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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RDepping

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 04/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Die Hard: Vendetta walkthru v 0.6 - 4/10/2003
    By Rich Depping
    Yes this is currently a mess, I will be overhauling it over the weekend. But
    for now, it's complete and to the point.
    Townsend Museum
    Start the level, run up and talk to Al (Urkel's neighbor)
    Once they say they're in, go inside
    Duck and aim towards the door on the left, enemy comes out that you kill
    Carefully sneak up to the doorway and shoot the guy in the info center, another
    in balcony
    Third by the stairs
    As you head up the stairs, veer left and a guy comes out the door behind you
    Head along the balcony and 2 more guys, one from each door
    Head to the far glass door
    2 guys are about to whack a hostage, take em out for a small hero bonus
    Head thru the doors carefully
    Take out the guy dead ahead, there's another behind a pillar right ahead
    Creep forward and take out the guy to your right, and the other near the stairs
    Head downstairs, one guy across the yard and another hiding under the stairs
    Pick up the sniper rifle and the annoying reporter guy from the first movie
    shows up
    Talk or don't talk, it doesn't matter. Equip a handgun and head down the hall,
    take out the 2 guys
    Open the double doors, one guy to your right
    Head into the other room and take out the guys in front with pistols
    Stay back, equip the sniper rifle, zoom in (L for crosshairs, Dpad up/down for
    magnification) and pop
    Grab the uzi, tell the curator to beat it and proceed thru the doors to your
    Shoot the guard on a smoke break in the back and proceed slowly to the edge,
    there are a few guards in the courtyard
    Take them out and turn towards the dividing veranda thing, 2 guys run out
    shooting at you
    Right after they pop up 3 guys come around the left corner, you know what to do
    Reload and slowly walk around the corner, 2 guys near the helicopter and 2 more
    run up on your left side in the corner
    Equip the sniper rifle and edge over where the chopper was
    See the guy holding Lucy? Deal with him. (Headshot or drop a plant on his head
    THEN cap him)
    Hit B to be able to move at a decent speed and head around the corner and up
    the block
    Ignore the crazy chef with the gun and keep moving to the bank
    Take out the 2 guys in front then use aim mode to pick off the one with the
    Head inside, radio for an ambulance for the guy who was shot and head upstairs
    Wait on the stairs, a hostage walks out and the hostage-r appears. Bullet him.
    One guy behind a desk in the middle of the room, one in the room the hostage
    came out of, and 2 in the room to your left
    Talk to the bank guy and head to the room he came out of
    Go into the room on your left, pop the guy behind the desk, and out the window
    we go
    Follow the screams down the alley, switch to 'stealth mode' (B) and grab the
    gangster with the white shirt
    Grab the guns the other 2 gang guys drop before letting go of your 'hostage'
    (A! NOT R! No shoot... yet...)
    Talk to the guy you grabbed for the gang leader info, now you can kill all 3 if
    you want, doesn't matter
    Back out of alley and head down to the dumpster, use it to climb up on the
    roof, then the ledge
    Jump across to the far ledge, head down and jump across the alley to get to
    that door
    Head down the stairs, guy will pop out at the bottom begging to get shot
    Head thru the room, another will be in the far room doing the same thing
    Go out the door, down the alley and to the right to the tailor shop
    In thru the broken window in stealth mode again, grab the guy w/ the white
    shirt as fast as possible
    Arrest them all and have your fun, tell the clerks to beat it, grab the 'gang
    clothes' on the counter
    Head to the changing room
    If you want to be efficient there's a half naked woman in the 2nd booth and
    another gang member in the 3rd you can whack
    Head out the back door, go thru the 2nd door and there's some guys loading a
    truck down the alley. Feed them bullets.
    Follow the blood to the record store stockroom, head in and whack 'Fat Larry's
    Pick up the pool hall member card he drops and head out the front door
    While talking with dispatch head back down the block to the parking garage and
    enter the pool hall
    Flash the member card to the guy at the window and he lets you in
    Head inside, head to the bar, and take cover. Gang war erupts shortly after.
    Pop up and pop some heads.
    When they're all dead check the corpses for the keys to the 'Chinese Cinema'
    down the block
    Reload and head back out. There's some chaps who want a word with you in the
    parking lot. Speak with bullets.
    Head down the block back to the record store. At least 2 guys will jump out
    from the alleys along the way
    Get near that pit and pick off as many guys in front of the theatre as you can
    Then go to the construction thing and pull the lever, dumping junk into the
    Jump down into the hole and use it to climb out - quickly shoot the guy to your
    right when you get out
    Click on the doors. Mission Over.
    Chinese Cinema
    Turn right, head forward and go thru one of the red 'windows', not the doors
    Talk to the guy tied up so he takes off
    Duck under the counter, and proceed thru that back door
    Pop the guy in there, at least 3 more come in that back door
    Collect the ammo and vest
    Turn right and edge thru the doors slowly
    There are several gunmen in the middle of the room + another that would be
    behind you on the left doors. Bang Bang.
    The one hiding behind the Galaxy Thief sign drops an Uzi so don't forget that.
