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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Vortex

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                                   Star Wars: Obi Wan
                                By: Dark Vortex(Quan Jin)
                                      Version 1.1
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    This guide is copyright (c)2003-2006 Quan Jin
    -=|---------------------------{Table of Contents}---------------------------|=-
      |                                                                         |
      |                           1. Introduction                               |
      |                           2. Items Guide                                |
      |                                 2.1 Weapons                             |
      |                                 2.2 Powerups                            |
      |                           3. Enemies Guide                              |
      |                           4. Controls                                   |
      |                           5. Walkthrough                                |
      |                           6. Jedi Battles                               |
      |                                 6.1 The Arenas                          |
      |                                 6.2 The Jedis                           |
      |                           7. FAQ                                        |
      |                           8. Secrets                                    |
      |                           9. Document Information                       |
      |                           10. Version History                           |
      |                           11. Credits and Thanks                        |
      |                                                                         |
    -=|---------------------------{Table of Contents}---------------------------|=-
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    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 1. Introduction ----------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    Hello and welcome to Star Wars: Obi Wan, another creation from LucasArts. Obi
    Wan, in my opinion, is a horribly underrated game that has some gameplay ups
    and downs. Don't get me wrong, Obi Wan is not even close to the best Star Wars
    game(Knights of the Old Republic, Tie Fighter, etc), but it is quite fun and
    long. I find it a trifle difficult which is basically the reason I'm writing
    this guide. I hope you find it helpful.
    Please do not hesitate to give me feedback. I enjoy it actually and I don't
    care if it's good or bad. If you honestly don't like this guide or a certain
    part of it, your best bet would be to keep your trap shut. If you really feel
    a need to contact me and you really think it would help the guide, please email
    me. However, keep in mind that mail filled with profane words will only get the
    message deleted and you blocked.
    And with no further ado, here is the guide. Enjoy.
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    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 2. Items Guide ----------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    A simple listing of the items ingame and their purposes.
    --------------------------------{2.1 Weapons}----------------------------------
    You'll find yourself using the lightsaber most often as it's the standard jedi
    weapon. It's very effective against most enemies and is capable of ricocheting
    laser bolts(down on the right thumbstick)back to the enemy. You can block and
    perform jedi comboes with a lightsaber which increases it's value.
    This pair of a souped binoculars isn't really a weapon but it does have it's
    uses. You can zoom in pretty far and see a few things although you can't attack
    while holding these.
    Sniper Rifle
    This rifle only has one zoom level and it's not too special but it's very
    accurate and useful for taking out pesky droids or the Tuskens in the Tusken
    level. Keep in mind that you don't have unlimited ammunition and if you run
    out, you can't use the Sniper until you find more.
    Ion Grenades
    Stops all mechanical troops in their tracks. It can stop them from operating
    for a short period of time. Very useful when facing Destroyer or Assasin
    Fire Grenades
    These are only found in the Tusken level sadly but they are really useful. They
    can set enemies on fire and kill them quickly.
    Concussion Grenades
    Common grenades, these are quite effective against other droids but don't throw
    these too close to yourself.
    Trade Federation Cannon
    Found in the Naboo levels where there are droids. These are quite powerful and
    can usually be found manned by Standard droids. If you want to, you can use
    these as a more powerful weapon and mow down your opposition effortlessly.
    -------------------------------{2.2 Powerups}----------------------------------
    Restores a small amount of health to Obi Wan. These are smaller versions of
    Full Health and are easily noticed as they are green.
    Full Health
    Restores all heal to Obi Wan. these are brighter and larger. Full Healths can
    easily be noticed as they spin around and flash.
    Unlimited Force
    Picking up one of these unlimited force nexuses will give Obi Wan unlimited
    force for a short period of time. These will flash blue.
    Will make Obi Wan invincible for a short period of time. These powerups are
    purple and very rare but useful when you pick them up.
       ______       __
    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 3. Enemies Guide --------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    BLACK HETH - There are a few variants of the Black Heth but they are mostly
    gangsters who smuggle and commit crime and such. They are armed with knives,
    blasters, Clubs, Crowbars, Grenades, and the dreaded Grenade Launcher. Luckily,
    Grenade Launchers Heth are usually rare.
    The best way to take care of these is to block and strike. Most of the Black
    Heth are fairly weak and will fall in one or two strikes. Against the grenade
    wielders, use them to take out the other opposition. Do this by running towards
    other Black Heth and the grenade will kill them as well.
    JIN'HA - These annoying enemies found early in the game carry many powerful
    weapons. Some are more powerful than others but all of them carry a lightsaber
    resistant armor that will make chopping them up much harder. They are fairly
    tough and can take a lot.
    Force moves are very effective against the Jin'Ha. Those will allow quicker and
    more powerful strikes that will help when you are being mobbed by a group of
    them. Deflecting lasers are also effective but the best course of action would
    be to block, force strike, and block again when they attempt to hit you again.
    Blaster Jin'Ha - These are the weakest of all but they do have a long range
    weapon. When charging these, beware of blaster fire and deflect them. Two
    deflected blaster shots or two regular swings should kill one. There are two
    variants of these. One carries a regular blaster that can be deflected.
    Another more rare kind carries a crossbowlike blaster that fires white beams.
    These are faster and cannot be deflected back.
    Club Jin'Ha - These are stronger and take up to three blaster shots or regular
    swings. Their weapon is really pretty effective so avoid swinging away as they
    are capable of blocking. Instead, use force strikes after blocking while they
    are stunned.
    Sword Jin'Ha - Found later in the game, these are annoying as much as they
    hurt. You may be surrounded by these on the later levels but force swings will
    help a lot. If you have to, use force pushes to send them away while you take
    out the initial attackers. These guys can take up seven regular strikes.
    Grenade Launcher Jin'Ha - Found occasionally, these are just like the grenade
    launcher Black Heth. They are fairly weak and will fall quickly. Just avoid
    getting too far away and get close.
    STANDARD DROIDS - The regular Federation issued droids. These are used as front
    liners and are mostly found in large groups. Each are fairly weak and can
    easily be taken down with a lightsaber swing. There's no need to use any
    special force moves either.
    If you find these droids in large groups, the perferable thing would be to
    immediately throw your lightsaber at them and take out the majority of them.
    Deflecting blaster shots will also work as these droids will fall pretty
    quickly and are similar in strength to the Black Heth.
    Standard Droid - The regular. These have yellow stripes and are weaker than the
    officers. Standard Droids are capable of holding Snipers and regular blasters.
    Officer Droid - A step up above the regular. Easily noticed because of their
    red stripes. These will still fall to a single lightsaber strike but TWO
    deflected blaster bolts are required to bring one down. These are capable of
    holding Snipers and regular blasters as well.
    Flamethrower Droid - These annoying guys have blue stripes but their most
    noticable feature is their flamethrower they wield. They will have to get
    pretty close to you to damage you but be careful when they do get close as they
    can eat away your health pretty quickly.
    Grenader Droid - These infuriating droids are armed only with Concussion
    Grenades and are usually green striped. Kill them quickly or if you're fast,
    run around and let the grenades kill the surrounding enemies as well.
    DESTROYER DROIDS - Also known as Droidekas, these pesky droids carry a personal
     shield along with some powerful lasers. Destroyer Droids will fire at you and
    then stop momentarily always. They will never fire continuously so use that to
    your advantage. They can still be damaged even if their shields are on even.
    Although you can easily kill one by hitting them when they stop firing, an Ion
    Grenade may be useful as it takes away the shield and stops it from firing at
    the same time. You will find the Ion Grenade does wonders and they should be
    saved for these kind of encounters.
    BOMB DROIDS - These small droids kind of remind me of Goombas from the Super
    Mario Series. Yeah, it's a strange resemblance but these are easy to pick out.
    If you don't notice them, they will yell Terminate Terminate so you'll be sure
    when they are around.
    The best course of action would be to force push these self destructing droids
    into other enemies. It will wipe out the Bomb Droid plus obliverate the enemies
    that were caught in it's deadly blast.
    BARON DROIDS - You can easily notice these as they are larger and more oddly
    shaped than the standard droids. These are stronger and carry a more powerful
    You may want to put one out of commission quickly by using a super force move
    but at times, you can't. The weapon these droids carry act as an explosive
    shell so you may want to use that to your advantage by guiding the shell
    towards the other opposition. Get close to one and the droid will stop firing
    and attempt to move backwards.
    Note: I don't know if you would consider those large four legged droids Baron
    Droids. I would believe they have the same weaponry but I'm not completely
    sure. If anyone would like to clarify, please do.
    ASSASIN DROIDS - These are very similar to the Sword wielding Jin'Ha except a
    slight bit stronger. They carry the same lightsaber resistant armor and wield
    a very powerful weapon. The majority of Assassins carry Clubs but some of them
    wield Swords which makes them a lot more powerful.
    The best thing to do would be to pull off a super force move but at some times
    in the game, you will be mobbed by these guys and have to rely on regular and
    force swings. It's pretty obvious when they will attack as you will see the
    animation and hear the gears from the droid. Block when they do that to stun
    them and then attack. The fight may go slow but it will be effective.
       ______       __
    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 4. Controls -------------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    Regular Moves(Without Force):
    Left Thumbstick:
    ~ Controls Obi Wan
    Right Thumbstick:
    ~ Swings the lightsaber in the desired location.
    ~ Holding up will execute a swing ahead.
    ~ Holding left will execute a swing to the left.
    ~ Holding right will execute a swing to the right.
    ~ Holding down will block.(Warning: small amount of Force needed)
    A Button:
    ~ Makes Obi Wan jump.
    B Button:
    ~ Do acrobatics.
    ~ Go forward while holding B to do flips forward.
    ~ Go backwards while holding B to do flips backwards.
    ~ Go to the left or right to do cartwheels in that direction.
    X Button:
    ~ Crouch.
    ~ Move while crouching to get through smaller spaces.
    Y Button:
    ~ Interact.
    ~ Use something.
    ~ Talk to something.
    Left Thumbstick:
    ~ Not used.
    Black Button:
    ~ 180 degree turn.
    White Button:
    ~ Allows you to look around.
    ~ Hold White and use the left thumbstick to look around.
    Left Trigger:
    ~ Toggles force.
    Right Trigger:
    ~ Lock on to an opponent.(You will automatically face him/her)
    Directional Pad:
    ~ Left and Right scrolls through your inventory.
    ~ Up will activate or arm the weapon/item.
    Force Moves(With force):
    Note: Keep in mind that the force modifier trigger must be pressed to use these
    moves and an amount of force will be subtracted.
    Right Thumbstick:
    ~ Swings the lightsaber in the desired location.
    ~ Holding up will execute a force swing ahead.
    ~ Holding left will execute a force swing to the left.
    ~ Holding right will execute a force swing to the right.
