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Challenge Guide by Uilnslcoap

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/02/2004

                            Ghoulies Challenge Guide

Version 0.8-all the Challenges have been broken down and the best methods I've
found for beating them typed up.  Tonight and probably tomorrow, I'll go
through and mark down the Rare Book locations and hopefully update relatively
soon after.  But at least the real meat of this guide is done.  There's already
a Rare Book guide on GameFAQs, I've noted, so mine will not be oh-so-necessary,
but simply a bonus.  Perhaps if one guide confuses you (note: mine), the other
shall enlighten.

Version 1.0-well, I think that's everything.  Unless anyone writes to me to say
something like, "You fool!  That's not the way to do it/where that is!"  This
guide is completely finished...which isn't something I can say for my other
guide on GameFAQs, but maybe someday...


I.	Intro
II.	Challenges 1-20 Guide
III.	Rare Book Location Guide
IV.	Outro


Grabbed by the Ghoulies is a very good game.  It is not a classic, and
therefore it will not go down as a high point in Rare's history
(Rareware is, after all, a company which has had more than its fair
share of classics).  Still, its mechanics are solid, its presentation
is charming, and the challenges it issues are satisfying to fulfill.
Plus, its premise and execution are novel and fun: who hasn't wanted to
hit a Zombie with a giant, stuffed fish or throw toilet paper at Death
himself?  It has that Rareware atmosphere, too.  The creators are,
after all, the same team that gave us the first two Donkey Kong
Countries and the Banjo-Kazooie games.  If we couldn't expect good
atmosphere and character and art design from them, what would the world
of video games be coming to?

This game deserves a better rep than it has.  The disappointment around
it, I believe, stems from all the expectation that surrounded "RARE'S
XBOX DEBUT" and all that jazz.  If this game had been released by your
average video game company, then it would have gotten better scores in
all those video game magazines, and that's the truth.

I have decided to concentrate on the Challenge portion of this game in
writing a guide for it, since the main game should (mostly) be simple
enough to be handled by anyone, but some of these Challenges issue a
fair amount of frustration and, dare I say it, challenge.  And if you
thought these were aggravating, wait till you see the last surprise
they have waiting for you.

By the way, I think I'll write a guide for that, but for now, let's
help those who can't even access said surprise by getting them some
good ratings in the first 20 Challenges (you'll find a detailed
strategy for each of them below) and helping those who can't access
those first 20 Challenges as well (see the Rare Book Location section
for that).  Now, on with the guide!

                             Challenges 1-20 Guide

Challenge 1: Billiard Room Bust-Up!
The Goal: Break as many Skeletons as you can...
The Catch: ...in sixty seconds.
Gold: 12 Skeletons broken
Platinum: 16 Skeletons broken
Starting Energy: 50
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: none
Difficulty: 1/5
Strategy to Platinum: Beat 5-6 Skeletons with a combination of the two
throwable trophies on the couch and some regular attacks on those
Skeletons who have taken damage (they will be down to 5 Energy after
being hit by a trophy).  Next, take out probably about 8 Skeletons by
getting them to surround the pool table and then swinging it at the
appropriate moment.  Finish off the rest (2-3 more for Platinum) with
normal attacks.  Vary that with pool cue attacks if you like.  This
ain't the hardest Challenge to get Platinum in.

Challenge 2: Bring out the Imps!
The Goal: Avoid the Imps...
The Catch: ...without being hit even once as long as you can.
Gold: 36 seconds of hitlessness
Platinum: 48 seconds of hitlessness
Starting Energy: 5
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 1 "Turbo Cooper" (in the playpen ahead and to the left of
the starting point, near the Xbox...box-smash the railing for access)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: Note the Pulp Fiction reference in the title of
this Challenge.  Just want to point that out.  Pick up a chair and kill
the first three Imps that get near you (they're entering one at a time
at this point).  Then head over to the playpen and smash the railing.
Grab the "Turbo Cooper" at about 18-20 seconds (I find it troublesome
to collect it later with many Imps on your trail and putting yourself
in a tight space where they can corner you, but if you can manage it,
it might make the end of this Challenge easier) and then start running
from one end of the room to the other back and forth.  It's sort of up
to you to manage this.  Make sure to have the camera oriented properly
when turning around and heading in the opposite direction so that you
can make for gaps between groups of Imps.  If you want, pick up a chair
for when your "Turbo Cooper" runs out about 20 seconds after you picked
it up.  You have the choice of either maneuvering more for about 8-10
seconds (if you picked it up when I recommended) or trying to dispatch
any Imps that approach with chair swings.  If your luck is bad,
achieving Platinum can be slightly frustrating here, but it's by no
means impossible.

Challenge 3: Super Duper Super Scary Shock!
The Goal: Match as many (out of 15) of the buttons on the screen as you
The Catch: ...before the Shock is over.
Gold: 9 buttons matched
Platinum: 12 buttons matched
Starting Energy: 15
Time Limit: approximately 5 seconds
Power-ups: none
Difficulty: variable depending on the player (1/5 for me, I think)
Strategy to Platinum: Errrr...memorize the layout of those four buttons
and have good eye-brain-thumb coordination.  I've managed all 15
buttons, so surely getting 12 isn't so out of reach.  I guess just use
a little caution not to make mistakes because speeding through, making
a mistake, and losing valuable moments to press more buttons is not as
good as being slightly slower and hitting the right buttons.  I think a
mistake means no chance at Platinum.

