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FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11

                     _   _    _    ____   ____ 
                    | \ | |  / \  |  _ \ / ___|
                    |  \| | / _ \ | |_) | |    
                    | |\  |/ ___ \|  _ <| |___ 
                    |_| \_/_/   \_\_| \_\\____|
                       For Microsoft X-BOX
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
		    Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 05/07/05
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Drugs are bad, plain and simple. NARC, however, was one of the first modern
video games to actually promote the use of drugs (to an extent) to help your
character proceed through the corrupt world of illegal narcotics and drug
dealings shifting back and forth. Thankfully, some of the developers got a keen
idea in creating a small adventure/action game for a nice $20 value price tag,
but enforcing a GTAish like theme to keep items at pace. NARC follows this
exact theme, and provides a mediocre challenge factor to also make a great game
to rent. Too bad the X-BOX version itself is sort of glitched. Will you stick
the needle in your arm for everlasting freedom, or charge with your weapons
drawn like a real nuthead?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=05/07/05= v1.0
Converted the FAQ. Converted it from the PDF version to TXT. Could have had
this out many days ago.

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and 
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section 
of the guide.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Mode Descriptions
          3) Walkthrough
             > Sneaky Cop                    (3.1)
             > Random Snipers (spec.)        (3.2)
             > Brutal Interrogations         (3.3)
             > Spooky Jumpers (spec.)        (3.4)
             > Dangerous Propulsions         (3.5)
             > Major Drug Operations (spec.) (3.6)
             > Chase that Limo               (3.7)
             > Comfortable Van (spec.)       (3.8)
             > Subway Transient (spec.)      (3.9)
             > Oh Marcus, where are you?     (3.10)
             > Who loves Lucy?               (3.11)
             > Sizzling Hostages (spec.)     (3.12)
             > Dangerous Imports             (3.13)
             > Naked Dishonor (spec.)        (3.14)
             > Crotch Rockets                (3.15)
             > Eye of the Tigers (spec.)     (3.16)
             > Fire burns                    (3.17)
             > Explosive Engagements (spec.) (3.18) 
             > The Rave                      (3.19)
             > More Courier Chasing          (3.20)
             > Covert Actions (spec.)        (3.21)
             > Boss Island                   (3.22)
          4) Inventory
             > Drugs
             > Weapons
          5) Secrets
             > Hidden Packages
             > Cheats
             > Known Glitches
          6) Common Questions
          7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          8) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Ever wonder how it feels to be a police officer that enforces the laws
preventing use/sales/production of illegal narcotics? My sub-Associate's degree
says you never have played such a role. Matter of fact, it can be quite a
difficult job, being forced to face liable threats, hidden weapons, and the
idea of being surrounded by drugs all day long. NARC was originally an old
Arcade original which became even more famous after being ported to the
Nintendo NES. The idea is quite simple. You play the role of a Narcotics-based
police officer who decides to go on a rampage by killing as many of the
smuggling drug dealers that feast throughout the city. The original was quite
violent, as you pretty much gunned down any moving dealer, even if he/she was
just taking a breathful breeze.

The developers at Vis Entertainment decided to take the old classic, give it a
GTA-ish like tuneup, with the ability to play good/bad cop on the player's
will. Combine this with a $20 value price tag, a name fairly known to veteran
gamers, and you've got yourself an instant seller – well, almost. A few
prevalent bugs and glitches have been turning various problems up and down
throughout. Nonetheless, NARC is still a solid game if you're looking for a new
title to try, without having to pay the $50 price tag. It's like the marveled
show on FX called The Shield, except it doesn't have baldie Michael Chicklis.
You get the point.

The actual in-game story is quite simple. You're introduced to two different
men, both of whom are NARC officers – Jack Forzenski & Marcus Hill. They have
somewhat glorious/hideous aspects to be proud of. Jack was a former
top-graduate in his Police Academy program, and eventually landed a spot on the
NARC force after 6 years of work as a generic cop. Unfortunately, the
corruption around him ended up “telling him” to take some drugs, which got him
booted off the force. His Police Captain, who is also his step-uncle (small
world), knocks a good word in, and manages to land him a job back on the force
after hours of rehab. Marcus Hill comes from a gloriously religious family
where hard works yields strong gains. Both Jack and Marcus were former partners
until the breakup. Marcus is considerably strong, a former athlete, and looks
upon others as if the superior one. Because of this, he often despises Jack for
being a weakling for the dumplings.

Anyhow, one day, a typical bust occurs where a drug dealer named Eddie Jackson
is pulled over. Both Marcus and Jack arrive on the scene to check things out.
Suddenly, Eddie reaches for something in his coat, and is gunned down (due to
nervous beat cops, figures). When all seems lost, Eddie the dealer almost
croaks, but swallows a formidable drug. Suddenly, he pops up bright as a
whistle, and guns down half the cops in the area. This isn't your typical day
at the job, and it's time we hunted down the creator of this vile drug.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1
Developer: Vis Entertainment
Released: 2005
Rarity: uncommon
Special Features: Nothing (there are no custom soundtracks, misprint)
ESRB: Mature (17+)
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows Jack and Marcus pointing their guns on a street


- 2) Game Basics           -
The X-BOX controller fits great for any action game, mainly because of dual
joysticks, and the ability to switch between numerous functions with the
overwhelming amount of buttons. NARC's controls are fairly simple, though they
may take some time to adjust to.

KEY representation for each button:
     Thumbstick = left/right thumbstick pads (black)
    Control Pad = left directional pad (black)
              A = A button (green)
              B = B button (red)
              X = X button (blue)
              Y = Y button (yellow)
              R = R trigger (black, underneath right side of controller)
              L = L trigger (black, underneath left side of controller)
          START = Start button (black, center)
           BACK = Back button (black, center)
          Black = Black button (black, right)
          White = White button (white, right)

/Game Controls/


        Left Thumbstick - Moves character in specified direction
  Left Thumbstick Click - Enters crouch/sneak mode – stealth movement
       Right Thumbstick - Looks around, tilts view
 Right Thumbstick Click - Enters aim mode, allows for easier targeting
                      L - Hold down to sprint briefly
                      R - Blocks, defends yourself
                  START - Pauses menu
            Control pad - Press left/right to cycle weapon/gear, down to
                          holster weapon
                      A - Kicks
                      B - Flashes Badge
                      X - Punches
                      Y - Interaction button – performs grapples, arrests
                          or dive tackles
                  Black - Jumps

        Left Thumbstick - Moves character in specified direction with strafing
  Left Thumbstick Click - Enters crouch/sneak mode – lean left/right
       Right Thumbstick - Looks around, tilts view
 Right Thumbstick Click - Enters aim mode, allows for easier targeting
                      L - Hold down to sprint briefly
                      R - Fire current weapon
                  START - Pauses menu
            Control pad - Press left/right to cycle weapon/gear, down to
                          holster weapon
                      A - Reloads weapon
                      B - Flashes Badge
                      X - Weapon Whips
                      Y - Interaction button – performs grapples, arrests
                          or dive tackles
                  Black - Jumps/Dives

/Mode Descriptions/
  _ ______________ _
- As usual, you simply cannot gun people down (unless you're purely evil)
unless you have primary motives. Because of this, many suspects will often run
or engage in melee combat, rather than drawing a weapon. Unarmed Combat will be
your prime way of taking down opposing criminals. To do so, simply engage them
with various punches, kicks, and alterior moves to bring them down. This makes
it easier to subdue the suspect, enabling for arrest. Here are some various

X (repeated) – Performs fury fist combos
A (repeated) – Performs fury kick combos
Left Thumbstick (click) + X – Performs Uppercut
Left Thumbstick (click) + A – Performs Leg Sweep
Y – Straddles an opponent while down
B – Releases grapple via straddle from a grounded suspect
X – Smacks suspect while straddling
A – Pummels suspect while straddling

  _ _________ _
- The job of many police officers is to preserve society and protect the
innocent. Well, in this game, it's more about engaging the scum and arresting
the guilty. Arresting is a key aspect of NARC as it's one of the few ways to
raise your badge rating, and is also necessary to complete a few missions.
Arresting can be a tedious task, hence why there is a section dedicated to it.

Start off by pressing Y next to the person or individual. A meter should pop up
below. Repeatedly tap Y as fast as you can to subdue the suspect. You must fill
this meter up. Tougher criminals are tougher to arrest, so tap it faster and
faster. If the criminal is moving around, move the thumbstick in the opposite
direction to center him/her. In many cases, arrows will pop up to let you know.
If you're having trouble subduing a suspect, press X or A to lay down some
melee blows into the chest/back to help weaken the target. You can also throw
suspects onto the ground by the desired direction + B. Once the Arrest Meter is
filled, wait for the pendulum to swing until it hits the white spot on the
meter. Tap A, and the cuffs should be placed on. If weapons are spotted, press
the direction + B  to knock the weapon out of their hand.

On a side note, you can also perform two small actions. You can climb ladders
by pressing Y, and also slide down by holding down the L trigger.


- 3) Walkthrough           -
   *The game begins with a brief video showing Jack pistol whipping one mouthy
   drug dealer in the back of the head. Meanwhile, we see Marcus talking to
   some   fellow police officers who have just yanked over one evil drug
   dealer. He reaches   for a gun, but it valiantly gunned down. With his dying
   breath, the dealer stabs a  syringe into his thigh, which causes him to
   arise from the dead, almost immortal in a sense. He guns down several of
   your fellow officers, and some reinforcements arrive. We must kill Eddie
   Jackson, the darn dealer!*
- Start off by quickly gunning down the 5-6 Dealers straight ahead of you. Most
of them are gangsters, and have weak 9MM pistols. Take cover behind the sports
car while you fire away with your M16. Take the 9MMs off of the dead bodies,
and you can use them if you wish. I prefer to stick with the rifle at this
point. Go down the right alley, and enter aim mode around the encampment to the
left. Gun down the three dealers, and aim for headshots if possible. This makes
it easier to take down the dodgy foes. Continue around the corner, but take it
slow. Try using the dual 9MMs in close range, and take cover behind the modern
mini-van. Be weary though, as too many shots, and it will explode, taking a
fraction of your life bar away. Once you've taken out the gangsters surrounding
Eddie, simply gun away. You cannot arrest him. Fire as many shots as you can
into his puny body in vengeance for the slaughtering of your fellow officers.

   *Once he's dead, Marcus reports back to Captain Kowalski, who let's us know
   that 8 total cops died thanks to Eddie's stunt. Anyhow, he wants Marcus back
   to the  Precinct so they can talk things over. Meanwhile, we're brought back
   to Jack the 'badass', who is informed that he's being assigned under
   Marcus's command. So much for freedom in penetrating perps when we feel like
   it. You'll then be tossed into a new area where you take the role of a
   generic cop. This is more of the less a training session, but it's necessary
- Head over to Cop directly in front of you. Speak with him. You'll have
another simple tutorial. This cop tells you to go stop a man holding another
civilian at gunpoint. Run over, pull out your gun, then get fairly close to the
suspect. Press B to flash your badge. The suspect should lower his weapon. Your
fellow officer will finish him off for the arrest. Afterwards, he'll tell you
to head over to the next cop. Go do so. He's a tad farther up the street around
the corner. The next cop will tell you to go arrest a drug dealer. Hold down L
to sprint after him. Once in range, press Y to start the arrest procedure.
Rapidly tap the Y button till your meter fills, then wait for it redrop to the
white marked box on the meter. Press A when it is within range to arrest the
perp. You'll confiscate some drugs, which must be dropped off as evidence at
the police station. This also helps raise your badge rating. Go follow the blue
dot on your map, and enter the dropoff box. Now, pick the evidence out of your
inventory using the directional pad, then press Y to drop it off.

