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Tricks FAQ by ZGR115

Version: 1.51 | Updated: 06/19/04

SSX 3 Tricks FAQ
Version 1.51
by ZGR115
E-mail: tthomihcdinocgt121242142215115@hotmail.com

0) TABLE OF CONTENTS       /\ \
1) Introduction
2) Controls
3) Tricks
   a) Stance
   b) Grabs
   c) Rotational Tricks
   d) Rail Tricks
   e) Ubers, Super Ubers, and Rail Ubers
   f) Monster Tricks
   g) Other Tricks, Trick Items
   h) Combos
   i) Style Bonuses
4) Courses 
5) Putting It All Together
6) Credits, Contact Info, Copyright Info

1) Introduction       /\ \

SSX 3 is the third game of the series, after SSX and SSX Tricky. With this
game, there are a lot more courses, and the courses are split up differently.
There are tons of more stuff to unlock. It's a whole new game, other than the
snowboarding basics.

This FAQ will explain the various tricks you can do in more detail.

By the way, like that ACSII drawing of the mountain? Yeah, you know you do.

2) Controls       /\ \

These are the controls for the GAMECUBE version.

Control Stick - Steer (left, right); Lean forward or backward (up, down)

A - Hold to crouch, release to jump.

B - Tweak grabs when in air; boost when on ground; Uber tricks

C stick - Board press (up, down)

X - Hold for Handplant

R, L, Z - push other rider (R or L when not holding A); block push (R+L when
not holding A); grab tricks (in air); Uber tricks

D pad - Steer or Lean (when not holding A); Rotational tricks; rotate on rail;
Charge up rotational tricks (when holding A)

Y - Reset rider

Start - Pause

3) Tricks       /\ \

Tricks define the whole game of SSX. These sick tricks will leave you staring
in awe. This is what the whole game, and the other SSX games, are all about.
From the simple Stalefish to the mesmerizing Multiple Fracture Guillotine,
there are thousands of tricks just waiting to be executed. See below...

3a) Stance       /\ \

Stance isn't really that important in this game, so I'll just offer an 
explanation. There are two different types of stances. Basically, either you
naturally face left or you naturally face right. It's like being lefty or 
righty. If you happen to naturally face left but you're now facing right, you 
are on "Switch" position. How do you know? You'll see a red letter "S" 
highlighted below the boost meter.

As you do rotational tricks, your stance may switch back and forth. If you 
start a trick on "Switch" position, the trick you do will have a "Switch" 
before it. For example, if your stance is switched and you jump and do a 
Stalefish, the trick will read "Switch Stalefish".

If you start a trick on regular position, and end the trick on Switch position,
the trick you do will have a "To Fakie" after it. The only way to achieve this 
would be to do a 180, 540, 900, 1260, etc. For example, if your stance is 
regular and you jump and do a FS 180 Stalefish, the trick will read FS 180 
Stalefish to Fakie.

NOTE: Switch and Fakie do not matter when you're doing tricks from the trick 
book (trick book as in BIG Challenges) or Monster Tricks. Stance DOES matter 
when doing those special tricks in a pipe. (Egg Flip, Crippled, etc. See other 

Front Side / Back Side

Spin tricks will have an "FS" or "BS" in front of them. This tells in which 
direction you're spinning. The best way to explain this is with examples.

If you're facing right, then a LEFT spin will be FS and a RIGHT spin will be 
BS. (Left and right tell with direction you press on your controller.) And if 
you're facing left, vice versa. (Stance does not matter.)

FS and BS is important to keep in mind when doing tricks out of the trick book 
and Monster Tricks.

3b) Grabs       /\ \

The most basic tricks are grabs. After performing the grab using the button(s)
indicated, you can TWEAK a grab for more points with the B button. Hold the
buttons to hold the trick, racking in more and more points the longer you hold

Button(s)    Name of Grab    Name of Grab, tweaked
---------    ------------    ---------------------
L            Mute            MUTATION
R            Method          Method MADNESS
Z            Stalefish       FILET O' Stalefish
L+R          Indy            SINFUL Indy
L+Z          Nosegrab        NOSEBLEED
R+Z          Tailgrab        Tail WAG
L+R+Z        Shifty          NIFTY Shifty

3c) Rotational Tricks       /\ \

Flips and spins (rotaional tricks) are another important part of tricks in SSX
3. For flips and spins, hold down A to crouch, then hold down the D-pad buttons
to prewind the spin or flip. At the jump, let go of the A button, but keep
holding down the directional arrows of the D-pad.

