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    FAQ/Walkthrough by doninss

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 08/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Walk-through for Metal Arms: Glitch in the System - Xbox
                  NoS difficulty, Version 1.03, 08/03/04, By doninss (Donald Wood)
     01100101                             ~~~~~~~~~
     01110100                      ~~~~~~~~
     01100001                   ~~~~~
     01101100                ~~~~
     00100000              ~~~~
     01000001             ~~~
     01110010           ~~~                                            ~
     01101101          ~~~                  ~~~~~   ~~~~                ~
     01110011         ~~                 ~~~~       ~                    ~
     00111010        ~~~               ~~~~         ~            ~        ~
     00100000        ~~               ~~~           ~             ~        ~
     01000111       ~~               ~~~            ~              ~       ~~
     01101100       ~~              ~~~             ~              ~        ~~
     01101001       ~~              ~~                             ~~       ~~
     01110100       ~               ~~           ~~~               ~~       ~~
     01100011       ~                ~         ~~~~     ~          ~~       ~~
     01101000       ~~               ~~        ~~       ~~         ~~       ~~
     00100000       ~~                ~                 ~~        ~~       ~~
     01101001        ~                                ~~~        ~~        ~~
     01101110         ~                           ~~~~~        ~~~        ~~
     00100000          ~            ~~~                      ~~~~        ~~
     01110100           ~         ~~~~                    ~~~~~         ~~
     01101000                  ~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~
     01100101               ~~~~~                 ~~~~               ~~~
     00100000                ~                                     ~~~~
     01010011                                                    ~~~~
     01111001                                                  ~~~~
     01110011                                               ~~~~
     01110100                                          ~~~~~~
     01100101                                  ~~~~~~~~~
                      Copyright, version history, and legal information can
                        be found at the end of this document. Please read.
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     Prelim. (Read this first please!)
     Combat Tips and Tactics
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     Prelim. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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     I recommend "Courier New" font @ 10 points to view this document.
     The walk-through is meant to be of the "spoiler-free" type. (Short, dry
     descriptions of what to do to get to the end of the level.) "Spoiler" is a
     subjective term. Spoiler-free walkthroughs are compromises. I try to mention
     only that necessary to complete the game. (If you can stay alive.)
     The "Tips and Tactics" section offers Tips, and/ or possible Tactics/
     walkthrough for each level (primarily dealing with combat). It is focused on
     "Nuts of Steel" (NoS) difficulty setting. Possible "stuck" points, or glitches
     may also be addressed. Spoilers Probable!!!
     Both the walk-through, and the "Tips and Tactics" section are arranged by
     level. The headers contain the level #, and the name (Example: "Level 1 - Druid
     Mines: Hero Training"). You can use search (find, Ctrl-F) to get to any level
     quickly. Be careful if you don't want Spoilers, the Tips and tactics section
     uses the same level headers but is below the walk-through.
     A note on saves: Saves are at level beginning. And there is only one game-save
     per profile. You can NOT replay a level for anything other than secret chips.
     If you have a mem card, you can use it to store multiple saves (use different
     profile names). You will have to transfer a save after every level (by exiting
     the game). I strongly recommend this if you have a mem card! AGAIN, when you
     finish a level there is NO GOING BACK to improve your ammo, or washer
     situation without a mem card backup.
     If you spot any errors, or have any suggestions, please contact me at
     <doninss@yahoo.com>. Include "Metal Arms" in the subject line.
     Any changes made due to feed-back will be credited, of course.
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     Walk-through - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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     As spoiler free as I could make it, and still communicate (hopefully) the
     necessary info to complete the levels. (Assuming you can stay alive long
     Level 1 - Droid Mines: Hero Training
     Move forward, then follow the two miner Droids through the level. Do as they
     direct you.
     Level 2 - Mil Mines: Do Ore Die
     Grab the ripper from the open crate, then use it to cut the wires holding up
     the pipe. Use the downed pipe to get across the pit. Kill Grunts until you find
     a chip*. Go thru the green door and use the console. Use the remote control
     Grunt to walk into the deadly electrical arcs. Go thru the door that unlocks,
     and ride the elevator up*. Use the switch (Y button). Exit thru the door that
     unlocks, and ride the elevator down. Find the waiting Droid miner, and approach
     *The Grunt with the chip may get into the vents, check them if you have killed
     all the Grunts and can't find it. The first elevator may seem stuck in the up
     position (walk under it to bring it down). There may be an enemy on it. You
     can try to kill the enemy or get him to move off of it, but you may have to
     "reload the last save" (check-point).*
     Level 3 - Mil Mines: Seal the mines
     Get into the loader (hover-craft), and move along the left wall. Enter the
     cave and follow it to a tall room. Follow the path to the top. Cross the bridge
     and find a hole in the floor of the next room. Drop into the hole, then get to
     the bottom of the room. Blow the generator, then ride the elevator back up and
     jump into the crusher opening. Grab the Det-paks in the next room (in a crate
     by the elevator), and ride the elevator. Place the Det-paks on the machine.
     Level 4 - Droid Town: Clean Up
     Kill all the Grunts in the first area (two waves). Place the Det-pak (one of 
     the Droid miners will have it after area is cleared) to open the tunnel and 
     move thru it to the next area. Kill all the Grunts (two waves), and move to the
     next area (use the pair of jump boosters near the garage door). Kill all the 
     Grunts, then the mini-boss (Elite Guard).
     Level 5 - Wastelands: Wasteland Thunder
     Pilot the RAT to the end of the level (quickly, timed level).
     Level 6 - Wastelands: They live
     Follow the cave to the open area. Cross the acid river, then find the next
     section of acid river. Cut the cables to form a bridge across. Get inside the
     small compound (double jump onto the wall, or shoot the thin rubber hanger
     above the steel door to drop it), then make your way up to the doorway. In the
     next area, cross the bridge and make your way to the pipe opening at the end of
     the canyon. Enter.
     Level 7 - Wastelands: Wastelands Journey
     Follow the make-shift catwalks and tunnels to the very end of the canyon. Open
     the valve (Y button) inside the short tunnel there. Once the water recedes (it
     takes awhile), drop down and go thru the door with the energy items out front.
     Kill the enemies to destroy the gate, then jump up to the cave opening and
     enter. Optional: Enter the other door at the bottom.
     Level 8 - Wastelands: Mozer Schmozer
     Follow the path to the end of the level.
     Level 9 - Wastelands: ZombieBot King
     Shoot the ZombieBot King until he stops to pant. Toss a coring charge into his
     open mouth. Rinse and repeat.
     Level 10 - Mil Comm Center: Into the Trenches
     Head down the canyon, following the trenches. Go thru the tunnel door (destroy
     turret), and follow the tunnel. Get the Det-pak from the top of the tower, and
     use it to blow one of the walls. Go thru the tunnel door (destroy turret), and
     follow the tunnel. Get to the zip-line (shoot the large rockets blocking the
     path), and ride it to the fence. Jump over, and follow the cave.
     Level 11 - Mil Comm Center: Infiltrate the Compound
     Blow a hole in the door with a tank, then kill the two Titans inside to unlock
     the next door. Go thru the next open door, and free the Droid miners. Go thru
     the door they open, and destroy the generators. Go thru the door that opens
     after the generators are destroyed (directly behind you if you face the
     generators), and enter the building to the right to find a Control Console. Use
     the remote control Grunt to bring down the elevator in the sunken garage. Ride
     it up.
     Level 12 - Mil Comm Center: Destroy Comm Array
     Kill the two Titans inside the assault transport in the area outside the first
     door, to open the big door to the next area. Get the two Det-paks from inside
     the assault transport in the next area, and use them to blow the Satellite
     dishes. Follow the elevated walkways to the exit door. Follow the passage-way.
     Level 13 - Mil Comm Center: Hold Your Ground
     Shoot all the enemies that approach before they can enter the compound.
     Level 14 - Mil R&D Labs: What Research?
     Grab the Det-pak from inside the turtle-transport, and use it to blow the
     nearby door. Find and kill the Scientist at the blue console for a chip, and
     use it on the nearby door-switch. Follow the passage-ways to the weapons
     testing area, and kill the Scientist to open the exit (elevator).
     Level 15 - Mil R&D Labs: The Search for Krunk
     (Listen to the colonel.) Use the jump-booster and zip-wire to get into the
     central structure. Press the switch, then kill all the enemies to get two
     chips. Use them on the door switches, then follow the halls to a Control
     Console. Use the remote control Mil to open the door. (Shoot the floor-grate
     in front of the Mil, then drop into the hole with it. Follow the passage, and
     shoot the grate above. Jump up.)
     Go up the ramp (with Glitch) and follow the halls to the control room. Go thru
     the door, and follow the halls to a big room. Use the jump-booster and a zip-
     line to get into the central structure. Press the switch, then kill all the
     enemies that appear to get two chips. Use them on the door, then follow the
     hall to the control room. Go thru the door and follow the passage-way. Inside
     the last room destroy all the Bots* to end the level.
     *There are three Mil Bot spawners in the last room*
     Level 16 - Mil R&D Labs: F&!?ing Krunked
     Kill _all_ the Mil Bots to open the door. Go thru the door.
     Level 17 - Mil R&D Labs: You Know The Drill
     Follow the hall, and go thru the open doors. Enter the room on the far side of
     the hole, and kill the Grunt to get a chip. Back-track to the door that has a
     switch, and use the chip (Y button). Use the catwalks to get to an elevator.
     Ride it up and press the switch to lower the drill. Jump onto the drill and
     climb up to where you can drop to the scaffolds on the other side. Follow them
     to the doorway, and exit.
     Level 18 - Wastelands: Wastelands Chase
     Man the 20mm while Zobby chases Krunk's stolen RAT.
     When Vlax leaves the RAT, kill him for the chip.
     Level 19 - Morbot Region: Morbot City
     Move into the city, stepping on the Morbot switches (pink holograms) to operate
     the Morbot stairs, doors, and bridges. When you come to the room with a loader
     (hover-craft), use it to move the large pedestal and drop the force field that
     blocks the way. Follow the roads and tubes to the exit door.
