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Guide and Walkthrough by Volume

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 06/30/2009

Voodoo Vince

Version 2.2

30 June 2009

For Xbox

by Lee Beng Hai

My lastest email address can be found at



This FAQ is meant for personal use only. You may host this document on 
your web site if you like. There is no need to seek my permission.

You can find the latest copy of this FAQ at


(c) Copyright 2003-2009 by Lee Beng Hai. 


1. Introduction
2. Movement and Control
3. Tips & Tricks
4. Walkthrough
5. Acknowledgement
6. Revision History

1. Introduction

In this game, you are a Voodoo doll who had been turned alive by zombie 
dust. Your mission is to rescue your owner Madame Charmaine from the evil 

It is very much a 3D platformer with quite a bit of puzzle solving 
involved. Frankly speaking, I think this game is too difficult for most
casual gamers and near the end of the game, it get insanely hard.

2. Movement and Control

Basic Control

Left Thumb Stick: move Vince
Right Thumb Stick: adjust camera angle
Start: Display status screen
A: Jump
B: Spin attack
X: Punch. Perform action such as activate lever, etc.
Y: Pick up or put down Object.
Black: Vince's eye view (use the Left Thumb Stick to move camera)
Hold Left Trigger: hover.
Left Trigger + Right Trigger: Use Voodoo power
Black + Left Trigger: All seeing eye.

3. Tips & Tricks


A: Jump
A, A: Double Jump
A, A, B: Double Jump followed by a spin. Use this move to jump further.
A, pause, A, Hold Left Trigger, B: Delayed Double Jump. You can jump Higher 
and further. The pause is a short pause, try it a few times and you should 
get the feel.
Run, A, pause, A, Hold Left Trigger, B: Super Jump.

Note: Master the Super Jump or else you won’t be able to complete the game.

When Vince is in middle air, press and hold the Left Trigger to hover. 
This allows you to reach a further distance.

Do note that hover take more time to land. In certain time critical event, 
you must remember to release the Left Trigger to end the hover mode so that 
you can land earlier.

Vince's Eye View

Use this to check your surroundings.

All Seeing Eye

Use this to locate Zombie Dust Bags, Hearts, Voodoo Doll, Skull Page and 

You can get this Power at Crypt City - Downtown Crypt City.

Swing Pin

Use this tool catch hold of the golden ring and you can swing yourself 
around like Tarzan.

You can get this Power at Brusque Manor - Glowberry Tangle.

Status Screen

This shows the number of zombie dust, Voodoo Doll, Skull Page and Skull 
that you had acquired for the various levels. Collecting all Skull Page 
change the icon to a Skull.


Zombie Dust Bags - collect 100 Zombie Dust bags to increase your health 
slot by 1.

Heart - Extra life. Heal Vince to full health in the process. The maximum
lives you can have is 99.

Skull page - collect all of them to reveal the location of the Skull.

Skull - They appears once you had collected every Skull Pages within the 
current level. There is 'X' spot right below the Skull where you can 
activate. Once activated, the Skull will start moving and leaves a purple 
trail behind. It will go a specific location and rest there for about 1-2 
seconds. If you manage to grab the Skull at it resting place, you will 
increase your Voodoo Power slot by one. If you follow the exact path taken 
by the Skull, you will probably miss it because the Skull moves faster. In 
most cases, you try to figure out where it is heading and look for shortcut 
to the resting-place so that you can reach there earlier. The time given is 
rather short, miss it and you must redo the sequence again. This is not 
necessary to complete the game. However, if you do have a lot of Voodoo 
Power slot and charged them up in the easier level such as the Docks, you 
can cleared all the enemies in any level easily.


Quitting will put you back to the Title screen. All items collected will be 
lost. Here's a trick you might want to take note. Let's say you start the 
level with 20 lives and you had collected all the necessary items already. 
Supposed there is a tough Boss fight in an area and you are not confident 
to win. So, just enter the level and fight the best you can. When you are 
down to 1 life. Quit the level, this brings you back to the Title screen. 
Continue the game and you still have your 20 lives. This is of course much 
better than starting the level with 3 lives right? The decision whether
to restart became harder when you clear the level but with very few lives 
left since you may not have a chance to acquire more lives if you proceed.
And going back for more lives implies that you may need to redo the 
levels as well.


Stepping into the flashing lights automatically save the game for you. 
Taking a Bus to another location also save the game. When you run out of 
lives, the game automatically save and bring you to the title screen. At 
the Station to another location also saves the game. 

Deciding when to Quit and when to Save is crucial because it can save you 
lot of precious time.


In this game, the developers are quite friendly in this aspect. When you 
had lost all your lives, you will be taken back to the Title screen, doing 
a Continue will let you start at the last stage with 3 lives.

There are many situations where you want to die. For example, there is a 
set of Skull Pages forming a curve over a chasm. If you are great in 
jumping and are able collect all the Skull Pages with a single perfect 
jump. That’s great! But what if you can't do perfect jump all the time? 
Don't worry, aim at some Skull Pages and jump anyway. If you still have 
lives you can try to catch the remaining Skull Pages. Anything that was 
collected stays collected. This allows you to do suicidal jump in order to 
grab those Skull Pages.

Of course, there is always the Perfect Jump that will collect the items and 
keep you alive. But how often can you do it?

Extra lives

To get extra lives is pretty easy. All Hearts regenerate when you exit a 
level and return. In the Dock, you can collect 2 Hearts easily. Just do 
this a lot of time and you will have a lot of extra lives.

Now, is there a reason why you want to have lots of lives? Dying will let 
you continue from the nearest checkpoint. Continuing from the Title put you 
at the start of the stage.

There is a code found in the web that claimed that you can get infinite 
lives. I tried it but it doesn’t work. I just put it here in case you want 
to try it.

Pause the game. Press X, R, L, A, A, X, Y, White, B, L, R, Black, Up, 
Up, Down, Left, Right.

Here’s a live run contributed by Mr Pottymouth

"Need to rack up a lot of lives before a tough level?

