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    FAQ/Walkthrough by UnknownMercenary

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/21/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By UnknownMercenary
    Version 1.0
    Updated 4/21/07
    - 0.8 (4/3/07): Completed up to the Fernandez Warehouse in the walkthrough and
    started on weapons listing.
    - 0.9 (4/18/07): Completed Fernandez Warehouse and started Nakatomi Plaza.
    Weapons section is more detailed, with ammo listings, stats, etc.
    - 1.0 (4/21/07): Completed Nakatomi Plaza and Holmes Observatory. Cheat section
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    to use this FAQ on your website. I will give you permission as long as you ask
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    ===== Table of Contents =====
    1 - Introduction
    2 - Tips
    3 - Walkthrough
    	3.1 - Townsend Museum
    	3.2 - Hollywood Bvd.
    	3.3 - Chinese Cinema
    	3.4 - LA Subway
    	3.5 - Century City PD
    	3.6 - Hollywood Film Studio
    	3.7 - Sierra Corr. Facility
    	3.8 - Cesar Tuna Factory
    	3.9 - Fernandez Warehouse
    	3.10 - Nakatomi Plaza
    	3.11 - Holmes Observatory
    4 - Weapons
    5 - Cheat Codes
    6 - Conclusion
    Die Hard: Vendetta is a first-person shooter with some stealth elements. It was
    released first as a GameCube exclusive, but came out for the other platforms
    later on. Vendetta takes place several years after the third movie, Die Hard
    with a Vengeance. McClane has moved back to L.A. and he's retired from police
    work. His daughter is now a cop, following in her dad's footsteps. Piet Gruber,
    the son of Hans Gruber - the main villain from the first movie - appears, and
    has hatched the ultimate revenge plan against McClane.
    2 - TIPS
    ===== Use the Autoaim and Autojump =====
    Trust me when I say this. No matter how skilled you think you are, the manual
    aiming in this game sucks because the C-stick is far too sensitive. The only
    time manual aim works is with the scoped weapons like the sniper rifle or
    crossbow, because that's the only time you can actually aim steadily. Unless
    noted or unless you feel you're good enough, avoid manually aiming with non-
    scoped weapons.
    ===== Discretion is the Better Part of Valor =====
    Use stealth when you can; it'll save health and ammunition. By grabbing enemies
    hostage you can usually force the other enemies to surrender. This doesn't work
    all the time and you'll can often get by with pure brute force, but there are
    some situations that will require stealth, so get used to it early on.
    ===== Don't Forget to Lean =====
    Leaning with the L button and control stick lets you survey your surroundings
    from cover. You can also fire your weapons in this position and you can adjust
    how far you lean out. It's a useful tool, and important in when in areas where
    stealth is required.
    ===== Switch Weapons to Reload =====
    Whenever you switch weapons, they will automatically be reloaded. Do this to
    avoid long reloads for weapons like the shotgun. This doesn't work with one-
    shot weapons like the crossbow or the rocket launcher.
    ===== 3.1 - Townsend Museum =====
    Walk forward and to your left towards the girl and the medic, and pick up the
    medkit. Go up to Al and talk to him with the A button until the cop welding at
    the door says that he's in.
    Walk towards the door and open it, and then run away and to your left to avoid
    damage from the falling rubble that comes as soon as you step through. Kill the
    thug that walks out of the doorway. Stay near the door; there are 3 guys in the
    next room: one behind the counter, one by the stairs and one on the 2nd floor.
    Kill all 3 and then walk behind the counter and grab the medkit. Run up the
    stairs and to your right, dropping guys as you go. You'll have killed the last
    guy when you trigger the bullet cam. Now walk through the rooms until you spot
    two guys guarding a hostage. Hose them and talk to the hostage. Now turn to
    the doors and open them.
    To your left is an alcove with arches where bad guys are hiding. Take them out.
    Grab the medkit here and head down the stairs, mowing down more guys.
    Eventually, Dick Thornberg comes out. Pick up the sniper rifle and leave him
    alone. You can talk to him but when you do, some guys will come out from the
    door behind him. Kill them, then enter stealth mode.
    The next part you can either go stealthily or guns blazing. If you go gung ho,
    shoot all the bad guys and then use the sniper rifle or autoaim to take out the
    guy holding Von Laben. Now head outside.
    There's one guy on the balcony and 2 on the courtyard. Take care of them which
    ever way you want and equip the twin Uzis. Now head around the corner. There
    will be loads of thugs here and in the adjoining courtyard. If you want you can
    wait at the corner and blast them as they come or turn on Hero Time and waste
    them all within a matter of seconds.
    When they're all dead there's one more guy holding Lucy hostage. Equip the
    sniper rifle and shoot him in the head. If you don't have any more ammo in your
    sniper rifle, aim up and to the left and shoot the plant nearby. It'll drop on
    the thug's head and he'll let go of Lucy, giving you a clean shot. Talk with
    Lucy and Thornberg to end the mission.
    ===== 3.2 - Hollywood Bvd. =====
    Start off hurrying to Fat Larry's around the corner. Talk to him if you want,
    and enter the diner. Examine the corpses and two thugs will come at you. Kill
    them. Exit the diner and head off in the direction Larry is facing and you'll
    receive reports of a bank robbery in progress.
    Head towards the bank entrance but keep your distance. Pop all the thugs, and
    then pop the hostage taker when autoaim targets him. Head inside and speak with
    the hostages. Now follow the blood trail upstairs. A hostage will come out, and
    some thugs follow. Shoot every thug that autoaim manages to target, and pick up
    the medkit in the area. Head into the door that the hostage came out of and
    shoot the guy behind the desk. Go through the window.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Enter stealth mode and head down the alley towards the screams and talking.
    Grab the gangster in the white shirt and the other gangsters will drop their
    guns. Release the gangster (DO NOT SHOOT HIM) and interrogate him to complete
    one objective. You can talk to the hostage if you want.
    Head down the street and jump on the dumpster, onto the wall. Turn to your
    right and jump onto the ledge there. Move forward, jump onto the dumpster and
    the onto the building and take the corner. Move down the stairs and wast the
    guys in here and head out to the street and to your right.
    Stop when you reach a clothing store. Enter stealth mode if you're not already
    in it and wait for them to stop talking. Go inside and, again, grab the guy in
    the white shirt to free the hostages. Take the gang clothes on the counter in
    front of you and put them on by going to the inventory screen and selecting
    Move to the change rooms. The first and fourth are empty, the second has a
    woman in her underwear and the third has a thug waiting for you. Kill the thug
    and go through the only door available. In the alley, a whole bunch of thugs
    will be loading stuff onto a truck.
    Kill them, and head into the truck for a medkit if needed. Double back and
    follow the blood trail into a music store. Go through the storage area and to
    the area behind the counter. Kill the thug here and pick up his pool hall card.
    McClane will talk about a meeting at the pool hall. Head all the way back to
    where you came from back onto the main street. Take a left; you're in the right
    place when you see a parking lot with a dumpster. Go through the nearby doors
    and up the stairs. When the bouncer asks for ID, show the membership card by
    activating it from your inventory. Talk to him, and then head inside.
    If you talk to the gang members they'll recognize you and open fire; otherwise
    they'll fight amongst themselves soon afterwards. Now would be a good time to
    use Hero Time. Kill them all and check their bodies for a Cinema key. Head out
    the doors and back to the main street where more bad guys will be waiting.