- Head around the edge of the building, and you'll have another cop to lecture
you on some melee moves. This one isn't too bad, as you'll practice melee moves
in grapples, along with a grapple throw. Head to the last cop up north, and
he's willing to teach you some of the 'advanced' moves to take down perps. Go
chase the man who just stole the woman's purse. When in range, beat him up a
bit, and use the super bust technique (X + A) to bring him down. When this
occurs, a van will pull over, and his brother pops out. The man has a gun too.
Your fellow officer tells you to disarm the weapon from him. Simply run up,
press Y, mix in a few melee moves, then press B & direction to toss the weapon
away from him. Once disarmed, finish him off for the arrest. You're now on your
own. Your Captain will bring you to the modern world. If you want, you can go
perform some random crimes to help boost your badge rating, and also get some
cash/inventory for the next mission. Press Y near the police precinct to hit
the next objective.

/Sneaky Cop (3.1)/
   *The purpose is simple. The drugs that Eddie Jackson used to come back to
   life  are missing from the evidence room. The otopsy came up inconclusive,
   since the  stuff he took burned right through. You gotta find out what was
   inside Eddie's body since it would be a huge problem throughout the city if
   such a drug was released. The captain says he saw Officer McDade loitering
   around after his shift, when he's normally in a rush to get home. Use the
   Shotgun Microphone to spy on him.*

- Head around the back of your police station, and flash your badge to the
Officer on watch. He should open the gate for you. Snatch the Shotgun
Microphone in the yard, then run out, and follow after McDade, a pudgy bald
officer. Stay back so that his radar location is near the border of your radar
extension. Eventually, he'll meet up with some of your fellow cops. Run to the
marked ladder entrance point on your map. Walk calmly since you don't want to
be discovered. Climb the ladder, and step on the point. Press down to draw your
pistol, then switch over to the Shotgun MIC, and aim at McDade & the group. You
can do this by entering Aim Mode. Make sure that you zoom in close enough to
the fact of the officer (with the white dialog box) so that the volume bar on
the left hits the red pings. If it does not, you will fail the mission because
the Shotgun MIC could not record the data. When they go on the move, stay up
here still, and record the conversation with the three gangsters to the right.
When they start shooting each other, quick slide down the ladder, and go help
the officers. You'll have 4-5 smalltime gangbangers to deal with. Simply aim at
the others with guns; it shouldn't be too difficult with your Beretta.

    *The crooked officers will be impressed by your efforts in saving them.
    They end up revealing their scheme about how they arrest perps, then sell
    the drugs on the open market. They want to know if you're in. In order to
    prove your loyalty, they want you to go grab Cookie the Officer, beat him
    down, and snatch his badge.*
- Start off by charging after Cookie with the sprint function. When you get
close enough (and he fatigues) press Y to do a dive tackle. Once he's on the
ground, beat him up a bit (don't kill him), then do the typical arrest. His
white box will be smaller than usual, so time the effort. If you kill him, your
mission will fail, as you're an undercover cop. After arresting him, press Y to
search him. Jack should snatch his badge. Return to Gallucci with the stolen
badge. Gallucci is delighted to see you nailed down that sucker, but he also
wants you to hit the Marijuana to see if you're a part of the team. Select the
drug in your inventory, then press R to use it. Congratulations, you're
officially high in a video game. After the effects wear off, talk to them.

    *Gallucci informs you about how they've come across a new business
    opportunity but need $30K just to get in business. They already have $25K,
    and want you to contribute your share to the gang. Get $1K. Go around and
    sell this stuff.*
- This isn't too hard. Try walking around and looking for the orange/brown
haired men who have crewcuts, and usually wear generic blue jeans/shirt.
They're fairly common, and will almost always purchase your stuff. Most of the
'giddy' or fast-walking people will not. If you use the drugs, or don't feel
like selling them, simply bust fellow drug dealers and/or gangsters for cash &
more drugs. Once you have the $1000, head back to Gallucci via the blue marked
point. They'll be delighted to see that you have the money. Go follow the
officer where he's going to meet his 'contact', for all of these hideous
operations. When you meet up with the two dealers, they'll end up attempting to
backstab you. Quickly draw your weapon and gun them both down. Go over their
bodies for the dual 9MMs – these are much more useful than your typical
Infinite Pistol. In the process, Gallucci will get gunned down. Press Y over
his body to snatch the evidence report. More reinforcements of drug dealers
will appear from two entryways. Enter Aim Mode behind one of the trees, and
lean out to lay down lethal shots. Try taking a drug as well to help reinforce
your accuracy, or make you seem like a more ideal person.

- Once the remaining dealers are knocked off, pick up the ammo, and the other
two spots of McDade and Gallo will be marked on your map. Your Captain wants
them alive, so chase them down. When you reach within proximity of each, you'll
first have to disarm the fellows. Do so by using the Y + B combo, then beat
them up for a bit (they're tougher than normal to arrest). Once their health
bar's are low, knock them onto the ground, and get them in the wraparound
grapple for the easy arrest. After both are arrested, you'll be awarded with a
special assignment and another mission.

***^ I chose to do the special assignment next.

/Random Snipers (spec.)(3.2)/
   *The scenario is simple. Several snipers have been picking off random people
   throughout the city for no apparent reason. Better yet, most of them are dug
   in, and police forces have been unable to breach their positions. It's time
   Jack Forzenski layed the smackdown via some Grenade Launcher rounds.*
- Start off by heading to the Police Yard, and picking up the Grenade Launcher.
Each of the generic sniper locations should be marked as light blue dots on
your map. Head to the lone dot away from the cop station. Each time you reach a
blue dot, the sniper's position will be activated. After a few seconds, you'll
see a red dot denoting the position of the sniper (after he fires a round).
Simply look in the air in Aim Mode with the selected Grenade Launcher, and aim
slightly above the sniper to arc the path of the explosive into their location.
Here's the locations of each of the snipers:

  - 1)On top of the small square News-Stand Building.
  - 2)Look above the Subway Entrance, and slightly to the right on a balcony
  - 3)Look to the Upper-Left of the PLAZA sign, near the edge of the balcony
  with only his upper body showing.
  - 4)Inside the Basketball Court, move towards the fence near the street, and
  look across the street on balcony with some yellow windows. Use a high
  projectile shot to reach the sniper on the ledge. You'll also notice several
  gangsters gun each other down thanks to the chaos that the sniper creates.
  - 5)Turn around at the face of the Church, then look up and to the left (with
  the diagonal backside of a billboard towards you). The sniper should be there
  on the ledge.
  - 6)Look into the Refinery location, and straight up near the roof ledge
  should be the sniper. Not very disguised.

/Brutal Interrogations (3.3)/
   *The idea is simple. The Captain wants to know where and how the dealers are
   managing to get this new dangerous drug on the streets. He wants Marcus to
   go talk to some of his brothers, and cremate some limbs to get information.
   Do what you must to the dealers, but only do enough to cripple them.*
- Now this is more like it, almost like an episode of The Shield, except we got
Marcus doing the mission. Run off to the nearest blue point. Head around back
of the Red Light District. Flash your badge at the dealer, then quickly
Y-grapple him for the quick arrest. Once he's down, punch him a few times, or
lay a few low kicks. After his health is below 50%, the dealer will cough up
some information about Liquid Soul, the supposed drug that is causing massive
chaos. Proceed to the next dealer, and do the same. He'll reveal that he too is
just small time, but he knows there's a supplier around here somewhere. Head
over to the Channel 6 Building. Beat up the last drug dealer, and he'll end up
coughing more deadly secrets. The supplier is located in downtown, but make
sure you say you were sent from Benny (in order to gain access to the lethal
crud). Now, run all the way across the city to downtown.

- Head to the gatekeeper, and talk to him. Marcus will tell him Benny sent him.
Once inside, a brief FMV will occur.

   *Marcus reveals that he wants to become a major supplier, and offers to kill
   him unless he tells him who is supplying Liquid Soul. As usual, the big bad
   drug dealer has his own bodyguards.*
- Right off the bat, run under where the drug dealers are on the ledge above
for safety. Pull out a viable weapon, preferably the Uzi or M16. Now, simply
run back out, and autoaim the suckers down from their spot. Once both dealers
are dead, head to the nearest ladder and climb up. At the blue point, press the
black button to jump onto the shimmy railing, then slide across to the other
side. Search the second bodyguard's body for the Gate Key, shimmy back across,
then head to the ground floor where the Gate is. Open it. The Liquid Soul
dealer should be to your left. Sprint chase him, and he'll eventually hide in a
small cemetery. Once there, he'll fend off most of your grapple attempts.
Simply use kick + punch combos to weaken him. This will eventually cause your
Super Bust meter to max. Knock him to the ground, jump on top of him, then
Super Bust.

    *The dealer will end up spilling the beans. A man named Rouben has been
    supplying mostly everyone in the area with Liquid Soul. You have to get
    some solid evidence before you can bust him.*
- Run all the way back to the Police Station, and snatch the Camera out of the
yard. Make sure you flash your badge to the cop if you haven't with Marcus. Run
all the way back to where the Basketball Courts are. Don't head on in though.
Go to the blue marked spot, then climb the next 2-3 ladders until you're up
top. Pull out the Silenced Pistol in your inventory, and snipe off the first
guard. Leap across the roof, and try to get fairly close to the second one by
leaping to the second aclove. You'll have to use stealth techniques by moving
lightly and/or crouching (clicking the left thumbstick). Once you leap to the
designated blue point, it will tell you to pull out your Camera. Pull it out as
a weapon, and zoom in till the reticle turns red. Now, snap a photo. You'll be
able to get 4 pictures of the leaders, except for the one with his back to you.
Look to your right, and there should be a slightly depressed roof. Jump over to
it. You should have the perfect angle for the last picture. 

- Once it's taken, several police officers will arrive on the scene. They'll
start to take fire. You only need to arrest one gang leader. Pull out your M16,
and gun down the two dealers by the entrance. Then, kill off the other 2
directly below you, and leave one with an arrest icon over his head alive. Drop
down, and do a few powerful kick/punch combos to reduce his health. Go in for
the grapple, and tag him in cuffs. Once he's arrested, beat him up a bit, and
do an interrgation each time. It's best to do light punches when interrogating
since you don't want to kill him.

    *The dealer will cough up that a woman is actually responsible as the
    Liquid Soul source. Yikes, that's one crazy witch. The dealer only coughs
    up that a man named Uncle Liu knows who she is.*

/Spooky Jumpers (spec.) (3.4)/
   *The Captain has gotten some reports about jumpers from the roofs of various
   buildings across the city. Go check it out, and help save some booty.*
- Three locations should spawn on your meter. Start off by heading to which
ever you prefer. I went to the one right by the police building. Climb the
first ladder across from the police yard gate. At the top, you'll discover a
pimp spurting out against his hoe. After a brief conversation she'll start to
run. Hold down the sprint button, and dive tackle her by pressing Y while
sprinting. Once she's down, arrest her. If you let her reach the ledge, she
will jump, ending in a mission failure. You'll also have to beat up the pimp
for a bit. Use various punches and kicks, then get in close, and finish him off
for the arrest as well. You'll get a nice stash of cash. Head to the second
nearest point to the station, along a parallel street. 

