Where can I find Daedric armor?

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  1. Locations here:


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  1. Divayth has a near full set of Daedric armor. Killing him is an bad idea since he is essential for a major section of the main quest. So instead of that you could cast Disintegrate Armor on him until they break, then cast Calm Humanoid to stop him from attacking you. Then you can pickpocket the broken armor off him and repair it. It is worth mentioning a full set of deadric armor is very heavy.

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  2. There is a farm house near vivec i believe...somewhere to the NW maybe and the owner's house has a shelf behind him with a Daedric sheild/armour/etc... I believe this is right...been awhile since i played this game.

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  3. well if you complete the main quest line (not including mournhold or solthiem) you can kill divyath guilt free, and take all his armor, then all u need is a helm and a shield, which u can get the helm off a buoyant armiger at ghostgate, (Daedric face of terror not of inspiration) and u can grab the shield off a guy inside dren manor at the dren plantation.

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  4. You can also get a bunch of daedric armor in the dren plantation. If you kill him and his guards i believe you can get a full set. Or close to a full set at least, but im pretty sure its a full set. I think you need to kill him anyways, so thats a safe way to get daedric armor.

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  5. Divath Fyr in Tel Fyr has the following

    Daedric Curaiss
    Dardric Greaves
    Daedric Gauntlets
    Daedric Boots
    Daedric Pauldrons

    The Following can be found elsewhere:

    Daedric helm of Terror:
    Ghostgate, on a buoyant armiger

    Daedric Greaves & Daedric Shield:

    Dren Plantation in Dren's Villa

    Other Daedric Helms (Terror, Inspiration, and God):

    There are multiple Faces of Terrors

    Im not sure if there is multiple faces of Gods and Faces of Inspirations and im also not positive where to find them

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