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by Pancho1990

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Draft Guide by Pancho1990

Updated: 01/08/2016


Greetings, fellow Madden 2004 players.

I've spent about the past 13 years of my life playing Madden 2004, on and off, here and there. I'm 25 now, so that means I've played Madden for more than half of my lifetime.

For some reason, my favorite thing about Madden 2004 has been to do a Fantasy Draft and to build a dynasty, by drafting and developing players over many seasons.

For those of you who are looking to begin a Fantasy Draft of your own, keep reading and find out what rounds your favorite players are usually taken in, so that you can stay one step ahead and draft them for yourself.

The Computers' Strategy

Each computer-controlled team drafts players that fit the type of team they are and that correspond with the type of players they have.

For example, on their normal roster, the Ravens have middle linebacker (MLB) Ray Lewis who is rated 99 overall. So in the Fantasy Draft, if the Ravens have a chance to draft Ray Lewis, they probably will. If Lewis is already taken by the time it's their turn, then they'll probably draft MLB Brian Urlacher who is the second-highest rated MLB in the game.

The Rams, on their normal roster, have half-back (HB) Marshall Faulk who is one of the best in the game. In the Fantasy Draft, the Rams will usually draft a highly-rated HB, early on, like Faulk, Priest Holmes, LaDainian Tomlinson, Clinton Portis, etc. *I have seen them draft an offensive tackle (OT) like Jonathan Ogden or Orlando Pace before though, in the first round.

Why should you know about the computers' strategy? The only reason I mention it is because IF you wanted to get very detailed during your draft, you could pay attention to which team(s) will be picking players before you, and if you think they might take the player you want (based on the type of team they are and the players they like), you could or should take that player that you want one round in advance just to make sure that you get him first, which brings us to the next topic.

Staying One Step Ahead

Down below you will find a list of which players are taken in which round, to make sure that you don't draft a player a too early, and to make sure that you get the best possible value out of your draft.

BUT I do warn you that the list is not perfect and sometimes, depending on the uniqueness of each draft, players may be drafted one round earlier (or later) than what the list below shows.

So, for instance, if you really want free safety (FS) Brian Dawkins, or strong safety (SS) Lawyer Milloy, who always go in the 6th round, I definitely would not take the chance of waiting until the 6th round to get them : I would draft them one round ahead, in the 5th round, especially because they are hard to trade for after the Fantasy Draft is over.

Other players who are good (maybe not great), you can trade for after the Fantasy Draft is over, usually by giving up your 1st round draft pick in next year's draft and/or your 2nd and 3rd round draft picks.

Good, Young Players

A few of my personal favorite players to draft (and the rounds they go in) are :

Julius Peppers (23 years old) - defensive end [DE] - 93 overall - 1st rounder

Andre Johnson (22 years old) - wide receiver [WR] - 82 overall - 6th rounder

Terrell Suggs (21 years old) - outside linebacker [OLB] - 77 overall - 9th or 10th rounder

Roy Williams - free safety [FS] - 90 overall - 9th rounder

Travis Henry (24 years old) - halfback [HB] - 88 overall - 6th or 7th rounder

Jeremy Shockey (23 years old) - tight end [TE] - 92 overall - 15th, 16th, or 17th rounder

Some of you might wonder what I mean by "good," when you look at Suggs who is rated 77 and Johnson who is rated 82.

The reason I say they are good is because they are very young, they are Rookies, and they develop quickly. For example, you can take Andre Johnson from an 82 overall to an 86 just by completing the "Catch Ball" Training Camp game and getting a Gold trophy and 7 development points (that you should add to his catching ability) on the All-Madden setting.

And because they are so young, their overall rating will develop by another 2 or 3 points after the four pre-season games are over.

  1. By the beginning of the regular season in Season 3 (after my Fantasy Draft), I had Andre Johnson rated 98 overall.
  2. Also by Season 3, I had Travis Henry rated at 97 overall.