    Head down the street killing thugs as you go. At the end of the street is a
    hole and two bad guys in it. Kill them and any other guys that autoaim picks up
    and then activate the crane. Jump to the other side of the hole and more guys
    will come at you. Kill them and enter the cinema to end the level.
    ===== 3.3 - Chinese Cinema =====
    There's a civilian directly in front of you that you need to rescue, but don't
    go through the door - it's a trap! Instead, shoot out one of the windows and
    go inside. Talk to him, and then crawl under the concession stand counter and
    grab the guy inside the next room. Arrest him to take his vest. Go outside and
    cap these 3 guys. Head into the main theatre.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Open the doors and edge slowly forward, picking up the crossbow. Use the cross-
    bow to pick off the thugs silently. If you don't get all of them, at least get
    the ones on the balconies. Go in and clear out the rest of the thugs in this
    Head up to the seats behind you and shoot down the banner. Climb up the banner
    to the second floor seats and waste the two jokers waiting for you here. Go on
    through the exit doors into the hallway.
    Two guards will exit from a door; you can kill them or let them pass. Go where
    they came from. Equip your twin Uzis and gun down all of the guards as quickly
    as possible, including the ones in the office holding hostages. Talk to them
    and they'll tell you they took the projectionist. Exit this room and take the
    door to the left and head upstairs to the projection room.
    A single thug will be guarding him. Kill him or arrest him, and then talk to
    the projectionist if you wish to learn more about the story. Look for the
    switch for the organ's power, and flip it. Head back the way you came, and go
    back to the seats you climbed up to earlier. Look down and you'll see some
    guards. Take them all out with the crossbow.
    Once that's done, use the exit door again and turn to your right and take the
    stairs all the way down until you see the organ. Turn it on and then climb on
    to it and ride it up to the stage. Get off and run behind the curtain. Head to
    the far end of the room, where there's a fake brick wall. Look up and shoot the
    sandbags holding it up. Walk through and take care of all the thugs here, and
    then take a left and shoot out the grate. Crawl into it the end the level.
    ===== 3.4 - L.A. Subway =====
    Switch to your fists and move to the grating and punch it out. Drop down. There
    are a bunch of hobos around here you can talk to, as well as a hobo disguise.
    There are some mercenaries ahead of you. Deal with them however you wish and
    go through the nearby door and you'll hear two people talking. You can't open
    the door, but there's another vent nearby.
    Enter the vent and as you crawl through you'll see a subway train pass by. Turn
    to your right and ventilate the guard there, and then go up the stairs and take
    out the guard to your right. Be sure to grab the painting piece. Pick up the
    night vision goggles and turn them on.
    Stand by the entrance to the subway tunnel. When the train passes, walk out in
    to the tunnel and hug the wall, and run to the right into an alcove. Hide there
    until the train passes again and then head out. Run until you see a hole, and
    drop into it and go prone. Wait for the train to pass again, then jump out.
    The tunnel alternates between alcoves and potholes for a while until John says
    something to indicate you can go on through.
    Waste the four thugs here; you can't arrest any of them. Cross to the other
    side after waiting for the trains to pass. Once you're on the other side, grab
    the chaingun. As soon as you do more mercenaries will come out on the other end
    so waste them all. In order to proceed, you'll need to destroy the door behind
    you. Use the chaingun or a grenade and proceed down the hallway and into the
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Head forward through the sewers and take a right, then head straight again.
    Take the ladder down and grab the medkit, and then head through the open sewer
    pipe. Jump out and kill all of the mercenaries, and then climb the ladder up
    the scaffolding and jump down to the platform that's to your right.
    Go up the stairs and kill the mercenary to your right, as well as the one in
    the dark corner. Jump over the counters and you'll be in a large circular area.
    Go through the doorway to your left and listen in on the conversation. While
    you are, pick up the painting piece here and open the toolbox for the generator
    key. When he is done talking, grab him and arrest him. As soon as you do,
    Frontier will be talking again on the laptop, so just use it to continue the
    conversation. Once it's done, McClane will close it and take it with him.
    Take the path to your left and quickly kill the two guards watching the
    hostages, then talk to them. Turn on the generator and be careful heading down
    the stairs. There's one guard to your right, one to your left and two ahead of
    you standing on the scaffolding.
    Once they're dead, turn to your right and use the crane. You'll need to align
    the pipe between the two platforms in order to continue. Move the control stick
    up and down to rotate the pipe, and use the C-stick to move the crane. To get
    off of the crane, press action again and then jump on through to the other side
    and continue.
    Proceed through the corridors and get the final painting piece. When you meet
    up with Von Laben, talk to him to shut him up, and then follow him back down
    to the sewers. When you reach a locked door, press action on it and McClane
    will ask Von Laben to open it. Keep in front of Laben as go through this area,
    because it's filled with guards. Try to keep moving forward and to your left,
    and you'll have reached the final area when you see a series of waterfalls.
    Wait for the water to stop momentarily, and then jump. Von Laben won't jump
    unless you turn the water off, so do so after each jump. When you get to the
    end of the waterfalls, open the final door to complete the level.
    ===== 3.5 - Century City Police Department =====
    Keep walking until all hell breaks loose, and then kill the first group of
    thugs here. Equip the Uzis they've dropped and then take a right. At the 2nd
    floor of the parking garage, there will be a whole lot more guards. Let loose
    on them some fiery Uzi fury. Pick up the proximity mines one of them drops.
    John will yell out "Mine!", so keep your eyes peeled. To your left, by the door
    is a small blinking red light - those are the mines. If you get too close it'll
    trigger. Shoot it from a safe distance and it will blow up. Move to the right
    and shoot the mercenary through the glass, then enter the security room to talk
    to the wounded cop. He'll give you the armory key. Pick up the medkit here, and
    flip the switch to open the parking lot doors. Leave the room and go through
    the door that was previously protected by a proxy mine.
    Head outside and you'll see two cops fighting it out with some mercs, who are
    perched on the balconies of the open rotunda. You can't save them. Instead,
    avenge them by killing all of the mercs on the balcony. Head up these steps and
    shoot/punch the lock to continue. Head up the next step of stairs and take out
    any guards and mines you'll encounter.
    When you reach the bridge or get close to it, Gruber will come at you with an
    armed chopper. Run past the bridge quickly to clear the proxy mine there, and
    quickly kill the guard waiting. Try to avoid the helicopter's chaingun. Keep
    running, past another proximity mine and head through the glass doors.
    In the next hallway, two mercs are waiting so kill them. The next hall holds a
    single guard and some proximity mines - lean around the corner and shoot one
    mine to set off all of them. Inside the room to your left are two more mercs
    shooting at cops outside; kill them.
    Proceed down the hallway and up the stairs, and talk to the wounded cop and he
    will inform you of the seriousness of the situation. Take the door to your
    right and enter stealth mode. Grab the leader - the one who's talking - to free
    Thornberg. Arrest the other guys, and then talk to the reporter.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Take the door to your left and you'll enter an open office area. Go prone and
    hide behind one of the desks - Gruber's helicopter is back. Once it's done its
    sweep of the room, run up to the double doors ahead and then run back - you'll
    trigger a proximity mine and kill the merc behind it. Two more are in the area,
    so gun them down too.
