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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BurningFox

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                   T H E    R E T U R N    O F   T H E   K I N G
     "The battle for Helm's Deep is over; the battle for Middle-Earth is about to
                         begin. All hope lies in two hobbits."
    Note: This is for the GameCube version of the game, some information may be
          inaccurate for the other console's versions.
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                                  Table of Contents
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    To find something in the FAQ quickly check the section name (like LOTR2) and
    then Press Control + F to bring up find. Put in the section name and in a
    few "finds" you will be down to the section.
    Meet the Heroes.........................................................LOTR3
    In Game Controls........................................................LOTR4
    General Gameplay Tips...................................................LOTR5
                - Path of the Wizard........................................POTW0
                  - Helm's Deep.............................................POTW1
                  - The Road to Isengard....................................POTW2
                  - Minas Tirith - Top of the Wall..........................POTW3
                  - Minas Tirith - Courtyard................................POTW4
                - Path of the King..........................................POTK0
                  - Paths of the Dead.......................................POTK1
                  - The King of the Dead....................................POTK2
                  - The Southern Gate.......................................POTK3
                  - Pelennor Fields.........................................POTK4
                  - The Black Gate..........................................POTK5
                - Path of the Hobbits.......................................POTH0
                  - Escape From Osgaliath...................................POTH1
                  - Shelob's Lair...........................................POTH2
                  - Ciirth Ungol............................................POTH3
                  - The Crack of Doom.......................................POTH4
    Codes and Secrets.......................................................LOTR7
    Legal Information.......................................................LOTR8
    For those of you who want to know the combo's I suggest you look elsewhere. I
    do not include 50 Kilobites of worthless upgrade charts in my FAQ because it
    is worthless to do so. Bane Moves and the Strength/HP/Arrow upgrades are the
    only important upgrades in the game (and Helm's Hammer + Swift Justice if you
    cannot do Bane Moves).
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    LOTR1                           Introduction                            LOTR1
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                 "One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them,
             One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
                 In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie."
    The Lord of the Rings is some of the most complicated and downright awesome
    literature out there. Though the message seems to be there, the true message
    lies within the mind. It is very hard to translate such magic into a movie or
    a game, but Peter Jackson delivered three beautiful films (Two Towers SUCKED
    though :P), and EA Games has done a great job into making games out of the
    trilogy. My goal in this FAQ is to be able to guide you through the game
    giving a decently in-depth walkthrough for each stage of the game, and to
    have all the codes and secrets and junk for all of those who are obsessed
    with that. Though I am not the best writer in the world I feel that I can
    cover this game quite well, and with that let us begin! If you wish to
    contact me:
    E-Mail: Pikminworrior[at]aol[dot]com
    Instant Messaging (AIM): Pikminworrior
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    LOTR2                             Storyline                             LOTR2
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                  Three rings for the Elven Kings under the sky,
               Seven for the Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone,
                    Nine for the Mortal Men doomed to die,
                   One for the Dark Lord  on his dark throne
                  In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie,
                One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them,
             One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
                 In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
    In early Middle-Earth there were master rings forged to help the races govern
    themselves. They were all decieved though, for a ring above all the others
    was forged, The Dark Lord Sauron forged it in the center of Mount Doom. He
    took control of the lands until an alliance of Humans and Elves battled it
    On the grounds of Mount Doom Humans and Elves joined forces to stop the Dark
    Lord. As Isildur's father was killed by Sauron the Dark Lord he picked up his
    father's sword and sliced the ringed hand off destroying everything. The
    race of men is weak though, instead of destroying the ring in the fires of
    Mount Doom Isildur kept it. One day while riding on his horse (now king) he
    was attacked by orcs. The ring was thrown into the bottom of a lake where it
    remain for 2500 years. On a riverfolk named Smeagle's birthday him and his
    friend went fishing in the river. His friend pulled up the ring and because
    riverfolk are attracted to shiny things Smeagle went insane and killed his
    friend for the ring.
    Eventually Smeagle was kicked out of his community and took the name of
    Gollum and took refuge in a Goblin Mountain. There he was corrupted by the
    ring for 500 years until Bilbo Baggins on his journey (read the Hobbit for
    information on his journey) met him deep inside Goblin Mountain. Bilbo found
    the ring on the dark ground and once Gollum found out tried to attack him,
    but by flipping on the ring Bilbo disappeared and escaped the Mountain.
    Bilbo remained alive for a very long time, even for a Hobbit, and on his
    100th birthday he gave the ring to Frodo, his adopted son.
    The ring was soon discovered by Gandolf to be the "One Ring" and frodo must
    go to Rivendale, the home of the elves. After a long journey with Sam,
    Pippin, Merry, and Aragorn (met along the way) they finally reached
    Rivendale where they held a councel. After much debating it was Frodo who
    would take the ring to Mount Doom along with the "Fellowship of the Ring".
