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FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11

      _________  , _     ___  ,     _        .
     (_) | / (_)/|/ \   / (_)/|   |(_|    |  . RETURN
         | \__   |   | |      |___|  |    |  .
       _ | /     |   | |      |   |\ |    |  . FROM
      (_/  \___/ |   |_/\___/ |   |/  \__/\_/.
                                           %   %  
                       For Microsoft X-BOX
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                   Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 05/31/05
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Stealth-based games always have a hidden agenda amongst them. Whether they're
legendary like the Metal Gear Solid series, or a complete spoof like Spy
Fiction, stealthy games often employ their own type of gameplay system. Now,
imagine a stealth-based game with ninjas. Heck, it's tastier than a mighty pie.
Tenchu was one of the first games to mold stealth and ninjas into one, becoming
a smash hit for the original Playstation. Unfortunately, ever since Tenchu
became a smash hit for the original PS, very little has changed. While the game
does employ a somewhat stealth-based approach (with some arcade-fighting
elements included), Tenchu has never seemed to be able to improve their
original fighting system to parallel depths. Tenchu: Return from Darkness is a
partial port of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (PS2), featuring a few enhanced
elements here and there. As much as I'd like to love this game, it has a few
flaws intermittantly visible. Above average graphics, fuzzy sounds, and a
lackluster addition of Live play simply does not make this an amazing game.
Nonetheless, this guide will provide a complete walkthrough of the game, talk
about the uses of certain items, and discuss multiplayer strategies. Will you
silently neutralize samurai guards around the eastern perimeter, or get your
limbs cut off in the process?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=06/16/05= vFinal
Final update.

=06/16/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Took longer than I expected, but it was slightly worth the
amount of time put into it. The game's single player mode is quite in-depth,
but I just found Live play to be horrible.

=05/31/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. I'm not sure what to expect from this game. It didn't get
truly great reviews overall, even though the game has mediocre Live play. This
game is quite a disappointment for being both a port (with few improved
elements), and released a month after Ninja Gaiden.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Screen HUD
             > Characters
          3) Game Modes
             > Description of each
          4) Rikimaru Walkthrough
             > Mission 1: Punish the Evil Merchant                 
             > Mission 2: Execute Hamada and Return to Lord Gohda
             > Mission 3: Find the Shichishito Sword
             > Mission 4: Kill all who Follow You
             > Mission 5: Cross the Ronin Village
             > Mission 6: Rescue the Kidnapped Princess
             > Mission 7: Retrieve the Steel for Ressai
             > Mission 8: Stop Tadokoro's Rebellion
             > Mission 9: Find Ayame's Imposter
             > Mission 10: Infiltrate the Buddha Temple
             > Mission 11: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai
             > Mission 12: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai - Part II
          5) Ayame Walkthrough
             > Mission 1: Rescue the Village Girls
             > Mission 2: Execute the Evil Merchant
             > Mission 3: Assassinate the Traitor Hamada
             > Mission 4: Retrieve the Yoto Swords
             > Mission 5: Stop Tadokoro's Rebellion
             > Mission 6: Find the Jewel of Heaven
             > Mission 7: Go to the Red House of Zennosuke
             > Mission 8: Escape from Amagai Castle
             > Mission 9: Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven
             > Mission 10: Rescue Counsel Sekiya
             > Mission 11: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai - Part I
             > Mission 12: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai - Part II
          6) Tesshu Walkthrough
             > Mission 1: Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya
             > Mission 2: Teach Rikimaru a Lesson
             > Mission 3: Execute the Rebellious Yuge
             > Mission 4: Find the Author of the Message
             > Mission 5: Rendezvous with Senkichi by the Waterfalls
             > Mission 6: Escape from the Limestone Cavern
             > Mission 7: Go to the House in the Cemetery
             > Mission 8: Return to Zennosuke
          7) Extras
             > Items List
             > Secrets
             > Enemies List
             > X-BOX Live
          8) Codes
          9) Common Questions
         10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
         11) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
To be honest, Tenchu was one of the first ninja/stealth games to combine both
in a fun fashion. We all think of ninjas as being masked marauders, who wear
entire black clad uniforms, usually rely on stealthy kills (no honor in that),
and do whatever they must to accomplish their mission. The most worthy ninja
game by far is Ninja Gaiden, although Tenchu was one of the first games to
actually make you use agility/navigation to kill enemies. Think of Tenchu as a
Metal Gear Solid, except with more blood, a Japanese medievil setting, and a
stretched storyline just as skewed as most complex games. Originally, Tenchu
began as a simple game where you chose from one of two ninjas, and continued to
finish each of their quests to quell an evil force from rising.

Tenchu itself was a blockbuster hit for the original Playstation. People loved
running behind innocent guards, and watching complex decapitations occur. Soon
enough, after a sequel, the game was eventually launched as a moderate success
on the PS2. However, a majority of the graphics and gameplay elements remained
the same. Nothing emerged as a bright innovation to the series. Finally, the
XBOX received their version of the game, which was a partial port of Tenchu:
Wrath of Heaven (PS2 expansion pack version), except it has a few unique
features of its own. Sadly enough, all of these stacked elements turned out to
be fairly disappointing. Graphically, a majority of the polygons still appear
blocky, and the XBOX version hardly looks finely tuned as was expected.
Gameplay is the same, relying on stealth kills as one-hit knockouts, and a
combat system which can be sluggish/unrewarding. Other elements come into play.
The hyped XBOX Live mode looks very unorganized, with no pregame lobby for
anyone to search games, but rather a simple message box displaying whether or
not games are available. All in all, when you compare this game for the time it
came out (early 2004), and only a month after Ninja Gaiden, it's very
disappointing to come across.

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to Activision):

   ^%%^ PROLOGUE ^%%^

It was a time of hiatus in a period of bitter wars and great turmoil.

The Azuma ninja clan conducted the traditional ceremonies to end its year of
mourning for the tragic death of Rikimaru. Meanwhile, the land of Lord Gohda
celebrated the passing of the fourth season of peace since the defeat of Lord
Mei-Oh. Only the Azuma ninjas knew the truth after he was defeated. It was a
secret even Lord Gohda did not know. Lord Gohda did know that the Azuma ninjas
served him with their lives and with their honor - delivering midnight messages
to neighboring states and punishment in the shadows to those who turned against
him. They were a feared yet unknown group, a faceless arm of justice masked in
a cloud of secrets. Most importantly, they were his merciless force of silent
assassins. This is the sequel to a tale of two shadows born unto darkness
destined to die in darkness.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-2 (offline or Live support, co-op available)
Developer: Activision
Released: 2004
Rarity: common
Special Features: HDTV 480p, Voice, Scoreboards, X-BOX Live
ESRB: Mature (17+)
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows Rikimaru diving down with his blade into the head of a guard


- 2) Game Basics           -
The X-BOX controller fits fairly well to the entire theme of Tenchu, although
it can get complex at times. Combat feels awkward if you're use to playing
first person shooters, so it takes some practice to become a combat master.
Other than that, most functions are set to one primary button.

KEY representation for each button:
     Thumbstick = left/right thumbstick pads (black)
    Control Pad = left directional pad (black)
              A = A button (green)
              B = B button (red)
              X = X button (blue)
              Y = Y button (yellow)
              R = R trigger (black, underneath right side of controller)
              L = L trigger (black, underneath left side of controller)
          START = Start button (black, center)
           BACK = Back button (black, center)
          Black = Black button (black, right)
          White = White button (white, right)

/Game Controls/
       Left Thumbstick - moves character
      Right Thumbstick - shifts camera view slightly
Right Thumbstick Click - detonates any deployed sticky bombs
                     L - enters stealth mode, crouches, if next to wall - 
                         slides along it
                 L + B - drags dead bodies on the ground
                     R - autolocks onto nearest enemy, hold to stay locked,
                         strafes when no enemy is nearby
                 START - pauses game
                     A - jumps, tap again to double jump
                 L + A - performs various somersaults in specific positions
                     B - block, perform special attack (usually close range)
                     X - attacks
                     Y - uses selected item, hold down to aim manually
                         depending on item selected, let go to fire projectile
                 Black - shifts through items in inventory
                 White - hold down to look around manually with camera view
  Directional Pad (Up) - shortcut to grappling hook
Directional Pad (Down) - shortcut to health potion

- For starters, understand that your main and only attack button being used is
the X button. It can be altered with various directional presses and tapped
repeatedly to mix up combos. Direction-pressed attacks often swing your weapons
at various angles, catching opponents off guard, but they're tougher to
execute. When crouching along a wall, you can slide along, and use the right
thumbstick to adjust the view around corners. Dragging bodies to dark places,
or off of guard routes helps make your missions easier to complete without
being detected. Autolocking onto enemies is crucial during duels, since it's
various hard to adjust the camera manually. Your fighter also seems more aware
to your enemy when locked on. The double jump is not as high as you think, but
extends the length of the jump. It's ideal to double jump on top of an enemy
for a stealth kill. Block must be held down moments before the enemy begins
their attack. The reaction time is sluggish, and some attacks are unblockable
(arrows, projectiles, various power moves). Holding down Y to aim manually with
projectiles is very useful, especially the hook shot, and shurikens.

/Combo Controls/
                  X + X + X - three hit combo
         X + X + X + X + Up - three hit combo with melee kick (great finisher)
 Left Thumbstick rotate + X - 360 degree attack
                      B + B - melee throw, get within close range, tap B to
                              pick up an enemy, then press B to toss them
                              again, this attack only works for Rikimaru
- While there are many more combos that can be made up, these are just a few.
Remember that both Ayane & Rikimaru have varying speeds on their combos, or the
restriction limiting the amount of consecutive moves. The 360 degree attack is
sort of like a whirlwind attack - useful for multiple enemies.

/Screen HUD/
The interface of a game decides whether or not you've having success as an
actual skiller gamer. Tenchu's interface is quite simplistic, easy enough to
enjoy while watching the blood spurt out of your opponents.

 |                                             |
 | (---[1]---)                                 |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 |                                             |
 | # $ % [2]                                   |
 | \[3]/(---[4]---)                {} {} {} [5]|
Meaning KEY:

   [1] - Enemy Health Meter - This shows how much life your opponents has,
                              with both a meter and small number saying how
                              many hit points. It's better to lock onto an
                              opponent to get an exact estimate.
   [2] - Kuji Meter - This acts almost like an energy bar in a sense. Each
                      stealth kill executed on the stage rewards you with a
                      Kanji symbol. After 9 Kanji symbols are collected, you're
                      given a special ability to use on that mission. These
                      abilities can be selected in the main menu. You'll also
                      become a stronger fighter with a more powerful Kuji
                      meter. Basically, get as many stealth kills as possible.
   [3] - Ki Meter - In a typical sense, this is the awareness factor of the
                    guards. It's a symbol picture that shows four different
                      "?"  = Not aware of your presence
                      "!"  = Unsure on whether or not you're a hostile
                      "!!" = Spotted and identified
                      "!?" = Aware of current situation and searching
                    The Ki Meter also has a normal green globe that sort of
                    gets larger as you get closer to enemies. The number will
                    increase as well as a proximity factor. Use this to
                    determine where guards are, then use this intel, and attack
                    for a stealth kill.
   [4] - Your Health Meter - Shows your health just as if it would show a
                             guard's health. Only healing potions can refill
   [5] - Inventory - Shows a brief amount of items you have collected, along
                     with their quantity shown by a small number. The current
                     selected item is highlighted by red crosshairs.
Tenchu has always employed emphasis on a somewhat complex storyline, that
revolves around the ideals of a ninja. It appears that some of the characters
in the original continue to spiral through the series across various paths.

   ^!~ Rikimaru ~!^
   Age: 26
   Description: Leader of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu ninja sect. His thoroughness,
                patience, and bravery have proven worthy of the Izayoi sword by
                the sect's master Shiunsai. Terrifyingly focused and withdrawn,
                his sense of destiny and of composure give him the strength to
                take on missions that most would consider similar to suicide.
   + Powerful Striker
   + Uses single Samurai Sword
   - Slow reaction times
   - Heavier build lowers agility
   ^!~ Ayame ~!^
   Age: 22
   Description: Bold yet quick, silent yet cunning, Ayame has been trained
                since childhood as a ninja. Sharp with her tongue as with her
                sword, Ayame uses an acrobatic style of ninjitsu to overcome
                obstacles living or dead. Ayame adores Gohda's daughter Kiku as
                if Kiku were her own baby sister.
   + Quick Striker
   + Uses dual knife blades
   - Better fighter in groups
   - Weak attacks
   ^!~ Tesshu ~!^
   Age: ??
   Description: A powerful martial artist, who uses uplifting punches, and a
                concealed ninja to dispose of opponents. Tesshu is actually a
                mercenary who can be hired to assassinate others if a feel of
                injustice arises behind their position. Little is known about
                his background, although he is a fierce warrior in combat. Also
                a trained doctor by day, who knows of vital points, and key
                areas to "snap" for maximum effectiveness.
   + Extremely Powerful Striker
   + Uses concealed needle in wrist band
   - Lacks speed
   - Slow attacks

- 3) Game Modes            -
Tenchu has a small mix of actual game modes to choose from. To be quite honest,
there's either the Story Mode, consisting of various chapters for different
characters. The alternative, via off-line Multiplayer, or X-BOX Live mode
probably entertain in the long run. While the Live features weren't as great as
I expected, they exist, and the elite fans of Tenchu will love every second of
it. This section will briefly go over each of the game modes in the game.

   *" STORY MODE "*
   Ideally your typical single-player mode, this let's you play the one-player
   designed in-game levels. There are three characters to choose from (two
   initially, with one being unlocked). It can be engaged on three different
   difficulties (easy, normal, or hard). Easy allows for continues, as opposed
   to restarting the mission.
      NOTE: It's necessary to unlock these levels in single-player mode in
            order to play them online. BOTH players must have the unlocked
            levels to play them, otherwise it prevents the host from picking
            more levels. You cannot unlock co-op levels online.
   *" OPTIONS "*
   Let's you view a sorty of various settings. The settings are:
     - Records (view your best times/scores on each level)
     - Difficulty (Easy, Normal, or Hard)
     - Sound
     - Controller (reconfigure layouts if you wish)
     - Abilities (let's you view earned abilities and a brief description)
   *" XBOX LIVE "*
   One of the more premiere modes, although I found it to be somewhat sluggish
   and limited. XBOX Live mode let's you play either Head-to-Head matches, or
   co-operative matches. The limit is always two players. As usual, host
   receives little lag. This mode is discussed in detail later on. Multiplayer
   mode is identical to XBOX Live, except it's offline.


- 4) Rikimaru Walkthrough  -
One of the unique advantages of playing through Tenchu is that both characters
have two different campaigns. As opposed to previous beat-em-ups, or stealth
games, this feature tends to expand the replayability. Rikimaru is partially
the main character in the game, although I have preferences to use Ayame for
her quickness. This section will discuss Rikimaru's walkthrough, on the EASY
difficulty. LAYOUT 1 was picked by default. I originally planned to play the
entire game on Normal, but with the ability to not continue within a level, and
since I had to conserve my playing time, I decided to go with easy.

   *The game begins with some screaming, most likely from Ayame & Kiku, Lord
    Gohda's daughter. A cave is collapsing rapidly, and Rikimaru tosses a
    samurai sword into a small slit to keep it from collapsing. He then exits
    the cave to the outerworld. Very little is revealed as to what is going
- Start off by running down the beautiful stream. Walk to the ledge overlooking
the valley. Rikimaru will then do a kamikaze nose dive off of the waterfall.

/Mission 1: Punish the Evil Merchant/
   OBJECTIVES: + Find a way into the inner area
               + Kill the gun-wielding henchman
               + Kill the evil merchant
   *Apparently, a trusted merchant to Lord Gohda was found of being a corrupt
    individual. By blackmailing local peasants into paying him as part of
    extortion, many villagers had no choice as family members would be
    kidnapped at Nasu's will. Gohda wants you to punish this evil merchant now
    that his identity has been revealed.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x1)
                      + Shuriken       (x3)
                      + Colored Rice   (x3)
   *Right off the bat, we see a corrupt deal occurring between the merchant and
    one of his businessmen. Eventually, one of them is blindfolded, and led to
    a small room containing a young captured woman. Those sick sons of
    unrighteous dogs. You're inserted near the perimeter of the area.*
- Start off by ignoring the civilian down the road, but instead, cutting a
right. In this watery pit, walk across, and you'll eventually overhear a group
of 3 guards joking around with each other. It helps to crawl in the water. Jump
up on the ledgeway, snatch the item on the ground, then crawl into the small
inlet hole. You should be right next to the group of 3 guards, who have
probably spread out by now. Hold down the L trigger to stay crouched, as there
are some ranged guards in the distance. Wait for the guards to disperse on
their patrols, then sneak roll towards them, and go for stealth kills. Kill all
three guards, and look near where each of them were sitting. The key should be
laying on the ground. Snatch it up. 

- Now, get out of this small area, and go down the alleyway to the left. Kill
the guard around the corner, but cut a sharp right into this small house.
You'll find a few health potions and varying items. Look in the farthest room
in the house for a crawlspace. Crawl through it, and you'll load into another
room farther into the complex. Pop out, and dispatch of the guard to the left
down this small entryway. Be careful, they're armed with Tantos/Spears, so
they're more lethal than usual. There's a second guard on the opposite
perimeter which should be disposed of ASAP. Try to hide this body if possible.
Now, snatch up the goodies on the merchant blanket and in the perimeter. You'll
have tons of items, ranging from bombs, to rice, to even the Spear as a
secondary weapon. Backtrack to the other side of the complex where you didn't
go. There's a lone stationed guard. Use your grappling hook to get on the roof
to your left, crawl behind him, and drop down for the stealth kill. Jump back
to this roof, and look on the other side. Another guard will strafe back and
forth near a temple entrance on the lower floor. Use the roofs to navigate
behind him. Drop down, then do it again for the stealth kill.

- Get back on the roof, and look at the small temple opposite of you. You'll
notice two guards near the front door. They can easily be dispatched of by
hopping up to the temple roof, then dropping down, and get stealth killed. No
real tricks here. Once they're both dead, enter the temple house. Immediately
to your left is a guard around the corner. Lean flat against the wall, wait for
him to walk past, then slice him. Go to the right now, and wait for the lone
patroller to walk to his left. Rush in and hit him from behind. Once they're
both dead, look at the wall with the colorful green pattern, and walk through
it. Don't go to the end of the hall. Instead, cut a left at the door, drop
down, and kill the sleeping guard with shurikens, or by distracting him by
annoying the cat near him. Once he's dead, run to the end of this room, and
look in the upper right corner. Grapple hook to this opening, and walk through
the door. Reach the ending doorway, and you'll be greeted by a henchman of the
Evil Merchant.

  * Gun-wielding Henchman                                           *
  * The biggest difficulty I had with this battle was maintaining a *
  * solid defense against him. The mini-boss has three attacks to   *
  * watch out for. His first is basic samurai-wielding attacks which*
  * are not quicked and can be blocked. However, he can grab you in *
  * close range, very similar to a Rikimaru flip-over toss. He also *
  * has a triple-barrel gun that does multiple attacks when Rikimaru*
  * is either out of range, or whenever he says "Suck on this." The *
  * idea is to get out of the way before you're tossed in range of  *
  * his gunbarrel attack. Try to use any explosive bombs, or smoke  *
  * bombs in your inventory that you might have picked up. The room *
  * is quite small, and prevents you from having any space in being *
  * able to use health potions, so fight a defensive battle. The    *
  * strategy is to block his normal attacks and counter-attack. If  *
  * he says to eat this, quickly slice him. This prevents him from  *
  * shooting his weapon.                                            *
- Head through the door where he came from. Go up the stairs, wait by the wall,
and decapitate the patrolling guard. In the next area, the left door has a
sleeping guard along with a health potion. Take the right door. A cat should
run by you, but will eventually shut up. Crawl through the small opening, then
look up against the wall, and grapple hook to this top area. Move ahead, and
eventually, you'll see a guard to your right in the attic. Throw a distraction
of some sort, or a smoke bomb, and lure him out. Finish him off via help from
the item. Proceed ahead. After the second door, drop down on the guard below
for a stealth kill. You'll find another health potion in the next room ahead.
Finally, drop down to the last area.

