plant a
Bomb on the Blue Lotus Limo.
  From the start, run straight West until you come to an Intersection, then
swing right and go North. Head for the ladder that's on the East side of the
Restaurant, directly North and across the road from where you're currently
running. Once you reach the top of the ladder, go into Sneak Mode so you don't
draw the undue attention from the Red Dragon Triad Member who's guarding this
outside railing. Sneak over to the first Door on this railing and Pick the
Lock. After it's been picked, make sure you're still in Sneak Mode and open the
Door. Inside this room are a Red Dragon Disguise, a W2000 Sniper Rifle and a
Bomb/Bomb Remote combo on top of a Safe. Change into the Red Dragon Triad
Member Clothes and grab the Bomb and Bomb Remote off the Safe, then Sneak back
out onto the outside railing and back down the ladder onto the street. Around
this time, a cutscene will pop up showing the arrival of the Blue Lotus Triad
in their Limo.
  From the bottom of the ladder and facing South, run straight across the road,
go right and head West into the alleyway directly South from the front entrance
of Lee Hong's Restaurant. In the middle of the alley and facing West, you'll
see a Sewer Grate along the North area of the alley. Run past that Grate and
hug the corner of the Building to the West. We'll wait here for the Chauffer to
Syringe him and Change into his Clothes so we can approach the Blue Lotus Limo.
  From your spot against the Building wall, face North and wait for the
Chauffer to pass you and walk East over past the Sewer Grate to urinate. Here's
a small diagram of the alleyway area and the path you'll take to Syringe the
Chauffer, because for some strange reason, I'm at a loss for words on how to
explain it any better, and this will do a much better job:

#     N     #
#     |     #
# W --|-- E #
#     |     #
#     S     #

 | v|                                        Legend:
_| v|______________________                  X = 47
   ->-->-->-->-->  ___   C  /\               C = Chauffer
_____             |#S#|  ^  \D\              S = Sewer Grate
     |            |___| /    \/        v,^,--> = Paths of Chauffer and 47
     | X ->-->-->-->-->/                     D = Dumpster
     |    Sneak This Way

  Sorry. That was my first attempt at ASCII Mapmaking, honestly. Hopefully you
get the point though. He comes in from the North, you wait against the West
wall until he passes you, then you Sneak behind him and Syringe him as he pees.
  After you Change into his Clothes, drag his unconscious body over to the
nearby Sewer Grate and drop him in. Make sure you say 'Hi!' to all those Rats
down there Mr. Chauffer Guy, and plant a few more Rat Poisons while you're down
there to help beautify China's Sewer Systems by having dead Rats scattered all
over them. Once you're all done in the alley, you need to hit the streets. I
wouldn't advise leaving out through the entrance the Chauffer used, because
there's a Red Dragon Triad Member with a nasty attitude and a good memory for
faces guarding the North entrance. Head East instead, then go North after
you're onto the sidewalk and then take a left and go West over to the
Restaurant entrance and approach the driver's side Door of the Limo. An Action
List will pop up giving you the option to Plant the Bomb, so choose it and a
short cutscene will appear showing 47 arming the Bomb on the Limo. Skip it if
you want and head back to the alleyway where your Red Dragon Disguise is

02. The Meeting, The Rest

  Now for those other two Blue Lotus Triad Members. This strategy is actually
quite easy after you do it a few times, but at first it might seem kind of
weird. Stick to it and try it more than once if you mess up, because with
practice it can be pulled off each and every time without fail.
  Dressed as the Red Dragon again, you need to make your way back up the ladder
and into the room where you picked up the Bomb and Bomb Remote. Repeat the
Sneaking process you used earlier to get past the Second Floor railing Guard,
and slide in undetected. Approach the Door located on the North side of this
room and walk out. There will be an AK 47-toting Red Dragon Member patrolling
this hallway in a clockwise pattern, so turn left and go West around the
Privacy Screens. Take a right and go North when given the option and head for
the Elevator that's located up the hallway a bit and on the right side.
However, if the Red Dragon happens to be at a different place in his patrol
which would make you get close to him if you took that route, simply take the
other way around the Privacy Screens and head North for the Elevator. Once
inside the Elevator, take it to the First Floor, where our two future victims
await their untimely deaths...but first, we need to take care of that Bomb we
planted earlier on the Limo. Hit Triangle and select the Bomb Remote as your
weapon, then Open your Map and select the Outside Map. There should be three
Blue Lotus Triad Members loading into the rigged Limo about ready to depart.
Once they do, wait until they are driving through the street. They will
eventually drive right between the two Blue Lotus Triad Members waiting on each
side of the road, and when that happens, hit L1 to quickly escape your Map and
then immediately hit R1 to detonate the Bomb. If you pulled it off correctly,
you should have killed five of them in one quick maneuver, and there should be
five little red Xs on your Outside Map. If you didn't, start over, because I
don't forsee you being able to achieve an All Zero Silent Assassin ranking now.
  Once you've taken care of business with the Limo, step out of the Elevator
into the room with lots of Crates and go straight past them and out the Door.
Turn right and go through the first Door on the West side of the hallway you'll
come to, (your right side), which should be the Restrooms. Run straight West
through the Restrooms and out into the next room. Take another right, head
North and start Sneaking. There will be two Red Dragon Triad Members on the
left side of the next large open doorway. We want to Sneak West past them where
the Blue Lotus Members are located without arousing any suspicion.
  Here's a very important part: Stay in Sneak Mode at all times and hug, and I
literally mean HUG the West walls leading into the Dining area. Stay connected
to them all the way past the Red Dragon Guard who by all accounts, should see
you, but for some reason, as long as you stay right next to the walls on your
way over to the enclosed area where the Blue Lotus Members are waiting, he
won't look at you or change his position. After you're behind him, feel free
not to hug the walls anymore, but at least stay close to them in any case, and
stay in Sneak Mode. It just makes things in here easier, and that's a good
thing. Get your Fiber Wire selected as your tool of choice when you hit your
Square button a little later on, and conceal it for now.
  Once you reach the room where the two Blue Lotus Member are, one will stand
up and walk towards you if you Sneak right in front of the room. We're going to
'lure' him out of the room and into the Southwest corner of the main Dining
area, where we can Fiber Wire him and his colleague won't spot us. Walk
backwards against the wall until you're back up in a corner, then Sneak up
right next to him face to face. Eventually he'll turn around and head back for
the enclosed room, and when he does, hit Square and tap R1 quickly to grab him
and take him down. Leave his corpse where it lay, conceal your Fiber Wire and
Sneak past the enclosed room's entryway over to the North side. Hug the walls
again and Sneak inside the room and behind the final Blue Lotus Triad Member.
He shouldn't spot you at all if you did it correctly. Get your Fiber Wire out
again and strangle this guy where he sits. Repeat the method you used to Sneak
your way in this area if you wish, and make your way back to the Elevator. Take
the Elevator up to the Second Floor and head back for the room where you picked
up the Bomb and Bomb Remote. Sneak back out onto the railing and down the
ladder, then head South for your Exit Point.



