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FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11

                      #     # ####### #     # 
                      ##   ## #       ##    # 
                      # # # # #       # #   # 
                      #  #  # #####   #  #  # 
                      #     # #       #   # # 
                      #     # #       #    ## 
                      #     # ####### #     # 

                          OOOOO  FFFFFFF 
      /                  OO   OO FF                       \
    >------======######  OO   OO FFFF     ######======------<   
      \                  OO   OO FF                       /
                          OOOO0  FF      
               #     #    #    #       ####### ######  
               #     #   # #   #       #     # #     # 
               #     #  #   #  #       #     # #     # 
               #     # #     # #       #     # ######  
                #   #  ####### #       #     # #   #   
                 # #   #     # #       #     # #    #  
                  #    #     # ####### ####### #     # 
                       For Microsoft X-BOX
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
		       Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 12/19/04
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Vietnam - either a war we regret, or want to forget. Either way, many video 
game developers have attempted to create realistic representations of the 
conflict, and have failed. While some of them were decent, none have surpassed 
expectations into the excellent column. A small developer in 2015 decided to 
uptake a project that would represent the war from one soldier's perspective, 
and also the entire theme of combat. Men of Valor is currently one of the best 
Vietnam War based shooters that pits you against the Viet Cong and NVA on a 
quest to help your army win. By completing various objectives, nailing down 
approaching tangos, and uniting with your fellow forces, it truly comes down 
to both your skills as a gamer, and your knowledge of knowing what to do. Can 
you grip the M16 with high-velocity rounds firing overhead, or shall you 
crumble to the knees of your griping enemy?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=01/01/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Certainly a challenging game, and worthy of a top 50 
request, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Completed it on the HARD 
difficulty, and was impressed. Live play is fun, although tedious at times. 
Guide to be posted today.

=12/19/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. I've been waiting to do this game for about 2 weeks now, and 
it finally arrived in the mail. The guide will cover the basics, a weapons 
overview, single-player walkthrough, along with multiplayer tips/strategies. 
I'm up for the challenge.

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and 
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section 
of the guide.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Screen HUD
          3) Game Modes
             > Description of each
          4) Walkthrough
             > Level 1: Training               (4.1)
             > Level 2: Body Count             (4.2)
             > Level 3: Clearing the Hamlet    (4.3)
             > Level 4: Night Trip             (4.4)
             > Level 5: Operation Starlite     (4.5)
             > Level 6: Jungle Ambush          (4.6)
             > Level 7: Eagle Flight           (4.7)
             > Level 8: Contact                (4.8)
             > Level 9: Hill 861S              (4.9)
             > Level 10: MACV Base Defense     (4.10)
             > Level 11: House-to-House Combat (4.11)
             > Level 12: Hue Counter-Attack    (4.12)
             > Level 13: Back to Khe Sanh      (4.13)
          5) Weapons
             > Profile of each w/ ratings
          6) X-BOX Live
             > Game Modes
             > Classes
             > Map Strategies
          7) Codes
          8) Common Questions
          9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
         10) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
First person shooters have practically become one of the prime genres for next-
generations systems. Thanks to graphical advancements, programming 
improvements, and the X-BOX's extreme capability of handling them with ease, 
Microsoft's dandy little box has turned into a massive realm of exploration. 
Developers can now toss players into surreal environments from different 
times, themes, and eras. Men of Valor is no different. The game is basically a 
representation from a lone soldier's perspective of war during the Vietnam 
War. Surprisingly enough, this is the best title of the Vietnam-based shooters 
to pop out in quite some time, and from a fairly unknown developer. With its 
nifty realistic gameplay, and online support, Men of Valor is a wise addition 
to any gamer's collection.

The story is fairly simple. You take the role of a lowly soldier stationed in 
Vietnam when the war suddenly begins. The storyline progresses with each 
mission somehow connecting to the war, whether it be the Tet Offensive, rat 
tunnels, or guerrilla warfare that must be combated. Either way, Men of Valor 
challenges you greatly, especially during campaign mode. Enemies will be 
spawning out of various locations, charging you, shooting you, and befiddling 
you. It all comes down to how you focus on your objectives, use your teammates 
for support, and help fight against the North Vietnamese/Viet Cong.

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to 2015):

You are a Marine stationed in Vietnam in 1965. You are about to be thrown into 
the line of fire in the fields, rice paddies, and jungles of Southeast Asia. 
You won't have time to think about politics, protests, or the threat of world 
Communism - you'll need to focus all your attention on making sure you and 
your buddies get back in one piece.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-12 (w/ X-BOX Live support)
Developer: 2015
Released: 2004
Rarity: fairly rare
Special Features: HDTV 480p, Scoreboards, X-BOX Live, Voice
ESRB: Mature (17+)
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows several Marines marching in a swampy marsh after being dropped off


- 2) Game Basics           -
The X-BOX controller fits great for any first person shooter, mainly because 
of dual joysticks, and the ability to switch between numerous functions with 
the overwhelming amount of buttons. Men of Valor's controls are very simple, 
with the exception of Precise Aim, which takes some time to get use to.

KEY representation for each button:
     Thumbstick = left/right thumbstick pads (black)
    Control Pad = left directional pad (black)
              A = A button (green)
              B = B button (red)
              X = X button (blue)
              Y = Y button (yellow)
              R = R trigger (black, underneath right side of controller)
              L = L trigger (black, underneath left side of controller)
          START = Start button (black, center)
           BACK = Back button (black, center)
          Black = Black button (black, right)
          White = White button (white, right)

/Game Controls/
        Left Thumbstick - moves character, strafes left/right
  Left Thumbstick Click - crouch, hold again to prone
       Right Thumbstick - aims up/down, turns left/right
 Right Thumbstick Click - show names
                      L - enters precise aim mode, zooms in with weapon if
                          scope is present, aiming reticle becomes smaller
                          and can be shifted using the right joystick
                      R - fires current selected weapon
                  START - pauses game
                   BACK - brings up current score/objective
            Control pad - press direction to switch to specific weapon
                      A - changes mode on weapon (semi automatic, automatic)
                      B - bandages yourself if bleeding
                      X - reloads
                      Y - use, action button
                  Black - melee attack
                  White - switches to next weapon

- Moving your character is the same as any other shooter for the X-BOX, 
involving both joysticks in simultaneous action. Melee attack is only useful 
in very close situations where shooting could be conservative. The control pad 
let's you switch to the weapon by pressing the corresponding direction for 
that weapon. Whenever you are shot, you will start bleed. Bleeding gradually 
lowers your health. In order to prevent this, hold down B. Your bandage should 
attempt to stop bleeding and conserve as much health loss as possible. Some 
weapons have various firing modes on them. An M16 can be fired in either 
automatic, or semi-automatic mode. Precise Aim mode is the biggest factor to 
get use to. You must hold down L to keep a mobile scope, with you can aim with 
the right joystick. It's similar to Goldeneye, if you've ever played that game 
before. On certain weapons with zooming scopes, your view will be farther. 
Precise aim requires that you stand still, so you cannot move while aiming. 
You can crouch by clicking the left thumbstick, or prone (lay flat on ground) 
by holding it down again. You can let go once you're in the specific position 
to keep the soldier in that position.

/Screen HUD/
The following section will briefly describe what the Men of Valor interface 
looks like, and what each bar stands for in the game.
 |                                                     |
 |  '''                                                |
 | /[1]\                                               |
 | \.../                                               |
 | OBJ: [2]                                            |
 |                                                     |
 |                                                     |
 |                        /|\                          |
 |                       -[4]-                         |
 |                        \|/    \^\                   |
 |                               \# \                  |
 |    /^\                         \# \_                |
 | <--===-->                       \#  \               |
 |    \|/                           \#  \              |
 |     | [3]                         ||| \  [5]        |
 |                                        ##/###[6]    |

Meaning KEY:

   [1] - Compass - shows your current location with surrounding directions,
                   your objective is the yellow beam to follow. The closer you
                   get to the objective, the more yellow filled the compass

   [2] - Objectives - this lists your current objectives at hand

   [3] - Health Bar - shows how much life you have left based on how full the
                      twisted cross is. You will lose life when hit by enemy
                      fire. It becomes a darker color and becomes less filled.
                      Whenever you see a flashing red, hold down B to bandage
                      and counteract the possible damage. If your life bar
                      runs empty, you die.

   [4] - Aiming Reticle - this determines your aim when firing a weapon. The
                          reticle will expand based on consecutive shots and
                          recoil. Becomes easier to aim when in Precise Aim

   [5] - Weapon Display - this displays your current selected weapon along with
                          which mode the gun is selected on

   [6] - Ammo Display - shows how much ammo you have left in a cartridge, along
                        with how much remaining ammo for that specific weapon


- 3) Game Modes            -
We have all seen it in the past and future. First person shooters are 
transversing themselves into adventure games, featuring online support, single 
player campaigns, and developer mods. Men of Valor features an AWESOME single-
player campaign, along with online support that's fairly good, offline co-op 
play, and items of the such. The following section will briefly entail each.

This can be accessed by going to New Game. You must first create a profile. 
You can set the difficulty of the campaign in your profile by adjusting the 
difficulty (easy, medium, or hard). There is NO advantage to beating the game 
on HARD. Campaign consists of 12 "true missions", with one training mission. 
Probably the best feature of the game.

/X-BOX Live/
One of the more improved methods of playing the game, X-BOX Live features five 
different game types, support to add friends, hear voice, and keep record of 
your statistics. Stats are always logged depending on the game mode, 
regardless of the size or speed of the server. Loading times are fairly 
rampant, but you'll get use to them.

This is where you create your character's basic settings, including controller 
defaults, audio/video displays, and difficulty. It also keeps track of what 
missions you have beaten in single-player on what difficulty.


- 4) Walkthrough           -
First person shooters are often considered in a realm of their own. Emerging 
the player into a series of adventures and environments, you'll find yourself 
running from ferocious monsters, and mowing down motionless bad guys. The idea 
of a walkthrough is to guide the player step-by-step through the entire game, 
including when the going gets tough. This section will lead you through the 
game, and is strictly based off of the HARD difficulty. Most people tend to 
have trouble completing it on normal as is. You can change your difficulty by 
editing your in-game profile. Spoilers are present however, so be careful what 
you wish for. Before I start, please note that campaign mode is actually split 
into four "operations" - Da Nang, Iron Triangle, Khe Sanh Hill Fights, and Tet 
Offensive. Each has a series of missions that operate under them. The 
walkthrough will only list the mission names, but progress in the given order. 
Mission ratings are based on a 1-5 * scale, with 5 being the hardest.

    ____________  ___
   (- TRAINING -)(4.1)
  / Operation: Training
 / Difficulty: *
/  Objectives: + Understand basic Marine protocol

   *You'll start off on a brief jeep ride through a local Marine training
    facility. Obviously, everyone's in a true hush-rush to get to there
    locations, so don't expect a friendly welcome.*

Move towards the yellow objective arrow. Proceed around the corner. Crouch 
under the fence bars. Once across, you'll have to prone under the next series 
of poles. Hold down the left thumbstick after clicking it once. You can let go 
once you're proned. Move across promptly as an M60 will be fired overhead. 
Once on the other side, go to the medic's station, and listen to what he has 
to say. Now, move over to the nearby tower, and press Y once to grab a hold to 
the ladder. Climb up it. Grab the nearby M14 and look to your right. Hold down 
the L trigger, and use Precise Aim to nail off the white targets in the 
distance. There's no time limit, although practicing quick switching on 
targets is beneficial. Once all the targets are down, look back to the table, 
and pick up the grenades. Toss them into the two pits where the targets were. 
Aim them near the base of the top of the arrows, since gravity will naturally 
arc them downwards. Climb down, and head over to the bunker. Walk up to the 
M60 and press Y. Now, pelt the targets again. As you can see, the recoil is 
greater on the M60, making it tougher to aim accurately.

Leave the bunker and move over to the M79 table. This is basically a grenade 
launcher in the game. You'll have to arc two shots to hit two destroyed trucks 
in the distance. The grenade launcher takes some time to get use to, so be 
efficient with it. Press A to switch to Buckshot mode. This is almost the same 
as the Shotgun. Hit the target in front of you three times. Leave and head 
over to the next area to practice "taking cover" from enemy fire. Boy this'll 
be fun. This next part is somewhat tricky if you're not use to the game. Stand 
up, and pick up the gun. Hold down L, and lean to your left but slowly. 
Quickly take out the left/right turrets. If you take damage, hold down B to 
replenish any lost life. Next, move to the Live Fire training session. You'll 
have to nail 5 targets, which are representative of Vietcong, along with 
smoking an enemy bunker. You can rush through the early portion of the jungle 
until you see white haze in the distance. Most of the targets will be by the 
trees. Get along the right wall, and prone. An MG will fire from the bunker 
you have to smoke. You can't knock the turret out though, so be quick, and use 
trees for cover. Approach it from the right so the MG can't turn and fire at 
you. Press Y to toss the red smoke, then run for safety as the airstrike will 
pelt that baby back to southeastern Cambodia. Your training session is 

   *A brief clip is shown explaining how America got involved into the Vietnam
    War. Due to the waste of supplies given to the South Vietnamese, and their
    cries for support to the Americans, an expeditionary Marine force was
    deployed in Da Nang, in order to protect the city and nearby air station.
    Viet Cong Guerillas placed the Marines under heavy fire, and in less than
    a month, the Marines started to launch offensive maneuvers on the VC. 
    Casualties were huge towards the VC, and victory appeared to be imminent,

    ______________  ___
   (- BODY COUNT -)(4.2)
  / Operation: Da Nang
 / Difficulty: ***
/  Objectives: + Organize up for the battle ahead
               + Advance up the Hill
               + Destroy the Enemy Bunker with a Smoked Airstrike

   *We're fast forwarded to some Da Nang base where we see a young soldier
    getting interviewed by a Marine journalist. After signing off, and
    receiving no exciting stories, we're placed back into the role of our
    young African American soldier (Dean Shepard) about to enter a conflict
    where many did not return.*

Start off by walking to the fellow African American in front of you. His name 
is Smooth. He'll tell you to go grab the football under the truck so they can 
play some deep passes to burn up the time. Move over to the truck, crouch, and 
press Y to pick it up. Once you have it, turn around, and bullet it to Smooth. 
He'll toss it to his other buddy, who then proceeds to throw it back to you. 
Quickly press Y before it reaches you to grab it in mid-air (or get pelted in 
the head, heh).

   *Suddenly, an RPG will strike the nearby truck, and an ambush attack will
    start to rain over your base.*

Quickly run over to your commander, Zook. The rest of your squad should be 
there as well. You'll be told to go gather up some equipment, and send a 
patrol or two to clear out the hills.

   ^A letter is written home to his family explaining the little-to-no action
    he has seen over in Vietnam. Thankfully, no one in his unit has been hurt,

   *Back to our adventures, young Shepard is out on an APC with his other
    buddies as they're out on patrol duty. A few jokes are sparingly said along
    the way. Suddenly, a bull blocks your path from moving ahead. One of the
    soldiers attempts to move it, when he trips a mine! He explodes, along with
    numerous explosions. It's an ambush!*

Quickly gather behind the APC, but don't be too eager to engage the enemy. 
There are VC snipers out in the bush. Wait until Zook gives you the order to 
charge forward. When given, move along the left, right near the small bungalow 
shack. There will be about 10-12 snipers, with some respawning to an extent 
along mainly the left ridge. There are a few more in the middle and right. 
Concentrate on the left, as your AI tends to ignore them a bit. Try to crouch 
the entire time, or stand behind an ally. Eventually, some may come from 
behind you, so quickly engage the approachers. Concentrate on the ghille-
suited VC, as they're the best shots. Once you're clear, Zook will give new 
orders to proceed ahead. They want you to use specific shots, and eliminate 
any guerillas in the area.  

