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Guide and Walkthrough by NEED 4 SPEED

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/20/2002

_ _ _    _ _ _ _ _     _ _    _ _        _ _   _ _ _ _  _ _      _ _   
\     \ \     _   \   \   \   \  \      /  /  /   _ _/ /   \    /   /
 \   _ \ \   \_\   \   \   \   \  \    /  /  /  /_ _  /     \  /   / 
  \ \_\ \ \    _ _ /    \   \   \  \  /  /  /   _ _/ /   /\  \/   /
   \     \ \   \  \ \    \   \   \  \/  /  /  /_ _  /   /  \     /
    \_ _ _\ \_ _\  \_\    \_ _\   \_ _ /  /_ _ _ / /_ _/    \_ _/

=======================WRITTEN BY: NEED 4 SPEED========================
                       ========AKA: CJ=========




       -I- Controls
       -II- Braking Advice
       -III- The "Zone"
       -IV- Damage
       -I- Stats
       -II-Stat Leaders
       -III- Selection       
    -I- Intro
    -II- Walkthrough
       -I- Intro
       -II- Euro Champs
       -III- U.S. Champs
       -IV- World Champs
       -V- Single Race
       -VI- Blocking Challenge Walkthrough
      -I- Intro
      -II- Walkthrough
            -I- Intro
            -II- Champs
            -III- Single Race
9) FAQ's
        -I- Hints and Strategies
        -II- Cheats


=1) INFO=
Copyright - This FAQ Walkthrough is Copyright 2002 by CJ (Need 4 Speed)
Version - 1.0
Date Started - August 2nd, 2002
Submitted - August _ 2002
Status - Finished Version 1.0
Written by - Need 4 Speed
Contact - cj25_c@hotmail.com (email)
Let me know if there are any errors or if there is anything I am 
missing. No flaming.


=2) INTRO=

Driven is an exciting racing game based on the hit movie, Driven. In 
the following FAQ/Walkthrough, you will find out everything you need to 
help you beat the game, and them some. Take the rolls of Joe Tanto, who 
is trying to get rookie Jimmy Bly's first World Championship, while 
trying to defeat arch rival, Beau Brandenburg. This game is quite 
challenging, especially at first, but I ensure you after reading this 
FAQ/Walkthrough, you can select the correct drivers, and burn some 
rubber past the finish line for the trophy. Let's take our foot off the 
brake, and accelerate into the intriguing game, of Driven.


3) Getting Started

-I- Controls 

Although the controls may seem easy, this game is quite difficult as 
you take your first turns flaming into the walls. The controls are 
simple. L- Brake, R- Accelerate, A- Look behind, B- Reverse, Y- Repair 
your car (if necessary), X- Change your view (finding which one you 
like is important), and of course the Control Stick- Steer. The Control 
Pad can also be used for steering, but I think that with the Control 
Stick it is much more convenient because it is sensitive, which is 
needed in order to execute turns.
-II- Braking Advice 

When going into turns, you have to know how much brake to apply, 
whether it is a tap for a tiny turn, or a two to five second hold for a 
sharp turn. I will help you with your braking for each turn of every 
level, so you don't find yourself losing a tire to the wall as you 
don't brake enough, or watching other drivers blur past you as you 
brake to hard. I will give hints and strategies for each race, and 
ensure the victory. Look for section 5 II for all the braking needed 
for each turn, and for each track in the game.
-III- The "Zone" 

In the bottom left corner of your screen, there is a yellow meter. If 
you haven't noticed, the meter rises as you make less frequent mistakes 
(i.e.: hitting the wall, hitting other drivers). Once this meter is 
full, you have taken racing to another level, and have entered the 
"Zone". When in the zone, the driver is more focused, and pushes 
himself/herself and his/her car to the limit. Your cars stats will rise 
in each category, faster acceleration, higher top speed, better 
handling, and better braking. The zone is crucial in some races, and 
will be the key to success in the future. But I must warn you, one 
mistake, and you will be out of the zone, and your car will return to 
-IV- Damage 

Damage will occur any time you make contact with other drivers, or the 
wall. Depending on the severity of the crash, and how frequent they 
have been made, your wheel(s) and suspension will start to wobble, and 
you will lose handling. Eventually, a wheel will fall off. Press X to 
repair your car (it will flash on the screen), and you will have a 
brand new car just like that, but you will be going 0 kph. This will 
cost you to lose time, speed, and positions, so avoiding the walls and 
other drivers could be crucial in success.