Challenge 4: Friday Night at the Embassy!
The Goal: Beat all the Zombies and Skeletons on the dance floor...
The Catch: ...and retain a lot of energy in the process.
Gold: 13 Energy at completion
Platinum: 18 Energy at completion
Starting Energy: 30
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 1 "5 Energy" (smash the painting of Ghoulhaven Hall to the
right of your starting point), 1 "Knockdown Mania" (in the small,
framed picture on the back right corner of the dance floor as you face
the dance floor from the starting point)
Difficulty: 3/5
Strategy to Platinum: Start by collecting the "5 Energy" I mentioned
above and then pick up the potted plant on this side of the dance floor
railing.  DO NOT go on the floor yet.  Rather, go to the left of the
starting point and to the back end of the tables there.  Heave the
plant into as large a group of Ghoulies as you can.  Remember also that
large, throwable weapons such as the plant don't break until they hit a
wall and cause a ring of damage to emanate from their point of impact.
So if you see a big group near a wall with enemies in between, that's
the spot to aim for.  Next, lining the area to the left of the starting
point are three groups of bottles (on the dance floor railing and the
tables nearby).  Use these to kill Skeletons while still off the dance
floor.  This is prudent for two reasons.  1) Fewer enemies in general
once you're on the floor is a good thing-they don't have as much of a
chance to overwhelm you-and Skeletons have less energy than Zombies.
2) Skeletons can use weapons and might get to some before you even
realize it (there's a painting, a guitar, and a potted plant they have
access to).  Back to the guide: upon hitting a Skeleton with two
bottles (which take off 5 Energy each for both Zombies and Skeletons
when they're standing up) they will grow dizzy; wait for them to become
undizzied before throwing the last two to dispatch them.  Do not hit a
knocked-down enemy with bottles (it takes off only 2 Energy for
Skeletons and none for Zombies).  If you're perfect (with 18 bottles at
your disposal), that's four Skeletons dispatched and one at 10 Energy-
maybe you even killed more than that with a lucky throw of the potted
plant.  But three killed and one damaged is pretty reasonable
considering how all the enemies move around.  Next, pick up the potted
plant at the back of the tables and throw it with the same
consideration as the first plant you threw.  Now pick up the chair near
the tables and walk onto the floor at last.  Your first hit on the
enemies will set them all off, so I suggest hitting another Skeleton
(and hopefully killing it if you were successful with bottles earlier),
but hitting a bunch of enemies at once should also be a consideration
(this will become easier once they start attacking you).  Priority one
is avoiding hits, but priority two is making sure Skeletons stay away
from weapons (if you see one with a light above his head, distract him
by smacking him in the face).  Also, do not hit a downed enemy with a
weapon unless there are only one or two enemies left (you do more
damage to them if they're standing up: 10 standing, 5 down).  After the
chair is done, use the potted plant in the corner near the entrance to
the dance floor, then the painting on the left side of the floor, then
the guitar at back right.  Just back off and swing away.  Once you're
down to some Zombies and you're weaponless, you should try to down them
one at a time and keep kicking them when they're down until dead
(hopefully you keep kicking them further and further from their
compatriots).  Concerning the "Knockdown Mania," it can be helpful, but
remember that although you cannot be knocked down once you've started
your animation to swing at an enemy, this animation takes awhile and
you CAN take damage from an enemy's swing before your attack lands but
while you're winding up.  So start your wind-up a bit early, and get
the swing to land before the enemy can attack.  The frustration in
terms of getting Platinum comes from the fact that if you fail, it
takes so long to defeat everyone in the room again.  Good luck!

Challenge 5: Soak-a-Zombie!
The Goal: Kill 20 Zombies...
The Catch: ...as quickly as you can.
Gold: 85 seconds
Platinum: 70 seconds
Starting Energy: 50
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 2 "Super Weapons" (one in the chest directly behind Cooper's
starting position, one in the low wood cabinets behind and to the left
of the starting position)
Difficulty: 0/5
Strategy to Platinum: Sheesh, even without the "Super Weapons," you
only have to be slightly conservative with your water supply.  With
them, this is a breeze.  Just look for another Zombie by rotating the
camera if you've killed every one in sight, and make sure to hit the
Zombies you see on your way to collecting the "Super Weapons" (since
your gun is about to be full forever (relatively), go ahead and use
some ammo now so you don't waste time collecting the "Super Weapons"
when you could have one fewer Zombies to kill).  Also, some smashable
objects contain Zombies, making your objective even easier if you use
them.  Consider this Challenge a free Platinum.

Challenge 6: A Touch of Frost!
The Goal: Kill as many Ghoulies as you can...
The Catch: ...in sixty seconds and only with weapons.
Gold: 10 Ghoulies killed
Platinum: 13 Ghoulies killed
Starting Energy: 30
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: 3 "One-Hit Wonders" (one in each pipe that descends to the
floor from the piping on the ceiling, but you must hit the correct side
of the pipe)
Difficulty: 1/5
Strategy to Platinum: This is comically easy once you know the location
of the "One-Hit Wonders."  There are weapons in the open air around the
room as well as on the inside of the fridges at the perimeter of the
room.  Especially valuable is the fridge immediately to the right of
the starting point (conveniently near one of the pipes with a "One-Hit
Wonder") because it contains two sets of throwing weapons.twelve kills
guaranteed if your aim isn't rubbish!  Of course, melee weapons are
plenty useful too if you get Ghoulies clumped together and can take a
bunch out with a single swing.  It's understandable if you can't get
Platinum the first time around, but come on; those "One-Hit Wonders"
are everywhere!  Also, if you land one hit with your fists while "One-
Hit Wonder" is active, that kill counts but will end the round (as a
violation of the "Weapons Only" rule).

Challenge 7: Poor Ol' Fiddlesworth!
The Goal: Protect Fiddlesworth from the Imps...
The Catch: ...not letting him be hit even once for as long as you can.
Gold: 45 seconds of Fiddlesworth hitlessness
Platinum: 60 seconds of Fiddlesworth hitlessness
Starting Energy: 15
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 1 "Turbo Cooper" (behind the bales of hay directly behind
your starting position)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: The Imps in this level have a very set pattern of
emergence (wave-like).  They come from the same four spots in a
clockwise fashion and always in the same order.  The gap between each
Imp's appearance at each spot gets smaller with each new wave.  In
other words, on the first set of four, it takes awhile for the second
Imp to appear after the first has popped out, but on the next set of
four, it takes less time.  By the fourth wave, they come out at nearly
the same time from each spot.  The four spots they appear at, in order,
are the wood cart you face at the start, the well to the right of your
starting position, the bales of hay behind your starting position, and
the bushes behind the white fence to the left of your starting
position.  You need to kill the first 15 Imps that show up to succeed
at Platinum (interestingly, you can leave the fourth Imp in the fourth
wave alone and make it to 60 seconds on the clock).  The first Imp will
make its appearance about seven seconds in.  Kill that one and the next
one with your feet, and then pick up the spotted eggs near the well
(which you, of course, moved toward to kill the second Imp).  Move
between the well and the bales of hay, and face the camera toward
Fiddlesworth.  Kill the next two Imps with an egg each.  Now, pick up
the "Turbo Cooper" behind the hay bales.  Dispatch the next wave of
Imps with the rest of your eggs (if you miss with one shot, kill the
last with your feet).  For the third wave, kill the first with your
feet and then grab the eggs near the wood cart.  Smack the other three
with eggs, and then take out the first three of the next wave with eggs
as well.  That's all you need to do to win Platinum.  Any more Imps
than that is gravy.  Mistakes are easy to make, and any Challenge where
one hit is the end has some innate trouble already, so don't get
frustrated if you mess up a few times.  The Platinum is not too far

