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CD-R/CD-RW Compatibility FAQ by Wasabi X

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/11/2005

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                         CD-R/CD-RW Compatibility FAQ

~Table of Contents~
2.The Xbox
3.Version History
4.The Drives
5.CD-R/CD-RW Compatibility
7.Contact Info
10.Rate My Work

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This FAQ might not pertain to you or your Xbox version/drive. I have been
informed that some of the newest Samsung drives have had their firmware
updated, and now virtually no CD-R/RWs work on it. If this is your case, I am
sorry. For those of you all e-mailing me asking why a certain CD-R/RW doesn't
work, make sure to check the speed of the disc beforehand. Also, another 
common problem is that people burn their disc's in the wrong format. Before
e-mailing me, make sure your entire disc is in CDA format, not .mp3 or .wma.

Thank you.

*  .:. 1.Intro .:.                                                           *

Welcome to the world of Xbox! Xbox uses state of the art hardware to do great
things. Example: The custom soundtrack feature, which allows you to listen to
your ripped music in-game, straight from your hard drive. Now the question
arises... what CD-R's/CD-RW's can be ripped onto the Xbox hard drive? Well, 
this is what this FAQ is here for.

*  .:. 2.The Xbox .:.                                                        * 

First off, how to rip soundtracks. On your Xbox Dashboard, go to music. Then,
select the CD you want to play. Now from here, you can play the CD. From this
menu, you can also copy the entire CD, or selected tracks to your Xbox hard 
drive, you can also name the tracks(as their defualt names are just; "Track 1"
ect ect.). For more information, consult the Xbox FAQs.

*  .:. 3..Version History .:.                                                * 

1.00 - Finshed with the list, now taking suggestions.
2.00 - Added the "new" Hitachi drive and now have some questions.

*  .:. 4.The Drives .:.                                                      *

The Xbox has had 3 different DVD drives. The Samsung, Thompson and Phillips.

Samsung - Best
Phillips - 2nd
Thomson - 3rd
Hitachi- Worst

For some reason, others(and myself) have had troubles with DDE's with a 
Thompson drive. Other's work just fine. Anyways, here is a site that has pics
of all the DVD Drives:


What is the Hitachi drive? Well, it is a drive that was co-developed with
Samsung and Hitachi. It looks exactly like the Samsung drive, but comes with
brand-spanking-new and annoying as hell firmware. Basically, it is impossible
to rip CDs to it. As I said before, Vertabrim will be your best bet for these,
but I have not tested this firsthand.


It seems the Hitachi looks like a Thompson. Now, I have heard reports both ways
that the Hitachi drive looks like a Samsung/looks like a Thompson.

*  .:. 5.CD-R/CD-RW Compatibility .:.                                        *

|Brand::::::::::::::::::|Model:::::::::::::::|Type:|Speed:|Works/Not works?|
|Bush  	                |650MB/74min         |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|Circuit City  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|CompUSA  	        |650MB/74min  	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|CompUSA(CD-RW)         |650MB/74min  	     |CD-RW|10x   |Works           |
|CompUSA  	        |650MB/74Min 4X Cap  |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|Cursor and Giga Storage|700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|DataWare  	        |650mb/74Min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|Digital Media  	|650MB/74min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|Fujifilm  	        |700mb/80min 	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|Radio Shack  	        |700mb/74min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|HP  	                |650MB/74Min  	     |CD-RW|2x    |Works           |
|Imation  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|K Hypermedia  	        |650mb/74min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|Kodak  	        |650MB/74min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|LG  	                |CDD-E081B650MB/74min|CD-RW|10x   |Works           |
|Matsushita  	        |cw-7582  	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|Maxell  	        |650MB/74min #630010 |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|Memorex  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|Memorex  	        |Black 80min  	     |CD-R |12x   |Works           |
|Mitsui  	        |650MB/74min   	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|Office Depot  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|Plextor  	        |650mb/74min  	     |CD-RW|10x   |Works           |
|PNY  	                |700MB/80min         |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|Prima  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |12x   |Works           |
|Prime Peripherals  	|700mb/80min  	     |CD-R |16x   |Works           |
|TDK  	                |650MB/74min  	     |CD-R |4x    |Works           |
|Verbatim  	        |650MB/74min  	     |CD-RW|8x    |Works           |
|Yamaha  	        |650/74min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|TDK                    |700/80min           |CD-RW|4x    |Works           |
|Acer  	                |650mb/74min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Doesn't Work    |
|CompUSA  	        |650MB/74min 8x cap  |CD-R |4x    |Doesn't Work    |
|Fujifilm  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |24x   |Doesn't Work    |
|Fujifilm /HP9300burner |650MB/74min 4x cap  |CD-RW|4x    |Doesn't Work    |
|Gigastorage 700MB  	|upc 686354292010    |CD-R |4x    |Doesn't Work    |
|High Tech  	        |700mb/80min  	     |CD-R |16x   |Doesn't Work    |
|Imation  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |16x   |Doesn't Work    |
|Imation  	        |650MB/74min  	     |CD-R |8x    |Doesn't Work    |
|Memorex  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |8x    |Doesn't Work    |
|PNY  	                |650MB/74min         |CD-RW|8x    |Doesn't Work    |
|Sony  	                |650MB/74min  	     |CD-RW|4x    |Doesn't Work    |
|Verbatim  	        |700mb (Green bottom)|CD-R |24x   |Doesn't Work    |
|Verbatim  	        |700MB/80min  	     |CD-R |16x   |Doesn't Work    |

*  .:. 6.FAQs .:.                                                            *

Q: I burned a CD-RW and it doesn't work, yet a CD-R of the same brand did,
A: CD-RW's can be a tad unrealiable in Xbox's. If at all possible, avoid them.

Q: How do I know if I a Hitachi drive for sure?
A: The manufateurers date is the biggest givaway. All the 2004 Holiday Edition
Xboxs were Hitachi drives. The only way to know for sure is to open it up and
look to see if it says Hitachi. I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend doing this, as it
will void your warranty.

Q: How do I burn in .cda format?
A: Use programs such as Windowns Media Player, RealPlayer or WinAmp. All of
these programs will default to .cda format, unless you change the settings.

Windows Media Player:



Musicmatch Jukebox:

*  .:. 7.Contact Info .:.                                                    *

Got questions? Email Wasabi.X@gmail.com or catch me on AIM. My AIM name
is also RedAlertZero.

*  .:. 8.Copywright .:.                                                      *

This FAQ is copywrite (c) 2004 Wasabi X. This may be not be reproduced under
any circumstances except for personal,private use. It may not be placed on any
web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

*  .:. 9.Thanks .:.                                                          *

-CJayC; for keeping GameFaqs strong in this time of turmoil.
-Microsoft, for the great Xbox!
-My neighboors, for paying me so I can afford to buy all these damn CDs...
-Josh_924 for the info in the TDK CD-RWs.

And remember kids...
****************************WINNERS DON'T DO DRUGS****************************

*  .:. 10.Rate My Work .:.                                                   *

Please, rate my work:

Register there and then use the new system of rating FAQs on a scale of 1-10,
one being the worst, and 10 being the best. If you found my work helpful, the
most convinient way for you to show me is not via email or AIM, but rather
rating the FAQ. Thank you.

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