- Go into the dark alley to the right of the second marked point. Hop skotch up
the two dumpsters, then jump to the ladder and climb up. Now, jump over to
where the victim is. You can choose to talk with him. You'll have 120 seconds
to get $400 and give it to him (unless you already have $400). Or, you can
simply beat him up a few times, then do a quick arrest move on him to save the
money. I personally just beat him down and went for the arrest – no point
wasting your time trying to get the money before he decides to jump. Head for
the third and farthest point. You'll find the ladder on the left side of the
building. Once above, you'll discover a fight occurring between two women, who
both want the man who is threatening to jump. Apparently, he was crossing in
between both of them, and he says he'll jump if he continues to see them
fighting each other. Right off the bat, simply run up, and start beating on one
of the women. Whatever you do, don't do a Super Bust. There's an in-game glitch
that will not recognize the woman being arrested if you do a super bust. Stick
to simple combos, rough them up, then cuff them. Be careful, the one woman will
keep beating up on the other, even if she's cuffed. Take them both down, then
the man will say he won't jump. Jump to the ledge, and secure him with a
grapple for the arrest. Your Captain will congratulate you on a job well done.

/Dangerous Propulsions (3.5)/
   *Captain has received a lead from ATF that this Uncle Liu guy is a middleman
   who trades Liquid Soul in exchange for high-powered weapons. Rumor has it
   that the deal is going down at the City Hall. Go nab him before the exchange
- Start off by running to the marked point on your radar. You'll have to round
some buildings to reach it from the other side. Do it quickly as the mission
will fail if you don't reach him in time. When you do, you'll have a brief talk
with Liu. He tries to resist. Give him a powerful kick/punch combo (if you try
grappling right away, you'll get tossed away). Go for the quick arrest. Once
he's down, your Captain will inform you that several vans are headed in your
direction. Oh my god. You'll be given the Rocket Launcher that Liu was about to
deal over. Enter Aim Mode and take out the first zooming van from the right.
Switch to the M16, and use Crack if possible to get deadshot accuracy. Nail off
the gangsters that approach from both sides. There's about 5 in total. Again,
another van will approach from the left this time. If you cannot switch to your
rocket in time, simply fire as many bullets as possible into it to cause it to
explode. Finally, nail off the remaining 5-6 gangsters from both sides.

- Now you'll have to convince Liu to talk. Press Y to talk to him, and after a
brief conversation, he reveals that the Chinese Ambassador has ties in with
this Liquid Soul drug. The Captain wants you to return to grab a Shotgun MIC to
videotape the session. Head back to the Police Yard. Along the way, Jack will
let you know that he managed to plan a tracker on the Ambassador's limo, so
they can keep tabs on where he is headed.

- Once you have the MIC, the Captain forces you to keep the Rocket Launcher
behind. Head to the nearby blue marked point. Your Captain let's you know a
sniper has been spotted in the area. You are to disarm him, and find out what
he knows, before spying on the Ambassador. Head back to the blue point from
before, and climb up the marked ladder. Hold down the crouch button (left
thumbstick), and sneak behind the sniper. Press X to whack him in the back of
the head. Then, get on top of him and cuff him. Press Y to interrogate. The
sniper will reveal that an ambush is about to occur, and he was hired to waste
the Ambassador. Go to the blue spot on the ledge, and pull out the Sniper
Rifle. The blue marked people are friendlies, with the Ambassador at the far
end of the alley. Zoom in with the sniper in zoom mode. Use the left joystick
to zoom in or out. Most of the assassins will approach from the left alleyway.
Try to kill them before they reach the officers, or get into the alley. You
only have 6 bullets per clip in your rifle, so it's imperative that each shot
counts! Either Crack or Marijuana should help keep the situation fair. There
are about 12 thugs in total, but try to keep the police officers alive, since
they also do a good job protecting the Ambassador.

- The Ambassador will then move to make a call. Slide down the ladder and move
to the blue spot. After listening in, we'll discover a conversation between a
Liquid Soul dealer and the Ambassador. Apparently, many assassins are going
after the Ambassador, but this dealer claims to know nothing of it. The Captain
wants you to track the limo down, and protect it from enemy fire. Start off by
staying off the street, but jogging along the sidewalks. Get out a good
sidearm, preferably Dual 9MMs, an Uzi, or the M16. About 5-6 assassins will
show up at two points along the street (near the police station), and a tad
further around the corner. Simply gun down the red-marked assassins on your
radar, and protect the limousine from exploding. Be careful not to gun down too
many civilians, as your badge rating will take a plummet. After all assassins
are killed, the Captain will thank you on a job well done, and says Jack can
take over from there (the limo zooms off into the distance). Deposit some
evidence to get your rating back up.

/Major Drug Operations (spec.)(3.6)/
   *Captain has received word that there's a major drug lab in Richmond South.
   He wants you to go and bust the gang responsible, and take out the
   scum-infested science lab.*
- Run towards the marked point on your radar. Board the ladder, and climb down.
Go to the marked point and press Y to enter the lab. There should be a guard
directly in front of you when you spawn inside. Take him out, then enter aim
mode right at the corner, and peek to the right. Nail the 4-5 guards that are
behind various boxes and carts down this alleyway. Proceed ahead, and check the
bodies for ammo/large health. Enter aim mode around the next corner, peek, and
disable the 7-8 guards with your M16. Proceed to the next corner, and repeat,
but do not shoot the blue-dotted civilians. These lab techs must be arrested,
and none of them can escape. If one runs past you, forget about the gun battle,
and arrest the tech at all costs! The quickest way to prevent them from leaving
the complex is to do a direct flashing of the badge. This should cause the
techie to raise her hands. Do this for the others to get them to standstill,
then do a grapple arrest to take them down. The items to destroy are any lab
equipment on tables, computers, the crack powder on the table, collecting ALL
of the cash on the floor/tables, and so forth. If a techie escapes, and you
think you've completed the mission, the game won't let you know of a mission
failure. Just reload your file and try again. Took me a few tries to get
through this one.

/Chase that Limo (3.7)/
   *This is a partial continuation of Marcus's mission from before. You have to
   keep tabs on the Ambassador's limo to see where he meets his source. Keep it
   in sight at all costs.*
- This is basically a stamina race, something I have a strong disliking for.
Anyhow, run over to the marked point. The driver will spot you, and starts
driving away sporadically. His skills aren't too impressive, as he'll gun over
some innocent civilians, and crash into a few fire hydrants along the way. Just
keep holding down L to sprint, then let go to regain some stamina (well,
simulated stamina), and repeat. When the car hits the straightaways, make sure
you you sprint to keep up, but you can take the corners easy. He'll eventually
crash into a wall in North Richmond. Once the driver pops out, be weary, as he
has a shotgun. Dive jump into him, beat him up a bit, disarm him, then arrest
him. If his life bar isn't low enough, hit him a couple of times, then
interrogate him. He will reveal that he was told to pick up the Ambasssador and
drive him to the Meat Packing plant to meet Jose. It's apparently a front for
these ugly drugs.

   *Jack and Marcus have a quick chit-chat, about how they'll meet up after
   Jack goes in. There's certainly gonna be some toe-chopping there.*
- Run to the gate of the meat packing plant. Once you're there, talk to the
guard three times, and you'll provoke him into a fight. Simply dive tackle him
to the ground, then try to fill your Super Bust meter to finish him off. Once
he's down, open the front gate, and 5-6 reinforcement guards will arrive. Use
the Machine Pistol (Uzi) to gun them down. Once they're down, head to the door
in the upper right corner, and open it to head on in. Once inside, you'll
overhear a friendly conversation between three meat packing plant guards.
Nothing too interesting. Interrupt the party by gunning them down, then taking
out the top assault rifle guard, and the one behind the truck on the left. A
horde of about 10 guards will arrive behind various stacks of meat shelves and
what not. Take shelter behind the nearby pillar with the fire extinguisher, and
pick them off one by one. If your Machine Pistol runs out, go to the Dual
Berettas. Another flood of about 10 Meat Guards will come from a back door.
Take them out, then head up the stairs, and activate the switch marked on your
map. Run back down the stairs, and a new door should have opened. Head to the
marked point.

   *Poor Jack gets surrounded by several meat slicing dudes. No gunning out of
   this one. We're then forwarded to a room where Jack is being held. One of
   his old buddies remembers him well, but has orders to kill him. He lays a
   joint of crack on the floor to give Jack one last time to get high...before
   he's sliced to pieces. The Captain tells Marcus to hurry before something
   happens to Jack!*
- Start off by quickly jogging through the area where Jack killed almost all of
the guards. Head to the back room, but quickly turn around as three meat
slicers will ambush you (not on radar at first). Then, head up the stairs, kill
the two guards, and another movie sequence initiates. This one shows Jack
getting high on the crack while Jose is sitting next to him. Some of his
hideous past is also revealed. The boss fight between Marcus and Jose will
begin. Don't even try fighting Jose close and personal. There's no way to
arrest him. Simply pull out your Berettas, unload a clip on the slicer, then
run up the stairs, and shoot at him while running backwards. His life bar
should go down quickly. Trying to fight him up close is a waste, since his
slicer attacks are really unblockable, and he is relentless in melee.
Afterwards, Marcus meets up with Jack, but is ticked off at him because he's
sees the joint of crack on the ground. He believes Jack 'used it.'

   *Your Captain informs you that Jack's stolen PDA revealed the location of
   the Liquid Soul distribution center. It's at one of the Old Churches in
   downtown. Several snipers have been posted around the area, since word of
   Jose's death has been spread.*
- Head towards the Church, via the marked points on your radar. There are 7 red
dot snipers in total. Pull out your own Sniper Rifle, zoom in, and go for
headshots. Head to the Grocery Store, and climb to the roof. You cannot let any
of the snipers see you. Simply snipe them from behind, especially the one on
the grocery store roof. From here, look at the blue arrows over each of their
heads, and pick them off. You should be able to kill about 4 of them in total,
before your Captain tells you to move elsewhere. I personally went back near
the police station, headed through the Subway area, and flanked these snipers
on the streets below. I couldn't reach the marked point on the map, but got the
correct angles to finish off the remaining snipers.

- Once they're dead, you'll take over Marcus on the raid. Rush ahead, and
you'll be near the footsteps of the church. There are about 15 Gangsters in
total that must be gunned down. Use the M16 as it has the best accuracy and
damage. Avoid standing near the police cars as they'll eventually explode from
too much fire. Once they're all dead, your Captain tells you to move in. Grab
the Heavy Gun from one of the dead bodies, then enter the church. Right off the
bat, four of your officers will block the doorway. Your best bet is to rush in
and go left. Hide behind the corner of a pillar/pulpet combination. Use your
Assault Rifle to take out the center guards hiding near the pedestal, and work
on the ones closest to you. There's a flood of guards to your left behind some
tables of drugs. Gun them all down. Finish off the remaining hostiles. Make
sure you don't arrest any of them; they all must be killed for the mission to

   *The Captain informs Marcus that the Enforcer has been spotted on the move
   out of the Church. Chase after her. Marcus eventually does, but gets
   surrounded by several masked thugs from a van. Jack is also booked and sent
   into an interrogation room where he meets back up with Marcus. A woman
   greets herself as the head of an organization called NARC, who does
   'special' treatment against major drug dealers. They were caught off guard
   by the development of Liquid Soul, and are quite impressed by your ethics
   lately. They welcome you to the force of NARC, where you're going to China
   to help fight the creation of this dangerous drug.*
^ You now have the option of entering Asia. I chose to do the last Special
Assignment, and gather the remaining Secret Drug Stashes.