Challenge 8: Who's the Daddy?
The Goal: Kill as many Mummies as you can...
The Catch: ...in just sixty seconds.
Gold: 5 Mummies killed
Platinum: 7 Mummies killed
Starting Energy: 30
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: 2 "Freeze Ghoulies" (one behind starting point in Rareware
vase/urn, other in Rareware vase/urn on opposite side of room from that
one), 2 "Turbo Coopers" (one Rareware vase/urn slightly counter-
clockwise of starting point, other in Rareware vase/urn on opposite
side of room from that one), 1 "Knockdown Mania" (inside metal boiler
control thing counter-clockwise of starting point)
Difficulty: 3/5
Strategy to Platinum: Three free kills if you know the way!  So really,
it's only two Mummies for Gold, and four for Platinum.  Concerning
beating Mummies, when you're delivering the knockdown blow to any
Mummy, I suggest having the camera pointed toward the fire and hitting
the Mummy head on toward the fire.  This can be difficult if you're
surrounded, but do your best to concentrate attacks on one Mummy at a
time.  One last piece of advice: never let a downed Mummy up if you
have a choice.  Make sure they get burned up.  If you knock two down,
concentrate on one.  Here's my way of doing this Challenge: grab the
large urn to the left of your starting position and toss it in the
fire.  That held a Cursed Mummy and earned you a kill.  Pummel the
mummy that is now near you into the flames.  Next, collect the "Turbo
Cooper" first mentioned above and book it clockwise to the next big urn
(up on a table) and throw that into the fire.  Get pretty close to the
flames as the game will often interpret a throw with any enemies nearby
as one that should head toward a group of enemies, and you want this
vase in the fire, not knocking down Mummies.  Grab the other "Turbo
Cooper" mentioned above and then head for the final big urn slightly
more clockwise.  In with it.  The rest is sort of up to you.  I find
the "Knockdown Mania" not all that worth your time given how quickly a
Mummy is knocked down with a "Turbo Cooper" set of regular blows.  This
also renders weapons as less than worthy, but it's your choice.  You
only have three Mummies to go.  The annoying thing about achieving
Platinum in this Challenge is how easy it is miss the fire when you
kick a Mummy toward it and how you can get a Mummy hung up just on the
side of the furnace but not quite in the fire itself.  Be careful with
your aim, and I promise you can do it.

Challenge 9: Smash the Study, Buddy!
The Goal: Do as much damage to the room as you can...
The Catch: ...within thirty seconds (+30 from around the room = sixty
Gold: $8,500 worth of damage
Platinum: $11,000 worth of damage
Starting Energy: 15
Time Limit: 30 seconds (+30=60)
Power-ups: 3 "Extra Times" (each worth ten seconds, set in each of the
Rareware urns around the room, one on the big desk to the left of your
starting position, another on the window sill behind that desk, and a
third on a table by some glass-encased shelves ahead and to the right
of your starting position)
Difficulty: 3/5
Strategy to Platinum: This strategy has a lot of alternatives if things
go a certain way or not (especially at the beginning), so I'm setting
it off paragraph by paragraph with alternatives set off from the main

Main Demolition, Part I: Grab the potted plant behind and to the left
of your starting position and head to the left and just ahead of your
starting position.  Toss the plant so that it destroys the desk, the
chair behind it, and one of the Rareware urns.  You might even get the
window back there if your aim is good.

Circumstance 1: If you got the Rareware urn on the desk with that
throw, pick up the "Extra Time" now.

Circumstance 2: If you didn't get that urn, smash it with your fists
and pick up the time.

Main Demolition, Part II: Next, pick up the small dresser to the left
of the desk as you face it from the starting point (next to a large
plant which is neither tossable nor breakable).

Circumstance 1: If you got the window earlier (though you probably
didn't), aim the dresser at the center of the wooden shelf-thing with
two doors open to the left of the window, and then pick up the "Extra
Time" if you hit the urn on the sill with the potted plant.  If you
didn't do that, smash it now and pick up the time.  Then hit the books
on the right edge of the sill.

Circumstance 2: If you didn't get the window, throw the dresser at it
and try to take out either the urn (if you didn't hit it earlier) or
the books (or both) as well.  Smash the two doors sticking out from the large
wooden shelf-thing with your fists.  Hit the Rareware urn if you have
to, but either way, pick up the time.  Hit the books on the sill if you
have to.

Main Demolition, Part III: Pick up the nearby TV (to the right of the
desk as you face it from the starting point) and throw it into the wall
directly behind it so that its ring of damage gets both the books on
the nearby sill and the safe door.  Do not hit the glass decanter on
the sill.  Head for the small table with the decanter on it at the
center of this room.  Pick up the bottles there and use them to destroy
1) the dresser near the fireplace, 2) the decanter on the table, 3) and
4) each of the nearby chairs, 5) the faraway Rareware urn near the
shelves, and 6) the square bit on the banister near the shelves.  There
are two throwable objects nearby (a vase and a trophy).  Use one to
destroy all of the glass shelves (upper and lower) near the Rareware
urn by tossing it into the center of these shelves.  Collect the "Extra
Time" (you should have more or less ten seconds left about now).  Run
up the stairs and use the plant there to smash the shelves and vase at
the bottom of the stairs.  You just let loose a Zombie, but you only
have one more thing to do.  Collect whichever throwable object near the
fireplace you didn't use earlier and throw it at the wall between the
mantelpiece and a vase/urn, which looks similar to the one a Zombie
popped out of just now.  Having destroyed both of them, you put the
total at just over $11,000 in damages.  Well done, you.

Alternatively, after the bottle stuff, you could collect the "Extra
Time," use the plant to destroy the stuff at the base of the stairs,
and THEN destroy the glass with a throwable object, followed by the
mantelpiece/urn destruction.  But whatever works, works.

The main thing about getting Platinum in this Challenge is that the
time limit is rather tight.  Just work on your timing and aim and make
sure your right analog isn't out of whack (mine sometimes thinks it's
aiming down all the time...this is very frustrating on this Challenge).
Good luck!