Don't let the overall ratings fool you with some of these guys. Guys like Andre Johnson and Travis Henry are physically beasts, even as Rookies. Their speed and strength are among the best for their positions. The only reason their ratings are not as high as other guys is because their awareness isn't that high yet. I admit that Andre Johnson has kind of a catching problem and Travis Henry has a carrying problem, but both of these problems can be improved immediately during Training Camp.

Julius Peppers is very disruptive for opposing teams. He can usually get you 2, 3, or 4 sacks a game without you having to control him. Put him through the "Trench Fight" in Training Camp to get his strength up (as that's probably his major weakness as a young player).

By Season 3, I had Peppers' strength up to 92 and his overall rating was 99, him being only 25 years of age.

Defensive End (DE) Justin Smith (89 overall - 2nd rounder) is also very good and young, but I have never drafted him, only traded for him.

Fullback (FB) Mike Alstott is also a beast and you can get him around the 15th round at least.

Quick Disclaimer About The Following Draft Information

When I first create this list, I obviously didn't have this list. So I ended up drafting players (like Travis Henry in the 4th round and Jeremy Shockey in the 12th round) earlier than I should have, which may have thrown off this list a little bit.

I drafted Tony Gonzalez in the 11th round, but I assure you that he will still be available at least into the 14th round.

I drafted Ed Reed in the 8th round, but he will still be available at least into the 10th round.

Now, without further ado, here are the rounds, showing which teams took which players. I was drafting players as San Francisco (SF).

Finally, I know for sure that there are at least a few typing mistakes in player positions and ratings, but these mistakes will most likely be only past the 25th round, which, by that time, I think a lot of people will choose to just simulate the rest of the draft anyway.

The type of typing mistakes are things like me labeling someone as a TE (tight end) instead of a T (tackle) or vice versa. The reason for this is because of the auto-fill feature of Excel, which is the program I used to create the original list. Also, I may have labeled someone as a 53 overall instead of a 63 overall or vice versa, because of how close the numbers are to each other on the keyboard.

Other Quick Fantasy Draft Notes

  • Kickers and Punters get taken in the 23rd round.
    • Unless you will have the first pick in the 23rd round, I definitely suggest that you take your kicker in the 22nd round, because the quality of the Kickers and Punters goes down kind of quickly : by about the middle of the 23rd round, there probably will not be anymore kickers or punters with overall ratings over 90 or higher.
  • If you're thinking about drafting the legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice, know that he'll be probably be taken around the 5th round, and he ALWAYS retires after one season. But you still might have fun using him for at least one season.
  • Also, quarterback (QB) Rich Gannon (who is almost always a top 10 overall pick in the 1st round) ALWAYS retires after one season as well.
  • The order of which teams draft first is always random, so when you do a Fantasy Draft, the chances are that the Green Bay Packers will not be picking first. And if they are, then there's even less of a chance that the Philadelphia Eagles will be picking after them.

  • One other thing to be aware of (in case you did not know) is that the teams switch picking places after every round. For example, in my draft, since Green Bay got the first pick in the 1st round, they get the last pick in the 2nd round, then the 1st pick in the 3rd round, then the last pick in the 4th round, and so on.

Round 1

GBJason TaylorDE98
PHIChamp BaileyCB98
NYJBrett FavreQB98
WASRich GannonQB97
SFRay LewisMLB99
CLEMichael StrahanDE98
CINDerrick BrooksOLB99
NYGSimeon RiceDE97
DETMichael VickQB95
SDPriest HolmesHB97
MIASam MadisonCB97
SEADonovan McNabbQB95
CHIHugh DouglasDE97
NEPatrick SurtainCB96
ATLJeff GarciaQB93
BALBrian UrlacherMLB98
KCMarvin HarrisonWR99
PITLa'Roi GloverDT97
INDTerrell OwensWR99
DENRicky WilliamsHB97
TENOrlando PaceT98
TBJulius PeppersDE93
STLMarshall FaulkHB97
HOUJonathan OgdenT98
OAKRandy MossWR98
ARILaDainian TomlinsonHB95
JAXKeith BrookingMLB94
MINSteve McNairQB93
CARBryant YoungDT96
BUFClinton PortisHB92
NOTra ThomasT95
DALRichard SeymourDE93