Here's the run: Start at the Trolley Station in Main Street. Instead of 
jumping out the window over the truck, run down the little passage on 
Vince's left, hop the gap, jump & hover down to Heart # 1 on top of the 
underground broken pipe area then up the steps, out onto the balcony & go 
to the right, jump/hover the balconies to the awnings for Hearts 2 & 3. 
(You're following the street back to the vortex that leads to the Docks.) I 
follow this path finally to Heart 4 at the dead end of the street, (over 
the vortex), jump down & enter the vortex that leads back to the Docks. Run 
down the high wooden path where we killed the Piggy Bank of Doom & hover 
down to Heart # 5 on the post out in the water. Jump back past the Bubba 
Gator on the dock & up the hill to the left where Heart # 6 is under the 
wood walkway guarded by a gang of frogs. Now back to follow the wooden path 
back up to the Trolley grabbing Heart # 7 on the way. Take the Trolley back 
to Main Street, rinse & repeat. Don't waste time fighting enemies, just run 
past them.

Boom, 7 lives on each run through so they add up quick. The cool thing 
about these runs is you don't have to worry about taking hits from 
enemies,(though they are all avoidable), because every time you get a heart 
it pumps your health meter back up. Now you can head back to whatever 
level's giving you trouble packing 99 lives and some confidence. You'll be 
able to relax a little more & play better."

Trolley Station

In certain level, you will find a Trolley Station. Use it as a quick way to 
save your progress. Travel to the Dock to recharge your lives. Usually, I 
keep around 20 lives.

Trolley Station Travel Guide

The Quarter - The Docks
The Quarter - Main Street
Roachfort - Main Tunnel
Roachfort - Rocket Lab
Crypt City - Sarcophagus Hustle
Crypt City - Downtown Crypt City
Brusque Manor - The Porch Pooch
Brusque Manor - Glowberry Tangle
The Bayou - Crawdad Jimmy's
The Bayou - Jean Lafitte's Ship
The Bayou - Earth, Water and Wood
The Bayou - The Bog Wallow 
The Carnival - Finger's Land O'Rides

Voodoo Power Guide (contributed by Mr Pottymouth)

## Chapter                   VooDoo Power        Notes

The Quarter

01 The Back Stoop            Pins                Defeat frogs
02 The Back Stoop            Anvil Hat           (freebie)
03 Docks                     Chainsaw            Defeat Piggy Bank
04 Main Street               Alien Attack        Defeat gas pumps
05 Main Street               Electro Magnet      Defeat frogs
06 Square                    Bear trap           (freebie)
07 Bone Goliath              Killer Bees         Defeat Bone Goliath


08 Upper City                Acid Bath           (freebie)
09 Main tunnel               Lawnmower           Ride paddles
10 Main tunnel               William Tell        Behind gate
11 Propellor room            Wrecking Ball       (freebie)
12 Central Arena             Laxative Lab        2nd level corridor
13 Central Arena             Drill               Defeat 2 headed gator

Crypt City

14 Gatekeeper Jam            Tornado             (freebie)
15 Gatekeeper Jam            Pinata              (freebie)
16 Sarcophogus Hustle        Blender             (freebie)
17 Zombie Guidance Councelor Jackhammer          Defeat Imps
18 Downtown Crypt City       Space Junk          (freebie underground)
19 Rat Race Rodeo            Giant Mallet        Defeat Big Opera Statue

Brusque Manor

20 Tumbler Room/Butler/Dolly Iron Maiden           (freebie)
21 Unwanted Guests           Running with Scissors (freebie)
22 Trophy Room               Shark Attack          (freebie)
23 Butler 3rd Floor          Angry God             Follow the Buttler
24 Dolly Playtime            Truck                 Defeat Dolly

The Bayou 

25 Earth, Water & Wood       Pitchfork Follies   (Behind Bubba Gator pen)
26 Earth, Water & Wood       1930's Mob Hit      In Craphouse w/ timed door
27 Jean LaFitte's Ship       Toxic Waste         (freebie)
28 Below Decks               Gift Cow            (freebie)
29 Hurricane Hannah          Swamp Pepper        Defeat Hurricane Hannah

The Carnival

30 The Midway                Meat the Cleaver    (freebie)
31 Finger's Land O Rides     Guillotine          (freebie)
32 House of Mirrors          Lightning           Defeat Evil Twin

4. Walkthrough

The Quarter - Back Street

This is a simple tutorial. Just go to the lever, press 'X' to turn on the 
machine. Press 'Y' to pick up the bag of floor and press 'Y' to put it on 
scale. Jump into the machine from the platform above to 'kill' yourself. 
This will wipe out the gingerbread men. Look for the flashing lights to 
enter the next level.

The Quarter - The Docks

The aim is to get pass the Piggy Bank. At the dock, pick up the Cymbals.
You can ignore the Gator guy or kill it with a Voodoo Power. Don’t try to 
fight it, each attack by the Gator takes out 1.5 of you life. Make your way 
to the top. Move to the spot and press 'X' to wake up the Piggy Bank using 
the cymbals. Run to the spot with a crash Vince and stand there. The weight 
will fall on Vince and flatten the Piggy Bank. Proceed to the next level.

NB: there are 2 easy Hearts here. Come back often to recharge your life.

The Quarter - Main Street

The aim is to get pass the two Gas Pumps. Vince can light himself up when 
he is in contact with fire. When on fire run and move towards the next pipe 
giving out blue steam to light it up. You will be expected to perform a 
series of jumps to reach the next pipe. Finally you will be in front of the 
Gas Pumps. Now, just light yourself and run towards to oil patch on the 
group in front of the Gas Pumps. This will blow it into pieces. Pick up the 
Gas Tank. Move to the truck and look for the 'X' spot to use the Gas Tank. 
Drive the Truck to smash open the gate to the next level.

Skull - Quite straight forward, just follow it.
The Quarter - The Square

The aim is to reach the top of the clock tower. There is an apple at the 
lower levels of the tower. Pick it up and go to the horse. Use it at the 
'X' spot. Now, the horse will kick you up to the top of the tower whenever 
you press 'X' at the right spot. Running on top of the spinning platform at 
the top of the tower will change the time.

Pick up the Mask, change the time, and attend the Costume Ball. You will 
get Money. Change the time and go inside pawnshop. You will get a Horn. 
Change the time and go inside the Jazz Club. You will learn a tune. Now go 
to the skeleton and press 'X' to play your tune.

This will let you access the next level.

Skull Pages - They are easy to collect.

