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Combat FAQ by cjh87

Version: 1.09 | Updated: 11/10/04


For Microsoft X-BOX
Version 1.09
By Chris Harrison
User: cjh87
E-mail: cjh@illicom.net
Created: 10/26/04
Last Update: 11/10/04
Copyright 2004 Chris Harrison

===== Table of Contents

I.   Introduction

II.  History

III. Key
  A. Conventions
  B. Definitions
  C. In depth Combat discussion

IV.  Combat
  A. Basic Combat
  B. Lock-on Combat
  C. Jumping
  D. Feeding
  E. Feeding Fatalities
  F. Evasion Combat
  G. When Down
  H. Special Moves

V.   Special Powers

VI.  Gun Modes

VII  Tip and Tricks

VIII Vampire Lair locations

I. Introduction

I always considered the original BloodRayne cheap thrills. What else would you
call a game where you assume the role of a sharp witted, sarcastic,
well-endowed, red headed, vampire (excuse me - Dhampir), with a penchant for
slicing and dicing Nazi's.

With the Release of BloodRayne 2, the franchise comes out of the closet, and
is no longer just cheap thrills (though it still has all the trappings of the
original and more) but a high quality fighting game.

When first starting the game, I found the moves easy to perform and kind of
redundant, but when taking a closer look, I found there was more to this new
game than meets the eye.
Slow the action, watch the moves she performs, and experiment, there is plenty
to discover and more is revealed on a every replay.

"We're looking for a hot, big breasted, red headed Dhampir, it's not like
there's thirty of them around here!"
                      "minion in Kagan's tower"

II. History

10/26/04: Most basic combat moves and powers
10/29/04: Re-arranged several categories, added several move descriptions,
          added tips and tricks, added gun modes and descriptions
10/30/04: More restructuring, more combat dynamics, Basic/Lock-on/Jumping
          details completed
11/2/04: Blood Rage and Blood Fury move details, Gun mode details complete,
         more tips
11/3/04: Detailed descriptions added for Feeding, Feeding guns, and in-front
         Feeding Fatalities.
11/4/04: Added definitions of Cartwheels and Somersaults, detailed Evasion
         combat moves, added "when down" moves, none of had been documented.
11/4/04: Reorganized content, added Introduction, and Table of Contents.
11/5/04: More Reorganization, added some more definitions, added In depth
         Combat Discussion, added discussion of interruptible and unterruptible
11/8/04: Corrections, added some more tips
11/9/04: More corrections, additions and changes to in depth combat discussion,
         more tips.
11/10/04: A few more changes and corrections, added a couple more tips, added
          Vampire Lair section.
          thanks go to abordoli at http://www.bloodrayne.co.uk



* , = Then: Input right side command after left side command
* () = Hold: Hold the button longer than a simple tap
* + = And: Input left side and right side commands at the same time
* ... = Pause: Pause before the next command is issued
* L = left
* R = right
* > = forward [not right]
* < = back [not left]
* tr = trigger
* th = thumbstick
* Dpad = directional pad
* [] = notes

B. Definitions

* Slashes = a full swipe across the front of the body; they are
  from the outside to inside unless noted.

* Cartwheels = Rayne flips end over end with her hands touching the ground.

* Somersaults = Rayne flips end over end without her hands touching the ground.
  [Rayne also performs sideways cartwheels and somersaults, her upper torso is
  parallel and her legs will spin perpendicular to the ground.]

* Execution point = The point of an attack animation at which the a second
  command will execute.

* End point = The point of no return in a command animation. At this point,
  any commands inputed will begin a new series, or the animation will return
  Rayne to her "at rest" stance.

C. In depth Combat discussion

* Attacks are begun off of what ever foot (left/right) is favored in her
  basic "at rest" stance, at the time command is entered.

* The combos are based on timing of the button pushes and attack animations,
  although hitting 3 X's very quickly may get you the triple X combo, hitting
  those buttons the same while in Dilated perception will not.