Round 2

DALWarren SappDT98
NOLincoln KennedyT96
BUFEric MouldsWR93
CARTrevor PryceDE94
MINChris SamuelsT94
ARIDeuce McAllisterHB92
OAKPeyton ManningQB92
STLWalter JonesT95
TBAndre CarterDE91
TENJohn AbrahamDE93
DENDavid CarrQB83
INDRonde BarberCB94
PITJunior SeauOLB96
KCTom BradyQB90
BALCorey SimonDT95
ATLMarcellus WileyDE92
NECharles WoodsonCB94
CHIZach ThomasMLB95
SEAMichael BennettHB86
MIAAaron GlennCB94
SDPat WilliamsDT94
DETChad PenningtonQB88
NYGJustin SmithDE89
CINJoey PorterOLB95
CLECorey DillonHB93
SFDrew BledsoeQB91
WASRod GardnerWR86
NYJCasey HamptonDT90
PHITroy VincentCB93
GBDwight FreeneyDE


Round 3

GBKeyshawn JohnsonWR91
PHITakeo SpikesOLB94
NYJMike WilliamsT88
WASKoren RobinsonWR86
SFKris JenkinsDT93
CLEKyle TurleyT92
CINBobby TaylorCB93
NYGChris McAlisterCB93
DETPlaxico BurressWR90
SDJason GildonOLB94
MIAKendrell BellMLB91
SEAAeneas WilliamsCB91
CHIPatrick KerneyDE92
NEKurt WarnerQB91
ATLJevon KearseDE91
BALJulian PetersonOLB92
KCHines WardWR93
PITPeter BoulwareOLB92
INDChris HovanDT94
DENWill ShieldsG98
TENLeonard LittleDE89
TBChad JohnsonWR85
STLQuincy MorganWR84
HOUWillie RoafT92
OAKChris ChambersWR84
ARIGerard WarrenDT88
JAXAnthony SimmonsOLB92
MINJon JansenT91
CARRobert PorcherDE90
BUFChad BrownOLB91
NOAaron BrooksQB89
DALJoe JohnsonDE88

Round 4

DALMichael BarrowMLB90
NOIsaac BruceWR92
BUFAlbert HaynesworthDT86
CARTarik GlennT90
MINTim BowensDT91
JAXAnthony McFarlandDT90
ARIBrian KellyCB90
OAKTorry HoltWR92
HOUMike McKenzieCB90
STLLavernues ColesWR88
TBJoe HornWR92
TENDaunte CulpepperQB88
DENLarry AllenG98
INDDonnie EdwardsMLB91
PITTiki BarberHB88
KCPeerless PriceWR91
BALRosevelt ColvinOLB90
ATLKeith TraylorDT90
NEVonnie HollidayDE88
CHIBrian SimmonsOLB89
SEANate ClementsCB86
MIAJamal LewisHB88
SDWillie AndersonT90
DETAmani ToomerWR91
NYGQuentin JammerCB84
CINEarl HolmesMLB89
CLEDaryl GardenerDT90
SFTravis HenryHB88
WASCharles RogersWR84
NYJAhman GreenHB92
PHILuther EllissDT90
GBCurtis MartinHB91

Round 5

GBDonte StallworthWR84
PHIRon StoneG96
NYJDerrick DeeseT89
WASRuben BrownG97
SFBrian DawkinsFS99
CLEBob WhitfieldT90
CINKabeer Gbaja-BiamilaDE88
NYGJohn HendersonDT85
DETJamie SharperMLB91
SDAlan FanecaG97
MIAJohn RandleDT90
SEALuke PetitgoutT90
CHIJohn MobleyOLB86
NEKevin CarterDE88
ATLLeonard DavisG95
BALJason FabiniT89
KCShaun AlexanderHB91
PITMarty BookerWR90
INDShawn SpringsCB88
DENMike RuckerDE88
TENEddie GeorgeHB88
TBRod SmithWR90
STLAshley LelieWR80
HOUBrad JohnsonQB87
OAKFred TaylorHB90
ARIKeith BulluckOLB90
JAXCourtney BrownDE86
MINDavid BostonWR90
CARMark TauscherT88
BUFJerry RiceWR90
NOJerry PorterWR85
DALCharlie GarnerHB90

