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FAQ/Walkthrough by basho

Updated: 11/29/03

  T   H   H E           S       I   MM MM S
  T   HHHHH EEE          SSS    I   M M M  SSS
  T   H   H E               S   I   M   M     S
  T   H   H EEEEE       SSSS  IIIII M   M SSSS

"The Sims" FAQ/Walkthrough for PS2
This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by the almighty basho.
Copyright 2003, Edward R Ricci Jr.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.
(So I didn't make a fancy title. So what?)

I........Stuff I Need to Say (Well, it's stuff I need to say.)
   1.....Copyright Info
   2.....Version History
   3.....Contact info
   4.....Special Thanks
II.......Pros and Cons (What's better about the PS2 version?)
III......Job List (You gotta know what job you're going for.)
   2.....Life of Crime
   4.....Xtreme Career
IV.......Get A Life Walkthrough (This is the big quest mode.)
   1.....Money From Mom
   2.....Reality Bites
   3.....Party Animals
   4.....Hot to Trot
   5.....Who Loves Ya Baby
   6.....The Last Simolean
V........Play the Sims
   3.....Hints and Tips (Not Started)
   4.....Recommended Items (Not Started)
VI.......Cheating (So, too lazy to actually earn your way to the top?)
   1.....Button Cheats
   2.....Gameshark Codes
VII......Motives (My sim keeps getting fired. What do I do?)
VIII.....Skills (Maybe this is why you can't get promoted.)
IX.......Stats (What kind of sim do you have?)
X........Personality Ideas (Some pre-set personalities.)
   4.....Party Animal
XI.......Item List (So many items, so little time.)
   2.....Tables (Not Started)
   3.....Decorations (Not Started)
   5.....Kitchen Appliances (Not Started)
   6.....Bathroom Appliances (Not Started)
   7.....Lighting (Not Started)
   8.....Miscellaneous (Not Started)
Stuff I Need to Say

PLEASE READ: Let me just say something. There IS a difference between stats and
skills in this FAQ. Whenever I say stats, I am referring to neat, outgoing,
active, playful, and nice. Whenever I say skills, I am referring to cooking,
mechanical, body, creativity, logic, and charisma. I hope no one will be
confused anymore.

Copyright Info- This is mine, and nobody else's. You are not allowed to post
this on your site, or anywhere else, without my permission. Doing so
violates the copyright law, and authorizes me to take legal action.
Only these sites may have my FAQ/Walkthrough:

Version History- (Does anyone ever read this? I only post it because I noticed
that basically everyone else does.)
3/15/03- I finished most of the strategy guide, except for most of the items,
some of the skills, and all of the stats. Note: I kind of quit working on this
for about 5 months, so don't think it took me THAT long to add an hour's worth
of work.
8/19/03- I added some notes and commentary, and finished the skills section. I
also added contact info.
8/20/03- I added some descriptions of the sections, and the job descriptions
you get when you are promoted. I also made a new title.
8/21/03- Finally, I made it to GameFAQs I finished the stats section,
changed the contact me section a little, and added the personality ideas
8/22/03- I added the Pros and Cons section, and the Play the Sims section.
8/24/03- I finished the Play the Sims section, and added some stuff to the
Pros and Cons section. I also made a few minor corrections in the Get a Life

Contact info- You can contact me at jric_basho@yahoo.com. (If the subject is
NOT "The Sims FAQ", or something VERY similar to that, I won't read it.)
Throughout the guide, you will see little notes (Contact: If you see errors,
email me.) in the beginning of pretty much all of the sections.

Contact me if:
1- You have an alternate strategy to completing a goal in get a life.
2- You have an different way to keep motives up.
3- You know something about stats that I didn't mention.
4- You want to add to the Personality Ideas section.
5- You found a spelling error.
6- You found wrong information in my guide.
7- You have an idea of how to make this FAQ better.
8- You have a well thought out, and fully detailed complaint.
9- You know a cheat that I have not listed.
10- You have information about the Gameshark codes that I never used.
11- You want to a schedule to the Play the Sims section.
11- You want to add to the Pros and Cons section.

Don't contact me if:
1- You're going to send me a virus.
2- You're going to waste my time with spam.
3- You're going to insult me for no apparent reason.
4- You're going to send me a chain mail.
5- You're going to tell me that I didn't finish a section that was CLEARLY
marked "not started" in the Table of Contents.
6- You're going to send me a poorly thought out complaint, that wastes my
time, and doesn't tell me anything.

Special Thanks:
Maxis, for making the game on Playstation 2.
My computer, for not crashing
The $50 bill that bought the game.
Spell checker, because I make A LOT of typos on the computer.
GameFAQs, for accepting this.
Anybody that I forgot to thank.
And especially me, because I wrote the dang thing.
Pros and Cons

As you can see, there are some differences about the PS2 version, things that
in the PC version. While some of them are great, some of them can be really

Note: In case you're wondering, pros are things that are better, and cons are
that are worse.
I. Pros

1- Two people can play in one household at the same time.
2- The two-player mini games.
3- Get a Life mode.
4- All lots cost $3,500.
5- It's a lot easier to rotate.
6- There are exclusive items not available in the PC version.
7- You don't need to buy a ladder to get in and out of the pool.
8- You get to unlock items.
9- The create a sim is more detailed.
10- You will never need more than 7 friends.
11- You can re-edit, delete, and add family members whenever you want.
12- You can build houses without having to move a sim into the lot.
13- You can move out of the house AND keep the furniture inside.
14- There is a first person view. (Cheat required)
15- There is a main menu.
16- The newspaper has three job listings instead of just one.
17- You can have as many neighborhoods as you want.
18- There is no chance card at the level 10 job that bumps you to another job.
19- All lots are completely flat.
II. Cons

1- There is a limit to how much furniture you can have.
2- There is no ultra fast speed.
3- It takes forever to change clothes.
4- There are only 6 careers.
5- You have to choose from 4 pre-set pools.
6- You can't download more items.
7- They lights don't automatically go on upon entering a room.
8- The game lags for a hundred different reasons.
9- The cheats aren't as good as the PC version cheats.
10- They way it changes from day to night.
11- The amount of space it takes to save a game.
12- You can only have up to four people in one family.
13- The censored panel changed to a huge annoying censored block.
14- The game doesn't keep track of how many days have passed.
15- There aren't as many items as there were in the PC version.
16- There is no second floor.
17- You can't raise or lower terrain.
18- There is no water tool for making ponds.
19- There are no add-ons or expansion packs.
Job List

Contact: If you see anything wrong with this section, like if I said that
you needed 7 body points when you only needed six, email me.

Note: Some strategy guides say that you will need over 8 friends for every job.
This is ONLY true in the PC version of The Sims, where you may need up to 17
friends. On the PS2 version (and possibly XBOX and GAMECUBE), you will NEVER
need more than seven friends. Even PSM, a video game magazine, made this error.
Trust me, you don't need 8 friends for the military. You only need four.

Note: I have read some FAQ/Walkthroughs for this game, and I have noticed that
when people do job lists, they tell you the amount of skill points you need to
add, not the total amount. For example, for the next level, they would put
Body +2. I found that annoying, so I will tell you the total amount of skills
needed (Body: 4).

Note: These descriptions are the actual descriptions you see when you get
promoted, they are not my own.

Note: The description for the first level of each career is not displayed on
the PS2 version, so I had to snag it from the PC version.
I. Entertainment

Ever wanted to be an actor? Well, now is your chance to light up Broadway, but
first you'll need to light up your stats. Charisma and Creativity will be your
main stats.