* A single attack command, (X for example) begins at Rayne's basic "at rest"
  stance and ends at the "at rest" stance. [Although holding the left trigger
  is part of many attack commands, it does not begin an attack animation
  frame.] The X is an uninterruptable move, meaning that if another command is
  input, the first move will continue to completion, at which point a new
  command will execute (execution point - see definitions) or the animation
  will return Rayne to her "at rest" stance.
* You can add another single command at any point within the attack animation
  frame and it will execute seamlessly afterwards.
* Same with a combo, if you tap X, X Rayne will slash with one blade, at the
  "execution point" (see definitions) she will slash again with the other
* However you can time your button taps so that she will perform the next
  command when input, meaning: there is still a portion of the X animation that
  is available for command input after the "execution point". [You can not get
  Rayne to slash with the second blade sooner than the "execution point" but
  you can have her slash later.
* Same with the X, X, X
  You can tap X, X and she will do the double slash, but as long as you tap the
  third X before the "end point," the third command will execute. This makes
  dilated perception very powerful in this new game. By slowing the action, it
  is easier to find the opportune moment to put in the third command,
  increasing damage or adding damage to multiple enemies.

* This is very evident and useful when jumping and using jump attacks. If 2 A
  commands are put in very quickly Rayne will jump and then somersault at the
  "execution point". However, tap A..., A; Rayne will jump and then somersault
  when the next A is input. [this will drasticly increase the length of her
* When combined with the thumbstick, Rayne will change direction, this allows
  her to jump around corners. When combined with another attack command, it can
  drasticly increase damage. [(L tr) A, X - the longer you pause between the A
  and X commands the higher Rayne goes and the more powerful her downward slash 
  becomes. (L tr) A, B - tap the B early and Rayne will do a forward roll, and
  a heel kick. You can have her initiate this kick at any time before she hits
  the ground, you can tap it on the way up to interrupt her jump and
  immediately somersault and heel kick, or input it after the apex of jump for
  an extremely powerful focused kick to the head, or have her come all the way
  down to do a roll kick to the ground which creates both immediate and
  collateral damage.

* The combos are not stackable, meaning you can not tap X 6 times and get 2
  triple X combos one after the other; Although it does seem that as long as
  you add another command before the "end point" you can begin another series,
  however I believe timing is very crucial on this; input the command too soon
  and it is lost, same with being too late. If either of these happen, the
  combo finishes before the game will accept new input.

* There is a recovery time after a successful combo, and all commands sent
  during that time will not be effective.

IV. Combat


* (L tr)
* X
  One blade slash
* X, X
  One blade slash, followed by another slash with opposite blade. 
* X, X, X
  One slash apiece from both blades, followed by both blades slashing to the
* L th > X
  While moving forward Rayne will perform a downward slash
* L th > X, X
  While moving forward Rayne will slash downward with one blade then the other
* L th > X, X, X
  While moving forward Rayne will do 3 downward slashes, alternating blades
  with each slash. [Although there is no difference in the slashes, there is a
  recovery time after the combo]. 
* B
  One Round House kick
* B, B
  A Round House kick followed by another with the same leg.
* B, B, B
  2 Round House kicks, Rayne than jumps and performs another Round House kick
  which is higher and more powerful.
* L th > B, B, B

Blood Rage and Blood Fury versions are no different, only more powerful.
When in Blood Fury, at the end of all 3 button combos, add an additional button
push; Rayne will then perform an additional 360 spin and roll with blades
oustretched. This extra move causes extreme damage.


* (L tr) Y + L thm for direction
  Harpoon throw, the L thm will direct the throw of the harpooned minion
* (L tr) X
  A forward stab with one blade
* (L tr) X, X
  A forward stab followed by another with the opposite blade
* (L tr) X, X, X
  One stab apiece from both blades, followed by a full slash across the front
* (L tr) L th > X
  While moving forward Rayne will perform a upward stab
* (L tr) L th > X, X
  While moving forward Rayne's one blade will still be in the forward position,
  she will then stab upward with the other blade with them meeting in the
* (L tr) L th > X, X, X
  While moving forward Rayne's one blade will still be in the forward position,
  she will then stab upward with the other blade with them meeting in the
  middle, she will the do outward slashes with both blades.  
* (L tr) L th < X
  This series of commands will peform the same actions as the X commands, but
  they will be locked on. [ (L tr) Lth < will cause Rayne to block and retreat,
  but a soon as the X commands begin she will move forward slashing the blades,
  when the commands stop or the combo finishes, she will once again retreat.]
* (L tr) B
  A forward kick to the midsection
* (L tr) B, B
  Forward kicks to the midsection with one leg then the other
* (L tr) B, B, B
  3 Forward kicks to the midsection alternating legs. [the second kick will
  continue through causing her to spin and then kick with the other leg.] 
* (L tr) L th > B
  High kick to the head
* (L tr) L th > B, B
  High kick to the head, followed by a kick to the midsection with the opposite
* (L tr) L th > B, B, B
  High kick to the head, kick to the midsection with the opposite leg, she then
  does a small jump with a 360 spin and another kick to the head [ever wonder
  why your kicks decapitate so much?]
* (L tr) L th < B
  Very low forward kick
* (L tr) L th < B, B
  Very low forward kick, followed by another with the opposite leg
* (L tr) L th < B, B, B
  2 very low forward kicks alternating legs, followed by a 360 spin ending in a
  leg sweep.

