• Level Warp, Invulnerability, and Easy Lvls and Gold

    Enter either of these codes during gameplay (not in any menus). Note: the Easy Levels and Gold code only works once per save file, you cannot load another character into that file and use it again nor can you use it more than once for a character.

    brings you into an alternate pause menu which gives the options of level warping (transporting to any given level) and toggling InvulnerabilityHold L+R+A+B+X+Y and push start (while still holding all aforementioned buttons)
    Sets your character at level 10 with 45 available skill points and $500,000Hold L+R+A+B+X+Y and push the white button (while still holding all aforementioned buttons)

    Contributed By: HyugaNeji.


  • Buy experience for Dorn

    You can actually buy experience for Dorn. I like to call it 'piggybacking' experience.

    As long as Dorn is in the game, anytime you buy experience with another player, he also gets that experience.

    Example: In the Tavern, you can buy experience for Vhaidra by talking to her half-sister. As long as Dorn is in the game with her, he also gets the bought experience.

    The easiest way to do this cheat for Dorn would be:
    1) Get to the tavern in Baulder's Gate.
    2) Goto the select character screen from the start menu.
    3) Either import or create the Vhaidra character
    4) Have the Vhaidra character talk to her half-sister.
    5) Buy the experience.
    6) Goto the select character screen from the start menu.
    7) Delete the Vhaidra character.

    You can do this with any character combination, but it\'s most useful with Dorn, as he doesn\'t have his own experience buying opportunity.

    Contributed By: dulacc.

  • Duplicate Items

    To duplicate items you need to have two controllers and two different exported characters.

    1) Start off by loading the game save of the character that has the items that you want to be duped.
    2) Pause the game, and go to change character, and with the second player selected, load the character you want as your ''mule''.
    3) Drop the item(s) you want duped and have the ''mule'' pick it up.
    4) Export the ''mule''.
    5) Have the ''mule'' drop the item(s) and have your original character pick them back up.
    6) Go to change character under the pause menu, and under the second player screen, import the ''mule'' you exported.

    Voila, item duped. For best affect, have your original character drop the items again, and have your ''mule'' pick it up, export, and give the items back, that way you are doubling the items each time.

    Contributed By: ShadowKnight.

  • How to have more than one 'pet' with Ysuran.

    You can actually have more than one summon with Ysuran's 'Shadow Conjure' or 'Animate Dead'. To do so, you must perform the following instructions:

    1. Summon a helper with 'Shadow Conjure' or 'Animate Dead'.
    2. Save your game.
    3. Load your game again. (Now, your summon should still be where you saved. At this point in time you can summon another 'pet'.)
    4. Repeat steps 1-3.

    You can do this as many times as you want, just beware of the possible lag of having too many 'pets'

    Contributed By: SeekerOfTheRing.

  • Maximum Experience For Characters With Unique Quest NPCs That ''Sell'' Experience

    Any character that can ''pay'' for experience with their respective unique personal quest NPC (such as Allessia tithing to Huros) can potentially gain the maximum experience possible.

    Save your game
    Go to your character's respective quest NPC
    ''Buy'' the experience, in all amounts (2K, 4K, 8K, and 16K)
    Export your character
    Load the game you saved before-hand
    Import the character you exported afterwards
    Repeat Steps 2-6

    Note: Works only on characters with NPCs that will ''sell'' the experience. Barbarian tanks need not apply.

    Contributed By: Abased Fear.


  • New characters

    beat the game once on any setting to unlock Drizzt. Finish extreme mode yo unlock Aremis.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Artemis EntreriComplete Extreme Mode
    Drizzt Do'UrdanBeat the game on any setting
    Extreme ModeBeat the game on any setting

    Contributed By: bluseedfan.

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