/Comfortable Van (spec.)(3.8)/
   *A ton of protesters are rallying near the downtown church. Unfortunately, a
   van packed full of explosives is headed there as well. Stop the van at all
- You'll have Jack on this one. The several blue markers on your map are
special 'advantage' spots where you can hit the van faster. The basic idea is
to destroy the van before it reaches the church. It should be red on your
radar. Try getting to each blue point so you can get ahead of the van. The
Grenade Launcher, while explosive, has horrible accuracy, so I don't recommend
using it. Instead, use Dual Berettas, or your normal pistol. Cut the first van
off through the mid-street alley, then chase it down near the basketball
courts. It will take a ton of hits, unless you can hit it from the front. After
destroying it, a second van will spawn up near the railroad track road. Simply
run towards the blue marked point, then up to where the red dot is. The van
should start to speed towards you. Backpedal and fire away. This one will go
down easier. Your Captain will congratulate you for earning your 'gold star'

/Subway Transient (spec.)(3.9)/
   *Things aren't looking well. A bomb has been planted in the subway, where
   many daily commuters stroll through. The Captain doesn't want to even think
   about the idea of such an event occurring. Defuse the bomb before it's too
- Run down to where the blue point is on your map, and press Y to enter the
Subway. Suddenly an explosion will rock the area. Whoever planted the bomb did
minimal damage, but they can still take down the entire transportation system
if they reach the control room. You have to get to the control room before the
'terrorists' do. Look near the blown pillars on the subway level. You'll find
several Assault Rifles. Pick them up, equip it, then shoot away the Control
Room door (marked by the blue point). After entering the room, your Captain
says you're surrounded by several red dots. You'll have to shoot your way out
of this one. Dear God! There will be about 25 gangsters in total; most of whom
are fairly weak. Simply use your Assault Rifle and kill the initial wave that
run for the Control Room door. More will rush down from the steps, but are
minimally armed. Drugs aren't even necessary to survive. Just make use of the
crouching ability to get more precise aiming. Your mission is complete when all
red dots are killed.


/Oh Marcus, where are you? (3.10)/
   *This mission starts off fairly interesting. After Marcus and Jack have a
   quick chit-chat, especially how Marcus says he doesn't trust Jack, you'll
   arrive in Kowloon, China. Right after you get off the ferry boat, Detective
   Lau greets Marcus and takes him away. Jack waits by, and suddenly, some vans
   surround your position. One of the thugs says welcome to China, bitch.*
- Well for starters, you won't have any of your weapons from before. You'll
still have anything in your inventory, such as drugs, but weapons are out of
the question. Two thugs will rush right at the beginning. Chinese enemies are
much tougher than US-based suspects, as Chinamen can throw you within grapples,
and also have more athletic moves. Do a kick kick, punch combo on one of them,
or use an uppercut/leg sweep move to knock them down. Try to get them to
minimal health, or kill them. Once their life bars are only about 10% of they
were, arresting them is the easiest way to disable your opponents. About three
more waves of Chinamen will come. Disarm the one equipped with your Beretta,
and then use it against him. Four total Assault Rifle snipers will spawn on the
roof as well, so look up if you're getting shot from an unknown location.
Finish off the remaining thugs, and the 'real' Detective Lau will arrive on the

- Apparently, you handed Marcus over to the thugs, as they were impersonating
the real police officers! Anyhow, the Chinese Captain tells you to go seek out
the suspects marked red on your radar to find out Marcus Hill's location. Go to
the rightmost suspect first. For the most part, use the same tactics from
before. Only grapple a Chinaman once his life bar is at the lowest possible,
otherwise he'll flip you. Some of the suspects are quicker than usual (look
like Jet Li's). Make use of the block move via the R trigger. Go for the second
suspect, and repeat the same strategy. I found it best to actually shoot a shot
into the victim to get them to run (rather than be so aggressive). He'll reveal
that Marcus is somewhere at the docks. Head for the final suspect. Repeat the
same strategy, and he'll note that it's in one of the big warehouses by the

- Detective Lau heard the entire conversation and wants to do a joint assault
on their compound. Go to the blue marked point. Talk to Lau.
   *Lau will go in after your command, but you must not shoot anyone who is not
   equipped with a weapon. Deadly force is your last option.*
- This is primarily a stealth mission. If you shoot any of the guards (and
don't instant kill), or let them sound an alarm, Marcus will be killed. Climb
the fence. Using your silenced pistol automatically causes the alarm to go off
(unless you're precise). Don't shoot any weapons. Run straight ahead to the end
of the alley, and wait for the guard around the corner to the left to walk the
other way. Run past the van, and walk off the ledge slowly. You should fall and
grab a hold of the dock ledge. Swiggle yourself left, and wait for the guard to
turn his back. Now, get up, go across to the wooden dock to take a quick
breather. Now's the perfect time to use your silenced pistol. Crouch yourself,
enter aim mode, and pick off the guard. Try to pick off the other one around
the corner. Crawl into the opened garage door, past the boxes, and snipe the
last two guards watching over Marcus. Run up to Marcus, and free him by
pressing Y.

- The last portion of this mission is simple. Protect Marcus's life bar (in the
very top portion of the screen), while engaging the rest of the baddies. For
the most part, you'll have to run back out the same door, but cut a right this
time. Lau will make his assault on the compound as well, so make use of the NPC
assisters near the sidelines. Most of the remaining Triad members are hiding
behind various crates, barrels, and/or spawn from various corners. After the 15
remaining enemies are dead, your mission is complete.

/Who loves Lucy? (3.11)/
   *Detective Lau gives you a quick briefing of who could be the overseer of
   Liquid Soul operations in China. Apparently, Lucy Chen, a notorious woman
   dealer has managed to deal out assassinations on all Triad bosses opposing
   her. She most likely has dealings with this hideous drug. Marcus says he'll
   take care of it. Lau wants you to use the Shotgun MIC to discover what she's
   up to.*
- Head to the nearby police yard for the Shotgun MIC. Lau wants you to head to
a hotel opposite of her raving nightclub where you should be able to spy on her
conversations. Talk to the doorman out front. Flash your badge, then he'll take
you around back through a gated entrance. Climb the ladder to the top. Chen has
arrived on the roof of her club. For now, go left, and jump up to the railing.
Shimmy across the pit, then drop down, and run around the corner. Grab this
drug package. It's best to get it now, rather than forget. Shimmy back across,
and then jump across the small fence, and move to the blue marked spot. Pull
out your Shotgun MIC, and zoom it on Chen till the volume meter starts hitting
the red peaks. Unfortunately, interference from an air conditioner will be
causing problems in hearing Chen. Lau has dropped off a silenced sniper rifle
by the ladder you climbed up from before.

- Get on the ladder and slide down. Run over to the marked spot to pick up the
Sniper Rifle. You'll be ambushed by 2-3 Gangsters with bats. Sprint away from
them. Climb back up the ladder, back to the spot, and look to the upper left of
Chen's position. You should see a dual-silver gray unit. Snipe the section with
the red/green button. Once the A/C is down, pull out your Shotgun MIC, and keep
it focused on Chen in maximal position. You'll end up overhearing her
conversation about how an American buyer is arriving with 1 million dollars in
cash to purchase some Liquid Soul. She wants him killed though. After hearing
the conversation, Lau says he is having problems getting the surveillance van
started. They must get this evidence back to the headquarters for the proper
authentification to proceed with operations. Suddenly, the van is ambushed by
Triad members. Pull out the Silenced Sniper Rifle you were just given, and look
down on the street, slightly to the right. Start sniping the guards in the
heads. There are about 6 total. If you run out of sniper ammo, simply switch to
your revolver, and crouch-aim.

- Lau still needs backup getting to the police HQ in one piece. He wants you to
hop aboard. Slide down the ladder, and sprint to the van's location. Remember
to shoot off the two triad melee gangsters from before. Now, press Y to climb
onto the van. Use either the Heavy Machine Gun, or Assault Rifle, and start
popping off the Triad members in the distance. At one point, the van will stop.
Simply, rail shoot off the gangsters on the roofs, sidewalks, and what not. Use
the red dots on your radar as it's the easiest method of elimination. You'll
eventually make it to a tunnel. Chen secretly messages you and says to bring
the evidence. She'll bribe you with $20,000 instead. You actually have an
interactive choice of accepting or denying the bribe. I chose to deny it. After
exiting the tunnel, keep your primary focus on looking straight ahead but VERY
high in the sky. There's a grenade launching Triad at the very top who can
instant kill you if he makes a successful hit – take him out. Do the same for
the surrounding Triads, and finish off the other ones after the van stops.
Chen will make one more notorious bribe, but only half of what it was
($10,000). She says if you don't accept, you'll have every Triad after you. 

- Again, reject the offer. You'll have a few more baddies to kill. Then, Lau
informs you that the van has stalled for good. You have to take the evidence
back to HQ on foot. Dear God. Run up the street towards the marked point.
You're probably low on ammo, so pull out a Skorpion. Hit the blue point.
Suddenly, two unmarked vans will pop out on the street, with about 12 Triad
members. They give you one last chance to hand it over. Marcus tells them to
suck a chalupa. All hell breaks loose. The first thing I did was retreat back
behind one of the road railings. It should provide shelter from enemy bullets.
Pick off a few of the members who charge at you. Counter-charge, picking up
some of the ammo while gunning them down with the Heavy Machine Gun. You can
blow up the vans in the background for some added emotional effects. Finish off
the remaining hostiles, enter the police yard, and talk to Lau. He'll be
gloriously in love with you for gathering the only evidence which can break
Chen's dealings.

/Sizzling Hostages (spec.)(3.12)/
   *The scenario is not looking well. Some thugs tried to rob a downtown
   restaurant but the robbery attempt was foiled. In a desperate attempt, they
   snatched several hostages, and are barricaded inside. The Chinese SWAT team
   is ready to move in, but they're risking the lives of the hostages. Lau
   wants you to snatch a sniper rifle, and head to a nearby roof.*
- Start off by sprinting towards the blue dot. It should take about 20 seconds
off of your 90 second clock. Grab the Auto-Sniper Rifle. Now, run to the next
blue marked point, climb the ladder, then run across the roof crosspath. Run
along the ledge, and hop onto the wooden box. Jump up each ledge, and this two
more times. Once above, run across, and drop down to the blue marked point.
Now, pull out your Sniper Rifle. You should see three thugs holding three
hostages. Snipe off the thug farthest back. Repeat the same for the front two
thugs. Be fairly quick, as you will only have five seconds to gun them down.
Once they're down, a ton of new thugs will arrive on scene. Run towards the
back of your current position. Look at the blue point on the passenger
overpass. Drop down to there, pick up the health, and pull out your Pistol. Run
down the stairs to ground level, and Beretta down the gangsters who try to kill
the officers. Don't try standing on the ledge and sniping. It simply is
ineffective. The mission will be complete after all hostiles are killed.

/Dangerous Imports (3.13)/
   *Remember the evidence you so difficultly tried to gather from before? Well,
   it's missing from the Police HQ. Lau accuses Marcus of stealing it, or
   accepting a bribe. Jack is pissed off, and says that the officers inside
   Lau's division are responsible for being corrupt. Nonetheless, Lau wants you
   to escort the million dollar buyer from the customs dock, back to Police HQ
   for questioning.*
- Head towards the blue marked point. Once there, flash your badge to the
marked cop. Talk to the dealer inside. It ends up that the dealer only has
$10,000 and was bluffing to Chen's men. Oh, he's a dead man. Lau wants you to
hurry as Chen's men are onto his tracks. Run towards the blue marked point.
Right off the bat, 4 Triads will pop out of a van and gun down the Customs
guard. Shoot them to the right, and proceed left up the street. Two vans will
do a streaking ambush. Try to blow them up before hand, or move back, and shoot
the guards off individually. The Assault Rifle works best for these parts. Now,
head left down the hilly pathway. Two snipers are going to be on the warehouse
roof about 300 yards away. You can pull out your sniper, or manually pick them
off in aim mode. Continue ahead around the corner. Guide the hippy to the
marked point. 

