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Perfect Moolah Challenge Guide by Syonyx

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/28/07

                                  *       *
                                  .*     *.
                               .*           *.
                            .*                 *.
                         .*                       *.
                      .*                             *.
                     *                                 *
                    *                                   *
                   *                                     *
                  *               /|   /|   /|            *
                 *        _./\   | |  | |  | |  _          *
                 *      .' _._\  | |  | |  |_.-' '-.       *
                 *     ; .'      | |  | _.-' _,---. '.     *
                 *    (  (       | | _.' _.-'|     \  \    *
                 *     \  \      |_.' _,'  | |      )  )   *
                 *      `. `-._.-' _.'| |  | |    _;  ;    *
                  *       `-.___.-'|  | |  | |  \'  ,'    *
                   *             | |  | |  | |   \,'     *
                    *            |/   |/   |/           *
                     *.                               .*
                       *.                           .*
                          *.                     .*
                             * * * * * * * * * *

   -                                                                       -
   =                      ODDWORLD: STRANGER'S WRATH                       =
   -                                                                       -
   =                   ~=~=~ Perfect Moolah Guide ~=~=~                    =
   -                                                                       -
   =                          by ::~ Syonyx ~::                            =
   -                                                                       =

===================                                                ============
 TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                  GUIDE INFO
===================                                                ============

1.0 Introduction                                                 Author: Syonyx
2.0 Moolah Maximizing Methods                                    Version #: 1.1
     2.1 Moolah Sources                      Initial Completion Date: 20-Sep-06
     2.2 Battle Techniques                     Latest Version Update: 28-Feb-07
     2.3 Outlaw Types
     2.4 Outlaw Bounty Values
     3.1 Training Level
     3.2 Gizzard Gulch
     3.3 Filthy Hands Floyd                         ** To jump to any section,
     3.4 Looten Duke                                   press ctrl-F and enter
     3.5 Boilz Booty                                   the section number.  **
     3.6 Road to Buzzarton
     3.7 Buzarton & Beek's Opple Farm
     3.8 Eugene Ius
     3.9 Jo'Momma
     3.10 Meagly McGraw
     3.11 Packrat Palooka
     3.12 Road to Mongo Valley
     3.13 New Yolk City
     3.14 X'Plosive McGee
     3.15 Sleg Hunting
     3.16 Lefty Lugnutz
     3.17 Elboze Freely
     3.18 Fatty McBoomBoom
     3.19 Doc's Retreat
4.0 Closing Info

                              1.0  INTRODUCTION

Moolah, moolah, moolah, it makes Oddworld go 'round, being its dominant
currency and all.  Exchangeable for goods and services, Moolah is a valuable
commodity throughout Oddworld, and the region seen in Stranger's Wrath is no
exception.  Aside from being able to purchase weapon and armor upgrades and
accessories, the Stranger needs mucho moolah for a very specific reason:
(WARNING: VERY EARLY-GAME VAGUE SPOILER) So that he can afford the 'operation'.
The Vykker Doc, the only sawbones in these parts, requires a whopping $20,000
from Stranger to provide the agreed-upon service.  That's a pretty steep price,
so the Stranger's going to need to fill a whole lot of bounties to meet it.

This guide was written to help you to maximize your earnings throughout the
game.  The goals of the 'Perfect Moolah' challenge are twofold.  First and
foremost, you must capture all enemies alive wherever remotely possible, since
higher bounties are paid out for live Outlaws.  Second, this task also requires
that you locate all Moolah and valuable objects hidden in the environments that
you travel through.  This guide will clearly describe how to accomplish these
things, so that you'll have enough Moolah in hand to afford the operation when
the appropriate time in the game arrives.

On the other hand, this guide does NOT cover two things in particular.  First,
it does not provide a true complete walkthrough to the game.  A fair amount of
walkthrough information will have to be provided in order to explain where and
how to find all of the Moolah and make as many live captures as possible, but
details will not always be provided for simply getting from place to place.
Second, this guide can not and does not account for any Moolah acquired by
shaking down defenseless Clakkerz in towns.  This method of getting richer
could potentially provide you with unlimited funds, since you can always wait
for the Clakkerz to return to their normal routine and then beat them up again,
and that wouldn't make for much of a guide, would it?  Not to mention, that
method is rather cheap.  I'm not saying that it doesn't have its place in the
game, but it will not be part of the challenge detailed in this guide.

And finally, maybe you're wondering exactly what the operation is.  Well, you
won't find out here!  I won't give out any spoilers, so you're just going to
have to play the game and find out.  And don't bother asking on the message
boards either, because you'll just get a lot of jokes about gender reassignment
surgery.  Honestly, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is a phenomenal game and you
ought to experience it for yourself.

ADDENDUM: Okay, you got me.  The observant player may notice that you will
sometimes actually end up with more Moolah by killing an Outlaw, bountying his
dead body and also picking up all of the Moolah bags he drops.  This method is
highly unreliable, however, since the exact value of any Moolah bag is
randomized within limits; sometimes you get more overall, but usually you get
less.  More importantly, this fact doesn't present much opportunity in the way
of creating a challenge, so I'll conveniently ignore it here.  If you want to
be picky about it, you can call this the 'Perfect Live Capture and Loose Moolah
Collection Challenge'.

                        2.0 MOOLAH MAXIMIZING METHODS

Remember that at any point throughout the game, you can check your status by
pressing the 'Back' button on your controller.  This will show you, among other
things, your total Moolah, your current primary bounty and its value alive or
dead, and the tally of current captured Outlaws, both alive and dead, that you
have yet to cash in at a bounty store.


There are several ways to increase your net assets throughout the game:

 ==> BOUNTIES.  Suck up defeated Outlaws into your bounty can, then cash them
in at the Bounty Store when you return to town.  Of course, Outlaws are much
more valuable alive than dead.  If they must be killed, however, they will also
drop some Moolah bags, but the value of those is not usually quite enough to
make up for the difference in bounty value.  In those cases where fatality is
absolutely unavoidable, be sure to get to the body and bounty it before it
fades away.  See below for the bounty values of the various enemy types, both
alive and dead.

 ==> MOOLAH BAGS.  Sacks of coin that are dropped by killed Outlaws or
squirreled away inside barrels and other places.  You'll be doing a lot of
smashing throughout the game to find all of these.  The value of any particular
Moolah Bag is randomized, ranging from $2 to $5.

 ==> MOOLAH CHESTS.  Larger amounts of moolah stored in a convenient carrying
case.  These tend to be better hidden than bags are.  The value of any
particular Moolah Chest is randomized, ranging from $40 to $60.

 ==> MOOLAH POT.  On occasion, you will come across valuable bowls of glowing
crystals, worth quite a bit of Moolah.  The value will be automatically
converted once you collect them, so there's no need to cash them in anywhere.
The value of any particular Moolah Pot is randomized, ranging from $40 to $60.

 ==> IDOL STATUE.  A unique item, held by the Grubbs as possibly their last
treasure of any real value.  Hey, as far as you're concerned, you need the cash
more than they do, so feel free to snag it.  $78.

 ==> CRYSTAL SHARDS.  Inside some caves, glowing orange crystals grow from the
walls and provide some minor illumination.  Shoot these to break off shards,
which are converted to Moolah when you collect them.  The value of any
particular shard is randomized, from $1 to $2.


In any combat situation, you have a wide variety of options available to you
(except for in the training sections, where you must attack with a specific
method, for the sake of your education).  Some of these are fatal to your
enemies, some are not.  For the purposes of maximizing your Moolah, however,
you definitely want to favor the non-fatal techniques, so that you can achieve
live captures.

STAR SYSTEM: The status of Outlaws is indicated by the number and types of
stars floating around their heads, in traditional cartoon fashion.  Yellow
stars represent consciousness.  Hit an Outlaw enough to create three yellow
stars and he'll be knocked out, giving you a golden opportunity to bounty him
alive.  This effect is temporary, however, and once all yellow stars have faded
away the Outlaw will get back up, meaner than ever.  Red stars, on the other
hand, represent the Outlaw's health.  Physically damaging attacks will result
in more red stars, and once an Outlaw has three red stars, just a little more
damage will kill it for good.  Needless to say, for the purposes of this guide,
that is something to be avoided if at all possible.

MELEE ATTACKS: In addition to his crossbow, the Stranger can spin, punch, and
headbutt his opponents into submission.  For the lowlier Outlaws, this is a
great way to knock them out quickly while leaving them alive.  Just don't hit
them too many times, because you can kill them outright with enough melee hits.
This attack is only really useful when you are not exposed to enemy fire while
you run, attack, and bounty the nearby Outlaws.

AMMO TYPES: Each ammo type has vastly different characteristics, and may either
kill or merely incapacitate your target.  We are, of course, only going for the
latter here.

     -Zappflies: Your default, unlimited ammo, and actually quite useful for
                 knocking enemies unconscious.  A fully charged shot will
                 instantly knock out weaker Outlaws, while some others may take
                 several shots before they go down.

     -Chippunks: Since they do no damage of any kind, they have no influence on
                 whether you make live or dead captures, but they are still
                 useful for moving Outlaws into a position where you can use a
                 different non-fatal attack on them.

     -Bolamites: One of the best live capture tools available.  Just make sure
                 to bounty the Outlaw before they break free of the webbing.

     -Fuzzles: Not at all helpful in making live captures, as they damage
               Outlaws by repeatedly taking bites out of them.  If you only use
               one or two, though, to distract some enemies while you capture
               others, they can still be part of your repertoire.

     -Stunkz: Another one of the best live capture ammo types.  When caught in
              their gas explosion, vomiting Outlaws can be bountied without
              first being knocked out.

     -Thudslugs: To be used with caution!  Though they can knock out opponents,
                 Thudslugs also cause a fair amount of damage.  Best reserved
                 for the tougher Outlaw types.

     -Boombats: These cause heavy damage, and if aiming for live captures, they
                should only be used against the heavily armored Outlaw Nailers.

     -Stingbees: Serve no purpose other than to cause damage, only use these on
                 environmental hazards (e.g. automatic flamethrowers).

     -Sniper Wasps: One hit from one of these causes instant death, and they
                    are usually only used when you're too far away to even
                    bounty the dead body before it fades away.  Do not use.


OUTLAW CUTTER: So named because they're armed with forked blades for slashing
               and throwing knives to cause you pain at medium distance.  Since
               they have to come right up to you to attack, they are easily
               knocked out with a melee attack or two.

OUTLAW SHOOTER: The most common fodder, they carry popguns that fire single
                shots.  Definitely of the weaker Outlaw types, they are easily
                incapacitated with a charged Zappfly, Bolamite or Stunk.  Some
                of them are perched on higher levels, so make sure that you can
                get to them.

OUTLAW SNIPERS: Wear orange vests and carry laser rifles that they can fire
                with great accuracy over long distances.  They are often
                perched in high, inaccessible alcoves, and from there can
                unfortunately only be captured dead, since even non-lethal
                attacks make them fall out to their doom.  Make sure that you
                can get to their bodies before they fade away in those cases
                where they must be killed.

OUTLAW HUNTER: Essentially identical to Snipers, in terms of behaviour,
               clothing, weaponry, and bounty value.  For some reason, a group
               of these were just given a different name.

OUTLAW MORTAR: Packing rocket launchers on their backs that shoot homing
               rockets high into the air.  Aside from their enhanced offensive
               capabilities, they like to run back and forth a lot, making them
               evasive targets.  Use any of the non-lethal ammo to take them

OUTLAW NAILERS: Big, tough, and wearing full body armor covered in spikes
                (hence their name).  You cannot use melee attacks against them,
                since their armor will cause you damage if you touch it.  They
                don't have distance attacks, so they have to run you down.
                They're also hard to put down, since they can withstand a
                single shot from any ammo except Boombats.  Use those or more
                than one Thudslug or charged Zappfly to knock them down
                temporarily, then quickly bounty them before they recover.
                Immune to Bolamites and Stunkz.