    Go through the double doors to your left and proceed down the halls. You'll
    here two guys beating a cop - it's Al. Go in and gun the two thugs down, and
    then talk to Al to rescue him. As soon as he says there are more "guests", exit
    the room and gun down the three thugs - two are charging you, and one will hide
    behind the corner to take potshots at you.
    Once they're all dead, go back and talk to Al. Now double back and keep going.
    You'll see two corridors. Go down the one closest to you. You'll find some
    foolish mercenaries trying to break into the armory - kill the two of 'em and
    then enter the armory. You'll find a shotgun, a medkit and an armor vest.
    Go back and take the next corridor and you'll see a series of interrogation
    rooms. You can't rescue any of the prisoners held here, so don't bother. Go
    down the hall and clear out any bad guys you see. Don't leave this area. Turn
    to your right and go into the interrogation room there. Talk to Lucy over the
    She'll suggest using Herbert Dowd to get the communications back online. Keep
    talking, and then help her break the window down to rescue both Lucy and Von
    Laben. Now leave this area and go to the prison cells. Talk to the fat one; he
    is Dowd. Let him out of his cell and wait for him to get to the communications
    room; he's quite slow.
    You still have the doorway bombs to defuse and the suitcase to look for. Head
    back to the jail cells and speak to the rest of the prisoners until you find
    one that can defuse the explosives.
    Convince Nitric to defuse the bombs and then let him out and he'll go and do
    it. When you get near the PD entrance, stay back in the glass room other wise
    he won't defuse them - he'll tell you to get back because the bombs might go
    off. After several seconds of fiddling, he'll have defused them.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Go out the PD entrance and there will be a group of mercs waiting. Shoot the
    car near them to blow it up, and then take out the rest of them. Turn to your
    right and toss some proximity mines here. There are some guards waiting, and
    more will come. Lure them towards the mines or just shoot them. Search the 
    corpses for the evidence briefcase. When the parking lot is clear, keep moving
    as more mercenaries will come. When they're all dead, the level ends.
    ===== 3.6 - Hollywood Film Studio =====
    Speak with the SWAT team member if you wish, but move to the left of the gate
    and behind the little security booth is a lock on the fence - punch it out and
    go through. Take a right and speak with the SWAT team members; they'll direct
    you to the captain. Turn around the corner and you'll see one of the SWATs get
    taken out by sniper fire. The captain will ask you to take out the sniper and
    he'll give you the stage key. If you want to grab the dead man's shotgun, time
    your move so you go in between sniper shots.
    Now go all the way back and take a left. A merc will be waiting on the glass
    skywalk; shoot him with your pistol. Open the door to your right and there are
    three mercs with assault rifles; kill them all and pick up their guns. Climb on
    to the set and look for a hole to drop down to.
    Wait for the mercs to stop talking. When the rest of them leave the leader,
    enter stealth mode and grab him. Now walk through the corridors to get the rest
    of the mercs to surrender. Go back to talk to the actors and one of them will
    give you executive key. Double back and take the cherry picker up to the cat-
    walk. Go to the far right to pick up a medkit, then take a left and you'll be
    on the skywalk the merc was guarding earlier.
    Proceed down the hall. Now you'll see a giant castle. Two guards will appear on
    top, so kill them. Once downstairs, more guards will appear, so waste them. The
    walls can be shot down, so shoot them and kill any guards you see. Move to the
    far left corner and you should see a ladder up. If you don't, shoot down the
    rest of the walls. Climb up the ladder and turn around. Head along the path and
    jump up onto the stairs to your left.
    Take the stairs up and go through the halls, gunning down all of the mercs until
    you find the sniper. Kill him and pick up the sniper rifle. The captain will ask
    you to cover his team. A bunch of snipers will come out. Move to the left of the
    balcony. One sniper will appear in front of you. The next appears on to the
    building left of the last, on the roof. The next one appears to your right, and
    he's behind some glass. The fourth sniper appears to the left of the last, on
    the adjacent rooftop. The last sniper appears atop the water tower.
    When they're all dead, jump down onto the crash mat and talk to the SWAT team
    members. When he's done talking, go down to the back of the studio lot and you
    will see a gated fence. To the left is a door; open it to proceed.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Enter the room and equip the sniper rifle if you don't already have it in your
    hands. Zoom in and shoot any mercs you see. Way at the back of the room, there
    are two actors dressed up as soldiers who are being held hostage. Wait for the
    merc's head to bob into view and then fire. When both actors are rescued switch
    to your assault rifle and pick off the rest of the mercs.
    When you approach the rope bridge, it will explode. Jump down and kill the lone
    thug here, and then turn on the pyrotechnics. Climb back up the rope bridge and
    cross the gap using the two downed trees. Pick up any weapons here and talk to
    the two actors. Once that's done, head down the stairs and out the door.
    John will notice the trailer behind held in place by a block. Shoot it to send
    the trailer crashing through the fence. Some actress will come out and yell at
    you. Ignore her and move on through to the Western set and you'll see a chopper
    take off.
    Some more mercs will ambush you, so kill them all. When they're all dead Nitric
    will come out with dual Uzis. This is your first boss fight, and it's not tough
    at all. Perforate him with your assault rifle, and use the shotgun if you still
    have ammo left. Once he's down, the level ends.
    ===== 3.7 - Sierra Corr. Facility =====
    Wait for the first guard to walk past and then grab him. Take him back to your
    cell and arrest him. Switch back to your fists and go prone. Edge towards the
    closest stairwell, but wait for the lower level guard to pass. Go downstairs 
    and head into the empty jail cell to your left. Wait for the guard to pass you
    on his patrol, then grab him. Take him upstairs to your cell and arrest him; if
    you don't someone will notice him squatting in a cell on the 2nd floor and you
    will get shot.
    Go to the empty cell at the far left of the room and grab the cigarettes, and
    then go to the corridor to your right and talk to the prisoner in the cell 2nd
    from the left. He'll light a cigarette for you. Now go to the 2nd cell from the
    right and use the lit cigarette on the smelly matress. A prisoner will yell for
    the guards. Quickly run into the cell to your left. Once the guard has come up
    stairs and starts extinguishing the fire, EXIT STEALTH MODE and RUN down the
    stairs to the room directly in front of you. Open the cabinet and crouch down
    to get inside, and then turn stealth mode back on.
    When the guard comes back and sits down, slowly get out of the cabinet and turn
    around to your right. Edge forward until 2 more security guards come out with
    some boxes. Wait for them to pass, and then enter the door in front of you. As
    long as you're still in stealth mode the guard here won't notice you. Flip the
    elevator switch and then exit the room, and go to the elevator where the 2 guys
    with boxes came from. Take the elevator up.
    Once you exit the elevator, try to avoid getting shot at or blown up. When you
    reach the end, an explosion will create a hole in the far left corner of the
    roof. Jump down and then jump down the laundry chute to avoid the fireball of
    explosions coming at you.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Push the yellow cart in front of you to open the doors ahead. A gunfight will
    break out, so time your moves so that you can avoid getting shot as much as
    possible. Proceed down the halls and speak with the injured cop. You can bust
    out your guns now to take down armed prisoners, so equip a firearm and proceed.