    ~ Holding down will block.(Warning: small amount of Force needed)
    A Button:
    ~ Allows you to jump higher in the air with a Force Jump.
    ~ Press this again while in the air and perform a flip.
    B Button:
    ~ Force throw objects.
    X Button:
    ~ Pulls blasters from armed opposition.
    Y Button:
    ~ Force pushes enemies away.
    Right Thumbstick:
    ~ Throws a lightsaber.
    ~ Move the thumbstick after throwing and guide the lightsaber.
    Black Button:
    ~ Use while in the middle of a force jump and perform a midair 180.
    White Button:
    ~ Slows down time for a set amount of time. This allows time for Obi Wan to
    fight slower and more easily.
       ______       __
    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 5. Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    _____________________Chapter 1: Coruscant and the Black Heth___________________
    |The heart of the known galaxy, Coruscant is a planet covered by a           |
    |never-ending cityscape. Recently, the Black Heth have increased their       |
    |criminal activity.                                                          |
                            --- Shadows of Coruscant ---
    Description: While investigating suspicious activity in lower Coruscant, Obi
    Wan encounters far more than he had anticipated.
    >> Liberate the transport from the Black Heth.
    Watch the short beginning cutscene and continue forward. Three thugs should pop
    out. These guys are easy but watch out for the one with the blaster. Keep
    heading forward and a civilian will yell for help. Head into the little niche
    to the left and save the civilian. If you lost any health, he'll offer you a
    health pack. Take it and continue to the small bridge going right. Kill the
    thugs swiftly and continue to the across the bridge and turn right. Head into
    the first left you see and kill the guy wielding the club. Continue and kill
    the rest of them quickly. Head straight and right. Head straight and right.
    Notice the two health packs ahead and immediately kill the Heth standing by.
    The Elcor transport is ahead on a higher ledge. Save the civilian ahead and
    follow her if you need the health pack. Head back to the path you entered from
    and head forward. The ledge withthe transport is our target.
    It's unreachable right now so continue forward and take the fork right. Pick up
    the Force powerup too. More thugs will pop out so kill them. Most of them wield
    blasters so it would be a good idea to make use of the force pull(Force+X
    Button)to make them easier to defeat. There are a few health packs to your
    left. When you are ready, head right and continue around. The ramp with the
    yellow arrows leads to the Elcor transport.
    >> Clear the obstruction that is blocking the Elcor transport.
    A Force powerup lies on the ramp so try to use it. There are a lot of Heth up
    there plus a boss. Before taking him on, destroy all the Heth in the vicinity.
    If you want to have some fun, throw the iron barrel in one of the corners at
    them to set the thugs on fire. Your objective would be to push the obstruction
    in front of the transport away from the track. When you're ready, jump on top
    of the transport and fight the boss Heth.
    Boss Fight --- Black Heth Member
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Weaponry: Spiked Club
    This boss is not very hard. However, he can eat away your health pretty quickly
    if you are not careful. Notice the barrel in one of the corners, throw that at
    him to set him on fire and his health will fall pretty quickly. There are many
    ways to defeat him and if you get hurt, pick up one of the four obvious health
    packs in the area. If you are attacked by other Black Heth, try to take care of
    them before continuing on the boss. Kill everything and if you haven't already,
    force push(Force+B Button)the block in front of the transport to get it moving
    again to beat the level.
                         --- Saber Arena: Training Droid ---
    Description: Defeat the Jedi Training Droid in the Jedi Training Arena.
    >> Defeat the Training Robot
    The easiest saber arena. Before you fight, try to get familiar with your
    surrounding. It is pretty linear and you won't get lost but it's usually best
    to locate the health packs and such. Anyway, this is the first of six arenas
    (not including the bonus arenas). Strategy should usually be similar throughout
    all of them but each jedi has different strategies. First off, the training
    droid does not use any force moves so therefore, it should be easier to defeat.
    You should have no trouble slashing away with force swings but beware as the
    droid is capable of blocking and can stun you. If you get cornered, force jump
    (Force+A Button)to the ledge circling the perimeter of the arena to escape the
    droid. Defeat it and continue.
                               --- The Informant ---
    Description: The Coruscant Guard have placed an informant inside of the Black
    Heth Operation. Unfortunately, he was discovered and will soo be killed. You
    must save him!
    >> Infiltrate the lower levels without setting off the alarm.
    >> Locate the informant and free him from his thug captors.
    You start the mission on a platform. Below are a small group of thugs and an
    alarm you must destroy. Head forward and immediately turn around and throw your
    lightsaber at the alarm resting in the corner. Alternatively, you can kill the
    droid instead. The Heth on that level will mob you pretty quickly but you
    should have no problem. After killing the majority, walk towards the middle of
    the platform and jump down to the lower platform. There is no alarm on this
    level so you can take your time killing off the thugs.
    Now, pick up whatever health packs you need and look for three pipes grouped
    together. Near it is a switch that you can press. Press Y to activate it and
    wait for the pipes to move. Then, jump down and turn to your left. Destroy the
    alarm and knock out the droid. There are a few more enemies on this level but
    if you use the explosive barrels to your advantage, you should be able to beat
    them fairly quickly. Now, look for a similar three pipes on this level and head
    towards it. Press the switch by it like last time and wait for the pipes to
    move before jumping. There is no alarm on this level either so take your time
    killing off the enemies. You may notice a fan on this level and it can be
    turned on. Other than being able to blow enemies off the platform, it seems to
    serve no other purpose whatsoever. If you need it, there is a full heal on this
    level behind a large crate. When you are ready, head down the ramp towards the
    upper left hand corner of the room.
    Upon reaching the bottom, you will notice a familiar alarm ahead of you. I find
    it easier killing the droid first and then the alarm but destroy them both
    swiftly. There are a few enemies at first that you should kill and more will
    come later on. There are quite a few explosive barrels on this level so you can
    kill them. Head left and notice more Heth pouring out. Kill the initial one
    that attacks and force push the three pipes into the small group of thugs
    behind it to make short work of them. Kill off any remaining enemies and press
    the button next to the elevator. Head inside. When you reach the next floor,
    head forward and kill off the initial Heth with a few quick strikes. Continue
    through the simple paths looking out for Black Heth ambushes. Be careful when
    you reach the elevator as there will be a grenadier waiting for you. If you are
    skilled enough, you can use the grenadier to kill off the other Heth but if you
    can't, kill him first. Take the elevator down to the next level heading closer
    to the captive.
    Exit and continue forward. You probably won't get lost but try to keep your
    sense of direction. There are many enemies in this hallway and you should have
    a bit of trouble. Luckily, there's quite a few health packs around that you can
    pick up. Follow the corridor and watch out for ambushes around here once again.
    When you reach the next elevator door, open it and you will notice the cart is
    missing. Jump down and turn around. Force jump up again and catch the little
    opening. You are now on the ceiling above the informant. Watch over the Heth
    below as you will have to fight them and it's best to know what you are up
    against. Pick up the full heal in this room and head towards the right side.
    Fall down the small hole and start fighting.
                      |                                  |
                      | F                                |
                      | |                         ###    |
                      | Full Health               ###    |
                      |                           |      |
                      |                           |      |
                      |                     Jump down    |
                      |                  this small hole |
                      |  |-Obi Wan                       |
                      |  |   ____________________________|
                      |  O  |
                      |_____|  Elevator Shaft
                      |    _|___|
    Be careful of the two thugs with grenade launchers as they will tear you apart.
    You can use the explosive barrels to take care of them. Although the battle
    seems hard, it is actually quite easy and you should defeat it in no time. If
    you need it, there is an invulnerability in the room that the informant is in
    floating in the corner. Defeat everyone and the level will end.
                        --- Secrets of the Black Heth ---
    Description: The Black Heth are receiving shipments of sophisticated weaponry
    from an unknown source. Observe their rendezvous and find out exactly who these
    arm dealers are.
    >> Defeat this new threat
    >> Place a tracker on the ship
    Head down the ramp and look to your left. There are a few thugs to deal with.
    Watch out as one of them carries grenades so take caution around him. Take them
    out and another group of thugs should arrive on the opposite side via
    transport. This is a small group so they should be easy to kill. The last
    transport will come at the top of the ramp you just entered from. Be careful of
    the grenade launcher thug though. After killing him, the rest should be a piece
    of cake. Now, the bridge connecting the opposite side will start to come out.
    Take a glimpse of the Jin'ha on the opposite side. Instead of running towards
    them, wait back and allow them to come. A group of 6+ will come towards. The
    best way to defeat them would be to throw your lightsaber first and then
    proceed in to strike. The Jin'ha are more armored than the Black Heth and you
    may have a bit of trouble. When you have cleared the floor, cross the bridge
    towards the other side.
    There are a lot of enemies on the opposite side so you may want to move in
    slowly and silently. The majority of the Jin'ha there will be wielding blasters
    so try to force pull some of them away. Stay back and deflect the bolts back at
    them. It may take a while to clear the area but try to lose the least amount of
    health possible. If you need it, there are a few health packs in the middle and
    above a crate on the floor you are on. After killing everything, head up the
    right ramp:
                      |            |     \          /
       ______         |__        __|      \        /             /'.
       \     \           |      |          |      |             \   '.
        \_   _\          |      |          |  ^   |             /   __/
          \  \___________|      |__________|  ^   |____________/   /
           \                                  ^                   /
            \                            Go up this ramp         |
             |                                                   |
             |               Bridges leading back                |
              \___________   |   ___   |   ___  |    ___________/
                          |  V  |   |  V  |   | V   |
                          |     |   |     |   |     |
                          |     |   |     |   |     |
               ___________|     |___|     |___|     |___________
              /                                                 \
             |                                                   |
             |                                                   |
             |               Ramp leading to start               |
             |                        V                          |
              \____________________   V     ____________________/
                                   |  V    |
                                   |       |
    Boss Fight --- Jin'ha Leader
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Weapon: Cortosis Sword
    This is not a very hard boss to fight. If you can, pull off a super force
    attack and he will fall. If you miss, start blocking and slashing. Avoid
    getting smacked around too much or you will lose health quickly. You can also
    force push him off the platform and that makes the battle way easier and
    funnier as well. Kill him to finish the mission.
    ____________________Chapter 2: Into the Den of the Jin'Ha______________________
    |You and Master Qui-Gon are sent to investigate Obredaan, a planet linked to |
    |the Black Heth and believed to be their homeworld.                          |
                          --- Saber Arena: Saesee Tin ---
    Description: Defeat Saesee Tin in the Jedi Training Arena
    >> Defeat Saesee Tin.
    You will be fighting in a similar room from before. Instead of the training
    droid however, you will be facing off against one of the jedis on the council.