OUTLAW SEMI AUTO: Wear blue vests and fire rapid streams of bullets that can
                  very quickly wear away your health if you don't find some
                  cover or otherwise stop them from shooting.  A little tougher
                  to knock out than most Outlaw types, but not as tough as
                  Nailers.  Still, they can be quite a pain in the ass.

OUTLAW BOMBER: Kamikaze fighters carrying a payload of explosives on their
               backs.  Once they spot you, they light their own fuses and make
               a mad dash straight at you.  They run fast, too.  Once lit, they
               will explode if they reach you or if you knock them down.  If
               you want to bag them alive, you'll have to incapacitate them
               before they get a chance to light up, which can often be quite

OUTLAW FLAMER: Armed with a flamethrower, they are able to cause continuous
               damage to you at medium range.  The stream of fire also obscures
               your vision.  Tough to knock out, though you can easily just tie
               them up with a Bolamite.


This info won't help you earn any more Moolah (since you'll be capturing all
Outlaws alive wherever possible, regardless of type), but it's fitting info for
this guide.

|     Type         | Alive | Dead |
| Outlaw Cutter    |  $20  |  $3  (except in training level: alive 6, dead 2)
| Outlaw Shooter   |  $25  |  $5  (except in training level: alive 10, dead 5)
| Outlaw Sniper    |  $10  |  $5  |
| Outlaw Hunter    |  $10  |  $5  |
| Outlaw Mortar    |  $25  |  $8  |
| Outlaw Nailer    |  $25  |  $8  |
| Outlaw Semi Auto |  $30  | $10  |
| Outlaw Bomber    |  $30  |  $8  |
| Outlaw Flamer    |  $30  | $10  |

                       3.0  PERFECT MOOLAH WALKTHROUGH

Remember, this is not a true walkthrough, so there won't always be precise
instructions for getting from point A to point B.  You can refer to my complete
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath FAQ/Walkthrough for that at:

Throughout this challenge, a couple of things should go without saying.  First,
don't buy anything!  Using up your hard-earned Moolah goes against the nature
of achieving perfect Moolah.  Of course, this makes the game more difficult
without using any of the ammo or stamina upgrades, but I'm here to guide you
through this, so no worries.  Second, you should always stock up fully on live
ammo whenever you come across it, because you never know where the next supply
will come from.  There's nothing worse than entering a new area without any
Bolamites or Chippunks in your possession, if your goal is to make live
captures.  On that note, your Zappfly will be your best friend throughout this
challenge, since it provides unlimited ammo and is the easiest way to knock out
most Outlaws.

At the end of each section, two possible Moolah values will be listed.
"Mission Moolah" refers to the Moolah earned when you cash out at the Bounty
Store after completing a bounty assignment.  It represents only the Moolah
earned for bountied Outlaws and Outlaw Bosses (alive or dead).  The other
value, "Approximate Total Moolah", is a running total of all Moolah acquired up
to that point, which will include payouts for bountied Outlaws (acquired both
within and between missions) as well as all found Moolah collected from various
sources.  This last figure will by necessity always be an approximation, as the
actual value of any collected Moolah Bag or other commodity will be randomized
within limits.


First of all, bounty up Blisterz Booty.  Easiest live capture you'll ever make.
In fact, you'd have to work quite hard to kill him.  Go up the elevator once
you've got him, and follow the instructions for getting accustomed to the game.

Make sure to only spin enough to knock out the Outlaw Cutter that gets in a
free hit, not to kill him.  Bounty him up before he rises for a whopping 6
Moolah.  Hey, everyone's got to start somewhere.

Where you first practice using the Chippunk to lure the Outlaw onto the rickety
platform, it is impossible to make a live capture, as the door ahead won't open
until the Outlaw has plunged to his death.  You do, however, have all the time
in the world to suck up his dead body, unlike all future cases where the bodies
will melt away after a while.  In the gully where you bounty him, be sure to
also grab the Moolah bags beside him, and smash open the barrels for some more
free dough.  There are 2 visible in front and 2 behind where you bounty the
Outlaw, and another one hidden in the bushes by the rear ones, so be sure to
look for that one before proceeding up the elevator.

You'll approach 2 Outlaw Cutters together, simply headbutt them each to knock
them out and then bounty them both before either recovers.  After that, you'll
easily bounty the next Outlaw alive as you practice using the Bolamite.  For
the folloiwng pair, even if you get caught out practicing your
Chippunk/Bolamite combo, you can still easily knock them out with a melee

When you get the Stunkz, be sure not to accidentally knock any Outlaws off of
the bridge, or they'll be lost forever.  Use the Stunkz and Bolamites to keep
the last one busy while you bounty the first two.

When you get Fuzzles, you unfortunately have to kill the 3 Outlaws outright
before the gate will open, but if you're lucky you might still get to bounty up
one dead body.  When attacked by the Fuzzles, the Outlaws will tend to run into
the water and die instantly (though they at least leave behind some Moolah Bags
to pick up as you swim around).  Kill 2 in this way, then use a Chippunk to
lure one over to the left side of the walkways, then shoot Fuzzles at him to
kill him.  If you're lucky, you'll do enough damage to kill him before he runs
flailing into the water.  In that case, run up and bounty the body quickly once
the door opens, and also make sure to pick up his Moolah Bags.  For the next
Outlaw that comes out of the door on the side, just use a Bolamite for an easy
live capture.  Remember to swim out to get the Moolah Bags floating in the
water before proceeding.

After collecting your own ammo and crossing the water, the fight is on!
Charged Zappflies and Bolamites will make for easy live captures.  But whatever
you do, don't shoot the explosive barrels, or you'll wipe out your intended
bounty before you can reach him!  That's it for this section.  Go on into town
and cash out your captures at the Bounty Store.


    3.2 Gizzard Gulch

Before you leave town on your next bounty, try to smash some stuff.  There are
many breakable fences and a few crates, but only some contain some Moolah:
First, the one in the corner ahead and to the left as you exit the Bounty
Store.  Smash a couple of fences to break into a small penned area, and smash
the far crate for 3 Moolah Bags.  Second, to the right of the door leading to
Buzzarton, near the water tower, behind a breakable fence.  Third, pass Doc's
Office towards the exit to Dead Hen's Pass, then stick to the wall on the far
right side.  Before the last fence, there's a another crate with Moolah Bags
inside waiting to be released.  That's all for here, so head on out of town



After running a while, you'll come to the giant crane.  Stay hidden in the
reeds on the left side as the Outlaws walk up and start having a conversation.
Now, under normal circumstances it would be hilarious to shoot the surge panel
and crush them all, but that would be forgetting the purpose of this guide.
Instead, just move up to the edge of the reeds and shoot one of the Outlaws
with a charged Zappfly.  In the time that it takes the second Outlaw to reach
you, you'll have recharged your Zappfly and can zap him as well, then bounty
them both up before the first one recovers.  Easy as pie.  Behind the crane,
there are several crates behind a wall, two of which contain Moolah Bags.

Smash through the fence on the left at some point before you reach the next
surge panel (if you've triggered the Bolamite cut-scene, you've gone far
enough).  Behind the fence, two of the four crates in the small shack contain
Moolah Bags, and in the larger structure, climb up to the second level via the
rope in the back left corner to find another chest with more inside.

Once through the next surge panel-opened gate, stay to the left to hide in the
reeds as you sneak up on the first Outlaw.  A charged Zapply will take him out
without consuming any ammo.  Walk up to each of the next pair in turn and
collect them in a similar manner.  For the trio who blow up the overpass, you
can either lure them apart with Chippunks or just wade in with Bolamites and
charged Zapplies for a more direct approach.  You have plenty of time to heal

Once over the rock wall, you have a lot more Outlaws to deal with.  Walk up to
the reeds between the two rocks.  For each of the two Outlaws in this area, you
can draw them past the rock on the right with a Chippunk or two and then hit
them with a Zappfly once they're out of vision range of the other one (use your
radar to determine the safe distance).  After them, sneak up to the next bunch
of tall weeds, and repeat this strategy for a couple more Outlaws firing on the
wagons.  There are more Chippunks to capture along the canyon wall by the first
wagon if you run low.  You can capture three more Outlaws in this way, then
another trio will come out to the wagons to replace the first set.  Taking out
two of them brings another two more out to join the fray.  All in all, I think
there are ten Outlaws attacking the wagons before the big boss makes his

   ~~BOSS: Filthy Hands Floyd~~

If you stealthily removed all of the Outlaws without moving too far towards the
end of the wagons, then you get a slightly different cutscene presenting Filthy
Hands Floyd.  Regardless, you'll want to deal with his two Outlaw minions
before taking on the big guy himself.  Simply make yourself visible briefly and
they'll come out after you.  Tie them up with Bolamites, then move in for the
main target.  Easiest.  Bounty.  Ever.  A Bolamite will do him in easily, but
briefly, though it's still long enough to suck him up into your bounty can if
you're close enough when you shoot him.

  ~~After the battle~~

A couple of the barrels along the rear rock wall contain some Moolah Bags.
Also, if you backtrack through the wagons, you can see wooden platforms up
above on either side of the canyon.  Climb up there via the ropes.  At least
one barrel on each side holds more Moolah Bags.  Also, go to the barn a little
further back.  A barrel on the second floor balcony hides some more Moolah.

And now for the trip back to town.  Once you're out of the caves, head left and
jump down to the second ledge.  One of the barrels here holds some Moolah Bags.
From the edge of the ledge, you can zap and tie up all three Outlaws before
jumping down to bounty them.  Just be sure to also grab the Moolah Bags dropped
by the Outlaws who blew themselves up in the cut-scene.  Jump down to the
ground and head for the two Outlaws who are hold up in the barn across the
path.  Avoid using Zappflies here, since there's an explosive barrel between
them.  A couple of Bolamites will safely do the trick instead.

Once back in town, go and cash out at the Bounty Store for your reward.



After climbing the rope past where you collect the Thudslugs, the first Outlaw
Sniper appears.  He is unfortunately impossible to bounty alive.  Shoot him
with a charged Zappfly from your perch and he'll fall to the ground dead, so
quickly jump down, run out to him (he'll land somewhere past the tipped-over
mine cart) and suck up his body.  Also, move to the area below his perch,
beside the collapsed mine entrance, and jump around in the crevices of the
debris there to collect his dropped Moolah Bags.

Climb back up the rope and continue to find yet another Sniper.  Again, you can
only get him dead.  Drop him with another Zappfly and get his body before it

When you reach the water facility, go down the ramp to the bottom.  Hide in the
reeds and lure out the two front guards one at a time with Chippunks, and hit
them with charged Zappflies to knock them out and bounty them up.  Now you need
to get inside the facility.  You can break down the front door, but then the
Outlaws will all be alerted and live captures will be more challenging (though
far from impossible).  The easy way in is to go up the right side of the
building and break the wooden planks on the first concrete tower, knocking it
over and forming a ramp into the facility.

Once inside in this way, hide behind the sniper wall and fire a Chippunk to the
right, to draw over the first Outlaw patrolling on the raised walkway.  Zap him
and bounty him, then jump down to the reeds along the right wall on the ground.
From here, you can lure over more Outlaws one at a time to thin the herd.  Once
you run out of Chippunks or get spotted, switch to Bolamites and charged
Zappflies for quick incapacitations.  For the Outlaw inside the building, go
around the back and shoot him from an open window, then jump in and grab the
body.  All in all, there are four Outlaws roaming on the ground, one just
inside the main entrance, three on the raised walkway, and one inside the
building.  Once they're all taken care of, the big boy comes out to play.