You'll start off in the dense jungles approaching a VC-occupied hill. We're 
going to take it back, Nam' style. As you move ahead, eventually, a message 
will flash saying to "Get Cover!" Quickly hide somewhere along the sides 
(right works best), and prone. A VC patrol should walk right past you guys if 
you're not seen. However, eventually, your lead units will engage near the 
front. Move up and help them. The passing patrol USUALLY does not turn around, 
so don't worry about them. You'll be able to find some extra guns off of the 
dead VC bodies. When you get close to the base of the hill, a trap is found 
and disarmed. Be very careful for this next part. There are trip mines all 
over the place. Try to crouch or stand so you can get a height advantage, and 
see what's on the ground. At the same time, you must concentrate your view on 
the hill where the enemies will flush down. Move along the right, and then 
shift over to the left as the snipers start to fire down. Many of them hide 
behind trees, and will lean out, so be careful. If you find an SKS off of a 
body, use it. It's almost like a bolt action sniper rifle, with no scope. Use 
it to pick off the VC in the distance. 

The hardest part is progressing the hill. A series of snipers will be behind 
trees, and there will be greenish enemy boxes that contain some VC resistance. 
When you reach the right hand turn, then left curl to the next hill, get ready 
for about 5-7 VC. Again, use wooden TREEs for cover, not the bushlines or side 
jungles. The side jungles are actually solid structures, and you cannot shoot 
through them. The bushes don't provide any cover whatsoever, and the enemy AI 
has ease of shooting you on the higher difficulty. When you reach it past the 
pillboxes, and it narrows out a bit, check some of the bodies for needed 
supplies. Continue right. You'll reach a much needed checkpoint at the base of 
the brownish hill. This next part is tricky. There will be a small wall 
protecting your Marines. However, VC is established quite well, and it appears 
the only way to push them out is to smoke the bunkers for airstrikes. 
Immediately, look to your left, and hit the man who is at the flank of your 
wall. There will also be a bunker along the left. Nail the gunner. Now, 
proceed up this left path, sticking to the wall. Move behind each tree trunk, 
and head for the green bunker where you nailed the lone soldier. Prone and 
crawl into it. Now, crawl out, and stand up. Run to the closest tree. You 
SHOULD be in vicinity to throw the smoke. Press Y once, and the smoke will be 
deployed. Run back to that same bunker. Prone and watch the fireworks. The VC 
bunker will explode, along with some flying bodies. Zook tells you to regroup 
and count the dead.

The squad realizes that the enemy VC were launching rockets via dirt bumps, 
and using them for leverage. Of course, the real question comes in as to where 
they were getting such firepower. Again, you'll be ambushed by a plethora of 
Viet Cong near the treelines. Immediately prone to the right of the second 
bump, where your squad is hiding. Zook will call in for Napalm on the 
treelines. Just sit there and wait. In the meantime, you can help fight off 
the Viet Cong who are approaching your position along the wall. Napalm will 
light up the forest like Christmas.

   ^Another letter is written home, with Shepard saying how action he got to
    see. On a sad note, the only guy who wasn't afraid of anything was the man
    who got blown to pieces by the mine. He doesn't want his mom to know about
    the horrific battle that took place.^

    _______________________  ___
  / Operation: Da Nang
 / Difficulty: **
/  Objectives: + Regroup with the other Marine APC
               + Move up the creek towards the Hamlet
               + Engage the VC in the Ville and avoid shooting the villagers
               + Clear all of the hooches
               + Rescue the two reporters
               + Escort the two reporters to the LZ
               + Fend off the remaining VC forces near the mortar pit

   ^Shepard writes another letter home to his family, explaining how local
    guerillas are proving to be somewhat problematic. There's a village to
    the south west where the Marines believe the recent enemy activity is
    originating from. You're being sent on a mission in APCs to clear the
    village out. You're also taking the famed military reporter, who might
    catch you in action on TV as well.^

   *We're brought back to our young Shepard, who is about to advance through
    enemy infested territory to help clear out some terrain for future
    operations. You're zooming along in an APC when suddenly, you hear a loud
    bang. It sounds like once of your APCs either got stuck or decommissioned
    by a landmine. You'll have to gut it out on foot from here on forth.
    Before jumping out, one of your Marine Snipers brags about how many VC
    he popped down. Unfortunately, he's the first to die upon exiting the APC.*

Start off by immediately jumping for cover. Your fellow sniper is down for the 
count. Fortunately, you probably won't have time to search his body and take 
the sniper rifle. Immediately, you'll have VC to your right, mixed in with 
disguised villagers. Get to the left side of the APC, crouch, and peek around 
the corner. Fire away at the enemy combatants. Then, more will spawn to the 
left of those men, and finally some behind your flank where you're exposed. 
After you eliminate the second wave, prone against the dirt wall, and use it 
to nail the back flankers. They may toss stick grenades, which I recommend 
RUNNING from. Mortar fire will start to rain down on your APC. Fall back to 
where your allies are. Continue engaging the VC down to the small creek bed. 
Watch out for the rushing tangos that will try to catch you from behind. Your 
M1 Thompson is great for close quarters, but doesn't have great long-range 

Continue along, and you'll eventually run into the moggy swamps. They will 
slow down your running abilities, so try to nail as many of the surrounding VC 
as possible. You'll be wading ducks in the water. When you hear your teammates 
yell that your fellow Marines are nearby, continue straight down the dirt 
path. There will be an infinite spawn of VC to the left, approaching your 
stranded Marines. Cross over the mound, and run to their position. Meanwhile, 
I recommend switching your M1 for an SKS, because you'll run out of ammo quite 
quickly. Pelt the surviving VC, and then Zook will say that you'll need to 
take a slight detour to hit the enemy village. Follow your men straight ahead. 
The game should load a bit more.

   *Zook says he wants your small group of Marines to move forward on the
    point, and take a path up towards the hamlet. You'll be facing the most
    action at hand. Meanwhile, Zook and his guys will flank up the rear of
    the enemy position. The camera crew is forced to stay back with Zook,
    since he is suppose to watch their arse.*

Move up the creek, and move of the Charlie should be directly in front of you. 
Up until you reach the wooden bridge, you'll have about 3 flankers on the 
sides, who have weak aim. Nail them down. When you reach the bridge, search 
the body for a much needed medkit. Watch out for some VC that will run across 
the bridge after you move under it. You have a M79. Try to use it on any 
proned enemies that are hard to penetrate. After the bridge, watch out for 
women VC who appear usually near gray rocks crouched. These women can be VERY 
annoying, because they have close proximity to the creek, and the SKS can mean 
instant death with a lucky head shot. Try to nail them down, make it past the 
second bridge. You'll notice Zook is pinned down in the area up ahead. Rush 
ahead, and there will be several MGs in a small brown pit up ahead. Toss a 
frag grenade or two, then pull out your SKS, and peek around the corner. Pick 
off the sentries, and move forward through the dense jungle towards the ville.

   *Zook gives a quick debriefing speech. He says he wants each of the hooches
    cleared of any VC, and to watch your fire. You CANNOT hit villagers. Heck,
    there's a TV crew here to make sure you don't.*

As you move along, one of your teammates get brutally pigged by a booby trap. 
You also run into a few villagers who praise you for your coming to the 
village. One of the soldiers whacks down the mother's son. Suddenly, a grenade 
is tossed by a villager. Quickly disperse forward or backward, because the 
grenade has extreme radius, and usually hits you on the sides. Immediately 
prone, and start to nail down the sentries in the windows of the hooch. Be 
careful as the villagers running around WITHOUT a gun are innocent. DO NOT 
shoot them. There's a MG in the middle which I recommend tossing a grenade at. 
Don't try to flank it via the hooch, because they can easily pelt the walls on 
the surface. The PPSH will be great for clearing the area because of its high 
clip, and quick rate of fire. Use it frequently. You can also do a quick peek 
around the corner and pelt the mounted sentry. Approach each of the hooches 
from the left side, and quickly move in. Several reinforcements will run from 
the jungle, so watch your back. You can also do frag tosses into the hooches, 
but be careful your fellow Marines aren't inside. Once the three hooches have 
been searched, you're orders are to move into the next ville. You'll find 
Medkits on two of the three tables in each, so it's great for a quick 

Move to the right of the hooches, and go down the path. Watch out for the 
small squad of VC. When you reach the bridge, immediately prone, and hit the 
men opposite of it. Look to your left, and snipe off the soldier manning the 
sentry. Continue across, and pass the sentry building. The next series of 
buildings will have a MG near the middle-left, a few lone soldiers behind 
trees on the right, and typical reinforcements pounding in. I found it's best 
to clear via the lower left first, cross over to the right hooches, then clear 
out the back ones. Once the dirty work is done, meet back in the middle.

   *Zook says that the candy ass reporter and his cameraman are missing. You
    gotta find them before they get their butts smoked by VC. Go to the upper
    left part of the village, as that's where your new objective points.*

Careful, some VC will quickly rush your position. Move towards the last of the 
hooches, and you'll find more VC resistance. There's an MG in the middle, with 
flanking reinforcements via the left/right. Focus on the first two hooches 
before engaging the MG. You can try pelting it with a M79, but I found it best 
just to snipe it off. Clear through the three hooches, and you'll find the 
reporters up near the north hooch. Once you have them, guide them back to Zook 
at the previous hooch spot. Thankfully, there's no VC in between.

   *Zook will go gather the KIAs, while you and a few other soldiers are to
    guide the reporters back to the LZ. Unfortunately, the orders from HQ are
    to burn down the homes of the women and children, because Charlie could
    easily re-establish their location here within weeks. Of course, the
    premiere clip of the reporters is them asking the LT how it feels to burn
    down the homes of various civilians.*

Mortar will start to rain down on your LZ path. Move straight ahead. After the 
loading point, continue your progress. You'll run into a large field with an 
enemy mortar pit, along with some MGs. The quickest way of eliminating these 
is to pull out the M79, and take two well placed shots. Fend off the Viet Cong 
roaming around, then get into the center of the pit. You must guard the two 
reporters. Several VC will approach from your left, right, then some mixed 
units. Simply shoot them off with the PPSH, and then wait for the helicopter 
to touch down. When it does, you'll have to eliminate two VC MGs (that were 
mounted near the mortar pit), along with any ground forces. This next part is 
VERY hard, because you won't be able to get medkits from dead bodies. Simply 
shoot near the vicinity of the MGs, and the ignited ammo should explode 
nailing them down. Always shoot the ground forces that come closest to you. 
Whenever they get close, you'll usually take some damage. It takes time 
getting use to the circular routes and positioning the machine gun, but it's 
fairly easy. Finally, nail off the remaining VC near Zook and the others, and 
then you'll lift off.

   *A short clip is shown of the reporter saying how the Americans lit the
    huts of the Vietnamese in vengeance of their lost troop. Fortunately, this
    is not 100% true.*

   ^Dad writes a letter to you understanding how and why you had to burn the
    huts down. He understands why you didn't have much of a choice, and that
    the entire story isn't usually told. Either way, his family still has
    faith in you.^

    ______________  ___
   (- NIGHT TRIP -)(4.4)
  / Operation: Da Nang
 / Difficulty: **
/  Objectives: + Proceed down the river to the drop point
               + Move across the bridge while eliminating enemy VC
               + Kidnap the VC Commander
               + Escort him back to the boat LZ

   ^A briefing letter is read to you stating your objective for the upcoming
    mission. It involves capturing a high ranking Viet Cong commander, and
    bringing him back to Marine HQ for interrogation. The details are covered
    to quite an extent. You'll go far if you pull this mission off.^

   *You'll start off on a small motor boat patrolling up the river. Suddenly,
    you'll meet up with some fellow Marines inspecting villager boats. After
    a brief chit-chat, the villager ends up tossing a booby trap into their
    boat, and they explode.*

 Many VC will start to ambush you from the trees. Try to arc your M79 at them, 
especially the lower forces as they're more prone to give you damage. You'll 
pass by a series of straw buildings along the river edge. Try to hit the boat 
that is blocking your path. If you don't, you SHOULD blast through it, but 
will take some damage. Watch out for two more patrol boats that will get 
nearby. Time your grenade launches for the barrels. Your grenades will move 
slightly back because you're firing in motion. After the second series of 
buildings, try to take out the RPG guys. Many of them are on docks or lower 
installations. Another patrol boat will come near the right. There will be an 
RPG on a platform to the left. Take him out as well. By now, you're probably 
critical on M79 ammo. Your drop off point is up ahead. There will be an MG on 
the bridge, along with an RPG on the dock to the left. Try to take the RPG out 
first, then waste your remaining M79 ammo on the bridgemates. Your ship will 
make one circle around the area then drop you off.

Fight off the forces up until you reach the left base of the bridge. Jump 
behind the MG, and use it against the VC. Gradually move across it. There will 
be several Viet Cong on canopies above. They're your first priority, since 
they have closest proximity. Focus on eliminating the VC that rush you on the 
bridge itself. Move across, but be careful near the end, as two MGs will 
appear. Snipe them off with the M1 Thompson, then rush to the other side. Make 
sure you check bodies to replenish your health. Once across, cut a left to 
where the lanterns are.

   *Your fellow soldier says that you should avoid popping anyone until you're
    fairly close to the commander's hideout. There's a ton of resistance up
    ahead, and stealth should be best for now.*

This next part is fairly tricky. Try to crouch, and sneak up on the two 
talking guards. Unfortunately, you cannot "sneak" entirely, because they face 
you, and for an eternity. Get close enough to knock them both out with shots, 
then engage the turret in the tower along the left. The commander's hideout is 
in a small hooch along the right. Move towards the right, and you'll notice a 
second tower in the distance. It usually doesn't engage until you stand up, or 
get close to the nearby hooch. The one hooch has two guards in it. Kill them 
both, them move inside. Pick up an SKS, and the Stick Grenades too. Move 
towards that second tower. Up ahead, the path splits into two. Just take the 
right path where your objective leads to. There will be several more hooches 
this time. Watch for reinforcements along the left and right sides. Clear them 
out with your Thompson, but make sure to check their bodies. You're probably 
low on ammo by now. Several guards will hit your brother from behind, so pelt 
them as well. He'll kick through the main door on the hideout, but there will 
be 3 VC waiting for you. Peek from outside the main door, and pick them off. 
In the next room, there will be two more VC guards, with the commander in the 
center. Your fellow soldier knocks the commander out, then you hunch him onto 
your back.

Time to get back to the LZ. You'll get some fresh clips for your Thompson. Go 
back out the same door. There will be an ambush of VC, one to your left, and 
one to your right behind trees. You'll also find one manning a MG straight 
ahead. Take them out with the M1, and check the bodies for any needed 
supplies. Lug the commander's butt back down the same path, but go right this 
time. The hooch against the wall has a much needed Medkit inside. 
Unfortunately, you cannot switch weapons while holding the man. If you run out 
of ammo, it'll be difficult, so conserve your shots. Sprint to the next tower, 
and take out the MG along the right. Another village will be filled with VC. 
Let your buddy distract them, while you run along the right. You may have a 
few bullets left, so use headshots to eliminate the VC in your way. Once 
you're at the dock, try to hold off any opposing forces with melee attacks or 
the rest of your ammo. You should only have to wait about twenty seconds.