    Don't worry, he's quite easy to defeat. You may find that Saesee Tin uses
    different strategies than the previous. For the most part, he uses acrobatics
    and moves a lot more which will make hitting him a bit harder. He will also
    execute force moves and will actually force push you pretty far. If you happen
    to get pushed, you might be caught while you are still getting up but Saesee
    Tin probably won't be fast enough to get a good hit. You will need to force
    strike while using active block constantly to avoid his hits. If you get
    cornered, by all means force jump onto the platform around the arena. Saesee
    Tin will still follow you up but you'll be able to escape for a bit. Force
    moves are very useful.
                              --- The Jin'ha Swamp ---
    Desciption: You and Master Qui Gon must find Masters Plo Koon and Eeth Koth on
    >> Locate the Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Eeth Koth.
    This is one of those missions where you basically follow Qui Gon and help him
    kill enemies. In fact, you may not even need a walkthrough but you may need
    some guidance. Start by following Qui Gon and moving forward following him
    closely. You will start to see a few Jin'ha up ahead and you should have no
    problem defeating them. Try to defeat them quickly before extra Jin'ha start
    pouring in from ahead. Work your way forward while keeping an eye on Qui Gon.
    The number of enemies will start to increase as you continue deeper into the
    swamp. Soon, you will hear Qui Gon yell,"Snipers!" Advance forward and notice
    the Jin'ha on top of the tree stomp. He carries a weapon different than any
    before. It doesn't hurt you too much but keep in mind that it's distracting in
    battle and it is best to take these guys out first.
    It's pretty straightforward from here. Kill the waves of enemies along with Qui
    Gon's help without losing too much health. Use force strikes constantly to
    defeat them quicker. After a few minutes, you will come across a small cliff.
    Instead of jumping it right now, advance past the cliff towards the left and
    pick up the full heal(or you can save it for later). When you are ready, follow
    Qui Gon up the small cliff by force jumping. Kill the sniper on the edge by
    slashing at it or force pushing it off the cliff. You should reach a large area
    now and you'll notice a lot of Jin'ha up ahead. There's no need for directions
    as this section is pretty linear. Follow Qui Gon and kill off the groups of
    enemies. There are a lot so take your time if you need to. You can even use the
    rocks and boulders to help control them. Force push the rocks at them to hurt
    them. Look out for the snipers on the various towers. After a bit of fighting,
    Qui Gon will lead you to a small waterfall. Follow Qui Gon around to the left
    and walk up the slope. Loading screen.
    After it passes, Qui Gon will nag you to hurry up and he'll turn towards the
    left. Like before, continue along with him and reach a similar location to the
    one we were just in. Like before, follow Qui Gon closely while killing off the
    crowd. There will be more snipers on the towers and more enemies overall. I
    find it best to simply run past a few of them. Try to use the rocks and
    boulders constantly by force pushing them. They are more effective than you may
    think. Now, after a while, Qui Gon will lead you to a series of ramps. From far
    away, it looks like a ledge. Anyway, follow him up the first ramp and kill the
    few Jin'ha. You can even force push a few off the ledge if you want. Continue
    up the sets of ramps until you reach the top. If you don't feel like fighting,
    just run straight forward from your current location and jump off the ledge
    into the water below to quickly end the mission. If you want to stick around
    and fight, keep in mind that you are in for a difficult battle. There's an
    invulnerability by a large rock if you want it. Whichever way you choose,
    remember to jump off the ledge or else the mission won't end. You have finally
    found the crashed wreckage of the two Jedi Master's ship.
                            --- The Mines of Obredaan ---
    Description: Master Qui Gon has gone off alone to locate the other Jedi. You
    must infiltrate the mines to collect evidence of the Jin'ha operation.
    >> Infiltrate the mines.
    You start off before a large group of Jin'ha that we shall soon kill. This
    battle is particularly hard but you can make it easier by force pushing the
    rocks at the enemies. There are a lot of clubbers and a few blaster wielding
    ones. After killing them, pick up one or both of the healths to the right of
    the large door and walk close to it to open it. There's another door after it
    you have to open as well.
    >> Discover how they are synthesising cortosis.
    The first room is harder than the last group of Jin'ha. Before you go in and
    kill yourself, keep in mind that there is a grenade launcher Jin'ha so try to
    keep your eye out for a red projectile and kill the grenade launcher enemy as
    fast as you could. You may also notice two blaster enemies above you on a
    ledge. You should choose to ignore them but dodge their shots. You may get a
    bit hurt but there is a full health behind the generator like thingy. Go
    through the door nearby and continue through the hallway. There are a few stray
    Jin'ha you should take care of. The small, gray pipelike objects can be thrown
    in case you were wondering. Eventually, you will reach another large door. Head
    through and kill the enemies. There aren't too many so you should have no
    trouble. Now, we will have to jump down one of the holes. Before you jump
    however, look down and make sure you can make the platform without missing it.
                             __________|          |__________
                            |                                |
                            |                        ######  |
                            |           Ignore this ----###  |
                           _|              one.      ######  |_
                          |                                    |
                          |                 Fall down _        |
                          |                 this hole. |       |
                          |                            |       |
                          |_    This is the          ##|###   _|
                            |     way you   ^        ##|###  |
                            |     came in.  ^        ######  |
                            |               ^                |
                            |__________     ^      __________|
    When you land on the platform, turn to your left and look down. Aim for the
    lower platform and jump down. Turn right and aim for the next platform. Jump
    down and head towards the edge farthest from the platform you just jumped from.
    Now, turn around so your back is facing the edge and use the look feature(White
    Button-Left thumbstick)to look over the edge. You should see a lone exploration
    marker. Line yourself up with it and fall over the edge backwards so you are
    able to catch the edge. Release and fall towards the skinny platform. Now,
    there should be an orange rafter below. Aim for it and jump. Now, head towards
    one of the corners and notice the skinny ledge above the door. Force jump
    towards it and land on it. There are a few blocks down there. Jump on top of
    one of them and then you are safe to fall to the lower level. A blaster
    wielding Jin'ha should pop out through one of the doors. Kill him and allow all
    the other enemies to come at you while staying in the same room. Beware, one of
    them has a sword. When you are ready, go through one of the doors. I believe
    3/4 of them will lead you to the same spot but I'm not sure.
    You should soon reach a slope leading downwards. There are more enemies that
    you need to kill as you walk. Eventually, you will reach a large door leading
    into the cortosis storage. Your best bet here would be to push the enemies off
    the platforms into the cortosis. Kill them whichever way you want and cross the
    small bridges across the platforms. You can pick up the health behind the tanks
    towards the ends. Kill everything the best you can and head through the next
    large door. This hallway will slope down and lead you to another door. Along
    the way will be a few enemies you should kill or bypass quickly. When you reach
    it, head through and immediately retreat. There are two clubbers and two
    swordsmen. Try to face them off one on one or two on one. Remember to use
    active block a lot but beware of their kicks as it goes right through your
    block. They should soon be dead. Notice the red laser fencing that leads into
    the center of the room. Press the control panel to the left of it to deactivate
    it. Kill the Jin'ha and do the same with the next one while killing the two
    sword Jin'ha. You have reached the cortosis generator, finally.
                                   --- Escape! ---
    Description: The entire Jin'ha camp has been alerted to your presence. You must
    get out of the mine with the evidence and rendezvous with Master Qui Gon.
    >> Escape from the mine.
    Our main objective now is to escape! The Jin'ha will activate the laser fencing
    behind. Now, head to the left of the activated fence and jump on top of the
    block. Force jump over the wall out of the area.
                                   laser fence  []
                    ||   ___    ||                ||          ||
                    ||  |   |   ||                ||          ||
                    ||  |___|   ||                ||          ||
                    ||  |       ||              []||          ||
                    || get on   ||================||          ||
                    ||this block        O                     ||
                    ||              ____________              ||
                    ||             / Generator  \             ||
    If there are any Jin'ha around, remember to slice them up. Head through the
    door and watch out for the enemies. They will charge at you so walk backwards
    and allow them to come to you. After the intial attacks, you can head into the
    door and take out the blaster and knife wielding enemies. They should be fairly
    easy to take out and if you lose any health, pick up the full heal behind the
    large crate. Start heading up the slope and killing the various enemies along
    the way. There should not be too many but if you are overwhelmed, head
    backwards. Soon, you should reach a large door. If you recall correctly, this
    door will lead you into the cortosis storage area. Head in and force push the
    Jin'ha into the cortosis. The bridges are gone so you are stuck as of now.
    There is a control panel on your platform. Press it to activate the fans. Line
    yourself up so you are directly across from one(if you are not directly across,
    you may not make it across)and jump up into the stream. It'll carry you over
    and onto the next platform.
    Take out the sword Jin'ha swiftly and notice the other control panel. Press
    this one to activate the next one and do the same thing as before. Beware of
    the snipers and the blasters. Kill off the remaining enemies. Continue left and
    head towards the large door. Be forewarned, there is a grenade launcher enemy
    in the vicinity. When you are ready, open the door and continue. The path will
    slope up gently and there will be a few stray enemies here and there. I believe
    there's one or two grenade launcher Jin'ha along this route so keep an eye out.
    Soon, you should reach the top of the slope and see an intersection that kind
    of goes like -|. Head straight as it's faster.
    Open the door and kill the sword Jin'ha and the various other enemies. This
    battle shouldn't be too tough but watch your health. Pick up the full health
    in this large room behind one of the crates and wait for one of the elevators
    to come down and reach you. Jump on and ready your saber. There are many melee
    enemies up there so get ready. When you reach the top, start heading into a
    corner and force pushing away a few of the enemies. Try to take on only two to
    three at a time. They should not be too tough but remember to block frequently.
    Try to avoid getting mobbed by these guys or you'll lose health rapidly. Soon,
    they should be defeated and notice the two health packs behind a crate. Pick
    them up if needed and head for the door opposite the two health packs. There
    are a few pesky enemies in this hallway including one wielding a sword. You
    should reach another large door that'll lead you into the first room of the
    last mission...
    There will be two sword Jin'ha initially that you should kill quickly plus a
    sniper and a few others that you need to kill off. If you can, force push them
    into the red water(cortosis)to kill them instantly. This battle should not be
    hard. Now, head towards the door leading out of here and you will notice a
    force field blocking the exit. There is a large door to the right of the exit.
    Enter and pick up the invulnerability if you'd like and kill the Jin'ha that
    attack you. Head up the steps killing the occasional enemies until you reach
    the upper level. Here, kill the blaster wielder and press the control panel to
    deactivate the force field. Qui Gon will radio in saying he'll be right there.
    Head down the steps again and pick up the full heal behind the generator thingy
    in the same spot as the first level. Exit the large room and start fighting.
    Qui Gon and the other jedis will soon appear to help you out. With their help,
    the Jin'ha should easily be defeated.