- The cops say they will handle it from here, but you'll be ambushed by four
series of (10) Triads each. The toughest part is having enough ammo to gun them
down. Thus, use Marijuana for extra guidance to slow things down. It's very
necessary, otherwise your life bar will probably lower. Your best bet is to
give Crack a try as well. Avoid standing next to the Police Car. Each time a
new series of gangsters arrive, an RPG will pound the area near the car. I
found it best to stand right where the hippie crouches. After the four waves
are knocked off, the hippie will make a break for it, in fear that you cannot
protect him. Sprint after him. He'll actually toss some of the money in his
backpack directly behind his path. Pick it up for some free cash. Eventually,
he'll start to puke in the Zen Gardens. Tackle him, and go for the arrest.
Suddenly, Lau reports that several more gangsters are closing in on the
Gardens. This cannot be good. This time you're going to have to act like a
bodyguard, since the buyer's life is very low. Stand directly in front of him,
and equip your Assault Rifle. Simply nail off the remaining twenty gangsters.
They'll approach from the leftwalkway, the right street, and in front. Use
burst firing with the AR to get quick and easy kills. The mission is complete
once all Triad members are dead.

/Naked Dishonor (spec.)(3.14)/
   *Haha. Apparently, a naked man has been standing near a mobile phone ad. Lau
   is greatly dishonored by the sight. Remove it at once!*
- Haha, certainly one of the more 'fun' missions in the game. Right off the
bat, run north up the main road. Head towards the '7-LOT' building, then turn
around, and look slightly to your right. You should see a cellphone bluish neon
sign. On it, you'll see a blue arrow marking a naked man breakdancing on it.
Approach the sign, and the naked man will pull out a gun! Don't shoot him; he
must be arrested. The easiest way to take him down is to get a Super Bust meter
charged, however, it's difficult, because he throws off of your grapples, and
even avoids your leg sweeps. Your best bet is to use the Uppercut move left
click thumbstick + X to take him down. Once he's down, get on top, and pummel
him a bit. Once the meter is charged, repeat, and do a super bust. Mission
should be complete. You'll also get see a flailing ding-a-ling; oh yuck!

/Crotch Rockets (3.15)/
   *Some news has been buzzing around the city. The Black Tigers are one of the
   most feared motorcycle gangs in all of Asia, and they're under Chen's
   payroll. They've been spotted roaming around the city. A cellphone message
   has also been intercepted by Lau's men, and it has been between one of
   Chen's couriers to the gang's leader. The Black Tigers have been spotted
   handing off a certain package from place-to-place. Lau wants you to disable
   this gang, and find out what they're moving around, before Chen can get a
   hand on it.*
- Run to the police yard and grab the Stinger Spike Strip. Now, you'll only
have 40 seconds to make it to the blue point. Sprint over to the point. You'll
face two Triad members on roofs with assault rifles, but I just ignored them.
Once at the point, press Y to deploy the Stinger Strip. The Black Tiger should
run right into it, and fall off. Search his corpse, and Jack says that the
package was empty – it was a decoy! Lau says another courier has been spotted,
but it's in rush hour traffic. Anyhow, run to the next point. You'll only have
40 seconds. However, the chase runs short. One of Chen's worthy rivals offers
you a bribe to bring the samples of Liquid Soul to him, in exchange for
$25,000. You'll receive another $5,000 per head of each courier you kill. Deny
the offer. Run down the street, but go about halfway, and look to your left.
You should see an underpass bridge that cuts under the road. Jump down here,
and run towards traffic (jumping over cars that rush by). The point should be
along the left. Deploy the trap, and the rider will be disabled. Search the
corpse, and you'll realize it's another decoy.

- Run to the next point, by exiting the tunnel. Suddenly, several cars will
meet up with Triads and police officers going at it. Engage some of the Triads,
and run towards the objective. Once there, walk up to each bike, and press Y to
sabotage them. Quickly run to cover so you're not spotted. If you are, simply
gun down both of them, and check their corpses. More decoys as usual. Lau is
sorry for misguiding you, but they believe they have the real package. Follow
the last point on your map. You'll only have 25 seconds, so run like a fart in
the wind! Set the trap on the point. However, the biker will avoid the spike
strip. You'll automatically enter aim mode, so quickly shoot the biker off, or
blow up his bike. Once he's down, you can either kill him (or bust him as I
did). Make sure to search his corpse, and you actually got Chen's next shipment
of Liquid Soul! Lau wants you to deposit it at the Police HQ.

- You'll receive another message from that rival goon of Chen's. He's offering
you $50,000 for the Liquid Soul, and says that if you don't hand it over, then
some of the Kowloon detectives will for much less. Hah, reject the offer. Run
towards the Police HQ. Suddenly, two ambushes will occur from the right. Use
the Machine Pistol to make quick work of the goons. Give the evidence to the
Police, and Lau will inform you that the Liquid Soul shipment had a value of
over $5,000,000! That foolish rival only offered $50,000. Damn eBay sellers.

/Eye of the Tigers (spec.)(3.16)/
   *One of Lau's officers has important information on the Black Tigers, and is
   waiting out near the Police HQ. Go meet him.*
- Right when you get near the police car, it gets blown to pieces by a Black
Tiger rider. Marcus drives up with the surveillance van from before, and offers
assistance in taking down these punks. Climb aboard, and start gunning away.
For the most part, you'll only have to kill about 3-4 of the riders, and not
all of them. I used the sniper rifle, and tried to aim for the motorcycle to
blow it up. Many of the other rifles have some inaccuracies, and very little
aiming abilities. Your pistol also works, but it's hard to keep steady. Try to
simply reach the minimum. Marcus will eventually pull over, and the mission
should be complete, despite letting some of them escape.

/Fire burns (3.17)/
   *Marcus has been informed that one of Chen's rival gangs, the Pyros, are
   making a hit on one of her money laundering joints tonight. Marcus wants you
   to arrive at the scene, help protect Chen's joint, and in exchange, you
   might get an inside connection with her. Jack wonders why they're called the
   Pyros, and well, they got a 'thang' for fire.*
- Sprint to the marked point on your map. The joint will start to get nailed by
the Pyros. Kill the surrounding guards that popped out of the van with an
automatic weapon, then enter inside the compound. Some of the stuff will be on
fire. Avoid contact with the flamethrowers, and simply gun them down. Pick up
some of the Flamethrowers as well for future missions. It should fade out.
Marcus receives word from Jack that he's in, and looking mighty fine. Jack says
he was working for one of his guys on the East Coast, who's looking for a
drugs-to-weapons trade. Chen has bought into it. Marcus is going to try and
take surveillance pictures between the deal, while Jack stays on the inside.
With Marcus, head towards the blue marked point. Flash your badge, and grab the

- Now, head back to the other point. You'll have to go around back, to where an
elevated walkway is. Climb this ladder. Now, look towards the red railings to
your right. Leap to this ladder, climb it up top, then move to the blue marked
point. Once there, Jack says that whenever he yells Cumquat, he wants Marcus to
move in and save him. In the meantime, Jack is going to get the attention of
each Triad Gangster, so that they look directly at him. Marcus is suppose to
take snapshots whenever the Triad looks at Jack.

- For starters, Jack is on the upper right of the zoomed-in screen. Locate him
with the blue arrow over his head. He should get the attention of about 5-6
Triad Members. Make sure you're zoomed in so it's red, and take the picture
when they turn their heads based on Jack's dialogue. Now, once all photos are
taken, your NARC leader accidentally says something over Jack's PDA. His cover
is blown. Switch to the Assault Rifle, and gun down the patrons below. Hop down
each roof ledge (you might lose some health), and move around the corner to
where Jack is. Save him this time. You'll have another problem. You're
barricaded in this fishy market, while hundreds of Triads are waiting for you.
The concept is simple. Either Marcus or Jack must cover each other, by simply
gunning down the opposing enemies while the other partner runs to cover. This
way, you can gradually move your way out of the fortress without running into
too much trouble. There are about 4-5 cover points you'll have to move Jack to.
Each time, look on your map for the blue point. Press Y to cover Marcus when
you're in position and are ready to fire away. He'll tell you to 'Go, Go, Go!'
when he's ready as well. Do this until you reach the ground level of the
market, then simply gun your way out by killing all hostiles. Head up the
stairs to the blue point.

- Jack says he planted a tracker on the briefcase that was at the previous
meeting before all hell broke loose. However, it's not a traditional radar
tracker. Instead, it pulses based on how close you are. Simply watch your radar
screen, and it should pulse. When it does, a small arc portion of the
circumference on your radar will blink red. Look where it blinks, and head that
direction. Eventually, you'll be leader to the upper right, at a place called
the Green Dragon Trains. A blue marked point should appear on your radar. In
order to get up there, look to the left of the front entrance to the train
store. There should be a ladder; climb it. Now, turn around, and sprint leap to
this roof ledge. Hop across each ledge, and nail out the 6 guards on the upper
area. Also take out the two below, drop down, run up the stairs, and to the
other roof where you gunned down the Triad members. Kill the three guards below
by the yellow crates and drug stashes. Slide down the ladder, then slide down
the next ladder to the right. The briefcase should be on the lowest dock
available. Snatch it, then two more Triad members will pop up above. Climb the
ladder, pop up, and disable the guard. He has a flamethrower. Take out the
other one above, then use the Flamethrower to toast the crates and drug
stashes. Now that this is destroyed, your mission is complete.

/Explosive Engagements (spec.)(3.18)/
   *A local extremist group is threatening to detonate a bomb on a
   highly-populated target unless one of their leaders is released from prison.
   Lau has managed to identify the four leaders that are in constant contact
   with each other. They have stated that if any of them are even touched, the
   bomb will be detonated. This is where Marcus comes in. You must snatch a
   Sniper Rifle, then find a good sniper  spot, and take out all opponents in a
   matter of seconds.*
- Run towards the red in-building plaza, then leap off the ledge to the nearby
ladder. Jump to the second ladder, and this should take you to the marked
point. Now, do a sprint jump across to the diagonal roof, and grasp a hold of
the ledge. Climb up, and grab the Auto Sniper Rifle. Lau says to hurry before
they detonate the bomb. Now, look to the right of this roof, and you should see
a small, but small dropoff ledge below. Drop down to it, continue ahead, then
go left, and hobble across the four roof walkways. Head around the corner.
Sprint jump to the red marked roof.

- Make sure that Marcus is positioned near the bottom half, and simply turns
around to hit the second target. Move to the upper left tip of the roof to hit
the other two targets, which are in more exposed positions. On a side note,
after engaging the first leader, you'll have 30 seconds to kill the rest. Once
they're dead, Marcus suddenly reports that kamikaze bombers are headed for
Police HQ! You'll now take control of Jack. Simply gun down the 5 Kamikaze
Bombers straight ahead of you. They don't have weapons, but will explode if
within proximity. Straight and simple.

/The Rave (3.19)/
   *Finally, your woman commander has arrived in Asia. She has received word
   about who is actually manufacturing the Liquid Soul, a man named Mr. Big,
   operating under a company called KRAK. How ironic. Anyhow, she wants you to
   take down one of their major production facilities, which is also being run
   via slave labor inside a Rave party joint.*
- For starters, she wants Marcus to get a camera from one of Lau's men near a
rendevous point. Head towards the blue marked point. Talk to the officer, and
he'll give you the camera. You'll also be told to jump onto some dumpsters
around back, for access to the roof. Immediately turn around, and go back the
way you came. Right when it flashes 'Lo San District', look to your left for an
open gate. Inside you'll find some green dumpsters stacked on a dirt pile. Jump
onto them. Now, jump to the wall railing, shimmy across, and climb up. Run to
the other side, and leap up to the green pipe. Shimmy left. Get on the small
platform, and leap to the other side. Look left for a suspending ladder. Jump
to it, and climb to the roof. Drop to the small balcony, then crouch walk
across the pipe railings to the marked point.

