Additional Character & Creature ArtWan Chiu
Additional Character & Creature ArtSean Ekanayake
Additional Character & Creature ArtSean Foyle
Additional Character & Creature ArtJosh Jones
Additional Character & Creature ArtMark Jones
Additional Character & Creature ArtAndrew Rai
Additional Character & Creature ArtMichael Smith
Additional ProgrammingHal Bouma
Additional ProgrammingVictor Breuggemann
Additional ProgrammingDave DiAngelo
Additional ProgrammingO'dell Hicks
Additional ProgrammingScott Hofmann
Additional ProgrammingAndrew Nunn
Additional ProgrammingCasey O'toole
Additional ProgrammingErik Parker
Additional World Art & BuildingShirin Alkaissi
Additional World Art & BuildingBryan Card
Additional World Art & BuildingGavin Carter
Additional World Art & BuildingBrian Chapin
Additional World Art & BuildingRoyal Connell
Additional World Art & BuildingKevin Shriner
Additional World Art & BuildingFrank Ward
Additional Writing & Quest DesignBill Burcham
Additional Writing & Quest DesignGavin Carter
Additional Writing & Quest DesignTodd Howard
Additional Writing & Quest DesignMichael Kirkbride
Additional Writing & Quest DesignTed Peterson
Additional Writing & Quest DesignTodd Vaughn
Associate ProducerTodd Vaughn
Character & Creature ArtHiu-Lai Chong
Character & Creature ArtJosh Jones
Character & Creature ArtTohan Kim
Character & Creature ArtChristiane Meister
Character & Creature ArtJuan Sanchez
Character & Creature ArtKa-Kei Wong
Concept ArtMichael Kirkbride
Cutscene AnimationsHiu-Lai Chong
Cutscene AnimationsIstvan Pely
Lead ArtistMatthew Carofano
Lead Character ArtistChristiane Meister
Lead DesignerKen Rolston
Lead ProgrammerCraig Walton
Lead Xbox ProgrammerGuy Carver
Original Music Composed and Produced byJeremy Soule
ProducerAshley Cheng
ProgrammingGuy Carver
ProgrammingScott Franke
ProgrammingAhn Hopgood
ProgrammingChris Innanen
ProgrammingMat Krohn
ProgrammingMike Lipari
ProgrammingSteve Meister
ProgrammingMatt Picioccio
ProgrammingKerry Sergent
ProgrammingCraig Walton
Project LeaderTodd Howard
Sound EffectsJason Ruddy
VoicesJeff Baker
VoicesJohnathan Bryce
VoicesLinda Canyon
VoicesLynda Carter
VoicesDavid DeBoy
VoicesShari Elliker
VoicesCatherine Flye
VoicesCami St. Germain
VoicesGayle Jessup
VoicesWes Johnson
VoicesMelissa Leebaert
VoicesMichael Mack
VoicesElisabeth Noone
VoicesDude Walker
World Art & BuildingHope Adams
World Art & BuildingNoah Berry
World Art & BuildingMark Bullock
World Art & BuildingMatthew Carofono
World Art & BuildingChristine Miller
World Art & BuildingGary Noonan
World Art & BuildingIstvan Pely
World Art & BuildingRafael Vargas
Writing & Quest DesignBrian Chapin
Writing & Quest DesignDouglas Goodall
Writing & Quest DesignMark Nelson
Writing & Quest DesignEmil Pagliarulo
Writing & Quest DesignKen Rolston


Data and credits for this game contributed by DagothUrReturns, odino, Mookiethebold, LordAndrew, Blk_Mage_Ctype, Shadow., and BartSmith.

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