What is the best armor in morrowind goty edition?

  1. I have deadric but just wondering has anyone found something better?

    User Info: glorfbog

    glorfbog - 8 years ago
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    thanks peoplz, i've played this games for awhile and found some cool things i think you should know. In the Mudan Grotto )south west of ebonheart on an island) there is a cuirass called the Dragonbone cuirass, it's as good as ebony mail with a max of 333. It looks cool and can go with other armor sets that don't look good with lord's mail or ebony mail.

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    glorfbog - 8 years ago
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    I am also proud to be the longest open question in this segment

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    glorfbog - 8 years ago
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    To answer that question "why hunt for an artifact you wont use?" i never use to understand that either but then you realize you've done everything in the game so you want to decorate, and a large house with all the artifacts in it looks pretty cool and it gives you something to do.

    User Info: glorfbog

    glorfbog - 7 years ago

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  1. I was speaking of STANDARD armor, NOT unique or enchanted armor. Also, standard Her Hand armor has NO enchantments; only those worn by the Hands of Almalexia carry them. And the bounty-free method will not get you a shield; you still have to fight the five Hands in Almalexia's chamber to get that.

    User Info: FinalLegendZero

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  1. All armor introduced in the GOTY edition are inferior to Daedric; congratulations, you have the best armor in the game (aside from Legendary Artifacts, of course).

    User Info: FinalLegendZero

    FinalLegendZero (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. not completely true. naturally it depends on preference, but still i gotta say it, HER HANDS armor. I don't think the hands armor has quite the high rating, but the constant effect part puts them back in the running. Unless of course you can find enough grand soul gems to trap golden saints in, then constant-enchant yourself some better armor. you also need to have completed the sanguine quests to match the spells you can put. Plus, little fun fact here, Exsquisite clothes and jewelry hold much more magic than deadric. except the deadric tower sheild, 225, wow.

    check out my up coming, late as can be, FAQ for the game, where as many unanswered question and seeminly idiotic behavier gets solved as I can manage to remember. just look for the user name.

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    malikhithdstryr - 8 years ago 1 1
  3. BTW, you can get a bounty free set by following the mournhold main quest, I won't spoil, but when your sent to set someone straight, GO PREPARED, even at lvl 110, (again, check out my FAQ for tips), this someone was tough.

    User Info: malikhithdstryr

    malikhithdstryr - 8 years ago 1 0
  4. GOTY has excellent medium armor. Stalrim and Adamantium. There are dudes that make armor from raw ingredients for you. This leads to another question. How do you find adamantium in a serious quality?

    User Info: Ganzolo

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  5. Yet again, FinalLegendZero makes a good point. I like this guy. Anyway, as far as standard, un-enchanted armor, then yeah, you can't beat deadric. I just figured this guy wanted to know what the best available armor could be. But I still missed an important peice, Lords Mail, rated at 333, I do believe it still holds the crown doesn't it. If I'm wrong I know you'll tell me. lol

    Oh, and Ganzolo, you ask a very good question, I've never thought about it, but all ingredients, including adamantium, grows back after a certain time, usually a week or two. It's the long way, but it's the best I can think to tell you, make good use of the rest button. You got anything FinalLegendZero?

    User Info: malikhithdstryr

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  6. Thank you for the kind words, malikhithdstryr. Yeah, Lord's Mail is the single strongest piece of armor in the game; before I found it, I didn't know armor could get that good! Its defense is matched by other items, but it also provides a Constant Effect of high level shield, and HEAVY resistance to Fire and Magicka. The Medium Armors introduced in GOTY are indeed good (it finally puts Medium as stronger than Light Armor), but Daedric is still far superior.

    User Info: FinalLegendZero

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  7. BTW, I checked the enchantment on the Her Hand Shield (in case someone wants to home-brew one to complete the set), and it is: Constant Effect, Fortify Block 10 Points. And as for the custom armor, Stahlrim never grows back, but the hunks of Adamantium make a regrow check EVERY TIME YOU ENTER THE AREA. Very useful for making the full set in a hurry.

    User Info: FinalLegendZero

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  8. Daedric Armor is the best yes BUT It's heavy as hell. Giving you no room to loot. Nordic Mail armor found in Skaal Village in Solstheim Is better than Ebony and a lot lighter. So it's like the 2nd best unenchanted armor. So you could still kick some butt and loot. And it looks pretty bad ass.

    User Info: _PAPA_B3AR_

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  9. True, but if you have a full suit of Daedric armor, then you probably have Trueflame (or the equivalent for your preferred weapon type), so loot becomes largely irrelavent.

    User Info: FinalLegendZero

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  10. My Armor of choice is the Ebony Mail. Here's why.

    When Medium Armor is at 100, Ebony Mails armor points are 333.
    It weighs a small 20 pounds, so you won't fatigue as fast.
    It's condition is good at 3000.
    But most importantly, I like it for the enchantments.
    Resist Fire 75% on Self
    Shield 50% on Self
    Resist Magicka 20% on Self

    User Info: hotbigtoad

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  11. Yes, Ebony Mail is the best individual piece of armor in the game, but we are mainly discussing non-legendary equipment here.

    User Info: FinalLegendZero

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  12. Oh, non-legendary?
    As far as I can tell, for non-legendary armor, Daedric is the best. But there are three seperate Helms for it, if you were intending to get the whole set. They are called Daedric Face of Terror, Daedric Face of God, and Daedric Face of (Whatever it was called). Each of the three have a possible enchantment of 75, and I believe there is only one of each. But of the three, the Daedric Face of God has the highest armor rate. However, Daedric Armor is extremely heavy. So it's a good idea to get your strength up.