   ^A letter from your commander congratulates you on a job well done. Trahn,
    the VC commander, refuses to talk, but it's only a matter of time. He ships
    you over some alcohol to help burn the time away.^

    ______________________  ___
  / Operation: Da Nang
 / Difficulty: ****
/  Objectives: + Eliminate MGs and RPG teams
               + Proceed up Hill 43
               + Eliminate concrete bunker with C4
               + Clear out the rest of the hill of VC
               + Locate the missing Armored Support column
               + Take out the last remaining bunker

   *A brief video is shown explaining what Operation Starlite exactly was.
    Apparently, it was a two-pronged attack on VC resistance in a strong
    mountainous area. It was a huge success, netting a 10:1 kill ratio
    on VC, and was the Marine's first MAJOR assault. You'll be inserting from
    a helicopter, so this should be interesting.*

   ^You receive a letter from Dad stating that your brother, Jamie, has been
    getting into trouble with his gangster buddies. One of them got arrested.
    He wants you to send him a letter to get his butt back into shape.^

This mission is a real twitch near the beginning, for the pure and simple fact 
that you'll be facing an infinite amount of VC, until you knock out the 
correct units. To start off, you'll be grounded onto the beach via helicopter. 
Start off by sprinting with YOUR teammates. Don't go near the right, as that's 
an infinite spawn area. Pull out the M79 and pelt the first sand bunker ahead. 
Clear out the MGs and troops near it. Run up to it, and occupy it. Stay there, 
until a message says that you have to eliminate the recoiless teams and RPGs. 
The recoiless are basically mounted machine guns. You'll find them in green 
bushy areas, near the RPGs. Pelt them with your M14. Then, scan through the 
grass for white-dressed Viet Cong. These are the RPG guys. Try to snipe them 
or use your M79 if there's a large vicinity. You must repeat this procedure 
three more times. Be careful though. Along the edges of the map, VC will keep 
respawning until you DO. Don't sit in the bunker with the teammates expecting 
to kill everyone. Once you knock the objectives down (use your compass on 
locating them), then the VC will stop respawning. Now that it's cleared, it's 
time to move to the hill 43. Move to the upper right.

   *Your commander apparently has a freak-out breakdown, and two of the
    previous units advancing up the hill had to retreat. He wants your guys
    to move up the hill, and clear out the remaining VC structures intact.*

Start off by going near the commander's table. Pick up the Medkit and NATO 
ammo for your Thompson. Time to lock and load. Move up towards the upper right 
portion of the hill. You'll eventually reach a VC concrete bunker on the other 
side. Grab some cover behind your Marines.

   *Unfortunately, your own artillery is raining down on you, leaving you with
    few and far options to go. The Viet Cong have an established concrete
    which needs to be taken out, and radio comms aren't receiving your call to
    cancel artillery.*

Start off by immediately going up the left pathway. You'll have several VC who 
spawn from the dense jungles. M14 them down, and make sure you check their 
bodies to gradually heal the wounds from the American artillery. Once you see 
a peaking hill, toss a frag to clear out the group of out-of-sight VC. Rush 
down, and crawl into the rat tunnel. Nail the one guard right by the boxes a 
few feet in front. Try to grab a PPSH by switching it with your M14 if 
possible. You'll need the large clip for up ahead. Move through the tunnel, 
cut a left, and nail the guard. Grab the ammo boxes, then move forward. When 
you pop out of the hole, be careful. There will be several guards over the 
hill along the bush. Wait for them to come first. It's suicide trying to take 
along the left side. Nail them down, then when it looks fairly clear, rush to 
the bunker. Go next to the yellow C4 icon, and hold down Y. Once the charge is 
planted, run away. A red countdown timer will occur. Get close to the rat 
tunnel as possible. Keep shooting away the VC reinforcements. Now, go next to 
the destroyed bunker. Hodges will call off the artillery. 

   *Apparently, Zook says that arty cleared out most of the VC in the hills,
    but you guys gotta clear the rest. That's why they make Marines!*

Start moving towards the top. You're going to run into another bunker. This 
time, more marines are trapped, and artillery keeps raining down. Hodges 
manages to cancel the current American artillery, but waves of Vietnamese 
artillery continues to pound the area. Rush up along the right, PPSHing people 
down as you go. You'll find plenty of shelter behind the dirt walls and rocks, 
but the arty keeps hurting you. Try to flank it from the far right, hit the VC 
guards, then press Y to smoke it. Run back down, engage the troops along the 
left side from a proned position, wait for the bunker to get airstriked, then 
move on up. You'll have more Viet Cong fighting up ahead, rushing you from 
behind mounds. Crouch and shoot them down. The M79 is fairly useless, unless 
you're taking out a squad of them, because of the uphill battle. I found it 
easier to gun people down, rather than estimate the arc of the grenade.

In the next clearing, you and your patrol will be walking along. Plenty of 
bodies lying around, along with rat tunnel clearing going on. You'll meet up 
with McFadden, your CO.

   *Your LT, Zook, punches McFadden for calling artillery strikes on his own
    men. A fight is about to pursue, when a higher-ranking officer steps into
    the ring, and says he wants a word with McFadden. Meanwhile, he tells
    you and your men to go search for an armored column that went missing to
    the south near a Vietnamese village. Let's go save the day!*

You'll be walking along with your fellow troops towards the last known 
location of the missing armored column. Suddenly, you'll run into an ambush of 
about 5-6 VC up ahead. Many of them will sprint from the dense jungles on the 
side. Simpyl crouch or prone, and fire away at them as they expose themselves. 
Their shots will be simplistic and inaccurate. You can find medkits on some of 
the bodies. Continue down to the right, and continue to pelt the large groups 
that pop out of the sides. The hill should start to dip down towards the left 
where your objective is. 

   *A series of VC will start to scramble towards the position of the armored
    column. Perhaps they know of its location and are trying to ambush it.
    Let's saddle up and hurry before they get there.*

Rush ahead, and there will be a series of small hooches. Watch for a series of 
VC to run out into the field along the fence to the right. There will also be 
periodic spurts of Viet Cong running across the main pathway. Rush ahead, and 
you'll see a tank blow up, causing a large explosion. Run up behind the 
column, and start to eliminate the enemies to your left that are shooting your 
soldiers. Look at your compass for help. After you've cleared the surrounding 
VC, go to the last APC, and it will tell you to go clear out the last bunker. 
You gotta smoke this baby so your fellow Marines can get a Medivac chopper in 
here. Start moving up along the left of the bunker. A series of enemy soldiers 
will flush out from the left and middle. Nail them down, and they should stop 
spawning. Rush up to the left of the bunker, out of its firing range. Start to 
shoot the people inside that are manning the turrets. The fire should 
temporarily stop. However, it will light back up, and Zook will get pummeled 
in the chest after tossing the smoke. Run back behind the last APC for cover. 

   *A fellow Marine pulls Lt. Zook back to the last APC, but he's dying of a
    fatal wound. He wants you to give his letter to his woman back in the
    states. Hodges freaks out and starts wondering why Zook had to die. The
    bunker get blown to pieces by an airstrike.*

   ^A letter is written home to your brother Jamie, basically explaining Zook's
    death and telling him that he would love to switch places with him back
    at home. He says for him not to get into any more trouble, and to stop
    giving the parents things to worry about.^

    _________________  ___
   (- JUNGLE AMBUSH -)(4.6)
  / Operation: Iron Triangle
 / Difficulty: ***
/  Objectives: + Reach the ambush point for the Convoy
               + Plant the Claymores
               + Locate the Viet Cong Supply Depot
               + Destroy all 4 targets with C4
               + Search main bunker tunnel complex
               + Recover 4 Intel Documents
               + Exit tunnel system

   *A brief video is shown explaining how the tactics of both the Americans
    and Viet Cong advanced to a severe degree. The Army started to use
    helicopter patrols, to respond quickly to ambush situations, while the
    VC started to dig rat tunnels into mountains to help establish their
    own hidden base. Regardless, there's an "Iron Triangle" zone near Saigon
    where the Americans are trying to flush out the Guerrillas, permanently.*

   ^Shepard writes home to his family explaining how most of his friends got
    shipped off to Khe San. Meanwhile, he and Hodges are stationed in Saigon
    along with some South Vietnamese units to help teach them how to fight.
    He wants his parents to write back on Jamie's progress too.^

You'll be walking along with some fellow soldiers on a pathway. You're 
supposed to reach an ambush point before the opposing convoy gets there. Move 
ahead, and near the ruins, a lone man raising his hands will walk out. 
Suddenly, one of your SVA soldiers will be pelted down with a sniper. Crouch 
in the dense bushes, and fire back at the scrambling soldiers. Rush straight 
ahead, but be careful around the white walls for crouched VC. Proceed ahead, 
and you'll face a series of more troops emerging from the sides. Hodges will 
tell you that you and your men must make up some time to the ambush site. When 
you see white rocks to your left/right, along with a dip in the middle, 
prepare for an ambush of VC on both sides. You might be able to notice one of 
the camo helmets of the VC soldier along the right side. Start to engage them, 
and prone near one of the right rocks. Make sure when you pop up, that the 
side is clear, otherwise you'll get a shot easily to your abdomen. Proceed 
ahead, and you should hit a checkpoint. Eventually, you'll be able to grab an 
AK47 off of one of the bodies. Move ahead, and again, Hodges will say to hurry 
up. For the next couple VC soldiers, just rush forward, prone when they get 
close and fire. You'll eventually reach the road, it looks something like this:

__________________   <-- Plant the 3 Claymores in their individual spots, then
   C                     move back to the top of the hill where the arrow is.
                         Crouch, and wait for the VC patrol to walk right in
   C      C              between all 3. Detonate it when the two front guards
__________________       are close to the front 2 claymores. From there, nail
                         off the remaining VC down the road that approach you.

There should be about 7-10 of them. Now, follow Hodges up the road towards the 
next ambush point. The screen should fade away to a loading point. Your next 
objective is to locate a Viet Cong Supply Depot. Move ahead, and you'll reach 
a split Y in the road. Cut a right, and sneak up along the left towards the 
three VC troops. Nail them all. Don't worry about the woman, as she'll grab a 
weapon too. There will be two horizontal straight wire booby traps on the 
road. Avoid them, and proceed along. Watch for VC hiding in the dense sides, 
especially behind trees. Again, another booby trap will block the road, 
especially next to the destroyed truck. Go up along the right grassy knoll. 
Move ahead, and an opening to the right will reveal a small village. Nail the 
lone patrols, and avoid the caltrop trap along the right. Move up ahead, and 
another series of VC will try to nail you from the sides. You should hear a 
truck moving in the distance. Cut a left into the Y split of the road to 
continue towards the depot. Move straight ahead. Another loading spot should 

You'll hear another truck sound in the distance. How typical of a supply depot 
my friend. Move forward, but do it along the bushes for cover. When you reach 
an opening, several standing guards should be in place. Snipe them off, then 
run up to the green camo area. Hold down Y to plant the C4 charge in the enemy 
cache. Grab the Stick Grenades and Medkits before going. Run up along the left 
where the trees are. Run towards the clearing, and press Y to toss the smoke. 
Your helicopter should come down and rain down a missile making the bunker a 
piece of stinking waste. Nail down any guards who rush you, and now proceed up 
the path towards the depot. Watch for the spikes on the right. You should hit 
a checkpoint. Move straight ahead, and you'll eventually reach a wide open 
field. This is the enemy supply depot. The 4 charges must be placed at these 

     /====/             XXXXXX
    /  C /            XXBUNKERXX
   /====/               XXXXXX

 /  C /               TRUCK (C)
         AMMO (C)

You'll have a few standing guards to engage. Along the way, a series of about 
20-30 VC will come out from the left/right sides of the map at specific 
intervals. These guys are tougher due to their AK47s and RPDs. I recommend you 
pick up an RPG, and use the large 100-round clip to help fight them off. Start 
off by planting a charge on the truck, since that yields the biggest 
explosion. You can hide in a shack to the right of it. Afterwards, concentrate 
on eliminating the tangos inside the first left shack. A series of 2-3 men 
will try to ambush you if you plant the AMMO charge, so nail them out. Plant 
the AMMO charge, then move into the left shack. Plant the charge for that one 
as well. Now, here comes the tricky part. After most of the initial VC are 
nailed out, a series of turret fire will rain down from the main Bunker, and 
also from the bushes. I found it best just to charge straight towards the 
upper-left shack, taking fire along the way. A new series of VC will spawn out 
of the forest. From here, prone next to the charge location, and start to nail 
the VC that ambush your distraction troops. Now, plant the charge once the 
perimeter is down of mobile targets. Run out, and you can prone next to the 
clothesline. Don't worry, the blast will be contained. Now, you must cover 
Hodges so he can take the Bunker Out. Simply go near the shack, and fire at 
the turrets to suppress them. Hodges will blow it up. Go look at the debris.

   *An ARVN Ranger will interrogate one of the downed hostiles, and he says
    there is a series of rat tunnels below. Hodges says that you should
    investigate the rat tunnels while he calls for an extraction point. The
    ARVN Rangers seem somewhat scared to go down.*

You'll now be inside the rat tunnel base. The NVA flag never looked so crispy 
on a dawn-ridden day. Quickly turn around, and watch for a guard to crawl out 
of the right tunnel hole. Switch your M16 for the TI33 Pistol. Now, crawl 
through the left tunnel against the main wall, but not the farthest to the 
left. When you reach the split, cut a right, and then nail the 3 Guards around 
the corner. The one in the back has an AK47, so be careful. In this room, 
you'll find one piece of intel. Move back out the same way to the main room 
where you first started. Go to the tunnel farthest to your right. There's a 
PPSH guard around the corner. Toss a frag grenade to eliminate him. Now, pick 
up the intel off of the barrel, and pick up the PPSH as well. Move back to the 
main room. Go back into the tunnel where you found the first intel, and go 
back to the same room where you found the first piece of intel along with 3 
soldiers. Look along the upper right wall, and it says you found a secret 
door. Press Y. Crawl on through. Go straight (rather than left), and open the 
door in front of you. Eliminate the two soldiers, then turn around, and go 
back through the tunnel. Cut a right where you passed it before. Up ahead, 
you'll reach a room filled with about 4 VC soldiers, some in the lower/upper 
corners, and some who will rush by. Try to grenade it, then flush the rest out 
with a large weapon. Move in, and then go right. Kill the commander by the 
deathbed of a comrade. You'll find some more intel; this should be 3 pieces 

Go back to the main room from before, and then go into the farthest left 
tunnel. Cut the wire on the trip mine and head on in. Up ahead, there will be 
a short right path. Take it, and clean out the two VC inside. Now, head back 
out, and continue down the main path. The next fuel depot room shall have 
about 6-7 VC, try to stay along the right, peek out, and nail them. Collect 
the intel on the table. With all four pieces, crawl back to the main room. 
Your ARVN Rangers will be waiting for you.

   *Hodges realizes that this intel is crucial to a larger complex somewhere
    nearby. This is a huge score for the Americans. Unfortunately, an
    explosion occurs, eliminating the ladder, and an ambush of VC pop out.*

Quickly shoot off the VC from the solid wall, along with the ones that drop 
down through the hole. Go through the newly blown hole, and the others will 
follow you. Get an RPD, or something with a large clip. Move up ahead, and 
there should be a total of 3 soldiers in this small shaft. Careful for the one 
at the mid section; he's waiting anxiously. Make it to the ladder, and climb 

   *Hodges starts to call for the extraction, however, the Huey won't go near
    it until you guys clear out the remaining VC in the area.*

You'll now be ambushed by a total of anywhere from 50-70 VC. They continually 
spawn until you've killed them all. I found it best to fight off the initial 
wave with your RPD, get an AK47, set it to semi-auto mode, then snipe away at 
the tangos. Take out the two mounted turrets to your left. Try to get behind 
the small bunker of the first left turret, and snipe away from there. You can 
mount on it if you wish, but I must warn you, the Viet Cong will toss grenades 
at you if you are in the mounted position. If you simply snipe there, and do 
not man the turret, then you'll do fine. Near the end, the Helo will start to 
get closer. This is when you should man the gun. Be careful, an occasional 
flood of VC will appear from the second turret wall, so quickly turn and nail 
them down. Run up to the helo when you're ready.