   *The Evil Merchant ends up walking up to Rikimaru blindfolded, thinking he's
    another captured girl. Suddenly, when they realize he's a ninja, Rikimaru
    says he's going to kill them for their evil scam. Guards will be sounded.*
- This battle is tough for the simple fact that you'll have two guards on you
right off the bat. Try to line them up so that one guard is directly behind the
other. It leaves you with less attacks to block, and also will conserve your
health. Focus on combo attacking one guard until he's dead, then finish off the
other. As for the Evil Merchant, his fighting skills are merely pathetic.
Simply use basic blocking techniques, and counter-slash away. Be careful
though, around 30ish health, he'll offer you something to save his life. It's a
smoke bomb, and he'll also headbutt you away. Finish him off for his insolence.

   *After everyone is dead, the evil Merchant's servant is scrambling for his
    life. Rikimaru wants to know who else is in the scam, and apparently a man
    named Hamada inside Lord Gohda's castle is responsible. Here we go again.
    Before Rikimaru can ask another question, a man from the outside throws a
    projectile killing the informant. It's a former nemesis of Rikimaru, one he
    had killed in the previous Tenchu games.*
/Mission 2: Execute Hamada and Return to Lord Gohda!/
   OBJECTIVES: + Kill Hamada, but do not harm Gohda's guards
               + Make your way to Lord Gohda
   *There is a traitor named Hamada inside Lord Gohda's castle. Your mission is
    to assassinate and kill this traitor, however, many of Gohda's guards do
    not know of your existence. You cannot kill any of Gohda's guards in the
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x1)
                      + Shuriken       (x3)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x2)
   *Rikimaru will be infiltrated into the roof of Gohda's castle. We'll see
    Hamada with a narrow face, along with a Godha guard escorting him
    throughout. This can be tricky.*
- Before going anywhere, look in this attic room for a Smoke Bomb in the
corner. Drop down in the second hole (not the initial one where you start).
Crawl around, and look across the dirt area. Wait for the guard to walk away,
drop down, then cut an immediate right. Take shelter here, and proceed through
the hall. Wait for this guard to move away. He should start to walk towards
you. Lean against the wall, wait for him to pass, but don't wait too long as
he'll turn and see you. Just wait for his back to pass you, then quickly tippy
toe past him and down this hall. Don't go in the room on the left, as a
sleeping guard will just begin to lay down. Instead, round the hall corner,
proceed ahead, and go in the door on the right where the traitor Hamada is. You
can reference to the Shuriken on your mini-map.

   *Rikimaru will execute Hamada, ending the suffering of this darn traitor.
    However, some of Gohda's guards will get killed. It's an enemy ninja.
    Rikimaru must find Gohda quickly to inform him of what's going on.*
- Immediately proceed out of the door, and kill this lone ninja. Ninjas are
fairly immune to smoke bombs due to their masks, so focus on the combat. Around
the corner down the hall, you'll find a lone ninja. Try to stealth kill him if
possible, otherwise he will get reinforcements of a better ninja. You don't
have many life potions, so use them wisely. Now, jump back to the dirt area,
and crawl to the right side. There should be a crawlspace you can navigate
under. Crawl through it, snatch the grenade, then proceed through to the other
side. There's a lock on the door. You should have a key in your inventory, most
likely from one of the enemy ninjas or on the ground. Use it on the lock by
pressing Y. Now that this door is unlocked, head on through. Stealth kill the
patrolling ninja, who should have his back to you. Move up the stairs, and
check the side room for a health potion on the table. Up ahead is another lone
guard in the room with gray mats on the floor. Either lure him out, or sneak up
for the stealth kill. Run across, then down the stairs near the lower floor.
You'll find another weary ninja in this left side room. Wait for him to walk
away entirely, as he does quick shuffles looking back and forth.

- Head back out, continue to the main room ahead, and kill the patrolling
guard. Enter the single-tile door, but be careful, as an aware guard is usually
pacing back and forth. Lure him out, or decapitate him as he walks away. Up
ahead, you'll find another flight of stairs. Slowly climb it, and lean against
the sliding door panel. The guard is the next room is tricky to stealth kill,
mainly because he'll spot you, even if leaning against a wall. Once he's down,
you'll have a tough challenge up ahead. There are two guards in the next room,
and one or the other will discover you, even if you stealth kill one of them. I
tried using a grenade or smoke bomb to keep them busy, then quickly engage them
both from behind or with ranged shurikens. Head into the next room, and the
same situation will happen. The second guard is around the corner down the
hall, but you may have to lure him out. After they're both down, you should see
a courtyard to your right. Continue ahead, and stealth kill the guard who walks
past the shudders on the left portion of the room. Go down the stairs. You'll
enter some ornately colored rooms. The game will load eventually.

   *Rikimaru greets himself to Lord Gohda. Gohda is surprised by Rikimaru's
    presence, as so is Ayame with you. Rikimaru says he sent his "shadow"
    across the lands to do dirty deeds.*
/Mission 3: Find the Shichishito Sword/
   OBJECTIVES: + Navigate through the caves to reach the location of the sword
               + Fight and kill both of Onikage's forms
   *After analysis of some of the ninjas in Gohda's castle, it shows that there
    was a crystal residue on their uniforms. Their origins can only be from the
    Limestone Caverns. Deep inside, it is believed that the Shichishito Sword
    lies deep within the cavern. It is the former weapon of Lord Mei-Oh, and is
    believed to be attracting evil powers.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Grenade        (x2)
                      + Colored Rice   (x2)
- You'll begin in a small inlet near the caverns. Drop down this waterfall, but
do it silently. Grapple hook to the nearby guard tower, wait for him to turn
around, then stealth kill him. As for the two guards below, I simply ran in the
water around, and lured them over the by the grasslands. It was more of a waste
to try and figure out a distraction plan, so I took them head on. If you have
the Ninjitsu Block ability, it comes in handy. Run through the small cavern
entrance, and pick up the accessories near the lit corner. Jump up through this
walkway. Up ahead, you'll hear the conversation of two guards. Wait for them to
split, and sneak up on the one near the left. Try to stealth kill him first;
let the second guard spot you. Jump down to the plateau below, and fight this
ninja. In a hilarious effort, you can have him commit suicide. Get him to be on
the side where the ledge is, and approach him. He'll conservatively backflip
off the ledge to his death. Once they're both down, enter the small cave
entrance along the right.

- Up ahead are two guards, one to the left, and one to the right. The one on
the right should be a primary focus. Try to fight him one-on-one if you cannot
lure behind for a stealth kill. The one on the left can easily be snuck up on,
although grappling to get close is a good strategy. You'll find a health potion
on the ground. Go back towards the right path, and it should lead up a small
scaling path. Climb up it, and you'll see an undead warrior across the small
pit. Grapple across, then drop down, and combo him off the edge. Be careful not
to fall off yourself. Now, go ahead through the spurting water tunnel. You'll
eventually overlook two guards at a small dropoff point. This part is tricky
because if you don't have shurikens, or a ranged projectile, it becomes a
forced two-on-one battle. Try to eliminate them using any items in your
inventory, otherwise you'll waste two health potions. Speaking of which, you'll
find one health potion at the dropoff area.

- Head along the right pathway, then crawl in the small slit near the floor. At
the other end, jump up to the ledge. Move through the wooden panel area. You'll
have a series of jumps to do, along with grappling across chasyms. Use common
sense to hook to the most ideal spots. When you reach the dark room, hook
across to the green rock. Drop down to the log, jump across to safety, and pick
up the item on the ground. Look straight towards the ceiling. Now, hook onto
the wooden ledge to get you halfway up, then again to make it to the very top.
Look out back into the dark chasym. Hook over to the small ledge, and then to
your right, get to that area via the hook. The next part takes some looking
ahead. There should be a wooden pillar that will let you shimmy to your left to
the next area, find it, hook to it, and shimmy across. Once there, hook across
the thin wooden plank, and crawl into the next area after snatching up the
random gift item. Jump up above on the other side, and sneak up on the zombie
guard. Stealth kill him from behind with some acrobatic maneuvers.

- Ahead, you'll find another stationary ninja. I threw a smoke bomb to cover my
tracks, then rushed him for a stealth kill. Look across the small canyon. Hook
across near the upper lip of the cave to make it completely across. Grab the
gift on the ground. Don't run through this area ahead though. Instead, look to
your left, and you'll see a stationary zombie. You can perform an awesome
stealth kill combo. Using your grappling hook, look for the farthest area on
the ceiling you can go. Hook there, drop down, and tap X for an instant kill.
Grab the shurikens off his body. You should be able to drop down a pit to your
right which is lit up. Do so, and kill the guard standing still in the hallway.
Move ahead, and again, you'll have a chance to stealth kill a patrolling ninja.
Hide behind the threads if he rounds the corner. Head up along the left where
the large boxes are. Drop down, and rush the guard when he turns his back down
the hall. Now, proceed up ahead, and we'll see a bunch of mini-walkways, along
with some guards in the distance. I found it best to crawl up a bit, then
grapple hook along the left side, gradually making distance until you reach
solid ground. Ignore the guard on the right, but be careful, as a guard is near
a wooden walkway up top. Grab the red shuriken in the upper left corner, then
hook to the walkway, and hang there. Climb up when the guard passes you, and go
for the stealth kill. Run up the stone walkway that leads towards the sword.
You'll eventually see a large green pool of water. Jump to the center.

   *Here we see Rikimaru enjoyed that he can take the Shichishito. Suddenly,
    the revived Onikage (bad guy from previous game) comes down from above. He
    says he was revived by an evil man, who wants the sword in order to
    re-summon Lord Mei-Oh. Rikimaru won't let him do this, and decides to fight
    to the death.*
  * Onikage, Form 1                                                 *
  * In the first battle, Onikage will only be armed with his martial*
  * arts techniques, so don't worry about any powerful blows. He is *
  * very quick, and efficient with his combos, so blocking on time  *
  * is a must. Block his attacks, counter attack with a 2-3 swipe   *
  * combo, and repeat. Quick stepping helps in this matchup, since  *
  * he usually swings through his entire combo, whether you're close*
  * to him or not. A very easy strategy to complete this match is   *
  * to use the (2) grenades you brought with you since the beginning*
  * of the mission. Hit him twice for his life bar to go down to 0. *
   *Rikimaru is superbly happy that Onikage was downed. Before he can
    snatch up the Shichishito Sword, a second revived form of Onikage
    sneaks up behind him and slashes his neck. Onikage looks more undead
    than usual but is extremely happy now that he possesses the sword. He
    attempts to summon Lord Mei-Oh, but is interfered! A revived form of
    Rikimaru appears on the scene. It's like a friggin' Undead party. Anyhow,
    you want to duel Onikage again.*
  * Onikage, Form 2                                                 *
  * The second form of Onikage is tougher for one reason; you'll    *
  * have less items in your inventory to use. There are two attacks *
  * to watch out for - his close-range melee grab & vertical up-down*
  * kick. The up-down kick is performed at attacking range, and is  *
  * barely blockable. It's quick, and will also force your character*
  * to get blown back when blocking. The first attack is done       *
  * similar to the melee throw that Rikimaru does. The only problem *
  * is that it sucks life from you, and replenishes his life bar.   *
  * Use any remaining grenades you have, extra items, or what not.  *
  * If you need to recover health, jump up to the side adverts of   *
  * the arena, and drink a potion. Onikage will not jump up. Side   *
  * step to the left to avoid his triple attack combo, and slice as *
  * he recovers his balance. Avoid blocking directly since he'll try*
  * to close in with the melee throw. The toughest part about this  *
  * battle is that he will try to drink a health potion if he has   *
  * less than 15 life points. Attack him before he drinks it,       *
  * otherwise it's a long battle.                                   *

   *Rikimaru grabs the Shichishito Sword off of Onikage's body. Before
    he can leave, suddenly, two ninjas ambush you from behind. During the
    distraction, Onikage rises yet again, and slashes you in your already
    scarred eye. That son of a bitch! Onikage is surprised that you hid in the
    portal without dying, since only Lord Mei-Oh could do that. He says he'll
    kill you another day, and runs off.*
/Mission 4: Kill all who Follow You/
   OBJECTIVES: + Eliminate all enemies on the map 
   *The first two missions were partially a decoy. When Azuma ninjas die, they
    have a shadow replace them. Rikimaru's shadow was who you were playing as
    in the first two missions. Onikage killed the shadow, and the true Rikimaru
    appeared from the portal. The true Rikimaru wants to head back to Lord
    Gohda for more orders, but notices some of Onikage's men following him. He
    leads them into a deserted temple, and plans on killing them for dinner.
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x2)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x2)
                      + Caltrops       (x3)
- You'll start off near the deserted area, where you can see a pagoda in the
distance. Run up towards this pagoda, and head right walking along the inlaying
ledge that leads to the door. Around the right corner is a guard on patrol. Hit
him from behind, then double jump slice the guard who's on the normal ground
patrolling the perimeter. There should be one more guard on the opposite side
of the pagoda, around the perimeter. Simply run stealth kill him from behind as
he walks away. Use your grappling hook to get to the second floor of the
pagoda. Head inside, and you'll find a gift on one of the small ledges. Exit
the area, drop to ground level, and walk on the wooden tracks that lead up to
the next area. Enter the small cave, and drop down far below. Once at the
bottom, walk along the walls till you get fairly close to a green zombie. Wait
for him to pass, then decapitate him from behind. Again, there will be one more
patrolling zombie near the bottom of the stairs. Exit the caves.

- You'll now be in the main courtyard of the deserted temple. Walk down this
walkway, and jump slice the guard as he walks away from your direction near the
bottom. There will be a woman guard to your left. DO NOT confuse her for a
civilian. She's just as deadly as Ayame. Finish her with overwhelming strength.
Move in this general direction till you're near the front entrance of a small
village. It should be bordered by sharp metal spikes. There will be two guards
inside, both zombies, and one being a Zombie Captain. Be careful, as the Zombie
Captain tends to creep out of distance, and has grenades as ranged weaponry.
Try to stealth kill one of them, and use basic fighting techniques to kill the
remaining ones. There's also a woman guard on the inlaying walkway around the
backside of this large building. Again, there will be 2-3 more guards, varying
from Zombie Captains to woman ninjas along the exterior areas of the small
village. They can be killed quite easily by using a height advantage of
crouching behind small obstructions.

- Head around the backside of this second pagoda, and grapple hook over the
double door wooden barrier. Grab atop of it, jump over, and kill the ninja that
appears to be yellow (due to the light). You'll find one last guard on the
cliff walkway past the previous ninja. You can sometimes knock this guard off
the ledge to give a hilarious end to your mission.

/Mission 5: Cross the Ronin Village/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make your way to the gate entrance of the castle
   *Lord Gohda's daughter has been kidnapped. A ransom letter was left claiming
    she would be taken to a neighboring castle. Gohda wants you to retrieve his
    daughter. Before you can reach this castle, you must first pass through a
    Ronin Village.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x2)
                      + Blow Gun       (x3)
                      + Shuriken       (x5)
- This mission can be be done quickly or in an extensive matter. If you're
going for points, try to get as many stealth kills as possible, but ONLY on
armed men. There are innocent civilians throughout. Many of the villager guards
are weak, have very little defense, and can easily be beaten in one-on-one
duels. Avoid getting into clustered areas where you're being attacked from all
sides. Proceed by avoiding the intial guard in front of you, and hopping across
via the roofs. If you're spotted, head for the highest building, wait for the
coast to clear, then proceed up. Your goal is the upper left area where
there's a crawlspace you can navigate through. You will have to kill an Archer
guard here via stealth or head-on. Watch out for attack dogs, and use any items
you when you feel necessary. The Blow Gun is useful, especially for taking down
stationary threats. Crawl through the small space once you're there.

- The second area is a tad tougher. You'll have a main marketplace area near
the center, along with a lone building on the left, some trenches, and about
6-7 guards total. The toughest part is right after you exit the crawlspace.
There is a stationary guard directly straight ahead, two to your right, and the
rest spread throughout. Blowdart the stationary guard out, then head along the
roof ledge to the right, and take it to the upper left area. Once there,
grapple hook to the roof of this building, then jump onto the barrel stacks,
and drop down to the main gate. You should be able to pass through even though
it looks locked. It will load the third area.

- This part is real simple. All you have to do is avoid the guard patterns by
weaving in & out on the barrels. The best path is directly along the right
through the first barrel, along the right wall, and to the gate. You'll hit the
final area. Navigate along the right side, by hopping onto a building, then
dropping to the sewer water along the right. Crawl along the right side, and
run past the guard when he turns his back. Jump up onto the wall ledge. Wait
for the pike guard to turn around. Decapitate him, and head inside.

/Mission 6: Rescue the Kidnapped Princess/
   OBJECTIVES: + Navigate through the castle avoiding traps
               + Finish off Kimaira
   *Apparently, the Amagai Castle is occupied by lots of wooden robots. What
    the heck is this, Star Wars? Anyhow, you're told to be careful, and to not
    forget that this mission is all about Kiku.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Grenade        (x2)
                      + Mine           (x3)
- Right off the bat, you'll be in an area that reminds you of a Dwarven home.
There's plenty of lava, a wooden robot in the distance resembling a skeleton,
and apparently tons of traps to be aware about. For starts, lean against the
wall, and wait for the robot to turn away. Engage it. Then, look to your upper
right. There should be a small ledge. Grapple up to it. Now, jump across to the
other side, and then once there, look to your right again. Grapple up there.
Hop across the two belts, drop down, and stealth kill this mesh of wire/wood.
You'll find a new area up ahead, with a well-lit window & some wooden stables.
Jump near the stables, hang on the ledge, and take out the wooden guard as he
walks away. Drop back down, and proceed ahead. There are pitfalls in the center
of the walkways, so avoid walking there. Otherwise, you'll plummet to your
death. For safe measures, crawl along walls where vent shafts are on the floor.

- You'll find a very weird midget robot up ahead. This guy is a pain in the
arse. For starters, he'll probably spot you. When he does, watch for his
helicopter blade attack. It hits about 25 times, then he'll be stunned
temporarily. Counter with a well-lit combo. He may toss several grenades out as
well. Quickstep out of the way. Crawl slowly towards the entrance, and wait for
the trap spears to drop. When they do, roll under them, and finish off the
midget guard. Now, look into the next lava area. There will be a bow-n-arrow
skeleton guard around the corner. Jump slice at him, and take his ammo for
future use. You'll find a small pit in the next room. Drop down to it, but
don't drop in the deeper pits which light up with fire. Use your hook to get
back up on the other side. There's a midget guard on top of the stairs which
can be stealth killed by jumping over the railing. Do so. Use your hook to zoom
to the area above the dead guard. This next area will appear to be a dead end;
it is not. Lean against the wall right here:
 |        |       You'll flip slide the trap door to the other side. Once here,
 |        |____   there will be a lone guard in a small trap room along the
 |         ^^  |  right. Avoid him by grappling up above in the minor attic,
 |             |  and dropping down past the opening on the right. Head through
 |        _____|  the second doorway, and take out the archer guard around the
 |       |        corner.
 |       |
- Once this is done, grab the gift item in the corner, drop down below, and
lean against the straight ahead wall to pass through. It's clearly marked. This
next area can be tricky unless you think smartly. Look directly above you, and
there's two openings. Grapple to the one on the right, then head into the trap
room where the gift is. You'll be locked in from behind. Quickly grab the gift
(don't stay in the center, you'll get smoked/grenaded). Look above you, and
grapple hook to the ledge. Now, run straight ahead, cut a right, and take out
the archer guard. Run up the ledges. Up top, you'll find a lone pike guard
which can be dispatched of quite easily. Turn around, there should be another
blue-lit area with ledges that can be reached via your hook. You're near the
very top now. If you round the corner, you'll notice a midget guard get blown
back by one of the grenade traps in the floor. Stealth kill him as he gets up,
then proceed right, and double hop up both ledges to avoid the trap.

- DO NOT grab the red item on the ground you see in this upper area. There are
collapsable floor panels that will drop you back to the same grenade trap, and
you'll most likely be killed. Instead, cut a left, and take out the midget
guard right before the outside balcony of the castle. Head this way. Run
through the red walkway, jump over the ledge, and take out the guard at the far
end. Grapple hook over the meat grinder above, and continue ahead. Another meat
grinder is below, but a well-placed hook shot to the upper right should place
you in safe keeping. This next part is tricky, as long as you don't waste any
time. You'll see two sharp blades continually drop in timed patterns, along
with an archer guard directly across. Grapple hook to the wooden beam above the
archer guard as both blades are retreating above. Drop down for the stealth
kill. Proceed up the long series of stairs until you enter a main temple room.