    _______________________Chapter 3: The Trade Federation_________________________
    |The evil Trade Federation has once again abused their power. Bust through   |
    |their blockade of Naboo.                                                    |
                             --- Saber Arena: Plo Koon ---
    Description: Defeat Plo Koon in the Jedi Training Arena
    Plo Koon is almost as easy as the last jedi we fought. He is considerably
    slower although his attacks are more powerful and he will use force moves more
    often. Block a lot and hit only when you know he can't strike back. If you get
    stuck into a corner, force jump onto the border area.
                                  --- Betrayal ---
    Description: Your suspicions were correct. The Trade Federation has betrayed
    the trust of the jedi council. Fight your way to the bridge and confront the
    >> Find a way to the command deck and confront the Neimoidians.
    The room was a trap. Outside is a group of droids that you must kill. Wait for
    the door to open and start fighting. Try to block the laser bolts without
    letting too many hit you. You may find that droids are quite easy to defeat
    although they usually appear in large groups. If you want, you can let Qui Gon
    do the fighting for you. For the rest of this mission, you will follow your
    master. After killing off the initial attack, Qui Gon will tell you that you
    must meet the Viceroy. Just as he finishes, another group of droids will
    appear. Kill them the same way as before and follow Qui Gon down the hallway.
    More droids will pop out of the door ahead. This time however, they are in a
    straight line and it's completely possible to get them all with a single
    lightsaber throw.
    Towards the end is a larger room. Kill the two officer droids to your left and
    right and start killing the other droids that are pouring in through the doors.
    There are a number of enemies but it should not be too much trouble. Upon
    killing off the opposition, Qui Gon will lead you to the left door into the
    shuttle bay. Pick up the health packs if you need them. As you walk into the
    large bay, you'll see a burning wreckage on the ground. That was your ship and
    Qui Gon will make a remark. The bridge is on the other side of this room
    however and the turret guarding the bay needs to be deactivated. Now we will
    have to follow our master out again. If you choose to ignore your orders,
    continue forward and watch Obi Wan get cooked. :)
    Follow Qui Gon back down the hallway and you should soon reach the conference
    room where we started. Qui Gon will make a right turn. You must protect him as
    he picks at the lock. The door opposite you will open and droids will pop out.
    Slice them quickly and Qui Gon should finish. Just as you round the next bend,
    another platoon of enemies should attack you. Allow Qui Gon to kill them and
    pick up the health packs in the area if you need them. Continue through the
    door and follow behind. After another short hallway, a door will open to your
    right and droids will attack you once again. Kill them swiftly and turn around
    behind your master. The path from here is pretty straightforward. Keep in mind
    that you will be constantly bombarded with droids.
    After quite a bit of walking, you will reach a room with a reddish tinge on the
    walls. Ignore the droids in this room and get to work slashing at the control
    panel on your current level. Destroy all five and the turret control screens
    should blow up. Kill off the remainder of the droids if you wish and pick up
    the full health in the same room. Now we will have to follow Qui Gon all the
    way back to the hanger bay. The path back is nothing interesting. Just be on
    your guard and you will do fine. Also keep in mind that you will be meeting
    more officer droids(red stripes)along the way. There's not a big difference but
    these can take more than one deflected blaster shot. After a brisk walk, you
    will reach a familiar door leading into the shuttle bay. The turret is
    deactivated. Make your way down the room and fight the three large droids at
    the end. Get up close to them so they can't shoot and then start slashing at
    them. After that, Qui Gon will lead you into a similar room as before. Loading
    Kill the droids ahead and continue along. The next room has objects with
    reddish tinges on them. Kill the initial enemies and turn left. If you lost
    your sense of direction while fighting the droids, Qui Gon will lead you in the
    correct direction. Kill the droids in the next few rooms. Soon, Qui Gon will
    open up a door to a slope going up. Climb up and you should be in a large room.
    Kill the droids here cautiously and pick up whatever powerups you will need.
    Find Qui Gon and continue along with him. The next door Qui Gon leads you to
    has two explosive droids behind it. When they yell 'terminate,' force push them
    away to avoid their explosion.
    Advance and you will be lead to the other half of the battle droid factory.
    Beware of the large four legged droids and take caution around the
    flamethrowers. Try to use the blue explosive beams to kill them. When you are
    finished, pick up the full health by one of the crates in the area and follow
    Qui Gon down another slope. Follow closely until you reach a small platoon of
    battle droids. Kill them and wait for the blue force fields to show up around
    you. You are trapped however, look up to the ceiling and find a small hole that
    you can jump into. Go quickly before the battle droids come. Qui Gon will
    follow you and lead you down the conduit system.
    The path is pretty straightforward. Jump on the hot air flow whenever you have
    to. Along the way, you will find a small, white droid that seems to serve no
    purpose whatsoever. It will make a distinctive sound. Eventually, you will be
    lead out of the ventilation pipes. Jump down and follow Qui Gon to the next
    room killing the droids quickly. Soon, you will emmerge in another large room
    similar to the many we have been through before. Kill off all droids and
    opposition and follow Qui Gon to a door leading into a narrow hallway. Continue
    along and you should reach a bridge above a large room containing tanks. Watch
    out for the explosive droids on this platform. Advance through the door at the
    end and continue down this hallway as well. When you reach the Observation
    Deck, clear the droids and head into the door Qui Gon leads you.
    The path from here is pretty linear. Kill off the droids in front of the bridge
    and allow Qui Gon to cut into the door. You must defend him from the droids.
    There will be many and it will take a while but try to stay awake and go
    slowly. Qui Gon can't be killed although you can't complete the mission without
    killing all the droids. The explosive droids that throw themselves at you can
    be used to your advantage. Force throw them into another group of droids to
    kill them quickly while maintaining health and force. There is also a full
    health in the vicinity but don't take it unless your health is in the red.
    After killing the droids, a pair of Destroyers will come and chase you off.
                                 --- Stowaway ---
    Description: You've made it safely to one of the invasion ships. You must 
    reach the surface and disembark before the craft reaches its final destination.
    >> Disrupt communications to the Droid Control Ship by destroying the 
       communication conduits.
    >> Power down the atmospheric turbine engines. 
    You start off the mission on top of a bunch of droids. Take a deep breath and
    jump off the bridge. Kill all the droids before they have a chance to shoot
    you. If you are quick in your attacks, you won't even get hurt. After that 
    business is done, press the two orange switches to unearth the communication
    conduits. With that being done, Qui Gon will radio in praising Obi Wan a good
    job. All we have to do now is power down the engines.
    Wait a little bit in front of the only door leading out of the room. When it
    opens, throw your lightsaber and try to take out all four in volley. Continue
    forward until you reach an intersection, then head left. Kill the droids on
    the upper level (don't jump into the middle just yet) as covertly as possible.
    Then head to the ledge farther ahead (don't jump in) and deflect the blaster
    bolts coming from the officer droids across. When they're taken care of, 
    jump off.
    This part of the mission is extremely difficult. The best way to fight would 
    be to back up into a corner and just deflect the bolts. You won't lose as much
    health compared to if you just ran into the enemy. When there are about 3-5 
    droids left, you can just slice them up with your lightsaber. Try not to lose
    too much health and continue through the door at the end of the room. Be sure
    to pick up the health powerup.
    When the door opens, head right and pick up the health. The door will open and
    a bunch of annoying officer droids will begin opening fire on you. If you walk 
    forward, turn right, and then turn around, you will see an invincibility that
    you can pick up to make the fighting a bit easier. Kill off every one of the
    droids and then throw your lightsaber at the blue things under each tank to
    destroy them. When you're done, head through the large cargo door to the next
    section of the level.
    Head through the large cargo door at the end and immediately force push the
    explosive pillars to take out the initial force of officer droids. There are
    a few more scattered throughout the room so take care of them. Now, do the 
    same thing and throw your lightsaber at the tanks to destroy them. When you're
    done, head to the left end of the room and go through the door. 
    Pick up the health and the door to the right will open revealing some officer
    droids. Take care of this easy stuff and continue through. Some blue striped
    droids will also appear. They will attempt to punch you so kill them quickly.
    When you reach the engine control panel, press them to power them down. Then,
    head forward again and wait for the door to open killing the droids behind it.
    Continue through this small hallway and go through the door at the end to reach
    the center of this particular ship. This is another difficult area of the 
    mission. Take your time and kill off every officer droid. Beware of the blue
    striped droids as well, they will charge you and when they get close, 
    hurting. There are a few mini blue pillars at the end of the room as well as a
    motherload of health powerups. When you're done, take what you need and 
    continue into the next area.
    Watch out for droids here and take care of them as necessary. The first 
    intersection requires you to head right and then left. Continue through this
    narrow hallway and kill off any officer droids that get into your way. Keep
    going until you reach a large room. Immediately turn right and stand behind 
    what appears to be a control panel. Wait patiently for the droids to come out
    and then press the control panel to open up the floor and make the droids
    fall to their doom. >:-]
    Kill off whatever is left of them and continue through the door at the other
    end. Slash apart the droids and take the elevator found at the end. Wait for
    it and then continue. At the first intersection, head left for a health
    powerup and then head in the opposite direction into the main armory. Destroy
    the droids here (watch out for bomb droids here) and then locate a ramp leading
    up the center of the room. Continue through the doors until you reach an 
    assasin droid. 
    Boss Fight --- Assasin Droid
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Weapon: Cortosis Sword
    This particular droid may feel new to you but it is not harder than most of the
    jedi fights you have already been through. This time, the assasin droid is
    capable of blocking your strikes and with its cortosis armor, it can take 
    quite some punishment before going down. Just block and strike and force throw
    the objects in the corners as help. It will go down pretty quickly.
                               --- City Under Siege ---
    Description: You've commissioned a Gungan craft to take you to the city of 
    Theed. The city is under siege. You must get to the queen before it's too late!
    >> Get into the Queen's palace.
    You start the mission before a staircase. Head up a bit and then left along the
    balcony. Notice the grassy mini-islands at the end. Jump onto the first one and
    pick up the sniper rifle salvo. Then force jump to the next one which holds 
    some ion grenades. By now, the droids on the far platform should already be 
    shooting at you. Deflect their shots and swim up to the platform they were on.
    Ascend the staircase and slash apart the flamethrower droid to save the human.
    As of now, the obvious thing to do would be to go through another set of 
    steps, but we have a shortcut. Notice the grassy ledges along the right side 
    of the wall. Force jump onto them and continue across them until you reach a 
    wall. Pick up the ion grenades and sneakily, force jump up, and kill off every
    droid on screen. 
    Now, walk across the bridge and kill the droids here. Prioritize the one that
    tries to sound the alarm. If you fail to destroy it before it does that, you
    will have to fight an extra group of officer droids. Move quickly as their
    is a sniper droid in the vicinity. Continue along killing off every droid that
    gets in your way until you see some ion grenades ahead of you. Pick them up.