    Take either doors into the theatre
    Grab the crossbow sitting against the trash can
    Switch back to a pistol, step up into the open, pop off a round or 2, then
    slide back a few rows and lean around a pillar
    Pick off as many guards as come near enough to auto target
    Head back up the stairs and take out the guys in the balcony, and the ones near
    the screen
    Turn around, aim at the banner and pop a round. It drops on one side and you
    can use it to climb up
    Once up quickly pop the guys hiding behind the last row of seats
    Head out the 'exit' door on the right
    Take a few steps forward and some dialogue will start, and at least 2 guards
    come out of the door on the right
    Waste them and proceed down that hall
    Reload, open the door, and pop the guy to your left and the other one further
    ahead on the left
    Enter the room ahead on your right and quickly shoot the guard dead ahead, then
    the one to your right
    Talk to the hostages, then head to the other room and take the door dead ahead
    Up the stairs, thru the next door, down the hall and shoot the guy guarding the
    You don't have to listen to fatty. Just throw the switch on the wall by the
    Head back down the stairs and back into the theatre (right, right, door)
    A few guards have appeared around and on the stage. Shoot em before climbing
    back down
    Get down into the orchestra pit, throw the switch on the side of the organ, and
    ride it up to the stage
    Go behind the stage and head to the back left corner with the small 'black
    Shoot out both of the sandbags above it to clear the path
    Head down the hall, into the room and pop any and all guards (one directly to
    your left)
    Proceed across the room, halfway down the next hall and turn right into the
    little side room
    Blow out the air vent of course.
    Crawl in. Level over.
    The LA Subway
    Duck and go forwards, blast out the vent
    You can talk to any of the bums if you want but it's pointless
    Proceed forward, the are guards up ahead around the corner
    Head thru the iron grate door, down the hall, duck and go thru yet another air
    vent (I advise using fists to open)
    As you'll see you need to go right, re equip a gun and pop off the guy right
    Drop down and you collect a piece of art. Turn to your right, up the stairs,
    and whack the other guard
    Yipee, the night vision goggles. If Rigel paid anything to be in the game they
    should demand a refund for horrid representation.
    Equip the goggles and head back the way you came. STOP AT THE OPENING and wait
    till after a train comes. (Duh)
    After the train, head to the right to the first alcove. Wait til the next train
    passes and proceed
    Duck down in the ditch in the middle of the tracks, wait and proceed.
    Another alcove, another ditch, pattern repeats for a while until there's
    eventually a path down an alcove
    Turn off night vision and take the door to your left, there are some guards on
    this side and the far side
    WAIT FOR THE TRAINS TO PASS before heading across - there's 2 way traffic
    Walk up to the chain gun, click on it and click again to let go. Go hide behind
    the pillar if you want to conserve health
    Or shoot away. Guys come out from where you just were, but get hit by the train
    if you don't shoot them down.
    Grab the chain gun again and swing it 180° and shoot the door down.
    Head down the hall, there's a guard or 2 on your left adjacent to the huge
    sewer cap
    Reequip the goggles and climb down into the sewer
    To keep this simple: Straight, Right, Straight, down the ladder
    Turn left, duck and crawl thru the broken drain grate
    Down the tube and the dialogue kicks in above
    Get to the edge of the tube, wait for the guard and pick him off
    Walk into the pit - guard on the scaffolding and at least one on either
    platform side
    Climb the ladder and use the scaffolding to get to the far side
    Walk up the stairs slowly - you'll autotarget someone on the far side of the
    room in the shadows, shoot
    There's another on your right when you get to the top of the steps, bang bang
    Jump the turnstiles and head down the hall
    Cross the construction room to the left and go in the doorway
    Click twice on the toolbox to open it and collect the generator key
    Strafe right to pick up the 2nd painting
    Open the door and shoot the guy talking to the laptop, continue their
    conversation to collect the computer
    Head back across the construction room again, again veering left
    Slowly head down the hall, there's a guard watching some hostage construction
    workers on your right and another guard on the left
    Talk to them to untie them, use the key on the generator, then slowly proceed
    down the stairs
    Another subway stop under construction, full of guards. Gun them down of
    Hop in the crane and align that pipe so you can use it to get on the far side
    of the room (Analog rotates, C stick moves)
    Use the pipe to ...
    Head thru the 'exit' doors, whack the guard around the corner, and pick up the
    3rd piece of art
    Up the ladder, tell Von Laben who's in charge, and head down the stairs
    Click on the gate, he'll unlock it
    There's lots of enemies along here so be prepared to shoot while following
    these directions
    Here we go:
    Left, go to gate, left to the next gate, straight, straight, straight,
    straight, left, straight, straight, straight,
    straight, straight, right, straight, straight.
    The pansy won't follow you til you turn off the water, just jump to each
    platform between blasts and spin the valves
    He unlocks the door for you, proceed in and open the valve
    Whee, water slide video.
    CUTSCENE, Level over.
    Just follow the garage as far down as it goes. Expect heavy resistance along
    the way.
    When you reach the bottom head towards the garage door and turn left
    Shoot the guy thru the window... without.. breaking... it... huh.
    Head inside, talk to the door cop, get his keys and open the back door (where
    you saw a guy blow himself up earlier)
    Thru the door, down the hallway, out to the courtyard where 2 cops get gunned
    Gunmen on practically every balcony ledge, do what you must.
    Head up the steps, shoot the lock off the door, proceed up the stairs
    A few proximity mines and guards along the way, shoot the mines for safteys
    When you get to the top Gruber appears in a helicopter and opens fire, quickly
    get inside
    As soon as your inside the glass doors turn left and take out the guards
    Proceed down the halls, taking out guards and mines as you encounter them
    After a set of 4 mines there will be a briefing room on your left with 2 guys
    taking potshots at cops outside. Thwack.