= 11.10: The Seafood Massacre ( =SEAFOOD= ) =

* Assassinate the Red Dragon Negotiator
* Conceal the Red Dragon Negotiator's body
* Assassinate the Chief of Police
* Assassinate the Blue Lotus Negotiator
* Place Amulet at Restaurant
* Escape in the Car

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Dual GK17 Pistols

01. Retrieve Poison, Unlock Basement

  From your starting position, you need to head East towards the Seafood
Restaurant. You need to enter the back area of the Restaurant, where the steps
leading down to the Basement are located. Before you head down the Basement
steps, head into the nearby Sewer Grate that's open to the North. Drop down
into the Sewer instead of climbing down the ladder because it saves time, and
we want to get to the Red Dragon Negotiator in time. Grab the Rat Poison from
what must be China's ill-fated attempt at ridding their Sewers of rodents, and
quickly make your way back up the ladder and over to the Locked Doors at the
bottom of the Cheung Chao Fish Restaurant's Basement steps. Pick the Lock and
run back up the steps. If you're playing on Normal or Expert Difficulties,
Check Your Map for the Northern-most Red Circle. If you're playing on
Professional, just head North. You should know where you're going by now if
you're playing on Professional anyway.

02. Crouching Amulet, Hidden Dragon

  When you reach the area where the Red Dragon Negotiator is located, keep your
distance until he heads down the alley to urinate. Once he's 'doing his thing',
Sneak up behind him and wrap your Fiber Wire around his neck. After he falls,
Pick up his Red Dragon Amulet, Change into his Clothes and drop his naked body
into the Sewer Grate. That can't be good for the tighty-whiteys. Those are
stains that'll never come out. You do realize he's not only laying in his own
urine, but everybody else's stale urine from the nearby region. Not cool, 47.
  ANYWAY, Head back to the Restaurant to find two nosey Guards checking out the
Basement steps you need to use. You're going to have to get rid of them, if at
least for a little while, because if you attempt to try going down the steps
now, they're going to flip out all John Woo style. We want to keep this more
like a Tom Clancy novel instead if we want any chance at those Dual GK17
Pistols. Here's a neat solution I like to use - if for nothing else, for the
sheer comedic value: If you start to approach them, then get into Sneak mode,
you'll pique their interest and they'll follow you like puppy dogs. Sneak over
to the other side of the brick wall and lure them South down the West wall of
the Restaurant. When they're away far enough, make a break for the Basement.
  Once in the Basement, Walk over to the large gray Generator and an Action
List should pop up allowing you to interact with it. Shut it Down, watch the
small cutscene if you want to and head into the small room on your right for
some fresh Chef Clothes. Run behind the Black Curtain on the East side of the
Basement, Equip a Syringe, and wait for the REAL Chef to come down and check
out the Generator. You'll be able to see the Basement Doors open from between
the Curtains. After he passes you, Sneak out from your hiding spot and give him
your Syringe.

03. Crouching Kitchen, Hidden Chef

  Head back up the Basement steps - but go slowly, no running - and make your
way over to the East side of the Restaurant, where you can enter the Kitchen.
Make sure you open this Doors in Sneak Mode to keep it quiet, because the
Waiter will not be fooled by your disguise should he hear the Doors open. Make
sure you Close the Doors immediately behind you as well, because you will draw
the attention of one of the near outside Guards due to your sneaking. Stay in
Sneak Mode and approach the Drinks on the Tray. An Action List should pop up
letting you Poison the Drinks. Go ahead and do that, then Pick the Tray up.
From here on out, you could do one of two things, so I'll split those up and
run through both:

= OPTION #1: 47 Delivers The Drinks =
= --------------------------------- ===========================================
=   Sneak over to the Door to the Restaurant Dining Area and Check your Map   =
= or Look through the Keyhole to make sure the Waiter is preoccupied with     =
= talking to the Guard who's sitting down inside. Open the Door in Sneak      =
= Mode, head right and Sneak past them both towards the Spiral Staircase.     =
= Don't worry if you attract the attention of the Guard - all of the Guards   =
= on this level seem to be just fascinated with Sneaking. Climb up the Spiral =
= Staircase and you'll notice the Chief of Police and the Blue Lotus          =
= Negotiator sitting at a table. Walk over to them and the Chief of Police    =
= will tell you to set the drinks down on the table. Go ahead and do so when  =
= the appropriate Action List pops up, then leave their field of vision. Just =
= around the corner will do, then you can watch the whole thing take place.   =
=   After both marks bite their respective dusts, walk over to the table and  =
= drop the Red Dragon Amulet you picked up earlier. Make your way back        =
= downstairs, but before you do, take a few steps down the Staircase and      =
= position your camera so you can spy on the Waiter. Wait for the Waiter to   =
= go back over and harass the Guard again, then Sneak down and head back into =
= the Kitchen, then outside through the Kitchen Doors. Once outside, calmly   =
= make your way to the Exit Point.                                            =

= OPTION #2: The Waiter Delivers The Drinks =
= ----------------------------------------- ===================================
=   Keep yourself Crouched down as fast as you can, and slowly make your      =
= way over to the Counter Window. Look for an Action List to pop up telling   =
= you to Set the Drinks on the Counter. Do that, then Ring the Kitchen        =
= Bell. This will alert the Waiter to deliver the Poisoned Drinks to the      =
= Blue Lotus Negotiator and the Chief of Police. Keep yourself hidden until   =
= the Waiter picks the Drinks up, then Sneak your way back outside.           =
=   Once outside, head back to the Basement - but guess what? Heckyl and      =
= Jeckyl are back, so we'll have to 'lure' them away from their posts again.  =
= Repeat the Sneaking procedure I described earlier to lure them over to the  =
= other side of the brick wall, then head back down into the Basement and     =
= change into the Red Dragon Negotiator's Clothes. Funny how they're all      =
= Gung-Ho about people going INTO the Basement, but a Three-Ring Circus could =
= come crashing OUT of there in full regalia with trumpets blazing and baton  =
= twirlers marching and they wouldn't say anything except for maybe a little  =
= red on your Suspicion Meter. Go figure.                                     =
=   ANYWAY, go to the front entrance of the Seafood Restaurant - located in   =
= the Southwestern corner of the building - and walk up to the Guard who's    =
= sitting in here. He'll confiscate any weapons you have during one of the    =
= game's many frisking scenes. Make your way up the Spiral Staircase and drop =
= the Red Dragon Amulet on the table where the Blue Lotus Negotiator and      =
= Chief of Police expired, then make you way back out of the Restaurant and   =
= head for the Exit Point.                                                    =



= 11.11: Lee Hong Assassination ( =LEEHONG= ) =

* Assassinate Triad Leader
* Obtain Jade Figurine
* Escape from the area

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced Dual Micro Uzi Sub-Machine Guns

  Here we are back at Lee Hong's beautiful Restaurant/Mafia Front once again,
but this time we're paying a visit to take down the big man himself. Strap
yourselves in for this one, because it's one of the game's most complicated
missions, due to the random placement of the Jade Figurine - the symbol of
leadership amongst the Red Dragon Triads. This baby can show up in one of four
Safes scattered throughout the level, and two of them are harder to reach than
the others. Luckily, you can find out exactly WHERE the Figurine is located
early on in the mission, which means if you're not satisfied with the placement
of the Figurine on that particular run through, you can wimp out and choose to
Restart the Mission. I'd recommend at least succeeding in each of the four
quests at least once before becoming too picky, that way you can get the full
enjoyment out of the level.

