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FAQ/Walkthrough by Syonyx

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 11/26/07

  "I'm going to kill you in the face!"

                      __.--./`.                     __
                  _.-`        }                     \ `-._           ,.
             _.-'`  __.-.    /                       '.   `>         | \
          .-`     ,`     \  /.  ._ ___                 '   '         \  \
        .`       {        \'/ } | ''  `-.,_  <`------^. '   '     .`^.`.'
       <._       (       |`'  ; |  ||   ,._`-.|  ,----.\ :  :  .-`.`'/`.
          `-._    \      /    } |  ||   |  `.  ) |___,.  |  `-`_.`  |   |
     .        `.   '.  .'    /  |  ||   |    } ;  ___  ) |   <`     |   |
    { \         \    '<     <   |  ||   |  .` /  |   `'  :     '.   |   |
     \ \         '    ''._   `-.|  ||   |,` .`|  |_.----`   ^.   '. |   |
      \ `._       )     `-.-._     ||   _.-`  |   _____.'  /  \    '.`-._>
       `.  `-.___/       .'   `--..\ \,'     /.-`    .'  .'  <       `-.
         '._         _.-`          `              _.' _.'     `-------`
            '.___.--`                         _.-`_.-`

+                                                                             +
|          *** A Complete Sudeki FAQ/Walkthrough ***                          |
=                                                                             =
|                         by - Syonyx -                                       |
+                                                    Version 2.01             +
|                                                                             |
_____________________                                             _____________
.....................                                             .............
  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                 GAME INFO

1) Introduction                                                   Title: Sudeki
2) Controls                                                      Platform: Xbox
3) Gameplay                                                   Genre: Action-RPG
4) Characters                                                 ESRB Rating: Teen
    4a) Tal                                                   Developer: Climax
    4b) Ailish                                             Publisher: Microsoft
    4c) Buki                                      Release Dates: 20-Jul-04 (NA)
    4d) Elco                                                     27-Aug-04 (EU)
5) Walkthrough
6) Quest Summary
    6a) Main Story Quests
    6b) Optional Quests
7) Weapons & Armor
    7a) Tal's Equipment
    7b) Ailish's Equipment
    7c) Buki's Equipment
    7d) Elco's Equipment
8) Blacksmiths & Runes
9) Items & Commerce
10) Monster Compendium
11) Orb Locations Summary
12) Talos' Diary
12) Closing Info
                         WALKTHROUGH IN-DEPTH CONTENTS

     5a) Illumina Castle                        5m) Road to Transentia
     5b) Illumina Countryside                   5n) Transentia City
     5c) New Brightwater                        5o) Transentine Research Center
     5d) Return to Illumina Castle              5p) Crystal Reef
     5e) Illumina Castle Revisited              5q) Siren's Grotto
     5f) Road to Shadani-Mo                     5r) Return to Crystal Reef
     5g) Shadani-Mo                             5s) Aklorian Countryside
     5h) Shadani Temple                         5t) Cyantine Citadel
     5i) Realm of Shadows                       5u) Road to Aklorian Stronghold
     5j) Return to New Brightwater              5v) Aklorian Stronghold
     5k) Illumina Castle Revisited, Again       5w) Elco's Awakening
     5l) A Bunch of Side Quests (optional)      5x) Endgame

             *** To skip to a particular section, press ctrl-F and enter
                 the section number (e.g. '5p') ***

                               1) INTRODUCTION

Greetings to all, and welcome to my guide to Sudeki on the Microsoft Xbox.  I
am Syonyx, and I hope that this guide will serve you well as you explore the
realms of this gorgeous action-RPG.  Climax has crafted visually rich
characters and environments for you to squander your waking hours exploring, so
fire up the big box, crank up the Dolby Digital, and prepare to enter a world
of swords and sorcery, lust, honor, and betrayal, as four heroes face their
destiny and the Age of Unity approaches...

I have attempted to make this guide as extensive as possible, and to that end
have included, in addition to the full walkthrough, details on each story quest
and side quest, full lists and details of all items, equipment, shops,
monsters, etc.  If you want any additional information or clarification, have a
suggestion for improvement, or just want to make general comments on this
guide, feel free to drop me a line at [syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com].

                                 2) CONTROLS

===============                     |   ===============
 NOT IN COMBAT                      |    DURING COMBAT
===============                     |   ===============
L-stick: Move character             |   L-stick: Move character
R-stick: Move camera                |   R-stick: Aim in ranged combat
A: Talk, action, select in menus    |   A: Vertical strike (melee) /
B: Back up in menus                 |      Fire weapon (ranged)
X: Additional info in menus         |   B: Knock back surrounding enemies
Y: Open Quick Menu                  |   X: Horizontal strike (melee) / Change
Black/White: Switch lead character  |      weapon (ranged) / Select in menu
L trigger: Hold for 1st-person view |   Y: Open Quick Menu
R trigger: Center camera behind you |   Black/White: Switch lead character
D-pad: Use set Quickshot items      |   L trigger: 1st to 3rd-person view
Start: Open Main Menu               |   R trigger: Defend (melee) /
Back: Back up in menus              |              Fire weapon (ranged)
L-stick (click): Put health bars    |   D-pad: Use set Quickshot items
                 over characters    |   Start: Pause game
R-stick (click): 1st-person view    |   Back: Back up in Quick Menu
                                    |   L-stick (click): Show health bars over
                                    |                    characters

                                 3) GAMEPLAY

The story is broken up into a series of 'Quests', specific tasks entrusted to
members of your party.  Each quest may have more than 1 part, completed in
sequence.  As you seek to fulfill these duties, you will travel the world,
engage in battles large and small, and pick up additional optional tasks along
the way.  Now, that doesn't tell you much, so let's go into more detail about
how the game will progress.

                               ~ DEFINITIONS ~

The following are some of the terms and abbreviations you'll encounter in this
guide and in the game.

HP: Health Points.  Refers to the amount of life each character possesses, or
    the amount of damage they can sustain before falling in combat.
SP: Skill Points.  Allows characters to perform special moves called Skill
    Strikes while in combat.
SSP: Spirit Strike Points.  Allows characters to call on incarnations of
     mystical guardians to devastate their foes in combat.
Power: Physical strength.  Determines the damage caused by regular attacks.
Essence: Magical strength.  Determines the damage or duration of effect caused
         by Skill Strikes.
XP: Experience Points.  Determines level increases.  Obtained by completing
    quests, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies.
N: North.   S: South.   E: East.   W: West.   NE: Northeast.   NW: Northwest.
SE: Southeast.  SW: Southwest.

                               ~ GAME SCREEN ~

Pardon my artwork, but here's the game screen and features that bear some
                |  __                                        |
                | /  \                                  (+)  |<-- Quickshot
  Navigation -->|(    )>                                     |    menu
         map    | \__/                                       |
                |                                            |
                |                                            |
                |                                            |
                |                                       ---()|    other party
                |                                       ---()|<-- characters
                |                                      ---() |    (shows HP/SP)
                |                                     _   __ |
                |                                    /_) (  \|
                |              .-. __________       //====  ||<--lead player
 Combo meter -->|{!}()()()    (_A_)__action__)     //=====__/|   character
 /ammo meter    |____________________________________________|   (shows HP/SP)
 (in combat only)  ^              ^                 ^
                   |              |                 |
 (actually appears |              |             Spirit Strike meter
   here, only when  <----available action
   not in combat)           indicator

While not in combat, the action indicator will pop up whenever a particular
action can be performed.  Press A at these times to take that action.  This
might be smashing a crate or vase, opening a treasure chest, talking to others,
examining something, or performing a character-specific action (see below).

                            ~ WORLD EXPLORATION ~

The main way to do this is to move around and use the camera to check out your
environment as you progress through the game, passing through roads, fields,
towns, and dungeons.  However, there are some other tools to help you out, and
some special things to look out for.


At all times, there is a round display in the upper left corner of the screen
which displays the features of the immediate environment.  The outlines of the
local topography (basically the path that is open to you) will be drawn in
blue.  There will also be a white arrow around the outside of the circle while
you are in the field, indicating the ultimate direction that you need to go in
your current quest.  Other features on this map include:
           -White dot + yellow cone: your current lead character's position
                                     and the direction they're facing.
           -Purple dots: other party characters.
           -Green dots: Friendly non-player characters.
           -Red dots: Enemies.

You can also access World Maps through the Main Menu (see below).  These maps
display the entire region you're currently in.  They can be hard to make out,
but if you look closely, you can see the entire road system for the region.  On
these maps, there will also be icons indicating the locations of helpful
service outlets:
           -Traders (scales icon):  Buy and sell items.
           -Kamo's Shops (duck with hat icon): Buy and sell items.
           -Blacksmiths (hammer and anvil icon): Upgrade equipment.
           -Inns (knife and fork icon): Rest to restore all HP and SP.


As you approach friendly non-player characters, the action indicator will
appear, providing you with the option to talk to that character by pressing the
A button.  They will say what they have to say, both in text and audio format.
You can accelerate speech by pressing A again in the middle of it, but this
skips the audio portion.  Sometimes, after a character speaks, you will have
one or more options with which to respond or prompt the character for further
information.  Highlight the option you desire and press A again to activate it.
One of the options will always be to just say goodbye.  Talking to characters
may be required for a particular quest, may give useful but not absolutely
essential information, or may trigger a new side quest.  Different quests will
be available at different points in the game, too.  So if you're in a big rush,
you can ignore all passers-by, but it could also be in your interest to talk to
every character every time you're in a particular area.  It's up to you to find
whatever balance you're happy with.


Throughout the worlds of Sudeki, there are valuable and useful items to be
found.  Some of these are restorative items, some are only good for trading
with others for cash or yet more valuable items.  The different ways to fill
your inventory without spending any money are:

           -Smashing crates/vases: Press A when the 'Break' action indicator
                                   appears near certain objects.  Just don't
                                   be too disappointed if they're empty.
           -Opening treasure chests: You know whatever's in these has got to
                                     be reasonably good.
           -Dropped by defeated enemies: In battle, you must walk over these
                                         earned items to add them to your
           -Gifts from other characters: If you fulfill Quests for others,
                                         they will reward you in some way.
           -Hidden in the environment: There are a few items that can only be
                                       found by examining objects around you.


As you approach a door, the action indicator will come up either as 'Locked',
in which case you can still press A to rattle the door (serving no real
purpose, however), or as 'Open', allowing you entry.  Only the lead character
will enter a building while the others wait outside.  This is a minor problem
if there is a barrier inside that only one character may pass by virtue of
their individual skills.  If you find yourself with the wrong person, go back
outside, switch to the right one, and go back inside (unless the right person
isn't in your current party, in which case you'll have to return at a later


You can obtain Florins (the currency of Sudeki) in 2 ways: finding them in
treasure chests or smashed objects, or by selling valuable items to traders or

As for buying, a word of advice: Save your money primarily for equipment
upgrades.  You can usually pick up enough restorative items in the field to
meet your needs, and don't need to spend Florins to purchase these items,
though you may occasionally be desperate for a particular type of item, in
which case spend away!  There are 4 types of locations for you to spend your

         -Kamo's shops: These franchise locations, found in or near towns,
                        offer a wide variety of restorative items and some
                        weapons for purchase.  You can also sell your items
                        here, but Kamo's pretty stingy and won't pay you much.
         -Traders: Located throughout the world, traders are particularly
                   interested in purchasing your valuable items, but also offer
                   a few items for sale.  Each trader has a particular fetish,
                   meaning that they will pay top dollar for a particular type
                   of item, such as animal furs, or precious gems.
         -Blacksmiths: These skilled tradesmen can imprint mystical runes upon
                       your current armor and weapons, conveying special attack
                       and defense properties.  You can also find special runes
                       which any blacksmith will then be able to inscribe.
                       Basic runes are square, while round runes are generally
                       stronger and more expensive.
         -Inns: These comforting hostels offer rest, restoring the entire
                party's HP and SP for the meagre price of 25 Florins.

See the Shops section towards the bottom of this guide for details on the
prices of all bought, sold and processed items for every shop and trader.

                                   ~ MENUS ~

There are 2 menus in the game: the Main Menu, which is only available when not
in combat, and the Pause Menu, which you can access at any time, but which is
particularly useful in combat.


Opening this menu shows you the full status of the current character, including
their current and maximum HP, current and maximum SP, level, experience, and
experience required to reach the next level.  You can switch characters on the
main menu screen and within any of the sub-menus by pressing the Black/White
buttons.  Scroll through the sub-menus by pressing left/right and press A to
open the one that you want.  Any options within each sub-menu will be displayed
across the bottom of the screen.

ITEMS: This is where you'll find all consumable items.  You can use any of them
       for which you have a need (i.e. you can't use a HP-restoring item if all
       characters are at full HP), look at the descriptions of each, or assign
       them to the Quickshot buttons for rapid access during battle by pressing
       X while the desired item is selected.

VALUABLES: There are 3 lists here, side by side, of items available for trade,
           equipment runes acquired, and key story items.  Scroll over each
           item to see a brief description.

ADVANCEMENTS: Here, you can spend available advancement points (acquired by
              leveling up) as you see fit on Max HP, Max SP, Power, or Essence,
              or you can learn new Skill Strikes.  If you don't have points to
              spend, you can still just look at where each character stands.

WEAPONS: All weapons for the current character will be displayed.  Scroll
         through them to see their basic stats, inscribed runes and available
         rune slots.  Press X while a weapon is highlighted to see a longer
         description of its qualities and history.

ARMOR: As each character only owns one set of armor at one time, it will only
       display the current outfit, along with its inscribed runes and
       available rune slots.

QUEST LOG: All current quests will be displayed in this menu.  Highlight the
           quest title to read the description of the current task within that
           quest, which will change as you accomplish each task.  Once the
           quest is complete, it will vanish from the list entirely.

MONSTER COMPENDIUM: Each monster type that you've defeated will gain a listing
                    in this menu, including a picture of that monster and a
                    description of its abilities and status defenses.  There
                    will also be a suggested strategy for fighting it.  Whether
                    you heed this particular advice is up to you.

MAPS: The maps available for viewing for each area you've encountered will be
      listed in one of three columns, divided by different realms.  Open a map
      and look closely to make out the road pattern for that area.  Not all
      regions will have maps to accompany them.

OPTIONS: Control various game settings.  I won't go into detail, the game tells
         you what you need to know.  Of particular note is the ability to
         reverse the Y-axis (up/down) on aiming with the R stick during first-
         person view, primarily of use in ranged combat.

QUIT: You can select this option at any time to exit the current game, load a
      previous file, or return to the most recent save point.  You might want
      to do this if your game is going particularly badly.

You will often notice that the sub-menu icons have a "+" character laid over
them.  This indicates that something new has been added to that menu, such as
advancement points available to be allocated, a new weapon or armor listing,
new items, or new quest information.


Opening this menu by pressing Y slows down the world around the lead character
substantially, but not completely (so in combat, you can still be damaged if
you take too long).  It is the only way to use Skill Strikes and Spirit Strikes
in combat, and is invaluable for using items not added to the Quickshot buttons
in emergency situations.  It is also the only way to modify your allies' AI
setting.  The following sub-menus are available:

SKILL STRIKES: The current lead character's special abilities will be listed
               here, along with a brief description and the SP cost.  If you
               have enough SP, you can activate the skill by selecting it
               during combat.

SPIRIT STRIKES: These ultra-special abilities are also particular to each
                character and will be acquired at key points in the game.
                Activating each during combat requires sufficient Spirit Strike
                Points, which can be restored by causing and taking damage in

WEAPONS: Use this to change weapons on the fly.  Does not contain the full
         descriptions that are found in the Main Menu, so get to know your
         arsenal well.

ITEMS: Use any consumable item on any character that needs it in a flash.  Just
       remember that even though time is slowed while the Quick Menu is open,
       it isn't stopped completely, so don't take too long deciding what to

A.I.: Set the artificial intelligence settings that will influence how non-lead
      characters will behave during combat.  See below for more details on each

OPTIONS: Go to the options menu (same as for Main Menu) to change settings.

                                  ~ COMBAT ~


Battles occur only in pre-set designated areas.  As you travel the lands, you
will pass through a number of small areas, some of which will see you pit
against the forces of darkness.  If you re-enter these areas at any time, you
may trigger another battle, either with a similar group of enemies, or
different foes altogether.  You will sometimes be spared a fight upon re-
entering an area, because some are determined by some unknown percent chance of
combat, but others will see you fighting each and every time you enter the
area, even if you just cleared it out, stepped over the threshold, and re-
entered it 2 seconds later.


Once combat has been established, the music will change to a more exciting
theme, the sky may darken, your characters will draw their weapons, and
monsters will start to appear.  At this point, all controls switch to the
battle configuration, your combo or ammo meter will appear in the bottom left
corner of the screen depending on which character is in the lead, and the Main
Menu will no longer be available to you (though you can still pause the game by
pressing Start).

The combat system in Sudeki is largely controlled by the games A.I., or
artificial intelligence.  This means that any characters other than the one
you're controlling directly will still participate fully in battle (sometimes
performing better than if you were controlling them yourself).  You can switch
between any characters in your party at any time by pressing the Black/White
buttons, and the computer A.I. will take over the previous character.  This
allows for fast-paced, often chaotic combat with dozens of characters acting
all at the same time over a large area.  You will have to switch characters
whenever you want to use a particular character's Skill Strikes, as these can
only be activated by you, or when you want to heal anyone, as the A.I. only
allows your allies to move, attack, and defend.

While you can exert no specific control over characters other than your lead at
any particular time, you can adjust their A.I. settings to determine the
overall slant of their actions.  Open the Quick Menu and choose the rainbow-
colored brain icon to access the A.I. menu.  Select the character you want to
change and set them to one of the following 3 options:

           -Attack: The character will go after any nearby enemy and try to
                    take them out.  They will run after enemies if there aren't
                    any nearby.  Characters on this setting will still defend
                    if surrounded and call for help if seriously injured.
           -Defend: On this setting, characters will adopt a defensive stance
                    more frequently.  They will still seek out enemies if none
                    are nearby.
           -Retreat: Choose this to make characters avoid combat, running away
                     from enemies whenever possible.

Just remember that even though the other characters can largely fend for
themselves, it is still your responsibility as the player to keep the party
alive and kicking.  You can only heal characters through direct actions, either
using special Skill Strikes or restorative items (which can be used on any
character that needs it regardless of where they are on the field).  To use a
healing item on another character, however, you must select it from the Quick
Menu.  The Quickshot items programmed onto the D-pad will only be used on
whoever your lead character is (unless it's a rare whole-party item).

Remember, too, that player characters cannot harm each other, so feel free to
unleash attacks around your allies without fear.


Combat in Sudeki can take one of 2 forms: Melee, a.k.a. up-close and personal
hacking and slashing, or Ranged, where attacking takes place from afar.  Each
character can engage only in one of these 2 forms of combat.

Tal and Buki are your melee fighters, Tal engaging the enemy with his sword and
Buki with her claws.  When controlling a melee fighter, the camera is in third-
person mode, as it is for most of the non-combat game, allowing you full view
of your character and their immediate surroundings.

Melee combat includes 3 types of attacks: vertical slashes (A), horizontal
slashes (X), and spin attacks (B) to knock over enemies surrounding you but
without causing them much damage (one note: Buki seems to take longer to make
this move and has a shorter radius of attack when she does, compared to Tal).
In addition to single slashes, the player can also carry out a number of combos
using the X and A attacks.  Entering combos depends on proper timing.  Watch
the combo meter in the lower left corner of the screen, and as each circle
flashes, press the next button in the combo sequence.  NOTE: Tal's combos
require slightly slower button presses than Buki, so get used to the timing for

COMBOS: A, A, A - Rapid slashing attack.  Easy to execute.
        X, X, X - Spinning horizontal attack.  Easy to execute.
        A, X, X - Forward charging attack.  Plows character into enemies.
        X, A, A - Spinning stun attack.  Wide area of attack on final strike.
        A, X, A - Jumping air attack.  Slow but extremely powerful.
        X, A, X - Slow spin attack.  Vulnerable while making final strike.
        X, X, A, (A, A, A) - Vertical juggling combo.  Can add up to 3 hits.
        A, A, X, (X, X, X) - Horizontal juggling combo.  Extendable attack.

These combos will be elaborated on further for each melee character in a
section below.  It is important to note that you can control your direction
throughout a combo to a limited extent, meaning that you can sometimes target
different enemies with each hit.  Use this to your advantage when surrounded,
or when a combo finishes off an enemy before the final strike, which you can
then turn on another nearby enemy.

Since you're in the thick of it in melee combat, you're almost always in
a good position to unleash a furious Skill Strike on nearby enemies.  It also
means that you're highly vulnerable to enemy attacks, so watch out for what's
going on around you and heal as necessary.


Ailish and Elco are your ranged fighters.  Ailish fires blasts of magical
energy from a variety of staffs, while Elco uses a collection of high-tech guns
to dispatch foes.  When controlling a ranged fighter, the camera shifts to
first-person view, in essence turning the game into a mini-FPS (First-Person

You can control your movement in this view with the left analog stick, moving
back and forth and strafing left and right.  You can control the direction
you're facing with the right stick.  In essence, full movement control requires
coordinated use of both sticks simultaneously.  Use the R trigger to fire your
current weapon while doing so.  Hold the R trigger to fire continuously (if the
weapon allows it).  You can also use a pseudo-physical attack to clear
surrounding enemies by pressing B (similar to in melee combat)

Your firepower varies according to the weapon equipped.  You can cycle through
the weapons in your inventory by pressing X, or by opening the Quick Menu and
selecting the desired weapon from the drop-down list.  When pressing X, weapons
will cycle down the list as they appear in your inventory, looping back to the
top after the last weapon.  Each weapon also has a particular amount of ammo,
or number of times you can fire before you must reload.  Reloads happen
automatically once you're out of shots, and the time to reload varies by
weapon.  For both Ailish and Elco, the initial weapon has unlimited ammo and
can be fired continuously, but is also fairly weak by comparison.  Some weapons
have area effects upon contact with a target, some can only hit enemies at
closer range while others can shoot across the entire field, and some weapons'
shots can pass straight through enemies to hit multiple targets in a line.
Whenever you get a new weapon, experiment with it from a safe position in
combat to get a feel for its abilities.


Attacking is all well and good, but you also need to know how to defend
yourself to stay alive.  The easiest way to do this is to keep moving using the
L analog stick, dodging attacks before they connect with you.  In melee combat,
you can also raise a shield by holding the R trigger.  This will defend against
most attacks, but powerful enemies will be able to break through your shield,
so it's not always effective.  Also, enemies coming up behind you can still
strike you from your rear.  You can also perform acrobatic rolls while
blocking in melee combat, by holding R trigger and moving the L stick left,
right, or backwards (relative to the character's position on the screen).  The
character can thus move out of a lot of sticky situations quickly.  And again,
the B-button sweep attack can clear surrounding enemies, giving you a brief
breathing space.

In ranged combat, you have no shield with which to defend yourself, so
continuously moving around the field is your best option.  Since you attack
from a distance, you can stay away from any enemies while still contributing
effectively to battle.  Remember that ranged fighters also have use of the
sweep attack, so press B if monsters are getting too close.  It is especially
important to keep moving while a weapon is recharging, since you're vulnerable
during that period.


All characters have special abilities that they can learn and use during
battle, called Skill Strikes.  These powerful techniques are useful for doing
massive damage to multiple enemies, healing or reviving allies, or conveying
positive status effects to your party.  New Skill Strikes can be learned by
spending advancement points on them after leveling up.

To activate a Skill Strike, open the Quick Menu during combat by pressing Y.
The action all around you will slow down to a crawl, giving you a moment to
make your selection from the Skill Strike menu (you don't have forever, though,
so make up your mind quickly).  Performing a Skill Strike requires that you
have enough SP.  If you don't, restore it by using restorative items, or by
sleeping at an inn between battles (there are also some weapon runes that will
restore your SP as you cause damage to enemies).  You will also be unable to
perform a Skill Strike if your character is 'not ready', meaning that they are
busy recovering from being hit or are otherwise engaged in a certain action.

Once you have selected a Skill Strike, you will see your character in third-
person view with a colored zone indicating the area of effect of that skill.
The area will gradually fill with brighter color, and once it is full, the
skill will be activated.  This gives you a little bit of time to aim or move
yourself into an ideal position to ensure the maximum effect from the strike.
You are invulnerable while the skill is charging in this manner.

If at any point you find that your Skill Strikes are not as effective as you
would like, one option is to boost your Essence after leveling up and earning
advancement points.  Each character's essence score determines the strength of
their Skill Strikes, either through the amount of damage they cause or the
amount of time that the status-enhancement skills last.


In addition to the powerful Skill Strikes, characters will gain the use of
Spirit Strikes.  These ultimate powers can either devastate an entire field of
enemies, or bestow positive status effects upon your party and negative status
effects on your opponents.  Performing Spirit Strikes requires sufficient SSP
(Spirit Strike Points).  These are shared by the entire party, and are gained
by engaging in combat, damaging monsters and taking damage yourself.  Your
party's max SSP is 200.  Damaging Spirit Strikes consume 200 points, while
status Spirit Strikes only use 100.  The SSP meter is the curving sliver along
the left edge of the lead character's icon in the bottom right corner of the
screen.  It fills with silver to reach 100 SSP, then again with gold to reach
200 SSP.


This was discussed briefly above, but it bears repeating, since it will help
keep your party alive.  In combat, there are 2 ways to use restorative items.
First, you can use those already mapped to the Quickshot menu (D-pad).  This
has to be set up in the Main Menu between battles.  Quickshot items are also
only used on the current lead character.  The other way is to open the Quick
Menu, and quickly choose the desired item from the list, then the character to
use it on (only those who can benefit from the item will be listed).  You
cannot use items from the Quick Menu if you are busy recovering from being hit
or otherwise engaged in another action.