   ^Your Dad sends a letter to you letting you know that your brother, Jamie,
    was drafted, and decided to enter the Marines. His friends wanted him to
    sit it out, by burning his draft card, but he persisted to go. It worries
    your mother sick of having both sons over in Vietnam.^

   ^Dean writes a letter home basically stating of how he's doing guerrilla
    raids on various bases, by collecting up fleeing prisoners as another
    force raids from the opposing side. Simple stuff if you ask me.^

    ________________  ___
   (- Eagle Flight -)(4.7)
  / Operation: Iron Triangle
 / Difficulty: *****
/  Objectives: + Nail off the river tower and center courtyard
               + Suppress the VC for the Huey LZ
               + Knock out the nearby weapon caches
               + Eliminate AA Gun and rescue downed pilot crew

   *You'll be flying in another typical Huey mission when your gunner gets
    sniped off. This can't be good.*

Start firing away at the cannon on the helicopter, and pelt many of the MGs, 
or VC on the ground. Hit the tower near the village with a MG in it. Then, 
concentrate your fire on the center courtyard where there are several ammo 
storages. You should see a large explosion when you know you've done something 
right. Suddenly, an RPG will blast out of a small hooch and hit your chopper. 
You are going down. I repeat, you are going down.

You should wake up near your downed chopper, along with a crapload of VC 
straight ahead of you. Quickly run up to the dirt ledge, prone, and start 
firing away. The RPGs should be your primary threat, because these guys can 
easily knock you out if you give them the time to aim. You'll find them 
usually in white suits, by the rocks standing up. Now that they're down, focus 
your aim on any surrounding Viet Cong. Your Hueys are going to be dropping in, 
but they need the surrounding VC knocked out. Again, mount on the hill, and 
hit the primary tangos. However, I recommend circling your crash site, because 
a series of grenading VC will try to hit your hole. Hit them from behind, 
along with the surrounding faces of the circle. After about 20-30 downed VC, 
your backup Huey will drop in, pick up your commander, and you'll be given 
orders to knock out the remaining rocket sites. You must continue onward to a 
plantation. Move upward, and the screen should load.

On a side note, you have a M21 Sniper Rifle now. This will be useful for 
hitting long-distance targets only. Its scope is unchangeable, making it 
tougher than your typical FPS where you can zoom in/out. Use the M60 for the 
most part. Move up ahead, and you'll have to destroy a rice patte along with 
some ammo storages. Start to nail the VC patrols throughout the jungle. You'll 
find many of them hiding behind trees, along with the side white structures. 
Check the bodies to regain health, and grab an AK47. Set it to semi-auto and 
start to use it against the VC. Move ahead to the main building, but watch for 
side reinforcements to flood out. I found it best to take shelter along the 
right sideline/trees, then periodically pop out, fire a few rounds near the 
windows of the house. There are 5 VC inside. Try fragging it twice, then going 
in through the front. Watch for angled windows though; I got nailed twice from 
em'. Once inside, clear the rooms out, and plant the initial charge. Run away 
though, because the timer speeds up. After destroying the initial wall, the 
rice cache is revealed. There are three guards waiting there though. Pop 
around the door corner and pick them off. There's also a crouched hidden one 
to the right of the blown-up doorway, with some reinforcements to the left. 
Plant the same charge, check the bodies for health/ammo, and continue onward. 

You'll reach a checkpoint up ahead. There will be more guards along with some 
buildings to clear. I found it best to start sniping the outside "perimeters", 
especially the pighole windows where the VC pop out. However, this is an 
infinite spawn location, especially near the left/right. I found it best to 
toss 2-3 grenades where the enemy fire is coming from, rush up along the left, 
and use the front of the building for shelter. Start to nail the guys who 
spawn out from the left/right, hide in the shack, and then they will stop 
respawning. Move forward, and nail the guards in the small paddyshack. Move 
towards the upper right, plant the charge, then move back quite a bit. This 
explosion will be big. Now, once it's clear, you'll receive word from one of 
your choppers that an AA gun is down there somewhere. You now have two 
options. You can go straight through the enemy building to a direct assault on 
the location of the gun, which equals a death trap. Instead, take the route to 
the right. Nail the 3 VC who run away from you in the back. Search their 
bodies. Rush ahead until you're assaulting the location from the right now. I 
found it best to hit the guys from behind the trees. Make your way over to a 
well-looking location, and prone there. Nail the VC that rush out of the 
jungle opposite of you. Watch for tangos on the right as well. Suddenly, one 
of your choppers will get pelted down by the gun. You now must locate the 
missing chopper crew. Head straight ahead, shooting as you move. It should get 
quiet, and a loading point should arrive.

Up ahead, take cover behind the trees. Several VC will be right around the 
corner to the left. Nail them, then you should see the AA Gun in the distance. 
Hide on the split tree to the right where Hodges is. Crouch, pull out your 
sniper rifle, and now, snipe off the two gunners on it. Take out the bunker 
gunner, and default gunner as well. Once cleared, toss a frag grenade at it, 
and it should blow up. You can also destroy it with a satchel charge. Now, 
many VC will rush out of the jungle and start to fire. Take shelter behind a 
tree. Your fellow comrades are trapped in the church from the downed 
helicopter. Now, start to pick off the VC as they rush towards your fellows in 
the church. Eventually, your air support will arrive and nail the VC truck, 
and enemy bunker with RPG support. WHEN THIS HAPPENS, quickly rush towards the 
church. If you wait for the order to go into the church, and attempt to rush, 
you'll be gunned down by the bunker guns in the jungle. When you get into the 
church, grab a Medkit since you'll desperately need it. Now, crouch inside the 
church, and start to gun down the VC out front. Eventually, you will hear 
gunshots from behind. Turn around, and start to nail the rushers from behind. 
One will keep trying to get in a side window with his AK, so nail him down as 

   *After a few minutes of epic battle, your air support will napalm the jungle
    filled with enemy activity. Your rescue helicopter will arrive to pick you
    and your men up. Still, it's looking hectic for a war.*

   ^Dean sends a letter home explaining about what happened during some of the
    battles, and how the constant retreat of the VC Guerrillas is proving to be
    a problematic conflict. He spoke of how his chopper was shot down, and he
    had to rescue a fellow American downed crew. He wants to hear from Jamie
    who is over in boot camp on Parris Island.^

    ___________  ___
   (- CONTACT -)(4.8)
  / Operation: Khe Sanh Hill Fights
 / Difficulty: ****
/  Objectives: + Move on up to observation point
               + Smoke enemy bunker complex
               + Frag or destroy remaining bunker
               + Clear out remaining NVA on hill
               + Report back to Dandridge
               + Ambush NVA troops by river bed

   *A brief video is shown explaining the Khe Sahn Hill Fights. The idea of how
    both sides knew it to be a critical location, the ensuing emotional
    battles, and the fighting off the initial attack was a success. However, in
    less than a year, it would be captured by the NVA in another loss to the
    American establishments.*

   ^Your Dad writes a letter to you explaining how Jamie passed boot camp and
    got posted to the same place you're going (Khe Sahn). He wants you to keep
    an eye out for him, because he doesn't think he has the same toughness as
    you do. Keep in touch.^

   *Your commanding officer wants you and a few other soldiers to go establish
    an enemy activity report near the frontline. There have been several
    reports of roaming NVA units throughout the area. You can take Jamie with
    you as well.*

Start off by moving north. Hold down the right thumbstick to see which soldier 
Jamie is. Once you have him, let him pick up his rifle, and the squad should 
regroup. Now, proceed down the hill. You'll be the lead soldier, so keep your 
head up. A loading point should progress. Continue down towards the river. 
Your brother will whine with Greaser about the reason for the war. Suddenly, 
an enemy sniper will fire a shot near the swampy river. Start to follow him 
down the river. Watch for a soldier up along the left ridge. When you reach 
your fellow comrades, watch out for a soldier on the left, along with 2-3 to 
the right, and one straight ahead behind the rock. Continue down towards the 
right, firing semi-auto shots as you move. When you reach the wounded NVA, 
your fellow soldiers will try to interrogate him. Unfortunately, he dies 
before any intel can be lifted. There's probably an ambush up ahead, so be 
careful. Grab the PU sniper rifle off of the ground.

Move up the hill, and you'll start to take occasional fire. Snipe them off 
with the PU or M16 them. Near the top, an ambush will hit your teammates from 
the side. Retreat back and save them. Continue up, and you'll run into 2-3 NVA 
soldiers, along with a guille-suited sniper. Take them out. Make sure to check 
the bodies for goodies. Proceed up the hill as usual. The next ambush will 
occur about 1/4 of the way up. Take shelter behind a tree, and zoom in with 
the PU. You should see a sniper up top, and a default soldier about halfway up 
near the middle. Move up again. You'll reach a loading point near the top of 
the ridge. Move on up, and this time, you'll face several more NVA disguised 
by trees. This next ambush will cover more of a varying arc, ranging from the 
left to the right of the hill. Concentrate on the left, run over towards the 
left, and continue firing up at the tangos. Your PU should be running low for 
now. Conserve it till you find more ammo unless necessary. Near the top, you 
should curve a turn to the right, and see more NVA in the distance. 
Eventually, RPGs will start to rain the trees. Concentrate on the tangos with 
the RPGs, and then watch for the snipers along the left. Some of them have 
VERY accurate shots. I found it problematic to advance across the left. Your 
best option is to somehow get near the right, and slowly move up. When an 
ambush occurs around the RPG part, a man will enter from BEHIND you at the 
bushes. This is a trick scripting spot, so I recommend you pay careful 
attention. I died several times there.

Progress along the right up the hill, because a series of NVA will appear 
directly to your right. Your teammate should nail them down behind you, or you 
can do it yourself. When you reach the peak of the hill, start to do tree-to-
tree navigation. Go for the thickest/closest trees, hide, fire, and move to 
the next one. Try to use an AK47 instead of your pistol, that way you have a 
M16/AK47 combo. Hodges will let you know when you're fairly close to the 
observation point. Move ahead for a loading point/checkpoint (WHEW!). The next 
area will be a tad more brighter, with less debris in the way. You'll also see 
a dirt-layered path to make it easier to guide to your objective. Start by 
moving forward. You'll suddenly see NVA patrols start to scramble near trees. 
Nail the snipers off, along with the riflemen who hide behind small rocks. 
Continue up the hill, and 2-3 bunkers will start firing down on you. I found 
it best to hide near the left, behind one of the tree trunks slightly in front 
of the others, where Jamie usually crouches. Start to pick off any patrols 
from the left that flank you, then concentrate on the ones up the 
middle/right. You gotta get close enough to smoke it. Move up, and tap Y to 
smoke the bunker. Prone somewhere to avoid the MG fire. A mortar strike will 
eliminate the main bunker, however, one to the right will be left. Take a frag 
grenade, run up, and toss it at the bunker. It should blow up and be 
destroyed. Once this done, clear out the remaining NVA units that rush you. 
Most will come from the main blown-up bunker, although a few others are hidden 
amongst the rocks. Make sure you move up with Hodges when the command is 
given. Regroup with your squad afterwards.

   *Hoss makes a remark at Jamie for not firing his weapon at the enemy. Jamie
    complains about the situation, and Greaser tries to help him out by the
    good old survival theme. You frankly don't give a shiznit.*

After a small loading point, your next objective is to report back to 
Dandridge with your patrolling report. Move back past the artillery shell and 
go near him.

   *The Marines will be constantly firing mortar shells on the enemy when one
    of them overheats. Dandridge orders Hodges to go piss onto it, in order
    to cool it off. What a breezy day. Anyhow, afterwards, a radio report
    comes in stating that several NVA patrols are coming down onto their
    mortar position. Dandridge orders you and your men to setup an ambush
    with claymores to eliminate the patrols.*

Go pick up some rounds for your M16 near the mortar, then head back down to 
the stream. It'll start to rain down light drops, which is the sign of an 
oncoming storm. Move down towards the stream, then cut a left. You gotta find 
a place for those bloody claymores. Move down to where the stream meets an 
intersecting patrol, then move to where the rock is in the middle. Plant the 
two claymores against the rocks, and Hodges will do the same. Now, run back up 
to where the beach is, and where Hodges ran. Wait for 2-4 men to gather up 
near the Claymores, and detonate them with the Clacker. Now, suddenly, a large 
group of NVA will rush out of the jungle. Start picking them off. When you get 
the order to retreat to the mortar position, run back along the stream to the 
base of the hill. Along the way, pick off the NVA opposite of the river. Now, 
there will be about 10 NVA Regulars up top of the hill. Since they have the 
advantage, prone near the rest of your troops, and toss frags up. Knock out 
the proned soldiers first. Then, AK out the rest of them with semi-auto fire. 
Watch for camoed SKS units near the back bushes. Once cleared, Hodges will 
radio it in, and Dandridge will tell you to return. Start to run back up the 
hill towards your compass direction. 

   ^Dean sends a letter home to his parents saying how him and Jamie are
    doing fine. He says within a few weeks, Jamie could be worthy of a good
    Marine. He tries to usher his parents not to worry about him.^

    _____________  ___
   (- HILL 861S -)(4.9)
  / Operation: Khe Sanh Hill Fights
 / Difficulty: ***
/  Objectives: + Defend the hill by staying in your foxhole
               + Meet back at the Command Post via the swamp
               + Defend the hill again, in your foxhole
               + Flank and rid of NVA forces on the hill
               + Retake the hill
   ^Dean writes another letter home letting his father know about the massive
    amounts of NVA in the hills near Khe Sahn. Regardless, Jamie says hello,
    and Dean speaks about some of the members in his squad. However, something
    BIG is about to happen.^

You'll start off with a loaded M60 in your foxhole. Suddenly, Jamie mentions 
something about seeing movement in the distance. When the NVA rush up the 
hill, start firing away. Most of them will come from the lower right. Focus 
your fire on them. Many of them will toss stick grenades at your foxhole. If 
one lands in, try to run in the farthest corner away from it. Keep firing 
away. You should encounter about 40 in total, with a few to the left as well. 
Eventually, your own mortar fire will start to rain down on your bunker 
positions. Hodges gets the OK from command to retreat. Start to do so. Run to 
the lower right corner of your bunker and follow your men up the hill. A 
loading point should progress. You'll now have to move through a swamp to your 
command post. Proceed along the left. You'll see some NVA scattering in the 
distance. Along the left, watch for a few in the distance along the sharpblade 
leaves. Move down the left path, but watch for a few Regulars behind you in 
the distance. As you move down the left, nail the crouching soldiers inside 
the bush. You can find a TYPE56 rifle off of one of the NVA bodies. Around one 
of the cliche corners, 3 NVA will pop out of the left side bush. Nail them 
down, and proceed towards the objective. You should reach a checkpoint up 
ahead. As you progress along, you'll run into some wetlands.

An explosion should occur on one of the small islands from a landmine. The NVA 
are fairly close. Mortar strikes will start to rain down on the swamp. Move 
along the left wall, and watch out for a MG bunker gun in the swamp. Use your 
M60 and "spray fire" by doing auto fire over a given arc. Try to clear out any 
NVA hiding behind trees. There will be 3-4 to the left of the bunker. 
Meanwhile, the mortar fire gets fairly close to your position; avoid 
crouching/standing still. Keep on moving forward, but keep to the left so your 
compass direction is straight. There's another hidden bunker up ahead with an 
RPD that must be taken out. Watch for the quick patrol rush of Regulars along 
the right. Thankfully, the TYPE56s are fairly weak, and won't do extreme 
damage like the AKs did before. Continue ahead. You'll reach a loading point 
up ahead. Now, run up to where Dandridge is.