    Keep going through the halls and through the supply rooms, which are filled
    with armed inmates. Open the switch in the 2nd supply room to go outside. In
    front of you is an inmate inside of a truck shooting you. There are two more
    inmates to your left. Kill all three and pick up their weapons, and head inside
    the trucks for a sniper rifle and a medkit. One more inmate will appear in the
    guard tower, so shoot him too.
    Proceed through the courtyard and you'll run into another firefight between the
    prison security guards and armed inmates. Shoot the inmates, and try to dodge
    the security guards' fire. Round the corner and enter the double doors. More
    security guards die here, so pick up their guns. Shoot the guys on the ground,
    and then use the sniper rifle to pick off the two inmates in the watch towers
    to your right. Exit into the next courtyard and climb up the ladder to the roof
    to continue.
    Go all the way to your left and kill the inmate guarding the opening. Exit this
    room and proceed down the hallway gunning down more inmates as you go, and then
    take the elevator downstairs.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Talk to the prisoner in the straitjacket and he'll give tell you how to get out
    of here - "up down up up down". Proceed into the next room and enter the door
    closest to you. Flip the switches in accordance to the order the prisoner told
    you to open the security door. Don't forget the medkit in here.
    Head on through and open the door in front of you. Two prisoners are holding
    the doctor hostage. You can't grab any of the thugs, so just go downstairs and
    they'll tell you to leave. They'll get angry and open fire, so kill them and
    then talk to the doctor - he'll tell you how to get to keys to the execution
    Go back to the prison cells and enter the one with the bikini babe poster. Use
    the poster and it will reveal a hole in the wall. Climb up the ladder and you
    will see a powered off fan in front of you. Turn it up to 5, but be careful not
    to get sucked into the other fan. Once it reaches the 5 setting, it will blow
    up. Climb up the ladder.
    This next part is tricky. Equip your assault rifle and go prone. Open the grate
    and kill the guards closest to you, and then zoom in and shoot the rope holding
    up the SWAT team member - if you don't do this quickly, he'll die. Once he's
    free, go in and kill the rest of the prisoners. Talk to the SWAT team member
    and he'll give you a SWAT disguise, which comes with a full armor vest. You can
    put on the actual disguise from your inventory, but you don't have to.
    Look to your left and you'll see a door control. Hit it and watch it blow up in
    your face. Now head up the red staircase and enter the vents. Crawl through and
    you'll drop down to the other side. Go through the halls and you'll see some
    inmates fighting some SWAT guys. Help them out, and then go through the doors
    and have a chat with the captain.
    Go to the next room and pick up the medkit if you need it, and keep going down
    the hallways, which are infested with armed inmates. Blast them all with your
    assault rifle. When you reach the warden's office, two inmates will be waiting
    inside. Gun them down and pick up the safe combination. Use the painting to
    reveal the safe and then open it. To get to the safe, push the table towards
    the fire place and then jump to it. Once you have to keys, proceed downstairs.
    Follow the prisoners' insults and gun down any inmates you see. When you reach
    the execution chamber the warden is held in, you'll find a handful of armed
    inmates. Gun 'em all down and then free the warden. He'll open the roof doors
    for you.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Head up the stairs. As soon as you open the doors, a bunch of inmates will
    ambush you. A couple are in front of you, one is behind and above, and one is
    waiting around the corner to your right. Kill them all, and use a medkit to
    heal yourself if you need to. Walk towards the helipad to trigger a 2nd boss
    fight with Nitric. This time he has an assault rifle. Kill him, and use Hero
    Time if you're having serious trouble. Once he's dead, the level ends.
    ===== 3.8 - Cesar Tuna Factory =====
    You automatically have a silenced 9mm selected, but forget about stealth -
    select your Uzi but stay in stealth mode for now. Follow this path until you
    hear a bunch of mercenaries talking. It's almost impossible to arrest them all,
    so lean around the corner and blast away. You should be able to get through
    this part relatively unscathed. Another merc will be waiting for you in the
    building to the left of where the mercs were standing before. Kill him and
    head out the two doors. In these hallways a bunch of mercs will ambush you.
    In the next area you'll notice a worker being used as target practice. Kill
    the two goons who are shooting him, and then talk to him. Head inside the
    building and go upstairs. Take the door to your right and enter the smelly
    bathroom. Punch out the grate and enter the vent but don't head in too far, and
    wait for the mercs to stop talking. After a minute or so two of the mercs will
    leave, leaving only a single mercenary guarding the hostages. Kill the merc
    guarding the hostages, and then exit this room. To your right is another room
    holding more mercs; kill them to rescue the hostages. Talk to them, and they'll
    give you the gantry keys. Go back to the room where you wasted the two thugs
    and look out the windows. You'll see a metal walkway up ahead - that's the
    gantry. Shoot out the windows and jump onto it, and then head for the nearest
    door and open it.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Kill the guard here quickly - if you don't he'll roast the worker with a flame-
    thrower. Slowly move down - if you have autojump on, you'll vault off of the
    crates and lose about 20-30 points of health. Behind the crates you used to
    get down is a medkit. Talk to the hostage, and pick up the flamethrower. Flip
    the switch to make the hoisted crates start moving. Go back to the crates you
    jumped off of earlier, and then time your jumps so you can get across the gap
    to the platform on the other side.
    Open the door and kill the two mercs at the opposite end of the room, and then
    the merc to your left. Don't fall into the vat of oil. You'll notice there are
    two containers holding oil drums - zoom in on the locks with the assault rifle
    and shoot out the locks, and then jump across the sea of oil using the drums.
    Head on through and down the stairs. There's one merc waiting behind you; blast
    him. Keep going and past the next set of doors are three mercs waiting to kill
    you. Continue along the hallways, killing all the thugs you see. When you reach
    a room with a red conveyor belt, jump down and a bunch of mercs will come at
    you and turn the conveyor belt on. While you're moving, you'll need to shoot
    the mercs shooting at you while jumping over the sawblades. This is the best
    time to use Hero Time. When you reach then end, hopefully you didn't take too
    much damage. Proceed through these doors and go down the stairs.
    The next set of doors will lead you into a conveyor belt room filled with bad
    guys. Stay back and let them come to you, or charge them with Hero Time on if
    you didn't use it at the last area. When they're all dead, pick up the medkit
    at the far left corner of the room, as well as the asbestos gloves.
    Continue through the hallways. When you reach a room with a water tank and a
    box inside of a large gap in the floor, shoot out the tank. The water will leak
    out and slowly fill the gap. Jump onto the box and then onto the other side of
    the room.
    In the next room a worker will be held inside of water tank and be left to die.
    Perforate the merc on top of the tank, and then shoot the tank, making sure you
    don't accidentally shoot the worker. Let the water leak out and he'll be saved.
    Go down the next hallway and quickly kill the Yakuza thug with the flamethrower
    unless you want to get roasted. Enter the cold storage room and kill any thugs
    you see. You'll need to turn the valve to open the door at the end, but it's
    frozen shut. Stand back and blast it with the flamethrower. When it turns gold
    coloured, use the asbestos gloves from your inventory to open the door, and 
    then gun down all the Yakuza inside. In order to exit this room, you'll need to
    shoot the liquid nitrogen tanks next to one of the doors. When it turns blue,
    shoot the door to break it down and then head outside.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Equip your assault rifle, or your dual Uzis if you're running low on ammo. Turn
    around the corner and some Yakuza thugs will ambush you. Kill them, then take
    cover and reload. Strafe around the next corner to dispose of the next batch of
    Yakuza thugs, including the one manning the chaingun. A Yakuza thug with a 
    rocket launcher will appear, so take cover. Strafe out and shoot him and he'll
    destroy Sugi's ship. Sugi will appear, so fill him with lead too. Go where he
    came from and you'll find a medkit and an armor vest.