Round 6

DALMark DixonT87
NOAndre JohnsonWR82
BUFJimmy SmithWR89
CARRandall GodfreyMLB88
MINWarrick DunnHB85
JAXAntoine WinfieldCB87
ARITerence NewmanCB82
OAKTed WashingtonDT89
HOUJeremiah TrotterMLB87
STLTrent GreenQB87
TBKerry CollinsQB87
TENBarry SimsT88
DENGrant WistromDE87
INDLawyer MilloySS98
PITDavid TerrellWR78
KCGreg EllisDE87
BALWayne GandyT88
ATLDan NeilG92
NENorman HandDT89
CHIDarren SharperFS98
SEAJamal WilliamsDT88
MIARod WoodsonFS96
SDTony BoselliT88
DETTim BrownWR86
NYGBryant McKinnieT83
CINPhillip BuchanonCB82
CLEMark BrunellQB86
SFGary WalkerDE87
WASFred SmootCB84
NYJR.W. McQuartersCB86
PHIJohn LynchSS96
GBJosh ReedWR79

Round 7

GBByron LeftwichQB78
PHICarson PalmerQB79
NYJDeltha O'NealCB86
WASSamari RolleCB87
SFJermane MayberryG91
CLEMuhsin MuhammadWR85
CINEric HicksDE86
NYGJohn TaitT87
DETBrad HopkinsT88
SDLeCharles BentleyG89
MIAMark FieldsOLB85
SEALondon FletcherMLB89
CHILevi JonesT82
NEJessie ArmsteadOLB87
ATLDexter CoakleyOLB86
BALWilliam GreenHB83
KCJon RunyanT87
PITAndre DavisWR78
INDTommy PolleyOLB82
DENFlozell AdamsT86
TENDarwin WalkerDT89
TBDerek RossCB82
STLAdam MeadowsT86
HOUShaun RogersDT85
OAKAhmed PlummerCB86
ARIShawn BarberOLB85
JAXWill AllenCB84
MINReggie WayneWR78
CARStephen DavisHB87
BUFDwayne RuddOLB87
NOMike PetersonMLB89
DALEric BartonOLB87

Round 8

DALRodney HarrisonFS94
NOChad ScottCB86
BUFNapoleon HarrisMLB83
CARDuane StarksCB85
MINAntonio BryantWR79
JAXEdgerrin JamesHB88
ARIMarco RiveraG90
OAKMarcus ColemanCB86
HOUBill RomanowskiOLB85
STLAl WilsonMLB88
TBDewayne RobertsonDT80
TENTodd PinkstonWR82
DENSteve SmithWR79
INDSantana MossWR80
PITMarvin JonesMLB86
KCJohn ParrellaDT87
BALRaylee JohnsonDE84
ATLIan GoldOLB85
NEWarrick HoldmanOLB86
CHIDarren WoodsonSS94
SEAScott GraggT84
MIAChris ClaiborneOLB85
SDDonnie AbrahamCB85
DETJeff BackusT83
NYGKevan BarlowHB82
CINSam AdamsDT85
CLEDeion BranchWR77
SFEd ReedSS90
WASShelton QuarlesMLB86
NYJDonald DriverWR88
PHINate WayneOLB85
GBCletidus HuntDT87

Round 9

GBRoy WilliamsFS90
PHITroy BrownWR88
NYJAntwaan Randle ElWR80
WASJason FiskDT86
SFDarren HowardDE85
CLEJabar GaffneyWR77
CINPatrick RamseyQB76
NYGDerrick MasonWR87
DETRoderick ColemanDT86
SDWillie McGinestDE85
MIAKalimba EdwardsDE78
SEARandy ThomasG90
CHIJames WilliamsT85
NEDan MorganMLB85
ATLMike BrownFS91
BALAaron SmithDE84
KCChad BratzkeDE83
PITKerry JenkinsG88
INDPeter WarrickWR80
DENRobert FergusonWR76
TENGary BaxterCB80
TBAl HarrisCB84
STLRyan PickettDT80
HOUCharles GrantDE79
OAKJordan GrossT76
ARIAdam TimmermanG89
JAXCarlos HallDE78
MINBruce SmithDE83
CARJamar FletcherCB80
BUFBrian WatersG90
NOEllis JohnsonDT87
DALTerrell SuggsOLB77