There are several positive and negative status effects that can be applied to
either player characters or enemies.  When a status effect is in play, its
corresponding icon will appear over your character's icon in the bottom right
corner of the screen, or over an enemy's health bar.  Most positive status
effects will also be indicated by a glowing ring at the character's feet in the
same color as the effect's icon.  The statuses are as follows:

POSITIVE STATUSES: Boost (Red heart) - Doubles physical damage caused with
                                       regular attacks.
                   Haste (Yellow up arrow) - Increases speed of movement.
                   Protect (Blue shield) - Greatly reduces damage received from
                                           all attacks.
                   Regen (Green drop) - Gradually regain HP over time.

NEGATIVE STATUSES: Weaken (Broken heart) - Halves damage caused to others
                                           with regular attacks.
                   Slow (Purple down arrow) - Reduces speed of moving and
                   Curse (Broken green shield) - Doubles damage received.
                   Poison (Green bottle) - Gradually depletes HP over time.
                   Freeze (Snowflake) - Unable to move for short time and
                                        very vulnerable to attacks.
                   Stunned (no icon) - unable to move for a few seconds or
                                       until hit.  Indicated by stars around
                                       head and staggering posture.

All statuses vanish at the end of battle, and some will fade on their own even
while the battle still rages.  You can also remove negative statuses by using
special items (Panaceas) or certain Skill Strikes.

It is also possible for player and enemy characters to possess inherent defense
against specific negative statuses.  For your party, this is achieved through
inscribing special runes onto your armor.  For enemies, this is an innate
ability.  The statuses that each monster is resistant to will be listed in
their entry in the Monster Compendium, viewable through the Main Menu.  When a
player or enemy attempts to invoke a negative status on a character that is
immune to it, a black shadow of that symbol will appear (in the same location
that active status effects do), indicating that resistance.  Continued attempts
to inflict that status will be pointless.  You can also gain temporary
resistance to a particular status by curing yourself of it using a Panacea or
special Skill Strikes.


For each enemy dispatched, the team is rewarded by a certain number of
experience points.  Combined with experience gained in completing quests, this
is how characters will grow and advance in their abilities.  All characters in
the party gain experience for enemies killed by any character.  In addition to
experience points, some monsters leave behind treasure when defeated.  You must
then walk over the dropped item to collect it (this often happens automatically
as you are killing them in melee combat).  These prizes can be either valuable
items for trade, or consumable restorative items.  Items can be picked up after
the end of battle too, once your fighters have sheathed their weapons, but if
you wait too long the items will vanish.

                           ~ CHARACTER ADVANCEMENT ~

When your characters gain enough experience (see the Main Menu main screen for
the current level, experience points, and experience to reach the next level
for any characters in your party), they will gain a level and receive one or
more advancement points.  Use these as soon as you get them to make your life a
lot easier.  Open the Advancement page from the Main Menu, switch to the
character you want to advance, and scroll through the possible ways to spend
your points.  You will receive only one advancement point for each level
increase, except for when you reach levels that are multiples of five (ie. 5,
10, 15, 20, 25, and 30), when you will receive two advancement points.

Each character increases in the various stats by different amounts for each
point spent, for example, Tal will gain 500 max HP for each point, while Ailish
only gains 300.  Use this to your advantage, but also think of what kind of
fighter you want each person to be.  A mix of strengths throughout your party
generally the best way to go, but you might prefer to, say, make Elco
physically very powerful by increasing his Power, or you might prefer that he
can perform lots of Skill Strikes and boost his SP and Essence.  In the end,
it's up to you and how you want your characters to perform.  Just remember that
they all need  some balance, so don't neglect any category entirely.  You might
be unable to  advance a particular stat beyond a certain point before you reach
a certain  level of experience (e.g. you can't raise any stat more than 7 times
until you  reach level 20).  This discourages you from spending all of your
points in one  area at the expense of all others.

Aside from increasing Max HP, Max SP, Power, and Essence, you can also learn
new Skill Strikes from the available list.  To learn a Skill Strike, you must
first have sufficient max SP to be able to perform it, then you must spend an
advancement point on it.  Not every character absolutely needs to have every
one of their Skill Strikes, but you could find some use for all of them if you


Here is a table of the experience points required to reach each level.  Note
that the maximum level you can obtain in this game is 30.

                Level | Experience       Level | Experience
                   1  |     0              16  | 11000
                   2  |   100              17  | 15000
                   3  |   200              18  | 20000
                   4  |   300              19  | 25000
                   5  |   500              20  | 30000
                   6  |   750              21  | 35000
                   7  |  1000              22  | 40000
                   8  |  1250              23  | 45000
                   9  |  1500              24  | 50000
                  10  |  2000              25  | 55000
                  11  |  3000              26  | 60000
                  12  |  4000              27  | 65000
                  13  |  5000              28  | 70000
                  14  |  7000              29  | 75000
                  15  |  9000              30  | 80000


This table summarises the values by which each stat is increased for each
character with the expenditure of one advancement point.

        Character   |   Max HP  |  Power  |  Max SP  |  Essence
        Tal         |   +500    |   +10   |   +20    |    +5
        Ailish      |   +300    |    +7   |   +40    |   +10
        Buki        |   +400    |   +10   |   +25    |    +6
        Elco        |   +350    |    +8   |   +50    |    +5


You cannot always just push one aspect of a character's development at the
expense of all others.  You are limited in how far you can advance a particular
stat before gaining the appropriate level.

    Stat Level  |  Required character level
          1     |  Starts at this level
          2     |    Lv. 1
          3     |    Lv. 1
          4     |    Lv. 5
          5     |    Lv. 7
          6     |    Lv. 9
          7     |    Lv. 12
          8     |    Lv. 15
          9     |    Lv. 20
         10     |    Lv. 20
         11     |    Lv. 20

As you can see, each stat can be advanced a maximum of 10 times.  Even if you
max out your levels during the game, you will only receive a total of 35
advancement points, so it is impossible to completely maximize all of your
stats, especially since you'll be wanting to also spend them on learning new
Skill Strikes.  The moral of this story is, you will need to make decisions on
how you wish to grow your characters.

                                4) CHARACTERS

                                    4a) TAL

Tal's father left the family to pursue a life with the Illumina army, leaving
Tal and his brother to be raised by their mother.  Unfortunately, war claimed
the lives of both mother and brother while Tal was still young.  Lacking other
role models in his life, he became determined to prove himself to his absentee
father by training as an elite soldier.  Tal has grown skillful as a swordsman,
but is still stung by the loss of strong family ties.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Strength.  Tal can push and pull large objects to remove
barriers in his path.  Use this ability on large crates and other objects with
handles for grasping.

ADVANCEMENT LEVELS: HP: +500/point          Power: +10/point
                    SP: +20/point           Essence: +5/point

MELEE COMBOS: A, A, A - Lightning Thrust.  Rapid vertical slashes followed by
                        a forward thrust.  Quick, must be aimed well at target.

              X, X, X - Sidewinder Slash.  Horizontal cuts can also hit nearby
                        enemies, finished by a spinning knock-down strike.

              A, X, X - Crusader's Charge.  Two strikes followed a forward dash
                        and final cut.  Moves you out of the way of other foes.

              X, A, A - Whirlwind Smash.  Ends with planting your sword and
                        kicking in a circle, briefly stunning surrounding foes.

              A, X, A - Aurora Scythe.  Horizontal spin jump and downward slash
                        is hugely powerful, but slow and leaves you vulnerable
                        while executing.

              X, A, X - Typhoon Cutter.  Rotating horizontal cut, knocks down
                        opponents.  Quite strong, and quicker than the Aurora
                        Scythe attack.

              A, A, X, X, X, X - Blade Mirage.  Multi-slash combo.  Moves you
                                 forward a bit, may help dodge other enemies.

              X, X, A, A, A, A - Tornado Spin.  Juggles opponents with series
                                 of upward slashes, moving you forward a bit
                                 with each strike.

 SKILL STRIKE          SP  Description & quotes
Iron Warrior           40  Bestows party with Protect status, reducing the
                           damage they receive.  Duration depends on Essence.
                           "Stand behind me.  I shall not fall!"
                           "I shall lead us to victory"
Will of the Sword      10  Creates an energy sphere around Tal, blasting and
                           stunning surrounding enemies.
                           "Stand firm!"
Shin Splitter          20  Tal sweeps his sword in an arc, damaging and
                           knocking over enemies.
                           "I'll stain the floor with your insides."
                           "Those that stand before me, die!"
Blade Spark            30  Throws an electric spark ahead of him with his
                           sword, damaging opponents.
                           "You shall die by my blade here, or there!"
                           "You shall taste pain... Blade Spark!"
Geyser Charge          30  Creates an eruption of earth beneath any single
                           target, with unlimited range.
                           "The earth and you shall feel my rage!"
Blade Dance            75  Tal spins continuously with his sword for a short
                           time, repeatedly damaging enemies.  Steer him with
                           the L stick to target enemies.

 SPIRIT STRIKE       SSP  Description & quotes
Sword of Ashuran     200  Summon the incarnation of Kariston the wolf
                          to make the earth erupt and devastate all enemies.
                          "I call on Kariston to deliver final judgment!"
Moon Wolf            100  Grant Boost status to all allies and Weaken status
                          to all enemies.
                          "I summon Kariston, protector of the world,
                           slayer of the demons!"

                                  4b) AILISH

Ailish is the daughter of the Queen of Haskilia and grew up in luxury in
Illumina Castle.  She has also been blessed with magic abilities almost
unmatched in the realm.  Despite the tight control of her life, this sultry
sorceress is a free spirit, and won't hesitate to go off on adventures against
her mother's wishes, consequences be damned.  She has admired Tal for his
physical, uh, prowess, for some time, often watching him practice his swordplay
from the castle balconies.  She lacks friends of the same station in life, but
has developed a somewhat unequal friendship with her servant, Yemi.

WEAPON: Magic staffs
SPECIAL ABILITY: Magical Sight.  Ailish can see objects invisible to others,
and make certain objects vanish or appear at will.  To use this ability, look
for areas with fluttering yellow fairies.  Examine the area in first-person
view, then press A to make the object appear or disappear.

ADVANCEMENT LEVELS: HP: +300/point          Power: +7/point
                    SP: +40/point           Essence: +10/point

SKILL STRIKE          SP  Description & quotes
Witch's Kiss          40  Bless the entire party with healing energy, restoring
                          some HP.
                          "This one's just for you."
                          "You can't resist my healing kiss."
Blaze Ball            30  Generate a fireball and blast it forward through
                          enemy ranks.
                          "Burn in hell, you fiends!"
                          "You will burn in the inferno."
Shadow Nexus          75  Revive any defeated allies and restore some HP to the
                          to the entire party.
                          "From the depths of the void comes the pain
                           of the fallen."
Celestial Circle      60  Create a field of holy power to damage surrounding
                          "Fiends, leave this world!"
                          "Get back, or I'll toast your soul."
Gaze of the Wind      45  Grant Haste status onto all party members.  Duration
                          depends on Essence stat.
                          "Always one step ahead."
                          "Come on people, pick up the pace."
Permaforce            80  Drop surrounding air to sub-zero temperatures,
                          damaging and causing freeze status to monsters.
                          "I'll freeze the hearts of those that fight against
                           me."  "I'll chill your flesh and break your frozen

 SPIRIT STRIKE       SSP  Description & quotes
Pure Land            200  Summons the incarnation of Olivitess the eagle to
                          freeze the terrain and devastate all opponents.
                          "Olivitess, queen of light, banish those who
                           assail us!"
Spirit Flute         100  Revive any fallen members and bless party with the
                          power of regeneration.
                          "Olivitess, entrust us with your power in our fight
                           against evil."

                                   4c) BUKI

Buki is an Anthropomorph, a race of half-human half-animal beings sharing the
world with humans.  Anthropomorphs are highly spiritual creatures, and Buki is
no exception.  She holds great respect for the mystical world and honors the
deities that watch over it.  Buki is also a formidable warrior, trained from an
early age to defend her people.

WEAPON: Claws.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Climbing.  Buki can use her claws to hang from and scale
certain walls that are covered in ivy-like growth.  Once attached to a wall,
she can move up, down, and sideways to reach otherwise unattainable areas.

ADVANCEMENT LEVELS: HP: +400/point          Power: +10/point
                    SP: +25/point           Essence: +6/point

 SKILL STRIKE          SP  Description & quotes
Spirit Wind            50  Grant regeneration status to entire party, slowly
                           restoring their HP.
                           "The spirits guide this wind to us.  Breathe deep,
                            my friends."
                           "The great eagle watches over us.  We are honored
Path of the Warrior    80  Slows down time for everyone except Buki, allowing
                           her to move among enemies and kill them with ease.
                           "You will see things no one else can see, do things
                            no one else can do."
                           "Only a focused spirit can walk the path of a
Clawed Frenzy          35  Slash foes with her claws in a furious attack
                           affecting an arc ahead of her.
                           "I will shred your flesh, and tear your very soul
                           "My claws will taste blood, then they shall feast on
                            your bones."
Storm Kick             25  Start a continuous spinning kick that repeatedly
                           damages foes.  Steer her with the L stick.
                           "When I attack, even the heavens scream."
                           "I am the one!"
Asilas the Wolf        40  Summon this animal guardian to fight with you,
                           attacking and distracting enemies.
                           "My savage friend, your skills are needed."
Dragonfire             60  Send a blast of fiery dragon's breath in a line
                           across the field.
                           "A dragon's rage is second only to Mo, the great
                           "Writhe in agony!  The serpent fang bites deep."

 SPIRIT STRIKE       SSP  Description & quotes
Fire and Ice         200  Summon the incarnation of Mo, the great cat, who
                          burns then freezes the land, destroying all foes.
                          "Spirit of the fiery beast, release your fury on
                           unclean souls!"
Blessing of Mo       100  Bestows Protect status on the entire party while
                          while inflicting all enemies with Curse status.
                          "Spirit of my ancestor, come forth and rage in battle
                           once more."
                          "Great Mo, return to the world and fight with me."

                                    4d) ELCO

Elco is a tireless engineer and inventor, and possesses great wisdom despite
his young age.  He lost his left arm in an industrial accident and endured the
pain of grafting a mechanical arm in its place.  He is mistrustful of mystical
beliefs not grounded in the world that he can see and understand, but his
loyalty to his friends and his liege is unquestionable.  Elco is a married man
(sorry, ladies), and he values his wife Tilly above all other things.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Jetpack.  Elco can power up his jetpack temporarily by
absorbing the energy from nearby glowing crystals.  He can then use his pack to
sail across great chasms and reach new areas.

ADVANCEMENT LEVELS: HP: +350/point          Power: +8/point
                    SP: +50/point           Essence: +5/point

 SKILL STRIKE          SP  Description & quotes
Cybernetica            40  Fire volley of pulse charges in wide arc ahead of
                           him, damaging several enemies at once.
Nano-Enhancement       35  Use nanobots to boost the physical damage caused by
                           party members.
                           "Okay, time out."
                           "I hope these things work, they are still
Plasmatica             55  Unleash an energy device to send a blast ripping
                           through a line of enemies.
                           "Let's put a little lead in the air, and see what
                            falls over."
                           "Do you feel lucky, punk?  Statistically, your
                            chances are not good."
Toxic Cloud            30  Spray poison gas into the air ahead of him, causing
                           damage and poison status to enemies.
                           "Eat rocket fuel!"
                           "Smoke on this!"
Tesla Shield           50  Removes any negative statuses from the party and
                           transforms them into positive ones instead.
                           "Shocking stuff, huh?"
                           "Switching Tesla generator to full power!"
Trick Shot             80  Fire a grenade under any enemy with unlimited range,
                           damaging them significantly.
                           "I'm going to kill you in the face!"
                           "Now you've made me mad."

 SPIRIT STRIKE      SSP  Description & quotes
Storm of Wrath      200  Summon an incarnation of Lebius the dragon to
                         devastate all foes with an electric storm.
                         "None can stand before us when the spirits are
                          with us!"
Unkind Universe     100  Caste haste status on all allies and slow status on
                         all enemies.
                         "Lebius, by your will even time will dance!"

                           ~ NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS ~

QUEEN LUSICA: The stern queen of Haskilia, residing in Illumina Castle.

GENERAL ARLO: The hard-as-nails captain of the Illumina elite guard, he is
              Tal's superior officer as well as his largely absentee father.

YEMI: Ailish's lady-in-waiting at Illumina Castle, and the closest thing she's
      got to a friend.

DENSI: Yemi's mother.  She lives in New Brightwater, and is always welcoming
       to guests in her home.

TILLY: Elco's young wife, a resident of Illumina Castle, and an acquaintance of
       Princess Ailish.  She fully supports her husband despite his eccentric

LORD TALOS: Mysterious masked figure, both respected and feared in the kingdom
            of Illumina.  A master of the arts of war.

CAPRINE: Queen of Cyantine in the realm of Akloria.  She is a wizened old
         magician with great knowledge and compassion.

KAZEL: Head of the Cyantine armed forces, and a magnificent swordsman.

ALEXINE: Daughter of a wealthy family in Akloria, her magic ability is
         surpassed only by her beauty.

NICO: Wise anthropomorph and strong fighter, from a near-extinct tribe.

CAFU: Gentle artist who knows the value of dreams in the human experience.

                                5) WALKTHROUGH

Throughout the walkthrough, I will try to divide the action by main areas and
sub-areas.  Sub-areas are named at the bottom of the game screen when you enter
it.  Use this to help you keep track of where you are in the guide.

FINDING ITEMS: I have listed the key items and treasures found in chests for
each area of the game.  One thing I could not do, however, is list the items
found in breakable items (chests, barrels, urns), because these items are
randomized to some extent, i.e. you'll only find the more powerful healing
items and certain valuables in difficult areas late in the game, but the exact
contents of each barrel/chest/whatever changes from game to game.  So your best
bet is to just smash everything you can find!  I realize that this can get
tiresome, but it's worth it in the end, at least until you reach the point when
you're carrying the maximum number of most items.

SECRETS: There are many hidden items in this game, most of which require the
use of one or more character's special abilities to reach.  Throughout the
walkthrough, I will mark these special items like this:

   *** Do this task here to get to the hidden item.  Look for these markings
   *** throughout the walkthrough to make sure you get everything.

                              5a) Illumina Castle

    -== Training Grounds ==-

First of all, enjoy the lovely opening FMV.  After being introduced to some of
the characters, the first point you gain control is when Tal is engaged in a
combat training demonstration.  Use this opportunity to practice with the
different melee combos and establish the proper timing for button pressing.
You have to perform the actions that are dictated at the top of the screen.
Once they end, you can keep going for as long as you like.  Press the Back
button when you're done to exit training.

    -== Castle Grounds ==-

               Chest items: 25 Florins
                            75 Florins
                            100 Florins

As soon as you start to move out, a fellow soldier informs you that you need to
pick up a map at Kamo's shop.  If you ask him to, he'll take you all the way
there (though he walks pretty slowly).  Otherwise, you can use the knowledge
that it's in the NE corner of the courtyard to locate it on your own.  You can
also check your area map in the Main Menu to get a look at the entire castle
layout, with icons indicating Kamo's, the Blacksmith's, and the Inn.  Have a
good look around a talk to some folks for some basic information.  Don't miss
the treasure chests!  There's one along the N wall past the sheep pen, and
another along the S wall behind the last market stand.  There's a third chest
by Kamo's shop, too.  Be sure to smash open barrels and vases, too, because you
never know what you might find inside.

Look around the area and notice several doorways that are locked right now.
You'll get a chance to open them later on, don't you worry.  You might also
notice the puppet master advertising his show.  It's the same as the intro when
you load the disc, so don't waste your money.  If you talk to the 3 little kids
running around the area, you can initiate the first side-quest (see optional
quests section of this guide, below walkthrough).  Once you're done exploring
everywhere else, enter Kamo's shop and talk to the miserly duck.

    -== Kamo's Shop ==-

Talk to Kamo at the counter, and choose to pick up a map.  You have obtained
the Wilderness Map!  Look at his wares for sale, too.  You don't need to buy
anything at this point, though you might want to pick up the status-healing
items if you're particularly paranoid.  There's also a crate you can smash open
in the store for a small prize.  Leave the shop to start another brief FMV and
receive the next part of your mission.

    -== Tal's Room (optional) ==-

               Chest item: 100 Florins

To get to Tal's room now or at any time, climb the stairs to the right of the
gate leading S away from the castle.  Examine the bedside shelf to find the
Battle Manual, which goes under Quest items in the Valuables menu.  All it does
is remind you to use B to clear surrounding enemies.

    -== South Courtyard ==-

               Chest item: Wolf Totem

Once you've crossed the first gate, you're in a smaller, unpopulated area.
There's a door on the right, which if you examine, describes a mechanical
opening system (okay, the door doesn't describe it, the game does, but you know
what I mean).

   *** Go to the left up the stairs to reach a large yellow button.  Press it.
   *** You'll see that the door opens, and a timer starts.  You have 10 seconds
   *** to enter the room it reveals, so run straight there.  You should make it
   *** with 2 seconds to spare.  Open the chest inside to receive a Wolf Totem.
   *** You'll find out what to do with it later.

Head through the other large gates.

    -== Drawbridge and Harbor ==-

Cross the bridge and notice the save point.  You've come this far, you might as
well use it.  Head into the dock area to find many barrels and crates to smash
for items to trade later.

    -== Castle Checkpoint ==-

This tunnel system helps the castle control who moves in and out, but it has
seen better days due to the ongoing war in the countryside.  Eventually you'll
come to an abandoned marketplace, where you take a left to continue down the
tunnel to reach the outside.

                           5b) Illumina Countryside

    -== King's Road ==-

Head up the road and admire the scenery.  You'll notice some buildings along
the sides of the road that are all locked up.  They'll stay that way throughout
the game.  Eventually, an FMV shows the sky darkening while Aklorians attack.
For your first real battle, you have a little help from your 2 recruits, who
won't cause much damage, but can at least distract the enemies a bit.  After
the first wave of attackers, another set appears, then some more.  At the end
of the road, which is barricaded, go through the door on the right to continue.

    -== Nolan Farm ==-

               Chest item: 100 Florins

Whoops, so much for your recruits!  In this, your first solo battle, it might
be wise to use your sole Skill Strike (Shin Splitter) on the melee fighters who
all rush you right at the start.  Just lure a bunch of them close together, and
wham!  Anyway, use the large size of the field to maneuver around your
enemies, and remember to block when things get hairy.  I know you can do it.
After the fight, check the side of the porch of the farmhouse for a treasure

Once past the farm, talk to the soldier tending his fallen comrade for an
ominous message.  Where the path splits to go around a tree, there's a
temporarily abandoned trading post on the right, and a Wolf Shrine on the left.
Examine the latter to start the Wolf Totem quest, and to receive your first
prize (assuming you picked up the Wolf Totem in Illumina Castle.  If you
didn't, you can still get that one later).

Just ahead, there are a couple of heavy crates blocking the path.  Hold A while
standing in front of them to have Tal move them.  Pull the first one back, then
push the next crate forward.  You can also push both to the side to make the
path even clearer.  Look at the ground to see the tracks that you can push the
crates along.

    -== Parham County ==-

               Chest items: 100 Florins
                            250 Florins

After another battle, Tal will likely level up.  You have 1 advancement point
to spend, so choose wisely.  HP might be a good investment right now, since you
don't have any backup, but you should also have a lot of Healing Ointments, so
if you're careful you can just use those.  It's up to you, all I can do is
offer my opinion.

Notice the busted cart blocking the road ahead.  This will be cleared much
later in the game.  For now, take a left towards the river, and go back along
the wall on this side to find a treasure chest.  There's another chest if you
climb the ladder in front of the water wheel.  Also check out the round blue
thing on the ground.  What is it?

Cross the bridge to start another fight with a new, bigger, badder monster, the
Grotesque.  After a moment, some other fighters will appear, so take them out
while avoiding the Grotesque.  Once you can concentrate on him, dodge his
attacks and hit him from behind.  While he's got boosted power (red heart, red
glow at his feet), it's best to just avoid him until the effect fades.  Watch
out when you get his HP really low, because he may start to shake and explode,
damaging you in the process if you're too close.  After the fight, the path to
the left is blocked by a cart again, so you have to go to the right.  But even
before that, go to the save point on this side of the bridge.  Past it, and
past the house, there's an outhouse along the cliff wall.  It's got handles, so
you can pull it to the side.

   *** Pull the outhouse to the side to reveal a climbable wall for another
   *** character to use later.

At the end of the path through the graveyard zone, there's a gate for you to
open to progress further.  To the right, though, you can enter a narrow area of
the cemetery with many urns to break with goodies inside.  There's a statue at
the end with an inscription that you can read, with a hint of what to do later.
Go through the gate when you're done to trigger another battle, and go through
the next gate when finished that.

    -== Brightwater Beach ==-

               Chest item: Mojo (weapon)

Talk to the guard behind the house and check out the shack's resident in his
beach chair.  Inside the house, talk to the other guard to get a hint of what
to do later on.  Back outside, head down to the beach proper for a fight with 2
waves of Aklorians, with a Grotesque in the second wave.  Collect the treasure
chest that appears when you win.

Past the beach, there's a save point, which I highly recommend that you use.
Across from it, notice the Eagle Shrine, which you will return to later.  Just
ahead... boss fight!
   ______/ Siege Ogre \___________________________________________________
  |                                                                       |
  | This battle requires some quick dodging.  Let the ogre get close to   |
  | you, then dodge to the side once he stops, either by blocking and     |
  | rolling, or just running to the side.  While he's busy unleashing his |
  | barf attack, hit him from behind with some quick strikes.  After you  |
  | do some damage, he smashes his shield over his head and throws it     |
  | away.  After this, when you let him approach you, he'll smash the     |
  | ground with his club and cause an eruption of earth.  As he does      |
  | this, run around him and hit him from behind.  Just 1 or 2 strikes is |
  | better than getting caught in the middle of a combo while he pounds   |
  | on you.  If instead of raising his club, he just shakes his body,     |
  | he's about to fart and unleash a cloud of gas that will poison you if |
  | you touch it (and the cloud stays around for a short time).  If you   |
  | are poisoned, smash the barrels in the corner to get an Emerald       |
  | Panacea and use it.                                                   |

Once the ogre falls, watch an FMV in which Tal receives his first Spirit
Strike, new armor, and a Rune Scroll.