    User Info: hotbigtoad

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  13. does anyone know of the Dragonbone Curiass? if you go WAY southwest of the vivec/ebonheart area there is a small group of items and one of the bigger ones has a door hidden underwater. this door leads to a long forgotten dwemer ruin that conceals the armor. its heavy armor and has the same armor rating as the lord's mail but it has a constant effect of resist fire 100%. its pretty easy to get its just a pain. it looks sweet too!

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  14. Dragonbone Cuirass is the second-best piece of armor in the game. Ebony Mail may not give immunity to fire, but it still gives a lot, while adding general magicka resistance and shield for a higher armor than promised on paper. Dragonbone is way easier to access, though (Ebony Mail requires completion of the Temple faction).

    User Info: FinalLegendZero

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  15. Believe it or not i have more armor without anything on than i do in a full set of daedric prolly cuz of my unarmored skill lol.

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  16. cjm333, yeah I've heard of Dragonbone Curiass. It's a pain to get, but if quickly thrown away if you're a Dark Elf, because they already have a 75% resistance to fire. The extra 75% is wasted, which is a very big waste for the DRAGONBONE Curiass.

    My armor does indeed consist of artifacts, but using artifacts are a very big, if not the only reason, to hunt for artifacts. Why hunt an hour for a piece of equipment that you won't use?

    User Info: philcheesesteak

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  17. It's definitely Her Hand's Armor. Fortifies Heavy armor skill, boosting the protection rates. It's also much lighter than Daedric armor, easier to find, and you still have room for that big heavy weapon of yours plus the hammers required to maintain it. Then there's the fact that it fortifies attack, so you have a greater chance of hitting. It also increases strength, agility, and many more things that are real benefits. Also, if you have a character like mine, you can make the armor even more effective by combining it with an enchanted Daedric Battle Axe and the Spear of Bitter Mercy.

    Daedric Armor is mega-uber. It is awesome. Very strong, powerful, reliable armor. But Her Hand's is still better.

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  18. Actually I think it all depends on your character if you are an Argonian or Kahjjit then you cannot wear boots and full helm. This atomatically lowers your armor rateing. If your one of the beast races you need high armor like Glass or Ebony(I prefer Ebony cause it has high enchantment levels and looks awsome). But if your a Elf or Human race then it depends on your preferences. If you want high level heavy armor then Ebony or Deadric will suffice, If you want high level light armor then you want Glass armor. Also the Lords mail is the best of the best but if you want a matching set then use one of the others it all depends on the person playing. If you rely on stealth then use light armor, if your a mage use heavy ebony or unarmored, if your a combat type than use the lords mail,dragon bane,or deadric. Hope this helps

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  19. Most people would disagree with me but i find that the enchanted version of her hands armor (from the tribunal add on). if you have seen the armor the ordinators of Mournhold wear you've seen what it looks like but the true "her hands" armor is only found on the people with names who wear it (you'll know it when you see it because its the only glowing version). Don't try to kill the guys in Amalexia's temple though because even when your at really high levels there hard as heck to kill alone and in the temple there are at least five of them but you can find one alone somewhere around Mournhold just annoy him till he attacks or wait till Amelexia has you kill him.

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  20. Here is a list of the top armors in Morrowind GOTY Edition.
    Hope you enjoy!

    1. Her Hands Armor
    2. Daedric Armor
    3. Ebony Armor

    You can find the Her Hands Armor in Amelexia's Temple by killing the Ordinators.

    You can find Daedric by wandering into Daedric Temples (Zaintiris, Bal Fel)
    They should just be laying around in a chest or something.

    And you can find Ebony Armor anywhere but one place is guarantee. The treasury in Redoran, Vivec. But make sure to toggle the AI (ToggleAI) before so the Ordinators don't kill you!

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  21. Best standard armor is Deadric. Her hands is lighter but the enchantment level is to low to bother with, and personally the enchanted ones suck. Strong to weak Deadric face of God,terror, inspiration. Now in legendary category its ebony mail and while not technically legendary it is quest reward the Deadric feather greaves from funny telvani woman. And fist of randagulf with maybe wraithguard and helm of bearclaw and eleidins ward for sheild and boots blinding or apostles. Why bother with armor its nice but go get an ebony scimitar from a regular her hands so you can enchant it yourself now do the enchant tricks on it and hello corpse's. Wear exquisite clothing with chameleon or fortify unarmored and there ya go. But Deadric is best standard. Or even better is nothing at all I'm sure M'aique or however its spelled will enjoy your company.

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  22. Goty hmmm OK Deadric is in vanilla and Goty but if you want best in the expansion's. Then its for standard the ice armor or Nordic mail maybe a mix on bloodmoon and her hands or adantium on tribunal. Again this question needs clarification its open due to the lack of specifics, overall best in the goty version is debatable based on armor rating vs enchant vs weight vs looks vs which quest main, blood or tribunal. Also your original question didn't specify standard or quest/legendary. Im on my second goty disc the first one finally got cleaned to many times and I may need to get a new strategy guide my first one is falling apart. Deadric is good but glass is lighter, glass is green but stalrim is light blue.

    User Info: Kimmel

    Kimmel - 2 years ago 0 0

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