01. The Agent

  You'll start in the same position as you did on The Wang Fou Incident, so run
straight ahead and follow the road until it branches off and turns to your
right and goes North. Go North with the fork in the road, then turn left and
head West at the next intersection until you run straight into the front
entrance of the Restaurant, which will show up on your right side, (really
though, you CAN'T MISS IT...it's HUGE and it has snakes wrapped around the
columns outside). Go ahead and go inside since the Restaurant is open for
business, and once you're inside, head for the Double Doors on your left. In
this room on the left wall is a Bartender you need to speak with who has some
stomach problems, and some Laxatives on the left corner of the Bar on the glass
shelf. Gee, wonder why he's got stomach problems...could it be that he's
digested some of the Hitman's famous name brand 'Extra Super Uber Maximum
Strength Laxative'? This guy's probably dying while talking to you if that's
the case.
  ANYWAY, pick up the Laxatives and head around to the front of the Bar until
an Action List pops up allowing you to speak to the Bartender. We're talking to
him because you may or may not need the Brothel Invite he'll give you after
your conversation, and if chances are that the Jade Figurine ends up in the
Brothel, you'll have a head start on getting to it easily. After picking up the
Brothel Invite that will show up on the Bar after your talk, head back the way
you entered, and once you're back in the Circular Room, head over to where a
Guard is standing between two sets of Double Doors. Take the Double Doors on
the left, then head Northeast and enter through the single Door on the East
wall which leads to the Restrooms. Run through to the other side of the
Restrooms, open the Door, immediately turn left and WALK to the next single
Door on the same wall as the Door from which you just came out. Once in this
room, pass the Crates and take a ride to the Basement on this snazzy Elevator.
  It might confuse you the first time you ride this particular Elevator,
because not all of the Floors exit on the same side of the Elevator. The
Basement and Second Floor Elevator gates open on the West side, and the First
Floor gate obviously opens on the East side, since you just entered from there.
Once the Doors open in the Basement, take a left and head South until you reach
the end of this area, then go through the Door on your left. Head straight
through this small hallway, then take another left and go through the Door
here. On the other side of the Door, laying on the ground are some Chef's
Clothes, (and some Guard's Clothes laying on the ground a little further back
behind the sheet to the North). Change into the Chef's Clothes, which come in
very handy to keep the Red Dragon Triad Members from immediately opening fire
upon visual contact of you. We're FINALLY ready to save the Agent who's being
held hostage here in the Basement, and we'll take a hidden passageway to do it.
  Head back to the Elevator and instead of riding it back up, go straight
forward through the Double Doors. Remember those Red Dragon Members I was just
telling you about? Well, here's two of them. Take an immediate right after
opening the Double Doors and go into this Armory Room. In this room,
half-hidden behind a sheet on the East side of the wall is a Door. Go around
the Crates and enter the Door, then take a left and follow this uncharted
hallway all the way North until you come to a left turn. You don't have to
worry about Red Dragons in here, because there's only just one, and you won't
run into him until maybe later. Turn with the hallway and follow it West until
you come to a single Door on the South side of the wall on your left. Open this
Door, then slow down and start Sneaking. On the other side of the next
Door is a Red Dragon facing away from you, but as long as you stay quiet,
you've got nothing to worry about. Quietly Open this Door, take a right and
head over to the next Door on your right. Open it and slip in.
  Say "Hi!" to the Agent who's shackled in this room. Or don't. Depending on
whether or not there are other people in the room you're playing in at the time
you say it. That probably wouldn't be the best thing to blurt out. Choose to
Free Agent from the Action List that pops up - If you're playing on
Professional Difficulty, you're going to have to sit through the first part of
the cutscene to reveal the location of the Jade Figurine. Yes, that does mean
hearing about the blasted chair over and over. Otherwise, you can skip it and
it'll show up on your Map as a new Point Of Interest. Sorry, no Point Of
Interest for you rough 'n tough Professional people.
  After the Agent escapes, make your way back to the Elevator you came down to
the Basement on using the same route you used to get to this location and head
up to the First Floor.

02. The Triad Leader

  Our next destination: the Kitchen. When you exit the Elevator, run past the
Crates and go through the Door, then turn left. Open the Double Doors at the
end of this hallway and take either set of Double Doors on the right side of
the hallway. Approach the cutting table where the two Chefs are working and one
will tell you take the Soup to Mr. Hong before it gets cold. Approach the Soup
in the Northeast corner of the table and an Action List will pop up permitting
you to use the Laxative you picked up earlier in the Soup. The other Chefs
won't mind the fact that you're adding a little extra "umph!" to his meal. Mr.
Hong must like it spicy!
  After viewing the short animation of your masterful pouring skills, (Emeril
would be SO proud), the Soup will be automatically placed in your right hand
and ready for serving! We need to feed this gourmet delight - and I mean
gourmet delight as in tainted crap - to Lee Hong!
  From the Kitchen, head out the Southern-most set of Double Doors leading out
into the hallway from where you came from and head straight West through the
next pair of Double Doors until you enter one of the Dining areas. Straight
ahead and West, Lee Hong and his bodyguard are seated in an enclosed area and
await your miserable Ex-Lax festival. Walk regularly past the two Red Dragon
Triad Members guarding the entrance to his enclosed Dining room, and walk over
to the South side of Hong's bodyguard. We're doing this to make sure the Red
Dragon Members positioned outside don't get too interested and look inside the
room. The Action List has probably popped up letting you Serve the Soup. Do so,
and watch the cutscene if you so wish. After Hong's bodyguard makes a hasty
break for the nearest Restrooms, walk clockwise around the table and Sneak up
behind Lee Hong. Pull out your Fiber Wire and strangle him, then drag his
corpse clockwise around the table and place the body where Hong's bodyguard
won't see it when he returns and sits down in his seat. Just place him directly
across from the bodyguard's chair. After dropping the body, make sure to Pick
Up the Safe Combination Lee Hong drops and walk out calmly.
  Walk back to the Double Doors you entered this area through. If you glance
over to your right, you might see Lee Hong's bodyguard returning from his fun
little Restroom vacation on your way over. Once through the Double Doors, take
a right and head back to the Elevator.

03. The Figurine

  This Figurine can randomly show up in one of four Safes, so I'll run through
each one individually from here on out:

= The Jade Figurine is in the Guard's Quarters =
= -------------------------------------------- ================================
=   You got lucky. This is one of the quick and easy locations. Once you're   =
= in the Elevator, head down to the Basement and retrieve your original       =
= stylin' black suit you started this mission in. You gotta love the red tie. =
= After changing, head BACK to the Elevator and take it to the First Floor.   =
=   Now you want to make your way back to the front entrance of Lee Hong's    =
= Restaurant and let yourself out. Take a left after walking down the outside =
= steps and head up the ladder you used earlier to reach the Second Floor of  =
= the Restaurant to get the Bomb and Bomb Remote in The Wang Fou Incident. In =
= fact, you'll be opening the Safe from which you picked up that Bomb stuff.  =
=   Pick the Lock on the first Door on the outside balcony and step inside.   =
= Open the Safe and retrieve the Jade Figurine from its hiding spot, then     =
= make your way BACK through the Door you just picked the lock on and head    =
= down the ladder to the nearest designated Exit Point.                       =

= The Jade Figurine is in the Basement =
= ------------------------------------ ========================================
=   This is probably the easiest location to retrieve the Jade Figurine. It's =
= just a hop and a skip away from the Elevator once you reach the Basement.   =
=   Once the Elevator opens to the Basement, take a right and go through the  =
= Double Doors, then go immediately right once more and enter the Armory Room =
= again. Instead of taking the hidden passageway, we're going to go into the  =
= Door on the North wall. Inside this little room is the Safe that holds the  =
= Green Dragon, the Jade Figurine. Open the Safe, claim your prize, then head =
= back towards the Elevator, but instead of going on the Elevator, head for   =
= your kickin' black suit that's laying over where you picked up the Chef's   =
= Clothes you're currently wearing. Once you don your trademark duds, make    =
= your way to the Elevator and ride it to the First Floor. From there, make   =
= your escape and head for the Exit Point.                                    =