    -== Path to New Brightwater ==-

Enter the tunnel the ogre came out of and follow it through to the lands
beyond.  Along the path, you'll encounter Jurgen, your first trader.  Man, are
all traders weird fethishists like this guy?

                          5c) New Brightwater Village

    -== Shadani Encampment ==-

               Chest item: 50 Florins

As you enter the mini-village at the top of the road, Kirklin-Rah the bunny man
will let you know that Ailish is indeed in the village.  If you prompt him
further he'll give you even more details about which house to visit to locate
her.  Note that 2 of the tents are locked.  You may be able to enter them later
on.  There's a treasure chest tucked behind one of the tents, so open it before
moving on.  Head down the path for a small FMV showing off the town.

    -== Village Square ==-

Right near the entrance and the save point, there's a small boy named
Sunder-Rah (the bunny-man's son, though since he's a cat hybrid, it raises
serious questions about the Anthropomorphs' reproductive practices).  If you
pay him 50 Florins, he'll take you to the major destinations in town on
request.  This is a steep price, though, since you can find everything easily
on your own.  If you do choose to employ his services, just talk to him and
tell him where you want to go at any time.

Feel free to check out the shop (what's Kamo doing here now?  Talk to him to
find out), the blacksmith, or the inn, but they're functionally no different
from those in Illumina (even though you have a rune scroll that shows up as a
round weapon rune at the blacksmith, you don't have any weapons that can take
it at this point).

   *** In the church straight across from the town fountain, agree to give the
   *** preacher 50 Florins, then another 20 Florins, and the church font will
   *** grant you full healing (but no SP restoration) anytime you check it from
   *** this point on.  You can also play the organ, but the thrill wears off
   *** quickly.

   *** Examine the fountain in the town square to discover 50 Florins.  You may
   *** need to check it from the south side, by the bench.  The lady in the red
   *** dress, Sasan Miko, gives you a hint of this if you ask her about the
   *** town.

A couple other points of interest: you can enter the graveyard behind the
church and read some of the headstones.  Also, behind a trio of houses on the N
side of the road, there's an outhouse that's locked, but if you rattle the
door, you get a funny reply.  When you've done all that you want to in town,
head into the blue house that the road encircles (just behind the boathouse) to
talk to Yemi.  She tells you that Ailish is at the lighthouse, so continue
along the main road and take the stairs on the left when you reach the last

    -== Brightwater Lighthouse ==-

               Chest item: 150 Florins

You can see Ailish standing by the lighthouse.  Approach her to initiate a FMV,
finish the current quest, and pick up a new one.  You now travel as a team, and
can switch between the two characters at any time.

   *** You can now enter the lighthouse.  There's a chest inside, and you can
   *** can also check under the bed for a Stardust Vial.

    -== Village Square (with Ailish) ==-

               Chest item: Orb of Vigor

First of all, head uphill along the road past the house at the bottom of the
stairs from the lighthouse.

   *** At the top of the hill, there's a pavilion with a ring of benches.  On
   *** one side, you'll notice a swarm of yellow glowing lights.  These fairies
   *** indicate a magically-hidden item that only Ailish can reveal.  Have her
   *** look at the area in first-person view (either click the R stick button
   *** or hold the L trigger) and press X to make a chest appear.

At this point, if you talk to Sunder-Rah (the little animal boy near the
entrance to town) and choose the top response, you can initiate a side-quest in
which you must give him Brightwater Pearls.  You can also talk to Remi, the
little girl wandering around the roads, for another side-quest.

And as long as we're picking up side-quests, here's a doozy: Talk to Jim, the
lighthouse keeper, to learn of a bunch of valuable cargo that was lost at sea.
After him, speak to Sasan Miko and Sherry wandering around the top of the
village square, to Galex in the inn, and to all four fishermen on the pier.  To
recover their items, go to Brightwater Beach and fight.  After the fight, smash
open any chests along the shore to receive 1 to 3 of the desired items.  Leave
the beach and return to start a new fight and receive more items.  Once you've
got them all, return to the town and speak to the same people to hand over the
items, receiving a variety of rewards (see the Side Quests section of this
guide for more information).

   *** For more treasure, talk to Galex in the inn, at a time other than while
   *** you're engaged in the Valuable Cargo side quest.  Ask him what's going
   *** on, then buy him some champagne (50 Florins).  He'll give you the key to
   *** his house, which is the one nearest the lighthouse.  Open the 2 chests
   *** inside to get 250 and 750 Florins.  Also, examine his bed to receive
   *** "Cooney's Receipt".  Examine it in your Valuables menu to find out what
   *** to do with it.  Bring it to Bunny Lafsore, the Salty Dog innkeeper, to
   *** receive 200 Florins and an Emerald Panacea.  Also check out Cooney's
   *** gravestone in the cemetary, and his axe stuck in the side of a tree at
   *** the top of the hill over the village to get the full story of his life.

    -== Brightwater Thicket (optional) ==-

               Chest item: 150 Florins

To get here, just head north up the road across the river.  There's only a
treasure chest and a cheetah-woman who will give you a hint about fighting a
certain type of monster.

                         5d) Return to Illumina Castle

Head back out of town the way you came.  You'll have to re-cross all the areas
you came through to get to Ailish in the first place.

    -== Brightwater Beach ==-

               Chest items: Orb of Vigor
                            Eagle Totem

Once you pass through the tunnel, you start a brief training mode for Ailish.
Checklists of tasks for you to complete will appear at the top of the screen.
Just do what they say to destroy the barrels, make a chest appear, then make
the cart disappear.

Down on the beach proper, you get into a fight with some new monsters.  The
Aquaticlaws sometimes drop Brightwater Pearls, useful for the quest initiated
with Sunder-Rah back in Brightwater Village.  You can also use Ailish's
Shockstaff weapon to take out multiple Venom Gnats in one shot.

Now, re-enter the beach house with Ailish in the lead.  Remember the rumor
about the invisible treasure?

   *** Use Ailish's special ability on the wall with the glowing fairies to
   *** locate a chest with your first Eagle Totem.  You can return to the
   *** shrine right now and offer it up, too.

    -== Parham County ==-

               Chest items: Orb of Might
                            Eagle Totem

You first encounter some Scarecrows.  Just defend against their wild spinning
attacks and let loose on them when they end, if you're using Tal.

   *** After you pass through the next gate, remember to go through the small
   *** cemetery section above the main road to the statue of Ailish's ancestor.
   *** Use Ailish's dispel ability next to the statue to reveal a treasure
   *** chest.

Continue through the area, and cross the bridge over the river.  After another
fight with Venom Gnats and Scarecrows, head through the gate opposite the cart
blocking the other path.

   *** There's a well by the beehives with glowing fairies.  Have Ailish dispel
   *** the well wall and climb down the ladder to a chest.  Open it to get 25XP
   *** and an Eagle Totem.

Just ahead, the trader across from the Wolf Shrine has returned, now that the
Aklorians have been cleared out.  He has a thing for scaly hides.  Hey,
whatever rocks his boat is fine by me.

    -== Nolan Farm ==-

               Chest items: Hukin's Fate (weapon)
                            150 Florins

The farmhouse is now open to you.  In the first room, remember to go left to
find a treasure chest.  Head deeper into the kitchen and down the stairs to the
den, where another chest holds a weapon for Tal.

    -== King's Road ==-

Here you face a long battle, with new waves of Aklorians teleporting in as you
advance down the road.  At one point, you'll be prompted to try Tal's Spirit
Strike, but it's better to wait until the final wave, when Grotesques appear,
to lay that particular smack down.

    -== Illumina Castle ==-

Just head up the tunnel and go over the drawbridge to complete the quest and to
watch another FMV.

                         5e) Illumina Castle Revisited

    -== Tal's Room ==-

               Chest item: 100 Florins (only if you didn't get it before)

If you didn't visit here last time you were in the castle, you can still pick
up the Florins from your chest, and check the shelf by the bed for a little
document.  Head outside to pick up your next, very short quest.

    -== Castle Courtyard ==-

There's nothing new for you to do here now, so feel free to head straight to
the training grounds on the W end.

    -== Training Grounds ==-

               Chest item: Orb of Might

Inside, a FMV reveals some conflict in the family.  You're sent next to report
to the castle courtroom.

   *** If you re-enter the training ground, you can find a block-pushing puzzle
   *** in the back corner.  Push the left block forward twice, then go back and
   *** pull the middle block back once.  Finally, push the right block in twice
   *** to reach a treasure chest.

    -== Castle Interior ==-

               Chest items: 150 Florins
                            25 Florins

Head into the castle and follow the path around to the rear door.  Enter it to
watch a FMV, after which Ailish is alone and in charge.  Head back into the
courtroom and talk to everyone.  The tailor in the red will give you the Woluf
Pelt collecting quest if you ask him why his job is on the line.  Head outside
and now, as Ailish, you have access to some new areas of the castle grounds.

    -== Lusica's Garden (optional) ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins          1000 Florins
                            500 Florins          Orb of Might

Enter the door that is between Kamo's and the castle entrance (you couldn't
enter as Tal, but as a member of the royal family, it's open to you).  Cross
the bridge, and you'll find that your passage is still barred on the other end.
No worries, just climb down the ladder on the left side of the door.  Below,
there's a red door, which if you took on the street urchins earlier in the
courtyard, you now have the key to (see the Side Quests section of this guide
for more info on what's inside the red door).  There's also a tunnel with
another ladder that leads into the gardens.

In the gardens proper, you have to be careful not to be spotted, for if any of
the workers see you, they'll send you back outside.  It's no big deal, you can
just come back in again, but still, just watch the navigation map for green
dots and use your eyes too.  There are lots of breakable objects in the
gardens, and a couple of treasure chests as well.

   *** At the very N end of the garden, head up the stairs and to the right,
   *** then enter the tunnel to find a magically-hidden chest for Ailish to
   *** dispel.

    -== Ailish's Room (optional) ==-

               Found item: Skill Salve

Ailish's room is up the stairs next to the entrance to the training grounds.
Talk to the guard there as Ailish to gain access.  Inside, you can talk to Yemi
and Tilly, Elco's wife.  If you examine her vanity table, you'll find a small

    -== Training Ground (optional) ==-

               Chest item: Orb of Wisdom

   *** Beside the target range, there's a wall that Ailish can dispel to reveal
   *** a treasure chest.

When you're done poking around everywhere, just leave the castle via the usual

                             5f) Road to Shadani-Mo

    -== King's Road ==-

At the end of the road, Ailish gets assaulted by a swarm of Venom Gnats.  Use
her Shockstaff weapon to take out multiple targets at one time and the fight
will go easier.

    -== Nolan Farm ==-

Here, you face a pair of Scarecrows too.  If you want to use your Blaze Ball
skill strike, just try to get them both lined up.  You can manage just fine
with your regular weapons, though, as long as you keep moving around.

    -== Parham County ==-

Hey, the road ahead is clear!  Someone must have moved that cart.  Anyway, take
the path opposite where you entered, remainin on this side of the river.

    -== Sheep Herder ==-

There's a pleasant man who loves his sheep.  Talk to him to start a sheep-
herding mini-game, after choosing to wager either 50 or 100 Florins.  Run near
the sheep to make then run in the opposite direction from how you approach
them.  Get a clump together and push them towards the entrance to the pen just
up the hill from where the herder is standing.  Once a sheep is in the pen,
it'll stay there, so just worry about the rest.  Each time you get one in,
you'll get a message saying how many are left.  It's easiest if you start by
going down the road and rounding up the stragglers there, then deal with all
the ones on the grassy hill.  You can cheat a little too by rounding some sheep
up and placing them near the pen before you talk to the herder and initiate the
game.  The prizes are as follows:

                       50 Florin wager --> Brightwater Pearl
                       100 Florin wager --> Illumina Opal

Plus, you get 50XP the first time you win.  You can return at a later time and
repeat the game as many times as you want.

    -== Path of Totems ==-

Nothing special, just an abandoned hut along the road.  Eventually, the path
widens into a small clearing with some signposts.  If you go straight ahead
following the signpost, you go through Spirit Valley.  If you go to the right
towards the save point, you take the Path of Mo.  Let's start with the latter.

    -== Path of Mo ==-

Take the lower path from the save point.  You shortly come to a signpost
advertising a trader.  Follow that path.

   *** Have Ailish dispel the wall at the end of the trader's path to reveal a
   *** hidden cave.  Mandrik the trader awaits inside.

Keep following the path.  You'll come to a small red signpost that points to
the Cat Shrine, which you need to return to later with Buki.  At the top of the
sun-bleached ramp, you re-join the path on the other side of Spirit Valley.

    -== Spirit Valley ==-

All there is in Spirit Valley is a fight with a pack of Wolufs and a red Pack
Leader.  Kill the Pack Leader first to cause all of the Wolufs to be slowed.
Up ahead, there are more signposts indicating where the path back to the Path
of Mo starts, and also pointing the way to progress ahead towards Shadani-Mo.
Take that path, leading to the left.

    -== Woluf Valley ==-

Here, you encounter a Pack Leader and Wolufs again.  Take them out, and a whole
bunch more will appear and surround you.  But it's Tetsu to the rescue!  Enjoy
the FMV, in which you get the Witch Armor and Ailish's first Spirit Strike.
You also earn 20XP, apparently just for being pretty.

After the series of events, just head out of the valley where the twin
signposts point the way.

    -== Susto's Gorge ==-

There's an anthropomorph family here without much to say, so just keep
following the linear path until you reach the outside of the city, where
there's a save point and a Kamo's Shop.  The ramp into Shadani-Mo village is on
the left.

   *** Go past the entrance to the village and move along the wall to the
   *** corner.  Ailish can dispel a wall blocking a cave here, but no one can
   *** enter it right now.

                                5g) Shadani-Mo

               Chest items: 50 Florins
                            100 Florins X 2
                            250 Florins

To the right upon entering the village, there's a small side area marked by a
blue flag.  Inside the house there, there's a treasure chest.  Behind the
house, there's a path leading into a cavern with a bell, which is no use to you
now.  In the house that the blacksmith is working beside, there's a tunnel
leading down to some crates that you can't move, so ignore this spot for now.
In the middle of the village, the small hut serves as the inn, so rest up if
you want to.  There's also a treasure chest in the inn.

   *** Towards the back of the main village area, speak to Opal in her small
   *** house.  Give her sympathy and she'll give you a Healing Ointment.

   *** Outside Opal's house, at the base of the stairs, examine the pot of
   *** incense.  The aroma will restore your party's SP to full.

There are 3 other side areas to the village; the yellow-flagged area on the
right side leads to the Shadani Temple.  If you try to enter there before
speaking with Carrick Lore, you receive an extra quest to find him, which will
net you 40XP that you wouldn't get if you just went straight to the lore-master
first.  Enter the green-flagged area to find the 'Council Room', with a
treasure chest tucked behind the stairs.  The red-flagged area is the elder's
housing area.  Enter the first central hut to speak to Carrick Lore and ask
about your friends to acquire the Hunting Spear, which will let you enter the
temple.  There's also another treasure chest in his hut.

Once you've got Carrick Lore's blessing, head up the path to the temple.  Once
your friends are in sight, a FMV takes over, and Ailish and Tal take the lower
path while Elco and Buki take the high road.

                              5h) Shadani Temple

You can save your game outside the temple before heading in.  You can also go
back and rest in the inn if you want to restore Tal's or Ailish's health and
SP.  Inside, follow the winding path down and around to enter the temple

    -== Tal & Ailish's path ==-

               Chest item: Eagle Totem

After wiping out the spiders that come down from above, it's puzzle time.
Stand Ailish in the middle of the room and look at the glowing fireflies in
first-person view.  Dispel the illusion that was hiding the blue torch.  Now
have Tal push and pull the 3 torches so that they're each over the block of the
identical colors.  The three blocks are all between the starting positions of
the red and green torches.  You get 30XP each for solving this highly complex
puzzle, and the doors with the blue flags on the side of the room open up.

Continuing onward, head down the tunnel and stop at the save point if you wish.
Further below, you come to an optional fountain room.  Walk under the water to
be fully healed.

   *** To the left of the fountain, there's a wall that Ailish can dispel.
   *** That's all you can do for now, you'll have to return later with other
   *** party members.

At the bottom of the tunnel, another round room awaits with more spiders to
eliminate.  Opposite the entrance to this room, go up the ramp that encircles
it.  At the top, have Ailish dispel the wall.  Inside, there are 3 urns of
incense, red, blue, and yellow.  Opposite this room, there is a torch and 2
closed gates.  You have to throw incense into the large torch to make the color
that corresponds to the small torches by either gate.  You can also only carry
one color of incense at a time, so you have to make a couple of short trips.

   *** Open the green gate first!  Throw blue and yellow incense into the fire
   *** to do so, then go up the ramp and enter the next room.  Fight 2 Impaler
   *** Spiders, then open to chest to receive an Eagle Totem for Ailish.

Go back to the incense and pick up red and blue (one at a time) to throw into
the fire to open the purple gate.  You get 30XP for doing this (you also got
30XP for opening the green gate).  Go up the ramp to switch parties.

    -== Buki & Elco's path ==-

               Chest items: Orb of Might
                            Orb of Power
                            Shalizeh (weapon)

Around the rim of the level you start on, there are 2 locations for Buki to
climb.  Each is marked by moss on the wall.  Move Buki to these walls and
press X when the action indicator reads 'Climb'.  Going counter-clockwise from
the start, this leads to a lever that you must pull to open the exit door.

   *** Going clockwise from start, climb the mossy wall with Buki to reach a
   *** treasure chest.

Enter the door with the yellow flags and go down the tunnel to a small room,
where you fight a couple of waves of spiders.  Get accustomed to fighting with
the new characters.  Open the opposite door and continue onward.  You
eventually reach the top level of the Shrine of Mo, where Ailish and Tal pushed
some torches around.  After a fight, it's up to Elco to fly through the rings
on this level.  Stand near the yellow crystal to the left of the entrance to
charge up your jetpack meter, then press and hold A to hover.  Use the L stick
to fly around the room clockwise, passing through the pair of rings to unlock
the door.  If you fall to the ground, just climb up the ladder to another
crystal and try again.

Go through the E door that you unlocked.  When the tunnel turns to the right,
look left to find a treasure chest.  Just down the path there's a save point.
Ahead, you enter a square room where you must fight a whole bunch of Arconites.
Open the chest in this room to receive a new weapon for Buki.

Ahead, you enter the Dragon Chamber.  Your duo splits up here.  As Elco, go
counter-clockwise to reach an energy crystal.  Charge your jetpack and fly
across the gap, then keep flying until you reach the floor with 2 circular
runes.  Land on your feet and stand on one of them.  Switch to Buki now, and go
to the fallen debris by the entrance to this area.  You can climb the wall up
and over the debris.  Do the same across the next gap.  Stand on the other
circle, and the game switches to the other partners again.

    -== Tal & Ailish again ==-

You can go back along the path to smash open some breakables if you like, or
just go ahead and open the door in front of you.  Inside the long hall, advance
a bit to trigger a fight with some Arconites.  Afterwards, head to the far end
of the hall and stand in the circle in front of the large statue.  Have Ailish
look to either side and dispel the blocks in front of the totems.  Tal must
pull each totem out 3 spaces and push them over once to cover the squares on
the ground.  You gain 50XP for this feat, and the doors beside the statue are
unlocked.  Head through them.

Go through another set of doors to enter the Dragon Chamber, on a level below
Buki and Elco.  Go clockwise around the ramp until you reach the floor.  Here,
there are four glowing panels surrounding a central ring.  You must move the
four pillars with glowing blue gems in them onto the 4 panels, so that the gems
are all facing inwards.  In the SW corner, the panel is covered by the wrong
pillar, so pull it off.  The SE panel is already correctly covered, so don't
worry about that one.  Along the W edge, pull the first of the pillars that are
next to each other to the very SW corner, then push the other pillar over to it
and up onto the panel.  Next, go to the NW corner.  The South-most of the 2
pillars needs to be pushed in once, then pull the other pillar S and over to
the panel.  The last pillar needs to be moved around the roots to the final
panel, completing the puzzle.  You get 65XP for accomplishing this, and the
dragon statue breathes fire, burning the webbing blocking a cave at the very
top of the ramp.

Head up the ramp and enter the room you opened, and use the save point.  Head
into the tunnel to trigger a FMV reuniting the entire party.  Buki must fight
Queen Ghara, guardian of the temple, alone.
   ______/ Queen Ghara \__________________________________________________
  |                                                                       |
  | There is a set pattern to Ghara's attacks, and once you learn it, the |
  | battle is easy.  She'll stand in the centre and rear up, then charge  |
  | at you.  If you dodge and she hits one of the four pedestals around   |
  | the room, she'll be stunned, and you'll have time to get in 3 to 4    |
  | combos on her before she recovers.  When she does, run away, because  |
  | she does a body slam that sends out energy waves over a short         |
  | distance.  She then returns to the centre.  From there, she'll often  |
  | spit purple goo at you, which if it touches you or if you walk into   |
  | the patch it creates, you'll be slowed.  Just use a Sapphire Panacea  |
  | and this worry is eliminated for the rest of the fight.  After        |
  | shooting goo, she'll charge again, so just let her hit a pedestal     |
  | again, rinse and repeat until she's dead.                             |

Buki receives 750XP and the Vampire-Fanged Scroll after the fight, and another
FMV ensues.

                             5i) Realm of Shadows

               Chest items: Orb of Might X 2
                            Debilitator (weapon)

Just down the ramp from the portal area, the path leading out of here is dead
ahead.  Don't take it yet, though.  Go left a short distance and find the mossy
wall for Buki to climb.

   *** Have Buki climb the wall just counter-clockwise from the ramp to find a
   *** treasure chest.  The team gets 25XP just for this, in addition to the
   *** chest contents.

There's also a path at the N side of the area that leads to some breakables.
Now you can go and take that main path on the E side.  Follow the path until
you reach a bridge.

At the bridge, the camera view changes.  Your goal is to cross the bridge
without letting the ghost heads touch you, because they take away 50 HP and 25
SP each time (but only from the lead character).  It can be hard to judge when
they'll touch you, so just do your best.  They won't kill you outright, at
worst they'll simply reduce your HP and SP to 1.  At the other end, there's a
save point, and past that, a hell of a fight.  Watch your health, especially
since you'll likely be poisoned.  If you've invested in Elco's Tesla Shield
skill strike, this would be a good time to use it, turning poision into

If you survive, head through the gate at the other end, and run up the winding
path.  At the top, before entering the metal gates, take the path to the left
to the end.  Touch the glowing orb near the treasure chest.  You'll see what it
does later.  Return to the gates and enter.  This is another large battlefield;
watch everyone's health.  Don't be afraid to use lots of Skill Strikes, and
even Tal's Spirit Strike would be in good order.  After the battle, head to the
East end of the field and go N through a small wooden gate.  You'll find a
house by the save point.  Enter it and climb the ladder to trigger an FMV in
which the team meets Hexam.

Return to Hexam's house and speak to him at any time to fully heal the party.
With key in hand, you can now also open the large gate in the previous area
(after another fight, of course).  You now get to cross another bridge.  But
wait!  This time, due to the power of the Ghost Orb, every time a ghost touches
you he heals 50HP and 25SP, but only for the lead character.  The effect
disappears when you reach the other side, but there's another Ghost Orb on the
right for you to use.  Please do so, and also note the save point here.

Enter the Hall of Heads.  Creepy.  Note the pike at one end that seems to be
missing a head.  Anyway, cross another bridge on the other side, and pick up
another Ghost Orb between the tree roots before heading through the iron gates.
This triggers the next boss fight.
   ______/ Farex Lore \___________________________________________________
  |                                                                       |
  | This fight plays out more like a regular fight, just with a really    |
  | tough guy thrown in.  You can kill the smaller foes, but Farex Lore   |
  | will just keep regenerating more.  Still, this is a good way to get   |
  | extra XP and Spirit Orbs.  It's best if you attack the main guy with  |
  | whoever your lead character is (feel free to switch frequently) and   |
  | let the others take care of the fodder.  It'll take a while to bring  |
  | him down as he stomps around and launches a variety of melee attacks. |
  | Just keep at it and he'll fall eventually.                            |

You receive the Soul Seeker Scroll for your troubles.  Have Buki enter the iron
gates on the opposite side of the arena, and climb the mossy wall, after of
course opening the chest for Elco's new weapon.  Climb down the other side of
the wall and run along the path that forms as you cross it.  In a FMV, Buki
picks up the navigation stone, and Tetsu appears to her, granting her a Spirit
Strike and the Mist Tiger armor.  You also get 25XP for picking up the stone.
Return Buki to her friends and head back out toward the Shadow Nexus.

On the way back, make sure you pick up the Ghost Orbs before crossing each
bridge, and put whichever character you want to heal in the lead.  Remember
that you can go back to Hexam's house for healing.  On your way out after the
last bridge, you will run into Pitt, the ferryman of the dead, at the top of
the ramp leading down to the Nexus.  Agree to collect souls to begin a new
quest that can produce a new weapon for each member of the party!  This quest
encourages you to go back and kill more enemies in this region to gain the
Spirit Orbs you need.  Remember, if you fight near Hexam's house, you can get
healed whenever you want.  You can only carry a maximum of 99 Spirit Orbs, so
don't push it.

At the Shadow Nexus, another FMV ensues.  How did Hexam beat you here?  You all
return to New Brightwater in a flash of light and a load screen.

                         5j) Return to New Brightwater

Your job this time is to find a boat to rent so you can return to the castle in
style.  If you try to leave the village by going up the road past the Shadani
encampment, or by entering the stone portal, Ailish complains and makes you
turn back.  What a princess.