    The Fellowship took off and because of Saruman (now allied with Sauron) had
    to go into the Mines of Moria. In Moria the Fellowship lost Gandalf, and
    soon later at Amon Hen lost another member of the fellowship, Borimir.
    Amon Hen also is where Frodo and Sam divided from the others and set off to
    destroy the ring, while Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli went after the captured
    Merry and Pippin. Eventually Merry and Pippin met the Ents in Fangorn Forest
    and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli found Gandolf who had been resurrected. The
    Fellowship (Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf) then went off into Rohan
    while Merry and Pippin tried to get the Ents to go to war. After some time
    the people of Rohan migrated to Helm's Deep where a great battle took place.
    At the same time Merry and Pippin got the Ents to go to war, and completely
    destroy Isenguard (home of Saruman).
    Frodo and Sam met up with Gollum where they travelled to the Black Gate. At
    the Black Gate they were captured by Farimir, Borimir's brother. After some
    time they were free'd and continued on.
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    LOTR3                          Meet the Heroes                          LOTR3
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    his section covers the playable non-secret characters in the game.
    = Gandalf =
    Gandalf knows that desperate plans are required as the specter of darkness
    grows over Middle-earth and Sauron's armies issue forth from Mordor to
    destroy the world of Men. The White Wizard liberates Rohan and the war is
    turned toward Minas Tirith, the last great stronghold of free people, where
    he intends to distract Sauron's gaze with a final, bold defense. As a advisor
    of Men, Gandalf musters the defenses of Gondor to stand firm in the face of
    darkness. As a warrior on the battlefield, Gandalf conjures shockwaves with
    his staff to knock enemies aside and then with his sword, he slays them with
    ease. But victory cannot be won by the force of arms alone, and Gandalf's
    plans are meant to buy time, knowing all hope rests in the success of Frodo's
    Gandalf is pretty fun to fight with. He has a nice strong melee attack with
    his sword and staff and has a great long range with his magic. Though he is
    very strong, his missons are pretty difficult and require skill. To play as
    Gandalf right you must learn to do combo's effectively to charge up your
    perfect bar, because he has a very good attack and with perfects it is VERY
    = Aragorn =
    As the last descendant of the Kings of men, Aragorn is fated to clain the
    long-empty throne of Gondor, should he prove worthy of this task. But to
    fulfill his destiny, Aragorn must first pass through the Paths of the Dead
    and attempt to command horrible foes who once betrayed Gondor. Then he must
    return to Minas Tirith and fight Sauron's hoard in defense of this besdieged
    city. And, should he survive this part, Aragorn must at last face The Dark
    Lord's servants before the very gates of Mordor. As a Ranger and Elf friend,
    Aragorn's ability with boe allows him to defeat opponents at long range. His
    true prowess, however, lies in close combat. Wilding a reforged Narsil, the
    legendary sword that defeated Sauron, Aragorn is a deadly combantant on the
    battlefield, easily defeating multiple foes.
    Aragorn is the most balanced of the characters. He has pretty good strength
    in the sword and a decent shot with the bow. If you are new to the game or
    are having trouble with Gimli or Legolas try Aragorn because he is the most
    balanced character there is. He is also quite fast, which is an advantage in
    battle and in some levels.
    = Legolas =
    Although the Fellowship that set forth from Rivendell has been divided, still
    the friendship that binds these comrades together holds true. In support of
    Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli fight beside each other through hardship and
    peril, despite their differences. Tet their greatest challenges are yet to
    come, as they enter this war alone and vastly outnumbered. As a fighter,
    Legolas' skill with matched blades has won him the respect of his friends.
    But it is the bow of Legolas that will often turn the tide of battle, his
    deadly accuracy stopping foes in their tracks. Legolas risks his immortality
    in the cause of all free Men, and he will not permit Aragorn or Gimli to go
    on without him - to whatever end.
    Legolas is a very fast character. His close ranged attacks are not too
    powerful, but are very quick. His long range is the best in the game, no
    contest. He moves very swiftly and uses great agility in battle. Playing as
    Legolas requires some skill and grace, for he can't take as many blows are
    other characters like Gimli.
    = Gimli =
    As sturdy in spirit as he is in stature, Gimli the Dwarf is a formidable
    warrior. His skill with his weapons and his unflappable spirit each for him a
    strong and unlikely bond with Aragorn and Legolas. Dispire the distrust
    between Elf and Dwarf, all three of these warriors share a deep admiration
    for each other, forged in the fires of combat. Armed with axes and the sheer
    force of his will, Gimli can quickly defeat enemies nearly twice his size.