     Level 20 - Morbot Reactor: I, Predator
     Use the Morbot elevator (white pentagons on the floor), then ride the zip-line
     down to the island. Step on the switch, then cross the bridge. Go down the
     ramp, and use the Control Console. Pilot the bot to the core, and shoot it to
     open the force field back where Glitch is. Head to the end of the walkway, and
     jump into the hole in the water.
     Level 21 - Morbot Reactor: The Reactor Core
     Drop from the tube down to the floor. Follow the blue glass road to the Morbot
     jump-pads. Use the pads to get up to the door. Follow the tubes and walkways to
     a large open room. Make your away around it to the Morbot switch. Step on it to
     open the door. Find the yellow dot (Droid) on your radar. Find the other Morbot
     switch, and go thru the door. Use the loader (hover-craft) to move the plug
     that's in the pool. Go back to where the Droid was and drop down. Follow the
     passage-ways to the Droid.
     Level 22 - Morbot Region: Fire It Up
     Burn the grate, and drop into the room. Jump onto a pedestal and burn either
     grate to the side of the force field. Jump up into the hole and follow the
     passage. Burn either grate closest to where you enter the room (not the ones
     dead ahead), and enter the hole. Follow the narrow passage to a round room,
     turn left. Jump up into the tube and follow it to a fork (take the left one).
     Open the door and enter the room. At the end of the room, jump into the hole.
     At the bottom, exit and turn left. Enter the opening at the end of the room.
     In the next room, follow the ramps to the top. Jump on the two Morbot switches,
     then use the black pipe to get to the other side. Jump on the two switches on
     that side, then take the ramps back to the bottom.
     Enter the same hole you came in thru, and follow the passage back. In the next
     room turn right and enter the round tube. At the top, exit and use a jump-pad
     to cross the room. Find, and jump into the open tube, and follow it to a hole.
     Drop down and follow it to an opening above, Triple jump out, then exit. In the
     last room, step on the switch, cross the bridge, and activate the elevator.
     The triple jump button timing can be tough. I just press jump five or six times
     rapidly. It works most of the time.
     Level 23 - Mil City Hub: The Hand Is Mightier
     Grab the chip from the crate at the end of the street (left side, across the
     water). Use it at the switch up in the tower, and jump up into the hole that
     opens. Put your weapons away, then follow the tunnel. Walk over to the Droid by
     the turtle-transport, and talk to him (Y button).
     Level 24 - Mil City Hub: Find The Spy Factory
     If you played the OXM Demo, it's Deja Vu time. Destroy the generator at the end
     of the street to power down the electrical barrier. Jump into the tunnel and
     follow it to an ante-room. Tether the Mil Bot at the end of the next short
     tunnel. When it gets quiet, move up the large tunnel into the next area.
     Destroy the generators in the two large buildings to turn off the electricity,
     then jump onto the conveyor belt.
     Level 25 - The Spy Factory: Unhandled Exception
     Follow the passage-ways to the assembly area. Grab the wrench from the crate,
     and destroy the console. Use the wrench to disassemble yourself. When your head
     has been picked up, use the wrench again and walk to the torso area.
     Disassemble, then after the torso is grabbed, reassemble.
     Move to the leg area, disassemble.
     Wait until Hans leaves the room. Open _and close_ the lockers (Y button)
     methodically during he times he is away, until you find the chip. You must be
     back inside the circle when Hans enters the room.
     Perform any tasks that are preceded by "Simon sa.." I mean, perform any tasks
     that are preceded by "Command".
     Win at Rocket FFA, then go thru the door and into the crate. Listen to the
     conversation, then shoot the front of the crate to get out of it. Go thru the
     Level 26 - Mil City Hub: Access The Ruins
     Drive the RAT across the first gap. Grab the Det-pak out of the bunker, and use
     it to blow the barricade. Follow the tunnel to the next area. Grab the Det-pak
     from the crate in the corner, behind the right fence. Blow the barricade, and
     enter the tunnel. Grab the Det-pak from the top of the Sentry tower, and blow
     the barricade. Follow the road, jump the gap, enter the tunnel
     and drive to the end. Exit the RAT.
     Level 27 - Ruins Of The Iron Star: Seen Better Days
     Follow the blue torches, using the tunnels, catwalks, ramps, and bridges as
     needed, to get to the inner ruins.
     Level 28 - Ruins Of The Iron Star: The Snipers Lair
     Again the blue torches mark the path. Pick up Goff's body parts (hard to miss,
     torso, legs, head) along the way.
     Level 29 - Mil City Hub: Secret Rendezvous
     Grab the Det-pak from the turtle transport, and the chip from the Grunt in an
     open hut. Blow the door, then use the chip at the Control Console on top of the
     Sentry tower. Tether a Grunt in the room with a Mil spawner, and use it to open
     the door in the second area. Go thru the door and move up the street toward the
     tunnel. Optional: Enter the red-lit booth with Glitch.
     Level 30 - Mil City Center: Bright Lights Mil City
     Follow the elevated tram rails (above) until you see a tunnel on the right. Go
     thru the tunnel, then pick up the tram tracks again. Follow them until you see
     a tunnel door at the top of an incline. Enter the tunnel.
     Level 31 - Mil City Center: Get To The Tower
     Tether a Trooper, and fly onto the roof of the Tank garage. Drop inside and
     press the switch to open the gate. With Glitch, use the tank to crash the
     barrier at the tunnel entrance. At the end of the tunnel, use the zip-line on
     the statue to get over the tall concrete wall.
     Level 32 - Droid Town: Unwelcome Home
     Basically the "Clean Up" level revisited. Clear the first area. Go thru the
     tunnel. Clear the second area. Go back thru the tunnel, and clear the area.
     Level 33 - Coliseum: Fifteen Minutes
     Kill all comers.
     Level 34 - Coliseum: Round Two
     Kill all hostiles (three waves).
     Level 35 - Coliseum: Last Bot Standing
     Kill the first wave of Grunts, then the second, then the Predator.
     Level 36 - Coliseum: Fall To Pieces
     Find the crate with a wrench inside, get the big guy to open the crate for you
     with his missiles, then use it under one of the hollow blocks.
     Level 37 - Wastelands: Race to the Rocket.
     Grab all your stuff! (Anything you can't do without at least. You must get the
     tether.) Drive (fast ;) to the concrete barricade, run to the next RAT, drive
     to the rocket.
     Level 38 - Mil Space Station: One Small Step
     Ride the lift up to the raised platform. Press the switch to move the magnet,
     then shoot it loose. Go thru the now accessible door and follow the hall
     around. Use the Loader to move a small crate to gain access to the other raised
     platform. Jump up to the ledge outside the space station, and follow it around
     to another opening. Jump in.
     Level 39 - Mil Space Station: Fully Operational
     Go thru the door, then drop down to the bottom of the large room. Use the jump-
     pad, then cross the bridge. Go thru the door and follow the passage-way to an
     open room. In the next room use a tethered Trooper to fly to the top and press
     the switch to lower the elevator. With Glitch, use the elevator to get to the
     top, then go thru the door and down the hall.
     Level 40 - Mil Space Station: Bring It Down
     One of the Mils in the passage-way at the far end of the first area has a chip
     for the locked door. In the second area, use the jump-pad in the pit at the far
     end of the area to get to a switch that lowers the force-field. In the third
     area, a side passage-way goes around the force-field. In the final area, the
     exit is at the far end, on the right side.
     Level 41 - Mil Space Station: General Corrosive
     Find the four chips hidden in the crates. Use them to activate the Control
     Console in the room at the top of the tower (use one of the jump-pads to
     get up there). As General Corrosive, kill most of the enemies, then use the
     console when it becomes active. (You will receive a transmission when the
     console is active.)
     Level 42 - Wastelands: Final Battle
     Kill the General.
     Spoilers Below!!!
    +----------------+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Tips and Tactics - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    +----------------+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This is my take on things. It's far from the last word on the subject. I am
     open to additions, and suggestions. I make no attempt to list all item
     locations, see the item location guide (at GameFAQs), or the other walkthrus.
     These tactics are aimed at "Nuts of Steel" (NoS) difficulty setting. (Enemies
     have more health, and their weapons do more damage to Glitch.)
     General tips: Saves are at level beginning. And there is only one game-save per
     profile. You can NOT replay a level for anything other than secret chips. If
     you have a mem card, you can use it to run multiple saves (use different
     profile names). You will have to rename, then transfer a save after every level
     (by exiting the game). I strongly recommend this if you have a mem card!
     Many times you'll be better off restarting the level if you hit a check-point
     with a feeling you could have done better. It's a good idea to reload the last
     check-point any time you feel you could have done better. (Once you reach a
     check-point you must replay the whole level.) AGAIN, when you finish a level
     there is NO GOING BACK to improve your ammo, or washer situation (without a mem
     card). Health is restored to max at level beginning. When a check-point is
     reloaded ("Load Last Save"), certain parameters are reset (enemy positions, AI
     statuses, ...). This may work to your advantage. In some cases, things may get
     worse, however.
     All of the weapons, and most of the Upgrades/EUKs can be found, save your
     washers for ammo and items. The Tether EUKs in particular can't be missed and
     are found soon after the Tether is acquired. And the prices on EUKs go down as
     the game progresses if you do want to buy some. (The Level 3 Scatter Blaster
     and Ripper EUKs (AFAIK) will need to be purchased if you want them. The level 2
     Scatter Blaster EUK is one to consider purchasing as well (especially on harder
     diff. settings). I personally prefer the Level 2 S.B. over the Level 3, due to
     my lack of trigger control. ;)
     Washers will be left behind by destroyed Mils, equipment, mail-boxes, and ATMs.
     Gold washers may be found loose.
     Although the third person camera sits tight, and the focal length is somewhat
     long, it can still be used to "peek". And while the left hand cover advantage
     (firing a right-hand weapon around a left side corner for cover) is not as
     great as in some FPSs, it still can be used at times. It works very well for
     the stationary overhead Sentries, and with the Slingshot, can also be used
     around right hand cover.