Anyway, talk to the boat guy near the docks, and he'll ask you to retrieve his
oars.  As Buki, move to the cliff right beside the blacksmith, and climb down
the wall where the barrier is missing.  Pick up the oars by the smashed boat,
then climb back up and return to the boatman.

   *** Talk to the blond man walking around, Reddish, and ask him about his job
   *** in the castle to receive Talos' letter.  You must do this before you
   *** return the oars to the boatman, or do it on another visit to the town.
   *** The letter doesn't do anything for you, though, it's just something to
   *** add to your valuables list.

                     5k) Illumina Castle Revisited, Again

This is the first time that you're in the castle with the whole team.  If
you've been following this walkthrough, there aren't many new things to do, but
if you didn't do them earlier, this is a good time to visit Ailish's room by
the training grounds, and go to the Garden via the bridge beside Kamo's shop.

    -== Training grounds ==-

Now, training is in full swing.  There's a pen on the left side with a hanging
straw dummy, and any character who steps in there can practice their combat.
Also, General Arlo will be standing in the back.  Talk to him to pick up a new
quest where you have to bring him Cyantine Eyes.

   *** You can actually fully destroy the straw training dummy, but it takes a
   *** lot of patience, since it has something approaching 100,000 HP.  The
   *** quickest way to take it down (not that it's by any means quick) is to
   *** use Tal's Aurora Scythe combo (A,X,A) as many times as it takes.  You
   *** will receive 100XP for this feat.  Note that, if you use a ranged
   *** fighter, you can also shoot the two training dummies that the other
   *** soldiers are hacking at outside the pen.  Each one that you drop will
   *** give you another 100XP, and the soldiers that were chopping at them will
   *** then continue swinging as they slowly advance across the grounds.  Walk
   *** into them to push them into new positions, and watch them, say, chop at
   *** Tal's grumpy dad (though it doesn't actually cause any damage).  If you
   *** leave the training grounds and return, the dummies will have
   *** regenerated.

    -== Illumina Castle ==-

               Chest items: Orb of Might X 2          Orb of Wisdom
                            500 Florins               Orb of Vigor
                            Orb of Power

You can go to the courtroom and finish the Pelts for Ricardo quest (or start
it, if you didn't earlier).  Also, if you talk to Porkin Binsce, who is
standing near the throne, he'll give you the Balcony Key.

   *** Once you have the Balcony Key, bring Elco into the courtroom and open
   *** the door on the right side.  Go up the stairs and stand by the crystal
   *** to charge his jetpack, then fly over to the 2 treasure chests.  Cross
   *** the balcony, pass the ladder and go down the stairs on the other end.
   *** Pull the lever to unlock the other door.  Now bring Ailish in here, go
   *** through the new door, climb the ladder to the second balcony and dispel
   *** the chest, then dispel the wall just ahead to reveal another chest.  Now
   *** go out and bring Buki to the second balcony, enter the area where Ailish
   *** dispelled the wall, and climb the ivy to reach another final chest.
   *** Finally, have Tal come in and climb the ladder to the upper balcony, and
   *** look to the spot on the wall with the brighter blue runner and 2
   *** handles.  Push one of these blocks inward, enter the hidden passage and
   *** push in the left crate to reach the last chest in this area.

How's that for a secret?  Anyway, now you can finish the current quest.  Go
around the ring in the castle entrance to reach the engineering room and talk
to the guy standing there.  He'll ask you to confirm when you want to continue
the main game, so choose yes when you're ready.  See the next section of this
walkthrough for details on a few side quests that you may prefer to do while
your whole party is still together.

After a FMV involving Tal and his father, Ailish is commanded to report to her
mother.  Enter the courtroom to trigger another FMV and begin your next quest.

                     5l) A Bunch of Side Quests (optional)

I'm going to put this stuff at this point in the walkthrough because it's a
good time when you can roam the world freely (at least those areas you've been
to before).  Any of these actions can be done at any time from here on in until
the final sequence of the game.  Just make sure you've got the right person in
your party to do them.  You could have done these before returning the crystal
to Illumina Castle, so you would have the whole party together.

    -== Return to Shadani-Mo (optional) ==-

               Chest items: Cat Totem
                            150 Florins X 4

Take the path to Shadani-Mo, past the sheep herder (play if you want), and into
Spirit Canyon.

   *** Just over the dirt bridge by the waterfall, there's an ivy-covered wall
   *** for Buki to climb that leads behind the waterfall to a treasure chest
   *** with a very important Cat Totem.  You can now also visit the nearby Mo
   *** Altar to offer up this totem.

Continue onward to Shadani-Mo.  There are several things to do there.  First,
you can talk to Lamper, the small boy walking around town.  He'll challenge you
to a bell-ringing contest, where you have to find and ring all 5 bells in the
town.  The bell locations are as follows:

1. In the village centre, just past the house with the blacksmith;
2. In the village council area (left side of main village);
3. In the elder's home area (left side of main village);
4. Outside the entrance to the Shadani temple (right side of village);
5. In the first area to the right on entering the village, up the ramp behind
   the houses, and down the ladder into the pit.

Once you've rung them all, return and talk to Lamper to receive your prize: an
Illumina Opal.

Have Tal enter the hut with the blacksmith working outside.  Descend the ramp
and push the boxes around to clear the path to 4 treasure chests, all
containing some Florins.

Talk to Campos in the Shadani temple entrance area.  This carver will give you
the Shadowstones quest.  Talk to Opal in her tent in the main village area.
She'll give you the Balum's Staff quest.  In the village elder's area, talk to
Mafu in the side tent to receive the Mafu's Proof quest.  Also go into Carrick
Lore's tent and check the shelf near the treasure chest.  You can pick up a
skull, which you can then take to the Hall of Heads in the Realm of Shadows at
any time.  Talk to the woman by the cooking pot to get the Duct Soup quest.
Finally, talk to Malik in the rear tent to gain permission to enter
the Trials of Mo.

    -== Shadani Temple (optional) ==-

               Chest items: Melakorka (weapon)
                            Orb of Vigor
                            Dragon Totem

Head into the temple and follow the path until you reach the fountain room
(take the blue-flagged doors from the Shrine of Mo room, where you pushed the
colored torches around).  To the right of the fountain, follow the path to a
wall that Buki can climb.  Do so, open the chest, and pull the switch on the
wall.  This lowers a gate on the other side of the fountain.  Go and open the
chest it revealed.

Now, find the yellow crystal tucked around the corner from the entrance to the
fountain room.  Charge up Elco's jetpack and fly across to the chest.  Open it
and fly back.  Make your way back out of the temple again.

    -== Trials of Mo (optional) ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins          2000 Florins
                            500 Florins          Cat Totem
                            1000 Florins

Once you've spoken to Malik, the Shadani village chief, you can take on the
trials of Mo.  Go outside the village and go left to the corner of the cliff
wall.  Have Ailish dispel the wall, then have Buki enter the secret cave.  She
will face 5 trials, each consisting of 3 waves of enemies to defeat.  At the
end of each trial, she receives a treasure chest.  Open it to receive a
treasure and start the next trial if you wish.  If you choose not to do the
next trial, or if you die, you'll return outside.  You can re-enter the cave at
any time to pick up on the next unfinished trial.

Since you're fighting alone, using your Asilas the Wolf Skill Strike is useful
to distract the enemies.  If you're trying to do all of the trials at once,
save your SP (or make sure you've got lots of restoring items) for near the
end, and save a Spirit Strike for the end too.  You don't have to do them all
at once, though.  You can quit part-way through and go rest at the inn, or buy
more supplies at Kamo's.  If you level up at any time, spend your advancement
point(s) before starting the next trial.

1st trial: 2 Wolufs + Pack Master, 4 Aquaticlaws, 3 Scarecrows.
2nd trial: Arconite Warlock + 2 Arconite Raiders, 5 Arconite Raiders,
           2 Arconite Raiders + Arconite Warrior.
3rd trial: 3 Wolf Spirits, 2 Wolf Spirits + Eagle Spirit, 5 Wolf Spirits.
4th trial: War Wyrd, 3 War Wyrds, Illusion Master + 2 War Wyrds.
5th trial: 2 Illusion Masters, Wyrd Warlord + 2 War Wyrds, Toxic Scribe.

Hint: for any enemies that can be poisoned, just do so with the Mephiticus (if
you have it), then you can just run around and wait for them to fall over.
This is particularly useful with the War Wyrds, and is almost a necessity since
they can cast regenerate on themselves (poison will cancel regeneration).
Another hint: for really easy fights, just keep using Storm Kick and restoring
SP as needed.

    -== Realm of Shadows (optional) ==-

Don't return here unless you need to fulfill the quests you picked up in
Shadani-Mo, i.e. Fallen Warrior's Skull and Balum's Staff.  Go to Hexam's home
and the Hall of Heads to complete those quests.

    -== New Brightwater Village revisited (optional) ==-

               Chest items: Cat Totem

There are a couple of things that you can do in the Shadani emcampment up the
road from the town proper, with Buki in your party.  If you completed the
Brightwater Pearl collector side quest, given by young Sunder-Rah in town,
you'll have the key to Kirklin-Rah's tent.  Inside, Buki can climb an ivy-
covered wall to find a chest.

Also, if Buki talks to Hazim, the bear-man in the Shadani encampment, he'll
give her a quest to fetch Arconite Skulls.

    -== Finished yet? ==-

Now that all of that is done, return to Parham County and head off to
Transentia, like you were supposed to all along.  Use a portal ring to go to
Parham County if you want to take a short cut.

                             5m) Road to Transentia

    -== King's Road ==-

At the end, you'll encounter an Aklorian raiding party that shouldn't give you
too much trouble.  They're the same type of monsters that you encountered in
the Shadani temple.

    -== Nolan's Farm ==-

Another fight.  Basically, just keep going until you reach Parham County.

    -== Parham County ==-

               Chest item: Orb of Vigor

When you reach this area, you get into a fight with some Venom Gnats and
Scarecrows.  Cross the bridge for another similar fight.  On the other side of
the bridge, the cart that was previously blocking the left path is now gone.
This is the road to Transentia.

   *** Behind the house by the river, there's an ivy-colored wall for Buki
   *** to climb, provided that Tal moved the outhouse out of the way earlier.
   *** Climb it to reach the treasure chest.

    -== Transentia Road (Ailish & Buki) ==-

               Chest items: Orb of Vigor
                            Veshchenega (weapon)
                            Cat Totem

The women enjoy a nice chat as they go along.  Pass Fatty's Scrapyard, and stop
one you go through another arch and see a signpost pointing to Transentia City.
Look to the right to find a cave behind a tree stump.  There's a treasure chest
in there.

After a battle encounter, continue up the road.  Watch along the right side of
the road for a break in the cliff marked by some large pipes.  Head to the back
of that dead-end and turn around.

   *** Climb the wall in the back of this area with Buki to find... another
   *** wall.  Climb up, across and down that one to reach a chest with a weapon
   *** for Buki.

Just ahead, along the left side, there's a break in the wall, but ignore it for
now.  It's for Elco later on.  There's a trader and a save point up ahead, too.

When you reach a closed drawbridge, it's up to the 2 of them to put the pieces
back together.  First, have Ailish dispel the green button on the side and
press it.  Now, Buki must climb down the cliff beside the end of the path.
There's another button for her to press there, completing the bridge.

   *** There's another wall for Buki to climb at the other end of this
   *** platform, leading to a mechanical cave with many breakable items and,
   *** more importantly, a chest with a Cat Totem.

Reunite the pair and move them across the bridge.  After a fight with some
Arconites, Tetsu appears to Ailish again in a FMV.  She gains another Spirit
Strike and the Seraphitic Armor.

Head through the next gate and go down the road notice the Dragon Shrine on the
right side.  You can't do anything here now, so continue onward.  After a brief
fight, go through the cave, then down the docks and talk to either robot to
board the flight to Transentia.

    -== Transentia Road (Tal & Elco) ==-

               Chest item: Dragon Totem

You start part-way up the road already.  Just ahead, on the left, watch for the
break in the wall beside the water tower.  Have Elco climb down the ladder

   *** Charge your jetpack and fly over to the green button.  Press it, then
   *** immediately fly past the previous platform, between the metal pipes, and
   *** to the cavern at the back of this area to the chest.  Float to the
   *** ground and take the ladder back up to the crystal.  You can fly back and
   *** smash the crates if you want, but they won't hold anything special.

Follow the same path as Ailish and Buki, fighting a couple of battles along the
way, until you reach the airship.  Talk to either robot to hop on.

                              5n) Transentia City

    -== City Level 1 ==-

               Chest items: Dragon Totem
                            Wolf Totem

Head inward to trigger a conversation with the maintenance man.  You have to
help him fix the elevator system or you're not going anywhere.  Climb up the
ladder on the right to reach a crystal and fully charge your jetpack.  Fly a
short distance to the platform on the left, land and climb the ladder there.
Fly left a little more to in front of the machine, and examine it to replace
the cogs.

   *** From the second platform, if you fly to the right instead, you can reach
   *** a treasure chest with another Dragon Totem for Elco.

Back on the ground, note the bunch of crates behind the first ladder you
climbed up.

   *** Have Tal pull the first line of crates back so he can get in the middle,
   *** then pull one of the second line of crates 2 spaces back while pushing
   *** an adjacent crate forward, to reach the chest in the upper left corner.

Head toward the elevator to trigger an FMV while you wait for the lift to come

    -== City Level 2 ==-

               Chest item: 500 Florins

On this level, you can find a blacksmith, a save point, and, down the stairs,
the Rusty Cog tavern and inn.  At the bottom of the stairs, if you go left,
you'll reach a work area with a treasure chest behind one of the big pipes.
You can also talk to the 'female' robot outside the tavern to receive the
Heart's Heart quest.  Talk to the robot outside the lift when you want to go to
another level of the city.

    -== City Level 3 ==-

               Chest items: 500 Florins
                            Wolf Totem

There's a treasure chest right beside the lift entrance, underneath the stairs.
Up the stairs, you'll find Kamo's, and the entrance to the university.  Across
from the entrance to Kamo's, there's a ladder leading to a special arena.

   *** Have Tal climb the ladder and accept the battle challenge.  To fight the
   *** killer machine, here's the best advice: block, block, and block.  Defend
   *** yourself almost constantly when he's near, wait for him to finish a
   *** strike, then immediately hit back with only one or 2 hits.  If you try
   *** to do a combo, he'll hit you and hurt you bad.  Let him push you into a
   *** corner so that when he does his other attack, a wide area blast with a
   *** long charge time (so you can see it coming easily), you can run to
   *** the opposite corner to avoid the blast.  If the blast hits you, you will
   *** die, no doubt about it.  If he's charging up while in the middle of the
   *** arena, you can't get far enough away to survive.  But, if you run into
   *** him, you can slide him over toward a corner, giving you room to hide on
   *** the opposite end.  Be patient, keep blocking, and you'll come through
   *** fairly unscathed.  You get a Huge Gold Bar and a Wolf Totem for winning.
   *** Reader Lee adds that you can interrupt the large blast charge-up by
   *** striking the robot as soon as he flings his arms up.

Head into the university via the round sealed door (why do they need these
things?).  Go past all of the desks and talk to the teacher to take an exam.
Most of the questions are based on information that you can receive by talking
to the young anthropologist outside the university entrance, and to professor
Gottgetreu on the next city level.  The true or false questions are randomly
selected from the following list (all of the ones that I've encountered at

1. Some Glue Spiders spit sticky webs.  True.
2. Most of the people of Illumina follow the religion of Tetsu, the Giver of
   Life.  True.
3. The Wyrd's earthquake attack can damage you even if you block.  True.
4. Venom Gnat Stingers are of little value.  False (even though it's actually
5. There are three different know types of Arconites.  True.
6. Scarecrows, evil magical entities, are best defeated by blocking their
   spinning attack and counterattacking.  True.
7. Arconites are capable of teleporting behind you in combat.  True.
8. Light Spawn do not originate from Haskilia.  True.
9. Shadani-Mo is inhabited by half-human, half-animal anthropomorphs.  True.
10. The smallest breed of Arconites have magical powers.  False.
11. Aquaticlaws can only be found on beaches.  False.
12. Venom Gnats are good at dodging melee attacks.  True (even though it's
    actually false).
13. Wolufs hunt in packs but have no leader.  False.
14. Wyrds are much smaller than humans.  False.
15. According to legend, a place called Durani-Mo is the ancestral home of the
    anthropomorphs.  False.
16. Anthropomorphs venerate a demi-god called Mo the Great Cat.  True.

You receive a total of three questions during the exam.  If you answer all
three correctly, you receive a Skill Potion.  If you answer only two questions
correctly, you receive a Skill Salve and can repeat the exam.  If you answer
one or no questions correctly, you get nothing, but you can try again as many
times as it takes.

Go up the stairs past the desks to locate the professor and the ladies in a
FMV.  You get automatically taken to the Research Center entrance.

    -== City Level 4 ==-

               Chest item: 50 Florins

You don't have to enter the Research Center right away, so feel free to keep
exploring the town.  Go up the ladder by the entrance to the Research Center to
find a treasure chest.  You can talk to Professor Gottgetreu and enter his
house, but there's nothing noteworthy there.

    -== City Level 5 ==-

               Chest item: 500 Florins

Up here, go right and follow the long metal walkway to locate a treasure chest
in the work area at the end.  To the left from the entrance to this level, go
into Lupa's Observatory and talk to Lupa.  Ask about her telescope and she'll
give you the Omnium Collector quest.

                        5o) Transentine Research Center

Head down the tunnel until you reach a circular room.  Walk into the middle of
the elevator and activate it.  You'll watch a FMV introducing Krenn at the
bottom.  Enjoy your first fight with the mechanical monstrosities that populate
this area.  The flying sphere controls the other machines to some extent, and
if you kill it, the other machines will die right away.  This is hard to do,
though, but luckily, if you kill all of the machines, the sphere will die too.
Remember to pick up any Omnium that is dropped, if you're doing the Omnium
collector quest, or even just to sell it later.  Head into the tunnel on the
West side when you can.

    -== Dean's Office ==-

               Chest items: Master Key Card
                            Wizardwood Staff (weapon)

Enter to trigger a close-quarters fight with some Arconite-like robots.
Afterwards, have Ailish dispel the painting of Elco behind the desk to reveal a
special safe.  There are 4 switches labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Examine the desk
to receive the combo 0101, 1011.  There are 2 sets of numbers because there are
two doors to open.  '0' means down, '1' means up for each lever.  So first,
pull levers 1 and 3 down, then push up all levers except for 2.  You get 250XP
for making it through.  Open the chest inside to get the computer key card.

   *** Have Ailish enter the safe and dispel the invisible chest to receive a
   *** new weapon.

Return to the main room and open the door opposite the tunnel to advance.

    -== Computer Room ==-

After another fight, a FMV takes over, and Tal and Buki are sent off on their
own adventure.  Head up the stairs to the right of the computer core entrance,
use the save point if you like, and head through the next door.

    -== Mining Ore ==-

In the large round elevator room, you need to activate the power before using
the lift.  Have Buki go clockwise around the rim of the room from the entrance
to reach the metal grate material on the wall, which she can climb up and over
to the power switch.  Pull it, return to Tal and press the green button by the
lift to go down (green is down, blue is up).  Press it again to go down to
level 3.

Go down the tunnel.  Once you pass a gate, you'll notice the elevator for the
raw minerals on your left.  So go get some raw minerals!  Go to the bottom of
the ramp and kill all of the extractors.  Spirit Wind is a good skill strike to
use as the extractors pound on you.  Once you've defeated them all and picked
up the 6 Raw Minerals, head back up the ramp to the mineral elevator and use it
(this happens automatically as you pass near it).  After a FMV of the
processing room in action, head back to the large elevator and press the blue
button to go up one floor.

Enter the processing room and go down to the main floor.  This will trigger a
fight with some Hunter series robots.  Afterwards, Tetsu pays Buki a visit
again in a FMV, and she receives her second Spirit Strike and some new armor.
Also, a gate in the upper area has now been lowered.

Have Tal move the power block on the right side of the upper level.  Pull it
back to unplug it from the lift control, then place Buki onto the lift and
climb the grate beside it.  Now, Tal has to move the power blocks into position
in front of each the 4 platforms in a row so that Buki can cross each one.  As
she walks onto each platform, pull the block out from the previous one and plug
it into the next platform.

With processed Transentium in hand, return to the elevator, press the blue
button, and return to Elco.

    -== Return to Computer Room ==-

After another fight, take control of Elco and go up the stairs to the left of
the central vault door.  Charge up your jetpack by the crystal and climb the
ladder.  Fly to the center of the room, climb the next ladder, and then fly
over and drop onto either of the platforms with the switches.  Pull it, and you
should have just enough fuel to make it to the other platform.  Once you pull
the second switch, Elco gets 100XP and the game takes over for a FMV, after
which Elco must prove his mettle on his own.  Head up the hall and ride the
elevator in the middle of the room down (after saving, of course).
   ______/ Krenn CPU \____________________________________________________
  |                                                                       |
  | Krenn has only one vulnerable spot: his red 'eye'.  Shoot it while    |
  | dodging his attacks.  The easiest way to do this is to circle him in  |
  | either direction (I suggest counter clockwise, or left while you're   |
  | facing him) for most of the fight.  Krenn will march towards you and  |
  | strikes with a leg, which you can dodge if moving to the side and/or  |
  | backing away.  He will then return to the center and charge up for    |
  | his beam attack.  Stay close to him and circle around him as he fires |
  | to avoid this devastating attack.  Keep firing at his eye whenever you|
  | get a clean shot.  Once you get him down to 1/2 health, he'll curl    |
  | into a ball and an arm will come out from the wall to recharge him.   |
  | You want to shoot the sphere on the end of this arm until it is       |
  | destroyed.  This is complicated by the little suicidal robots that    |
  | try to self-destruct near you.  Just keep moving to avoid their       |
  | blasts.  Once the arm is destroyed, Krenn resumes his pattern until   |
  | his health is down to 1/2 again.  Once you've destroyed all 4         |
  | charging arms, Krenn is vulnerable.  Reduce his health to below 1/2,  |
  | and he goes nuts.  He'll still approach you, then do a spin attack    |
  | that you definitely want to back off for.  Then, he'll return to the  |
  | center and repeat his beam attack.  While Krenn is in his wounded     |
  | state, there will also be a constant flow of suicide 'bots, so keep   |
  | moving and firing.  Nano-Enhancement will be extremely useful in this |
  | fight, especially while destroying the charging arms.  I think that   |
  | the Ion Fluxinator is the best weapon too, for sheer power.           |

After the fight, Elco receives 1500XP, the Essence Gnawer Scroll, and the
Transentine Crystal.  Take the elevator back up and rejoin your friends.

    -== Another World? ==-

Talk to Professor Hayton just outside the Research Center to complete the quest
for the Transentine Crystal.  He now gives you some free time to do whatever
the hell you want.  Rest up, complete any quests you have, go shopping, it
doesn't matter.  You can even leave the city and return at any time.  Once
you're satisfied and want to advance in the game, go to the portal site on the
same level as the Research Center and talk to Professor Hayton again there.
After that, it's all FMV.

   *** If you return here later, go into the Rusty Cog tavern and talk to
   *** Azgarth, the maintenance man you repaired the elevator for.  He'll
   *** say thanks and give you 2 Luster Wines for your efforts.

                                5p) Crystal Reef

    -== Realm of Shadows ==-

Back in this eerie place, circle the portal rings until you find the one that
will bring you to Crystal Reef and use it.  You are now allowed to use any of
the other portals at this time.

    -== Crystal Reef ==-

               Chest items: 150 Florins               Anemomir (weapon)
                            250 Florins               Orb of Might
                            Chilltip Cane (weapon)    Orb of Sanctuary

This place should look kind of familiar.  Behind the watchtower (Dinea's
Watchtower, to be specific), there's a chest on the ground.  You can climb the
outside of the watchtower for a look through a telescope, but the view is
nothing too exciting.

   *** Uphill along the road by the watchtower, examine the crumbled pagoda to
   *** find a Healing Potion hidden in the rubble.

Go down the path and up to the N edge of town.  Have Ailish dispel the
invisible bridge across the waterfall, and go over it to find a treasure chest
with a new weapon for her in the back woods area.

Along the main road, the 2 houses on the N side at the end each hide a
treasure.  Go behind the last house and have Buki climb the wall to reach a
chest with a weapon for her.  In the house next door, have Ailish enter from
the E side and climb the ladder, then dispel and open the chest up above.
There's another chest for Ailish to dispel in the graveyard behind the church.

   *** Examine the dug-up grave in the cemetary behind the church to find 100
   *** Florins.

   *** And one more good find: there's a healing potion in the trough of fish
   *** by the entrance to the docks.

Head up the road leading out of town.  Enter the mansion (it's where the
Shadani Encampment was back in Illumina).  Talk to Samuel and ask him about his
problem and offer to help.  Return to the village proper and talk to the
reverend outside of the church.  Next, go to the docks and talk to Finbar.
With his key, go up to the boathouse and enter it with Tal.  Pull the closest
crate out and push it to the corner.  Pull the second crate out twice, then the
last crate out once to reach the chest.  Open it to receive the Holy Symbol,
then return that to the reverend.

Now that that fetch quest is over, enter the church and talk to the human boy
inside.  Talk to the fish kids for a chuckle.

   *** From this point onward, whenever you talk to the reverend inside the
   *** church, your party will be fully healed (HP & SP).

Return to the mansion and talk to Samuel again, then go down the elevator in
front of the mansion and enter the cavern in a FMV.

                               5q) Siren's Grotto

Head into the grotto to learn just how childish Tal and Elco really are.
Continue down the path until you reach the next major room.

    -== Singing Siren Chamber ==-

Thanks for leaving us, guys.  Take out the waves of bad guys and go around to
the opposite side of the central structure.  Climb the ramp and step on the
glowing circle in front of the statue.  You have to find 2 Mermaid Pearls to
offer the statue.  Go back down the ramp and enter the door on the E side of
the room (there's also a save point if you take the bridge going straight from
the statue).

    -== Endless Stairs Cavern ==-

After another fight, take the other door on the floor of this area.