    His ferocity in combat is a perfect compliment to the swordplay of Aragorn
    and the bow skill of Legolas. Together these companions intend to become an
    unstoppable force, helping Gandalf turn the tide on the war against Sauron.
    Gimli is basically a tank. He has very high close ranged attacks that can
    easily take out enemies, but he is slow. His long ranged attack put simply,
    sucks though. He has higher HP it seems too. Even though of his lack of long
    ranged attack and speed Gimli is a very stong character. He can easily take
    out enemies faster than any other character for the most part.
    = Samwise =
    Often the unlikely may become the great heroes, and Sam Gamgee is destined to
    become the greatest hero of all. Every step taken by a weary and worn Frodo
    brings these two hobbits closer to Mount Doom and the fulfillment of their
    quest. Sam is always at Frodo's side, his unswerving loyalty and conviction
    of heart giving them hope, despite the seeming impossibility of their task
    and the odds against their success. Sam is a warrior created by necessity,
    determines, ferocious and deadly despite his small size. His quick thinking
    and ability to use stealth to his advantage must get him - and Frodo - out of
    some very tight spots. Yet Sam's greatest strength is his love for his friend
    and his commitment to see things though.
    Though Sam may not be as strong as the others, his levels do not call for it.
    He is very quick and deadly with his short sword, despite his rather fat
    looking body.  When playing as Sam you basically want to avoid getting hit
    and use your speed to your advantage. You can run out of an attack then come
    back in and attack them.
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    LOTR4                          In Game Controls                         LOTR4
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    Gameplay Controls
    Move                                                   Control Stick
    Speed Attack                                A Button or C Stick left or right
    Fierce Attack                                 Y Button or C Stick up or down
    Physical Attack                                          X Button
    Parry                                                    B Button
    Action Button                                            Z Button
    Killing Move                                             R Button
    Range Attack                             Press and hold L then use A to shoot
    Jump Back                                          + Control Pad down
    Special Ability                                    L Button + R Button
    Pause Game                                              START/PAUSE
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    LOTR5                       General Gameplay Tips                       LOTR5
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    There are some minor strategies that you should use throughout this game, In
    the section I will tell you about them.
    - Bane Moves are Godly
      Seriously, Bane Moves make this game MUCH easier. To preform a bane move on
      an enemy (assuming you've bought the upgrade) parry their attack and press
      R. The combo will take in effect and you will reach perfect mode. Hack the
      enemies up now, or shoot them with arrows. Doing this will greatly increase
      the amount of EXP you recieve, which is always good, but also makes it so
      that battles go quickly. Also, in the walkthrough I'll say use a speed attack
      or something, use that AFTER the bane move.
    - Don't Break the Shield, Use Bane Moves!
      Instead of Breaking Shielded enemies shields, simply do a bane move on an
      enemy around so that you'll kill them with one fierce attack. Also, instead
      of using a fierce attack you can shoot arrows at enemies, which will kill
      them in one hit aswell.
    - Use the Z Command Circle Weapons
      Z Command Circle Weapons are POWERFUL. One of the spears can take out a
      Troll in one hit. This doesn't mean use them on easy little enemies though.
      Make sure to use them on the harder enemies (Trolls, Lifebar Enemies, or
      even Shielded Enemes), because the easy enemies are simple to kill. By far
      the best Z Command Circle Weapon is the fire pot though. Whenever you come
      across one make sure to have as many enemies lined up in its path as
      possible because it means instant death for them all.
    - Speed Attacks are Offensive AND Defensive
      Whenever you are facing an enemy that cannot be killed with Bane Moves
      after you've broken their shield/armor (if they have one/it) use speed
      attacks non-stop. Speed Attacks if rapidly swung can cancel out all attacks
      that come your way while still hurting them partially. This does not work
      on everything, but for the majority it does.
    - Buy Upgrades For Everyone
      This isn't really a Gameplay Tip, but it is always best to buy upgrades for
      everyone. First of all, it's a lot cheaper than buying it individually, and
      secondly, you'll be stronger fast and have the combo's quicker. Yea, so
      ALWAYS buy upgrades for everyone.
    - Helm's Hammer and Swift Justice Rule Aswell
      These high level combo's can be done by simply pressing A or Y a few times.
      For those that cannot do Bane Moves these will help you out greatly as you
      pass through the game. My suggestion is to (if you cannot preform Bane
      Moves) start out with the Part of the King and level up to level 10 at the
      Southern Gate (from killing enemies over and over) so that you can have
      these combo's.