Skull - This one is quite tough. Activate the Skull, jump down from the 
tower, don’t hover too long or you will waste precious time. Hover just 
enough to reach the ground. Go to the Horse Statue and get your ass kicked. 
Jump to the platform of the clock, the one you use to adjust time. Then 
immediately jump off. Be careful of the sticky effect where the game tries 
to adjust time. If you started the clock running, you will waste precious 
time. Run off and jump to the rooftop of the nearby building. Run and jump 
to the next building, running along the rooftop and grab the Skull. I 
probably do this 30 times before getting the Skull.

Alternate method by Andrew Shell

From the where you trigger the skull, there is a platform directly above 
your head.  If you jump up onto this platform you can run along and jump 
up to a skinny platform along the roof.  This platform takes you directly 
to the first long roof that you run along to the second roof where the 
skull ends up.  When I tried this I actually beat the skull there.


The Quarter - The Bone Goliath (Boss)

Boss - Bone Dinosaur

Avoid the tail by jumping. Pick up the Hat. Move up the platform. Move left 
and you will see a lever. Press that and move left again. There are another 
2 more levers to the left that you must activate. Once that is done, jump 
down to the pad near the entrance. Press 'X' to invite the lightning to hit 
Vince. This will fried the Boss revealing the entrance to the next level.

Roachfort - The Central Arena

The Professor wanted to build a balloon. She needs some cloth, propeller 
and gas. Jumping down the platform, you will see 2 tunnels, they leads to 
the Upper City and the Main Tunnel. You can do them in any sequence.

Roachfort - The Upper City

The aim is simple, just make your way to the top and enter the tunnel of 
light. This will take you to the Basket Case.

Skull Pages - They are everywhere, all of them are quite easy to collect. 
Some requires something close to a suicidal jump to grab. So this is a good 
place to practice your jumping skills.

Skull - Follow it once to clear out all the enemies. You should have no 
problem getting it once the enemies are gone.

Roachfort - The Basket Case

Aim: Collect 100 shirts. Avoid the stop sign. Hitting an obstacle will 
decrease your health. There are more than 100 shirts, so you can afford to 
miss a few. I suggest you try to memorise the sequence to get the first 50 
shirts perfectly, then leave the rest to skill and a bit of luck. Practice 
a lot and you will be able to collect 100 shirts. Also, it is not advisable 
to start the sequence when your life is not at maximum, a few hits by the 
obstacle will kill you, thus ending the sequence early. Once that is done, 
you will be at the Professor's place.

Roachfort - Main Tunnel

There are two blocked tunnels here. There are two water wheels in one of 
the tunnel. In one of the other tunnels is a level, press 'X' will activate 
it and turn on the water wheels. At the platform above the wheel is a 
lever. You will need to find your way up to activate the switch. Go back to 
the main tunnel and you will find a level in one of the room. Activate it 
to start the platform moving. Jump up the platform to activate the switch 
up there. This will release the Killadillos. Stand in front of the blocked 
entrance, double jump when they are heading towards you. This will blow 
open the two blocked tunnels. You can access the Propeller Room and the 
Rocket Lab now.

Roachfort - Propeller Room

The tough part here is to get pass the water by jumping on the floating 
objects. The object will fails off when they reached the end, so don’t stay 
on the object for too long. Expect to die a lot here, so bring lots of 
extra lives here. You must reach the right platform above the water in the 
middle. From there, double jump, hover spins to the left platform. 
Immediately look for the switch to raise and lower the elevator. The 
elevator will let you access this area at the start of the level so that 
you can skip the frogger sequence. You will need to move up the pipes and 
activate a few switches to stop the propeller. Once that is done, press the 
final switch (you cannot press it unless you had activated the other 
levers). You will take the propeller and go to the Professor's Place.

Roachfort - Rocket Lab

There are no enemies here. Note the block tunnel near the entrance. Just 
make you way to the bottom and pick up the Fuel Tank. You cannot leave it 
on the ground or get in contact with fire. It will explode and you have to 
make the trip again. Make your way up. When you reached the first fire 
breathing sequence, you can walk behind the burner. The next sequence to 
watch out for is when you are going down the elevator, time yourself 
properly or else you will have to do the trip again. Go to the block tunnel 
and leave the Fuel Tank on the ground right in front. This will blow it 
open. There is another Fuel Tank here. This will save you some travel time. 
From here, make your way across the fires, put the Fuel Tank at the 'X' 
spot beside the plane. Taking the plane will take you to the next level.

Roachfort - Throttle Up

Having extra lives here will help because you don't need to start from the 
beginning. Just fly the plane through and you will be back to the 
Professor's place.

Roachfort - Central Arena - (Boss)

Boss - The Two-Headed Lizard

There are 2 sets of moving platforms here. You want to jump to the second 
platform, and jump from there to the platform on the Boss's back. The 
platform on it back will bounce you high up into the air, hover and land on 
the platform on top. Activate the switch up there will open a hole with 
spikes. The hole will close after a short while, therefore you reached it 
before it closes. If you hover down, you will miss it. So just do a leap of 
faith and hope that you will land on the spikes. Land on the spikes 3 times 
to kill the Boss. The entrance to the next level is revealed when it is 

Crypt City - Gatekeeper Jam

Just play the tunes by following the pattern. I suggest that you get a 
piece of paper and write down the notes if your memory is poor. Once you 
had followed the notes correctly, the gate will open.

Crypt City - Sarcophagus Hustle

Make your way to the Spring. Bounce your way to the Cannon. Pressing 'A' 
when you hit the ground will let you spring higher. Since Vince is quite 
small, judging distance can be quite difficult. However, you must master 
this skill so that you can cross the chasm. Upon reaching the Cannon, jump 
into the mouth of the Cannon. This will lower the cannon. Hooray, you don’t 
have to do the Spring sequence again.

Aim vertically above the hole in the wall to reach the next level. If you 
missed, don’t worry, came back and try again. If you reached the hole, your 
current game will be saved.

Skull Pages - they are easy to collect.

Skull - This part is quite tough. From the 'X' spot with the Skull, run to 
the right, jump across the chasm. There are some platforms on the right 
building, jump up without adjusting the camera. If you spend time with the 
camera, you will be late for the Skull. At the top, do a double jump 
without adjusting the camera to the next building. There is a small tunnel 
there, at this point, the Skull should be just in front of you. It will 
stop in the tunnel near the exit for about 1-2 second. Grab it and you are 
done. Otherwise, repeat the sequence again.