    -== Aequoris Falls ==-

               Chest item: Shell Key

Go up the ramp and cross past the waterfall, going through the next door.
After a fight that includes a Crystal Scribe, have Ailish dispel the rock with
a skull on top.  Walk onto the platform it revealed and 'use' it to cross to
the center platform.  There, dispel another rock and ride the platform again.
Have Buki climb the wall and press the green button.  Take the platform back
and ride the new one (directly across from where you just arrived).  Open the
chest it brings you to to acquire the Shell Key.  Retrace your steps to the
previous area.

    -== Endless Stairs Cavern ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins X 2

Now that you're back here, go up the stairs.  When you reach the first landing,
go straight down the stairs on the other side to reach a treasure chest.  When
you reach the steps you can dispel, keep going to a small treasure trove first.
Have Ailish dispel the steps, then use the Shell Key on the weird barrier.

    -== Singing Siren Chamber (upper level) ==-

Up top now, press the green button to hear the Siren's Song.  Listen carefully.
Now, go left to the five glowing rings.  You have to step on them in the
correct order, playing back the song (each one produces one note).  The circles
are arranged as so:
                                  1   4

                                3       2

Step on them in the order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as illustrated.  Going to the other end
of this ledge, the statue of a head over a pool of water has revealed the first
Mermaid Pearl.  Collect it.  Head back to the previous area.  Stay along the
top of the stairs, going left when they branch to reach a save point.  Enter
the door past it.

    -== The Natatorium ==-

               Chest item: Orb of Vigor

You have to get both Buki and Ailish to the giant clam to receive its prize.
Have Buki go left and climb the wall, first pull the lever, then push the
green button.  Move Ailish along the new bone bridge to the next landing, go
left and pull the lever embedded in the wall, then go across the next bone
bridge and pull the lever there.  Ailish now has a bridge to a treasure chest.
Open the chest and pull the levers again.  As Buki, push the green button once
more to finalize the path for both to the giant clam.  Switch and move both
women until they're standing on the glowing rings.  This opens the clam to
reveal the next Mermaid Pearl.  Solving this puzzle nets you 200XP too.   Make
your way back to the central chamber where the boys disappeared.

    -== Singing Siren Chamber ==-

Go back up to the mermaid statue and give it the Mermaid Pearls.  This opens
the shell door that Tal and Elco were taken through.  Head into it and go down
to the next inner chamber.  Immediately go left and use the save point.  Head
down the ramp to the center of the room to face...
   ______/ Nassaria \_____________________________________________________
  |                                                                       |
  | Once you learn the pattern, this fight is easy.  Imagine that this is |
  | the dock you're on:     ___ X                                         |
  |                      __|   |__         'X' = where Nassaria appears   |
  |                     |A       B|                                       |
  |                     |__     __|                                       |
  |                        |_C_|                                          |
  |                                                                       |
  | You can always tell where Nassaria will emerge from the water by the  |
  | red dot on your navigation map.  Orient yourself so that's she's in   |
  | position indicated by the 'X' above.  At first, she uses a 3-step     |
  | attack.  First, a sweep with her trident, which will hit areas A and  |
  | B.  Stand in spot C to avoid this.  Next, she lunges with her trident |
  | into spot A.  Stay on C to avoid this as well.  And last, she strikes |
  | with her tail across B and C, so move to A or the middle of the       |
  | the platform to avoid this.  She then dives back into the water, and  |
  | you must wait for her to re-emerge.  Shoot her whenever she's out,    |
  | while dodging her shots.  Once you get her down past 1/2 health, she  |
  | changes it up a bit.  First, a trident zap between A and C (stay on   |
  | C to avoid), then a tail hit across B and C again (move out to A or   |
  | the middle), then another zap at A (move to B).  She then dives       |
  | across the platform, hitting you unless you're staying on B.  Rinse   |
  | and repeat as many times as it takes for you to whittle her health    |
  | down to nothing.                                                      |

You receive the Dispelling Scroll as a reward.  Head along the plank bridge
that appeared.  When you reach the end, a FMV is triggered.  Have the boys
leave the area by the tunnel leading out from the save point.

    -== Depths of the Grotto ==

               Chest item: 250 Florins

Head up the path around the lake until you reach a wider clearing.  Note the
door on the right with yellow fairies.  Only Ailish can open this, and she
ain't here right now, so just remember to come back later.  Head through the
left door and go up the stairs.  Once you emerge from the tunnel, the stairs
split.  Go straight ahead to reach a treasure chest, then go back and take the
side path to continue.  Keep going, pass a save point, and keep going down
until you reach the floor.

    -== The Maze ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins
                            Siren's Song (weapon)

It isn't really much of a maze.  There's just one winding path with a few
little side alcoves, nothing to get lost in if you keep an eye on the
navigation map.  What can get annoying, though, is when you get in a fight and
your partner keeps running way off after more enemies.  Equip Tal with a
poisonous sword to cancel out the Hydrogenates' regeneration ability.  After a
few fights, you'll reach some stairs, signalling the end of the maze.  Before
going up them, take the last side branch of the maze (check your navigation
map) to reach a treasure chest.

Go up the tunnel until you reach the end of the cave.

   *** There are 2 pink shells on the sides.  The left one contains a Healing
   *** Potion, so examine it to retrieve it.

Don't forget the open the chest for a new weapon for Tal.  Have Tal approach
the rock at the end of the cavern and pull it back to open the way back to the
main chamber.

    -== Singing Siren's Chamber ==-

After a fight, head out the way your first came in, on the West side of the
cavern.  Head back out through Dead Fish Cave to get back to Crystal Reef.

                          5r) Return to Crystal Reef

               Chest items: Orb of Might
                            Orb of Wisdom

There's not much to do here any more.  Use the elevator to get back up to the
mansion.  Talk to Lord Mewsley, who is now hanging out outside.  He'll give you
the key to leave the village, and also open up his warehouse.  It's back in the
town center, right by the save point (a short cut-scene shows you where).  Go
inside to find 2 chests that you can reach, and a third behind a gate that
needs to be dispelled later on.  You can talk to Finbar on the docks to pick up
the Eden Coral Collector quest, and you can also talk to the minister in the
church to be fully healed before heading out.

                            5s) Aklorian Countryside

    -== Wielow's Gully ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins X 3
                            Omnium Rocket Gun (weapon)

This path is pretty similar to the one back in Illumina.  There's a trader
along the side, and you reach a tunnel like the one back home too.  Just
inside it, though, the path spreads out quickly.  At the first signpost
pointing to Devil Belch Canyon, take the path to the left down to an alternate
Kariston altar.  Just ahead, there's a treasure chest by the rope bridge.  The
path meets back up with the high road.  Go back along it if you want a fight
with some Wolufs.

Just ahead, at the next signpost, the path splits again.  The right path leads
to a climbing wall, which is no good to you now.  Go down the left path a
little ways.

   *** Beside the signpost pointing back to Crystal Reef, have Elco climb down
   *** the ladder, then down another to a Lebius altar.  Charge up by the
   *** crystal and fly ahead to the next landing.  Charge up again, then fly
   *** around the pillar on the left to find a treasure chest.  Go back to the
   *** previous landing.  From there, fly straight out to the single barrel in
   *** the distance.  From there, head to the pillar with the ladder going up
   *** at the end of the canyon.  Get the chest behind the pillar before
   *** climbing up.  Fly to the middle pillar with a crystal on this level,
   *** recharge, and head out to the final landing on this level with another
   *** treasure chest.  From there, you can fly all the way back to the start.

Once reunited, go ahead into the next wide area.  I think you can guess what's

    -== Devil's Belch Canyon ==-

Get ready for a fairly big fight with some new monsters, though they're
basically just variations on things you've seen before.  Keep an eye on your
health and have healing items ready, since you don't have access to any
healing magic right now.  Feel free to let loose with the Skill Strikes, maybe
even a Spirit Strike if the mood takes you.  After the fight, move to the North
end of the clearing to find the signpost pointing you towards Cyantine Citadel.
Cross the bridge to reach another clearing with some more fighting to do, then
head out the far side where another signpost points the way.

    -== Ashenbark Woods ==-

More of the same, fighting some Aklorians.  This area has lots of breakable
items, so be sure to run around and smash them.  Afterwards, head out the other
side to find a portal ring and a save point.  You can't go back through the
portal just now (try if you want to, but Tal just gets all indignant).  Head
into the tunnel to the castle, which has seen better days.

                             5t) Cyantine Citadel

On this side of the drawbridge, there isn't much to see.  You can go down to
the docks but there's nothing terribly noteworthy there.  Head towards the
closed gate to trigger a very revealing FMV.  Afterwards, it's clobberin' time!
This time you must face a Wyrd Warlord in addition to a couple of War Wyrds.
He's tougher and even a little bigger.  Feel free to use a Spirit Strike at
this point, but it's not like it's the hardest fight you've ever been in.  Open
the drawbridge and head inside.

    -== Castle Gates ==-

               Chest item: 250 Florins

First, Tal has to pull the boxes out of the way so that Elco can reach the
crystal behind them.  Just pull them all out and push one to the side, until
you've cleared a path.  Switch to Elco and charge up your jetpack.  Now run out
just past the crates.  On Elco's right around the edge of the wall, there's a
short flight of stairs and a ladder going up.  They're kind of in the dark.
Climb up the ladder and use your jet pack to fly straight across all of the
debris to another ledge.  Climb the ladder there and cross over top of the gate
to pull the switch, opening the way below.

   *** From the top of the first ladder, you can also fly straight across the
   *** room to reach a treasure chest.

Open the unlocked gate and head inside.

    -== Ruined Courtyard ==-

Now you're in for a real fight.  Afterwards, head through the NW corner of the
yard to reach the door that leads to the gardens.  Do cross that bridge to
trigger another FMV, revealing a few surprises.  Elco finally gets a Spirit
Strike and some new armor.

    -== Darkened Gardens ==-

You can go back inside Caprine's Keep if you like and talk to your friends, but
there's nothing of consequence inside.  Check around the rim to find Kamo's, a
blacksmith, and an inn.

   *** By the exit, check the grate over the hole that, in your world, held
   *** the ladder that you used to get in and out of the gardens.  You'll find
   *** 250 Florins hidden behind the grate.

Head through the gate and cross the bridge to leave.

    -== Ruined Courtyard (shadow party) ==-

               Chest item: Orb of Power

Fortunately, these characters have the same special abilities as their

   *** Have Alexine dispel the debris beside the gate to the bridge to the
   *** garden.  Switch to Nico and have her enter the area it revealed, and
   *** climb the vine-covered wall in the rear.  Open the treasure chest on top
   *** and climb back down.

    -== Castle Gates (shadow party) ==-

After a fairly big battle on the main castle bridge, made more difficult by the
close quarters, take the team out of the castle through the checkpoint tunnel.
At the end, you emerge outside by the ring portal.  You can bring all of the
shadow characters over to Illumina if you want, just to tease them with the
sunny world they've been missing out on.  There are some limitations on what
you can do with the shadow characters.  Despite their similarities, Nico is not
Buki, and as a result, she cannot participate in the Trials of Mo or the Skulls
for Wazim side quests (if you haven't completed those yet).  Also, Illumina
Castle is locked to you now.

                        5u) Road to Aklorian Stronghold

    -== Ashenbark Woods ==-

This time through, you must fight a pair of Accursed.  The real monsters are
the mounds of bones.  They generate the skeletons and keep them alive
indefinitely.  You'll never be able to hurt one of the skeletons, but if you
destroy the Accursed controlling them, they'll all just fall to pieces.

    -== Devil's Belch Canyon ==-

               Chest item: Orb of Vigor

Here you get to fight seemingly endless hordes of Aklorian troopers and
Abominations.  Once the carnage is over...

   *** Start up the path toward Crystal Reef, but once you're at the top of the
   *** ramp, go left along the cliff wall toward the dead end.  Have Nico climb
   *** the wall at the end to reach a ledge with the mirror Mo shrine and a
   *** treasure chest.

If you just want to get on with the show, head East from the middle battle area
along the path to the Aklorian Stronghold.  Alternately, there are still a
couple of pieces of unfinished business elsewhere in this realm.

    -== Return to Crystal Reef (optional) ==-

               Chest item: Huge Gold Bar

Head back along the path to the town where you started off in this mirror

   *** Once you're in town, send Alexine into the warehouse that Mewsley opened
   *** for you earlier.  Dispel the gates and open the third chest inside.

Remember, too, that you can fully heal your party by talking to the minister in
the church.

    -== Return to Nassaria's Grotto (optional) ==-

               Chest items: Huge Gold Bar
                            Orb of Power

Head down into the Singing Siren Chamber, and then go up the ramp to the upper
level.  Find the crack in the wall where Tal had pulled a rock out of the way
earlier and slip inside.  It's along the West side, in case you're having
trouble finding it.  Head through The Maze and up the stairs at the far end.
Stay along the left wall when the stairs split to reach the Depths of the
Grotto.  Enter the door at the bottom of the stair to reach the wide room.

   *** Dispel the other door in this room with Alexine to reach the two
   *** treasure chests inside.

That's it for in here.  Retrace your steps all the way to get back outside.
One other advantage of going through this dungeon again is that you can gather
more Eden Corals to complete the quest for Finbar.

    -== The Fire Pits (Path to Aklorian Stronghold) ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins X 3

Once you're done messing around with other stuff, head East over the bridge
from Devil's Belch Canyon (there's a signpost with an image of a scary helmet
pointing the way).  You see the alternate Olivitess altar on the right side,
and a treasure chest just past it.  There's another one just ahead on the very
right side when you reach the bottom of the ramp.

A fight awaits you at the top of the ramp.  Head up to the next landing by the
ramp on the opposite side, then go up one more time.  You reach a crossroads at
the top.  Directly ahead, the path leads to the stronghold.  On the right side,
the ramp leads to Sherra, a researcher who will give you tips on monsters in
the region if you talk to her repeatedly.  There's also a chest to open on her

If you go up the left path from the crossroads, you reach a save point and the
Tree of Woe.

    -== Tree of Woe (optional) ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins
                            Mammoth's Fang (weapon)

Open the chest by the save point, and go up the ramp to the swirling lights.
Head into the middle to trigger a fight with a Wyrd Warlord and 3 War Wyrds.
After the fight, you receive a new treasure chest, and also the Combat Fortify
Scroll, which appears as a dropped treasure (it has unique light effects to
draw attention to it).  Now, if you leave the top of the tree and return, you
can trigger fights with an Accursed an indefinite number of times, but you
don't get any extra bonuses beyond the 100XP for each kill plus whatever they
normally drop.

    -== Eagle Rock ==-

               Chest items: 250 Florins
                            Orb of Wisdom

You can't help but notice the ladder going up the side of the cliff just over
the bridge.  If anyone other than Alexine (or Ailish, if you returned here
later with the regular party) goes up, they will be greeted and the party will
be fully healed.  If Alexine (or Ailish, again, later) goes up, she will be
given the choice to accept Olivitess' challenge.  You are asked 3 questions.
To answer each, walk up to the person you think is right, look at them in
first-person view and dispel the image (you may need to try it from different
angles to get the 'Dispel' prompt to appear).  If right, you will receive a
breakable item with some treasure inside.  Here are the correct answers:

  1. Whom should you trust...?  A: Alexine
  2. Who is the descendant of Kariston?  A: Tal
  3. Who is not worthy...?  A: No right answer.  Choose any to start a fight.
       After you win, you get a chest with an orb.

The rewards inside the breakable items are randomized.  It is possible for them
to be empty as well.  One reader claimed that he received a Huge Gold Bar one
time from answering the first question, but I cannot verify this personally.

If you get an answer wrong, it starts a fight and you get no treasure (though
the prizes aren't great to start off with).  You will still get asked the next
question, however.  You can get into a maximum of 3 fights up here, if you
answer every question wrong.  The first fight is with a pack of Wolufs.  The
second is against an Accursed and its skeletons.  The third fight is against 2
Illusion Masters.  Remember that you must fight them all alone.

There's also a treasure chest on the side here with some Florins.  Back on the
main path, Alexine must dispel the rocks blocking the path ahead.

    -== Vosser's Peaks ==-

Through the tunnel, you emerge into a snow-covered mountainous region.  Travel
the path to find a new save point and portal ring.  Continue onward to the

                            5v) Aklorian Stronghold

Once you cross the drawbridge, it collapses behind you.  Also, the main gate
ahead is locked.  You must go up the stairs on the side of the entrance tunnel
in the hopes of finding a way to get inside.

    -== East Battlements ==-

After a fight with some crazed Aklorian troopers, head to the West end and have
Alexine dispel the invisible block, conveniently beside the visible one.  Have
either Tal or Kazel pull the blocks out and push them into the spaces along the
North wall.  Next, Nico climbs the ivy-covered wall in the NW corner and runs
across to the switch.  Pulling it unlocks the South gate.  Run back and climb
down, then bring the whole team through the South gate.

Now, either Tal or Kazel must clear the path for Nico to reach another climbing
wall.  Start by pushing the crate nearest the entrance over once.  Next, go
down the far row and push the first block W as far as it'll go, then pull the
next block back towards the gate.  Go around it to reach the block nearest the
climbing wall, and pull it back once.  Now, go to the pair of blocks in the SE
corner.  Pull the first one back, push it to the S wall, then pull the next
block back to open the path.  Go back out of this area and bring Nico in to
climb the wall and pull the switch.  Go back out and head to the E end of the
battlement.  Go through the door to trigger a FMV.

After the brief conversation, pull the switch in this room to open the main
gate down below.  Go back outside and down the stairs to enter it.

    -== Outer Bailey Courtyard ==-

You'll see a guard ringing a bell, which calls out more guards on either side
of the courtyard.  Every time you kill a few, any guard can ring the bell again
and call more out.  So if you don't want to fight indefinitely, you must defend
the square in the middle of the courtyard where the bell-ringing rope is.
Stand your ground there, and no guards will be able to reach it, allowing you
to finally finish the fight, which opens the gate ahead.  Go inside and open
the next door.

    -== Inner Bailey Courtyard ==-

               Chest item: Faustian Blade (weapon)

More guards to fight in here, including a hulking Horror.  You know the type by
now.  Once they're all done for, go through the door on the left side (from
when you came in).  This triggers another FMV.  Open the chest in the room when
it's over, and examine the bed beside it to find a hidden Woluf Pelt.  Open the
dark blue doors in this room before you head back out to the courtyard.

    -== Garden & Training Yard ==-

Examine the fountain to be fully healed, then go through the S set of doors.
Watch a funny little scene, then fight the 2 Ogres.  They are similar to the
Siege Ogre, Tal's first boss fight, but without the belch and fart attacks.  Go
to the small gate and Kazel will take on the task of holding up one of the
counterbalances.  He still needs to get to it, though.  He has 2 things to do:
lower the ladder, then get to the ladder and climb up it.

To lower the main ladder, you need to get to the ladder by the stairs.  Pull
the block blocking them back several spaces, then go up the ladder and down the
next one at the other end of the platform.  Pull the switch there then return
to the starting position.  Push the block beside the other ladder, across from
the stairs, forward until you reach the corner.  Now push the northernmost of
the 2 blocks beside you forward once, then push the other block beside it to
the wall.  Push the next block beside you forward, then pull the first block
that you pushed in front of the ladder back, then go around it and push it to
the wall, then down to the corner near the entrance to this puzzle.  Now go
back to the other side and pull the block nearest the ladder back to reveal yet
another ladder.  Climb up this one and down the other side of the platform.
Push the block in the tunnel back, then go back up the ladder and down the
other side again.  Push the block you just moved further back to the wall.  Now
you can go through the tunnel to the final block blocking the main ladder, pull
it out, then pull it back toward the tunnel.  Go around and climb the ladders
to get to the other side of the last block and climb to the end of the puzzle.
Pull the block up top back once to raise the counterweight.

The rest of the team can heal themselves at the fountain again before heading
back out to the courtyard.  Head through the door on the opposite side now that
you have the key.

    -== Kennels & Grotesque Experimental Laboratory ==-

Use the save point if you like and head through the next door.  A Woluf will
emerge from each doghouse around the room.  After the fight, you can examine
the Woluf crap and step in it to experience the sound effects the game
designers put in just for that.  Head through the door on the opposite side to
enter the laboratory.

In here, you must fight a pair of Horrors that were generated by the machines.
Each time you finish one off, another will be generated.  This will continue
indefinitely until you destroy the machines.  To do this, your lead character
must attack the 3 cylinders on either side of the room.  Once you destroy all 3
on one side, the machine on that side will collapse.  You also get 1XP for
destroying each cylinder (whoopee!).

After the fight, have Tal enter the small gate beside the climbable wall.  Nico
will automatically climb it and wait for you to create a path for her.  You
must move the blue towers around to make the path.  Pay attention to the bars
on the sides to build it properly.  Also note that you can pass underneath the
permanent platforms to get around.

Start by pulling the first blue tower on the left side out once, then back once
so Nico can make her first move.  Once she does, push the tower you just used
down one more space.  Next, you need the tower in the far right corner.  First,
pull the tower with the block on top out to the middle, and push it forward
once.  Now, get the tower you need from the corner and maneuver it to in front
of Nico.  Now push the first tower you used back into the middle and pull it to
the right, then pull the block tower back a couple of times.  Go around the
whole mess and push the block tower the rest of way down to the entrance.  Now
move the tower you need into position.  Once Nico crosses it, push it down
toward the entrance, by the block tower.  Now you need to move the tower on the
left side all the way to the right, and push it down to get it out of the way
for now.  Push the other block tower down once, then the tower with the corner
guardrails over to the right, then pull the block tower back down and push it
to the left corner.  Now you want to move the corner-rail tower to the middle
of the puzzle.  Finally, pull the tower on the right side all the way up to the
top right corner, and push the corner-rail block over beside it.  Fait

Down to 2 fighters, return to the courtyard, but be sure to use the save point

    -== Inner Bailey Courtyard (just Tal and Alexine) ==-

Now, have Alexine climb the ladder to the left of the main gate, cross over the
top and climb the next ladder, and finally dispel the gears on the side of the
upper level.  This opens the path for Tal.  He rushes inside and confronts
Galen in a FMV, and the next boss is revealed.
   ______/ Behemoth \_____________________________________________________
  |                                                                       |
  | Watch the FMV for a hint on how to survive this fight.  Shielded by a |
  | blast wall, wait for him to fire 2 volleys of yellow energy blasts.   |
  | Immediately after the second shot, run to the nearest electric eye at |
  | the end of the rails going out from the center.  Chop it once to shut |
  | it temporarily, and head straight for the opposite side to do the     |
  | same to the other eye.  With both out of commission, head towards the |
  | Behemoth and approach him.  Run to the side to dodge his axe chop (he |
  | gives fair warning of this move) and hit him while his axe is stuck   |
  | in the ground.  The A,X,A combo does great damage here.  If you stick |
  | around, he'll do an axe chop again and you can hit him with one more  |
  | combo.  After this, run for one of the blast walls as he charges up   |
  | for another energy assault.  Wait there until he fires 2 volleys of   |
  | yellow energy, then head for the electric eyes again.  Just keep up   |
  | with this pattern until it's all done.  He will sometimes have time   |
  | to get off another shot of yellow blasts before you get to him, so    |
  | use your Iron Warrior skill to minimize the damage, if you have it.   |

After the fight, you receive the Combat Regen Scroll, and Tal recovers the
Vessel of True Sight.  Head back to Cyantine Citadel.  You can take a shortcut
through the Shadow Nexus via the ring portal outside the stronghold, or just
walk and fight your way there.

Once you return to the castle, a series of FMVs propel the story along.

                             5w) Elco's Awakening

    -== Cyantine Citadel ==-

First, you make a choice.  Ultimately it doesn't matter, the only difference is
in when you meet Lord Talos, which happens pretty soon either way.  He will
accompany you and fight with you, but you can't control him.  Journey out of
the castle.  When you reach the final gate, a short FMV will play, then you
continue onward.

When you reach the ring portal outside of the castle, you have to use it.  The
game won't let you go any further into Akloria.  Similarly, in the Realm of
Shadows, your only choice is to teleport to the Illumina Countryside.

    -== Illumina Countryside ==-

Talos will stop you if you try to take any path other than the one leading back
to the castle.  Once you go up the castle crossroads tunnel, another FMV will
play, revealing everything.

    -== Escape from Illumina Castle ==-

Your first job is to find Tilly.  She's in the gardens.  Before you go there,
however, this is your last chance to do a couple of things in the castle.  This
is your final chance to complete the Pelts for Ricardo and Eyes for Arlo quests
(and for the latter, this might be your only chance, since it's unlikely that
you would have had 3 Cyantine Eyes before going to Akloria).  This is also a
good time to explore the gardens if you think you might have missed some
treasure earlier, since it is currently unstaffed.  I also suggest stocking up
on some SP-restoring items for the battles ahead.

In case you've never been to the gardens before, to get there go through the
door next to Kamo's shop.  On the far side of the bridge, climb down the ladder
on the left side.  Go into the tunnel down here and climb up the ladder at the
end.  In the gardens, go up the path on either side and go through the first
wooden arches leading over the grass.  Tilly is working beside the tree outside
the patio.  Approach her to trigger a FMV.

Now, Tilly will follow you but you can't control her directly.  She also does
some really strange thing with her arms while she runs.  Leave the castle.

    -== Get Tilly to Safety ==-

This job can be tricky, because you run into multiple rounds of Illumina
Guards.  Tilly can't fight, and will generally be able to avoid the enemies,
but she will take some damage, and she doesn't have an unlimited health bar
(though she does occasionally heal herself).  In battle, Nano-Enhancement will
be quite useful, as will the Ion Fluxinator for its knock-down effect.  Use
Skill Strikes liberally (especially Cybernetica, whose rapid charge time and
wide spread is well-suited to the enemy formations found here - thanks to Mishy
for this tip), and remember your Spirit Strike too, but you'll probably only
get one chance for that one, so you might want to wait until the situation is
getting critical.  Stay close to Tilly and get in the way of the melee attacks
directed her way to help keep her alive.