   *Rikimaru will notice Kiku being raisen on a platform high above. This
    cannot be good. Suddenly, we see a large freakish robot come out from a
    wooden doorway. The man operating the wooden machine calls himself Kimaira,
    and says he is an inventor/scientist. Rikimaru wonders why he kidnapped the
    princess, and he simply reasons about why not to.*
  * Kimaira                                                         *
  * This boss battle is not particularly difficult, as long as you  *
  * keep your wits aware of the situation. You should have some     *
  * grenades saved up, both from combat and from picking them at the*
  * beginning of the mission. This robot seems to have three various*
  * attacks. One is rapid ranged machine gun fire. The second       *
  * involves a whirlwind spin that is twice as damaging as the      *
  * midget robots you faced before. Finally, he has some grenade    *
  * tosses to watch out for. I found it best to grenade spam the    *
  * robot each time it got up. This should knock off 3/4 of his life*
  * bar. Block the whirlwind attack, and he'll be temporarily       *
  * stunned. Counter-attack with a combo to finish him off.         *
/Mission 7: Retrieve the Steel for Ressai/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the end of the graveyard area
   *The last battle with Kimaira managed to damage your legendary blade. You
    have been given a choice by the legendary Swordsmith - You can either
    replace the traditional sword with normal steel, risking the same legendary
    status, or attempt to mold it with some steel from the Shichishito Sword,
    at the risk of causing an unknown effect to overcome the legendary blade.
    The choice is yours!*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Shuriken       (x6)
                      + Poison Rice    (x3)
- You will now be given a choice, to either use steel from the Shichishito
Sword, or to use no new steel. This walkthrough will cover both results:


   *Rikimaru hands Ressai the legendary Shichishito Sword, and explains to him
    that it possesses the power of Lord Mei-Oh himself. Suddenly, we hear
    several Undead rising from their graves. This cannot be a good sign. Ressai
    hands you his legendary Muramasa sword, explaining that it is the only
    weapon capable of slaying those in the graveyard. You will slowly be
    drained of life, except each hit on an opponent will repair your own life
    bar. It's sort of like the Kitetsu from Ninja Gaiden. Ressai asks that you
    retrieve some metal from the House of the Cemetery, in exchange for
    repairing your sword.*
- Immediately, charge at the Undead in front of you, and stealth kill him. Now,
turn around, and run out back behind the house. Assault the Undead Archer up
top, and head through the back pathway. Proceed through, jump slicing each
Undead who attempts to spot you. It should act sort of like a continuous amount
of regeneration on your part. When you reach the end, you'll end up walking
into an ambush. 4-5 Creatures will pop out of the ground. This mini-boss battle
will consist of about 12 total enemies ranging from goblin spitters, to Undead
Samurais, and finally Undead ranged attackers. Concentrate on the fire spitters
as they have weak defense, but a nasty close-range fire breath that stuns you
while eating damage. You'll also be exposed to Undead Samurais. Once they're
down, fend off the attacks of the Samurais, and quickly slash them to regain
some life. Use health potions when your life runs down to about 25 points or
less. Finish off the remaining enemies, then run to the upper left corner, and
jump down the mine shaft. Leap across the shaft, engaging the ranged archer,
then fending off the Samurai who charges at you. Be quick as you do not want to
waste your potions when they're most needed. Jump down, and look along the
right side for a ledge. Leap up it.

- Run down this small path to the opening in the graveyard. Try to stealth kill
2 of the 3 zombies for much-needed health, and fend off the remaining spirits.
Undead are very unaware, making it easy to sneak up on them. You'll eventually
reach a small graveyard after a series of small jumps/easy stealth kills.
Inside the graveyard, dispatch of the two sentries, then head up the ledges
where the spikes fence is. Grapple hook on the peak of the fence, climb over,
and continue through the purple walkway. You'll have a lone guard directly
ahead which can be taken, along with an Undead Archer to your right. Watch for
the patrolling Ghoul Head. These guys are a pain to actually hit, but have
horrible defense assuming you hit them. Continue flushing through. Go right
when the pathway splits. Drop down into the blood-filled trench. Around the
corner, you'll find a ledge you can hook up to. Do so, and proceed through. If
you get lost, you can always try to re-find the white mouse as it will lead you
in the correct direction.

- You'll eventually see a lone head around the corner, along with a cat. Try to
combat the head, blocking its leeching attacks. Go to the right, and take out
the Undead Samurai. Continue down this cave route. It will eventually exit this
cave system to another graveyard. Out here, you'll have two Undead defaults to
kill, a Ghoul head near the left up top, and one of those fiery goblins. Take
your time, ensuring your health level does NOT get too low. Continue through
the upper left, and ensure to take out the last guard. Enter the marked doorway
to end the mission.

   *A mysterious spirit called Tenrai appears, asking Rikimaru to join his
    forces. Rikimaru refuses. Suddenly, one of his well-known friends is
    revived. Strange...*

   *Ressai doubts your choice to repair the sword with default steel, but at
    least you will not be corrupted with Mei-Oh's spirit inside your repaired
    sword. The rest of the cutscene is a default.*
- The rest of the walkthrough is the same.

/Mission 8: Stop Tadokoro's Rebellion/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make your way to the informant's area
               + Make your way to Tadokoro's area
               + Kill Mifuyu
   *Ever since the mysterious attack on Gohda's mansion, Lord Gohda has
    been nervously watching his back for threats. An informant has said that
    Samurai Tadokoro was planning a rebellion, and Gohda wants the rebellion
    stopped. He wants you to kill Tadokoro, but first, meet with the
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Strength Potion (x1)
                      + Healing Potion  (x4)
                      + Caltrops        (x3)
- Right off the bat, you'll start off near the perimeter of Tadokoro's
headquarters. There should be about 4 guards near the front entrance. Make your
way to the entry roof, and disable the first guard that approaches the street
by himself. Drag his body close to the stream. Kill any remaining exterior
patrolling guards, then work your way in. Drop down for easy stealth kills, and
clean up in head-on combat with anyone who dares. These samurais are albeit
stronger, but not anymore skilled than before. Anyway, finish off the remaining
guards using basic dropdown techniques. It works best to start from the upper
left, and clear south. Then, head back to the narrow tunnel that proceeds to
the next area. Wait for both guards to look in your direction and turn. Make
your move, slicing the guard closest in proximity. Then, rush up the stairs and
jump slice the guard as he walks away. The alternate path is a small windowsill
which can be climbed, but this route is just as decent.

- Turn a right at the top of the stairs, and drop down through the main double
doors. There's a lone guard in this hall, which then opens up to the second
area. Once in the second area, make your way to the small water trench, and
roll down into it. The guard should not spot you. Slowly crawl to the right,
jump up, and crawl throughout this small area. Your map should have a shuriken
marked on it showing exactly where to go. Move ahead, then cut a left into the

   *The source reveals herself to be a woman. She says that she has unlocked
    passage to Tadokoro himself, which should make it easier to kill him.
    She'll meet you there in a bit. You never get to see her face though.*
- Turn around, and head towards the marked shuriken on your map. A small door
will reveal entry to a larger temple room where Tadokoro resides.

   *Once inside, you realize that Tadokoro is already dead. Someone
    assassinated him! A woman appears with two blades. She reveals that she is
    Mifuyu, daughter of Tadokoro. She had to kill him to preserve the family
    name, since she found out that her father was planning a rebellion. She
    knew that Lord Gohda was a rightful master, and Tadokoro could not exist
    without the throne of power. She also plans to kill you, since you're the
    last thread who knows about her father's betrayal. She wants to keep it a
  * Mifuyu                                                          *
  * This girl is a much tougher adversary, even better than Ayame in*
  * my opinion. She's basically armed with two Samurai swords. Her  *
  * perks include rapid attacks with decent power, a few counters of*
  * her own, and an intermediate interrupt attack (similar to       *
  * Rikimaru's interrupt ability). Your best bet is to stick with   *
  * traditional quick steps. She has great footwork, and often      *
  * strikes when you're within range. Focus on sidestepping but     *
  * keeping out of her range. Now is the ideal time to use the      *
  * strength potion you brought along. If you need to restore your  *
  * health, take shelter around a corner of the house, and I highly *
  * recommend fighting in the pit outside of the urban area.        *
/Mission 9: Find Ayame's Imposter/
   OBJECTIVES: + Reach the end of the level
               + Kill Ayame's Imposter
   *Ayame has been accused of attacking Lord Gohda. Ayame tries to explain
    that she is being framed, and that he accuser fled to the forest. You have
    been assigned to track down this suspicious assassin in the forest, but
    must be weary as various spirits roam throughout the forest.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Strength Potion (x1)
                      + Healing Potion  (x4)
                      + Smoke Bomb      (x3)
- Right off the bat, you'll have two zombie guards directly ahead of you. Flank
along the right behind the wall of wooden spikes, then charge slice the lone
zombie. Jump stealth kill the one on the ledge when he flips his head. Up ahead
will be (2) Shikigami Spirits, and two zombie guards. Work on the zombies
first, as the spirits are hard to stealth kill. Watch out for the spirit bombs,
as they'll stun you mentally. Once this area is clear, head into the thick
bamboo area. Enter the narrow shaft. This shaft will exit out to a nearby water
spring. Snatch the health potion, and crawl through the small shaft along the
left. It will exit out underneath a walkway. Kill the nearby wolf & spirit,
then continue down the cave. It will eventually lead up to a new cave entrance
with two zombie guards. Stealth kill the one, but the other one will almost
always see you. Make use of a smoke bomb to distract him and finish him off for
the kill. Watch for his quick execution melee attack.

- At the end of the cave, climb the stairs, and jump out of the manhole. You'll
have to grab the gift after jump slicing the lone spirit in the corner of this
area. You can do so by boosting on a wooden peg fence. There's also a wolf on a
nearby path with long vision that must be killed ASAP. Grab the gift, and head
up the path. You'll find another lone spirit around the corner, which can be
killed with decent ease. Up ahead will be a small basecamp. You'll see a target
practice snowman, along with another patrolling spirit. Ambush it from behind
as it goes up the stairs. In this next stairs area will be several wooden
walls, each complete with pairs of zombie guards. I found it best to stealth
kill one zombie guard, then focus the rest of your fighting energy on the
other. Taking on two at the same time is risky, since one has a suicide grenade
attack, and the other has the instant kill execution attack. Take out both
pairs, and go down the stairs. Round the corner, and finish off the remaining
zombies/spirits patrolling the area. Head towards the closed wooden doors along
the left side.

   *Suddenly, Ayame appears. She gloriously welcomes you as a friend. Rikimaru
    laughs at the disguise, and says an Azuma would never say such a thing.
    It's nukem time!*
  * Ayame's Imposter                                                *
  * This battle isn't THAT tough, as long as you look at the bright *
  * side of things. Many of the imposter's attacks consist of short *
  * quick combos. The most deadly attack by far is the spread toss  *
  * as it launches five spread out shurikens which do a minimum of  *
  * 20 damage per hit. Stay within close range of her, and wait for *
  * her to swoop BOTH blades down as if she was doing an uppercut.  *
  * Sidestep to the left or right, then unload a quadruple combo on *
  * her. Use any grenades you picked up along the way. She will     *
  * not fall into traps such as mines or smoke bombs. Sidestepping  *
  * is your friend, and quickstepping towards her to stay in range. *
   *The imposter's disguise fizzles away to reveal a cunning man with some sort
    of cloaking device. He doesn't say much, and bites off his own tongue to
    prevent Rikimaru from gutting the truth out of him. We then see Tenrai
    summon his last candle spirit to use against Rikimaru.*
/Mission 10: Infiltrate the Buddha Temple/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the inner temple room
               + Fight Ganda & Kagura
               + Fight Tatsumaru
   *This entire operation was a distraction. Gohda's sacred Buddha temple has
    been invaded by Tenrai's forces. Gohda cannot resend his own army to retake
    the temple, as it is Holy Ground, and would appear to be a sign of weakness
    to neighboring states. Because of Ayame being imprisoned, and yourself
    occupied in the bamboo forest, there was no true "defense" for Lord Gohda.
    He now wants you to assassinate the leaders of the enemy's forces inside
    the Buddha Temple.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Strength Potion (x2)
                      + Healing Potion  (x4)
                      + Shuriken        (x6)
- Start off by taking shelter behind the pillar, the engaging the baskethead
guard when he walks away from your position. Look near the deep pit ledge, and
you should see two docking platforms below. Drop to either one, sneak up on the
monk guard, and then stealth kill him from behind. If you do get into a battle,
make use of blocking techniques as he has powerful combos and a whirlwind kick.
Hook back up top. Now, hook to one of the three horizontal beams above you, and
climb through the small center ventilation shaft. On the other side, hop
across, and engage the basket guard as he walks away. These guys tend to not be
as fluent though, so don't expect many stealth kills. Run up top, and engage
the Buddha guard as he proceeds to turn around. Move to the next room. There
should be two guards in the halls. You'll then find a small dropoff point
below, along with 2-3 guards in this area. Stealth kill the Buddha monk first,
although you'll probably be spotted by one of the backup basket guards. Fend
them both off, and make use of the stab move for quick/easy kills.

- Now, look above you, and you should see some fertile areas. Hook up to one of
the beams, then double jump to solid ground, and stealth kill the basket guard.
Go to the right where the dead end stone wall is. Look up and grapple hook
there. Move ahead until you reach the room with a large pit in the center. Look
above you for a small bridge walkway. Grapple to it, climb up, then go left. In
this next area, you'll find a lone guard which must be dispatched of (to your
right). You should also see a large wooden door opened near his body. Proceed
inside. Head around the corner until you reach a dead end with a wooden
barrier, and a large pit overlooking it. Jump on top of the barrier and drop
straight down to the small wooden dock below. Go back through this entryway and
you'll find a small hole in the stone wall. Climb through it, and you'll be
inside a storage room. Boost up using your grappling hook to the very top,
going from beam-to-beam. Do this until you reach the very top of the temple, on
the outside.

- You'll have an immediate threat to deal with, a Buddha Guard, plus a tiger in
the distance. Avoid letting the tiger see you as it is a ferocious opponent.
Instead, turn around, and look above the hole. Boost up to the nearby roof
platforms. Then, look at the temple, and boost to the wooden ledge. Walk up to
the door to load to a new point. You'll now be inside the main temple room.
Simply use the small catwalks to drop down from point-to-point (without
plummeting too far). Once you reach the ground level, a movie sequence will

   *We're soon greeted by two monstrous minions of Tenrai, Kagura & Ganda.
    Kagura was the summoner in the forest who infiltrated to attack Lord Gohda.
    She's also responsible for tossing the cards which summoned spirits. She
    enrages Ganda, a gigantic Undead beast via a card, and it's boss time!*
  * Kagura & Ganda                                                  *
  * This battle is such an easy task, that it almost seems obvious  *
  * at the start. Both Kagura and Ganda can be struck in this battle*
  * quite precisely. Your goal will be to attack Kagura, as she only*
  * has about 25 health, and basic ranged attacks. She's also the   *
  * headmaster to Ganda, which is a much more powerful creature that*
  * would be an impossible task to fight head-on. Keep jumping      *
  * around, from the base of the status to the platform so you can  *
  * flank Kagura by herself. When she's exposed, attack her with a  *
  * combo, or toss a grenade to knock her health down. Using a      *
  * strength potion helps. Avoid her swirling ranged attack, and    *
  * jump over the split three deck attack. Whenever she laughs or   *
  * taunts you, run in quickly and strike as she will not block. If *
  * Ganda gets close, simply run away, lure him to a corner, then   *
  * jump over towards Kagura.                                       *
   *After defeating Kagura, Ganda becomes greatly weakened, almost paralyzed
    in a sense. Tatsumaru drops down from above, one of your former friends,
    and finishes off Ganda with a fatal blow. Rikimaru realizes that Tatsumaru
    was also resurrected by Tenrai, and prepares to duel his former ninja
  * Tatsumaru                                                       *
  * The toughest part about this battle is that he has some of the  *
  * longest combos in the game, and most varied melee grapples there*
  * are. The best strategy is to stay within medium range, and wait *
  * for him to start melee attacking, or swoop quickly with his     *
  * knife. If he swoops with his weapon, tap B to do a ninjitsu     *
  * block, which will temporarily stun him. Counter-attack with a   *
  * combo of your own. If he doesn't do that, block off his melee   *
  * attacks, and counter-attack yourself. If he runs straight at    *
  * you, quickly throw some of your spare shurikens by tapping Y.   *
  * This will lower his life bar quicker without worrying about the *
  * tougher abilities at hand. DO NOT get too aggressive and attempt*
  * to rush attack. If he blocks all of your hits, he will counter  *
  * grapple, usually dealing about 30 damage per grapple technique. *

   *Tatsumaru is fatally wounded, and Rikimaru is fatigued from both courageous
    battles. Suddenly, Tenrai prepares to blow out Tatsumaru's spirit candle.
    Before he can, Tatsumaru reveals to Rikimaru that his scarred right eye
    contains the Ninja Eye, a great power that only he can behold. While
    Rikimaru is not "awakened" yet, Tatsumaru tells Rikimaru to focus all of
    his energy and use the eye to conquer all those who oppose him. Tatsumaru
    dies, and Rikimaru prepares to avenge him. Tenrai tells him to come to his
    island fortress in two days to duke it out.*
/Mission 11: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai/
   OBJECTIVES: + Earn 9 stealth kills to earn the Wrath of Heaven ability
               + Fight Onikage again
   *Two days have passed, and the anger inside Rikimaru has mounted. You must
    proceed to Tenrai's Fortress and defeat the evil Tenrai before his powers
    grow out of hand.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Strength Potion (x2)
                      + Healing Potion  (x4)
                      + Sticky Bomb     (x3)
- Immediately crouch, and stealth kill the zombie guard to your left. Run
ahead, and attempt to stealth kill the other zombie guard overlooking the cliff
ledge. Once this is done, wait for the woman guard below to turn around, then
drop down, and proceed to engage her. You'll find a potion around the backside
of the house. Proceed near the front entrance to the cabin, and take out the
lone zombie guard. Proceed through the canyon entrance, weaving in and out
between lanes. Make sure to use the height advantage to take out the patrolling
guard. After exiting the canyon, you'll now be in a main courtyard with
walkways, and about 8 total patrolling guards. Work your way on the main guard
in front of you, then proceed right, occasionally stealth killing a guard,
crouching, seeking cover, and repeating. Be careful for the woman guard on the
stone platform to your right. I found it best to use the wall for cover, get
around her, jump up, then slice her from behind. Double jump to the wooden
walkway and proceed across the chasym. Look to your right, and hookshot up to
the canyon. Crawl towards the martial arts expert in the upper right and jump
across. I fought him head-on since I did not have any special items to distract
him with. They're almost identical to the monk guards from the previous level.
Go right up the canyon stairs.

- The next part will be tricky. Two Martial Arts experts will circle around a
pillar in this area. Lean against the wall and wait for one of them to
backtrack while the other turns. Stealth kill one, then engage the other (if he
sees you). Go past the cannons on the right, and grab the smoke bomb to your
left. There's a zombie guard on the other side of the wall which can be stealth
killed. This should give you enough for the Wrath of Heaven ability, assuming
you did everything to perfection so far. Don't worry, you've got plenty of more
enemies to go anyway. Head up the stairs, and take out this last martial arts
guard from behind. Now, hookshot to the area above. You should see a lone guard
look back and forth in three directions. When he looks right, rush up the left
side and stealth kill him from behind. Enter the doorway, and cut a left. Go
across the wooden bridge, and engage the martial arts expert around the corner.
Move ahead.

- Again, you'll have two zombie guards near the next cannon room. A jump slice
charge, and then a hookshot drop stealth kill ought to do the job. You'll be
able to drop down to the next area where the woman/zombie guard combo are. Try
to stealth kill one, and head-on with the remaining opponents. Hobble jump up
the series of stone hedges. You should see a woman guard trying to hop onto a
guard tower. Drop down for the easy stealth kill, and head left. Hook up to the
next platform, and then continue up through the next area. Use your basic
techniques to execute the martial arts experts. Walk up to the wooden gate.

