Review by gamerz25

Reviewed: 12/09/04

A great sequel to a bad prequel

Here is a sequel to what I thought was one of the worst games for XBOX... ever. Did this game prove me wrong on anything I thought about Amped 1? Sure, improved graphics and crap but, what about the game play? Was it more simpler than Amped 1? Hopefully let's see how it went:

Graphics: 10/10
Indeed, the graphics have gotten way better than in Amped 1. The snowboarding action is twice as good in Amped 1 and you have more extra details in there as well. When you stop, the snow actually spreads... far. It also doesn't have those ugly loading screens from Amped 1.

Sound: 10/10
Everything was fluent and was totally great. The snow spread when you stopped was great and the crashed were okay at sometimes. This was also a very,very good improvement from the last Amped.

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay was very, very good. The controls were simple, but not as simple that it gets boring very, very fast. It was easy to do a flip and what I thought, is now way, way easier to do a grab as in Amped 2 than in Amped 1. In Amped 1, you had to tap the A,B,X, or Y button and that is pretty difficult to do was A,B,X and Y also have other controls as well. I thought the accelerate for A was kind of annoying because when you let go of A, he automatically jumps. Also, when you try to jump when you accelerate, they go way, way to far. Way to far to actually be reachable in real life. The one option I like that most is custom soundtracks. I mean... most game music really, really sucks. Amped 2 actually has custom soundtracks and I really appreciated that about this game. Keep up the great work!

Difficulty: 7/10
Some of the missions are very easy like the "Do this snowboarding trick" challenge. Even though that was easy, somethings were pretty difficult. It actually took me a while to figure out that you can actually grind on the likes of the chairlift. The hardest challenge for me is the "Find the snowmen" chellange. It's taking me forever to actually find all the stupid snowmen on the slopes.

Repetitive Play: 9/10
This game makes you want to play again and again as it has many slopes and missions to go through. At least this isn't like F-Zero's story mode. That just take forever to accomplish. I mean... I'm still playing F-Zero 64 for N64 for 5 years already and I still haven't beat it. That just wears a game down. Thank god this game doesn't

Overall: 9/10
A great sequel to a bad prequel. What I suggest you do? Rent it first obviously. I mean... I don't want you buying the game and finding out that it wasn't the game for you. Rent it first and then if you really like it, buy the game. This is actually a great game so I just advise you to buy it. :)

Rating: 9

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