=4) Drivers=

-I- Stats


Celltech   Ray Carter         7         1        4
Celltech   Scott Macey        6         2        4 

Aqwa       Rubin Stacks       4         3        3

Cheiftain  Suki               5         4        2

Sabio      Yves Bardot        7         6        4
Sabio      Maurice Defoe      6         4        6

Spirit (S) Jimmy Bly (special)8         8        8
Spirit (S) Joe Tanto (special)1         4        3

Spirit     Memo Moreno        7          5       7

Ecoform    Lia Lopez          5          7       6

Nikimi     Aziz Meshiea       4          7       7

Frust      Beau Brandenburg   3          8       6
Frust      Max Manley         2          7       8

Spirit     Jimmy Bly          7          7       5
Spirit     Joe Tanto          6          7       6

*Note: stats are a fraction of x/8 (out of eight).
-II- Stat Leaders

T1 - Ray Carter - 7
T1 - Yves Bardot - 7
T1 - Memo Moreno - 7
T1 - Jimmy Bly - 7
T2 - Scott Macey - 6
T2 - Maurice Defoe - 6
T2 - Joe Tanto - 6
T3 - Suki - 5
T3 - Lia Lopez - 5 

1 - Beau Brandenburg - 8
T2 - Lia Lopez - 7
T2 - Aziz Meshiea - 7
T2 - Max Manley - 7
T2 - Jimmy Bly - 7
T2 - Joe Tanto - 7
3 - Yves Bardot - 6

1 - Max Manley - 8
T2 - Aziz Meshiea - 7
T2 - Memo Moreno - 7
T3 - Maurice Defoe - 6
T3 - Lia Lopez - 6
T3 - Beau Brandenburg - 6
T3 - Joe Tanto - 6

*Note: The special character Jimmy Bly with full stats is not included 
in the stat leaders.
-III- Selection

Your selection of the correct drivers will be important in different 
situations. It does depend on your personal likings, whether you need 
handling, or if you prefer more speed. In the Story Mode, you will not 
have a choice in your driver. You will follow the intriguing plot of 
the story, by playing the different rolls of Jimmy Bly and Joe Tanto. 
For the Arcade Mode Euro Champs, the best driver at the time would be 
Ray Carter. Although there is not a great selection in the beginning, 
any Celltech driver would be the best decision. For the U.S. Champs, 
you would have unlocked Team Sabio, and the best selection would be 
Yves Bardot. I think this primarily because of his car's speed. For the 
World Champs, you would have unlocked Team Spirit, drivers Jimmy Bly 
and Joe Tanto. Jimmy Bly's handling is enhanced, although Joe Tanto's 
speed is increased. Either selection is great. For the Blocking 
Challenge, you also are fixated, this time under the control of Memo 
Moreno as you undergo the difficult challenges of blocking. For 
Multiplayer, you can play in team mode. In order to do this, you have 
to select drivers which has two members from each time like Spirit, 
Frust, Sabio, Celltech, and special Spirit. Although you and your 
partner could be on the same team with the other (non two driver team) 
by selecting the same driver.



-I- Intro

I am hoping that the following Walkthrough will be the guide to your 
success in the hardships of this game. The tracks are all challenging, 
and I will take you step by step, turn by turn, in order to help you to 
insure the victory. Use this walkthrough to help you through any 
section in the game; especially in the Euro, U.S., and World Champs, 
and in the Story Mode. This will inform you where each track is 
located, how long it is, and the difficulty. I believe that what I have 
mentioned (below) is the fastest, safest, and easiest ways about the 
track, giving you the win in those tough situations.
-II- Track Walkthrough

HEXEN TAL - Heielburg, Germany - 4 km - Difficulty: Hard
This is a difficult race, and the sun setting in the evening time can 
make it hard to see in the dark. The starting grid is on the 
straightaway, so when the light turns green, hit the gas a move to the 
inside lane (when I say the inside lane I mean the lane on the inside 
of the turn), which is on the left. Normally you will have to brake on 
this turn, but since your car is still moving slowly from the start, it 
is not necessary. Hold left on the Control Stick all the way down, but 
don't hit the brakes or else all the other drivers will pass you. You 
may drift to the outside lane, but the other drivers will prevent you 
from hitting the wall and by doing so, you should gain some ground 
here. The next part is an "S bend" straightaway, so you should execute 
the curves with ease and speed. No braking whatsoever is required here. 
There will be a turn on the right, so take the inside or the outside, 
it doesn't matter, just avoid the other drivers. Again, braking is not 
necessary. This turn leads to a curved straightaway, curving to the 
left, so try and stay in the inside lane (left hand side) at full 
speed. Then a short turn is to the right, and try and stay on the 
inside lane (right hand side), because it will set you up for your next 
turn, but no braking just yet. Now you're faced with a huge left turn. 
Stay on the outside at first (right side still), so you will get a 
better turn. Take about a two second hold (all the while holding the 
accelerator) then let go of the brakes, and finish the turn. Now you 
will enter the tunnel slowly turning right, and near the middle of a 
tunnel, there is a small drop off (incline down) which will cause you 
to momentarily lose control of your car. This may be scary, but should 
not affect your speed, or send you flying into the wall. At the end of 
a tunnel, you will be faced with a tight left hand turn, with a two 
second brake. Be careful not to hit the grass on the inside or outside 
lanes, for this will slow you down considerably, and put your zone 
meter all the way down. Now there will be a short "hairpin turn". This 
is a left hand turn followed by a right hand turn. Brake for about two 
seconds (hold down for two seconds), then since your car is still slow 
from that last turn, tap the brakes for the other half of the hairpin 
(right turn) and head down the straightaway. Here stay on the outside 
(right side), so you can execute turn one again (remember this time you 
have to brake!).