    Head thru the doors and talk to the cop slumped over in the middle of the
    (Hacked computers.... so... um.. radios/celphones don't work why... ?)
    Go thru the door, switch to stealth mode, and sneak up & grab the guard you can
    see standing
    Once you've collected the other guys weapons let go of the 'leader' however you
    care to and talk to Thornberg
    Go thru the door, enter the room, turn left and run like hell - Gruber's
    chopper is back
    Get to the door, when you hear John yell 'MINE' take a few steps back and get
    ready to shoot the guys that don't blow up
    Thru the double doors, down the short stairs, right around the corner, thru the
    door and cap the guys holding Al
    Talk to Al, follow around the corner and take out a few cronies in the area
    Go back and talk to him again til he agrees to go cover the front door
    Head back down that hall and hang left then right
    There are a series of 3 mines on the left wall of the stairs, pick em off
    before proceeding
    First hallway on your right leads to the armory - 2 clowns are trying to break
    in. Joke's on them, you have the key
    Inside all you'll find is a medkit, vest and the shotgun. Wotta pathetic armory
    Head back out and down the next hall
    You can't save any of the prisoners being interrogated, sadly, so don't even
    bother trying
    Round the corner and a guard will open fire from the far hallway, return in
    Wait for the guys you saw thru the door windows to come around the corner and
    pop them off as they come.
    Go thru the center door and use the intercom near the door to talk with Lucy
    Blah blah blah, glass won't shatter. When she swings the chair the 2nd time it
    pops and you can continue the conversation
    While she's still talking with you in the middle of the room (far enough away)
    blow the mine by her door
    Once you get the keys head back out the door and down the hall, right to the
    jail gates
    Down the hall, down the stairs, 3rd cell on the left. Switch is to the right of
    the cell.
    While you're down here, talk to Nitric. 2nd on the right from when you came in.
    Open his cell, he chills til he's ready
    If you're bloodthirsty talk to the guy in the last right cell then let him out.
    He goes nuts and you get to whack him heh.
    Follow fatso back to the radio room (next to where you went in to get Lucy) He
    takes FOREVER to walk there. Grr.
    A couple seconds of clicks and communications are back online
    Head back down to the lockup and tell Nitric it's time. Follow him to the lobby
    and wait in the back room.
    After fiddling with the bombs for a few secs it triggers...
    That joik. Follow him out the door. There's several goons waiting for you down
    there so make haste wasting em.
    One of the corpses will have the suitcase so make sure to check them all.
    Head forward and there's more people to whack. Be wary of the ones to your
    Head forward into that alcove area and there's a few more to kill. Finish them
    off and a cut scene is triggered.
    Level over.
    Hollywood Film Studio
    Straight ahead, ignore the gate pig, go to the locked gate on the left and
    shoot out the lock
    Turn right and follow around the corner to the chief
    Talk with him til he gives you the studio door key
    If you want the shotgun the now deceased SWAT man was holding, just time the
    sniper shots and run in between them
    Turn around and head to the far end of the complex, hang right
    Head down this path, when you make another right there will be a guard in the
    walkway ahead firing on you, take him down
    Open the garage door, there's a guard dead ahead, one to the right in a cherry
    picker, and one in the rafters gangplank
    Pick up the rifle, switch back to 9mm, and use those stairs to get on the set
    Take the hole in the floor towards the top left, drop in and switch to stealth
    mode. DO NOT FIRE.
    Wait til their dialogue ends and the underlings walk off. Then sneak forward
    and grab their leader.
    Drag him thru the pathways to the right, should be at least 3 of em. Dispose of
    the leader to 'save actors'
    Go back to the freaks in the corn costumes. Talk with the one on the left til
    he coughs up his passkey
    Get out of the understage and back to the cherry picker. Hop in and throw the
    switch to get to the walkway
    Head left and thru the door, across the balconies until you reach the 2nd
    studio area.
    There are 2 guards in the 'castle' towers, take them out on your way down the
    There are a mess of guards inside the castle area, just keep your eyes peeled.
    Best advice is to strafe with the Uzi and blow out alot of those walls, taking
    out most of the minions
    On the left towards the back you'll find a ladder. Climb up, CAREFULLY get off
    of it and follow the path to your left
    Use the 'steps' to jump onto the balcony, and up the stairs
    Follow the maze forward, popping off any resistance you encounter (not much)
    One you get to the end you'll be up to the sniper. Peg him and collect his
    rifle. Now the "fun" part.
    Try for headshots - the game loves to let the snipers fire while you are
    reloading, making you do all that bit above again
    They appear in this order:
    Prop dept (dead ahead in the window), on the roof to the left, in the window in
    the far back, that roof, then the water tower
    After the one on the tower jump down onto the red target to your left and head
    behind the building next to the tower
    All that art plus some minigun rounds. Talk to the chief then proceed further
    back on the lot, and the door to your left
    Head inside and let autotarget work it's magic. Pick off as many that way as
    you can before approaching the bridge
    Switch to the sniper rifle and ride the cherry picker up to the top. Turn on
    the scope and check the back left area
    See those 2 'soldiers' standing there? They're hostages. Wait for their captors
    heads to bob out and pop them both off
    Walk towards the bridge and it explodes. Yipee. Climb down, take out the guard
    on your right, and go to the table
    Press the plunger and some dynamite goes off knocking down 2 'trees' giving you
    a footbridge across.
    Head across, out the back stairs and outside to the trailer.