Entertainment Level 1 - Waiter/Waitress
You're available for auditions, but can still make your tips at night. Good
people-skills could get your picture and resume served along with the salad.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $100

Entertainment Level 2 - Extra
You're "atmosphere," "living scenery."  The pay is pitiful, but at least you're
on the set.  No lines, though... and Central Casting can call you for the day
shift or the night shift, depending on production needs.  Make sure you develop
your Charisma skill so when the speaking part does come, you'll be ready.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $150
Charisma: 2

Entertainment Level 3 - Bit Player
You're able to support yourself in your chosen career - barely. You've actually
got a few lines to speak... ironically, they often seem to be "May I take your
order, sir?"  Building relationships and your body is important now.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $200
Body: 2
Charisma: 2
Friends: 1

Entertainment Level 4 - Stunt Double
That's not the box-office mage star being set on fire and tossed from a
helicopter - that's you.  You're making a name for yourself, though, directors
like your ideas for mock mayhem.  Keep those creative juices flowing.  You just
might graduate to a low-budget starring role of your own - if you survive.
Keep yourself and your gear in top-shape, or you may miss that air bag.  And
keep developing your active social life - not only is it fun, it's very useful.
Hours: 9am - 4pm
Pay: $275
Creativity: 1
Body: 3
Charisma: 3
Friends: 2

Entertainment Level 5 - B-Movie Star
Cheap sci-fi, lowbrow horror and teen hormone comedies - you're the star, even
if your best work goes "straight to video."  If you really want to make it big,
you'll need a great body and some very convincing and creative dialogue. Lots
of work on skills from here on out.
Hours: 10am - 5pm
Pay: $375
Mechanical: 1
Creativity: 2
Body: 4
Charisma: 4
Friends: 3

Entertainment Level 6 - Supporting Player
You name's not on the poster, but at least it's a "major motion picture."
You're the best friend, the villain's sidekick, or the one who dies in the
first half-hour.  But, the studios have noticed you and big things may be on
the horizon.  Keep practicing your lines and remember, it's not always what you
know, but who you know that counts.
Hours: 10am - 6pm
Pay: $500
Mechanical: 1
Creativity: 3
Body: 5
Charisma: 6
Friends: 4

Entertainment Level 7 - TV Star
Your talent is acknowledged at last, and you're referred to as "SimCity's home-
grown star."  It's never been easier to throw a party at your place.  You can
build a bigger house now, but the killer hours assure that you're not at home
as much as you'd like.  Keep developing your charisma and body skills or you'll
never make it to the big screen.
Hours: 10am - 6pm
Pay: $660
Mechanical: 2
Creativity: 4
Body: 6
Charisma: 8
Friends: 5

Entertainment Level 8 - Feature Star
You made it to the big screen.  You're now making money for fewer hours, but
you may suddenly have to leave town for a distant location shoot.  You're
loving all the attention.  Everyone wants to be your friend - but is that
always a good thing?  Sometimes you long for the spontaneous creativity and
audience response of Broadway...
Hours: 5pm - 1am
Pay: $900
Mechanical: 2
Creativity: 7
Body: 7
Charisma: 9
Friends: 6

Entertainment Level 9 - Broadway Star
It's a whole new world for a star of your magnitude.  Live performances, six
days a week, singing, dancing in Sim City's latest musical.  Who knew it would
be so physically demanding?  But those cast parties are a great place to meet
new friends, no?  And you've never felt to creatively pumped up!
Hours: 10am - 5pm
Pay: $1,100
Mechanical: 2
Creativity: 10
Body: 8
Charisma: 10
Friends: 7

Entertainment Level 10 - Superstar
Everywhere you go, the paparazzi snap your picture.  They've just placed your
star on the Sim City "Walk of Fame."  And when the lights get too bright, you
can always retreat to your mansion on the hill.
Hours: 10am - 3pm
Pay: $1,400
II. Life of Crime

Admit it, you know you want to try this. Stick it to the man, while making some
spare simoleans. Don't worry, you'll never get caught, and you will never lose
your job in this career track (unless you really suck at it or get another

Life of Crime Level 1 - Pickpocket
Entry-level two-bit thief - but you are your own boss.  Dexterity and physical
speed are obviously important.  A certain amount of charisma is helpful, too,
if you are going to charm those marks before you dip into their cents.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $140

Life of Crime Level 2 - Bagman
You're a foot soldier for a small-time mobster - making pickups and deliveries
of dirty cash and "sensitive merchandise."  You'll need to be quick on your
feet to avoid the heat and rival punks.  Work on your body skill will
definitely pay off.
Hours: 11pm - 7am
Pay: $200
Body: 2

Life of Crime Level 3 - Bookie
Make book on the dog track, horse races, stadium game - where, one way or
another, "the house" always wins.  And this time, "the house" is you.  You
never know when something may go wrong that requires some fast talking so keep
those charisma and creativity skills sharp.
Hours: 12pm - 7pm
Pay: $275
Creativity: 1
Body: 2
Charisma: 1
Friends: 1

Life of Crime Level 4 - Con Artist
Run schemes, scams, and swindles - anything to separate a naive Sim from their
hard-earned cash.  Profits increase, but this job needs inspired thinking and
the power to persuade others.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $350
Mechanical: 2
Creativity: 2
Body: 2
Charisma: 1
Friends: 2

Life of Crime Level 5 - Getaway Driver
From two-bit crook to three-bit crook.  To succeed as a driver you'll need some
strong physical skills, and a mechanic's knowledge.  But you want to get in on
the main action, right?  Work on your skills to show the boss just how
indispensable you are.
Hours: 5pm - 1am
Pay: $425
Mechanical: 3
Creativity: 2
Body: 3
Logic: 1
Charisma: 2
Friends: 3

Life of Crime Level 6 - Bank Robber
Instead of just driving the money away, now you're inside the Sim City First
National Bank when it goes down - which cuts you in for a bigger slice.  But
you'd like to try your hand at some sneakier, more challenging crimes.  Better
brains, brawn, and buddies will move you up.
Hours: 3pm - 11pm
Pay: $530
Mechanical: 3
Creativity: 3
Body: 5
Logic: 2
Charisma: 2
Friends: 3

Life of Crime Level 7 - Cat Burglar
Higher scores, but more risk involved.  Suddenly you're on the night shift.
You cannot afford to let physical energy flag, or you'll botch a job.
Mechanical skills are handy to keep your tools in good order and some creative
problem solving will help keep you out of the slammer.  Your friends are coming
in very handy - more can only help.
Hours: 9pm - 3am
Pay: $640
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 5
Body: 5
Logic: 3
Charisma: 2
Friends: 4

Life of Crime Level 8 - Counterfeiter
You're getting more sophisticated.  Why steal money when you and your gang can
print your own?  You're getting quite a reputation and people are seeking your
advice.  Better practice your charisma and creativity in case you need to go
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $760
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 6
Body: 6
Logic: 3
Charisma: 5
Friends: 5

Life of Crime Level 9 - Smuggler
Your business card says you're in the "Import/Export" business.  Let's just say
that you supply everything that people want that the law says they cannot have.
You're bringing in and sending out goods by land, sea, and air, and earning the
large profits all that implies.  Your skills need to be fully honed to reach
the apex of this illustrious career.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $900
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 8
Body: 6
Logic: 4
Charisma: 7
Friends: 6

Life of Crime Level 10 - Criminal Mastermind
Most men fear you.  You run your own mob of thieves and hijackers, and can buy
any house on the block.  Your front is a respectable Sim City business, and you
feel almost above the law.
Hours: 6pm - 12am
Pay: $1,100
III. Military

Ten-hut! Now's your chance to join the military. You'll get paid a lot of money
at first, but by the time you reach the higher ranks, you'll have a hard time
supporting yourself.

Military Level 1 - Recruit
Buzz cuts and boot camp.  I don't know but I've been told, scrubbing latrines
gets mighty old.  Better maintain prime physical shape to advance from the
trenches.  Cooking and Repair skills also help you pass KP and cleanup detail
to earn your stripes.
Hours: 6am - 12pm
Pay: $250

Military Level 2 - Elite Forces
Special training as a commando brings you more prestige, and as an added
incentive you will be earning special hazard pay.  Physical skills are
important, so get your body pumped up and strong.
Hours: 7am - 1pm
Pay: $325
Body: 2

Military Level 3 - Drill Instructor
Now that you're an experienced vet, the base commander has "volunteered" to
impart your wisdom to a squad of green, malleable recruits.  Charisma is
important here, as you'll need to drill fear, loyalty, and discipline into
these jar-heads.
Hours: 8am - 2pm
Pay: $400
Mechanical: 1
Body: 2
Charisma: 2

Military Level 4 - Junior Officer
You've finally gained entrance to the Officer's Club.  No resting on your
laurels, though, as you must keep your body in top physical condition to
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $450
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 1
Body: 4
Charisma: 2

Military Level 5 - Counter-Intelligence
Tracking the enemy is your whole life right now.  You know enough about the
enemy for them to really want to kill you - so you have to stay one step ahead
of them for your sake and that of your troops. Work on your mechanical skill to
keep those highly sensitive machines  in top working order and logic skills to
interpret all the data you're downloading.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $500
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 2
Body: 4
Logic: 1
Charisma: 4

Military Level 6 - Flight Officer
Somebody has to deliver those troops, drop that cargo, and guard the air space
over Sim City.  There's a pay grade advance here, but earning your wings will
require additional training with a flight simulator program at the base.
Mechanical skill is a must and logic is not far behind.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $550
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 3
Body: 4
Logic: 3
Charisma: 5
Friends: 1