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    LOTR6                            Walkthrough                            LOTR6
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    ========================= Path of the Wizard ======================== POTW0 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                     =-=-=-=-=
    = Helm's Deep ======================================================= POTW1 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                     =-=-=-=-=
    Ah! The tutorial mission. After the pretty cool opening movie the game will
    begin. Take out the Uruk-Hai around you with some speed attacks then run
    around taking out Uruk-Hai with speed attacks. Soon a cut-scene will appear,
    Legolas needs your help. Thin down the Uruk-Hai around you with fierce
    attacks then run over to the ladder (northern portion of the level) and climb
    it. Take out the enemies shooting at you with your ranged attack and another
    cut-scene will appear. Aragorn needs you help now so run over to where there
    is a weird circle thing on the ground, take out the Uruk-Hai and use Z on the
    circle sending you down. Run to the right and use Z on the circles behind the
    catapults activating them. Activate all three catapults and the mission is
    over ^_^. I suggest purchasing Orc Bane for everyone, it will help.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                           =-=-=-=-=
    = The Road to Isengard ============================================== POTW2 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                           =-=-=-=-=
    Run up the forest path taking out the Uruk-Hai with fierce attacks as you go.
    Soon a cut-scene will appear, run over and take out the explosives with a
    long ranged attack and then shoot the Uruk-Hai that wasn't destroyed. Run
    over a bit more and take out another explosive thing and run across the
    bridge after destroying the archers on it. Continue on through the forest
    running until you reach an area where there are two close range Uruk-Hai and
    two archers hiding. Take out the archers then use fierce attacks on the close
    range orcs and run over to an opening. You will be onslaughted with four guys
    here, take them out with quick attacks and run over to the check point where
    there will be a cutscene.
    Head down the hill into a valley where you must kill 75 orcs. No problem
    though, the ents will kill a lot of them and if you keep on using speed
    attacks and orc bane they will be gone in no time. Watch out for the ents
    though, the can squish you making you take some damage. Run along the newly
    opened path and you'll reach an area with archers firing at you. Take them
    out as they come, and once they stop coming continue on. Take out the enemies
    as they come and soon you'll reach another hill and checkpoint. Run along
    taking out the towers by shooting the explosives at the bottom and taking out
    the close range attackers with speed attacks. After a little bit you will
    reach a bridge. Destroy the enemies with fierce attacks and head right.
    You will be onslaughted by a lot of enemies. Take out the archers first then
    use speed attacks on the enemies and head down the hill. There will be a
    cut-scene and you will see an ent taking down the dam at Isengard. You must
    help him, first take out the mini-boss guy with speed attacks. Because of
    the speed attacks you should have reached perfect mode, take out the archers
    on both sides of the ent and wait for more enemies to come. Take out Close
    range enemies by fierce attacks and make sure to take out the archers on the
    other side of the ent as they come and this mission is over ^_^.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                 =-=-=-=-=
    = Minas Tirith - Top of the Wall ==================================== POTW3 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                 =-=-=-=-=
    For the first part of the level it is just keeping the ladders down. If they
    cannot get up they cannot attack the city. Keep a close eye on the circle bar
    at the top of your screen, the red part signals the amount of orcs on the
    wall. The first thing you should do is take a run around the level kicking
    down all the ladders (using the X button) and killing the enemies. After
    you've done that jump down to a lower level using one of the Z Command Circles
    so you have a faster route to take out ladders. After awhile there will be a
    cutscene, the enemies attack at a lot harder pace now so head up to the top
    using a Z Command Circle. It is still the same thing, but you will have to
    kill a lot more enemies now, use speed attacks to kill them fastest. Anyway,
    they will start to use tower things, so you must use the catapults.
    Head to the left most portion of the wall and climb the stairs and there is
    the Catapult. Use the Z Command Circle by it to attack the tower. After two
    shots the tower will fall. Head down the stairs and there will be a lot of
    orcs around, thin them down then run to the right side of the level. Take out
    the approaching tower with long ranged attacks then run back to the catapult.
    Use the catapult to destroy yet another tower. Run to the right one last time
    and use your long ranged attack to destroy the tower! Kill all the orcs around
    now and boost up your life with their potions then head down some stairs
    behind a few guards. Follow the men down and the the level is over ^_^.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                      =-=-=-=-=
    = Minas Tirith - Courtyard ========================================= POTW4 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                      =-=-=-=-=
    To beat this mission 200 villagers have to make it to saftey. This mission
    gets very hard toward the end. Basically the whole mission you're killing
    enemies so I'll just give a basic strategy. Most of the enemies don't have
    shields so for the most part you want to take them out with speed attacks.