    More Yakuza thugs will come your way, so deal with them. Go around the crates
    and you'll see two workers being held hostage by some mercenaries. Don't try to
    shoot the mercs; instead look to your left for a chute. Shoot the red handle on
    the chute to drop some fish on the mercs. The workers will run away, so shoot
    the mercenaries dead.
    Talk to the workers and they'll agree to help you. Follow the crane operator
    to the crane and some crates. Jump on top of the green crates and he'll hoist
    you up. Shoot out the window in front of you and then jump into the warehouse.
    Jump down and clear out the warehouse. Go through it a few times to make sure
    you've killed all the mercenaries.
    Now that that's taken care of, open the left-most garage door and listen in on
    the conversation. You'll need to sneak onto the truck. Wait a few seconds for
    the majority of the guards to leave. Enter stealth mode and get behind the 
    shipping crates to your left. Move forward and 'round the corner a patrolling
    soldier will come. Grab him and dispose of him however you wish. Continue on
    and go around the next corner. Grab this guard and drag him back behind the
    crates and take care of him. Now move in front of the truck and turn to your
    right. Don't go into the alcove to your left; you'll alert the other guads.
    Just move forward and grab the last guard in front of you, facing to the right.
    Drag him behind some crates and dispose of him. Now climb into the truck. If
    you did it correctly, the level should end.
    ===== 3.9 - Fernandez Warehouse =====
    Crouch and stay in stealth mode. When the truck stops, the back doors will open
    and you'll hear some mercenaries talking. When they're done, slowly move to the
    back of the truck using the boxes as cover. You'll see one merc patrolling in
    front of you. Quickly grab him and take him out. If you fire a shot, you'll
    alert everyone, so if you want to do this stealthily, just arrest him. It's
    easier to kill everyone else once you have an assault rifle, so feel free to go
    Rambo. Equip the assault rifle and gun them down. To the left of the truck in
    the distance is a manned chaingun - take him out as fast as you can to avoid
    taking serious damage.
    When they're all dead, head into the small building that's to the left of the
    truck. Inside you'll find a way to destroy the missile. Pick up the clipboard
    and select it from your inventory to read it: you'll need to find and destroy
    10 barrels of fuel. Someone will buzz you over the intercom; open the gates to
    let the truck in.
    Now walk outside and in front of you will be a small canister in a metal stand-
    that's a fuel canister; shoot it from a distance. One down, nine to go. Now go
    up onto the little stairway to your left and jump onto the crate, and then jump
    onto the truck. Now jump over the wall and enter stealth mode.
    Open the door in front of you and wait until the patrolling guard has his back
    turned, and then grab and disable him. Head up the stairs and you'll hear the
    sound of a toilet flushing once you enter this little office. Behind the next
    door will be a guard waiting - you can catch him in the bathroom sometimes if
    you're quick enough.
    Proceed through the hallways to a door that leads outside. Autotarget and shoot
    as many as you can through the door. Head forward through the courtyard and
    kill one last guy on the courtyard. Look for the 2nd fuel canister and shoot it
    to destroy it. Take note that in front of you and to your left, in the distance
    is a bunch of crates you can jump on. At the opposite end of those crates is a
    crane. Activate it to move the box close to the crates, and then deactivate it
    when the box is approximately lined up to the crates.
    Jump onto the crates, onto the box and then onto the roof. To your right is a
    merc; waste him. Shoot out the skylights and then blast everybody you see. Hop
    down and head towards the doorway without the keypad. Behind the door is a desk
    with a medkit; grab it. Open the door and take the stairs up. Get close to the
    doorway but DO NOT WALK INSIDE. Lucy will explode.
    Enter the room and you'll discover that it was just an exploding dummy. Pick up
    the keycard and go back to the locked door. Open it and then head downstairs.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    In front of you and to your right will be some mercs talking. You can't sneak
    up on them, so kill them. Stay near the stairs; some more mercs will come up.
    Kill them all and then head downstairs. Don't forget the medkit, which is on
    the desk behind the stairs.
    Take the only door and you'll find some mercs listening to a boombox. Kill them
    and then chill for a bit if you want. If the music pisses you off, shoot the
    boombox. Continue along the hallways until you walk onto a balcony. Two mercs
    will be in front of you - to save ammo, shoot the fuel canister in between them
    for a nice, big explosion. Three down, seven to go.
    Jump down and open the garage door to your right. You'll see two mercenaries on
    the catwalk above you, talking. Kill them or wait for them to leave, and then
    shoot the switch they were standing near in order to open the next garage door.
    This area is crawling with guards. Try to take care of the ones on the catwalks
    first because they're a gigantic pain in the ass. When they're all dead, shoot
    the 3 fuel canisters in here, and shoot the fireworks too if you want a nice
    light show. Six down, four to go. Head to the end of the room and jump onto the
    stack of crates. Make your way across the room jumping on top of the crates 
    until you get onto the red catwalk.
    There are a whole bunch of jumping puzzles next, and it's recommended that you
    use autojump since manual jumping is so twitchy. Run to the end of this cat-
    walk and autojump to the next. Jump onto the plank at the end and then get to
    the next catwalk. Autojump to the next catwalk and then enter the door.
    Continue along the catwalks until you reach a large, open storage facility with
    large stacks of crates and two cranes. Slowly edge down, and pick up the medkit
    while you're at it. Take a left and then walk forward. In an alcove to your
    left will be a mercenary struggling with a fuel canister - help him by shooting
    it. Now go to the switch here and turn on the cranes. Go back to where you came
    down from and John will make a comment on an exit - you'll need to find a way
    up there.
    You'll need to jump onto the forklift when it's at its lowest point and closest
    to the ground level. If you miss the opportunity to do so, wait 'til it gets
    back to its original position. Jump on it and wait for it to lift you up to the
    top floor of crates - there'll be a guard here. BE CAREFUL - shoot him and not
    the canister; at this range you'll get blown up. You'll want to jump into this
    little alcove where the canister is; if you don't get it the first time, just
    try again.
    Once you're on there, wait for the crane to come back and get onto the top of
    the forklift and not onto the actual platform of it itself. Wait for it to go
    up to the top level, which should take you onto the top of this crate struc-
    ture. Jump onto it and climb up the ladder to your left.
    Crouch and slowly make your way along the top of the vents to your left. You'll
    need to jump the gaps between the vents; stand up before jumping. You'll need
    to jump about 5 times. Once you reach the catwalk, punch or shoot the grate out
    and go through.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    This guy with the forklift will kill you if you're not quick. Push one of the
    boxes near you towards the forklift, and use it to jump over the forklift.
    This takes several tries and it's quite frustrating, but you can restart from
    the checkpoint. Once you've made it over the forklift it'll crash and the
    driver will die.
    Head into the next room and pick up the medkit in the corner to your left. Open
    the garage door to your left and kill the 5 mercs in front of you. There's one
    last merc on the catwalk behind you. Destroy the fuel canister here as well.
    Seven down, three to go.