   *We reach Tenrai's lair, only to reveal that Onikage is one of the last
    guardians before it. This should be a blaze. Rikimaru vows to end Onikage's
    life once and for all.*
  * Onikage                                                         *
  * Believe it or not, this battle is made so much easier for the   *
  * fact that we have uneven terrain on the battlefield! Start off  *
  * by immediately retreating diagonally backwards to your right.   *
  * You should slant down a small scale of stairs. Lure Onikage     *
  * there until he starts to perform one of his kick kick kick      *
  * combos. When he does, retal on the third kick, and his kicks    *
  * will go over your head, and not have to be forced to block      *
  * against. His strategies are the same from the third mission,    *
  * and as usual, he will gulp down one potion (on top of his 200   *
  * life points). Keep abusing the stairs, and don't chase after    *
  * him.                                                            *
   *Onikage will forgive Mei-Oh for failing, and then will throw himself off
    the canyon ledge to his death. Ah, what a shame.*

/Mission 12: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai - Part II/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the end of the level
               + Fight Tenrai's two forms
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Strength Potion (x3)
                      + Healing Potion  (x5)
                      + Ninja Rebirth   (x1)
                      + Grenade         (x1)
- Onikage was really just a "checkpoint", in a sense. You've still got a long
way to go. Head around the next two corners, working on each of the martial
arts experts. Jump up to the next ledge, and then double jump over the pit.
Take out the martial arts expert to the right, and go up the path. You'll find
a health potion at one of the dead ends. Now, go down the left pathway, and
eliminate the zombie/martial artist. Both of them are on their individual
paths. Look to your right for a ledge to leap up to. Do so, and proceed
forward. There's a woman guard down this hall, along wiht a martial artist for
support. Eliminate them both, run ahead, and you'll see a bunch of tall pillars
in the room. Hookshot to one, then the tallest pillar, and charge the karate
guard once his head turns right. Now, move through the right path. Hobble
across the pillars, and hug the left wall. Engage the green zombie guard, and
try to block-hit him down the pit.

- Head through the large left opening. Hop up each of the walls, and then hang
on one waiting for both guards to pass. Engage the one on the right from
behind, then wait for the one on the left to turn that way. Hit him from behind
as well, and take the left path. You should use your mini-map to head towards
where you're suppose to go. Hookshot to the opening in the upper right that
appears to have red-lava walls. Grapple hook onto the ledge near the top, head
through this doorway, and climb the stairs. Wait for the zombie guard to turn,
then double jump and front-slash him when he turns around. Jump across to the
lateral walkway. Now, a zombie guard will be to your left. Wait for him to walk
out of view, then jump on the ledge, climb up, and slash him. Look to your
lower left, and jump down for the present. Hook up to the wooden ledge. Now,
look to your upper left (left of the metal fence, and hook to this ledge).
Continue through here. Up ahead will be a skull-filled room with a martial
artist. Finish him off as usual. Walk up to the giant door.

   *Suddenly, we're greeted by the evil emperor himself - Tenrai. This man
    curses you, claiming you're nothing but pure evil. Suddenly, Rikimaru
    prepares to silence him.*
  * Tenrai - Form I                                                 *
  * Tenrai's initial form is fairly easy to beat, as he only has 3  *
  * varying magic attacks. They range from a ground spike that goes *
  * straight up, a circular swirl of electricity, and a split       *
  * projectile. Use basic evasion techniques on your own part to    *
  * evade them. He will be temporarily stunned after casting each   *
  * spell, so a quick jump-slash will do the job quite well. Keep   *
  * focusing on getting close to him, as he'll occasionally retreat *
  * away with teleports. Keep slicing and dicing for the final      *
  * blows.                                                          *
   *Just when you think you've killed Tenrai, he calls upon the power of Lord
    Mei-Oh himself. The evil master grants him an overwhelming sensation of
    power. His eyes turn into solid gold.*
  * Tenrai - Form II                                                *
  * No matter what you do for the first couple of minutes, no damage*
  * will be placed on him. You will eventually collapse, but call   *
  * upon the power of the ninja eye. After this happens, you can    *
  * fight him fair and square. Quickstepping will be your best      *
  * friend, for both attacks and defense. He will have a diamond    *
  * earthquake attack, a ranged projectile, and then close combos   *
  * including a dive swoop. Sidestep out of the way before attacking*
  * as it throws Tenrai's balance off-track. Strength potions should*
  * only be drinken when you have the space. Avoid blocking as his  *
  * attacks will overpower you. Try to get in close when he casts,  *
  * and back out when he attacks. The swoop attack leaves him widely*
  * exposed, ideal for a sidestep and counter-combo. The Wrath of   *
  * Heaven should only be used in extreme circumstances.            *
   *Rikimaru is fatigued heavily, from both relying on the Ninja Eye, and
    having to fight an overpowering beast for several minutes. Tenrai makes one
    last dive-jump on top of you, but lands on your sword. The blow is fatal,
    killing him. Rikimaru suffers a deep wound, but doesn't seem too harmed.
    Lord Gohda and his assistant arrive at the fortress thinking you're harmed.
    However, you show to them that Tenrai is dead, and they approve of your
    actions. Ayame assists you out of the area.*
- The game's credits roll.
   *Suddenly, a dark crow flies by all of the blue spirit candles and relights
    them. Onikage says that it is time for his dark master to awake, Lord
    Mei-Oh. Damn that crow.*
   __________________))_/__))_) THE
               __    | \ \)         END
       ,  /|.'    '.|\ .\.-.
       \\_\ \______/ /_//\.-'-.
        '._____\/_____.'  )__.'        Rikimaru's Campaign
         /__| >  < |__\  /    \
        /___\  __  /___\/     |
    mrf/____\\'__'//____\   __|


- 5) Ayame Walkthrough     -
Ayame is the second ninja in the Azuma clan, sort of like a subordinate under
Rikimaru (although she tends to act tougher at certain times). This section
will discuss Ayame's walkthrough, on the EASY difficulty. LAYOUT 1 was picked
by default. I originally planned to play the entire game on Normal, but with
the ability to not continue within a level, and since I had to conserve my
playing time, I decided to go with easy.

/Mission 1: Rescue the Village Girls/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the end of the level
               + Fight the gun mercenary
   *Several village girls have been reported missing, and were seen being
    kidnapped off into the Bamboo forest. The government & police can take no
    action near the holy ground in the Bamboo Forest, and Lord Gohda doesn't
    have much of a choice. He's sending you in to rescue the girls from this
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x2)
                      + Shuriken       (x5)
- You'll notice a lone samurai near a campfire to your lower right. Sneak up
behind him by crawling slowly (he'll hear you exit the water), and go for the
stealth kill. Grab the present on the rock at the end of the stream, then hook
shot back up, and go left. Two guards will be in the snowy trenches up ahead.
Both can be eliminated one-by-one using new stealth moves (thanks to Ayame's
flexible frame). Get back up on the ridge and continue up the left path. You'll
find two more samurai guards up ahead, one being a ranged opponent, and the
other a close-range threat. Remember that Ayame is exposed to melee grapples,
so try to get your kills/attacks done quickly. Proceed up the slanted route.
Grapple hook over the small stone blocking your path. You'll find a lone guard
near the ground level which can be jump killed, and a health potion at the
right dead end. Go left. Two more guards will be down this pathway, at various
points. Stealth kill them both.

- Now, look on the left ledge for a small caveway entrance. Head in, and
continue through to the other side. At the spring, cut a left in the small
hole, and crawl through. On the other side, you'll notice a dead body next to
the fireplace. Enter the next cave, and grab the health potion to the left. Two
guards will talk briefly near the main entrance, then break apart. Try to stay
in the center; don't flank them, otherwise you're instantly spotted. Attempt
stealth kills on both of them, then head for the main doorway. If you have
trouble fighting them, switch to the Pike to give them a taste of their own
medicine. Proceed forward, and leap out of the manhole. Continue around the
corner, and hit the attack dog from behind for an instant kill. Run towards the
minicamp where the target dummy is. You'll have a series of guards in the
trenches to the left, and a lone archer directly in front of you. Use basic
patience techniques, and wait for their patrol patterns to change. Continue
through the trenches ahead. You'll reach one last area after a winding path.
There's a guard on the lower and upper pathway. Try taking out the upper one
with the bow-n-arrow, or some shurikens. Sneak up on the last guard below, and
stealth kill from behind. Grab the gift next to the large wooden door.

   *Ayame rushes up to a nearby fortified cabin. She hears what appears to be
    sexual foreplay, but in the sound of rape. A henchman is terrorizing a poor
    village girl. Suddenly, she bursts the door open to reveal that it's only a
    mercenary playing a game of cards with one of the kidnapped villagers!
    However, he's enraged that one of Gohda's pets has come to ruin his party.
    He says that Echigoya owes them.*
  * Gun Henchman                                                    *
  * This battle is identical to the first gun henchman you faced    *
  * with Rikimaru, except you'll be fighting outside on open ground.*
  * Make use of Ayame's agility to quickstep out of his lunging     *
  * sword attacks. His ranged attacks are avoidable, although he    *
  * does pack a punch with his grapple blast shot. Avoid getting    *
  * close to him, but attacking when he is off-balance. Toss instant*
  * shurikens to bring his life bar down quickly. Use the grenade   *
  * you found also. Not too shabby of a battle.                     *

/Mission 2: Execute the Evil Merchant/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the Evil Merchant's location
               + Kill the Evil Merchant
   *Apparently, the son of the evil merchant has taken over the business,
    even after Rikimaru executed the first evil bastard. You have been assigned
    to assassinate the evil merchant's son as well to prevent this family
    business from being an eternal corrupt operation.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Shuriken       (x5)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x1)

- You'll start off on a nearby roof to the estate. Drop down along the right
and snatch the free gift. Climb back up, and wait for a lone guard to pass by
the front of the building. Rush him for the stealth kill. Now, head along the
far left wall, and go inside the top left building in this area. You'll find an
item right in the doorway. Now, head back to where you killed the guard, and
enter this doorway. Proceed inside this building, and a brief clip will show
several jovial guards laughing, with a key on the ground. Ignore this for now.
Go around the corner and climb through the small vent shaft. Jump up and out,
then cut a left, and hit the guard directly to the right. Another guard may see
you, so engage him clearly and efficiently. Now, proceed on the opposite side
of these buildings to engage one last patrolling guard. Retreat back to the
first side, hook to the nearby roof, and get to the large building in the
center of the map.

- Drop down on the pike guard standing in front of the entrance, then quickly
charge the patrolling guard in the courtyard. Head inside the front entrance of
the building. Step through the mini-door, and take shelter in the wall directly
in front of you. A guard will come around the left corner. When he does, front
slice him for the stealth kill. Go right, and do the same for this guard when
he walks towards the left. Now, proceed through the tree-colored door. Take the
left door, and drop down on the sleeping guard. Kill him, then walk past the
cat and hookshot in the upper right corner. Head through the door. Walk up the
stairs, and head through the series of doors. Now, lean against the corner
wall. This guard will stand still for a bit, but quickly rush him after he
turns. Take the left door, and engage the sleeping guard as well. In the right
door, you'll see a sleeping cat. Run past it, crawl through the hole, and
grapple hook to the attic area above. Move ahead and lean against the wall next
to the guard. Wait for him to turn, then stealth rush him. Drop down on the
next guard near the last area, and grab the gift on the floor. Head through the
sliding door. Drop down to the loading area.

   *Ayame will listen in on the discussion between Echigoya and the evil
    merchant's son. Apparently, Echigoya has discovered a powerful stone that
    grants power to one user when all 3 stones are collected. The merchant
    enjoys the idea of having power, and they both have a sinister look over
    themselves. Ayame drops in, ruining the discussion. Echigoya retreats,
    while Ayame fights off a series of guards that ambush her. Now, it's you
    and the evil merchant.*
  * Evil Merchant                                                   *
  * An easy opponent. Simply use basic combos, and wait for him to  *
  * strike first. Avoid striking and not hitting, as he'll do quick *
  * shoulder thrusts when you get close to finishing your combo. He *
  * will automatically knock you away with a distraction at 10      *
  * health. Make use of Ayame's melee kicks & close range moves to  *
  * knock him to the ground. Use attacks when he is downed on the   *
  * ground.                                                         *
   *The merchant is surprised that a woman defeated him in battle. Ayame starts
    screaming as to where Echigoya ran off to.*
- You'll have to backtrack quite a bit. Hook back up to the attic, and go back
to the initial area where the cat was. There should be a side door near the
right you can take. Stealth kill the guard, run around the corner, and head to
the last door to load the next area marked on your map.

   *Echigoya screams about having a deal. Suddenly, he is brutally slashed,
    and dies from a fatal wound. Ayame never sees the assassin, but the jewel
    is certainly gone.*

/Mission 3: Assassinate the Traitor Hamada/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to Lord Gohda's Chamber
               + Kill Hamada
   *While you were away, a man named Hamada inside Lord Gohda's castle has
    taken the great lord hostage in an isolated room. Coinciding with the
    hostage takeover, several ninjas stormed the castle, occupying each floor.
    Your mission is to kill this traitor Hamada, save Lord Gohda, and help
    eradicate some of the ninjas from the initial premise.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Shuriken       (x5)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x3)
                      + Blow Gun       (x2)
- You'll begin in the one courtyard where the surprise attack began for
Rikimaru's campaign. Look along the right, jump up, and scurry down the hall.
Wait by the bedroom doorway for the ninja to turn his head, then tippy-toe past
it, and wait for the second ninja around the corner to turn his head. Engage
him down. Now, cut a right in the one room where Hamada use to be in the last
campaign. It's the single door on your right. Once inside, head around the
corner, and walk up to the solid wall. You'll enter a hidden trapdoor. Once it
finishes loading, grab the item on the floor, and continue forth. Don't go up
the stairs. Instead, cut a left, and you should see a woman guard standing in
the distance. Rush her when she looks the other way. Then, before heading
through the next door, lean & wait for this ninja to turn. Again, rush them as

- Now, head up this flight of stairs. Jump over the railing, and lean near the
next doorway. Rush the man as he turns away. You'll find two ninjas in the next
room, each in the split section of both sides. Try to stealth kill one when he
is out of view, or use the Blow Gun to silently drop him down. Drag the body
out of the way, and stealth kill the other one. Rush through the next series of
rooms, but use the leaning door technique. You'll find a lot of these ninjas
have fairly easy ambush patterns. There will be 3-4 ninjas in the one extended
room, spread at various intervals. You can actually hit some of the ninjas off
the balcony to fall to their deaths. Rush down the stairs. You'll be in the
colorful rooms of enjoyment. Enter the door for a nice boss battle.

   *Ayame and Gohda's assistant are present, but Hamada is threatening Gohda's
    life. Ayame turns away and tosses a shuriken slicing Hamada's hand. Now
    it's time to really assassinate this traitor.*
  * Hamada                                                          *
  * Surprisingly easier than the evil merchant in my opinion, Hamada*
  * has one lethal attack to watch out for - his powerful stab. It  *
  * will do a sufficient 25 damage. Other than that, he has basic   *
  * swing combos, a weak grapple move, and lunges forward after a   *
  * stab move. Slice and dice this exposed fellow after he leaves   *
  * himself temporarily stunned. Counter with a combo of your own,  *
  * and it might be best to save your ranged projectiles for tougher*
  * bosses in the future.                                           *

/Mission 4: Retrieve the Yoto Swords/
   OBJECTIVES: + Destroy all 5 sealed stones throughout the level
               + Reach the shrine area
               + Fight the Giant Undead Samurai
   *Apparently, Tenrai has managed to snatch one of the three jewels of
    power, while Gohda possesses one of the others. One remains in hiding yet
    to be captured. These three power stones allows the holder to control the
    current realm. Gohda originally had all three, but since two were stolen
    from thieves, much time has passed. Tenrai is an evil being who wants all
    three stones to be able to control the dimension, and has the power of the
    Undead on his side. Lord Gohda needs weapons of equivalency to fight the
    Undead, and only the Yoto Swords are capable of fighting off the Undead.
    Gohda wants you to retrieve the Yoto Swords from deep inside the cemetery,
    so that his forces can fight Tenrai's forces. You must break five sealing
    stones inside the cemetery in order to retrieve the swords.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x4)
                      + Grenade        (x3)
                      + Sticky Bomb    (x3)
- This map is fairly difficult for the simple fact that you alone cannot harm
the Undead. Your swords do no damage to them whatsoever. For starters, run to
the left out of the entrance courtyard, and charge past the zombie in the
distance. You'll find the first stone in the lower right, before a cave
entranceway. Slash it with your sword to destroy it, then charge into the cave.
Your opponents will be normal goblins, Undead zombies, and a few evil human
ninjas mixed in. I highly recommend engaging he ninjas to get them off your
tail, while sprinting along through this map. Rush down the cave. You should
see a cat laying down on the floor. Rush the left side by crawling past it, and
stealth kill this ninja. Then, run down this alleyway, and drop down into the
blood trenches. Crawl away from the zombie not to alert him, and quickly
hookshot up the nearby ledge to your upper right.

- When you reach the next intersection, a goblin will spot you. Look for a
small white mouse on the ground, and follow it down the hall. Take shelter, and
grab the gift box. Wait for the Undead Archer to pass to the right, then rush
by him and proceed up the left route. Continue ahead, and you should see a
goblin standing behind one of the sealed stones. Crawl up to him, and do an
uppercut swing to knock him down. Then, smash the stone, and run down the right
hall. A human ninja is straight ahead for keepsake. Exit the cave. You should
be fenced inside a wooden courtyard. Climb over the fence, drop down, and
scurry to the right. Slide against the wall, and wait for this dark ninja in
the distance along the left to walk back. Stealth kill him. Now, look in the
corner of the base of the hill. Destroy the third sealed stone. Get around the
ghoul head to the right cave entrance, and go inside. Proceed through as usual,
grapple hooking when necessary. Watch for the invincible ghoul head. You'll
just have to jump past him, and grapple up quickly before he can strike. Exit
the cave to the grave courtyard.

- Crouch to get past the goblin in the distance, but you'll have to stealth
kill one ninja halfway down the hill - preferably with a jumping strike. Focus
on flanking the last human ninja via the right, and strike hard. Enter this
narrow caveway. Again, more Undead to dodge. Since their awareness is down,
pass them when turned around. After the mini-pit area, you'll have a human
ninja to combat in the small hallway. Reach the end of this caveway, and boost
straight out of the manhole with the grappling hook. Climb out, and head up the
graveyard hill. Destroy the last sealing stone, and walk up to the mini-shrine
in the center.

   *Ayame walks up to the shrine and picks up both the Kasumi & Shizuku, aka
    Yoto Swords. These weapons can harm the Undead, however, she feels
    temporarily weakened. Suddenly, she hears a rumbling. A huge morphed Undead
    Samurai marches on scene. It's nukem time.*
  * Giant Undead Samurai                                            *
  * The best I found to do for this mission was have a few health   *
  * potions left over, and some skills in jump striking. Basically, *
  * this samurai acts like a stupid ogre. He swings violently, and  *
  * chaoticly, leaving him exposed to jump attacks. Do it after he  *
  * swipes his blade, and even toss in a maximum of 3 strikes. His  *
  * only counters involve a foot stomp, or blood spurt which does   *
  * short ranged damage. Keep jump striking, and don't waste your   *
  * items as they do little to no damage. Repair your health if it's*
  * less than 50 points.                                            *
/Mission 5: Stop Tadokoro's Rebellion/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make your way to Tadokoro's Chamber
               + Fight Kagura
   *Lord Gohda has sent an urgent message to you. One of his formerly faithful,
    Tadokoro, has started plans for a rebellion against Lord Gohda. He also
    supposedly has information on the Jewel of Heaven, which must be retrieved.
    Your mission is to stop Tadokoro from both handing over the information,
    and initiating his rebellion.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x3)
                      + Caltrops       (x4)
- This mission starts off with a bang. You'll be inserted right near the base
camp of Tadokoro. Start off by working on the 4 initial guards that patrol the
area. Work your way on the outermost patrols first, drag the bodies far enough,
then repeat for the two around the bases of the two buildings. Move forward.
Watch for an archer, and secondary guard near the upper left corner. Once
they're both down, head to the upper right entranceway, and wait for the guard
on the ground floor to walk backwards. Take him out, then run ahead, and double
jump to the ledge above the door. Cut a left, and hang on this ledge. Wait for
the guard to turn around, and decapitate him as well. Now, drop down to the
double-wooden door straight ahead. A new area should load.

