Review by kingofkings

Reviewed: 12/28/03

Truly the best snowboarding game

Amped 2 is the game that really sets the stage for freestyle snowboarding games.

Graphics - 9.5
The graphics to this game are amazing. Everything is animated to the fullest. The mountains are a masterpiece. Play it to understand.

Sound - 8.5
The problem with this one is that the songs, to me, are to get into. They have selected good tracks, though. This is where the Xbox console comes in; just add your own music. Simple enough, but make sure its music you like that gets you into a groove. For example, fast music; New Found Glory, The Ziggens, and Taking Back Sunday. Those are what I use, but whatever suits you.

Gameplay/Replay - 9.75
Yes, the gameplay. Lets start with the Create - A - Boarder. There are plenty of faces to choose from, and there are new clothing options with more choices of clothing, more headwear, and more boards, even SNOW SKATES! Career mode has changed from the original Amped. You now start at rank of 250, and compete in events to be turn pro from Shop, to Pro, and so on. What else... oh yes, The Trick System. I've heard many people say that the Trick system was horrible, but it's not true. Flips and spins are very easy to pull; push the left joystick in directions to pull off Corkscrews and Flips and Spins. Also, the right joystick and the Triggers are the trick system. Main tricks can be pulled off by pushing to joystick in certain directions, and the triggers tweak your tricks(you must learn the tweaks from the pros). EX - Indy + Right Trigger = Poptrt. The jibbing(grinding) system has changed. If your not holding down any buttons while grinding, hit a trigger to tweak the grind. So, a 50-50 + Trigger(either) = Baglady(or Feeble). If you've played Tony Hawk games, then you know what comes next; Manualing. It is called Buttering in snowboarding, but who cares. They are performed the same way as in THPS234,and THUG. One more thing. A Combo System. its hard to explain. Once you land hit updown and quick as you can, to land into butter, then you figure out the rest.
The last thinsg. Style. Style are Flips and Spins that are slower than normal. Your points rack up, and you'll get more then you should normally. REPLAY VALUE is pretty high. It's been pretty hard for me to put the controller down. I don't know anything about the Xbox Live, considering I dont have it, which sucks considering the game is not complete for me. Anyhow, my friend has Live, and according to him, the game goes to another level from thinking your amazing to dull since there are so many great players out there.

Hopefully this review will help you. If your disapointed that I didn't say anything about racing, go and get SSX3 or 1080 Avalanche.

Rating: 10

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