    Ahead is a large group of droids that is sure to give you some problems. Run 
    in and use an ion grenade immediately. Try to kill them quickly but don't let
    them overrun you unless you like roast Obi Wan. The majority of the droids are
    on the ground but there will be 1-2 on top of the balcony. When you're done,
    head up the steps at the end and pick up the full health. Then, press on the
    door to open it. Continue.
    Begin by turning right and continuing this way. There will be a few droids you
    should snipe out immediately before however. When they are taken care of, 
    step onto the circular balcony and pick up the two sniper rifle salvos here.
    Then turn directly around and head in the direction of the giant statue. 
    Obi Wan will begin walking up the steps and a loading screen will appear. 
    Cross your fingers.
    Upon entering, you can tell that there is a bit of fighting going on. A 
    resistance fighter woman will walk towards you and tell you about their 
    current situation. Turn right and continue until you meet up with two 
    resistance fighters fighting with a group of droids. Help them out and 
    continue forward. Slash a few more droids and then ascend the stairs. 
    Immediately force push away the bomb droid at the top and continue forward.
    Keep slashing apart droids and you should soon reach the end. If you talk to
    the civilian, he'll tell you that there are more down below.
    Jump onto the ledge and look down. Notice the green plateau of grass that is
    directly below you. Jump onto that (if you miss, you will lose health) and then
    head right where another patch of grass is. Pick up the concussion grenades and
    jump down. There are a few droids to destroy and once you make some noise, some
    more droids as well as an assasin will appear from the door to the right. Take
    them all out and continue until you reach the end.
    Turn to your right and force jump across them. Pick up the concussion grenades
    and force jump up to the ledge. There is a giant force of enemy droids here
    so watch out. Ion grenades are a major help here so use them at your consent.
    Once they are all take care of, locate a trade federation cannon and man it.
    Take out the pesky flying droid and then get off. There is a door right behind
    you but it won't open. Instead, look a bit to the right of it to locate some
    grass islands. 
    Force jump across them (do it quickly to avoid the sniper) and then jump up
    the ledge. Kill the sniper here and force jump one more time to the top of the
    thing. Hop down and take out the sniper as well as the few droids in the area.
    Then, go through the door and up the steps killing off the droids one by one
    until you reach the top. Then begin moving to the end of the hall and press
    the switch to deactivate the waterfall.
    >> Shut down the waterfall in order to access the stairs to the palace.
    Now, step over to the ledge and take a look below. If we can land our jump
    into the water, we'll survive. Take a hop and land into the water. Climb back
    onto the platform and kill the droids. It shouldn't take that long. When you're
    done, head down the staircase that the waterfall was initially flowing upon.
    Mission accomplished. 
                              --- Within the Palace ---
    Description: You have yet to reach the Queen but have emmerged somewhere in
    bowels of the palace. You must use all of your resources to make it to the 
    throne room.
    >> Work with the palace servant to reach the throne room.
    This mission starts out pretty quickly with a palace servant coming under fire
    from droids. Immediately, kill off the droids that are attacking you and don't
    let any shots hit the girl. Kill the initial droids and then walk back to her
    to learn that her name is Asha. Follow her to the oven shaft and she'll tell
    you that you can get to the dining room through the shaft. She isn't more 
    specific though.
    Start by force pushing the large pot out of the way to extinguish the fire.
    Then step onto where the fire was (wouldn't it be hot?) and force jump up and
    grab the ledge. Keep doing this until you can't get up any further. Then, turn
    around and do the same (don't fall down the center though). Keep jumping up
    while picking up the occasional ion grenades and you should soon get a 
    transmission from Qui Gon. Keep going until you reach the top and jump down.
    There are a number of droids here that you should kill immediately. The chairs
    can provide some help to you if you force push them into the droids. When you
    are finished with your enterprise, pick up some health on the upper levels. 
    Then head back down and press the switch (it's to the left of where you came
    in from) and the dining table will come up along with Asha. 
    She'll ask you to follow her up the stairs to the big door leading out of the
    dining room. She'll type in the code and tells you to clear the room first. 
    Wait for her to walk away and then open the door. Head down the steps and wreak
    some havoc. Beware of the destroyer droid however. Leave that for last. When
    all the enemies in the area are cleared, Asha will come out and open the next
    door for you. Wait for her to walk away and open this door much like before.
    Walk forward and three force shields will appear between you and Asha as well
    as to the left and right. It seems like you're trapped but by jumping into the
    water and then force jumping up to the ledge, you can get through. Kill the
    various droids throughout the hall and press the three switches at the top to
    deactivate the force shields. Wait for Asha to come up and then stand ready
    as some droids will appear in an attempt to kill Asha. Stand close but not
    too close that the bolts end up hitting her as well. Defend her and she'll get
    the door open. Loading screen.
    Follow Asha and kill the lone droid that you run into. Soon, you will reach a 
    circular room with a statue in the center. Blue force shields will appear. Kill
    the destroyer droid in the vicinity and wait for some of the resistance 
    fighters to deactivate the force shield. Then, destroy or press the switches
    to deactivate the rest. Slash apart the rest of the droids and wait for Asha
    to unlock yet another door. Continue.
    This particular room is pretty difficult. There are quite a number of droids
    (including 2 assasins) and a small number of resistance fighters. The
    resistance will go down pretty fast so watch your back. All the droids are 
    grouped at the top so with a well placed ion grenade, you can pretty much 
    take out all of them in a second. Asha will come running up again but this 
    time, stay near the door because as soon as Asha opens it, an assasin will
    come running out and attempt to hit her. Stop it before it does just that and
    There is nothing in this room except for a single assasin droid luckily. Take
    that out with a few blocks and force strikes. Again, Asha will open the door.
    This time however, it's the door to the throne room. Go in and you should 
    notice that the Queen is really missing. A lone resistance fighter will talk
    to you and tell you that they had taken her away. And with that, three 
    assasin droids will jump in through the windows. You must keep that person
    alive. The best strategy would be to stay in the center so that the assasins
    go for you and then take them out that way. It shouldn't be too hard if you
    block and strike at the correct times. Take all three of them out to complete
    the mission.
                              --- A Queen in Peril ---
    Description: The Queen has been captured and will surely be forced to sign 
    the treaty. You must save her and bring her back to Coruscant.
    >> Intercept the Queen and her captors and free her.
    The situation isn't looking too good right now. The Queen is missing and we 
    have no idea on her current position. Immediately walk forward and hop into 
    the water. Turn left and swim as swiftly as possible to the island up ahead.
    If you are lucky, the droid on the turret will not notice you. Get onto the
    island and kill the turret droid as well as the other. Look around for a sniper
    salvo and jump into the water again.
    This time, we're heading for the tall statue farther ahead. Climb onto one of
    the ledges at the bottom and force jump up to reach the top. Continue forward
    until you hear a resistance fighter screaming for help. Whip out the sniper
    rifle and locate the green droid on the ledge which is throwing grenades his
    way. Save the resistance fighter and he'll tell you that there is a tank in
    the way. He'll also give you some ion grenades. Keep talking to him until you
    get the maximum amount.
    Force jump up the ledge where the grenadier previously was and continue. You
    won't meet enemies for a while. When you reach the turret, you will be attacked
    by a grenadiera and the turret droid. Slash them both apart and continue 
    through the door at the end. There will be many droids in the next area. Ion
    grenades work wonders here. Help the resistance fighters destroy them and 
    continue forward. Ignore the stairway leading down unless you want an 
    exploration marker. 
    Keep going killing off whatever droids get in your way as well as helping out
    the resistance fighters until you see a ledge to your right. It should pop up
    right in your face so it shouldn't be too hard to miss. When you clear the
    droids in the area, look down the left side of the ledge to see that you're 
    right above the tank! Grab your ion grenades and throw a couple to take it out.
    Keep heading in the direction you were going, until you reach an intersection.
    Take the left path through the circular doorway and then make another left.
    Destroy the force shield generator (on the left wall) and continue. A loading
    screen will appear.
    From this point, it's just a matter of walking and killing droids until of 
    course, we reach the Queen. Head up the steps and engage the droids 
    immediately and protect the resistance fighters. Keep heading forward until
    you reach a bridge ahead. Wait for the assasin droid to come for you and 
    kill it like you normally would. After you're done, don't cross the bridge 
    (unless you like being rained by turret fire). Instead, go through the alley
    that was to your left when you entered the area.
    Kill any droids that get in your way. Continue down the stairs to your right.
    While going through these, look in small dead ends near the path for health
    or grenades. You will soon reach a large group of droids, sniper, and an 
    assasin. Lure the regular droids to you (the assasin won't budge until you get
    near it) and deflect their shots to kill them. When all the regular droids 
    are cleared, move in and kill off the assasin. 
    Now, head straight (ignore the stairway down as there are enemies but no 
    immediate rewards) and take the left fork to meet up with Qui Gon. Help him
    clear the assasin droids and then follow him up the stairwell to a door. 
    Loading screen.
    Qui Gon will explain to you what to do. Put down your lightsaber if it's up
    and crouch to avoid detection. You will be jumping down and ambushing them
    to rescue the Queen. You can use any strategy as long as it works but I find
    the best way is to wait five seconds after Qui Gon jumps down and then go.
    This way, the assasins immediately go for the old man while you have to deal
    with about 2 bomb droids and an officer droid. Immediately force push the two
    bomb droids away and take out the officer droids. If you want to, help Qui Gon
    take out the assasins to win the mission. 
    ____________________________Chapter 4: Tatooine________________________________
    |A small planet on the outer rim, Tatooine is a barren wasteland, only       |
    |smugglers and scum frequent this place.                                     |
                              --- Rescue on Tatooine ---
    Description: While taking refuge on the Outer Rim world of Tattooine, the
    Tusken Raiders have kidnapped the Queen. You have tracked them to their 
    >> Locate the Queen in the Tusken Raiders' village.
    Because this level is so big, there are many areas you could choose to explore.
    However, I won't be highlighting them out as this is a guide to help you 
    through the game as quick as possible. If you want to, you can stray off the
    walkthrough for a bit and explore. You will find many rewards as sniper rifles,
    full healths, etc. 
    You start off a few meters away from a minor tusken raiders camp. Begin making
    your way forward and engage the three or four Raiders around. You shouldn't
    have any trouble as tusken raiders are terrible in combat. If you want to 
    increase your Accuracy, strike at the banthas hanging around (And awe at their
    ugly face sprites). When that's done, jump the rocks next to the camp. Be sure
    you don't fall in the gap. Continue along.
    Up ahead, you will locate a derelict piece of debris that appears to be some 
    sort of engine from a larger ship. Anyhow, the area appears empty but two 
    tusken raiders are making their home within it. Quickly slice them apart and 
    pick up the health powerup. Continue along the narrow bridge and hop the ledges
    with some force jumps. At the top, you will meet some more opposition. Watch
    the rocks they throw at you and quickly kill off all three tusken raiders. 