Military Level 7 - Senior Officer
You've survived your airborne tour and made it to "the brass."  You're well
respected your counsel is often sought.  More logic training will make you a
better strategist and charisma will improve your speeches. Work on these if you
want to move on to Commander.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $580
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 6
Body: 4
Logic: 5
Charisma: 6
Friends: 2

Military Level 8 - Commander
Your great leadership accomplishments have brought you to the post of
Commander.  No more dodging bullets and crawling under barbed wire. But don't
get all soft and flabby because it's been whispered that you're being
considered as a political candidate for astronaut. You'll have to show
exceptional mechanical and body skills for that honor.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $600
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 9
Body: 7
Logic: 6
Charisma: 6
Friends: 3

Military Level 9 - Astronaut
One of the highest achievements for a military lifer like yourself. Fame and
fortune climb with each mission into space, and you're in the best physical
shape of your life.  Keep working on your skills if you want to become one of
the most influential people in history.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $625
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 10
Body: 10
Logic: 9
Charisma: 8
Friends: 4

Military Level 10 - General
Your logistical genius has earned you the rank of General, the top of the top
brass.  Your day is filled with government officials requesting your wise
council and a book deal for your memoirs is looking good.  Is your home life as
successful as your professional life?
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $650
Note: There is a glitch in this job. You will get paid normally, and work the
normal hours, but you will go to work in the Astronaut uniform, instead of the
General uniform.
IV. Xtreme Career

Do you need a little more excitement in your life? Are you so bored, you could
kill yourself? Now's your chance to prove it, literally. Just be careful, there
are a few chance cards that take away body points.

Xtreme Career Level 1 - Daredevil
You've turned a bar bet into the foundation of an extreme career.  In short,
you'll try anything, the crazier, the better.  Swim under the surface of a
frozen lake, leap between rooftops with a bicycle, beat a train to a crossing,
juggle a chainsaw while whistling "Dixie."  Your workday is short, but intense.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $175

Xtreme Career Level 2 - Bungee Jump Instructor
The salary sinks - but whoever thought that you'd get paid to do this? Body
skills are critical here; nutrition and fatigue must be carefully monitored at
home.  You might invest in home gym equipment as well, to keep in the best
shape possible.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $250
Body: 2

Xtreme Career Level 3 - Whitewater Guide
You're in charge of the rafts bobbing down the river in Sim Canyon. Hope your
body skills are sufficient - to advance here, your paying riders need to have
confidence in your strength.  Never know when you might have some boat repairs
to do, so mechanical aptitude is a plus.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $325
Mechanical: 1
Body: 4
Friends: 1

Xtreme Career Level 4 - Xtreme Circuit Pro
Snowboards in winter, mountain bikes in spring, kayaks in summer, and
skateboards in fall - you've entered the year-round pro circuit. Strategies for
winning can be helped by developing your logic skill. Since you're burning
mega-calories, learning a few cooking tricks is a good idea, too.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $400
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 2
Body: 4
Logic: 1
Friends: 2

Xtreme Career Level 5 - Bush Pilot
Piloting that antique plane of yours demands some serious mechanical skill if
you're going to safely dive through dense cloud cover and land on dangerous
terrain.  And you'd better be in great physical shape in case you can't get out
the same way you got in. Of course, the danger does yield high pay.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 3
Body: 6
Logic: 1
Friends: 3

Xtreme Career Level 6 - Mountain Climber
You've become a renowned climber of unscaled peaks, and there's lots of cash to
be made by filming your expeditions for television. Mechanical and creativity
skills will be important - a failure in your ascent gear or strategy could be
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $550
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 4
Creativity: 2
Body: 6
Logic: 1
Charisma: 2
Friends: 4

Xtreme Career Level 7 - Photojournalist
Creative skills will help you here.  Work time is divided between taking photos
and writing articles at the Sim Times newspaper office. You need to make sure
you allow enough time to write without social distractions, in order to meet
deadlines and collect a nice, fat fee. Maybe you should practice charisma.  Who
knows when you may be called upon to narrate your photos?
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $650
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 3
Body: 7
Logic: 3
Charisma: 3
Friends: 5

Xtreme Career Level 8 - Treasure Hunter
You've moved on to salvaging wrecks off the Sim City coastline.  You need
friends in the right places to secure all those permits.  Hone that creative
talent to get an edge in the search.
Hours: 10am - 5pm
Pay: $725
Cooking: 1
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 6
Body: 7
Logic: 5
Charisma: 5
Friends: 6

Xtreme Career Level 9 - Grand Prix Driver
Your latest job involves laying rubber on Sim City's racetracks.  It is
important that you leave home in a good mood with high spirits - you'll drive
your best race that way.  Playing an Electronic Arts racing game on your home
computer might sharpen your reflexes, too.
Hours: 10am - 4pm
Pay: $825
Cooking: 2
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 8
Body: 8
Logic: 6
Charisma: 8
Friends: 7

Xtreme Career Level 10 - International Spy
You've become a "secret agent" on assignment for your government in Sim City.
To survive this highly lucrative business, you must keep yourself in top mental
and physical condition.  Spies are also irresistible - which can cause problems
with your mate.
Hours: 11am - 5pm
Pay: $925
V. Musician

How do they make that beautiful music? Maybe you might want to think about
finding out. You'll start out with some pretty lousy gigs, but in the end, you
will get paid a lot of money, and isn't that what we all want?

Musician Level 1 - Subway Musician
Simoleons are sparse and the looks from passers-by are harsh, but the hours are
great.  Plus, isn't contributing music to SimCitizens' commutes a community
Hours: 3pm - 9pm
Pay: $90

Musician Level 2 - Piano Tuner
Keeping everyone else in tune is a good ground-floor "in" for the music
industry.  Longer hours, but the work is still relatively easy, though it
requires a good ear and plenty of listening.
Hours: 3pm - 8pm
Pay: $120
Creativity: 2

Musician Level 3 - Wedding Singer
So much for EVER getting a weekend off - you're the best wedding show in town
now, and always busy.  The pay is a bit better, and you have to start being
more creative, too, but you'll get to hob-nob with the rich and famous while
they sip their champagne.
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $190
Creativity: 5
Friends: 1

Musician Level 4 - Lounge Singer
So, the day job got boring?  You'll sleep days now, since you'll be working
until the last call is made and the last patron stumbles home from the bar.
Hours: 8pm - 4am
Pay: $250
Mechanical: 1
Creativity: 6
Friends: 2

Musician Level 5 - High School Band Teacher
Squeaky trumpets, whiny violins, off-tempo timpani, and a constantly ticking
metronome are the burdens of your trade now, but the hours are the same as all
the school-age kids.
Hours: 7am - 2pm
Pay: $325
Mechanical: 4
Creativity: 7
Friends: 3

Musician Level 6 - Roadie
Time spent tolerating the high-school crowd was worth it - you are now cool
enough to take your act on the road - setting up someone else's gear.  Long
hours are exhausting, but you're having fun and making the right contacts.  You
will need plenty of body skills, but maybe something cushy will present itself
Hours: 11am - 8pm
Pay: $400
Mechanical: 4
Creativity: 7
Body: 4
Friends: 4

Musician Level 7 - Back-up Musician
Spending time on the road pays off - occasionally, someone in the band you
cover quits, and you get to fill in for the remainder of the tour! Dress
casual, practice often, play hard, have fun, and start to make a name for
Hours: 12pm - 9pm
Pay: $550
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 9
Body: 5
Charisma: 2
Friends: 5

Musician Level 8 - Studio Musician
Rest for the road-weary: you get to play back-up on album cuts in the studio
now.  Spending time around all these recording label producers and executives
is bound to pay off, if you play your cards right. Make sure you schmooze all
the right people in addition to delivering a perfect performance every day.
Hours: 11am - 6pm
Pay: $700
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 9
Body: 7
Charisma: 7
Friends: 6

Musician Level 9 - Rock Star
Fame, fortune, tours, parties, and a number-one album!  Congrats, you're now
living every teenager's dream.  Sleep is a rarity, power lunches are common,
shades are almost mandatory outside your own home, and people mob you for
autographs almost everywhere you go.  Enjoy it!
Hours: 5pm - 2am
Pay: $1,100
Mechanical: 5
Creativity: 10
Body: 7
Logic: 4
Charisma: 10
Friends: 7

Musician Level 10 - Celebrity Activist
With all the fame comes a sense of responsibility and social conscience.  Use
your fame and power to promote the causes you care most about, whether they be
political, environmental, social, or intellectual.  The hours are easier, the
extra pay is almost inconsequential, you're so wealthy, and the Heads of State
now send you engraved invitations to their fundraisers.
Hours: 10am - 3pm
Pay: $1,400
VI. Slacker

Short hours, but some pretty cool jobs. This is for the lazy people who want to
be handed a large sum of money, for doing absolutely nothing, but you may want
to think about a different job, or employing the other family members.