- Once there, you'll have to take pictures of one of the kidnappings. Look in
the lower right for a doorway to open up, with a yellow-robed woman, and a
guard with a gun. Take red-reticle photos of the guard, the hostage, and some
other clubbers until Marcus says you have enough evidence. Now, your lady boss
wants you to get the evidence to the police officer from before. Simply walk
off the ledge, grab a hold, then drop down to minimize your fall damage. Talk
to the cop to give him the evidence. He says he'll return the evidence to HQ
for a warrant. Meanwhile, your boss wants you to infiltrate the Rave
headquarters. If you look on your radar, you should see a blue dot in the
distance. Run up to the kid equipped with a purple dancing shirt, and flash
your badge. Arrest him, then you'll notice that you've acquired a Ticket. Now,
approach the Rave Gate entrance, and talk to the gatekeeper. He should let you
in because you have the ticket. Once inside, walk up to the 2 guards, and talk
to them for a bit. You'll tell them to freeze! Suddenly, you'll be surrounded
by about 6 Factory Guards. Simply pull out a gun, and pick them off. Check the
ground for Small Health and some ammo. Near that balcony from before will be
some Assault Rifle snipers. Start killing them, and you'll eventually get some
backup - a lone officer who is gunned down.

- Now, go check the cop's body for a Smoke Grenade Launcher. A blue dot should
appear on your radar. Look up in the air, right abve the black doorway to the
Rave. You'll see a marked vent. Launch a smoke grenade inside the hole via the
smoke grenade launcher. Now, the suspects will start to flurry through the
doorway. The next part is simple, gun down any hostiles with weapons in hand.
DO NOT shoot the innocent kidnapees who walk out unarmed. They should stack
themselves on the left. After about four waves, your boss tells you she wants
the hostages escorted to Police HQ for questioning.

- Walk up to the hostages, and press Y to escort them. Open the gate, and to
your right will be 3 Triad Members. Take them out. Now, move ahead to the main
street. Some Triad Vans should have the streets blockaded. Shoot the vans for
some much-needed explosions, and pick off the snipers in the distance using the
Assault Rifle. The Assault Rifle is VERY effective during this part. Continue
ahead up onto the main street (not the Underpass), and again, two more vans
will rush from the left. Use the same tactics, and watch for the right balcony
snipers. Head to the Police HQ to finish the mission off with a bang.

/More Courier Chasing (3.20)/
   *Lau has received more information regarding yet another transport courier.
   He is positive that Lucy Chen is involved. He has marked the last known
   location on your PDA.*
- This mission is a small pain in the butt. Run to the blue marked point. The
Black Tiger biker should pass by. Sprint after him, firing occasional shots
with your Pistol to keep him interested. He should eventually end up inside a
small fishmarket. You'll be fairly close to the docks. Round the corner of the
warehouse, and press Y to open the door. Once inside, you'll discover that both
Lucy Chen and the Enforcer are present. The problem is, you don't have a
Shotgun MIC, so you'll have to record their conversation with your PDA. To do
so, you must stay within 6 feet of them – holy crap! Right off the bat, crouch
behind them, and stay behind the wall.

- Wait for the guard on the right to turn right, then take cover behind the
small dumpster here (the Enforcer will turn around), so you don't want to be
seen. When the Enforcer starts walking toward the dumpster, go back out the
route you came in, but go to the next hall to the left, and use this to listen
in. The second guard should have passed here by now. Stay at this spot, even
when the two new guards appear. Both Chen and the Enforcer should pass by. Now
comes the tricky part. Stay inside, and both of them should cut to the left
(where two parallel guards move pass them as well). Run to your left, moving
across this alley in parallel movement with them. Take shelter against the far
pillar, where the green walls are and tall bright lights near the high ceiling.
Follow them directly behind, and then take shelter next to the door that just
made a loud sound (where a lone guard entered).

- Eventually, we'll see Chen making a small threat towards Mr. Big. Of course,
Mr. Big is actually a woman which is even more shocking. She shoots Chen in the
back, and takes the briefcase. However, you're spotted. This next part is
somewhat easy. Nine Black Tiger Bikers will zoom in/out from the various doors
surrounding the room. I found it best to use Marijuana to slow things down,
especially with the Assault Rifle to put a quick end to the riders. Liquid Soul
also works, but can be risky if you cannot bail out of addiction. Simply finish
off the 9 cycles and your mission is complete, for Jack that is.

- Now it's Marcus's turn. Marcus has spotted the Enforcer leaving the compound,
and is on her trail. Stay fairly close, but don't let her become engaged with a
question mark, otherwise she becomes suspicious. You'll see her talk to a
pink-suited person. Now, jump down from the stairwell to the below tunnel AFTER
she passes through. You cannot let the guard she talked to see you. An
alternate route can be performed before heading down the stairs, near the
building, you can get behind the guard, and knock him out, but it's more risky.
She'll talk to a second guard inside the tunnel. Once she passes by him, and is
about five feet apart, snipe the guard in the head with the Silenced Sniper
Rifle. Now, sprint up a bit, then watch her enter the temple. Press Y to enter
the temple, but you must give away all of your weapons before proceeding in.

- Head all the way to the top temple room. Along the way, you'll hear various
phrases and lots of calming motions. Once inside the main room, we discover
that the head monk was in charge of the drug operations, although the Enforcer
was his daughter (whom he trained). Nonetheless, he orders his men to kill you.
This first part is easy, as many of the monks are weak and feeble. Simply use
kicks, punches, and grapple throws to finish em' off. Crack does amazing for
this part, as it gives you instant kills via your melee kick. Once the 20 monks
are dead, the head monk will come at you with a sword. I just used Liquid Soul
to easily kill him with one kick. If you get addicted, use Protazone, or fight
off the addiction. Marcus ends up opening the briefcase to reveal that Liquid
Soul was actually being manufactured from human endorphins inside the body. The
Ravers from the nightclub were actually the source of LS, not kidnapees.

- Unfortunately, your discovery is ruined by a monk with a gun. Start off by
disarming this monk, using his gun against him. The next part is very
repetitive. You'll face about a total of 40 monks spread out throughout the
exit of the level. Most of them are armed with Machine Pistols, a few with
Assault Rifles, or 9MMs. Simply check the bodies for small health pickups, more
ammo, and gun your way out. Press Y to exit the temple grounds.

/Covert Actions (spec.)(3.21)/
   *The secret stashes hidden all over the city have revealed the location of a
   secret drug lab that Lau has been looking for. Arrest all of the workers,
   and prevent the equipment from being able to work. As usual, return all
   evidence to the box.*
- For starters, the entrance to the facility is right where package #25 is.
Turn around, and you'll see a small enclosed doorway now exposed with a blue
circle. Press Y to enter. Once inside, go down the stairwell slowly with a
decent weapon. I chose to use the Machine Pistol, simply because the game
automatically gives you infinite ammo with it. Start off by going down to the
first floor, and flashing your badge. This will aware the employees that a drug
bust is occurring. Because of this, they won't run away. Now, you'll have to
deal with a careful mix of woman guards, men assassins, and an ambush from
behind. Intertwined with some of the women workers on the first floor are Uzi
Guards in between. Gun them out, then head to the bottom floor, and engage the
hostiles behind the computers, tables, and desks with the Assault Rifle. Clear
out the bottom floor, then check behind yourself for about 5-6 Guards from the
stairwell. Once the hostiles are complete, you should see 'objective complete'.
Now, for the evidence. The very bottom floor has a stack of cash on a table
which must be collected. Shoot it as well. I shot up most of the cocaigne and
remaining drugs. Make sure to arrest ALL techies on the top floor, and that
none of them are killed via hostile fire. Finally, blow up the rest of the
equipment (work your way from the bottom up) until the objective is complete.
Once your mission is finished, exit via the stairwell.

/Boss Island (3.22)/
   *Your woman boss of the NARC organization actually turns out to be a real
   snitch. She's warned you that you won't be making the final assault on Mr.
   Big's island, simply because you aren't well trained enough. She says her
   men are more competent, and will make the final assault. Neither Marcus or
   Jack agree, and plan to put the nail in the hammer with some incriminating
   evidence against Mr. Big.*
- Right off the bat, Jack says he's going to check out the island's defenses,
and mentions that they'll need some photographic evidence to really put Mr. Big
away for good. Move to the blue marked point. Jack will disable the power. Now,
move ahead into the next room, and take out the guard via melee moves. Once the
guard is down, look to the lower left portion of this room for a small ledge.
Jump up to it, then diagonal sprint jump to the tripwire switch. Press Y to
disable the tripwires. Now, wait for the new patrol to walk down here, and
simply engage him. No matter what, he'll usually sound this alarm off. Take the
Gatling Gun off of his body, and gun down the three guards who appear in front
of you. Two will also hit you from behind, with two on an upper ledge. Once
they're all dead, check the 3 you killed that were in front of you. Search the
corpse of one of them for the alarm key card. Walk up to the red control panel,
and disable it by pressing Y.

- Now, Marcus says he's going to snipe off some of the guards to help Jack get
the photographic evidence. Look along the left side of the room for some
ledges. Hop up each of them, then climb the ladder, and grab the Auto Sniper
Rifle on the top platform. Jack suggests sniping off the guards while the loud
crane is moving. This part is actually very complex, because if you don't
realize how to identify where the guards are, then you'll never get past it.
For starters, it's way too dark to see the guards in the distance. Instead,
switch to the Assault Rifle (you received from some of the bodies), and it will
auto-target the enemies for you in the distance! Now, keep the crosshair where
the person was identified, switch to the Auto Sniper, and then zoom in, and
pick them off while the crane is moving. There's about 6-7 guards in total,
with a pair of them together (who must be taken out in reasonable time). Simply
use the AR to identify, and the sniper to finish. Once they're all down, it
switches to Jack's part of the mission, where he must photograph the evidence.

- Run to where Marcus boosted up to the ladder, but instead, go right after
hopping up the ledges. You'll notice that some of the beams guarding the upper
area have disappeared. Head on through, and do two sprint jumps to leap across
each of the chasms. Get close to the marked point, and Marcus will tell you to
get onto those platforms where the doors are. Look straight ahead, hop onto the
gray beam, then over to the red beam (at the corner where the beams meet). Do a
short sprint jump to the opened fence on the door ledge. Jack says he can see
heaven from up here. You'll only be able to take three pictures, so zoom in
until the reticle turns red, then snap a shot. Each target is marked with blue
arrows. When you start to take fire, switch to your Assault Rifle, and gun down
the guards on the balcony to your left. Marcus will lay down sniper cover for
the time being. After being told to move to a better position, jump back to the
red beam, move up a bit, then jump to the second balcony to the left. Do a
sprint jump as usual. Once on the balcony, you'll have about 5-6 pictures to
take. Then, climb the ladder, and disable the tripwires via the marked switch.

- Apparently, the crane has stopped moving, preventing Jack from escaping with
the photos. Marcus says he'll try to find the controls on the ground floor to
start the crane up again. Slide down the ladder, and pull out the Assault
Rifle. Gun down the three guards in the canyon tunnel, but don't step on the
red dotted items on the floor. These are land mines, and will explode upon
infantry pressure. Avoid them, while gunning down any exposed guards. You'll
find a Grenade Launcher in the first inlet to the left. Make it to the end of
the hall. Don't move all the way. There's an automatic machine gun drone. Use
the Grenade Launcher, and launch a shot into it. This should cause it to
explode. Move down the next hall, and you'll find it immediately on the left.
Repeat the same procedure. Run to the end, and look into the ground floor
complex to your right. Grenade launch the drone against the right wall, then
use the Gatling Gun to mow down the 20+ guards inside the room. Move around via
the left wall till you circle around to a ladder. Using Liquid Soul helps
conserve your life. 