MANLEY PARK - Staffordshire, England - 2.8 km - Difficulty: Easy
It is a simple three lap oval, which requires no breaking what so ever. 
I consider it the easiest track of the game, if executed properly. Try 
and avoid contact with other drivers, enter the zone, and by the end of 
the race you should even lap the other drivers. Just don't go "level" 
on the inside lane for you will loose speed (because the rest of the 
course is on a slant, except for near the finish line). When turning on 
the four easy turns (no braking required), try and stay as inside as 
possible (without going level), and this will save you much time. 
Follow these simple rules, and this should ensure a first place.

TOUR DE TRIOMPHE - Paris, France - 2.4 km - Difficulty : Medium
Tour De Triomphe, and can be a relatively easy race if you have the 
braking down pat, for there are many sharp turns. Start off the green 
by taking the inside lane (right side) and forcing your way through a 
120o turn. What I mean is, try not to brake, and let the other drivers 
break your fall (hit them and continue turning). This should put you 
near the top of the grid, and take the straightaway to pass a few more 
drivers. For the next turn (right), timing is key. Take the outside 
lane, and as you approach the turn, hold right on the Control Stick 
with all force possible. If the timing is right, you will not have to 
brake and you will avoid hitting the wall. I call this moving outside 
to inside. Otherwise (especially you first few times) just tap the 
brakes. This brings us to the tight turns. After that straightaway, 
approach with caution. Take a two second brake and turn right. 
Remember, while turning, always try to go on the outside and move to 
the inside for the best possible turn. Then you will be approached with 
a similar left turn, but only about a one second to two second brake is 
necessary, since your speed is still low from the last turn. 
Immediately after there will be a right turn, and now only a tap of the 
brakes is necessary. Then another left, another tap, and onto the final 
stretch. There will be a "C" turn (to the right, twice), which requires 
no braking, and then a soft left turn to the finish.

ANGEL'S BAY - California, USA - 3.8 km - Difficulty: Hard 
Like Hexen Tal, the grid starts on a straightaway. Take the inside lane 
at the green (left side), because all of the computer cars will take 
the outside lane. Make a few passes here, and as you approach the first 
turn (left turn), go to the outside lane and pull in (the inside) for 
the better turn. Try and not use the brakes here, but depending on the 
car, you may have to tap them. Then a similar left turn will approach, 
and again, just tap the brakes. Speed is the key at the beginning, 
because you will be able to get ahead early, and the rest of the track 
is hard to make passes. Pass a few more cars, and turn right at the 
next turn without braking at all. Don't worry if you graze the wall you 
wont loose much speed (just zone meter), and if you go from outside to 
inside, then you should not have a problem. The hard section of the 
race awaits you. First there is a hard right turn, so hold the brakes 
for about two seconds. Then another sharp turn, this time left is next. 
Be aware! Although you are still slow from the last turn, this turn is 
much more demanding. Take a three second brake, and complete the rough 
turn. A fast curve comes up, curving slightly to the right, and no 
braking is necessary. Then a rough curve to the left is ahead. I advise 
a two second hold, because if you take the risk and tap you might end 
up flying into the wall. This is not a friendly wall, because if you 
hit it to fast, your car will strike it and go airborne flipping on its 
side, or worse. Take the conservative way and take your time and brake, 
this is not the turn to crash on. Up ahead is kind of an "S" bend. You 
can follow the barriers, or just rip straight through it. You may hit 
the barrier, but you won't loose much on your zone meter. Then there is 
an "S bend" straightaway, consisting of a left turn, then right turn, 
then another left turn. Here, just tap the brakes twice, about on each 
curve, and you will gain much speed and time on your competitors, for 
you will hardly loose any speed, and the computers (unnecessarily might 
I add), brake at these turns. You will enter the tunnel and curve 
slightly to the left, which requires no braking. Rip right through this 
then it's back onto the first straightaway. Be advised, since you are 
going a little faster than at the beginning, the first turn may require 
more braking (from a tap to a two second hold).

THE DESERT PALACE - Arizona, USA - 2.8 km - Difficulty: Easy
Desert Palace is a more difficult version of Manley Park, and it is 
partially oval. Find an opening off the start, either inside or 
outside, but it is very important not to touch the inside dirt. This 
will slow you down considerably, and will cost you the race. No braking 
is required on this three turn race, except on the third turn, where a 
tap of the brakes is needed. Entering the zone will ensure victory. The 
only difficulties will be trying to avoid other drivers, especially off 
the start, and braking on that third turn. Remember, the dirt on the 
inside is not your friend! You will slow, and eventually to a stop.