A very simple thing, really. TAP THE D-PAD DIRECTION INSTEAD OF HOLDING IT!!!
The effect will be tremendous. You will be able to do six flips intead of
four! A 2520 intead of an 1800! This is a very nice technique to get more
points! This happens because when you let go of the D-pad button, the rider
will automatically reposition him/herself. Repositioning is actually faster
than spinning or flipping regularly (holding directional button).

However, you must tap fast enough. If not, you will completely balance out and
(for example) instead of a 2160, which is what you're supposed to get, you
might get a 1260 to a late 900. Tapping is also a good way to rack in some
style bonuses.

This trick does have some trouble when doing flips and spins at the same time.
You end up with a hard time tapping both directional buttons at once (damn the
Gamecube's D-pad!), and you'll get less flips and less spins than if you 
tapped only oine directional button. But it's still better than holding the 

To maximize your spinning and flipping capability, REMEMBER TO TAP! and also,
one of those TRICK BOOST items (purple thingy with arrows sticking out) will do
wonders. They can often be found before giant jumps in race courses.

NOTE: The maximum flips you can get is 5. The maximum spin is a 2520. Anything
more than that, it shows up on the screen as "???". Don't worry, you still get
the points you deserve for pulling that off!


Hit two directions on the D-pad to combine flips and spins. The names of
certain combinations are listed below. If a certain combination is not up
there, just call it by what flips and spins you're doing (Example: 2 back flips
with a FS 720 spin is called "FS Double Back Flip 720). I have no clue where
the following crazy names came from.

Strange thing... The BS Double Front Flip 1980 (or 1980+) is called a Torpedo,
yet there's a Super Uber trick called Torpedo...

It sure has been a pain to get the names for all of these wacko tricks... All
of these can be executed on the first jump on the LEFT of Much-2-Much, the BIG
AIR run of Peak 3 (provided, of course, your stats are high enough).

Flip       Spin                         Name
1 front    FS/BS 540, 720, 900, 1080    Misty
1 front    FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Breakdancer
1 front    FS 1980+                     Scratch Artist
1 front    BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Banzai
1 front    BS 1980+                     Mindless
1 back     FS/BS 540, 720, 900, 1080    Rodeo
1 back     FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Plain Brown Wrapper
1 back     FS 1980+                     Brown Bag
1 back     BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Montezuma
1 back     BS 1980+                     Crippled Squirrel

2 front    FS/BS 1080                   Double Misty
2 front    FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Famous
2 front    FS 1980+                     DJ
2 front    BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Shiny
2 front    BS 1980+                     Torpedo
2 back     FS/BS 1080                   Double Rodeo
2 back     FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Lunch Box
2 back     FS 1980+                     Grab Bag
2 back     BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Homesick
2 back     BS 1980+                     Double Jointed

3 front    BS 900, 1260, 1440, 1620     Ambulance Trip
3 front    BS 1800+                     Twister
3 front    FS 900, 1260, 1440, 1620     Gross
3 front    FS 1800+                     Backwash
3 back     BS 900, 1260, 1440, 1620     Shell Cracker
3 back     BS 1800+                     Deathwish
3 back     FS 900, 1260, 1440, 1620     Gargle
3 back     FS 1800+                     Roadkill

4 front    BS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Ligament
4 front    BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Cartilage
4 front    BS 1980+                     Hospitalized
4 front    FS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Full On
4 front    FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Nose Picker
4 front    FS 1980+                     Horrifying
4 back     BS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Iron Lung
4 back     BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Multiple Fracture
4 back     BS 1980+                     Spider
4 back     FS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Tripped Out
4 back     FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Chunks
4 back     FS 1980+                     Heimlich