     The distance you can be seen increases when your round hits an enemy. If
     behind cover when the round hits (slow traveling projectiles like the Rockets
     and Rippers) you won't be seen. (Horizontal pop goes the weasel.)
     The AI is quite good, but no one is perfect. The Mil's combat tactics are
     challenging, but many of these guys fall asleep, forget you're there after
     seeing you (or at least where you were). Try to check out a room before blazing
     in. Hiding, and waiting can benefit you sometimes.
     The Mils will react to certain sounds (explosions, and other uncommon sounds).
     If they don't see you (and are not injured by what made the sound) they will
     become slightly alerted, and turn toward it. This can be used to your
     advantage, especially where the Tether is concerned. My favorite for this is
     the Level 2 or 3 Rivet Gun. The Tether can also be used. You can save EMP and
     Recruiter Grenades many times this way.
     Mils can self-heal lesser wounds (You'll need to kill, or majorly wound when
     sniping). This includes recruited and tethered Mils. The tether will also
     sometimes heal on initial tether or retether. (The life bar won't increase and
     limbs won't reappear, but broken joints will be repaired.)
     Use (or watch out for) the environment, a lot of it is explosive. (Washers will
     also be found by destroying more than just the enemies.) Remember (as noted by
     Mike McDevitt in his FAQ), Cleaners fire three rockets. You can target _up to_
     three enemies. A Cleaner targeting one enemy delivers a substantial punch.
     Cleaners come in paks of two, try to pick them up when you are empty.
     Remember that the Slingshot will fire Recruiters, Magma Bombs, and EMPs as well
     as the venerable Coring Charges. Even using just Coring Charges, it is a
     formidable long and medium range weapon. The Magma Bombs are extremely powerful
     (although slow). Save them for the larger enemies. (One shot kills on NoS
     difficulty for Titans and Predators are possible.)
     Assisted targeting is not auto-aim. You will hit more often if the reticule is
     close to the target (you can still affect the point of impact). As far as I can
     tell, turning it off seems only to lessen the effect unless the scope is being
     used (most noticeable at long range). You can try turning it off when using the
     Rocket Launcher close range as a radius damage weapon.
     Adjust the analog sensitivity to your preference. Consider readjusting it for
     various situations. The aiming reticule can be used to spot distant enemies of
     course. (The Scatter Blaster reticule is short range, it won't pick up distant
     Recruit the strongest enemies, but tether any you can. A tethered enemy can
     almost always be used to some advantage. (A tethered enemy dying near Glitch
     while being attacked on the other hand...)
     Always ammo up before leaving a level (back-track to the Barter Droids if you
     need to). Reload your weapon during lulls in the action, and before putting it
     away. The tactics below assume conservation of ammo, and special secondary
     weapons (EMPs, Recruiters, Magma Bombs, Cleaners). They also assume stocking up
     at the Barter Droids at every opportunity.
     Level 1 - Droid Mines: Hero Training
     Training level, not too tough even on NoS.
     When you free the trapped miners, there is Energy in the hole they were in, and
     going in there spawns another pak of Coring Charges.
     Level 2 - Mil Mines: Do Ore Die
     Use the hanging pipe at the beginning to jump up into the vents. (Don't shoot
     the wires holding up the third pipe.) This will get you the battery (and an
     instant life-up), and Spew first thing. While up in the vents, before firing on
     any Grunts, find the opening that looks out on some red wires. Cutting them is
     good for a couple of easy Grunt kills.
     If you are having trouble with the first Leech, consider leaving the Fire-Buddy
     power-up in the hall for it. Then after pressing the switch, jump off and
     quickly go get it. Another tactic is to drop off, run by the Droid's cells to
     get all them moving, then run back into the hall you entered the room from.
     Even on NoS, the Droids can handle usually themselves just fine. (The Leech may
     get stuck on top though, and you'll have to bait it down for it's washers.) The
     second Leech is much easier, try to take it out in the hall.
     Ignore the Colonel, you have time to grab the washers, and ammo.
     Level 3 - Mil Mines: Seal the mines
     You can play cat and mouse at the rocks where you first see Grunts if you are
     low on ammo, or are losing too much health.
     When you drop down to the lake, there is a crate nearby with a power-up
     (Shield). You can grab them and rush in guns-a-blazin, but on NoS you may want
     to sneak around, and take on the enemies one or two at a time*. (This also
     saves the Shield for the next room.)
     You can grab the Loader (hover-craft) when the Loader-Grunt is away, and follow
     the left wall to a cave opening (this will trigger a checkpoint). From inside
     it you can fight from cover (two Grunts, and a Snarq will see you). The closest
     of the two Grunts has energy, shoot at him then retreat to the cave. He will
     probably come in, grab him and move back to safety. Shoot him while he's in the
     pincers. Now ease back out into the room and search for lone enemies, using the
     cross-hair to locate distant enemies in the dark.
     When you locate a distant target, start firing while watching for signs your
     hitting them. If not, ease forward a little. There is a magic distance where
     your fire is much more accurate than theirs. (Yours is still somewhat
     inaccurate, so it will take awhile to kill them, and you'll still need to get
     the cross-hair on them even with aim assist). The Loader Grunts won't even
     return fire if the distance is right. Work your way around the room slowly and
     clear it. (Backup, or retreat to the cave for cover if rushed.)
     When the room is clear, gather ammo and items. Grab the Shield last (if you
     left it), then quickly high-tail it for the next room. Take out the Snarqs,
     then work on the Grunts. Consider getting out of the Loader when the Shield
     wears off, and using cover and Coring Charges to clean up. (The Rivet Gun is
     weak until upgraded, but is accurate at long distance.) When your done, cross
     the bridge, and go into the tunnel.
     The Barter Droids appear for the first time in this level now. "Buy no weapons
     or Upgrades yet" is my recommendation. (The Scatter Blaster is almost worth it,
     just for the ammo though.) Get some energy and _ammo_ if you need to, then drop
     down the hole.
     Drop down onto the beam, and then down to the floor from the left side of it.
     You will probably want to find cover, and fight from it. (Behind the crate or
     the vertical pipe works.) Try to make every round count, ammo is scarce. When
     the lower room is clear, blow the generator, and clear the top section. Jump
     into the crusher opening, and move up to the door.
     Move far enough ahead to just open the door. Move to the right, and you will
     see the first red cable, shoot it with the Ripper. Then locate the Grunt below
     and close, and take him out (Coring Charges work well). Ease your way slowly
     into the room and to the right, around the room, shooting the red cables as you
     can. The room should be clear when the last ingots fall. Check the room for
     goodies, then find the elevator. Grab the det-paks in the crate nearby, and
     ride down. You will probably be low on ammo. There three Grunts to kill (the
     two at the bottom can be left.)
     When you place the third Det-pak, the level ends.
     Level 4 - Droid Town: Clean Up
     Look around, and stock up after clearing the first area. (Check your friendly
     fire, the Droids are pretty fair fighters. The Barter-Bots will be in the
     tunnel that leads to the second section. Grab some ammo if you really need it,
     and perhaps a Cleaner-pak, but I'd recommend saving the rest of your washers
     for later.
     In the second area, use the jump-pad behind the tunnel exit, and grab a Rocket-
     Launcher then use the zip-line to the roof (Shield). In the garage you'll find
     a Mega-Energy. A Cleaner-pak can be found at the end of one of the elevated
     passage-ways. Clear the room, then use the jump-booster near the garage to get
     to the last area.
     In the last area I could only find a Mega-Energy (jump-booster near the
     entrance), and the Fire-Buddy & Shield power-up pair at the far end. I'd
     recommend saving those for the mini-boss (Elite Guard) that appears when the
     area is cleared of Grunts. (Save some ammo too, and maybe a Cleaner, and
     remember the loader has unlimited ammo.)
     Killing the Elite Guard ends the level.
     Level 5 - Wastelands: Wasteland Thunder
     Get to the _left_ side of the canyon to avoid the first aerial patrol attack,
     or you will probably take heavy damage. Try to use the short-cuts, and avoid
     hitting the explosives. In the section with water, avoid the water (go down the
     right side, "bee-lining" to not waste time). In the green tunnel where the
     aerial patrol attacks from the front, slowing at the right moment may be the
     easiest way to avoid being hit. Luck (pseudo-random game elements) will play a
     part, so persevere. On NoS, you can afford almost no damage from anything but
     the RATs.
     Level 6 - Wastelands: They live
     There is plenty of Scatter Blaster ammo and energy, but only if you conserve.
     Let the Grunts and ZombieBot fight it out in the first room (wait behind the
     debris where you found the Scatter Blaster), then kill the Zombie. Run up and
     under the small bridge and get the Scope, wait a few seconds then retreat to
     the first room while they fight. Kill the survivor, then move up to trigger the
     next Zombie-Mil battle, and retreat to the small bridge. (From the lower end of
     the bridge, you can jump up onto the green rimmed cylinder, practice getting up
     When it gets quiet, move up and bait a Zombie or two, then run across the
     bridge and jump up onto the cylinder, then  kill them from there. Rinse and
     repeat, then move on up to the green tunnel. (There is a Mega-Energy item and
     Coring Charges in the alcove above the big nut). At the end of the green
     tunnel, drop down the slope and move toward the Grunt just enough to trigger
     the Zombie. Immediately jump back up the slope and get to the end of the green
     tunnel. Kill the Zombie if it comes for you (back away shooting the Scatter
     Blaster). Ease back into the tunnel and follow it to the opening. (There may be
     another Zombie, be ready to run back to a open area or the cylinder.)
     When you drop down out of the tunnel opening, a large beam will fall and kill
     the two rocket Grunts, so drop down and head toward the corner. Back away when
     the fight starts, and then kill the survivor. Ease around the corner and take
     out the Grunt on the island. Cut the cables to take out the two Grunts on the
     bridge (you will lose their Rivet Gun ammo, which is scarce in this level). Go
     to the left of the bridge and grab the ammo, then jump up onto the overlook.