Slacker Level 1 - Golf Caddy
What could be better than spending your sunny days carrying someone else's
clubs for a round of 18?  Early morning tee times call for early work hours,
but it's a terrific opportunity to schmooze with the wealthy at the local
country club.
Hours: 5am - 10am
Pay: $90

Slacker Level 2 - Convenience Store Clerk
The customers are considerably less wealthy than those in your last job, but
there is plenty of free soda pop and candy bars - not a bad trade.  Besides,
all of you friends can hang out at the store late in the evening and read all
the comics while you pretend to work.
Hours: 10am - 3pm
Pay: $110
Body: 2

Slacker Level 3 - Life Guard
Back in the sunshine again!  Like, remember to be all hip and stuff and work on
your charisma.  Be sure to load up on sunscreen, too!
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Pay: $150
Body: 2
Charisma: 2
Friends: 1

Slacker Level 4 - Record Store Clerk
Nothin' but tunes all day long, man... While you'll need to boost your
Charisma to keep this cushy job, there's no easier way to get paid to listen to
all your favorite music all day long.
Hours: 12pm - 5pm
Pay: $180
Body: 2
Charisma: 4
Friends: 2

Slacker Level 5 - Party D.J.
Those contacts you made record store certainly paid off - now you're spinning
tunes at the best parties at town.  Late nights and lots of mechanical skills
are needed to keep those turntables spinnin'.
Hours: 11pm - 4pm
Pay: $220
Mechanical: 3
Body: 2
Charisma: 4
Friends: 3

Slacker Level 6 - Projectionist
Show the finished product to the world, press a button here and there, and
presto! - you're not working very hard for that tidy little paycheck, are you?
Good thing you're a night owl.
Hours: 6pm - 1am
Pay: $280
Mechanical: 5
Body: 2
Charisma: 4
Friends: 4

Slacker Level 7 - Video Editor
The best part of your job?  Seeing all the blunders those mega-stars make when
filming.  Making them to look good can help you to make friends, though you'll
want to concentrate on making plenty of them yourself - never hurts to know the
right people when you're looking to just be comfortable.
Hours: 12pm - 6pm
Pay: $350
Mechanical: 5
Body: 3
Charisma: 7
Friends: 5

Slacker Level 8 - Freelance Photographer
That time in the editing room taught you well - you know how to get a good shot
the first time around.  Go everywhere, see everything, take gorgeous pics on
someone else's dime, and look good doing it.  It's a free-and-easy way to live,
but requires lots of travel, as well as the connections to finance it.
Hours: 12pm - 5pm
Pay: $400
Mechanical: 5
Body: 6
Charisma: 8
Friends: 6

Slacker Level 9 - Personal Tour Guide
The best part about knowing so many people is that you get to use that
knowledge to earn your keep.  Point out all the best places to newcomers, and
keep your friends connected to all the great places you visited when you were a
lowly photographer.  Those who learn the most from you learn to love you best,
and may eventually invite you into their inner circle.
Hours: 2pm - 7pm
Pay: $450
Mechanical: 5
Body: 9
Charisma: 10
Friends: 7

Slacker Level 10 - Permanent Celebrity Party Guest
This is it, the ultimate lap of luxury, at no cost to you!  Living the good
life, partying and living at someone else's house, surrounded by more
artificial friends than the best politicians in town.  Enjoy it while you
Hours: 10pm - 2am
Pay: $600
Get A Life Walkthrough

Contact: If you have an additional strategy to beating a mission, or I gave
wrong information, email me.

This is it. This is the main event. This is the almighty quest mode. Six
ferocious levels of intense sim action. Okay, so they're not that hard, but
they are very fun. Take your time, and enjoy the levels, except for the third
one. GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! You start out as some guy, or
girl, living in your mom's house. You'll have to move out of that house, and
become the king of parties. It'll all make sense soon enough.
I. Money From Mom

This is the first level in the game, and the easiest. I strongly recommend that
you build your stats here, because you will not be required to go to work, but
then again, the guitar is pretty cool. You start in a little country cottage,
and living with your mom. Your sim mom is not like most other moms. When was
the last time your mom refused to flush the toilet? How many times has your mom
eaten a bag of potato chips, and then throw it on the floor? But, she can cook.
Make her build gnomes or paint for some extra simoleans.


Borrow $800 From Mom- This should not be hard. There are a lot of ways to do
this. 1) Get Mom's mood up, get your relationship high, and keep selecting
"Borrow Money". 2) Wait for one of those phone calls to receive money. 3) Sell
something worth over $800. Basically, all you need to do is have over $800,
even for two seconds. If you choose to sell something, be sure to buy it back
so Mom doesn't get mad when you leave.
Note: While technically there is no limit to how much money Mom will let you
borrow, she will stop giving you money if you have too much money. I think after
you have $1500 she won't give you money.

Make Dinner without Starting a Fire- All you need to do is either make dinner
or serve dinner. First, you need to get at least one cooking point. I recommend
two, but you can do it with one. If you start a fire, Mom will tell you to stop
playing with fire, and you will need to get another cooking point or try again.

Fix the TV- After Mom breaks the TV, you will need to fix it. Get at least one
mech point. Again, I recommend two. IF you get electrocuted, it means you need
another mech point.
Note: If you don't have enough mechanical points, you will be electrocuted, but
you will not die, because you're still on the first level.

Get a Job- You need to complete all of the other goals before you can do this.
Just read the newspaper, and select "Find a Job". Make sure your mood is high,
or your character will refuse.

Pay the Bills- This only appears if you haven't beaten this level by the time
the bills come. She may give you money to pay the bills, but this shouldn't be
hard. Just click on the mailbox, click on the bills, and you have lost money.


Aroma Machine- Cook your first dinner.
Difficulty: Easy

Vanity Mirror- Fix the TV
Difficulty: Easy

Treadmill- Get a job
Difficulty: Easy

The Museum (2-player mini-game)- Get $800
Difficulty: Easy

Beejaphone Electric Guitar- Beat the game in less than
24 hours (Sim Time).
Difficulty: Easy
II. Reality Bites

Reality truly does bite. Once you move out of mom's place, you will come into
this...dump. Dudley/Mimi will greet you, and tell you that if you fix this
place up, you could move in with him/her. Clean it up and fix everything, and
it is a pretty cool pad. Try your luck at painting to make a few extra
simoleans, or play on the computer (Who laughs like that when they are on the
computer?). Use this time to build up your stats, especially body. I don't
really care for a coat of arms. I have never purchased it, but you might like
it. You should get used to Dudley/Mimi coming everyday to say how you are not
doing well.


Clean up the place- Just tell him to pick up stuff. I advise you to do this
before anything else. Otherwise you will have a hard time keeping your room
motive filled up. Just tell him to clean everything up. You might want to move
the trash bins closer to the ashes and trash, so you won't have to waste ten
minutes throwing something away.

Fix the Broken Stuff- Repair all of the items with smoke coming out of them and
unclog the toilet. Do this after you eat, so you will be refreshed. If your
mech is high, you will not stop every three seconds to get pissed off and stomp
your feet.

Upgrade your Abode- They could have named this something else. I honestly had
no clue what this meant until I accidentally completed this goal. This just
means that you need to increase the value of the house. Just increase the house
value from 34,561 to 35,711. To do this, all you need to do is buy a lot of
stuff. Try buying a pinball machine, they are neat and they are worth enough to
complete this goal.

Get promoted to Career Level 2- Go to work in a good mood. You will not need to
do anything else, because this is your first job. Make sure you recycle the old
newspapers, because they will bring your room down, and maybe cause you to go
to work depressed.

Get promoted to career level 3- Go to work in a good mood with all your needed
stats increased. Needed stats will be in yellow. Try to miss a day of work so
you can spend time building your stats up. By doing this, you can move out

Complete all Goals and move out- When you do this, Dudley/Mimi will come and
take you to their party pad. Don't celebrate just yet. Once you live with
Dudley/Mimi for a couple of days, you will start to miss this house.