Challenge 10: Chop Socky Whacky!
The Goal: Kill as many Ninja Imps as you can...
The Catch: ...with just ten blows.
Gold: 12 Ninja Imps killed
Platinum: 16 Ninja Imps killed.
Starting Energy: 30
Time Limit: 2 minutes, 30 seconds
Power-ups: 1 "One-Hit Wonder" (inside the piano ahead of the starting
point), 1 "Turbo Cooper" (inside the statue/bust ahead and to the right
of the starting point), 1 "Super Weapons" (inside the statue/bust
behind and to the right of the starting point)
Difficulty: 4/5
Strategy to Platinum: Gosh, this can be aggravating, but there's one
thing at the start that will make all the difference.  Pick up the
gramophone and heave it at one of the groups of Ghoulies behind the
piano BEFORE they get a chance to meditate and grow.  If you get all
three, continue playing the Challenge.  If not, quit and try again
until you get all three with that shot.  This makes the rest much
easier.  Now, what you need to do is get the Ninja Imps to use their
high kick to smash the piano keys to get out the "One-Hit Wonder" and
the busts containing the "Turbo Cooper" and the "Super Weapons" (thus
saving you three hits for the Ninja Imps instead of said objects).
Don't collect them just yet, though.  First, pick up the guitar near
where the gramophone was.  Then, pick up first the "Super Weapons,"
then the "Turbo Cooper," and then the "One-Hit Wonder".  Now use the
guitar to whack Ninja Imps (hopefully in groups).  Having used one hit
with the gramophone, and saving one hit at the end for the couch you
can swing around, you have 8 hits to work with.  You've killed three
Ninja Imps, and it's safe to assume you can kill three (and probably
four.I've killed as many as six) Ninja Imps with a swing of the couch.
Therefore, you need to kill 10 Ninja Imps (to be on the safe side) with
the next 8 blows.  This tends to be easy to do if, after having killed
a couple of Imps, another group of little ones pop in from the windows.
These little ones tend to be clumped together and thus easy to take out
in sets of two (if not three).  Just be a little careful, and remember
that your regular blows are effective even if the weapon runs out and
the "One-Hit Wonder" is still on (it probably won't since you collected
the Power-ups so quickly one after another and the guitar still has
three blows left in it after the "Super Weapons" has worn off).  After
that, just get a group of Ninja Imps to follow you around, get them
near the couch (which is near your starting position) and swing away
with your last blow.  Tah-dah!  Really, the only issue here is getting
Ninja Imps clustered properly so you can get multiple hits with a
single blow (that and making sure they don't hit each other out of the
way of a blow when they attempt to hit you with their flying kick), but
once you get the toss at the beginning right, the Platinum is in sight.

Challenge 11: Amber Wants a Kiss!
The Goal: Beat Amber's ogre-like incarnation...
The Catch: ...as fast as you can.
Gold: 65 seconds
Platinum: 45 seconds
Starting Energy: 100
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 2 "Turbo Coopers" (one in crate against wall left of
starting point and another ahead and to right of starting point in
crate in a corner made by shelves), 1 "Super Weapons" (directly behind
the starting point), 1 "Invisibility" (in small rectangular crate right
next to larger crate first "Turbo Cooper" mentioned above is in), 2
"Miniature Coopers" (in crate ahead of starting point, right behind
Amber's original position)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: Heh heh, this could be pretty hard, but not the
way I've figured out to take care of it.  Grab the "Invisibility" left
of the starting point (start moving from the beginning and Amber won't
have a shot at you), then the "Turbo Cooper" in the crate right next to
it, and then turn around and get the "Super Weapons" near the start.
Now, facing the location the "Super Weapons" used to be at, head down
the right corridor, then turn right past the shelves and pick up the
bottles in the corner here.  Facing the bottles from your recent turn,
Amber is to your right (having followed you down the nearby alcove till
you collected the "Invisibility" there).  Now, fling bottles at Amber
until her energy is down to 50 (your "Invisibility" has probably run
out in the meantime).  She will grow dizzy at that point, and you
should wait for that to wear off, then begin throwing bottles again
until she's dead (make sure not to let her hit you after you let her
dizziness wear off and thereby waste a great run).  Between the "Turbo
Cooper" (which will run out soon after Amber's 50 mark) and the "Super
Weapons," you can get her down in less than 40 seconds.  Even if the
"Super Weapons" run out after about 15 throws, you've got enough in
your hands still take her out (at 5 damage with each throw).  This
should not be attempted with melee weapons as a knockdown causes her to
go red and come at you.  That's a waste of time.  This projectile
weapon, though, is perfect, as she stays up the entire time and thus is
still able to take damage-save for the one moment when you must let her
undizzy.  Easy Platinum once you get the locations of appropriate
power-ups and weapons nailed down.

Challenge 12: Hey, Big Swinger!
The Goal: Smash as many Skeletons as you can...
The Catch: ...with just one swing of the bathtub.
Gold: 8 Skeletons
Platinum: 11 Skeletons
Starting Energy: 1
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: 2 "Freeze Ghoulies" (one in clothes closet clockwise of
starting position-the second such closet you'll encounter, the first
holds a skeleton, the other in a clothes closet on opposite side of
room from there), 2 "10 Energy" (one in hamper behind starting point,
another in hamper on opposite side of room from there)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: Start by collecting the "10 Energy" (your
starting energy is ONE after all, we don't want a single hit to take
out a lot of work) in the hamper behind your starting position.  Go
clockwise and smash the cabinet with the "Freeze Ghoulies," but don't
collect it yet.  Continue clockwise and hit the Skeleton in the shower
one time, and then get that "Freeze Ghoulies" (you might take a blow or
two from some roaming Skeletons, but that shouldn't be a problem).
Work your way counter-clockwise around the room busting all the
dressing-room/closet things thus letting loose Skeletons (note: there's
a Skeleton inside the glass door where the sauna is-he takes a hit
before he'll go after you, like the shower Skeleton, but you can do it
while he's frozen), and skipping the one closet where the other "Freeze
Ghoulies" resides.  You might have one door or so still to break down
when the "Freeze Ghoulies" wears off.  Now, just gather them around and
swing the bathtub at the right time.  Handled correctly, this Challenge
should not be too adversely affected by the time limit, and the
Platinum should be in your grasp pretty fast.