   ~~BOSS: Looten Duke~~

Before you face the man himself, you have to destroy his two rocket-launching
minions.  Again here, they cannot be taken alive.  Climb to the rightmost tower
with the roof overhead.  Here, you are protected from their rocket fire.  Hit
them with Thudslugs to kill them as quickly as you can.  If you run out, get
more from the right side of the main building.  After they both fall, the Duke
himself comes out to play.  To take him alive, use a combination of Thudslugs
and charged Zappflies.  Knock him over with a Thudslug, then shoot him with a
Zappfly and keep firing until your entire Zappfly clip is empty.  Repeat once
your Thudslug reloads.  Keep this up until his stamina bar falls to zero, then
bounty him up before he recovers.  Just be careful not to accidentally knock
him back into one of the spinning fans or pits of spikes, which would kill him
instantly.  The best way to avoid this is to start shooting him back into the
building as soon as the fight starts.

   ~~After the battle~~

Before you leave this area, you need to collect the Duke's treasure!  Head
inside the main building, and go into the second room.  Climb the rope at the
back.  Jump off at the next level, and run around to pick up the Moolah Bags
dropped by the Outlaw Mortars (the rocket-launcher dudes).  Grab the next rope
and climb up to the third level.  Walk into the water tower.  At the rope, turn
left and jump to the pipes, then walk out to grab the game's first Moolah
Chest.  Go back to the rope and climb up, then again one more.  On this level,
run around the circular platform to find another Moolah Chest, then walk out on
the pipes for yet one more.  Climb up to the final level to find a whopping
five more Moolah Chests, one of which is on the planks spanning the center of
the tower.

Leave this place through the gate behind the base of the water tower.  Once you
emerge from the tunnel, there are new Outlaw Snipers to contend with.  Again,
charged Zappflies do the trick, just get to the bodies fast enough to bounty
them before they disappear.  Of course, since there are two new Snipers along
the other wall, this is slightly easier said then done.  I say, just take out
the first Sniper in the same position as the first time you saw one, then jump
down and get him since you know where his body will end up.  You'll get hit a
couple of times while you're bountying him, but since dead bodies get sucked up
faster this won't be a major issue, as long as you head for cover and shake off
the damage right away.  From the ground, take out each of the other two Snipers
in turn.  Remember to go around an get any dropped Moolah Bags too (though most
will likely be left behind up in their perches).

Head back to town and collect at the Bounty Store.  After this, you'll go to
see Doc, then come back here to get the next bounty.



Accepting this bounty starts the fight right away.  This one will be notably
deadlier than the last couple, to you that is.  Hit and run tactics are the
order of the day.  Your first priority is to stay away from Boilz, since his
buckshot causes serious damage close up.  Run like the wind when he's around,
and pick off his helpers one by one.  While running on all fours, ram an Outlaw
to knock him out, bounty him, then run off in another direction before you're
caught in a dangerous crossfire.  Duck behind fences and buildings and shake
off your damage after every bounty or two.  Use your Bolamites and charged
Zappflies to knock over other nearby Outlaws while you suck one up.  You can
also use your radar to tell when someone is getting close when you're hiding
somewhere to restore your stamina, and to tell when there are only one or two
Outlaws left and where to find them.  When there's only one red dot remaining,
it's Boilz and it's time to take him out.

Again, a combination of Thudslugs and charged Zappflies will most easily
deplete his stamina bar without killing him (remember this combo, as you'll be
using it a lot in future boss battles!).  Make sure that the Thudslugs actually
connect with him, or he'll be blasting you in the face while you're unloading
your Zappfly clip into him.  It's a good idea to back off around the next
corner of the nearest building after every couple of Thudslug shots to shake
off a bit of damage and recollect yourself.  If you're low on ammo, note that
there are a couple of Thudslug crates (and a Boombat crate) around what used to
be the General Store.

Once he's down, bounty him up.  Unfortunately, the bounty store (along with
pretty much everything else in town) is destroyed, so you'll have to wait until
you reach the next town to turn your bounty into cold hard Moolah.
Nevertheless, I'll include the totals here, since they can easily be determined
from the inventory screen.



After a goop run along the valley floor, you come to a small Clakker
settlement.  Listen in to their conversations and you'll hear about a rumoured
Outlaw stash left behind here.  Start with the first house on the left.  A
barrel on its left side has some Moolah bags.  On the other side of the house,
jump up and smash the vertical planks (or shoot them with Zappflies) to reveal
four Moolah Chests (!).  Continue on to the second house on the left, which
has Moolah in a barrel on the far side.  Along the right half of the
settlement, the first and only house has Moolah in a barrel on its left side,
and more breakable planks on its left side that are hiding two more Moolah
Chests.  At the end of the settlement on the right, a barrel by a well built
into the corner of a stone fence holds some Moolah Bags, and another barrel on
the left side past a scarecrow holds more.

Head on over the wall and cross the bridge in a cut-scene.  Next, you need to
capture the pair of Outlaw Mortars.  Fortunately, despite their heavy
artillery, they collapse as easily as any other minion with a charged Zappfly
or Bolamite.  Before heading towards town, head for the area under the bridge
(or what used to be under the bridge, anyway) and smash a few barrels, all of
which contain Moolah Bags.


As you approach the Opple Farm, you overhear the Clakkerz talking about Moolah.
You can get the Moolah here now or later, but why put off for later what you
can have today?  Besides, doing this now lets you scout out the area for an
upcoming bounty mission.

Head into the farmhouse, the large building at the bottom of the hill.  Since
there are no open doors, you'll have to make one; just smash open any window
and jump through.  Walk around and the farmer will find you.  Talk to him to
pretend that you're the security guard he hired to carry his Moolah.  He
accepts the ruse, but first you have to find the Moolah (how this moron got so
rich, we'll never know).  Head for the middle of the house and climb the rope
found there.  It's at the bottom of the ramp to the second level.  Climb the
rope to the rafters in the roof and double-jump to the platform.  Cross over to
the grey lockbox and smash it, sending Moolah Bags flying everywhere.  Collect
all of them on the top level before jumping down to the next.  Search
everywhere in the vicinity to make sure that you don't miss any.  Once you're
satisfied, head on back to the top of the farm and hang a right to reach the
town proper.

In Buzzarton, the only spare Moolah to be found is in the second barrel to the
right of the sewer treatment entrance.  You can also cash out the few Outlaws
that you picked up on the way over here.


    3.8 EUGENE IUS

When you reach the end of the tunnel, there are two Outlaws waiting just
underneath the fence.  Smash it from a distance with a Zappfly, then
incapacitate both Outlaws quickly before they can call for assistance.  You can
bounty them while still remaining out of sight of the others.  Watch your
screen and radar, and wait for the patrolling Outlaw Nailer to walk away, then
walk up towards the ramp on the left side and take out the Outlaw on it.  Go to
the top of the ramp and wait for the Nailer to walk away again, then shoot the
other Outlaw in the back of the area from the top of the ramp, then jump down
and bounty him.  Now you can sneak up on the Nailer as he walks back and forth
and take him out.  Two fully charged Zappflies will do the job, as will one and
a Thudslug, or other combinations of stunning ammo.

After shimmying over the barrier, there's a whole tower of Outlaws to handle.
Along the left side, there's a single patch of tall weeds that you can hide in
and lure Outlaws over with Chippunks.  If you run out, then run up along the
right wall to the concrete barrier instead, and draw out Outlaws, dropping them
and bountying them as they come.  Be careful not to throw charged Zappfly shots
carelessly about, as there are exploding barrels that can take out the entire
multi-level structure and all on it.  Take out as many as you can before you
are spotted, because with the Outlaw Mortars and Shooters, you're facing a
heavy offensive.  Once you're outted, run to the left side of the structure and
take out the Outlaws level by level.  Save three Bolamites for the top level if
you can, since the Outlaw Mortars up there may fall off if hit by other means,
and they'll die falling from that height.

After emerging from the next tunnel, don't be scared by the number of enemy
dots on your radar; most of them are on a different level than you right now.
There's only one on this side of the fence ahead, so take him out as you
please.  But now it's going to get serious.  Use the sloped rock to jump to the
raised ledge on the right side.  At the top, zap the lone Outlaw patrolling on
the other side of the fence, then jump over the fence and bounty him.  Inside
the 'fort', watch the Mortars on the rooftops, and only sneak to the next
building when they're turned away.  You can lure lone Outlaws over to you with
Chippunks to dispatch them safely, and you can run back to the start of this
area (on the other side of the breakable fence) to collect more Chippunks as
needed.  You can only manage to do this for two or three Outlaws before you
must venture out further and be detected by the Mortars on the roofs.  When
this happens, run quickly straight past the fire, passing it on the left side.
Your biggest problem is the possibility of Outlaws blowing up the explosive
barrels on their own and killing other Outlaws before you can get to them.  For
this reason, don't stay near any exploding barrels!

Once you've run past the bonfire, enter the wooden barn/cave.  Inside, you'll
find nine (9!) Moolah Chests.  Unfortunately, they're guarded by four Outlaws.
Here, Stunkz are very useful for incapacitating the whole group while you start
to thin the herd.

Now, it's time to get the rooftop denizens.  Run out of the tunnel, turn left,
then right at the rock.  Double jump on top of the greenish crates, then again
onto the single crate on top of the rest.  From there, turn right and double-
jump onto the top of the slanted tin roof.  Jump over the top to the Outlaw
Mortar, and use a melee attack to knock him off the roof.  On the ground, run
and hide for a moment to shake off damage and recollect yourself.  When ready,
run out, tie up the Mortar now on the ground with a Bolamite, and bounty him up
quickly.  Run and hide again to recover.  Next, run and jump onto the same
slanted tin roof as before, but this time do a double-jump from it to the roof
with the Outlaw Sniper.  Quickly knock him out and bounty him before the other
Outlaw Mortar gets a bead on you and fires a rocket, as the rocket hit could
kill your Sniper before you can get him alive.  With him in your can, go and
hide once more.

There are a couple of ways to get to the last Mortar on the roof.  From the
Sniper's roof, you can run across connecting pipes between the shacks to reach
him.  Or, starting from the Sniper's roof again, jump down to the area behind
the encampment.  There, you can jump up a series of green boxes leading right
to the Mortar's roof.  Once you get there, knock him off and capture him on the

Now, jump up the same series of green boxes as the first time and jump clear
over the barrier to reach the next area.  There are five Outlaws on the ground.
Just run around and capture them however you like, taking care not to blow up
the explosive barrels scattered around.  Head up the ramp, and circle around
capturing the Outlaw Shooters as you go.  You shouldn't need to use anything
more than Zappflies to get them.  Once at the top, watch out for Snipers!  Use
all of the cover available.  Draw out the Outlaw Nailer and hit him with a
Thudslug and charged Zappfly, then bounty him up.  Next, there are two Snipers
in your way.  Avoid the one over the temple entrance for now.  Sneak up along
the ruin walls to get close to the other one's perch, and shoot him out of it
with a charged Zappfly.  Run out to where his body lands to bounty it, and pick
up any Moolah Bags he may have dropped.  Go for the other one now, shooting at
him from behind the wall to the right of the temple bridge.  His body should
land on the bridge, so go and get it.

Before you enter the temple, there's one more treasure trove to plunder.  Head
straight away from the temple entrance to the opposite end of the outdoor
ruins.  There are four Moolah Pots of glowing green ore to collect.

  ~~Inside the temple~~

Wait for the first three Outlaws to come to you, hiding around a corner and
hitting them with a Stunk as they appear.  You can pretty much just run around
the place, dropping Stunks and bountying everyone in sight.  Just keep a
Thudslug in reserve for the lone Outlaw Nailer.