5 front    FS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Cheesy McQueen
5 front    FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Disco Dancer
5 front    FS 1980+                     Bento Box
5 front    BS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Dizzy Dene
5 front    BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Funkadelic
5 front    BS 1980+                     Life Insurance
5 back     FS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Tasty Mix
5 back     FS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Washer Drier
5 back     FS 1980+                     Side of Fries
5 back     BS 540, 720, 900, 1080       Big Toe
5 back     BS 1260, 1440, 1620, 1800    Flip A Nator
5 back     BS 1980+                     Sick


These special tricks can only be done in a half or quarter pipe or some
similar jump where you switch positions on your board. In the pipe, when you go
up, you face one end of your board. When you come down, you end up facing the
other end. You switch position but your board does not. In these special cases,
there are a few special rotational tricks.

However, sometimes, instead of the trick reading "Crippled 180", it still reads
"BS Back Flip 180" or "FS Back Flip 180". I have looked at almost every
condition possible for these special cases, including stance, certain style
points, front or back flip, FS or BS spin, height of jump, crouching or not,
prewinding or not, stance, and boosting. But I must be missing something! These
sometimes simply don't work.

Trick name     Flips               Spin
Egg Flip       1 Back or Front     None
Crippled       1 Back              BS or FS 180
Mc Twist       1 Front             BS or FS 360
Wetcat         1 Front             BS 900

Please e-mail me if you have any info.

3d) Rail Tricks       /\ \

To rail, simply land on a rail or tree trunk or whatever has been made into an
object that you can grind. Grinding is pretty simple. You use the control stick
to balance yourself. On the rail, you can prewind tricks or you can rotate
using the D-pad for more points. You can also do rail Ubers, but that will be
explained in the next section.

Like riding a bicycle, the faster you are when you rail, the better balanced
you will be. The slower you are, the worse your balance, but the more the
points. If you see that you're about to fall off the side of the rail, simply
tilting the control stick towards the opposite direction is sometimes not
enough. Try boosting as well as tilting the Control stick.

Variations of rail tricks:

Bonk - Hit the rail for a fraction of a second. Like "Kiss the Rail" in the
Tony Hawk games.

Handspring - Press X on the rail. It's a handplant on a rail.

Nose Slide / Tail Slide - C Stick up or down while on the rail. It's a board
press on a rail.

3e) Ubers, Super Ubers, and Rail Ubers       /\ \

Ubers are the specialty of all the SSX games. In this game, there are new Super
Ubers and Rail Ubers. To perform any Uber trick, you must have your adrenaline
meter at full. Once it's full, it will glow yellow for some time, until either
you crash or until it stops glowing automatically after time. Perform Ubers
while the bar is glowing using a grab button (or buttons, but NOT all three)
and the B button. You are able to hold these Ubers by holding the grab buttons
and the B button. Holding one Uber in one jump gives you more points than doing
several Ubers in one jump.

Do four normal Uber tricks to spell out UBER above your adrenaline bar. Your
adrenaline bar now glows orange. Now you can do Super Ubers. Do five Super
Ubers to spell out SUPER (thus making SUPER UBER) and you now have infinite
boost for a while. This is the most powerful boost as well, because the
adrenaline bar is now glowing red.

You can choose your 6 Super Ubers in the lodge, at the Rider Details screen,
but you have to buy new ones.

As for rail Ubers, they're not as good as the other Ubers points-wise, but of
course they're still better than just regular railing. They still do count for
a letter when you're spelling out SUPER UBER. So it's best to use rail Ubers to
spell out UBER so you can move on to bigger and better air tricks.

Remember, there is no Uber trick for L+R+Z.

Regular Ubers (Do when you're spelling out UBER)
These cannot be changed. Each rider has one of these.

L UBER        | L+R UBER
Clean Sweep   | Extended Play
Counter Point | Can Opener
R UBER        | L+Z UBER
Reach Around  | Big Unit
Mahogany      | Kickin A'
Z UBER        | R+Z UBER
Springer      | Jay Tear
Tricky Flicky | Amazing Spenco

Super Ubers (Do after finishing spelling out UBER. Do when spelling out SUPER)
You can change these at the Rider Details screen in the lodge. (You'll have to
buy new ones.)