Crypt City - Zombie Guidance Counsellor

There are 3 'X' spots. Grab the Light and placed it at the 'X' spot. Only 
one will be active at a time. Find out which one to activate first. When 
placed at the right ‘X’ spot, wait for the Zombie to reach the light. 
Protect the Light from the Imps, when they touch the Light, it will be 
placed at the Imps area and you have to do the sequence again.

Once you had saved 3 zombies, you can find the next level.

Crypt City - Downtown Crypt City

Get the All Seeing Eye power here. You can now travel back to the previous 
levels to locate any missing Zombie Dust Bag, Skull Pages, etc. You can 
also use this to observe where the Purple Skull travel to before it 

Pick up the Net. Look for the Fireflies. Catch some with your Net. Go to 
the statue and light the Lamp in front. The Lamp will go off after a short 
while. In the mean time, you must find your way up to the 3 Torches. Turn 
the light to focus on the clock tower. When the Lamp goes off, catch 
Fireflies to light it again. Once the 3 Torches points to the clock tower. 
The gate to the next level will be opened.

Note: The gate to the next level is the door next to the statue where you 
light the Lamp.

Skull Pages - There are some hidden Skull Pages under the Crypt City. You 
can find 2 entrances to it. One of them is a round structure, just jump 
inside and follow the tunnel. The other one is a square hole above one of 
building. To get the Skull Pages correctly, you need to perform a delayed 
double jump, i.e. A, short pause, A, Hover Spin.

Skull - The Skull is very easy to get. Just use the All Seeing Eye to see 
where it land and wait for it there. You will be there much earlier, so 
wait for the Skull to be there. It seemed that when the Skull Pages are 
harder to get, the Skull became easier to catch.

Crypt City - Rat Race Rodeo (Boss)

Boss - Evil Statue

Move the Left Thumb Stick up to speed up, down to slow down. Press 'A' to 
jump. You must get yourself hit by the fallen rocks three times to kill the 
statue. The boulders only fall in certain part of the track, get ready for 
them when you see some rocks on the ground. Once there is done, you will 
gain access to the next level.

Brusque Manor - The Porch Pooch

Pickup the Record and use it at the Record Player. These will animate the 
Doll and attract the Dog attention. This is again a timed event because the 
Record Player will stop after a short while. Just run to the main door to 
reach the next level.

Brusque Manor - The Tumbler Room

There are 3 buttons on the floor. Press the number will rotate the 
corresponding levels. There is 6 setting per floor. 

Level 1 - You want to find the Bell and put it inside a Room. Pull the rope 
in a room to summon the Butler. Once summoned, you gain access to a new 
area: The Busy Butler.

Level 2 - there is a passage leading down. You cannot access this area 
until later.

Level 3 - there is a stairway leading up. You cannot access this area until 

Brusque Manor - The Busy Butler

The Butler is waiting for you just round the corner. It moves into a large 
empty space with no floor in it. If you walk into the blank space, you 
plummet to your death. However, when the Butler moves, there will be some 
blue patches on the ground that you can stand on. You must be run or jump 
on the blue patches and follow the Butler. If you missed the blue patches, 
you die. To collect all the Zombie Dust Bags in the room, you must perform 
suicidal jump. So bring lots of extra lives here. Follow the Butler to 
reach Dolly. She will open a hole on the bookshelf. Now you can skip the 
earlier area and access the Dolly room from the hole on the wall. Dolly 
asked you to get rid of the monsters upstairs. 

Brusque Manor - The Tumbler Room

After visiting Dolly, the passage at Level 2 is revealed. This leads to the 
Unwanted Guests.

Brusque Manor - Unwanted Guests

Aim: Blow up the eggs. Just light yourself with the candle. Then light the 
dynamite barrel beside the eggs. There are 3 eggs altogether. The first two 
should be easy because the candle is very near. The last egg is tougher 
because you must not make any mistakes in your jump and the distance is 
quite far. You will reach the egg roughly 1 second before your flame went 

At this point, it is better to back track, exit the level to save the game 
before proceeding. You might want to collect some extra lives at the Docks. 
Just take a short trip to the Porch Pooch to take Bus at the Station.

Next part is tough. There is a switch at your feet. Pressing it will open 
the door opposite. This is a timed event. You must jump on the rotating 
chair, to the table, then to another rotating chair, and then reached the 
door. There is no time to waste here, expect to die a lot here.

There are some floating objects here for you to land on and cross the 
water. The next level lies just ahead.

Brusque Manor - The Trophy Room

Aim: Destroy all 3 eggs.

There is a lever at the top of one of the shelf. You must jump all the way 
to it. Starting from the shelf near the entrance, jump to the Moor head, 
and move on from shelf to shelf. You will find a switch on the top of one 
of the shelf. Activate the switch to produce Dynamite. Pick up the 
Dynamite. Put the Dynamite beside an Egg. Go to the Crossbow directly 
opposite this egg. Press ‘X’ at the Crossbow to aim yourself. A rough guide 
is as follows, move the target all the way to the top, from there, move 6-8 
clicks down. You want to be lighted up by the candle and landed on the 
Dynamite. This will blow the Egg apart. Repeat the same procedure to blow 
up the other Eggs. To get out of this place, you can brave the musical 
chair again or try for the exit at the top of the shelf near the lever 
where you get your Dynamite.

Brusque Manor - The Tumbler Room

Go to the Butler at Level 1. 

Brusque Manor - The Busy Butler

Use the shortcut on the wall to reach Dolly. Dolly asked the Butler to 
bring you to the Train Station.

Brusque Manor - The Tumbler Room

So where is the Butler? Go to Level 3. Take the stairs up. If you cannot 
see the stair, put the "III" a few time to adjust the tumbler room. Follow 
the Butler to cross the empty area. Same as before, just follow the blue 
patches. The next level is waiting for you.

Brusque Manor - Glowberry Tangle

You learn the Grapple skill here. Hold Left Trigger and press 'X' to aim 
the Grapple at the Golden Circle. Move the Left Thumb Stick to adjust your 
position. Press 'A' to cut the thread.

One path will bring you to the Trolley Station where you can recharge 
yourself with extra lives. The other path will bring you to the next level.