    Look at the red block and shoot it out to have the trailer crash the gate open
    for you
    Listen to the prima donna whine then head towards the western set
    The chopper takes off but there are many heads to pop here yet, get to shootin.
    Once all the peons are dead Nitric pops out and lets loose on you with dual
    Uzis. Mow him down.
    Level over.
    Sierra Corr. Facility
    Don't drop the soap, McClane.
    Erm, yeah. Stay in 'stealth' mode and wait for the guard to walk by. Grab him.
    drag him in the next cell, take his gun
    Switch back to fists and squat near the stairs and wait for the lower level
    guard to walk around.
    As soon as he does head down and 'arrest' him as well in a cell.
    Head back by the stairs and go into the unlit cell to the left, pick up the
    Turn around, go to the far side, and talk to the prisoner in the 2nd cell
    Offer him a cigarette, he lights one up for you
    Now go down to the 2nd to last cell on this side and use the lit cigarette on
    the mattress
    Now quickly back out and use the stairs to the first floor on the FAR side
    Go into the guard's office, open the cabinet, squat and sit in there.
    DON'T close the door. Yeah, I know. I know. Just don't close it, ok?
    When the guard returns from putting out the fire he locks the cell block door,
    but opens the way out.
    Edge forward but sit tight til the 2 cops carrying boxes are out of sight.
    Head across the hall, thru the door, and throw the elevator switch.
    Quickly head to the elevator and press the button
    Make your way across the roof quickly, make sure not to fire back at the cops
    You'll find a hole in the roof in the far top left corner, drop on in
    Jump down that ventilation shaft
    Push the laundry basket down the incline to bust open those doors. RUN as a
    firefight erupts in the hall.
    Head into the sub-room, talk to the injured cop and proceed
    There's a path to a stairway on your left, just past the smoke cloud. Use it.
    At the top of the stairs are 2 inmates plotting something over some blueprints.
    Whack away.
    Turn left and head down the hall. The last room on the left has a medkit.
    Grab it and backtrack ALL the way to the cop. He gives you the cabinet key to
    across from where you just got the medkit
    Open the locker and we get more shotgun shells, woohee.
    Leave this room, go back down the hall, and turn right and take the hall there
    to the supply room.
    Whack any resistance you find, head up the stairs
    You'll find an inmate kicking a dead guard. Why not make it 2 corpses?
    Throw the switch on the left wall to open the gate, and get ready to kill the
    guy in the truck firing at you
    There are a few more guys to your left in the back corner, and at least one in
    the distant guard tower to kill
    Hit the back of the truck for a medkit and sniper rifle, then grab the assault
    rifles from the ones on the ground
    Proceed to your left and duck behind those crates, pop up a few times to see if
    the cops to your left get killed
    Use the assault rifle on anything it autotargets, then switch to sniper rifle
    to finish off any long distance enemies
    Hopefully the cops are dead, because YOU can't shoot them. Make you way forward
    and enter the right-side entranceway
    Switch to assault rifle and let it autotarget the ground guys from a distance,
    then switch to the sniper rifle
    There's at least one shooter in the first right tower, now you can pick up the
    dead guards guns
    Head outside and take the ladder up to the roof. Switch to another weapon
    before proceeding.
    Someone pops up as you approach that hole in the wall. Make them pop back down.
    Jump inside, head down the hall, hang right then left and take out the guy you
    smoked with, and the owner of the smokes
    There are a few more guys just ahead, knock them off then hop in the elevator
    Talk to the crazy guy sitting on the box. Up down up up down refers to the
    switches in the next room, left to right
    Head in there and throw the ones that need to be up, and the security door
    Head down the hall, ignore the cells for now, equip the M-16 and head to the
    back stairwell
    Edge forward so you can pick off the guy holding a gun to the doctor first,
    then nail his partner
    Talk to the doc real quick to learn how to get the keys to "death row"
    Head back upstairs and to the only open cell in there (far right side)
    Examine the poster. Someone's seen The Shawshank Redemption too many times...
    Duck down and crawl thru, then walk over to the ladder a climb up
    This part is damned annoying. Activate the fan, then keep walking forward
    towards it to hit it again to speed up
    Make sure you don't get blown backwards into the other fan and killed-ed
    After around 5x the fan overheats and a blade blows off, which lets you crawl
    Take the ladder up, duck, and quickly walk forward to the edge of the grate
    Hit A to bust it down, and take out the guy standing next to the SWAT member
    Then quickly zoom in on the cord the cop is hanging by and shoot it out so he
    doesn't die
    Now feel free to blow away the rest of the guys (the other cop is already dead)
    He gets up and thanks you, and gives you a SWAT jacket so the cops don't blow
    you away (you are in prison threads, chief.)
    Now turn to your right and throw the switch next to the open door. It blows up
    and closes the inner side.
    Now take the red stairs all the way up, hop on that control panel and duck to
    get in the vent shaft
    Drop down and you're on the open side of that doorway, good show old chap.
    Left, down the hall, and then down on your right are a bunch of armed prisoners
    that want to ventilate you
    Shoot them up and proceed thru carefully, sometimes more pop up in the gated
    area to your right
    Head to the far right side of the gate and there will be an opening, hop on in
    Follow the hallway, there will be another prisoner right around the corner so
    get ready to fire
    Hang a right and get ready for several of those guys to open fire on you, take
    em all down
    Head in thru the doors, and then out the other doors on the left side
    Talk with the SWAT chief (why wasn't he helping his guys who were just gunned
    down in the other room???)