- Right off the bat, charge at the archer on the base of the building in front
of you. Stealth kill him, and work on the pike guard to the right with a
drop-down kill from the roof of this building. Now, go to the far left side
near the well, and enter up here. Walk to the right, go through the sliding
door, and head to the final door to meet the boss.

   *You'll end up finding Tadokoro, meditating by his own morals. He knows that
    you're one of the Azuma ninjas, impossible to outrun. You ask him about the
    Jewel of Heaven, but he says he never knew of such a thing. He then propels
    a dagger into his stomach, committing suicide. Suddenly, his daughter,
    Kagura, barges in. She is angered that her father would try to betray the
    family name, and wants to end your life for witnessing the event.*
  * Kagura                                                          *
  * Quite possibly one of the toughest boss battles I've faced so   *
  * far, this one takes skill and cunning use of your items. For    *
  * starters, she's an identical character to yourself, except she  *
  * uses two samurai blades, as opposed to 2 daggers. Watch for her *
  * five-hit combos; use sidestepping to counter. She has partial   *
  * tracking on her combos, meaning she will keep her attacks       *
  * focused on you. Make use of the 3 Smoke Bombs you brought, and  *
  * ensure a thrown one hits her. This should disable her, allowing *
  * you to lay in a 4-5 hit combo yourself. Once you get her life   *
  * bar down to <50 health points, the battle will end.             *
   *Ayame lowers her blades, realizing that Kagura is almost identical to
    her. She says that there are better ways to live your life, since the
    path is cleared with her father's death. Oh, and I thought they were going
    to kiss, hehe. She knows that the Jewel of Heaven is located in an
    abandoned temple nearby the city. That's where you can find it.*
/Mission 6: Find the Jewel of Heaven/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the second pagoda
   *Ayame decides to rush to the abandoned temple, in an attempt to find
    the Jewel of Heaven. Soon does she realize that Tenrai's men are already
    there. Let's lock n' load.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x3)
                      + Poison Rice    (x3)
- You'll be inserted near the initial pagoda. Hook shot up to the wall near the
stairs, climb up, and slash the pike guard when he's not looking. Quickly
scurry along this left side, and look at the samurai guard on the wooden
walkway. Wait for him to go right, then use your grapple hook, and hit the
ceiling beam on the entrance to the tunnel. You'll zoom up there. Now, run down
this cave path. Drop down the large hole and run through. You will find a lone
samurai near the bottom of this scale of stairs. Exit the cave, and wait by the
wall to the right as the samurai guard turns around. Jump stealth kill him, and
run up the stairs along the left.

- You'll now be near the main pagoda where the jewel lies. Start off by working
on the first perimeter guard right out front. He shouldn't be too hard. Do not
lean against the transparent brown fence, as guards inside the perimeter will
notice you. Instead, work around the left flank, on the lone guards, who don't
have backup with them. Cut back out front, and kill the guard at the base of
the house. Then, drop down, and kill the remaining 3-4 guards in the front
courtyard. One is sleeping by the firepit, so he can be sliced up last. There
are also a pair of guards out back. Head into the front entrance of this

   *Just when we think we have the Jewel of Heaven, a mysterious blade comes
    and swipes it in half. Apparently, it was a trap and fake gem. The
    mysterious samurai calls himself Jinnai, one of Tenrai's six mysterious
    henchmen. Anyhow, he has been summoned here to permit you to die!*
  * Jinnai                                                          *
  * This battle is slightly easier than Kagura, although you still  *
  * face a threatening opponent. Jinnai uses a combination of sword *
  * slashes, with a powerful flash slash technique when you're up   *
  * close. Try to let him strike first, and wait for him to shudder *
  * his blade in his sheath. Attack when he does this, as he'll be  *
  * totally exposed. He tends to block most of your initial attacks,*
  * but continue to utilize this strategy. Strike him whenever he   *
  * unsheaths, or sheaths his sword. After his health is <50 point, *
  * the battle will end.                                            *
   *The battle gets taken outside. Just when we think things are getting
    warmed up, a shuriken comes down from above. Jinnai wonders why there is
    outside interference. He heads back to the netherealm where he talks to
    Tatsumaru, one of the other Tenrai minions. Tatsumaru says that it's his
    fate to kill Ayame, not Jinnai's. Jinnai snickers at the comment.*
/Mission 7: Go to the Red House of Zennosuke/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make your way to the red house before the castle gate
               + Fight Tesshu
               + Fight Rikimaru's Imposter
   *Two months have passed since the incident. Lord Gohda has sent out many
    of his men in an attempt to find the location of the Jewel of Heaven. It
    has come to no avail. A rumor has popped up that a sage named Zennosuke
    knows the whereabouts of the jewel. Both Tenrai's and Gohda's men are
    heading to the Ronin Village to find out what he knows. Let's bust an
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x3)
                      + Poison Rice    (x3)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x5)
- Right off the bat, you should see a woman ninja walking on top of one of the
nearby houses. Rush this house, double jump up top, and quickly stealth kill
the lone woman. Jump to the houses along the left, crouching every once in
awhile to avoid getting detected. You'll find a second dark-masked ninja on a
house near the left that can also be eradicated. Make your way to the northern
houses along the ridge, and head for the upper right corner. One last ninja
will be patrolling the house roof, along with a fairly stationary ninja
standing near the crouching tunnel. Wait for that ninja to turn, then run up to
it, and crawl through to the next area.

- This next area will be slightly tough. Crawl down via the left entryway, and
there will be a lone ninja around the corner. Stealth kill him by silently
crawling behind without making too much sound in the water. Rush up the small
slanted path, and grapple hook to the house roof. Hop onto the storage barrel,
then drop down to the gate when no guards are looking. In the next area, you'll
have 3 ninja guards, along with several storage barrels. I stealth killed the
first guard once his backup went to check the back area. Then, hop from barrel
to barrel, kill the woman guard, and head inside the gate area to the last
segment. In this last segment, start off by leaping to the first house to the
left. Stay on the roof crouched, so the nearby woman guard doesn't spot you.
Work your way around the outside perimeter on the far left, and silently
eliminate the woman ninja near the castle gate. Then, hookshot up to the tall
building which is the red house. Work on the two male ninjas patrolling the
perimeter below, and head to the front door of Zennosuke's House.

   *You'll enter inside to see the old sage brutally murdered. A shuriken is
    tossed into the ground. A man reveals himself, and appears to be a monk of
    some sort. Suddenly, he says that he's going to avenge his boss's death.
    What the hell!*
  * Tesshu                                                          *
  * This is one of the characters you'll get to unlock later on in  *
  * the game. Anyway, Tesshu has very basic fighting techniques. His*
  * only attack to watch out for is a palm charge, in which he will *
  * thrust forward with all of his might. Simply sidestep, or block *
  * the attack head on, then counter with a combo of your own. Once *
  * Tesshu's health is less than 60 points, the battle will end.    *
   *The man realizes that you are an Azuma Ninja, and says he has no quarrel
    with you. He realizes that you did not assassinate the old man, and says
    his name is Tesshu. After he leaves, Ayame says she heard a rumor about a
    mercenary force which would fight for justice of villagers. He must be a
    member of that organization.*
- Walk back up to the red house front door.

   *Suddenly, Rikimaru appears out of the shadows. He says that it's really
    him, but Ayame doesn't quite believe him. She slashes her blade at him, and
    he barely dodges the attack. She says the real Rikimaru would have dodged
    it completely. It's nukem time!*
  * Rikimaru's Imposter                                             *
  * For starters, this version of Rikimaru can be considered fairly *
  * tough because he has various items in his inventory. Watch out  *
  * for Rikimaru's basic four-hit combo, which can do a decent      *
  * amount of damage HP-wise. Avoid his combos by blocking the      *
  * attacks, or simple quickstepping backwards. I found it best to  *
  * lure the imposter into the watery pit by the sewer room, and    *
  * then jump on high ground. Wait for the imposter to jump up, then*
  * start slashing with your combo until you hit him. Rikimaru's    *
  * throw move is not that powerful, but he will use a strength     *
  * potion the first time he is injured in the match. Avoid him with*
  * the potion on, as he'll have incredible strength; wait for it to*
  * wear off. He also has one potion in his inventory, so be        *
  * prepared for an enduring battle. Get his health down to 0.      *
   *The imposter's disguise fizzles away revealing a not-so spectacular
    wanna-be ninja. Suddenly, Ayame is hit by a blow dart, and collapses to the
    ground. Kimaira and several of his robotic minions drop down from above,
    and snicker at what they have caught. Tesshu hears all of it in the
    background, and feels angered.*
/Mission 8: Escape from Amagai Castle/
   OBJECTIVES: + Fight Kimaira
               + Escape to the end of the level within 20:00 minutes
               + Choose to fight Onikage if you wish
   *After being dragged off to Kimaira's Castle, you simply await in your cell
    knowing that your fate is to come. One of the guards suddenly shreaks, as
    Tesshu infiltrated the castle to help set you free. Seeing that you can
    escape by yourself, Tesshu says that he heard the Jewel of Heaven was
    inside the eye of the Budda Statue at the Buddha Temple.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion  (x3)
                      + Strength Potion (x1)
                      + Shuriken        (x8)
   *After Tesshu releases you from your cell, the door suddenly slams shut.
    Kimaira was listening all along, and knows the secret as to where the Jewel
    of Heaven is hidden. He then wants to "play" with you a little longer.
  * Kimaira                                                         *
  * This one can be fairly tough, since Ayame's attacks do little   *
  * damage to Kimaira's large frame. Start off by realizing how many*
  * attacks that Kimaira has. He has a ranged machine gun attack,   *
  * which can be avoided by double jumping in the left/right        *
  * direction. You'll see him bounce around a bit before shooting   *
  * the uzis. His second attack is a charge; he'll bend forward like*
  * a bow position. Finally, he has a spinning attack which will    *
  * have him stand still before doing anything. Simply avoid these  *
  * attacks, and counter-attack after each attack finishes. He'll be*
  * exposed then. Toss shurikens if he comes at you in a head-on    *
  * fashion.                                                        *
   *After the battle ends, Kimaira says you are going to die. Poison gas is
    set to release if Kimaira dies, and well...he's about to. You have 20
    minutes to escape the castle.*
- Run down the series of stairs, and drop into the pit without awaring the
wooden archer. Grab the gift to the left, grapple up, and stealth kill the
archer. Grapple hook across via the horizontal beam after one of the spades
drops. Now, don't drop down right away; there's a meatgrinder below. Double
jump, but do it slowly. Jump once, fall, then press jump again to reach the
small ledge. Drop down on the pike guard for the stealth kill (make sure to
avoid the second meatgrinder). When you reach the wooden walkway, wait for the
midget guard to turn before executing him. Jump across the pit, reach the next
hall, and do the same for the samurai guard. Rush down the hall. Walk up next
to the grenade trap, but duck as projectiles will be fired overhead. Grapple
hook across the grenade pit trap. Ignore the pike guard, as he'll get blown up
by the device. On the other side, cut a right, and drop from the attic area to
a series of stairs. Go down them.

- There's an archer guard around the corner near the bottom of the stairs. Grab
the two items in the pit, but don't fall in the pitfall holes. On the other
side of the pit, jump to the upper left area. Walk on the walkway, and the door
will seal shut, with gas spurting below. Look where the door dropped, and now
there's an opening if you jump through up high. Do so to pass through. The pike
guard on the other side of the wide pit will fall below. Double jump across
here. Now, lean against the wall. Look for little /--\ symbols on the floor.
Lean against the walls at these spots until one of the walls flips to reveal a
secret room. Now, watch around the next corner for a midget guard. Execute him.
There's another pike guard to your left. Take him out, and lean against the
straight-ahead wall. Double jump onto the pike guard below, and head down this
series of steps.

- Once below, you'll have a samurai & midget robot to deal with near the lava
room. Do your best fighting them head-on. Exit the lava room, and go into the
stable room. Remember to duck to let the pikes drop down, then roll under them.
There are fake floor panels in the stable room. Simply run past them and
they'll collapse in your tracks. There is a horizontal spear trap in the next
room along the left where the enemy is. Dispatch of the enemy, grab the health
potion, and take cover outside of the spear trap. Hookshot on the horizontal
beam above, then jump over to the next room. Don't fall in the lava below.
Instead, engage the wooden archer man on the other side. Run all the way to the
frontal room where a large circle is. A sequence should load.

   *Onikage's back and ready to kick ass. Suddenly, Rikimaru appears by your
    side. You tell him that it better really be him this time. You tell him
    that the jewel is inside the Buddha statue. Rikimaru says for you to go,
    while he engages Onikage. You now have a choice.*

   *You leave the scene, while Rikimaru prepares to engage Onikage. They both
    exchange a series of words, mainly taunts and typical mojo stuff. This
    saves you from a personal boss battle.*

   *Rikimaru says fine to it. He leaves, and you start to taunt Onikage. It's
    two boss battles in one level, wahoo! I chose this option to be the real
  * Onikage                                                         *
  * Basically, this version of Onikage is identical to the other    *
  * versions, as he uses a plethora of martial arts combos, a       *
  * powerful vertical up-down kick, and drinks a health potion when *
  * his life bar is down initially. I found Ayame to be much easier *
  * to use as opposed to Rikimaru, since she can quickly strike in  *
  * between Onikage's combos. Wait for Onikage to triple kick, and  *
  * strike right before his third kick as he's exposed. Don't get   *
  * too close or he'll leech life. He will try to use a health      *
  * potion when brought down to 25-40 life. When he retreats back,  *
  * quickstep towards him, and swoop strike the potion out of his   *
  * hand. His movements will get quicker, so keep countering and    *
  * finish him off.                                                 *

/Mission 9: Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven/
   OBJECTIVES: + Fight Ganda
               + Make it to the eye of the Buddha Statue
   *The Jewel of Heaven is located at the deserted Buddha Temple. However,
    some of Tenrai's men are already there, including a minion called Ganda.
    Eh, doesn't sound that bad. You're to go there, retrieve the jewel, and
    execute this Ganda fellow.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion   (x4)
                      + Ninja Rebirth    (x1)
                      + Grenade          (x3)
                      + Kasumi & Shizuku (x1)
- This battle will begin right off the bat with you facing Ganda. There is no
navigating to do, just the first objective of killing this giant beast. I
brought the Kasumi & Shizuku for you to use if the situation gets desperate, as
they do extra damage against Ganda. You probably won't need them, but we can't
let them get dusty, can we?

  * Ganda                                                           *
  * We've been holding those 3 grenades in your inventory for a     *
  * reason - to hit high HP opponents. Ganda has a 200 point life   *
  * bar which has to be brought down. Lock onto him, and throw all  *
  * 3 grenades. This should bring him below 100. Now, to finish him *
  * off, get in close after he swings 3-4 times, and fight away with*
  * your combo. Quickstep back to avoid his power grapple slam, and *
  * counter jump strike. Repeat this pattern, and use the two swords*
  * briefly if you wish. A lot easier than he looks.                *
- Ayame will climb up into the beginning area of the fortress. You'll now be
inside a cave. Execute the first basket guard around the corner, and drag his
body to a safe area. Then, rush the second basket guard patrolling the cliff
edge. Drop down to the wooden dock, and ambush the monk guard on this lower
area. Look up into the ceiling for an opening. Hook shot up there. Be careful
as there is a stationary guard. Try to rush him when looks towards the left.
Drop down to the next wooden dock, and hop over the next two platforms to a
solid cave entrance. You may find 1-2 items on the ground along the way.
There's also a basket guard up ahead which can be executed when he turns face.
Run up the small flight of stairs.

- When you reach the next floor, be VERY careful. There's a huge bear to the
right that you do NOT want to face. Execute the monk guard as he walks around
the column on the left. Then, grapple hook above the bear not alarming it. The
ledge should be directly above you on the left hand side. Rush this lone basket
guard from the left flank, and enter the new cave area. Boost up with your
grapple hook. In the next area, jump to the wooden dock below. Then, grapple
hook to the above dock. Hook up to the second floor of these wooden beams, and
hide behind the pillar. Let the blowdart guard turn around, then stealth kill
him. Now, jump across the pit to the solid rock across. Head in the direction
of the shuriken to make sure you're not going the wrong way. Quickly look to
your right for a guard, and a large wooden door. Kill the monk guard around the
corner, and rush down the next hole. Take out the basket guard, and proceed up.
You'll find a wooden barrier here. Climb the barrier, and drop onto the dock
straight below. Two basket guards will spot you immediately. Sprint past them,
and crawl through the slit on the floor. Once on the other side, hook shot your
way out of the manhole to where the temple is up top.

- Once you're outside the manhole, use the secret entrance to your upper right,
via use of your grappling hook. Enter this side door. Hook up above, but don't
climb it. Wait for both guards to turn their heads. Decapitate the one, hide
his body, and take out the other. Move forth. There's a blowdart guard on one
of these platforms that has to be taken out. Do it when he turns. Head over to
the head of the statue, and walk near the eye.

   *Tatsumaru appears out of nowhere, juggling the Jewel of Heaven in one hand.
    Ayame says she cannot let him take that to Tenrai. Tatsumaru does not want
    to fight her since he knows he'll win. He then quickly snatches his blade
    to her throat, and she collapses from exhaustion. He runs away with the
    jewel saying they'll meet again.*
/Mission 10: Rescue Counsel Sekiya/
   OBJECTIVES: + Free Sekiya
               + Get the Box of Explosives
               + Destroy the Rock in the Final Room via Explosives
               + Fight Kagura
   *Tenrai now controls two out of the three jewels. Gohda attempts to launch
    a surprise attack, but first must discover where his home fortress is.
    Gohda manages to lose half his army as sacrifice for gaining the intel, and
    his personal assistant, Sekiya, is taken hostage. Your mission is to rescue
    the assistant at this secret fortress.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion   (x4)
                      + Caltrops         (x5)
                      + Poison Rice      (x3)
- You'll begin slightly into the level, near some tracks. Climb up to them,
then drop stealth kill the purple zombie near the cave entrance. Move up ahead,
and a cut a right. There's a woman guard around the corner who can be
distracted by poison rice. Continue up this hill. Jump across the pit and take
out the zombie from behind. You'll find a nearby woman guard around the corner,
near the cave exit area, so be prepared. You can drop down on the zombie in the
pit, but ensure to take cover behind the nearby pillar. Slash the woman guard
as she rushes over to see what's going on. Take the far path in this cave along
the right, and execute the zombie captain. Crawl in the small hole, and jump up
to the ledge. Take out the zombie when he's least prepared. Hook across the
large pit. At the next large pit area, hook across via the rock above the
ledge. Drop down to the wooden plank, but stay on it. Don't drop down to where
the ghoul can get you. Hookshot to land on the diagonal post, then hookshot
above. Once up top, look for the wooden beam on the right to swing across.
Climb up, and crawl in the next hole to proceed forth.

- Run up ahead, and engage the spirit ghoul when it's turned around. Jump down
below. At the next large pit area, you'll have to do another grapple hook to
get across, then a hook shot to reach the small broken bridge area on the left.
Try to stealth kill the woman guard as you land behind her. Finally, drop down
to the left where you will land on solid ground next to a torch. Take this cave
pathway forward. It will start to load.

   *Sekiya is inside a prison cell. He says he's alright. However, his mission
    was to blow up a certain rock inside the cave. He hid his explosives at a
    certain area, along with the rock marked on the map. Do both to accomplish
    your mission.*
- Before heading around the corner, where for the spirit ghoul to turn its
face. Charge and stealth kill it once it turns. Then, go right, and grab the
health potion inside the cell. Now, take the left pathway. Cut in along the
left side, and grab the small brown box of explosives. You may have to drop or
use a few of your items in order to pick it up. Do this, then walk up the
nearby flight of stairs. Drop down to the area ahead, and pick up the 2 items
on the boxes if possible. Assassinate the spirit ghoul around the corner.
Again, drop down. When you reach the next area ahead, it's gonna be a small
ambush. There's a dangerous bobcat in the center which I recommend
range-killing. Use the grapple hook to swing via the left side to avoid the
major commotion. You'll have a lone zombie guard in the upper left corner to
deal with. Then, grapple hook to the walkway above him. Now, take this path all
the way to the green water room. There's one last woman guard in the upper left
corner who can be taken out easily. Finally, run up near the circular rock on
the right. Plant the explosives in front of it, not right next to it. Press Y
to do so. A path will be revealed. Go inside.