   *He'll inform you that most of his left flank has been overrun by NVA. It's
    up to you and these guys to help defend the hill in your foxholes.*

Quickly jump down and follow your compass. Your foxhole is right up top near 
the other ones. Make sure you grab an ammo box before jumping in. Now, prone, 
and start firing away with the M60. Pelt down as many of the NVA as you can. 
The attack will consist of about 35-50, mainly from the middle/left flanks. 
There will be RPGs on the assault, which should be your priority to take out. 
Watch for crouched Regulars down to the left right near your foxhole. Keep 
firing at them, and switching to your other weapons to fire them out. Reload 
your M60 sparingly, because grenades and the flow of NVA will be a constant 
threat. Afterwards, your squadmates will cheer when most of the NVA attack has 
been held off. Get out of your foxhole, and go meet up with Dandridge.

   *He'll tell you that now is the perfect time to counterattack against the
    NVA since they've lost most of their flank. He wants you and somebody
    else to go drive down on the Mule and clear out the remaining NVA.*

Press Y next to the mule, and you'll go hitch a ride down the hill with 
Greaser. A loading point should progress after a bit. You'll start to move 
down the hill via the Mule. Watch out for the 3-4 lone Regulars that will 
ambush you. Nail them down, and your Mule should crash. Once on ground, go 
down slight off course of your objective, and nail off the NVA. You'll run 
into 5-6 Regulars near a log, by some trees that must be eliminated. A well 
placed nade can get rid of the ones behind the log. Move forward past the gas-
lit torches. You'll run into another NVA establishment along the left, with an 
RPG behind the tree, a few Regulars, and some crouched snipers along the 
right. Flank them, kill them, then your fellow Marines will rush up the hill 
being chased by mortar fire. Start retreating back to the hill where Dandridge 
is. Follow your compass, and DON'T attempt to check bodies because the mortar 
fire has locking-on capabilities. You'll now be at the base of the hill. 
Dandridge and his men will rush up the left flank. Immediately, take cover 
behind a dirt patch by proning, and M60 away the NVA which rush on the small 
pathway to the right. Nail them down, and kill them all before progressing. I 
actually had hardly any life left at this point, and died several times 
because of random turret fire from the bunker at the top. Now, once they're 
dead, rush ahead, check their bodies, and get to the base of the hill.

Take out the main bunker by tossing two grenades, and shooting the guards 
inside. There will be a MG nest to the right which has to be eradicated. Just 
snipe the guards off to make it easy. Once that's down, go meet up with 
Dandridge who is on the left of the hill. Rush up, crouch next to him, and 
your men will gradually progress up. Snipe away NVA Regulars that rush from 
the top. The bunker should keep heavy fire on your position though. If you 
notice, one of your men to the left SHOULD have a M67 Rocket Launcher, and he 
will die while firing it. Stay with Dandridge, but snipe away the guards near 
Hodges who will rush towards the front of it. Hodges will be hit. Run up to 
the dead body of the man who had the Rocket Launcher, and check his body. Now 
that you have it, three rockets should put the bunker complex out of 
commission, permanently. If that doesn't work, you can rush up, and attempt to 
plant C4, but many NVA will overrun you. You're probably out of grenades, so 
they'll be useless as well. When it blows up, the NVA will retreat. Go check 
on Hodges.

   *Hodges is dead, and Hoss freaks out. He calls Dandridge disrespectful, but
    he's just trying to do his job.*

   ^A letter is written home explaining how the NVA counterattacked their
    position on the hill, and they nearly lost it. Pat Hodges was lost in the
    process. Dandridge, yourself, and Hoss have been shipped off to the MACV
    base in Hue, while Jamie and the others are left behind at another station.
    Greaser and Smooth say they'll keep a lookout for him.^

    _____________________  ____
   (- MACV BASE DEFENSE -)(4.10)
  / Operation: Tet Offensive
 / Difficulty: **
/  Objectives: + Defend the northern wall
               + Regroup with the Officers, and fend off the NVA
               + Move to the NE flank, and man the bunker
               + Hold off the oncoming NVA attack
               + Eliminate the RPGs

   *A brief clip is shown explaining the Tet Offensive, which was a major
    coordinated NVA attack on a series of locations across South Vietnam on
    the Vietnamese New Year Holiday, also known as Tet. Many locations got
    overrun, with the exception of the MACV Base, and ARVN Headquarters.*

   ^Dean sends a letter home talking about the Christmas spirit, and how he
    misses the guys from 3rd Battalion. At least the beds and sheets are a
    lot more comfortable than back at Khe Sahn. On a side note, he's looking
    forward as to how Tet will be celebrated in Vietnam.^

   *You and the guys will be sitting in the bunker, when Hoss blurts out about
    he and Shep will be going home soon. It's obvious that they're fairly
    drunk, thanks to mulitple booz. Suddenly, one of the guys brings in a
    Vietnamese Hooker to play partytime with. Fireworks going off, and startle
    the men. Then, an RPG rocks the front of the barracks, and knocks them out.
    Go follow Hoss to grab a weapon.*

After you get outside, the entire base will be rocked by attacks. You'll only 
have a M1911 pistol, which is fairly useless. Watch your three allies explode 
thanks to a rocket, then grab a CAR-15 off of their body. Follow Hoss, and the 
gate will explode. Gun down the 6-8 NVA which blast through the perimeter. 
Now, continue to the right, and get some ammo off of the allie's body. Around 
the corner will be a lined stack of barrels. Take cover near the barracks to 
the right, peek around the corner, and pick off the NVA which strafe across 
attempting to enter the perimeter. After about 20 NVA, Hoss will let the other 
allies hold them off. Meanwhile, he calls in for reinforcements in a nearby 
radio room. He'll tell you to go to your bunker and help defend against the 
attack. Go out the blown-open door. A loading point should progress.

Move up ahead, and you'll notice NVA are attacking through a north gateway. 
Start off by going near the first blown-up bunker, but peek around the corner. 
Snipe off the RPG on the second floor in one of the windows. If you miss this 
guy, you'll die. Kill the closest NVA, jump in the bunker, and hop onto the 
MG. Start blasting away the NVA that rush you. If they manage to toss a 
grenade inside, lay off, and pick up the Med Kit off the ground. Otherwise, 
hold down suppressive fire on the NVA until you're given orders to move to the 
Officers' Quarters. Thankfully, there are only about 10-15 to deal with. Jump 
out, and proceed down towards the right. Several explosions will occur, along 
with loss of life. When you get fairly close, one of the officers will say he 
needs your help. Follow him up the stairs, then go across and into the bunker 
room. Grab a hold of the turret, and start to snipe off the NVA in the 
courtyard. They will rush out of one of the nearby apartment buildings. Help 
the two stranded Marines. Eventually, the bus will explode, and they will die. 
Continue to kill them till the Australians radio in for an ammo refill at 
Bunker 1. Run back down the stairs, and cut a right. A quick NVA truck will 
plummet through. Kill the troops that hop out (about 4-6). Now run over 
towards your next objective. The Australians will take your delightful ammo, 
but say there's no room for you. Rush over to the Northeast Bunker. You'll 
find a lone soldier battling away NVA Regulars. Start firing away. Pick up the 
M79 Launcher and ammo. Keep firing away with your CAR-15, and switch to the 
M79 if you run into a cluster. An NVA Truck will come in near the end. Nail it 
out with the M79.

Now, your bunker will be destroyed. You're told to go back to the main 
entrance. Rush back, and suddenly, the perimeter will be breached. Combat off 
the 5 NVA who rush in. Climb up the tower, and it will get blown with some 
RPGs. Snipe the RPGs off the roof across the area with your CAR-15. I found it 
too difficult to use the M79. If the RPGs get too close, jump out of the 
tower. WHATEVER you do, don't die. Eventually, an American tank will arrive, 
and blast the building where the RPGs were firing from.

   ^Your Dad will write a letter home saying how he's worried about you again,
    after watching the news reports on how many locations were attacked all
    over Vietnam. He knows you only have a few more weeks left on your Tour
    of Duty.^

    _________________________  ____
   (- HOUSE-TO-HOUSE COMBAT -)(4.11)
  / Operation: Tet Offensive
 / Difficulty: ****
/  Objectives: + Clear out initial Rocket Crew
               + Establish and clear out the Administration Building
               + Clear out the back streets leading up to the Church
               + Clear out the Church

   ^You'll receive a letter from an outside Captain who has assigned you to
    an offensive unit to help take back some infested areas of Hue. He
    understands that you were pretty much on R&R to get back home, but every
    man is necessary now that the war has shifted tides.^

   *Dandridge and a few others will be hiding by an APC when some gunfire
    starts to rain down on you. You must reach a certain area in the city
    in order to establish a key presence, and push off VC resistance.*

You'll notice that you're in the middle of a large street, with a tank in 
front of you for support. Start off by moving to the right of the tank. CAR-15 
away the VC that run onto the street, and hit the 2-3 NVA up on the apartment 
balconies. Your tank will fire cannon shells for support, but there will be 
rocket crews around the street corner. Pick off the tangos near the street 
corners, crouched behind objects, and standing around. Once the crews are 
eliminated, your tank will cannon out the MG bunkers stationed in each of the 
buildings. The remaining hostiles are straight ahead, mostly in elevated 
positions, although you'll find a few behind trees. Now, return to the tank, 
and it will cut a left. It should blast through the street barricade.

This next part is VERY tough, because you're probably low on health as it is. 
Rather than waiting for the tank to clear things, I simply stood right next to 
it as it went right through. I molded my butt as close as I could to the back 
of the tank for cover, then shot the two men immediately to my left when in 
view. Now, shift to your right, crouch, and nail the other 2-3 NVA. From here, 
I got extremely lucky because I managed to prone over to a dead body, and 
replenish my health while the tank takes out the mainstream bunker and 
assisting MGs. Your own tank will get destroyed by an RPG, but the main fence 
to the administration building should be breached. The bodies disappear in 
waves, so check the bodies before they vanish. There should be two more NVA 
left along the upper left, then you have a clear path into the building. Move 
forward through, and you'll reach a loading point. You and Dandridge, along 
with two soldiers, will be on the lower floor. Start off by gunning down the 
NVA in the main hall. There will be 2-3 in the right one as well, which should 
be dealt with. Go down the right hall, and watch for a few NVA hiding behind 
pillars to the diagonal left. A large explosion should rock the right wall. 
There will be a MG bunker, along with several NVA inside. Try flushing it with 
a frag grenade first, then peeking around the corner, and picking off the men 
behind the sandbag bunker. Proceed into the right room, and 5 NVA Regulars 
will be ready to greet you. Just keep cover, peek out, and nail them down. You 
should be able to find plenty of Med Kits on the Regulars. 

Move ahead down the hall, then cut a left. You'll have another room to deal 
with, filled with NVA. Thankfully, the checkpoint from before is fairly 
helpful. Just use the same peeking tactics. When you reach the next hall, 
watch for the corner. There's another long-range turret. More NVA will be 
disguised behind tables and small, minute structures. You may find the RPD 
ideal to use now, due to its large clip compared to the CAR. Now, once you're 
through the last series of rooms, head outside. A loading point should 
progress. You'll now be on another busy street. This time we have to advance 
onto a church. There should be two RPGs straight ahead. Move up till you're 
behind one of the destroyed cars, and use it for shelter. RPD off the RPGs 
(the left one is behind a tree, right by a blown-up car). Continue ahead. A 
lone soldier will rush out of a left building. Continue along the left, and 
hide inside the one aclove close to the intersection on the right. Now, snipe 
off the RPG on the ground level, then focus on taking out the MG turret up 
top, along with the two other NVA sentries. Now that they're down, move ahead. 
More NVA will rush from the left. Cut a right down the street, but keep near 
the left-hand side under the MG turret. About 5-6 NVA will appear as you get 
to the mid-section, mainly from the side balconies. Watch for a series on 
ground level with RPDs who will take shelter under concrete pillars. You 
should be able to find a Med Kit on one of them.

Up ahead, there will be a few side MGs hidden behind cars. Simply shoot them 
away. Suddenly, the church tower will start firing away with a RPD and a RPG. 
Your best bet is to pull out your RPD, and simply fire away at the tower. Keep 
it busy since you'll have a rocket tank move up, breach the perimeter, and 
blast the spot where the RPG normally is. Now, head on in. Watch for the NVA 
Regulars who rush the church courtyard in an attempt to defend it. Nail them 
down, and make sure the man behind the wall on the left has been eliminated. 
Now, go in through the front door. Try to take out as many enemies as possible 
before heading on in. There are some behind the pillars near each side, and a 
couple behind the rock structures in the middle. Watch out for the crouched 
enemy at the far end of the room. He's not visible until you pop one of the 
corners. Matter of fact, he nailed me twice as I progressed through here. 
Finally, there is one more NVA soldier in the room on the left. Go outside to 
the back courtyard.

   *Dandridge, Hoss, and yourself run across a mass grave filled with
    Vietnamese citizens dead. Apparently, the NVA weren't too fond of

   ^Dean writes a letter home saying that most of the news media is portraying
    the war as a one-sided conflict, and not mentioning the mass graves that
    the NVA filled up in many of the cities. He says he safe, and also hears
    that Jamie is doing fine up in Khe Sahn.^

    ______________________  ____
   (- HUE COUNTER-ATTACK -)(4.12)
  / Operation: Tet Offensive
 / Difficulty: ***
/  Objectives: + Advance to the ARVN Base
               + Clear out the initial MG and Sniper threats
               + Clear the Factory of hostiles
               + Engage NVA Forces in city
               + Secure first building and follow Ontros tank
               + Destroy the Flame Tank
               + Eliminate the NVA forces attacking the ARVN Base
               + Destroy the second Flame Tank

   ^You receive a letter from a ARVN Captain Commander stating that he needs
    your help in retaking the Citadel in Hue, to push the NVA forces out of
    South Vietnamese territory. Dandridge has approved the assignment, and
    the CPT has heard highly of your success with the ARVN Rangers back in
    the mossy jungles. He would greatly appreciate it if you would assist
    the South Vietnamese in taking back the urban Citadel headquarters.^

Start off by getting out of the APC and following your ARVN commander. He 
should run up a pelted alley. Immediately, there will be a mounted MG straight 
ahead, slightly elevated. Snipe it off with the CAR-15. Then, look to your 
upper left, and pelt the AK sniper. Some troops will be on the ground, but 
nothing you cannot handle. Move to the right, and there will be two snipers in 
the upper right window, with some normal NVA to the left. Watch for another MG 
straight ahead. Several NVA on the left will fire upon you, along with an 
explosion near a broken-down bus. After the explosion, go to the left, and 
take out the AK guards. Climb up the small wooden plank, and pick up the 
sniper ammo/Med Kit. Now, look diagonally across towards the right, and snipe 
the RPG in the 3rd window to the left. Now, go back down, and eliminate the 
ground forces approaching your position. Move along the left, and again, about 
4-5 men will come from the left alley around the corner. I found it best to 
take cover near the broken APC, and snipe them away. There will be an RPG on 
the peak of the hill. Toss a frag grenade or simply stand and do a quick shot. 
Climb the other wooden plank along the left wall, and you'll find more useful 
PU ammo. 

Climb back down, and watch out for some forces on the left. Run straight 
across into a building alley which is fairly blown to pieces. Don't continue 
down the road as there are numerous NVA, and it's unnecessary to the 
objective. Go through the alley, and kill the 3 NVA who pop from their 
corners. You should reach a checkpoint. Now, your lead person should rush on 
in. An MG will start firing at him. Pull out your PU and snipe the MG 
personnel down. Watch out for a close NVA guard to your right. Head straight 
ahead into the next infrastructure. Take out the 2 NVA Forces to the left, and 
the one in front of you. One will quickly pop up from a broken wall. Now, you 
will be given orders to exit the building, and head up to the ARVN Base. Move 
on out, nail the 2 NVA on the ground, and the one in the upper window. Walk up 
the planks, grab the sniper ammo, and then head back down. Before jumping 
down, there will be a civilian with a RPD below you, and a MG will hop into 
place in one of the upper windows along the right. Watch for a QUICK rush of 2 
NVA Soldiers to your left, from a back alley. Once it's cleared, rush ahead 
with the rest of the men. A loading point should progress.