    Proceed north, right by the gas chambers, up to the door, turn left and open
    fire on inmates guarding the stairs
    Walk up the first flight of stairs, turn right right again and fire, then enter
    the room with the wood door
    2 more prisoners to whack
    Walk behind the desk to pick up the safe combination, then push the desk in
    front of the fireplace
    Jump on top, click on the painting, it moves and reveals the safe. Open it up
    to get the keys
    Head back out and continue up the stairs. There's usually at least one inmate
    per stair segment
    Head thru the double doors, shoot the guy standing there, then 2 quick rights
    to the stairwell
    Head down the stairs, open the doors, shoot everyone
    Head straight ahead, take the door to the right, then the next door on the
    right, and another right to get in the chamber
    Gun down all the prisoners and free the warden
    He talks then leads you to the stairs to the roof
    Now the door's unlocked, so head up
    When you get to the top take out the 2 guys in the distance to your right
    Take 3 or 4 steps forward, turn around and peg the guy sitting on the roof
    about to shoot you in the back
    Don't forget his buddy on the left of the stairs building, one more should pop
    up to your left
    Go into the little room to get a medkit, then head to the chopper pad
    Another shootout with Nitric, except this time he has an assault rifle. Duck
    and fire as much as possible
    He's dead, woo.
    Level over.
    Cesar Tuna Factory
    Right, lean around the left corner, pop a few rounds, then slide back by the
    boxes and let the idiots come to you
    (Note: it IS possible to grab the leader and arrest them all, but it's more
    effort than it's worth.. details in later v.)
    When you're sure they're all dead, turn around that left corner, head past the
    truck and click on the red garage button
    Grab those grenades, then go back to the stairs to the office by the truck
    There's a guard behind the counter, pop him off.
    Head into the next room and around into the brick walled corridor. There's at
    least one on your right and 2 on the left
    Head out the door, hit the garage button, and proceed to the right
    Shoot the 2 guys getting ready to play target practice with the factory worker,
    then talk to him
    Head inside, down the hallway, take the last door on the left and up the stairs
    Go in the first door on the right (bathroom), close the door, switch to fists
    and punch open the grating
    Switch back to rifle, climb down the vent, wait for the autotarget and pop off
    the guard
    Climb out, stand up, and get ready for a few more guards coming thru the
    Talk to the hostages til you get the keys
    *OPTIONAL* Head back downstairs and tell the first worker it's safe to hide out
    up with the others
    Go into the room next door, and shoot out the window facing across the alley to
    a walkway
    Jump out onto the walkway and take the first door on the left
    Pop the guard quickly, hop down and get yourself a flamethrower
    Turn around and activate the cranes
    Get back up to the ledge you started on and jump from crate to crate to get to
    the other ledge
    Go thru the door and quickly take out all the guards
    I dunno what that yellowish stuff in the pool is supposed to be, but it hurts
    you. Badly.
    Look up at the cases of barrels on either side. Shoot off all 4 locks to knock
    the barrels in the pool
    Now you have something to jump on to make it across. Whee.
    Head thru the door, down the first set of stairs, and jump onto the air vent in
    front of you
    Quickly turn 180 and shoot the guy that was waiting behind the barrel to ambush
    ... that didn't... hear you jump... on an air duct... huh...
    Drop down, proceed forward, and waste the guys who kick the next door open to
    fire at you
    Reload, head forward and take out the 2 guys - on behind the barrel, the other
    on the stairs landing
    Take the stairs up, thru the door, and down those stairs
    Drop down into that little red conveyer belt corridor and walk forward
    3 guys will come up on the left after starting the conveyer belt
    Ride the belt out, shooting down all resistance along the way. Don't forget to
    jump over the threshers if you want to live
    After the last right turn, hang to the left and jump up onto the partial stairs
    Grab the flamethrower fuel if needed and head out the door and halfway down
    those small stairs
    2 guys are hiding in the dark underneath the stairs & walkway, pop them off'
    Head out the door and down the stairs, and open the door straight ahead
    There are alot of guys in here so be careful
    *OPTIONAL* Jump on the conveyer belt and  then jump off to the right to get on
    the machine to grab those grenades
    Check the table near the conveyer belt incline for the asbestos gloves
    Head to the garage door under the belt and turn the valve to open. Repeat for
    the next door.
    Switch to the assault rifle and shoot a bunch of rounds all over the bottom of
    that fishtank. It will eventually fill the pool
    Jump on the box and jump to the other side, open the valve and proceed.
    Quickly turn to your left and kill the guy on top of the tank
    Now, fill the lower area of the tank with as many bullets as possible, as fast
    as possible, w/o hitting the worker
    Open the valve, down the hall, the next valve, and quickly shoot out the guy w/
    the flamethrower on your left.
    Head to the left, then open that valve to get in the first freezer
    Whack any goons, then head to the back, equip the flamethrower and torch the
    valve. Get next to it and 'use' gloves'
    Lots of Yakuza goons in here, take them all down (if one is next to a nitrogen
    canister you can freeze them!)