    However, like 10% of the enemies do have shields so when you are fighting a
    large group of enemies take out the shieldless ones to thin out the enemies
    then take them out individually with fierce attacks. Every once in awhile an
    enemy with a life bar will appear after you have saved 100 people. Take
    these guys out with fierce attacks or spears you can use at a Z Command
    After 150 people have been saved three cave trolls will attack, this part
    is freaking hard. Take out the trolls with your long ranged attack. After
    you've killed the trolls keep on fighting the enemies until the mission is
    over. Here is a short list of when what type of enemies appear, they appear
    periodically throughout the mission after they first appear:
    25 people saved:  Shielded Orcs Appear
    50 people saved:  Archers Appear
    100 people saved: Lifebar Uruk-Hai's Appear
    150 people saved: Three Cave Trolls Appear
    ========================= Path of the King ========================== POTK0 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                               =-=-=-=-=
    = Paths of the Dead ================================================= POTK1 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                               =-=-=-=-=
    Run into the fog, this stuff makes you only walk. Cross the fog and the
    spirits of the dead will come to attack you. Take them out with speed attacks
    and continue on. Soon they will blockade the path, and you'll have to fight
    them again. Use the War Pikes on the Z Command Circles or speed attacks to
    defeat them and head into some more fog. The spirits will attack again in the
    fog, but it's not a strong attack, take out the few spirits and then the
    tombstones and run along and take out the archers with your long ranged
    attack. Head into the canyon and follow the path, taking out the archers,
    into a cave. Soon there will be a fork in the road, take the left path and
    destroy the speared undead with fierce attacks.
    Follow the path until you reach a dead end with some archers. Take out the
    archers then use the Z Command Circle to lower a bridge and enter the fog and
    you will get a checkpoint. Walk through the fog and take out the enemies when
    the attack, soon you'll be at the end, follow through the cave and some logs
    will drop. Follow through killing the speared undead with fierce attacks and
    the archers with speed attacks and you're in the fog... again. Pass through
    and climb up the ladder and the spirits will attack. Kill them with speed
    attacks and run to another dead end. Kill the speared enemies with fierce
    attacks and archers with speed attacks and push the giant statue down with
    the Z Command Circle.
    Cross the statue bridge and you're at the gate, it's closed though. Head to
    the left and follow around to the other side and run to the Z Command Circle.
    Some life-bar enemies will attack though, take them out with speed attacks
    and then lift up the gate with the Z Command Circle. Run to the gate,
    avoiding the enemies, and run along to the bridge. At the end of the bridge
    you'll have to kill 35 enemies, it's easy though. Use speed attacks to kill
    all the enemies until you have 25 or so kills and the speared undead come.
    Deal with them like you have in the past and soon you'll be at 35 kills.
    Proceed on to the end of the level.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                           =-=-=-=-=
    = The King of the Dead ============================================== POTK2 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                           =-=-=-=-=
                    -= Boss Battle: The King of the Dead =-
    This isn't really that hard of a fight. He'll start off by sinking into the
    ground and re-appearing. Don't go up to him really fast because you'll get
    hit by his stone fling. After he flings stones run up to him and attack him
    with speed attacks until he sinks back into the ground. Now he'll summon some
    minions, take them out with speed attacks and he'll sink back into the
    ground. Watch out for his stone fling then attack with speed attacks and
    he'll summon some archers, take them out with your long ranged attack and
    attack him with speed attacks after he does his stone attack. Soon he'll do
    some weird wind attack, so stay behind the rock that you appear at after the
    cut-scene. Once he comes to attack you resume with speed attacks. After that
    he'll start all over with the summoning, but he'll summon some different
    and stronger forces each time, inbetween you can still attack him.
    After the boss battle it's just basically running away and fighting the
    enemies off. Run as fast as you can throughout the level and when enemies
    attack be sure to use speed attacks on normal ones, speed attacks on life bar
    enemies, and fierce attacks on speared enemies. That's about it... just keep
    moving as fast as you can ^_^.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                               =-=-=-=-=
    = The Southern Gate ================================================= POTK3 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                               =-=-=-=-=
    Start off by running toward the gate. A cave troll will pop up, kill it using
    either your long ranged attack or a war spear pike thing. Afterwards head to
    the Catapults to the left of you while taking out the orcs. Lanch both
    catapults to make a path of rubble to the left. Head left and across the
    rubble, up the ladder, and up until you reach a cave troll. Kill the troll
    from as far back as you can go with arrows and a cut-scene will appear of an
    elephant. Kill the elephant by targeting all the part of it and shooting them
    with your arrows and another cut-scene will appear, of a wheel thing. Head
    over to the wheel thing and use the Z Command Circle a few times to open the
    gate (the gate is opened after the cut-scene happens). Head back down now and
    through the gate, make sure to kill as many enemies as you can though,
    they're not that hard and you'll reach higher levels ^_^.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=
    = Pelennor Fields =================================================== POTK4 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=
    The level begins out with you having to kill 60 orcs/human enemies. The orcs
    are easy to spot and the human enemies are dressed in red. Speed attacks
    should do fine for the most part, some of the humans have spears that can
    block though, so either hit them at an angle (to the side, or behind) or
    attack them with fierce attacks. After you've killed 60 enemies Ewoyn and
    Merry are in trouble. There will be a checkpoint and then you'll have to kill
    an elephant. Target all the spots with your bow and it will explode after
    you've destroyed all the spots. Now another one will attack, it's not
    attackable from where you are though. There is a way down between the left
    and middle ballista, go down and head staight across back up to the other
    Deal with the elephant like you did with the other one now and a Ringwraith
    will attack. Go to the northmost portion of the area and attack it with your
    long ranged attack (be sure to charge it by holding it for a little bit).