First of all, you'll be at another industrial section of the city. By now, 
your PU should have well over 50 spare rounds to be fired. So start cracking 
the whip. Aim straight ahead the factory, and look slightly up. Snipe off the 
MG turret, the man behind him. Shift your vision left, and take out the two 
other snipers. There will be two snipers on the ground to the left, a few to 
the right behind debris. There will be a sniper right above you, in the right 
building. You can flank him via the wooden plank, or by going under the second 
floor, and shooting through the crack. Another sniper will appear in the top 
window of a building along the right wall. Now, move to the base of the 
factory. You'll find a door entrance along the right. Head on in, and round 
the corner. Snipe the man in the upper window, then shift your vision to the 
upper right, nail the camoed guy, and finally annihilate the man at the top of 
the stairs. Make sure you keep your eyes open. Any man you did not snipe 
before may still be alive up above. You'll find more PU ammo, along with a Med 
Kit on the top floor. Go across the top railing to the other side, turn left, 
and kill the crouch guard. Go downstairs, meet up with Van Bao, and he'll 
plant a charge against the rear of the factory wall. Move away as it explodes, 
then head on through.

You'll find an MG to your right which has to be sniped, 2 NVA forces on the 
ground below him, a RPD to your upper left, and a camoed soldier on the ground 
behind debris. Now that this area has been flushed like toilet paper, head 
down the left alley. Walk up the wooden plank, and kill the NVA Soldier below 
you. Move to the far end, watch out for the grenade. Now, prone, and peek out 
to the left. Hit the 2 NVA Soldiers opposite of you in the windows. Jump down, 
peek around the corner again, and snipe off the MG. There will be a few 
soldiers on the ground below him which need to be eradicated. Move ahead, and 
cut a left. You'll find some ammo in the building corner. Now, go right 
towards the burning store. Go down the roa. Take it slow into the new 
destroyed area. Along the right, you'll find 3 NVA Soldiers in this rugged 
building. Many of them will toss stick grenades. Retreat back when they do. 
Clear it out, then focus on the left. Snipe off any exposed threats. Go back 
to the right, and head on through. Some NVA forces will rush from the upper 
left doorway. AK them out of the way; watch for grenades. Now, move through 
the door, and proceed to the next part of the city. A loading point should 

Up ahead, there will be 4 turrets across two buildings. Unfortunately, the 
game prevents you from sniping them down. Pull out your M79 and blast all 4 
away. Your rocket tank will come through and blast a hole in the nearby wall 
to advance. Head on through, and AK down the 6-7 NVA Forces which come out of 
the alley. Pop the corner, and M79 the turret out. Then move ahead. Look at 
where Hoss is crouching. Enter through this doorway, and quickly eliminate the 
3 NVA Forces which spawn out. They should appear on the left and right. 
Proceed up the stairs, but do it slowly. There's one NVA soldier behind the 
barricaded furniture. Toss a frag grenade, or M79 the roof to help clear him 
out. Turn to the left, peek around the corner, and snipe off the last soldier 
behind the boxes. Go all the way around, pick up the Buckshot ammo, and then 
had back down behind your Ontros tank. It will make a few curves, and get 
blown to pieces by 2 bastardous RPGs. You must now find a way into the 
courtyard. Some NVA will appear right into the building to your left. Snipe 
them through the windows with your AK, and head on through via the small 
doorway. Now, you'll be surrounded by NVA forces. There will be about 2-3 
turrets to deal with. One in the upper right at a diagonal angle behind a 
window. Go out the doorway you came in, and M79 it. The other two are on the 
left where Van Bao is. Simply snipe them away with the PU. After killing the 
remaining forces, a NVA Flame Tank will arrive to the scene.

This is the biggest, baddest, and hell-made creature you'll face during the 
game. It's basically an instant kill if you get hit by the bright yellow beam 
in the middle of the flames. To eliminate him, start off by going out into the 
open, and sniping off each of the 3-4 RPGs in the upper right building. These 
guys are very annoying. Now, you have TWO choices on eliminating it. You can 
either attempt to get behind it, plant a charge, run for cover, and hope it 
blows up. Or, you can take the tougher path, enter the building where the RPGs 
were, pick up an RPG, and fire 3 shots to destroy it. I took the RPG route 
because it's the main purpose of the RPG gunners, and the "ultimate" way of 
destroying it. To get there, run along the right, using the debris for partial 
cover against the flame. Wait for it to get distracted, then sprint past the 
right corner, and snipe the two NVA Forces at the doorway. Some more NVA will 
rush from around the building, and you should pop them out. Now, once inside, 
you'll have three floors to clear. Most of the guards are hidden around 
corners, so use a cautious approach, peek, and fire. Don't run right through 
like John Rambo. The stairs will be tough, because there are occasional tangos 
behind the barricaded furniture. The buckshot was fairly useless in my 
opinion, because of the delay per shot reload. Keep moving up to the top, and 
you'll find the RPG in the upper corner stacked by some boxes. Grab it, move 
over to the closer window, fire 3 direct shots, and the Flame Tank will be 

The ALTERNATE approach is to get behind the tank, find the yellow icon, hold 
down Y (don't get crushed or flamed), and run. I never did it myself, so it 
may be tougher to do. You'll have enemy tangos firing on you while you do it 
though. Once you've destroyed the tank, you're told to go meet Van Bao on the 
first floor of the RPG building. Go down, plant a satchel charge on the debris 
in the doorway, move, and then wait for it to blow. Head on through. A loading 
point should progress. Suddenly, the air will be raining with mortar. Take 
shelter in the nearby building, and make sure to gun down the two foolish NVA 
who rush you. Move ahead, and a few more will attempt release. Run out the 
doorway, and there should be plenty of black smoke. Peek around the corner, 
and you'll have 10 NVA Regulars in the upper left, a MG in the upper right, 
along with some ground units. M79 out the MG, snipe off the reinforcements 
along the left. Proceed along with ease. Again, you may have to M79 another 
sniper who appears in a barred upper left window. He was difficult to hit with 
the sniper rifle. Move ahead, and around the corner, the NVA will be 
assaulting the ARVN base. It shall be under heavy fire.

Start off by shooting the men that are coming around the perimeter. Artillery 
will be raining down on you like Armageddon. M79 the MG right above you, at 
the edge of the building. Then, rush over to the ARVN bunker. Pick up M79 
ammo, RPG rockets, and Med Kits. Start sniping off the NVA inside the building 
windows. Watch for an RPG in one of the right windows. Now, another FLAME TANK 
will approach the scene. This time, you'll have trouble killing it, because 
you should only have 1-2 Rockets. If you have all 3, shoot them away. 
Otherwise, flank the Flame Tank from around back, plant the Satchel Charge, 
then run away. Watch for NVA flankers on the left; they shot me quite often. 
It shall blow up, and the NVA will start to retreat. Hoorah! 

   ^Van Bao sends you a thanking letter for showing your valor and courage on
    the battlefield in combating against the Communist attack. You not only
    saved the day, but you kicked more butt than the rice paddies bouncing on
    the swamps. He says you will always be remembered for helping the South
    Vietnamese people.^

    ____________________  ____
   (- BACK TO KHE SANH -)(4.13)
  / Operation: Tet Offensive
 / Difficulty: ****
/  Objectives: + Find Jamie
               + Prevent NVA from destroying bunker
               + Advance to Jamie's Outpost
               + Fend off NVA attack
               + Rescue Jamie, and bring back to Khe Sanh Base

   *Another brief history clip is shown explaining the second conflict at
    Khe Sanh where 40,000 Communist troops could not take over the American
    Base being defended by 5,000 American Marines. Sappers attempted to dig
    tunnels, and the NVA launched rockets at the fuel storage. Regardless,
    this was like the Alamo, Nam' style.*

   ^A letter is written from Dean to Captain Dandridge explaining how Dean
    & Hoss want to go help Dandridge as he returns to Khe Sanh, where the
    situation is brutal. It won't be pretty, but Dean wants to make sure
    his brother is alright during the siege. He knows they can use every man
    they got.^

   *You'll be on a cargo plane, along with several other Marines. Dandridge
    gives you word that you should run to the left, where the trenches are,
    and not to the right, where the heavy fire from the NVA is coming.
    Suddenly, Dandridge gets pelted by some AA gun fire, and dies. Your plane
    will land, but the back hatch comes off, and you jump out while in motion.
    You land, the plane explodes, and mortar fire is everywhere.*

Hold down the right thumbstick to see where Hoss is, and follow him. He'll 
lead you to a bunker trench where you guys have to hold down. Follow him into 
the interior of the base, and into the trench. After the loading point, you'll 
go through a series of progressive checkpoints. You'll eventually reach 
two "high" Marines, who say they don't know where Jamie is. Hell, they don't 
even know him. If anything though, he'd probably be laying low in his bunker. 
Now that you have the point, follow the new path via your compass. You'll see 
several explosions and Marines being blown to pieces. You'll end up reaching a 
group of Marines, with a Captain who orders you to man the bunker gun. You 
must prevent the Sappers from destroying this bunker. I've found this to be an 
extremely tough part on the HARD difficulty, because the NVA units that 
approach the bunker both SHOOT and explode when in proximity. The best 
strategy is to let Cpt. Maynard run in first, make sure you have full health 
before attempting to hop onto the M60, and then taking the LEFT M60 gun. Now, 
simply hold down on the R trigger, and hold down the B button at the same 
time. Start shooting back and forth. DO NOT burst fire. If you attempt to 
minimize the recoil, you'll easily get pelted and die. Simply hold it down, 
yield the gun back and forth. It took me several retries to get this done on 
HARD. There are about 25 NVA in total. Afterwards, go follow Maynard. You 
should have 2 Med Kits on the ground next to the left M60. Turn around and cut 
a right down the small road. You'll reach a small bunker area with shelter, 
along with a cozy loading point.

   *Maynard will inform you that he received radio word from your brother's
    crew, who is stuck outside the perimeter under heavy NVA fire. You and
    Hoss are going to go out there, and save him before the B52's bomb the
    crud out of the NVA in the streamline.*

You must now escort Cpt. Maynard through the American base. Hold down the 
right thumbstick to see his name, and simply follow him. You should see a Mule 
drive by. Eventually, you'll hear Hoss say that they're inside the wire. This 
means the NVA have penetrated the base. Around the tent corner, pop the 2 NVA 
Regulars. One will be running, while the other is mounted behind some 
sandbags. Three more will be there to reinforce, and use your CAR to really 
put them down for the count. The blown up fuel dump barrels will distort your 
vision, so be weary. You'll have to take point in the nearby trench. Kill the 
strafing NVA, then peek right and nail the lone guard. Peek out the left 
corner, and hit the camoed NVA hiding up top near some smoking barrels. Go 
left. Kill the NVA who pops the corner along the trenchline, then continue 
around. Check his body for a Med Kit. Another NVA will be hiding along some 
barrels right to your upper left. Move on up, and you'll have 2 more tangos to 
take out directly in front of you. Now, you must follow Maynard to the base 
perimeter. He'll be directly in front of you. Along the way, you'll pass some 
mortar lines, along with enemy contact in the distance.

   *Maynard will inform you that they have lost contact for nearly a half hour,
    and you're all alone. He'll radio down some reinforcements in a bit.*

A loading point should progress. You'll now be on a dirt road, with artillery 
occasionally raining down on you. Up ahead is an NVA patrol. Move past the 
wheel cart and engage the tangos. Two of them are on the right behind some 
tree stumps, but be careful, there's a third behind a fire along the left 
wall. Proceed ahead. You'll reach a checkpoint. Up ahead, you'll be ambushed 
by 5-6 NVA Regulars along the right wall. Simply crouch in the swamp and pick 
them off. You'll also be forced to engage another series of NVA (after you 
eliminate the first) directly in front of you. These guys are tougher, and 
have better protection. Go along the right trees, use them for cover, and pick 
away. At the destroyed cart, you'll find a Med Kit, and some ammo for your 
CAR. Past the truck, you may see an enemy hide behind green bamboo pipes along 
the right. Toss a frag grenade, then charge with Hoss and take him out. There 
will be another NVA in front of you. Now, go down the left path. Up ahead, 
watch for an NVA ambush on BOTH sides. There will be 3-4 primarily coming out 
of the left, with another two on the right. Some may appear behind you. Always 
crouch when being attacked from the sides or behind. Hoss may get pelted down 
a few times. Don't worry about him, he'll get up, but you'll be without 
support fire for a bit. There is some ammo and a Med Kit next to the downed 
Huey. Once you're ready, proceed ahead. Go down the right path and you'll run 
into a loading point.

In this next swampy area, run ahead and kill the two NVA behind the bush. 
After the dead bodies, you'll run into several more NVA along the left side, 
and one directly in front of you. I found it best to curl against the right 
bush, especially the tall bamboos. Try to frag grenade the AK snipers on the 
hill behind the logs, since they're almost impossible to snipe off with the 
crappy CAR. You can find more ammo near the front of the truck. Continue ahead 
until you see a dirt mound along the left. Snipe the men in front of you, and 
try to nade the two behind the dirt mound. It's fairly tough. Crouch and use 
the mound for cover. Try tossing a grenade slightly past it to clear out any 
hidden tangos. You should be running out on grenades by now. Run ahead into 
the checkpoint. Up ahead will be a hill with an infinite amount of NVA that 
spawn out of the side corridors. The problem is that they'll keep mounting and 
firing upon you. You must crouch-advance by sniping them off. I found the best 
route to run along the spiky logs along the left of the hill, since the enemy 
primarily spawn from the right junglescape. Make your way up into the dark 
trench, and it'll tell you to go find Jamie. Now, when you reach the first 
inlet to the right, crouch peek and snipe the guy above the walkway. Do the 
same for next inlet to the left. Continue ahead.

When you reach the straight-ahead trench, sprint towards your fellow allies 
and Shepard. Run behind the log where the ammo is and crouch. There should be 
3 NVA Regulars directly in front of you that have to be shot away. One more 
will be along the left crouching behind a log. When they're dead, quickly 
swivel your view, and hide behind a barrel. Snipe off the NVA rush of about 6 
directly behind you. Now, you must get to a turret and fend off the NVA 
bastards. Use the same strategy with the first turret as you did. Remember 
though, you only have one Med Kit next to you. The turret is right in front of 
the base. Hold down firing ALL the time, regardless of the recoil. If you try 
burst firing, you're going to run into tremendous trouble. Just hold down the 
trigger, and do your best to spread the love around. You'll face about 35 NVA 
Regulars this time.

   *A sapper will eventually reach your bunker, and it will be destroyed.
    Unfortunately, Jamie gets hit by enemy fire and collapses. You gung-ho
    him over your shoulder, and start to carry him away.*

Similar to the kidnapping mission from before, you must carry Jamie all the 
way back to the Khe Sahn base while firing at enemies. Start to run towards 
your allies backwards. Go through the straight trench. Jog down to the hill, 
and you'll face several NVA who spawn from the right jungle. Continue 
downward. At the bottom, more NVA will be ahead of you, and from the left 
jungle. You'll have Greaser and Smooth, who are VERY helpful along the way. 
From here on, most of the NVA will be hiding BEHIND green bamboo poles. Crouch-
peek shoot them. Keep jogging along past the blown-up truck. Eventually, 
you'll get an "airstrikes imminent" message. Start to run. About 6-7 NVA 
Regulars will sprint from the right jungles where the bombs are dropping. Gun 
them down QUICKLY. I happened to kill most of them out of luck, especially on 
my CAR reloads. Run to the loading screen for a quick breather.