  ~~After the battle~~

Follow the tunnel until you reach the Moolah Pot.  Pick it up and fall into the
hole.  Outside, listen to the Grubbs' speech, hinting at a treasure on the
roofs.  Jump across the roofs and go just past the Stingbee hives.  Turn right
at the break in the wall along the right side.  Note the lit room in the upper
floor of a building across the way, with planks covering the opening.  Shoot
out the planks.  Run towards that building, then go right and search the
corners for a rope reaching all the way to the ground.  Climb up it, and move
across the roof towards the next suspended rope.  Jump to it to grab on, move
to the same height as the hole in the wall, and double-jump through the hole.
Touch the Grubb Idol to pick it up.  Continue on your journey past the Grubb

Smash the three barrels for their Moolah Bags after the large tin panel
collapses, and again for the two barrels on top of the wall after climbing the
rope.  That's all the Moolah until you return to Buzzarton and cash in at the
Bounty Store.


    3.9 JO'MOMMA

Outside of the sewer control booth, where the Clakker turns off the water
wheel, break the two round barrels for some Moolah Bags.  After your swim, go
up the first ramp and turn left.  Jump across to the next walkway and smash the
barrels on the tip there for more Moolah Bags.  Keep going along this walkway
and turn right into the sewer pipe.  The crates at the end are hiding a Moolah
Chest.  After sliding down the first half-pipe, turn right (after killing off
the Slegs, of course) to find another barrel with Moolah Bags inside.  Go left
to the platform with the Fuzzle nests to find four more.

In the next room, after sliding down the first half-pipe, there's a single
barrel holding Moolah Bags along the wall.  In the area with many, many Slegs,
there are three barrles with Moolah Bags along the right wall.  There's another
one in the corner behind a crate just before going up the ramp.  The next two
such barrels can be found after climbing the rope just ahead.

Once you hear the Outlaws talking, there's a barrel with more Moolah Bags
behind one of the Bolamite nests.  Bounty the two Outlaws at the bottom of the
ramp by hitting them with a Stunk or Bolamites (since you can easily replenish
the latter).  Head out into the water.  It's unlikely that you can avoid
detection once you're on top of the walkways, so just shoot your Bolamites,
bounty the bad guys, and hide behind crates to shake off damage as necessary.
There are a total of five Outlaw Shooters on the walkways.  There are also four
barrels with Moolah Bags up here, two at the end.  Make sure that none of the
Moolah Bags fall into the water (and if they do, then just jump down and
collect them).  There's yet another barrel once you enter the tunnel at the far

Outside the sewers, sneak to the tall reeds and incapacitate the two Outlaws
from there.  Sneak ahead using the machinery for cover.  If spotted, you can
still easily knock out or tie up the Outlaw Shooters as they run around.  Try
to bounty them while you're standing behind a wall or object, though, or you'll
be sitting duck for the Sniper.  That Sniper is again impossible to capture
alive.  Drop him with a charged Zappfly and at least bounty up his dead body
before it rots away.

  ~~BOSS: Jo'Momma~~

There's no way to do this stealthily, the Outlaws have the whole place covered.
All you can do is let yourself be seen, hopefully by only one or two Outlaws at
a time, and draw them out to you to take them out on your terms.  At some
point, be sure to run through the tunnel at the front of the sunken ship to
find a Moolah Chest.  Eventually you'll have to run out to the middle of the
field where Jo'Momma can see you, so that she'll send out some minions to get
you on the ground.  Initially, this will be pairs of enemies from the two
perches along the right wall, one Outlaw Shooter and one Outlaw Semi-Auto.  Run
by them to get them to jump down, and let them spot you so that they'll give
chase and you can take them down out of range of the other shooters high on the
ledges.  The Semi-Autos are particularly dangerous, but a well-aimed Bolamite
will still tie them up.  After three rounds of these pairs, a few Outlaw
Shooters come out from the door in the far left corner.  You can wait along the
left wall for them, since the shooters above you can't hit you there.

When it looks like no more ground troops are coming, shoot the surge panel in
the far right corner with a charged Zappfly.  Wait for the lift to come down,
then jump on and ride it up.  Step behind one of the wall panels for defense.
Note the sloped roof below you, between you and Jo'Momma's platform.  You can
use this to reach the Outlaws on the lower ledge a little to the left.  Do a
double-jump to the slope (be careful not to hit the electrified wire!), and
another double-jump off the bottom to reach the platform with the Outlaws.  You
can bag them here or knock them to the ground, either way works just as well.
The jump can be a little tricky, just make sure not to hit the broken pipes
along the edge of the far wall on your way down the slope.  Two more Shooters
come out here after the first pair, so repeat this trick.

And now for Jo'Momma.  You may want to go restock on Bolamites at the back of
the ship first.  Go back up the lift to the top.  First, shoot the surge panel
across the way with a charged Zappfly.  Then, shoot Jo'Momma with a Bolamite as
she moves to reset the panel.  With her bound, double-jump to the now de-
electrified wire and shimmy over to the other side with it.  Quickly shoot
Jo'Momma again with a Bolamite as she rises, then capture her two minions in
the same way.  Now, this is important: DO NOT bounty Jo'Momma yet!  Instead,
jump off of the platform and return to ground level.  Jo'Momma will then call
out more Shooters to help her!  If you're truly going for maximimum Moolah,
then you can't miss this step.  Finally, once you've captured a total of four
Outlaw Shooters on her platform, you can finally bag Jo'Momma.

  ~~After the battle~~

There's no more swag to be found on the way back to town, unfortunately.  Make
sure that you picked up the Moolah Chest underneath the front of the ship as I
previously instructed, though.



Make your way to the Opple Farm.  Go down the right side and hide in the tall
reeds.  Drop a Chippunk beneath you, wait for the Outlaw to come over and zap
him, then jump down and bounty him.  That's it for the one in the barn.  Now go
down the left side of the ramp to the reeds at the bottom.  Sneak up to the
side of the opple crusher.  Wait for the patrolling Outlaws moving back and
forth across the front of the farmhouse to turn away, and for the Outlaw
patrolling far ahead around the rear corner of the farmhouse to do the same,
then run up the side of the farmhouse and bag the latter Outlaw.  Cross the
back of the farmhouse, lure out the Outlaw standing inside the tunnel on the
other side, and bag him too.  Remaining stealthy after this will be difficult,
so you might as well just get spotted, and lure Outlaws out to beside the barn
up the ramp and take them out around the rocks there.  With the outdoor forces
out of the way, head into the house.  Hit and run tactics are effective, since
there's a lot of space and walls to hide behind.

Clear out the bottom floor, then carefully head upstairs.  The Outlaws tend to
stay in pairs, so keep moving while you zap both with charges Zappflies (or use
Stunkz or Bolamites, if you've got enough left), then bounty both before either
recovers, then move to the next area.  Watch your radar so that you know when
there's only one Outlaw left, and shake off damage and wait until your health
and stamina are full before knocking him down.  Finally, McGraw makes his

  ~~BOSS: Meagly McGraw~~

There are two stages to this fight.  In the first, you must incapacitate Tiny,
McGraw's ride.  He cannot be captured (his stamina bar replenishes almost
instantly), so finally you get to use your lethal ammo!  One safe place to take
him down from is the cliff beside the farmhouse.  To get there, climb up the
rope beside the opple crusher, then again to the next level, then shimmy across
to the cliff.  Lure your target outside first, though.  Alternately, you can
easily take him down by hiding behind a wall or column, ducking out and
shooting him with a Boombat, which will knock him over, then empty some
Stingbees into him while he's down, ducking back when he gets up before you get
shot.  In this way, it won't take long to destroy Tiny, and the real fight

If your aim is good, then Meagly McGraw isn't too difficult to get alive.  Use
Thudslugs and Zappflies.  Hit him with a Thudslug to knock him down, then fire
a charged Zappfly and keep emptying your Zappfly clip into him.  As soon as
your Thudslug is reloaded, do this again.  This will keep him down and give him
almost no chance to fire back.  If he does hit you, watch your health and duck
behind a column or wall to shake it off, then jump out and continue before his
stamina recovers too much.

  ~~After the battle~~

Get the treasure in the storeroom.  It's on the second floor.  If you go out
onto the front balcony, turn left and you'll spot it easily.  It's where McGraw
was hiding until you took out all of his minions.  In here, you'll find five or
six Moolah Chests.  Finally, make sure that you grabbed the Moolah Bags dropped
when Tiny died.  After that, it's back to town and the Bounty Store.



Talk to Scuzz in the sewer entrance, then head to the end of town (look for the
directional signs if you can't seem to find the exit to the junkyard).

Once you've used the password, go up the left side smashing the breakable
crates, two of which contain some Moolah Bags.  Next, before going up the stone
ramp, break the barrels on the right side to find some more Moolah Bags.  On
the first level of the stone ruins, the left side has another barrel with
Moolah inside.  Once you've got all of those, jump down the ramp at the top of
the ruins.

Inside the guarded area, there's lots of cover.  There are also Outlaw Nailers
walking around.  Move up and left to the first patch of tall reeds, and lure
one of the Nailers to a spot in front of the round object protruding from the
ground, where you can knock him out and bounty him without behing spotted by
another Outlaw.  You'll need a Thudslug and charged Zappfly shot more or less
at the same time to do this.  If you don't have Thudslugs, then a Boombat will
do the job too.  You can also get Thudslugs if you go up the ramp on the left
side and eliminate the Outlaw Shooter there.  Do this anyway either before or
after taking down the first two Oulaw Nailers on the ground.  At the top of the
ramp, where you're hidden behind tin panels, break open the barrels for several
Moolah Bags.  Back on the ground, use the various bits of cover to lure out and
capture the two Outlaw Shooters a little further up.  Restock on the Chippunks
along the right wall near the entrance to this area.

Now, there are two Outlaw Snipers on top of the gate barring the way ahead.
Stand in the tall reed along the right side closest to them and watch them.
Wait for them to both move behind the panel on the right side of the wall and
start talking to each other.  At this point, run up to the base of the wall
where they can't see you.  Open the gate using the panel on the left side.

Here, you need to be very quick and careful to make the next two live captures.
As soon as you step through the open gate, two Outlaw Bombers will come out of
the two doors in the building straight ahead.  They will very quickly light up
their fuses and come running straight at you.  You cannot give them the chance
to do this!  Load your crossbow with two quick knockout ammo types (Bolamite,
charged Zappfly, Thudslug), then in first-person mode, step out from behind the
gate and run straight ahead to the doors.  As soon as the Outlaw Bombers
emerge, hit one with one barrel, the other with the other (so that you don't
have to wait to reload), then bounty both while they're down.  Phew!  Now for
the Snipers on the wall behind you.  Go ahead along the right side, then back
up the ramp towards the top of the wall.  Knock both down with whatever you
like and capture them alive.  There are some Bolamites up here for you to
restock on too.

Jump off of the wall on the left side (away from the ramp), and walk to the
left of the doors where the first Outlaw Bombers emerged.  Shoot the fence on
the left to break it.  Now, you want to lure out the two Outlaw Shooters
patrolling ahead.  Use Chippunks to lure one first to the left side of the area
ahead, then to a spot behind your current position, preferably by the tall
reeds in the back corner (stay hidden behind the round pipes as he runs by), so
that you can zap him and then bounty him up in relative safety.  Repeat for the
other Shooter.  Now is a good time to Quick Save, because you now have to try
and capture three Outlaw Bombers at once.  Load your crossbow with Bolamites,
switch to first-person mode and run up to the right side of the area ahead.
Along the wall, three doors open and release three Outlaw Bombers.  With them
all lined up ahead of you, drop all three with Bolamites, then very, very
quickly bounty them all up.  Start running to the next one just before you're
finished sucking up the one before to give you that little moment extra.  If
you're having a lot of difficulty getting to the third one before he recovers,
shoot him again with a Thudslug just before you bounty the second to keep him
down a little longer.