    Be sure to pick up the health powerup near if you need it.
    Advance along the lighted path and you should soon reach a large canyon. There
    are many tusken raiders around here. Start off by heading towards the campfire
    where some fire warriors are stationed. If you are set on fire, simply roll 
    around on the ground a few times. Anyhow, make your way through the canyon.
    Beware of sniper fire. If you are damaged, there are many health packs 
    scattered around. Watch out for the fire warriors as they have a tendency to
    throw fire at you. Ouch.
    When all is finished off, continue. Be sure to take out the last of the snipers
    and have picked up all the health packs you need. As you round the next corner
    however, another stray group of raiders come at you. Beware, as now, they are
    equipped with blasters. Pull them away or deal with them quickly. You should 
    have no trouble as you continue. 
    Eventually, after a bit of walking, you will come to a dead end. Next to it is
    a cave. First, jump the ledges and then advance. Some enemies will finally come
    at you. Defeat them quickly and continue. Up ahead should be some fire warriors
    ready to throw some things at you. Stop them quickly with a force push followed
    by a quick force slash. There are a lot more ledges so continually jump them
    until you reach the top. From there, continue along the path until you find a 
    line of health powerups. Pick up whatever you need and keep going.
    Eventually, you will come to a campfire where a single fire warrior is 
    stationed. Quickly kill him off and continue. Another campfire will present 
    itself, however, this time there are a bunch more enemies. Quickly kill off the
    fire warriors (throw around some debris to set them on fire). Another group of
    raiders should walk in at that point. Take care of them like always and 
    Once again, you will come across another group of raiders surrounding a fire. 
    There should be a skinny bridge nearby. On the other end, a sniper will be 
    shooting at you so be sure to take care of him as fast as possible. Defeat
    everyone and head to the other side which appears to be some sort of supply
    dump. Anyhow, the big engine carries a health powerup under it if you need
    it. When that's done, begin ascending the stairs behind the supply dump to 
    the next section of the level. At the top, push the rock out of the way and
    enter the mysterious door for a loading screen.
    When that screen finishes, begin heading forward. You are finally under a roof!
    Obi Wan will make a remark about this place appearing to be some sort of tomb.
    Anyhow, continue forward and some tusken raiders will appear again. Like 
    always, slice them apart and continue through the leftt doorway (the right is a 
    dead end). Head down the steps until you get outside again. A bunch of raiders
    will begin to violate you. Defeat them as always and walk across the bridge. 
    Some more opposition will begin to attack. Kill the snipers quickly and throw 
    some of the bonfires at the raiders on the ground to set them on fire. When all
    is done, head through the doorway at the end. Walk up some more stairs killing
    off any raiders that get in your way and you should reach a purple-shaded room
    which appears to be circular. If you look up, you will note a circle with the
    night stars on it. Anyhow, the point here is to get down. To do that, you will
    need to jump the platforms on the walls and make your way down. At the bottom,
    defeat all enemies and go through the door.
    In the next room, there appears to be a large group of tusken raiders doing 
    some sort of ritual around a campfire. Ugh. Anyhow, walk in and lure them out.
    There are a lot of them here so don't pull a Bruce Lee right into the crowd.
    To conserve the most energy, lure them out in groups of twos or three. When
    they are all defeated, cross the room and go through the end doorway. From 
    here, go through the hallway and exit. We are in the home stretch now.
    There are a bunch of enemies out here, but it is possible to run through them
    all. If you just want to complete the mission, I strongly suggest you run. The
    end of the mission is a rather long walk. There are snipers everywhere so it 
    probably isn't too smart to try to take them out. Anyhow, either defeat them 
    all, or run. Along the way, you will come across some metal platforms with 
    raiders on them. Simply continue along and you should reach what appears to be 
    a metal face inscribed in the rock. The exit is right there. 
                             --- The Tusken Chief ---
    Description: The Queen is being held in a derelict craft that the tusken 
    raiders use for shelter. You must rescue her!
    >> Defeat the Tusken War Chief and save the Queen.
    Obi Wan will walk in to find the Tusken Chief himself holding the Queen 
    hostage! It looks as if you are going to have to fight him to get her back. 
    Start off by killing off the initial tusken raiders and then, avert your gaze
    to the tusken chief as he jumps off his platform, ready to engage. 
    Boss Fight --- Tusken War Chief
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Weapon: Burning Staff
    If you know what you are doing, you should have no trouble. First off, when
    the chief comes down, start throwing the chandelier and the fire pots as
    quickly as possible. By throwing all the flaming items on the main platform,
    you should be able to knock off at least half the chief's health. From that 
    point, you can just strike away while blocking (Don't let it set you on fire)
    to easily defeat the tusken war chief. 
    _____________________________Chapter 5: Theed__________________________________
    |The capital city of Naboo. Theed has been overrun by the Trade Federation. A|
    |great battle between the Trade Federation and the combined forces of the    |
    |Gungans and the Naboo is about to begin.                                    |
                          --- Saber Arena: Mace Windu ---
    Description: Defeat Mace Windu in the Jedi Saber Arena.  
    >> Defeat Mace Windu. 
    Mace Windu isn't too different from the other jedis. Why? Because he fails to 
    block too often. If you just decide to strike away, there is a little chance 
    that you will defeat Mace Windu. However, blocking and following up with a 
    strike will gain you ground. If you don't win the first time (which wouldn't
    be too surprising), try again. Once you defeat Mace Windu, you can win against
    any AI jedi.
                        --- Captives of the Federation ---
    Description: After arriving on Naboo, a complex plan is put into motion. Work
    with the Naboo Resistance to launch an attack on the Federation Droid Ship.
    >> Sneak into the Detention Area.
    >> Escort the starfighter pilots to safety.
    Start off by heading forward, walking up the stairs. You will appear on a 
    narrow, grassy ledge above a platoon of Federation droids. Note that this ledge
    is the perfect vantage point for the electrobinoculars. Note their movement 
    and their position. Head to your left and force jump. Make sure you don't miss
    the bridge or else you will go tumbling into the abyss. Once on the bridge, 
    kill off every droid. Be sure that none turns on the alarm unless you enjoy
    fighting extra, officer droids.
    Be sure you clear the entire bridge before continuing. From that point, look
    for the stairs to the left of the now broken alarm, and continue up. Defeat any
    stray droids before they have a chance to shoot. At the top, you will come to 
    a similar bridge, except this time, with more resistance. Again, slash apart
    the droids. The alarm is on the other side. To take it out before the droids
    have a chance, throw your lightsaber. Follow-up by slashing and ripping apart
    every other droid. Once again, advance.
    The stairs will bring you to a door. If you open it, you will reveal a health
    powerup. If you got shot before, pick it up. Now, put down your lightsaber 
    (Do not forget that we are supposed to move stealthily), and take a look at
    the grassy platform to the left of the door containing the health powerup. 
    Force jump onto it and continue along. Keep jumping until you happen to reach
    a waterfall. This jump is incredible difficult, but if you take a running start
    and jump off at the exact edge of your platform, you should be able to grab
    onto the other side! 
    Keep moving and you should eventually latch onto a marble ledge. Climb over to
    enter what appears to be a large courtyard. At first, there's no opposition.
    Use this time to quickly seek out the two alarms before the droids begin 
    coming at you. Destroy all of them and avoid having the droids activate the
    alarms. There are a bunch of them so watch out. Throwing your lightsaber would
    be a great idea. There is a health powerup in the middle if you need it.
    Now, avert your gaze to the waterfall on one side of the courtyard. There is a 
    droid sniper there. Jump into the water (Beware, as the droid sniper can still
    shoot you in the water) and quickly make your way to the other end, where you
    will find a platform to jump up to. Make your way to the ledge holding the two
    droid snipers and force jump up. Defeat both of them, and pick up the sniper
    salvo and the health powerup. From there, jump back down and swim back to the
    main courtyard. Find the stairs out of here and initiate a loading screen.
    This next portion is as tough as nails so get yourself ready. When control is
    regained, begin hugging the left wall and walking along. Make sure you don't
    make your presense known (That means putting down your lightsaber, idiot) until
    you find a sniper. Pick it up, face the ledge in front of you. Force jump up
    and force push the gun emplacement to kill off the droid that was manning that
    one. By this point, you might have started up some rabble, so the other gun
    emplacement on the other side is probably shooting away. The sniper works well
    here. Be sure to destroy the alarm afterwards and kill off any stray droids
    around. Advance.
    Up ahead will be a group of grenadiers which can cause some problems. Also in
    the vicinity are two baron droids. One is near your current position and one
    is up ahead. Kill off the grenadiers by jumping. If you constantly jump, their
    grenades won't touch you. Force push them into walls to take care of them 
    quickly. As you might already be aware, baron droids shoot explosive rounds,
    but getting up close to them will render them useless. Take out the first along
    with the snipers up ahead. Be sure to slash apart the alarm as well. There are
    health powerups scattered around so pick up whatever you need to and continue
    to find another group of enemies...
    This time, the group is smaller, but there is still a baron droid. Try to force
    push away the regular droids before dealing with the big guy himself. With all
    the droids killed, you can continue. Near your current position should be a big
    door. Open it and pick up the health powerup nearby. However, wait in your 
    current position as a large group of droids will come raining down on your 
    position! Don't charge until you have killed a sufficient amount of droids 
    through deflecting their lasers. Advance and pick up the next health powerup.
    Open the big door to find yourself on an open air bridge.
    Now this is where it gets difficult! Immediately head forward and kill off the
    three or four initial droids. The doors up ahead will open and two assassins
    will come out. Watch the sniper (Or snipe him out yourself if you have the 
    time) in the window and engage both of them. Be sure to block regularly. If 
    you are still getting shot at by droids, run away from the assassins and kill
    the stray droids. I'd suggest using a super force move on one assassin 
    following up with a block and force strike strategy on the other. When both
    are defeated, head up to the door on the opposite side.
    You will find that the door is locked! Well, start examining the side of the
    door. On its left flank, you will notice a ledge above. Jump to it and scoot
    yourself over while hanging onto the side (I hope you aren't afraid of heights)
    If you keep moving this way, you will find yourself on a platform with a 
    window! Jump in and wreak havoc to all the droids that engage. From the window 
    you jumped through, turn right and head up the stairs. If you hadn't shot out
    the sniper before, now's your chance. Continue and kill off the remaining 
    droids until you reach a circular room. If you look to your left, you will note
    the captured pilots.
    Kill off all the droids and find the alarm. Destroy it obviously and avert your
    gaze to the panel to its right. Shut it off (Or do what I do; slash it apart) 
    and the pilots will be free. They will thank you and your first objective will
    be complete. However, you still have to escort them through a lot more droids
    than you might have expected. Pick up the full health before leaving and 
    continue down the stairs. The big door can only be opened from the inside so
    open and make your way outside. What dangers await...?