Challenge 13: Gone to Pot!
The Goal: Kill as many Vampire Chickens as you can...
The Catch: ...but you can't break anything in the room and have only
sixty seconds.
Gold: 13 Vampire Chickens killed
Platinum: 17 Vampire Chickens killed
Starting Energy:
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: 2 "Freeze Ghoulies" (one just ahead and to right of starting
point behind pots, another on opposite side of room and to left from
starting point), 1 "Super Weapons" (on exactly opposite side of room
from starting point, obscured by pots)
Difficulty: 4/5
Strategy to Platinum: I guess all I can say is sort of notice if
knocking the Chicken backward with your gun (considering the angle
you're firing toward the Chicken from) is going to hit anything
fragile.  Try to hit ten of them, and a few seconds after you succeed
at that (so that you give enough time for more Vampire Chickens to re-
spawn), collect a "Freeze Ghoulies."  Now all you have to do is hit
each Chicken that's standing around without fear of them hitting
something on their way to death (until the "Freeze Ghoulies" wears
off).  Just make sure your shot itself won't hit any pots or what have
you on the way.  The reason this earns a 4/5 rating is because it's
rather easy to break something accidentally.  However, use a little
caution and the Platinum shall come.

Challenge 14: Kick 'em Quick!
The Goal: Kill 20 Flying Imps using Amber...
The Catch: ...as fast as you can.
Gold: 65 seconds
Platinum: 50 seconds
Starting Energy: 30
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 2 "Turbo Coopers" (in fridge to immediate left of starting
position, and in chest ahead and to right of starting position), 1
"Super Weapons" (upstairs ahead and to left of starting point in crate
with alarm clock on it-near the chest where the prisoner usually is), 1
"Traitor Fever" (also in fridge to immediate left of starting position)
Difficulty: 4/5
Strategy to Platinum: Playing with Amber makes absolutely no difference
in gameplay as far as I can tell.  It also makes little difference
whether you use weapons or not, and pretty much the only one you have
time to pick up if you want Platinum is the frying pan in the sink just
to the right of your starting position, so grab it if you want.  Either
way, smash the fridge door to your left and grab the "Turbo Cooper"
(but not the "Traitor Fever" just yet).  Concentrate in the first half
of this fight (there's an initial batch of ten and then the last ten
fly out of a barrel ahead and to the right of the starting point-in the
living area, not the kitchen area) on dispatching them as soon as they
get close enough.  I tend to go forward, then around the couch, then
near the doorway you emerged from (near the kitchen) to enter this
area.  If it's possible, kill the last Flying Imp (of the first half)
very close to the kitchen door.  Once the second wave has started to
emerge, head back into the kitchen area and grab the "Traitor Fever."
Now they'll start doing this dive-bomb attack they would have used on
you and, instead, kill each other.  At least four or five of them will
probably die from this very quickly, and you'll probably be able to
take out at least two more very fast since they're now stuck in the
ground for a few seconds from their attempted attacks (assuming you
didn't accidentally get knocked down by one of these attacks).  Then
you just have to take out a few more who are still around (and they
will take each other out, too).  If luck is with you, somewhere along
the line, an enemy will have smashed the chest with the other "Turbo
Cooper" inside and you can use it to help at some point.  This
Challenge earns a higher difficulty rating because the time limit is
pretty stringent and you rely on some luck to get you to the Platinum

Challenge 15: Take Out the Trash!
The Goal: Kill thirty Spiders...
The Catch: ...with as few attacks as possible.
Gold: 12 attacks
Platinum: 9 attacks
Starting Energy: 10
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 1 "Freeze Ghoulies" (in dumpster ahead and to left of
starting point), 1 "Invisibility" (in dumpster directly behind starting
point), 1 "Super Weapons" (in dumpster behind and to right of starting
point-around a wall-near ramp leading up to door), 1 "5 Energy" (in
window ahead and to right of starting point)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: Killing thirty Spiders has a little more to it
than just laying smack whenever you can.  One more element they've
added is that there are twelve Spiders at the start and you must kill
all of them to make the next dozen appear.  This means you've got to be
sparse with hits, and make sure you take all twelve out efficiently
(it's okay to use a single hit to kill one Spider-as long as you've
taken out the rest with very few moves).  You have the option at the
beginning of attempting to take out each group of Spiders (four groups
clumped three at a spot and not moving at the start) or getting them
all moving by touching one so that they'll be grouped altogether.  I go
for the latter since it enables you to get many spiders with one shot
while the other strategy takes a little more luck (in the Spiders'
initial layout-you need them really close together so a single well-
aimed hit can get them all) and speed because they'll eventually
unfreeze.  You can also attempt to gather them all around you and then
swing the dumpster around, but I do that on the next set of twelve.
So, following my strategy, pick up a trash can and get all the Spiders
to follow you.then fling the trashcan so that it kills as many Spiders
as possible.  Use one more trashcan in the same way, and then use melee
weapons to kill whatever remains.  If it takes more than 5 hits to kill
the first twelve, start this Challenge over.  Assuming you did it in 5
hits (preferably four), gather the next twelve Spiders that suddenly
appear around you and then lead them toward the dumpster.  Swing away!
Hopefully you killed them all, but often you'll leave one or two behind
(hopefully one).  Use a melee weapon either way and try to kill both
with one hit if it's two Spiders.  Once they're dead (that's 24 down,
six to go), more Spiders will pop out, but a little more one at a time
(up to twelve I think) and a little less in one big flourish.  So wait
until a significant number have appeared and then fling one more trash
can at them.  Hopefully you take out four or five with that throw and
can use one last melee weapon swing to kill a couple more and
successfully complete this Challenge.  So again, two trash cans, then
melee on the first dozen Spiders, then the dumpster and melee (if
necessary) on the next dozen, then one trash can and melee on the last
six you need.  The reasonably-hoped-for total is eight blows (two trash
cans, two melee swings, then one dumpster, one melee, then one trash
can, one melee).  Seven would be quite lucky.  Six is vaguely possible.
So you can see there's a bit of room for error with 9 blows as the
Platinum total.  Make it happen!