L UBER           | L+R UBER
Bar Hop          | Mattrickulater
SSXorcist        | Karolicker
dnL Flipit       | Judo
Katana           | dnL BOOST
R UBER           | Z UBER
jib O            | G-Money
Indian           | Superman
Hand in Hand     | Smithereen
Kort Martial     | Torpedo
L+Z UBER         | R+Z UBER
Madonna          | Morgan Grinder
Vacation         | Slinger
Footloose        | Svelton
Trickitello      | Lukeloo
Acrobat          | Walking the Dog
Superman Barspin | Sugar Rush
Capo             | LaLaLa Lock Step
Banger           | Piroulette
Pommel Me        | Guillotine

Rail Ubers (Do on a rail)
Every rider has these.

L Uber - Rail Butt Stand
R Uber - Rail Edge Grind
Z Uber - Rail Handstand

3f) Monster Tricks       /\ \

Now, each Super Uber has a certain Monster Trick to go with it. How do you do
the Monster Tricks? See the table below. If you manage to pull one of these
off, you'll get a point bonus just for doing it. These tricks are named after
bands whose songs are in the game's soundtrack.

These are probably the best single trick you can do. Maximize points here by
getting style bonuses and holding the Uber. Also try to get some point
multipliers, like stalling all the spins and flips. Memorize some of these so
you can do them when you hit the slopes.

MONSTER TRICK                                     TRICK NAME           BONUS
FS 540 G-Money                                    Da Housecat          10,000
Triple Back Flip Superman                         Aphrodite            10,000
FS Rodeo 720 Smithereen                           Thrice               10,000
BS 720 Torpedo                                    Swollen Member       10,000
BS 900 Mattrickulater                             Yellowcard           20,000
FS Double Back Flip 540 Karolicker                Alpine Star          20,000
Back Flip Nosegrab to Judo                        MxPx                 10,000
FS Rodeo 720 dnL Boost                            Ultimate dnL Boost   20,000
BS 900 Jib-O                                      Black Eyed Pea       10,000
FS 900 Indian to Late Method                      Deepsky              10,000
BS Misty 900 Hand in Hand                         Basement Jaxx        20,000
BS Back Flip 360 Kort Martial to Late Stalefish   Fischerspooner       20,000
Double Back Flip Bar Hop to Late Mute             Chemical Brother     20,000
FS Triple Back Flip 180 SSXorcist                 X-Ecutioner          30,000
FS Double Front Flip 360 dnL Flipit to Late Indy  Ultimate dnL FlipIt  20,000
BS 720 Indy to Late Katana                        Juana's Addiction    20,000
FS 1080 Morgan Grinder                            Audio Bully          10,000
BS Back Flip 360 Slinger                          Finger 11            20,000
FS Misty 720 Svelton to Late Nosegrab             N.E.R.D Fly or Die   30,000
Triple Back Flip Nosegrab to Late Lukeloo         Overseer             30,000
BS Double Back Flip 180 Madonna                   Stoneage             20,000
Double Back Flip Vacation to Late NIFTY Shifty    Autopilot Off        20,000
BS 360 NIFTY Shifty to Late Footloose             The Automator        20,000
BS 540 Indy to Late Trickitello                   Placebo              20,000

(Thanks to gondee for the table)

3g) Other Tricks, Trick Items       /\ \

If you've played any Tony Hawk's Pro Staker games, a handplant here is like a
lip trick in Tony Hawk. To do a handplant, press X when approaching something
you can plant on (some rocks, lips of pipes, rails, billboards). Hold X to
continue the handplant. Use the control stick to balance. Handplants are not
very useful for acquiring points, but they are a good way to maneuver and
access shortcuts. You can handplant onto rails, wires that are really high
(mainly in superpipe), billboards, and some quarterpipes.