Skull Pages - They are everywhere, just look for them and collect them all.

Skull - this Skull is easy to grab. From the 'X' spot with the Skull, take 
the left swing to reach a branch, jump up the branch, and down to a place 
where you see a Heart. Just follow the branch and go straight till you 
reach a green patch. Wait for the Skull to reach there.

Brusque Manor - Dolly Playtime (Boss)

Boss - Dolly

Aim: Press lever to start the train running. This is a timed event. Run to 
the spot directly opposite and get Vince crashed by the trains. The crash 
spot had a mark on so you can’t miss it. Do it 3 times to kill Dolly.

The Bayou - Crawdad Jimmy's

Jimmy wanted to make a meal. You need to get Onion, Sausage and Crawdad for 
him. You can access all 3 areas from here. It doesn't matter which path you 
take. Just take the fanboat and look for those flashing lights. They will 
leads you to the other levels.

Fanboat control. 

Left Thumb Stick to move the boat.
Left Trigger to slow down.
Right Trigger to accelerate.

Skull Pages - Most of the Skull Pages are easy to grab. There is only one 
set that is in middle air that is a bit tricky to grab. Here's what you 
must do to grab them. Hold Left Trigger, press 'X' to grab the golden ring. 
Move the Left Thumb Stick so that you are facing the Skull Pages. When you 
are at the end of your swing in front, press 'A' to release, and 'A' to 
double jump, Hover Spin toward the Skull Pages. If done correctly, you will 
grab them. Note that a common mistake is to hold down the Left Trigger 
unconsciously when trying to double jump in mid-air.

Skull - The Skull is easy to get. It will land on one of the other dock 
nearby. So just use the All Seeing Eye to see where it lands, then wait for 
it there.

The Bayou - Jean Lafitte's Ship

You want to reach the back of the ship. From the ship, use the Golden Rings 
outside to swing to the back of the ship. There is a tunnel leading to 
Below Decks.

The Bayou - Below Decks
Lots of nasty mosquitoes here. Best kill them with your Voodoo Power. You 
can get lot of them from the Docks by taking the Trolley Station in Jean 
Lafitte’s Ship. Hmmm... a Trolley Station in a Ship, who would have thought 
of that!

You will find 3 Onions here. Look around and you will find a hanging cage 
with an Onion symbol below. Punch the Onion till it is at the Onion spot 
below the cage. This will catch it. Do it 3 times to catch all 3 Onions. 
You will be back to Jimmy when you are done. Therefore gather all the 
goodies before catching the last Onions.

The Bayou - Earth, Water and Wood

You basically had to move a big round so that you will reach the platforms 
with the levers. The first lever will lower an elevator so that you don't 
have to do the circuit again. The second lever will open the water gate so 
that your fanboat can cross.

After the Watergate is opened. You will notice a red button near the arrow 
sign. Pressing it will lower the gate right in front. This is a timed event 
and your must be accelerate your fanboat all the way. You can’t get 
yourself killed this way. So give it your best shot. First, park your 
fanboat behind the button. Then accelerate forward and trigger the button 
at the same time, this will save you some time. Must make your way to the 
gate before it closes. Once a gate is reached, it stays open. Do it for the 
rest of the gate. You can now land on the dock below the factory.

There are a few Gators guarding the entrance to the factory. Kill them and 
walk into the blinking lights to enter the factory. Note: I got a few 
emails asking me where is the entrance, so maybe I am missing something 
here. Anyway, after killing the Gators, if you cannot find the entrance, 
just walk around and you should find it eventually.

Skull Pages - The set near the elevator is harder to get. You must do a 
delayed double jump to get them.

Skull - I didn't get this one. Here’s the method provided by Mr Pottymouth 
from GameFAQs Board.

Preparation: Kill all enemies in your path on your first run through this 
area, 3 Mondo Moles & 2 Bubba Gators in the Gator pen. 

Hint: Hover as little as possible, it slows your linear movement. Running, 
double jumps & spinning are your best bet.

Action: Get ready for your run. Hop onto the action pad, pan your camera 
around & start the Skull. Run across the little island to the left of the 
little post, double jump/spin/hover off of the bank to oil drum #1, (you 
must hover a little to make the distance on this first one). Use double 
jump & spins to reach oil drum #2, wooden barrels #1, 2 & the bank at the 
gator pen. In the gator pen, run to the left, hop up onto the second barrel 
on your left by the fence & double jump/spin/hover over the back fence, not 
the side, hop up onto the barrels below the shack window & double jump/spin 
to the roof while panning your camera around. This is much easier than 
going through the shack, through the window & then trying to pan your 
camera around 180 degrees. If you’re able to jump blind in this area, 
(jumping & landing on your target before you actually have the camera 
panned where you need it), it helps a lot. From the shack roof, jump to the 
left plank, run and double jump/spin/hover past the first swing pin, throw 
& swing from the second one, this saves time. Release & spin to the first 
platform and finally hop to the resting-place to claim your well earned 
Power Skull.

The Bayou - The Sausage Works

Just set the levers until you get a complete path. Put one of the creatures 
on the start point to bring it to the sausage machine. There are 2 machines 
here. I will call them left and right machine. You need 3 creatures for the 
left machine, it will pass it to the right machine 3 times to make a 
Sausage. Therefore, you need 9 creatures total. However, when the Sausage 
is out, you need to activate the lever to guide it to the Sausage mark next 
to the starting area. I suggested that you send 9 creatures up the machine, 
then activate the lever to send the Sausage to the mark.

Zombie Dust - There are three Zombie Dust above the machines, you need to 
jump up the pipe and walk on those narrow pipes to reach it. The rest are 
easy to collect.

The Bayou - The Bog Wallow

Get in the Shrimp Submarine. Release the float so that the platforms  float 
to the surface. 

Go above the water, cross the platforms, find the switch and activate it to 
open the round gate under the water.

Get in the Shrimp Submarine. Release the float so that the platforms float 
to the surface. 

Land the Submarine at the second dock. Make your way to the top of the 
tower. You will find a cage with a Red Button here. Don't try to press the 
red button now. Instead, look around for a level to lower the cage into the 

Get in the Shrimp Submarine. Use the Submarine to touch the Red Button to 
open the cage. Get inside the cage and wait for crawdad to appear. Once it 
is inside the cage, get out and you had caught it.