   *The hole you blew actually leads secretly into Gohda's fortress. You know
    what to do, and you know how to slice it hard. Anyhow, Seyika wishes you
    your best luck. Suddenly, he is slashed from behind by a spirit ghoul.
    Kagura, the summoner from Rikimaru's campaign appears, and says death means
    nothing - just a part of life. Ayame is visibly angered. Kagura summons a
    large white tiger to assist her in the battle.*
  * Kagura                                                          *
  * This is somewhat more challenging than the previous Kagura      *
  * battle because of the white tiger that is summoned. The White   *
  * Tiger is a very swift and charging attacker, meaning it will    *
  * back, wait, then strike forward, and keep repeating this pattern*
  * until you die. The problem is that the creature strikes over    *
  * your body, even if hurt, causing you to repeatedly get knocked  *
  * time after time on your butt. Try to get up, and immediately    *
  * jump away to safety. Kagura is very weak. Just get in close, and*
  * lay down several hits including a roundhouse kick. She will warp*
  * a few times, but does not use any health potions. Her low life  *
  * bar should make this battle easy. Avoid getting both the tiger  *
  * and her on the same screen.                                     *
   *Kagura is amazed that her own blood is spurting out of her neck (what do
    you expect). She then realizes that she's dying. Ayame reminds her to be
    regretful for her actions for eternity.*
/Mission 11: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai - Part I/
   OBJECTIVES: + Reach the end of the level
               + Fight Tatsumaru
   *After the simple battle with Kagura, you return to Lord Gohda to inform
    him about Sekiya's death, and what to do next. A strategic plan is formed.
    You are to infiltrate Tenrai's castle, and attempt to assassinate the
    leader inside. Meanwhile, Lord Gohda will make an exterior assault.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion   (x4)
                      + Shuriken         (x10)
                      + Grenade          (x1)
- Right off the bat, rush ahead as there are no enemies nearby. You'll have to
drop down on the green zombie along the house first as he's the biggest threat.
Focus on killing the normal zombie near the front of the house from the roof
position. Rush through the canyon, and engage the lone zombie around the
corner. Use the height advantage to drop down on him. Rush ahead till you're in
the next open area. Immediately to your left past the dock is a lone zombie
guard. Hide behind the stack of boxes, and side-rush him for the stealth kill.
Double jump across the chasym as the green zombie guard walks under the bridge
to the right. Rush him from behind for another easy stealth kill. Now, grapple
hook to this bridge above you, and hop up the scaffoldings. Make your way to
the upper right area where the lone karate guy is. Wait for him to walk
backwards, then rush him for the kill. Move up through this canyon.

- One martial artist will be around the corner where the torch is. Side swipe
him as he passes by your lean body. Don't go past this corner. There's a second
martial artist backing him up. Use the same strategy of a leaning-wall side
swipe to finish him off. Run past the cannons and boxes. There's a third
martial artist through the flaky wall. Take him out when he turns around. Head
up the next group of stairs, wait by the wall, and rush the expert when he
flees to the other direction. Grapple up to the next area, and jump slice the
zombie guard to your right on the stairwell. Climb the stairs, and head through
the door. Go left and cross the bridge. Take out the green zombie around the
corner when his path changes. Up ahead, you'll find more cannons, however,
there will be an undead zombie. You cannot harm him with your normal weapons.
Do your best to avoid him; he tends to juggle in a random path. Run around the
corner, and decapitate the patrolling zombie. Run through to where the next pit
is. There's an Undead on the ledge. Wait for him to look the other way.
Silently drop, lean against the wall, and make it to where the stepping stones
are. Wait for the zombie to walk away (refer to your Ki meter), then jump up
the stones one-by-one. Up top, you'll find a quick stealth kill for

- Again, you'll find another Undead after dropping onto the guard tower. I just
simply ran by him, and sprinted up the stepping stones until the next trench
area. You'll notice a lone zombie here. Jump slice him when he looks the other
way for just a moment. I found it best to rush the next martial artist expert
after he turns around. Get close by seeking shelter next to a pillar. Reach the
main door by grapple hook. 

   *Ayame meets Tatsumaru before Tenrai's ultimate lair. He says that it's
    destiny which guides him. He must kill you now. Enguarde!*
  * Tatsumaru                                                       *
  * Probably one of the hardest boss battles in Ayame's campaign,   *
  * unless, you realize Tatsumaru's flaw. Basically, Tatsumaru is   *
  * the male version of Ayame. He's quick, fairly powerful, and has *
  * flexible moves giving him a great range of damage. Watch for his*
  * spear grapple, this will make you lose about 25 health. He will *
  * counter-attack in the middle of your combos when he sees an     *
  * opening, and also will perform a quick slash attack. His flaw is*
  * that he will charge at you in a straight pattern, even when you *
  * retreat from him. Simply do quick shuriken tosses straight ahead*
  * and he will walk right into them. This is why you were suppose  *
  * to bring so many shurikens. He does not drink a potion, and has *
  * a 100 point life bar. Hide behind a pillar if you need to drink *
  * a health potion.                                                *
   *Tatsumaru starts gushing out blood, and Ayame was mistaken, thinking
    he was one of Tenrai's pets. Well, he was. Onikage then drops down from
    above, expecting to kill you. However, Tatsumaru grapples him from behind,
    and betrays Onikage. He tells you to run, and get Tenrai. He says he's
    going to take Onikage back to hell with him. He grapples him, and they both
    jump off the pit. A huge explosion engulfes them both.*
/Mission 12: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai - Part II/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to Tenrai's Lair
               + Fight the two forms of Tenrai
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion   (x4)
                      + Shuriken         (x10)
                      + Ninja Rebirth    (x1)

- Right off the bat, grapple hook to the upper right, and hit the martial
artist from behind. There will be another guard down the hallway which can be
killed quite easily. Take out the 3rd expert by jumping onto the ledge, and
popping up when the moment is right. Continue forth. Watch for the quickfall
pit. Grab the gift item at the end of the right path, and now take the left
path. There will be a zombie guard at the first left inlet you see. Ensure to
take him out when he briefly turns around. The coast should be fairly clear.
Boost up to the next ledge via your grappling hook. The next part can be fairly
frustrating. There will be an Undead bastard around the corner. Since you
cannot harm him (and I didn't feel like bringing those goofy swords), let him
see you. Try to lure him off the ledge if possible by backtracking. There are 2
martial artists around the corner you DO NOT want to upset. After he's
distracted, or somewhere else, get to the first pillar ledge, and hook to the
very top one. Jump across to solid ground.

- Run up ahead, and get to the other side by hopping on the pillars. You'll
find a zombie guard on the left who can be dispatched by taking your time, and
waiting for him to turn away. Now, move through the large doorway, and hop up
each segment wall. At the very top, you'll find a green zombie guard whom I
recommend rushing ASAP. A martial artist will come over to check the body. When
he does, lay a quick pop-out stealth kill before he becomes alerted. Head up
the brief amount of stairs, and grapple to the lava-lit room on the right. Once
up top, jump to the nearby platform, and run to the other doorway. You'll find
a green zombie along the well-lit wall to the left. Hang from the ledge until
he exposes himself for a kill. Jump to the bottom ledge near the bottomless
pit, and grapple up to the little stone ledge. Hook back diagonally left to
this nearby ledge, and decapitate the zombie guard. He's a tad more aware than
normal. Move ahead. Take out the last martial artist before the main door. Walk
up to it to for the final battle.

   *You enter Tenrai's lair, and are almost amazed at the dump he lives in.
    Tenrai takes it as a compliment, and prepares to engage you in a battle to
    the death.*
  * Tenrai - Form I                                                 *
  * Tenrai's initial form is fairly easy to beat, as he only has 3  *
  * varying magic attacks. They range from a ground spike that goes *
  * straight up, a circular swirl of electricity, and a split       *
  * projectile. Use basic evasion techniques on your own part to    *
  * evade them. He will be temporarily stunned after casting each   *
  * spell, so a quick jump-slash will do the job quite well. Keep   *
  * focusing on getting close to him, as he'll occasionally retreat *
  * away with teleports. Keep slicing and dicing for the final      *
  * blows.                                                          *
   *Tenrai notices you to be a tough opponent. He calls upon the power of the
    2 jewels, even though he's missing the third one. His ultimate goal was to
    gather all 3, and use them to summon Mei-Oh as one of his minions to rule
    the world. Ayame calls him a fool, but it's too late, he manifests into a
    vampire-zombie form. You start to feel extremely weak. Suddenly, the bells
    that Kiku gave you before the Seyika mission kick in. The magic lights up
    the room and Tenrai feels weakened greatly. You have hope, fight on!*
  * Tenrai - Form II                                                *
  * This form is actually fairly different from Rikimaru's campaign,*
  * as this Tenrai less defensive-based. Simply use the swoop attack*
  * when he charges at you and wiggles his hands. He has a ground   *
  * wiggling attack that takes about 35 health, which also leeches  *
  * life for him. Jump over it. Watch for his normal swipe combos.  *
  * A quick way of abusing this battle is to do quick shuriken      *
  * tosses since he rushes in aggressively. You should kill him in  *
  * a breeze.                                                       *
   *The lair starts to fall apart, and Ayame decides to escape. On the rooftop,
    she takes a quick breather, but is ambushed by Onikage. He prepares to
    slice her, but Rikimaru saves her for once, and for all. Rikimaru then
    tells her that the bells Kiku gave her were actually made out of the Jewel
    of Virtue. When the jewels were created, the Jewel of Virtue's sole purpose
    was to neutralize the other 2 jewels, should one of them be put to evil
    use. They were, and that's how you gained the power. Lord Gohda kept the
    secret in the bells so no one would know at all. Rikimaru gives you a
    helping hand, but you shove it away like the wench you are.*
- The game's credits roll.
                 __*_             //
              /-(____)           // THE 
             ////- -|\          //
          ,____o% -,_          //      END
         /  \\   |||  ;       //
        /____\....::./\      //           Ayame's Campaign
       _/__/#\_ _,,_/--\    //
       /___/######## \/""-(\</
      _/__/ '#######  ""^(/</
    __/ /   ,)))=:=(,    //.


- 6) Tesshu Walkthrough     -
Tesshu is actually a secret character which can only be unlocked by first
completing Ayame's & Rikimaru's complete stories. All levels must be beaten.
You're first introduced to Tesshu during Ayame's missions, in which he's
supposedly a mercenary who fights for justice. His appearances grants him the
title of a monk, even though he possesses powerful martial arts capabilities.
This section will discuss Tesshu's walkthrough, on the EASY difficulty. LAYOUT
1 was picked by default. I originally planned to play the entire game on
Normal, but with the ability to not continue within a level, and since I had to
conserve my playing time, I decided to go with easy. Note that there are only
six missions in Tesshu's campaign, probably since he's just a secret character.

/Mission 1: Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya/
   OBJECTIVES: + Reach the area to execute Echigoya
               + Reach the area where Nasu is
   *Tesshu Fujioka - the story of a man whom is a doctor by day, assassin by
    night. Basically, there are various underground groups which offer assassin
    services, but only if the accused is guilty of a treacherous crime. The
    local villagers have managed to bring to light that both Nasu & Echigoya
    are guilty of kidnapping villager girls, and the villagers feel no justice
    will be served because of Nasu's high ranking. Tesshu prepares to take them
    both out.*
- Tesshu's recommended item section is different from the other two characters.
He must use personal money to purchase items, as opposed to an infinite supply.
Money is earned after completing an assignment/mission.
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x2)

- You'll start off on a nearby perimeter to the Echigoya estate. Jump onto the
nearest perimeter roof, then jump to the next roof. Avoid the front gate. Now,
hop from roof to roof along the left flank. Drop down to the ground, and jump
up the slanted stairs. Charge and stealth kill the Archer when he turns around.
Grab his bow. Jump down and kill off the pike guard near the very top wall of
the area. Grab his pike. Tesshu has very powerful strikes, at the cost of speed
and agility. Turn around after killing the pike guard, and head to the locked
gate. It isn't locked anymore. Run around the corner, and wait for the one
samurai guard to pass you (as you lean). Pop out, and rip his heart out with
Tesshu's brutal stealth kill animations. There will be a second guard around
the second corner which can be taken out after he turns around. Rip his spine
out using another brutal Tesshu attack. Grapple hook up to the ledge, then up
the manhole.

- Once you pop out of the manhole, you'll have 2-3 guards to neutralize. Avoid
the pikeman to the right, but go between the 4 small shacks, and snap the
archer & samurai's necks. Then, move to the roofs, get on top of the large
building. Drop down on one of the guards to stealth kill, take out the other,
and then enter the building. The one will probably be alerted, but it's fairly
easy to counter-block the pikemen. Once inside, lean against the wall, wait for
the guard on the left, and take him out. Go in the second closet. It should be
marked as a red circle on your map.

   *Tesshu will sneak behind Echigoya, and stick a needle in his neck, ending
    his life. You snatch a key off of his body, and tell one of your servants
    that you'll be done within the hour.*
- Pick up the key on his body. Now, head along the right, and execute the
guard. Head through the tree-colored door, then use the key on the doorway on
the left. You'll have to manually press the key on it, so make sure. Drop
silently down to the ground, and then execute the guard while he sleeps.
Grapple hook to the area in the upper right, and head through the door. There
will be a few more doors and some stairs. Once up top, wait for the guard down
the narrow hall to turn. Execute him. There will be a guard in the left bedroom
up ahead with some rings that you may want to collect. Take the right door when
you're ready. Once through, sneak past the cat, crawl through the manhole, then
go ahead through the left door. Take out the patrolling guard after he's
unaware. Go back to the room you crawled in before, and hook shot above. There
will be one guard in the usual right inlet in this attic area. Take out the
final guard at the dropoff area. Head through the door. 

   *Tesshu starts to hear screaming and slicing in the distance. He sneaks into
    the main room where he finds Nasu dead. He opens the door to see Rikimaru
    fleeing away. Tesshu is angered that he cannot collect on the contract now.
    His boss, Zennosuke, was watching the entire time. He's actually the leader
    of the Underground organization of "Muzen", which employs Tesshu. Zennosuke
    warns Tesshu to never cross paths with the Azuma ninjas.*
/Mission 2: Teach Rikimaru a Lesson/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the final room
               + Fight Rikimaru
   *Tesshu has trouble sleeping the entire night, simply because he could not
    collect his fee, due to Rikimaru killing Nasu. While he was told not to
    interfere with the Azuma ninjas, Tesshu is relentless to prove that he is
    the better asssassin. He sneaks into Lord Gohda's castle in an attempt to
    show Rikimaru the truth.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion (x2)
                      + Smoke Bomb     (x2)
- Crawl straightforward out of the hole, then take out the pike guard around
the right corner. There will be two more guards behind you, one being an
archer, and the other a samurai. Get out of view from the archer as he can see
you over long distances, but take him out when he turns around. Lean near the
next corner, and look down the hall. There should be a lone pike guard. Take
him out, and enter the small padshack room on the left. Go around the corner,
and enter the secret trapdoor. Now, there will be a single guard right outside
of your door to the left. Eradicate him, then cut a left, and proceed into the
small dojo. Take out this pike guard when he is not looking at you. Then, lean
against the next doorway, and rush the second guard when he is exposed. Rush up
the stairs, jump over the railing, and lean near the next door. There is a
single exposed guard to take out ahead in the next room, but he's fairly aware;
so be careful. 

- There will be an archer to take out in the next small room. Two more guards
are to be taken out, one in the same room as the previous, and one around the
corner in the next hall. You'll be fairly close to the outside courtyard. Rush
the pike guard near the balcony. A samurai will be up ahead in the meditation
room. Go downstairs, and you'll be near the ebony-colored rooms. Head into the
series of doors for a sequence.

   *Rikimaru tosses two quick shurikens, but you manage to dodge them quite
    easily. Rikimaru says he cannot let you pass, and you say that's perfectly
    fine - you came for him!*
  * Rikimaru                                                        *
  * This battle is both difficult, and uneventful. Rikimaru has     *
  * 4-5 hit combos we've seen before with the kick finishing each   *
  * series off. He will also strike in the middle of your combos,   *
  * and plays very aggressive, making it somewhat challenging to    *
  * actually get a breather. Make use of your combo attacks after   *
  * blocking or evading one of his. I found it best to switch out   *
  * the pike, and use it against Rikimaru. The long range fits      *
  * perfectly, since Rikimaru rushes you. You can keep two-hit      *
  * swiping to keep him back and do moderate damage. Once he has    *
  * less than 30 health points, the battle will end.                *
   *Rikimaru manages to get his blade right next to Tesshu's neck, however,
    Tesshu also has his needle near Rikimaru's. They both hesistate to slice
    n' dice, and Tesshu just wanted to test Rikimaru all along. Tesshu says
    that if they meet again, one of them will not be alive.*

/Mission 3: Execute the Rebellious Yuge/
   DIFFICULTY: *****
   OBJECTIVES: + Do not kill any of Tadokoro's Samurais
               + Make it to Yuge's Chamber
               + Fight Yuge
   *A rumor has been spread that Yuge, a servant under the great Tadokoro,
    has been assembling foreign ronins for a rebellion against Lord Gohda. Your
    mission is to execute Yuge, their leader, and take out any foreign ronins
    that you see. However, DO NOT engage any of the innocent Tadokoro samurais,
    otherwise you're a wanted man.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion  (x3)
                      + Throwing Needle (x4)
- Well this mission has a twist, don't kill any guy in a blue uniform. Aside
from that, you can kill anyone without a blue robe that is not a civilian. The
foreign ronins usually wear reddish, brown, or navy-colored robes. Start off by
crawling along the left, dropping down, and rushing the ronin on the left. Look
up, and you should see a ventilation shaft along with a Tadokoro samurai.
Grapple up there, then crawl behind the samurai, and stay slightly right, he'll
look left. When he does, wait for him to turn right, and roll behind him down
the dropoff point towards the wooden doors. Basically, don't be seen or heard.
Wait for him to walk back, then run to the doors.

- Run through this narrow tunnel, and look in the next opening. You'll see a
ronin right at the base of the house, a stationary pike guard to the left, and
some more samurais in the distance along the right. Crawl-roll towards the base
of the house, jump up, and then assassinate the ronin. Quickly jump into the
water, and take cover by the house to get any guards off your tail. Now, sneak
into the interior of the house, being careful not to alert the Tadokoro men.
Wait by this wall as there is a Tadokoro samurai who patrols the main door.
Wait for him to pass, then go past the door down the right hall. The door is
locked, which is why we'll head for the back entrance. There are 2 Tadokoros
out back, mainly on the ground level. They will not see you as long as you
crouch. A second foreign ronin tends to circulate through the area where you
are, so be quick, and cut a left around the corner. Walk up to the door to load
the new point.