- Climb the ladder, and move to the control panel. You'll find a Large Health
nearby. Hit the switch on the left to cause the crane to move a bit. Six guards
should pop down from the door below on ground level. Gatling gun them down.
Repeat this process two more times, for the middle and third switch. Each time,
Jack will progressively move out of the complex, but you'll also have to face a
series of guards below. After Jack makes it out, Marcus says he's going to
blast his way out. Wait for the enemies to get into the ground floor near the
switches, then press the crane switch to drop the load on them. It won't do
much damage, but it proves to be a nice barrier. Now, move down, and gun down
the guards. There are about 20 in total, with 10 in the other room. Move up to
the door console, and press Y to hack it. Once it opens, you'll have plenty of
more guards to kill. Stay in your current room; don't move in yet. Once the
initial guards are down, move in, but stay hidden behind some boxes. If you
look to your left, there's actually a drone turret behind the bursting steam. 
Take it out with your Grenade Launcher or keep firing with the Gatling Gun till
it blows up. Once it's down, move to the marked point, and close the vent. This
will stop the steam from pouring over. Move through to where the previous steam
was flying across, but be careful. There's another drone past the second blast
of steam. Use your Auto Sniper Rifle to zoom through the steam and get an
'idea' as to where the second drone gun is. Once you do, pull out your Gatling
Gun, and fire in the vicinity till it blows up. If you need some health, boost
onto the garbage/power generators to get to the top railing, then go to the
medicine cabinets and grab the extra health. Turn off the next two steam vents.

- Now, boost yourself back up to the upper railing via a high box and the
broken railing. Move ahead as far possible, until you see a closed gate on the
ground floor. Walk slowly and don't crouch. There's a drone turret in front of
the blue marked position in the distance. Try to get an angle and take it out.
It's fairly unseen, and often causes players to wonder how they died. Once it's
down, run to the left, drop down, and run to the circle. Now that you have
control of Jack, pull out your Assault Rifle and gun down the 5 guards that
appear. Look to your right for a red beam. Leap to it, then walk off the ledge,
and drop down to the below gray stilt holder. Do a sprint leap to the ledge
where the 5 dead guards are, then touch the blue marked point. There are some
distraction guards by where the crane dropped the load from before, but they
can be ignored.

   *Jack discovers a hidden message on one of the guards showing that NARC was
   accepting bribes from the KRAK organization. Suddenly, the woman boss
   arrives on the scene to tell Jack to calm down. Jack says he quits, and that
   all of it is bullcrap. Marcus is confused, and doesn't know what's going on.
   Suddenly, the NARC boss guns down Jack. Marcus is shocked at her lack of
   hesistation. Then, we're brought to a large chamber where we see Mr. Big.
   Unfortunately, the caped woman from before was actually Mr. Big's Enforcer,
   aka your NARC Boss. Both NARC and KRAK have been in on it since the
   beginning all along. By using NARC, KRAK was able to have their drug
   competition eliminated. Marcus is infuriated!*
- Unfortunately, you cannot get to Mr. Big, who is resting on his chair.
Instead, engage the woman traitor boss via melee combat. She's very easy. Use
kicks and punches to bring her down, then get on top of her, and use beatdowns.
Avoid grapples. Once she's knocked out, you'll now have to fight Mr. Big with
Jack. Big will retreat into a mechanical robot armed with dual grenade
launchers, a centered rocket launcher, and twin gatling guns. The plan is
simple. There are about 4-5 sets of boxes surrounding the room at various
inlets. For now, take cover behind them, but move yourself slightly back. By
doing this, you can enter Aim Mode and actually hit the weak spot on the robot
(the yellow colored cockpit). Now, while crouching behind the box, keep firing
at the cockpit. Eventually, Mr. Big will stop shooting his gatling guns. When
he does, quickly put your gun away, and avoid what he launches. He always
charges a red circle in the center of the machine before firing a direct
rocket, so use this as a warning sign. Sometimes he will do a spiral attack
where he fires the gatling guns and grenades, run in a circle with him. The
idea is to get Mr. Big to launch the rockets into the wooden boxes so they
reveal the hidden cargo inside. You'll find Assault Rifles, Gatling Guns,
Rocket Launchers, or Large Health. Rotate from each of the inlet stations, and
try to take cover behind the central boxes. Keep bringing his health down, and
firing the rockets when he stops to aim at you with the rockets. Eventually,
his shield will go down, and his health bar should reach zero. Whatever you do,
don't feel afraid to put your gun away. This makes you more evasive in certain

   *Marcus arrives to see Mr. Big blown out of his machine. He says the moment
   is  over, and plants a bullet into his head. So much for a beautiful

- The credits to the game will now be shown. Afterwards, the game enters the
main menu. No nifty gurus, but a decent value title nonetheless.

           /`-._      _,
          /      `-._(  \      THE END
         /           \\  \
        /             \\  \`-._
       /           .   \\  \    `-._
      /           :).   \\  \        `-.
     /           ./;.    \\  \         /
    /           .;'       \\  \       /
   /   .        .          \\  \     /
  /  .; ):.   __________    \\  \   /
 /   . :" '  |~~_~__ _  |    \\(_) /
/       '    ) (_=__=_) (     \(.`/
`-._         |-_________|        /
     `-._                       /
          `-._                 /
               `-._           /
                    `-._     /

- 4) Inventory             -
Your inventory is where you stash most of your traditional items that you
gather across the game. There are primarily three different items you can hold
in your inventory: Cash, Drugs, or Weapons. Cash is a universal $ amount which
can be used for only purchasing more weapons via the black market, or for
accessing on-the-street mini-games to multiply the amount. Cash can also be
used to bribe beat cops to increase your badge rating, or is necessary to
purchase drugs from drug dealers. It's also required for one or two missions.

This is the primary reason that NARC is such a controversial game, because it
has accessible drugs. Not only can you confiscate them, but you can cross the
law and use them if you wish. Drugs can also be sold to common civilians.
Simply select it in your inventory, then interact with others. There are
undercover cops out there occasionally who will try to arrest you, if you do
so. Taking drugs has certain effects.

--> Pot/Marijuana == (Looks like oregano in a plastic bag)
> Causes the world around you to get slower and more swirly. Often noticeable
with rainbowish colors, or a bordered swirl. This is similar to the slowdown
effect in Max Payne. Pot has very little effect on your overall being, and is
the most common drug. A nice useful drug with very little feedback.

--> Ecstasy == (Looks like a pill with a fish imprinted)
> Simply put, enemies don't attack you. They won't retaliate until you strike
first. Honestly, I never used this drug once during the game. It only causes
slightly visual slowdown, and most missions require you to kill people,
negating its effects. Fairly common.

--> Speed == (Looks like a simple white circular pill)
> Causes the world around you to speed up greatly, letting you sprint with
amazing speed in a short interval of time. Awesome drug for getting around, and
improves your own overall speed. Of course, this can cause drawbacks when
several thugs are surrounding you.

--> Quaaludes == (Looks like a simple purple circular pill)
> Causes you to immediately freeze the surroundings, and place your character
in a temporary first-person-view only. Almost like one of those moments where
everything freezes, and the FPS-view has awesome zoom-in power. This drug is
rare, but it has very little use.

--> LSD == (Looks like four happy faces molded together)
> Causes all people on map to be displayed as either jesters (good people) or
devils (bad people). This is great for identifying perps from innocent
civilians, but has no use during real missions. A fairly common drug that's

--> Crack/Cocaigne == (Looks like a small tube with white powder inside)
> Causes your heartbeat to rapidly beat, enforcing increased accuracy, and
enhanced power on shots. This can cause your melee kicks to do extreme damage.
Note that crack is a very useful drug, but slightly rare, and also prone to a
high % of random addictions. Now I see why Tony Montana kicked so much butt.
This is the drug that Jack got addicted on before rejoining the force.

--> Liquid Soul == (Looks like a green bottle of wine)
> Causes your view to get slightly red with enhanced power on all melee attacks
and some damage resistance. Almost an instant addiction each time that a needle
is used. This is the drug causing major problems on the streets, and the main
reason the NARC organization has come into play.

--> Protodone == (Looks like a small blueish cylinder pill)
> Causes you to instantly get clean if addicted to a drug. This can rarely be
snatched off of random perps, but can be bought for $1,000 from the Hospital. I
only used this once during the game, and just to see how effective it was.

In order to cause great damage to the world, weapons are necessary to enforce
your opinions as a narcotics officer. NARC has various weapons to choose from,
although you'll find yourself sticking to only one or two weapons the entire
 | Name            | Range | Damage | Accuracy | Overall |
 |Fists            | *     | *      | **       | *       |
 |Revolver/Beretta | ***   | **     | **       | **      |
 |2x Berettas      | ***   | ***    | ***      | ***     |
 |Silenced Pistol  | **    | **     | **       | **      |
 |Machine Pistol   | **    | ***    | **       | ***     |
 |Assault Rifle    | ****  | ****   | ****     | *****   |
 |Sniper Rifle     | ***** | ****   | ***      | ***     |
 |Shotgun          | **    | ***    | *        | **      |
 |Gatling Gun      | ***   | *****  | ***      | ****    |
 |Flame Thrower    | **    | ****   | **       | ***     |
 |Grenade Launcher | ****  | ****   | *        | **      |
 |Rocket Launcher  | ****  | *****  | ****     | ****    |

- If you had to choose which weapon to use, in each scenario, do the following.
For close range, use the Machine Pistol. For any situation, the Assault Rifle
is absolutely rapeage in burst and automatic fire. The Gatling Gun is a great
choice, but isn't gathered until near the end of the game. It has a huge clip.
The Rocket Launcher is rare, but effective.


- 5) Secrets               -
There are a few various secrets inside of NARC such as secret packages, button
cheats, and even some funny scenarios that occur. This section will briefly
discuss them.