The Bayou - Jimmy's Fanboat Race

Jimmy wanted to race you across the Bayou. You will need to win it in order 
to reach the next level. Jimmy always cheat, so the way to win is the use 
the afterburner (look like a round ring). At the start of every leap, Jimmy 
will cheat and moves past you. So the key lies with the third leap. I heard 
that there is a shortcut among the lilies but I don't need it to beat 
Jimmy. If you have trouble, look for the shortcut and see whether you can 
beat him easier this way.

The Bayou - Hurricane Hannah (Boss)

Boss - Hurricane Hannah

Activate the 3 fans to stop the hurricane. Use the Grapple to swing to the 
switch in front of Hannah. Press 'X' to attack him.

Do it 3 times. This is a timed event, after each attack the time is 
shortened. In the third attack, do a double jump with a slight hover.
Repeat after me, do not keep your finger on the hover trigger! If you do 
that, you will never press the switch in time. There is only a split second 
where you need to hover, after that, jump without your hover. You will 
probably die many times here but there is no easy way out.

The Carnival - The Midway

Getting pass the swaying platform is really tough for me. The platforms are 
swaying, so you must time your jump. The catch in doing the jump is that 
you have to press 'A', wait a while before pressing 'A' again. Pressing 
'A', 'A' quickly will make you jump less far and thus fell into the water. 
Also, you want to run so that you can cover a further distance. The type of 
jump required is what I called a Super Jump. Master the technique else you 
probably can’t clear this level. Even if you do a Super Jump perfectly, if 
you time it wrong, you will still fall into the water.

After you had pass the initial swaying platform, the rest of the jump will 
became really simple. You need to collect 5 coins and give to the fortune-
teller. You can see them quite easily with the All Seeing Eye.

1. The coin is on a chair above the ground. It is connected to a cage that 
had a Gator in it. If you had a Voodoo Power, killing the Gator is simple. 
If not, you can punch the Gator when it is near the bar. After the Gator is 
killed, the cage disappeared and the chair falls to the ground. Grab the 

2. Near the fortune-teller booth you can see a carriage. Go the carriage 
and press 'X' to open it. This will release a lot of frogs. Easily killed 
with a Voodoo Power. Good luck to you if you try to fight them.

Note: On the way back, if you are not jumping on top of the booth, your 
jump will fall short. To get on top of the booth, stand on the protruding 
portion just in front of the window, jump outwards, then inwards in order 
to clear the roof that is slight protruding out. Once you are on top of the 
booth, getting back should not be a problem.

   roof    \ jump inwards
  ------+-- \
        |   /
  booth |  / jump outwards
        | /
  ------+-- standing area just in front of window

3. Wheel of Fortune. Just play the game until you hit the coin. If you 
missed, a frog will appear and you can kill it and charge your Voodoo Power 
in the process. It will change to a Heart once you had got the coin. This 
is the place for you to replenish your Voodoo Power and gather extra lives.

4. There is a stage with 2 Gators. Kill them and get the coin beside the 
stage. Gators are quite tough to fight, best kill them with your Voodoo 

5. Sitting Duck area. You need to jump onto the duck platform and into the 
small hole behind the target. Good timing is crucial.

Give the coins to the fortune-teller. Once 5 coins are given, the door 
above the fortune-teller booth will be opened. Once inside, get the 
bowling Ball and put it into the Pail at the well. This will open the 
door. Go through the door to get the Weight. Put the Weight on the 
seesaw. The glass will be broken revealing the entrance to the next 

The Carnival - Finger's Land O'Rides

There is a Trolley Station here. Various places can be accessed from here. 
You must complete them to activate various mechanisms in the ride.

The cannon will send you to different places. You can access the House of 
Awfully Scary Things or House of Mirrors by using the cannons. You can 
clear them in any order.

The Carnival - House of Awfully Scary Things

You need to complete this to turn on the lights in the Rides. Just shoot 
the enemies with your gun. Don't overheat the gun. You need to hit the read 
and white Targets. The first one brings you to the correct path, the second 
turn on the lights in the Rides.

Once done, you will return to the Finger's Land O'Rides.

The Carnival - House of Mirrors

The aim is to get to the room with your evil twin. Use the All Seeing Eyes 
to locate the Voodoo Power. The evil twin is in the room next to the Voodoo 

The evil Vince will summon creatures to fight you. Kill them with your 
voodoo powers. When the evil Vince appears, attack him and it will summon 
some creatures and disappear. Attack him 3 times to take him out. A lever 
will be revealed when he is defeated. Press 'X' at the lever to turn on the 
Rides. You will be returned to the Finger's Land O'Rides automatically.

The Carnival - Finger's Land O' Rides

At this point, the Rides will be active. You need to jump from Ride to Ride 
all the way to the top of the Carnival. This part of the game is really 
tough. If you miss any jump, you must redo everything from the start if you 
are lucky. If you are unlucky, you will fall to your death and lose a life.

Let's start.

1. Teacups Ride

From the Trolley Station, jump across the chasm and you will find the tea 
cups ride here. Jump when the teacups are approaching. Depending on your 
timing, you will either land on one of the cup or fall below. When you are 
on the cup, wait for your cup to get near the opposite cliff, double jump 
and hover to the cliff. Walk past the ticket booth and you will find the 
rotating chair ride.

2. Rotating Chair Ride

There are 4 sets of chairs here. In each set, there are 3 chairs, only 2 
chairs will be horizontal at any time. After a short while, one of the 
chairs will flip vertical and another one will be horizontal. You can only 
land on a horizontal chair. From the cliff near the ticket booth, observe 
the chairs carefully. 2 sets of chairs will be vertical by the time they 
reached you. The next 2 sets will be vertical when they reached you. You 
must jump and land on the second horizontal chair. Once on the horizontal 
chair, it will be rotate roughly 180 degrees before flipping vertical. You 
must jump towards the Wild Cats Ride just before it flips. I found myself 
usually a bit early, therefore you will probably need to hover a bit to 
stay afloat.

3. Wild Cats Ride

The Wild Cats Ride is safe to stand on. Therefore, take a breather and 
check out the environment first. There will be a thin long pillar that you 
will come across first. Next come something like a cliff. You must jump to 
the cliff. There is a Crab that you should be able to take care of it 
easily. Run along and jump up the cliff and you will see the Ferris Wheel. 
There are 5 Zombie Dust Bags in the region. Be sure to pick them up.