Now you just have some run-of-the-mill Shooters and Mortars to dispatch.  Have
fun with them, then go up the ramp on the left side past the doors where the
Bombers emerged previously, to reach the lookout where the Mortar was
patrolling earlier.  Restock on Bolamites and smash the barrels beside their
nest for some Moolah Bags, then cross the top of the wall to find a Moolah
Chest at the far end.

Move ahead on the ground and smash the fence to continue.  Run to the tall
reeds ahead to the right and scout out the situation.  Across the gully, there
are a few Outlaw Shooters and Mortars hanging out.  There's also a large surge
panel that will activate the drawbridge mechanism, lowering a bridge for you to
cross over.  To cross successfully, you must zap one or two of the Outlaws on
the left side near the control panel, then zap the surge panel and run across
the bridge once it's down.  Capture all Outlaws on the other side of the
bridge, but don't advance past this area yet!  There's more to do down in the

Jump down into the gully (or use the ropes if you're chicken) and run to the
right along either bank.  At the end, there's a platform with an Outlaw Mortar
and three Moolah Chests.  Capture the former and collect the latter, then run
out to the other end of the gully.  Capture the Outlaw Shooter there and snag
three more Moolah Chests.  Use the ropes to climb back out of the gully.

Now, before you proceed to the next area, you will want to go back and restock
on all avaiable ammo: Thudslugs, Chippunks and Bolamites, and Stingbees (though
you haven't used them much to date, they will be useful up ahead.  Move up to
the red rusty round object on the right side of the path, past the area with
the bridge controls.  From there, turn around and fire a Chippunk back a short
ways to lure out the first Outlaw Shooter.  Bag him, then start to walk up to
the junk wall ahead.  Once you hear a voice (it's Palooka's) calling for his
minions, run back to behind the round rusty structure.  Palooka has called out
three Outlaw Bombers, so live captures will again be a challenge.  From your
hiding spot, shoot another Chippunk in the same place as before, then have your
Bolamites ready.  Tie up the first Outlaw Bomber to come after the Chippunk,
but before you just run out and bounty him, use the camera to look around the
corner in case another Bomber is walking there now.  If so, step out and tie
him up too, then bounty both Bombers, in the order that you shot them.  You can
repeat the Chippunk trap to lure the last one or two (if you only captured one
the first time) Bomber(s) out, but you'll likely need to sneak up to the junk
wall first so that your Chippunk will be in range of your target.  Smash the
barrels inside the junk wall for some Moolah Bags once all enemies are cleared

Advance to find a nice assortment of Chippunks and Bolamites for you to restock
on.  Continue to the tall reeds, from where you can survey the land ahead.  Use
a Chippunk to lure a Shooter to in front of your hiding spot, then shoot
another along the wall a bit behind you to bring him further up to where you
can knock him out and bounty him undetected.  The second Shooter doesn't seem
to want to come up as far as the last, but you can still bring him nearer to
you with a Chippunk, then zap him when the Outlaw Sniper on the ramp ahead to
the right is turned away, and quickly run and bounty him, then return to your
hiding spot.

There are again three Outlaw Bombers to contend with at this point.  To bring
them out into the field, simply walk up to the first round structure to the
left down the hill in front of you.  Palooka will call them out.  Run back to
the reeds before you are spotted by any of them.  Their regular patrol route
will bring them right to you.  Back off and hide in the reeds on the other side
of the tin sheeting.  A Bomber may walk right up to you, just stay back and tie
him up with a Bolamite while he's in the reeds too, and bounty him from your
hiding spot.  The other Bombers might come around the corner if you make some
noise, but as long as you're hidden you can tie them up as easy as you please.
You can also use Chippunks to lure them towards the rear canyon wall and bind
them there.  Once you've captured all three (which was much easier to do than
the previous groups, if you followed my instructions here), go back out and
head up the ramp on the right side to capture the Outlaw Snipers.  Make sure to
use a Bolamite on the one at the very top of the ramp as opposed to a Zappfly,
which might knock him over the edge of the cliff and kill him.  With all
enemies cleared out, smash the barrels around the campfire.  The ones beside
the round rusty structure contain Moolah Bags.

Ahead, climb the rope and use the control panel to open the gate.  Inside,
stealth is not necessary.  There are no Outlaw Bombers, so you only need to
worry about your health as you run around and take out the bad guys.
Initially, go up the ramp on the right side and stay on the top level here
until you've cleared out all Outlaws above.  Smash the barrels scattered about
up here to find five containing Moolah Bags.  Go back down the ramp you came up
and start to capture the Outlaw Shooters patrolling on the ground.  Be careful
not to go through the tunnel underneath the second bridge while on the ground;
approaching it brings out some Outlaw Bombers (which may already have happened,
if you got spotted while on top of the bridge), but you can stay out of their
sight if you stay on this side of the bridge.

On the ground, two barrels behind what looks like pairs of brick chimneys, in
the middle of the field, also contains Moolah Bags.  These chimneys also
provide good cover as you lure out the Outlaws ahead using Chippunks (which you
can easily replenish back near the bottom of the ramp leading up to the tops of
the bridges).  Lure the enemies first near the bridge, then to the right side
of the bridge on your side of it, so that their backs will be turned to you as
you zap them, and you'll have the cover of the bridge as you bounty them.
Eventually, once you've thinned out the herd, it could be safe to move up a
bit, watching your radar to make sure that no Outlaws are facing your way.
Overall, there are two Bombers, a couple of Shooters, and a Mortar on this side
of the bridge, so I hope you got them all!

As you move up past the second bridge, the large junk wall has barrels in its
corners with Moolah Bags, so smash all three and collect the goods.  Around the
other side of this junk wall, there's a fence to the right that you need to
smash through to proceed.  As you go around the corner, you can't really avoid
being seen, so just walk in and capture the two Outlaw Shooters and the one
Outlaw Semi-Auto; make tying up the latter a priority, because he can cut you
to ribbons pretty quickly.  Climb the rope and drop over the other side of the
fence.  Collect all the ammo that you can, and move ahead for the final fight.

  ~~BOSS: Packrat Palooka~~

Hide inside the fences to defend yourself against the missiles that Packrat
launches.  Even though the fence appears to be full of holes, it somehow blocks
the blasts completely.  Hey, I'll take it.  Step out and shoot each of the four
surge panels with charged Zappflies.  Once all four are turned off, the shield
will drop.  Just wait for Palooka to get it working again.  When he does, on
either side of the arena, an automatic grenade launcher will come out along a
raised track.  Shoot these with Stingbees until they explode.  Also, an Outlaw
Shooter will come out from the door on either side of Palooka's platform.  Lure
them out (just let them spot you, or shoot them with a single Stingbee to get
their attention) and tie them up with Bolamites when they're near your fences,
so that you can bounty them while still protected from Palooka's missiles.

With both Outlaws and both grenade launchers out of the way, again deactivate
Palooka's shield via the surge panels, and again wait for him to get his shield
going again.  Once he does, two more Outlaw Shooters will emerge from those
doors.  Lure them to you and bag them as before.  Shoot the surge panels again,
wait again, capture two more Shooters.  Repeat until you've captured a total of
seven pairs of Outlaw Shooters, and no more come out.  Replenish Bolamites
along the right side of the arena as needed.

Now, you'll have to do a bit of damage to Palooka to get the next Outlaws to
come out.  Deactivate his shield and shoot him with Stingbees to bring his
health bar down to 1/2 (you'll likely need to deactivate the shield more than
once to do this).  Once you do, when Palooka reactivates the shield, an Outlaw
Flamer will come out to play.  Lure him to you and bind him with a Bolamite,
bountying him inside one of the fences.  Turn off all surge panels again, wait
again, and another Flamer will come out when the shield is reactivated.  Repeat
this until you've captured eight Outlaw Flamers, and no more come out when the
shield reactivates.

Now, things get difficult.  Try quick saving at this point before going any
further.  You need Palooka to come down to your level, so you can fight him
mano a mano.  There are two ways to do this.  The first is to reduce his health
bar to 1/3.  At that point, he'll decide to do the job himself and will come
down to fight you.  The other way is to knock him off of his ledge with a
Boombat, which isn't easy to do (it often takes two or three Boombats to do the
trick).  Once on the ground, he'll try to re-enter his lair via one of the two
doors at the base of the platform.  To prevent this, before knocking him off of
the platform, lay some Fuzzles in front of each door; these will distract him
for a moment, giving you time to knock him over with a Thudslug, and use your
Thudslug + charged Zappfly combo repeater to keep him down.  If it took you
several Boombats to get him to the ground in the first place, however, he
probably not have enough health left to withstand all of the Thudslugs.  For
that reason, I suggest the next method for defeating him, even though it can be
quite challenging (but that's what we're here for, aren't we?).

Get Palooka to come down to you by wearing his health down to 1/3 using
Stingbees.  Once he's on the ground, if you're to stand any chance of taking
away only his stamina without killing him outright, you need to use ONLY
charged Zappfly shots, and no other ammo.  He'll start off by coming after you
to slash you (assuming you start off fairly close to him).  Back off while
zapping him whenever your Zappfly is fully charged.  Back away to the fences
that you hid behind while taking out the surge panels throughout the fight up
to this point.  From here, you can duck out and back behind the fence, while
Palooka picks a point and shoots barrage after barrage of missiles at you.  You
have to step out from the fence, fire a charged Zappfly at him, then step back,
then step out again and fire once more as soon as your Zappfly is charged
again.  If Palooka backs away too far to make hitting him fairly easy, you'll
need to move to the other fence or another closer point.  You need to keep
hitting him as soon as you are charged, and don't let him rest in between shots
to recover his stamina.  If you get hurt, you can shake briefly while you step
back behind the fence waiting for your Zappfly to charge.  Keep this up
repeatedly.  It'll be pretty close between his stamina and his health, but with
good aim and a tiny bit of luck, you can do it.

Some players might argue that you could try knocking him off his platform with
Boombats earlier, while his health is still full, and then using the Thudslug-
Zappfly combo, but you need to bring his health down to 1/2 to get the Flamers
to come out if you want to get true perfect live captures.

  ~After the battle~~

Whew, that was a tough one.  Go around and restock on all of the available ammo
in this area (Stingbees, Bolamites, and Thudslugs).  Go back up to Palooka's
platform.  Go up the ramp on each side and smash all of the barrels to receive
a fair payload of Moolah Bags.  Go through the tunnel at the back of the
platform and follow it back to town.  Head to the Bounty Store and cash out.


    3.12 Road to Mongo Valley

Travel along the tunnel.  Stick to the right side when the path splits.  Half-
way down the ramp, there's a Moolah Pot on top of a rock along the edge.
Double-jump up to collect it.  Ahead, when you have to climb up the fallen
logs, there's another Moolah Pot on the ground below them.  Just ahead on the
next ledge, there's another Moolah Pot on top of the tree trunk along the right

When you emerge from the cave, there are three Outlaws just ahead, all facing
away from you.  Walk up behind them, bag two with Bolamites and zap the third
with your Zappfly, then bounty them all.  Now, to the left of their moonshile
still, jump up the fallen log.  Walk along the series of logs to reach the
Moolah Pot at the end.   Continue up around the waterfall until you emerge
outdoors once more.

