Review by Sailor Goon

Reviewed: 12/10/03

A marred attempt

Amped 2 is the type of game that when you see it in videos and previews it looks good and all, but once you sit down with it, you realize just how awful the game is.

Graphic-wise, the game shines. There are multiple characters and clothing options to choose from. The mountains have been beautifully rendered, and there is quite the variation to the tracks.

Sound-wise, theres nothing overly special about the soundtrack. Sure there are a lot of tunes on the soundtrack, but none of them are really inspiring or catchy. On top of that, they seem to come off as really quiet.

Okay, now onto gameplay. This is where the game truely gets flushed down the toilet. I have no clue to what they were smoking when they designed the controls and trick system. You move with the left thumbstick, and move the right thumbstick in different directions to pull off different tricks. Not only is it extremely awkward, but nearly impossible to pull off any sort of tricks. A note to those who try this aware that you're going to fall down about 50 times per area. Implementing the double stick for tricks was just flat out dumb. Its much too confusing when you're playing to say, push down and push left on different sticks and so forth. The dumb thing is that you have to earn points in order to raise your character stats so you can do tricks and so on. However, in order to get these points you have to do things that are impossible on your starting board stats.

As well, the tracks are very linear and you cant do much in them. They're all basically a straight line, with a few areas on the side that you can go to. And the thing that confused me is that this is supposed to be a snowboarding game, yet theres pretty much no emphasis on actual racing. Most of the game is you doing tricks for cameramen or doing different tasks. Yes I know Amped 1 was like that, but that was one of the downfalls of the first one. Simply doing tricks for points and hitting snowmen really gets tedious after a few minutes. Not my idea of fun.

I was hoping for a lot more out of this game, but in the end, its just a failed attempt at a snowboarding game. If you want a boarding game, go with SSX3. Stear clear of this title.

Rating: 5

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