    Head up the ladder and move close to the end of the walkway. This part is just
    as annoying and frustrating as getting past the forklift at the beginning of
    this area. You will have to shoot the penguin balloon and time your jump JUST
    RIGHT to get across this large gap. It takes a lot of tries to do. You can try
    the other balloons but the penguin one is the best. If you don't make it, re-
    load your checkpoint. Once you've finally gotten across, activate the conveyor
    belt switch.
    Hop onto the conveyor belt and crouch down. Keep your eyes peeled for enemies,
    they'll be waiting to shoot you. In the second room you pass through you'll
    find a fuel canister on the ground below, so shoot it. A couple of times, the
    enemies will pop out from behind - use the damage indicator near your health
    meter to determine where they're shooting from.
    When you get to the end, get off the conveyor belt and then head on through
    to the next room. You'll hear a couple of mercs talking - kill them and destroy
    the two fuel canisters they had to complete the objective and destroy all ten.
    Continue forward and you'll hear two mercs arguing over who should inform
    Frontier that the missiles can't be launched. Settle the argument for them with
    your assault rifle and shred anyone else in this room too. Head to the door in
    the far right corner to activate a cutscene.
    Now you have to fight Marlin, the female mercenary you met at the tuna factory.
    She packs two Desert Eagles, but she's not a great shot. She'll walk around up
    on the catwalks and alternate between the two of them after she takes a signif-
    icant amount of damage. Mow her down with the assault rifle to end the level.
    ===== 3.10 - Nakatomi Plaza =====
    Head forward and talk to Al; he'll suggest you help the SWAT team that's going
    on an assault of the building. Head inside and you'll find 3 SWAT team members
    waiting. As soon as you get in they'll start their assault. Eventually, they'll
    start moving to the elevators and that's when trouble begins.
    One of them will yell out either "GRENADE!" or "IT'S A TRAP!" and then a 'nade
    will be tossed at them. They're too braindead to move away - you're not, so get
    back and watch it explode in the face of 3 "highly trained" SWAT team members.
    Pick up their shotguns and clear out all four guards here. Once they're dead,
    listen to the conversation between yourself and Al, and then head to the far
    upper right corner. The elevator there should have its light on. Get inside and
    take it up. When it stops, get out and take a left, past the giant C4 bomb
    towards the laptop on the desk.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    You have 15 seconds to get away from the bombs. Run forward into the office
    area and at the farthest desk, to your right outside the window is a window
    washer. Open the window, jump down and activate it. It will lower you down a
    floor, away from the blast.
    Jump back into the building, go through the double doors and take a right. Go
    past the exit sign and in the first door to your left is a merc and a medkit.
    Now double back and look for the elevators. Take the only elevator available.
    Kill the merc inside and ride up to floor 23.
    Get out and there will be a merc Kill him and then proceed to the other end of
    the hallway to a room with three more mercs. Waste them and pick up the walkie
    talkie one of them drops. Now get back into the elevator and ride up to floor
    There are two mercs to your right, and one on a chaingun. Kill them both. Head
    down the hall to find a merc planting some C4. Take care of him and take the C4
    for yourself. Get back into the elevator and ride up to floor 25.
    To your left is a chaingun merc, and down the hallway is another one. After you
    kill the first guy, plant a C4 charge near the elevator to the right of the one
    you came out of. Down the hall is another chaingun merc. Now a squad of mercs
    will come out of the elevator you placed a C4 charge in front of. Blow them up
    and take the door with the EXIT sign above it to reach a checkpoint.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Go upstairs and take a right and go through the door that stands out - usually
    these are the doors that are unlocked. Go through to find a merc with an OICW.
    Kill him and grab his toy - this is the weapon you should be using for the rest
    of the level. Go to the next room and kill two more mercs.
    Keep on room clearing and eventually you'll reach a large open room with a
    whole squad of mercs, including one with a chaingun. Scan the room for a fire
    alarm and shoot it to distract them all with the water, or just plain kill them
    without mercy.
    Continue down the hallway and pick up the medkit. Go through the glass doors
    and down the hall. You'll reach an EXIT sign. Take the stairs up.
    To your far right are two mercs; waste them. Take another right and there's a
    room packed to the brim with mercs. Mow down all of them to continue, and then
    take a left through the glass doors and another set of doors. Continue down
    the hallway until you reach another pair of different looking doors and inside
    are two mercs.
    Kill these jokers and head out the glass doors to your right and another door
    to enter a little office area. In front of you is a propped up cubicle wall,
    and behind it are two mercs, one of which is manning a chaingun. Shoot them
    and continue.
    When you reach a hallway where you're flanked by glass double doors on both
    sides, go through the ones on your left for a medkit, then double back and
    go forward through the halls until you see another EXIT sign. Go through these
    doors and take the elevator up.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    Have your OICW equipped if it already isn't. As soon as the elevator doors open
    a merc will be waiting in front of you, and a handful more will be waiting to
    ambush you to your left. Duck in and out of cover from the elevator until you
    have wasted all of them.
    Get out and go down the hall to your right and open the unlocked door here.
    Inside you'll find Lucy with a bomb strapped to her. Pick up the medkit if you
    wish. You have 120 seconds to find a way to defuse the bomb.
    Go outside and kill the merc to your left, and then turn right and head into
    the open area here. On the upper level and on the stairs a squad of mercs will
    come at you; mow them all down with the OICW and go upstairs. Directly in front
    of you is a glass room with two mercs. Kill them both and search their bodies
    for the detonator code.
    Once you have it, go back down and "use" the code on Lucy, deactivating the
    bomb. Follow her into the elevator and take it up. When it stops, head forward
    to the locked door and Lucy will unlock. Now you'll need to run a short
    gauntlet, killing enemies before they can get Lucy. There's one to your right
    and three to your left as you run along the rooftop. When you reach the stairs
    up to the helipad, the level ends.
    ===== 3.11 - Holmes Observatory =====
    For this part, you'll need to be as much of a perfectionist as possible. Get
    out of stealth mode. Head forward a bit until your OICW targets someone.
    Indiscriminately kill everyone the autoaim targets. Watch out for the missiles
    that will be coming from the missile launchers planted on the rooftop, as well
    as the mines littered on the ground.
    Loot the mercenaries for weapons, but keep moving - you also have a gunship on
    your tail. Head towards the observatory entrance. It'll be locked, but hide
    behind the Galaxy Thief III signs as cover. The chopper will hover behind you
    and expose itself slightly. Shoot it with the OICW. Once it starts smoking, it
    is done for.
    When it's down, run to your left and at the far end, on top of some crates, is
    a rocket launcher. Run to the gates; that should put you out of range of the
    missile launchers. Now rocket the two missile launchers on the roof so
    they don't pose a problem - you can try to avoid them and you can turn them off
    later, but it's better to play it safe.
    You can't enter the observatory through the front doors, so make your way to
    the far left end of the courtyard. You'll find an open doorway here. Take it up
    and you'll see two mercs standing next to a spotlight with their backs towards
    you. Kill them, then look down from the roof. There's a whole other team of
    mercenaries for you to kill. Keep looking around until autoaim targets someone;
    you haven't killed them all until you get the signature bullet-cam. One of the
    mercs by the spotlight drops a circuit breaker, so pick that up.
    Head to the next part of the roof, where more mercs will be waiting for you.