4. Ferris Wheel

There is a set of Skull Pages right at the top of the Ferris Wheel. You 
must take a seat and ride up to the top. Jump from the top to catch the top 
Skull Page and hover down to catch the rest. You should be able to land 
right at the bottom of the Ferris Wheel. At the top of the Ferris is a 
Golden Ring for you to throw your grapple. Cut the thread and throw your 
grapple at the next Golden Ring. Cut the thread and land on a ticket booth. 
There are a set of Skull Pages and some Zombie Dust Bags here. You must 
perform suicidal jump to catch the Skull Pages. As for the Zombie Dust 
Bags, jump hop down the ticket booth and run towards the track to the 
ticket booth down below. This should be complete you Skull Pages 

At this point, you have 2 choices. One, go back and get the Power Skull. 
Two, continue and hope that you clear the Rides.

Power Skull - The starting point is near a Cannon with the sign "Two-eyed 
Cyclop". You can get there by running to the broken Ducks Ride just below 
the Wild Cats Ride. To get the Power Skull, you need to do the followings.

Face the way the Power Skull is facing. Activate the Power Skull, run and 
Super Jump to a ticket booth. Then Super Jump to a Broken Duck, stand on 
the head and Super Jump to the next Broken Duck. Stand on the head and 
Super Jump to the Duck just below the cliff. Stand on its head and jump up 
the cliff (this part tends to slow you down). At this point, you should be 
roughly running very near the Power Skull, otherwise you are hovering too 
much. Run along and you will see a Ticket Booth right ahead. Jump to the 
front window. From there jump outwards and then jump again inwards to get 
up to the roof. The Power Skull is sitting for you to grab above the roof. 
Note: The jumping from the window up the roof is quite hard to master. If 
you fail in your attempt, practice it until you are confident enough to try 

5. Rotating Cabin Ride

You can see a bizarre Rotating Cabin Ride. The main structure is ellipse 
like with cabin dangling. From the Ticket Booth, observe that the cabins 
are moving to you near and nearer. Jump up to the first cabin that appears 
horizontal. The cabin will be rotating, so will you need to move back a bit 
as the ride turns. You will be thrown off the ride if you stand on the 
cabin for too long. You must run and do a Super Jump towards the Swinging 
Boat. Hover and wait for the Swinging Boat. If you missed, you will lose a 

The good news is that if you had jump down the Ticket Booth before 
attempting the Rotating Cabin, the restart point is at the Ticket Booth.

6. The Swinging Boat

The Swinging Boat is quite stable, just stay away from the tips of the boat 
and you can stand there. At the tips of the boat, you can fall off. Anyway, 
you want to jump off the tip towards the Space Shuttle Ride. You must hover 
and aim at the Shuttle Ride or else you will fall off.

7. Space Shuttle Ride

There are 2 Shuttle total. Notice that at one point, the shuttle will be 
next to one of the Drinks at the next ride. This part is quite easy, just 
time yourself and jump at the Drink just before the intersection point. If 
you missed the jump, hover down and you should be able to land on the next 
Drink coming up.

8. Drink Ride

There are 2 Drinks here. Look around and you should see a Bike nearby. At 
one point, the Drink will be very near to the Bike. You must do a Super 
Jump and hover to the Bike. Press 'X' to start the Ride and you had just 
cleared the Rides.

The Bike will sent you into the Big Top.

The Carnival - Bumper Car Bump Off

You will see a Big Giant Kosmosbot here. There is an exit nearby. Take it 
to go back to the Finger's Land O' Rides. You will emerge in a door with 
the sign 'Service'. You should collect all your Zombie Dust Bags and Power 
Skull before going further. 

Once you had get past the Bumper Car Bump Off level, you will reached a 
point of no return. Therefore, collect all your 99 lives before proceeding.

Press 'X' to board the bumper car. Press Left Trigger to move backward, 
Right Trigger to move forward. You can move the bumper car only when it is 

The idea is quite simple. There are 3 targets here. There is a switch that 
you can touch to raise a ramp for a short while. Just park your bumper car 
behind the switch. Move forward to trigger it and move towards the center 
and then turn back, accelerate and aim for the ramp. You will then fly and 
hit the target. Once hit, the target will turn purple. You must hit all 3 
targets to disable the Kosmosbot. This may sound simple, but it is not that 
easy in actual fact. The time is short and you must avoid being stomped by 
the Kosmosbot.

Once the Kosmosbot is disable, a side door will open at one of the feet. If 
you go back to the Finger’s Land O’ Rides, you redo the Bumper Car event 

Enter the door. You will be taken to the Kosmobot tongue. Look to your left 
and you should see some planks. Jump on the planks. Move up and you should 
see a track. Wait on the track for the moving panel car. Once it is here, 
hop on to it. The panel car will move in circle round the Kosmobot. There 
is a trail of Golden Rings for you to follow.

Throw your grapple at the Golden Ring, then to the next. There is a stomper 
that can cut your thread. So be careful when you swing. After a few Golden 
Rings, you will found that you need to land on a platform before reaching 
the next Golden Ring. Press 'A' to cut the thread and 'A' again to jump and 
hover to the platform. If the stomper hit you while you are on a platform, 
Vince will take 4 damage. Carry on the Golden Ring trail and you will find 
yourself back to the Kosmobot again. There is a small platform for you to 
land. So, cut the thread and jump and hover to the platform.

The section below is contributed by Robert Peters

Now you’re back to the "side scroll" type of play like in THE SQUARE. This 
can be very tricky. It’s hard to see exactly how close to the edge you are. 
If you misjudge, you will fall and likely have to work your way back from 
the bottom. Use Vince’s eye to help you see where to go. Go to the right. 
Find a heart and jump up on a platform by a series of gears. These aren’t 
too tough. Just run and jump. You’ll need to land on the last (and highest) 
gear in order to reach a plank and proceed jumping to other planks. Now 
you’re back to normal play. There will be another series of rings, 
platforms and a smashing arm. Just watch the arm and time your jumps. Keep 
jumping rings, until you come to 2 rotating platforms. Then, carefully 
maneuver up a series of planks and more rings until you find an airplane. 
The Kosmobot will come to life and alternate shooting missiles at you and 
showing a target. This was pretty tough to do at first but THERE IS ANOTHER 
PATTERN HERE. At first, I thought I had to hit the target with my plane. 
WRONG! Time it carefully and when the target is shown, FIRE (hit X) at it. 
Do this 3 times to disable and open the head which reveals a portal and 
save point.