= The Jade Figurine is in the Brothel =
= ----------------------------------- =========================================
=   This location isn't all that hard to get at, but it is a touch more time  =
= consuming than the Basement and Guard's Quarters locations. Take the        =
= Elevator to the Basement and pick up 47's super fine threads he started the =
= mission in. We need them on to get into the Brothel without having an       =
= all-out gunfight. They don't like Chefs snooping around over there. To      =
= avoid having to Sneak around a couple of Guards, we'll just take our        =
= Brothel Invite over to the two Guards over by the North Double Doors in the =
= Main Lobby.                                                                 =
=   As you approach them, a small cutscene will pop up showing that they      =
= recognize you as an official Brothel patron. Follow one of the Guards all   =
= the way out up to the Second Floor and out onto the Bridge to the Brothel.  =
= From there, he'll move to the side and let you pass before eventually       =
= stepping back inside the Double Doors. The Brothel is directly ahead of you =
= across the Bridge, but we don't actually want to go INSIDE the Brothel, We  =
= want to take the outer railing on the left, Jump to the next Balcony when   =
= you reach the gap and then open up the first Door on your right. Don't      =
= worry if the Brothel Guard sees you and a cutscene pops up. Just let it     =
= happen and then go about your business again.                               =
=   Once inside this room, you'll see a Safe against the wall. Open the Safe  =
= and retrieve the Jade Figurine from its hiding spot, then make your way     =
= back out across the Brothel's Bridge and back to the Main Lobby using the   =
= same path you took to get up here. If you stay on this path, you can        =
= relatively run without fear of your cover being blown all the way out of    =
= the Restaurant. Once in the Main Lobby, head out the front entrance and     =
= over to your Exit Point.                                                    =
=   NOTE: I only say take this route to keep you from getting spotted by      =
= overly-inquisitive Guards and Red Dragon Triad Members. You can Sneak your  =
= way up to the Brothel and after you're done you can take the stairs leading =
= down to the First Floor once inside the Warehouse area if you feel your     =
= skills are good enough. Remember, this game is wide open as far as gameplay =
= goes, so you don't ALWAYS have to do exactly what I write here in this FAQ. =
= Who knows? Maybe you'll stumble across a route of your own creation that    =
= you really enjoy taking. That's not a bad thing you know. :D                =

= The Jade Figurine is in the Mansion =
= ----------------------------------- =========================================
=   In my opinion, this location is the most time consuming, and you need a   =
= new disguise. It's really not all that hard though.                         =
=   From the Elevator, head down to the Basement and go back inside the       =
= Armory Room you went into earlier when you rescued the Agent and back out   =
= into the hidden passageway. Take the same route you followed earlier, and   =
= once you reach the hallway with the lone Red Dragon Triad Member who's      =
= facing away from you right before the Agent's Prison room, Sneak up behind  =
= him and stab him in the neck with your Syringe. Take his Clothes and drag   =
= him into the middle small room located on the North side of this hallway.   =
= Now we need to get to the Elevator up into the Mansion where the Jade       =
= Figurine is located.                                                        =
=   Open your Map and see where the Second Elevator up to Lee Hong's Mansion  =
= is located. It should be very near your vicinity and North of your present  =
= proximity. From the middle small room where you dropped the Red Dragon      =
= Member, head North through the Door, turn left and then right shortly       =
= afterwards and head North with this hallway. There should be one Red Dragon =
= Triad Member in this hallway, so walk past him. You could run, but the      =
= chances of detection increase. Open the Double Doors behind him and run     =
= across the sewer tunnel to the Door on the North side of the room. In this  =
= room will be a table with an AK 47 laying on it. These Red Dragons got some =
= serious money to burn to have so many AKs just laying around everywhere.    =
= Get into Sneak Mode and take a left in this room and go through the Door.   =
= The Elevator leading up to the Mansion is on your right, and two Red Dragon =
= Guards will be on your left. Sneak past them and activate the Elevator.     =
= Take it up to the Mansion and remain cool at all times up here. No need to  =
= provoke them by being a freak and running around.                           =
=   Once inside the Mansion, you'll be facing North. Walk past the Red Dragon =
= Guard in front of the Elevator, head slightly Northwest and take the Door   =
= located on the North side of this room that's behind the other Red Dragon   =
= Triad Member. Once in this dark room, take a left and go through the Double =
= Doors. There should now be some stairs leading down into the Mansion's      =
= Basement, so walk past them for now and head West, then curve around with   =
= the hallway and go South. At the end of this hallway will be a doorway with =
= two Red Dragons guarding a flight of stairs. Sneak past these Guards so     =
= they don't turn around, do a 180 Degree turn and head North up the stairs.  =
= Turn right with the stairs and go up this next flight to the Second Floor.  =
= Open the Door, turn right and head South through the pair of Double Doors   =
= in front of you. After you enter this room, the Safe containing the Dragon  =
= Statue is directly on your left, against the wall. Wait for the other Red   =
= Dragon Triad Member to make his way back North through the Double Doors you =
= just came from, then Close the Doors behind him and retrieve the Jade       =
= Figurine from the Mansion's Safe, then Close the Safe before he turns       =
= around and heads back South. Walk back down the stairs to the First Floor,  =
= Sneak past the two Guards in front of the stairs again, then make your way  =
= over to those Basement steps you saw earlier on your way up to the Second   =
= Floor. Walk down those steps and casually pass the stationary Red Dragon    =
= Guard who is down at the bottom of the steps and head through the Double    =
= Doors. Close the Door behind you and Check your Map for the Exit Point.     =
= Head over and jump in the Boat to finish the mission.                       =



= 11.12: Hunter And Hunted ( =HUNTED= ) =

* Assassinate Inspector Albert Fournier
* Assassinate Ambassador Richard Delahunt
* Assassinate Tenor Philippe Berceuse
* Escape to DeGaulle Airport

Reward for Silent Assassin rating: Silenced PGM Sniper Rifle

01. Building Jumps And A Change Of Clothes

  You'll start this level facing North in your Hotel Room. If you check your
Map, you'll see a Power Source in the West corner if this Floor. You'll want to
use it to Sneak past the SWAT Soldiers, but unfortunately, four SWAT Soldiers
are blocking the hallway you need to go down to get there. You're obviously
going to have to go around if you want that PGM Sniper Rifle .S, and that will
require some Balcony jumping. Be quick when exiting your room, because more
SWAT Soldiers are closing in on your proximity from the North. Head out the
front Doors and take a right, then go through the first Door on the West side
of the hallway. Run over to the Balcony and choose to Jump to Balcony from the
Action List that pops up. As soon as you're over the gap, go slightly straight
on the left side of the Rooftop Staircase Doorway that's located near you. Head
over to the Southwestern corner of this building and Choose to Jump to Balcony
again when the Action List presents itself.
  Head out of this room and take another right, to the end of this hallway.
You've now reached the Power Breaker for the Third Floor. Shut it Down, turn
around and head East. Sneak up to the four SWAT Soldiers and the two SWAT
Soldiers that are making their way up the stairs, then Sneak down the stairs to
the Second Floor. You'd think one of these supposedly 'properly equipped' SWAT
Soldiers would have considered beforehand that someone just might shut the
lights off. Even 47 carries NVGs at all times for cryin' out loud.
  ANYWAY, take a right and head North when you reach the bottom of the stairs.
Wind around West with the hallway and you'll see a Policeman facing away from
you. Sneak up to him and give him your Syringe, then go over to the Door he was
standing next to and Pick the Lock. After it's open, Drag the unconscious
Policeman inside the room, then Change into his Clothes. Go over near the bed
and pick up the Syringe that's laying on the floor, then exit this room back
out into the hallway. When he wakes up, I bet he'll think he was on a real bad
trip along with the dude that's passed out on the bed in the room.