    Kill them, then look down from the roof and shoot the life out of the mercs
    waiting for you in the courtyard.
    Now, jump onto the red shingled rooftops until you get down to the courtyard.
    Go and talk to the wounded security guard until he gives you the master keys
    and a walkie talkie. Now go back to the rotunda near the red shingled roofs.
    There are three mercenaries here, with proximity mines interspersed in between.
    At the end of the rotunda, walk down into this courtyard. Directly in front of
    you should be a crane.
    Shoot the crane, causing it to drop the box it was holding. Climb up the rope
    and you'll be back on the observatory roof. Go to the far end and open the
    locked door here, which is now accessable because you have the master key.
    QUICKLY, equip your circuit breaker from your inventory (D-Pad Left) and walk
    up to the suitcase bomb. Press the corresponding buttons on-screen. If you do
    it incorrectly or run out of time, you're screwed. Once the bomb's defused,
    grab the medkit. You can turn off the power to the missile launchers here.
    What's of importance is the observatory's dome control - rotate it until the
    ladder is atop the roof on the left.
    Exit this control room and turn right and right again. Jump up onto the higher
    roof and climb up the ladder. Jump down onto the lens and move down. If you've
    taken damage, use the medkit. Head down the stairs to find another bomb. Get
    out the circuit breaker and defuse it, and then proceed.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    In the office to your left are about five mercenaries waiting - target and kill
    the first two through the window, then duck in and out to take care of the one
    to your left behind the desk. Lastly, pop out and take care of the last two to
    your right. Go behind the desk the one at the far right end was; there's a med-
    kit here.
    Go through the doors and down the hall, and kill the guy here. In this open
    rotuna is a model of the solar system and three mercs. One is directly in front
    and one is to your left. Kill these two from behind the door. The last one is
    to your right behind a pillar. Kill him and head downstairs. Take the double
    doors to your right.
    You'll have another run-in with Jesse Montana, the actress from the studio.
    Ignore her. In the alcoves are two mercenaries, and a handful more pop out from
    the double doors. Waste them all, and then defuse the bomb here. Three down,
    two to go.
    Go into the next rotunda and break the grate, and then crouch and climb the
    ladder down. Take the only door. There's one merc with a flamethrower waiting
    around the corner to your left, and another to your right. Right down the hall
    are two more mercs. Kill them and keep going and another merc is waiting. Now,
    to your left is a room full of five mercs - pop in and out and let the auto
    target do its work.
    Go down to the end in the room to your right is a merc and a bomb. Get the
    circuit breaker out and defuse it. One more bomb left. Double back to the hall
    where five mercs were waiting and take the door here. Proceed down the hallway
    where another merc waits, until you enter the generator room. Three mercs are
    on the floor above you, and two below.
    Take out the first one above you, then go past the generator and to your left
    is another merc on your floor. Move forward slightly and another appears above
    you. To your left another appears on your floor. Squeeze into the little crack
    here to pick up a medkit. Now make your way out and directly in front of you
    and above you is the last merc.
    Take a right first and kill the guard behind the door here. Another one awaits
    you. Flip the switch to raise the gates Frontier's men put in place to lock it
    down. Double back and take a left, and go up the stairs. Al will have another
    talk with John. Wait for it to ends before going all the way up.
    Collect your breath; this part is tricky. Activate Hero Time - to your left are
    three mercs holding hostages. Shoot the one closest to you, and then shoot the
    two holding the hostages. Shoot 'em til they drop their guns, and then quickly
    grab the circuit breaker and walk up to the bomb. Defuse it.
    Equip your OICW again. Shoot the globe in here to open the locked doors behind
    you. Two mercs manning chainguns are waiting here - kill them both. When you
    start to head towards the doors behind them, approximately ten or so mercs will
    come up from the stairs and try to ambush you from behind. Ventilate them with
    the OICW or introduce them to Mr. Rocket Launcher. If you do use the rocket
    launcher, MAKE SURE YOU STILL HAVE A SPARE ROCKET. You should still have one if
    you've been following this to the letter. When they're all dead, go through the
    doors and you'll be back in the rotunda with the model of the solar system.
    Take the double doors to your left.
    *** Checkpoint ***
    You can listen to Castle and Frontier argue which is quite amusing, or get down
    to business. Shoot all the mercs that you autotarget, and then shoot any that
    run up the stairs, but DO NOT shoot Castle. Go downstairs. On a dining table to
    your left is a medkit. Proceed through the doors Frontier left through. It's
    time for the final battle against Frontier.
    In this area, Frontier has placed several proximity mines in the rotunda above
    him, where you will also find medkits. Frontier himself has a minigun and some
    grenades. Heal yourself until you're at 100 or close, and then activate Hero
    Time. You should have enough to take out Frontier with no trouble - just walk
    up to him and ventilate him. Two clips from the OICW should take him down.
    If you don't have any Hero Time, just do it the old fashioned way. Duck in and
    out from cover and pop him with the OICW, and run back when he tosses a grenade
    at you. He usually stops tossing grenades and starts running around like a
    chicken when you have depleted half of his health bar.
    However you choose to defeat him, once he's done for a 25 second timer starts.
    Run up the slope to where Frontier was, then turn left and run up here towards
    the hallway underneath the big, friendly EXIT sign. Shoot out the doors, and
    you'll be back in the dining room. Shoot out the doors here with the OICW to
    end up back at the solar system rotunda. To get the hell out of here, equip
    your rocket launcher and rocket the door, or continually shoot it with the OICW
    until it breaks. When it does, get out before the timer hits zero to complete
    this mission and the game.
    Enjoy the credits. At the end, they give you the cheat codes. Scroll through
    them, and then press A to go to the stats screen.
    4 - WEAPONS
    The weapons are what make a first person shooter. Die Hard: Vendetta doesn't
    have any unique ones, but there are a wide variety of them available. You can
    grab hostages with the fists and the one-handed versions of the pistols and
    the Uzi.
    ===== Fists =====
    - Accuracy: 5/10
    - Speed: 7/10
    - Overall: 3/10
    Your standard melee. Pretty weak, and should only be used as a last resort.
    ===== .38 Revolver =====
    - Clip size: 6 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 5/10
    - Speed: 6/10
    - Overall: 3/10
    This is the firearm you start off with. It's pretty weak and fires very slowly.
    It also has a pretty lengthy reload time.
    ===== 2x .38 Revolver =====
    - Clip size: 12 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 6/10
    - Speed: 7/10
    - Overall: 5/10
    You get this by picking up a second revolver. You can shoot faster and fire
    twice as many shots, and it reloads fairly quickly too.
    ===== 9mm (Beretta 92F) =====
    - Clip size: 17 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 7/10
    - Speed: 7/10
    - Overall: 7/10
    This semi-automatic handgun will be your sidearm of choice for most of the
    game. It has a much larger clip than the revolver, and reloads very quickly. It
    uses the same ammunition as the revolver.
    ===== 9mm Silenced =====
    - Clip size: 17 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 7/10
    - Speed: 7/10
    - Overall: 7/10
    The same as the regular 9mm, except it has a silencer. Even with the silencer,
    enemies are still alerted to shooting.
    ===== 2x 9mm =====
    - Clip size: 34 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 7/10
    - Speed: 8/10
    - Overall: 8/10
    Double the guns, double the fun. McClane can make like Chow Yun Fat with two
    Berettas blazing. This pair of handguns reloads very quickly, and can mow down
    large groups of thugs early on without any trouble.