Ice Chest- Get promoted to Career level 2
Difficulty: Easy

Teppan Yaki Table- Get promoted to Career Level 3
Difficulty Easy-Medium

Bug Zapper- Increase the house value
Difficulty: Medium

The Frat House (2-Player game)- Move out
Difficulty: Medium

Repairman - Fix all broken objects
Difficulty: Easy, but annoying

Maid - Clean-up the house
Difficulty: Easy, but annoying

Coat of Arms - Get through the house in 4 days or less
Difficulty: Medium
III. Party Animals

After arriving at this house, you will want to leave as soon as possible. When
you arrive at the house, someone will tell you that it was a big mistake moving
in with Dudley/Mimi. Dudley and Mimi do not do anything. They will not clean
up, they will not cook (they will grill burgers), and they will not build
stats. The only things they will do that are helpful are watering the plants
and feeding the fish. Thankfully, you only have to live with one of them. The
house they live in is pretty cool, but your roommate will start to piss you off
in a couple of days. In my opinion, this is the hardest level, so try to get
through this level as fast as possible.

Note: Even though Dudley and Mimi will not work out to get the two body points
required to get promoted, you can still get the promotion. All you need to do
is buy a pool, and let them swim. When they get the two body points, they can
get promoted to lifeguard. Do this if you need a few extra simoleans.


Throw a raging party- Before you do this, make sure you have been promoted
twice. You should have at least two hot tubs, although I only needed one. Order
a pizza or cook some food, and then throw a party. Make sure the place is
clean, and your mood is high. Have Dudley/Mimi cook some burgers, because that
will be the only thing they do. This mission is pretty east, but the cops will
come if the party lasts too long. After you see a message saying this party
rocks, you will have thrown a raging party.

Upgrade your Abode- You will see this goal a lot from now on. You just have to
increase your house value to 54,680. Just buy a lot of crap, and you should be
fine. Try to buy a computer or a Plasma TV to keep your fun high, or try to
upgrade your kitchen.

Get Promoted to Career Level 4- This isn't hard. Go to work in a good mood, get
your needed skills, and make sure you have enough friends. Just don't expect
any help from Dudley or Mimi.

Get Promoted to Career Level 5- Good mood, get required stats, and make
required friends. I have nothing else to say.

Get a Roommate from the party- You need to complete all other goals before you
can do this. Just throw a party, and make sure everyone's mood is high,
including yours. Empty your bladder, make sure your relationship is at 100, and
pop the question. Make sure you don't do this late at night, or your target
will be too tired to accept. When you do this, you can finally get away from


Strip Poker Table- Get promoted to Career Level 4
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Master Suite Tub- Get promoted to career level 5
Difficulty: Medium

Tree Swing- Increase the home value
Difficulty: Medium

The Motel (2-player)- Throw the raging party
Difficulty: Easy

The Park (2-player)- Greet and feed Bobo the bum.
Difficulty: Easy

Head in Curio Jar- Get through this in eight days or less.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
IV. Hot to Trot

Now you are finally living with a normal person. You can make your roommate
climb the career ladder if you need some extra simoleans. Try to get out of
this house quickly, so you can get married. You can also increase your friend
count by making your roommate make friends, but do not do this because once you
move out, those friends are gone. Your main goal in this level is to get
married so you can finally settle down. You still have to throw a raging party
and upgrade your adobe, but that is not hard.


Throw a Raging Party- Try to get both required promotions before you do this.
Just make sure everyone's in a good mood, and cook a lot of food. You should
have at least two hot tubs to do this. The strip poker table is great. Serve
one dinner for you two, and serve another dinner for the guests.

Upgrade your Abode- You must increase your house value to $48,050 this time.
You can do this by buying the two hot tubs.

Get Promoted to Career Level 6 - This isn't hard. Just do this before you throw
a raging party.

Get Promoted to Career Level 7 - Same strategy, only a little harder.

"Score" with a party guest - This goal is so easy, I don't know how anyone can
find this hard. Just throw a party or two, make sure everyone's mood is high,
have a relationship with a heart and 80-100. Then, try and score. Do this early
so your target won't say no due to fatigue. An easy way to do this is to make
sure the person you want to marry already has a relationship of 100 with a
heart. Try to kiss him/her before you pop the question. The party will be so
loud that your target won't hear your proposal, but will still say yes.


Sonic Shower- Get promoted to career level 6.
Difficulty: Medium

Carving Block- Get promoted to career level 7.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Vibromatic Heart Bed- Upgrade your Abode.
Difficulty: Medium

Club Abhi and Taylor's Place (Two-Player)- Throw a
raging party.
Difficulty: Easy

The Park (Two-Player)- Greet Bobo and feed him.
Difficulty: Easy

Wurl 'N' Hurl Jukebox - Get through the house in eight days or less.
Difficulty: Medium
V. Who Loves Ya Baby

You are finally married. Now you have to work on getting a functional family,
complete with two kids. Raising your kids will be your hardest task, but you
cannot forget about your job. You still need to make money for your family. You
can instruct your spouse to work, and even climb the career ladder if you want
some extra cash. Now you can take a break from planning parties. The best thing
to do with your spouse is to make him/her make some gnomes. With a high mech
stat, you can sell gnomes for over $100 a piece, and the gnomes will fly right
out of the workbench. You still have to upgrade your adobe, but now you must
put all of your effort into raising a family. Try not to stay here too long, or
the bills will kill you.


Get Married- This only appears if you get a divorce. Chances are, you will
never come close to seeing this goal. Just eat together, and make sure your
relationship does not go below 80. Also, do not do anything to other people
other than talking in front of your spouse. For example, hugging a girl might
not be a good idea if your wife is standing right there. Tickling a guy in
front of your husband might not be a good idea either.

Upgrade your Abode- Simply increase your home value from 69,404 to 73,404 Buy a
Meet Marco to keep your fun high.

Get Promoted to Career Level 8- You will need a lot of friends for this, but
that should be the only hard part. You should only need like three stats to get

Get Promoted to Career Level 9- If only getting promoted were this easy in real
life. Get another friend, all required skills, and go to work in a good mood.

Have Two Babies- Do a lot of kissing, or "play" in the Heart Bed. If you are
successful, a baby will randomly appear. For me, I only needed to get one baby,
because a baby just randomly appeared in my bathroom before my Sims did

Take Care of The Baby- When the baby cries, feed it and sing to it. NEVER play
with the baby. When I did this, I got a call from Social Services and the baby
started to cry louder. This goal could be hard, because you are not allowed to
prevent the baby from crying. This will probably be the hardest goal. Make a
separate room for the baby. That room should contain a chair, a bathroom
(toilet and shower/bath), something fun to do, and a fridge. Since you
shouldn't leave the baby alone, this should not be hard. Just make sure that
one person is up at all times.

Keep Kids in School- Just keep the kids out of military school, and make sure
their grades are above D-. Just let them study when they are home. If you are a
good player, your kids' grades will not go below a B. If you need to keep them
busy, have them play with each other. That should keep them out of trouble.


Sand Box- Raise your first baby to childhood.
Difficulty: Hard

Lawn Sprinkler- Raise your second baby to childhood.
Difficulty: Hard

Maid's House (Two-Player)- Get promoted to career level 8.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Two New Swimming Pools- Get promoted to career level 9
Difficulty: Hard

The Park (Two-Player)- Will you just feed the stupid bum already?
Difficulty: Easy

Bearskin Rug- Get through this house in eight days or less.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
VI. The Last Simolean

Congratulations. Your mom and Malcolm just got married, so you are now living
in this mansion. Just one problem: there's almost nothing in it! When I got
here, there was a fireplace and a bearskin rug. That was it. Anyway, your new
house is the dream house from the beginning of the game. Remember? You now have
to concentrate on your retirement. Even though you've gotten this far, you
still need to concentrate on your job. Don't slack off just yet. After you have
purchased a yacht and sent your kids to prep school, it is time to throw the
greatest party ever!

Get Promoted to Career Level 10- Even though you live in a mansion, you still
need to concentrate on your job. Get another friend, and get your last required
skill points. When you do this, you can finally ignore those annoying
"Friendships are like plants" calls.

Send your Kids to Prep School- To do this both of your kids must have straight
A's. I think you can get them in with straight A-'s, but no lower. Also, you
will need to pay $1,500 tuition for each child. After this, you will never see
your kids again.

Save $20,000 for an early retirement- Save your money from jobs, and you will
buy a yacht, which you will never see. I completed this goal as soon as my Sims
walked in the house.