NEW YORK CITY - New York, USA - 4.5 km - Difficulty: Medium
New York City is a street race which includes many tight turns, and a 
few fast straight-aways. Off the start, floor it taking the inside lane 
(left side), for there will be much congestion on the right side. *One 
of the Celltech drivers goes bonkers and swerves inside to outside 
nailing some cars, causing a pile up. This happens right of the start 
going into the first turn, so try and find a hole.* No braking is 
needed on this turn; it's a fast turn that leads into a fast 
straightaway. So if you avoid that crash, you will be right at the top. 
After the straightaway, there is a sharp 90o, and will require a two 
second brake. Following this will be another sharp turn. If it is 
executed properly, only a tap is needed. Try and hug the outside wall 
(left side), and pull into the turns. If you not sure what I mean by 
"pull into turns", watch the drivers in front of you, and see how they 
do it. Or you could look in section 10 I for further information on 
this strategy. Follow the small strip of road, and turn right into 
another 90o. Don't turn to hard, for there are "bars" separating the 
road in half. Take the left side, for this will help you for your next 
turn. At this turn, about a two second brake is required, and will 
bring you to the straightaway. Gain some speed here, and prepare 
yourself for the hairpin turns. As you approach, brake HARD to the 
left, about three seconds, and tap the brakes and turn to the right, 
because that turn immediately follows. Then there is a tiny strip of 
road, until the next hairpin. Brake hard again while turning right, and 
then turn hard left to the small straightaway. You may not have to 
brake here, depending on how fast your car is going, but if its still 
going fast, just tap the brakes. After the small straightaway, tap the 
brakes and turn right. This is one of the prime passing places, because 
it is a straightaway where you can gain some speed, and it is a very 
wide road, enabling you to maneuver through your competitors. Take 
advantage of this wide road for the next turn, for it is a complete 
180o turn! So swerve to the outside (left) and try and execute the turn 
as best you can. This turn may require three to five seconds of 
braking. Next, you will find yourself back on the first straightaway 
where you started. As you cross the finish line (if it is not your last 
lap), there is another prime place for passing. Although the computers 
will slow down on turn one, take advantage of this a wiz by them, and 
take that speed down the straightaway.

CHASE MANHATTAN - New York, USA - 3.1 km - Difficulty: Hard
This is a short and fun race, especially if you enjoy racing in 
traffic. This is not in any of the Champs, but you can play it in the 
Multiplayer Single Race, only against yourself and your partner 
unfortunately. The soul purpose of this race is a chase, and its home 
is in Story Mode where it is one of its challenges. Look in Story Mode 
for the Walkthrough.

POURSUITE PARISIENNE - Paris, France -  2.9 km - Difficulty : Hard
This is a short and fun race, especially if you enjoy racing in 
traffic. This is not in any of the Champs, but you can play it in the 
Multiplayer Single Race, only against yourself and your partner 
unfortunately. The soul purpose of this race is a chase, and its home 
is in Story Mode where it is one of its challenges. Look in Story Mode 
for the Walkthrough.

*Note: The starred (*) area in the New York City track only occurs in 
the World Champs in Arcade and Multiplayer Mode.


=6) Arcade Mode=
-I- Intro

By selecting the arcade mode, different choices await you. There is 
Euro Champs, which is a championship located in Europe; includes three 
races. There is the U.S. Champs, which is a championship located in the 
U.S., which also includes three races. And there is the World Champs, a 
combination of both Euro and U.S. Champs, which includes all six races. 
However, the U.S. Champs and the World Champs are currently locked. In 
order to unlock them, you must come first in the overall point's 
standings in the Euro Champs. Also, there is the single race, where you 
can just select the track, amount of laps, and drivers. I use this mode 
to practice on the races I am having problems with in the 
Championships. If you choose no drivers, you will be in Time Trial 
Mode. Last but not least, there is a difficult Blocking Challenge. You 
will be set as the character of Memo Moreno, and will have to block for 
teammate Jimmy Bly. You will not be able to unlock this until you have 
completed both U.S. Champs and World Champs. Without further adieu, on 
to the walkthrough! 

*Note: the walkthrough to each track is in section 5 II, titled "Tracks 
Walkthrough." Here I will go in depth of each race, and it will give 
you all the information, tips, and strategies for your racing needs.
-II- Euro Champs

When entering the Euro Champs, you will have a limited selection of 
drivers. Select which drivers' stats suit you best and let's hit the 
track. You are faced with a three track circuit, each three laps long, 
and the difficulty is set to easy. The first race is Hexen Tal. This is 
indeed a difficult race, and the turns must be executed with prestige. 
After three laps, hopefully you will have the first place. Manley Park 
is the second race, and is easiest race in this circuit. Just keep your 
cool, and in the zone or not, you should come up with an easy win. The 
third and final race is again three laps, and is called Tour De 
Triomphe. This is where your braking skills will have to be sharp, 
because of all the tight turns. After capturing the points in the 
standings, you will complete the Euro Champs. This will now unlock the 
U.S. Champs, and the two Sabio drivers: Yves Bardot and Maurice Defoe.
-III- U.S. Champs