    Pump a few rounds into the canister next to the door. When it turns blue you
    can shatter it to proceed
    Head down the hall and out of the garage. There's one guy on the far side of
    the crates to your left and a few more ahead
    Sneak behind the crates to get the drop on them
    Slowly walk forward, when the boss says something about honor a few will try
    coming around the corner at you
    Reload, walk a LITTLE bit around the corner, and take out the guy with the
    Now QUICKLY strafe left and shoot the guy on top of the crates with the rocket
    Sometimes this triggers a 'Bullet cam' other times it doesn't. Either way he
    should launch one off as he dies
    Whee the ship is sinking and that Sugi guy is pissed. A few more henchmen come
    from the alley by the rocketman
    Sugi eventually pops out and you get bullet cam for this. Head down that alley
    and take out whoever's left
    Duck into the alcove on your right for a medkit and armor then proceed around
    the corner
    2 workers are being held hostage. You can do either of these:
    A) Rush in from the left side and hopefully kill both guards before they shoot
    the workers
    B) aim for the red handle on the chute to the left of them, dropping fish and
    letting the workers run ahead
    After killing the guards head down and talk to the workers, they will offer to
    help you into the next warehouse
    Follow them down towards the crane, then jump on the small box to get on the
    big box to get on the giant green container
    He activates the crane and it brings it up to a height you can jump into the
    warehouse from (after you shoot out the glass)
    Stay on the container tops as long as possible and pick off all the guards
    (there's some to the left, right, and the middle)
    Once that is done equip the silenced 9mm and head to the northwest corner of
    the room with the garage door
    Open the door and quickly strafe to the right. Wait for the dialogue to end,
    switch to stealth mode, and double back around
    Stick to the left and duck behind those crates when you step inside
    Follow them around the edge of the building. Grab the guard who shows up ahead
    of you and do what you must
    Continue forward - near the front of the truck is another guard. Grab him and
    drag him BACK to the crates you were just at
    Do whatever with him, then head just past the truck and turn right
    Sneak along here to grab the last guard you have to worry about (near the back
    of the truck)
    Drag him behind some crates and get rid of him
    Now hop in the back of the truck and duck down in the back
    Level over.
    Fernandez Warehouse
    Truck stops, you only have 15 bullets. Bleh. Shoot the guy who opens the door,
    pick up his rifle, and hop back in
    Let them come to you til you run out of rounds then hop out and proceed to that
    trailer office to your right
    (Watch out, the turret to your right rear might still be manned)
    Go inside, get the medkit, and throw the switch on the counter.
    Follow the direction the truck goes, and look nearby for a grey cylinder on a
    tripod. Blow it up for fuel #1/10
    Now head up the ramp in front of where the fuel was, and use that to jump on
    the crate.
    Use the crate to jump on the truck, then the truck to jump over the wall.
    Turn right, thru the door, and quickly shoot left at the guard in the hall.
    Proceed around the left corner, and shoot all you can thru the door window
    before heading outside.
    Head straight forward, then look to your upper left to a distant walkway. Take
    out the guy up there. Nuttin but trouble.
    Make your way to your left to find fuel #2. Destroy it.
    Head towards the hanging box and you'll hear 'Lucy' calling for help. Activate
    the 'crane' with the switch to your left.
    Get on some boxes and jump on the moving box to make it on top of the next
    building (with the glass skylites)
    Look down thru the skylights and pick off the troops down there. Look to your
    right and climb the ladder quickly
    There's a guard on the far left side, pop him off.
    Head back down the stairs and drop into that room. Take the door leading
    upstairs and go in.
    The dummy Lucy arms and explodes, McClane swears revenge. Grab the pass code
    off the table and head downstairs.
    Sometimes theres more guys and sometimes not. Make your way to the keypad
    locked door in the front and open it up
    Head down the stairs and to the left door
    Now you're in a library type area. There's several bad guys on both floors so
    pop them all off before proceeding.
    If you want, there's a medkit on the desk behind the stairs, and a fine
    calendar to check out too. No foolin'.
    Head to the door in the back corner. You can't miss it, there's "music"
    blasting out of it.
    Open the door and you get to see one of those clowns boogie like an idiot. Save
    them both from further embarrassment.
    Head thru that door, and all the way up the stairs to the top door.
    You can either run out and shoot the guy in the bathroom, or let him come back
    into the room - it's your call
    Take the door on the left, and strafe left to start picking off guys on the
    lower 'factory floor'
    Blow up fuel cell #3 in the middle of the room before hopping down to that
    Use the switch on the right wall to open the 'garage door' and head into that
    Turn left and aim up at the balcony - pick off the 2 guys then zoom in on the
    switch they destroyed - one shot should do it.
    The door ahead of you opens slightly - duck down and creep in
    There are alot of enemies in here, alot of fireworks, and 3 fuel cells. Have
    (Cells are to your left, a little ahead on the right, and another further ahead
    on the left)
    When you have killed all the baddies, head to the far north side of the room
    and climb the boxes to get on the crate.
    Jump from crate to crate til you get to the one next to the door you came in,
    on the left side of the forklift
    Climb up those boxes and follow the walkway path all around the room to the
    next door (don't forget to jump the gaps)
    Follow the doors back thru rooms already visited, til you come to a massive
    warehouse area.
