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In-Depth FAQs

Alternate Routes FAQ 12/16/04 VampireHorde Final 29K
Beginner FAQ 08/02/04 The Mega Cheat 1.4 37K
Data Stick/Flash Notes Guide 07/24/04 VampireHorde 23K
Data Transcript (GC) 08/08/06 Vyascheslav 1.00 31K
Hard Mode Stealth Guide 02/07/13 Ghidrah 1.6 105K
Lethal Force FAQ 07/24/04 VampireHorde 2.0 18K
Mercenary FAQ 06/17/04 discostu514 0.91 49K
Multiplayer FAQ 12/30/04 Strider32 0.7 30K
SWAT-Turn FAQ 12/16/04 VampireHorde Final 6K
Stealth Guide 04/11/04 El Rapido 0.98 77K
Weapons/Gadgets Guide 06/09/04 LiMpBiZkitFaN FINAL 24K
XBOX/PS2 Changes FAQ 12/16/04 VampireHorde Final 13K
Xbox Live Guide 11/03/05 STPRATMGDAY FINAL 62K
Zero Kills FAQ/Walkthrough 09/21/06 NerdWithAGun_9 1.00 78K

Foreign Language FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) (French) 04/06/04 ADK Final 39K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) (Dutch) 09/04/04 Patt3rson 1.0 - Done 29K

Maps and Charts

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