Challenge 16: Dirty Laundry!
The Goal: Kill as many Ninja Imps as you can with Amber...
The Catch: ...in just ten seconds (+ sixty from around the room = seventy
Gold: 24 Ninja Imps killed
Platinum: 30 Ninja Imps killed
Starting Energy: 30
Time Limit: 10 seconds
Power-ups: 6 "Extra Times" (in each of the cylindrical hampers sitting
around the room with the one exception mentioned next), 2 "Super
Weapons" (both in hamper at the bottom of the staircase to right of the
starting point)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: I love the soda gun!  Blast open the washer doors
directly ahead of you to release some Ninja Imps, then open the two
hampers next to each other to your right to get some extra time.  After
that, alternate between blasting washer doors (to get more and more
Ninja Imps on the floor), killing Ninja Imps, and collecting more time
as you work your way counter-clockwise around the washers.  The "Super
Weapons" are optional, but will give you lots of time where you don't
have to think but just blast everything with utter abandon.  Be sure to
collect all the "Extra Times" so that you can reach your target number
of kills without hassle.  Really not difficult at all if you play it
right to get Platinum.

Challenge 17: Catch the Cowards!
The Goal: Kill as many Imps as you can...
The Catch: ...but they're running from you and you only have sixty
Gold: 19 Imps killed
Platinum: 23 Imps killed
Starting Energy:
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: 2 "Turbo Coopers" (one in the left locker, as you face the
lockers, behind your starting point, another on opposite side of room
and to left of starting point, in a medical supply thingy near some
boots), 3 "Miniature Coopers" (in each of the cages directly ahead of
the starting point)
Difficulty: 5/5
Strategy to Platinum: Ugh.  The number of times I've gotten 22 Imps.
You're going to be going counter-clockwise around the room (and the
operating table) the whole time.  First, though, break the locker
behind you to get the "Turbo Cooper," then begin your counter-clockwise
trek by heading for the opposite side of the room, killing any Imps on
the way, to smash each of the cages with a "Miniature Cooper" inside.
Activate one of those, and let him kill some Imps on that side of the
room while you journey more counter-clockwise to get the other "Turbo
Cooper" mentioned above (make sure to kill any Imps that your miniature
self isn't handling on your way to that power-up, though).  Then pick
up a boot, and continue counter-clockwise.  Keep going around, killing
the whole time, and activating a new "Miniature Cooper" once you reach
that spot again.  On the last go-round, once you reach the last
"Miniature Cooper" and activate it, you should be almost out of time
and your "Turbo Cooper" should be almost up (or maybe it's gone already
depending on how many Imps you got).  Pick up the bottles on the corner
of the operating table nearest the second "Turbo Cooper" you collected,
and use them to kill six more Imps.  Hopefully you got enough.  If you
need to do this a lot of times, it's understandable.  But don't give
up.  You'll get the Platinum eventually (and maybe early on if you're

Challenge 18: Bedtime Gory!
The Goal: Kill as many Ghoulies as you can with Amber...
The Catch: ...in sixty seconds and don't kill any Imps.
Gold: 17 Ghoulies killed
Platinum: 23 Ghoulies killed
Starting Energy: 30
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: 3 "Super Weapons" (in a drawer to the left of the starting
point), 3 "Turbo Coopers" (in a drawer right next to the one mentioned
previously), 3 "One-Hit Wonders" (in a drawer to the right and just
ahead of the starting point)
Difficulty: 3/5
Strategy to Platinum: This room has some variations depending on how
quickly enemies spawn (from the Haunted TV), or if you break certain
things, but the following should work: bust the two drawers on the left
with one hit (using the dresser in front of the starting point),
collect everything that emerged from them, but avoid the two Flying
Imps you also released with that throw, and then turn around and pick
up the bottles that were directly behind your starting position.  Hit
the drawer on the right with a bottle and grab the "One-Hit Wonders"
that pop out of there.  Remember that those bottles can be thrown a
long way and thus you don't need to be near your target to hit (and
kill) it.  There's one last thing to take into account.  If you pass
the curtains that divide this small hallway from the main part of the
room, then the nearer of the two Haunted Televisions will spawn an Imp
which will cause trouble for you from then on (even if you don't kill
him by accident-and thereby end the Challenge-he'll probably leap on
you and destroy the bottles in your hands, thus rendering the Challenge
about three times as difficult).  So kill the Skeleton that has gotten
pretty near your position (he's probably hit you, actually) by the time
you've collected the "One-Hit Wonders."  Next, kill the Flying Imps you
released earlier, and then kill the appropriate Haunted TV by throwing
a bottle at it from far away before it spawns that Imp.  Head into the
main portion of the room, and bust the desk causing two spiders to
emerge.  Kill them, then hit the grandfather clock from which two
Zombies shall emerge; kill them.  Then the two urns near the window
from which four more Zombies shall come.  Then the Skeleton that is
probably running amok by now (created by the Haunted TV)).  Then break
the urn slightly more counter-clockwise to get two more Spiders.  Now
head into the bathroom and break the sink to get three Ninja Imps you
can kill.  Then do the same to the medicine cabinet for three more
Ninja Imps.  Now kill the Skeleton, which the other Haunted TV has
probably spawned by now, then the Haunted TV itself.  You probably have
enough kills now and are nearly out of time, but if you need or want
more, then the shelves in the corner opposite the bathroom (near the
bed) contain worms if you hit them.  It's simply a matter of speed and
knowing the layout of the room to get the Platinum (and making sure you
don't let the Haunted TV spawn that Imp).

Challenge 19: Who's Still the Daddy?
The Goal: Kill as many Mummies as possible...
The Catch: ...in sixty seconds and with only 10 blows.
Gold: 11 Mummies
Platinum: 15 Mummies
Starting Energy: 15
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Power-ups: 2 "Turbo Coopers" (one up on crate almost directly in front
of starting point, another on floor in corner made by crates almost
directly behind starting point), 2 "Invulnerabilities" (one in crate
directly to left of starting point, another in crate directly to right
of starting point), 2 "One-Hit Wonders" (one in small dog/sphinx-thing
behind and to left of starting point, one in large dog/sphinx-thing
ahead and to right of starting point)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: Basically, just grab the "Turbo Coopers" and
"One-Hit Wonders" mentioned as fast as you can, and hit Zombies only in
groups of two or more (you only have 8 hits after bringing out the
"One-Hit Wonders").  This isn't all that difficult once you've got the
location of everything down, but occasional bad placement of enemies
can do you in.  Still, Platinum is all yours pretty fast.