U.S. Champs is a more demanding version of the Euro Champs, following 
the same outlines like the three races with three laps each. Except now 
it's set in a medium difficulty. Some races are more difficult, and the 
computer drivers will be faster and smarter, etc. Again choose the 
drivers who stats suit you best, but consider the two new Sabio drivers 
you have unlocked. Their stats are higher then the others. Angel's Bay 
is the first, and quite possibly (for some) the most difficult race of 
the circuit. If the turns and straight-aways are executed with ease, 
then the win should be definite. The second race is The Desert Palace, 
which is a more difficult version of Manley Park. Your only worry is 
that final turn, where a tap of the brakes is needed. If this is done 
properly, then the victory will be yours. New York City is the final 
race of the circuit, and demands strong braking skills. If you are able 
to engage in the tight turns, after three laps the trophy is in your 
hands. After finishing first in the points standings, you will unlock 
the World Champs, and two significant drivers: Team Spirit members 
Jimmy Bly and Joe Tanto.
-IV- World Champs

World Champs is a huge step from the other Championships. The 
difficulty is set to hard, and you will have to complete all six races 
(now six laps each) to win. Although you have more time to take the 
lead (the additional three laps), you will need all the time you can 
get because of the difficulty setting. But one slip up on a race could 
cost you. You need at least all podium finishes (top three) unless you 
come first every time, and only slip up once. The zone will be critical 
in these races to take the lead, and ensure victory. In the World 
Champs there will be twelve drivers total, and I advise you to choose 
either Jimmy Bly or Joe Tanto, for their stats are the best, and they 
will help you greatly in your road to victory. The only change is there 
are six laps instead of three, which will give you the much more needed 
time to clinch the first. Burn some rubber and get that trophy! After 
completing the World Champs, you will unlock the Blocking Challenge, 
and veteran drivers Beau Brandenburg and Max Manley (racing for Team 
-V- Single Race

In the single race mode, you will be able to select any driver you have 
unlocked, and race on any track you have unlocked (to unlock 
drivers/tracks, you must complete Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Mode). 
Choose the amount of racers you wish to race against, the difficulty, 
and the number of laps. If you choose no other racers to race against, 
then you will be doing the Time Trial Mode. This is just for fun, and I 
use the mode to practice the levels I am having problems with. So hit 
the race button and let the rubber fly!
-VI- Blocking Challenge

The Blocking Challenge is an extremely difficult series of races. Your 
objective is to block for Jimmy Bly over a span of three races. You 
start at the back of the grid as Memo Moreno, and have to work your way 
up in front of Joe Tanto, and behind Jimmy Bly; all the while 
preventing Joe Tanto to make any passes whatsoever. You will have a 
timer of 120 seconds to get behind Jimmy Bly and protect him, and after 
five to seven laps, Jimmy must come first, and you must come second. 
The zone will be absolutely crucial in some races, and mistakes will be 
extremely costly.

MANLEY PARK - The first race is Manley Park, and although it may be the 
most straightforward track in the game, this challenge is easier said 
than done. This race consists of seven laps. After starting on the 
outside (right side), make your way through the first three cars to the 
inside lane (left side). You should start to make your way to the next 
pack of cars. Stay very close to the inside on the first turn, because 
Maurice Defoe will come from the outside to the inside on the turn, and 
might bump into you. The zone is absolutely vital in this race, so one 
mistake or bump and it's all over. You could take the outside land on 
the first turn avoiding Maurice Defoe, although he will finish his turn 
quicker resulting you being behind him. Try and stay on the inside and 
make the pass. You will notice that you will not make up any ground 
with the pack in front of you, or made any distance from the driver 
behind you. This is because Memo Moreno's car is the same speed as all 
the others, and the only way to go faster is by entering the zone. Keep 
on improving your zone meter, and as you approach the finish line after 
one lap, you should have reached the zone. Remember, one slip up and it 
will be impossible to win. As you take the first turn again, stay on 
the outside as you pass two more drivers. As you enter the tunnel and 
pass one more driver with your renewed vigor, swerve to the inside lane 
avoiding contact with the next driver. Now if this is all making sense 
and you find yourself where I am talking about, then you should be 
racing the fastest time possible. Pass Max Manley as you go across the 
finish line, putting you in forth. You should have around 70-80 seconds 
of time remaining to catch Joe Tanto. Remain at top speed the whole lap 
all the while slowly gaining on the other drivers. As you leave the 
tunnel, take Beau Brandenburg on the inside, and blare across the 
finish line. Try and stay on the inside of all the turns, because this 
is the fastest way of the course. Gain ground on Joe Tanto (because you 
should still be in the zone), and follow his line. When you become 
close enough, make your move and watch him in your review mirror. The 
timer will stop and you will have to kill off the few remaining laps. 
You should still be at top speed at around 360 kph, and you may begin 
to notice that you are gaining ground on Jimmy Bly himself, but be 
careful not to pass him. To keep your distance from him, every once in 
a while take your finger off the accelerator for a brief moment, to 
allow him to stay ahead. Keep Joe Tanto in your sights at all times, 
and if he tries to pass you, just cut him off. Make use of your little 
radar at the bottom center of your screen, and frequently check him in 
your review by utilizing the A button. The laps will go by and you will 
secure the one-two finish.

