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Boss Guide by RavenSaterno

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/02/2005

Advent Rising
Boss Battle Guide
by Raven Saterno

Alright, I gotta start out saying that this is one of the best games I've
played in a long while, and I have never written any kind of FAQ or Guide
before.  The only part of this game that gave me headaches were the boss
battles, so, to help other gamers figure out the strategies that took me at
least an hour each to figure out, here is an easy-to-use guide.

Table of Contents

	1A - Seeker General
	2B - Flippy Ninja Cat Lady ( Real name later )
	3C - Skinrider/Beast
	4D - Epilogue Final Boss
	5E - Disclaimer and stuff
	6F - Contact Information

*	*	*	*	*

Section 1A - Seeker General
		Difficulty - Easy
		Best Weapon Combo - Twin Acolytes and Grenades

This is the boss you face when you finally find Olivia.  He comes charging in
asking what happened to the guards he left there.  Once you proudly proclaim
that you killed them, he gets a little annoyed and threatens your life.  I
can't even begin to tell you how hard I was laughing at the noise he made at
that point.
Ok, this guy isn't really that hard.  Just keep shoot-dodging him and stay
away from him.  If you get low on health, there is a health thingy under the
catwalk that leads to the room where you found Olivia.   He can be a pain in
the whoopseydaisy with that sheild he has, but when he throws that up, toss a
grenade at him and he'll drop it quick and try to dodge.  That's a good time to
shoot him.
If you run out of ammo, then you can run up to him and melee attack him, but I
warn you, he can and will probably grab you, fling you around, then slam you
into the ground.  Best to stay away and use grenades and guns.  And the health
thingy.  Don't forget the health thingy.  Patience is a virtue in this fight.
Kamikaze actions will get you killed faster than a cat thrown into a dog pound.

*	*	*	*	*

Section 2B - Flippy Ninja Cat Lady ( Real Name Later )
		Difficulty - Medium to Hard
		Best Weapon Combo - Aeon Pulse and Surge

This is the boss you face just after the council meeting on Aurelia goes to
crap. She's a tall, lanky cat lady bounty hunter, who speaks in a language you
can't understand even with the translator in your ear.  She has a jetpack so
you can't push her off of the sky dock and be done with it, no.  That would
make the fight easy.  Instead, it was a pain in the feces generator.  Even when
you know what to do, it's still a trial and error battle to a point.  The one
good thing about this fight, though, is that you don't need anything but your
powers and your fists.  Yes, your fists.  Guns (Even the Fury) seem to have
absolutely no effect on this catgirl.
Alright, here's what you do.  Get the reticle around the catlady, do a side
dodge.  Once you've done the side dodge, hit the melee attack button.  You'll
go from the dodge animation to an instant melee attack.  Then, dodge away and
blast her with the Aeon Pulse and Surge attacks simultaneously.  It may take a
few tries, but it will look like you have pushed her off of the dock and she
has fallen to an untimely death.  Yeah, right, and I'm Yoda.
Not dead she is.  In fact, you might want to run back to the other end of the
dock, the end by the watery door, because she is on her ship now.  It blasts
the end of the dock with massive amounts of lasers, and if you are still there
when they hit you will die... very quickly.
Once the lasers stop bombarding the end of the dock, there will be a few
seconds of silence before her ship comes up with all barrells aimed at you and
charging.  Lock onto one of the engines of her ship and slow-dodge in any
direction (as long as that direction doesn't take you off the edge of the
platform ) and blast away with the Aeon Pulse.  You will have to do this a few
times to break the engine.	Once you see the flames erupt from the engine
signaling it's death, the ship dives and the catlady reappears at the end of
the platform.  Now, start the process all over again.  You have to do this
three times total.  Once you finish off the ship for the third time, the
cutscene triggers and the battle is over.  Congratulations, you've just beaten
the most annoying boss I have ever fought.