After the first round of knights, which appear by the castle gates, it's a good
idea to hang back and take out the rest of the knights that appear further up
the road from a distance.

Once you reach the Nolan Farm, Tetsu appears to Elco and grants him another
Spirit Strike and some new armor.  There's another fight after that, then
another when you reach Parham County.  It'd be nice if you could use the ring
portal to skip to New Brightwater, but alas, 'tis not the case (due to 'magical
interference', whatever the hell that means).  So that means another fight on
the other side of the river, then one more before the tunnel to New
Brightwater, this one with 2 waves of enemies.  In the second wave, note the
Captain with the red helmet-topper.  He drops the Combat Boost Scroll when
you defeat him.  Be sure to pick it up.

Head through the tunnel and go all the way to the village proper.  Go to the
front of Densi's house (the blue house beside the village fountain) to trigger
a goodbye FMV.

                                  5x) Endgame

Return Elco to Cyantine Citadel.  Of course, the ring portals are working now.
Use the one by the lighthouse, then in the Realm of Shadows use the portal
leading to Devil's Belch Canyon.  From there, head through the tunnel to the
castle.  You have a couple of solo fights on your way in.  Remember, Nano-
Enhancement is your friend.  Enter the Darkened Gardens and approach the door
to Caprine's Keep to trigger another FMV.

    -== Finishing up ==-

The lady said there would be no going back, so make sure that you're ready.
You have unlimited access to the entirety of both worlds, with the exception of
Illumina Castle, which is closed to you now and forever more.  Any quest that
originated anywhere else can be completed if you haven't done so already, and
you can still start any that you missed (see below for a full list of side-

Also to do before you take on the final conflict:
  -Use up any orbs you might still be carrying around (ideally on Tal);
  -Put your best HP/SP healing items onto the Quickshot buttons.  I suggest
    using Apotheosis Drink, Miracle Potion, Luster Brew, and Healing Elixir.
  -Beef up Tal's armor and weapons at a blacksmith's.  Sell any valuables
    you're still carrying to finance this.  The Combat Fortify, Boost, and
    Regen scrolls are a must on his armor;
  -Fill up your SSP meter by fighting;
  -Rest at Antoine's inn just before you go into the fray;
  -Use the save point behind Caprine.

    -== The Void ==-

Talk to Caprine, who will be standing outside of her keep waiting for you to
make up your mind, and choose to enter the void.  After a moving FMV, the final
fight begins.
   ______/ Heigou/Lord Talos \____________________________________________
  |                                                                       |
  | In this fight, blocking is your best friend.  For Talos' normal       |
  | attacks, simply defend with the R trigger until he completes his      |
  | combo, then launch your own combo back at him.  The juggling combos   |
  | work pretty well, as do X,X,X and A,A,A and A,X,X.  All other combos  |
  | leave you open to retaliation before the final strike, so avoid using |
  | them.  Talos can use the equivalent of Skill Strikes himself, and     |
  | these can be problematic.  The most common one is comparable to       |
  | Buki's Path of the Warrior, in which he slows down time while he      |
  | attacks 4 times.  You can't block these attacks, and they hurt a lot. |
  | To avoid them, you can try blocking and rolling at the right time to  |
  | move out of the way, but the best way is to do Skill Strikes right    |
  | back at him.  Perform one when you see he's about to attack, and you  |
  | can do some damage to him while his attack misses you completely.     |
  | When he creates doubles of himself, you can just run around to avoid  |
  | them until they vanish on their own.  Alternately, use your Spirit    |
  | Strike to take away most of the doppelgangers' health, then a couple  |
  | of Skill Strikes to take them out and get some extra XP (not that you |
  | need it).  When Talos draws a pentagram, he'll start shooting skulls  |
  | out at you.  If one hits you, it'll cause poison, slow, curse, and    |
  | weaken, but you can just move to the side to avoid them.  He also     |
  | casts regen, haste, boost, and protect on himself, so if you've got a |
  | weapon with either the Mana Spark or Essence Burn runes on it, switch |
  | to that and go after him.  Otherwise, the status effects will just    |
  | fade in time.  Finally, when you get him down to about 10% health, he |
  | uses his final strike, which cannot be dodged, and which brings your  |
  | HP down to one.  He pauses for a while after that, so just use a      |
  | healing item and jump back into it.  Hack away at the last of his HP, |
  | then sit back and enjoy the finale.                                   |
  |                                                                       |
  | This battle can be much easier if Tal is overpowered, such as if you  |
  | saved up all of the Orbs throughout the game and gave them all to     |
  | him.  If this is the case, it's easy to just keep using Skill Strikes |
  | on Talos (Geyser Charge will do the most damage to a single target,   |
  | and Blade Danse works well to clear out the doppelgangers if he gets  |
  | the chance to produce them).  Wear down his health to almost nothing, |
  | then unleash your Spirit Strike on him to finish him off in style.    |

Yep, that's it.

                               6) QUEST SUMMARY

                           ~ 6a) MAIN STORY QUESTS ~

     Your first mission requires you to visit Kamo's shop in the Illumina
     Castle grounds and pick up a free soldier's map to the countryside.  You
     must then meet up with the rest of the castle guard just outside of the
     grounds, where General Arlo entrusts you to lead 2 men across the country-
     side to ensure Princess Ailish's safety.
  Reward: 30XP

     Travel to New Brightwater while destroying all Aklorian forces and other
     monsters along the way.
  Reward: Nothing.  Thanks, Dad.

     Go to New Brightwater and locate the princess at Densi's house.  Well,
     she's not actually there, just talk to Densi's daughter, Yemi, then go
     find Ailish at the lighthouse.
  Reward: 5XP

     Journey with Ailish back across the Illumina Countryside to the castle.
  Reward: 50XP

     Locate your father and commanding officer, General Arlo, in the training
     grounds in Illumina Castle.
  Reward: 15XP

     Report to the castle courtroom as ordered.  Head through the castle doors
     from the courtyard.
  Reward: 15XP

     Ailish assigns this quest to herself.  Head into the Illumina Countryside
     and go S from the Parham County crossroads to reach it.  After a long trek
     to the anthropomorph city, visit the village lore master (see next quest
     below), then head up the path on the right to meet your friends outside
     the Shadani temple.
  Reward: 100XP

     You only get this quest if you try to enter the Shadani temple area before
     speaking to Carrick Lore, the village elder, to gain permission.  He's in
     the area of the village marked with a red flag, in the rear hut.
  Reward: 40XP, Hunting Spear

     After speaking to Carrick Lore, Ailish is entrusted to help her friends
     eliminate the evil creatures that have taken over the Shadani Temple.
     Meet up with Tal at the temple entrance and head inside.  The job will be
     over once Buki slays Queen Ghara.
  Reward: 0 (except for what Buki gets for killing Ghara)

     Once you find yourself in the Realm of Shadows, you must investigate a way
     to get back.  Head into the realm and explore away.  Talk to Hexam to
     learn the location of the Navigation Stone, then retrieve the stone from
     Farex Lore.  Return to the Shadow Nexus and use the portal to return home,
     ending up in New Brightwater.
  Reward: 50XP

     Back in Illumina Castle, go the machine room in the castle proper to have
     the engineers install the crystal from Shadani-Mo.
  Reward: 25XP

     After handing over the Shadani Crystal, Ailish is commanded to report to
     her mother, the Queen, to explain her predilection for running off on
     adventures.  Go to the courtroom and speak to her.
  Reward: 15XP

     Ailish and Buki go ahead of Tal and Elco to reach Transentine to collect
     their crystal.  Successfully retrieve the crystal from the research
     centre, where a crazy computer is guarding it, and see Professor Hayton to
     report your success.
  Reward: 250XP

     Elco, upon arrival in Transentia City, must fly around and fix the machine
     powering the elevators.
  Reward: 75XP

     Elco sends Tal and Buki to locate some raw minerals and process them so
     that he can use them to power his decryption machine, allowing you access
     to the Krenn computer core.
  Reward: 25XP

     After successfully retrieving the Transentine Crystal, talk to Professor
     Hayton near the Transentine portal ring to attempt traveling to a parallel
  Reward: none

     On another world, locate the Aklorian Crystal near Crystal Reef.  For
     some odd reason, all you need to do is defeat Nassaria and get back to
     Lord Mewsley to get credit for finishing this quest, despite the fact
     that you haven't come anywhere near the crystal yet.
  Reward: 500XP

     Locate the missing symbol from the church in Crystal Reef.  Talk to Finbar
     the fisherman to get the key to his boathouse, where Tal finds the symbol
     behind some crates.  Return it to the reverend to finish the task.
  Reward: 200XP

     Once the men are taken away, examine the statue of the mermaid.  Find 2
     Mermaid's Pearls in the grotto and offer them to the statue to open the
  Reward: 200XP

     Having opened the way to her lair, Ailish must fight and kill this giant
     sea-witch to rescue her boys.
  Reward: 500XP

     After waking up from the sleep of the siren, Tal and Elco must journey
     across Akloria to Cyantine to rescue Ailish and Buki, who have been taken
     captive.  Lord Mewsley lets them out of the city and points the way.
  Reward: 500XP

     Tal must journey with an Aklorian party to the Aklorian Stronghold, which
     has been commandeered by a crazed commander.  Defeat the troops within to
     retrieve the Vessel of True Sight, which Caprine says can show your party
     the truth of her words.  Return to Cyantine Citadel with the Vessel to
     complete the quest.
  Reward: 500XP

     With the Aklorian crystal in Elco's possession, he and Lord Talos must
     travel through the ring portals and return to Illumina Castle to give it
     to the queen.
  Reward: None

     After learning of the Queen's true plans, you must escape and take Tilly
     with you, or her life will be forfeit.  Go to the castle gardens to find
     her, then leave the castle and fight your way to New Brightwater without
     letting her get killed.
  Reward: 500XP

     Having learned the error of his ways and taken Tilly to safety, Elco now
     has to return to Cyantine Citadel in Akloria to see his friends, tell them
     of the queen's and Lord Talos' plan, and ask for forgiveness.
  Reward: 500XP

     Now that the plot is revealed, Caprine realizes that it is too late to
     stop the rebirth of the dark god.  Instead, when you are ready, she will
     transport Tal, Ailish, Buki, Elco, Kazel, Alexine, Nico, and Cafu to the
     Void, where they will be unified, and one will be chosen as the conduit of
     Tetsu to challenge Heigou in a fight to the end.
  Reward: You get to complete the game.

                            ~ 6b) OPTIONAL QUESTS ~

     First Available: Start of game.
     Location: Illumina Castle, South Courtyard
     Reward: Orb of Power, 25XP.
Talk to the urchins running around in the East end of the courtyard.  They'll
pick your pockets, so hunt them all down.  Their locations will be somewhat
randomized, but as long as you're thorough, it'll be easy to spot them, as none
of them have left the courtyard.  Check along the N wall beside where
you encountered them, along the wall behind the Blacksmith, and directly across
from the Blacksmith along the hitching post.  Once you've found them all,
you'll receive the key to a red door somewhere in the castle.  You can't reach
that door the first time you're in the castle grounds, so wait until you return
and are in charge of Ailish.  Enter the door that leads to the garden from the
courtyard (it's between Kamo's and the entrance to the castle), cross the
bridge, and climb down the ladder on the left at the other side.  The red door
leads to a secret area of the castle, with a treasure chest up the circular
stairs.  You can return to this area periodically to read new journal entries
on the top level.

     First Available: Crossing the Illumina Countryside with Tal.
     Location: South of Nolan Farm, along the road.
     Reward: Orb of Vigor, Orb of Wisdom, Orb of Power, Runic Blade, 150XP.
Have Tal examine the altar to take on this quest.  There are 4 Wolf Totems in
the world, and if you find them all and bring them here (or to another Kariston
Altar, if you can find one), you'll receive a different orb for each of the
first 3, and Tal's ultimate weapon for the last totem.
Totem Locations: 1. Illumina Castle, timed door puzzle in South Courtyard.
                 2. Return 5 items in the New Brightwater Valuable Cargo quest.
                 3. Behind large crates on Transentia airship dock.
                 4. Reward for defeating Hunter-Slayer in Transentia.

     First Available: Returning from New Brightwater with Ailish.
     Location: W of Brightwater Beach, along road.
     Reward: Orb of Might, Orb of Vigor, Orb of Wisdom, Nightshadow, 150XP.
Examine the altar with Ailish as your lead character to initiate the quest.
For each of the first 3 Eagle Totems that you bring to the altar, you will
receive an orb, and bring the final, fourth totem for Ailish's ultimate weapon.
Totem Locations: 1. Brightwater Beach, behind vanishing wall in beach house.
                 2. Parham County.  Dispel the well wall and climb down.
                 3. In Shadani Temple, use incense to make the torch green.
                 4. Complete the Omnium Collector quest in Transentia.

     First Available: After returning from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Along Path of Mo near Shadani-Mo.
     Reward: Orb of Vigor, Orb of Wisdom, Orb of Power, Staeysekin, 150XP.
Examine the altar with Buki to activate the quest.  For each of the first three
Cat Totems that you bring here, you'll receive an orb.  You'll receive Buki's
ultimate weapon on finding and bringing the 4th Cat Totem here.
Totem Locations: 1. Behind waterfall along Spirit Canyon (path to Shadani-Mo).
                 2. Received for completing the Trials of Mo.
                 3. Complete Brightwater Pearl quest for Sunder-Rah in New
                 4. Climb wall after restoring bridge on road to Transentia.

     First Available: While traveling to Transentia
     Location: Transentia Road, after mechanical bridge.
     Reward: Orb of Might, Orb of Vigor, Orb of Wisdom, Plasma Launcher, 150XP.
Have Elco examine the shrine to begin the quest.  For each of the first three
Dragon Totems that you bring here, you'll receive an orb.  You'll receive
Elco's ultimate weapon on finding and bringing the 4th Dragon Totem here.
Totem Locations: 1. In Shadani temple fountain room (need Elco to reach it).
                 2. Jetpack puzzle along road to Transentia.
                 3. Jetpack to it while repairing elevator in Transentia.
                 4. Complete Heart's Heart quest in Transentia.

     First Available: Once Ailish joins your party in New Brightwater.
     Location: New Brightwater Village.
     Reward: Remi's Trinket, Skill Tincture, Miracle Potion, Key to
             Kirklin-Rah's tent (nets you a Cat Totem).
Talk to Sunder-Rah, the little animal boy near the entrance to the town.  He'll
question your fighting prowess.  Choose the top response to start the quest.
Bring him one to receive Remi's Trinket (see next quest below), then 5 more,
then 5 more again, and then another 10 for a total of 21 pearls.  The best way
to pick them up is to fight the Aquaticlaws on Brightwater Beach, but
Scarecrows will occasionally drop them too.  You can also get them from playing
the sheep-herding game later on.  Once you get the final prize, a key, go to
the Shadani encampment outside the village and open the locked tent (it's the
one past the cooking pot).  Go in with Buki and climb the wall to reach the
treasure chest.

     First Available: Once Ailish joins your party in New Brightwater.
     Location: New Brightwater Village.
     Reward: Amaranth Drink, 15XP.
Talk to Remi who walks around behind Densi's house, and ask her what the matter
is.  Get her trinket from Sunder-Rah by initiating the Brighwater Pearl
Collector quest and bring him one pearl to get the trinket back.  Then talk to
Remi to return it to her.  She'll tell you about the preacher's healing powers
in the church, in addition to your reward.

     First Available: After Ailish joins the party in New Brightwater.
     Location: New Brightwater docks
     Reward: 750 Florins, 15XP.
Talk to Kilk, the first fisherman on the docks, and talk about hunting.  He'll
ask you to get him 5 Gnat Stingers.  Give them to him to receive your prize.
You will not be able to receive this quest if you have started the Valuable
Cargo quests (see below)

     First Available: Once Ailish joins your party in New Brightwater.
     Location: New Brightwater lighthouse
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
Talk to Jim, the lighthouse keeper, who will tell you about a ship that sank at
sea.  Go to Brightwater Beach to find crates of treasure washed ashore.  Smash
them to retrieve a Crystal Lightbulb and return it to Jim to get your prize.

     First Available: After receiving Lightbulb quest.
     Location: Given by fisherman Teebor on New Brightwater pier.
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
After talking to the lighthouse keeper and getting his quest, talk to the
fisherman to get this one.  Go to Brightwater Beach repeatedly until one of the
chests washed ashore contains the Party Invitation.  Return it to him to get
your reward.

     First Available: After receiving Lightbulb quest.
     Location: Given by fisherman Merther on New Brightwater pier.
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
After talking to the lighthouse keeper and getting his quest, talk to the
fisherman to get this one.  Go to Brightwater Beach repeatedly until one of the
chests washed ashore contains the Party Invitation.  Return it to him to get
your reward.

     First Available: After receiving Lightbulb quest.
     Location: Given by fisherman Kweeg on New Brightwater pier.
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
After talking to the lighthouse keeper and getting his quest, talk to the
fisherman to get this one.  Go to Brightwater Beach repeatedly until one of the
chests washed ashore contains the Self-Help Book.  Return it to him to get your

     First Available: After receiving Lightbulb quest.
     Location: Given by fisherman Kilk on New Brightwater pier.
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
After talking to the lighthouse keeper and getting his quest, talk to the
fisherman to get this one.  Go to Brightwater Beach repeatedly until one of the
chests washed ashore contains the Parrot Feather.  Return it to him to get your

     First Available: After receiving Lightbulb quest.
     Location: Given by Sasan Miko in New Brightwater village square.
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
After talking to the lighthouse keeper and getting his quest, talk to the lady
to get this one.  Go to Brightwater Beach repeatedly until one of the chests
washed ashore contains the Oil Painting.  Return it to her to get your reward.

     First Available: After receiving Lightbulb quest.
     Location: Given by Sherry in New Brightwater village square.
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
After talking to the lighthouse keeper and getting his quest, talk to the lady
to get this one.  Go to Brightwater Beach repeatedly until one of the chests
washed ashore contains the Lily Seeds.  Return it to her to get your reward.

     First Available: After receiving Lightbulb quest.
     Location: Given by Galex in the New Brightwater inn.
     Reward: See below all 'Valuable Cargo' quests.
After talking to the lighthouse keeper and getting his quest, talk to the man
in the inn to get this one.  Go to Brightwater Beach repeatedly until one of
the chests washed ashore contains the Trouser Suspenders.  Return it to him to
get your reward.

*** VALUABLE CARGO REWARDS: The rewards are given out in a particular order,
regardless of who you give back their items first.  The rewards are as follows:
Return 1st item: 25XP, Cyantine Eye
Return 2nd item: 25XP, Omnium
Return 3rd item: 25XP, Wyrdlord Gem
Return 4th item: 25XP, Eden Coral
Return 5th item: 25XP, Wolf Totem
Return 6th item: 25XP, Crab Crystal
Return 7th item: 25XP, Brightwater Pearl
Return 8th item: 25XP + 100XP, Illumina Opal

     First Available: When Ailish goes solo after returning to the castle.
     Location: Castle Courtroom.
     Reward: 1000 Florins, 15XP.
Talk to the queen's tailor, Ricardo, in the castle courtroom.  He sets you to
collect 5 Woluf Pelts for him to make a new coat.  Give them to him to receive
your prize.  You have to complete the quest before Elco locates Tilly after
returning from Akloria.

     First Available: When Ailish visits Shadani-Mo.
     Location: Near elder (Carrick Lore)'s house.
     Reward: 3 Luster Wine, 25XP.
Talk to the woman named Tamista standing near the cooking pot in the red-
flagged area of Shadani-Mo.  She want 3 Glue-Spider Ducts as ingredients
(yuck!).  Bring them to her to collect your reward.

     First Available: After defeating Farex Lore in the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Top of ramp from Shadow Nexus.
     Reward: Jakome, Batholith, Chronotron, Preystalker, 50XP.
Talk to Pitt, the Ferryman, who appears once you're on your way out of the
Realm of Shadows after you defeat Farex Lore and gain the Navigation Stone.
He'll set you to bring the Spirit Orbs that are obtained by defeating enemies
in this realm to him.  For every 25 orbs, he'll give you a new weapon for a
member of your party.  After you bring him 100 orbs, each one beyond that will
net you 50 Florins.  He also has a few life-restoring items for sale.

     First Available: On returning to Illumina from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Illumina Castle training grounds.
     Reward: Arlo's Key (gets you an Orb of Sanctuary), 100XP.
Talk to General Arlo and he'll set you to find him 3 Cyantine Eyes.  These are
quite rare, so you likely won't have enough the first chance you have to talk
to him.  You receive one Cyantine Eye during the Valuable Cargo side-quest (see
above), but aside from that, the only way to acquire them early on is as an
extremely rare drop by a Wolf Knight, and I also once received one from a
breakable pot in the corner of the blue-flagged housing area in Shadani-Mo.
But most of the time, it's highly doubtful that you'll find enough until you go
to Devil's Belch Canyon (where they are more commonly dropped by Slayers and
Abominations), and after that the only time that you'll be able to give them to
Arlo will be when Elco is in the castle alone after acquiring the Aklorian
crystal.  Once you do complete it, Arlo gives you the key to his room.  To get
to his room, go to the castle gardens, and look for the door on the far side
from the entrance.  It's an ornate silver door with a red carpet leading up to
it.  Go in and open the chest by the bed to find an Orb of Sanctuary.  If you
did have to wait for Elco to be alone to complete this quest, be sure to find
and enter Arlo's quarters before approaching Tilly in the garden.

     First Available: On returning from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Shadani-Mo, near temple entrance.
     Reward: Luster Wine, Luster Brew, Miracle Potion,
             Agarth's Cleaver (weapon), 25XP .
Talk to Campos the carver outside the Shadani temple entrance.  He'll ask you
to bring his Shadowstones for his artwork.  Bring him 1, then 5, then 5 more,
then 10 more to receive all of the prizes and complete the quest.

     First Available: On returning from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Shadani-Mo, Opal's tent.
     Reward: Orb of Sanctuary, 25XP.
Talk to Opal in her tent.  She'll give you her dead son's staff to return to
the Realm of Shadows.  Give it to Hexam in his house there to finish the quest.

     First Available: On returning from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Shadani-Mo, Mafu's tent in the red-flagged living area.
     Reward: 1000 Florins, 10XP.
Speak to Mafu and choose the top response to receive this quest.  Bring him 5
Arconite Skulls to finish it.

     First Available: On returning from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Carrick Lore's tent in Shadani-Mo.
     Reward: Pathosis (weapon), 50XP.
Enter Carrick Lore's tent and check the shelves near the treasure chest.
You'll pick up a skull from a Shadani Warrior.  Return to the Realm of Shadows
and go to the Hall of Heads, on the way to Farex Lore's tomb.  Once there,
examine the empty stake near the far end of the hall to replace the head.  You
receive a weapon for Buki as your reward.

     First Available: On returning from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Shadani-Mo, Malik's tent.
     Reward: 250 Florins, 500 Florins, 1000 Florins, 2000 Florins, Cat Totem.
Talk to Malik, the village chief.  Accept the challenge and you can enter the
Trials of Mo.  Outside the village, go the corner of the cliff wall on the left
(when exiting the village), and have Ailish dispel the wall.  Buki can now
enter the secret cave.  Fight and survive through 5 trials, each with 3 waves
of enemies to destroy.  You receive a reward in a treasure chest after each

     First Available: On returning from the Realm of Shadows.
     Location: Shadani encampment in New Brightwater Village.
     Reward: Wazim's Key (nets you 2000 Florins), 15XP.
Talk to Wazim, the bear-man, with Buki as your lead character to receive this
quest to prove that her fighting skills haven't dulled.  Have Buki return 8
Arconite Skulls to him to receive the key to his tent, which is the first one
by the encampment entrance.  Enter the tent and open the chest for some
Florins.  You can also use his hammocks as a free inn at any time afterwards to
restore your HP and SP.


     First Available: In Transentia.
     Location: Outside Rusty Cog tavern.
     Reward: Dragon Totem, 50XP.
Talk to the robot named Heart, who will send you to get her Heart Circuit from
a guard in the research centre.  It's in the very bottom level of the mining
area, dropped by a Z-3000.  You'll have to return there after your first visit
to the area (during which you fight only Extractoclaws) to find it.  Return it
to her to get your prize.


     First Available: On reaching Transentia.
     Location: City level 5, in Lupa's Observatory.
     Reward: Stardust Vial, Moondust Vial, Starflare Vial,
             Power-plant Key (gets you an Eagle Totem), 50XP.
Talk to Lupa and ask about her telescope to receive this quest.  Bring her 1,
then 5, then another 5, then 10 more pieces of Omnium to complete the quest.
To get Omnium, fight robots in the Research Center.  Most fights there will net
you 1 or 2 pieces, or sometimes none.  Once you get the final reward, have Buki
climb the vine-covered wall near the Observatory and enter the door.  The chest
inside holds an Eagle Totem for Ailish.

     First Available: After clearing Nassaria's Grotto.
     Location: On the docks of Crystal Reef.
     Reward: Apotheosis Drink, 2500 Florins X 2, Huge Gold Bar, 100XP.
Talk to Finbar, the fishy fisherman, once you've returned from the Grotto.
He'll get you to bring him Eden Coral.  Give him 1, then 2, then 2 more, then
finally 5 more to get all of the prizes and complete the quest.  These can be
moderately hard to acquire; they are sometimes dropped by Hydrogenate Shamans
in the Grotto.

                               7) WEAPONS & ARMOR

Following are the lists of all weapons and armor that can be acquired during
the game.  Armor is upgraded automatically, so don't go looking for new outfits
for your characters.  Weapons, however, can be obtained in a variety of ways,
i.e. found in obvious or hidden chests, or given out as rewards for different
side-quests.  Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all can be
upgraded to some degree.  Visit any blacksmith to inscribe either a square rune
(basic, available at start of game) or a circular rune (advanced, acquired
throughout the game) on a weapon with the appropriate type of rune slot.