After completing the first race in this challenge, I believe (don't 
take my word for it, they suddenly appeared) you will be awarded with 
two experienced drivers, Lia Lopez and Aziz Meshiea.

NEW YORK CITY - In Blocking Challenge, New York City may seem to be a 
difficult course. This race is over a span of five laps. It could 
easily be done if you take the lead early, and if you're having 
problems with holding third place while blocking, take out the 
competition. In this race the zone is not essential, although it may 
provide helpful in the straight-aways. Start of passing the usual slow 
three off the start, and take the inside lane on the first turn at full 
speed. Make a few more passes here if possible. The second and third 
turns is where passing will be a cinch. Brake for two seconds, and pass 
everyone on the inside. Tap the brakes on the next turn, and take a few 
more. Right now, depending on how well you're doing, you may be already 
in second place. Try and take the rest of the race normal, and if you 
find yourself catching up to Jimmy Bly, just take your finger of the 
accelerator (R) every once in awhile. If third place (this time it may 
be Tanto or Brandenburg, or even someone else) finds himself bumping 
you or passing you, the next time you catch up, rub up against him and 
take out one of his tires (will take approx. five seconds), eliminating 
him from your way. Stay behind Jimmy and finish the glorious one-two 

ANGEL'S BAY - Angel's Bay consists of five laps, and has many passing 
opportunities. Start of by passing the same slow three, and stay in the 
outside (on the right side). Make the first three turns very fast. No 
brakes first turn, tap on the second turn, and none on the third. This 
should provide as an excellent passing opportunity, and should be taken 
advantage of. Another passing opportunity is near the end at the "S 
bend", where only a tap of the brakes is needed. After one good lap, 
you should have second secured. Finish the one-two and you get to have 
the Blocking Challenge Trophy all for your own!

After completing the Blocking Challenge, you will receive special 
character Joe Tanto (full stats), and expert driver, Memo Moreno. 
Although even if you can restart any race again, in order to get the 
drivers you must complete the challenge without using restart and you 
must finish one-two in each race.


=7) Story Mode=

-I- Intro

If you enjoyed the movie, you will love the story mode as well. The 
Story Mode takes you to the movie, as you indulge in the characters of 
Jimmy Bly and Joe Tanto. You will experience many different types of 
race sequences, including Time Trials, Head to Head, Blocking, the ever 
so exciting City Chase, and of course, the competitive, exhilarating 
Championship Races. Switch between the characters as you try to secure 
a championship victory for Jimmy Bly, defeating arch rival Beau 
Brandenburg. Step into the driver's seat, and hit the gas to the 

-II- Walkthrough

Challenge 1 - Time Trials - Desert Palace
The very first challenge isn't much of a challenge; all that needs to 
be done is a 26 second lap using Jimmy Bly. This can be easily done 
using the zone. You have four laps to complete this challenge. Just try 
and avoid hitting the wall on your third turn, and before you know it, 
your done challenge one.

Challenge 2 - Time Trials - Desert Palace
Take the seat of Joe Tanto, and complete a full lap in the zone. You 
have four laps to complete this challenge.

Challenge 3 - Championship Race - Angel's Bay
The third challenge puts you to Jimmy Bly, and you have to finish in 
the top three in six laps at Angel's Bay. This can easily be done, if 
you make use of the passing lanes and the zone. Once again avoid 
damaging your cars, and a top three finish should not be a problem. 
Look in section 5 II, for the Angel's Bay walkthrough, insuring your 

Challenge 4 - Championship Race - New York City
The fourth challenge brings you back to Jimmy Bly, as you compete in 
another Championship Race. This time it's in New York City, and again, 
you have to finish top three in six laps. Look in section 5 II, for the 
New York City walkthrough.

Challenge 5 - Head to Head - New York City
This is a Head to Head challenge in New York City, with you played as 
Joe Tanto, against Beau Brandenburg. Try and keep up with him, and once 
you're neck and neck, take out one of his tires giving you a huge lead. 
This will send him way back, and if he finds catching up to you, just 
block him, or again take out another tire. Cheating? No, I like to call 
it strategy. You have four laps to get ahead and win.

Challenge 6 - Chase - Chase Manhattan
This is a difficult race, racing through the streets of Manhattan with 
full traffic. Racing as Jimmy Bly, you must catch up to Tanto and pass 
him. Tanto begins with a head start, making it all worse. Start of 
blaring down the straightaway, and have a two second hold for the tight 
first left turn. Following is a "U" type turn, so take a two second 
brake, then a tap executing the turn. Weave through the traffic, and 
the following includes many "zigzag turns" left and right. Execute this 
using a two second hold. The last two turns are similar, but try and 
gather speed here because the final straightaway is where your pass 
should be made (if you have passed before this point you should be 
writing this FAQ). Tap on these turns and head down the large 
straightaway, gathering speed. The zone cannot be used in this race 
making it all the more difficult, so you will have to rely on the speed 
of your car. Make your pass on this straightaway on the bridge, and 
this race is over.