Challenge 20: (Don't Fear) The Reaper!
The Goal: Evade the Grim Reaper's touch...
The Catch: ...as long as you can.
Gold: 55 seconds
Platinum: 70 seconds
Starting Energy: 1
Time Limit: none
Power-ups: 1 "Dizzy Reaper" (ahead and slightly to right of starting
point, in dark, shaded window-between two lit ones-near door)
Difficulty: 2/5
Strategy to Platinum: I like the song the title of this Challenge
refers to, and I find this final (well, sort of final) Challenge
surprisingly easy.  Here's how I do it.  Start running clockwise around
the perimeter of the level.  Pick up the wheelbarrow you see on your
way, and continue your clockwise trend.  Smash the window with the
"Dizzy Reaper" on your first trip around, but don't collect it yet.
Sometime during your second lap around the Reaper will probably get
close.  Swing the wheelbarrow once to put him a little more in his
place, and then continue running.  Collect the "Dizzy Reaper" when you
come to it and get as far from the Reapers (there are now two or three
of him) as you need to so that you reach the 70-second mark (which
isn't all that far).  You might need to do this three or four times to
get it (especially your swing of the wheelbarrow at the Reaper) just
right, but it's not hard to get Platinum on this, the final (sort of)

                              Rare Book Locations

Note: sometimes I say "vase," but I think some of the things might be
large urns or something (anyway, whatever they are, they're semi-
cylindrical objects that generally contain things-either flowers or

                             Chapter 1: The Rescue

Scene 1, Grand Hallway: on large staircase directly ahead of your
starting position.

Scene 2, Trophy Room: collected automatically upon completion of room.

Scene 3, Billiard Room: corner of room with couch and trophy case
immediately to left of starting position.

Scene 4, Gaming Room: on a rocking chair in a corner near a TV and a
portrait of the Reaper (as well as the Ultimate title Atic Atac).

Scene 5, Billiard Room: near grandfather clock slightly ahead and to
right of starting position.

Scene 6, Lower Corridors: in corner past exit door, near bars through
which Mummy, Skeleton, and Zombies are visible (dancing).

Scene 7, Cinema: lowest shelf of a rickety bookshelf near couch and
portrait of Zombie Pirate (all this is near the fireplace).

Scene 8, Gaming Room: in corner of playpen near Xbox box-smash the
railing to the pen for access.

Scene 9, Basement: in broken sarcophagus on large pile of rubble closer
to the end than the beginning of this room.

Scene 10, Relic Store: around corner counter-clockwise from exit door
(visible during first-person portion of this scene).

Scene 11, Ye Olde Archives: on a box near a shelf very close to the
exit door.

Scene 12, Cellar: on the far side of the second large wine cask on the
left, straight ahead from the starting point.

                          Chapter 2: The Restoration

Scene 1, Kitchen: on stove, visible in upper-right corner of screen at
pause screen directly after you get the fire extinguisher.

Scene 2, Scullery: inside water dispenser (I think that's what it is)
right near entrance door-starting with this one, you must sometimes
smash things to find the book.

Scene 3, Lower Corridors: behind "Fragile" box opposite exit door.

Scene 4, Embassy Ballroom: on shelf below water dispenser near blocked
door opposite exit gate of dance floor.

Scene 5, Conservatory: next to bench just to right and straight ahead
from starting point.

Scene 6, Boathouse: in bucket next to shelf near entrance door (on the
side of the shelf further from said door).

Scene 7, Lighthouse Store: right next to entrance door.

Scene 8, Lighthouse Living Quarters: near toilet to right of starting

Scene 9, Lighthouse Lantern Room: in small barrels on floor at the end
of the circular path you traverse to get the glowworm (smash).

Scene 10, Lighthouse Living Quarters: in bathtub just to left and ahead
of starting point.

Scene 11, Lighthouse Store: in stack of boxes and stuff behind starting

Scene 12, Boathouse: in large chest near center of room (smash).

Scene 13, Dining Room: on long buffet table right next to lead pirate's
original position (you see it very clearly in one cut scene).

Scene 14, Embassy Ballroom: after exiting dance floor, turn right twice
and go to far table, which it's on.

Scene 15, Lower Corridors: directly ahead of and just to right of
starting point, in dark corner diagonal from "Fragile" box.

Scene 16, Scullery: as you face into room from exit door, in sink on

Scene 17, Kitchen: on counter across room and around bend from starting

Scene 18, Ffffreezer: on shelf fairly near exit door.

Scene 19, Garbage Yard: in large pile of junk straight ahead and to
right as you face the room from the exit door-specifically it's in (or
at least near) a stove/oven.

Scene 20, Wood Shed: in corner with 3 Spiders near a plant, close to a
table with a buzzsaw on it.

Scene 21, Farmyard: in wood chipper next to large pile of logs right
next to start door (smash).

Scene 22, Chicken Shed: after emerging from a path with a perimeter of
chicken wire and burlap sacks, it's on a bale of hay near one end of
the coops here.

Scene 23, Farmyard: up against white fence near wood chipper, almost
directly across from starting point.

Scene 24, Workshop: clockwise from exit door, near large urn with
Cursed Mummy in it.

Scene 25, Lower Corridors: in vase near exit door next to bars, beyond
which you can see a giant Spider and its web (smash).

Scene 26, Pantry: in barrel, near exit door (smash).

Scene 27, Kitchen: near Ffffreezer door, almost directly on opposite
side of room from starting point.

Scene 28, Grand Hallway: kill Haunted Painting on left side of exit
door as you face it and the book pops out of it (or it might be
randomized between the two Paintings-I'm not sure)-from here on, some
books require you to kill a specific enemy to make them appear.

Scene 29, Cloakroom: on window sill on one side of the room-as you face
the two windows, it's on the sill on the right slightly obscured by

Scene 30, Sitting Room: in grandfather clock to right of starting point

Scene 31, Music Room: in corner next to bookshelf behind starting
Scene 32, Walled Garden: next to flower bed/trough thing near stairs
leading to exit door, with its spine against the wall.

Scene 33, Study: on window sill near large desk on one side of room.

Scene 34, Music Room: kill the Hunchback and it pops out.

Scene 35, Sitting Room: under couch ahead of starting point, on side
nearest exit door.

Scene 36, Cloakroom: in chest on right side of room from starting
point, near windows (smash)-but this calls out the Reaper due to the
"No Damage" clause in this room.

Scene 37, Grand Hallway: on shelf directly ahead of starting point.

Scene 38, Kitchen: in the one smashable shelf in this room clockwise
from power-ups on counter in center of room (smash)-you have to get it
before you finish off the Fire Imps.

Scene 39, Cellar: in gap between box and wall in pile to right of
starting point.