                            ~  7a) TAL'S EQUIPMENT ~


     Base Strength: 15       Critical Hit Rate: 10%
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
Basic, good quality sword.  Standard issue to members of the Haskilian defense
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Base Strength: 25       Critical Hit Rate: 5%
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
A ceremonial-looking slightly curved blade with good strength, but low chance
of making critical hits.
     Obtained: Brightwater Beach, after first battle there.


     Base Strength: 10       Critical Hit Rate: 10&
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (comes with Poison), 2 Square
There are stronger swords, but this one's ability to poison enemies makes it a
valuable weapon.
     Obtained: Nolan's Farm (2nd time through, on way back to Illumina Castle).


     Base Strength: 15       Critical Hit Rate: 5%
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Poison), 2 Square
This is another blade made to poison your enemies, but is slightly stronger
than Hukin's Fate, due to it's jagged edges.
     Obtained: Souls for the Ferryman quest, in the Realm of Shadows.


     Base Strength: 20       Critical Hit Rate: 15%
     Rune Slots: 2 Circle (1 filled with Poison), 1 Square
Yet another poisonous sword, but this one is much more powerful and with the
best upgrade potential.
     Obtained: Complete Shadowstones quest.


     Base Strength: 25       Critical Hit Rate: 15%
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle, 2 Square
This sword boasts a cutting chain that runs constantly around its blade.
Physically powerful, with excellent upgrade potential.
     Obtained: Kamo's shop.


     Base Strength: 15       Critical Hit Rate: 10%
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Slow), 2 Square
This is an average weapon obtained late in the game.  It inflicts Slow status
on enemies that are struck by it.
     Obtained: Nassaria's Grotto, after passing through the Maze.


     Base Strength: 10       Critical Hit Rate: 15%
     Rune Slots: 3 Circle (1 filled with Slow)
A weak, but highly upgradeable weapon that causes a long-lasting Slow status on
enemies struck, due to the numbing cold stored in the blade.
     Obtained: Tree of Woe (on way to Aklorian Stronghold) - optional area.


     Base Strength: 35       Critical Hit Rate: 10%
     Rune Slots: 3 Circle
An intricately designed blade with molten hot edges.  It is surpassed in power
only by the Runic Blade.
     Obtained: Aklorian Stronghold, Inner Bailey Courtyard


     Base Strength: 40       Critical Hit Rate: 35%
     Rune Slots: 3 Circle
A one-of-a-kind blade imbued with mystic carvings, it's ultra-sharp edge
produces frequent critical hits.  It also has incredible upgrade potential.
     Obtained: Complete Kariston Altar quest (find all 4 Wolf Totems).


  ~~ TAL'S ARMOR ~~

     Rune Slots: 1
Standard Haskilian armor.  Nothing special, though it does show off your
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Rune Slots: 2
Dark shimmering armor forged from black ore found in the mountains.
     Obtained: Defeat Siege Ogre.


     Rune Slots: 3
This is the finest armor ever crafted for a member of the Aklorian army.  It
provides excellent protection while freeing the arms for swordplay.
     Obtained: After defeating Nassaria.


                          ~ 7b) AILISH'S EQUIPMENT ~


     Base Strength: 16       Critical Hit Rate: 5%        Recharge Rate: Fast
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
This rapid-fire but weak weapon offers unlimited shots with no recharging time.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Base Strength: 50       Critical Hit Rate: 10%       Recharge Rate: Medium
     Rune Slots: 1 Square
The Shockstaff sends out short-range bursts of electrical energy, affecting a
wide range of targets ahead of you, causing fair damage.  Great for when you're
being swarmed by Gnats.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Base Strength: 60       Critical Hit Rate: 10%       Recharge Rate: Slow
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
This fire-charged staff shoots explosive bolts of power, that will damage
enemies close to the target upon contact.  You can fire it twice before it
needs to recharge.
     Obtained: Souls for the Ferryman quest, in the Realm of Shadows.


     Base Strength: 70       Critical Hit Rate: 15%       Recharge Rate: Slow
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
This magical weapon delivers a powerful blast that passes through multiple
enemies in a straight line, knocking them over if possible.  It takes a long
time to recharge after each shot.
     Obtained: Transentia Research Center, Dean's office.


     Base Strength: 30       Critical Hit Rate: 5%        Recharge Rate: Medium
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Slow), 2 Square
This chill-inducing staff will slow down any enemy that it hits with its magic
bolts.  You can fire 5 bolts before recharging.
     Obtained: Crystal Reef.


     Base Strength: 10       Critical Hit Rate:  5%       Recharge Rate: Medium
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Curse), 1 Square
This magical weapon causes enemies to weaken so that they cause only 1/2 damage
to your party.  Otherwise, it isn't good for much.
     Obtained: Kamo's shop.


     Base Strength: 48       Critical Hit Rate: 10%       Recharge Rate: Fast
     Rune Slots: 2 Circle, 1 Square
This staff fires bursts of dark energy rapidly, with no need to recharge.
Powerful and with excellent upgrade potential.
     Obtained: Complete Olivetess Altar quest (find all 4 Eagle Totems)



     Rune Slots: 1
Smooth, shimmery and drop-dead sexy!  It can't offer much in the way of
protection, at least not to more than her breasts.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Rune Slots: 2
This armor provides scarcely more coverage than the last.  Whoever designed
these things, I thank you, but you obviously didn't have physical defense as a
high priority.
     Obtained: Woluf Valley, en route to Shadani-Mo


     Rune Slots: 3
Specialized prototype armor developed especially for members of the royal
     Obtained: Transentia Road


                          ~ 7c) BUKI'S EQUIPMENT ~


     Base Strength: 10       Critical Hit Rate: 15%
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
A standard traditional Shadani Warrior weapon, very few are still trained in
its use.  Does moderate damage, but has a good critical hit rate.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Base Strength: 20       Critical Hit Rate: 5%
     Rune Slots: 3 Square
More powerful than her basic claws and with good upgrade potential.  The blades
are red due to the fire burning inside them.
     Obtained: Shadani Temple


     Base Strength: 20       Critical Hit Rate: 30%
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle, 1 Square
These mighty blades have an excellent chance of critical hits, on top of the
good base damage.
     Obtained: Souls for the Ferryman quest, in the Realm of Shadows.


     Base Strength: 10       Critical Hit Rate: 10%
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Poison), 2 Square
Low-damage weapon, but poisons foes for ongoing damage.  Especially useful
against enemies that can cast regeneration on themselves.
     Obtained: Kamo's shop


     Base Strength: 15       Critical Hit Rate: 5%
     Rune Slots: 2 Circle (1 filled with Poison), 1 Square
Another poisonous claw, this one is slightly stronger than the Mephiticus, but
has better upgrade potential.
     Obtained: Complete Fallen Warrior's Skull quest


     Base Strength: 25       Critical Hit Rate: 20%
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
A physically powerful weapon with frequent critical hits, but poor upgrade
potential.  The blades are made of industrial strength steel.
     Obtained: Shadani Temple fountain room


     Base Strength: 10       Critical Hit Rate: 15%
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Slow), 1 Square
A hit with these claws will temporarily slow them to half-speed, due to the
intense cold stored within the blades.
     Obtained: Road to Transentia


     Base Strength: 10       Critical Hit Rate: 15%
     Rune Slots: 2 Circle (1 filled with Slow)
These blades feature carving inspired by the ocean's waves.  Will cause slow in
opponents, but weak claws otherwise.
     Obtained: Crystal Reef on house rooftop.


     Base Strength: 30       Critical Hit Rate: 40%
     Rune Slots: 3 Circle
These masterfully hand-crafted claws pack a powerful punch, and make critical
hits extremely frequently.  Coupled with incredible upgrade potential, there is
no wonder why these are Buki's ultimate weapon.
     Obtained: Complete Mo Altar quest (find all 4 Cat Totems).


  ~~ BUKI'S ARMOR ~~

     Rune Slots: 1
This well-tailored suit made from animal hides doesn't afford much protection,
but allows for freedom of movement.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Rune Slots: 2
This ghostly armor helps camouflage Buki, made of the skins of rare beasts that
live in mist-enshrouded areas.
     Obtained: On finding the Navigation Stone in the Realm of Shadows.


     Rune Slots: 3
Formed from the scales of a prehistoric fish, this armor provides incredible
defense while remaining highly flexible.
     Obtained: Transentia Research Center, Processing Room.


                            ~ 7d) ELCO'S EQUIPMENT ~


     Base Strength: 20       Critical Hit Rate: 5%        Recharge Rate: Fast
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
Standard weapon, this gun doesn't do much damage with each shot but allows for
unlimited rapid firing.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Base Strength: 35       Critical Hit Rate: 15        Recharge Rate: Slow
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
This powerful gun shoots straight through opponents, causing heavy damage and
knocking them over, but it takes a long time to reload after each shot.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Base Strength: 20       Critical Hit Rate: 5%        Recharge Rate: Medium
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Weaken), 1 Square
This weapon of moderate power posseses the ability to weaken your enemies so
that their attacks do only half damage.  You can fire 5 shots before it needs
to reload.
     Obtained: Realm of Shadows, after Farex Lore's arena.


     Base Strength: 30       Critical Hit Rate: 5%         Recharge Rate:
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Slow), 2 Square
The Chronotron's shots create mini temporal distortion fields, slowing enemies
hit with it to half speed.
     Obtained: Souls for the Ferryman quest.


     Base Strength: 90       Critical Hit Rate: 10%       Recharge Rate: Medium
     Rune Slots: 1 Circle, 2 Square
This is a physically powerful gun with a spray effect (hits enemies in a wide
arc), but with short range.
     Obtained: Kamo's Shop.


     Base Strength: 100      Critical Hit Rate: 10%       Recharge Rate: Slow
     Rune Slots: 2 Square
This fun fires high-powered explosive material that causes damage all around
the target.  You can get off 2 shots before having to reload.
     Obtained: Near Devil's Belch Canyon, rocket puzzle.


     Base Strength: 48       Critical Hit Rate: 10%       Recharge Rate: Fast
     Rune Slots: 2 Circle, 1 Square
Fires balls of liquid energy in a rapid stream, with no time required to
     Obtained: Complete Lebius Altar quest (find all 4 Dragon Totems).


  ~~ ELCO'S ARMOR ~~

     Rune Slots: 1
This personal shield generator designed by Elco himself provides a little bit
of protection against damage.
     Obtained: Start of game.


     Rune Slots: 2
This darker armor combines high-tech fibres in the weave to provide superior
     Obtained: Cyantine Citadel.


     Rune Slots: 3
This armor provides high-tech protection using a power-generating material
enclosed in a hardened breastplate.
     Obtained: Nolan Farm while escorting Tilly to safety.


                        ~ SHADOW CHARACTERS' EQUIPMENT ~


     Base Strength: 35      Critical Hit Rate: 25%
     Rune Slots: 2 Circle
A blade containing a lost soul.  It cuts through enemy ranks cleanly in the
hands of a master.
     Obtained: When Kazel joins party.

     Rune Slots: 3
This unique armor is mostly cloth with a metal frame.  It provides moderate
protection while allowing freedom of movement for swordplay.
     Obtained: When Kazel joins party.


     Base Strength: 60       Critical Hit Rate: 10%       Recharge Rate: Fast
This rapid-fire wand shoots bolts of electrical energy.
     Obtained: When Alexine joins the party.

     Rune Slots: 3
Weaved from magical thread, this costume is impervious to enemy blades.
     Obtained: When Alexine joins the party.


     Base Strength: 30       Critical Hit Rate: 30%
     Rune Slots: 2 Circle
These patterns fashioned after the horns of a stag deliver frequent critical
blows to Nico's enemies.
     Obtained: When Nico joins the party.

     Rune Slots: 3
This tough armor made from Dilodactyl Hides provides excellent protection,
though it doesn't give full body coverage by any means.
     Obtained: When Nico joins the party.

                             8) BLACKSMITHS & RUNES

Blacksmiths can be found in any town.  Their work is not to make new equipment,
but to inscribe magical runes onto the armor and weapons you already have.  All
blacksmiths can inscribe the same runes, starting with a base set which then
expands as you find new rune scrolls.  These are usually obtained by defeating
bosses, but a couple of them are obtained in other ways.

                                  BLACKSMITH     | LOCATION
                                  Hagren         | Illumina Castle
                                  Gobbit         | New Brightwater Village
                                  Raku-Li        | Shadani-Mo
                                  Jacob ('Nuts') | Transentia City
                                  Stanton Rosse  | Crystal Reef
                                  Riklak         | Cyantine Citadel

 ARMOR RUNES   |  EFFECT                                              | COST
Anti Venom     | Prevents Poison status.  Available at start of game. | 2000
Anti Evil      | Prevents Weaken and Curse effects.  Available at     | 2750
               |  start of game.                                      |
Hex Proof      | Prevents Slow status.  Available at start of game.   | 2000
Damage Shield  | Damages melee attackers whenever they hit you.       | 1000
               |  Available at start of game.                         |
Combat Fortify | Grants you Defend status for the first minute of     | 1500
               |  combat.  Found at the Tree of Woe.                  |
Combat Regen   | Grants you Regeneration status for the first minute  | 1500
               |  of combat.  Received for defeating Behemoth.        |
Combat Boost   | Grants you Boost status for the first minute of      | 1500
               |  combat.  Found while escorting Tilly to safety.     |

 WEAPON RUNES (SQUARE)|  EFFECT                                       | COST
Razor Edged           | Increase base damage by small amount (see     | 250
                      |  below for exact bonuses)                     |
Heart Seeker          | Increase chance of critical hits by 5%        | 325
Bat Fang              | Raise own HP by 10% of damage caused to       | 450
                      |  others when using this weapon.               |
Spirit Bite           | Raise own SP by 1% of damage caused to others | 500
                      |  when using this weapon.                      |
Mana Spark            | 25% chance of dispelling enemy's positive     | 100
                      |  statuses with each hit.                      |

 WEAPON RUNES (CIRCLE)|  EFFECT                                       | COST
Jagged Edged          | Increase base damage by large amount (see     | 400
                      |  below).  Acquired after defeating Siege Ogre.|
Soul Seeker           | Increases chance of critical hits by 10%.     | 500
                      |  Gained after defeating Farex Lore.           |
Vampire Fang          | Restore HP by 20% of damage caused to others. | 700
                      |  Gained by defeating Queen Ghara.             |
Essence Gnaw          | Raise own SP by 2% of damage inflicted to     | 800
                      |  enemies.  Received after defeating Krenn.    |
Essence Burn          | Each strike has a 50% chance of removing any  | 175
                      |  positive statuses from the target with each  |
                      | strike.  Received for defeating Nassaria.     |

Two of the weapon runes, Razor Edged and Jagged Edged, provide different
strength bonuses on different weapons.  Here is the complete list.  Note that
all of Tal's and Buki's weapons will always receive a +5/+10 bonus, but the
bonuses on ranged weapons vary greatly.  I'm not sure why the game designers
did it this way, maybe to keep the balance of non-damage intensive weapons
intact, so that, for example, you can't create a super-strong weapon that also
inflicts status effects on opponents.  On the other hand, you can boost the
weapons designed to be physically powerful to much higher levels.

                                    | Razor Edged | Jagged Edged |
                Weapon              |  bonus      |  bonus       |
                All melee           |     +5      |     +10      |
               -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 (Ailish's      Royal Scepter       |     +2      |     n/a      |
   weapons)     Histanica           |     +2      |     n/a      |
                Chilltip Cane       |     +2      |     n/a      |
                Nightshadow         |     +2      |      +4      |
                Xuric's Shockstaff  |    +10      |     n/a      |
                Batholith           |    +30      |     n/a      |
                Wizardwood Stave    |    +35      |     n/a      |
               -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 (Elco's        Proton Phaser       |     +2      |     n/a      |
   weapons)     Debilitator         |     +2      |     n/a      |
                Chronotron          |     +2      |     n/a      |
                Plasma Launcher     |     +2      |      +4      |
                Neutron Blunderbuss |    +15      |     +30      |
                Omnium Rocket Gun   |    +20      |     n/a      |
                Ion Fluxinator      |    +35      |     n/a      |

                              9) ITEMS & COMMERCE


These can all be found in breakable objects, dropped by enemies, bought, or
received as rewards for completing side quests.  Listed by name, effect,
whether they affect only a single character or all characters in your party,
the maximum number that you can carry, and the Florins you'd get for selling it
to Kamo (who is the only trader who'll buy these items).

 Item Name         | Effect                                 |Max# | Sale Price
Healing Ointment   | +250 HP, single                        | 15  |  35
Healing Salve      | +500 HP, single                        | 10  |  60
Healing Potion     | +1000 HP, single                       |  8  |  90
Healing Tincture   | +2500 HP, single                       |  5  | 125
Healing Elixir     | Restore all HP, single                 |  3  | 220
Stardust Vial      | Heal 500 HP, all                       |  5  | 115
Moondust Vial      | Heal 1000 HP, all                      |  3  | 265
Starflare Vial     | Heal 2000 HP, all                      |  2  | 525
Skill Ointment     | +50 SP, single                         | 10  |  75
Skill Salve        | +100 SP, single                        |  5  | 115
Skill Potion       | +250 SP, single                        |  3  | 235
Skill Tincture     | Restore all SP, single                 |  2  | 430
Amaranth Drink     | Restore all SP, all                    |  3  | 575
Miracle Potion     | Restore all HP and SP, single          |  2  | 630
Apotheosis Drink   | Restore all HP and SP, all             |  2  | 850
Luster Drink       | +200 HP and +50 SP, single             |  8  |  90
Luster Wine        | +500 HP and +100 SP, single            |  5  | 165
Luster Brew        | +1000 HP and +250 SP, single           |  3  | 345
Emerald Panacea    | Cure Poison status, single             |  5  |  20
Sapphire Panacea   | Cure Slow status, single               |  5  |  20
Blazing Panacea    | Cure Weaken & Curse status, single     |  5  |  20
Golden Panacea     | Cure all negative statuses, single     |  3  |  35
Aegis Drink        | +750 HP + remove all statuses, single  |  5  |  75
Royal Potion       | Heal fully and remove statuses, single |  2  | 285
Spirit Nectar      | Revive and heal 250 HP, all            |  5  | 195
Soul Nectar        | Reveive and heal 1000 HP, all          |  3  | 350
Holy Nectar        | Revive and heal all HP, all            |  2  | 575
Orb of Might       | Increase Max SP by 20                  |  ?  | 500
Orb of Power       | Increase Power by 10                   |  ?  | 500
Orb of Vigor       | Increase Max HP by 100                 |  ?  | 500
Orb of Wisdom      | Increase Essence by 10                 |  ?  | 500
Orb of Sanctuary   | Increase Max HP by 250                 |  ?  | 750

  ~~ TRADERS ~~

Throughout the lands of Sudeki, various traders set up shop to ply their wares.
Most are primarily interested in buying valuable items that they can then flip
for a profit elsewhere.  Most of these items are only obtained by defeating
monsters, making acquiring them a dangerous business.  That's why they depend
on you to do the collecting for them.  Traders tend to have preferences for
certain classes of items, and they get all giddy like little schoolgirls at the
prospect of buying some off of you.

                   Trader  | Location                | Fetish
                  Jurgen   | Path to New Brightwater | Furs
                  Hambos   | Parham County           | Scales
                  Mandrik  | Path of Mo              | Gems
                  Pitt     | Realm of Shadows        | Spirit Orbs
                  Letchko  | Transentia Road         | None
                  Olaf     | Road to Crystal Reef    | Various items
                  Kamo     | All towns               | Profit


This is each shop's sale inventory.

 KAMO'S SHOPS      |  Price
============================       Notes:
 Healing Ointment   |   50
 Healing Salve*     |   85         *these items are not available until
 Healing Potion**   |  120          you return to Illumina Castle with Ailish.
 Healing Tincture^  |  180
 Healing Elixir^^   |  345
 Skill Ointment     |  100
 Skill Salve*       |  175         **these items are not available until you
 Skill Potion^      |  300           return from the Realm of Shadows.
 Skill Tincture^^   |  525
 Emerald Panacea    |   30
 Blazing Panacea    |   30
 Sapphire Panacea   |   30         ^These items are not available until you go
 Golden Panacea**   |   50          to Crystal Reef.
 Luster Drink*      |  120
 Luster Wine^       |  215
 Luster Brew^^      |  435         ^^These items are not available until you
 Spirit Nectar      |  250           reach Cyantine Citadel.
 Soul Nectar**      |  475
 Holy Nectar**      |  850
 Chain Sword        | 6500         Weapons can only be purchased one time each.
 Histanica          | 7500
 Neutron Blunderbuss| 5950
 Mephiticus         | 2500

 JURGEN            | Price             HAMBOS            | Price
===========================           ===========================
 Aegis Drink       | 100               Aegis Drink       | 100
 Stardust Vial     | 175               Stardust Vial     | 175
 Spirit Nectar     | 200               Moondust Vial     | 325
 Soul Nectar       | 400               Luster Drink      | 105
 Healing Ointment  |  45               Luster Wine       | 200
 Healing Salve     |  75               Luster Brew       | 395
===========================           ===========================

 MANDRIK           | Price             PITT              | Price
===========================           ===========================
 Amaranth Drink    | 725               Emerald Panacea   |  25
 Moondust Vial     | 300               Healing Potion    | 100
 Skill Ointment    |  85               Spirit Nectar     | 200
 Skill Salve       | 155               Soul Nectar       | 425
 Skill Potion      | 265               Holy Nectar       | 750
 Skill Tincture    | 450              ===========================

 LETCHKO           | Price             OLAF              | Price
===========================           ===========================
 Healing Tincture  | 145               Apotheosis Drink  | 1000
 Healing Elixir    | 275               Miracle Potion    |  875
 Spirit Nectar     | 200               Royal Potion      |  355
 Soul Nectar       | 425               Starflare Vial    |  625
 Holy Nectar       | 750              ===========================


Remember that different traders will offer you different prices for different
classes of found items.  Here is a list of all of these items and the prices,
in Florins, that each trader will give you for them.  Some of these items are
marked with an '*'.  These are items that you will need to complete some of the
side-quests, so don't just sell them willy-nilly.  Check below the following
table to see how many of each you need to keep for the side-quests.

 Trade Item        | Kamo  | Hambos | Olaf | Jurgen | Mandrik | Letchko
Aquaticlaw Shell   |   60  |  150   |   75 |   75   |   75    |  105
Arconite Skull*    |  105  |  275   |  140 |  140   |  140    |  160
Bearal Fur         |  130  |  170   |  170 |  315   |  170    |  190
Brightwater Pearl* |   80  |  100   |  100 |  100   |  215    |  120
Crab Crystal       |  310  |  345   |  345 |  345   |  515    |  365
Cyantine Eye*      |  155  |  200   |  200 |  200   |  385    |  230
Dilodactyl Hide    |   65  |  145   |   85 |  125   |   85    |  100
Eden Coral*        |  365  |  400   |  695 |  400   |  400    |  450
Glue-Spider Duct*  |   95  |  210   |  120 |  120   |  120    |  140
Gnat Stinger*      |    5  |   40   |   10 |   10   |   10    |   25
Huge Gold Bar      | 3000  | 4000   | 5500 | 4000   | 4000    | 4500
Hydrogenate Scale  |  340  |  375   |  500 |  375   |  375    |  400
Illumina Opal      |  425  |  500   |  500 |  500   |  675    |  570
Kargal Fur         |  100  |  125   |  125 |  200   |  125    |  145
Marble Shard       |   80  |  100   |  100 |  100   |  245    |  120
Omnium             |  175  |  215   |  215 |  215   |  385    |  245
Reptuffalo Hide    |   25  |   40   |   40 |   65   |   40    |   50
Scribe Skin        |  450  |  750   |  875 |  650   |  575    |  625
Shadowstone*       |   80  |  100   |  100 |  100   |  195    |  120
Woluf Pelt*        |   35  |   50   |   50 |   85   |   50    |   60
Wyrdlord Gem       |  260  |  300   |  300 |  300   |  625    |  340

*Keep at least this number of the following items:
   Arconite Skull - 13
   Brightwater Pearl - 21
   Cyantine Eye - 3
   Eden Coral - 10
   Glue-Spider Duct - 3
   Gnat Stinger - 5
   Omnium - 21
   Shadowstone - 21
   Woluf Pelt - 5

                             10) MONSTER COMPENDIUM

This is the list of all monster types that you will encounter in the game, the
amount of experience received for defeating them, and the items that they may
leave behind when they die.  Not all monsters will drop an item every time, and
for those that drop multiple items, some are dropped more or less frequently
than others.  Generally speaking, the items listed first are the most commonly

    XP: 3
    Dropped Items: Marble Shard, Healing Ointment
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, King's Road
    Description: Standard melee fighter.  Humanoid, armored.  Attacks with
                 sword.  Attacks are easily blocked or dodged.

    XP: 2
    Dropped Items: Skill Ointment, Marble Shard
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, King's Road
    Description: Similar in appearance to Aklorian Warriors, but able to charge
                 up a ranged shot with sword held upright.  Attack them while
                 they're charging.

    XP: 5
    Dropped Items: Healing Ointment, Cyantine Eye (very rare)
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, Nolan's Farm
    Description: Bigger and tougher than Aklorian Warriors, with slightly more
                 intimidating headgear.  Able to block against incoming
                 attacks, so wait until they drop their shield, or hit them
                 from behind.

    XP: 15
    Dropped Items: Skill Ointment, Aegis Drink
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, Parham County
    Description: Big and brutal.  Immune to Poison and Stun.  Don't get stuck
                 doing a combo against other enemies while this guy's around,
                 or he'll smack you down.  Can cast Boost on self to power up
                 attacks.  When he's low on health, finish him off quickly, or
                 else he'll self-destruct, causing massive damage; this is
                 preceded by much shaking, so run away once you see this.

    XP: 250
    Dropped Items: Jagged Edge rune scroll
    First Encountered: Past Brightwater Beach
    Description: Boss battle for Tal.  See Walkthrough for details.