Challenge 7 - Block - Desert Palace
You are Joe Tanto, who is trying to keep his job. You are in a Blocking 
challenge, where you have 35 seconds to get behind Jimmy Bly, and block 
for him against Memo Moreno, who is trying to get his old job back. Get 
behind Jimmy, and keep it for four laps. However, if Memo passes you, 
you have 30 seconds to get back behind Jimmy. Use my strategy if you 
find yourself in trouble (take out some tires!).

Challenge 8 - Block - Manley Park
Again as Joe Tanto, you have 60 seconds to get behind Jimmy Bly and 
block. After eight laps on this easy course, it's you and Jimmy 
finishing the one-two. Remember, you can't pass Jimmy. If you find 
yourself catching up to him, just take your finger of the accelerator 
(R), and allow him to pull ahead.

Challenge 9 - Head to Head - Manley Park
Racing as Jimmy Bly in Manley Park, you are faced with a Head to Head 
battle with Max Manley. Show whose boss, enter the zone, and watch Max 
Manley curse in your review mirror.

Challenge 10 - Championship Race - Tour De Triomphe
Beau Brandenburg is running away in the Championship drivers' 
standings, and Jimmy Bly needs to win this race to have a chance. You 
must come first in six laps at Tour De Triomphe. Remember, if you need 
further help with the track, check back in section 5 II, which will 
give you the fastest route and the strategies of each track. This 
should insure you in victory.

Challenge 11 - Chase - Poursuite Parisienne
This chase may be challenging, unless you use the key elements, 
especially since you can't use the zone. The key elements is to gain 
speed up to the 290o turn, and the pass at turn five. Jimmy Bly begins 
with a head start, but that shouldn't bother you, you'll waste him 
later. Take the first turn with no braking, and the second with just a 
tap. This section of the track is very fast, and you should gain most 
of your time here. Try and do your best to avoid cars, the best 
strategy is to utilize the unused median. Then there is the 290o (or 
so) turn. Brake hard, for two seconds and the best lane would be to hug 
the outside (right) wall. You will avoid traffic here, and could be the 
fastest route anyway. The next turn is a 90o right turn, and don't 
bother braking, unless you are traveling at a high speed. It will not 
be necessary since the road is so wide. Now again, take use of the 
median to avoid all traffic. Now here at turn five is where all the 
magic happens. You may think that you have no chance, but if this turn 
is executed properly (I say that a lot), then you defiantly have a 
chance. Swerve to the outside, and cut to the inside with just a tap 
(or one second) of the brakes, hitting the wall without loosing much 
speed if necessary. Here you should be close or passed Jimmy, so try 
and take another fast and risky turn in order to take the lead. If you 
are winning here, you have the race. If not, good luck on the last 
turn. This turn is a bit more than 90o and requires much braking. If 
you are ahead turn slow, even if you are very slow Jimmy will not be 
able to pass, but if your not ahead, try and take it fast since this is 
the last turn and you have nothing to loose. After a short right hand 
turn, head down the final straightaway.

Challenge 12 - Head to Head - Hexen Tal
The twelfth challenge in Story Mode is a Head to Head with you as Jimmy 
Bly against Beau Brandenburg. Things are heating up in the Championship 
standings, and with girlfriend Sophia. Beat Brandenburg in four laps at 
Hexen Tal and shake up Beau for the last two races.

Challenge 13 - Block - Hexen Tal
You have 60 seconds to get behind Jimmy Bly, and in four laps you must 
finish one-two to tie it up in the Championship standings. Try and take 
the lead early, if possible the first lap, and you should have no 
further problems. This is a difficult challenge, because deep into the 
race it will be hard to pass the second and third place drivers, so try 
and take the lead as early as possible.

Challenge 14 - Championship Race - Angel's Bay
The last challenge in Story Mode is the Championship race, which will 
decide the fate of the Championship Standings with Jimmy Bly and Beau 
Brandenburg. Race as Jimmy Bly, and in six laps you must be first to 
cross that finish line.

Congratulations! You have beaten Story Mode. In return you will receive 
professional driver Jimmy Bly. I know you're thinking you already have 
Jimmy Bly, but this time his stats are full. Yes, special character 
Jimmy Bly.