02. The Fireman's Key

  Take a left and keep heading West down the hallway, then make your way down
the steps until you're outside. Go West and stop at the T-section. There are
two Policemen patrolling around the perimeter of the building, and both are
headed North if you've arrived at the right time. Wait until the Policeman
closest to you reaches the T-section and heads West, then go South in the
direction he came from. After turning right at the end of this alleyway, there
will be a Sewer Grate to enter. Pass it up for now and go straight until you
can only turn left. Make sure the Fireman at the end of this alleyway does NOT
see you do anything other than walk, because he'll wig out and start running
all over the Map, thus ruining the easier way to get out of this Mission. In
fact, maybe you should start walking right before you turn the corner just in
case. That's what I prefer to do, and it seems to work well for me.
  Walk past the Fireman and try to be as far away from him as possible. Keep
walking to the far wall in front of you, then turn around, get into Sneak Mode
and hug the sawhorse barriers. Sneak your way behind the Fireman and give him
the Syringe you took from the Junkie's room. Whatever's in that needle sure
wasn't all that good for the Junkie, so you know the Fireman's about ready to
take a psychedelic trip. Flowers and bell-bottoms HO!
  Don't worry about the innocent bystanders ratting you out, because they seem
to enjoy watching people get put down. I guess they're all friggin' voyeurs.
This IS Paris after all. The City of Love, among other weirder things.
  ANYWAY, head back to that Sewer Grate you passed earlier and head down. Avoid
the two Policemen that patrol the area on your way there because they're very

03. Fiber Wire Inspector Albert Fournier & Escape

  Once you reach the bottom of the Sewer ladder, turn around and head down the
Tunnel. Once you reach the main Sewer area, take a right and run over to the
second Bridge. Run across and head up the Sewer ladder on the other side. Check
your Map and see where your Target is standing, then head over there and WALK
the entire time. Even on Normal, the Police and SWAT Soldiers get alerted and
alarmed very easily. Behind the Police Paddy Wagon awaits Albert Fournier. BUT,
there are two SWAT Soldiers watching right behind him. We need to divert their
attention so we can strangle the Inspector, because those SWAT Soldiers don't
seem to get the same enjoyment out of watching someone get killed like the
citizens behind the barricade. Pass the Inspector and hug the East wall. Start
Sneaking and pass the SWAT Soldier on this side. Keep Sneaking until you reach
the Police barrier and turn around. The SWAT Soldier should now be facing the
South wall. Now you need to get in front of the other SWAT Soldier and repeat
the same process to make him look at the North wall. If you mess up, you can do
it over, but you'll probably earn yourself some Close Encounters. These guys
have just a small amount of patience before they start thinking that your
Policeman routine isn't kickin' it properly.
  After both are turned facing their respective walls, Sneak in between them,
more closer to the first Swat Soldier you turned because there's a good chance
that the second one will turn around. If they see you Sneaking, the jig is up
and you might as well Restart the Mission because bullets will start a flyin'
and you can kiss that Silenced Sniper Rifle goodbye. When you get up to
Inspector Fournier, pull out your Fiber Wire and give him a good one. You know,
a PERMANENT one. The folks behind the barricade are waiting for you to do it,
so just give them what they came to see already. After he falls, put away your
Fiber Wire, turn around and give them all a great big bow. You're such an
entertainer. Do you notice they're BOWING to you?
  ANYWAY, head East and take a right at the corner. The Ambulance at the end
of this street is where you're headed. You shouldn't have too much of a problem
getting to it and getting inside, just remember to WALK, hug the wall and look
away from the fellow Policemen on Professional Difficulty. When you hop inside
your sweet ride, watch the Ambulance careen through the streets, proving 47 is
a better Hitman than a driver. I mean, he's slamming into cars at the end of
Asylum Aftermath, now he's bashing into cars here. Sheesh. How the hell did he
make it to DeGaulle Airport in one piece?



= 12. Reader Submitted Walkthroughs & Tips ( =USERS= ) =

  If you'd like to submit a walkthrough for inclusion in my next update, feel
free to drop me a line at: frott (at) frontiernet (dot) net with your personal
favorite strategies and methods!

12.01: Asylum Aftermath ( =READASYLUM= )

  From Superally92 <Superally92 (at) aol (dot) com>:

  Hi, just thought you should know that instead of dressing as an asylum
patient, you can save the hassle and get out without killing or debilitating
  When you get to the elevator in the basement go to the second floor, turn
left and there is a dead SWAT. Take his clothes and his spas 12 shotgun, go
back to floor 1 and turn left, at the junction turn right and go out into the
room with the fountain, holster the shotgun and walk straight through the
middle of the bunch of guards and to the door on the left, take the next turn
left and pass the guard, go through the door and go through the door with the
exit sign above it, go outside and turn right, the suspicion meter will flash,
but the guards won't do anything. Walk to the car and get in! Viola!

12.02: The Meat King's Party ( =READMEAT= )

12.03: The Bjarkhov Bomb ( =READBOMB= )

12.04: Beldingford Manor ( =READMANOR= )

  From Barney Rubble <barney_rubble (at) ntlworld (dot) com>:
  I want to suggest a slightly faster method of killing Winston. In your
walkthrough you suggest knocking the Indoor Guard out in the wine cellar,
however, it is possible to do it earlier.
  When you start the level, after the two guards have stopped talking, sneak
down after them. Watch the guard on the right - once he has turned right and
walked two steps, it is safe to run towards theÊbushes in front of the maze.
Run all the way to the path outside the maze, and then sneak into the maze
itself. Then you can run to the trapdoor and sprint to the room with the
fertiliser in it. You can hide in the fertiliser alcove if you tuck 47 as far
into the corner as he will go. Then when the indoor guard passes you, Syringe
him immediately, take his threads and then quickly sneak outside,Êpast the dogs
and into the poison vial room. Take the cyanide and head to Winston's secret
corridor. You should be in time to see him drink milk and go sleepy-bye-bye.
Once you're sure he's asleep, grab the pillow and smother him. Saves about
thirty seconds.

12.05: Rendezvous In Rotterdam ( =READROTTERDAM= )

12.06: Deadly Cargo ( =READCARGO= )

12.07: Traditions Of The Trade ( =READTRADE= )

12.08: Slaying A Dragon ( =FREADDRAGON= )

  From James Mathers <jamesmathers (at) optusnet (dot) com (dot) au>:

  I have found an easy way through the level where the 2 Dragon members are
meeting in the Pagoda. To the left of the map is a lone guard standing near a
ladder. You head around that way, avoiding the 2 guards on the street. If you
wait long enough he will start to walk around. Once he starts to head back to
his start position, facing the street, it is easy to sneak up behind him and
stick him with the syringe. Drag him over and dump him down into the sewers.
Then Climb to the top of the ladder and get out your sniper rifle. Check your
map and wait until the target and the other guy have separated and see where
the target heads. Then just zoom in with the sniper scope and headshot him.
Pack the sniper gun away and just walk back the way you came, carefully
avoiding the guards on the street. And follow the road to the left where the
exit is. Less than 6 minutes and thru! And the bonus guns.

12.09: The Wang Fou Incident ( =READWANGFOU= )

  From Phaded024 <Phaded024 (at) aol (dot) com>:

  In The Wang Fou Incident I had a hard time sneakin past the gaurd on the
railing (professional mode). (AUTHOR'S NOTE: On your way to get the Bomb and
Bomb Remote) There is a much easier way. Go to the ladder but make a right and
run to the back of the building. Enter the door on the right and make your way
upstairs. You can get the bomb/clothes/into the elevator all this without
anyone seeing you. There is only one guard throughout all the rooms.