Round 10

DALKareem McKenzieT80
NODuce StaleyHB86
BUFMarc BulgerQB83
CARDrew BennettWR74
MINTedy BruschiMLB86
JAXTommy MaddoxQB84
ARILance SchultersFS91
OAKChad CliftonT84
HOUCarlos EmmonsOLB84
STLPete KendallG88
TBRob MorrisMLB85
TENTodd LyghtCB83
DENMarvel SmithT84
INDEdwin MulitaloG88
PITAnthony WeaverDE78
KCMatt LightT81
BALAndre DysonCB82
ATLT.J. DuckettHB80
NETodd WeinerT82
CHIMarcus StroudDT84
SEASam CowartOLB84
MIAAlex BrownDE77
SDDewayne WashingtonCB83
DETAdewale OgunleyeDE82
NYGBryant JohnsonWR75
CINGarrison HearstHB86
CLEJerome McDougleDE76
SFJohn WelbournG87
WASKenyatta WalkerT80
NYJDarrell JacksonWR83
PHIVaughn ParkerT83
GBTodd SteussieT83

Round 11

GBChris TerryT83
PHIReche CaldwellWR74
NYJDat NguyenMLB81
WASRoman ObenT82
SFTony GonzalezTE97
CLERay BrownG86
CINKeenan McCardellWR83
NYGCurtis ConwayWR85
DETWilliam PetersonCB81
SDRobert GriffithSS91
MIAMike PearsonT75
SEAMo LewisOLB84
CHIMike WahleG86
NERyan YoungT82
ATLDerek SmithMLB83
BALJoey HarringtonQB79
KCShaun WilliamsSS92
PITTyrone WilliamsCB82
INDNa'il DiggsOLB82
DENJavon WalkerWR75
TENTaylor JacobsWR74
TBAnthony ThomasHB81
STLDre' BlyCB83
HOUEd McCaffreyWR82
OAKSteve HutchinsonG85
ARIMatt HasselbeckQB83
JAXRyan McNeilFS90
MINBrady SmithDE82
CARDez WhiteWR78
BUFMarcus TrufantCB78
NOFred ThomasCB82
DALTim CouchQB


Round 12

DALAaron BeasleyCB81
NOKenny HolmesDE82
BUFTodd WadeT82
CARKelley WashingtonWR72
MINAnthony HenryCB78
JAXJoey GallowayWR84
ARITed JohnsonMLB83
OAKTony ParrishSS90
HOUMichael HaynesDE75
STLWill WitherspoonOLB76
TBRoman PhiferOLB83
TENKevin KasperWR71
DENJohnathan SullivanDT76
INDDonald WillisG85
PITAaron SchobelDE79
KCEdgerton HartwellMLB81
BALFernando BryantCB82
ATLKen LucasCB79
NEBrock MarionFS89
CHIJerome BettisHB84
SEATony BrackensDE81
MIARyan TuckerT81
SDKelly HolcombQB81
DETLito SheppardCB75
NYGBrian GrieseQB81
CINKevin JohnsonWR83
CLERex TuckerG85
SFJeremy ShockeyTE92
WASBoss BaileyOLB74
NYJBrandon WhitingDE80
PHIMaurice WilliamsT78
GBGreg BiekertMLB82

