1. Timothy Williams "Save the Last Pint" Written by
  2. Heather Capelli Additional Art
  3. Dave Aufderheide Additional Design
  4. Martin Brownlow Additional Design
  5. Scott Guest Additional Design
  6. Aaron Loeb Additional Design
  7. Jim Mazrimas Additional Design
  8. Shawn Nelson Animation
  9. Karin Nestor Animators
  10. Joseph White Animators
  11. Ken Capelli Art & Additional Character Design
  12. Nick Bruty Art Direction
  13. Bob Stevenson Art Direction
  14. G. W. Childs Assistant Voice Editors
  15. Harrison Deutsch Assistant Voice Editors
  16. Shara Miller Associate Producer
  17. Jim Diaz Associate Sound Designer
  18. Martin Yee Character and Set Modeler
  19. Nick Bruty Character Design
  20. Bob Stevenson Character Design
  21. Timothy Williams Character Design
  22. Nick Bruty Conceived and Designed by
  23. Bob Stevenson Conceived and Designed by
  24. Timothy Williams Conceived and Designed by
  25. Ian Berry Concept Artist
  26. Nick Bruty Executive Producer
  27. Bob Stevenson Executive Producer
  28. Marnie Moore Foley Artist
  29. Ben Hayes Foley Intent
  30. Perceptive Sound Design Foley Recorded at
  31. Nick Peck Foley Supervisor
  32. Aaron Loeb In-game Dialogue Written by
  33. Timothy Williams In-game Dialogue Written by
  34. Scott Guest Lead Programmer
  35. Michael Frayne Lead Sound Designer
  36. Michael Cheng Level Designers
  37. Chris Hockabout Level Designers
  38. Jeffrey Kung Level Designers
  39. Greg Sarjeant Level Designers
  40. Quentin Westcott Level Designers
  41. Xiang Dong Zou Level Designers
  42. Hiromi Okamoto Localization Producer
  43. Yurik Riegel Modeler
  44. Timothy Williams Movies Written and Directed by
  45. Anna Karney Music, Score and Arrangement by
  46. Anna Karney Original Music Composed by
  47. The Timtones Performed by
  48. Tim Williams Performed by
  49. Eric Antanavich Post Production Effects Artist
  50. Aaron Loeb Produced by
  51. Dan Pettit Producer
  52. Dave Aufderheide Programming
  53. Martin Brownlow Programming
  54. Jim Mazrimas Programming
  55. Cindy F. Wong Senior Voice Editor
  56. Ellen Meijers-Gabriel Sound Designer
  57. Raven Alef Technical Artists
  58. Nicholas Harter Technical Artists
  59. Nick Pavis Technical Director
  60. Kevin Evans Texture Artists
  61. Ashot Melkumov Texture Artists
  62. Jennifer Sloan Voice and International Coordinator
  63. Darragh O'Farrell Voice Director


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, doninss, LordAndrew, misschu, and Mookiethebold.

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