   *A movie is shown with Hoss, Smooth, Greaser, and Dean carrying Jamie on his
    shoulders up to the Khe Sanh Base. Hoss guns down some NVA before moving
    onward. Suddenly, a NVA soldier thinks he hears something. Several B52
    bombers destroy the entire unit chasing Dean and his company.*

   *An ending movie briefly sums up the story. Hoss and Dean caught a freedom
    bird back home two days after Khe Sanh. Jamie and the others had to
    stay on for a couple of more weeks, but Jamie was fine in one of those
    medical hospitals. Everyone eventually got home safe and sound. General
    Westmoreland was suppose to be there in person to award them medals, but
    he was a no show. Many of the men try to block out the envisions of death.
    The public never knew truly of what happened in Vietnam, nor would they
    care. However, at least the soldiers would knew what happened back there -
    Men of Valor!*

              |\_______________ (_____\\______________    THE END
              ' ~""""""""""""""`##(_))#H\"""""Y########
                                ))    \#H\       `"Y###
                                "      }#H)          


- 5) Weapons               -
Vietnam was all about intense combats in both close quarters and unknown 
quadrants, along with disguised enemies. So what does this have to do with 
weapons? Plenty. The Communists were supplying the NVA with Russian-style 
weapons, while the South Vietnamese and Allies had American weapons. Men of 
Valor features a plethora of authentic guns from BOTH sides of the war, such 
as the AK-47, M-16, and M79 Grenade Launcher. This section will briefly 
profile each, along with rate them, and give a small description on their 
usefulness. Ratings will be based on a 1-5 * scale, with 5 being the best.

                                     AMERICAN GUNS

     ::==--> M14 <--==::
     //  POWER: ****
     \\ RECOIL: ***
     //  SPEED: **
     \\OVERALL: ***
- Normally equipped to typical infantry units, the M14 Carbine is a basic 
battle rifle designed for long-range encounters. It only fires via a semi-
automatic mode, but has great accuracy on long range tangos, and was a cheap 
alternative during the Vietnam War. Was actually invented during World War II, 
usually given to Staff Sergeants. Aside from the fact, it's delay between 
shots is bad for close encounters, and it cannot switch modes.

     ::==--> M16 <--==::
     //  POWER: ***
     \\ RECOIL: **
     //  SPEED: ****
     \\OVERALL: ***
- The M16 was the most commonly used gun during the war. It's an enhancement 
to the M14, because it can be switched to auto gun fire in close combat 
situations. It also has a longer stock build for hitting long range targets as 
well. The only problem with this gun is that it has a 20-round clip, and is 
barely as powerful as the M14's damage per bullet. The small clip runs out in 
hardly any time, and you'll find yourself scrambling for space. Regardless, it 
is still a well-used firearms in any situation.

     ::==--> M60 <--==::
     //  POWER: ****
     \\ RECOIL: ****
     //  SPEED: ***
     \\OVERALL: *****
- This is the absolute best gun you can get as an American. The M60 is a heavy 
mounted-designed machine gun for providing suppressive fire in tense 
situations. It can be carried near the waist as an interesting primary weapon. 
It has a huge 100-round clip, but each bullet does extreme damage. Recoil in 
auto-fire is huge, but controllable with the right person. This is VERY useful 
on multiplayer, especially in ambush spots where you prone, or in close 
situations where you can just hold down the trigger. This is my personal 

     ::==--> M79 <--==::
     //  POWER: *****
     \\ RECOIL: *
     //  SPEED: *
     \\OVERALL: ****
- The M79 Grenade Launcher is designed as a support weapon, for knocking out 
established targets with explosive radius. It can fire grenade rounds which 
arc in a pattern towards destination. It takes some practice to aim the arc, 
but once you knock it down, you can hit almost any ranged target (camping or 
mobile). Unfortunately, after each shot, a new gauge must be reloaded. This 
makes you well exposed. If you switch modes, it will load Buckshot bullets 
which can be used much like a shotgun in close range. One shot is deadly, but 
they must BE close. Again, you're exposed as you reload the Buckshot bullet. 
Many people can wield this gun with deadliness, but I tend to avoid it.

     ::==--> M1911 <--==::
     //  POWER: ***
     \\ RECOIL: ***
     //  SPEED: **
     \\OVERALL: **
- The M1911 is the most popular pistol of the American Army, as it features a 
stable 8-round clip, has OK power, and OK recoil. It was designed as a 
secondary weapon, and also was useful for clearing out tunnel rats with its 
small design. Much better than carrying a bulky weapon around. Personally 
though, I tend to avoid pistols. It usually takes 5 out of 8 shots from one to 
just kill a person, and getting that guaranteed accuracy is almost a complete 

     ::==--> M21 <--==::
     //  POWER: ****
     \\ RECOIL: **
     //  SPEED: **
     \\OVERALL: *****
- The M21 is the practical American Sniper Rifle. It is a modified M14 with a 
longer stock build, and more damage per bullet. The most beneficial aspect of 
American snipers is that the sniper rifle contains a clip of 20 bullets. This 
is PLENTY for taking down many tangos which reloading. It fires semi-auto, and 
each bullet is inside the clip. It does slightly less damage than the NVA PU 
Sniper Rifle, but the large clip makes up for it.

     ::==--> CAR15 <--==::
     //  POWER: **
     \\ RECOIL: ****
     //  SPEED: ***
     \\OVERALL: **
- The CAR15 is actually a more urbanized version of the M16. It was designed 
for smaller ranges, close combat situations, and is often used by many SWAT 
teams in modern times. In the game though, it's a silent disappointment. The 
CAR has indecent accuracy at long ranges, and the recoil can get out of hand, 
especially in auto fire. I usually avoid the CAR with any player, simply 
because it sucks.

     ::==--> M1 <--==::
     //  POWER: ***
     \\ RECOIL: ***
     //  SPEED: ****
     \\OVERALL: ****
- The M1 Thompson is still one of the best automatic weapons ever developed in 
American history. It features a large 50-round clip, with a stock-built design 
made for clearing out close-combat situation such as hooches and multiple 
bogies. The Thompson was first given to ranking officers during WWII, but 
still has a useful purpose during the Vietnam War. I love this gun, but it's 
only attainable during single player.

     ::==--> FRAG GRENADE <--==::
     //  POWER: ****
     \\ RECOIL: *
     //  SPEED: *
     \\OVERALL: ***
- Frag Grenades are the American used grenades during the war. They are 
similar to small green balls with a pin/clip inside. After the clip is pulled, 
you have a limited amount of time to toss the grenade before it blows. Frag 
grenades can be tossed slightly farther than NVA stick grenades, but don't 
have as much blast radius.

                                     COMMUNIST GUNS

     ::==--> AK47 <--==::
     //  POWER: ***
     \\ RECOIL: ****
     //  SPEED: ***
     \\OVERALL: ****
- The AK47 is either a love or hate gun to most players. It features better 
damage than your typical M16, yet features auto fire, and has a large 30-round 
clip. I actually love this gun, instead of any American counterpart (unless 
you give me an M60). Only problem is that the recoil is huge on it, meaning 
your aiming will have to be precise. Tough to use this gun on the move.

     ::==--> RPD <--==::
     //  POWER: ***
     \\ RECOIL: ****
     //  SPEED: ***
     \\OVERALL: ***
- The RPD is the Communist version of an M60. Unfortunately, it's not quite as 
good, nor durable. It features the same 100-round clip, however, it seems like 
the bullets fire out "not as fast" as the M60. Recoil tends to be large, and 
the damage per bullet doesn't go an extreme. Recoil is horrible, especially 
when standing or crouching. Avoid it unless absolutely necessary on a map.

     ::==--> TYPE56 <--==::
     //  POWER: **
     \\ RECOIL: *****
     //  SPEED: ****
     \\OVERALL: **
- If you remember the CAR15 from before, imagine the skin of the gun replaced 
with a TYPE56. The TYPE56 is a custom variant of the AK47, modified for the 
NVA, especially close combat situations. Many sappers and Viet Cong were 
equipped with these nifty little rifles. With a bayonet tapped on, they could 
easily be used in small tunnel situations, jungle ambushes, or quick rush 
attacks. They do not possess the range of the AK, and also don't quite have 
the bang. Recoil is tremendous. It's recommended that you tap the fire button 
down in bursts.

     ::==--> SKS <--==::
     //  POWER: ****
     \\ RECOIL: **
     //  SPEED: **
     \\OVERALL: ***
- Similar to the M14, the SKS is a modeled rifle similar to a semi-auto K98 
used by the Germans in WWII. It features a small 10-round clip, but possessess 
a decent punch per bullet, and was primarily used in long-range distances. Has 
great accuracy when firing from hidden locations, but the recoil tends to push 
off a bit. Only used primarily by medics and support units.

     ::==--> RPG7 <--==::
     //  POWER: *****
     \\ RECOIL: *
     //  SPEED: *
     \\OVERALL: *****
- The RPG7 is one of the cheaper guns in the game, since it's almost a 
guaranteed kill if it hits within 5 feet of you. It's basically a rocket-
propelled-grenade, that launches an explosive blast which detonates upon 
hitting a solid surface. RPGs were used in taking down Hueys, hitting enemy 
convoys, and pelting American troops during the war. Unfortunately, the 
Americans' counterpart is the M79, which can be difficult to aim, while the 
RPG7 fires in a straight line. While the Americans do have the LAW rocket 
launcher in single player, it is not available during multiplayer or regular 
games. This gun is a true camper cleaner, and can impact the battlefield.

     ::==--> PPSH41 <--==::
     //  POWER: **
     \\ RECOIL: ****
     //  SPEED: ***
     \\OVERALL: ***
- The PPSH41 is actually almost like a Tommy Gun, as it features a barrel 
round, 70-bullet clip which can be used for support fire in key situations. 
It's damage is fairly small, but it can be deadly in close situations where 
you need low-key presence, and a sense of mind. This gun is great when used 
during proned situations, and can be moved around from place to place. 
Unfortunately, they're hard to find, so you'll rarely get a chance to use em'.

     ::==--> PU <--==::
     //  POWER: *****
     \\ RECOIL: **
     //  SPEED: *
     \\OVERALL: ****
- The PU is a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle designed for long-range combat 
with a zoomable scope. Often used by camoed VC snipers, the PU can only hold 5 
bullets at a time, and each must be reloaded by hand. Great power behind each 
bullet, but the American sniper is clearly dominant. The VC sniper is 
automatically camoed with his uniform, which makes him tougher to see in the 
distance with this gun.

     ::==--> TI33 <--==::
     //  POWER: ***
     \\ RECOIL: **
     //  SPEED: **
     \\OVERALL: **
- The Communist sidearm is nothing more than a M1911, with slightly more 
power. It has a 8-round clip, minimal stopping power, and rarely recommended 
unless in very close combat situations. Not much use to this gun, besides 
whipping people in the head.

     ::==--> TRIP MINE <--==::
     //  POWER: ****
     \\ RECOIL: *
     //  SPEED: *
     \\OVERALL: ***
- Trip Mines are basically trip-wire mines which explode when a small black 
wire is walked over with your person. They usually DO NOT kill you in one hit, 
but will bring your health down to no life left. They're best placed around 
corners, or near doorways. The first planted location is the base where the 
explosives are, while the second is where the string will end. The string will 
automatically end if you go to far. Only Guerrillas have these, NOT sappers.

     ::==--> STICK GRENADE <--==::
     //  POWER: *****
     \\ RECOIL: *
     //  SPEED: *
     \\OVERALL: ***
- The Potato Stick Grenade was originally used by the Germans during the World 
Wars, but has progressed up the chain of command to the Communists during the 
Vietnam War. The Stick Grenade cannot be tossed as far as the frag grenade, 
but it features a slightly larger blast radius which is useful for clearing 
out campers.


- 6) X-BOX Live            -
One of the unique features of the X-BOX, and one of the premiere gaming modes 
is X-BOX Live. This is basically online play to the next degree. Men of Valor 
features some engaging online modes to play, and actually has five different 
types to select from. Unfortunately, co-op is not one of the options, but 
still, it's an entertaining bunch nonetheless. Live play with Men of Valor is 
more camping-based, but still worth the time based on the map. The following 
sections will describe the online game modes, multiplayer classes, and a few 
key strategies for each map.

/Game Modes/
There are five online game types for Men of Valor, but there are also a few 
ways of picking them out. You have the options of QUICKMATCH, OPTIMATCH, or 
CREATE MATCH. Quick match finds the fastest server, and is the best way of 
getting into any game. Optimatch let's you filter out which game mode type 
you're looking for, and also how many players you want to filter out for you. 
Finally, create a match let's you make your own server. If you press X after 
picking a game type at the map selection screen of create a match, it brings 
up the server options. They range as follows:

   =.= TIME LIMIT: set the time limit for the round of the game
   =.= SCORE LIMIT: set the score limit for the type of game
   =.= ROUNDS PER MAP: sets how many rounds per map, depends on game type for
   =.= UNLIMITED MAP ROTATION: will continually rotate maps based on given
                               rotation until server dies
   =.= MAX PLAYERS: sets the maximum number of players, a given rule is to
                    allow no more than 8 without a dedicated server
   =.= DEDICATED SERVER: this takes your XBOX, fills it with a blank console
                         screen, and you cannot play while you host a game.
                         However, it allows for up to 12 people to play Men
                         of Valor lag-free, and is great for getting large
                         games together
   =.= MAX RESPAWN: the number of lives EACH player has to respawn in the game
   =.= EVEN TEAMS: automatically even the teams during the match
   =.= CLASS RESTRICTION: restricts weapons to be used by other classes during
                          the game

///  OBJECTIVE: Attain the highest kill total before the session ends
///DESCRIPTION: Basically a free-for-all battle against all other players. I'd
                say this is the second most popular game type on MoV, as most
                players simply love camping in the brush and ambushing people.
                Not much strategy involved, although Guerrillas, Snipers, and
                Corpsman are effective. 

///  OBJECTIVE: Attain the highest team kill total before the session ends
///DESCRIPTION: Basically team combat where Allies and Communists beat the
                crud out of each other. You'll find most people to be snipers
                on both teams, and teamwork is fairly inconsistent. Only
                certain maps like Dak-to-Hill Siege and Embassy might qualify
                for teamwork. By far the most popular game mode type on MoV.

///  OBJECTIVE: Bring back intelligence documents to your base while another
///             team prevents to do so
///DESCRIPTION: This is a fairly unique game mode that few people play. There
                are intel documents hidden on a map. One team defends during
                the round while the other must get the documents, and capture
                them at their own base. Each team alternates after each round
                which ends based on a decided time limit. Very fun, but
                usually requires 8+ for true teamwork.

///  OBJECTIVE: Complete the offensive/defensive objectives on a given map
///DESCRIPTION: This attempts to be the "co-op" of Men of Valor, but comes
                up short. Based on the map you select, each team must follow
                a series of objective representing themselves on the map.
                For example, on Da Nang, the Communists must infiltrate the
                airbase and destroy two fighter jets. On the other hand, the
                Americans must hold out for a given time limit. Items such
                as these are rampant in MM game types. Unfortunately, the
                defending team almost ALWAYS wins these gametypes because
                of cowardous camping techniques.

   ___/SEARCH & DESTROY\___
///  OBJECTIVE: Both teams must get their three mortar pieces back to base
///             while preventing the other team from doing so
///DESCRIPTION: This is a simultaneous attack/defend gametype where both
                teams must get their own three mortar pieces back while
                stopping the opposing team from doing so. The mortar pieces
                spawn at random spots, and the game turns into a cat-mouse
                type where people will camp opposing pieces, and sprint for
                their own. Rarely played.

Unlike single player, which has you in the role of Dean Shepard, who is an All-
American beast, multiplayer splits players into certain soldier classes. There 
are snipers, grenadies, normal infantry, medics, and your typical hobo. This 
section will describe each class, their equipment, their custom ratings, and 
special abilities.