    After awhile the Ringwraith (The Witch King) will go away and an elephant
    will come. Kill the elephant (you may need to switch sides) and then when the
    Witch King comes back attack it. Repeat this until the level is over :).
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=
    = The Black Gate ==================================================== POTK5 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=
    You can play as Gandalf in this mission too, cool!  Anyway the mission begins
    out with a boss battle.
                     -= Boss Battle: Mouth of Sauron =-
    This is a VERY easy boss battle, you could probably win it with a level 1
    character with ease. Anyway, basically all you have to do is speed attack,
    parry, speed attack, parry; It's very easy. Doing a triple-strike speed
    attack will leave just enough time to do a parry on their attack. Repeat it
    until he has been defeated.
    After the battle Sauron's army aproaches. It's not too difficult of a battle,
    but watch out for your allies, one should be in the back, another in the
    left, and the last on the right. If their health starts to drop help them
    out. What you're doing is killing all the enemies, but most importantely you
    need to kill 6 of the life-bar enemies that come every once in awhile. After
    you've killed three their army splits and the enemies start coming like
    crazy. This isn't much to worry about though, the life bar enemies come
    really quickly now too and three will come very fast. After you've defeated
    six life-bar enemies some Ringwraiths will attack. Kill them with your long
    ranged attack and they'll soon be dead and the mission is over ^_^.
    ========================= Path of the Hobbits ======================= POTH0 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                           =-=-=-=-=
    = Escape From Osgaliath ============================================= POTH1 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                           =-=-=-=-=
    Start out by running across the rubbled path. There will be orcs along your
    way, take them out with speed attacks. At the end of the path an explosion
    will occur opening a new path, up into the city. Watch out now because there
    is Frodo's ring meter at the top, if it fills all the way you lose. To bring
    it down you must either go down from the higher levels or find shade. Anyway,
    head straight across and up the stairs after taking out the orcs. At the top
    is some archers, take them out with speed attacks and head across as far left
    as you can. There will be a ladder going down at the top left indent, climb
    down then take out the archer with your long ranged attack before it sees
    Take out the one next to it from behind (stealthy ^_^) and go down the
    ladder. Now you should be in an open path with a lot of orcs (or near one),
    be sure to kill everything you see here with speed attacks and if they fall
    use your killing move (R). At the end is a staircase up, take it up and run
    to the north. There is a path of rubble up, take out the orcs, then climb up.
    This is another orc zone, take all the orcs out you see, get the green potion
    on the top right indent and then leave at the top left indent and you reached
    a CheckPoint. Climb the ladder and your back ontop again. Kill all the
    enemies as you work your way to the end of the ladder. At the end of the
    ladder immediately turn into the shaded path.
    Let the meter die down in here and take out as many orcs as you can with your
    long ranged attack. When all the orcs are gone and Frodo's meter has
    disappeared run straight across to the ladder and climb all the way down.
    When you reach the bottom head across to a staircase up. Take out the orcs as
    you go and when you reach the top go behind the bell to find a Z Command
    Circle. Use the circle to push the bell down killing some orcs and most
    importantely making a path. Run down the stairs and into the new path. Take
    out the orcs around and head up to the surface level where Frodo's meter will
    Head across killing orcs merrily as you go :P. At the end is a little sheler,
    Frodo's meter is probably high so rest there for a little while. After his
    meter disappears head south a bit and take the path up. Try to kill some of
    the orcs, but if Frodo's meter gets to 2/3 head straight across into the
    shade. In the shade take out the enemies with your long ranged attack and
    after Frodo's meter recovers head across and down the ladder into the depths.
    Take out all the orcs then climb down one last ladder into the sewers. Make
    your way to the end of the sewers where there is a life-bar enemies and some
    minions. Kill the minions then use fierce attacks on the life-bar enemy to
    break his armor.