From Jonathan Doyle <Capt_JacK_doicy (at) hotmail (dot) com>:

  For the two Blue Lotus still in the restaurant, I think I found an easier way
to kill them. You need to get back to the first room you broke in through and
get the sniper rifle. Now sneak up to the upstairs balcony go left and hide
behind the privacy screens. Wait till the guard passes by, then walk out. It's
just possible to seeÊthe two guys and if you line up right. One shot might take
both, I used two. No one notices the shots and you can sneak back out to your

12.10: The Seafood Massacre ( =READSEAFOOD= )

  From Riven Caulfield <riven_caulfield (at) hotmail (dot) com>:

  Ignore the poison/lockpicking/chef. Head straight for the Red Lotus
Negotiator and Wire him. Take the clothes and amulet and dispose of the body
as usual, and then head south. Take the street straight past the restaurant,
and circle around the back of the building the sniper is posted on. In the back
of the building is a bamboo ladder you can take up two stories.
  Once in position on the scaffolding across from the restaurant, unpack your
rifle and find the two other targets in the restaurant. One well-place shot
will take them both out (Remember that Tom Berenger movie called Sniper? "One
bullet - two kills.")
  Then simply drop the rifle, enter the restaurant and place the amulet. Leave
and you're done. One shot, zero alerts, Silent Assassin.

  From gianluca giordano <gian_giordano (at) yahoo (dot) it>:

  PREFACE: To operate this walkthrough 2 things are required:
  1. A good skill in targeting using pistols
  2. You MUST retain all your weapons (except the sniper rifle if you want)

  Do begin in the same way proposed by Riven Caulfield; kill the Negotiator of
the Red Dragon while he's urinating, drop him in the same sewer, take his
clothes, his Amulet and his SG220 Silenced!!!
  After that, make your way to the Restaurant and reach the BASEMENT of it.
With the BASEMENT on your right go straight on for a few metres then turn right
and go towards the wall and the yellow rubbish boxes in front of you. There are
even 2 policemen there, but don't worry; they won't bite you. Make the things
as if you were alone.
  ANYWAY, with the wall in front of you, on your right there is a ladder, climb
it, (again, don't worry about the guards), and then go next to the window near
there. A pop-up list should appear; choose the option to go through the window
andÉÉTA DAA! You are in the Toilet of the Restaurant (with all your weapons!!!)
  Drop all your weapons here and then come back for the same way you used to
reach this point. Go to the Restaurant's entrance and don't worry about the
perquisition; your weapons are waiting for you inside!!!
  This part is in a really NIKITA style (wonderful movie, don't you think?)
(Editor's Note: That's La Femme Nikita for those of you uninitiated)
  Once inside the Restaurant, talk to the Barman and ask for the Toilet Key.
After you've taken it, go upstairs and recover your weapons. Next part is the
final part and the most funny. Arm the SG220 S., go in SNEAK mode, get out of
the Toilet and terminate the 2 remaining marks/objectives.
  Place the Amulet on the table, hide the SG220 S. and calmly get out of the
Restaurant to the nearest Exit Point.
What else do you want from life?

  From Kevin Lyas <k_dog72_98 (at) yahoo (dot) com>:

  I found your walkthrough very helpful except for the fact that while playing
The Seafood Massacre, your way took a little bit longer. You may want to run to
the back of the restaurant first and pick the lock.
  Enter the door inside the room and take the chef outfit. Then run back out,
and go to where the Red Dragon Negotiator is standing. If you moved fast
enough, he should be standing in front of the dumpsters. He will then turn
around and head back into the alley to pee. You can then sneak up behind him,
wire him, dump him in the sewer, and take his amulet.
  Then head back to the back of the restaurant were the Guards should be
standing in front. Maybe it's the chef uniform, but they seem to be less
suspicious of you. You can go into the sewer and retrieve the rat poison and
head down into the basement. There you are going to sabotage the heater and go
into the room you got your chef uniform. A few seconds later the chef will come
to fix it and you can syringe him.
  You can casually walk into the east side door of the restaurant. Since the
waiter's attention is never directed towards the kitchen until the bell is
rung, you can spike the drinks with rat poison, take out the amulet, place it
on the tray, sneak to the window, place the tray, and ring the bell. If you
take out the amulet while standing near the tray, a pop up will inform you of
the option to place it on the tray or pick it up. Anyways, if you're fast
enough, you can dart out the door, or if you're not willing to take that risk,
then you can stay hidden until the coast is clear. Either way, make a mad dash
for the Exit Point and wait.
  First, a message saying the Blue Lotus is dead will pop up. Then one saying
the Police Chief is dead will pop up. Since the amulet was already planted on
the tray your mission is over. Easy Silent Assassin. Try it!! It really works!!
So much easier.

12.11: Lee Hong Assassination ( =READLEEHONG= )

12.12: Hunter And Hunted ( =READHUNTED= )


= 13. Cheats & Codes ( =CHEATS= ) =

13.01: In-Game Cheats

       = PlayStation 2: =

       - Instant Silent Assassin Rating:
         During gameplay press R2, L2, Up, Down, X, L3, Circle, X, Circle, X
       - Level Select:
         On the Main Menu, press X, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, L2, R2

       = PC: =

       - Open the 'hitmancontracts.ini' file in the folder where the Hitman
         game files are and add the following lines to it: 

         EnableConsole 1
         EnableCheats 1

         Start the game and during gameplay press the tilde key [~] to enter
         the Console.
         Change the cheat value from 0 (false) to 1 (true) to enable cheats.

       - endlevel: Level Skip
       - giveall: Gives all weapons and items
       - givesome: Gives most weapons and ammo
       - give (item name): Spawns the indicated item. See *item list* below.
       - god 1: Enables God Mode (God 0 deactivates it)
       - infammo: Gives Infinite Ammo for all guns
       - invisible 1: Makes you invisible to enemies (Invisible 0 disables)
       - nailgun 1: Enables Nail gun (Nail gun 0 disables)

         *item list*: weapon_ak47, weapon_aug, weapon_awp, weapon_deagle,
                      weapon_elite, weapon_famas, weapon_fiveseven,
                      weapon_g3sg1, weapon_glock18, weapon_m3, weapon_m4a1,
                      weapon_mac10, weapon_mp5navy, weapon_p228, weapon_p90,
                      weapon_scout, weapon_sg550, weapon_sg552, weapon_tmp,
                      weapon_ump45, weapon_usp, weapon_xm1014

       - The following codes do not need the console opened to be activated.
         Be careful for CaSe SeNsItIvItY! Enter them in ALL CAPS.