                             <> ALLIED CLASSES <>

   (^%&: MARINE RIFLEMAN :&%^)
       ARMOR 2.00 | EQUIPMENT: M14 / Knife
       SPEED 1.00 |            (4) Frag Grenades
    ACCURACY 1.00 |            (1) Smoke Grenade

   (^%&: MACHINEGUNNER :&%^)
       ARMOR 2.00 | EQUIPMENT: M60 / M1911
       SPEED 0.90 |
    ACCURACY 0.85 |

   (^%&: TUNNEL RAT :&%^)
       ARMOR 0.00 | EQUIPMENT: M1911 / Wirecutters
       SPEED 1.00 |            (4) Frag Grenades
    ACCURACY 1.10 |            (3) Satchel Charges

   (^%&: MARINE SNIPER :&%^)
       ARMOR 0.00 | EQUIPMENT: M21 / M1911
       SPEED 1.05 |
    ACCURACY 1.20 |

   (^%&: GREEN BERET :&%^)
       ARMOR 0.00 | EQUIPMENT: CAR15 / Knife
       SPEED 1.00 |            (4) Claymores
    ACCURACY 1.10 |            (1) Clacker

   (^%&: ARVN RANGER :&%^)
       ARMOR 1.00 | EQUIPMENT: M16 / Wirecutters
       SPEED 1.00 |            (4) Airstrike Grenades
    ACCURACY 1.00 | 

   (^%&: MARINE CORPSMAN :&%^)
       ARMOR 2.00 | EQUIPMENT: M79 / M1911
       SPEED 1.00 |            (3) Med Kits
    ACCURACY 0.90 |

                             <> COMMUNIST CLASSES <>  

   (^%&: NVA RIFLEMAN :&%^)
       ARMOR 2.00 | EQUIPMENT: AK47
       SPEED 1.00 |            (4) Stick Grenades
    ACCURACY 1.00 |

   (^%&: MACHINEGUNNER :&%^)
       ARMOR 2.00 | EQUIPMENT: RPD / TI33
       SPEED 0.90 |
    ACCURACY 0.85 |

   (^%&: NVA SAPPER :&%^)
       ARMOR 0.00 | EQUIPMENT: TYPE56 / Wirecutters
       SPEED 1.09 |            (4) Stick Grenades
    ACCURACY 1.20 |            (3) Satchel Charges

   (^%&: VC SNIPER :&%^)
       ARMOR 0.00 | EQUIPMENT: PU / TI33
       SPEED 1.05 |
    ACCURACY 1.20 |

   (^%&: VC GUERRILLA :&%^)
       ARMOR 0.00 | EQUIPMENT: SKS / RPG7
       SPEED 1.00 |            (4) Trip Mines
    ACCURACY 1.00 |

   (^%&: VC OBSERVER :&%^)
       ARMOR 0.00 | EQUIPMENT: PPSH41
       SPEED 1.00 |            (5) Airstrike Grenades
    ACCURACY 1.00 |

   (^%&: NVA MEDIC :&%^)
       ARMOR 2.00 | EQUIPMENT: SKS
       SPEED 1.00 |            (3) Smoke Grenades
    ACCURACY 0.90 |            (2) Med Kits

/Map Strategies/
Vietnam Maps are often eery, filled with numerous bushes to hide in, hills to 
prone on, and points worthy of ambushes. The following section will describe 
each map with key spots for defensive/offensive attack points.

   > SIZE: 4-12 players
- Basically a night-time atmosphere based around a lone wooden bridge, with a 
cut-in valley near the center, and two opposing villages. Several wooden tower 
structs provide turret support, but this map is designed for long range 
battles. You'll find great sniper spots along the borders of the map, but 
watch for flankers since pathways are designed to pass through these points. 
If you can make it to the center undetected, try to prone in some of the heavy 
bush along a hillside. Makes sniping your opponents much easier. This map is 
better played with on objective-based scenarios. Don't attempt to cross the 
bridge; otherwise you're dead meat.

   = BONG SON =
   > SIZE: 6-12 players
- By far the most popular map on Men of Valor, Bong Son is a sniper-orientated 
environment. It's practically a village at one end, with some rice paddies 
near the center, a few APCs near the edge of the field, and an American spawn 
point in the distance. There are only a few towers, and they're in clear view 
near the center. Be a sniper on this map and you'll love it. There is plenty 
of bush to hide in. On the Americans side, you can prone along the right 
cliffs and snipe from there. There's a downed Huey near the VC village, and 
also one up on a paddy to the right which you can prone in. The village spawn 
point for the NVA is quite disadvantageous, but rush to the hills for cover. 
Just hide and snipe on this one. This mission is HORRIBLE to play as an ALLY 
on mission.

   > SIZE: 2-8 players
- I absolutely hate this map, but it seems to be popular online. It's 
basically a small close-combat orientiated stone temple, with vines strangling 
all over the place, some ladders, swampy marshes, and brick steps that lead to 
the NVA spawn. Avoid playing this on TDM, as many people will spawn camp. 
Watch for trip mines, and try to prone against a wall. I've found it best to 
be mobile and simply rush people from the flanking stairwells. Not much you 
can do on this one though. Airstrikes are great for pushing people around.

   > SIZE: 2-4 players
- A unique map if you ask me. You're basically placed in a circular bordered 
village with NVA and Americans spawning on each side. The NVA spawn next to a 
church with a large sniping tower, but the Americans have cover in small paddy 
shacks. Believe it or not, there are a few towers, and this map is VERY 
balanced. Despite the advantage of the tower, this one can go either way. 
Crouch near the sides of houses and peek shoot. The tower is good for sniping, 
but you'll often be naded or M79ed out.

   > SIZE: 6-12 players
- Another night-time atmosphere, and also seems to be popular amongst team-
based scenarios, Da Nang was one of the most epic battles during the Vietnam 
War. The Americans spawn inside a fenced barracks area, while the NVA come 
from a nearby VC village. There's basically a drop-down valley that leads to 
the fenceline where there are three plotholes you can run through. From there, 
there's an intricacy of turret towers, fuel dumps caught on fire, a hangar 
with two fighter jets, and back to the American spawn. You can do cross-fire 
sniping spots inside the hangar, with two snipers opposite of each other. 
Another good strategy is to get on one of the towers near the frontline along 
the left, then crouch, and look back at the American spawn. Snipe any NVA who 
spawn camp the fenced area. Snipers are fairly dominant on this map, although 
I've seen rifleman, Guerrillas, and even Medics kick butt. Very fun map, but 
Americans almost always get trapped inside their spawn.

   > SIZE: 4-12 players
- Daytime battle that basically "sieges" upon an NVA hill. The Americans spawn 
on the opposite side with two routes to go. The path up the left leads to a 
mountainous hill that can only be reached by going under a bridge and around 
up the hill. Often this is booby-trapped, and NVA are waiting to ambush. NVA 
can also snipe off the top of the hill overlooking the route. The other path 
leads to another spawn point, with a tower, then moves forward to a bridge, 
that is often trapped and awaiting ambushers on the other side. A good sniping 
spot is to crouch near the ledge and snipe anyone who exposes themself. The 
NVA almost always dominate on this map since they camp their spawn, and the 
Americans really "can't" rush in.

   > SIZE: 6-12 players
- One of the few and fun environments you'll face, House-to-House involves 
basically a series of buildings streets, with a center area that intertwines 
near both spawns. Players can rush through either of the buildings corridors. 
Trip mines are HIGHLY effective on this map, especially when you plant the 
base of the mine near a wooden wall, and the trip near the top of a stairwell. 
There are great sniping spots on the roof, especially the gray-stone colored 
one, with ventilation ducts. I found it best to stay mobile on this one with a 
M60, or something great in close range.

   > SIZE: 2-8 players
- The least popular map of MoV is this. Jungle Ruins is a jungle atmosphere 
filled with decayed ruins that are fallen over, and intertwined in complex 
designs. There are lots of hiding places, but no TRUE spots to snipe. There's 
no clear cut advantage, and this is really just a lame deathmatch map. Has a 
small arena. Guerrillas, Observers, and Machinegunners highly effective.

   = QUANG TRI =
   > SIZE: 4-8 players
- Almost the same as Hue, except it's more industrialized with pathways to 
walk up, and ambush points. Features smaller roads, and overall area. I found 
it best to go up the planks, and attempt to snipe. M79 and RPGs VERY effective 
in getting kills and flushing would-be tangos out. Trip Mines are useful, but 
not quite as good as on House-to-House. Try to get near the center where most 
of the action will occur.

   > SIZE: 6-12 players
- This is a HUGE four-story building with a roof, and ground area that the 
NVA/Americans battle on. There are library shelves, desktops, stairwells, and 
plenty of camping locations. The roof can be a deathtrap for those with RPGs, 
or any explosive weapon. A very useful strategy is to carry an RPD or M60 and 
run around from place-to-place. You can accumulate many kills in close 
situations in auto fire.


- 7) Codes                 -
Believe it or not, there are NO codes for this game. No button cheats for god 
mode. The developers wanted to place a challenge to the users, seeing if they 
could complete the game without having to refer to cheats. Heck, I'm not even 
sure there are any action replay codes.

- You do NOT receive anything for completing the game on the HARD difficulty. 
I actually beat the game on my first try through Hard, and received nothing.


- 8) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What exactly is Men of Valor? >>

- Men of Valor is currently the best first person shooter, based on the 
Vietnam War, designed for the PC, X-BOX, and an expected release for the PS2. 
It's great because it features a challenging single-player mode, online 
multiplayer capabilities, and "feels" like the war. Unlike other failures, 
such as Viet Cong: Purple Haze, or Shellshock Nam, Men of Valor focuses on the 
heroic elements of the game. You get to fight along side with Allies (although 
they don't do much), and combat varying situations from the war. It tends to 
play more modern than Call of Duty: Finest Hour, but has a unique element 
amongst itself. Compared to the other releases on the X-BOX, it is by far the 
best. I'd personally rate it a 8/10.

<< Why is this so darn hard? >>

- First of all, you have to understand that 2015 (the developers) did not want 
to make a breeze-over game. This isn't another Medal of Honor game where 
you'll hump it out for a week, then put it back in the fridge. Instead, they 
wanted a challenge for offline gamers, along with some expansion abilities on 
X-BOX Live. To start off, the reason it is hard for most people is because 
they DO NOT take cover. Most people think this is like the reincarnation of 
John Rambo, and will charge like John McClane with two uzis. You gotta take 
cover. This is like Vietnam. Take cover, then return fire. Get use to precise 
aiming since it will be your most-used aspect. Try peeking around corners for 
better efficiency. Get use to retrying your life at a checkpoint. Don't worry 
about saving the game. It does it automatically at every loading point, and 
MARKED checkpoint. I completed this game on the HARD difficulty, so don't 
whine to me about difficulty. One other thing though. You can change the 
difficulty via your profile settings, by moving the setting left or right. 

<< How many missions are there in total? >>

- There are 13 in total, if you count the training mission. You can actually 
preview each of them by going to New Game, selecting your profile, then 
scrolling through the missions under each operation. The most challenging is 
the Tet Offensive, although Iron Triangle is fairly tough.

<< Any single-player tips? >>

- Always get rid of your pistol, and switch it for an AK47, or the Communist 
equivalent. On many missions, I would run out of ammo for my Allied weapon, 
and would require some sort of secondary rifle. You have a higher % of being 
hit by enemy fire standing up. Your aim will also be less focused. Always 
crouch, even when advancing up hills. I rarely proned during the game unless 
under heavy fire. Trees are the most useful spots for getting cover and 
killing enemies. Precise-aim-peek around one to pick off enemy targets. 
Whenever you have to jump into a M60 bunker gun, HOLD down the fire button and 
aim at the targets. It's difficult to handle the recoil, but necessary. Don't 
try burst firing, because the NVA will usually get the upper hand and rush 
you. Remember that you have frag grenades on most missions, and should use 
them in taking hard-to-hit enemies. Leave a few for the end of the mission, 
since there's usually a hidden objective.

<< Why haven't I heard of this game? >>

- It was made by an unknown developer called 2015. Unlike your typical EA 
game, or Sony product, it really had no publicity. Secondly, it was released 
in September, which was a breeding ground for the hype of Halo 2. Not to 
mention Fable, and the other Vietnam games ate most of the spotlight up. This 
game was actually out for the PC first, and also features online play. Either 
way, it was modeled out of the Unreal Tournament engine, and happens to be one 
game "under-the-radar."

)) X-BOX Live ((

<< Why are the loading times so horrible for online play? >>

- I'm not too sure myself. My guess is that the maps are so big, along with 
plenty of grassland sprites, that it takes quite some time to load everything 
efficiently. BE patient. Sometimes a "waiting for server" message will pop up 
during the load times. If it does it at the end, when the bar is full, cancel 
the loading process and leave. Some servers will leave during a map change, 
and you'll be left "hanging" thinking the map is loading. If it's only a 1/4 
of the way full, this is often due to lag, because so many players are hooked 
up to one server.

<< How do I join a game with more than 8 players? >>

- The problem with Men of Valor is that it has a tendency to lag out the 
server host when you reach up to 8 players. I have a decent DSL connection, 
yet it only recommends I host up to 5 players. Personally, to fix this, go to 
server options, and turn Dedicated Server on. You, yourself, will not be able 
to play, but your XBOX will act like a dedicated PC server, allowing up to 12 
people to play with GOOD connection speed. The only problem with this is that 
there will always be 0/max # of players in the server when you start. It gets 
even worse because most players filter out servers with less than 2 players. 
Most people won't see your dedicated server. I recommend making friends with 
some MoV players, then inviting them to your dedicated server, and pumping out 
the fun. Try making a dedicated server for TDM, RtD, or S&D.

<< Help! I'm being spawn camped. What do I do? >>

- Leave. You can leave them cheating feedback, but Men of Valor tends to take 
leaving "feedback" a serious thing. If you try to combat spawn campers, 
remember that your online stats are always being logged. Joining an uneven 
team, then whining that you got raped because they spawn camped is your own 
fault. Leave if you don't like the situation. I always do.

<< How do I view my ranking? >>

- Go to the X-BOX Live menu, then click Scoreboards. Rankings are organized 
based on weekly/monthly stats, and according to gametypes. There's also an 
overall ranking. I'm usually ranked in the 200s on a specific game mode, 
although I was around 55 at one point on TDM when I was active. The stats are 
cleared every month I believe. There are really only about 2500 players who 
play Men of Valor, so the competition is fairly weak. Halo 2 ruined every 
gaming community out there!

<< Any online tips? >>

- Tower turrets are useless. They're only drag spots for getting trap-sniped. 
Try to get the height advantage on maps, such as the rice paddy hills on Bong 
Son, the church tower on Charlieville, and so on. There are usually four types 
of brush on each map. The tall bamboo structures usually layer the borders of 
the map - these are great for standing against. There's thick body-height 
level brush which can also be stood in, although I recommend crouching. There 
is neck-high brush which is excellent for crouching in. Finally, there's ankle-
depth brush which can be proned in. Try proning against a solid rock with some 
ankle brush for maximum camo. Teamwork isn't essential to winning. I found it 
better to go on my own way, and simply kill as many people as possible to 
bring my team to victory. Guerrillas are an awesome class on Live, along with 
American Snipers.


- 9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms), 
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 10) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Rootsecure.net (( for provg an ASCII generator to help make the HALO 2 
title. You guys are great for having that free one, which fits perfect to the 
entire theme of my FAQs.

)) 2015 (( for providing some info from your basic manual, along with a great 
title in Men of Valor. One of the more underlooked games of the year, and by 
far the best Vietnam shooter developed thus far. Congrats on your success.

)) Gamewinners.com (( for providing me with details of no known cheats.

)) Halo 2 (( for pushing me over to Men of Valor so I could catch a break from 
it. How ironic.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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