   *Yuge slides open the doors to reveal Yuge meditating in the distance. He
    says that he's taking him to hell, and that he was sent here to kill him.
    Yuge releases his sword.*
  * Yuge                                                            *
  * This is the hardest boss battle in the entire game in my utmost *
  * opinion. Yuge is a master samurai practically, with high-hit,   *
  * powerful combos, awesome counters, and even spectacular holds.  *
  * Be weary of three various abilities - one being a quick side    *
  * slash that is extremely hard to block. He rarely does it, but   *
  * when he does, he'll penetrate through. His second attack is a   *
  * 5-hit combo involving many swirls. DO NOT stop blocking until he*
  * stops slicing, period. If you think he will only strike twice,  *
  * and release your block, he'll usually hit again. Finally, he has*
  * Ninjutsu Blocking capabilities, meaning he can stun you after   *
  * you toss a punch at him, meaning you'll get exposed to a stab or*
  * power slice. I could find no effective strategy to use against  *
  * him on terrain, as he'll usually block all default attacks, or  *
  * quickstep backwards away from your swoop attacks. The only      *
  * viable technique is to stay close to him (less than 3 feet), and*
  * wait for him to do his normal 5-hit attack combo. Block ALL of  *
  * the attacks, then counter-attack with three punches of your own.*
  * Other than that, you'll find it difficult to get any other hits *
  * on him. Counter-attack this entire matchup, and quickstep out of*
  * his grapples, special swipes, or quick swoops.                  *
   *After assassinating Yuge, Tesshu slides the doors close. Suddenly, he hears
    a samurai scream that Tadokoro is dead. Tesshu thinks it best be time to
    get the hell out of here.*
/Mission 4: Find the Author of the Message/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the main room of the second pagoda
   *After the severe deaths of Yuge & Tadokoro, Tesshu receives a personal
    message asking him to a duel. Tesshu never backs down from a duel, even if
    it means a complete ambush. Tesshu decides to proceed to the location in
    the message, a deserted temple filled with ronins. Eh, I came here to do
    some good.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion  (x3)
                      + Smoke Bomb      (x1)

- You're going to be inserted near an initial pagoda. Work on the first pike
guard, and drag his body near the stairs. Grapple to the second floor of the
pagoda, head inside, and drop down for 200 money pieces. Get back outside, and
take out the two ronins below, one being an archer, the other "another"
samurai. Move along the left side, and grapple hook to the beam above the cave
entrance. Drop down below. You'll find a samurai guard about halfway through
which can be killed as he runs up the stairs. Move forward a bit. After exiting
the cave, wait for another unsuspecting ronin to lose his head in a twist. Move
down the road now. Crawl up along the right, and jump up the ledge. Crawl along
this outside perimeter to this lower right corner. Jump on the manifold, and
drop down the guard in the corner, then work on the back base guard on the
walkway. Move along this wall, get around to the front of the pagoda, and then
focus on getting into the front door as all 3 guards look away.

   *Tesshu walks into the pagoda seeing the daughter of Tadokoro, Mifuyu,
    challenge him to a duel. She believes that he killed her father. He avoids
    her blade slice, and temporarily stuns her by cracking a bone. He seals her
    body shut inside a cabinet. Suddenly, several ronins rush in. They ask
    where the girl is. He says she's put away tight. They say they were hired
    to kill both you and the girl. Tesshu says he's going to cut them out of
    the deal - literally!*
- This next battle is considered a mini-boss battle. You'll be going up against
3 aware Ronins. Use your only smoke grenade when they're clumped together in
this room. This should temporarily cause them to all choke. Move in, and focus
your attacks all on one ronin. Try to kill him if possible. Now, run out of the
small room to the outside area. Position yourself so the ronins align behind
each other, making it easier to fight them one-on-one. If they don't charge in,
fire away with the bow-n-arrow to get a few quick hits in. Other than that,
counter-attack or assault when they're exposed.
   *All three assassins are dead. Tesshu says that she'll be able to regain
    control of her body in a few minutes. She heard everything, about her own
    ronins trying to betray her. He tells her to be happy and get a new life.
    The past is the past, woohoo!*
/Mission 5: Rendezvous with Senkichi by the Waterfalls/
   OBJECTIVES: + Fight Ganda
               + Make it to the meeting place
   *Six months after his first assignment, Tesshu has taken up a new
    assignment - the assassination of a religious cult leader, aka Ganda. 
    He was originally responsible in the villager girl scam, but managed to
    slip away due to religious protection. He is currently occupied at a Buddha
    Temple outside of Lord Gohda's realm.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion  (x3)
                      + Grenade         (x2)
                      + Throwing Needle (x5)
- Thankfully, you managed to sneak into Ganda's personal lair, so we'll start
with the boss battle.

  * Ganda                                                           *
  * A fairly simple battle. You'll be at the base of the Buddha     *
  * Statue. Simply throw your 2 grenades at him, all of your        *
  * throwing needles, then jump punch after he swings with his      *
  * warhammer. Do this a few times and he'll die easily. He's also  *
  * exposed to normal punches when he taunts you.                   *
- You'll now be at the top of the Buddha area. Jump across the platforms to the
solid ground, and take out the basket guard around the corner. Drop down the
hole and head out the door. You'll be outside the temple area. Drop down on the
basket guard, and jump down the manhole. Reach the very bottom, grab the health
potion, and crawl through the small hole. Take out the stretching guard on the
other side. Now, you'll be at the bottom of a large pit. Hook shot to the left
vertical wooden beam. Then, look backwards, and hook onto the wooden barrier.
Drop down the hole, and engage the monk. Hook shot up above, and wait for the
monk around the corner to expose himself. Now, run down this hall, and cut a
left. Jump across the pits, go onto the wooden bridge, and drop to the dark
cave dock below. Wait by the wall for the guard, and execute him. Drop down,
and proceed outside. A sequence will load.

   *You wonder where your contact is. Suddenly, you're surrounded by ronin
    blades. It's an ambush. Jinnai says that they need to talk. Tesshu is
    knocked unconscious.*
/Mission 6: Escape from the Limestone Cavern/
   OBJECTIVES: + Retrieve your three equipment packages
               + Make it to the end of the level
   *Jinnai was a former member of Muzen, the same organization that Tesshu
    works for. Tesshu plans to escape, even though most of his tools were
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion  (x3)
                      + Strength Potion (x1)
   *Jinnai says you only have one way of getting out of here. You must take
    a job for him, to kill Zennosuke. Tesshu says that he cannot do it, no
    matter what. Jinnai says he can rot there for eternity. Thankfully, Tesshu
    had a needle hidding near the collar of his robe, and picks the lock on the
    cell. He rolls past the guard.*

- Simply jump stealth kill the guard, or fight him head on. Grab the pike for
use ahead. Drop down to the bottom, then rush the ninja from behind. Go in the
left cell and pick up the first equipment package. Now, move ahead, and take
out the two guards around the corner. If you have to fight them head-on, make
use of the recently gathered pike. Finally, check the next two cell rooms by
eliminating any nearby guards. They may stay confused a tad longer than normal,
since you escaped from your cell. You'll find a key in one of the packages.
Head up the slanted stairway up above. There should be a pike guard below at
the dropoff point. Try to drop down when he turns; do it silently; then rush
him. Watch for the nearby backup ninja. Head near the right so you can drop off
into the wooden walkway area is. The water should coat the floor. There will be
two initial ninjas, one near the dropoff area, one near the middle, and a few
in the back. You will not be able to grapple hook by them like the previous
characters. Do your best to get stealth kills without hitting the water as it
instantly alerts them.

- Make sure to grab the gift item right next to the torch on the left. It
contains a samurai sword. There's a ninja in the upper left corner too, who
keeps a close watch. Grapple to the wooden walkway, grab the smoke bomb, then
run up to the flowery-green water room. There will be a ninja to take out along
the way. Watch out for a long-range archer inside the water room. Move up to
where the rock use to block a path. Head on through here. 

/Mission 7: Go to the House in the Cemetery/
   OBJECTIVES: + Make it to the house in the cemetery
   *Tesshu was quite worried, almost chilled with the sense of fear down his
    spine. He had to hurry to the cemetery where he could retrieve his payment
    from Senkichi.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion  (x3)
                      + Smoke Bomb      (x3)
- You'll begin near the entrance to the entire facility. Start running forward,
and take out the initial zombie guard along the wall. There will be an archer &
samurai on the level below, both of which can be taken out individually. Work
on the first tunnel, and do not rush the pike guard until he turns around.
Watch out for the archer around the left corner (and the foolish cat), at the
Y-split. Cut a left. Drop down into the blood trenches, and focus on killing
the zombie captain. Hook up to the opening near the left path, then once above,
watch for an immediate zombie guard by the opening. Continue down the hallway.
An archer will pop out at the far end of the hallway. Take cover in the left
inlet, then eradicate him. Go left now, and watch for a samurai to pop out at
the far end of the hallway. Use the same strategy of hiding in an inlet, then

- Grab the smoke bomb, then cut a right down the hall to exit the cave. One
last zombie guard awaits you before the exit. Once you're in the courtyard,
focus on jumping outside of the wooden fenced perimeter. Drop on the archer
when his zombie friend goes to walk the other way. Then, work on the zombie. Go
to the walkway entrance on the right. There will be two enemies though, one on
the high ridge, and one on the low. Pick one of them to engage, then take out
the other. Enter the caveway. A few meters into the cave, you'll run into a
samurai guard in a small pit. Jump on top of him from behind after he turns.
You'll find a health potion up top. You'll enter a small graveyard. I simply
rolled along the left outside wall past all 3 guards. When they see you, sprint
forward until you reach the room with the pit. Drop into the pit and lean
against it, until your Ki meter recharges back to normal. Take out the purple
zombie on the ledge, but be careful that he doesn't jump to the other ledge to
check it out. Move to the manhole at the end of the tunnel.

   *Jinnai will meet Senkichi before you can get there. He fatally slices
    Senkichi killing him. Jinnai disappears.*
- Hook up the manhole, and run up to Senkichi's body.

/Mission 8: Return to Zennosuke/
   OBJECTIVES: + Meet with Zennosuke near the beginning
               + Reach the ending location
               + Fight Jinnai Ukyo
               + Fight Jinnai Sakyo
   *Senkichi was dead, and Tesshu knew what had to be done next. Jinnai was
    the only one who could have killed him, since he was the only former member
    who knew of such a meeting place for assassination payments. Nonetheless,
    Tesshu heads back to the ronin village to help Zennosuke.*
   RECOMMENDED ITEMS: + Healing Potion  (x4)
                      + Smoke Bomb      (x4)

- You'll spawn fairly far inside the town. Jump onto the house roof, then drop
down onto the ronin near the front door. Walk up to the front door. 

   *Zennosuke appears alive and well. He has one last job for you, a personal
    matter. He wants you to kill Jinnai, for terrorizing the people of the
    town. Hell, he even hands over two stacks of gold coins as payment.
    Zennosuke also says he won't be giving out anymore jobs...he's retiring.
    Tesshu agrees, and walks out of the door happily. Then, Zennosuke collapses
    over, just long enough for his friend Tesshu to believe all was well.*
- You now have to reach the other side of the ronin village. Go along the left
hand side, and enter the sewer room. Hook shot up the waterfall to reach the
next ledge. Grab the gift, then exit this area, and head up the left-hand side
of the town. Watch out for a ninja near the center of town. Hook shot up the
stairs, then take out the pike guard as he navigates his patrol. Enter the
large wooden door on the left. Grapple to the first barrel on the left, then,
drop onto the woman ninja below you. Move up the left barrels to reach the next
door. Hook onto the first barrel, double jump to the house, and drop onto the
ninja along the upper right. Now, wait for the ronin in the distance to walk
his path away from you. Double jump across the canal (where a ninja is below),
and then take out the ruthless ronin. Hop onto the marketplace roof, and take
it around the corner. There will be a woman ninja you can easily drop onto for
a stealth kill. Now, move on the small stone plateau, and drop into the water
silently when both the sewer ninja & water ninja take their backtrack paths.
You can roll all the way to the path, and crawl through it.

- You're now at the last area. Hop onto the first house roof, then drop at the
marked area where we see Jinnai waiting.

   *Tesshu says that it's time for Jinnai to die, for all of the horrible sins
    he has committed. Jinnai is more than happy to meet the equation.*
  * Jinnai Ukyo                                                     *
  * Fairly hard to fight with Tesshu because of his slow, power     *
  * moves. Always counter-attack whenever Ukyo puts his sword back  *
  * in the sheath - he's always exposed in this stance. Blocking and*
  * counter-attacking is useless as the Jinnais' attacks always give*
  * blowback resistance. Use at least two smoke bombs to disable him*
  * temporarily to get a few free shots in. Make use of your        *
  * surroundings, aka the house roofs and sewer tunnel to get some  *
  * exposed hits in.                                                *
   *Tesshu makes sure Ukyo is dead by snapping his neck. He then tosses a
    shuriken knowing that Sakyo is somewhere nearby. Apparently, the Jinnais
    are actually identical twins, Sakyo & Ukyo. Ukyo use to lay out the traps,
    while Sakyo did the killings. Many of the victims did not know there were
    two, except for Tesshu. He wants to end Sakyo's life as well.*
  * Jinnai Sakyo                                                    *
  * The only difference I could find between Ukyo & Sakyo was that  *
  * Ukyo has a lighting-quick forward strike, a tad faster than     *
  * normal. He also has an alternate grapple slash technique. Aside *
  * from that, use the same strategy. Sidestep out of the two-hit   *
  * combo, and strike back when he puts the sword in the sheath.    *
  * Make use of the remaining smoke bombs in your inventory, and    *
  * unload your advantage of the surroundings. You can also drink   *
  * your health potions on the roofs where it takes time for Jinnai *
  * to reach.                                                       *
   *Tesshu has to make sure Sakyo is dead, and cracks a bone or two. Sakyo
    says the place is set to blow, and that he's gonna go down with him.
    Tesshu starts to walk away slowly, and is stabbed in the gut by a foolish
    generic ronin. He plants a needle in the back of the ronin's head, and
    tries to walk away again. Three more ronins pop out, he disables them all,
    and walks away. He notices a moth catch on fire, and calls it a firefly.*
   *Several weeks later, Rikimaru is on assignment, and is sneaking throughout
    an area. He hears fighting in the distance. One of his targets appears to
    have been assassinated, by a needle in the back of the neck. He knows that
    Tesshu still works about.*
- The game's credits roll.

    ,.       THE 
   /_\'\-'/     END
   /_|\_\          Tesshu's Campaign
  / /  \ \
  \ \   \ \
  -''mrf ''-

- 7) Extras                -
Extras are always intermittant throughout various adventure games. Items,
different opponents, and even small secrets manage to protrude their way
through the existing manifold to the outer shell of a game. Developers try to
add certain extras that keep games going. Tenchu: Return from Darkness
possesses quite the factor.

/Items List/
There is a huge variety of items available in Tenchu: Return from Darkness,
some of which can be earned through earnest discovery, while others can only be
attained through certain ranks. This section will list the available items,
their rankings, along with what rank is necessary to unlock certain ones.

   #!| Flash Bomb |!#
   This device acts almost like a flashbang, allowing you to temporarily blind
   enemies in range once it is tossed on the ground. Sadly enough, it's fairly
   rare to snatch, only encountered in a few levels, but does have usefulness
   as it can basically stun all enemies without them having to be in a range of
        RATING: ****
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 4
   #!| Viper Potion |!#
   Similar to the eye of the viper (heh I wish), the Viper potion drains your
   health in exchange for a sensation of increased power. It lasts much longer
   than a strength potion since it takes away from your health. I personally
   despise this potion though because I'd rather take a strength potion without
   having to worry about such consequences.
        RATING: **
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 8
   #!| Invisibility Spell |!#
   By enabling this spell, your character becomes almost transparent, allowing
   them to weave in and out of enemy territory. Better yet is that you won't be
   seen at all. Lasts a short time though.
        RATING: ****
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 6
   #!| Fire Spell |!#
   One of the few high-damage items in the game, the Fire Spell is best used in
   masses, especially when surrounded. Simply use this, and a wall of flames
   will extend outward in a circular direction. Useful, but the damage is not
        RATING: ***
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 7
   #!| Chameleon Spell |!#
   Identical to the Invisibility Spell, except it does not make you
   transparent. You'll be disguised as an enemy guard for a brief amount of
   time. Less useful than not being seen at all.
        RATING: ***
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 3

   #!| Ninja Rebirth |!#
   Pretty much the only chance of revival on a map, unless you're playing on
   the EASY difficulty. The Ninja Rebirth item brings you back to life right
   where you died. I highly recommend this item on tough maps, especially ones
   with multiple boss battles are dangerous settings. You can only take one
   rebirth item though.
        RATING: *****
   #!| Super Shuriken |!#
   Ideally the toss of a normal shuriken, except 8 come out at one time. The
   direction is split like a semi-octagon so it allows for increased spread.
   Only problem is that one shuriken will still hit an enemy in one direction,
   as opposed to 8 shurikens hitting him/her in a row.
        RATING: ***
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 1

   #!| Decoy Whistle |!#
   One of the tougher items to find, however, it can be used beyond belief and
   is heavily abused in this game. It basically turns investigating guards back
   to their normal awareness states. It supposedly mimics an animal call.
   However, this item will also make guards return to their normal state when
   hit by ranged projectiles, or when discovering dead bodies.
        RATING: ****
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 11
   #!| Exploding Arrow |!#
   Basically an arrow with a bomb on the tip. Acts like a better-aimed mobile
   grenade. Unfortunately, arrows are difficult enough to aim in this game with
   the auto-arc, so it's usefulness is not as great as it should be.
        RATING: ***
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 2

   #!| Ninja Armor |!#
   Basically minor ninja armor which will close to halfen the damage you'd
   normally take during attacks/boss battles. Sadly enough, this armor is
   extremely hard to find.
        RATING: ****
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 9
   #!| Dog Bone |!#
   This calls a dog named Semimaru to attack the enemy, I suppose. What a tasty
   treat. The dog is somewhat ferocious, but can be killed by the enemy if hit.
        RATING: ***
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 5

   #!| Stone of Power |!#
   Cures the ability of always carrying those pesky potions and boosts. This
   item will give you a permanent boost in your power without having to worry
   about gulping this and that.
        RATING: *****
   #!| Binding Spell |!#
   A small seal is implanted onto the ground, causing any enemies inside the
   seal to get frozen. It's a fairly large circle, but if your enemy avoids it,
   then all is wasted.
        RATING: ***
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 12
   #!| Tiger Trap |!#
   Basically like a mine, except it does concentrated damage to one opponent
   who steps on the trap. Will do a hefty amount of damage plus a knockback
        RATING: ***
   #!| Shuriken |!#
   The basic ranged device of any formidable ninja, Shurikens are a must-have
   during missions. While they do minimal damage, they usually get tossed in a
   straight-path, and can be tossed rapidly for enhanced damage. Cheap, common
   item too.
        RATING: ***

   #!| Healing Potion |!#
   By far the most useful item I've used, the healing potion instantly repairs
   your life bar to the full amount. These are must-haves during levels to keep
   your health up, and also for boss fights. Make sure to get some separation
   to take a quick drink of it.
        RATING: *****

   #!| Caltrops |!#
   I never found much use for these. Chasing suspects who walk over these
   dropped pricks will start to hop up & down on their feet from the pain. Acts
   as a temporary stunner, but does hardly any damage, and you have to watch
   for the prickles yourself.
        RATING: **

   #!| Colored Rice |!#
   Marks a small blatant dot on your mini-map once the item is used.
   Unfortunately, I never had to use this item once because the mini-map is
   fairly thorough if you know what you're doing.
        RATING: *
   #!| Blow Gun |!#
   Easier to aim then the box, but just as difficult to hit an opponent. Seems
   to have a slight uplift after the firing of a dart. It will instantly knock
   a guard out, causing them to sleep "forever", assuming you can hit him/her.
        RATING: ***

   #!| Smoke Bomb |!#
   A fairly common stunner that renders a small cloud of smoke to rise from the
   ground after being tossed. The positive aspect about smoke bombs is that
   they work on nearly every boss/enemy (with the exception of a few powerful
   bosses). Causes your opponent to cough, letting you run in with a slashing
   combo. They must be near to the cloud of smoke.
        RATING: ****
   #!| Grenade |!#
   An uncommon ranged projectile which does heavy damage when it hits an
   opponent directly. Also does knockback effect. Multiple grenades can lead to
   a huge loss of life for bosses, and very useful for making battles easier.
        RATING: *****

   #!| Poison Rice |!#
   A decoy item which is dropped onto the ground. If a guard sees it in his/her
   path, they will eat it. Their health will slowly begin to lower, until they
   die from the poison, or your slash them. They are usually exposed to stealth
   kills when choking on the rice. To save your item from being wasted, stealth
   kill the person choking on the rice, and you'll get the poison rice item
        RATING: *****

   #!| Mine |!#
   Pretty much a grenade that is implanted on the ground. It only detonates if
   your opponent walks over it in close proximity. Because of this, its
   usefulness will never be maximized. You also have to worry about planting
   it, making it almost useless to attempt to use against bosses.
        RATING: **