Round 13

GBOtis SmithCB81
PHIDave FioreG85
NYJMarco ColemanDE80
WASFrank MiddletonG85
SFOlin KreutzC96
CLEKevin HardyMLB80
CINDennis NorthcuttWR79
NYGToniu FonotiG79
DETAmos ZereoueHB84
SDNdukwe KaluDE81
MIAAdam ArchuletaSS88
SEAAnquan BoldinWR71
CHIMo CollinsG85
NEMarc BoerigterWR73
ATLSheldon BrownCB76
BALKendall SimmonsG80
KCDwight SmithFS85
PITDaylon McCutcheonCB80
INDAnthony PleasantDE80
DENDarrin SmithMLB80
TENJoseph AndruzziG84
TBLevar FisherOLB73
STLMario EdwardsCB80
HOUFreddie MitchellWR72
OAKIsaiah KacyvenskiMLB81
ARISammy KnightSS88
JAXTravis TaylorWR79
MINRay BuchananCB80
CARJake PlummerQB82
BUFFred MillerT80
NOAdrian WilsonSS87
DALAshley AmbroseCB80

Round 14

DALIke HilliardWR82
NOShaun EllisDE79
BUFAndrew WoolfolkCB74
CARBenji OlsonG84
MINSteve FoleyOLB81
JAXTai StreetsWR80
ARICalvin PaceDE72
OAKKeith NewmanOLB80
HOUWayne ChrebetWR80
STLBen LeberOLB75
TBL.J. SheltonT81
TENJeff UlbrichOLB80
DENMichael LewisSS82
INDPhillip DanielsDE79
PITLangston WalkerT75
KCArtrell HawkinsCB78
BALTebucky JonesFS87
ATLJoe JureviciusWR79
NEJohnnie MortonWR79
CHIDrew BreesQB80
SEAOronde GadsdenWR79
MIAJay FiedlerQB84
SDBethel JohnsonWR71
DETMatt StewartOLB78
NYGMike ComptonG83
CINKwame HarrisT72
CLEMarlon McCreeFS81
SFMike AlstottFB93
WASCharlie ClemonsOLB81
NYJAkin AyodeleOLB73
PHITyrone CalicoWR70
GBZach PillerG83

Round 15

GBMike VrabelOLB80
PHIAntonio CochranDE79
NYJEric SteinbachG78
SFVictor Riley81
CLEKwamie LassiterSS87
CINMarc Colombo74
NYGRonald McKinnonMLB80
DETSedrick HodgeOLB75
SDJason McAddleyWR70
MIAKevin CurtisWR67
SEAShaun McDonaldWR68
NESnoop MinnisWR69
ATLDavid PattenWR81
BALNate BurlesonWR69
KCChris CashCB72
PITJonas Jennings77
INDLarry JohnsonHB77
DENJerry AzumahCB79
TENJames FarriorMLB78
TBMatt Lepsis80
STLDavid DixonG83
HOUJames Stewart HB83
OAKChike OkeaforDE78
ARIKenard LangDE79
JAXRoss Verba80
MINJeff PoseyOLB79
CARCosey ColemanG82
BUFTom NuttenG81
NODave SzottG82
DALT.J. Houshmandz(adeh)WR68

Round 16

DALEric ParkerWR68
NODusty ZeiglerG82
BUFLance JohnstoneDE79
CARDonovin DariusSS87
MINKevin MawaeC97
JAXTank WilliamsSS82
ARIRT #70T72
OAKMark WordDE78
HOUCoy WireSS79
STLKenny MixonDE78
TBMike MinterSS85
TENPeter SirmonOLB79
DENEric WarfieldCB79
INDVictor GreenFS83
PITJon KitnaQB79
KCMatt StinchcombG80
BALWillie JacksonWR78
ATLTrevor KaylorWR73
NEWillis McGaheeHB76
CHIDeion SandersCB76
SEAKimo V.OelhoffenDE76
MIAQuentin McCordWR68
SDJay ForemanMLB78
DETGreg SpiresDE77
NYGReggie TongueSS85
CINSpencer FolauG81
CLETravis FisherCB71
SFGreg RandallT78
WASNajeh DavenportHB76
NYJJamie WinbornOLB74
PHIBarry GardnerMLB77
GBDenard WalkerCB79

