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War With A Star Wars Touch To It 07/19/05 Aceflyheight
Finally a good online Star Wars game? Nope. 01/24/05 AWing Pilot
Utterly Brilliant! 10/21/05 Bl4d3Gunn3r
I know what your thinking, "Please no, not another Starwars game." I thought the same thing too 10/06/04 Brutality
Unfortunately, this game has no contact with the Force whatsoever. 08/21/06 clones_rule123
Co-op Heaven 10/08/04 DeadeyeDay
Battlefield 1942 meets Star Wars 07/14/11 DouglasFett
You can take the force and shove it up--your gaming collection! 10/22/04 Fastkilr
My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. 10/04/04 HalseySpartan
Live the Saga! Live the Epic Battles! 10/04/04 italiano17
The Force is even stronger in this game. 09/12/06 Jedi_Master_Sam
The Star Wars Game To Savor The Cravings 08/24/05 ModKnight
Fight on the frontlines of your favorite Star Wars Battles 03/14/05 MrRogersGhetto
Who knew war could be so awesome? 05/02/05 Nick_GE
A new Era for Star Wars greatness! 10/28/04 Pie Penguin
The Power of The Force is Insignificant Next to the Power of Star Wars Battlefront! 08/11/05 PLASMITE
Airships, Jedi's, and blasters; what more could you want? 06/18/07 RoxasANobody
This one tops KOTOR 09/25/04 salacious
"Tippecanoe and Darth Vader Too!" 10/22/04 samthebigkid
Just as good as expected! 09/23/04 Shado Man
Conquering worlds and crushing civilizations has never been so tedious. 12/16/04 SilentXyreo
As Good as Advertised? 09/25/04 slapshot16
A great addition to the Star Wars universe 10/08/04 srb
Fan or not, you'll love SW Battlefront. 02/14/05 xboarthefighterx

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