     You will see a rusty steel arch on the edge of the river, drop down and head
     toward the upper (river side) edge of it.
     When you get to it, turn and jump downhill to the ledge on it. Move along the
     ledge to where you are next the river and move out over the river as far as you
     can without falling in. (You want to be just past the middle away from the side
     the Zombies are on.) The ZombieBots should fall in the river trying to get to
     The two ZombieBots in the cages will reward their benefactors, so use the
     Ripper to free them for two powerful allies. Clean out the room close to where
     they were hanging, and grab the goodies*. Exit, and help the Zombies kill the
     Grunts that come. (A few Rivet Gun rounds will wound them enough to make easy
     pickins for your buddies.
     *I'd recommend saving the Magma Bombs for the "Into the Trenches" level.*
     Move to the corner and two more Grunts will arrive. Farther around the corner,
     a Grunt being chased by a Zombie will appear. Help your buddies, then snipe
     (Rocket or Rivet) the Grunt on the water tank, and the one at the raised
     doorway before crossing the second river. Next kill both of the Grunts
     patrolling the far bank of the river by rocketing one of the two drums they
     pass near at the right time.
     You can bypass the steel door (the one hanging by a small rubber belt) by
     double-jumping onto the building to the left of it. You will trap two
     enemy ZombieBots outside the compound, and not trigger one inside.
     In the final area, you can take out the ZombieBots, and the Grunts on the
     bridge. Or jump to the rusty beam and from the end of it to the ground, then
     jump onto the ducting under the bridge and hide where the secret chip and
     Scatter Blaster ammo are.
     Entering the pipe ends the level.
     Level 7 - Wastelands: Wastelands Journey
     A speed-run (after grabbing the Slingshot) with carefully timed pauses* and
     jumps* (and a little luck) can get you to the far end of the catwalks and
     tunnels quickly, and with little loss of health. You will have to kill the
     three Grunts in the short tunnel at the end (one or two may be just outside the
     entrance.) Turn the valve on the pipe in the last tunnel (Scatter Blasters
     behind it), and wait for the water to recede. You can snipe some of the
     ZombieBots from here (Rockets or Slingshot), and back track for washers, ammo,
     and Energy. (you should probably at least take out the one/s at the lower
     tunnel opening.) You may still have to kill one or two with the Scatter
     Blaster, depending on how far back you go. (Take the catwalks and tunnels back,
     not the zip-line.) This was the only way I could get thru on NoS.
     *You'll be jumping over the Grunts and Z-Bots. And pausing at the top of the
     ramp that leads down to the bridge, until the two Z-bots start up the ramp.
     You'll also need to cut the corner (by double-jumping) just past the bridge.
     And perhaps pause on the catwalk after the tunnel to take out the Rocket Grunts
     near the zip-line.*
     If you decide to take on the ZombieBots one, and two at a time, working your
     way to the valve, you can trap the first one. (Jump the gap, kill the Grunt
     quickly, and grab the Slingshot. Let the ZombieBot see you, then jump back
     across the gap. When the ZombieBot enters the cave, jump back across.) You can
     try to trap the next two, but they may split, trapping you. Once they're dead,
     snipe the Grunts in the pipe and cave on the canyon wall on the other side. The
     two ZombieBots that drop onto the bridge aren't too bad. The next one you can
     jump over, and it will probably attack the Grunt. Take out the Grunts by the
     zip-line as you run to the valve. This works on normal, but...
     When you're done up top, jump down onto the long bridge from zip-line ledge. At
     the bottom, the Barter-Bots are in the door to the right. Four ZombieBots will
     exit this door as soon as it opens. (Two more are inside asleep.)
     Walk down the bridge until the door opens, then turn and run up onto other
     bridge. Wait as long as you dare, to get all the Zombies chasing you, then run
     across the bridge. Turn right at the end of the bridge and jump onto the block
     with a secret chip on it. (You may have to move close to the edge to bait one
     or two Z-Bots.) Go back to the door and grab the power-ups under the ramp. Go
     into the room, and quickly kill the Zombies inside. Visit the B-Boys, they have
     some new stuff. (Tough decision here. The Scatter Blaster and SPEW upgrades are
     reasonable. Both are available for free not too far ahead, but they may be
     worth it. Grab some Cleaners.)
     When you're done shopping, head to the other door and go inside. (There are
     Scatter Blasters behind the pile of scrap to the right of this door (outside).
     The door will close as soon as you enter, but the ZombieBots won't assemble for
     a while. You can use the time to get up onto the thin piece of metal that
     bisects the block on the left, and kill them from up there. Rockets work great
     in here, when the Z-Bots are bunched up. The doors, and the gate to Mozer will
     open once the room is cleared.
     I'd recommend saving the Cleaners for later (or restocking before ending the
     Approaching Moser ends the level.
     Level 8 - Wastelands: Mozer Schmozer
     Let the ZombieBots do most of the work, they're easy to kill afterward (melee,
     or stomp). Running thru, swiping at anything in your way can also work.
     Level 9 - Wastelands: ZombieBot King
     I'd recommend the Scatter Blaster, SPEW, or Rivet Gun to wear him down, and
     open his mouth (toss in a Coring Charge). Rinse and repeat, killing the
     ZombieBots he spawns near the end if need be.
     Ammo is along the wall, and more ammo and items are in the covered holes in the
     ground. In one hole is the power-up, Fleet-Foot. Coring Charges are in there as
     well. Very near that hole is a vertical pipe with two bends. There is a Mega-
     Energy that will fall out of it if he hits it with the spiked ball. Another
     hole has another Mega. (The ZombieBots also drop Energy.) Get "Ugly" to drag
     his mace ball across the covered holes to open them.
     Cleaners will instantly "drop his jaw" on normal. On NoS, it will take three or
     so Level 2 Scatter Blaster shots after the Cleaner.
     The level ends when he dies. (Try to ammo up before killing him, it can help
     considerably in the following levels.)
     Level 10 - Mil Comm Center: Into the Trenches
     There are many opportunities to snipe and bushwhack in this level. The Rivet
     Gun or Rocket Launcher (should now be level 2 also) can both work well for
     sniping, but there is more Rivet Gun ammo in this level. A combo of both (three
     Rivet hits, then the Rocket launcher) is a good compromise. The Scatter Blaster
     is the weapon of choice for bushwhacking. (See the Item Location Guide at
     GameFAQs for ammo.)
     There are Coring Charges on top of the third mesa, right at the start. Sniping
     before using the zip-line can take out most of the enemies before you drop
     down. (All of the enemies above the trenches can be sniped if you find the
     right spot.) Stay away (far away) from the tunnel entrance until you are ready
     to leave (Titan).
     I'd recommend the Scatter Blaster and Coring Charges to clear the trenches.
     (Move slowly, and bushwhack.) You can bait the Titan* out of the tunnel (after
     grabbing ammo, energy, Rocket Launcher EUK, and the EMP Grenade) then drop into
     the trenches (near the bottom of the zip-line), and sneak back out and go thru
     the door, saving the EMP and ammo for what's ahead (he has no washers, but does
     have energy and ammo).
     *The Titan will usually drop into the trenches after running around a bit.
     Down in the tunnels after the elevator, a Scout* will have to be dealt with.
     If it sounds the alarm, Grunts will come from a side room (Scatter Blaster ammo
     inside). You can snipe or bush-whack most of the enemies in the next section.
     The Det-pak* is at the top of the first tower. The Titans here both carry many
     washers, and double energy. With a Magma Bombs or Cleaners they aren't too much
     of a problem (bush-whacked). (It'll take more than two Cleaners on NoS. I'd
     recommend a Magma for the first one, and Cleaners, rockets and perhaps the EMP
     for the next.)
     *The Level 2 Scatter Blaster works best (IMHO) for Scouts, but the Rocket
     Launcher is also effective.
     <You don't have to use the Det-pak, the wall can be jumped using the grey rock
     outcropping on the right side. Exploit: No enemies will show on ground level
     except the Titan. You can get back to the first tower area in the same place.>
     There are two Scouts in the next tunnel. The last open area is also ripe for
     sniping. (Snipe as many Grunts as you can before dropping down.) The last
     Titans are best avoided if possible, just get to the zip-line and ride it.
     The level ends when you run into the tunnel after the zip-line.
     Level 11 - Mil Comm Center: Infiltrate the Compound
     I'd recommend taking on the major enemies outside the compound one at a time,
     and sniping the lesser ones when possible. (Leave the first Titan and his
     buddies.) The Tank Grunt* is fairly easy to kill while circling him. Consider
     using an EMP* on the Titan at the door (sneak up from the right with the Tank,
     after getting him to turn toward the left side of the door). Consider using the
     Tank to take out the Titans* inside the first area of the compound as well.
     *After taking out the two Grunts near the tunnel opening (careful not to alert
     the Titan nearby), jump in the Tank. Skirting the edge, ease toward the Rivet
     Grunt near the corner. Wait for the Tank Grunt to head away from you in his
     patrol pattern, then move back to the corner. (You may have to get fairly close
     to the Rivet Grunt to trigger the Tank patrol, back away when the Tank
     Wait for the Tank to stop near some rocks, then race toward it. Steer to the
     left of the Rivet Grunt, and he will roll under the Tank. Rush the Tank Grunt
     and circle closely while firing both weapons at him. Avoid firing toward the
     Titan at the door. Grab the washers, then head toward the far end of the open
     area and grab the EMP Grenade.
     Follow the rock wall to the corner of the last large rock. When the patrolling
     Titan is moving away, fire a few Tank primary rounds at the Titan by the door.
     Then use the rock as cover to fight him. You'll be trying to injure him with
     radius damage while staying just behind the rock to avoid his fire. (If you
     saved the Magma Bombs, you may want to use one on him instead.)
     When he's gone, take on any Grunts remaining near the door. For the patrolling
     Titan, attack with primary and secondary fire when he is far off. Move to avoid
     his missiles, and retreat to the rock if he gets to close. Move into the
     compound to sound the alarm, then retreat outside and grab the Tank. Use it to
     kill the Titans, and then the Grunts. Collect the loot in the first section of
     the compound, then move thru the doors to the next.