Blood Rage and Blood Fury versions are no different, only more powerful.
When in Blood Fury, at the end of all 3 button combos, add an additional button
push; Rayne will then perform her most powerful move.
Rayne flips upside down, does a 360 spin on her head with her blades
outstretched, after which she flips back over and slams her heel into the
This whole 4 button combo covers alot of ground,in fact it is easy to pass your
opponent and be be beyond them when she does the final blow with her heel.
If you are able to maneuver her so she stays in front of her opponent, the
final blow is an immediate kill, or in the case of a boss or sub boss, it will
reduce their health by 1/3.
This is best used with a kicking combo as the first kick will propel them back
a great distance.


* A
  Simple jump, use the L th for direction while running
* (L tr) L th for direction, A
* A, A
  The second A will cause Rayne to do an in-air flip which increases the length
  of her jump. If the L th is moved at the same time the second A is hit,
  Rayne's flip will direct her in that same direction.
* A, X
  Rayne jumps and brings her blades above her head, she then brings them down
  and out with the blades hitting the ground as she lands.
* A, B
  As Rayne lands, she does a forward roll and brings her heel down into a
  powerful strike


* Y
  Feed, either from front or from behind
* Y, R tr
  Feed Guns: Rayne stabs one gun into the side of victims neck, then stabs the
  other gun into their stomach, she then pivots on one foot lifting the victim
  and throwing them forward above her head head.
* Y, Y, R tr
  Feed Guns: Rayne stabs both guns into the front of the victim's neck. she
  then flips over them and twists, lying flat on her back, behind and under
  the victim. She then throws them backward, bringing both knees into their
  crotch; propelling them back and flipping her back to her feet.


in Front
* Y, A
  Rayne flips backward kicking off the victim's thigh with one foot; as she
  continues her backward flip her other foot stikes them under the chin, her
  follow through takes her over and back to her feet.
* Y, Y, A
  Rayne does a back flip, plants both feet on her victim's thighs and then
  kicks off propelling the victim backwards. Her follow through takes her on
  over and back to her feet. 
* Y, X
  Rayne impales her victim and lifts them off their feet with one blade, she
  holds them above her, showering herself with blood. She then pulls the blade
  out, as the victim falls, Rayne brings her other blade across in a
  decapitation move that propells the victim away from her.
* Y, Y, X
  Rayne rolls backward, grabbing her victim with both legs. She rolls over
  taking them to the ground with her on top. She then stabs them in the stomach
  as she stands up straight.
* Y, B
  Rayne jumps up and hooks the victims head behind her knee, taking them to the
  ground with her on top. She then brings one blade across in a decapitation
  move; her momentum brings her up into a 360 spin on one hand and back to her
* Y, Y, B
  Rayne jumps straight up above her victim, grabs their head between her feet
  twisting down and to the side which decapitates the victim. She then
  roll/flips foward bringing her back to her feet. 

