Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File01/28/04RocketUSTC25K
Be Agent Smith from the Matrix! Sweet! (Also has game 100% done!)
Save Game File11/23/03Darth Bastard36K
Everything Unlocked (including pedestrians)
Save Game File01/28/04RocketUSTC10K
Just like the original toy! Sit-n-Spin (tm) is now a trick in THUG! Check it out! HUGE point value even without rotations!
Save Game File01/28/04RocketUSTC10K
Totally smooth mesh of 3 tricks! HUGE point value even with no rotations! And, you only need about 1.5 secs of hangtime to pull it off!
Save Game File01/19/04CAHowell23K
Up to the making of the skating video

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