    After you've broken his armor get the potions from nearby then run back. Use
    your long range attack to kill him and then go to the right side by the gate.
    There is a Z Command Circle there, use it to open up the gate and the mission
    is over ^_^.
                           -= G2herschler writes in =-
    I have a tip for the Path of the Hobbits, Escape from Osgiliath.  In the
    Sewers in the very end, when you meet the life-meter boss, you can take him
    down in one hit.  First take out all his minions.  Then, simply cloak
    yourself and sneak up behind him and face his back and press R to perform a
    killing move, stabbing him in the back.  I did this, and it killed him with
    only ONE HIT.  It is much easier and safer.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                   =-=-=-=-=
    = Shelob's Lair ===================================================== POTH2 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                   =-=-=-=-=
    This level is one of my favorites. I don't really have a great strategy for
    it yet though... expect one soon though ^_^. Basically you want to kill the
    large spiders with a fierce attack to flip them over then using your killing
    move to finish them off while going through the maze type thing. At the end
    of the maze is a spot that is blocked by the little spiders. Use a torch to
    make a path through. After them a little bit is a spot where a web is
    blocking the way, torch that too. When a bunch of orcs are sitting around
    a fire sneak by the outer side, put on your cloak (L + R) and sneak by them.
    Afterwards just keep on killing spiders and trying to find your way through
    the level. Make sure to never touch the little spiders and if they are
    blocking the way to torch them.
    Eventually you'll make your way to where there are some little spiders on
    the left and the right. Throw a torch at the right and run up the hill. Kill
    the larger spiders then throw the torch at the top at the web in the back,
    destroying it. Head back down, throw the torch at the spiders and now you're
    back to where you started out. Throw the torch at the spiders on the left,
    then proceed on by throwing torches at the spiders as you go. After the
    second torch you'll be attacked by some archers. Take them out with your long
    ranged attack and continue on to Shelob.
                           -= Boss Battle: Shelob =-
    Shelob is kind of hard. Basically you just want to hack at her with speed
    attacks for the beginning of the fight. When you get her into the yellow HP
    zone she'll go away and let her minions attack. Kill them by flipping them
    over with fierce attacks and then using your Killing Move then she will come
    back. Hack at her with speed attacks until she goes away, kill her babies,
    then repeat the process. Once you get her into the red zone she'll go insane
    for a second. Avoid her in that stage until she summons her kin. After you've
    killed her kin she'll come back normal ^_^.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                   =-=-=-=-=
    = Cirith Ungol ====================================================== POTH3 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                   =-=-=-=-=
    Notice the counter at the top of your screen, you have to kill 80 guys. Any
    way, take out all the guys on the first floor besides the life-bar one. Break
    the life-bar orc's armor with fierce attacks and then finish him off with
    speed attacks. After you've cleared all the enemies go to the Z Command
    Circle and activiate it making a bridge up. Clear the enemies that come after
    you and head into the hall. Some enemies will come after you and a life-bar
    one, clear them out and enter the next room. This room is like kill heaven.
    Make sure to use the Z-Command Circles to kill enemies with fire while taking
    them out. When the enemies seem to be thinning out head to the top right of
    the room, it leads to a whole new room.
    In this room take out all the enemies except the group fighting to the most
    right. After you've cleaned out everyone but them use the Z Command Circle to
    the left of them to smash them all. Head up the ramp and up the ladder, you
    should almost have 70 kills by now. Kill the two guys guarding the way up
    then use the Z Command Circles to push barrels down killing like 10 guys. Now
    you only should have a few guys left. Run up and kill a guy or two and now
    all the guys are gone. Head up and you should see all the guys guarding the
    tower, damn, can't go there. Instead, take the path to the right and kill the
    life-bar enemy. After killing him fire the ballista (with the Z Command
    Circle) to kill them all! Run inside now.
                           -= Boss Battle: Pyscho Orc =-
    This battle may seem impossible at first, but it's very easy once you get the
    hang of it. Basically you want to first throw two war pikes at him (they're
    around the area), one to break his armor, the other to stun him. Once he's
    stunned you can attack him, attack him with fierce attacks until he goes and
    gets a shield. Throw two war pikes at him again then attack him and repeat.
    The boss battle isn't that hard if you understand how to beat him. Also,
    there are unlimited war pikes and two places to get them, go to the place
    that's farther from where he got the shield.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                               =-=-=-=-=
    = The Crack of Doom ================================================= POTH4 =
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                               =-=-=-=-=
    Last level! You play as Frodo here and it's just a boss battle against
                            -= Boss Battle: Gollum =-
    This is really a joke of a fight. All you're doing here is using speed
    attacks to knock him back to the side. When he starts wobbiling on the side
    use a fierce attack to knock him down, and then a Killing Move to knock him
    off. Repeat this process six times and you win. To make things even easier on
    you, potions appear a lot too, so if you get low on health a potion will
    probably be lying about. After you've knocked Gollum down three times lava
    will come down sometimes, it's nothing really to worry about, and disappears
    in a few seconds.