From Behind
* LOVER'S GRIP = Y, Y +  R tr


* (L tr) A
  Rayne jumps straight up, 2 1/2 times her height
* (L tr) A, X
  Rayne jumps straight up; as she lands, she brings one blade all the down to
  the ground with enormous power.
  [This move and the following A, B move, will drasticly increase in power as
  Rayne builds carnage points; they both become special moves by games end, and
  arguably the most powerful of Raynes moves.]
  [When this move is at it's most powerful, it will slice the enemy in half
  from   head to toe.]
* (L tr) A, B
  Rayne jumps straight up; as she lands, she does a forward roll and brings her
  heel down to the ground with enormous power.
  [Depending on when the B is executed, Rayne can do a focused kick to foes
  [This move and the preceding A, X move, will drasticly increase in power as
  Rayne builds carnage points, They both become special moves by games end, and
  arguably the move powerful of Raynes moves.]
  [When this move is at it's most powerful, Rayne will somersault and kick
  multiple foes.]
  [Rayne may lock onto an object, she will still jump straight up, but when you
  hit the B she may fly sideways, destroying the object. After the object is
  destroyed, she will then fly back to where she should have landed and then
  perform the somersault and heel kick.]
* (L tr) X, B
  Rayne will stab forward and do a kick to the midsection.
* (L tr) L th for direction, A
  Rayne will do cartwheels in the direction the L th is held.
* (L tr) L th > A, X
  Rayne does a sideways somersault forward, windmilling her blades. As she
  touches ground with her rear leg, she brings the blades down and around with
  one blade finishing with a round house slash to the inside.
* (L tr) L th > X, B
  While moving forward, she will stab forward and do a kick to the midsection.
* (L tr) L th > A, A, A
  Rayne does three cartwheels forward
* (L tr) L th < A, A, A
  Rayne does three backward cartwheels
* (L tr) L th < A, X
  Rayne does a back somersault, then a somersault forward; she has both blades
  above her head, as Rayne lands she brings both blades down and through the
* (L tr) L th < A, B
  Rayne does a back somersault, then a somersault forward with a downward kick.
* (L tr) L th right A
* DEXTRAL THORN = (L tr) L th for direction A, X
  Rayne cartwheels in the direction specified
* (L tr) L th for direction A, B
  Rayne does a sideways somersault, then does another with her legs spinning
  into kicks. 


* A
  Rayne does a forward somersault to her feet.
* L th for direction
  Rayne twists and rolls in the specified direction, brings her heel down in
  a blow to the ground; as Rayne rises to her feet she brings her blades up
  and out.
* B
  Rayne does a forward somersault to her feet, followed by a spinning back kick
* X
  Rayne does a forward somersault, followed by a slash to the middle with one


* TWISTED WIND = rotate L th 360,  B
* SILVER CIRCLET = rotate L th 360, X
* QUIET THUNDER = rotate L th 360, R tr
* SHIVA ASPECT = (L tr) A, B


A. Aura Powers
* AURA VISION = tap Dpad Left
* GHOST FEED = tap Dpad Left twice
* ENTHRALL = tap Dpad Left 3 Times

B. Rage Powers
* BLOOD RAGE = tap Dpad Up
* BLOOD FURY = tap Dpad Up (twice)
* BLOOD STORM = tap Dpad (3 times)

C. Speed Powers
* SUPER SPEED = tap Dpad Right twice
* FREEZE TIME = tap Dpad Right 3 times

Cycle through modes with the black button

* Blood Shot
  Gun will fire once for every trigger pull.
  Accurate, and deadly from long range.
  A couple of shots will kill a minion
* Blood Stream
  Gun will fire continuously while trigger is pulled.
  Accurate, and deadly from long range.
  Great for dispatching enemies quickly at long range
* Blood Spray
  Similar to a shot gun blast
  One hit kills and will kill multiple enemies.
  Not effective at long range
* Blood Bomb
  Shoots a blast of blood, after about 4 seconds a minion will explode, it will
    also stun Foremen
  One hit kills
  Effective at medium but not long range
* Blood Flame
  A large projectile the burst into flame when it hits.
  One hit kills
  After gaining gun experience for this mode, it will send out 2 projectiles
    auto aimed at 2 different enemies.
* Blood Hammer
  A large projectile very similar to blood flame, except they explode rather
    than burst into flame.
  After gaining gun experience for this mode, it will send out 2 projectiles
    auto aimed at 2 different enemies.


* Listen to Severin; he will give you clues as to the next objective and the
  killing puzzles.
* Use harpoon to disarm minions of melee weapons.
* Save Ammo, use harpoon to destroy destructible objects.
* When coming into a new area, pull left trigger to check for destructible
  objects. [these objects are good for carnage and rage, but will cause
  damage to Rayne if she is in close proximity when they explode.][At times, an
  object may need to be destroyed to trigger the next objective.]
* When coming into a new area, use aura vision to check for vampire portals.
* When in doubt throw bodies at objects with your harpoon.
* Throw or kick bodies out of windows or off of high places for carnage and
  rage points.
* Save ammo for the minions, guns are not very effective against bosses and
* Back humanoid bosses into corners or up against walls and kick the bejesus'
  out of them.
* Leap over large non-humanoid sub bosses and attack them from behind.
* When low on health and surrounded by minions with melee weapons, use dilated
  perception and kicks to disarm them and then feed.
* Your health does not lower during rage mode, when at low health use Blood
  Rage sparingly to get through.
* Destroy "everything" you can; the more destruction you cause the faster you
  gain carnage, which increases both your life bar and your rage bar.
* Use aura vision to check dead end rooms, or rooms with no obvious use, it may
  possibly be a vampire portal.
* When having difficulties reaching an objective, whether if be finding a
  correct route or a difficult jump, use aura vision. [At some points in the
  game you will find invisible routes, such as: invisible cables to climb
  betweemn floors.
* Practice: After getting through a difficult part, don't just go "Whew", wipe
  your forehead and move on. Repeat that section several times, chances are
  there is either a trick to it or a technique that needs to be mastered. A
  little bit of practice will probably come in handy on down the road. Oh yeah,
  did I mentin using your Harpoon? :)

