Review by Frowdo

Reviewed: 08/30/03

SX Supersucks

SX Superstar is a Motocross game from Acclaim. If you read the back of the box it'll sound like Matt Hoffman's BMX except with a motor, but what you end up with is a racer that can do tricks. In championship there are a couple courses set aside for stunts entirly. Also in championship mode you'll be able to take your young racer from rags to riches. By winning races and seasons (which are 2 months and have 5 races total) You'll get sponsors, better places to live, and better girlfriend's to live with. You'll also be able to buy better bikes from 125cc to 500cc. As you can probably guess the bikes all pretty much look alike.

Graphics 5/10
Although certain aspects are nice, overall the graphics of this game look more like the PS2 than something on the Xbox. The most noteworthy would be running through water and it splashing onto the camera, the drops look quite realistc. Otherwise it's all pretty adaquate. Nothing shining through and nothing overally terrible.

Sound 4/10
The soundtrack for SX Superstar is wonderful with some top notch songs on the playlist. I was a little annoyed when I listened to My Own Summer (Shove It) by the Deftones just to be followed by the exact same song. Like a lot of games the soundtrack is rather short. As for the game itself nothing too spectacular to mention. If you like listening to vroom vroom a lot, this is for you.

Control 2/10
The main problem is the controls. On title screens you might have trouble with entering text or just saying you want to play a certain mode. It seems to have issues with recognizing a light tap of the A button, however it will pick it up if you make sure to mash it hard. As for the racing you'll notice some issues pretty quick. Turning can be a tedious task at times, with faster bikes you'll have to really work with the Trigger buttons, Stick, brake, and accelerator to pull off turns. As for the stunts most are done with the directional stick and Y and/or B buttons. However, much like the problems with the title screen you might have issues with actually getting them to register.

Tracks 4/10
The maps themselves are pretty good looking, they are pretty easy to tell apart and really have the feel of being different. However some have little quirks that might make biking a bit hazardous. Some are not very well marked and you might have a very nice and a very long sight seeing adventure. Others go from wide open areas to sudden tight turns which you might have difficult with. Others have such a tight track area that if you are even
slightly off of it you'll be out of bounds.

Multiplayer 3/10
Nother spectacular, as you can problably guess you get to race your friends, and that's about it.

Playability 4/10
While not overally bad, it is a pretty bad game. In addtion to the issues already mentioned is one large addtion. If you happen to crash, which you will, you will more than likely be put in a very bad postion. If you tried to trick off a ramp and failed don't be surprised if you end up being spawned either at the very tip top of said ramp or at the bottom facing the wall. Many times this becomes an issues throught the game; walls, ramps, and other assorted structers will become your mortal enemy. Strangly you'll notice you aren't the only one with problems with this. A lot of the time you'll see the computer controlled players hung up on the same areas as you.

Replay value Low
Unless you REALLY want to find out what apartments and girlfriends you can get in championship mode, this is good only for a race or two.

Overall the ideas of this game are pretty good, giving the character more of a background and a life is a decent idea implemented in a decent way. Interactions with friends by phone give the player depth, although this doesn't help the gameplay any. Also the simplistic trick system is nice, but for a racing game is rather pointless. I'd say if a friend has it, try out this game for yourself. Don't spend you $5 renting and what ever you do don't buy it.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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