     The doors will close behind you when you enter the second area, but reopen
     after the second Titan is killed. Take out the Grunts and Scouts, and free the
     captive miners. The prisoners you free are well armed, but I would recommend a
     hide and seek approach to dealing with the larger enemies. (This will probably
     result in an early demise for your rebel buddies.) Head for the building with
     the Control Console as soon as it's safe to do so. Clear the last area with
     remote control Grunts.
     The elevator ride ends the level.
     Level 12 - Mil Comm Center: Destroy Comm Array
     Use the Control Console to take control of a Grunt. Jump on the Tank, and take
     out as many enemies as you can with him. (If the Titan starts hassling him at
     the start, run back inside, or reload the level.) Approach the assault
     transport with the Tank as Glitch, and begin firing at the top of the door as
     soon as it opens. Start strafing as soon as the Titans start firing. Take out
     the Grunts that run in from the next area, then grab Energy if you need it. The
     Barter-Droids (they show up now) have Energy also. (Buy, and save for the
     levels ahead, a Magma Bomb and Recruiter Grenades.)
     Use the Tank to clear the next area (pound everything from outside before
     baiting in a Titan). You may want to take out the Snarqs with another weapon
     first (I like the Rivet Gun, strafing). You can also use the Tank to clear the
     assault transport before going in for the Det-paks.
     The level ends when you go thru the door at the end of the catwalks.
     Level 13 - Mil Comm Center: Hold Your Ground
     Crank the "Look Sensitivity" as high as you can stand. Position the reticule at
     a position that allows seeing all three openings. As soon as you see movement,
     get a red cross-hair and pull both triggers. (Some people recommend short
     bursts with the primary weapon. Try it.) The RATs are easiest to get as they
     come out of the tunnels. The secondary weapon travels slowly and in an arc, so
     target the lead vehicle in a line. The red striped fuel tanks have a fairly
     large blast radius, and can be used to take out RATs in a pinch. The second
     wave is the hardest, and the difficulty will vary slightly with each try.
     Consider using a rubber band on the triggers, and turning off the vibration to
     save your hands. Good luck with the speed chip. ;|
     Level 14 - Mil R&D Labs: What Research?
     Use the Shield to take out the Titan, and whatever else you can. (The
     Scientists carry Washers, Energy, EMPs, and Cleaner-paks. They also repair your
     enemies (kill 'em). If you have a Recruiter, you may want to sign up the Titan
     behind the turtle-transport. If not, you can just fire a Rivet into the wall
     behind him (after taking out the Grunts in the room). Then sneak into the
     turtle-transport for the Det-pak. (This level is much easier with a Titan on
     your side.)
     Be sure to visit the Barter-Boys. In the final room, kill the Scientist to open
     the exit. A Titan will pop up as you approach the elevator. You should have
     plenty of EMPs. One of those and the Fire-Buddy nearby should make relatively
     short work of him. I'd recommend leaving this level with as close to a full
     compliment of secondary weapons as you can.
     The level ends when you get on the elevator that the Titan rides up.
     Level 15 - Mil R&D Labs: The Search for Krunk
     Listen the Colonel, and take out the Mil Bot spawners first. You should be able
     to get them all and not take fire from the Sentry (use cover to stay out of
     it's view). You may want to toss a Recruiter at the Sentry when the room is
     cleared. (Or use an EMP, then mount the gun. The turret will be recruited when
     you dismount.)
     You can use the switch room for cover after pressing the switch inside, but the
     door is tough to throw Grenades thru. Cleaners, EMPs, and Magma Bombs can help
     considerably. The Grunts are recruitable, but will mostly just annoy the Elite
     Guards temporarily. (I used the Rocket Launcher from the doorway. Move
     cautiously after you exit this room, there are hidden Sentries.
     Once you have control of a Rivet Grunt, I'd recommend using it to clear the
     next room as far as the signal will hold. Then use him to shoot the grate near
     the door, and walk him into the hole. Follow the passage with him, and shoot
     the grate above to get out and press the door switch.
     There will be recruitable enemies ahead. Don't go into the overhead duct (Rivet
     Gun up there) until you use the Control Console. Try to take out as many Mil
     spawners in the final room as you can with the remote control Guard. Use the
     Shield power-up to finish the room.
     The level end when the last Guard dies.
     Level 16 - Mil R&D Labs: F&!?ing Krunked
     Tether the sleeping Grunt up top, and use it to help thin out the bots below.
     Then drop down with Peg-leg, then use EMP grenades and the Tether to gain
     control of a Titan. (Or just tether the nearby Titan right off the bat.) Use it
     to clear the room then commit suicide. (Search for hiding bots if the door
     doesn't open.)
     Level 17 - Mil R&D Labs: You Know The Drill
     This is the first Tether level, and opportunity abounds. An almost unlimited
     supply of Recruiter Grenades (and Cleaners) is available (if you're bucks up).
     There are quite a few EMPs as well. So not much reason to risk Glitch's skin.
     Almost all enemies are susceptible to recruiting and tethering. (Including a
     Predator, have that Slingshot handy. I wonder what Krunk would have to say
     about the D-port placement on Predators?) Two of the major enemies I remember
     not being recruitable, were easily dispatched with the drill. On normal diff.,
     this level is a romp.
     Get familiar with the Tether, particularly distracting enemies to set them up.
     The Tether itself can be used to distract, but also try the Rivet Gun. If fired
     from far enough away, the initial sound won't alert and the enemy will turn
     toward the explosion (if it's reasonably close). Careful though not to let the
     explosion damage them, or they will seek out the source. When using the Tether
     to distract, think of it as a mortar. And remember, it's quite loud when fired.
     The first Grunt can be used to take out the Sentry, and some of the enemies in
     the drill area. (You will have to leap-frog him, the Tether reception isn't too
     good.) You may even be able to get the Titan turned so you can sneak up and
     Tether him without using an EMP or Recruiter. (You can also get him to turn
     away by distracting him.) The Titan by the stacked pipes is also easily
     distracted. (You'll need to clear out the Grunts below, then go outside the
     room by the window and distract him.
     The last two Titans in the level can be rocket-sniped by jumping onto the drill
     to bring them out, then going back to the switch and pressing it again to raise
     the drill. (If you aren't visible when the rocket/s hit them they will not
     attack.) The funnest way to try to take them out is with a tethered Predator.
     (Check your objectives afterward.) Ammo up, and try to take some secondary
     weapons (Recruiter and EMPs) to Morbot City.
     The level ends in the elevator on the far side of the drill.
     Level 18 - Wastelands: Wastelands Chase
     Try to use the explosive elements of the level to damage the enemies.
     Anticipate the enemies ahead. You'll need to minimize the time enemies get to
     fire at you. (Dead Bots don't fire.) It will be easier to do when you know the
     level. On NoS, it will be very hard. There isn't a lot of random elements that
     can help, but there are a few. Rubber band on the trigger time again (careful
     at the end, you will waste some ammo if you forget the rubber band). At the end
     don't shoot the explosives unless Vlax's RAT is close to them. (The one at the
     end of the building needs to be shot when you aren't near it.)
     Level 19 - Morbot Region: Morbot City
     All of the enemies in the level are recruitable, and the Grunts have open D-
     ports. (I'd recommend waiting until the first enclosed room to recruit
     Troopers, though.) The tether reception varies in here. You can see a good
     distance at most times in this level. Sniping can work well. You may want to
     get rid of the pink vacuum tubes when searching for enemies with the targeting
     reticule. Discharge recruits before scouting a new area for sniping targets.
     You can bypass the bridges (and Troopers) at the very start by jumping across
     the water on the left side.
     In the first room, you can recruit the Trooper up on a ledge to the left from
     the door. (Time it so the loader Grunt is moving away. Use the Slingshot.) You
     may want to also use a cleaner quickly to help him out. Then retreat to the
     tube and let him work. (It may take awhile.) Then ease into the room, and
     reconnoiter. There may be a Grunt you can tether. Stay away from the exit door
     until this room is clear. (The second and third Troopers in this room will be
     near that exit door, BTW (if they didn't enter the fray. They are weak,
     Cleaners work well.)
     Consider tethering the Rivet Grunt in the tube between the first and second
     enclosed rooms. (He is right by the door, and you will have to distract him.)
     You can use him to weaken the troopers that drop down in the second room.
     Better though is to quickly enter the second room far enough to trigger the
     Troopers, then throw a recruiter and retreat back into the tube (throw it
     close, not far). The troopers will rush the door and should both be zapped by
     it.) An EMP Grenade and a few Scatter Blaster rounds, or a Cleaner can also
     take care of these two. (The tube is a checkpoint, so you can try different
     tactics.) The second Predator in here can be safely sniped from a long ways off
     (it will be stationary).
     I'd recommend tethering the Grunt in the tube between the second and third
     (last) enclosed rooms (easy tether). Use him to weaken the two Troopers and two
     Leeches, then and clean up with Glitch.
     The Level ends thru the door with a hologram switch. (I'd recommend taking at
     least a Cleaner to the next level.)
     Level 20 - Morbot Reactor: I, Predator
     You can tether the Grunt and take out most of the enemies below. A pair of
     Cleaners can make short work of the Troopers that show up next.
     When piloting the Predator, the primary fire leads the body when turning, the
     secondary trails. (I'd recommend the secondary for stationary targets, or while
     backing away and being chased.) Only one fire mode can be used at a time.
     The enemy Predators can fire straight up, but seemingly not as well as when
     firing level. You on the other hand can not fire up much at all. Try to stay
     above them when you can. And to one side or behind. Circle strafing works very
     You can just run to the end of the dock once the force-field is down, and jump
     into the hole. (If you fire on the Trooper as he leaves the hole, he usually
     tries to land in the water.)
     The level is effectively over when you jump into the hole.
