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Boss Guide by DocDragon89

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/22/2003

I-Ninja Boss Guide
by DocDragon

1. Table of Contens
2. Bosses
2a. Kyza
2b. Ventis
2c. Psyamon
2d. Malakai
2e. Emporor O-Dor
3. Update history

2. Bosses
What's an action game without level bosses? Not a very good one, that's 
for sure. 

2a. Kyza
	Hmmmm, big, mean, ugly, has his own lifebar and a level dedicated 
to him... Yup, this guy's a boss. Not to mention easy. There's actually 
a challenge level later in the game where you've gotta beat this guy 
without getting hit once. But to beat him now, all you gotta do is climb 
into the Tekatron Robo-Fighter and go toe-to-toe with him in a battle 
that calls forth visions of Godzilla flicks. Press B to use the left 
jab, X to use the right jab, and Y to use the uppercut. Also, pay 
attention to the green bars on the sides of the window. When they get 
full, hold A to fire the eye laser right down Kyza's ugly throat.
	The battle itself takes place over 4 "rounds". In the first three, 
little arrows that tell you which way to dodge light up on the screen 
when Kyza's about to throw a punch. In round 4, you have to rely on his 
body language, but he telegraphs his punches. Whichever arm moves, is 
the one he's gonna punch with. If both his arms move, DUCK! Dodging his 
attacks increases your multiplier, as well as saving health.Between 
rounds, he launches missiles at you. You can either dodge for 
multipliers, or simply swat them out of the sky.

2b. Ventis
	The second boss that Ninja's gotta lay the smack down on is a 
giant, robotic fishie. Granted, giant robot fish are usually minibosses, 
but this one's bad enough to claim the coveted title of "Boss". Anyhoo, 
jump in the submarine (Inset "Yellow Submarine" joke here), and start 
fighting. The control stick moves the sub, B fires the torpedoes and 
A+control stick uses the barrel roll for a quick dodge.
	Ventis has multiple methods of attack. Firstly, he'll fire what 
looks like a mine on a chain. Simply move the sub away, or barrel-roll 
if you're in a tight squeeze. Secondly, he'll spit a bunch of mines into 
the air, and they'll come down on top of you. Once again, just dodge. 
His third way of attacking is spitting a string of mini-mines in a 
spiral pattern, which then closes around you. Once again, move or 
barrel-roll the sub AWAY from them. Lastly, he'll charge right at you. 
This really hurts, and he's really big, so barrel-roll away presto fasto 
or get chomped. He snaps his jaws a few times before doing that, just as 
a warning. Dodge any of his attacks, get a multiplier. Just remember 
that, and hammer the B button like your life depends on it, and you;ll 
do fine.

2c. Psyamon
	Didn't I see this guy in a DOOM clone? Ah well, you gotta do a 
little fighting  before you get to this guy, so get going. Beat the red 
Ranx at the start of the level to open the door to the next room. Hop 
into the unguarded Enforcer and take the training program if you want. 
But to put it simply, the control stick aims, B fires, A reloads and X 
fires the power cannon, which is charged by blowing up enemies.
	Psyamon is really predictable for a boss that comes this late in 
the game, and is something of a disappointment. For starters, he coughs 
up ghost Ranx and Red ghost Ranx that split into 2 normal ghost Ranx 
when blasted. Shoot the ghosts and reload when necessary. Don't bother 
shooting Psyamon, the guns can't hurt him. He then spits out a fireball. 
Shoot it before it hits, then shoot Psyamon with the power cannon. If he 
fires a ball of lightning, DON'T LET IT HIT! It will scramble your 
controls and pretty much make you a sitting duck. 5 hits with the Power 
Cannon will send him back to whence he was at.

2d. Malakai
	Wow, this guy has it going on look-wise. Tattered clothes, single 
eye shadowed under a wide-brimmed hat, all of his physical body covered 
in bandages, big curly hittin' stick... It's almost a shame we have to 
pound him insensate. Well, to start with, Malakai turns the arena into a 
lava pit with about a dozen platforms arranged in a circle. These 
platforms randomly rise and sink into the lava, so watch your step. 
He'll also fire balls of... lava-y... plasma... stuff at you, so jump to 
another platform and dodge them for a multiplier (It's easy to get a 
multiplier of x10 here). Also, some of the platforms have shurikens on 
them. Grab them and toss them at his creepiness. When he goes 
"UWAAA!"(exact qoute), he'll start using a high-voltage spinning attack. 
Just jump over it and resume tossing the shurikens. Eventually he'll go 
"EYEEEEGH!" and get knocked to the floor. At this point, he'll make the 
arena safe to walk on, and the platforms will sink into the floor. He 
now starts teleporting around the arena, and uses different attacks 
based on how far away you are. 
	If you're close, he'll either use the Staff Sweep (swings his 
hittin' stick horizontally), the Staff Chop (swings said hittin' stick 
vertically), the Staff Stab (pushes the staff at you, curly end first), 
or the Staff Dance (swings said stick around while moving). If you're 
far away, he'll use the Shockwave (sends 2-3 concentric circular 
shockwaves out), or the Lava-y... plasma... stuff cannon (sends about 5 
balls of lava-y... plasma... stuff at you). If he uses the cannon, 
simply move a little to the side to dodge the projectiles, then rush in. 
If he uses the shockwave, jump each wave as it comes. Trying to sword-
hover will just have you landing on the second or third wave. When you 
get in close, simply dodge the stab and chop or jump the sweep, then 
attack until he teleports away. Don't try to attack him during the Staff 
Dance, since he's basically invincible. Just run until he stops the 
attack, then dash in and wallop away. Malakai has no preset pattern of 
his attacks, so just remember what I've told you and be aggressive!

2e. Emporor O-Dor
	Here he is, the big smelly cheese himself, the grand master of 
badness, Emporor O-Dor! I honestly expected more from him, but a final 
boss is a final boss. For the first part of the battle, run/jump past 
the disks he throws and attack the red pack on his waist. If he swings 
his cannon at you, then just dodge it. If he blocks your attacks, he'll 
send you flying back. Repeat the dodge-attack process until his lifebar 
is fried. Then part 2 begins.
	The aforementioned part 2 of the battle starts off with a mini-
obstacle course. Just some low-gravity jumping and chain-swinging, 
nothing too major. Also, the platforms are loaded with alien vegitation 
that you can chop up for points. Just keep jumping until you reach O-
Dor's Last Stand.
	The REAL part 2 of the battle is just more of the same from part 
1, except O-Dor's got some more tricks up his funky-smelling sleeve. 
Firstly he's got a rocket attack that's easy to dodge. Just run from it. 
He's also got a "Fart-Block" that'll launch you almost all the way to 
the edge of the platform. Just keep pounding on him like you did in part 
1, and he'll go down like a pile of smelly bricks.

3. Update History
12/20/2003: Rented I-Ninja, beat Kyza, Ventis and Pysamon.
12/21/2003: Beat Malakai and O-Dor, wrote Boss Guide, submitted Boss 

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