The Carnival - Inside the Kosmobot

The section below is contributed by Ethan LY

After flying into the bot's head you won't be able to use your plane 
anymore, you have to showoff your jumping skills to reach the brain.

The goal is to reach three toys that will inflect you pain which you pass 
onto the brain.  The hammer, the monkey, and then the slicer.

Following the arrows by your plane you will have to jump on three planks.  
The planks have a lower area that you can stand on, this is tricker but can 
be a lifesaver.  Your goal here is to jump on top of four planks to reach 
three spinning gears.  If you don't catch the top of the plank, you can 
jump outward and double jump to the top.  Trickier but effective.  On these 
planks, I do a light run, double jump, spin, and hover for safety to the 
next planks.

Next will be two horizontal spinning gears that you can easily be landed 
with a double jump spin move.  At this point, I move to the middle of the 
gear to inspect the next jump, the middle part doesn't rotate.  Double jump 
spin to the next gear.  At this point, you can wait in the middle of the 
gear to see the next jump.

The next gear will be moving down and around, try to time your jump so that 
the landing part of the gear is flat.  Once you land double jump and hover 
to the cannon.

The cannon will shot you across two nearby swinging tires and a third near 
the landing spot.  Ideally you want the cannon to shot Vince through the 
two middle tires to the third.  This isn't really necessary, just wait 
until the two-first tires clear each other and shot Vince across.  Usually 
I clear this easily but sometimes the third tire stops me.  If you're lucky 
not to fall off, just hover to the landing area.

Following the arrows, you will have to jump passed three flat gear, they 
don't spin and have little movement, the lights are more a distraction so 
just double jump spin hover passed these three gears.  You will reach your 
first action spot, just press X and get flatten by the hammer.  Don't rest 
too long, the area does have a time limit, eventually the magic that is 
swirling around the bot will rise and if you fall you will die even if you 
catch a platform.

Swinging time.  Get right under the first yellow spot, don't swing from the 
middle, you will catch the swing but the gear can knock you off if you 
don't have enough area to swing. This part is easy, just swing around until 
you reach an area with a life, you can double jump hover and get this heart 
easy.  Above you will be another swinging task, this time there will be an 
obstacle trying to knock you off. Time your swing and don't hesitate.  
Swing to the next yellow spot. If you hesitate and wait for another swing 
you will likely get knocked off. After reaching these two swings you will 
get another break and another chance to earn another life.  

The next swing sequence is fairly easy as long as you do NOT hesitate in 
reaching the 2nd yellow spot.  The first spot will have another obstacle 
that will knock you off if not timed correctly.  When you reach the second 
spot, get ready to swing to the third spot.  If you wait and time the third 
swing, you will more than likely get knocked off.  Once you get to the 
third swing there is a cabinet that is swinging to block your goal, the 
monkey platform.  This part you can swing back and forth without a worry of 
getting knocked off, just time it. Do a double jump, spin, and hover to the 
action pad.  Once the monkey smashes you, go down and go under the monkey's 
left to reach another jumping sequence.

This sequence looks hard but Vince can make it easy as long as you do the 
double jump spin hover move.  Don't panic, just run out to the edge of each 
gear, switch camera and you jump away.  Once you reach the high platform 
you will have an easy gear jump to make.  The goal here is to wait on one 
gear, this will trigger the second gear to move up.  Basically you want the 
gears to get high enough and jump back/forth.  Always let the gears to 
reach high before jumping back and forth, this will save your time.  You do 
this twice and you will reach the top stationary gear. 

At this point, relax but just for a second.  There will be 3 trio of 
spinning gears.  At this point you want to jump one gear and time your jump 
to reach the second trio of gears.  The gears will always spin to the wall, 
this requires you to time your jump to reach the third trio.  When you do 
get on the third trio, the gear you land on will go to the wall.  The goal 
here is to reach the slicer not the brain.  I thought it was the brain and 
always fall to my death because the gap is too wide.  When you are on the 
third trio of gears, time your jump so you land on the gear that is closest 
to the wall on the left.  This usually requires patience and a hover jump.  
Once you reach this point, there will be four planks to your goal the 
slicer.  Just double jumps and hover for safe landings.  Once you reach the 
slicer, activate the action pad.

A staircase will appear after your third task, just walk down the staircase 
to the brain.  Attack the brain however you like and you will be filled 
with voodoo power instantly.  Use your voodoo power, relax, and enjoy the 

Congratulation! You had completed the game!

This game is challenging and you should feel satisfied when you had cleared 
some of the tougher area.

5. Acknowledgement

Mr Pottymouth [1] for giving some tips on how to acquire the Voodoo Power 
at The Bayou - Earth, Water and Wood. Voodoo Power information. Way to gain 
extra life quickly. As well as Voodoo Power guide.

Robert Peters for contributing the portion after you cut the thread and 
hover to the platform in the Kosmobot.

Ethan LY for the portion of the walkthrough for The Carnival - Inside the 

Andrew Shell for the alternate method to get the Skull in The Square.

[1] Voodoo Vince Forum at http://www.gamefaqs.com/ 

6. Revision History

2.2 - 30 Jun 2009
Added alternate method to get the Skull from The Square.

2.1 - 16 Oct 2007
Minor updates.

2.0 - 10 Jul 2007
Minor updates.

1.9 - 07 Nov 2004
Updated hosting sites.

1.8 - 17 Aug 2004
Edited the portion in Downtown Crypt City.

1.7 - 29 June 2004
Added more details in Midway area.

1.6 - 21 May 2004. 
Added Voodoo Powers.

1.5 - 05 Mar 2004. 
Update email address.

1.4 - 05 Mar 2004. 
Added the acknowledgements and more updates.

1.3 - 13 Jan 2004. 
More updates.

1.2 - 22 Dec 2003. 
Update on the Carnival.

1.1 - 19 Dec 2003. 
Added the way to get the skull at Earth, Water & Wood. 
Updated a bit on the Carnival.

1.0 - 15 Dec 2003.
First version.


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