*	*	*	*	*

Section 3C - Skinrider/Beast
		Difficulty - Medium
		Best Weapon Combo - Lift and fists

The Skinrider seems like a huge, evil giant invincible boss of death, who in
reality is a little tougher than he seems.
I'm so completely not serious.  The Skinrider isn't actually the beast you're
fighting. The Skinrider is the little metal bug-looking thing that is stuck to
the back of it's head. Skinrider is a metal bounty hunter who can take control
of a creature or being.  it's a nasty little cuss who has found a giant
ape-like creature, and sees it as a way to collect the bounty on our intrepid
Once the creature grabs Marin, follow it through the hole it leaves in the
side of the facility and jump down into the waist-deep water, and get ready for
a fight of near-miss dodges and the throwing of big rocks.
This fight isn't actually all that hard.  Run around and avoid the beast's
punches with the slow-dodge, and stay away when it pounds the ground, as the
impact will cause you to fall down, and rocks to fall from the ceiling.  If you
see a very large rock, get ready, because this is your chance to do some damage.
The beast will pick up the large rock and then look at you menacingly for a
few seconds before hurling it at you.  While it doesn't kill you, it takes your
health down to red and you get knocked down, which is usually just enough time
for the beast to come over and get a good solid death-delivering punch in to
finish the job.
This will require VERY good timing.  As the beast is holding the rock,
highlight the giant boulder with the Lift power.  As soon as the beast throws
the rock, grab it with the Lift ability.  You won't actually be able to grab
the rock, but you will keep it in place just long enough for it to fall right
back down onto the beast's head, knocking it unconscious for a few moments.
This is where the fists come in.  While the beast is out, Skinrider is within
reach.  Melee attack Skinrider with as much vigor as you would a punching bag.
After all, it is using this normally docile, gentle beast to try kill you.
You've got to save the giant ape thing!
You'll do this two or three times before Skinrider loses control of the beast
and the creature goes down hard.  The rest is up to a cutscene.

*	*	*	*	*

Section 4D - Epilogue Final Boss
		Difficulty - Hard
		Best Weapon Combo - Surge, Negate, and Lift

Alright, you've made it.  You sat through the credits hoping there might be
more, and here you are, all the way at the Epilogue Boss!  For purposes of
spoilers I will not give this boss a title other than Epilogue Final, nor will
I give a setup introduction.
This fight starts hard and stays that way.  This boss has several attacks that
can hurt like heck, but nothing that will kill you outright.  The attacks
include throwing a rock at you, hurling waves of energy across the lobby from
side to side, calling out Seekers to annoy you, hurling a large black bolt of
energy at you, hurling a wave of infernal energy, and just generally being
annoying and smug.
Alright, the Seekers are easy to take care of.  Just Lift throw them at the
boss.  They'll hit a wall of energy and die.  The rocks... just move around.
The side-to-side waves of energy, alt fire for Negate.  Same thing for the
infernal wave.
The giant dark orb of black energy, when it gets thrown at you, throw it back.
With a Surge attack.  Doesn't have to be charged up.  Just Surge it back.  The
boss will catch it, and try to throw it at you again.  You will go through this
a few times.  Just keep using Surge and sending it back.  Eventually it will
hit the boss and knock the boss to the floor as three rocks fall from the
ceiling.  Lift a rock, hurl it at the boss.  Repeat as necessary or until
Cutscene.  After Cutscene, pull right trigger.  Congratulations, you have
beaten the Epilogue Final Boss.

*	*	*	*	*

Section 5E - Disclaimer
		Difficulty - Easy
		Best Weapon Combo - Eyes, Brain (Results may vary)

Advent Rising, Skinrider, and all other indicia are registered trademarks of
GlyphX Media, and are used without permission.  This is an unofficial guide.
Please use it as you wish, but if you wish for a copy of this guide, send me an
e-mail with your request.  Do NOT claim this guide as your own work. This guide
is to be used ONLY on Gamefaqs.com, and I will turn down any request to use it
on another site.  All rights reserved.  See back panel for nutritional
information.  Void where prohibited.

*	*	*	*	*

Section 6F - Contact Information
		Difficulty -Easy to Medium
		Best Weapon Combo - E-mail program, Keyboard

Please, by all means, if you have anything to contribute to this guide, send
me an e-mail.  I may have missed one or two boss fights, because I didn't think
they were hard enough to consider boss fights.  If there is a fight that you
would consider a boss fight, send me an e-mail and I will put it in and give
you credit.

Contact me at Raven_Saterno@yahoo.com

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