VIII. Vampire Lair locations

credit for this section goes to abordoli
I truly appreciate his permission to include this in the combat Faq


1----I------Zerenski's Bedroom-Bathroom
2----III-----Union Station(Abandoned Shopping Center)-After second escalator
3----IV-----Sewers (Access Tunnels)-Behind waterfall
4----IV-----Sewers (Smuggling Route)-After three poles
5----V------Wetworks (Electrification Silos)-Across blood pool
6----V------Wetworks (Mess Hall)-Elevator shaft
7----V------Wetworks (Chemical Processing)-Before vat/pipe-overloading puzzle
8----V------Wetworks (Turbine)-Before getting on the elevator
9----V------Wetworks (Furnace)-Underneath stairs
10---V------Wetworks (Loading Bay)-Glass control room
11---VI-----Shroud Tower (The Lower Tower Ascent)-Before heart puzzle
12---VII-----Twisted Park (Aquarium)-Bear-pit
13---VIII----Kagan's Tower (Xerx's Laboratories) -Top of flight of stairs
14---VIII----Kagan's Tower (Llewlyn Corporate Offices)-Near scafolding
15---VIII----Kagan's Tower (Media Center)-In hallway after Dhampir fight
16---VIII----Kagan's Tower (Rooftop)-One of the corner rooms

Directions and comments

* Vampire Lair #: 1, Act: I, Location: Zerenski's Bedroom

This vampire lair is unlike the other 15 vampire lairs in the game. The
recharging health/rage aspect of it is external to the lair, the bath-tub
filled with blood in Zerenski's bathroom that you can enter before entering the
vampire lair doorway located on the wall nearest the billiard table. What also
makes this vampire lair different from the others is that the vampire lair is a
connector between one part of the mansion to another. The typical vampire lair
dumps you out at the same point that you entered. Unlike the other vampire
lairs, this vampire lair can be used multiple times before heading through the
actual "one-way" vampire-lair door. There is also a coat room (it looks like a
coat room, but it's probably just Zerenski's closet) in Zerenski's bedroom that
reminded me of Resident Evil I's cloak room except without the mirror (notice
how there were no mirrors in BR2; of course with the exception of reflections
that come from shiny and blood-drenched floors). This would have been a neat
place for Rayne to access her different outfits instead of having to reset the
game between outift changes. Once you enter the vampire-lair, you fight the
first dhamphir boss. Conceptually, this room is pretty cool because it reminds
me of the underground coffin vault room in the movie "Underworld". One wonders
if this is really where Zerenski sleeps when he's not balling his female guests
in the other room labeled as Zerenski's bedroom.

* Vampire Lair #: 2, Act: III, Location: Union Station
                             (Abandoned Shopping Center)
What? No vampire-lair in the meatpacking district?
Odd, but true. The vampire lair is located in the room to your left as you
ascend the second escalator. This vampire lair, although similiar to the next
14 vampire-lairs, does have one unique characteristic. The "throne" is opened
at the back of the chamber whereas all of the others open up toward the front
of the chamber. Other than that, this is the exact same cookie-cutter
vampire-lair that you will see everytime you enter one of the 14 remaining
vampire-lairs. Health, rage and guns are all topped off. On a developer's note,
I can now see the reason for making the first vampire-lair unique. Simple.
Rayne didn't have her guns when she entered vampire-lair#1. This little item
would have caused a continuity error in the standard animation that showed
Rayne's guns visible. Did anyone notice the similiarity between these
vampire-lairs and the Fairy Caves in Zelda64? I wish they would have mixed
these up instead of using the same identical room/animation each and every
time. The vampire lairs could have been unique rooms that were decorated in
relation to the boss before which it appeared. Instead, these vampire-lairs,
although cool, are like dank, dark, public vampire restrooms. These fit in and
seemed plausible in the sewer type levels, but they were a little far-fetched
in Kagan's tower. Those corporate offices reminded me of my office, but I
couldn't see having a hidden portal to door that connected to a circular
blood-filled chamber. It makes these vampire-lair doorways more than just
secret entrances, but teleportation portals.