       - IOIER: Bomb
       - IOIGRV: Gravity
       - IOIHITALI: Boxing mode
       - IOIHITLEIF: Restore health
       - IOILEPOW: Lethal charge
       - IOINGUN: Nail Gun mode
       - IOIPENNY: Cardboard Tube
       - IOIPOWER: Mega Force mode
       - IOIRULEZ: God mode
       - IOISLO: Slow motion

       = X-Box: =

       - Instant Silent Assassin Rating:
         During gameplay press R, L, Up, Down, A, Click Left Stick, B, A, B, A
       - Level Select:
         On the Main Menu, press X, Y, B, Left, Up, Right, L, R

13.02: Cheat Device Codes

       = PlayStation 2: =

       GameShark V.5:
       CODE NAME                                         CODE
       [M] Must Be On --------------------------- | ---- 760E0520 00000000
                                                  |      94811DB8 56F2D49C
       Gain Ammo As You Fire ++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ 760A7560 00000000
                                                  |      2410B0CA 32B4D17D
       Infinite Health -------------------------- | ---- 76035BE0 00000000
                                                  |      2490B628 34B451C8
       Infinite Saves +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ 760ADBF0 00000000
                                                  |      2441A6A8 1A64C10B
                                                  |      24D0BE32 567EC920
                                                  |      24DBB688 1346C111
                                                  |      24D19268 3072D1B4
       Mission Accomplished No Alerts ----------- | ---- 76086980 00000000
                                                  |      24D01328 36F055AC
       Mission Accomplished No Close Encounters + | ++++ 76005210 00000000
                                                  |      24D01328 36F0553C
       Mission Accomplished No Enemies Harmed --- | ---- 76094A90 00000000
                                                  |      24D01328 36F055BC
       Mission Accomplished No Enemies Killed +++ | ++++ 760B0CB0 00000000
                                                  |      24D01328 36F0559C
       Mission Accomplished No Head Shots ------- | ---- 760A2FA0 00000000
                                                  |      24D01328 36F0558C
       Mission Accomplished No Innocents Harmed + | ++++ 7609C500 00000000
                                                  |      24D01128 36F0552C
       Mission Accomplished No Innocents Killed - | ---- 760B8320 00000000
                                                  |      24D01128 36F0550C
       Mission Accomplished No Shots Fired ++++++ | ++++ 76021430 00000000
                                                  |      24D01328 36F0551C
       Never Reload/Infinite Ammo: -------------- | ---- 7603B210 00000000
                                                  |      2490B068 36B4D1EC

       GameShark V.3 & V.4:

       CODE NAME                                         CODE
       [M] Must Be On --------------------------- | ---- 94811DB8 56F2D49C
       Gain Ammo As You Fire ++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ 2410B0CA 32B4D17D
       Infinite Health -------------------------- | ---- 2490B628 34B451C8
       Infinite Saves +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ 2441A6A8 1A64C10B
                                                  |      24D0BE32 567EC920
                                                  |      24DBB688 1346C111
                                                  |      24D19268 3072D1B4
       Mission Accomplished No Alerts ----------- | ---- 24D01328 36F055AC
       Mission Accomplished No Close Encounters + | ++++ 24D01328 36F0553C
       Mission Accomplished No Enemies Harmed --- | ---- 24D01328 36F055BC
       Mission Accomplished No Enemies Killed +++ | ++++ 24D01328 36F0559C
       Mission Accomplished No Head Shots ------- | ---- 24D01328 36F0558C
       Mission Accomplished No Innocents Harmed + | ++++ 24D01128 36F0552C
       Mission Accomplished No Innocents Killed - | ---- 24D01128 36F0550C
       Mission Accomplished No Shots Fired ++++++ | ++++ 24D01328 36F0551C
       Never Reload/Infinite Ammo: -------------- | ---- 2490B068 36B4D1EC

       CodeBreaker V.7 and higher:

       CODE NAME                                         CODE
       Enable Code (Must Be On) ----------------- | ---- B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
                                                  |      18BFAFFA C6DF7DAD
                                                  |      7F10C633 55D60445
                                                  |      6C211AED 279DB8AF
       Disable FMV ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ AC723F50 8A053984
       Never Reload ----------------------------- | ---- D64D5062 08629368
       Infinite Health ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ 4E44CC40 0448631A
       Infinite In-Game Saves ------------------- | ---- 217EA9E3 018801D9
       Extra Saves When Saving ++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ EC01016B 1486EFBE
       Save Once For 99 Saves Left -------------- | ---- 547DD713 03C167E2
       Always Have 99 Saves Left ++++++++++++++++ | ++++ 462024FD 6CE8F89B
                                                  |      56EF75AC CE526419
                                                  |      C94A7B6A B2E66F21
                                                  |      E3ED9F2F 86CBE037
       Press R1+Right For God Mode On ----------- | ---- 0BC65C48 FFCBF1C6
                                                  |      C921A1FB A52C1DE8
       Press R1+Left For God Mode Off +++++++++++ | ++++ ACA4771F 879C8CC8
                                                  |      C921A1FB A52C1DE8
       Press R1+Up For Invisible Mode On -------- | ---- 0A4718CE 65861764
                                                  |      6DEAE85B 8BC94399
       Press R1+Down For Invisible Mode Off +++++ | ++++ 43AED44E 9A83DC80
                                                  |      55EDD9DA 125F41E1
       Press L3+R3 For Level Select (Main Menu) - | ---- 7A3BDCD0 139BEB7E
                                                  |      C77EF633 391B1A3B
                                                  |      7582B4A2 24AF61F6
                                                  |      AAF6DD5C 9D93F5F6
       Slow Motion (R2+Up=On & R2+Down=Off) +++++ | ++++ 476AFB73 A994CED3
                                                  |      5AD2CEAC AB49D679
                                                  |      29C203DD 49A8C4EA
                                                  |      834F4172 BC14BBFD
                                                  |      B733139A 5AB42132
                                                  |      6CE65D8C 98A3B2B9
                                                  |      C3A2D187 8FC6391C
                                                  |      2662BC46 5075F7E6
                                                  |      1A7FE10E 54E86DA8
                                                  |      C5243460 FA2DB304
                                                  |      C7949E2C BCC7F9AE
                                                  |      56B6CFAD 2B588842
                                                  |      CDC11B05 7AF1D4F8
                                                  |      8EAA35C7 1898CFF6

       Pro Action Replay MAX:

       CODE NAME                                         CODE
       (M) Must Be On --------------------------- | ---- PXF6-DEP0-ZDDKR
                                                  |      ZTWM-ZZZ4-FU4W0
       Infinite Ammo ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ NEVB-0NDZ-PDTY8
                                                  |      H7JP-V0GQ-Q7PDA
       Infinite Saves --------------------------- | ---- H8HA-Z7YT-Y9BZA
                                                  |      5MWM-NRF2-VCVHD
       Infinite Health ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | ++++ CHA5-X8TN-MR288
                                                  |      Y0FA-U7QU-F2BQ4


= 14. Review ( =REVIEW= ) =


Being a veteran of the last Hitman game, I do notice a graphical upgrade from
Hitman 2. The effects like rain and snow are always awesome and really add to
the ambience, and are just plain nice touches. The environments are beautiful,
and for Hitman aficionados like myself, it makes playing this new Hitman that
much sweeter. The one big difference I noticed was the inclusion of more
mirrors spread throughout the levels. It's always nice to see 47's grimace
every now and then.

8 out of 10


Music - The soundtrack sounds brutal, to go along with a game that seems more
brutal than the previous entries in the series, in my opinion. Right from the
get-go, Jasper Kyd lets you know this isn't Super Mario 64. Dark and ominous,
the music reflects the gameplay perfectly. There's nothing else I'd rather hear
when I'm sneaking up on some poor unsuspecting sap.

Sound Effects - The sound effects go along with the in-game effects great. You
get decent gunfire, and you hear a difference in sound depending on what
surface texture 47 is currently on. I've always been impressed with the depth
of accuracy IO Interactive went to when making that part of the game. The rain
and wind sounds right at home, and nothing ever sounds out of place. They do a
good job of utilizing sound to draw you into the game as opposed to zapping you
back into reality.