Out here in the bush, there are several perched Outlaw Hunters waiting for you.
These unfortunately cannot be taken alive.  You do want to get fairly close to
them if possible before shooting them with a Fuzzle, however, so that you can
see where their body falls in order to bounty it before it fades away.  Both
their bodies and any Moolah Bags dropped can be difficult to spot in the thick
undergrowth.  I recommend using Fuzzles because the Outlaws then run clear off
of their platforms, and all three Moolah Bags will be dropped on the ground.
Remember that the Moolah Bags will scatter a little and slide downhill as they
fall, sometimes ending up in the water.  You should be able to locate three
Moolah Bags for each Outlaw killed in this manner.

When you can see the water tower ahead of you, the path will split.  Stay along
the left side and continue eliminating the Outlaw Hunters, using whatever cover
you can find.  You'll eventually approach a wood building.  As you near it, you
pass a pile of rusty junk on your left.  Head left into the bush at this point
to find a Moolah Pot near the rock wall (many thanks to Utvolvet for finding
this one).  Move up to the building.  On its left side, behind the generators,
there is a Moolah Chest.  In front of the building, walk out along the raised
pier to find three more Moolah Chests at the end. Continue past the building.
There are Stunkz and Boombats to collect here, and Fuzzles back behind the
building.  Use your radar to locate the rest of the Outlaw Hunters.  Save the
one on top of the water tower for last.  For optimal Moolah, you need to nail
him with a Fuzzle too, which is more difficult but not at all impossible.
Shoot at him from a spot just left of where the road splits and the signs
reading 'New Yolk City' point both ways.  His body should fall towards you on
the ground, and the Moolah Bags will fall in the ground and in the water.  For
the last bit of Moolah, swim out to the dock that is tilted down into the
water.  Run up its slope to find a Moolah Chest half-way up.  Now go back to
the road and follow the signs to New Yolk City.  Cash out at the bounty store
to turn in the Outlaws you bagged on the way over from Buzzarton.


     3.13 New Yolk City

There is no hidden Moolah in New Yolk City, I am sad to say.  So let's move on
to the next bounty.  Shortest section ever.

    3.14 X'Plosives McGee

Use the town elevator to start this mission.  When you emerge from the tunnel,
there's no easy stealthy way to capture all of the Outlaw Shooters (and one
Cutter) alive, so just jump down and start zapping them.  Be carefully not to
inadvertently shoot any of the explosive barrels.  When you've captured all
four, hop onto the mine cart.  Now, since you can't get off the cart and
capture anyone, feel free to let loose your destructive impulses for the first
time in this challenge.  At the end of the ride, hop out and approach the rope.
Two Outlaws will jump down the hole.  You can zap them before they get up off
the ground.  Capture both and climb up the rope after collecting whatever ammo
you need.

Climb to the platform and jump off the far side.  Hide behind the rock and lure
out the patrolling Outlaw with a Chippunk, then bag him.  Hide under the ramp
and lure out the Outlaw Nailer with another Chippunk, and move him back far
enough to be out of sight of the Semi-Auto with another Chippunk.  Hit him with
a charged Zappfly and a Thudslug, then bounty him quickly before he recovers.
The Semi-Auto can be knocked out however you like (just remember that it'll
take more than a single charged Zappfly to do it!).  With them both captured,
go back up the ramp and jump down into the enclosed area in the back of the
clearing, with the Stingbee ammo crate.  Shoot the crates here; three of them
contain Moolah Bags.  Any Moolah Bags on top of an indestructible crate can be
obtained by double-jumping near them, or by jumping off of the raised platform
after a run.

Staying on top of the platform, move towards the hole you climbed up from.
Look towards the far right corner of the platform as it continues away from
you, to the right of the stack of six indestructible crates.  Shoot a Chippunk
to land in that corner, and move towards it a little bit until you hear the
Outlaw Semi-Auto go after the Chippunk.  Back off at this point.  You can try
to lure him further out with another Chippunk, or just let him spot you, then
turn around and run down the ramp.  Wait for him to come after you and nail him
with a Boombat (since it'll knock him out in one shot, and there's a few more
to replenish your stock nearby).  Bounty him alive, then return to the top of
the platform.  Shoot another Chippunk to the same spot as before, staying far
back, then tie up the Outlaw Bomber with a Bolamite once he's in view.  Run up
towards him and tie up the next Outlaw Bomber at the end of the raised
platform, then suck them both up in order.  Congratulations on capturing still
more Bombers alive.

Jump off the far end of the raised platform and zap the two Outlaw Shooters
waiting below.  Press the button on the control panel to open the gates.  Head
for the tall reeds along the ground beside the hole you climbed up, and wait
for the patrolling Outlaw Nailer to approach.  Use a Chippunk to get him behind
the rocks just ahead and knock him out where the Semi-Auto can't see you.
Inside the tunnel, lure the Outlaws around the corner while hiding behind the
stacks of crates using Chippunks and bag them.  Destroy the automatic
flamethrower with some Stingbees, and continue.  Capture the Outlaw Flamer with
a Bolamite and zap both Shooters ahead.  Jump into the mine cart.

Again, go nuts with the lethality during the cart ride.  Afterwards, stock up
on the available ammo, then use Chippunks to lure out the Shooters.  Carefully
move up towards the Semi-Auto, and move him to behind the next rock ahead with
a Chippunk, then knock him out and bounty him from behind the rock, where the
Sniper ahead can't hit you.  Move up closer to the Sniper high above.  He
cannot be captured alive (you can't get up that high), so use a Fuzzle to bring
him and all of his Moolah bags down to you.  Repeat for the other way-high-up
Sniper.  Move up one piece of cover at a time, and lure out whoever you can.
Try to use one-hit knockouts appropriate to each enemy type (Bolamites for
Flamers, Boombats for Semi-Autos, etc.), run out and bounty them, then duck
back and shake off any damage.  When you reach the wooden wall with a Shooter
on either side, the gate will open, unleashing another Semi-Auto.  Make a mad
dash back for the last piece of cover, then run up to the wall again on one
side.  Climb the rope, quickly tie up the Outlaw above with a Bolamite, bounty
them and jump back down again.  Dash across the doorway, make sure that the
Semi-Auto isn't coming after you, and repeat for the other Outlaw Shooter.  Now
you can step out and nail the Semi-Auto.

Keep going ahead, taking out your opponents one at a time.  Each time an area
is clear, smash open crates to find Moolah Bags.  There's one on top of the
first wall that had Shooters on the left side, and there are several in front
of the second wooden gate that you have to smash through, as well as around the
rock behind it.

Once all of the ground forces are cleared out, there are still three more
Snipers above to deal with.  There are two on the lower platform.  Shoot the
right one with a Fuzzle, and he'll likely land on top of the rock in front of
him.  Shoot him with another Fuzzle and he'll fall to the ground, still alive.
Tie him up with a Bolamite to bounty him alive, ducking behind the rock as
needed to heal.  Shoot a Fuzzle at the other Sniper on the lower platform.
He'll fall straight to the ground, alive, and you can capture him in the same
way.  Now, for the final Sniper, high up above the ground, if you shoot him
front the front, he'll fall onto the platform below him and you won't be able
to get either his body or his Moolah.  So run past him instead, turn around and
shoot a Fuzzle at him from there, so that he'll fall towards you to the ground.
Bounty his body and collect the Moolah Bags.  Race up ahead and smash all of
the crates for lots of Moolah Bags before plowing through the low fences.  Also
stock up on whatever ammo you can find here.

As you approach the cave at the end of the path, many Outlaws come out to meet
you.  Stay hidden behind the rock as the two Outlaw Bombers come outside.  Run
back to the last piece of cover, even though it's a fair way off.  Lure enemies
out to you there.  Even if you hear the 'beep beep beep' of the Bombers
lighting their fuses, if you can get away far enough and fast enough, they'll
turn them off.  Let a few enemies come to you and incapacitate them from behind
rocks, watching for any more Bombers as you step out to bounty them.  Once
you've got both Bombers in the bag, the rest should be a relative cakewalk, as
long as you don't leave yourself in one of the Semi-Autos's lines of fire for
more than a moment.

Inside the tunnel, use a Boombat on the Outlaw Nailer, then try to make sure
that the Shooters are well on your side of the control panel before knocking
them out, otherwise you'll get hosed by the automatic flamethrower as you're
trying to bounty them.  Destroy the flamethrower with Stingbees and continue.
Smash the crates and barrels on the other side of the gate for several Moolah
Bags.  The next crate up the tunnel holds more.

Outside, climb down the rope.  Below, it at first looks like there's just one
enemy ahead on your radar, but in fact there are three close together: two
Outlaw Shooters and a Flamer.  Dispatch them in the cavern, then head outside.

  ~~BOSS: X'Plosives McGee~~

First off, turn around to face the bottom of the ramp.  An Outlaw Flamer will
slide down it shortly.  Tie him up with a Bolamite and bounty him, then get
back under the bridge where the Snipers can't hit you.  The Snipers cannot be
captured alive, but I've been able to send the middle one's body sliding down
the ramp with a Boombat, where I had a little something to bounty at least.
Once all other enemies are taken care of, bring McGee down a level by shooting
the surge panel before he passes by the rail switch.

Next, just below where you shot the surge panel, two Outlaw Semi-Autos appear
in alcoves.  Also, an Outlaw Shooter will come out along the ground to get you.
Take care of him first, knocking him out somewhere where you're protected from
the others' fire.  Now, you can bring down each Semi-Auto to the ground by
firing a Fuzzle at them.  Knock them out each with a Boombat and bounty the
bodies (each done one at a time, of course).  With all of them out of the way,
bring McGee down another level.

This time, a large wooden wall at ground level opens, releasing two Semi-Autos
and two Shooters.  Stay underneath the bridge and watch the Semi-Autos as they
walk out towards you.  Take them each down with Boombats and bounty them.  Now,
move towards the Shooters inside the room and tie them both up with Bolamites.
Before you move in to bounty them, however, you need to blow up the automatic
flamethrower in the middle of the rear wall with some Stingbees.  With that
done, bounty one Outlaw, knock the other out again and grab him too.

Now shoot the last switch at the appropriate time to bring McGee to the ground.
First of all, use Stingbees and/or Boombats to blow up the automatic machine
gun that his mine cart transformed into, while staying out of McGee's way.
With that done, load up your Thudslugs and Zappfly, and run to somewhere where
you can shake off your damage.  Refreshed, you want to take on McGee near the
two large boulders in front of the large room that opened at ground level.
From here, you can duck behind rocks to avoid missile fire as needed.  Keep
firing Thudslugs and charged Zappflies at McGee.  The Thudslugs don't knock him
over, but the combination will still wear down his stamina fairly quickly.
Keep it up until he drops and bounty him before he recovers.

  ~~After the battle~~

If you didn't get them during the fight, there are a few crates with Moolah
Bags around the rim of the arena, a couple against the wall, a couple
underneath the large ramp, and a couple inside the room through which you exit
the arena.  Smash the barrels in the tunnel for some Moolah Bags.  Drop into
McGee's storeroom and grab the goods, which consist of three Moolah Chests, and
a total of five barrels containing Moolah Bags.  Head through the tunnel and
drop back into town.  Cash out at the Bounty Store.  You'll need the Mongo
River Pass at the General Store next.  It's free, so you won't lose any of your
hard-earned Moolah.


    3.15 Sleg Hunting

Before starting the Lefty Lugnuts bounty, you need to learn the Sleg call.
Talk to the Sleg Hunter beside the General Store.  Head out to the river via
the Port Authority.  Stick to the left bank.  On the left side, the second
building under construction is hiding a Moolah Chest behind a fence.  Smash
through and grab it, then continue up the left bank of the river.  When you
reach the end, you'll automatically enter the fight (which actually happens on
the other bank).  Kill him and his little Sleg friends, then enter the cave
behind them.  You'll find a Moolah Pot inside.