* Vampire Lair #: 3, Act: IV, Location: Sewers
                            (Access Tunnels)
The vampire lair is located behind the waterfall near the third machine-gun
nest. The location of this vampire lair gives a clue to the location of the
remaining 13 vampire lairs. Almost without exception, they are located in rooms
that appear to seemingly be dead-ends, rooms with no purpose. In most cases, if
you have found that you've managed your way to a dead-end, use your
aura-vision, and in most cases, there'll be a vampire-lair right in front of

* Vampire Lair #: 4 Act: IV, Location: Sewers
                           (Smuggling Route)
Although vampire-lairs will be fairly common throught the next couple of acts,
this is the last vampire-lair opportunity before fighting Slezz (not that she's
really difficult). The location of the fourth vampire-lair is in the alcove you
land in after rail-blading down a pipe and swinging over three horizontal bars.
If you drop prematurely, you may not be able to reach this ledge.

* Vampire Lair #: 5, Act: V, Location: Wetworks
                           (Electrification Silos)
This vampire lair, although accessible by standing on the very edge of the
right railing on the broken walkway over the blood pool and making a very
difficult double-jump to the room on the same level, is more easily accessed by
using aura-vision and looking for the yellow glow of the invisible vertical
poles hanging from the ceiling. (These are not the only invisible vertical
poles in this level as there are a few in the three-level rooms containing the
two electric tesla thingies to make getting up from the 1st floor to the second
floor faster).

* Vampire Lair #: 6, Act: V, Location: Wetworks
                   (Mess Hall)
When you climb up the pole in the elevator shaft from the first floor to the
third, try to jump off the pole on the second floor. This is a perfect example
of a vampire-lair being put in a dead-end that appears to be, at first, a
meaningless room in the game.

* Vampire Lair #: 7, Act: V, Location: Wetworks
                           (Chemical Processing)
Right before you get to the killing-puzzle of sending enemies into the vat so
as to overload the pipe, there is a corridor and room to your left that looks
like a dead-end room.

* Vampire Lair #: 8, Act: V, Location: Wetworks
After completing the turbine killing puzzle, but before jumping on the
elevator, look for the 8th vampire-lair to the right of the elevator.

* Vampire Lair #: 9, Act: V, Location: Wetworks
After overloading the furnace and going through the newly opened door above the
furnace, go down the stairs and find the vampire-lair underneath the stairs.

* Vampire Lair #: 10, Act: V, Location: Wetworks
                            (Loading Bay)
Ride the conveyor belt and smash through the glass control room to find the

* Vampire Lair #: 11, Act: VI, Location: Shroud Tower
                             (The Lower Tower Ascent)
Before you use the elevator leading to the heart puzzle, jump off the railing
across to the pipe toward the chasm. The vampire-lair is located on the wall at
one end of the pipe that you hopefully land on.

* Vampire Lair #: 12, Act: VII, Location: Twisted Park
After completing the wood-chipper puzzle and proceeding to the area with the
merry-go-round and the two shadow legionnaires, there is a vampire-lair located
down in the bear-pit.

* Vampire Lair #: 13, Act: VIII, Location: Kagan's Tower
                               (Xerx's Laboratories)
Climb up the stairs and go up three more flights past the exit (the door with
the spotlight on it). The vampire lair is located at the top.

* Vampire Lair #: 14, Act: VIII, Location: Kagan's Tower
                                         (Llewlyn Corporate Offices)
Once on the scaffolding, go accross the vertical poles and jump on the vertical
pole on the edge of the building. Climb up to the upper platform but before
going into the room jump down to the intermediate platform and enter the
building again. The vampire-lair is in the hallway adjoining this room.

* Vampire Lair #: 15, Act: VIII, Location: Kagan's Tower
                                         (Media Center)
After killing the Dhampir in the cubicles, the second to last vampire-lair is
in the next hallway.

* Vampire Lair #: 16, Act: VIII, Location: Kagan's Tower
One of the four corner rooms contains the game's final vampire lair.

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