Board Presses
Use the C-stick (up or down) to board press. Balance with the C-stick. These
are exactly like manuals in the Tony Hawk games. Like the handplant, it's not
good for points alone, but board presses are very important. With SSX 3, there
is a new feature: Combos (see next section). Combos are probably the best way
to rack up lots of points, and the best way to do combos is linking big tricks
with board presses.

Trick Boost - Purple thingy with arrows coming out of it. This improves your
tricking ability a great deal, but for only one jump. Find these before giant
jumps in race courses.

Speed Boost - Yellow lightning bolt. Not really for tricks, but these will
boost your speed for a while.

Points Bonuses - When you collect them, you automatically recieve some points.
Yellow Spiked Ball - 2000 pts
Blue Square - 3000 pts
White Diamond - 5000 pts
Black Diamond - 10,000 pts

Trick Multipliers - Collect them to multiply the points of the trick you're
doing by so and so.
Yellow X - 2x Multplier
Blue X - 3x Multiplier
White X - 5x Multiplier
Black X - 10x Multiplier

3h) Combos       /\ \

Once you pull of a trick, any trick, there will be a red and white timer in the
upper middle of the screen. Do another trick before the timer runs out to start
a combo. Continue the combo for as long as possible. The longer the combo, the
more points you get from the combo bonus.

Use board presses to link combos. Once you do a big trick after a jump, start
doing a board press and continue it until the next big jump. When you go
through a whole course doing once single giant combo, you'll get your score
into the millions.

3i) Style Bonuses       /\ \

For some tricks, you'll get bonus points for style. Many times, since the
Gamecube controller's D-pad is kind of hard to press, you may do some of these
without even noticing. Here are the different kinds of bonuses...

Late Spin
You do flips. While your doing them, add a spin to it. For example, hold down
UP on the D-pad while you're in the air. You'll flip forward. Keep holding down
UP and now start holding down LEFT (or right, whatever). You'll do a Late Spin.
While doing a spin/flip combination, LET GO of the flip direction on the D-pad
and KEEP HOLDING DOWN the spin direction. Example: Hold down UP and LEFT in the
air. Let the player spin and flip for a while... Then let go of UP, but keep
holding LEFT.

Late Flip
Same thing as Late Spin, but now... Example: hold down LEFT on the D-pad while
you're in the air. You'll spin. Keep holding down LEFT and now start holding
down UP (or DOWN, whatever). You'll do a Late Spin.
While doing a spin/flip combination, LET GO of the spin direction on the D-pad
and KEEP HOLDING DOWN the flip direction. Example: Hold down UP and LEFT in the
air. Let the player spin and flip for a while... Then let go of LEFT, but keep
holding UP.

The best way to explain this is with examples... Hold down UP and LEFT in the
air. Let the rider flip and spin for a while ("a while" means as long as you
want, but for more points limit it to a fraction of a second)... Then release
those two buttons and start holding DOWN (DOWN is the opposite of the flip
direction which in this case is UP).

Same thing as Inverted, but do it to the opposite of the SPIN direction instead
of the flip direction. Example: Hold down UP and LEFT in the air. Let the rider
flip and spin for a while... Then release those two buttons and start holding
RIGHT (RIGHT is the opposite of the spin direction which in this case is LEFT).

This is the combination of both Inverted and Off-axis. For example... Hold down
UP and LEFT in the air. Let the rider flip and spin for a while... Then release
those two buttons and start holding DOWN and RIGHT, because DOWN and RIGHT is
the exact opposite of UP and LEFT. You can do this with just spinning or just
flipping, also. Example: Hold down LEFT. Let the rider spin... then release it
and hold down RIGHT.

Long Grab
Simply hold down a grab or Uber trick for a long time (4 or 5 seconds). This is
worth 4000 points. It's pretty darn good for 4k.

Long Rail
Again, very simple. Rail for a long distance. 5000 points. It's kind of 

Long Plant
Do a long handplant. 2000 points. I don't think this one is a worthy bonus
because you'll lose some speed and time and who actually does handplants 

Long Press
Balance a board press for several seconds. 1000 point bonus. It's all right to
connect tricks. It's tough to do though. You'll have to play around with the C 
Stick (for Gamecube).