     Level 21 - Morbot Reactor: The Reactor Core
     Tether the Trooper and kill what you can. Then drop down and clean up. Head
     around the corner and try out the Level 3 Rivet Gun. (Hold down the trigger
     after firing to cook the rivet, when it's bright orange it's done. A level 3
     rivet hit in the weapon, or weapon side arm on a Grunt will dislocate (and
     temporarily disable) that arm. Cooking the rivet, then releasing it will then
     destroy that arm.) Look down thru the glass floor for a view of what's ahead.
     Head to the jump-pads and get to the upper level.
     Up top I'd recommend just running to the next opening, rather than fighting the
     Troopers. (There are Cleaners and a Recruiter ahead though.) You can tether the
     Grunt in the tubes and use him to clear the way a bit, or just kill him and run
     thru. When you get to the large round open area with the elevator shaft in the
     center, fight (Grunts) your way around to the Morbot switch and go thru the
     door. (You can drop down and tether A Grunt if you're quick, and time the drop
     right. If it doesn't clear the room though, Glitch may wake up under fire.)
     After the cut-scene with Slosh, fight (Grunts) your way to the other Morbot
     switch. Kill the Grunts in the water room (the black pillars explode, a
     Recruiter may help), move the plug, and open the door. **When you move the
     plug, the door you entered thru is disabled. If you want to backtrack do it
     before you move the plug. You can get back to the very beginning of the level
     (tough, but doable).** The two Troopers won't attack until they see you, so you
     can use the room for cover, bushwhack. (You could also do some Recruiting,
     Cleaning, or Ee eM Peeing.)
     The level ends when you find Slosh.
     Level 22 - Morbot Reactor: Fire It Up
     Reload the Toaster any time you get a break in the action. On NoS, you'll
     probably be better off clearing the first room that has Grunts. Clear the
     passage-way before it of Swarmers, then fight from the passage. When its clear,
     back-track for energy before moving on. Work both doors to the next room to
     clear the top section. When it's clear, jump into the tunnel and trigger the
     Swarmers. Then exit the tunnel and drop down to the lower level at the end
     opposite the doors.
     In the room with the switches, the spiders will probably take care of the
     Grunts while you're hitting the switches. Kill the Snarqs when they get close.
     Grab any spare energy when you finish, and head back. Just run, grabbing any
     energy you see. (There will be two in the last tunnel.)
     Run, and double or triple jump thru the last room to the Morbot switch. Step on
     it to call the elevator, but don't wait for the bridge to form all the way. A
     double or triple jump will get you across. You might as well have the flame
     thrower going in this room (as long as it doesn't interfere with your view).
     Level 23 - Mil City Hub: The Hand Is Mightier
     First jump up onto the structure (elevator from Morbot City) the Barter Droids
     are behind. Use the scope and Rocket Launcher to Snipe the two Grunts on top of
     an overpass. (If you don't kill them, they may come for you. Two quickly fired
     Level 2 rockets will usually hit.) Drop down and bait the shielded Grunt into
     the alley you're in. Use the pipe in front of the elevator (the one on the left
     side) for cover and take him out. (Level 2 Scatter Blaster makes short work of
     him and his shield.)
     Spend some washers (I personally wouldn't upgrade the Rocket Launcher, but
     would stock up on special secondary weapons), and move up to where you can
     waste the grunt in the guard shack. (Don't go past the fence yet.) Move back
     into the alley, then ease up almost to the opening in the fence. Move to
     the green receptacle on the left, then along it to where the fence stops you.
     Face where you know the Titan is and put a rivet into the wall next to him. (As
     far down the wall as you can.) He'll turn toward the explosion, so sneak around
     the corner and up behind him with the tether out. Tether him, then park him in
     the alley as far from the street as you can. (Leave him facing away from the
     street of course, and don't put him where the Barter Droids will be.)
     Now head back out and cross the street, head to where the big pipe dumps into
     the water pit. (There may be a Grunt over near the pit.) Get to the wall there
     and sneak up it to where you can throw a Recruiter Grenade at the Turret. (This
     part is tricky, time it so the turret is facing away when you move out to throw
     it. And throw right at so the grenade doesn't go into the water.) It will soon
     target the Titan nearby, and trash it. Watch if you can it's hilarious (don't
     let him see you though).
     Head back to the alley and repo the Titan. Head up the street to where it just
     flattens out and target the Last Titan. Hold down both triggers and strafe left
     and right if you can stay on target. (Other wise just hold down the triggers.)
     If you strafe you should be able to survive, if not the other Titan will
     severely weakened. (A cleaner, or a few rockets should take it out.) Use your
     Titan (if it made it) to take out what grunts and turrets you can, and finish
     up by sniping your way up the street.
     When it's deathly quiet, grab the chip and all the goodies you can find and
     head to the tower. Use the chip, and take down the Predator. (Use cover and
     either the Rivet Gun or SPEW. A cleaner can really help, a Magma Bomb and the
     Slingshot can end it very quickly.) Stock up on any secondary weapons you used
     if they are available.
     The level ends when you talk to the Droid in the section after Shush.
     Level 24 - Mil City Hub: Find The Spy Factory
     First, discharge the two rebel miners so they don't muck things up. (They're
     long on courage, but short on sense.) Move up close enough to the door to just
     open it. Zoom in with the Scoped Rocket launcher and watch the two patrolling
     Grunts on the overpass. Fire of four or so rockets to catch them as they pass
     in the middle. You stand a good chance of taking them both out.
     Now target the doorway to the hut on the left nearby and ease into the open
     area while firing rockets (start firing just before you cross the threshold.
     You should be able to waste the SPEW Grunt that exits the hut without taking
     damage. (Two may exit.) Equip a close range weapon, move to the hut and finish
     the second one if necessary.
     The Titan should be out on the bridge now, use the slingshot to recruit him.
     Either tether him, or recruit the rebel miners again and use your mini-army to
     clear the area. (I have better luck tethering.) Drop the force-field and go
     thru the tunnel. Grab the Tether EUK, and tether the shielded Titan. Drop the
     force-field, and take on all comers. (This not an easy fight, use cover or keep
     moving.) You can go back for your first Titan if need be. (He will fit thru the
     Your troops may show up near the end of the battle, if not open the side door.
     Discharge them, grab the Tank, and head into the tunnel it came from. (You can
     take them with you, but I'd recommend leaving the Titan in reserve.) Trash the
     Sentry tower from the bottom of the ramp in the next open area, then ease up
     into the area at the top of the ramp.
     Kill the Grunts and destroy the Tank, then ease toward the closest big bunker
     and kill the Grunts that come from it and the tower. Finally, move to the
     opening of the other big bunker and kill the Titan that emerges. Trash the
     generators in the big bunkers to lower the force-field.
     The level ends when you ride the conveyor inside the fence.
     Level 25 - The Spy Factory: Unhandled Exception
     Make your way to the elevator and ride it down. (Use the corners for cover to
     take out the Sentries. The slingshot and Coring Charges work well for the left-
     hand ones.) Destroy the Scientist and the console and grab the wrench. Do the
     disassembly dance to get to Hans.
     The chip is in one of the lockers (random). Move only when Hans is out of the
     room. Close any lockers you open. Be back in the circle when he returns (the
     elevator will ding shortly before it opens).
     Move only when "commanded" (Simon says).
     Let the Spy Droids fight it out, then kill the last one.
     Get into the crate, listen to the conversation, then make some noise. Kill the
     Grunts, and go thru the door.
     The level ends just thru the door.
     Level 26 - Mil City Hub: Access The Ruins
     Conserve Scatter Blaster ammo for the next level (ZombieBots). With the tether,
     and the special secondary weapons available in this level, it shouldn't be too
     tough. Snipe, recruit, tether.
     Snipe the Mils you can from the top of the ramp (the exploding barrels are
     fun), then grab the goodies behind the compactors if you need them. Make the
     jump with the RAT, then sneak up to the corner. Kill any Grunts left outside,
     then distract and tether the Titan . Kill the Grunt in the hut, then use Titan
     to take out a Grunt or two in the next area. Mainly try to get the shielded
     Titan at the end of the street to come inside the tunnel, and turned away from
     If you were successful, you can now move into the tunnel, tether the shielded
     Titan, and clear out the Sentries and remaining Grunts in the area with him.
     (If not, recruit him then tether him.) When you're done, park him in a safe
     place, and grab the SPEW EUK behind the Sentry tower in the area on the left
     side of the road. (You can distract the Titan guarding it, or EMP him. He
     carries no goodies, BTW.)
     Grab the goodies out of the hut inside the right side fence (use the manhole in
     the street for access). Use a EMP Grenade to stun the Titan and Sentry behind
     the hut, then quickly tether the Titan and trash the sleeping Sentry. Take him
     into the next tunnel, and destroy the Titan and Grunts that come thru the door.
     (You'll have to strafe left and right to avoid at least some of their fire.)
     Finish up with your other Titan or with Glitch.
     Destroy any remaining recruits for goodies, then use the det-paks to blow the
     barricades. (A tethered Grunt will drive the RAT, but don't try to cross the
     water.) Fetch the RAT, and use it to cross the water. Ease up to near the
     corner, and snipe the Grunts around it. Then back up and take out the Sentry
     and Grunt in the tower. Clear out the rest of the Grunts behind the fence (mind
     the Titan behind the barricade), and grab the det-pak.
     This last Titan can't be recruited, and has no D-port, I'd recommend a Magma
     Bomb. There are two Grunts with him. Blow the barricade and go thru the tunnel.
     Just run over the last Grunts with the RAT, and jump the final canal. (Grab the
     Magma Bomb at the canal first.)
     The levels ends when you near the rubble (on foot).
     Level 27 - Ruins Of The Iron Star: Seen Better Days
     Conserving Scatter Blaster ammo should be a priority in this level. (Make every
     shot count, and don't pick up ammo until you can use all of it.)
     Let the action play out down in the open area around the corner, then finish
     off the survivors. (Keep an eye on your radar. The ZombieBots have keen
     senses.) Ease toward the orange flames, then kill the Z-Bot that breaks thru
     the fence (let him come to you). Get to the left wall and move along it to near
     the Rocket launcher and C-Charges. Snipe the Grunt, then continue along the
     wall to the first ramp.