On the way back to town, stick to the opposite side of the river from the one
you came up on.  At the end of the land where the Sleg lived, swim ahead a
short distance to another patch of land.  In the rock wall behind some trees,
there is a cave.  Shoot away the wooden fence, then proceed inside to find two
Moolah Pots, and three glowing crystal growths, which you can shoot to break
off Crystal Shards.  Collect these for a tiny Moolah boost.  You can also get
some Boombats here; use some on the remaining crystals on the walls just to
make sure that there aren't any more shards to shake loose.  And finally, on
your way back to town, swim past the waterfall to the piece of land straight
out from the port.  On one side of one of the tower posts, you'll find two
Moolah Pots.  Swim back to shore and return to the Sleg Hunter to get the Sleg

    3.16 Lefty Lugnutz

Head up the right side of the river this time.  There's plenty of Moolah to be
found on the way to the graveyard, starting as soon as you cross the bridge.
Smash open all of the barrels here for quite a lot of Moolah Bags.  One of the
barrels along the edge by the river, however, will likely drop one or two
Moolah Bags into the water when you break it open.  The Moolah Bags will be
fine down there, but there's quite a strong current at this point, and if you
jump in after them you might be swept away.  So you have two choices: risk the
river, in which case you should stick as close to the cliffside as possible,
swimming back towards the docks until the swimming seems to get easier, then
straight across to the rope on the opposite bank; or alternatively, wait until
you're done this bounty to come and get those Moolah Bags.  Regardless, I'll
continue my instructions assuming that you stayed on (or returned to) dry
ground at this point.

Head up along the river, smashing the next barrel by the tree for more Moolah
Bags.  Smash a couple more beside the Chippunk nest just past the breakable
fence.  Once you break through the second fence and the greenery gets a little
lusher, take a right after the first large tree to pick up two Moolah Chests
sitting out on a rock.  Go through the third fence, and note the barrels in the
bushes along the left side of the path, two of which contain Moolah Bags.  Just
past them is another barrel on the right side with Moolah Bags, one or two of
which will likely fall into the water.  Here, though, it's okay to jump in
after them, as you can climb out of the water again just ahead.  If you do this
now, return to this point in order to be able to keep following my
instructions.  When you see barrels on top of a rock on the right side, go up
the slight ramp built into the rock wall on the left, and jump across to the
barrels from there.  From here, drop into the water and swim up to the ramp
with more barrels, the highest of which contains Moolah Bags.  Immediately past
this on the path is a rock formation that you can climb.  Go to the far end of
it and double-jump onto the tip of the flat surface spiralling around it.
Follow it around counter-clockwise to the peak, from where you can double-jump
over the path to a rock landing with two Moolah Chests.  That's it for Moolah
along the way.

  ~~BOSS: Lefty Lugnutz~~

After using the Sleg call, several henchmen will come out to get you.  Hit and
run tactics are the order of the day.  When the fight begins, you can run to
the right end of the graveyard and hide in a small patch of reeds, where you
will be invisible to the first wave.  You can use Chippunks to lure over some
Outlaws one at a time and capture them out of sight of the others, but there
aren't any more Chippunks to replenish your stock in the graveyard once you run
out.  Still, it'll help thin out the herd a little bit.  Save some Chippunks
for the next wave of henchmen if you like this strategy.  Run out to the
remainder of the Outlaws and have some chase you back to the right end of the
graveyard, then turn and zap them and bounty them up.  Thudslugs make a good
knockout ammo here, as there are plenty more available in ammo crates around
the graveyard (just be sure to save some for the final fight!).

After taking out the first round of ground forces, run up to the rock wall.
Find Lefty using your radar and find yourself a good piece of cover, since his
shots really hurt.  Step out and shoot him with charged Zappflies (so that you
don't really do any damage).  After a few shots, he'll retreat.  You then have
a couple of Outlaw Hunters to take care of.  These are tougher to bring down
from their perches than previous ones; a Fuzzle just won't do it.  You'll have
to use a Boombat (or sometimes a Thudslug if you can get the angle right to
knock them off) in order to bring their bodies down to where you can bag them,
and even that doesn't work all of the time, depending on which perch they're
on.  Basically, you need to be able to hit them from the side to bring the
bodies down to you.  After two Hunters, Lefty comes back out again.  Zap him a
few more times to bring out another wave of ground troops.

This time, an Outlaw Semi-Auto is part of the mix.  If you repeat the Chippunk-
luring from the reeds, he'll likely be the second Outlaw that you attract, so
if you have at least four Chippunks left this is an easy way to take him down.
A little ahead and further uphill, there's a nice big rock that you can hide
behind once you're spotted and wait for the Outlaws to come to you.  This rock
is also useful to hide from Lefty, on the other side of the rock this time, as
he comes out next on the perch behind you.  Deal with him the same way you did
before.  There's also one Hunter on a perch, use a Boombat on him to hopefully
bring his body down.

Chase Lefty away one more time, and he'll come down to ground level to join
you.  Once again, Thudslugs and charged Zappflies will wear down his stamina
without killing him.  But like X'Plosives McGee, Thudslugs won't knock him
down, so you need some cover to avoid his fire while your Thudslugs reload and
your Zappfly charges.  That large rock works well for this, and the gravestones
are pretty good too, but they get destroyed as they are shot, so you have to
keep moving around.  All in all, it isn't very difficult to capture him alive
if you've been managing the same with the other bosses up to this point.

  ~~After the battle~~

On the left side of the graveyard, use the open door in the rock wall to return
to the riverbank.  No treasure trove here, I'm afraid, but double-check on your
way back that you picked up all of the Moolah along the path.  Return to town
and cash out at the Bounty Store.

MISSION MOOLAH: $955  (May vary slightly, depending on how many Hunters you
                       were successful at in knocking off their perches)

   *** You now have enough Moolah to afford the operation!  Unfortunately,
       there are still two more Outlaws to defeat before the bargemaster will
       take you to the Doc's retreat, so it looks like you'll end up with a
       little bit of extra spending money.  If there were any upgrades at the
       General Store that you've had your eye on, I suppose you could invest in
       them now to make your life a little easier.  I'll continue this guide
       assuming that no money has been spent, however, and you still have only
       your original equipment.  ***

    3.17 Elboze Freely

Head up the left side of river past where you fought the giant Sleg.  Travel
along, and keep an eye out for your radar HUD popping up, indicating the first
Outlaw Semi-Auto just ahead.  Bag him (he's alone, so it should be relatively
easy).  The next dot on your radar is another Semi-Auto, capture him in the
same way.  Now for the nuts across the river.  Continue moving forward to the
end of the strip of land, then swim even further out as you cross to the other
side.  Basically, you want to go past all of the Outlaws, then come at them
from the far side along their side of the river.  For the Outlaw Mortars
standing on the rocks firing into the water, Bolamites are the way to go.
Otherwise, you risk knocking them into the water and killing them outright.
This area can be tricky due to the presence of so many explosive barrels, so
lure your targets away from those before you use any ammo that could
potentially trigger them to blow (such as Boombats).

Capture the first Mortar, then hide behind the rock once the Semi-Auto spots
you and wait for him to come to you.  Hit him with a Boombat and bounty him,
then duck behind the rock again to avoid the rest of the Mortar's fire.  Wait
until they lose interest, then sneak up and tie up the next Mortar, who is
standing in the water (it's not deep enough to require swimming, and thus he
doesn't drown).  Move ahead carefully, and you'll see one of the pair of Semi-
Autos just ahead.  Shoot him with a Boombat, then run in and bounty the body
while the other Semi-Auto alerts to your present.  As he's firing at you, run
back for some cover in the trees, and wait for him to come to you before
bagging him too (again, Boombats work great on the Semi-Autos, as long as
they're not too close to explosive barrels; if you're worried about blowing
them up, Bolamites will capture them too, but you need pretty good aim to hit

You want to let the Outlaw Semi-Autos spot you from far away, then lure them
back a ways before you capture them, because there's a whole mess of Outlaws up
ahead and the more you can pull away from the pack, the better.  As you
approach the main group (according to your radar), stay along the water's edge.
There's another Semi-Auto far ahead that can spot you there who will then come
after you.  The main reason for all of this caution is that there are Outlaw
Bombers up ahead, and you do not want to get spotted by one of those if you
plan on capturing them alive.  Once you captured the Semi-Auto who came from
the water's edge, sneak up to the rock before the next Mortar firing into the
water, and use Chippunks to lure one of the Bombers out.  Keep him along the
rock wall, and send him further back that way with a second Chippunk.  Then you
can move up behind him, knock him out and bounty him alive.  Lure out a second
by lobbing a Chippunk far ahead, then using two more to move the interested
Outlaw back to where you bagged the previous one.  You can always go back to
the far end of this strip of land to gather more Chippunks as needed.  You can
lure out an Outlaw Nailer next in the same way.  After that, go for the
remaining Mortars on the water's edge.  Sneak around behind them and tie them
up with Bolamites, then double-jump onto the barrels and again onto the rocks
to reach the first one to bounty him, then straight onto the rock from the far
side for the second.  That's it for the ground-level troops, so restock your
Bolamites and head up past the shack.

Run up the path between the cliffs and climb the rope at the end.  Quickly jump
off at the first landing, then run and jump right along the cliff wall to the
next platform, and again to the one after that with an Outlaw Mortar and some
exploding barrels (if the Mortar is readying to fire when you're on the middle
platform, wait for his missile to launch before jumping.  Otherwise, the
missile could target the last platform and blow you up with the exploding
barrels).  Immediately switch to first-person mode, tie up the Mortar with a
Bolamite and then bounty him.  You then want to immediately jump off of the
ledge, as another Mortar will be firing on you and will blow up the barrels
when his missile hits the ledge.  Run to the cover of a large rock and shake
off your damage.  If you missed them during your mad dash, you can go back and
get the two Moolah Chests that were on the ledge with the Mortar.  Actually,
you'll want to return to that ledge regardless, because you need to double-jump
from there to the flat-topped rock beside the shack, and from there to the roof
of the shack, where another Moolah Chest awaits.

Climb up the rope again, then take the second rope all the way up to the top.
If the Outlaw Mortar across the way spots you, just run ahead a bit.  Stick to
the left side and hide behind the rock among the Bolamite nests.  Lure the
Outlaw Bomber away from the exploding barrels just ahead with a Chippunk, and
incapacitate him before he spots you.  Now move up to behind the next large
rock, near the Stingbee nest.  Fire another Chippunk back towards the fence to
lure out the Semi-Auto, and tie him up with a Bolamite when his back is turned.
Bring out the Bombers one by one with Chippunks, using two each time to get
them well out of range of the others before knocking them out.  Remember, you
can go back down to the river back to restock on Chippunks.  Once you've
captured two more Bombers and two Semi-Autos, that's it for the Outlaws on this
level.  You can see more on your radar, but they're higher up above.  Before
climbing up, though, there's one more Outlaw to capture: the Mortar on the
higher ledge as you climbed up to the current level.  To get to him, first blow
up all of the exploding barrels in this area to give you more space to run.
Then, go back to the cliff edge, and tie up the Mortar with a Bolamite.
Immediately start running back to pick up speed, then turn around and keep
running back towards the cliff edge.  You need to aim just right of the rope
and do a flawless double-jump across the gap to land on the corner of the
platform.  Bounty up the Mortar before he unties himself.  Now congratulate
yourself, make sure that you're stocked on Chippunks and Bolamites, and head
back to the previous clifftop and climb the rope at the other end.