Round 17

GBMarcus WashingtonOLB78
PHILaMont JordanHB79
NYJEric HeitmannG73
WASDerrick BurgessDE74
SFCorey BradfordWR80
CINDoug BrzezinskiG79
NYGTodd HeapTE90
DETLewis KellyG80
SDAhmed MerrittWR67
MIAJustin McCareinsWR69
SEAChris LiwienskiG79
CHIEddie BerlinWR68
NEWally WilliamsG80
ATLStockar McDougle78
BALKelly CampbellWR69
KCRyan DiemG75
PITMartin BiblaG72
INDKyle BollerQB75
DENKim HerringFS82
TENChris NaeoleG78
TBDexter JacksonFS83
STLMatt BirkC83
HOUMarcus RobertsonFS81
OAKRaynoch ThompsonOLB75
ARIBlake BrockermeyerT78
JAXIan AllenT72
MINSam BrandonFS74
CARWill OverstreetOLB69
BUFRenaldo WynnDE74
NODerrick RodgersOLB78
DALMarques AndersonSS78

Round 18

DALTom NalenC92
NOIdrees BashirFS79
BUFZack BronsonFS81
CARSaleem RasheedOLB69
MINArturo FreemanSS84
JAXZach WiegertG77
ARIEddie KennisonWR79
OAKVince ManuwaiG71
HOUBarry StokesG76
STLOsi UmenyioraDE67
TBShannon SharpeTE90
DENEddie RobinsonOLB75
INDJohn FinaT79
PITIfeanyi OhaleteSS78
KCMorlon GreenwoodOLB72
BALGreg WesleySS82
ATLRichmond WebbT77
NEDerrick GibsonSS78
CHITerry GlennWR79
SEAJason SehornFS82
MIAAndre GurodeG71
SDBryan KnightOLB70
DETJeremy NewberryC91
NYGCorey FullerFS82
CINChris HopeFS71
CLEAdrian RossOLB77
SFSebastian JanikowskiK90
WASDeon GrantFS80
NYJDamien WoodyC90
PHIBrandon MitchellDE74
GBKelvin GarmonG76

Round 19

GBMike DossSS74
PHIIzell ReeseFS78
NYJJim KleinsasserFB90
WASCorey ChavousSS80
SFShane LechlerP94
CLETory JamesCB77
CINKenoy KennedySS78
NYGAlshermond SingletonOLB77
DETTravis ClaridgeG77
SDPierson PrioleauFS78
MIAEverett LindsayG77
SEABlaine BishopSS78
CHIJames ThrashWR79
NELeon SearcyG77
ATLLee FlowersSS76
BALRandy McMicahelTE82
KCDhani JonesOLB77
PITMatt BowenFS78
INDBernard RobertsonTE73
DENVictor HobsonOLB71
TENRonnie HeardFS79
TBLorenzo NealFB92
STLRonnie BradfordFS79
HOUTony SempleG75
OAKJon McGrawFS69
ARIKevin DysonWR79
JAXRich SeubertG75
MINMarcus PollardTE87
CARWill DempsFS70
BUFSam GarnesSS76
NOKevin BentleyOLB68
DALKevin DonnalleyG75

Round 20

DALKynan ForneyG73
NODoug JolleyTE76
BUFCasey WiegmannC87
CARJeff HartingsC87
MINChester PittsG70
JAXJeff MitchellC85
ARIMichael WestbrookWR79
OAKAlge CrumplerTE82
HOUBarret RobbinsC85
STLJerramy StevensTE79
TBChris VillarrialG76
TENDaniel GrahamTE76
DENHank FraleyC86
INDGennaro DiNapoliC85
PITLarry CentersFB88
KCBubba FranksTE86
BALJamie NailsG74
ATLDallas ClarkTE74
NEFrank WycheckTE84
CHISteve McKinneyC83
SEAFred BeasleyFB89
MIATony RichardsonFB87
SDWilliam HendersonFB87
DETJames HodginsFB85
CINBrad MeesterC81
CLEJeff ChristyC83
SFBryant WestbrookCB76
WASChad LewisTE84
NYJKevin KaesviharnFS74
PHIRob KonradFB86
GBMatt SchobelTE75