   #!| Poison Antidote |!#
   If you are poisoned during a boss battle or from an item, this will let you
   stop the effects of poison. I personally was never poisoned, so this item
   was never necessary for me to use during battles.
        RATING: **
   #!| Sticky Bomb |!#
   A unique ranged projectile that can be detonated at your will. Toss it like
   a normal shuriken. It will then stick to the ground, or to a target. Click
   the right thumbstick to cause it to detonate, doing equivalent damage to
   that of a grenade. It is too rare to find commonly, making its use
   restricted to boss battles.
        RATING: ***
   #!| Strength Potion |!#
   I love these kind of potions, because they allow you to get a small increase
   in blocking power, offensive power, and resistance to damage for a short
   period of time. You'll notice a bright shining aura surround you while the
   potion is in effect. Its effects are very short, maybe 15 seconds at most.
        RATING: ***
   #!| Kasumi & Shizuku |!# (AYAME ONLY)
   Blades that resemble the Kitetsu from Ninja Gaiden, these two swords fit
   Ayame in a fashion that allows her to kill the Undead. At the same time,
   they slowly drain her health when equipped.
        RATING: ***
   #!| Dokuto |!# (AYAME ONLY)
   Basically enhanced normal blades. These swords have poisoned tips, letting
   you do increased damage during battles. Sometimes, it's better to slash an
   opponent and run/hide so they can die naturally from the poison. Of course,
   these swords are a hidden treat, and must be discovered in a hidden
        RATING: ****
   #!| Tetsubishi |!#
   Basically a grappling hook for guards, the Tetsubishi will suck a guard
   close to you, almost like Scorpion's "Get over here" special move. Of
   course, this item is only useful for battles where you are already detected,
   but most ninjas have one just in case.
        RATING: **
   #!| Fireworks |!#
   Sets off a small distraction in the air, causing guards to look up. You can
   easily sneak up behind them, by them, or into them for easy stealth kills.
   Useful, but against, rarely discovered.
        RATING: ***
        EARNED: Grand Master Rank on Mission 10
   #!| Muramasa |!# (RIKIMARU ONLY)
   A necessary sword that Rikimaru must acquire to fight the Undead, the
   Muramasa acts like the Kitetsu, but also drains your life slowly. Slightly
   enhanced damage.
        RATING: ***

   #!| Fugaku |!# (RIKIMARU ONLY)
   Probably the best enhanced secret weapon you can get in the game, the Fugaku
   does much more damage when in Rikimaru's hands. Basically an upgraded weapon
   of mass destruction.
        RATING: *****
   #!| Bamboo Gun |!# (TESSHU ONLY)
   An upgraded form of the blow dart, the Bamboo Gun will actually kill enemies
   with one accurate shot. The launched projectiles are extremely quick and
   almost head-on.
        RATING: *****
   #!| Magazine |!# (TESSHU ONLY)
   Not as useful as poison rice, but a much more sinister crime. These
   "magazines" contain picture of more than willing woman, which will distract
   guards for quite some time. Move up behind them and slash them for an easy
   kill as they're occupied.
        RATING: ***
   #!| Disguise |!# (TESSHU ONLY)
   Pretty much a disguise spell, except it's a uniform that Tesshu wears to
   keep himself in hidden secrecy. You will look like a guard for a short
   amount of time.
        RATING: ***

   #!| Super Needle |!# (TESSHU ONLY)
   Identical to the Super Shuriken, except it tosses 8 needles in a
   semi-octagon direction. Useful for spread damage against several opponents.
   Tesshu faces a ton of these situations.
        RATING: ****

   #!| Kumihimo |!# (TESSHU ONLY)
   Identical to the Tetsubishi, except it launches a spike through the enemy,
   instantly killing them. Can be retracted and used against. Takes some time
   to aim and get use to.
        RATING: *****
   #!| Throwing Needle |!# (TESSHU ONLY)
   Weaker than shurikens, and probably not as useful. Their minimal damage
   and acute weakness doesn't make them as useful as shurikens, even though
   they can be multi-tossed.
        RATING: **

There are actually alternate endings for both Rikimaru & Ayame's campaigns,
assuming you pick a different choice during the middle-based missions. I chose
for Rikimaru to use normal steel, and for Ayame to fight Onikage. If you choose
differently, a small cutscene will be different at the end of the game. For
example, choosing to repair the sword with steel from the Shichishito will
cause for Tenrai to be hoping you would mold the evil steel with a purely good
sword. He would state it was his plan all along. I personally didn't bother
checking the alternate endings because they really are not alternate endings,
just a cutscene switched before & after the boss battle.

- To check it out really quick, simply pick the opposite choice, complete the
mission, then in story mode, rush ahead to the last mission to see the
different cutscenes.

/Enemies List/
The following section will briefly describe the various guards you encounter
during the game, and if any weaknesses can be exploited on their part.

   :+: Pike Guards :+: 
   Encountered on various royal estates, and rural areas of Japan, pike guards
   are infantry equipped with pole-based weapons, giving them extreme range on
   attacks. They are ideally rotated around outside perimeters where the range
   proves to be a useful tool in fighting against oncoming intruders. Pike
   guards in Tenchu are extremely easy to kill because they have slow attacks,
   and a max hit-combo of two attacks. Block their attacks, rush in, and
   counter-attack. Their defense is below average since they use a two-handed
   :+: Enemy Ninjas :+: 
   Usually cladded in a ski mask and fitting toga, enemy ninjas equip dark
   colored uniforms, usually accompanied with a small katana, or hand claws on
   each hand. Enemy ninjas are fairly formidable in this game, as they're
   agile, have 3-4 hit combos at maximum, and can also block/evade attacks.
   Thankfully though, their final attack on most combos leaves them vulnerable,
   making it a perfect twist to block, counter, and kill. Watch for their
   agility though.
     DIFFICULTY: ***
   :+: Female Ninja :+: 
   Don't mistake her for a civilian; she has purple spiky hair. This feminine
   ninja is almost identical to Ayame as she holds two small semi-swords, one
   in each hand. This allows for 3-4 hit combos at maximum, fast striking
   attacks, and limited agility. Female ninjas are not as dangerous as you'd
   think, since they can easily be overpowered.
   :+: Zombie Guard :+: 
   Pretty much an Undead character that is risen, making him not classified as
   "Undead", per say. Looks like a pink/purple devil, with a goatee. These guys
   are quite dangerous as they're better than ninjas with powerful attacks on a
   one-handed sword. They have decent blocking ability, and 4-5 hit combos in
   extreme cases. Their grapples are not as strong as the Zombie Captain, but
   still formidable foes. High life bar.
     DIFFICULTY: ***
   :+: Zombie Captains :+: 
   I hate these guys since they're one of the only characters with an instant
   kill grapple move. Basically, don't let these green/blue colored zombies get
   in close, otherwise they have a throat-slit grapple kill which instantly
   knocks your life to 0. Use typical block-counter attacks, and also try a
   variety of uppercut swings. It's best to try and stealth kill these weary
     DIFFICULTY: ****
   :+: Ronins :+: 
   These are sort of like mercenary soldiers. They're not as professional as
   true guards, nor do they have uniforms to support the occasion. You'll often
   find them dressed in red, purple, green, or blue patches. Many of them have
   grizzly hair on their face, and have extremely horrible defense. Make quick
   work of them.
   :+: Wooden Robot :+: 
   Typically a wooden robot, either resembling a skeleton or some sort of
   demon. Wooden Robots are not Undead, so they can be stealth killed, but
   their life bars are quite high. Their defense is horrible, but the life bar
   makes up for it. Watch out for their brief attacks, many of which appear to
   be in chopping motions, or swirls.

   :+: Wooden Midget Robot :+: 
   Insanely hard in my opinion, which is why it's best to attempt to stealth
   kill them before they see you. Watch out for their charged-up swirl attack
   which swings around about 30 times. You can try blocking it continuously and
   counter-attacking. Near their death, they launch out about 4 grenades which
   can instantly kill you. They also have sporadic charge movements.
     DIFFICULTY: *****

   :+: Fire Goblin :+: 
   Little four feet tall beasts that protrude fire from their mouths, and also
   have claw swinging motions. They can only be killed with an Undead weapon,
   so make sure you have one, or run. Their fire blast protrudes a short radius
   like a flamethrower, and does splash damage.
     DIFFICULTY: ***
   :+: Spirit Cards :+: 
   Not too difficult per say, even though they have moderate attacking
   abilities. Looks like white ghouls, except you do not need an Undead weapon
   to kill them. I find it best to use basic fighting techniques, and watch out
   for the spirit slash grapple attack.
   :+: Basket Guards :+: 
   These guys are identical to pike guards, except their swinging motions are
   slower and their defense is worse. Not much more to say about them.
   :+: Martial Artists :+: 
   These guys are extremely similar, if not identical to the Buddha Monks.
   They're basically normal forms of the midget robots you faced inside the
   castle. They have a swirling leg kick, various swift combos up to 5 hits,
   and a slamming grapple technique. Difficult opponents, but can be outwitted
   with smart sidesteps.
     DIFFICULTY: ****
/X-BOX Live/
One of the new features of Tenchu: Return from Darkness is the ability to
actually play online against another person, either head-to-head or
co-operative. Sadly enough, the Live play is somewhat lacking, as hardly anyone
plays it nowadays. Anyhow, this section will describe the Live portion of
Tenchu: RfD, and also explain some key strategies to making it past certain

This places you in one-on-one deathmatch, however, it allows you to select from
the various bosses of the game, and also from the default playable characters.
Once you complete the game, all selectable multiplayer characters should be
unlocked. I rarely play Head-to-Head, so handing out pointers can be a toughy.
Here are some general tips to earning a high ranking though:

       > Some of the highest ranked players host their own games for a reason;
         there's no lag. Hosting your games not only gives you a lag-free
         advantage, but control of the map, and player approval if you wish.
         Your opponent will lag more, making it easier to defeat them in
       > When optimatching, it can filter through games by players higher
         than you, lower, or almost the same. Always pick higher as you'll
         usually find the top players to be more active, otherwise, you'll
         never locate a hosted game.
       > This is the only character I've managed to snatch a cheese tactic
         tactic from. Knock down the opposing player with either an explosive
         arrow, or powerful blow. Once your opponent is down on the ground, use
         Tatsumaru's stab grapple technique. You should be able to immediately
         grapple your opponent right when they rise from the ground. The great
         thing is that you can keep doing this for the rest of the match. They
         won't have enough time to quickstep, jump, or evade the oncoming
         charge grapple of Tatsumaru, and it does a whopping 30 guaranteed

       > While there are only six maps, you can see where your opponent is by
         pressing the BACK button. They should be marked with a colored arrow.
While this is the only other mode you can play on Live (and also more fun), it
too suffers from minor flaws. The biggest limitations are that none of the
single-player maps can be played online. Instead, six unique multiplayer maps
can only be pummeled over and over. Secondly, combat can be tough for the
second player, who will usually suffer from minor control lag during combat.
Because of this, co-op gets old REAL fast, rather than getting fun real quick.
It does have its perks if you can find a loyal gamer who's willing to stay
around for a good half-hour to play each of the maps. This section will
describe how to complete each map efficiently.

  NOTE: Points cannot be earned during co-op, so you can only be ranked in
        head-to-head games.

   >>=> VILLAGE <=<< {{ Recommended Duo: Rikimaru & Ayame }}
   Basically a small ronin village setting, with some highground in the corner,
   several streets/alleyways, and six scrolls which must be gathered for the
   mission to be complete. Five of the scrolls can be found on the ground at
   various corners/areas of the map, while the sixth is on a captain ninja
   guard who patrols around the middle. I found this map impossible to complete
   without being detected, but a good idea is for both of you to split up. It's
   better to earn as many stealth kills as possible to maximize the fun. If you
   get into a bind, run away a bit, jump onto a roof, crouch, and repeat.
   >>=> BATTLEGROUND <=<< {{ Recommended Duo: Rikimaru & Tesshu }}
   Similar to a royal estate area near the morning, Lord Gohda has been
   severely injured during combat, and must be escorted to safety. This is a
   hostage escort mission, as there will be a Gohda NPC near the beginning. You
   will have to clear the way ahead for him, otherwise, one blade swing will
   kill him. Right off the bat, have one ninja go left, the other around the
   right flank. Stealth killing gives you a greater chance of success, so work
   on the initial guards. Repeat this strategy, working quickly and efficiently
   as Gohda is a quick walker. There will be four mines at the bottom of a
   stairwell near the end of the map. Try to defuse them by crawling over them.
   If you cannot, sacrifice yourself to clear the path as Gohda will step there
   no matter what.
   >>=> CASTLE <=<< {{ Recommended Duo: Tesshu & Ayame }}
   This is an all-stealth mission, and probably one of the most fun co-op maps
   as long as you're prepared. You cannot be detected once, so make use of the
   items you find along the way. Try to get as many co-op stealth kills as
   possible. To do so, have your friendly in the area when the other ninja
   presses X on the opponent. Only one person has to press X; you'll witness
   one of the 3-5 co-op stealth kills (neat stuff). Try flanking enemies from
   above by using the alternate paths. Also, make use of the grappling-ceiling
   technique. Grapple to the ceiling, and hold down L right when you reach it.
   Your ninja will stick to the wall for about 20 seconds, before dropping down
   from a lack of energy. Make use of the poison rice, but remember not to run
   directly at them when they look up.
   >>=> CAVERNS <=<< {{ Recommended Duo: Rikimaru & Ayame }}
   There are a ton of Undead enemies in this one, but many of them can be
   killed with normal weapons. Make use of the heightened platforms as earn as
   many stealth kills as possible to meet the points quota. Watch for small
   groupings of enemies, which is why it's best to stick together, and help
   stealth kill two at a time if possible.
   >>=> FORTRESS OF EVIL A <=<< {{ Recommended Duo: Tesshu & Ayame }}
   Appears very similar to the Caverns, except you're surrounded by lots of
   tougher opponents (martial artists, spirit cards, etc...). There's also
   small lava pits and drop-offs to watch out for. Use the same strategies from
   before, and have the stronger player take on the white-uniformed martial
   artists. You'll lose lots of life if you aren't efficient on this one.
   >>=> FORTRESS OF EVIL B <=<< {{ Recommended Duo: Rikimaru & Tesshu }}
   I would never recommend this combo unless you'd absolutely need them. This
   is basically a face-off of up to 10 bosses, ranging from the Evil Merchant,
   the Jinnai Samurais, and so forth. The catch is you don't have any way of
   healing your life. Two bosses will appear at a time in this large open
   arena. It's highly recommend you face off with one each, so that two bosses
   don't gang up on one player. If you manage to distract one boss, throw small
   hit combos on the second boss from behind. You will only get back 20 health
   after defeating 2 bosses per round, so be very defensive.


- 8) Codes                 -
Ah yes, the inevitable urge to plug in a series of buttons to unlock endless
possibilities. Thankfully, Activision decided to add plenty of plug cheats to
let gamers enjoy their endless frenzy of expansionability. This section will
reveal all available XBOX cheat codes. I'd like to give credit to:

- http://www.gamewinners.com/

for providing these cheat codes.

   Restore Health      | Press START to pause the game. Press Up, Down, Up,
                         Down, & X (3 times).
   All Characters      | Wait for the press start screen. Hold White + Black,
                         & press Up, Right, Left, Down. Then, release White +
                         Black, and press L & R. All characters are unlocked
                         for multiplayer, single-player, and head-to-head.
   All Story Mode Missions | Press White (twice), L, R, Right, X, click left
                             thumbstick, & click right thumbstick at mission
                             selection screen.
   All Layouts | Click Right thumbstick, left thumbstick, L, R, White, & Black
                 at mission selection screen.
   Increased Offensive Power | Pause the game. Hold R + White, press Up, Down,
                               Up, Down. Release R + White, and press X (3
   All Ninja Items | Hold L + R, press Up, Down, Up, Down, X (3 times), Left,
                     Right, Left, Right, & X (3 times) at item selection
   Unlimited Ninja Items Quantity | Hold L + R + White. Press Up (twice), Down
                                    (twice), Left, Right, Left, Right. Release
                                    only white, and press X (3 times).
   "Through the Portal" Bonus Mission | A unique mission only for Rikimaru.
                                        Press White, Up, Black, Down, L, R, &
                                        Left at title screen.
   Full Kuji | Pause the game. Hold L + R. Press Left (3 times), Right, & X.


- 9) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate this game? >>

- As much as I want to say Tenchu rules (which it did originally on the PS),
the XBOX version did NOT blow me away by any means. When you're playing a
direct port of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven from the PS2, and there's only a few
extras tossed in, you'd hope for some improvement in the presentation
department. I found nonewhatsoever. While the framerate may have improved
generally, graphics are still potently "texture-slabbed". Houses look perfectly
geometric, textures protrude out in repeat patterns, and most of the level
designs are straightforward (take this area, and move forth). While the actual
designs provided alternate routes (including various layouts), the audio was
quite hairy. Voiceovers are horrible, almost something out of a 60s film. The
actual gameplay is probably the best part, as it incorporates the feeling of
death, stealth, and action fighting into one. However, for a game that was
released a month after Ninja Gaiden, I found it to be almost dismal. The
biggest disappointment by far was online play, which to my frown, was nothing
more than a "menu-based" type. No one plays it online mainly because there's no
friendly pregame lobby where players can chat through. Everything is
head-to-head based, there's only support for 6 maps on co-op, and the host
benefits from a HUGE lag difference. Head-to-head games are pointless to play
as the competitor will have no chance against a lag-free host. Sadly enough,
while the game features tons of depth, including 3 story mode campaigns, no one
will dare play them on high difficulties where you cannot continue on a level
if you die once. It turns out to be a sham, forcing a [6/10] rating.

<< What are the extras in Return from Darkness? >>

- Two additional maps are included in Rikimaru's, Ayame's, and Tesshu's
campaigns. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the items are the same. Multiplayer
supposedly has two new maps, although I still only found 6 total. The biggest
difference is X-BOX Live play, which allows for head-to-head combat (with a
majority of the bosses playable), or co-operative (on 6 multiplayer exclusive
maps only).

<< Why do you dislike this game so much? >>

- I'm probably spoiled. Ninja Gaiden gave me so much more to look forward to.
While Return from Darkness is a great Tenchu game, it's not necessarily a great
XBOX game. When I see outdated presentations, barely noticeable differences
between a PS2/XBOX version, and horribly designed Live play, I start to whine
miserably. This game is a great purchase for no more than $10 on eBay, but
you'll find its excitement to wear off after 2 weeks. To be honest, if the Live
portion was improved (as was expected by many reviewers), then perhaps this
game would have received an amazing rating. It could have been the next Ninja
Gaiden of multiplayer games, but failed in my eyes. You need more maps, less
lag, and some balance to tweak these problems.

<< Who's your favorite Head-to-Head character? >>

- Tatsumaru. This guy, while fairly slow and possesses a similar fighting
fashion to Tesshu, has a tremendous knockdown grapple. Try knocking your
opponent down with an explosive arrow, then right when he/she is about to get
back up, do the Tatsumaru charge-grapple attack. You'll always grapple them,
and get an easy 30 health. Repeat this cheese technique for an easy-kill.

<< Are there any other versions of Tenchu? >>

- Why yes, of course. There were originally two classics produced on the
original PS, Tenchu & Tenchu 2. Both of them were considered must-haves for the
awesome Sony Playstation. Then, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven was released for the
PS2. It was sort of a rehash of the same elements, but added the multiplayer
elements & had better visuals. Return from Darkness is the fourth game in the
series. A complete port of the PS2's Wrath of Heaven, but with Live support.
Too bad the Live support doesn't help make it a necessary purchase. Tenchu:
Fatal Shadows was recently released for the PS2. It's supposedly more of the
same, if not slightly less impressive than Wrath of Heaven. The series still
seems to be spiraling in the same direction.


- 10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms), 
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 11) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Gamewinners.com (( for providing a brief list of codes which I knew nothing
about in order to expand the game's replayability.

)) Activision (( for trying to create an aspiring XBOX title, but failing
somewhat in the multiplayer department. I was really looking forward to the
Live portions, but was greatly saddened by the lack of support.

)) TheGuyinGTA3 & Swiftshark's FAQs (( for having complete Wrath of Heaven
FAQs, which could let me verify that some of the details in the XBOX & PS2
games matched. Thanks.

)) ascii-art.de (( for providing 3 brief ascii gallery pictures which has their
original author names posted in. I love your huge collection of compiled ASCII
art, and thanks a ton.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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