9 out of 10


Here I have a slight problem, but it's not that big of a deal. See, I'm real
used to the Hitman 2 layout on PlayStation 2, and they removed and changed a
couple of things, yet a lot of other people seem to think the controls weren't
changed at all. They removed the ability to hold down the Square Button to
select from your Inventory without pausing the gameplay. I used to use that
feature quite a lot. They also made running the default speed of Hitman, and
removed the Run Button which used to occupy L2. When I first started playing
Contracts, whenever things started getting freaky, I would instinctually hit
the L2 Button, because in Hitman 2 he would Run away from trouble, and now, he
just starts Sneaking instead of Running. I've taken a few bullets for that, but
it's easily learned. I also don't really care for the Analog Stick pressure
sensitivity you have to use for Sneaking and Crouching. I think it was better
when you would tap the L1 button and 47 would be in Sneak Mode until you hit it
again. Now, when you Sneak up on a Guard or someone, when you're close you have
to let off Sneak, or you'll crouch under them. Again, easily learned and
adapted, but it sure is a hassle that should have been avoided by leaving that
area of the controls alone, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the
Map being on the L1 Button as opposed to hitting the Select Button then the X
Button, but it's really no great use now that they also removed the quick
lockpick technique, and besides, I was quite fast at hitting Select, X and then
Triangle quickly to speed up the lockpicking. Other than the learning curve to
adapt to the control changes, The controls are as strong as ever, besides the
herky-jerky-ness of 47 when you need to finesse him through small enclosed
areas. Then he moves like a robot. I've always disliked that, but they didn't
change that part. It also seems a bit harder to Fiber Wire your intended
victims in this installment, at least during the first couple of times you try.
It seems real picky about 47 being DIRECTLY behind the enemy. Any angle and the
game will just ignore your attempts. Once again, you can learn how and then you
won't even notice it.

7 out of 10


There's not much to say about Hitman. Once you get the hang of it, it's just an
awesome and rememberable gameplaying experience. The learning curve tends to
shy away those gamers that aren't as patient and deliberate with their
gameplay, and on the other hand, it rewards those who love that type of
gameplay with almost endless hours of enjoyment. There's no other hotter game
genre I can think of right now than Stealth games. If you love the Tenchu,
Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid series of games, chances are very likely that
you'll get right into Hitman Contracts. Be prepared to take your time and savor
each level, learning the patterns and nuances that make each level an
individual experience. I recommend the run and gun technique when you first
start playing it, because it will help you get used to the levels while having
fun in the process. Later, when you have a more extensive knowledge of the
level, you can go for Silent Assassin. You'd be amazed how much easier the
levels can become with a bit of experience. When all is said and done, this is
one of those games you either love or hate.

9 out of 10


8 out of 10

This is defintely a keeper for the Stealth genre fans. As always, if you're not
sure, just rent it and test the waters.


= 15. FAQ History ( =HISTORY= ) =

NOTE: I hate it when people put their FAQ Updates at the top of the document,
      don't you? It's so intrusive, making me scroll down past their useless
      text that doesn't concern anyone but themselves. You, however, have been
      spared...in this document anyway.

09-01-05: Added a Review Section to express my opinion of this particular entry
          into the world of Hitman. I also changed my e-mail address and added
          a helpful reader submitted walkthrough for a portion of Beldingford
          Manor, as well as a few awesome tips for The Seafood Massacre and
          Asylum Aftermath. Finally, I added GameShark V.5 Codes for the
          PlayStation 2 version.

07-06-04: Added a Reader Submitted Walkthrough for The Seafood Massacre.

06-02-04: Added a Reader Submitted Walkthrough Tip for Wang Fou Incident.

05-31-04: Moved the Machine Guns and Assualt Rifles sub-sections around in the
          'Weapons' section. (Special thanks to Xatmog146 (at) aol (dot) com!)

05-22-04: Added CodeBreaker codes to the 'Cheats & Codes' section. Reformatted
          the 'Cheats & Codes' section.

05-18-04: Added a Reader Submitted Walkthrough for Slaying A Dragon.

05-14-04: Reformatted the Table Of Contents section so it's closer together and
          not so 'spread out'.

05-13-04: Added a Reader Submitted Walkthrough for The Seafood Massacre.

05-11-04: Added more PC and PlayStation 2 Cheats to the 'Cheats & Codes'

05-09-04: Added a 'Cheats & Codes' section for those of you interested in
          getting some added extra fun out of your game. Reformatted the FAQ
          and fixed some typos.

05-07-04: Finished the detailed walkthroughs for Lee Hong Assassination by
          adding the other two Jade Figurine locations and The Wang Fou
          Incident, and added a 'Reader Submitted Walkthroughs' section due to
          a few e-mails I've received from people who wish to help. All
          detailed walkthroughs are finished and the FAQ is basically complete.

05-06-04: Finished the walkthrough for Traditions Of The Trade, and also added
          some things here and there.

05-05-04: Started and finished the walkthrough for Deadly Cargo, as well as
          finished the walkthrough for Beldingford Manor. Two and a half more
          walkthroughs to go! Also added a few corrections to The Bjarkhov Bomb
          and Hunter And Hunted detailed walkthroughs, as well as touched up
          some of the fast walkthroughs. Fixed indentation. Added the fast
          walkthrough for The Wang Fou Incident.

05-04-04: Finished the fast walkthroughs for Beldingford Manor, Deadly Cargo
          and Traditions Of The Trade as well as added the Brothel version for
          the Jade Figurine in the fast walkthrough for Lee Hong Assassination.
          Started Beldingford Manor and Traditions Of The Trade detailed

05-01-04: Finished the detailed walkthrough for The Seafood Massacre. Added
          some more information to the detailed walkthroughs for Asylum
          Aftermath and The Meat King's Party. Finished the fast walkthrough
          for The Meat King's Party. Started and finished the detailed
          walkthrough for Hunter And Hunted. Fixed typos here and there.
          Uploaded revision to GameFAQs. Started detailed and fast walkthroughs
          for Lee Hong Assassination.

04-30-04: Added Mission Objectives to the 'Detailed Walkthroughs' section.
          I also finished the detailed walkthrough of The Bjarkhov Bomb,
          Rendezvous In Rotterdam and Slaying A Dragon, as well as adding some
          more to the detailed walkthroughs for Asylum Aftermath and The Meat
          King's Party. Uploaded to GameFAQs twice.

04-29-04: Added 'Fast Walkthroughs' section for those more experienced with the
          game and wrote out the fast walkthrough for Asylum Aftermath, The
          Bjarkhov Bomb, Rendezvous In Rotterdam, Slaying A Dragon, The Seafood
          Massacre and Hunter And Hunted. I also added more to the detailed
          walkthrough for The Bjarkhov Bomb.

04-27-04: Started the detailed walkthrough for The Bjarkhov Bomb.

04-26-04: Finished detailed walkthroughs for Asylum Aftermath and The Meat
          King's Party. Started working on the detailed walkthrough for Slaying
          A Dragon.

04-25-04: Started the detailed walkthrough for Asylum Aftermath, I also added a
          bit more to the 'Introduction and Weapons' sections.

04-24-04: Finished 'Menus', 'Weapon and Item Selection', 'On-Screen Displays',
          'End Of Mission Statistics', 'Techniques', 'Weapons and Equipment'

04-23-04: Started FAQ. Made layout and finished 'Gameplay Controls' section.


= 16. Thank List ( =THANKS= ) =

- People who have contributed to this FAQ! Thanks!
- IO Interactive and Eidos for bringing Hitman Contracts to the masses
- Hitman Forums (http://www.hitmanforums.com) for the endless strategy
  discussions and just an overall great place to hang out online - especially
  Recluse and Nightcom, who took the initiative and cleared the path for many
  people to discover the joys of getting perfect zero Silent Assassin ratings
  on both Contracts and Hitman 2
- GameFAQS (http://www.gamefaqs.com) for an awesome FREE online gaming resource
- DeGraeve.com (http://www.degraeve.com/gif2txt.shtml) for the GIF2TXT ASCII
  Art creator used in this guide



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