Round 21

GBJon RitchieFB86
PHIMike FlanaganC82
NYJCory HallSS76
WASC #55C76
SFRay CrockettCB71
CLEMark BruenerTE79
CINBilly MillerTE81
NYGRoberto GarzaC79
DETMichael GreenSS77
SDTim RuddyC81
MIAKendyl JacoxC78
SEAKen DilgerTE81
CHIFreddie JonesTE82
NEChris BoberC78
ATLCory SchlesingerFB86
BALJason BallC73
KCMike AndersonFB83
PITMike GoffC79
INDKyle BradyTE81
DENRichie AndersonFB82
TENTodd McClureC79
TBEric BeverlyG74
HOUTerrelle SmithFB80
OAKDominic RaiolaC77
ARIByron ChamberlainTE81
JAXBennie JoppruTE71
MINTre' JohnsonG75
CARHeath EvansFB79
BUFJason WittenTE70
NOMelvin FowlerC72
DALTeyo JohnsonTE68

Round 22

DALVerron HaynesFB74
NOMarc EdwardsFB82
BUFFred McCraryFB81
CARL.J. SmithTE69
MINCharles StackhouseFB75
JAXDan KreiderFB77
ARIAdam TreuC78
OAKZack CrockettFB79
HOUDwayne CarswellTE80
STLGreg ComellaFB78
TBMike GruttadauriaC78
TENDeon DyerFB75
DENEric JohnsonTE75
INDMack StrongFB75
PITAnthony BechtTE79
KCJeff SaturdayC76
BALDaimon SheltonFB76
ATLDave WohlabaughC76
NEJarrod BaxterFB70
CHISam GashFB76
SEARobbie TobeckC77
MIAChristian FauriaTE79
SDErnie ConwellTE79
DETMark RomanFS77
NYGCecil MartinFB77
CINBryan JohnsonFB77
CLEJamar MartinFB69
SFDoug EvansCB72
WASHarold MorrowFB73
NYJDesmond ClarkTE75
PHIDan CampbellTE75
GBCory RaymerC76

Round 23

GBAdam VinatieriK99
PHITodd SauerbrunP98
NYJDavid AkersK98
WASScott PlayerP94
SFSam RogersOLB74
CLEMartin GramaticaK95
CINOlindo MareK95
NYGChris HansonP95
DETDavid SloanTE75
SDBrad MaynardP95
MIAMatt StoverK93
SEAJohn CarneyK91
CHIMike VanderjagtK93
NEBrian MoormanP93
ATLChris GardockiP92
BALJason ElamK92
KCDarren BennettP91
PITRodney WilliamsP83
INDPaul EdingerK90
DENRyan LongwellK88
TENSean LandetaP89
TBCraig HentrichP88
STLJason HansonK87
HOUJoe NedneyK89
OAKMitch BergerP89
ARIRobert ThomasFB73
JAXJeff ReedK80
MINJosh MillerP87
CARJeff FeaglesP87
BUFPhil DawsonK83
NOHunter SmithP82
DALKen WalterP82

Round 24

DALJeff WilkinsK83
NOGary AndersonK83
BUFToby GowinP83
CARMorten AndersenK84
MINJay FeelyK84
JAXTom TupaP81
ARIJohn JettP84
OAKJohn HallK86
HOUDave ZastudilP80
STLChris MohrP81
TBMike HollisK81
TENBill GramaticaK79
DENMatt TurkP81
INDKyle RichardsonP79
PITJeff ChandlerK71
KCRian LindellK74
BALTom RouenP79
ATLBilly CundiffK70
NEJosh BrownK70
CHIMark RoyalsP74
SEALee JohnsonP74
MIANick HarrisP72
SDNeil RackersK74
DETWade RicheyK76
NYGJohn KasayK77
CINDan StryzinskiP76
CLEDirk JohnsonP66
SFJohn ThierryOLB72
WASBrett ConwayK73
NYJChad StanleyP70
PHIKris BrownK77
GBLeo AraguzP72