Throw your Last But Greatest Party!- This might be hard. You need to keep all
of your guests' moods very high, and your moods must be high. Serve at least
two dinners, and have at least two hot tubs. I think you need to complete all
of the other goals before you do this, but I am not sure. Make sure nothing is
being blocked, and that you and your spouse are in hot tubs. The rest will
follow you into the tubs, and you should win.

Have a baby- This only appears if you're child dies or gets sent to Military
School (How could you?). It is almost impossible for your kid to get sent to
Military School if you are actually trying. Just avoid missing school, because
you will lose a whole teller grade. (From an A+ to a B+)


Monkey Butler- This is exactly like the robot in the PC Sims. It costs $15,000,
and $20 to release. The monkey butler will cook, clean, entertain, do almost
anything. Call him at a party to save some energy.
Difficulty: Easy

The Park (2-player)- Stop being selfish and feed the ****ing bum, you piece of
****! However, I think you can unlock this by getting promoted to level 10.
Difficulty: Easy or Hard, depending on how you do it.

Rhino Trophy- Get through the house in eight days or less.
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Aftermath- You get to see a video of you and your wife walking to a helicopter,
piloted by the monkey butler, and you will have won (Finally!).
Difficulty: Hard
Play the Sims
I. Careers

Entertainment- This is a pretty good job. In the end, you make $1400 a day,
which is the most you can make in one day, and as far as I know, you don't need
any logic.

Life of Crime- I usually don't like this job, because so many of the jobs
you to work at night. However, this job requires the least amount of body
and only 6 friends, so it's your call.

Military- This is my personal favorite career. This job required the least
of friends, at four friends, and you get paid $250 on the first job, which is
highest. Although it doesn't pay very good at the end, it pays great money in
beginning, which is when you need it most. There is a downside, though. You are
required to have 10 body points to get promoted to General, which can get very

Xtreme Career- These jobs require body points, and a couple of them have chance
cards, which can take away body points. On the other hand, the hours are pretty
fair, you get paid a lot in the beginning, and you get paid a fair amount in the
end, so this isn't a bad career choice.

Musician- You need more body points in this career than you do in Entertainment,
plus logic points are required, but on the other hand, the last job pays $1,400,
so this job is satisfactory.

Slacker- I truly don't like this job. Your pay is lousy in the beginning, and
paycheck for the final stage in this career is a miniscule $600, and you have to
work the night shift a lot. Overall, I hate this career. Only teenagers should
have these jobs, because that's pretty much the best they're allowed to do.
II. Schedules

This is my ideal schedule. I have lived by it's word, and peace has reigned
throughout my world.

5 hours before carpool comes- I wake up, eat breakfast, use the toilet, take a
bath/shower, and upgrade a skill of my choice.

When carpool comes- I stop upgrading a skill, and get to work.

When I get home- I see who I have the lowest relationship with, and call him/her
up. I work on our relationship until it's time for bed. If I successfully get
relationship to 100 before bed time, I upgrade a skill until bed time.

11 hours after work starts- I go to bed, and wait for a new day.
III. Hints and Tips

1- Start alone: When I start a new family, I always have just one member. I will
work until I am ready to have a family. Plus, if you marry another sim, as
to just having a spouse, you don't have to work on the relationship.

2- Put work first: Until you have a lot of money, or at least enough to support
family of four, I suggest you go to work every day, and only make friends when
need to. Keep working until you're promoted to level 10, then you can think
getting married.

3- Never skip work: Although some guides will tell you to skip every other day
build stats, I find that doing this is highly unnecessary. In my opinion, doing
this means you're obviously not ready to have a job.

4- Don't have kids early: If you're not ready for kids, they can prove to be a
problem. Even if you can handle kids, it's best to wait until both you and your
spouse are at level 10 in their careers. Kids can get annoying, because
they seem to just be there, with no actual purpose.

5- Don't share bathrooms: When I play The Sims, I follow a strict schedule. All
sims eat at the same time, go to the bathroom at the same time, get up and go to
sleep at the same time, and much more, so I need a bathroom for each member of
family, otherwise, the whole schedule is thrown off. Plus, it's annoying when
your sims have to go to the bathroom, and you only have one bathroom.

6- Wait to waste money: I'm going to tell you not to waste money on decorative
items, until you have a spouse, a double bed, two bathrooms, and at least your
original sim at level 10 in his job.

7- Cheaper is sometimes better: As far as I know, all wallpaper is the same,
except for price, so stick with the cheap wallpaper. As for rugs and tiles, I
would upgrade your floor when you're filthy rich.

8- Use the pause button: If you watch me play, you will see that I pause
frequently. I like to know exactly what I am doing, before I do it. I like to
tell sims what to do when time is frozen, so I don't actually waste any time.

9- Keep expensive items away: When a burglar comes to your house, he will ALWAYS
go for the most expensive item in your house that he can hold first, so if you
your most expensive item as far from all entrances as possible, it will give the
cops time to come and catch the burglar. That way, you will just get $1000 and
all items..
IV. Recommended Items

1- A burglar alarm: While burglaries are not common, you will get the occasional
burglar. An alarm will help you catch the robber, and will bag you an extra

2- A double bed: I don't agree with single beds. The cheapest double bed is only
$450, and if you can't afford that, then you truly suck at this game.

3- The Meet Marco computer: Although this item is expensive, raises fun the

4- Any bookcase: You need it to get cooking points.

5- The workbench: You can make a lot of money and get mechanical points.

6- The easel: I prefer this item to the other creativity raisers. Although you
can make money off the artist's block, you don't have to keep buying easels
every time you sell a painting.

7- The Treadmill: It may be more expensive than the bench press machine, but
they don't make that stupid sound every three seconds. Also, when you buy a
pool, it eats ~20% of your furniture meter.

8- The Chess Set: I prefer this to the telescope, because when you're playing
chess, you're sitting down, so your comfort goes up.

9- Any mirror: Just pick one.

Contact: If you have any cheats that aren't listed that work, or see that I
made a typo, or know what the Gameshark codes that I haven't used before do,
email me.

Some people support cheating, some people don't. Some people cheat all the
time, some people actually beat the game without them. No matter, though, I
have included all the cheats and codes I know of for the people who do like to
cheat. Of course, I only use cheats that are fun, like the FISH EYES cheat,
cheats that are neat, but don't actually help you.
I. Button Cheats

These are the programmer's cheats. You can do many things without any hacking
device. These codes were built into the game when it was made, so you can't
make any new cheats, unlike the Gameshark.

Press all four shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2) at the same time, to make the
cheat menu appear. Then, enter the desired cheats. Be careful, because after
you shut off or reset the PS2, all of the cheats will be disabled.

FISH EYES - This lets you use the first person mode. You will be able to see
exactly what the sim sees, which is pretty cool. Use the walls up/down button

MIDAS - This unlocks all of the create a sim clothing, skins, faces, etc., all
unlocked items, and all multiplayer games. Basically, everything that you don't
have, but can get.

FREEALL - This makes everything free. You can now buy any item and it will not

PARTY M - This unlocks the Party Motel multiplayer game.

SIMS - This code unlocks the Play The Sims mode. Play the Sims mode can be
unlocked by completing the dream house sequence in Get a Life.
II. Gameshark Codes

Some people have this, and some don't, but the Gameshark can hack into your
game and do things that cheats cannot, and sometimes enter cheats for you. You
NEED a Gameshark to use these codes, so these codes will do NOTHING on a
Codebreaker thing, or any other hacking device.

Must be On- If you don't enter this code, the other codes won't work.
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Uncensored Mode- It's really not that exiting, but it's better than that stupid
annoying block.
DE82904E BF899B8B
DE82904A BCA99B83

Start with a lot of Simoleans (Play The Sims mode only)- I've never used this

Menu SFX Off- I've never used this code.
DEA90336 BCA99B83

Menu SFX On- This code seems REALLY useful.
DEA90336 BCA99B84

Everything is Free- I've never used this code.
DEA90332 BCA99B84

Debug Info- It displays a bunch of numbers, but I have no idea what they mean.
DEA9033E BCA99B84

Debug Info Off- Now, why the **** would they have this code? Couldn't you just
TURN OFF the other code?
DEA9033E BCA99B83

Items/Skins Unlocked- What do you think it does?
DEA9033A BCA99B84

Unlock Party Motel- It unlocks this bonus 2 player game.
DEA903C6 BCA99B84

Unlock Play The Sims- It took me exactly 1 minute to unlock this without codes.
DEA903C2 BCA99B84

Comments On- I've never used this code.