    Drop to the floor, follow around to the left and underneath to see someone
    struggling with a fuel cell
    There's 3 ways to do this:
    1) Shoot the guy, shoot the cell
    2) Shoot the cell taking out the guy with it
    3) Stealth in and arrest the guy, put him in front of the automated forklift
    you passed, blow the cell,
    and switch on the forklift to see him get squished ehhe
    Ok, now is the most frustrating part of the entire game - mainly due to the
    horrible jumping & controls
    Now that the forklift platform thing is in motion, wait for it to go as far
    south as it can (by where you came in)
    Wait for the platform to lower then jump on. Slide to the back corner and get
    ready to blow up another tank
    The first topmost 'shelf' holds a guard and a tank, fire away
    Now, get into this shelf area and wait for the forklift to come back this way
    On it's way back get on the back end of the platform, next to the 2 posts. Wait
    for it to go thru the lowering cycle again
    When it starts back up, jump off onto the 'roof' of the storage structure and
    head towards the ladder in the northern center
    Climb the ladder and immediately double tap crouch so you're crawling
    Head to the left, then climb on the air duct to your right. You'll be following
    this across the room
    ALWAYS stand up before attempting to jump the gaps. You can crouch back down
    when you get to the other side.
    The last jump will be from the ducts to the balcony. This can be very
    frustrating as you tend to hit the wall jutting out
    Try and put a slight angle on it to avoid the wall but not overshoot and wind
    up back on the floor
    Land it, kick out the air grate and climb in
    See that massive bulldozer filling the screen? It's going to crush you. Ouch.
    Jump on one of the boxes about the room and use that to get on top and over the
    bulldozer. He hits the wall and dies. Aw.
    Open the garage door, turn right and open the next one. Lots of baddies to
    whack. One right above the doorway too.
    Watch that you don't pop all the balloons in the center, you'll need one in a
    Climb up the ladder, and follow around til you get to the big gap.
    Shoot a balloon and wait til it descends enough so you can jump on it, using it
    to bridge the gap to the other side
    Throw the switches on the right activating the conveyer belt then get back to
    the floor.
    Scout around and see if you turn up the night vision goggles one of the fellows
    was wearing. If not, no matter
    Hop on the conveyer belt. You'll go thru several rooms with intermittent
    enemies in the balconies.
    In the 2nd room on the belt ride, turn to your upper left as soon as you get in
    to blow up Fuel Cell #10
    When the belt ride ends hop off and open the garage door in the northwest
    Zoom in on one of the fuel cells they're carting along to take out all the guys
    9x out of 10
    Reload, head forward, head thru the open door on the right, across the room,
    and open the garage door
    There's a few guys on the ground in the middle, polish them off
    Now you fight Natasha.
    Not too difficult, she stays on top and runs in and out of the rooms, mostly to
    the north and south
    Finish her off.
    Level over.
    Nakatomi Plaza
    Blah blah blah. Run up the walkway and in the front doors. When you step into
    the first hallway the security gates drop
    A little further and someone tosses a grenade at you guys. Jump back as far as
    you can. So much for backup.
    There are guys with SMGs on either side of the elevator areas, take them down
    as quick as possible.
    Collect their guns and take the last elevator on the north side of the right
    Click on the left panel for it to close and start going up
    Gruber stops the elevator on the 22nd floor so you have to get out
    Walk by the bomb and look at the laptop on the table
    Run into the office area and duck down next to the bookshelf by the windows
    Get up and turn to the window you can see a window washer cart out of. Click on
    the window to open it up
    Hop in the washer and click on the control panel looking thing on the far
    outside end.
    When it stops hop in the window, thru both doors, slight right, and right down
    the hallway. Whack the patrol guy.
    Click on the button next to the grey elevator doors. Shoot the guy inside and
    hop in and hit up
    It stops on the 23rd. 2 guys to your right when you step out. Follow to that
    office and one more on your left
    The one on your left had a walkie talkie. Claim it and get back in the same
    elevator, up once again
    Stops on 24th, shoot the patrol guy who walks in front of you
    You can explore 24 if you like or the smarter thing is to hit up again to go to
    On 25, aim left and slide out shooting to take down the guy manning a turret
    Reload, face the open elevator, and strafe left. The other elevator doors open
    with 4+ guys firing at you. Whack 'em.
    Lean around the next corner to pop off another manned turret.
    Walk down to the turret and turn left to get to the emergency stairs
    Go in the door, up all the stairs, in the door, out the room, and down the
    right hallway to the door w/ a grid pattern
    One guy to your immediate right
    Basically, follow the doors around the outer edge of the building, shooting
    enemies, til you reach the glass doors
    Head thru them to the 2nd set, shoot the guy to your right, take the glass
    doors in the middle
    Head past the elevators to the north glass doors, turn right, go thru the
    double grid doors, and head in the 'exit' door
    In the inner door, pop the guy(s) on the stairs, and head all the way up
    In the door, open the outer door and pop the guys to your right. Head their
    way, make a right into that big hall
    Reload, Open the double grid doors and mow down everyone you can
    Head in, clean up, and take the glass doors on the right
    Take the grid door on your right and follow down the hall to the first double
    grid door on your left
    Mow down resistance and take the glass door straight ahead
    Take the single grid door and prepare to open fire, that partition drops
    revealing a turret and guards
    Turn right, take the door, follow the hall to a glass door on your right (whack
    the guy guarding the elevators)
    Turn left, strafe and kill the guy guarding the 'exit'
    Take the exit door, hop in the elevator, click up
    Doors open, guy right in front of you
    Hold L and lean to the right to pick off some guys down the hall before
    stepping out
    Step out and finish them off, head forward and take the grid door on the right
    by the window
    You find Lucy tied to a chair with a bomb in the middle of the room. You have 2
    minutes to get the de fuser thing.
    Head back into the main hall, pick off all you can and make it up the far
    stairs into the little glass area on the right
    Head in that room and you'll find the device on the floor. Pick it up and make
    haste back to Lucy (watch the balcony guy)
    Just walk up to her, click, and she's freed, hoorah.