    That's it :).
    .:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
    LOTR7                         Codes and Secrets                         LOTR7
    ':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'
    Unlocking the Secret Characters: To unlock Merry, Pippin, and Farimir you
                                     must beat The Crack of Doom level in the
    Unlock Secret Stages: To unlock the secret stage Palantir of Saruman, beat
                          the crack of doom level. To unlock the secret stage
                          Palantir of Sauron get Gandolf, Sam and one of the
                          characters from the Path of the King levels to level
    Gain 1000 EXP points: When playing as the character pause, hold L and R and
                          enter the code.
    Up, B, Y, A                                                           Aragorn
    B, Y, Up, B                                                           Faramir
    Down, Y, Up, Down                                                       Frodo
    X, Y, Up, Down                                                        Gandalf
    X, X, Y, A                                                              Gimli
    A, Y, Up, A                                                           Legolas
    X, X, B, A                                                              Merry
    Y, A, B, A                                                             Pippin
    Y, A, Down, A                                                             Sam
    Random Codes: While playing a mission press start, hold L and R and enter the
                  Following for what it says to the right of the code, also you
                  must have beaten the game to use them.
    X , Down, Y, A                                                   All perfects
    Up, Down, Y, B                                                   All Upgrades
    Y, Up, Y, Down                                             Always Devestating
    B, B, Down, X                                                Infinite Missles
    B, X, B, up                                                     Invincibility
    B, X, B, Up                                                      Invulnerable
    X, Down, Y, A                                                    Perfect Mode
    B, B, X, X                                                     Restore Health
    Down, X, Up, B                                       Targeting Indecator Mode
    Unlocking Skills: When playing as the character pause, hold L and R and enter
                      the code.
    X, Y, A, Y                                                    Aragorn Level 2
    X, B, X, B                                                    Aragorn Level 4
    X, Y, B, B                                                    Aragorn Level 6
    Up, B, Y, Up                                                  Aragorn Level 8
    A, B, A, X                                                    Faramir Level 2
    A, A, B, B                                                    Faramir Level 4
    Y, A, X, X                                                    Faramir Level 6
    X, X, X, X                                                    Faramir Level 8
    Y, Up, X, X                                                     Frodo Level 2
    Y, Up, X, X                                                     Frodo Level 4
    X, X, A, Y                                                      Frodo Level 6
    X, X, X, X                                                      Frodo Level 8
    X, Y, A, Y                                                    Gandalf Level 2
    Y, Up, B, A                                                   Gandalf Level 4
    Y, Y, A, Up                                                   Gandalf Level 6
    X, B, X, X                                                    Gandalf Level 8
    A, X, X, B                                                      Gimli Level 2
    Up, X, B, B                                                     Gimli Level 4
    Y, B, X, Up                                                     Gimli Level 6
    X, Y, X, B                                                      Gimli Level 8
    B, B, X, B                                                    Legolas Level 2
    X, X, A, A                                                    Legolas Level 4
    X, X, Up, X                                                   Legolas Level 6
    B, Up, Up, X                                                  Legolas Level 8
    X, X, B, B                                                      Merry Level 2
    B, A, X, X                                                      Merry Level 4
    X, X, B, Y                                                      Merry Level 6
    X, Y, A, B                                                      Merry Level 8
    X, A, X, Up                                                    Pippin Level 2
    A, X, X, X                                                     Pippin Level 4
    X, Y, X, Y                                                     Pippin Level 6
    B, Up, Up, X                                                   Pippin Level 8
    X, A, X, Y                                                        Sam Level 2
    Up, X, B, A                                                       Sam Level 4
    X, X, Up, Up                                                      Sam Level 6
    X, X, Y, Y                                                        Sam Level 8
    .:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
    LOTR8                         Legal Information                         LOTR8
    ':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'
    This guide is copyright (c) BurningFox 2003-2004. It may only be posted on
    the following sites:
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    If it is found anywhere else it is considered an illegal copy. If you read on
    further than the next line in an illegal copy you are contributing to the
    illegal acts of the Internet and therefor you are committing a crime. I'm not
    strict at all on letting a site use my guides, just E-mail me at
    Pikminworrior@aol.com if you wish to host the FAQ. You may and are encouraged
    to print out this document for completing the game or other Lord of the Rings
    The Return of the King related things, but not to sell or trade for your own
    personal benifit.
    Copyright (c) BurningFox                                      End of Document

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