    From this point on, it's just backtracking. However, many, many droids will
    engage. From your current position, continue along the bridge. A group of 
    officer droids will come to crash the party so give them a piece of your 
    lightsaber. The pilots will come out as soon as all the droids are defeated.
    Continue along the bridge and you will note that the big door. Open it to 
    reveal an assassin! Kill him off and continue. Be sure that you stay well ahead
    of the resistance pilots so they don't walk into danger. Another assassin is
    just ahead so destroy him too. Open the door to reveal a bunch of enemies only
    waiting to be killed.
    Start off with the grenadiers (They are green). They pose the biggest threat
    at this point. There aren't any of those pesky baron droids so you don't need
    to worry. You will also note that the health powerups have regenerated. Don't
    touch them until all enemies are gone. When you have killed off the last the
    of the droids in that sector, the pilots will advance. You should do the same.
    You will come to the area with the two gun emplacements. More droids are below.
    This shouldn't be too difficult. It's just a matter of skill with the 
    lightsaber. Beware of the two baron droids as well as any explosive droids 
    (force push them back).
    Killing off all droids here will cause the pilots to advance again. You should
    know where you entered this area from. Head over there, and the pilots will
    follow. A loading screen will ensue before the final courtyard and the last
    portion of the mission.
    This courtyard is incredibly tough! Droids are everywhere and there are at 
    least two assassins. Make your way through, cutting and hacking away. However,
    you will have to use caution as explosive droids are everywhere. Finish 
    everything off (there are health powerups everywhere if you need them), and
    locate the stairs leading down. Some resistance fighters are engaging some
    enemies. Destroy the last of them and the mission is yours. 
                                    --- Grounded! ---
    Description: The pilots have been freed out but they cannot take off because
    of a large turbolaser cannon positioned just outside of the hanger. The cannon
    must be disabled.
    >> Locate and disable the turbolaser cannon.
    There is one main objective for this mission, destroy the cannon. However, that
    won't be easy. Start off by heading up the stairs ahead of you. You will find a
    single resistance fighter. He tells you that you must help save their fighters.
    Well, you can start off by jumping off the ledge and engaging every droid 
    below. Be sure to take the alarm unless you enjoy fighting extra officer 
    droids. Save the civilian and keep the resistance fighter that hops down with
    you alive.
    With that, locate the blue force field, and the control panel. Shut it down
    by slashing it apart. The force field will disappear and the droids will begin
    attacking you. The droids are holding another civilian captive ahead. Save him
    as well. Defeat all droids and head down the stairs. A baron droid is stationed
    here so beware. Take out the droids (use the blue pillar to your advantage) and
    continue until you reach a blue force field. It cannot be dissipated so head
    backwards and locate the metallic door on one of the lower areas. Open it and
    There is quite a lot going on right here. Start off by saving the two 
    resistance fighters that are currently under fire. Then, locate the stairs and
    destroy the droids below. Continue along and you should reach some stairs to
    your left. Head down and kill the three droids there to save the civilian.
    Make your way back up as some more droid reinforcements should be making their
    way in. Continue by hacking and slashing away. You will eventually reach a 
    large courtyard after a narrow tunnel. Thereis a bunch of activity here.
    Eliminate the droid threats obviously as well as taking out the alarm. There is
    a sniper in the window to your left. Get to him by taking the stairs to the 
    left of that window. Not only will you find the sniper itself, but also a 
    sniper salvo and a health powerup. By now, the baron droid has probably found
    its way in so head down the stairs and slash it apart. Go through the door it
    had opened to reach a loading screen.
    After the loading screen disappears, you should open the door in front of you.
    The resistance fighter there will notify you of two gun emplacements which are
    pinning them down. If you got the sniper salvo before, now is the time to use
    it. One gun is located on a small island ahead of you. The other is located 
    atop the stairs. Start off by taking out the one on the island as it is 
    probably too pre-occupied to notice you for the time being. When that's done,
    head up the steps avoiding the gun's fire and slash apart the droids. From 
    there, you should continue.
    Some more droids will probably come raining down on your new position. Give 
    them a taste of your amazing swordsmanship and cross the bridge to your right.
    Watch out for stray snipers. When you cross, you should find yourself at a 
    fork. A door leads to your right and a staircase leads to your left. Heading 
    up the stairs will make you advance. You will find yourself next to a bridge
    with more droids firing away. There is an alarm on the opposite side which you
    should take out immediately! Watch out for the droids and keep them back. 
    Eliminate them. 
    Head up the stairs to the left of the alarm and continue. Some more droids will
    appear. Defeat them all and cross the next bridge to find a health powerup. 
    Pick it up with haste and head up the next set of stairs across the next 
    bridge. At this point however, a gun emplacement might shoot at you, so beware.
    Once on the other side, begin ascending the stairs as quickly as possible. 
    Defeat all droids here and open the metallic door to continue.
    This is the final courtyard. It also is the most difficult. Right from the 
    start, take your sniper and quickly take out the gun emplacement directly in
    front of you. A destroyer droid will engage. If you found any ion grenades,
    now would be a great time to use them. Take out the destroyer before engaging
    the other droids. Once those two threats are destroyed, explore the area, and
    seek and destroy any other enemies you find. Look for powerups just as well.
    When that's done, head to the left end of the level (from the start) where you
    will locate some stairs. Run up and engage the destroyer immediately. Once
    that is destroyed, run full throttle up the stairs (ignore any droids) and you
    should find the turbolaser... only guarded by two destroyers! An ion grenade
    works wonders here. Use it and slash apart both of the energy beams (the blue
    things) on both sides of the turbolaser to disable it and complete the mission.
                               --- Valuable Assistant ---
    Description: Prevent the Trade Federation from taking back the hanger. 
    >> Knock out the six power cells that control the door.
    >> Defend the hanger from the Trade Federation forces. 
    Finally, we are fighting with the rest of the resistance fighters... although 
    we're horribly outnumbered! Anyhow, you will find Qui-Gon Jinn and even the
    Queen Amidala here! Luckily, they are both invincible so don' worry about them.
    The enemies here are infinite, but every time you destroy the power cell to a 
    door, they will grow less. At first, you will find major chaos. However, take
    out the power cells through this diagram while avoiding the enemy fire. The 
    niches you see are the doors and they will be numbered. Destroy each cell in
    that order to unlock every door. The [S] represents your starting point.
                           ___|                      |___
                          |                              |
                          |___     [6]       [4]      ___|
                           ___|                      |___
                          |___                        ___|
                           ___|                      |___
                          |[5]                        [3]|
                          |___                        ___|
                           ___|                      |___
                          |___                        ___|                
                           ___|                      |___
                          |        [2]       [1]         |
                          |___          [S]           ___|
                              |                      |
    With all the doors closed, the Trade Federation cannot enter! However, with
    the pilot's leave, a strange Sith Lord by the name of Darth Maul... enters the
                                 --- Darth Maul --- 
    Description: You and Master Qui-Gon have fought bravely, but you're separated
    from the melee. And now, you can only watch. 
    >> Defeat the evil Sith Lord, Darth Maul.
    From the start, Qui-Gon Jinn will be fighting the Sith. You are stuck behind 
    a wall because you were too slow to get in. For those of you who haven't seen
    the movie yet, major spoilers up ahead!
    Qui-Gon is somehow killed by Darth Maul! With the laser wall now turned off,
    it's your turn to prove yourself... and avenge your fallen master... 
    Boss Fight --- Darth Maul
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Weapon: Double Bladed Lightsaber, Lightsaber
    This is quite possibly, the most difficult boss fight in the game. However, if
    you are diligent, and take it slow, the battle will be easy. At first, Darth
    Maul holds a double-bladed lightsaber against you. Not to worry, as blocking is
    still as easy as ever. Try to block every time to stun him, and strike away
    to take away a portion of his health. When you happen to lower it all the way
    to nothing, his lightsaber will break in half and you will have to fight him
    all over again... Again, use the objects on the walls too (throw them at him)
    and block constantly. With that, the game is yours. Congratulations on 
    defeating Star Wars: Obi Wan, and enjoy the ending! 
       ______       __
    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 6. Jedi Battle ---------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    Along with the single player, Obi Wan has a decent enough multiplayer where you
    can choose one jedi and face off against another which should be the guy on the
    other controller.
    ------------------------------{6.1 The Arenas}---------------------------------
    Four maps are given to you at the start of the game. There are six in all but
    to unlock them all, you will have to advance through the game at least once.
    Saber Arena
    This arena is fairly linear and easy to play through. It's also quite small and
    you should be familiar with it from the campaign missions where you fought the
    training droid and the other jedis. Obviously, you will be doing most of your
    fighting and combat in the center of the arena but if you are cornered, force
    jump up to the platform around the perimeter of the arena.
    Federation Ship
    This is slightly larger than the Saber Arena but it's more fun to play in my
    opinion. The color of the wall makes it easier to hide from sight and the block
    in the middle can be force pushed around and should be used as an offensive
    weapon. The upper platform surrounding the arena can not be reached with a
    single force jump but the block is required to get up there. Push the block to
    the side and get on top of it. Jump and get to the platform. Although there is
    a health pack up there, it would waste you time and you will make yourself easy
    meat for the opponent. Try to stay on the ground and fight.
    The Great Hall
    This is a nice looking large outdoor level with a few hiding spots. The pots in
    the middle of the map are throwable and can do some damage to the opponent. By
    the water, you can crouch and hide from view. While playing this level, you may
    notice a health pack on a balcony that appears unreachable. However, if you
    move around to the side up the stairs, you can force jump to the same ledge
    that leads to the balcony. Walk around to get to it. Powerups will appear at
    random in the raised piece of land in the middle of the course.
    Palace Atrium
    A nice level with a large statue in the middle. I would suggest fighting by the
    upper part of the level so you can make a daring escape by jumping down the
    ledge. You can hide by the waterfall in back of the statue but the most useful
    hiding spot needs to be found first. Walk up the steps and force jump to the
    small ledge that's by one or two of the doors. This small ledge is very narrow
    and is brown in color. When you grab hold up it, get up and secure yourself on
    the ledge. Now you can force jump to the little hallway that makes itself
    clear. This is a great hiding spot and should be used.
    Tusken Dome
    Unlock this level by defeating the Tusken Chief in the campaign. To defeat your
    opponents quickly, throw the large chandelier in the middle at your enemy to
    set him on fire. If you happen to catch fire, jump into the water surrounding
    the raised piece of land. Try to stay out of the water whenever you can but if
    you need the health, jump in. I believe some of the junk in the water can
    detonate when struck so be careful with your swings.
    Power Core
    Unlock this level by defeating Darth Maul in the campaign. The Power Core is
    made up with a lower center floor and a few paths weaving across the higher
    levels of the arena. If you are playing against Obi Wan or any other jedi that
    is vulnerable to force pushes, use it to throw them into the obvious hole in
    the middle of the room. There are health packs around the paths high up and you
    can do some fighting up there. The junk on the walls can be thrown as well if
    you are looking for that.