    She says 'follow her' - you go to the elevator on the right of yours and get
    in, click up
    Blah blah blah, head down the hall, she has to unlock that door. GET AHEAD OF
    HER and open the door
    The pattern is: 2 to the right, 2 to the left, 1 right 1 left
    Take either the left or right, doesn't matter, just safely make it to the
    stairs up to the chopper pad
    Level over.
    Holmes Observatory
    Avoid mines, take out the guards then the helicopter (rocket or full rifle
    Go upstairs, take out guards, rocket launchers (KEEP AT LEAST 1 ROCKET FOR THE
    END), collect circuit breaker
    Take out as many guards in yard as possible from roof
    Slowly make way around outside of dome, watch out for c4 wall mines & guards
    Talk to injured rent a pig, get door keys and scanner to call Al
    Make your way back, shoot cable holding box up, climb back on roof
    Equip 'circuit breaker'
    Open locked door, disarm bomb, turn off power to rocket launchers
    Rotate observatory so ladder is on roof of bldg you are currently in
    Go back outside, around back of bldg, climb to roof and use the ladder to get
    If you removed the circuit breaker re equip it, there's another bomb to disarm
    next to the door
    Head thru said door
    Slowly approach the door on the left. As soon as you can see in it should
    autotarget some goons for you to whack
    There is one behind the desk on your left as you enter the room, and 2 more
    behind desks on the right further down
    Sweep the room, open the door, head down the hall and turn right and shoot -
    guard watching that door/hallway
    Approach the door and pick off the guard across the room. Get closer to the
    door and aim left for #2
    Open the door and turn right, wait a sec or 2 and #3 approaches from behind a
    Follow the stairs down and around, the only one you can enter is right below
    the one you came in
    Sidestep the wench and get ready to fire ahead. DON'T go past the 2nd alcoves
    til there's nobody left to target ahead
    Whichever side of the hall you picked, aim at the opposite side and slowly walk
    forward. There's a guy on either side
    Equip the circuit breaker and approach the double doors, the bomb is on the
    floor and hard to see but easy to trigger
    Once de armed open the doors, head to the back of the room and shoot out the
    grate. Duck down, get inside and take the ladder
    Open the door, take a step or 2 down the hall and wait. A guy with a
    flamethrower approaches from the left
    Take him down, walk to the end of the hall and turn right to whack the guy
    hiding in the dark
    Strafe to the left and take out the guys barricaded behind a broken door in the
    middle of the hallway
    Jump over the door, turn right and strafe left into the next dark hallway to
    shoot out the guy just ahead
    Quickly run down the hallway past the opening on the left to the far end
    Face the direction you came from and strafe left to shoot out another guy
    Quickly switch to the circuit breaker and go to the middle set of shelves to
    disarm bomb #4
    Reequip the rifle and head back towards the side hallway you passed
    Don't go up the steps yet, you can pick off most of the guards from back here
    Once you shoot all you can from back there step forward and take out the last
    guy or 2 before entering that room
    Head to the door, head left to the next door, down the stairs, and take out the
    guy on your right.
    Now stand in the doorway and take out all you can target before proceeding.
    Make your way thru the maze of generators, ducking under the pipes in the
    There are at least 3 goons along the way - right around each corner and the
    last one up above.
    When you get out of the power area head down the hall and go into the door on
    your right
    Walk down the hall, shoot the guy dead ahead thru the window, then open the
    door and pop the guy on your left
    Walk over to the wall and throw the switch to unlock the dining hall (back in
    the main hall)
    Turn around, head back out, forward, to the left, then thru those double doors
    Head up the stairs while talking to Al - stop at the very top step and wait for
    the discussion to end
    Quickly storm the hall on the left, taking out the guys to the left with the
    hostages first.
    There's another on the far side of the globe.
    You may have to do the above part over several times. The hostages seem to be
    magnetically attracted to bullets...
    When the hostages are safe, take out the breaker and disarm the last bomb in
    the back of the room.
    With the bomb out of the way, reload your gun and shoot the globe.
    It falls off the pedestal and smashes the doors across the hall open, giving
    you more people to shoot
    Be careful because they both have massive turrets
    When you get up to the turrets a squadron will come up the hall from where you
    just were. Flatten them.
    Head thru the doors back into the lobby and take the center door.
    Ok, here's the fun part. Hope you have some hero time saved up.
    Get up to the balcony to get their attention, then step back so the doors give
    you a bit of cover.
    Pick off the guys coming up the stairs it targets but don't shoot the guy it
    doesn't (Galaxy Thief 3 star)
    Head downstairs and sweep around for any remaining goons and pick up any ammo
    you can find.
    Ok, reload, and open the doors. Walk far enough towards the center path that it
    triggers Frontiers' dialogue and step back
    Activate hero time (L + Y) and fire away. You should have enough saved up from
    this lvl alone to kill him w/o a fight
    As soon as Frontier is dead a 25 sec timer activates. Great.
    If you can pick it up, grab his chaingun. If it doesn't don't sweat it, you
    don't have time to worry about it
    Head up the ramps to the upper EXIT signs and shoot out the door.
    Keep going across the room and shoot out the door to get back to the lobby.
    Remember that rocket I told you to keep? Use it to blow open the front doors.
    Tada. Cutscene. Credits. Cheat codes.
    Congrats, you've beaten one of the worst videogames of all time.
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    It may not be reprinted without permission
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