HP bar disappearance?

  1. After only seeing about 20 minutes of the beginning and ending of the game and sections of the middle, i needed to note this. How come you clearly see a health bar (and after a bit, a T'langen bar) in the beginning of the game, but your HP bar disappears at the end of the game (but is still viewable by pausing)? Does it have to do with Derrick waking up from his past memories?

    User Info: UltimaKeyMaster

    UltimaKeyMaster - 11 years ago

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  1. In short, yes. For the first portion of the game you're inside a computer that's restoring your memory by making you re-live it in your mind, so your enabled to see statistical date in your vision. After you lose the computer and join the game in real-time, you lose all of the nifty computer enhanced visuals like health, energy, and the lock-on.

    User Info: DarkReign2552

    DarkReign2552 - 11 years ago 2   0


  1. Correct. Derrick wakes up. The lack of HUD is intentional.

    User Info: antpants

    antpants - 10 years ago 1   0

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