    ------------------------------{6.2 The Jedis}----------------------------------
    Two jedis are available at the beginning of the game and more can be unlocked
    after defeating more jedis in the Saber Arenas. At first, it seems that each
    jedi has no differences but you may notice that they are slightly different
    from each other in the smallest ways.
    Obi Wan
    Requirement: This jedi appears at the beginning of the game.
    One of the more agile jedis. Obi Wan force recharges quite quickly and is
    capable of using force moves fast. However, Obi Wan's health can drain away
    pretty quickly. Always try to use that speed to get away and attack from a
    distance. Obi Wan will not be able to hold out in a melee battle because his
    block is bad and he has a low healthbar. Instead, try to use lightsaber throws
    from distance and force push objects(if any)at the opponent.
    Qui Gon
    Requirement: This jedi appears at the beginning of the game.
    Qui Gon is more stronger than Obi Wan but his force will recharge slower.
    You may also notice he runs sluggishly and other jedis can easily outrun him.
    It will be best to rely on melee combat without using force too fast. Active
    block and timed swings will lead you to victory. Notice that Qui Gon seems to
    take less damage.
    Plo Koon
    Requirement: Defeat Plo Koon.
    Really quick force recharge comparable to Obi Wan's. His attack power is
    questionable and is quite similar to Obi. I find his force swings powerful and
    capable of some serious damage. A good character to use but there are still
    better jedis.
    Eeth Koth
    Requirement: Defeat Plo Koon.
    Kind of hard to handle in my opinion. His force recharges slowly and his speed
    is pretty slow. However, he can do really well if in the hands of an
    experienced player. His force swings are EXTREMELY effective and if used
    properly, can lead any player to victory. I like Eeth Koth but a new player may
    find him quite difficult to use. Just try to avoid getting hit too much and
    Adi Galia
    Requirement: Defeat Saesee Tin.
    The best female jedi in my opinion, Adi Galia is pretty much the fastest jedi
    that you can choose. Along with that blazing speed, Galia has a decent attack
    power and force recovery. However, she is fairly weak and will fall to a few
    swings. The best course of action would be to constantly move so the opponent
    won't be able to hit you. You can easily dodge lightsaber throws as well.
    Saesee Tin
    Requirement: Defeat Saesee Tin.
    I honestly do not like this jedi. He is ugly, talks weird, and a bad pick
    overall. He can barely attack although his force meter can recharge pretty
    quickly. Saesee is not a good pick. There are other BETTER jedis to choose. If
    you must, use force moves a lot! Although they are weak, Saesee's force meter
    will recharge in a snap.
    Ki Adi Mundi
    Requirement: Defeat Saesee Tin.
    This jedi with the abnormally large forehead has appeared in all or almost
    every Star Wars movie though many do not know his name because he BARELY talks.
    Anyway, Ki Adi Mundi is a good pick because of his powerful force moves. He is
    fairly quick and can dodge swings. A good pick if you are looking for a change.
    Depa Bilaba
    Requirement: Defeat Training Droid.
    Baha, I hate this jedi. She is slow and unwieldy, has bad attack power and to
    top it all off, she can't block herself. That's really bad as Bilaba can't take
    too many hits or she'll die. Don't choose Depa as it will really give you a
    Mace Windu
    Requirement: Defeat Mace Windu.
    The best jedi in my humble opinion. Mace Windu wields a purple saber and he is
    absolutely, the best choice. Although he is quite bulky and his force meter
    recharges really slowly, he can easily make up for it with his attack and
    defensive power. You can strike recklessly at an opponent to quickly eat away
    their health without blocking even! It's not like you will need it that much
    anyway. I like Windu's lightsaber as well. :)
       ______       __
    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 7. FAQ ------------------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
          [Q] Can you get Darth Maul or Yoda in this game?
          [A] No! The rumors are not true and you shouldn't try. Though it would
              be pretty cool if you could.
          [Q] How do you throw a lightsaber?
          [A] Hold down on the force trigger and pretty the right thumbstick in to
              release. Steer the lightsaber with the same thumbstick.
          [Q] Do medals increase your power or give you a new force move?
          [A] Apparently not. Other Star Wars games have this implemented I
          [Q] Darth Maul is IMPOSSIBLE. How do I beat him?
          [A] You have to be skilled. If you feel like being cheap, constantly
              run away from him while throwing your lightsaber whenever possible.
              You can run away faster than him and you can defeat him this way
              without losing any health at all. This is a cheap way of fighting
          [Q] Any tips on defeating Destroyer Droids?
          [A] I've noticed that these droids will continuously fire at you for an
              amount of time and then stop for a few seconds. Use this time to go
              in and slash at them but be ready when they start shooting again.
              Only use this tactic if you don't have Ion Grenades. If you do, use
              them. =P
          [Q] There are grenades in this game?!
          [A] Yea. They can be found towards the middle of the game all the way to
              the end. Enemies in earlier levels may use grenades against you so
              be careful. They are effective though.
          [Q] How many players can their be in Jedi Battle?
          [A] Sadly, only two can play at a time.
          [Q] What's Battle Royale?
          [A] It's a bonus mission you can unlock after defeating Darth Maul. It's
              basically an all for one battle between you and every other jedi
              all at once.
          [Q] Is this game worth $17?
          [A] Yeah, it's not that boring and it has some replay value to it. It
              may even be more but I wouldn't pay more than $30.
          [Q] Those exploding droids keep killing me. How do I avoid them?
          [A] I would suggest force pushing them away or throwing your lightsaber
              from a distance. The key thing to remember is to not let them get to
              close unless you like Obi Wan cooked medium rare. :)
          [Q] When does this game take place?
          [A] I would believe the game starts before Episode 1 and soon meets the
              beginning of it during the Trade Federation chapter.
          [Q] How do you unlock the jedis for multiplayer?
          [A] You have to defeat the jedis in the Saber Arena in campaign. Go
              through the game all the way through the Saber Arena: Mace Windu
              level to unlock them all. The two already playable are Obi Wan Kenobi
              and Qui Gon Jinn
             |                     |                                         |
             |    SABER ARENA      |             DEFEAT TO UNLOCK            |
             |                     |                                         |
             |   Training Droid    |               Depa Bilaba               |
             |                     |                                         |
             |     Saesee Tin      |        Saesee Tin, Ki Adi Mundi         |
             |                     |                                         |
             |      Plo Koon       |     Plo Koon, Eeth Koth, Adi Gallia     |
             |                     |                                         |
             |     Mace Windu      |               Mace Windu                |
          [Q] How do you unlock the arenas for multiplayer?
          [A] You have to defeat certain missions in campaign. Go through the
              game up to Darth Maul to unlock them all. The four already playable
              are the Saber Arena, Federation Ship, Great Hall, and the Palace
              _____________________ ________________________________________
             |                     |                                        |
             |        LEVEL        |             DEFEAT TO UNLOCK           |
             |                     |                                        |
             |    Tusken Chief     |               Tusken Dome              |
             |                     |                                        |
             |     Darth Maul      |               Power Core               |
          [Q] Is this game difficult?
          [A] Slightly difficult at some points but not that hard.
       ______       __
    ==/ ___/ |=====/ /=============================================================
    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 8. Secrets --------------------------------------------------
    ====/ /| |/ |/ /===============================================================
    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    This is basically a listing of all the easter eggs, glitches, and cheats in
    the game. I didn't decide to organize them yet but if I collect more, I may
    change them into sections but that's only if I get enough. Now, on with the
    Killing Civilians - In the Naboo levels, you are able to kill civilians if you
    wish. Sometimes, killing a civilian or a friendly troop will result in them
    making a droid like sound for some reason.
    Standing while Dying - I've noticed in Jedi Battle, when you kill your
    opponent, they sometimes stand there instead of falling. In fact, this happens
    to me more than half the time I play! I'm not sure if it's just my disk but it
    sure looks funny.
    Unlock Every Level - Go to the create a jedi screen and type in 'GREYTHERAT'
    (excluding the quotations). However, if it's your first time playing, you will
    not be able to unlock any jedis for Jedi Battle. To be able to, instead of
    'GREYTHERAT', type in 'M1AU3L4!?'(Include the exclamation and question mark).
    This will unlock all levels up to Darth Maul but I believe you will be able to
    unlock jedis.
    Note: This is a very small list. If anyone is wiling to send any info in,
    please do. You will be given full credit.
       ______       __
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    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 9. Document Information -------------------------------------
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    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    This FAQ is the property of its author, Quan Jin. All rights reserved. 
    Any stealing, selling for profit or altering of this document without the
    author's expressed consent is strictly prohibited. You may download this file 
    for personal and private use only. 
    Star Wars: Obi Wan is a registered trademark of LucasArts. The author (Quan 
    Jin) is not affiliated with LucasArts in any way or form. All other trademarks
    are the property of their respective owners. 
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    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 10. Version History -----------------------------------------
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    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    Version 0.1 - The guide is complete except for the walkthrough which is
    terribly behind. Only four missions done.
    Version 0.2 - Added two missions to the walkthrough.
    Version 0.3 - Walkthrough update.
    Version 0.4 - Added a few questions to the FAQ. Finished off the Jin'ha
    Version 0.5 - Halfway done with the walkthrough.
    Version 0.6 - A bit of extra done. Nothing much that seems new except for the
    Version 0.7 - Sorry about the lack of updates. Completed up to City Under
    Version 0.9 - After a major downtime, I have finally updated again! Finished
    up to the Theed scenarios. 
    Version 1.0 - The walkthrough is finally up and running at full capacity! I 
    might update in the future with some Bestiaries or a Boss List. Maybe I'll add
    in some Exploration Markers, due to numerous requests. 
    Version 1.1 - Updated legal Information. 
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    --\__ \| |-/|-/ / 11. Credits and Thanks --------------------------------------
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    /____/ |__/|__/================================================================
    www.gamefaqs.com - Biggest FAQ archives I know of. CjayC is the first to get my
    guides. Really great site with a sophisticated set of message boards.
    LucasArts - Releasing a great line of games.
    Microsoft - For the Xbox
    http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ - The generator that created all the ASCII
    letters you see in this guide.
    FCB and FCBS - This board is full of great FAQers that are fun to talk to. I
    consider these two boards my home out of home.
    A special thanks goes out to wassup1444465's Jedi Battle FAQ. I used it as
    reference when creating the Jedi Battle section although I had to disagree on a
    few parts of your guide, it was good overall.
    - All outside sources which have contributed to the making of this guide in
    some form have been cited in this section. Any sources that have provided any
    information at all are listed in the credits. I am not taking credit for others
    hard work and I hope they do the same. Not giving proper credit is plagiarism
    and it's against the law.
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