Climb up the second rope and stay half-way up, using the camera to look at the
area ahead.  When the Outlaw Bomber on the left side of the explosives-laden
wagon turns and starts to walk away, quickly climb up and jump left to hide
behind the small rock outcrop.  Now, fire a Chippunk at the ground just in
front of you.  When the Semi-Auto comes to investigate, tie him up with a
Bolamite and bounty him up, all without stepping out from behind your rock
outcrop.  Now, watch the Outlaws, and fire another Chippunk in the same spot
when the Bomber walks away (you want to make sure that it's the Semi-Auto that
comes for it).  Tie up the second Semi-Auto too and bounty him up.  Now, you
want to do the same for the first Outlaw Bomber, but you have to do it very
carefully, because if he spots you for an instant, he'll light his fuse and
you'll lose him, and if you step out from behind the wall at all the other one
far away will spot you and do the same.  So fire your Chippunk so that it's
just past the corner of the rock wall, and keep and itchy trigger finger on
your Bolamite to bind up the Outlaw as soon as any part of him is visible.
Bounty him without moving out from behind the wall.

This next part will also be quite tricky.  Run just around the corner and
straight up to the tree to the left of the explosives cart.  You have to
position yourself behind the tree just right so that the Bomber in the distance
can't see you (he's far ahead slightly to the right).  Next, once any
suspicious Outlaws have returned to normal, run up the left side of the tree to
hide behind the large rock.  From here, fire a Chippunk ahead to the left to
distract one of the Semi-Autos for a bit, and then quickly step out to the
right and tie up the Bomber with a Bolamite before he spots you.  Run up to him
and bounty him behind the rock.  It'll take a little bit of luck to escape the
other Bomber's notice.  Sneak around the right side of the rock, tie up the
Semi-Auto there with a Bolamite, then go around a little more and do the same
to the second Bomber.  Bounty him quickly, then run for cover as the two Semi-
Autos come after you.  With the Bombers out of the way, you can use Boombats or
Bolamites to bag the pair of them (though not the former if you're fighting
anywhere near the explosives cart).  Now you can move on to the big guy

  ~~BOSS: Elboze Freely~~

Pick an air vent that lets you reach two different raised platforms, on to
either side.  Load up your Zappfly and Thudslugs, then let the party begin.
Fly up to a platform and switch to first-person view before you even finish
landing (just make sure that you will indeed land on the platform).  Aim for
the control panel through the slot in front of you, and wait for Elboze to run
towards it.  With his back in your sights, unload your Thudslug and charged
Zappfly simultaneously, and keep firing the rest of your Zappfly clip into his
back.  Now switch back to third-person as you fall, and run a little J-hook
behind you to use the same air vent to propel to the adjacent platform.  Again
switch to your crossbow, and unload the same ammo combination into his back.
You'll need to aim quickly and fire as soon as you get a chance.  Keep using
the same two platforms so that there's a minimal time delay between your shots,
during which Elboze could otherwise recover his stamina.  If you run out of
Thudslugs, the charged Zappfly plus the rest of the Zappfly clip will be enough
to keep lowering his stamina.  Alternately, there's a couple of Thudslug ammo
crates around the rim of the arena that you can use to restock.  Once he's out,
switch back to third-person, jump to the ground and bounty him quickly.

  ~~After the battle~~

Again, no treasure trove.  Oh well, head back through the sewers and cash out
at the bounty store in New Yolk City.


    3.18 Fatty McBoomBoom

Ride the skycart up to the entrance tunnel.  Follow the path until you reach
some Outlaws.  Use Bolamites to tie up the Semi-Autos, and charged Zappflies on
the Shooters.  Easy enough.  Grab the Moolah Chest inside the building, and
smash the crate behind a trio of barrels for some Moolah Bags.  Slide down the
ramp ahead, and head up the left side of the clearing.  Smash the fence with
the 'Keep Out' sign and break open the crates for some Moolah Bags.  On the
other side of the clearing, climb up the rope to reach a Moolah Chest on a
raised platform.  Jump out to the right from there across a couple more
platforms to reach two more Moolah Chests.  Enter the building slowly.  Pop
around the corner and drop a Stunk on the two Outlaws before they react to your
presence, and bounty both up before they recover.  Continue up the ramp, and
tie up the two Semi-Autos at the end with Bolamites.  Just watch out for Sniper
fire while you're bountying them.  Go left around the corner before heading
outside to find three Moolah Chests on the ground, and a crate with some Moolah
Bags after climbing up the rope, by the Bolamites.

And now another cart ride, albeit a brief one.  Stock up on the Boombats from
the crate before hopping on, you're going to need them.  It's a pretty brief
ride, during which you should NOT shoot or blow up the Sniper over the gate.
As soon as you go through the doors, watch out in case any Outlaws are walking
on the tracks, because if your cart hits them, they'll die.  It's not very
likely, but you might have to knock someone out of the way with a Thudslug.  At
the end of the ride, shake off any damage while you're waiting for the cart to
come to a complete stop, then jump out and hide behind the rock outcrop beside
the yellow Stingbee ammo crate.  Here, let a few Outlaws come to you, using
whatever ammo is appropriate to the type to knock them out, then bounty them
with ease.  Save those Boombats for the Outlaw Nailers.  When you're feeling
brave, venture out from your relative point of safety and check out the scene.
Eliminate any ground troops first.  There remains the Sniper over the gate, who
you can bring down to your level still alive with Fuzzles, firing from more or
less straight in front of him (they tend to run in the direction that the
Fuzzles came from), then zap him and bounty him while he's on the ground.  This
leaves only the Semi-Auto on the raised metal platform near the end of the cart
tracks.  He can be brought down with a Fuzzle as well, then tied up with a
Bolamite for an easy capture.

Now, on the far side of the clearing there are two stacks of crates, some of
which are breakable.  Smash all of those, then jump up the series of remaining
crates to reach the raised platform with the rope.  Climb that to the next
level, and smash the crates to receive the Sniper Wasp ammo.  Now, in this
challenge you won't be using it, since it instantly kills any target, but at
least you can use the binocular function with your crossbow now (press the
Black button while in first-person view).  You can also restock on Boombats in
the corner behind the stacks of crates.

Head down the hill on the right side and hide in the reeds.  Use chippunks to
lure out a couple of Outlaws and move them up the hill behind you to capture
them.  There is a Shooter, a Semi-Auto and two Nailers to contend with along
the ground.  Once they're out of the picture, there are two Snipers, both of
which can be brought down to the ground using Fuzzles, though you may need to
shoot them from several angles before you succeed.  Just ahead, climb the rope
to reach a crate containing Moolah Bags.  Drop down on the other side, stock up
on the Thudslugs, Boombats, and Stunkz, and head through the rock tunnel.

  ~~BOSS: Fatty McBoomBoom~~

Once the fight begins, back up and stay to the side of the tunnel entrance.
Let the Outlaws come to you.  Try to use primarily the ammo types that you can
replenish here, though the occasional Bolamite to tie up a Semi-Auto is
perfectly acceptable.  Watch your health, and back away into a corner when you
need a moment's relief.  Keep using the camera to check through the tunnel to
see who's coming next.  Eventually the ground forces will run out.  You may
need to run out for a moment to lure the last ones to come after you.

Eventually, you'll be left with only three targets: Fatty himself, a Sniper on
a perch above Fatty's platform, and a Shooter on a walkway along the left side.
To start, go for that Shooter.  With full health and full stamina, run into the
arena and go up the wide ramp on the left side.  Turn left at the top and weave
around the explosive barrels to the Shooter.  Use a melee attack to knock him
off of the walkway (you don't want to spend any time up here, because a missile
or body slam from Fatty will blow up all of the barrels), then jump to the
ground yourself and run back for cover.  Wait for the now grounded Shooter to
come to you and capture him.

Run up to the fences on the right side.  Stand close to them and target the
Sniper at the back of the arena.  If the fences are destroyed, just move up
really close to Fatty's platform.  Shoot him directly with a Fuzzle when the
targeting reticule is red, and he'll fall down to the ground.  Run back to
safety, and wait for him to come after you.  Knock him out and bounty him up
still alive.  After a moment, a second Sniper will replace the first on his
perch.  Repeat to bring him down and capture him as well.  Then a third time
for a third Sniper.  And then a fourth.  After that. it's finally just you and
the big guy.

Again, use Thudslugs and Zappflies.  A Thudslug will sometimes knock Fatty over
if he's not busy doing anything, like his bodyslam.  Save the Thudslugs for
when you think you can knock him down, and the rest of the time used fully
charged Zappflies, followed by the rest of the Zappfly clip.  Shake off damage
if you're ever waiting for both ammo types to reload.  I suggest fighting on
Fatty's platform.  He'll sometimes jump or fall off, and you can peg him on the
ground.  It'll be a little chaotic and you need to watch your health, but you
can shake off damage without having to run for cover.  Keep him in your sights
and unload your ammo as soon as it's reloaded or fully charged, and he'll fall
down in almost no time at all.

  ~~After the battle~~

At least Fatty kept a bit of a stash.  Inside the tunnel at the side of the
arena, grab the two Moolah Chests.  Also smash the crates in the corner for
some Moolah Bags.  At the other end of the tunnel, jump left behind the
waterfall to a patch of land, where, if you didn't collect them earlier, you
can find two Moolah Chests beside one of the tower struts.  Cash out at the
Bounty Store back in town.


    3.19 Doc's Retreat

And there you have it!  Twenty thousand Moolah for the operation, and a little
left over to buy yourself something pretty.  Now that you've cleared out all of
the Outlaws, the river is once more open for business.  Head on out to the
barge at the port, talk to the bargekeeper and take a ride to Doc's idyllic,
relaxing sanctuary, where you can recover in comfort from your operation.  And
just what is the operation?  Well, I won't spoil it here.  You'll just have to
play the game for yourself to find out.  I promise you, it's worth the effort.

                               4.0 CLOSING INFO

I had wanted for some time to see if I could capture (almost) every Outlaw
alive, and here you have the fruits of those labours.  Hopefully the challenge
chronicled herein will inspire others to repeat the feat, or discover other
challenges to be taken on within the game.  Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is a
phenomenal game that didn't get the attention it deserved, for a variety of
reasons, but at least those of us who have been lucky enough to know and love
it can continue to deepen our experience of it.

Now with that mushy stuff out of the way, I can engage in some aggrandizing
self-promotion.  I have produced many video game guides under the name
'Syonyx', including complete walkthroughs to Stranger's Wrath, Abe's Oddysee
and Abe's Exoddus, with one for Munch's Oddysee hopefully coming soon.  Of
course, I have also written for many non-Oddworld games, mostly for semi-
obscure Sony Playstation titles.  You can see my entire collection of work in
their latest versions at:

I am of course always open to comments about my work.  Please feel free to send
comments, kudos, or intelligent criticism to me at:
   syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com
As for contributions to this guide, I would love it if you had anything
relevant to add.  I am pretty much only interested in any additional found
Moolah sources not detailed here, or a method to make a live capture that I
indicated was not possible.  If you managed to get a slightly higher score than
the one I listed in the guide, that's great for you, but it's likely just due
to the random variation in values of collected Moolah bags, chests or pots.
Only contributions detailing something actually missed in my guide will make it
into an update, with all due credit given of course.

LEGAL STUFF: This document is copyright (c) Marc Lalonde a.k.a. Syonyx 2006.
It is provided for personal enjoyment only.  Any use of this guide in whole or
in part for financial profit or in hopes of such profit is expressly
prohibited.  Webmasters wishing to post this guide on their website may do so
only if is unchanged in any way, and only if it is available for unlimited
viewing by non- paying visitors to the site.  Asking first would be nice too.
Any violations of these rules will make you a very pitiful person indeed.

And I guess that's all!  I hope that this guide was useful or at least modestly
entertaining.  Now go out and get some fresh air and sunshine.

Syonyx 2006.

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