    XP: 1
    Dropped Items: Gnat Stinger
    First Encountered: Brightwater Beach, after Ailish joins the party
    Description: Minor nuisance.  Any hit will kill it.  If using a melee
                 fighter, use horizontal strikes for wider targeting.  Able to
                 cause Poison after charging up for a dive, but it will only
                 hit you if you've been standing still.  Immune to Slow,
                 Poison, and Stun.

    XP: 5
    Dropped Items: Brightwater Pearl, Aquaticlaw Shell
    First Encountered: Brightwater Beach, after Ailish joins the party
    Description: Giant crabs with giant right claws.  Their claw attacks are
                 blockable; their body charge attacks are not, but you can see
                 these coming as they back off and raise up their body for a
                 moment beforehand.  Concentrate on dodging, then striking, or
                 just use ranged attacks.  Immune to Stun, and cannot be
                 knocked over (until they're dead, at least).

    XP: 8
    Dropped Items: Healing Ointment, Skill Ointment, Brightwater Pearl (rare)
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, Parham County, after Ailish joins
    Description: Tall and lanky, all of their spinning blade arm attacks are
                 easily blocked.  Counter once their attack is done.  Fast-
                 moving, so just backing away to avoid them is not highly

    XP: 4 (100XP in Akloria)
    Dropped Items: Woluf Pelt
    First Encountered: Road to Shadani-Mo, Spirit Canyon
    Description: Drop the 'u', and that's what they are.  Attack by lunging
                 forward and biting.  Intimitely tied to their Pack Master;
                 once he's dead, all Wolufs will be temporarily Slowed.

    XP: 6 (105XP in Akloria)
    Dropped Items: Woluf Pelt
    First Encountered: Road to Shadani-Mo, Spirit Canyon
    Description: Red versions of regular Wolufs.  They can produce Haste status
                 in themselves and their pack if given the chance to howl.
                 Kill them first to cause all Wolufs to be Slowed.

    XP: 12
    Dropped Items: Glue-Spider Duct
    First Encountered: Shadani Temple
    Description: Small and light colored.  Able to spit purple goo which will
                 cause Slow status.  This can be blocked or dodged, but it
                 will then create a puddle which will still Slow you if you
                 step in it.  Physically weak, but can attack with their front

    XP: 15
    Dropped Items: Glue-Spider Duct
    First Encountered: Shadani Temple
    Description: Slightly larger than Glue Spiders, and blue in color.  They
                 cannot spit, but their claw attacks cause Poison status, and
                 they can also do a forward body lunge that is unblockable.

    XP: 18
    Dropped Items: Arconite Skull, Shadowstone
    First Encountered: Shadani Temple, Long Hall
    Description: Red, the smallest of the Arconites, putting them at about
                 your size.  Quick to attack with their blades.  They can also
                 teleport around the field to avoid attacks, and to hit you
                 from behind.  Block their melee attacks frequently.  Immune to
                 Curse and Weaken.

    XP: 15
    Dropped Items: Shadowstone
    First Encountered: Shadani Temple, Long Hall
    Description: Larger than Raiders, and green in color.  In addition to melee
                 strikes, which they are quick to make if you get close, they
                 can charge up to produce a large-radius energy blast that
                 causes Weaken and Curse.  The charge-up time is very long and
                 very obvious, and can be interrupted by any hit.  They can
                 also fire small ranged shots with no special effects.  Immune
                 to Curse and Weaken themselves.

    XP: 50
    Dropped Items: Healing Potion, Stardust Vial
    First Encountered: Shadani Temple, Long Hall
    Description: Larger and tougher than Raiders.  Able to block attacks, so
                 wait until they drop their shield before beginning a combo.
                 Able to teleport around the field at will.

    XP: 750
    Dropped Items: Vampire Fang rune scroll
    First Encountered: Shadani Temple
    Description: Boss battle for Buki.  See Walkthrough for details.

    XP: 23
    Dropped Items: Spirit Orb
    First Encountered: Realm of Shadows
    Description: Wolf-headed sword-carrying warriors.  Immune to Poison and
                 Stun.  Can cast Haste on self and nearby allies.  Attack with
                 reasonable speed.  Dangerous in groups.  Able to throw

    XP: 20
    Dropped Items: Spirit Orb
    First Encountered: Realm of Shadows
    Description: In addition to their melee attacks using ceremonial spears,
                 they can throw rotting meaty bones at you, causing Poison if
                 they hit.  Immune to Poison and Stun themselves.

    XP: 30
    Dropped Items: Spirit Orb
    First Encountered: Realm of Shadows
    Description: Uses 3-strike weapon combos, so block often when facing one.
                 Has a short-range lunge attack that causes Weaken status.
                 Immune to Stun and Poison

    XP: 1000
    Dropped Items: Soul Seeker rune scroll
    First Encountered: Realm of Shadows, Farex Lore's Tomb
    Description: Boss battle for entire party.  See Walkthrough for details.

    XP: 85
    Dropped Items: Healing Salve, Shadowstone, Wyrdlord Gem
    First Encountered: Road to Transentia, Copper Fields
    Description: Giant 3-headed lycanthrope.  This brute moves quickly, and his
                 attacks are highly damaging.  Best attacked from the side or
                 rear.  Casts Regenerate on self early in battles, so use
                 Poison to counter this effect.  Their earthquake attack, which
                 follows a visible wind-up, is unblockable, affecting the area
                 ahead of them, also causing Stun if they hit.  Can block
                 attacks.  Immune to Stun themselves, and attacks that knock
                 over other foes only make them rock back momentarily.

    XP: 150
    Dropped Items: Spirit Nectar, Scribe Skin
    First Encountered: Transentia Road, near Clockwork Road
    Description: Giant three-headed serpent creatures and powerful magic users.
                 Physically weak, but they have high HP and many magic attacks
                 at their disposal.  They can fire a slow-moving blue energy
                 globe straight ahead that Stuns opponents.  Able to summon a
                 purple ball of energy overhead, granting them Regeneration.
                 Summons illusionary War Wyrds to the field, which will vanish
                 if the Master is killed.

    XP: 2000
    Dropped Items: Huge Gold Bar
    First Encountered: Transentia City, battle platform
    Description: Optional boss fight for Tal.  See Walkthrough for details.

Z 1000
    XP: 60
    Dropped Items: Omnium
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre
    Description: Mechanical spider-like foe.  Cannot be knocked over.  Attacks
                 by charging forward after winding up.  If their Controller is
                 destroyed, they will deactivate.  All robots are immune to
                 all status effects.

    XP: 50
    Dropped Items: Omnium
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre
    Description: Hovering globe with camera eye.  Charges up electricity for an
                 area shock attack.  Out of reach of melee attacks, they can
                 only be hit by ranged fighters.  High HP.  If they die, all
                 other present robots will fall, and vice versa.

    XP: 100
    Dropped Items: Omnium
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre
    Description: Robotic version of an Arconite Warrior.  Uses melee attacks
                 only.  Not a large threat.

Z 2000
    XP: 75
    Dropped Items: Omnium
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre
    Description: In addition to the abilities of the Z 1000, these spider-like
                 robots can also fire single ranged shots from their front
                 cannon, and they have a short-range laser sweep ahead of them
                 with a short charge-up period, which is blockable.  They can
                 also heal themselves for half of their max HP if not killed
                 with a high-damaging attack.

    XP: 40
    Dropped Items: Raw Mineral
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre, The Mines
    Description: Crab-like excavating machines.  Up close, they use claw
                 swinging attacks and short-range body lunges, all of which are
                 blockable.  Their longer-range body rush is not, but it is
                 announced by a lot of shaking first.  Attack them from the
                 sides as much as possible.

    XP: 10
    Dropped Items: None
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre, The Mines
    Description: Small robots, they look like batteries with crab legs.  When
                 they approach you, they will initiate their detonation
                 sequence and explode in short order.  The explosion is highly
                 damaging but short range.  Simply move away to avoid it, or
                 strike them with any hit to kill them.

    XP: 100
    Dropped Items: Omnium
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre, Processing Room
    Description: Similar to Aklorian Warlocks.  Can use melee strikes, but
                 mostly fires off small projectiles, and charges up slowly for
                 wide-range powerful area blasts.  Strike them while charging
                 to cancel this attack.

Z 3000
    XP: 100
    Dropped Items: Omnium
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre, Computer Room
    Description: All of its attacks are unblockable.  Has a short-range laser
                 sweep that stuns opponents; back-flip to get out of the way.
                 Also performs a long-range body lunge.  Able to repair
                 themselves multiple times.  They will dissassemble if their
                 Controller is destroyed.

    XP: 1500
    Dropped Items: Essence Gnaw rune scroll.
    First Encountered: Transentine Research Centre, Computer Core
    Description: Boss battle for Elco.  See Walkthrough for details.

    XP: 100
    Dropped Items: Hydrogenate Scale, Healing Salve
    First Encountered: The Grotto, Singing Siren Chamber
    Description: Their crossbows fire charged bolts that cause Curse and Slow
                 if they hit.  Also able to do charge attacks with their fishy
                 steeds, which remove your SO.  Casts Regen on self at start of
                 battle; use poisoned weapons to cancel this effect.

    XP: 115
    Dropped Items: Hydrogenate Scale, Healing Salve
    First Encountered: The Grotto, Singing Siren Chamber
    Description: Attacks with trident, lacking ranged attacks.  Immune to Stun,
                 Freeze, and Weaken.  Can be Slowed or Poisoned, however (hint,
                 hint).  Their charge attack steals SP from targets.  Casts
                 Regen on self at start of battle.  Able to tunnel underground
                 to re-emerge elsewhere on the field, essentially like

    XP: 150
    Dropped Items: Crab Crystal
    First Encountered: The Grotto, Endless Stairs Cavern
    Description: A beefed-up version of the Aquaticlaw.  Has several claw
                 attacks, including one that causes Slow status, and a strong
                 claw slam that causes around 500 damage.  Also able to do body
                 rushes.  Stay at a safe distance and use ranged attacks.

    XP: 175
    Dropped Items: Scribe Skin, Skill Salve
    First Encountered: The Grotto, Aequoris Falls
    Description: Close up, a green glow charging from its eyes signals a short-
                 range laser blast that is unblockable.  From further away, it
                 will launch slow blue energy balls straight ahead.  If it
                 hits, this causes Slow and Weaken.  Also, can charge up a
                 spell to put Boost status on himself and nearby allies.

    XP: 125
    Dropped Items: Hydrogenate Scale, Eden Coral
    First Encountered: The Grotto, Endless Stairs Cavern
    Description: Attacks can cause Curse and Slow.  Able to 'teleport' by
                 burrowing into the ground.  Body charge attack robs you of
                 SP.  Casts Regen on self at the start of battle; use Poison
                 to reverse this effect.

    XP: 2000
    Dropped Items: Essence Burn rune scroll
    First Encountered: The Grotto, Singing Siren Chamber (interior)
    Description: Boss battle for Ailish.  See Walkthrough for details.

    XP: 100
    Dropped Items: Moondust Vial, Golden Panacea
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon
    Description: There are two components to this monster: the immobile Vessel
                 of Souls, which looks like a mound of flesh and bone, and the
                 Skeletons, which are animated by the Vessel of Souls.  The
                 Skeletons attack with sword or mace, using a variety of melee
                 strikes and a poison spit, all of which are blockable.
                 Skeletons have no life bar and cannot be hurt, but can be
                 knocked down by the usual attacks.  To defeat them, you must
                 destroy their defenseless Vessel of Souls, at which point the
                 Skeletons will collapse.

    XP: 135
    Dropped Items: Skill Salve, Marble Shard
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon
    Description: Identical in terms of combat abilities and strategy to the
                 Scarecrows encountered in Haskilia.  The only difference is
                 higher HP and greater damaging attacks.  Block their attacks,
                 then strike back.

    XP: 20XP
    Dropped Items: None
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon
    Description: Fluttering in the air in great numbers, they will charge up a
                 poisonous dive attack with a green glow in the air.  Very
                 easily dodged.  Any attack will kill one.  Use horizontal
                 strikes if using a melee fighter to improve your chances of
                 hitting it.

    XP: 175
    Dropped Items: Marble Shard, Luster Wine
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon, Ashenbark Woods
    Description: A standard melee fighter, essentially a beefed-up Aklorian
                 Warrior.  Their only danger lies in numbers.  Block and strike

    XP: 170
    Dropped Items: Marble Shard, Luster Wine
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon, Ashenbark Woods
    Description: Fires ranged shots after charging by holding sword upright.
                 Often, these shots will be split in three, firing in a 'V'
                 ahead of them.  They try to avoid melee encounters, but you
                 can still run up to them and slash them to pieces with ease.

    XP: 185
    Dropped Items: Luster Brew, Cyantine Eye
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon, Ashenbark Woods
    Description: Larger Aklorian melee fighter.  Capable of blocking incoming
                 attacks, so either wait for him to drop his shield, or hit
                 him from behind while he's defending against another of your
                 characters.  Higher HP than the Myrmidon.

    XP: 250
    Dropped Items: Cyantine Eye, Healing Elixir
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon, Ashenbark Woods
    Description: This is the version of the Grotesque that you encounter in the
                 Aklorian fields.  Immune to Poison and Stun.  They can cast
                 Boost on themselves, greatly increasing the amount of damage
                 that they cause.  Can bash you away with its shield.  If its
                 HP is critically low, it can self-destruct after shaking a
                 bit, causing great damage if you're standing nearby.

    XP: 350
    Dropped Items: Soul Nectar, Scribe Skin
    First Encountered: Cyantine Citadel, Ruined Courtyard
    Description: Another three-headed mage serpent.  Attacks with eye beams
                 after a short charging period, which cause Stun if they hit.
                 Can also cast Boost on self and allies.  Summons illusionary
                 War Wyrds and Arconites, which fight as regular ones, but
                 provide no XP if defeated, and which will disappear if the
                 Scribe is defeated.  Can also summon slow-moving floating
                 Shadow Orbs, which will follow a character around until it
                 makes contact, then charges up for a short-range area blast
                 that causes Posion, Slow, Curse and Weaken.  Use melee attacks
                 to defeat him quickly, while dodging around him to avoid his
                 eye beams.

    XP: 300
    Dropped Items: Wyrdlord Gem
    First Encountered: Devil's Belch Canyon
    Description: A brutal, vicious fighter.  Casts Regen on self; use poison
                 attacks to counter this.  Does an earthquake attack by
                 stomping on the ground that breaks through shields and causes
                 Stun.  Very hazardous to fight head-on.  Slightly larger than
                 War Wyrds.

    XP: 250
    Dropped Items: Cyantine Eye, Healing Elixir
    First Encountered: Aklorian Citadel, Inner Bailey Courtyard
    Description: The ultimate version of the Grotesque series of monsters.
                 Stomps at you at high speed, making them difficult to avoid.
                 Has wide swinging attacks with its blade and shield to knock
                 over opponents.  Able to case Boost on self to vastly increase
                 the damage it causes.  Fight it using Skill Strikes and ranged
                 attacks, or strike it from behind and run off again.  When it
                 has critically low HP and is not finished off quickly, it can
                 self-destruct, causing heavy damage over a short range.

    XP: 750
    Dropped Items: Healing Elixir, Amaranth Drink
    First Encountered: Aklorian Citadel, west wing
    Description: Identical to the Siege Ogre that Tal fights near the start of
                 the game, but without the poisonous fart and belch attacks.
                 Large and brutish, but stupid and clumsy as well.  Attack from
                 the sides or back.  They have no innate defenses other than
                 their high HP.  Not listed in the game's Monster Compendium.

    XP: 3000
    Dropped Items: Combat Regen rune scroll
    First Encountered: Aklorian Citadel, central chamber
    Description: Boss battle for Tal.  See Walkthrough for details.

    XP: 190
    Dropped Items: Brightwater Pearl, Healing Potion, Royal Potion
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, King's Road
    Description: Soldiers loyal to Queen Lusica.  Mostly a standard melee
                 fighter with basic sword attacks, though they can also roll
                 sideways to dodge attacks if they have time to see them

    XP: 185
    Dropped Items: Brightwater Pearl, Healing Potion, Royal Potion
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, King's Road
    Description: Fire bolts from their crossbows with no charging time.  Will
                 roll sideways to avoid incoming attacks if possible, and tends
                 to back away if you get too close.

    XP: 200
    Dropped Items: Illumina Opal, Healing Tincture
    First Encountered: Illumina Countryside, King's Road
    Description: Larger and a little stronger than regular Guards, and able to
                 block against incoming basic attacks.  Identified by the red
                 crests on their helmets.

    XP: 9999
    Dropped Items: None
    First Encountered: The Void
    Description: Boss battle for Tal.  See Walkthrough for details.

                           11) ORB LOCATIONS SUMMARY

This section, as the name implies, highlights the locations of all of the stat-
boosting Orbs to be found throughout the game.  They are listed in roughly the
order that they can all be located, with some exceptions (for example, I listed
all of the Orbs acquired for the Totem quests together, just for the sake of

And to summarize, the following are the effects of each type of Orb:

              Orb of Might      |  Increase Max SP by 20
              Orb of Power      |  Increase Power by 10
              Orb of Wisdom     |  Increase Essence by 10
              Orb of Vigor      |  Increase Max HP by 100
              Orb of Sanctuary  |  Increase Max HP by 250

ORB OF VIGOR - Offer 1st Wolf Totem at a Kariston Altar (Tal).

ORB OF WISDOM - Offer 2nd Wolf Totem at a Kariston Altar (Tal).

ORB OF POWER - Offer 3rd Wolf Totem at a Kariston Altar (Tal).

ORB OF MIGHT - Offer 1st Eagle Totem at an Olivetess Altar (Ailish).

ORB OF VIGOR - Offer 2nd Eagle Totem at an Olivetess Altar (Ailish).

ORB OF WISDOM - Offer 3rd Eagle Totem at an Olivetess Altar (Ailish).

ORB OF VIGOR - Offer 1st Cat Totem at a Mo Altar (Buki).

ORB OF WISDOM - Offer 2nd Cat Totem at a Mo Altar (Buki).

ORB OF POWER - Offer 3rd Cat Totem at a Mo Altar (Buki).

ORB OF MIGHT - Offer 1st Dragon Totem at a Lebius Altar (Elco).

ORB OF VIGOR - Offer 2nd Dragon Totem at a Lebius Altar (Elco).

ORB OF WISDOM - Offer 3rd Dragon Totem at a Lebius Altar (Elco).

ORB OF VIGOR - After Ailish joins the party in New Brightwater, dispel a chest
               by a gondola uphill from the lighthouse.

ORB OF VIGOR - Obtained during Ailish's training session after leaving New

ORB OF MIGHT - In cemetary between Brightwater Beach and Parham County, Ailish
               dispels hidden chest beside the tomb of Empress Tiffion.

ORB OF POWER - In Illumina Castle training grounds, solve Tal's block-pushing
               puzzle (not at all difficult to do).

ORB OF POWER - In Talos' Tower, reached by completing the Red Door side quest
               (obtain the key from the street urchins in the South courtyard,
               then climb down the ladder at the North end of the East coastal
               bridge; only accessible with Ailish in your party initially).

ORB OF MIGHT - In the back of Lusica's garden, dispel a chest with Ailish.

ORB OF MIGHT - In the Shadani Temple, at the start of Elco and Buki's section,
               have Buki climb a wall in an alcove to the left of their
               starting position to find the chest.

ORB OF POWER - With Buki and Elco in the Shadani Temple, in chest after the Mo
               Shrine room.

ORB OF WISDOM - In the Realm of Shadows, on top of a wall for Buki to climb,
                near the central portal.

ORB OF MIGHT - In the Realm of Shadows, at the end of a long side path at the
               top of the hill after leaving the first battle area.

ORB OF MIGHT - In Illumina Castle, speak to Porkin Binsce to the left of the
               throne in the royal courtroom to obtain the balcony key.  Open
               the door on one side of the room with Elco, and jetpack across
               two gaps on the 1st level of the balcony to find the chest.  To
               obtain the next four orbs, Elco must then cross to the other
               side of the balcony and unlock the west door.

ORB OF POWER - Bring Tal up to the 2nd balcony in the royal courtroom.  Push in
               one of the wall sections with handles, then push in the left
               crate to reach the chest.

ORB OF MIGHT - Bring Ailish up to the 2nd balcony in the royal courtroom.
               Dispel the chest by the railing.

ORB OF WISDOM - With Ailish on the 2nd balcony in the royal courtroom, dispel
                the wall past the previous chest, to find another chest.

ORB OF VIGOR - Bring Buki to the 2nd balcony in the royal courtroom, and climb
               the wall behind the wall that Ailish dispelled.

ORB OF VIGOR - In Parham County, on the New Brightwater side of the river.  Tal
               must push a shack to the side, revealing a climbing wall for
               Buki, with the chest on top.

ORB OF VIGOR - Return to the Shadani Temple fountain room.  Have Ailish dispel
               the wall on the left.  Buki climbs a wall on the right to pull a
               lever, raising a gate on the opposite side of the room.

ORB OF WISDOM - In Illumina Castle training grounds, have Ailish dispel the
                wall near the shooting range to reveal the chest.

ORB OF SANCTUARY - Complete the Eyes for Arlo side quest (collect 3 Cyantine
                   Eyes), and enter Arlo's quarters inside Lusica's garden.

ORB OF VIGOR - On the Transentia Road, in a cave on the right past the

ORB OF SANCTUARY - Complete the Balum's Staff side quest by returning his staff
                   to Hexam in the Realm of Shadows.  Obtain the quest by
                   speaking to Opan in her house in Shadani-Mo, after clearing
                   the temple.

ORB OF MIGHT - In Crystal Reef, inside a house, up a ladder, Ailish must dispel
               the chest.

ORB OF SANCTUARY - In the Crystal Reef cemetary, Ailish dispels the chest.

ORB OF VIGOR - In the Grotto, Natatorium (the room with the moving skeleton
               bridges, when Ailish and Buki are alone).

ORB OF MIGHT - In Crystal Reef, inside Mewsley's Warehouse.  Accessible after
               defeating Nassaria and talking to Lord Mewsley.

ORB OF WISDOM - Same as above (i.e. in Mewsley's Warehouse).

ORB OF POWER - In Cyantine Citadel, Ruined Courtyard.  Have Alexine or Ailish
               dispel the fallen castle turret, then have Nico or Buki climb
               the wall behind it.

ORB OF POWER - In the Grotto, Depths of the Grotto area.  Dispel the door with
               the yellow fairies to find the chest.

ORB OR VIGOR - In Devil's Belch, along a side path near the Crystal Reef end of
               the area, up a climbing wall for Buki or Nico.

ORB OF WISDOM - Complete the Eagle Rock side task with Ailish or Alexine, along
                the road to the Aklorian Stronghold.

                               12) TALOS' DIARY

The first available side quest, involving finding the three street urchins in
the Illumina Castle South Courtyard after speaking to them, nets you the Red
Door Key.  The red door that this opens is located at the bottom of the ladder
at the North end of the Coastal Balcony, the bridge that leads to Lusica's
Garden.  You can only access this bridge when Ailish is in your current party,
or as Elco when he is solo towards the end of the game.  Once you unlock this
door, you can enter Talos' Tower.  Inside, go up the stairs and examine the
desk, where Talos' diary can be found, and you'll be able to read the most
recent entry, which changes as the game progresses.  This task doesn't provide
you with anything particularly useful, but it is interesting to learn some of
the game's backstory from the perspective of an enemy character.

~~ FIRST ENTRY: Once in control of Ailish in the Castle grounds ~~

     "As I drifted away from that poisonous leech who masqueraded as my family,
I began to crave an end to the speculation written of in the Omnian prophecy.
Using the stone, I crossed into Haskilia.  I was undoubtedly the one chosen in
legend and only I could prevent The Union from taking place.  It was then that
the means of empowering my lord was revealed to me.
     I became the envoy to Heigou and promised eternal life on his behalf to
those too weak or selfish to see the form of their own demise.  Slowly, my prey
grew to trust me and I became the Eye of Illumina."

~~ SECOND ENTRY: After returning from the Realm of Shadows ~~

     "I was to watch the scientist closely - he was the linchpin.  If he was to
stray from the path, then I was ready to cut him down in an instant.  Not since
my days in the dark lands had I seen so many anthropomorphs.  Disgusting
creatures full of hope, I found myself loathing them instantly.
     My mission was further hindered by the arrival of the princess.  Now my
task was even more delicate than before.  Those creatures pitiable enough to
think that they could stop the Eye of Illumina were slain by my hand...  Alas,
matters were to become still further complicated when the crystal's magic began
to escape."

~~ FINAL ENTRY: While back in Illumina Castle with Elco alone ~~

     "I have begun to understand my master Heigou.  Like him, I despise
everything that I am not.  My first desire was to muder my relection, my second
was to whisper in the ears of Lusica and use her to bring my master back into
the world of mortal men.  I had to gain the crystals, but the princess being
transported to the dark world brought unexpected complications.
     It seems that the secrets of Akloria are beginning to leak out, and if the
scientist understands the implications of his work, he may become a greater
liability than asset.  Seeing Akloria again will bring back memories of the
lift I left behind.  My brother still lives and I feel that there is unfinished
business there in Cyantine.  I will follow the scientist and force him to
return and finish the machine.  Then finally, I will accept Heigou in totality
and we shall be as one."

And finally, if you speak to Reddish in New Brightwater (the blond man
wandering around town) after returning from the Realm of Shadows for the first
time, ask him about his job in Illumina and he'll give you an undelivered
letter to Lord Talos which reads:

"Lord Talos - At present, the Aklorian troops that have made it into our world
still act as an unorganized mob, but if we allow more to cross over, there may
be more serious repercussions.  I trust you will investigate methods of sealing
the portals as soon as possible. - HRH Lusica"

                               13) CLOSING INFO

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                sections added, and some minor layout tweaks made.  Completely
                reviewed walkthrough.
Version 2.01 - Added a couple small tips to the Elco and Tilly escape section.

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