Comments Off- I've never used this code.

Big Heads- I've never used this code. Sounds like fun, though
DEA903E2 BCA99B84

Normal Heads- Man, these programmers must have nothing better to do.
DEA903E2 BCA99B83

Blue Mode On- I've never used this code.

Blue Mode Off- ...o...kay...

Contact: If you have a different strategy on how to keep these motives up,
email me.

Your sims are people too, and they have human instincts, as well as human
needs. Like humans, sims need to be comfortable, and like humans, they HAVE a
bladder, so let them use the bathroom once in a while. Like humans, they need
to sleep, and if you don't let them, they will fall asleep anyway, and like
humans, they can die. This section will give you a brief description of all 8
motives, and some ways to keep them up.

I. Hunger- This is not hard to keep up. All you need to do is eat. You can also
drink from the beverage cooler or the mini bar. If your sim goes hunger for a
certain amount of time, your sim will die. You should think about investing in
the best refrigerator. The first one is awful. You can live with it, but it is
not recommended. The second one is okay. You can also grill hamburgers, but
they do not fill up a lot of hunger. You will probably need to eat three
hamburgers to get filled up.
II. Hygiene- Take a bath. Take a shower. Wash your hands. This is not hard to
keep up, but always wash your hands after you take a dump if your neatness is
low. It helps keep it up longer.
III. Energy- Go to sleep. You can also drink a coffee. It is also possible to
live a normal life without sleeping. You can touch the bug zapper. By doing
this, you will never have to sleep again. Yeah, I know that touching the bug
zapper lowers comfort, but the best way to raise comfort is the sonic shower.
Just let your sim pee its pants (Drink coffee/espresso), and take a sonic
shower. If you keep doing this, you won't need to spend precious money on a
bed. I still prefer sleeping, though.
IV. Social- This motive is annoying. It takes forever to raise, but it takes
forever to lower. The best way to do this is to do something together. Watch TV
with another sim. Eat with another sim. Do anything with another sim. Just
don't talk. Talking does very little to raise this motive. Talking on the phone
is good, though.
V. Comfort- Sit. Sleep. Using the good toilet helps. Using a bathtub helps.
Using the sonic shower really helps. Do anything that allows a sim to sit,
except I don't think the piano will raise your comfort level.
VI. Bladder- Three words: TAKE A PISS! (You don't have to use a toilet, though)
VII. Fun- Let your sim play. There are a lot of things that raise fun. The best
thing to do is play on the Meet Marco computer. If it's too expensive, try the
virtual reality goggles, they work great too. A lot of things that raise skills
also raise fun, which is good.
VIII. Room- This can be very annoying. Dirty dishes, trash, and dirty stuff
will keep this down, but having paintings in a room or nice things will raise

Contact: If you have any additional information on skills, or easier ways to
increase them, email me.

Your sims need skills to get anywhere in their career ladder. For example, you
can't get far in the Military if you're as weak as a piece of ham, and you can
forget the Entertainment industry if you can't handle a few people watching
you, let alone millions. You have to be prepared, and this section will show
you how.
I. Cooking

What It Is...

Career Usage- You need a couple of cooking points for a couple of careers, but
this skill is almost never used in careers.

Home Usage- You use it at home to cook. This skill affects how good the food
tastes, how much the food fills up your hunger meter, and reduces the risk of
kitchen fires.

Building Up- You can increase this skill by studying a cookbook from any

Value- You should have at least two cooking points. It is good to have a high
cooking skill, so you can cook great food and stay full longer.
II. Mechanical

What It Is...

Career Usage- This skill is required. You are required to have two mechanical
skills for every career. You need five mechanical points for most careers.

Home Usage- This affects how fast you can repair a broken object. Mechanical
points do not affect how fast the green bar fills up, it will affect how many
times you will stop to get pissed off and stomp your feet. Objects do not break
often, but it is good to be handy around the house.

Building Up- You can build up this stat by studying a mechanical book from any
bookcase or making gnomes on the workbench.

Value- You must have at least two mechanical points if you want to get anywhere
in your career. Although it is not required at home, it is good to have at
least four, just in case something happens.
III. Creativity

What It Is...

Career Usage- You use it with a lot of jobs, to help you get some ideas, but it
is not required in all jobs.

Home Usage- Your paintings and sculptures get finished faster, and they sell
for more, which can give you some nice cash. Also, the music you play will
sound a lot better than three random notes played repeatedly.

Building Up- Paint a painting on the easel, sculpt something on the artist
block, play the guitar, or play the piano.

Value- It's very useful for making some spare change, and most of the jobs
require a lot of creativity.
IV. Body

What It Is...

Career Usage- Use it to toughen up and become stronger, and more useful in your
job. You can't go very far in the Military career if you're as weak as a twig.

Home Usage- Body has no use in the home, but it might in the pool.

Building Up- You can either use that bench presser, the treadmill, or any of
the four pools.

Value- All jobs require at least 6 body points, which kind of sucks, because it
has to be the most annoying skill to raise, because your energy goes down
V. Logic

What It Is...

Career Usage- Smart people go further in life, and get rich quickly. Logical
skills will come on handy in the Life of Crime and Military Career.

Home Usage- From what I've seen, you have a better chance at winning a chess
game with a higher logic skill.

Building Up- Use the chess set, or stare at the telescope. Note: If you use the
telescope for too long, you will get abducted by aliens. Someone will come and
mourn for about an hour, and you will return, with completely different skills
(Nice, Active, Neat, etc.).

Value- Eh, it's useful for some jobs, but some jobs don't require it at all.
VI. Charisma

What It Is...

Career Usage- All jobs require this skill, so build this up now.

Home Usage- I have found no use for this stat in the house.

Building Up- Practice your speech in the mirror, the mirror, or [gasp] the

Value- All jobs require at least 7 charisma points. This won't make you too
happy in the long run.

Contact: If you have any additional information on stats, especially outgoing
and playful, email me.
I. Neat

What is it- Neat sims will clean up after themselves. When you have at least
one neat point, your sim will sometimes wash the dishes, wash their hands,
flush the toilet, etc. without you telling them too. Having a higher neatness
increases the chances of this happening.

Value- I never invest in neatness, because the maid does all of those things,
and if you don't have a maid, you can just tell them to do it.
II. Outgoing

What it is- Outgoing sims love to hang out with other sims, and don't like to
be alone. If you have a high outgoing stat, you will even get into the hot tub
naked, but you have to be the first one in. Also, outgoing sims will be able
to select actions such as flirt, kiss, etc. earlier.

Value- You might want to have some outgoing points, because you need friends.
III. Active

What it is- Active sims love to be active. Your active stat will also determine
how long it takes you to get up. If your active is maxed out, you will almost
hop out of bed, but if your sim has no active points, he/she will waste 30
minutes scratching their eyes. By the way, I wasn't exaggerating, I timed it,
and it really does take 30 minutes, give or take a couple of minutes, of course.
Plus, I think sims with a high active stat will actually have fun on the

Value- I would have a high active stat, to save time waking up.
IV. Playful

What it is- Playful sims will appreciate and have more fun with electronics than
serious sims. I'm just assuming that your fun goes up more with a TV if you have
a lot of playful points.

Value- I recommend little to no playful points, because the Meet Marco computer
raises your fun really fast anyway.
V. Nice

What it is- Nice sims have an easier time making friends. From what I've seen,
nice sims will accept compliments and laugh at jokes earlier in a relationship.
Sometimes, I can give a compliment to another sim when both of their
relationships are at 0, and the other sim won't get mad, if they both have a
high nice stat.

Value- I usually have a lot of nice points, because it's easier to get along
the sim, which is important for that promotion.

Personality Ideas

Contact: If you would like to submit some personality ideas of your own, email

Need any ideas on what kind of sim you want? Try checking here first.

Note: All of the personality ideas must be possible to use, so the total number
of points used must be equal to or lesser than 25.
I. Preferred

Outgoing |||||
Active   ||||||||||
Nice     ||||||||||
II. Pleasant

Neat     ||||
Outgoing ||||||
Active   ||
Playful  ||||||
Nice     |||||||

III. Balanced

Neat     |||||
Outgoing |||||
Active   |||||
Playful  |||||
Nice     |||||

IV. Party Animal

Outgoing ||||||||||
Playful  ||||||||||
Nice     |||||

V. Friendly

Outgoing ||||||||||
Playful  |||||
Nice     ||||||||||

VI. Useless


VI. basho

Neat     |||||
Outgoing ||
Active   |||
Playful  ||||||||||
Nice     |||||
Item List

Contact: If you see that I made an error, email me. Just don't email me to
add items. I will be doing that myself.