Scene 40, Ye Olde Archives: ahead and to right of starting point, in
small, rectangular crate next to blocked door (smash)-you have to get
it before you defeat ogre-Amber.

                             Chapter 3: The Riddle

Scene 1, Grand Hallway: in vase to Cooper's left at starting point-the
vase is between a bench and the wall (smash).

Scene 2, Housekeeping Store: next to portrait of Ghoulhaven Hall to
left of exit door as you face it.

Scene 3, Crivens' Quarters: in dresser by Crivens's bed to left of
starting point (smash).

Scene 4, Housekeeping Store: kill the Warlock and it will emerge.

Scene 5, Grand Hallway: near Baron von Ghoul's door (directly above
front door of house).

Scene 6, Upper Corridors: turn left just in front of the exit door as
you face it and it's in the vase next to the bars (smash)-beyond which
you can see a large, cascading pile of Rare books-what a taunt!

Scene 7, Bathroom: in the toilet slightly clockwise from exit door

Scene 8, Schoolroom: in a low cabinet immediately to left of starting
point-the particular cabinet has a goldfish bowl on top of it and is
the left one of the two as you face it (smash)-the Reaper then comes a-
knockin' because the "No Damage" sign has been turned on by the
stewardess (all right, so that's a far cry from a joke-but I try).

Scene 9, Infirmary: as you enter the main part of the room, after
talking to Fiddlesworth, it's in an alcove blocked by two bad soups,
leaning against the far wall.

Scene 10, Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden: kill the two Vampires-one of them
has it (but you can only do this with Ol' Edna which you get off
Fiddlesworth near the end of this room).

Scene 11, Greenhouse: almost exactly in the center of the room, sitting
in the midst of a row of plants on the ground.

Scene 12, Potting Room: as you face the piece of the rhyme, it's in a
pot on a table just to the right of the rhyme (smash).

Scene 13, Greenhouse: in pile of-coconuts, perhaps?-in back left corner
of room as you come from Potting Room (smash).

Scene 14, Dunfiddlin Cottage Garden: go past the gate to the cottage
and it's just around the corner of the large bush on the right as you
pass this gate.

Scene 15, Dunfiddlin Cottage: in the fridge near your starting point,
only available after Zombies emerge from it at the beginning of the
second Challenge this room offers.

Scene 16, Workshop: in large metal door close to opposite side of room
from exit door (smash).

Scene 17, Farmyard: in large stone ring up against wall just to right
of starting point (smash).

Scene 18, Foundry: in bellows (blacksmith flame-increasing thing) on
desk just to left of fire as you face it (smash).

Scene 19, Stables: more or less center of first portion of room, wedged
between crates and a trough on top of them.

Scene 20, Foundry: in large barrel close to exit door, opposite the
fire (smash).

Scene 21, Farmyard: kill the Jessie and Clyde penned opposite the
starting point and it'll come out (there's a "One-Hit Wonder" in the
wood chipper near the exit door-also, there's a "Shocker Blocker"
inside a barrel near the cart close to the entrance-very useful for
this room).

Scene 22, Woodshed: kill the last Medusa you encounter as you go
through this room and it comes out (but just kill them all with all
those throwable weapons to make your trip easier-even if it does mean
running from some worms).

Scene 23, Garbage Yard: in the dumpster very near the exit door ramp

Scene 24, Ffffreezer: inside the second fridge clockwise from the exit
door with a Mummy also in it (smash).

Scene 25, Kitchen: at bottom of stairs ahead and to left (clockwise) of
starting point, near blocked door.

Scene 26, Laundry: as you face the washers just after coming upstairs,
it's in the washer third from the right (smash).

Scene 27, Servants' Dormitory: kill the Haunted Door.

Scene 28, Servants' Bathroom: inside the large furnace just to the left
of the starting point-you can't break into it; it only opens when the
survival timer has finished ticking down and then the Rare Book and a
Cursed Mummy emerge.  You'll also have the Reaper speedily trailing you
at this point, so only collect the "Dizzy Reaper" near the exit door
after the counter is finished so that you can collect the Book with
(some) ease.

Scene 29, Attic: about halfway through this room, you'll come out of an
area with a mirror on one side to emerge into a place with lots of
dressers and a sewing machine on the table in the center.  On the left,
as you enter this area, against the wall is a dresser with shelves on
top.  Between this dresser and a large wood beam is the Rare Book.

Scene 30, Grand Hallway: inside the bust to the right of the exit door
as you face it (smash).

Scene 31, Experiments Chamber: as you face the large old-school
computer/machine near the exit door, it's inside the leftmost dial

Scene 32, Krackpot's Lab: it's in the fridge opposite the exit entrance
door with the door already open thanks to the Jessies and Clydes.

Scene 33, Experiments Chamber: in the left locker (as you face them) on
opposite side of room from exit door (smash).

Scene 34, Grand Hallway: turn Cooper left and then left again after
climbing the first set of stairs.  Two open doors set off the small
chamber you just entered from the main part of the room.  It's in the
small gap between one of these doors and the wall.

                           Chapter 4: The Reckoning

Scene 1 (and only), The Baron's Quarters: in the medicine cabinet in
the bathroom (smash).

                              Chapter 5: The Race

Scene 1, Grand Hallway: in vase right by exit door (smash).

Scene 2, Bathroom: in cabinet opposite entrance/exit door (smash).

Scene 3, Conservatory: in potted plant next to bench across from exit
door (smash).

Scene 4, Dunfiddlin Cottage: in large wardrobe near bed (smash).

Scene 5, Dining Room: in vase behind large buffet table (smash).

Scene 6, Pantry: go left as you face the two fridges in this room and
it's in the far shelf (smash).

Scene 7, Relic Store: going counter-clockwise from starting point, hit
the sarcophagus near a blocked door; it's the third sarcophagus you'll
encounter (smash).

Scene 8, Laundry: as you face the washers after talking to Mr. Ribs,
it's inside the second one from the left (smash).

Scene 9, Walled Garden: inside vase/trophy/pot thing clockwise from
entrance against wall near Turbo Cooper, a bush, and an overturned
bench (smash).

Scene 10, Cinema: inside vase on table right by starting point (smash).

Scene 11, Lower Corridors: in vase right by exit door (smash).

Scene 12, Grand Hallway: as you face front door, it's in a vase up on a
table to the immediate left, under a portrait of Ghoulhaven Hall

Scene 13, Front Gate: counter-clockwise from start, there's a large
doghouse; it's in the food bowl.


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