*Note: Remember, for each challenge, look back in section 5 II for the 
Tracks Walkthrough. This will be extremely helpful in your fast road to 


=8) Multiplayer Mode=

-I- Intro

The Multiplayer Mode is an exciting version of the Arcade Mode but for 
two players. Unfortunately two players is the limit, but I have no 
problems with taking turns. If you and your partner decide to pick 
drivers from the same team, or the same driver, you will be racing for 
overall team points. However, if you pick drivers from different teams, 
you will have to win overall individual points just like in arcade 
mode. Either way, it will supply hours of enjoyment for the both of 
you. But if you are having problems of winning together or 
individually, a great idea is to pick drivers from different teams (so 
it is overall individual points), and have the stronger player race, 
and the other play to block. Or is some cased you may take out the 
competition by crashing them, and eliminating them from the race (out 
of the points standings). This can be fun for both drivers as well.
-II- Champs Walkthrough	

The Multiplayer Championship Walkthrough is exactly the same as the 
Arcade Championship Walkthrough. This time, it's for two people. You 
can work together for team points, or against each other to claim the 
trophy for you own. See about section 6 Ib for the track walkthroughs. 
You will unlock the same drivers after completing the different 
championships. If you beat the Arcade Euro Championships and receive 
Team Sabio drivers, they will be available for the Multiplayer Euro 
Champs even if you haven't even raced it yet. This works vice-versa. 
However this doesn't work for unlocking the different Champs, just the 
drivers. A good strategy if your having problems with for example, the 
Arcade U.S. Champs, find a friend and beat for example the World Champs 
(in multiplayer), so the better drivers, Team Frust and Team Spirit, 
will be available for the U.S. Champs. Normally these drivers won't be 
available, so take advantage and use the more skilled drivers to help 
you beat Arcade.
-III- Single Race 

Again, the Single Race for Arcade Mode is much similar to the one in 
Multiplayer Mode, except this time with two players. Read about in 
section 6 V for more information.


=9) FAQ's=

An FAQ/Walkthrough just wouldn't be one without the FAQ portion, so 
here goes. If I don't cover all your questions here, let me know on the 
Driven board, I check that periodically. I hope to cover all of your 
needs in my Walkthrough and even in my "Need Help?" section.

Q: Why is this game so difficult? Am I the only one?
A: No everyone I know has problems with the game, and it can be very 
frustrating. You will be fine once you get used to the game. Every time 
you try a level I guarantee it you will get better. It's just a matter 
if time.

Q: Who are the "?" in the selection of drivers, and how do I unlock 
A: The two drivers with "?" are special characters Jimmy Bly and Joe 
Tanto. They are "special characters" because they both have full stats. 
You unlock special characters Jimmy Bly by completing Story Mode and 
Joe Tanto by completing the Blocking Challenge in Arcade Mode. You can 
also unlock them using the cheat; look in section 10 II for this cheat.


=10) Need Help?=

-I- Hints and Strategies

Turning - While turning, you must execute the proper braking 
techniques, whether it is with a tap of the brakes or a five second 
hold. Always go from the outside hugging the wall, and pull into the 
inside to execute a perfect turn. Obviously try to avoid hitting walls 
while turning, it will affect your speed, damage, and zone meter.

Multiplayer - If you find one of the championships too difficult, 
whether you are working with a partner on a team or individually, there 
is a great strategy what will help you plenty. Have one driver to drive 
for the first place. Have the other driver to block for that driver, 
but if that is too difficult, get him/her to stay behind a lap and take 
out the competition. What I mean is, block for your partner, or take 
out the top drivers.

Braking - If you are an experienced driver in Driven, try a different 
braking technique. For shorter turns, still tap. But for the sharper 
turns, tap the brakes two or three times to slow your car just enough 
to make the turn. I find this more effective, if used properly.

Passing - Passing can easily be executed any time. First of all you 
obviously have to be going faster than your opponent. Follow his line, 
and as you speed up, pass him on the inside lane. I say the inside lane 
because on a turn he/she will be forced to move behind you, and even if 
he/she is beside you, you will move ahead because the inside lane is 
the faster lane.

Eliminating - If you find yourself in a position where you can't hold 
off a driver, or can't pass someone, eliminate them from the race. What 
I mean is, once you are beside your opponent; rub up against him for 
about five seconds, taking off his tire. This will slow him down 
considerably, and will force him to repair his car, putting you way 
-II- Cheats

The following cheats can be inserted using the D Pad, at the main menu 
screen. After a cheat is entered successfully, a car noise will 
indicate the cheat was entered correctly.

All Cars:  Up, Down, Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down
All Tracks: Up, Up, Left, Down, Left, Right, Right, Up
Arcade Champs: Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Down, Left, Left
Multiplayer Champs: Left, Down, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down, Right
Story Mode: Down, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Down, Left

*Thank you to ElFreako Kid (source: CVG Magazine) and Game FAQ's for 
supplying me with these cheats.


=11) OUTRO=

Driven is an excellent game, but can be extremely challenging in most 
areas. I hope my FAQ/Walkthrough has helped you through this game. This 
is my first FAQ, so please let me know if I have left something out, 
made some errors, or did something improperly. I love this game, and 
extremely recommend it if you are a racing fan. I think that even if 
you're no fan of racing, I think you should at least rent this game, 
for it supplies as a fun, intriguing, challenging game, which will keep 
you entertained for ours on end. Thank you to CjayC for posting this 
FAQ/Walkthrough, and I hope it has benefited your gaming expirence. 

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