     Go up it and move to the edge of the next ramp where you can snipe the Rivet
     Grunt. (He's up on a ledge, you'll just be able to see his weapon). Move into
     the passage-way and ease toward the corner to trigger another battle. When it's
     over, ease around the corner and locate the Rivet Grunt up in an alcove to the
     left. Take him out (and the survivor of the battle if you haven't already).
     Take out the Turret Grunt, then ease toward the turret. Kill the Z-Bot that
     assembles, then move toward the wall opposite the turret (check your ammo).
     Back off and wait for the battle to subside, then finish the survivors. Move
     thru the hole, and up the ramp. Ease into the next area and kill the Toaster
     Grunt below. Drop down, turn left, and move along the wall to trigger a couple
     of Z-Bots. If you wait out of sight, the Heavy Sentry should eventually take
     out the Z-Bots.
     Take out the Sentry, and head into the tunnel. At the bottom a Predator patrols
     the room. A Magma Bomb in the Slingshot will take it down or weaken it
     considerably (it's a tough shot unless you get the Predator's attention first).
     Send a rocket toward the Grunt on the bridge from the top of the ramp, then
     snipe the Grunt in the alcove to the left.
     Snipe the Turret Grunt above, then take the stairs up to the turret. (You can
     also jump across the water to avoid the next enemies.) Approach the entrance to
     the bridge, then stop and kill the Grunts that came across it. Snipe the two
     Rocket Grunts on the far side, then cross the elevated bridge. Move onto the
     low bridge at the bottom of the stairs, and kill the Z-Bot that assembles.
     (Last one, backtrack to fill the Scatter Blaster.)
     Cross the bridge and go into the short tunnel (you can jump from the bridge
     frame and avoid the next enemies, but it's a tougher go unless you toss an EMP,
     then tether the Titan). Turn left at the end of the tunnel and ease to the
     corner. Snipe the Heavy Sentry, then bushwhack the two Grunts around the
     corner. Ease up to the opening while hugging the left wall to trigger a Titan
     and some Grunts to crash thru a wall across the water. Hide behind the I-beam
     until they stabilize, then put a rivet into the wall behind the Titan.
     After it explodes and they all turn toward it, ease out and put another rivet
     into the wall to the left of the Titan. Drop down and sneak around the right
     side, tether the Titan and use him to take down the Grunts. Commit suicide to
     The level ends when you enter the tunnel they came from.
     Level 28 - Ruins Of The Iron Star: The Snipers Lair
     Strafe right just a bit, and snipe the Rocket Grunt. There is another in an
     alcove above, just around the first corner to the right. And a Rivet Grunt on
     some shootable pipes just past that (the pipe explosion will kill him, but
     he'll drop down as soon as he knows you're there). When they're gone move to
     where you can just see a Heavy Sentry. In an alcove to the left is an EMP,
     snipe the Sentry from there. (Bushwhack these guys with the Scatter Blaster if
     they attack. Try to save some ammo for the Z-Bots at the end of the level,
     Move back into the street, but don't move toward Goff's torso yet. There is a
     Rivet Grunt walking patrol along the wall below the Sentry emplacement. Snipe
     him, then two more a ways beyond him. Move almost to Goff's body then slowly
     move along the wall to the left of it (behind the green glassy pillars). Move
     to the to round rusty vertical pipes to the right, and use them for cover to
     snipe the Rivet Grunt up in an alcove. You can snipe another Rivet Grunt far
     off from these pipes as well. (You can also do all this with tethered Grunts.
     The first one and the one patrolling the wall are both easily tethered.)
     Move back to where Goff's body was, and equip an EMP Grenade and the tether.
     Move to a point below where the zip-line begins. Tether the patrolling Titan
     and use him to clear the area. (You can tether without the EMP if your timing
     is right.) Leap-frog him into the next section, and take out as many enemies as
     you can. You can safely destroy the first mortar by blowing the wall it's
     hidden behind, and firing on it while out of it's range. The second one can
     taken out by firing on it from near the first (you'll just be able to hit it's
     feet thru the debris). Be conservative with your Titan, he has a lot of enemies
     to kill.
     Use the pieces of wall on the ground to play pop goes the weasel with the next
     Titan (he can not be tethered or recruited). There are Z-Bots as you near the
     zip-line, and two Grunts and a Heavy Sentry that need to be destroyed before
     riding the zip-line. You can snipe both Grunts before entering the building
     with ramps up to the zip-line (one will only have his weapon visible). You can
     avoid the two Z-Bots inside the building by using the broken walls and rusty
     pipe to get up to the zip-line platform. (You will lose a few coins and some
     ammo though.)
     The level ends when you pick up Goff's head.
     Level 29 - Mil City Hub: Secret Rendezvous
     Snipe the patrolling Rocket Grunt. (A level 3 rivet hit in the weapon, or
     weapon side arm on a Grunt will dislocate (and temporarily disable) that arm.
     Holding down the trigger to cook the rivet, then releasing it will then destroy
     that arm.) Snipe the Sentry on the loading dock using the turtle-transport for
     cover, then the Heavy Sentry on the tower using one of the huts for cover. (The
     Grunt in the hut farthest from the tower may come looking if he hears a shot.
     When sniping it's best to not be visible to _any_ enemies.)
     Snipe the other Grunt on the loading dock, then take out the Grunts in the huts
     and tower. Grab the chip one of the hut-Grunts is carrying, and the Det-pak
     from the turtle-transport. Use the Det-pak on the door, then place the chip in
     the console on top of the tower. Use  your Titan to snipe the shielded Titan
     from behind the hole in the doorway for as long as you can, then try to take
     him out when he attacks. (Fire a rocket when he is moving away, then quickly
     hide.) Snipe the Grunts from the doorway, then the Predator. (An EMP followed
     by a Magma Bomb can take out the Predator quickly.)
     Step into the red-lit booth, and kill the Grunts that attack. (A Recruiter
     Grenade works wonders here.) Visit the B-Boys, then tether a Laser Grunt in the
     room where you got the Titan. Use the Grunt to press the red switch, and attack
     the Titan and Grunts that enter the area. Keep tethering Laser Grunts until the
     area is clear. (Stand off to the side of the mil spawner, and you can tether
     without an EMP or recruiter.) When the area is clear, do the same for the next
     one. (Once the Titan's shields are down, Magma Bombs are "da bomb" if you're in
     a hurry.)
     Move past where the last Titan was to end the level.
     Level 30 - Mil City Center: Bright Lights Mil City
     There many opportunities for recruiting and tethering. Damage taken by scouts
     from tethered or recruited Mils doesn't seem to alert them the way damage from
     glitch does (a recruited Titan reacts to alerted Scouts the way a proverbial
     elephant would to a mouse however). The Tram Grunts on this diff. setting are
     extremely tough, and may drop from the Tram if they see you. I'd recommend
     hiding from them until you have some extra firepower.
     While avoiding the Scouts and hiding from the Tram Grunts (listen for the Tram
     and let it go by once), trash the mailbox and ATM for washers. Use the jump-pad
     to get up to the walkway. Snipe the two Sentries in the towers, then when it's
     safe (Predator, Tram Grunts, Scouts) jump to the tower and ride the lift down.
     Grab the goodies here and in the other tower, then (when it's safe) sneak thru
     the gate. (Run thru the gate and clear to the alley on the left.)
     Head into the alley that takes off to the left before where the Titan is, and
     tether one of the Grunts by the turtle transport (I like the Rivet one). (If
     the alarm has gone off, you'll have to EMP the Grunts to tether one.) Use him
     to kill the Grunts at the end of the alley, and the one across the street. You
     should be able to weaken the Predator that cruises by, or even kill it by using
     the crates for cover. (You can also play pop-goes-the-weasel from the corner in
     the alley. You may be able to get the next pradator this way as well.)
     Finish off the Predator with Glitch if need be. Recruit the Titan and help him
     kill the Predator that patrols the next street. Tether him and Rocket the
     Scouts here into oblivion. (They won't alert unless you get too close. This can
     be a little tough because of the tether reception.
     Sneak down the right side of the street, and tether the Titan at the gate. (If
     he's facing you, put a rocket into the wall behind him from a ways off.) Take
     out the Sentries in the tower, then unlock the gate. Leap-frog him down to the
     alley just before the corner, and take out the Titan and Grunts here. (If you
     rocket the Titan thru the fence while in the alley and he doesn't see you, it
     will be an easy kill.)
     Kill any remaining Grunts in the area and trash the Scouts up the hill. Visit
     the ammo stash in a tunnel off the side street and go thru the door at the top
     of the hill.
     The level ends in the tunnel.
     Level 31 - Mil City Center: Get To The Tower
     Try to take out the Sentries and Grunts before pressing the switch as a
     Trooper. Then lead the Mils that appear away from the garage entrance. Get to
     and in the Tank quickly, then head to the tunnel while firing on your
     attackers. Ease up the tunnel but stop short of the opening, and snipe the
     Predator and Laser Grunts. (Fire on the Predator when it's at the far end of
     the square.) Many of the Mils from the first area have energy if you're low.
     (The Tank is powerful but high profile.)
     Take out the Tank to the right next and stay near it 'till it gets quiet. Park
     your tank in the tunnel and grab the other Tank. Use it to take out the Tank to
     the left, then head to the hut the Grunts are coming out of and trash them. You
     should be safe now unless you go up the statue.
     The Tank can be used to jump the fence the Barter Droids are behind (stock up
     on secondary weapons!). Jump over the fence using the cannon barrel (raise it
     up before exiting the Tank). Same for the crate area. You can also use it to
     get up to the tall concrete wall (level exit). You'll avoid the fight with the
     second Predator this way.
     Level 32 - Droid Town: Unwelcome Home
     Note the Mega-Energy at the very beginning. There are more along the right
     wall. (See the Items location guide for more info.) This can be a very tough
     level on NoS. I'd recommend a much more conservative approach on this setting.
     (Hiding, sniping.) If too many Droids die though (or you run back thru the
     tunnel early), you will see one of the more rare cut-scenes of the game (not
     In the first area, fight near the door, and grab the Mega-Energies when needed.