There are a lot of items that you can buy to furnish your home. Some are very
cheap, some are very expensive. Some are very useful, some are about as useful
as a pile of dung. Here is a list of all the items.

Note: The legend:

Item Name
Item Stats
My Rating
My Description

I. Seating

Werkbunnst All Purpose Chair $80
Comfort 2
Rating 0
Let me put it this way, you buy this chair, and your sims will hate you
forever. This chair delivers little to no results, and just plain sucks.

"Posture Plus" Office Chair $100
Comfort 3
Rating 5
You need this chair with a computer, even if you can afford better. It looks so
cool, and so professional.

Deck Chair by Survival $150
Comfort 3
Rating 3
I don't like these chairs, but the look neat with the backwoods table. You
should place these where you eat if you cannot afford the Empress Dining Room

Contempo Loveseat $150
Comfort 3 Energy 4
Rating 3
Modest, but as comfortable as the floor. Don't even consider buying, even if
you are poor.

Satinistics Reproduction Armchair $150
Comfort 3
Rating 2
Don't buy this. You will be wasting your money. It looks stupid, because it is
stupid. It's not even comfortable.

Contempo Couch $180
Comfort 2 Energy 5
Rating 2
The deck chair is more comfortable than this, and I mean that literally. Why
would you want this?

Country Classic Armchair $250
Comfort 4
Rating 5
These are good to use with the chess set. They also look neat. They are very
comfortable, and very cheap.

Parque Fresco del Aire Bench $250
Comfort 2
Rating 1
If you must buy it, put it outside on the edge of a wall for decoration. Don't
use it in place of a couch. You will be sorry.

"Back Slack" Recliner
Comfort 6 Energy 3
Rating 7
These are a must. They are very comfortable and very cheap. You can do lots of
things on this chair, and your comfort will rise ever higher.

Spartan Special $300
Comfort 6 Energy 7
Rating 4
At first, I thought that this was a hospital bed. It's worth the price, with
isn't that much.

Country Classic Loveseat $340
Comfort 5 Energy 4
Rating 5
This is the standard loveseat. Cheap, but effective.

Country Classic Sofa $450
Comfort 5 Energy 5
Rating 6
The perfect sofa for the average sim. A modest couch for a modest budget.

Tyke Nite Bed $450
Comfort 7 Energy 7
Rating 8
If you have a kid than you must buy this bed. It's perfect for little kiddies,
and it's very affordable.

Cheap Eazzzzze Double Sleeper $450
Comfort 7 Energy 8
Rating 6
A bed is a bed. Go with this if you are in need of some serious simoleans. It
is well worth the price. A great buy.

"The Sarrabach" by Werkbunnst $500
Comfort 6
Rating 4
This chair is the most comfortable chair, but it is pretty expensive. I would
buy this chair, but it looks so stupid. Still, it is the best.

Empress Dining Room Chair $600
Comfort 4 Room 2
Rating 8
I love these chairs. They are comfortable, they look sophisticated, and they
increase your room. A must for rich Sims.

"Von Braun" Recliner $850
Comfort 9 Energy 3
Rating 10
This recliner is perfect. It is really the way to go if you can afford it. You
can make your comfort soar while doing other stuff.

Luxuriare Loveseat $875
Comfort 8 Energy 4 Room 2
Rating 9
If you love loveseats, then this loveseat is for you. Very comfortable, very
classy, but very expensive. Only buy if you have over $2,000 and no bills.

Napolean Sleigh Bed $1,000
Comfort 8 Energy 9
Rating 9
This bed is great. It's cheap, considering what it gives you. This should be
the bed of choice for everyone.

"The Deiter" by Werkbunnst $1,100
Comfort 8 Energy 5 Room 3
Rating 10
Rich Sims must have this couch. It is perfect. Although it looks crappy, it is
very comfortable, and very decorative.

Modern Mission Bed $3,000
Comfort 9 Energy 10 Room 3
Rating 10
The ultimate bed. Your comfort and energy will skyrocket while your friends are
amazed by the sleek style. It's very expensive, and should only be bought by
very rich Sims.

The Vibromatic Heart Bed $4,500
Comfort 10 Energy 8
Rating 6
This thing is too expensive. This is the only bed where your Sims can GET IT
ON! If you're lucky, a baby will randomly appear somewhere.

II Tables

(I didn't finish it yet.)

III Decorations

(I didn't finish it yet.)

IV Electronics

FireBrand Smoke Detector $50
Rating 10
Even if your Sims have a high cooking stat, you really should have this around
just in case.

SCTC Cordless Wall Phone $75
Rating 10
A phone is essential. You can call friends, hire people, make prank phone
calls, order pizza, receive pointless calls, win contests you didn't enter,
annoy people at 3:00 AM, and randomly receive money for something you didn't
do, all for one easy payment of $75.

Urchineer Train Set by Rip Co. $80
Fun 2
Rating ?
I have honestly never used this. Only kids can use this though.

Monochrome TV $85
Fun 2
Rating 5
I love this TV. It's so cheap, and delivers modest results. Let multiple Sims
watch at the same time to let your social motive soar like an eagle.
Note: The channels on this TV are the original channels from the PC version
of The Sims.

"Down Wit Dat" Boom Box $100
Fun 2
Rating 3
I have this, but I have never used this. If you are going to buy a radio, buy
it for decorative purposes only. Radios are lousy fun helpers.

SimSafety Burglar Alarm $250
Rating 10
You should have one next to every door that leads out of the house. These are
essential for catching burglars, and collecting your $1,000 bonus.

Electronic Insect Control System $300
Rating 3
You can actually use this to increase your energy, but you will have to touch
it many times, and your comfort will be completely empty. Useful if you do not
want to waste time sleeping, but otherwise a pretty worthless object.

Trottco 27" Color Television B94U $500
Fun 4
Rating 7
This TV is great. It raises fun fast, and is inexpensive. Buy this if you have
a little extra cash.

Zimantz Component Hi-Fi Stereo $650
Fun 3
Rating 2
This thing is crappy at raising fun, and it is too expensive for what it is

OCD Systems SimRailRoad Town $955
Fun 4 Room 3
Rating 5
Pretty good fun raiser, but too expensive. Buy only if you need to increase

Moneywell Computer $999
Fun 3
Rating 2
Every sim should have a computer. Just not this one. It sucks.

Wurl 'N' Hurl Jukebox $1,199
Fun 3 Room 2
Rating 4
It looks cool, but it sucks. Too expensive for what it's worth. Again, radios
are lousy fun raisers and should only be bought for decorative purposes only.

"See Me, Feel Me" Pinball Machine $1,800
Fun 5
Rating 7
Everybody loves pinball, even Sims. Your fun will go up fast, and it looks cool
too. Pretty expensive, though.

Microscotch Corvetta C2628-1500JA $1,800
Fun 5
Rating 8
If you are going to get a computer, this should be the one. A great fun raiser,
at a fair price. Make sure you are not struggling to pay the bills before you
purchase this.

SSR1 Virtual Reality Set $2,300
Fun 7
Rating 10
This is one of the best items in the game. It raises your fun very fast, and at
$2,300, it's a steal!

Strings Theory Stereo $2,550
Fun 5 Room 3
Rating 3
Radios are not worth the money. This radio is way too expensive for what it
gives you. Only buy to make your house look cool. Do not buy this if you want
to raise your fun.

Soma Plasma TV $3,500
Fun 6 Room 2
Rating 8
Kind of expensive, but very cool. Only very rich Sims should buy this. It can
deplete your funds quickly.

Meet Marco $6500
Fun 9
Rating 10^2 (10 squared)
It's that good. Play on this computer and your fun will go up almost as fast as
your hygiene. It's a dream come true. VERY EXPENSIVE, but well worth the cost.

V. Kitchen Appliances

(I didn't finish it yet.)

VI. Bathroom Appliances

(I didn't finish it yet.)

VII. Lighting

(I didn't finish it yet.)

VIII. Miscellaneous

(I didn't finish it yet.)

  T   H   H E           E     NN  N D  D
  T   HHHHH EEE         EEE   N N N D   D
  T   H   H E           E     N  NN D  D
  T   H   H EEEEE       EEEEE N   N DDD

Note: You have officially reached the end of my FAQ/Walkthrough.

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