Big Air
Catch six seconds of air. 5000 points. Very good, however rare. You can get it 
only on huge jumps like the ones in Big Air courses.

4) Courses       /\ \

Here I will explain the freestyle courses and objectives in the game.

Slopestyle is in my opinion the best part of SSX 3. There are a huge amount of
different routes to go and you'll have to see which route is best to get the
biggest tricks and the most items. A big ingredient in the slopestyle courses
is the items. You'll have to grab as many items as you can. For huge points, 
grab some multipliers while doing a monster trick. There are also a lot of 
rails here. Remember never to jump when you're grinding. You'll fly off or 
lose a whole lot of speed. Try rotating or board pressing while grinding.

Big Air
It's not a very long course so try to get one whole combo throughout the
course. And remember to tap the directional buttons on the D-pad and hold your
grabs. Always boost before a jump to get bigger air and try for the Big Air
style bonus worth 5000 points by getting 6 seconds of airtime. Also do some
monster tricks.

Here is where you bust out your biggest and bestest. Remember to boost to
maximize airtime. Also, tap your rotational tricks and hold your grabs. A key
here is to link the whole thing as one single combo. If you lose it, restart.
Try to get full boost after the first big jump from the pipe. Another good idea
would be to get a few 20,000 or 30,000 monster tricks. 10,000 wouldn't be worth
it because you can get about 25k with each jump anyway. Always stay in the pipe
until the last 8 or 9 seconds, then head for the finish line. Don't let
precious seconds go to waste when you can get good points from it.

Here is where you go one on one against your rival. The main key here is to
link your tricks for a combo. Get maybe three or four big air tricks together
but no more, because it'll be too risky. This one is pretty simple.

All Mountain
Here, you try to achieve a target score while going down the peaks. You really
shouldn't have much trouble with this.

5) Putting It All Together       /\ \

If you want a high score...
Do some Mistys or Rodeos of tiny jumps or even flat land. On the big jumps, you
always want to do a big rotation with an Uber. Try to get the first four regular
Ubers out of the way so you can do Super Ubers and Monster Tricks. The easiest 
way to do this is to do Rail Ubers, especially on Slopestyle courses. Get as 
much items as you can. Try to do Monster tricks through multiplier items 
(Slopestyle). Then there's the basics...

Let's review... To maximize your points...

1. TAP the D-pad when flipping or spinning, don't hold it.
2. BOOST before jumping.
3. Link as much as you can in a COMBO.
4. HOLD down grabs and Ubers instead of doing multiple grabs and Ubers.
5. HOLD down grabs and Ubers to hopefully get the Long Grab style bonus.
6. Don't do the same tricks over and over! Use some VARIETY.

Bonus tips for racing (how generous of me)...

1. Use as many shortcuts as you can find. Look for the blue "Out of Bounds"
   signs and crash through them. There are other hidden shortcuts as well.
2. Don't use the A button at all. It's much easier to manuever, and that's what
   really counts when racing. Try to skip jumps altogether because when you're
   in the air, you slow down quite a bit. (Unless, of course, you have to
   jump across a gap)
3. Knock out someone at the very beginning. You'll get full adrenaline, so
   start boosting. If you fail, restart.
4. For some big jumps where you have to jump over a gap or else you are forced
   to reset, that's the time to use the A button and do your big tricks to
   build up adrenaline and start boosting.

Other tips...

1. In BIG challenges where you're supposed to get a certain amount of points
   (sometimes without falling), the simplest way to get those challenges is to
   stand in one spot (preferably towards the end of the course if you can't
   fall) and do infinite 180's. It takes some time and you might have to
   sacrifice the feeling in your fingers for a while, but I'd say it's worth 
2. Try not to use the Y button. It steals away pretty much all of your boost 
   and it hurts to most when you're on a shortcut in a race.

6) Credits, Contact Info, Copyright Info       /\ \

gondee for Monster Trick info.
Stoufer for Egg Flip, Crippler, Mc Twist, and Wetcat info.


You may keep this in your hard drive, but you can't sell it, copy it, or etc.
This document cannot be put on any site without my permission! Ask for my
permission at...



To contact me, email me at the address above.

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