    ===== Sub-Machine Gun (Uzi) =====
    - Clip size: 17 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 4/10
    - Speed: 9/10
    - Overall: 7/10
    For an SMG, it has a fairly small magazine capacity. It's quite effective for
    gunning down groups.
    ===== 2x Sub-Machine Gun =====
    - Clip size: 34 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 5/10
    - Speed: 9/10
    - Overall: 8/10
    Twin Uzis make for a very effective combination, and you can gun down pretty
    much anything and anybody using them. Watch your ammo count though; you can
    run out pretty quickly while blasting away with these.
    ===== Tactical Sub-Machine Gun (MP5-K) =====
    - Clip size: 17 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 8/10
    - Speed: 9/10
    - Overall: 9/10
    Very similar to the Uzi, with better accuracy. It's not found until very late
    in the game.
    ===== 2x Tactical Sub-Machine Gun =====
    - Clip size: 34 rounds
    - Ammo type: Pistol ammo
    - Accuracy: 8/10
    - Speed: 9/10
    - Overall: 10/10
    Like how the Uzi and MP5-K are similar, the twin MP5-Ks are similar to the twin
    Uzis. Double the ammo capacity, double the firepower and speed. These are very
    fun to use.
    ===== Enforcer (Desert Eagle) =====
    - Clip size: Unknown
    - Ammo type: Enforcer ammo
    - Accuracy: 7/10
    - Speed: 4/10
    - Overall: 6/10
    A high-powered pistol with a low magazine capacity. It's nothing terribly
    special, and ammo for it is rare. I've only found this gun once in the entire
    ===== Assault Rifle (M-16) =====
    - Clip size: 30 rounds
    - Ammo type: Rifle ammo
    - Accuracy: 7/10
    - Speed: 8/10
    - Overall: 9/10
    The assault rifle sports a large magazine capacity, and is quite powerful. It
    comes with a rudimentary zoom-in feature, but it's nothing compared to the
    scoped weapons. It's quite effective at clearing out rooms and taking out
    bosses - when you have the chance to use this weapon, do so.
    ===== High Powered Assault Rifle (OICW) =====
    - Clip size: 50 rounds
    - Ammo type: Rifle ammo
    - Accuracy: 7/10
    - Speed: 10/10
    - Overall: 10/10
    An upgraded version of the assault rifle, with a firing speed unmatched by any
    other weapon. It has a better scope than the regular assault rifle, but I still
    prefer the sniper rifle any day of the week. This weapon is ferocious; it can
    mow down a whole room filled with enemies with one clip.
    ===== Shotgun (SPAS-12) =====
    - Clip size: 6 rounds
    - Ammo type: Shotgun ammo
    - Accuracy: 5/10
    - Speed: 7/10
    - Overall: 8/10
    The pump-action shotgun is quite powerful, and takes down just about anybody
    with one blast at close range. Reload often, because when you run dry, it takes
    a long time to reload it completely. A very fun novelty weapon.
    ===== Sniper Rifle (G3A3) =====
    - Clip size: 6 rounds
    - Ammo type: Rifle ammo
    - Accuracy: 10/10
    - Speed: 4/10
    - Overall: 8/10
    A scoped, semi-automatic rifle that allows you to fire multiple shots in quick
    succession, so if you miss you can fire again. You cannot autoaim with the
    sniper rifle.
    ===== Crossbow =====
    - Clip size: 1 round
    - Ammo type: Arrows
    - Accuracy: 10/10
    - Speed: 3/10
    - Overall: 6/10
    Slower to fire than the sniper rifle, but much quieter. It's used the same way
    as a the sniper rifle. Unlike the sniper rifle, you can autoaim with this gun.
    ===== Grenades =====
    - Accuracy: 5/10
    - Speed: 7/10
    - Overall: 7/10
    Your standard hand-held explosives. Pull the pin and toss them, then stand back
    and watch it go boom.
    ===== Riot Gas Grenades =====
    - Accuracy: 5/10
    - Speed: 7/10
    - Overall: 4/10
    Like the explosive grenades, except they stun rather than kill. They only seem
    to appear in the police training.
    ===== C4 + Trigger =====
    - Accuracy: 3/10
    - Speed: variable/10
    - Overall: 6/10
    This is basically a package of C4 wired to a detonator. Kind of like the pipe
    bombs from Duke Nukem 3D. Basically, you can toss these blocks of C4 a short
    range and then you'll have to get back and detonate them with the detonator.
    You can try setting traps with them but such opportunities come rarely.
    ===== Rocket Launcher =====
    - Clip size: 1 round
    - Ammo type: Rockets
    - Accuracy: 9/10
    - Speed: 1/10
    - Overall: 5/10
    The rocket launcher is a very bulky and unwieldly weapon. It is a single shot
    rocket launcher, and has quite a long reload time. The rockets also travel at
    an agonizingly slow speed, so using this against distant moving targets is not
    a good idea. You cannot autoaim with the rocket launcher.
    ===== Minigun =====
    - Clip size: N/A
    - Ammo type: N/A
    - Accuracy: N/A
    - Speed: N/A
    - Overall: N/A
    You never really get to use the minigun in this game. It only appears as the
    weapon used by the final boss. There are several manned chainguns that are
    similar, but nothing like the portable one promised in the game manual.
    ===== Flamethrower =====
    - Ammo type: Flamethrower fuel
    - Accuracy: 4/10
    - Speed: 9/10
    - Overall: 10/10
    It shoots a large cloud of liquid flame and pretty much wastes anybody it comes
    in contact with. The flamethrower has quite a long range, and you'll want to
    keep your distance when using it unless you want to catch on fire. It doesn't
    need to reload either, which is a huge bonus. People caught in the flames will
    scream with pain to the pleasure of the morbid players out there.
    ===== Paintball Gun =====
    - Ammo type: Paintballs
    - Accuracy: 8/10
    - Speed: 8/10
    - Overall: 8/10
    It shoots multi-coloured paintballs, and is only found in the police training.
    You unlock the button combinations after completing the game. If you were too
    lazy to, you could've just gotten them from the cheat listings for this game.
    To enter them, you'll need to the at the main screen. You can't enter them
    during a level. If you've entered the push button combination correctly, you'll
    get a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen. I haven't tested them
    Code:			Effect:
    R, R, L, R		Big Heads - self explanatory
    L, R, Z, Y, B		Kamikaze - bullets explode upon impact
    B, X, R, R		Exploding Fists - any punch explodes upon impact
    X, Y, B, X, Y, B	Flame On Mode - everyone looks like they're on fire
    X, B, Y, L, L		Hot Hands - set enemies on fire by punching them
    Z, Z, Z, Z, L, R	Infinite Ammo - self explanatory
    B, X, Y, Z, L, R	Infinite Hero Time - self explanatory
    L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R	Invulnerability - self explanatoryhis
    B, Y, X, B, Y, X	Liquid Metal Mode - everyone looks like the T-1000
    B, X, Y, B, X, Y	Pin Heads - small heads with high pitched voices
    X, Y, Z, Z, X, Y, Z, Z	Unlock All Levels - self explanatory
    FAQ (C) 2007 UnknownMercenary
    Die Hard: Vendetta (C) 2002 Sierra Games & Bits Studios
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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