Additional VoicesToshiya Agata
Additional VoicesSteven Jay Blum
Additional VoicesBrian Cummings
Additional VoicesBill Farmer
Additional VoicesPat Fraley
Additional VoicesMack Greenlaw
Additional VoicesJess Harnell
Additional VoicesWilliam Hootkins
Additional VoicesTom Kenny
Additional VoicesDarryl Kurylo
Additional VoicesRob Paulsen
Additional VoicesPhelice Sampler
Additional VoicesAndre Sogliuzzio
Additional VoicesJessica Straus
Additional VoicesGary Anthony Sturgis
Additional VoicesJim Ward
Additional VoicesDebi Mae West
Additional VoicesBilly West
Additional VoicesGary Anthony Williams
Additional VoicesWally Wingert
Additonal VoicePhil LaMarr
Animation TeamJulian Laing
Animation TeamNeil Pollock
Animation TeamAndy Reid
Animation TeamNick Sawyer
Concept ArtIain Brown
Concept ArtDave Hill
DesignMartin Connor
DesignRalph Fulton
DesignChris Peck
DesignBrian Roberts
DirectorChris Mullender
Environment Art TeamAndy Boyd
Environment Art TeamPeter Clark
Environment Art TeamScott Dunbar
Environment Art TeamAlan Jarvie
Environment Art TeamRobert Jeffrey
Environment Art TeamDuncan Mattocks
Environment Art TeamStephen McCallum
Environment Art TeamBarry Sheridan
Executive ProducerCraig Hunter
Head of ArtBruce Ballantine
Head of ProductionCraig Hunter
Head of SoftwareJonny Dobson
Lead AnimatorPaul Munro
Lead ArtistBrian Smith
Lead ProgrammerChris Mullender
Music composed byStewart Clark
Music composed byPeter McCalman
ProducerRobbie Graham
Software TeamStuart McDonald
Software TeamStephen McIntosh
Software TeamNeil McMillan
Software TeamBruno Sousa
Sound Design TeamMarc Carlton
Sound Design TeamNeil Douglas
Sound Design TeamAndrew Grier
Sound Design TeamRebecca Parnell
Story and ScriptRalph Fulton
Story and ScriptBrian Gomez
Story and ScriptPhilip Lawrence
Voice[Ash]Bruce Campbell


Data and credits for this game contributed by SolidFantasy, Ubersuntzu, KFHEWUI, oliist, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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