     Use EMPs and cleaners, but save the Recruiters. Tethering may work, but will be
     For the second wave, the fountain statue can be used for cover. Most of the
     enemies will come from one direction, and the Guards will run into the water
     sometimes. I used the Rivet Gun primarily with a horizontal pop-goes-the-weasel
     tactic. (Switching to the Scatter blaster for close enemies.)
     In the second area, try to use the Recruiters wisely (some luck is involved
     here). Concentrate on staying alive, but don't let too many Droids die. Be
     alert for tethering opportunities, a decent run with a Trooper can whittle down
     your foes quite a bit.
     In the last section, you can play it very close to your vest (I think you can
     take as much time as you need now). I'd recommend sniping from as far off as
     possible. (Especially if you have no Energies left to grab.)
     The level ends when the last enemy dies.
     Level 33 - Coliseum: Fifteen Minutes
     If you push the trashed Droid out of the cell after the Mils open it, the Mils
     attack him. When he dies, he leaves behind a Cleaner-pak. There is an EMP under
     a tunnel-like piece of debris out in the arena.
     Choose the tether (have the cleaners), and head right for the EMP Grenade
     (slightly left of straight out the door). If a Trooper comes into view, "clean"
     his clock, but mainly get to the EMP Grenade. Switch to it as soon as you pick
     it up, then toss it at the nearest Titan as you start to get into position for
     a tether. As soon as you have him start strafing, and find then target the
     other Titan. Ignore the Trooper until the Titan is down unless he comes into
     view. Finish off by committing suicide with your Titan.
     Level 34 - Coliseum: Round Two
     Team FFA. Your team-mates are pretty good, help them out a bit, and it should
     go well. Let the ZombieBots and Grunts battle each other when to your
     advantage. The last wave are the Elite Guards. Keep your distance. Use the
     shredders if you get a chance.
     Level 35 - Coliseum: Last Bot Standing
     Kill two waves of four Grunts, than a Predator will appear. There are two
     hover-thingies floating above the action. When fragged, they will fall and
     explode. The one to the right sits over the spot the first wave lands at. If
     you shoot it quick enough right at the beginning, you can take out the first
     wave of Grunts in one shot. The one to the left sits over the spot the second
     wave lands at. Hint, hint. ;]
     Using a glass wall for cover when fighting the Predator may help. (There is a
     EMP Grenade in the square glass and steel enclosure near General Corrosive. It
     comes in very handy for the Predator.) Pull the Slingshot back before you need
     to shoot, of course. Watch the score-board, and try to be at full energy and
     ammo before killing the last Grunt so you are ready for the Predator. Corrosive
     may take pot-shots if you're visible.
     Level 36 - Coliseum: Fall To Pieces
     Get to the crate with a wrench and keep it between you and Corrosive until he
     opens it for you. Grab the wrench and head for one of the hollow blocks. Use
     the wrench while under the block.
     Level 37 - Wastelands: Race to the Rocket.
     Grab the stuff you want quickly, you should be in the RAT and moving with at
     least 3:35 left on the clock. (Be careful though, you'll only have in the next
     levels what you pick up now.) You'll need to drive fast and smooth, and hit
     very few explosives. Run thru the barricaded section as quickly as possible (I
     used EMPs, but cleaners might be good.) You should be in the second RAT and
     moving with around 1:45 on the clock.
     Level 38 - Mil Space Station: One Small Step
     I'd recommend starting by dropping off the front of the ship, and using the
     Grunt inside to clear the Grunts and Scientists off the floor. Then try to kill
     or at least weaken the closest Titan (grenades tossed up).
     Finish the Titan and Grunts on the ledge, (Tether the Titan if you can do so
     without the Recruiter. Use him to at least weaken the other Titan. Attack him
     from close to his ledge using radius damage by firing at the ceiling above him)
     Press the switch and drop down to the floor.
     Move close to the force-field, shoot the magnet and run into the passage-way.
     Recruit the Titan in the hall, and get to the Barter-Boys. Buy Recruiters and
     use one quickly on the Enemies if they come thru the door. (Tethering the
     sleeping Trooper is also an option, but can be dangerous if enemies come thru
     the door. He can group all the enemies away from the door though. Tough call.)
     Once you are to the B-Boys, you should be in pretty good shape. (Check the area
     for dropped Recruiter Grenades after the battle before buying more. One is
     usually dropped)
     Using a Titan (or better yet a Trooper) to clear part of the area outside the
     ship can also make things easier out there.
     <If you have an EMP or Recruiter , you can also make your way to the top of the
     space ship Engine at the beginning, and jump to the high ledge that surrounds
     the landing bay (where a secret chip is). You can then make your way to a spot
     over the far ledge, and drop down to it. EMP or recruit the Titan, and use it
     to kill the nearby Grunts. Take it outside and kill the Snarqs.>
     Level 39 - Mil Space Station: Fully Operational
     If you have been hoarding washers now is a good time to spend them. You will
     see the Barter-Droids only once more (and they will have only primary weapons
     ammo and a chip). If you can afford it and haven't done so, upgrade your fav
     weapons. Stock up on supplies as well before you leave the level. (Start
     hoarding rockets now for the final battle.) Save 150 washers if you want to buy
     the chip in the level after the next. (I don't think it's necessary, but...)
     Kill the enemies behind the first door (or Recruit them, then restock if your
     bucks up). You can bypass the enemies in the lower hanger area by jumping onto
     the top of the bridge (or staying on the top level by going out on the ledge),
     and crossing that way.
     You can tether the patrolling Trooper if you're careful. Recruit as many of the
     enemies in the room with rivet and SPEW ammo as you can. (Try to get at least
     one of the troopers and a scientist, two Troopers is even better. The
     Scientists will only heal Mils that are not tethered, BTW.) Discharge all of
     them away from the door, then tether a Grunt from the doorway. Use him to kill
     the other one and take out the Sentry if you can.
     Tether one of your Troopers and use him to finish off the Sentries. (You can
     hit all of them from the doorway, returning to the Scientist to heal when
     necessary) . Then use one to fly up and press the switch to lower the elevator.
     Get back to the safe room and untether him. Recruit (un-discharge) all of your
     Mils and run in, drop down and get to the elevator (use an EMP or Recruiter if
     you are having problems). Run to the door and go thru. Jump over the grunt and
     run past him.
     The level ends in the hall just past the door.
     Level 40 - Mil Space Station: Bring It Down
     You can sneak up and tether the patrolling Trooper, or use a Recruiter Grenade
     on the enemies that appear when you move toward the far end. (Recruiting and/or
     tethering will make this level much easier to get thru. Shielded Grunts can be
     quite effective. Any tethered Mil affords the option of easier guerrilla
     In the second area start by taking out the Sentries and Grunts on the bridge.
     (You can snipe the them from the door with rockets and rivets and not be seen
     if you're careful. Snipe the Grunts when they are facing away.) You can recruit
     the Titan and Grunts that come from the hole, and quickly tether the closest
     sleeping Trooper. (Toss the Recruiter as you approach the hole.) Clear the area
     to the force field, then discharge the Mils away from the bridge. Use the jump-
     pad and press the switch, then snipe the Sentries. (You can do it from the
     bridge, or run back and tether a Mil.)
     Run into the third area with what troops you have left, and recruit the
     shielded Titan. Help them clear the area, then take out the Grunts and Sentry
     in the passage-way that leads around the force-field. (Careful, the Grunts are
     fire-bugs and can do some damage.) Consider using another Recruiter at the end
     of the passage-way unless you still have a lot of Mils left.) The pop-up Sentry
     near the elevator can be taken out with radius damage (Rockets or Trooper
     Primary fire) before it pops up. *Back-tracking from here is iffy. Going thru
     the tunnel to get back to the elevator may trigger two new Troopers (depending
     on how far you go back.* Use any Mils you have left to clear the passage-way to
     the last area.
     In the last area, you can sneak down the right side, then run to the door (EMP
     or recruit the Titan). (Don't bring any recruits with you.)
     The level ends when you go thru the door.
     Level 41 - Mil Space Station: General Corrosive
     The chips are randomly placed at the beginning, but stay in the same locations
     until the game is reloaded. I would recommend exploring, by searching every
     crate along the outside wall, noting where chips are found (make a map). Then
     explore the crates along the tower's edge. There should be three along the
     outside wall. The fourth should be along the tower's edge. Note the locations
     of ammo for the weapon you're using (I like the Scatter Blaster), and power-ups
     as well.
     When you know the chip locations, make your run. (A couple of Fleet-foots and
     Shields makes the run much easier.) If possible, end the run with an ammo pick-
     When you get control of Corrosive, you'll have a limited time to destroy most
     of the enemies that arrive. Swat the Snarqs. Stomp, or rocket the Titans. (A
     normal step that lands on an enemy is as deadly as the stomp.) Swat, stomp, or
     rocket the Troopers. Rocket the Predators.
     Level 42 - Wastelands: Final Battle
     Turn around and run under the short section of metal that resembles a walkway
     (where one of the Recruiter Grenades are found) You can target his ankle from
     here while remaining hidden from view. (He needs to be on the side where a
     shield is, and not close.) About twenty rocket hits will take off his leg.
     Twenty or so more into his fingers will destroy his hand (it will be just you
     and him now, no Troopers).
     Grab the shield, and move over to the main piece of space station debris, and
     use it for cover. Circle around rocketing him and collecting rockets when they
     appear (this can take awhile). Use the Fleet-foot power-up to go for Cleaners
     to speed things up.
     For an even easier time of it after taking off his leg and hand, jump onto the
     metal you were hiding under. From there jump onto the beams and from them up
     onto metal frame-work. Move to the back wall and drop down onto the smaller
     piece of framework below. Again the general won't see you, but you'll be able
     to target him. (You can shoot bullets and rivets thru the lattice in places to
     target his upper body. Rockets will need to be aimed at his pelvis. Watch for
     steam venting when they hit. You don't have to have a red cross-hair to do
     The game ends when Corrosive falls.
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