/Hidden Packages/

==================================USA Section===============================

1)In Front of the Police Car in Oakley Heights. 
2)In corner near Basketball Court Entrance – clearly noticeable.
3)On top of ladder entranceway (in dark alley) on parallel street to police
station, or by the second jumper during the special assignment mission.
4)On Grocery Store Roof, along a ledge where the third suicide jumper usually
5)In Richmond South, at the entrance to the secret Drug Lab (special
assignment) in the aclove that's by the street via a downward ladder.
6)In an alleyway by a dumpster in front of the Superior Bowling Center.
7)Go to the subway entrance, and look for a ladder right near the entrance.
Climb down it, then proceed to the far end of this underground tunnel for the
secret stash.
8)Head to the right of where you just jumped down for the secret package #7
(the above description). You should see a second ladder that leads below.
Rather than climbing down there, look on the wall for a ladder that leads up to
the roof. Do a sprinting jump to jump over the fence and onto the ladder. Climb
up to the top, and head to the end of the roof for the package.
9)Head to where you got secret package #8, and turn around. You should see one
on the other side of the roof. Jump over the small missing section to reach it.
10)Go to the right of the Hospital entrance, and head towards the end of the
alleyway. You'll find it at the end.
11)Head to the Basketball Court again, but go into the one corner where two
payphones are visible. To the left of the payphones is a package in the corner
of the buildings.
12)Head to where secret package #11 is. Look right before the telephones on the
left wall. You should see a ladder. Climb it to the top, and run to the end for
the package.
13)Remember the secret drug base assignment in the corner of the city? Head
there, but look to the right of the dropdown ladder. There's a second dropdown
ladder which drops directly on the package.
14)Head near the Superior Bowling Building, but go to the right of the front
entrance. Look for a ladder near a dumpster. Climb the series of ladders to the
top, and then look left. It should be at the end of the small ledge, near a red
light. This is the same place where you had to secretly pick off the snipers
with a silenced pistol.
15)Head to the Square Green Courtyard near Superior Bowling and the Basketball
Courts. Look along the wall for some stairs that leads to an underground
walkway. Take the first right, and you'll find the package at the end of the
16)On the same pathway as package #15, head to the opposite area of this
underground walkway, and you'll find another package in the middle route.
17)Head to the Refinery, then go inside the entrance, and cut a left behind
this metal fence. You'll find the package at the end against the wall.
18)Head to where the train tracks cross against the ground, with both tunnels
shut off. Look for a ladder against the wall. Climb it, then the second ladder,
and you'll find the package around the small wall by a red light.
19)Head to the Channel 6 News Building, and enter inside. Right at the front
door, look to the left, and in the corner is the package.
20)Head to the back entrance to the Channel 6 News Building, and look around
the bi-gate opening. You'll find another package in the corner.
21)Head to the Red Light District, then to the utmost corner of the city where
the '$$' store is. Look on the pile of garbage for the white package.
22)Go to where the Movie Theater, Police Car (with the previous package in
front of it), and generic Hotel meet up. In the center of these three is a
small alley. Go down it, then climb the ladder, and jump across the ledge. The
package should be sitting next to a water storage tank.
23)Climb the ladder where the first suicide jumper usually is (on the special
assignment). Jump to the right onto the small News square building. The package
is on the roof.
24)Head to the location of package #14. Except, jump past the red light to the
next building. The package should be directly to your right near the ledge.
25)Remember the suicide jumper assignment? Head to where the second jumper is
(the one who requests $400). Run past this location, and jump across the ledge.
The package should be on the roof ledge. This can also be accessed via a

   **The original NARC (Arcade Version) game is now unlocked, and available via
   the Main Menu. You can find more information about this by looking up old
   NARC FAQs.**

==================================ASIA Section===============================

1)On a wooden dock near the coast where you have to rescue Marcus, part of
first mission.
2)On the hotel roof, for the Chen conversation mission, right after shimmying
across the roof railing.
3)On the roof next to the red railing ladder, where you have to go in order to
take the Camera pictures for the Weapons meeting.
4)On the lowest dock, during the Briefcase Tracker mission, right before the
briefcase location.
5)On the pathway to the marked sniper spot, during the bomb threat sniper
mission. It's after the four small ledges you have to hobble across around the
6)Shimmy across the green pipe, after boosting up via the green dumpsters on
the Rave mission. It should be on a small platform.
7)Go to the Zen Gardens, and walk up one of the built-in stairwells that enters
the gardens. Look for a roof that is accessible by jumping at the top of the
built-in stairwell. Now, keep moving across from roof-to-roof through the Zen
Gardens till you're overlooking the streets. You should find the package on the
last roof ledge next to the street, by a green drapery-based carpet.
8)Head to where the Hospital is marked on your map. You should find a ladder
nearby. Climb it, then jump to your right to the red ladder. Once up top, look
to the right and sprint jump to the othe roof. It should be directly on the
9)Head to the left of the Ferryboard Entrance, by the Green Dragons Trains
store. Go left of this front entrance, climb the ladder, now go left across the
pedestrian overbridge. Jump climb the 3 ledges. Drop down to where you had to
snipe for the previous mission and look around the left corner. It should be on
a ventilation duct.
10)At the same spot as package #9, jump to the nearby roof. It should have
angled edges on it. Now, look near the edge for a ladder. Climb it to the
bottom, and you'll be on top of a small roof near a bright sign. The package is
on the ground.
11)Look right next to the police station for a ladder against a long street's
building. Climb the ladder, circle around the building, and you'll find the
package on the other side.
12)Go to the restaurant where the three hostages were being held captive during
one of the special missions. Go around back, and sprint jump to the ladder.
Jump to the second ladder, then climb to the top. Once on top, go right, and
head around the corner. It should be on the ground.
13)Head through the one red lounge area where you can walk through the
building, but not the same place as the restaurant. Exit on the side that
overlooks the Zen Gardens. At the peak of the top stairwell, you can jump to a
low roof. Run around the corner to find the package.
14)Go to the coastal area, and go far right down the hill-based road. You'll
find an open gate with two red/white signs. You'll now have access to the Docks
area. Look in a left corner for two dumpsters. Jump on the left one, then boost
up, and jump to the left roof. Hop across to the other roof till you're on a
red-railing walkway. At the end of the walkway is the package. 
15)At the same spot as package #14, stay on the left roof, but go to the edge
overlooking the water. Drop down to the railing bordering the building, and the
package should be right there.
16)At the same spot as package #14, jump to the right roof rather than the
left. Hop across the two warehouses, then look near the street for an
overlooking balcony roof ledge. Jump to it, and the package is right there.
17)At the same spot as package #15, jump back to the warehouse roof, and go
right. Jump to the quad-packages yellow boxes, then use them as a boost to
reach the other roof balcony ledge. The package is up there.
18)Go to the ladder left of the Green Dragon Train store. Right at the top,
turn around and look diagonally left. You should see a faint package behind a
quad-packages box stack. Diagonally sprint jump onto the quad boxes, then drop
down for the package.
19)Enter the Workers' Square, then head to one of the far corners with a
high-glass doorway entrance. Shoot the lower glass, and walk through to receive
the package on the floor.
20)Go to the Fish Market Roof via the backside ladder, then do a diagonal jump
off of the front side to a ladder scaling against another building. Climb up,
and head around the front side of the building for the package on the floor.
21)Look near the police station for the nearest ladder against a parallel
building. It's usually the first ladder you see right when you spawn at the
station. Climb it, then go around to the other side of the building, and do a
sprinting jump to the parallel buildings on the other side of the street. The
package is on the ground on top of a red canopy.
22)Go to the Ferryboat Entrance, and look to the right for the Customs Gate.
Head on in. Now, jump on top of the quad stacked boxes, and sprint jump to the
largest stack of boxes. Once you have a hold, pull yourself up, jump to the
nearby suspending ledge, then jump up again to reach the package on the roof.
23)Go to where the Hospital is, and then climb the one ladder to the right of
it. Immediately turn around, and look diagonally left. Jump to the exposed
roof, and the package should be right there.
24)Go the Rappongi District, and look for a dark alley with steel stairs that
outline like a square. Climb them up, then run across the railing, and take the
left ladder up. Do a sprint jump to the other building roof. Slide down this
ladder, and the package is on the ground underneath a sky blue sign.
25)Probably the most difficult of them all. Remember the Rave mission where you
had to boost up onto some green dumpsters to even get remotely to the roof of
the spot? Well, do that all over again. Use the green dumpsters, boost up, get
to the point where you jump to the Rave ladder, and climb to the top. Look to
the left for a red-shaded building, with an extended balcony, and the package
on the roof. Get some space then sprint jump across and timing the jump. It
takes a difficult, well-timed jump, but can be performed.

   **A special mission involving a secret drug lab is uncovered. This is the
   last mission covered in the walkthrough besides Boss Island.**

I'd like to give credit to: 

- http://www.gamewinners.com/ 

for providing these cheat codes.

    Invincibility > Quickly tap R, L, R, L, R, L, and A.
   Unlimited Ammo > Quickly tap R, L, R, L, R, L, and Down. You must be in the
                    inventory screen with the weapon selected. Only this weapon
                    will receive unlimited ammo.
      All Weapons > Quickly tap R, L, R, L, R, L, and Right Thumbstick click.
     Mission Skip > Quickly tap R, L, R, L, R, L, and X.
Show Drug Stashes > Quickly tap R, L, R, L, R, L, and Left. Drug Stashes appear
                    as blue dots on your radar.

/Known Glitches/
NARC is actually a very glitchy game, with some unfortunate problems. While
some of the glitches are avoidable, some of them can be harmful to certain
users with various different systems.

   <=> Pedestrian Voice Repeat Glitch <=>
- Either civilians or police officers will continually loop the same sayings
over. I usually solve this by firing a shot or two to help cause different
voice sequences to play.

   <=> Game Freeze Glitch <=>
- This never happened to me. Supposedly, the game freezes with a loud buzzing
sound repeating. This has happened to me on other games, and probably is a
universal error from playing a game too long (aka four hours straight), or a
case of overheating.

   <=> Game Save Glitch <=>
- Sometimes, the game won't correctly save over a previous file. Simply cancel
the save action, then re-enter the save menu, and try it again. Also, hold down
A, as opposed to lightly pressing it.

   <=> Game Save Timer Glitch <=>
- Just so you know, the in-game timer sometimes does not display correctly for
your save file. It often resets after completing certain missions.

   <=> Disappearing Sprites <=>
- Sometimes, certain civilians, suspects, dealers, and/or people will simply
vanish at a certain camera angle, or from a certain range. They are not gone

   <=> Variable Audio Problems during movie sequences <=>
- Often, the game has a problem with voice output during movie sequences. Be
prepared to double or triple your normal volume to be able to hear what each of
the characters are saying. There are not subtitles to read, so be prepared.


- 6) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate this game? >>

- Probably a 6/10. Despite its fairly late release, NARC is a hybrid mix
between GTA and State of Emergency. It stacks up to be nothing more than an
above average value title, but has a decent amount of play time (about 10
hours), with lots of shooting action, and a storyline that tries to compel.
Really, it's the expansion of this game which makes it fun. The ability to
ignore missions, simply run around the street, and spectate various events is
what makes it entertaining. You'll see men fight over petty problems, suiciders
jump from buildings, dealings go down, and be given the ability to crack
whoever you want. If you become an 'evil' cop, you'll be demoted, and
eventually jobless. The game however is fundamentally glitchy, which proves to
be a problem for an already over-ported system. There are major audio problems
in the game, which are especially evident during FMV sequences. Plus, it lacks
a sort of universalism, as it's always 'night-time' in the city, and the areas
are quite small (to be honest). Nonetheless, it's well worth the $20 value
price tag, but can be completed in one renting.

<< Is NARC available for any other systems? >>

- Yes, the PS2. It was originally being developed as a PS2 exclusive, but got
ported over to the XBOX since both systems have somewhat similar interests. You
can also play the original NARC arcade version via the NES or other various
systems. That was released back in 1988. The X-BOX version seems to have most
of the glitches though, despite better performance graphically.

<< Are there any vehicles in the game? >>

- No. While you can jump on the roof of a van as it moves, you simply don't get
to drive anything in this game. It probably could have added some replay value

<< What is your favorite drug? >>

- Probably Pot. It has the least negative attributes towards your characters,
is fairly common, and useful in any situation. Plus, you get to hear cool hippy
music. In reality though, don't do drugs – plain and simple.

<< How come I cannot go back to the USA? >>

- Once you go to Asia, you cannot go back to the USA. I highly recommend
getting all packages in the USA beforing moving onto Asia. Do the same in Asia
before Boss Island.


- 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms), 
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 8) Proper Credit         -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Rootsecure.net (( for provg an ASCII generator to help make the NARC
title. You guys are great for having that free one, which fits perfect to the 
entire theme of my FAQs.

)) Vis Entertainment (( for attempting success at a value title, which was
really an above average game. Enjoyable nonetheless.

)) Midway (( for publishing this title on the XBOX, even though it wasn't your
initial plan. While it may not be a great game overall, I enjoyed it for the
cheap $20 price tag, and the enjoyable 2 weeks of refreshing replayability.

)) Gamewinners.com (( for providing me with details of a few cheats.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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